Live from the Festhalle Frankfurt - Frankfurt, Germany






Mr. Harmen Makes a Call!


Richie Keal stood by the gorilla position backstage, phone pressed to his ear. He looked as stressed as a father of three on Christmas Eve. Sweat beads on his forehead as he rubs his temples with index finger and thumb. Clearly, he is being chewed out.

“Mmmph hmmph hmph hm!” the person on the phone is saying.

“Yes Mister Harmen, yes, there are very… tangible leads.”


“Yes sir, very tangible.”

“Mphhts mngmble?”

“Tangible sir, perceptive by touch.”

“Mmmphh hrmmpphh hmmpph!”

“Absolutely, I’m confident sir that I’ll be able to unmask this lunatic very soon.”

There was a noticeable dip in the volume of Harmen’s voice now, meaning his voice could no longer be heard.

“Very good mister Harmen, yes.”


“Oh, no, that won’t--”


“Please sir, no.”


“Please? Please? Please Mister Harmen!”

Beep, beep, beep--

The call dropped and Keal looked at his handset.

“Doritooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooos!” Keal yelled, looking into the air and squeezing the life out of his phone.


Following the intro video and Keal losing his mind, we get a fly over of the cheering crowd. Eager for attention and to be on camera even for that spli second. However have a new year to kick off. That means over to the commentary desk with Adria Hoyt and Bernie Vaughn!

“Man, do I feel bad for these guys,” Bernie Vaughn said. “Yuma Wakaba, Flanagan and Doherty have to fight against THE XIANG DYNASTY! It’s a new year and that means the next New Year’s Resolution is to mess somebody up!”

“The Great Wall can’t be in a good mood!” Adria said. “He had gone undefeated in singles competition for pretty much all of 2017 until he was defeated on the final Slam of the year by his rival, Warren Spade! They’ll no doubt mix it up again when Team Big Talk takes on Team Newbludd at Gods vs. Titans, but right now The Xiang Dynasty are looking to get back on the winning track. Let’s go to ringside for the intros!”

“You mean for this beatdown!” Vaughn yelled.

Amelia Roberts was in the ring and already there was the young rookie upstart Yuma Wakaba, along with his partners.

“Introducing first… at a combined weight of 680 pounds… they are the team of YUMA WAKABA, FLANAGAN AND DOHERTY!

The young Japanese star raised a hand for the cheering crowd while to his right, the fighting Brits Flanagan and Doherty beat on their chests and raised their hands ready for a fight against nbW’s pro-Chinese contingent. In the past, all three men seperately had fallen to The Great Wall in the last year (fun fact for you there!) and were hoping to turn their misfortunes around tonight and perhaps start off a new year with a big win.

“Born in China (metal instrumental)” by The Immortals.

The music started to pick up and one by one, the lights of the set began to glow yellow and the rest of the arena became bathed in a low red hue. Slowly, three silhouettes appeared on the stage…


Ai Tso.

The Great Wall.

The pro-China contingent of nbW walked towards the ring slowly, absorbing the massive jeers of the crowd.Led by the dastardly Xiang, the crowd booed the Chinese Triad (the non-killer variety, but they could still probably fuck you up) as they approached the ringside area after a lengthy walk. The Great Wall was front and center as the camera panned around his massive body, trying to really get an upclose look at The Guangzhou Goliath.

Xiang and Ai Tso stood behind him but as The Great Wall entered the ring…


The Great Wall took running double boots to the face, knocking him off the ring apron! He didn’t fall off of his feet, but he was stunned! And before Xiang and Ai Tso knew what was going on…


Wakaba hit his signature Tope through the middle and bottom rope and fired like a rocket right at his former stablemate and Xiang, taking them out!

Flanagan and Doherty decided that The Great Wall was too close for comfort so they fought him off at the same time! Perhaps the best way for the upstart team to beat The Xiang Dynasty was a surprise attack and that’s exactly what they did! Wakaba threw Xiang into the ring and the group’s mouthpiece was now in the ring with Flanagan and Doherty as the bell rang…


The two bigger Brits launched the Xiang Dynasty leader across the ring only to take him down with a HUGE Double Flapjack in the middle of the ring! After he got splattered on the mat, Wakaba got the legal tag and then ran right to the ropes, coming off the middle rope with a Springboard Moonsault! Could they get the big upset?




The Great Wall was ALREADY back in the ring and grabbed Wakaba by his throat to break up the fall! The 5’6” heavy cruiser was no match for The Great Wall, but once again Flanagan and Doherty broke up the fall by attacking The Guangzhou Goliath at one time! They pounded away on the giant with the best fists that either man could throw until Ai Tso snuck in and Doherty around, throwing him with a big Release German Suplex!

Flanagan turned to save his partner out of instinct, but that turned out to be a big mistake as The Great Wall BLASTED him with a Kesagiri Chop right to the neck!

It was a very smart idea for the threesome to try and use a sneak attack,, but The Xiang Dynasty quickly took over and now were focused on the legal man, Yuma Wakaba, once again. Ai Tso was the legal man for his team and picked up Wakaba slowly before catching him on the jaw with a stiff Uppercut that rattled him into The Xiang Dynasty’s corner where he didn’t want to be.

“Wǒ cóng bù xǐhuān nǐ!” Ai Tso barked.

The loose translation being he never liked his former stablemate in The Different Breed. He picked up Yuma from behind and lifted him up before dropping him with a high and fast Belly to Back Suplex…

But wait, there’s more!

He hung onto Yuma to keep him from backflipping out of the hold and then slammed him down a second time with another Belly to Back Suplex. He then hoisted him up by the waist and spun him around…


The Judo-based Headlock Takeover Slam DRILLED Yuma into the mat fiercely! Ai Tso with the cover now.




Just BARELY kicking out of the big move from the Judo practitioner, Yuma was groggy as heck from being slammed around, but things went from bad to worse when Ai Tso made the tag to Xiang. Ai Tso threw him into the corner where Xiang hooked him for a front facelock, only to SNAP him over with a quick Snap Swinging Neckbreaker!

The head and neck was now the focus of the Xiang Dynasty and they worked together like a well-oiled machine and other cliches I can spit at you. Xiang turned Yuma over onto his belly and then carefully measured his target before leaping and delivering a harsh Knee Drop to the back of the head!

“Liú xiàlái, gǒu!” Xiang yelled before switching to English. “Stay down if you wish to prolong your career!”

Xiang with another cover.



Flanagan with the save!

Xiang turned to Flanagan and scowled in his general direction as he returned to his corner where a groggy Doherty was still waiting, still reeling from The Great Wall’s Kesagiri Chop from earlier. Xiang made the tag back to Ai Tso and the two men took turns working over Yuma with elbows to the head. They both whipped him into the corner and Xiang cracked him with a High Knee in the corner! Ai Tso followed that up by charging at him and connecting with a Running Back Elbow in the corner.

Xiang then turned Wakaba over with a Snapmare and then CRACKED him in the back with succession of three Shoot Kicks to the back! Wakaba arched his back in pain while Xiang gritted his teeth, clearly wanting to prolong his punishment and perhaps send a message to the rest of the roster.

“This is what happens to all that oppose us!” Xiang shouted.

After laying out the threat in perfect English, he fired a quick Dropkick right into the back of The Speedster and covered again.




Yuma kicked out, but Xiang stayed on the attack by peppering his chest with more lethal Shoot Kicks. He pulled Wakaba up again and the tag was made to Ai Tso as the two looked to prepare some more tandem offense. Wakaba was in the corner and now Xiang was ready to strike…

Caught… Reverse STO into the turnbuckle!

Ai Tso now tried to stop Wakaba after planting Xiang into the buckle…


A quick Sling Blade out of nowhere dropped Ai Tso and now, Wakaba had the chance to get to his corner! Both Flanagan and Doherty were leaning over the ropes, hands outstretched to get to the tag while Xiang and Ai Tso were trying to pick themselves up. Yuma reached out …


Flanagan started to climb the top rope and the 240-pounder waited on the top just as Xiang and Ai Tso stood up before diving off the top rope to deliver a Diving Crossbody taking him both down!

The entire time this was going on, The Great Wall remained in the corner watching his cohorts get taken to task. Flanagan singled out the legal man Ai Tso and made the tag to Doherty so they could bust out some tandem offense of their own. Doherty started with a Jawbreaker that stunned Ai Tso followed by Flanagan! He spun Ai Tso around into a big Atomic Drop and then threw him back to Doherty who drove him down with a big Sit-out Spinebuster! The cover followed!



Saved by Xiang!

Xiang to back up, but Flanagan grabbed Xiang and threw him out of the ring so he could follow. Wakaba was still down while Doherty slashed a thumb across his throat, indicating the end. He scooped up Ai Tso for his finisher, a Snow Plow he called Banjaxed. He had Ai Tso up, but he slipped out…


The Great Wall climbed right into the ring and Doherty hammered him with rights to the chest, but The Guangzhou Goliath shrugged them off, goozled his throat and SPIKED him into the mat with a huge Chokeslam!

Yuma tried his luck by connecting with a Springboard… CHOP TO THE CHEST IN MID-AIR!

The crowd CRINGED from the impact as The Great Wall swatted him out of mid-air like a fly! Flanagan then tried his luck, firing a Dropkick that actually stunned the monster and shot him back at the ropes! Flanagan then tried his luck again by climbing the top rope like he did before, but wasn’t quick enough as The Great Wall palmed the front and back of his head…


His Inverted Chokeslam Facebuster DRILLED Flanagan and in one fell swoop, a simple tag from The Great Wall just decimated the entire opposing side! His attention was back on Doherty who he lifted up by the neck in an Arm and Neck Triangle Choke…

He wasn’t moving. And with that, Simon Brack called for the bell...


Just like that, The Great Wall’s immense brute strength came out and he let Doherty’s limp body fall to the canvas. No doubt his blood was still boiling after his defeat at the hands of Warren Spade at Slam 102 to end 2017, but this win just showed that The Great Wall was STILL a force to be reckoned with and was going to destroy anybody associated with Team Newbludd at Gods v. Titans.

“Here are your winners by submission… THE XIANG DYNASTY!

The Great Wall glared at Xiang and Ai Tso, almost with a look of annoyance that he had to exert his strength in such a manner, but he did so tonight. He pointed at Xiang specifically.

“Nǐ bù huì zài zhèyàng ràng wǒ nánkān.” He spoke.

Xiang and Ai Tso both nodded before an irate Great Wall climbed over the ropes and started to head to the back. Xiang and Ai Tso shot each other a worried glance and then took their leave. It was a dominant victory, but this was an interesting turn of events.

Behold, the Power of the Stache'...


Returning from the commercial break, the camera faded in to show the smiling face of NBW backstage interviewer, Veronica Hoyt. Standing in front of Victory’s interview backdrop, Hoyt raised the microphone she was holding up to address the audience.

“Welcome back to Victory, everyone!” the enthusiastic reporter exclaimed.

“Gods vs. Titans is now less than a month away, and as we draw closer and closer to it, anticipation for one of the biggest main events in NBW history, the fourteen man WarGames match continues to build…”

At mention of the massive war that would be taking place at Gods vs. Titans, the live crowd let out a loud cheer, causing Hoyt to pause briefly.

“The last episode of Slam began with NBW World Champion Brock Newbludd and his rival, former world champion, ‘Big Talk’ Jake Tockwell both announcing who they had chosen to join them as teammates for the WarGames match...and it ended with Warren Spade defeating his rival, The Great Wall, in a thrilling lumberjack match.”

After Veronica finished, a short replay of the chaotic lumberjack match was shown, highlighting the massive war in the ring between the two giants and also the chaos involving the lumberjacks as well before ending with the victorious Spade standing in the ring with the rest of Team Newbludd.

“While ‘The Monster of the Midsouth’s’ victory may have given Team Newbludd momentum as they march closer to WarGames…” Hoyt said as the replay ended to focus back in on her.

“...tonight, just moments from now, Team Tockwell will have a chance to take that momentum back when Big Talk’s manager…’Hot Sauce’ Raul Ramirez makes his in ring return!”

A loud chorus of boos intended for Ramirez interrupted Hoyt, and she let them get it out before continuing.

“Looking to spoil Hot Sauce’s return to the squared circle is the man joining me at this time, and while he won’t be taking part in the massive battle at WarGames, he will most certainly be there to support...or should I say ‘coach’ Team Newbludd…he is none other than ’Fat Tuesday’ Davey LaRue!”

A massive roaring of cheers ensued as NBW’s cult hero walked into the picture, clad in his ring gear. But, he wasn’t alone, as NBW World Champion Brock Newbludd was with him as well.

And it had looked like Brock had taken a cue from Davey’s new look and had grown a moustache of his own over the holidays!

“Davey, we’re just minutes away from you taking on Raul Ramirez in his return to competition, why do you think he challenged you out of all people to be his opponent?” Hoyt asked, and LaRue stroked his moustache confidently, and a serious looking Newbludd mimicked him.

“Well cher...I’m tinkin’ dat greasy lil’ rat is tinkin’ dat he’s gonna be standin’ across da ring from de Davey LaRue dat he knew from de ol’ days in ACW...and truth be told...dat Davey was a lil’ younger, a lil’ dumber, and cared more about drinkin’ at de soiree after his matches den actually winnin’ dem…”

Veronica pulled the mic back towards her with a slightly confused look.

“Okaaay...but, and don’t take this wrong way Davey, but besides maybe being a little older and a little wiser...you have to admit that you still are the party animal that you were back then.”

LaRue chuckled at her observation and nodded his head in agreement.

“Oh, ya ain’t lyin cher,” he said with a grin. “I still like ta have a good time jus’ as much as I did back den...but ya see, as I did get older...I realized dat da bourbon goes down jus’ a bit smoother after winnin’ a match. I realized dat it’s betta ta drink in celebration den ta drink because ya sore from gettin’ ya ass handed to ya in da ring!”

“And no longer does crawl into the dumpster behind the bar with a bottle of booze and call me to pick him up when the bartender finds him there the next morning! NoNoNo!” Newbludd enthusiastically blurted out.

“NOW this Cajun casanova is ending his nights having to decide which girl he’s gonna lockup with in between the sheets! They can’t resist his confidence or his moustache, and they’re literally fighting over which one of them gets to be the lucky girl who gets gator rolled by him in the sack! And you know what, confidence and a moustache are two things that only winners have, Veronica! And this man right here is bringing both of down to the ring with him tonight, baby!”

Brock slapped his friend on the back, and a red-faced LaRue gave an uneasy laugh to Hoyt, who raised a curious eyebrow at him as she stared at his moustache. Either she was still trying to process the thought of Davey ‘gator rolling’ in bed...or maybe his moustache was working it’s magic once again…

“Heh..Brock’s jus’ spinnin’ a tall tale about ol’ Davey, cher…I’ve never been nothin’ but a southern gentlemen to de girls...” Davey quietly said as he scratched his head nervously.

“Hell if I am! Why do you think I grew a moustache!?” Brock protested, and then Davey’s eyes grew wide when Veronica unexpectedly flashed him a sly grin and put her hair behind her ear.

Did she just bat her eyelashes at LaRue!? And did Davey’s moustache just wriggle back at her in return!?

There might be heavy video analysis at what just silently occurred between the interviewer and the burly Cajun. Behind
his friend, Newbludd’s mouth dropped as he looked at his arm to see the hair standing straight up on his forearm.

“I’ve never felt such power…you need to teach me...” he mumbled to himself as stared at his arm.

“I...I’m ain’t doin nothin’ bon ami…” LaRue whispered back as he watched the NBW interviewer’s seductive grin grow.

“It’s not you...it’s the moustache, dude…” Brock quickly said back as he stared in amazement at the trancelike state Veronica was now in.

Then both mens eyes nearly popped out of their head when Veronica suddenly put a hand up to touch Davey’s lip broom.

“I know you’re nothing but a cuddly bear, Davey…” Hoyt cooed as she softly petted the Cajun’s crumb catcher.

“But, I think you better save all your cuddling for after the match...and be a fierce...strong...and dangerous bear against Raul...grrrrrr…”

Davey was frozen stiff, and forced himself to nod his head. Doing so caused Hoyt’s hand to dig deeper into his moustache and she exhaled loudly from it.

“Ye..yes ma’am...I...I can do dat…” LaRue stammered.

“Mmmm...I can’t wait to watch that…” Hoyt said as she closed her eyes and dropped the microphone to put her other hand up to Davey’s moustache!

Shaking his head to snap out of it, Brock needed to take the reigns on this situation. Davey was minutes away from his match!

“Alright! Alright! Release her from the spell!” Brock yelled out as he ran around to pry Hoyt’s hands from Davey’s face.

Almost instinctively, Hoyt reached out for Davey’s face, but Brock held her back.

“Well you heard her, Davey! You better tear Raul apart and not disappoint...now get out of here while you still can! I’ll catch up with you!” Newbludd yelled at his friend with a firm grip on Veronica’s shoulders.

“Yea...yea, okay, bon ami…” Davey said as he touched his moustache and looked at his hand in disbelief of his newfound power.

“Daaaaaavvveeyyy…” Hoyt moaned as LaRue backpedaled out of the picture, still reaching out for him.

Still holding Veronica, Newbludd looked into Veronica’s glazed over eyes and looked off camera.

“Can I get some help here!?” Brock exclaimed. “We need to create distance between her and Davey’s stache’ to break the spell!”

Suddenly Hoyt’s eyes fixed in on Newbludd’s moustache and her eyes widened in glee.

“Oooooo…” she purred as she tried to touch it.

“NO! Stay back!” Newbludd yelled as he shook his head back and forth to try and avoid Hoyt’s hands.

With that, the camera slowly faded out as two very confused members of NBW’s security team rushed in to aid the world champion.




Richie Keal books a Match


Richie Keal stood in the ring, microphone in hand. He had looked happier.  Drenched in flop-sweat, he fidgeted with the microphone, shifting it from hand to hand. He put his hand in his pocket. He took his hand out of his pocket. He put his hand back into his pocket.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” he began as his music ended, “Who is The Doritos Man?” he asked nobody in particular.

“For the last few weeks, a man calling himself Doritos and wearing an empty bag of chips on his head has been bothering myself and Mister Harmen.”

The crowd seemed happy with this.

“Well, um...”

Keal readjusted his footing.

“Well, by order of Jack Harmen himself, I have an announcement to make.  At Gods Versus Titans Two… The Doritos Man will have a match, right here in the ring.”

A cheer from the crowd.

“Against, um…”

Keal looked at the floor for a moment.  He rubbed the mat with his toe. He looked up. He opened his mouth.  He shut his mouth again.


The crowd grew impatient.

“Against me!” he shouted into the microphone. “He’s going to face me in a match, okay? Happy now? HAPPY DORITOS MAN?!”

The crowd yelped with glee at the idea of seeing Richie Keal compete in the ring.

Keal dropped the microphone to the mat and made his way out of the ring. He looked nervous and upset, but he wasn’t the kind of man to go against orders.  He would unmask Doritos Man for Jack Harmen, and save the day.

...Wouldn’t he?

Taking what you Love


The camera was now focused on the backstage area and getting ready to bring to you another interview was Sam '2L3git2Fail' Hale looking for a scoop.

“Hey, nbW fans, I’m Sam '2L3git2Fail' Hale and with me right now are the two men who are looking to do what no other team has done yet and that is stop The 2017 Tag Team Of The Year, Clan Strongbern, and take The Dynasty Tag Team Titles! Please welcome two former nbW World Champions… Vic Gravender and Ravage.”

The crowd BOOED when the two very bitter and very dangerous nbW vets appeared on either side of Hale. Vic was always his surly self while Ravage looked fired up.

“Now, how do you two plan to win the Dy…”

Ravage didn’t even let him get the question out before he SHOVED Sam on his ass! The crowd was shocked!

“You. Leave. NOW.” Vic growled low.

Sam got the fuck out of there like Harvey Weinstein near a cop while Ravage took the microphone.

“No, no, no, we’re not sitting here and answering some stupid-ass internet geek’s questions. Vic and I have something we need to get off our chest and we’re doing it right here and right goddamn NOW.”

Gravender continued to mean-mug the camera while Ravage shook his head.

“Clan Strongbern? 2017 Tag Team of the Year? 2017 Tag Team Match of the Year? RICK STRONGBERN? 2018 WAR MEMORIAL CUP WINNER?!”

Ravage growled as if the thought of Big Rick holding the prestigious honor made him ill.

“If I had my REGULAR partner, Vic or I would have won the thing and added to OUR long list of accolades. But let me talk to you people about Clan Strongbern. You LIKE Clan Strongbern, don’t you?”

A cheer could be heard from the audience.

“You WORSHIP those neanderthals! You think them dressing up and playing army is hilarious, right? One would say you love Clan Strongbern, right? Well, prove it. Let me hear you cheer for Clan Strongbern! As loud as you can! Lemme hear it, Germany!”


An angry Vic took the microphone from Ravage.

“Well, FUCK Clan Strongbern. FUCK nbW. And FUCK you stupid fickle fans!”


Vic continued over the booing. “Ravage and I came to an agreement earlier today because this company is ran by a crackpot motherfucker who disrespects the vets like Ravage and I while sideshow acts like Clan Strongbern, rookies like Jax Curryand any of idiots like Jake Tockwell and Brock Newbludd oversaturate shows while Ravage and I fight for TV time."

Vic turned to Ravage and the two nodded in agreement.

"Savage Badassery is going to take everything that the fans love… and TAKE it from them. All your favorites and loves ones? They’re fucking DONE. We’re gonna pull down our pants, take a deuce right on your dreams and we’re going to start by taking the nbW Dynasty Tag Titles tonight from Clan Strongbern!”

Ravage had a half-smile on his face for the first time in the segment.

“What Vic said. We ran through Big Rick’s stupid little vanity tournament to win this shot and tonight will be the worst mistake of that mental midget’s goddamn life.”

The Savage of the Ring and The World Class Badass both let the mic fall. With powerful words for their challengers, they had a lot to look forward to tonight.





It was now time for the next match and one that was key to momentum for either side of the brewing Team Newbludd/Team Big Talk conflict that would be headlining Gods Versus Titans! Before the historic seven on seven War Games match-up was to take place, one member of Team Big Talk would take on Team Newbludd’s official coach! Davey La Rue was on a little bit of a winning streak lately and if he could make Hot Sauce’s nbW in-ring debut an unsuccessful one, that would certainly be a big feather in the cap of Team Newbludd!


In a reversal of the usual routine, it was “Big Talk” Jake Tockwell out first with “Sweet Fire” Sally Reynolds on his arm. The crowd in Frankfurt tried to boo and yell over the talking of Tockwell, but the man known as Big Talk knew damn well when he spoke, people listened.

“Usually, my boy Hot Sauce, does this part for me but because I am a saint that would put that hag, Mother Teresa, to shame … here we go!”

He pointed next to him on the stage.

“Introducing the HOTTEST manager and now wrestler in NBW today! The man so hot, he’ll burn your damn retinas just looking at him! A man that’s dropped more panties than anybody else in that locker room second only to Big Talk himself! He is the 2017 Manager of the Year to my 2017 Villian of the Year!!!”

Tockwell smirked knowing full well his meteoric and hated rise had earned him the title of NBW’s top baddie!


The opening of “Courtesy Call” by Thousand Foot Krutch played and when the bass kicked in, red flames shot from either side of the ring!

Standing at five-foot eleven and two-hundred sixteen pounds, Raul Ramirez circled the stage. He had a little bit of a paunch, but looked like he was in fighting shape otherwise. He bumped his fist with Sally Reynolds and Big Talk before he started walking towards the ring with a cocky smile on his face.

Raul Ramirez teased throwing his signature black leather jacket off, but only teased it. He then kept it on.

“This is mine!!” shouted Hot Sauce.

With Ramirez looking more than confident as he lounged in one of the far corners, the music of NBW’s resident cult hero hit the speakers, causing the crowd to explode in cheers!

’Top Shelf’ by Underground Fight Club

The crowd continued to cheer as blue smoke billowed out of the double sliding doors on the stage while’Coach’ Davey La Rue rode his trademark blue scooter out on to the stage!

Standing on the back of the scooter, on what appeared to be recently installed back wheel pegs, was NBW World Heavyweight Champion, ’The Innovator’ Brock Newbludd. The world champion had one hand clasped on his friend’s shoulder, while the other held the world title belt up high for the world to see.

“And his opponent...being accompanied by NBW World Heavyweight Champion…’The Innovator’ Brock Newbludd! From Baton Rouge, Louisiana...weighing in at two-hundred and seventy two pounds…’THE COACH’...DAAAVEY LAAAARUUUUEEE!” Brent Williams announced to the roaring crowd with as much flair as he could muster, not wanting to be outshined by Tockwell and Ramirez at his own job.

It was obvious from the shit-eating grin on his face that Brock was getting a kick out of riding on the back of the scooter. Still holding the title belt up with one hand, Brock poked his buddy in the ribs with the other, causing Davey to look up to him and the world champion simply waved one finger in a circular motion.

Matching Newbludd’s grin, La Rue nodded his head and proceeded to do a burnout on top of the stage, causing the crowd to roar in delight. Behind him, Newbludd put on his serious face and pointed a finger right at his arch nemesis Tockwell, managing to keep his finger fixed on Big Talk even as he spun in a circle.

Finished with his burnout, Davey rolled to the top of the ramp and raised a fist to the crowd. Lowering his hand back to the handlebar, LaRue then squeezed the brake in all the way and throttled the gas to do a smoke inducing standing burnout on top of the stage, while behind him Newbludd kept his finger pointed at Tockwell.

Seconds passed, and LaRue continued with the burnout until smoke had completely enveloped himself and Newbludd. Once LaRue finally stopped his antics the moped was nearly invisible in the haze…

Until Davey shot out of the smoke to do a wheelie down the ramp as Newbludd held on tight with both hands behind him!

Barreling down the ramp, LaRue did a stylish skidding side stop right in front of the ring, and Brock used the sudden shift in momentum to leap off the back and onto the ring apron. Slamming the kickstand down on the scooter like he was riding a full sized Harley Davidson, Davey pulled the keys out and tossed them up to Brock before rolling under the ropes to enter the ring.

Climbing the nearest turnbuckle, Davey soaked in some more last minute cheers before hopping down to scowl at Ramirez, who looked completely unimpressed by the scooter show. Feeling Brock put a hand on his shoulder, Davey took his attention away from Ramirez to get some last second advice from the world champion.

“He’s faster than you, probably has more endurance than you, and I imagine knows how to cheat just as well as Tockwell…” Newbludd said sternly to his friend.

“But you’re bigger, a helluva a lot stronger, hit a helluva a lot harder, and most importantly, you’re damn sure tougher than him! So, every time he tries to get a cheap shot in, you turn him inside out with a clothesline! When he tries to gouge your eye or punch your nuts...you block that shit and bury him in the mat! And you keep burying him until he can’t get up! Don’t let off the gas buddy, and you’re gonna win this thing, no problem! Got it?”

Slamming a fist into his hand, Davey nodded his head.

“I got, bon ami.”

High fiving his friend for luck, Newbludd then stepped out of the ring to stand in his corner while Davey walked towards the center of the ring. The two locked horns quickly …




And now with NBW’s Hero and Villain of the year seconding their respecting competitors, Hot Sauce came nose to nose with Davey LaRue and shot him an arrogant smirk.

“I’m not afraid of you. I was actually somebody in ACW and I’m somebody here in NBW, Davey! You’re nothing!”

He slapped Davey across the face in such an awful show of disrespect! Davey loved to mainly goof off and have fun, but he was a man that proved on more that if he was to be pushed, he would certainly fight back.

And that’s exactly what he did when he leveled Hot Sauce with a huge right hand on the jaw!

Tockwell’s jaw dropped and Brock cheered along with the crowd when he hit the mat!

“Get ‘em, Davey!” said Brock!
One shot in and Raul Ramirez was already a dazed mess when LaRue grabbed two big handfuls of his hair and dragged him into the corner to get a face full of the top turnbuckle!

But that wasn’t all!

Davey ran his face along the top rope – something that would be also out of Raul’s playbook himself – and then brought him to the other corner where he slammed his face into the buckle again!

One of the members of Team Big Talk was getting shown up by Team Newbludd’s coach for the moment and things got worse for Hot Sauce when he was scooped up on Davey’s shoulder. The former ACW and current NBW star was holding Davey over his shoulder for a good few seconds, spun around, and then slammed him with great intensity on the canvas.

His back was throbbing in pain and the second that Raul Ramirez tried to get back up to his feet, Davey quickly turned the tide and a big running clothesline shot him over the ropes and right at the feet of Sally Reynolds and Jake Tockwell!

“That’s what you get for running your mouth!” yelled Brock.

The NBW World champion shot his rival a glare from across the ring before Big Talk started to pick up Hot Sauce … only to slap him back to life.

“You’re making the In Crowd and Team Big Talk look back with that bush league mess!” said Tockwell. “Get in there and lay a beatdown on that dumb drunk or you’re off the team!”

Hot Sauce’s eyes went wide, but he stopped and then nodded to Tockwell.

“He just jumped me, that’s it … ow! Ow! Ow!”

That was Davey reaching in between the ropes to grab his hair again! Hot Sauce’s jacket was still on when he was being pulled by his hair back onto the apron. Big Talk didn’t make a move since the official was in full view of any cheap shot he could try to take, but when Davey got him back into the ring he was slammed down again and then dropped a falling head butt into his chest.

1 …

2 …

Hot Sauce escaped but the 2017 Manager of the Year turned 2018 Wrestling NBW Upstart crawled around in a hurry, hoping he could find some kind of an opening to fight against the bigger LaRue. When Hot Sauce started to stand, Davey went to town with another flurry of three jabs and the last shot sent Ramirez back on the ring apron again.

“Stay on him, Davey! Bury him!” yelled Brock.

Davey took his best friend’s advice and then went to the outside, carefully watching Tockwell and Sally in case they tried to start anything. Davey picked up Ramirez by the chest and opened up his leather coat so he could deliver the lumber with a pair of hard forehand chops on the floor! LaRue tried to get back at him as Raul rolled back into the ring in pain.

“Hey, you dumb swamp rat! Leave him alone!” protested Sally.

Tockwell stood back from her while Brock went over to yell at her to stay away from the ring. Davey ignored her and turned his attention back on the ring but by the time he was there …


Raul Ramirez finally landed his first big move in the match and it was a quick tope suicida through the ropes that knocked Davey down! 

“Damn it,” yelled Brock.

Sally and Tockwell laughed while Raul Ramirez didn’t give any quarter to the situation. The former multiple time ACW Tag champion picked up LaRue and got him back into the ring with some effort before a side press followed.

1 …

2 …

Davey with a shoulder!

Now it was Davey’s turn to eat turnbuckle as he had his face slammed into it. The cagey Raul got on the top turnbuckle and instead of counting along with the ten punches in the corner, the crowd jeered as he yelled out in Spanish!

“Uno! Dos! Tres! Quatro! Cinco!”

He got to five before Davey shoved him off … but Raul rolled back to his feet. Davey swung at him but Raul Ramirez ducked the clothesline and countered with a neckbreaker of the jumping variety! Raul sat up and looked over at Brock on the floor, tapping the side of his head.

“I’m the smartest man in this room! 2017 Manager of the Year and don’t you forget it!”

Newbludd didn’t let the taunting get to him, but Davey was now at Raul’s mercy. Raul kissed his fist and for a smaller man than Davey, he could throw a solid right hand – that came with a boxing background he used to have. He jabbed Davey with about three solid shots that backed him to the ropes. Davey fought back with a chop, but the man that was known as Fat Tuesday was stunned by a quick kick right to his knee.

Hot Sauce called his shot and tried to whip Davey at the ropes, only to be sent for the ride into a corner. Davey charged at him, but all that was waiting for him was a pair of feet into the face from Hot Sauce. The HOTTEST Manager/Wrestler then charged at Davey, but Davey was waiting for him and snapped him down with a flapjack slam! The tide was turned for Davey and he fired back …


A modified face buster planted Raul on the canvas and Davey rolled him over into a cover!

1 …

2 …

But Raul kicked out!

“Come on stay on him!” yelled Brock.

“Shut up you stupid zero!” yelled Big Talk.

Brock and Tockwell looked about ready to come to blows while back in the ring, Raul tried to escape yet again, but he was stopped by Davey with a big gut shot and then used a back body drop between the ropes to snap Raul back inside the ring! Davey pointed at the crowd as he walked out to the ring apron. The bigger of the two men was going up top for a missile drop kick and if he could land it, this would mean big things for the coach …

But he missed big time!

The failed missile drop kick gave a groggy Ramirez the chance to go for an opening himself. He shot off the ropes with an old fashioned running knee lift to stun Davey! Raul then ran off the ropes and it looked like a clothesline was next …


That was countered when Davey goozled him and tried to lift him up for the Jack and Coke-slam …

But Raul countered that with a thumb to the eye in mid-move! Raul then quickly pounced and brought Davey down with a huge drop kick of his own to the knee! Now Davey was left in a vulnerable position when Raul snapped him down with a sudden DDT!

“Attaboy, Hot Sauce!” yelled Tockwell.

Raul made the cover after that series of moves.

1 …

2 …

And a kickout from LaRue!

“Uggghh! Stay down!”

Raul continued to go over and boot Davey in the side of the head several times. He was clearly getting frustrated, but for what it was worth there didn’t appear to be too much in the way of ring rust for the former multiple time tag team champion. Raul planted a punch in the side of the coach’s head …

“I said stay down, you fat wino!” screamed Raul.

Davey did no such thing and then turned his jaw up at Raul, almost like he dared him to strike him again.

Raul fired back with another right hand.

And the blow caught him but Davey shook his head. It looked like he was trying to fight through the pain and psych himself up!

“No! I said … “

But when Raul tried to throw a thrust kick to the head of Davey, the native of Baton Rouge caught his boot and spun Raul around. The 2017 Manager of the Year was then caught with another stiff right on his chin!

The crowd and Brock cheered on Big Davey as the coach of Team Newbludd was all fired up and feeling ready to turn the tide back in his favor.

Raul was knocked down with a solid blow from LaRue as he got back to his feet. Raul stumbled back up and walked right into another clubbing shot to his chest that put him down on his backside.  Now Davey had him up and then dropped him another slam before he shot him into a corner. When Raul came back from the corner, Davey slugged him with a big exaggerated wind-up punch that nearly had Raul seeing stars!

Davey pumped a fist in the air just as Raul Ramirez was on the ropes in the figurative and the literal sense as he stumbled around in a corner using the ropes to get back up. Davey came charging and stinger splash landed before Davey pulled him out of the corner …


The ring shook underneath the impact of the big time chokeslam from Davey and now he could have Raul right where he wanted him with a victory!

1 …

2 …

“Ref, look, look!” yelled Tockwell.

Davey turned and his face shifted into a disappointed frown when he saw that Raul’s foot was on the rope!

That was the high ring IQ of Jake Tockwell’s manager coming into play, but Davey shook his head at the fact that he didn’t pull him far enough from the ropes. Still, Davey could feet the tide turning when he pulled Raul back onto his feet and then powered him onto his shoulder. A running kryptonite crunch he called the AMF Version 2 was about to end things …


Raul was just able to escape and rolled up Davey with a school boy!

1 …

2 …

Davey kicked out! But then Raul caught him with a small package!

1 …

2 …

Davey kicked out again!

The shifty Raul reached into his jacket and was about to pull out what looked to be brass knuckles, but before he could do anything with the weapon, Davey kicked him square in the face and knocked the weapon from his hands!

“Ha! Eat a dick, Tockwell!” yelled Brock as he looked at Tockwell.

The official moved the brass knuckles out of the ring and Davey reached over to Raul Ramirez to end things once and for all … but he got a face full of mace instead! The distraction of the knuckles allowed Hot Sauce to cheat him out with an opening! Brock watched in shock as Raul leaped onto the second rope …


Davey got dropped right on his head with a diving DDT! Raul hopped over and looked right at Brock as he pinned the coach!

1 …
2 …


Brock ran into the ring immediately after the fall, but Raul was already two feet out of the ring right after that! Davey came into this match extra motivated and had lots of fight in him for sure, but the cunning and crafty In Crowd had plenty of tricks up their sleeve and tonight, the former ACW Tag team champion was triumphant in his NBW debut!

“No … YOU can take a bite off the meat whistle, you stupid JAG!” laughed Tockwell.

An angry Brock hovered over his friend who was now having his eyes checked by the official. The NBW World champ watched Raul leap into the arms of Tockwell and the two celebrated while Sally Reynolds cheered on her man’s best friend! The In Crowd had some tricks up their sleeve and tonight, they just showed that even though 2017 hadn’t ended on a good note for Team Big Talk, 2018 was shaping up quite nicely.

More importantly Raul Ramirez had showed that he was more than just the mind behind NBW’s fastest-rising star Jake Tockwell. There was a crafty and dangerous man behind the bravado and he could lend more to Team Big Talk winning at Gods Versus Titans if anybody underestimated him for even a second.

If you want to know who Doritos man is read this segment


Richie Keal, breathless, pale, and still wearing a cold sweat, strode down the corridor towards the safe haven of his office, his phone in hand.  At the end of the corridor his name was pinned to a wooden door. 

Almost there, almost there, almossss--

The lights went out.  Quickly, Keal clicked the button on his phone and held it up to his chin, illuminating his face.

“Who did that?” he asked the empty dark air.

Behind him, a rustle.  He spun around, the light of his phone clicking off again as he did, leaving him in complete darkness.

The lights flickered back on and Keal found himself stood, now without his trousers on, in a pile of Nacho Cheese Doritos.  Hundreds of bags had been emptied over him like a blood bath. 

Keal held his arms out, looking down at his de-pantsed body, surrounded by Doritos.

A voice spoke seemingly from outer space.

“to know the identity of doritos one must first look inward, for the answer lies there. i am doritos. you are doritos. we are doritos.” the voice said. The voice of Doritos Man.

“a date with destiny, a dance with the stars. expect anything but clemency, i’m the man from frito lay, not from mars.”

The door to Keal’s office opened of its own accord.  Inside, everything looked the same, but to be safe Keal turned on his heel and decided he would find himself a new office.  But first, he would find himself a pair of pants.

The Same thing we do Every night, Pinky!


Following a very SCATHING interview earlier in the evening with Savage Badassery, the camera was now fixed on the beautiful Claudia Marie, wearing a knock-out red blouse and long skirt.

“Hello!” she said. “I’m Claudia Marie! Earlier tonight, we heard what Ravage and Vic Gravender had to say about our main event for the Dynasty Tag Team Titles! Now we’re going to hear from their opponents. With me are not only the defending Dynasty Tag Team Champions, they are the group YOU, the nbW fans, chose as your 2017 Tag Team of the Year! Clan Strongbern!”

To her left, Little Ricky and Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern appeared and got some great cheers from the crowd. And to her left, Ri-Khan Strongbern and the 2018 WAR Memorial Cup winner, BIG RICK STRONGBERN appeared and the crowd was going NUTS!


The camera did back up and next to Clan Strongbern’s leader was the WAR Memorial Cup he won over nbW’s New Year’s Eve Pro Wrestling Special. Big Rick held up the trophy in tribute to the late Hall of Famer William Arthur Reagan.

“Now, Big Rick,” Claudia said, “your opponents for tonight have made no secret they’ve been frustrated with a lot of things lately and look to take your titles. They made it through FTW and The Suplex Society for this shot. Do you have anything to say in regards to their inflammatory comments?”

“Oh, trust me, we heard those whiners flapping their dick holsters,” Rik said. “They made excuses for why they didn’t win, but facts are facts… all four of us weren’t with our regular partners, either…”

Big Rick smirked.


The crowd delivered an “OOOOOOOOOOH” at that comment. Claudia had a little chuckle before changing the question.

“Tonight, how are you approaching this contest?” she asked.

“Simple,” Rik said. “Big Rick and I are gonna represent tonight. We know how badass Savage Badassery are… that’s a cool team name, I’ll give them that. But it don’t matter if you’re a team of former world champions or you’re two random jow blows off the street. We’re Clan Strongbern and we’ll fight EVERYBODY to prove we’re the best.”

Big Rick let out a loud, beastly laugh that even put Claudia off a little.


“Then other titles are in our future!” Little Ricky said.

“RRRRRRRRAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!” Ri-Khan howled in agreement.

“Oh? Care to elaborate?” Claudia asked.


“Sir, yes, sir!” all the other members yelled in unison.


“Fighting everybody in the goddamn universe!” they shouted.



The foursome yelled and hollered their way right out of the interview area and left Claudia Marie as the scene went elsewhere. The main event was certainly shaping up to be a big one!

Calling for a TRUCE!


Back from the break we focus in on the ring. Inside stood the one and only Trent McKnight with microphone in hand.

"Good evening all!" He spoke and took in the cheers. "I hope you're enjoying the first Victory of two thous... No." He smiled and adjusted his tie, "the first SHOW of 2018!" That felt good to say. "VICTORY!" That felt even better as the fans gave a round of cheer and chant. 'NBW' 'NBW' 'NBW' filling the Festhalle in Frankfurt. Three letters that were the initials and name of the brand. Language barrier be damned.

"That's right. NBW! Victory. Two thousand and seventeen was a great year for NBW, and saw the arrival of this snow. My show. YOUR show." He made sure to gesture out before him. "We saw Blitzkrieg champion Ohiyama defend his championship against some of NBW's best. We saw Max Hopper defend the Keystone against Alex Reyn." Mixture of cheers and boos for the two names filled the arena. "We saw the Big Rick Strongbern Big F'n CUP-"

Cue up. 'Strongbern! Strongbern! Strongbern!'.

"-And that my friends was just on Victory. Two thousand eighteen will deliver ten fold. I've made it my New Years resolution to put NBW's Victory to the top. We're not going to be the other show. Or the show that management pushes matches over to when time constraints are an issue on SLAM." He paused and looked at the hard-camera directly, "Or the show that is left out of the End of Year Awards."

Fans gave a boo for that.

"Tonight on Victory we started off strong. And we're capping it off with a Main Event befitting of both teams and this show. The Dynasty Tag Team Championships will be on the line in just moments when the winners of the Big Rick Strongbern Big F'n Cup, the team of former champions in the returning Vic Gravender and Ravage-" Boos. "face the current reigning champions, Clan Strongbern!"


McKnight once more adjusted his tie. Straightening up his look to give that professional stature.

"As I said, we're starting off strong this year. The holidays are over, and it's definitely not nineteen fourteen, but before the two teams collide at Gods versus Titans II in their War Games match, I'm calling for a Truce."

Trent took a moment to let that sink in to the fans, and those watching at home.

"In a special sit-down interview, I'm openly inviting any one member, from both teams, to come to Victory to give any last statements and the final word." He grinned, "-that is until the fists fly of course."

The german fans cheered as Trent gave a nod.

"And with that out of the way. Up next is our massive Main Event! Stay tuned!"

Heading towards the ropes he ducked through and made his way back up the ramp as we faded out.




Main Tale of the Tape

“Welcome back to the eighth installment of Victory!” Adria Hoyt said to the fans.

“That’s right,” Bernie Vaughn said, cutting her off. “We’re at tonight’s main event and we’re gonna see a title change! Savage Badassery were right earlier! They’re vets who’ve been disrespected by nbW long enough, now they’re gonna play spoiler here tonight and take away the Dynasty Tag Team Titles from Clan Strongbern! Calling it now!”

“…Wow, couldn’t even let me do the lead-in on this one, Bernie?”

“Nope, I just gave the fans the spoilers. Clan Strongbern care too much about the people now, they’ve gone soft, now it’s time to crown new champions we can get behind! Two of nbW’s baddest dudes ever!”

“Nobody is taking away what Ravage and Vic Gravender have achieved in their entire time in nbW. Both men are former nbW World Champions. Ravage has multiple reigns as a Keystone and Blitzkrieg Champ while Vic held the now deactivated Infamy Title as its first champion and does have a reign as a Dynasty Tag Team Champion. But to look past Clan Strongbern is foolish, considering all the momentum they have right now.”

“We’ll have to agree to disagree… or at the very least, agree that I’m right, Adria. Savage Badassery made it through the Big Rick Strongbern Big F’ing Cup the last two Victory shows. Now they earned the shot.”

“We’ll see who’s right! Our main event is coming up when Clan Strongbern put the nbW Dynasty Tag Team Titles on the line against Savage Badassery! Let’s take it to Amelia Roberts at ringside for tonight’s main event!”

And with that, to the ring we go.

“The following contest is your main event of the evening! This is a tag team match set for one fall and will be contested for the nbW Dynasty Tag Team Titles!”

The crowd cheered along with the Dynasty Tag Team Title graphic displayed on screen.

“Wanted Man” by Rev Theory.

The music of their opponents played and side by side, the former nbW World Heavyweight Champions arrived.

“Introducing tonight’s challengers! At a combined weight of 595 pounds… they are the team of “The World Class Badass” Vic Gravender and “The Savage of the Ring” Ravage… SAVAGE BADASSERY!

Ravage and Vic shot an understanding glance at one another and bumped fists before the two embittered nbW veterans made their walk towards the ring. They paid zero attention to the loud chorus of jeers they were getting for the moment as they approached the ring, surveying the scene. In two shows back to back, they had knocked off For The Win and The Suplex Society to earn tonight’s title opportunity. With a bold promise to ruin everything the fans loved, taking the Dynasty Tag Titles from Clan Strongbern would do that, but it was a task much easier said than done.  Gravender and Ravage started down the entrance as they waited for their opponents.

 A rugged guitar riff hit the speakers.


Another guitar riff.


One more guitar riff.


“Kill It (Strongbern Death Mix)” by Fight. 

The theme erupted from the arena speakers with a thundering boom as the lights in the arena went pitch-black. Suddenly, a HUGE spotlight shone on the stage and one by one, the monsters came out to play.
“Little” Ricky Strongbern, the near-seven footer. Back to his barbarian attire since he was told he couldn’t wear it.
The monstrous powerhouse Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern in his warpaint.
The wild attack dog, Ri-Khan Strongbern, who grabbed the camera and let loose a loud growl! Still in his warpaint and camo attire.
And of course…
The camera panned down to show Big Rick Strongbern. 5’9” and 220 of the nastiest pounds you ever done saw’d walking out with his arms behind his back like the ring general he claimed to be. The Generalissimo of Clan Strongbern stomped toward the ring with a look of determination on his face. He and Ri-Khan wore the belts on the way down and of course, along with that was Big Rick’s newly-won WAR Memorial Cup trophy slung over his shoulder like a proud badge of honor.

“Introducing first… at a combined weight of 533 pounds, accompanied by Little Ricky and Ri-Khan Strongbern… they are the team of BIG RICK STRONGBERN AND RIK BONEBREAKER-STRONGBERN!

Clan Strongbern were no stranger to either man in the past – Big Rick mixed it up with Ravage over Blitzkrieg Title contention a while back while more recently, the 2017 Tag Team of the Year made that ascent possible with victories over Vic Gravender’s old team, The Unstoppables. Vic and Ravage talked shit from their side of the ring while Big Rick and Rik made their entrance. They climbed into the ring and handed over the belts…


Simon Brack was tonight’s official and raised the belts before turning them over to ringside. There was no doubt that tonight, a fight was about to begin.

And it looked like that fight was about to being with Ravage and the 2018 WAR Memorial Cup winner Big Rick Strongbern. Big Rick pointed at that trophy.


“Yeah. I do.” Ravage retorted.

The Savage of the Ring angrily piefaced Big Rick, garnering him a lot of jeers!

“No fucking way some sideshow shitheads like you beat us tonight!” Ravage screamed.

Little Ricky and Ri-Khan watched from the outside, wondering what Big Rick was going to do. The WAR Memorial Cup winner then turned around with a big old smile on his face that angered the Savage of the Ring.


Big Rick fired the first blow, clocking Ravage upside the head with a huge Forearm Smash! Ravage reeled for a second and then retaliated with a big right of his own! The two men of almost equal height and stature then began throwing blows!

Shot from Big Rick!

Shot from Ravage!

Shot from Big Rick!

Shot from Ravage!

Shot from Big Rick!

Shot from Ravage!

Shot from Big Rick!

Shot from Ravage!

The blows continued to fly for a few moments between the two men until Ravage decided it was better to go low, doubling over Big Rick with a knee to the chest followed by two elbows to the side of his head.
“I told you this was my ring!” Ravage yelled.

He charged off the ropes, but when he tried his Clothesline, Big Rick ducked and kept on running until he came back…


Yes, of all the moves he could have busted out, it was a looney Hurricanrana variation of his own, shooting Ravage across the ring! Big Rick stood up and beat on his chest while the crowd cheered.

“LOOK AT ME! I’M A FLIPPY-DOO!” Big Rick shouted.

The crowd laughed along with Big Rick. Ravage angrily got back up to his feet, but Big Rick charged a second time and ran right through him with a nasty Shoulder Block putting him down on the mat! Not nearly as fancy as the Rickensteiner, but The King of Strongbern Style was now controlling the ring for the moment! He went over to pick up Ravage by the hair, but he moved away quickly and tagged out to Vic Gravender…

The 6’4” and 365-pound New Yorker climbed into the ring, but much to his surprise Big Rick was eager to fight him, too! Maybe not an entirely smart thing to the untrained eye, but Big Rick had defeated Vic Gravender before. He could very well do it again…

“Hey!” Rik shouted.

Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern had his hand ready for the tag. Big Rick looked over at Vic and then turned to Rik before the tag was made!

Now the two heavy hitters for either side were now in the ring. It was Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern that had the height advantage, but Vic had the weight at a little over fifty pounds. Vic fired the first shot of his own with a huge right hand! He rocked The Bone-Breaking Behemoth and fired two more elbows to either side of his head!

“Nobody can touch me in this ring, fucker,” Vic snarled.

He grabbed Rik from behind in a Full Nelson and dragged him over to the corner where he was trying to drive him into the turnbuckle repeatedly with a move called…


The Face Paver didn’t connect because Rik stopped himself. The pound-for-pound strongest member of Clan Strongbern fought against Vic with all his might, outstretching his arms to get him to break the hold…. And he did!

Vic was caught off-guard by the show of strength and in return, Rik fired off a huge Back Elbow that echoed loudly, stunning the big New Yorker in the process. Rik charged off one set of the ropes…

A Clothesline wobbled Vic, but he didn’t go down. Rik then charged off the ropes again…

Second verse, same as the first!

When Rik geared up for a third blow…


Vic caught him on his shoulders! He tried for his finisher, The Demolition Job, but Rik slipped out behind him! Vic turned around…


Incredible strength on display by Rik and the crowd was cheering the fact that he just powered the 365-pound Vic down to the ground! Rik made the tag to Big Rick and with Vic down, Rik struck the former nbW World Champion with a boot before dropping a big elbow on him! Rik moved so Big Rick could come running, connecting with a Running Senton! Following that, Rik got to the second rope…


The Falling Splash off the second rope connecting and after the series of moves, he moved so Big Rick could make the first cover of the match!




Vic threw Big Rick right off of him!

Big Rick rolled away and got back to his feet just as Vic grabbed his chest in pain. Big Rick charged at him and went right after Vic’s braced left knee, connecting with a low Shoulder Tackle that brought him down to one knee! Big Rick was back up and the tag was made again to Rik who climbed into the ring and charged right at the kneeling Vic…


Big Rick and Rik were working well together and their combined effort mowed Vic Gravender down for the moment! The beast was put in the rare position to where he and Ravage were about to back out of the ring. Big Rick pointed at Rik to hoist him up and now he did in the Crush Rush position. Was he going to hit a Running Powerslam on his own boss?





The chants came out for the defending champions as Big Rick started to stand up in the pile between where Savage Badassery were now laid out at ringside. Little Ricky and Ri-Khan continued to watch the chaos unfold as Big Rick yelled out.

“GOLD AND BITCHES!” Big Rick shouted.

He raised a fist and the crowd cheered along with him as well before he turned his attention on Ravage. He picked up Ravage and then threw him away from the ring, but when turned to face Vic…


Out of nowhere, Vic was back on his feet and charged right into Big Rick with a Running Headbutt! His massive skull had served him well and with perhaps his most powerful strike, he dropped Big Rick right on the floor after taking his eye off the ball for too long.

Gravender held his head and then growled before he picked up Big Rick and threw him back inside the ring.

“God I’m sick of this little shit,” Vic said.

He climbed into the ring just as Ravage returned to the ring apron so he could get the legal eagle tag to get inside. Rik was in his corner and tried to come to Big Rick’s aid, but Vic was already right there and SLUGGED Rik with a Clubbing Forearm Smash! Rik didn’t get knocked off the apron, but the cheap shot prompted him to get back inside…

When he was stopped by Simon Brack.

That allowed Savage Badassery to put the boots to the leader of Clan Strongbern behind the official’s back! After the threw in several painful sets of boots into Big Rick’s chest and head, both Ravage and Vic pumped their hands in the air.

“FUCK YOU, NBW!” both men shouted in unison.

They were already on thin ice tonight and both men would no doubt get a fine for shoving down Sammy Hale earlier backstage, but they didn’t care. They were two men who thought the rules didn’t apply to them especially in their treatment of officials. Case in point: Simon Brack ordered both men to get back to their corner.

“Fuck you,” Vic shouted.

“Yeah, shut the hell up,” Ravage added.

Told you.

Anyway. Yes. Beatdowns on guys named Big Rick Strongbern commenced and Ravage pulled up Big Rick by the neck before charging him into their corner. He fired off a series of hard shoulders into his gut to knock some wind out of him before switching up his attack…







The strikes caught him across his chest and head and Big Rick was left slumped over in the corner. Ravage then pressed his knee into the side of the 2018 WAR Memorial Cup winner’s neck, trying to choke the life out of him.

“Hey! Back it up, Ravage, now!” Brack shouted.

“Shut it or I’ll break off my foot in your ass!” Ravage yelled back.

They were skating a very thin line that could get them disqualified if they wanted to win the titles, but Ravage pulled him and threw him away with an Exploder Suplex out from the corner! The tag went to Vic Gravender and now the bigger half of the duo followed up with a straight up Falling Headbutt right to the rib cage of Big Rick! He cradled his side in pain and after the tandem offensive, he went for a cover with both hands on Big Rick’s chest.




Big Rick escaped defeat and saved the titles for he and his team, but Vic wasn’t about to give him the time to recover. He pulled Big Rick up again by his neck…




Three stiff Knife-Edge Chops from Big Rick would normally hurt anybody that was struck by them; The World Class Badass was NOT a normal person.

He took the chops and fired back with a straight right between the eyes of Big Rick, leveling Clan Strongbern’s leader and putting him down on the ground. He then picked him up in a Full Nelson and unlike when he tried to bust it out on Rik earlier…


He slammed his face repeatedly into the top turnbuckle with tremendous force.

“Come on! Talk shit now, you little shit!”

Big Rick fell over into the corner and then looked up at Vic Gravender…


Big Rick flashed him a toothy grin only to get doubled over from a big gut punch thanks to Vic! The tag was made to Ravage again and the two used some more tandem offense. Vic whipped him across the ring, only to spin around and throw Ravage right at Big Rick, who cracked him in the corner with a Running Back Elbow! He then threw him into Vic who scooped him up and THREW him up and over with a Release Pumphandle Suplex!

Ravage now with the cover!




The crowd roared with approval after Big Rick’s shoulder came up off the mat. The 2018 WAR Memorial Cup winner was being taken apart slowly by the challengers for their gold and Rik was in dire need to get the tag from Clan Strongbern’s leader and namesake. Big Rick tried to get over to his corner when Ravage cracked him and planted him into the mat with a huge Running Bulldog. Big Rick was down and out now and Ravage pulled him up by his head.

“I told you those titles belong to us!”

Ravage underhooked one arm.

And then another.

Was GREATNESS coming?

The answer was no because Big Rick broke free! Ravage struck him with a vicious elbow and Big Rick turned…


Out of nowhere, Big Rick CLIPPED him in the temple with a big Enzuigiri to the side of the head! Ravage slumped back into the ropes and when he came back, Big Rick rolled him up…


He rolled him up with a Schoolboy, only for Big Rick to DRILL him into the mat with a big Powerbomb! The crowd cheered and now both men were down and in need of a tag! Big Rick listened to the crowd just as Vic Gravender watched from the corner.


The King of Strongbern Style pointed at Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern in the corner. He wanted it. The crowd wanted it.




Ravage was just barely trying to slump back to his feet when Rik charged off the ropes and ran right into him with a big Shoulder Tackle to knock him right on his ass! He charged over to the corner and then unleashed a hard Running Forearm to Vic – no doubt payback for earlier!

He turned to Ravage and The Savage of the Ring got leaned against the corner…


An Open-handed Chop to the chest echoed loudly in the arena and doubled Ravage over. Rik then picked him up by the neck and applied an Iron Claw to Ravage! An old school move for sure, and he pressed down into his skull for a few seconds before throwing him halfway across the ring with a big Biel Throw!

Ravage bounced across the ring and ended up on the other side of the ring, trying to pull himself up using the ropes, but he looked and saw the runaway train that was Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern coming at him…


Rik then snapped up Ravage over his shoulder and pointed out of the corner…


A HUGE ring-shaking Running Powerslam planted the former nbW World Champion and he followed up for the cover!




The World Class Badass dropped a big Leg Drop (brother) to the back of Rik’s head, breaking up the fall and saving their title hopes tonight. Vic stood up and then clocked Rik in the head a few more times before throwing Ravage back to his corner to get in and make the tag…


Vic was now in the ring with Rik and as he tried to get to his feet, he clubbed away on the big Bone-breaking Behemoth with big Vader Hammer-like forearms to either side of the head. He reeled him back into the corner and followed him in with a Running Body Avalanche! He then picked up Rik and deposited him on the mat with a big Powerslam!




Rik kicked out, but Vic planted a few boots into his gut to make sure that he stayed down. Vic climbed to the second rope and was looking for another of his key moves…


Bonebreaker-Strongbern moved out of the way of the Second Rope Diving Headbutt and Vic hit the mat! He held his head in pain while Rik got back up, ready to end things quickly as he picked up Vic…


The crowd was AMAZED with the strength of Rik, dropping Vic across his knee with a big Dragon-style Backbreaker! It took a lot out of him, sure, but Rik then made the tag to Big Rick…


Big Rick went for the cover on Vic! And could that tandem combination of moves be enough to end things…?



Big Rick was waiting for the three, but it never came.

Simon Brack was gone.

And why?

Because “THE FIRST” FREDDIE RICH pulled him of the ring and SOCKED the official!


The bell was called for and this was clearly going to be a disqualification because right behind Freddie, Donny, Declan and Todd Rich all ran forward and got into fights with Little Ricky and Ri-Khan Strongbern at ringside!

Clan Strongbern looked to have this match won, but The Rich Family had been their enemies since their grand return at Slam 100 when they staked a claim to the titles! Ravage was on the outside, watching the fights unfold between the two stables that had spilled all over the European tour. Big Rick saw Freddie Rich and leaped out from the ring…


Big Rick landed right into Freddie Rich on the outside and then attacked him with right hands! Both of those men were on opposite sides of the larger Team Newbludd/Team Big Talk War Games match later on this month, but the war between The Rich Family and Clan Strongbern was bordering on personal!

“GODDAMN IT!” Ravage shouted.

He helped Vic roll out of the ring and the two regrouped while fights were breaking out everywhere now!

Freddie and Big Rick exchanging blows.

Todd trying to fend off Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern with a chair.

Donny Rich running away from Ri-Khan Strongbern as he chased him up the aisle.

And Declan Rich trying to fight the much larger Little Ricky Strongbern in the corner!

Swarms of security swarmed down to the ring now with the crowd roaring in approval for the fights, even if it meant that this Dynasty Tag Team Title match had no conclusive winner.

The final shots of the show ended with Clan Strongbern and The Rich Family trying to tear into one another all over the arena. And in the midst of it all, a VERY irate Ravage and Vic Gravender, watching their shot at the Dynasty Tag Team Titles fall to ruin.

Big Rick and Freddie continued fighting one another in the middle of the ring and both were tearing into one another while the rest of the nbW security were earning their paycheck for the night.


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