Live from the Ahoy Arena - Rotterdam, The Netherlands






Dynasty Tag Team Championship

The NBW drone camera did a quick scan over the cheering crowd, desperate for their 5 seconds of time. Then swooped on over to the desk where Adria Hoyt greeted the viewers with a smile and Bernie looked ready for the action.

“We’ve got the Dynasty Tag Team Title match coming up here to kick us off tonight!” Adria Hoyt said to the audience. “Before we crown the next #1 Contender for Victory 8 later tonight between The Suplex Society and Savage Badassery, we have The Law looking to make Clan Strongbern’s maiden voyage as Dynasty Tag Team Champions a short one!”

“And The In Crowd is taking back the titles! The Law have this won against Clan Strongbern, mark my words! I haven’t liked them since they went soft.”

“...You mean became fan favorites?”

“Yeah. That.”

“The Law hold a victory over Little Ricky and Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern stemming back on slam 98, which is what earned them this title match tonight! Will The Law repeat or will Clan Strongbern get their revenge? Let’s go to the ring for the introductions!”

And to Amelia Roberts, smiling for the camera and looking pretty as ever!

“The following contest is a tag team match set for one fall and is for the nbW Dynasty Tag Team Championship!”

Sirens started blazing throughout the arena.  Aptly, the Dead Kennedys anthem 'Police Truck' started as one pulled into the arena.  Down the sides of the aisle, 10 officers form 2 lines of 5.

The camera zooms in on the vehicle's back door as 4 officers pile out and join the others in line.  Lastly, but in no way least, Brady and Strauss jump out and make the walk to the ring, saluted by their colleagues.

“Introducing the challengers! At a combined weight of 600 lbs! Brady! Strauss! The LAW!!!”

After ascending the stairs, Strauss steps between the ropes whereas the slightly bigger Brady chooses to step over them.  The Law is in the house!

The lights flash in rapid-fire random series of white as  "Kill It (Strongbern Death Mix)" by Fight's opening riffs begin to play.

Smoke billows out from either side of the entrance ramp as Rik Strongbern and Little Ricky Strongbern walk out, huffing out a puff of smoke they probably just inhaled.  Strongbern stomp towards the ring with a camera looking up at him in that exaggerated style WWE does for its giants. 

“And their opponents! At a combined weight of 608 lbs! Rik Bonebreaker! Little Ricky! Clan Strongbern!!!”

The two members of Strongbern eyed one another, then they looked to the ring.

Suddenly, they began to pick up their pace, until they were full blown CHARGING the ring!!

Strongbern slid inside the ring as The Law closed the distance, and the two teams were colliding in the middle of the ring!! Back and forth, savage blows being given and taken by all four powerhouse brawlers! Rik Bonebreaker scored with a clothesline! Knocking Brady out of the ring! Meanwhile Strauss had pushed Little Ricky into the corner and was ramming a shoulder into his gut.

Or at least trying to, as a stiff knee from Ricky rocked Strauss and allowed Ricky to get some space.

The bell had not run yet, as outside the ring, Brady fought back with a hard kick to Rik’s gut before trying to bounce his head off the apron. But Rik blocked it with his hands and elbowed Brady in the face before spinning around and clocking him with a forearm!

Back inside the ring, Ricky went for a clothesline, only for Strauss to duck the blow and hoist Ricky up for a stun-gun, however Ricky grabbed onto the top rope and actually managed to swing up and over to land balanced on the apron! Strauss turned in Ricky used the opportunity to grab Strauss by the back of the head and hotshot him across the ropes!

Brady was rolled into the ring and slowly stood up so he was almost back to back with Strauss, unfortunately for them, that wouldn’t stop Strongbern’s charge.


The Law went down and rolled outside the ring near the entryway, trying to collect themselves. The crowd at this point were cheering Strongbern as they stood dominant in the centre of the ring! Little Ricky clapped to get the crowd more into the match as he eyed The Law outside. The moment was getting to him, and an idea came to his head…

If the fans wanted something big, he would give them something big.

Suddenly Rik realised what his partner was thinking. He tried in vain to stop Little Ricky, but it was too late…



The Law caught him! Hoisting him up…!!


The mood had shifted.

The jubilant cheers were gone now as the referee threw up his hands in an X and went out the ring to check on Little Ricky who was lying in a crumpled heap.

“Ricky, are you hurt? Do I need to call the EMT’s?”

The fans saw Ricky shake his head

“N...no. I-I’m okay.”

He tried to struggle to his feet, to show that hurt or not, he was still in this fi-

Suddenly The Law grabbed him by both wrists and THREW him into the ring steps before Brady CRUSHED him in the corner with a running knee!

The crowd was merciless with it’s boos and the ref wasn’t pleased either.

“What the Hell do you think you’re doing!?”

“Cool it ref, the guy said he could fight. We’re just doing our job. You wanna ring the bell and do yours?”

The ref growled, but Brady did have a point. Damage happened in a match. If Strongbern was willing to keep fighting…

He looked up at Rik.

“You sure you don’t want to call it quits? You won’t lose the title.”

Rik looked over at Ricky, who gave him a small nod.

“No. We’ll fight.”

The crowd certainly appreciated that, while the ref just shook his head as if to say ‘Your funeral’, and motioned for the bell to finally ring.

The Law climbed up the steps to their corner of the ring (Near the entranceway) and Strauss decided to start first.

The crowd was showing murmers of concern now. Sure Rik and Ricky were brave, but with Little Ricky out of the picture, the match was practically a two on one handicap match.

Strauss and Rik locked up in the centre of the ring. Being slightly more skilled in grapples than his opponent, Straus was able to lock in a standing side headlock. However Rik used his weight to back Strauss into the ropes before shooting him off. Strauss hit the ropes on the other side, and ducked under a running clothesline on the return! Now it was Rik’s turn to hit the ropes and-

Brady grabbed him from  behind! Holding his arms in place against the ropes as Strauss hit a running knee to Rik’s face!!

The crowd booed the cheap trick, as a tag was made to Brady and both men grabbed Rik, lifting him up and SLAMMING him down with a double gourdbuster before Brady hit a sliding lariat as Rik was struggling to his knees!

Into the cover now…



Brady growled in frustration, and started to grind his forearm into Rik’s face.

Outside the ring, Strauss had a bow and arrow lock applied to Little Ricky while simultaneously grinding his face into the ring steps with the heel of his boot! He was making sure Ricky would not be able to interfere.

Back in the ring, Brady had straddled Rik and was raining down punches, but Rik caught the fist and ROCKED Brady with a headbutt!





The crowd cheered as the repeated blows forced Brady into the corner as Rik grabbed his wrist before whipping him into the opposite side!

Running corner splash from Rik Strongbern, followed by a back bodydrop!

Rik was stalking Brady now, waiting for him to get up. It looked like he was calling for his signature Backbreaker MAX (Blue Thunder Backbreaker)

He lifted Brady up…

A chopblock from Strauss hit the back of Rik’s knee, allowing Brady to counter with a bulldog!

The Law laughed at the now fallen Rik as the crowd jeered at them. They knew that Rik was more than a match for either one of them, but the numbers game meant that The Law kept shutting him down before he could gain any real momentum.

Strauss lifted Rik up as Brady hit the ropes…

Big Boot/STO combination!

Brady dragged Rik over to their corner and made the tag to Strauss, who CRUSHED Rik with a near 300lb senton from the second rope before locking in a grounded side headlock.

Immediately, the ref was down next to Rik’s face. Ready in case The Bonebreaker decided to call it quits.

Fat chance of that happening.

However, Rik’s predicament allowed Brady to grab his bad knee and SMASH it against the ringpost with authority! The ref saw this and was quick to admonish Brady, but while his attention was on Brady, Strauss used the opportunity to rake Rik’s eyes before blatantly choking him on the mat! He released the hold before the ref turned around, playing dumb when the ref asked why Rik was holding his throat in such a manner.

Rik was trying to get some distance now, but Strauss followed after him. Hammering clubbing blows into his back.

Applying a waistlock, Strauss tried to get him up for a german suplex, but Rik fought out of it and executed a go behind, looking to lift Strauss up for Backbreaker MA-

Suddenly the ref’s attention was diverted again as he saw Brady trying to bring the title belts into the ring-


The sharp kick caught Rik right in the Strongberns and Strauss was quick to capitalise with a Fisherman’s Suplex, dragging Rik to their corner, he made the tag to Brady who Rik and lifted the three hundred pound giant high above his head for The Law’s double team finisher!

DOUBLE JEOPARDY!! (Military Press Bomb)

Court adjourned.






The crowd roared as Ricky dived in to knock Brady off of his partner MICROseconds before the referee’s hand hit the mat!

The crowd may have been elated by the save, but The Law was less than pleased with this development and pounced on Ricky, savagely beating him into the canvas! Strauss dragged him out the ring, while Brady went for another pin on Rik!





A cheer from the crowd greeted Rik as he thrust his shoulder up! Outside the ring, Strauss whipped Ricky into the barricade and went for a clothesline, only for Little Ricky to back bodydrop him into the crowd!!

Meanwhile, Brady was looking to put Rik away with a Life Sentence (Electric Chair Driver), but Ricky rushed the ring and tackled him with a giant Lou Thez Press! Raining down punches! Brady tried to cover up as both titans rolled out of the ring and down to the floor! The impact jarred Ricky’s injured back however, giving Brady the opening to rake his eye and bounce his head of the apron!

Pulling Ricky’s head between his legs, Brady looked to be setting him up for another apron powerbo-


The move practically DECAPITATED Brady and Rik moved to see if his partner was okay before they both rolled into the ring, Ricky moving onto their corner of the apron and grabbing the tag rope,


Finally Clan Strongbern had managed to make a tag, and Brady rolled back into the ring, looking to do the same.

He looked to his corner…

There was no one there.

Strauss was still out in the crowd…

A dawning look of horror spread across Brady’s face as he slowly turned to see Ricky and Rik cracking their knuckles, grinning maliciously now that the tables had just turned.

Brady’s face fell.

"...Please don't break my butt."

Strongbern looked at each other...

"Okay." Rik said amicably.













Brady was dazed and reeling now, as Strongbern grabbed him and whipped him into the ropes before taking him off his feet with a double clothesline, followed by a double elbow drop, followed by a second rope leg drop by Little Ricky!

Tag to Rik!

Back bodydrop from Ricky onto Rik’s knee, backbreaker style!

Discus Clothesline from Rik Bonebreaker!

Rik grabbed Brady, looking to set him up for Spinal Trauma! (One Shoulder Powerbomb), but as he lifted him up, Brady struggled, causing Rik’s leg that Strauss had attacked earlier to buckle and allowing Brady to counter with a sunset flip pin!

Brady has the ropes for leverage!




The referee saw what happened and stopped his count, immediately realising what Brady had been trying to do. But as he was yelling at Brady, Strauss came from out of nowhere and BLASTED Ricky with one of the tag team titles! Before the ref could see what he had done, he threw the title over the referee’s head and into the ring, causing the ref to go grab it and clear it out.

Letting Brady swing at Rik with the OTHER title that Strauss had covertly slipped him!

Except that Rik caught the blow and RIPPED THE TITLE OUT OF BRADY’S HANDS!

Brady’s eyes widened in fear as Rik looked to return the favour…

Suddenly the ref saw Rik holding the title and immediately rushed to pull it out of Rik’s hands! Rik tried to protest-






The crowd (and The Law) couldn’t beleive it! What resiliency!

Brady scowled. Signalling to the crowd that the match was over, he lifted Rik up onto this shoulders, calling for another Life Sent-





It wasn’t enough to win the match, but it might have been enough to turn the tide, as Rik moved to tag in his partner, but Brady grabbed hold of his leg! Rik tried to kick him off, but it sent a shock of pain up his bad leg as Strauss suddenly grabbed Little Ricky from behind and tried to pull him off the apron! Ricky fought him off while Brady grabbed at Rik’s leg again, only for Rik to pull free!


Ricky was in the ring now and SCORED with a clothesline! Then another! And another!

Meanwhile though, Strauss suddenly attack Rik with a chopblock from behind once more! Knocking him off the apron! With Rik down, Strauss rushed the ring and struck Ricky from behind with a giant haymaker!

With Ricky down, Brady pulled himself up and grabbed his opponent, lifting him up as Strauss rolled out the ring. Both to break the ref’s five count, and to create distance for their other double team finisher…

The Letter of the Law (Doomsday Bulldog)!


In a STARTLING display of Strength, Ricky held onto Strauss and fell BACKWARDS to counter the move into a lungblower to brady while simultaneously dropping Strauss with a backdrop suplex!!!

The crowd cheered as Strauss rolled to his feet with the impact, only for RIK to suddenly grab him from behind!


The move was MURDER on Rik’s own knee, but it was just what they needed to take Strauss out of the equation as Ricky lifted Brady onto his shoulders!





Clan Strongbern had gained some semblance of revenge over The Law and smiled through gritted teeth, relieved to have come through such a hard-fought match. Little Ricky and Rik regrouped in the middle of the ring and representing Clan Strongbern tonight, the two giants made up for the loss on Slam 98 and bounced back with a massive win tonight!

Now they could look ahead to the main event; the conclusion of Big Rick Strongbern's Big F'N Cup when The Suplex Society of Matt Haddon and Jax Curry take on former nbW World Heavyweight Champions Savage Badassery - the dangerous combination of Ravage and Vic Gravender.

That and a whole lot more coming up!




Get Ready for WAR


Following the break, the camera slowly faded back in to reveal the Victory interview backdrop with the smiling Veronica Hoyt standing in front of it, mic in hand.

“Welcome back to Victory!” she said into the camera enthusiastically. “Last week on SLAM!, General Manager Jack Harmen, made the stunning announcement that the main event of Gods vs. Titans II would be a unprecedented seven on seven WarGames match…”

Cheering loudly, the crowd was more than excited about Harmen’s announcement last week, and Hoyt paused briefly to let the NBW faithful roar before continuing on.

“While fourteen men will be taking part in that match by the time that the bell rings to start the war on Sunday, January 14th, only two of the participants have been announced so far. Those being the two men who will lead their respective teams into battle… one of them being former NBW Blitzkrieg and World Heavyweight Champion, ‘Big Talk’ Jake Tockwell…”

At mention of the man who calls himself ‘The One Among Zeroes’, the Ahoy Arena erupted...


“... and the other being the man who will be joining me at this time. On last week’s Slam he successfully defended his title by defeating his aforementioned rival in what many are heralding as a instant classic. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the NBW World Heavyweight Champion…’The Innovator’ Brock Newbludd!

Once again the crowd erupted, but in a much different manner as Newbludd entered the picture to stand next Veronica. Clad in street clothes with the world title slung over his shoulder, Brock looked every bit the confident champion and he cracked a grin as the people he called his ‘army’ began to chant.


Turning to face the world champion, Hoyt gave the packed house a few more seconds to simmer before raising the mic up.

“Brock, first things first, it must have been more than a little satisfying to defeat Jake Tockwell last week to successfully defend the title that you had taken from him at Legacy. But, with the WarGames match being announced beforehand and with what had happened after the match was over, it looks like things between yourself and Jake are far from finished.”

Nodding his head in agreement, Newbludd patted the world title belt as he took a deep breath.

“Veronica, as long as I hold onto this title, things between Tockwell and me will never be finished. And you know what, that’s fine by me, because if he ever earns another shot at it...correction... if he ever weasels his way into getting another shot at this title...I’ll do exactly what I did to him at Legacy and on Slam, and that is pin his ass smack dab in the middle of the ring!”

Another round of cheers ensued as Brock continued on.

“Jake thought he had it all figured out last week...he thought that there was no way that he could lose again as he strutted down that aisle with his manager, his whore and his two hired goons behind him. With that much backup, there was no way Big Talk wasn’t walking out with the title back around his waist, right?”

Smiling, Newbludd shook his head as Veronica shrugged her shoulders.

“Wrong!” the champion said. “You see, there’s one fact that Big Talk couldn’t seem to get through that thick skull of his...and that is no matter how much he tried stack the deck in his favor. No matter how much backup he brought, rules he broke and cheap shots he took...he still had to take care of business in the ring...he still had to put me down in the ring and pin me all by himself…”

“Which he came close to doing, multiple times.” Hoyt interjected.

“Close ain’t gonna cut it against me, Veronica,” Brock said back. “When all was said and done, Big Talk didn’t have what it takes to take back this title he’s just itching to have back around his waist. Maybe one day, he will realize that if he ever wants to be ‘the man’ again... he’s gonna have to do it like a man, and that is all by him damn self...and if that day ever comes, you better believe, I’ll be ready for him.”

The crowd let out a round of cheers at their champion’s words, and Hoyt pulled the mic back.

“Let’s switch gears Brock and get to what is, without a doubt, one of the biggest announcements Jack Harmen has made in a long time…”

Growing a grin, Brock rubbed his hands together eagerly as his eyes lit up in excitement.

“WarGames, baby!” he yelled out, cutting off Veronica.

“Yes, the WarGames match,” she agreed. “The main event of Gods vs. Titans II, a match that will see you leading a team of your choice against a team captained by ‘Big Talk’. Everyone’s excited for the match itself, Brock.”

“You think Jake’s thrilled about being locked in a cage with the man who just whooped his ass twice?” Newbludd asked with a smirk.

“Hell, it might end up just being Jake and his two hired hands The Law that step in that cage. The arrogant sonuvabitch doesn’t have many friends outside of those he buys, and I doubt anyone’s going to be itching at the chance to bleed for him, no matter what he promises or pays them.”

“That is yet to be seen, Brock,” Hoyt said. “You know better than anyone, that the former champion can convince even the most unlikely of people to join him.”

“And look how that turned out for them!” Newbludd fired back, with a hint of anger that was quickly covered up with a smile.

“Right now, Sally could be right where she wanted to be...and that’s standing next to the world champion. But, she bought into Tockwell’s bullshit and now she’s...how would Jake put it... ‘just another bitch’!”

A cheer came from the crowd, and Hoyt pulled the mic back.

“What I was getting at Brock, is that while you may have beaten Jake last week, after the match The Great Wall made it clear that he intended to put his name on Tockwell’s roster, or at least he was making a bid to by helping Jake hit you with his piledriver.”

Grabbing his neck, Brock grimaced slightly and nodded his head in agreement.

“Yeah, not how I wanted to end the night...being picked up by a giant and being spiked like a football into the mat...and maybe you’re right...The Great Wall might be an accurate description to his size, but it also sums up that giant’s ability to think for himself. I wouldn’t doubt that his Tockwell and Xiang worked out some greasy deal to bring the Wall into the mix...but, that doesn’t matter much to me, Veronica…”

Brock then pulled out a folded up piece of paper, and opened it up to read it with a sly grin.

“Because, Jake’s going to need a lot more than a wall to stop the six men I have on this list...the six men that I’ll be taking into battle at Gods vs. Titans.”

Veronica’s eyes grew wide and she couldn’t help to try to get a sneak peek at Newbludd’s choice for partners.

“Uh-uh, Hoyt…” Newbludd said as he put the paper back in his pocket.

“Can’t have you ruining the surprise on me. No, I’m gonna keep this close to my chest until I’m ready…”

“And when will that be?” Veronica asked, slightly disappointed.

“Cheer up, kid.” Brock said. “I’m just as excited to announce the team. But, this isn’t something you just announce during an interview. No, I think I’ll wait until the next Slam...I’m going to do it in the ring…”

Newbludd then looked into the camera.

“And ‘Big Talk’! If you somehow manage to find enough people to make this thing a match, and not a massacre...and if sharing a ring with me again doesn’t cause you to have a breakdown from how many times I’ve crushed your dreams inside of it...then, I invite you...no, I CHALLENGE you to come on down and show me the other six men who will have to be scraped off the mat once WarGames is done!”

Fired up, Brock then pointed at the camera.

“You got a week ‘Big Talk’! Open up that checkbook...get on your knees and open up that big mouth! Do whatever you gotta do, but plan on meeting me in the ring next week to show the world who’s on your side, and then get ready for WAR!”

With that, Newbludd lowered his arm and walked off, leaving Veronica.

“Big news for next week’s Slam!” she exclaimed. “The world champion plans to unveil his team for Wargames! The question is, will Jake Tockwell be ready to show the world his? Let’s send it back down to you Bernie and Adria!”


Returning back to the ring, one competitor was already stepping into the ring as 'The Power of God Killing' composed by Katou Tatsuya died down and Amelia Roberts made her introductions.

“This next match is scheduled for one fall with a fifteen minute time limit. Introducing first from Osaka, Japan, standing at five foot four, she is the ‘Joshi Ninja’, SORA HIKARI

Sora bounced around at her corner, step to step, waiting for her opponent while removing her hood in preparation.

'Daughters of Darkness' by Halestorm, introduced the jeers of the crowd as the Hellion Sisters stepped out through the giant V entrance.

“And her opponent, accompanied to the ring by Circe Hellion, she is MELANTHA HELLION!

Melantha continued her trek down to the ring while Circe rounded the corner and took a stance, arms crossed, watching her sister push up to Sora who wasn’t backing down. The official called for the bell.

Ding ding ding!

Melantha charged in like a bull, but Sora quick as the ninja she was calling herself, ducked under the arms and shot her boots into the calves. Nothing special but she let loose with several more fast kicks to the legs of the taller woman, hoping to at least cause a few bruises by the time she finished her strikes. Melantha instead shoved her off with one palm on her head, right into the ropes.

Sora barely realized what’d happened before she found herself vaulted in the air with a tremendous over head belly to belly toss. However she landed on her feet! Sweeping her leg out in an old time pose, she gestured her hand back at Melantha to come and get it.

Charge she did! And Hikari dropped low to avoid the charging bull once again, this time hitting the breaks and swinging her leg high and around to connect with the side of Melantha’s head. The move was meant to take her off her feet, but only served to daze the taller woman. Sora realizing this hit the ropes and came flying with a stiff wheel kick to the other side of her head.

Amping herself up she charged in. Her mistake as Melantha spun around and LEVELED her with a huge lariat. Causing her to flip and faceplant to the mat.

It wasn’t a pretty landing. And the added pressure of Melantha outright stomping on the back of her spine, was no easier. Using the toe of her boot she shucked it under the shoulderblade and flipped Sora over on her back, before placing the same boot over her chest.



Not even! Sora shot her other shoulder off the mat, and spun off to wrap her legs up overhead around Melantha’s own. Twisting and yanking to bring her down  as well before maneuver into a leg lock of sorts.

The leg vine was rather impressive from the shorter woman. If she wasn’t wearing the face mask, you could probably see her smiling at the turn of events. Only problem is the ring placement had them right by the ropes. That meant Melantha had hold and the official had to get the hold broken.

So much for that. Melantha rolled out of the ring to collect herself while Sora pulled herself up by the ropes, and then rushed the ropes. If she wasn’t going to stick around in the ring…



Melantha caught her! Swinging her around, she tossed her off to the barricade and into the crowd, tumbling past security and into the front row.

The official had no choice but to start a count while Melantha stood her ground near the ring, just hoping for her to return.



The fans cheered as two women rushed down the aisle on the opposite side of the arena. The cheers were in the direction of one Zhalia Fears, as she followed Michelle Couli towards the ring. Stopping at the barricade, she watched as Michelle popped over and rushed up to Circe from behind.


She leapt up and drove her elbow into the back of Circe’s head much to the glee of the fans. Then whipped her into the steps. This noise caught Melantha’s notice and she charged around the ring.


Fears sat on the barricade and warned Michelle of the impending doom. She was obeying doctor’s orders, and sitting on the sidelines. Couli grabbed Circe’s arm, and then whipped her into the charging Melantha whom put the breaks on.


Realizing she was about to lose, Melantha cast daggers at Michelle and turned back to the ring.


Rolling inside, just as the fans cheered and Sora vaulted with a somersault over the barricade and dove under the ropes.

The official waved it off, but Melantha wasn’t even aware yet as her attention was on Couli, her former leader. Sora shot across the ring and caught her with a shotgun dropkick, blasting her into the corner post HARD. Following up with a dash to the corner she leapt up in the air, and she caught the neck spinning and driving Melantha face first to the mat with a Hurrcarana driver!

Caught off guard, something was off here and as Hikari made the cover.




No! Circe Hellion broke the pin and the bell immediately ran as the official called off the match. Circe stomped down hard on Sora and grabbing the back of her hair she swung up and then dropped her to the mat.

Match was off and Michelle hit the ring, colliding with Circe. She got a few good blows in before the lights went out. Seconds passed and they returned. Couli was standing face to face with Lucretia!

“Get her!” Zhalia screamed from outside the ring as she made her way towards the steps.

Couli swung at Lucretia and the lights went out again. Seconds later returned and Circe took the blow , knocking her outside the ring. Michelle seemed confused and her attention shifted up the ramp where Lucretia stood on the center of the aisle.

“Wait!” Zhalia called out, but a little too late as Couli ducked through the ropes and gave chase up the ramp. The lights again went out, and when they returned Couli was standing alone. The Hellion Sisters were gone. Upon the EpiCenter I and II the familiar mask looked on.

Couli went through the V looking to hunt her down, leaving Zhalia and Sora alone. A big mistake as the lights went out and once again returned seconds later. Lucretia held Sora by the neck off her feet, dangling her and begging Zhalia to get involved. And that she did as she got into the ring, weary of her shoulder and arm, she still looked to confront Lucretia. The masked figure on the EpiCenter looked on as Zhalia locked up with Lucretia. One-armed, which meant she was knocked back into the ropes.

And guess what. The lights went out. This time they remained out. A lone spotlight hit the ring, followed by a second as the NBW stage crew shot the light around and could only see Zhalia checking on Sora.

Everyone else was gone. Zhalia checked on Sora while the cameras faded out to cut off elsewhere.



And elsewhere happened to backstage where Michelle Couli was giving chase to the Hellion Sisters, having caught them slinking about. She caught Circe from behind, and knocked her into the crates, before spearing into Melantha. Putting all her strength into it so the two collided with the wall with a loud SMACK.

Circe came up from behind, hopping on her back, and locked her arm around the gullet, while the other secured the head. The blood and air flow was quickly constricted causing Couli to fade fast, dropping to her knees before an irate Melantha who snapped her own knee into Michelle’s face.

Another figure stepped into the scene, cloak draping on the ground as she knelt down before Couli.

She raised her chin by her finger tips, “I’m afraid the games are over." Releasing her, she stepped back. "My spawn, DESTROY her.”

“With pleasure,” Circe said as she squeezed in tight, angling herself back and Melantha stepped back from the two. She waited for Lucretia to step to the side then dashed in with her RUNNING FACE WASH HIGH BOOT!


Melantha was knocked back into the wall courtesy of a well aimed and thrusted steel crate on wheels. Michelle’s savior grabbed Circe by the back of her hair, and yanked down until she released her grip on Couli, who was all but out cold.

She leaned in: “Ya’ll’s playtime is over.”

Circe released her hold and struck the woman causing her to dodge to the side and cause her hair to sway while covering her face. The colored strands however gave way to who Circe was now having a slugfest with. Red, white and blue - but this night it was for the Netherlands and not the US. Melantha then came charging back across the floor with the crate and knocked it into Lady Luxx’s left leg, giving Circe an opening round house.

Lucretia watching along snapped her fingers and the two retreated, following her around the corner and out of sight. No more than a second later Zhalia with Sora hanging off her good arm came rounding the corner.

“Well, I see Rebecca saved your behind.” Zhalia snickered as the two drew close.

“Shutup!” Couli yelled with a hoarse voice. The four women stood alone, for the moment. Lucretia and the Hellion Sisters long gone - but for how long is the question.




This Team Needs A Coach...


Following the commercial break, the camera faded in to show the main dressing room being used by NBW deep in the bowels of  the Ahoy Arena. It’s sole occupant being the forever loved NBW cult hero, ’Fat Tuesday’ Davey Larue.

Sitting on one of the wooden benches with his head hung low, LaRue didn’t look his usual jolly self as he blankly stared at the can of beer that he held in one hand. Taking a long drink, Davey let beer drip off his scruffy beard as he slumped on the bench and put one arm on the cooler that he had sitting next to him.

To sum it up, Davey looked depressed to say the least. Not a good thing when you're scheduled to make your in-ring return in less than an hour.

“It’s Miller Time, LaRue!” a familiar voice rang out as the dressing room door could be heard opening.

The camera zoomed out slightly to reveal Davey’s best friend, world champion Brock Newbludd walking towards LaRue.

“Man, I tell ya, Tockwell better get his shit together…” the champion said as he slid LaRue’s arm off the top of the cooler to open it up and grab himself a beer.

“..because, the team I put together for WarGames would put ‘The Expendables’ to shame...they’re going to be like the ‘Justice League’’ of wrestling...no, not the ‘Justice League’...more like ‘The Avengers’...it’s going to be epic, buddy!”

Taking a drink of his beer, Newbludd just noticed his friend’s foul mood, and he raised an eyebrow.

“Hey man!” he said as he slapped LaRue on the shoulder. “I was talking to you!”

La Rue just shrugged his shoulders, and kept his eyes to the floor.

“Sounds like a good team, bon ami...must be nice ta have friends…”

Sitting down next to Davey, the world champion hit him in the shoulder again.

“What are you talking about man?” Newbludd asked. “You got more friends around here than anybody!”

LaRue shook his head in disagreement.

“If dat was true, den where’s Yuma? Why’d he disappear on me? Why’d Ai turn his back on ol’ Davey? Da Different Breed is dead, and now dis gator is left by his lonesome. Dis gator is feelin’ like goin’ belly up…”
Putting a hand on his friend’s shoulder, Newbludd shook his head.

“Hey man, Yuma’s out doing his own thing...he’s still around, but he’s trying to stake his own claim here. And Ai...well shit...Ai showed his true colors by joining up with Xiang. That’s alright, he’ll get his one way or another. You didn’t need a friend like that anyway!”

Taking a drink of his beer, the dejected Cajun shrugged his shoulders.

“And shit man! I’m sitting right here next to you, drinking beers like we always have!” Brock said, clanking cans with Davey.

“Ya, but it ain’t da same Brock…” LaRue said. “We ain’t done dis in a long time...and don’t get me wrong, bon ami, Davey’s proud of what ya done...he’s proud of his best friend bein’ da world champion. But, da truth is, it ain’t da same now. Ya in da big time now, Brock, runnin’ wit da big dogs. Puttin’ tagether super teams ta battle in WarGames matches...being da champ means ya don’t got much time fa ya ol’ buddy Davey LaRue…”

Finally getting a grasp on what was going on with Davey, the world champion smiled and pulled out the white piece of paper that held the names of the men he would have on his team for WarGames. Opening it up, Brock handed it to LaRue.

“Read it…”

Looking slightly surprised, Davey began to read it.

“Super awesome team of badasses fa ‘Operation: JAGBuster’...number one…”

“Not out loud!” Brock quickly blurted out and Davey understood, quickly shutting up.

Taking a few seconds to read it, LaRue looked even more dejected when he was finished.

‘What da hell is dis, bon ami?” he asked angrily as he thrust the paper back to Newbludd. “Ya just tryin’ ta show Davey a list of all the friends who are betta den me!? Ya don’t even have ol’ Davey’s name on it!”

Rolling his eyes, Brock pushed Davey’s hand back.

“Read the bottom of the page…” Newbludd said, and the still angry Davey glanced down at the paper again.

“Head coach and outside enforcer...Davey…” LaRue’s eyes widened and he looked up to his smiling friend.

“Head coach and outside enforcer?” he asked.

Still smiling, Newbludd gave his friend a thumbs up and took a drink of his beer.

“That’s right, man,” the champion said. “WarGames is going to be more like a giant bar fight more than anything else. There will be no rules, which means it’s going to be bloody...and the team that’s willing to do whatever it takes to win is going to be the one walking out of that cage a winner. Just like a bar fight.”

Standing up, Newbludd took a big drink of his beer and crushed the can in his hand as he looked down at his friend.

“And if we’re gonna survive this thing, I’m going to need the man who’s survived and won more clusterfuck bar brawls than anyone else I know standing in my corner. Not only to guide us to victory, but to also watch our backs...just in case Tockwell has something up his sleeve...which I’m sure he does…”

Tossing the can behind his shoulder, Brock grabbed another one out of the cooler.

“Which means, I’m going to need that crazy sonuvabitch Davey LaRue.”

Taking a moment to let Brock’s words soak in, all signs of sadness seemed to wash away from the ragin’ cajun and he jumped up to his feet.

“And ya’ll will have him!” Davey exclaimed, before giving Brock an awkward bro-hug.

Pushing LaRue away, Newbludd shook his head at his friend’s excitement. Though, the world champion’s grin indicated that he was glad that he was able to cheer up his friend.

“So, you’re in then?” he asked. “Because if you’re not…”

“I’m in bon ami!” LaRue exclaimed, cutting off Brock. “Ya can count on me, dis gator’s gonna make sure ya’ll give Big Talk and his boys da fight of their lives!”

“My man!” Brock said, slapping LaRue on the shoulder.

“First tings first…” LaRue said as he glanced at the list of men he would now be coaching. “Let’s talk about who I tink we should throw in dat cage first…”

With that, the camera began to slowly fade out as the two friends sat back down to talk strategy.


“Up next, we have a rematch between Jonny Bedlam and Laszlo from the last episode of Victory.  It was a quick contest previously, but during a segment afterwards, Jonny allegedly referred to Laszlo as a Russian mob thug.”

“Is that not the case?”

“I’d be quiet if I were you!  Laszlo apparently took quite a lot of umbrage with this assertion.  Laszlo, a Russian national, came from a blue collar factory worker family who resisted the overwhelming temptation to venture into organized crime.  Allegedly Laszlo’s sister, Katerina, was caught in the crossfire of a Russian mob gunfight and killed.  Needless to say, Jonny Bedlam’s comments may have landed him in some hot water.  Laszlo requested, and was granted, a rematch with NBW’s favorite Party Animal”

“That damn lush never knows when to shut up.  Couldn’t just enjoy the victory.  Gotta poke the...Russian...bear...HA!  See what I did there?”

“Afraid it was too subtle.”

““Introducing first, from MOTHER RUSSIA, The Russian Wrecker, LASZLO!!!!!”

'Fish' by Leningrad played and Laszlo emerged and seethed with anger.  Laszlo moved quickly toward the ring and rolled under the ropes.  Laszlo stood and moved toward a corner, and yelled towards the entrance.

“Just bring his carcass out here!”

“Missing Link” rang out across the arena.  Jonny looked somewhat confused as he entered the arena.  Clearly it seemed as if Jonny had just been handed this match on his way in the door.  Jonny stood at the edge of the stage and stared into the ring at Laszlo.  Laszlo had managed to get a hot microphone for himself and began to address Bedlam.

“Hey, you piece of garbage!  I saw the segment where you and your boytoy compared me to a Russian Mob Thug!  My family has never been involved in such foulness!  My sister was killed by their evil!  You may have beat me two weeks ago, but this is different occasion.  You are going to be wrecked Mr. Bedlam! WRECKED!”

Jonny stare at the angry, larger Russian man in the ring and sighed.  He didn’t seek a microphone to address Laszlo, merely uttered “shit” and made his way toward the ring.

As Jonny slid under the bottom rope, Laszlo charged full speed towards him and laid the boots to his back before Jonny could even try to stand up.  Laszlo then kicked Jonny in the ribs.  Jonny grunted and couldn’t manage to move into a standing or ready position.  Laszlo yanked him violently to his feet, only to drill Bedlam across the jawline with a forearm strike.  Laszlo gave Bedlam no chance to even mourn that blow though, as he hit Jonny in the side with a body blow to his lower abdomen.  Laszlo then punched him on the other side in the same area.  Jonny grunted, not being able to give much fight back as he felt the pain of the blows.  Noticing his momentum, Laszlo placed both of his large hands on the back of Bedlam and pushed Bedlam violently face-first into the mat.  The crowd grunted at the brutality shown to Bedlam. 

Laszlo moved downward quickly and drove several knees into Jonny Bedlam’s ribs, alternatingly punching Bedlam in the back of the head with hammerfist like blows.  Jonny managed to protect his head to avoid certain knockout.  After a few more blows, Jonny managed to roll out of the ring to attempt  to collect himself as well as his breath.   The referee began the count at 1. 


Laszlo stood in the ring, screaming at Bedlam for avoiding his just desserts.


Jonny looked at Laszlo in the ring , wondering what he could offer against this onslaught as he collected some wind.  The crowd didn’t seem to be reacting to Jonny, but Jonny rolled under the ring ropes, got to his feet quickly and he and Laszlo charged at each other.  Laszlo attempted a gigantic clothesline, but Jonny ducked underneath and bounced off the opposite ropes, as did Laszlo.  On the second pass, Jonny leaped into the air, swung his legs up and brought Laszlo down with a leg lariat.

The move didn’t have much effect on either man, and both got back up to their feet.  They charged at each other once again and Laszlo headbutted Jonny, which staggered Bedlam once more.  Laszlo reached both down and up on Jonny and positioned him into a scoop slam, but dropped Jonny very hard onto his lower back.  Jonny grunted in agony, the fans booed.

An evil grin of joy spread across Laszlo’s entire visage.  Afterwards, Laszlo begin to viciously choke Bedlam with his foot.  The referee began to yell at Laszlo and threatened him with disqualification as Jonny seemed unresponsive.  Laszlo then bodily moved the ref aside and began to stomp at Jonny’s midsection once again.

The ref threatened disqualification once more and moved down beside Jonny after he managed to push Laszlo back.  The ref questioned Jonny to see if he could continue. 

“Jonnny, you don’t have to continue.  Be smart about this.  This guy is angry as hell and I don’t know if I can keep him from tearing you to shreds much longer.  Can you continue?”
Jonny started at the ref, all of a sudden very alive.  Jonny responded by executing a rare kip up.  Laszlo had lost some of his focus by being separated.  Jonny charged full speed at Laszlo, leaped, extended his right leg fully and aimed his foot at an unsuspecting Laszlo’s chest.   As he did so the crowd chanted:


However, Laszlo slipped the kick and grabbed Jonny bodily.  Laszlo turned his body violently and brought Jonny down in a face first sort of modified power slam.  The crowd yelped on reflex, though the move was clean.  The only sound that issued from Mr. Bedlam was the sickening thud of his body against the mat.

“The referee needs to put a stop to this.  They’re going to kill him!” shrieked Adria Hoyt.

“Ohhh….don’t stop...I’m almost there….” replied …. While slapping two fingers against the lower part of his opposite palm very rapidly.

Luckily for Bedlam, the move seemed to have taken it out of Laszlo as well.  A chorus of boos rained down upon Laszlo as he got to his feet.  He shouted at the crowd, unintelligible over the boos.  The referee stood close to Bedlam once more.  Bedlam began to move, amazingly.  He had fallen near the ropes.  A nosebleed had developed, with a somewhat solid flow, from his impact. 

Bedlam struggled towards the ropes, bled a slight trail on the mat.  He clutched the bottom rope as Laszlo continued to berate the “American pigs” for not understand his anger with Bedlam.  Jonny managed to pull himself up slightly on his first try.  Some fans noticed and encouraged, but did not have the volume of the boo birds.
Jonny tried to pull himself up again on the bottom rope and second rope, and he managed to get to a knee.  THe boo birds lost quite a few more voices and Laszlo noticed.  He stared at Bedlam though, waiting for him to get to his feet,with some deadly intent on his mind. 

“How is he still continuing?” exclaimed Adria Hoyt

Jonny tried a third time and managed to pull himself to his feet, although a little woozy.  Jonny wiped at his bloody nose, and appeared shocked at the amount of blood issuing.  Jonny stared at Laszlo, and said nothing. 

Laszlo nodded, then charged.  Right before reaching Bedlam, he extended his arm out for another clothesline, and right before impact, Jonny dropped to his butt and pulled the top and middle ropes down as much as he could, then swung both legs up to kick Lazlo in the chest and then push him upwards.  Laszlo flew bodily over the ropes and landed in a cacophonous heap outside.  Jonny managed to stay inside the ring.  The crowd erupted in cheers.  The referee then had to leave the ring and check on Laszlo, as the impact looked sickening.

Jonny moved to a corner opposite from Lazlo’s landing side and fell butt-first into the corner to catch his breath.  Laszlo is laying, facedown, outside the ring with his left arm near the ring apron skirt.  Laszlo nods to tell the referee that he can continue.  The referee then wentback into the ring and initiated the count, while checking on Jonny, not paying full attention to Laszlo.


Laszlo stood up, had something in his hand, the ref didn’t see it.  Jonny saw Laszlo, but also did not see him grab an object. 

Laszlo stared daggers at Jonny, and then bellowed something at The Mad One.  Jonny stood up to receive the taunt he knew was coming.

“You Imperialist American fat swine.  You are learning a lesson like your orange foul president soon will.”

Lazlo slid into the ring, stood up, Bedlam charged at him and Laszlo lets a sock full of ball bearings snake out of his hand, hiding it from Jonny’s view.

Some fans saw Laszlo’s move,but their outcry was in vain.  Laszlo moved forward. and swung at Jonny’s already ravaged abdomen once again as Jonny neared him.  Jonny doubled over, trying not to vomit, and then fell to his side, in agony.  The crowd erupted in boos.  Some blood trickled out of Jonny’s mouth onto the canvas, in addition to his bleeding nose. 

The referee shouted at Laszlo and immediately called for the Disqualification. 

“The winner of the match due to disqualification: Jonny Bedlam!”

After calling for the bell, the referee, in anger, tries to take the weapon away from Laszlo, and on reflex Laszlo belted him with the sock across the jaw and knocked him to his back.  The crowd erupted in even louder boos.  Laszlo then began to whack Bedlam across the side with the sock, as Bedlam covered up his face.

MANY security guards rushed to the ring and managed to disarm Laszlo, then take him to the mat before he did much more damage to Bedlam.  Medics also rushed to the ring, attempting to attend to Jonny. 

Adria Hoyt, in a very distraught manner, said “Ohh my, I hope Jonny is ok.  This was very nearly tragic.  Perhaps we need better background checks in NBW.”

“Even I’m disgusted by this…”.




One Minute on the Lips


Somewhere in the labyrinth of the Ahoy Arena there stood a man, impatiently tapping the toe of his boot. His head stretched and looked in either direction, before diving down to the imaginary watch on his wrist. (We all just check our phones now, don’t we?)

Oh… and half his face was covered with his crimson mask.

“Where is that clod?” Zed asked in a register somewhere between a whisper and his normal booming, angry voice. “Of course this place would give me the most incompetent excuse to handle my business,” he found his full throat.

But, as if saying those words near a camera was an incantation of sorts, out of stage left traced a nBW staffer, head hung. He had the look of a man with bad news, the word, ‘sorry,’ at the tip of his tongue.

And he would be.

“Well?” Zed folded his arms to dare any response other than a favourable one.

“I went to that place you told me to, Zee. But, thing is,” he paused to wipe the growing beads of sweat, “they sold out the last one to this guy two ahead of me in line.”

Maybe it was being met once again with rejection. Perhaps it was the seventeen hours of darkness. Whatever it was, it was enough of an excuse for Zed to launch into a tirade.

"You damn incompetent... ugh. You local natives have made this trip a living hell. All I asked was a simple errand and you can't even complete that! Now I have to go back to the trainers room and give Chel' the bad news." He seethed through the opening of his mask. "Tonight I'm not even on the show. Next week, I'm not on the show. Week after that, not on the show." Shoving his finger in the poor crewmates’ chest -"Gods versus Titans, Not-" tapping harder with each word, "On-The-Show."

Zed shoved him back and cast a glare at his empty hands.

"Your kind are nothing but incompetent. Instead of dealing with this I should be on my sixth or seven Championship reign in NBW - instead of having NOTHING to show for it. Two weeks ago, that was going to change but those dweebs got lucky!" Zed tapped him on the chest again, this time with a bit of 'umph' to cause him to step back a step. "This bullshit has to end. They even cancelled my match, in my hometown, at LEGACY ... for time constraints. What a load of crock-"

By now our unnamed staffer had shuffled his way away and dashed off to safer places. Coming into frame from where he’d departed were the trio of Benny Reyes, Taylor Smith and Peter Pham; the Handsome Man Modelling School. The boys were dressed to their best and continued on with a conversation in moans more than words.

“So. Good.” Peter punctuated while licking his lips.

“Yeah, it’s almost better than,” started Taylor.

“But not quite,” finished Reyes, as they all chuckled at the inside joke.

As they got closer to foreground and the on-edge Paragon of the Industry, we could make out the opened wrapper and protruding bar of chocolate the boys had been sharing in Taylor Smith’s hand.

“Wait,” start Zed, noticing the packaging. “Was that a Tony’s Chocolonely bar?”

“Look at this, the guy can read. Even with half his face covered,” Reyes was unimpressed.

“Hey, you ever wonder what was under the mask, fellas? I’ve got my money on a highly regrettable face tattoo,” Pham joked, happy from his chocolate buzz. “Maybe just one more piece.”

“Coming right up,” Taylor lifted the bar, and Pham dove down to chomp. “Hey, wait,” the words stopped coming from Smith’s mouth, but his lips kept moving. “This thing has like... a thousand calories in each piece!”

“What!?” Pham flinched, before spitting out the half chewed and mostly melted chocolate out of his mouth.

And directly onto Zed.

“You didn’t…”

But before Zed could get the right pitch to his menacing growl, he was interrupted with a chorus of laughter from the three Handsome Scholars. And as Zed reached up to wipe away the shrapnel of cocoa, a most curious thing happened.

He was laughing too.

But, the was over with quick when Zed reached out and smacked Pham’s figurative shit. Zed readied for any counter.

Reyes and Taylor took a beat to check out their amigo, the smack ringing pretty loudly through the corridors.

“Just.. get him!” Peter Pham directed.

As the two thirds turned back to get Zed, they had a man in the way. Or maybe a mountain. Rune had emerged from the locker room this was all going down in front of and was earning his paycheque.

The boys had a moment of hesitation before turning their fists back into pointing fingers. “This isn’t over, jackholes.”

“Oh?” Zed started, “Don’t let Rune here stand in your way. You three look ready to accept a beating and wind up just like that disgusting mess you made on the ground.”

“Do we look like we are dressed to compete tonight? Uhmmm… No?” Smith offered.

“Slam then.”

“Fine! You’re going to be sorry Peter here even spat up on you!” Reyes with the parting shot.

And we faded out to an HULU advertisement break.





“Coming up in our next match, we have the return of Davey La Rue!” Adria Hoyt said to the audience. “Davey has been taking some time off over the last couple of months dealing with injuries as a result of repeatedly heated battles and backstage attacks at the hands of Zed and Rune, not to mention The Law before he was supposed to be in a Dynasty Tag Team Title match against The A-List back on Slam 98.”

“The only thing I agree in that sentence, Adria, are the words “has been.” Davey is a has-been hanger-on who hasn’t achieved much of anything. He’s been here a couple years and any time that he gets close to things, he blows it.”

“He has heart and he likes to have fun, sure,” Adria said, “and tonight, he’s promising the start of a new Davey La Rue. He wants to fight and PULSE’s Arthur Pendergast is one to watch. Athletic as can be and if Davey takes him lightly, he could have his return spoiled. Let’s go to Amelia Roberts for the introductions of this singles match.”

Amelia Roberts was now in the ring with a bright smile on her face.

“The following contest is a singles match set for one fall!”

The camera cut to the ring where PULSE standout Arthur Pendergast was already ready for a fight.

“Introducing first, representing PULSE… from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at 230 pounds… ARTHUR PENDERGAST!

The lean, but in-shape 6’5” and 230-pound Arthur Pendergast shook his head and ignored the mixed reaction from the crowd. He had been known to pop off at the mouth in the past against other nbW stars and tonight would probably be no different. 

“Top Shelf” by Underground Fight Club.

The camera panned around the arena, waiting at the entrance for Davey La Rue, but nobody was there. They were expecting the La Rue Beer Float, but there was nobody there…

But as the camera panned around the arena, they looked to and fro…

And out came Davey from the crowd!

“Introducing first… from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, weighing in at 276 pounds… ”FAT TUESDAY” DAVEY LA RUE!

And it looked like something of a change for the good-natured La Rue! He still looked ready to fight, for sure, but he was rocking a tattered black leather jacket over his LA-flag themed singlet. He still had his familiar beard, but was now a buzzcut on top! The gangly locks he was famous for were all gone now and replaced with a bit of stubble up top. That said, the crowd was happy to see the brawling cult favorite with the six-pack in hand. He took a swig and spit the contents into the air before throwing up a fist on the top turnbuckle! He leaped off and the music faded out as Arthur Pendergast took a microphone.

“Dude, dude, dude…” Arthur said. “I’ll say what everybody else is thinking, okay? Nobody CARES about Davey La Rue! Nobody!”

The crowd booed that! Davey always had a swell of fan support no matter what and the Cajun brawler didn’t take kindly to being talked to like that.

“Last time anybody saw you, you were getting your ass handed to you by The In Crowd, The Law, Zed and Rune. Just face it, La Rue.  You’re a bitch.”


La Rue actually chuckled for a moment at the kid showing some brass ones. And it appeared Pendergast wasn’t done.

“Face it… you’re here to pad my win column, dude. That’s it. Now let’s get my win overwith!”

Fat Tuesday got ready for to lock horns with Arthur Pendergast as the bell rang.


Arthur charged in…


The crowd was all behind Fat Tuesday as he shoved the taller Arthur into a corner and UNLOADED with a series of hard right hands to the side of the head! Arthur clearly came into this match thinking it was going to be a walk in the park, not knowing at all that Davey La Rue had been putting in the time training for this comeback. He grabbed Arthur’s arm…

LAUNCHED him out of the corner with a fuck-ugly Hip Toss!

Pendergast landed on his side awkwardly! It seemed Davey wasn’t going to play nice with the kid… something else he learned the hard way when Davey slapped his forehead, ran off the ropes and landed a Falling Headbutt right to the chest of Arthur!

When things weren’t going the PULSE star’s way, Arthur slid out of the ring to head for some coverage. He tried to wave off Davey’s attack with a time out, but this wasn’t football or some other silly shit with time outs… this was WRESTLING, son.

But Fat Tuesday wasn’t about to let him go that easily. He followed Pendergast outside the ring and BLASTED him with a Running Clothesline right on the floor!


Davey took notice of the chants and nodded his head with a big grin on his face, happy with the reception. He picked up Arthur and struck him with one more good shot right between the eyes. Arthur slumped over the apron and Davey threw him back inside to continue putting a hurt on the rookie for his pre-match mouthing off.  La Rue ran into the ring with Arthur face-down and RUBBED his face right into the canvas, pounding his head multiple times to teach him a lesson in respect!

Referee Slim J had to order Davey to watch the roughhousing or risk a DQ, but Davey did back off at the count of four. He pulled Pendergast up again and kissed a fist…


Another solid shot right between the eyes stunned Pendergast and now, he was probably wishing he hadn’t ran his mouth before the bell. Davey lined him up to make sure that he was down before trying his next move by running off the ropes…

But Arthur surprised him by ducking underneath his next Running Clothesline attempt only to come back off the other side with a nice Running Dropkick! Arthur took a moment and patted himself on the back – no, literally, he patted himself on his back for the job well done.

“I told you! My win, Davey!”

After Pendergast took some more precious seconds to catch a breather after the opening salvo by Davey, he made the first cover of the match!



Davey kicked out at one and a half!

The blue chip prospect continued to put a hurt on Davey by now kicking away at him as he tried to stand. He kept on throwing kicks to the chest of La Rue…

And La Rue was shaking them off?

Not so much not feeling pain – he did wince. But he WAS waving a hand.

“Come on. MORE!” Davey shouted.

Arthur laid into him with another forearm, but Davey took the blow in stride and was now on his knees. Pendergast fired back with a third shot, but Davey stood up… walked over to the corner and SLAMMED his own head repeatedly into the buckles! He was all sorts of fired up now and grabbed him by the head to faceplant him into the mat…


Arthur was rocked considerably by the modified Sit-out Facebuster! Davey then threw Arthur through the ropes. Pendergast took a moment before he got back to his feet, but when he did so, that turned out to be a big mistake…


Davey La Rue connected with a Running Somersault Senton off the ring apron, taking out Arthur Pendergast on the floor! The crowd cheered when La Rue picked him back up and threw him back into the ring, ready to end things. Davey stood over him and waited for Pendergast to get back up before he held up an imaginary glass in hand…


Pendergast was SPIKED down with his Chokeslam, completely with imaginary drinking glass theatrics! But that wasn’t all because Davey was ready to end things. He picked up young Arthur by the hair and hoisted him over the shoulder…

AMF 2.0!

He DRILLED him into the canvas with a Running Kryptonite Krunch variation! Arthur was laid out cold in the middle of the ring and Davey covered quickly, all the weight pressed down on his chest.




Just like that! Davey La Rue was back and back in a big way with a quick win!


Davey stood up and celebrated with the crowd quickly as he had his arm raised by Slim J and a pat on the back. Davey then grabbed the remaining pack of five beers – brewed locally, of course – and then popped the cap off to celebrate a win!

“Hey, Artie! One for you, eh, mon ami?”

And just like that, poured out the remaining bottle right on the body of Arthur Pendergast! Maybe not the MOST sportsmanlike thing that Davey La Rue had ever done, but when Arthur made the comments that he did before the match began, nobody was going to think twice about this!

Davey exited the ring and celebrated in the crowd with a quick win. He seemed to be focused again and only time could tell what lay ahead in the future for one Davey La Rue!

History Won't Forget The Asterisk

Parking Lot

The lower third appeared on the screen showing one of NBW’s interviewers, Sammy “2Legit2Fail” Hale walking through the parking lot, heading towards somewhere rather quickly.

“With big news of the War Games match coming out of Slam 101, I’m here in the parking lot of the Ahoy Arena, hoping to get a word with The In Crowd and perhaps, “Big Talk” Jake Tockwell. They’ve been here all night, but from what we can hear they haven’t come out of their bus all night.”

After walking a very brisk pace across the parking lot area, Sam Hale finally makes it to a very flashy - no, gaudy-looking - tour bus with the In Crowd “lady silhouette against a martini glass” logo on the outside. He approached the door and with there being no security - The Law had wrestled for the Dynasty tag titles earlier in the night - he knocked on the door of the tour bus.

“Hello? Can anybody give us a word about Jake Tockwell and his War Games picks? Anybody?”

He continued to knock until the door opened and out stepped “Hot Sauce” Raul Ramirez, wearing only a towel. Behind him, a gorgeous brunette woman wearing only his coat … and I mean only his coat was behind him.

“Good lord almighty above!” yelled Raul. “Do you guys do anything but cock-block around here? We’re just having a good time enjoying the … “ he looked at the girl leaning against him, biting his ear. “ … local talent and you’re ruining this! What the hell do you want, Hale?”

“I was hoping to get a word with Jake Tockwell … surely he has to be stinging from his defeat on Slam … “

Raul put his hand over Sammy’s microphone to stop him from talking and then brought it up to his own face.

“No. Stop right there. I see we don’t have to be in America to deal with fake news,” retorted Raul. “Let me tell you what happened. Tockwell had that match and that title won! But then Brock’s little buddies, Son of Malta and Spike Saunders, got involved. That is what happened and that’s why Brock got dropped on his head after the match, Hale. The history books will show that Brock got lucky and stole a victory from Big Talk, but we’ll make sure that history never forgets the asterisk next to that victory. We’ll also make sure that history never forget that at the end of the night, it was Jake Tockwell standing over his body and rest assured he will be champion again! Now is there anything else or can we get back to partying?”

“One other question … about the Great Wall’s attack on Brock, Spike Saunders and Son of Malta … is it safe to assume that Big Talk the Xiang Dynasty are in cahoots and are going to be part of his team for War Games at Gods Versus Titans?”

Raul’s jaw dropped. He turned to his lovely lady behind him and silently pointed back in the bus. She blew a kiss at Hale and then walked off in only his coat … the camera thankfully (or not thankfully depending on preference) blurred the rest out.

“Do you honestly think that I’d tell you that ahead of time?” asked Raul. “I’ve heard the rumblings of Brock thinking he has a super team put together but when he sees our line-up, he’ll be shitting his britches when the team announcements are made on Slam. You’ll find out when everybody else does, you stupid knob. Now get the hell out of here.”

“Wait, one more question? What about the Law’s match ear … ?”

Sam was stopped when Brady and Strauss turned around behind him. They had lost earlier tonight but they were still in no mood to mess around. Brady jumped towards Hale and scared him off!

“Thank you! Now … do your job, earn your paychecks and if anybody other than Big Talk enters this bus, kick their asses.”

Brady and Strauss stood over the bus and the door shut behind them.




Main Tale of the Tape

“You ready, Bernie?” Adria asked her broadcast partner. “We’ve got the finals of Big Rick Strongbern’s Big F’ing Cup coming up momentarily to see who will fight it out for a title shot against Clan Strongbern on Victory 8!”

“I’m ready to see Savage Badassery take their spot at the top!” Bernie said. “The Suplex Society have been a formidable team, for sure, but Savage Badassery are both former nbW World Heavyweight Champions and as their tag team name implies, two of the BADDEST dudes we’ve got today!”

“Clan Strongbern’s edict to fight any and all teams is certainly coming to fruition! They’ve defeated Team HOSS and Polar and Hotstreak on Slam 100, not to mention defeating The Law earlier tonight. They’ve got to deal with The Rich Family when Little Ricky Strongbern takes on Todd Rich on Slam 102, but right now, we’re heading to the ring for our main event next!”

And now to Amelia Roberts in the ring.

“The following is a tag team match set for the finals of the Big Rick Strongbern Big F’ing Cup! The winner of tonight’s match will get the next title shot on Victory 8 in two weeks!”

The fans of the Ahoy Arena cheered for the tag team match to come!

“Fight Like This” by Decyfer Down. 
The new theme for the teacher/student tandem played and out came the respected former Keystone Champion Matt Haddon, along with his powerful Canadian protégé…
“Introducing first…. At a combined weight of 503 pounds… they are the team of “Founding Father” Matt Haddon and “The Suplex Sensation” Jax Curry… they are THE SUPLEX SOCIETY!
The crowd loved the catchy name and watched as the two men bump fists on the stage before heading towards the ring. Matt Haddon and Jax Curry both slapped fists with the fans and then climbed into the ring, eager to get this match started. Curry took off his new “Suplex Sensation” t-shirt and held it up, seeing which portion of the crowd would be loud enough to take it. The left side was rowdy, the next side a little more so, and then the final side, so he threw the shirt out and it was caught by a young member of the audience!

Curry and Haddon bumped fists and waited for their formidable opponents to walk through the proverbial curtains at any moment now.

“Wanted Man” by Rev Theory.

The music of their opponents played and side by side, the former nbW World Heavyweight Champions arrived.

“And their opponents, at a combined weight of 595 pounds… they are the team of “The World Class Badass” Vic Gravender and “The Savage of the Ring” Ravage… SAVAGE BADASSERY!

Ravage and Vic shot an understanding glance at one another and bumped fists before the two embittered nbW veterans made their walk towards the ring. They paid zero attention to the loud chorus of jeers they were getting for the moment as they approached the ring, surveying the scene. The Suplex Society defeated Crimson Tide to make it here, whereas Savage Badassery knocked off For The Win to make it this far. One match stood between either team of earning a Dynasty Tag Team Title shot.

Gravender and Ravage both entered the ring and stared down their opponents.

“We got your ass, rook!” Ravage yelled.

“When he’s right, he’s right!”

Curry stepped right up to Vic Gravender, but Haddon got in his way and kept Curry from making a risky move. The referee in the middle as Simon Brack and he was about to call for the bell of this all-important match to crown Clan Strongbern’s next opponent.


Curry and HAddon had themselves a quick game of Rock, Paper, Scissors… Lizard, Spock (both big BBT fans) and it was Curry winning the game! Haddon went to his corner so the Suplex Sensation could start. And it looked like Ravage looked to get at his rival of the last few months.

“Alright, you big shit…” Ravage said.

The two locked up…


Right hand by Ravage!

He stunned Curry with a big right hand and then cracked him in the chest with a kick to the gut! The 230-pound Savage of The Ring doubled him over and laid into him with a volley of elbows before running him into the corner! Ravage was going right for the hot start and unleahsed some powerful blows in the corner.







The blows continued coming until Curry was doubled over and then Ravage switched to boots, kicking away at The Suplex Sensation in the corner and then pressed his foot down into his throat.

“I told you this was OUR ring, rook!” Ravage shouted.

Ravage took a moment to turn to Haddon and SPIT at him! The crowd booed that show of blatant disrespect to the trainer of nbW’s next generation and Haddon tried to fight back.

“Run away, coward!” Haddon shouted.

Ravage fixated again on Curry and grabbed his arm before trying to whip Jax out of the corner…


The Suplex Sensation reversed the whip and THREW Ravage across the ring with a huge Snap Exploder Suplex across the ring! The crowd popped as Curry then grabbed Ravage by the neck and ran him toward the corner, slamming his face into the top turnbuckle! He then made the tag to his mentor, Matt Haddon! The crowd cheered on the former Keystone Champion as Haddon and Curry picked up Ravage. They took either side of him and then took him over with a HUGE Double Vertical Suplex! Curry left the ring and Haddon covered Ravage early.



But the early kickout by Ravage showed this match wasn’t going to be easy. Haddon picked up Ravage…





He cracked him across the chest with a series of hard Knife-Edge Chops and doubled him over before whipping him back into the corner of The Suplex Society. Haddon pointed at Curry with another plan in mind before he ran at Ravage and CRACKED him in the mouth with a hard Corner Elbow Smash! The tag was made by Curry who now entered the ring…


Ravage was doubled over in pain after the two big blows and things went from bad to worse when Curry picked him up again. He set up Ravage in a Delayed Vertical Suplex. He held him up for a few seconds, getting the crowd to pop! It looked like he was ready to drop Ravage…



He lifted Ravage down and then DEADLIFTED him up and over into another Suplex! Curry sat up and beat on his chest while Vic Gravender grumbled from his side of the ring.

“Damn it!” Vic yelled.

Curry with another cover.




Ravage kicked out again, but now the tag was made to Haddon again. He didn’t move and then he set him up for a Suplex… by suplexing Matt Haddon right onto Ravage with another Vertical Suplex!

The suplex-based tandem offense of the Suplex Society had the crowd cheering and now Haddon with another cover now!




The World Class Badass lumbered into the ring and planted a boot into the chest of Haddon before returning to his corner. Ravage needed to make the tag out and tried to get to his corner, but Haddon grabbed his leg and kept him at bay. The Savage of the Ring tried to fire back on Haddon, but Matt fired back with a trifecta of hard Elbow Smashes and then tried to take him up for a Double Arm Suplex…


Ravage shoved him back in desperation again and then tried to throw up an uppercut between the legs. Simon Brack stopped the low blow attempt!

“Don’t touch me, asshole!” Ravage yelled.

But the distraction was all Vic needed to CLOCK the former Keystone Champion on the back of the head! The crowd booed Vic, but he took a mock bow.

“Oh, please! You people legalize prostitution and pot, but you boo THIS?” Vic half asked, half yelled.

After offending the friendly Dutch folk, Ravage rolled over and the tag was made to big Vic Gravender for the first time. The World Class Badass got into the ring and the two men each took a side of Haddon’s hair, lifted him up and SPIKED him back down to the mat with a big slam! Brack yelled at Vic and Ravage for the dirty tactics, but Vic didn’t care.

“Eat my balls, you stupid ref,” Vic yelled.

The surly New Yorker picked up Haddon and chucked him into the nearest corner before running forward and SQUASHING him with a big Body Avalanche! Haddon had the wind knocked out of him, but it went from bad to worse when Matt got pulled by the arm and struck down with a huge Short Arm Clothesline. Vic then dropped a BIG Elbow Drop across the chest!




Haddon kicked out, but Vic snuffed out his fire quickly by standing up and striking Haddon across the head with a big right hand!

Ravage laughed from the corner as Vic Gravender picked up Haddon in a Double Arm Suplex of his own now…

“Here’s a suplex for you, bitch!” Vic shouted.

He held up Haddon for several seconds and even turned to Jax Curry.

“I know a few suplexes, too! Look! I’m special!” He yelled sarcastically.

He casually DUMPED Haddon back-first on the mat and then absorbed the jeers from the crowd. He looked genuinely amused at the crowd reaction and then kicked Haddon over to the corner so he could STEP across his body! Simon Brack ordered him to break it up and get away from the ropes, but Vic was having too much fun squishing Haddon underneath his weight. Ravage tagged Vic’s shoulder to get into the ring...

And jumped on Vic’s back to add to the pressure!

Ravage laughed until the five-count was getting close and then both cleared up and away from Haddon. The Savage of the Ring then walked at Curry and pointed a finger at him.

I’ll give you a hint: it was not his pinky, index, ring finger or thumb.

Curry bit his tongue and tried to get at his partner, but Haddon was nowhere near the ring and was holding his rib cage in pain after the number Vic did. Ravage followed it up by throwing him into the corner of Savage Badassery and RAMMING him with a Running Shoulder Tackle in the corner. Ravage then went back to where he started on Curry, ramming hard Chops to the throat and punches to the face back and forth. He then snapped the 245-pound Haddon out of the corner and dropped him with a huge Release German Suplex of his own!

Suplexes were flying everywhere in this match, but the one Ravage used almost dropped Haddon right on his head and shoulders! Haddon was doubled over when he went for a cover.




The crowd popped as Haddon kicked out!

Ravage shot The Founding Father an angry glare and then picked him up by the hair and BLASTED him with a Headbutt. He turned around where Vic was waiting on the corner…


The crowd winced from the brutal Headbutt combination by Savage Badassery and now, they had a clear shot at becoming #1 Contenders for the Dynasty Tag Team Titles next week!




His mentor may have been able to kick out of that… or maybe not. But Jax Curry didn’t want to risk finding out and blow the #1 Contender spot! The camera then cut to the back where the members of Clan Strongbern all crowded around a monitor, watching the match. Rik and Little Ricky watched arms folded while Ri-Khan growled at the monitor.

“THAT’S ALL RIGHT, BOY, SOMEBODY’S GONNA GET FUCKING GOT SOON!” Big Rick said in his deep death metal-ish voice.

And back to the action where Ravage and Curry had another staredown before The Suplex Sensation returned to his corner. Ravage resumed picking up Haddon.

“Why are you kissing the next gen’s ass?” Ravage asked.

He lightly kicked away at Haddon.

“You don’t owe nbW anything! They treat you like dirt!”

He continued to kick away at him.

“You’re weak!”

Ravage kicked again, but Haddon ducked the kick and rolled him up with a Schoolboy!




Ravage got back up and FLOORED Haddon with a Charging Clothesline right out of the corner before he could do anything else! Ravage was incensed now and the tag was put to Vic.

“Finish this,” Ravage said.

Vic nodded and then Body Slammed Haddon onto the mat before heading to the second rope, tapping his head. The thick skull of Gravender was always a deadly weapon that served him well, as was the big move he was about to pull off. He beat on his chest.


The Founding Father moved at the last second! Vic’s Diving Headbutt missed his intended target and now he was reeling for the moment, holding his head and slapping the mat in anger! 

“Damn it!” Vic grunted.


The crowd wanted Curry in the ring in a bad way and if Matt Haddon was going to make the tag to his protege, this was their best shot. Vic grabbed the leg of Haddon to keep him from going to the corner…


He grabbed Haddon and booted him in the stomach looking for his other finishing move, The Demolition Job, but Haddon slipped out the back… no! Vic caught him flush with an elbow to the head. He turned…


Haddon was finally able to nail the big equalizer that he needed and for the first time, The World Class Badass was down! He crawled over holding his head in pain and the tag was made to Ravage…


And the crowd cheered him on as he entered the ring, picked up Ravage across his shoulder and RAMMED him into the opposite corner! He charged out of the corner just as Ravage limped out and then BOWLED him over with a huge Running Shoulder Tackle!

Curry then picked him up by the side and Deadlifted him yet again, holding Ravage like a small child in his arms before CHUCKING him over with a huge Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex!

Ravage bounced across the ring when Curry picked him up… second Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex!

The Savage of the Ring was tumbling aroung ass over teakettle when Curry picked him up again… Side Belly to Belly Suplex into the mat! After the trio of suplexes from The Suplex Sensation, he covered Ravage!




Ravage kicked out!

Curry then went to cover him again and flexed his biceps as Ravage tried to move! Ravage felt his finishing Delayed Bridging German finisher that he called The Sound and Fury…


Ravage had been defeated by the move twice now, but was not going to make a third as he frantically elbowed his way out just as Curry had him up in the air! Ravage spun around behind him and scurried into the ropes where Vic was waiting…


He CLOCKED Curry with another Headbutt, same as he did to his mentor earlier and then Ravage followed up with a Backstabber! Could that combination of moves net them the #1 Contendership?




Ravage went nuts! That should have been a three-count right there, but The Suplex Society were still in the game! He waved three fingers in the face of Simon Brack, who held up two in return!

An angry Ravage then rushed over and the tag was made to Vic Gravender again! Both men got into the ring and they were trying to prep Curry for some sort of double-team on their part. They whipped him to the ropes when Haddon made the blind tag. Vic and Ravage tried a double-team Clothesline on Curry, but he broke through…



Haddon came off the top rope and took down Ravage with a big Diving Shoulder Tackle! Now The Suplex Society had the chance to win as they both grabbed an arm of Vic from either side… DOUBLE BACK SUPLEX!

The crowd was going nuts as Haddon headed up top. He threw off his elbow pad into the audience and then headed up for one of his own two finishers…


The Diving Elbow Drop connected! Curry counted along with the referee!




NO! The crowd couldn’t believe it! The ultra-tough World Class Badass just kicked out of Haddon’s finisher! The Suplex Society exchanged glances and couldn’t believe what they just saw, but Matt pointed at Curry, telling him they needed to finish this!

Haddon and Curry both grabbed an arm of Vic and tried to turn him over to the corner. They both whipped him to a corner when Ravage made the blind tag that neither men saw now! Haddon kicked Vic in the head and Curry followed with an Uppercut but when he charged off the ropes… Ravage pulled the ropes down, sending Curry packing to the floor!

The Founding Father tried kicking away at the leg of Vic before running off the ropes…



The frenzied crowd quickly grew deflated in an instant when Vic caught Haddon on his shoulders and SPIKED him into the mat with his modified Death Valley Bomb finisher! And now Ravage was waiting on the top as the legal man…


Ravage’s Frog Splash variation connected and he hooked the leg!


Curry tried to rush in…


But Ravage caught him by the neck to block him!


Ravage howled and gloated after netting the three-count! It was truly a hard-fought battle between two rivals. The feud with Jax Curry had mostly gone his way despite Ravage trying to do otherwise, but tonight… tonight, with the right partner in mind, Savage Badassery had just won!


The crowd BOOED the result, but you couldn’t fault it. The Suplex Society took Savage Badassery to the limit, but the cunning, dangerous and experience team comprised of former nbW World Heavyweight Champions didn’t outright break the rules at the conclusion of the. They won plain and simple.

Curry helped Haddon out of the ring and The Suplex Society sat back, Haddon hurt and dejected following being so close to the Dynasty Tag Team Title shot. But in the ring, Ravage and Vic Gravender raised their hands in triumph, happy with this occasion. They shook hands and complemented each other on a job well done. Two matches down and one to go next week on Victory…

Speaking of...

The crowd then CHEERED!

Clan Strongbern were now on the ramp, all four men looking on at their new #1 Contenders.


Vic’s blood almost boiled at the sight of Clan Strongbern… just earlier this year, they had a hard-fought feud that ended with Clan Strongbern coming out on top. Now, Vic had a chance at revenge.

“We’ve got your number, you silly little bastards!” Vic shouted.

Big Rick held up both Dynasty Tag Team Titles while Little Ricky, Rik and Ri-Khan all looked ready for a fight.

Next week on Victory, they would definitely get it!

Clan Strongbern vs. Savage Badassery for the Dynasty Tag Team Titles on Victory #8!

Be there or be four sets of 90 degree angles, bitches.


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