Live from The 02 Arena - London, United Kingdom






The Big Rick Strongbern Big F'n Cup


After all of the ballyhoo and craziness that is usually associated with the likes of the No Brand Wrestling Victory opening pyro, various camera shots of the rugged and crazy fans of the O2 Arena, we cut to Adria Hoyt and Bernie Vaughn.

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another jam-packed edition of the show we call VICTORY! I’m Adria Hoyt and as always, I’m sitting by with my color commentator Bernie Vaughn!”

“Yep!” Bernie said with a cocksure grin. “Ready to carry you on the commentary as always, Adria. What we got tonight?”

“Well,” she began, “we have a VERY SPECIAL edition tonight. Ever since Clan Strongbern won the nbW Dynasty Tag Team Titles at Legacy, they have made it no secret. They want competition, they want to fight and they want to fight everybody in the entire universe as they like to say.”

“Actually, hate to correct you… nah, who am I kidding? I LOVE to correct you, Adria, but they said quote, they will fight EVERYBODY in the Goddamn universe to prove themselves worthy of the gold. They defeated TEAM HOSS and the team of Polar and Hotstreak on Legacy 100 to retain the gold and now, they’ve got The Law on 101 AND we can’t forget The Rich Family has been on their backs to win the gold! And we understand they have a special announcement?”

“Yep. Like… right now, even. Clan Strongbern have just been nothing short of dominant, but tonight they are here to make an announcement that will kick off a couple of Victory shows. So without further ado, let’s go to the ring where we’ve got our Victory GM Trent McKnight and Richie Keal about to welcome the champions.”

And it’s to the ring we go and the crowd cheers the General Manager of all things Victory.

“Hello, London!” Trent said.


“I’m Trent McKnight, I’ve got Richie Keal next to me as always…” Richie greeted the fans with a wave as Trent paused. “And tonight, we’ve got a couple of matches I’m sure you’ll enjoy. nbW’s Dynasty Tag Team Division has been one of its crown jewels without a shadow of a doubt and tonight, we’ve got the champions about to kick off something we hope you’ll enjoy. Please welcome one of the more popular groups in nbW today… CLAN STRONGBERN!

A rugged guitar riff hit the speakers.


Another guitar riff.


One more guitar riff.


“Kill It (Strongbern Death Mix)” by Fight. 

The theme erupted from the arena speakers with a thundering boom as the lights in the arena went pitch-black. Suddenly, a HUGE spotlight shone on the stage and one by one, the monsters came out to play.
“Little” Ricky Strongbern, the near-seven footer in new military garb. 
The monstrous powerhouse Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern in his warpaint.
The wild attack dog, Ri-Khan Strongbern, who grabbed the camera and let loose a loud growl! Still in his warpaint and camo attire.
And of course…
The camera panned down to show Big Rick Strongbern. 5’9” and 220 of the nastiest pounds you ever done saw’d walking out with his arms behind his back like the ring general he claimed to be. The Generalissimo of Clan Strongbern stomped toward the ring with a smug grin on his face and both nbW Dynasty Tag Titles on either side. 

Little Ricky, Ri-Khan and Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern entered the ring. Behind them, Big Rick stepped “up” the ropes like a giant in his exaggerated fashion and then stepped into the ring. The music cut as Richie hid behind Trent, afraid of what Clan Strongbern might do since they were… well, big.


The crowd responded in kind as Big Rick let out a low chuckle.

“ALL RIGHT, TRENT!” Big Rick said. “WHAT’S UP?”

Trent nodded. “Clan Strongbern… thanks for coming out here. Now… the four of you have made no shortage of enemies. You’ve JUST tangled with Team HOSS and Polar and Hotstreak to keep those titles on Legacy 100, but now you have to contend with not only The Rich Family at some point, but also The Law on Slam 101.”

Big Rick growled.


The crowd BOOED that.


The crowd cheered at that remark as the rest of Clan Strongbern nodded in agreement.  Trent nodded.

“I have to respect that you all want to be fighting champions and that’s a lot on your plate… but you guys wanted this time to make a proposal that we approved earlier today. So… I’ll let you guys make the announcement then.”


He tossed the microphone over to Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern.

“When we said we’d fight everybody, we meant it,” Rik began. “We’ve busted our ASSES off in this last year going from a bunch of people you’ve never heard of having nowhere careers to a bunch of people that you feared and more recently, a bunch of BADASSES that whether you like or you hate, you WILL respect! That’s why, we’ve decided to sponsor a little mini-tournament on the next couple of Victory shows!”

The crowd cheered that! Rik tossed the microphone to Little Ricky.

“You guys hated me and I used to be such a piece of shit who was obsessed with being rid of Spike Saunders.” Little Ricky pointed to the crowd. “But over time… you guys showed me what it meant to be respected and now… I’m somebody. I’m a CHAMPION!”

Little Ricky then handed it back to Big Rick.


The crowd laughed while Little Ricky sighed.


He pointed to the VICTORY-Tron with a cartoon of Big Rick flexing his arm and holding onto a sign…


Big Rick smirked.


Ri-Khan let out his signature growl.



Clan Strongbern would not have to wait long because out came Team Number One.

“Frontline” by Pillar.

The crowd booed as out from the back came a pair of very bad men in their own right. They were the team of Crimson Tide… certainly a combined force that would pose a threat to ANY team that was put in front of them. Clan Strongbern watched them stand on the ramp with an angry and bitter Zed, followed shortly by the 450-pound monster called Rune right behind him!


“Those belts belong to US, assholes!” Zed shouted.

“Count on that shit,” Rune added.

Crimson Tide took their spots on the stage as their music cut.


The music played for the next team…

“Hey Kids!” by JET!

And out came the second of four teams making their way out from the back…  The Sonic and Knuckles of nbW… Christopher Noid and Tony Spark...


Crimson Tide eyed the gamer-themed high flyers up and down, but FTW wore matching t-shirts with a chalk outline of a title belt around their waist with “RESERVED” pointing down. Say anything you want about the two men, there was no lack of confidence in the likes of For The Win.

“Next champs! Right here! Read the shirts!” Christopher yelled. “My shirt! His shirt! Next champs, son!”

As the two took their places on the stage, the next team was coming out as Clan Strongbern watched.

“Fight Like This" by Decyfer Down.

The new theme played, but when the two men appeared on the stage, the crowd popped! The team of former Keystone Champion and trainer of the next class of nbW stars, “Founding Father” Matt Haddon along with his partner and student… the blue-chipper that knocked off Ravage in thirty seconds on Slam 100! This was “The Suplex Sensation” Jax Curry! Their names were about to display on the tron when Curry paused and pointed up at the Tron…


The crowd buzzed with cheers for the popular teacher/student tandem with the new tag team name! Thus far, they were undefeated in tag team action going an immaculate 2-0. Curry and Haddon dapped fists before the music cut and gave way for the last team. A few moments passed when Big Rick spoke up.


The crowd turned their attention to the Tron…

“Wanted” by Rev Theory.


Curry and Haddon both rolled their eyes as out from the back came a man that had been a thorn in both of their sides for the last while now…

The self-professed most “Decorated and Celebrated” athlete in nbW history, Ravage! The former nbW World Heavyweight, Keystone and Blitzkrieg Champion was out solo. With that said, he looked VERY cocky for a man that lost in thirty seconds to Curry and Haddon back on Slam 100. 


Ravage smirked.

“Big Rick… God, I hate your fucking guts,” he said. “But I am SO glad you asked. See… Charlie Birkin couldn’t cut the damn mustard as a tag team partner or as a man, so after I cut that rookie piece of crap loose, I ran into another kindred soul backstage…”

Ravage turned to Curry.

“You... You’ve been living famous off me for too long, you little rookie piece of SHIT!” Ravage barked.

“Well… maybe you shouldn’t have lost in thirty seconds and he wouldn’t be famous,” Haddon shot back.

For The Win and Crimson Tide… even Clan Strongbern in the ring were LAUGHING at Ravage. He tried his best not to turn red in the face. It took him a moment to compose himself, but he did and he looked at the rest of the teams on stage.

“Oh, I hope you assholes all got that out of your system. Let me tell you why I look so happy right now... because on Slam 100, after our matches, I saw another man that has fallen on hard times, too. And more importantly, Big Rick, he hates you and your team of cretins that don’t have a brain cell to rub together. You screwed him over big time. Now, Slam 100 didn’t go his way, either, but when I talked to this man, we came to an agreement. He’s got my back, I got his and together we are going to win this farce of a tournament, bring down nbW, and make GODDAMN sure that we are given the respect we deserve…”

He pointed to the tron…

And waited…

“Warrior” by Disturbed.

The crowd was in shock!

There was no way. Ravage had recruited…


The former nbW World Heavyweight, Dynasty Tag Team and first-ever Infamy Champion. On Slam 100, he made a return of his own. He had failed to defeat Ohiyama for the Blitzkrieg Title on Slam 100 and even offered a handshake… but... what was the meaning of this? Was what Ravage said true? Did Gravender harbor ill will towards the new blood of nbW?

It looked like he did because he eyed each of the tag teams on stage - shooting a particularly deadly look at Jax Curry - and then joined Ravage on the stage. With that, the four teams were set for the Big Rick Strongbern Big Fucking Cup! Trent McKnight got back on the microphone.

“All right, all right!” Trent said. “I know there's a lot of bad blood up there, but we'll be saving it for the ring, gentlemen. The two first round matches will star tonight and conclude on Victory 7 where we'll crown a challenger for Victory 8! The matches will be as follows... For The Win, you will be taking on Ravage and Vic Gravender!”

Ravage and Vic turned their attention over to For The Win and looked ready to beat the ever-loving hell out of them.

“And Crimson Tide, you will be taking on the team of Matt Haddon and Jax Curry - The Suplex Society!”

The two teams locked eyes.

“FTW and Ravage and Vic? Your match is up next!”


And with that, the brackets were set!

The Big Rick Strongbern Big F-ing Cup would be underway with its first match…






After the commercial break and most of the other teams had left, we were back at the announce table.

“What a blockbuster series of matches we have! Later on, we’ll have the team of Crimson Tide take on the team of Matt Haddon and Jax Curry… now going by the name of The Suplex Society!”

“Catchy, but Crimson Tide have their number!” Bernie yelled. “But I can’t believe this! For The Win are going to take on team of… Ravage and Vic Gravender?! That’s like two badasses!”

“Two of nbW’s most decorated men teaming up… but we still don’t understand why! Last time we saw Vic was on Slam 100 and while Ohiyama beat him to retain the nbW Blitzkrieg Title in a HARD-FOUGHT affair… he shook the man’s hand! What changed between then and now?”

“I don’t know, but what I DO know is this…” Bernie said. “FTW are screwed!”

“Vic and Ravage have never teamed before despite having all the firepower they do as singles guys,” Adria said. “And FTW have years of experience as a team. They have the speed and they can do this!”

And to the ring we go where the first of the two teams are in the ring.

“The following contest is a Big Rick Strongbern Big F’ing Cup First Round Match! Introducing first, at a combined weight of 415 pounds… Tony Spark and Christopher Noid… FOR! THE! WIN!

Noid and Spark raise their hands in the ring.

“And their opponents, at a combined weight of 595 pounds… the team of RAVAGE AND VIC GRAVENDER!

The crowd booed Ravage as he soaked in the jeers. Behind him, Vic Gravender remained motionless and looked more focused on the task of hurting people. The Human Wrecking Ball was ready to fight…


At the sound of the bell, Vic charged at both members of For The Win…


They both ran right at Ravage and connected with a Double Running Forearm, knocking the former nbW World Champion out to the floor!

The crowd was in full support of For The Win as they stood their ground in the ring. They both noticed that Vic Gravender was still right behind him when he charged. Once again, the massive New Yorker was too slow…


They connected with a Double Dropkick and while the move didn’t knock Gravender down completely, he was staggered in the corner. He started to get angry when he charged again…


The tandem powerful kicks were enough to rock Vic and send him flying through the ropes and down to the floor right next to Ravage! The crowd was on their feet as the Sonic and Knuckles of nbW were on their feet, pointing to the floor.

“LET’S GO! WE GOT THIS!” Noid shouted to his friend.

Noid waited for both Ravage and Gravender to get back to their feet on the floor before he started to take flight yet again. Their speed was helping them survive the team and they would hope it would continue to help them…



Vic SNATCHED him out of mid-air and caught him in his grip. The team of former nbW World Heavyweight Champion looked awfully smug in their win right now when they failed to see Tony Spark run to the top rope…




The camera caught several replays of the massive dive onto the floor that wiped everybody out! Vic had his hands full with Chris Noid’s dive, so he and Ravage had virtually no chance to protect themselves from the dive to the floor by Tony Spark!

Several moments passed and now both Spark and Noid took Ravage and tossed him into the ring. Vic was still down when Noid slingshotted into the ring with a Slingshot Senton! He made the quick tag to Spark and then his partner did the same, hitting a second Slingshot Senton in a row! Now, Spark had the chance to nail the first pin of the match!




Ravage kicked out, but he was looking a little worse for wear as Spark made the quick tag yet again to Chris Noid. He hopped to the top rope and then waited for Ravage to make it back to his feet before he took flight and knocked him down with a Diving Elbow Drop to the standing Ravage! Could this be it?



Ravage with another kickout!

The World Class Badass started to finally get back onto the apron, watching Ravage get a few Forearm Smashes to the face by Chris Noid. Noid ran off the ropes…


The Human Wrecking Ball CLOCKED Noid in the back as he hit the ropes, smashing him to the ground! Noid held the back of his head in pain and Tony Spark tried to protest with the official, but Ravage was back on his feet, BLASTING him with a Running Forearm and knocking him right off the apron!

For the first time now, Vic Gravender and Ravage had control and Ravage picked up Noid before throwing him into the corner…


Ravage fired off a series of powerful Knife-Edge Chops and a big right jab on the return. He was absolutely LIVID after being shown up at the start and then JABBED a thumb right into Noid’s eye! He was defenseless when the tag was made to Big Vic. He climbed into the ring and grabbed Noid by both hands before he THREW him overhead with a huge Double Choke Overhead Suplex!

Spark was just starting to come around on the outside and watched his partner get wailed on by the team of former nbW World Champions as Vic got up. Still somewhat emotionless, Vic got back up and pulled Noid up by the neck before making the tag back to Ravage. The two men stepped on either side of Noid…


Both men fired vicious Headbutts to the face of Noid and he looked almost out of it completely! Vic returned to the corner and Ravage fell into a lackadaisical cover on Noid.




Noid BARELY kicked out when Ravage got mad at the official! He scowled at Slim J and then rolled over to make a tag back out to Vic Gravender. Vic then pulled up Noid by the face…


He locked him up in a Full Nelson and repeatedly SLAMMED his face into the top turnbuckle until Slim J ordered a disqualification if he continued to do so. Vic let him go and then tossed him backwards to the mat. Another quick tag went to Ravage as he snuck inside and threw boots across the chest of Noid.

“This ring belongs to people like US!” Ravage shouted. “Not little assholes like YOU!”

He went pick up Noid and whipped him off to the corner….


Noid got one foot up to block the charge, but Ravage was a vet of the game and caught the foot…


But Noid surprised him with a huge kick and staggered him, giving him a chance to get to the corner and make the tag towards Tony Spark!


The crowd supported the long-time fan favorites of nbW as Noid tried to get to Spark, only to be grabbed by Vic’s massive arms! Ravage had snuck the tag to the former member of the Unstoppables and he made quick work of Noid by lifting him up in a Military Press…

Then letting him drop with a huge Slam!

Noid was coughing up at this point and now Vic put a boot on his chest. The referee got down to count…


The crowd absolutely cringed as Noid was being worked over in a bad way and needed to make the tag, but since Ravage and Vic gained control, they knew what they were doing. Even though it was true that FTW had the advantage as a team, Ravage and Vic had been in plenty of tag matches themselves – Vic himself a former Dynasty Tag Champion – so they knew how to cut the ring in half.

Noid needed to get back over to his corner, but Spark was too far away to get the tag. And to make matters worse, the tag was back to Ravage and the 5’9” and 230-pound Savage of the Ring walked casually over to Noid and put a boot on his neck.

“Give up, asshole! We’re winning this! Not you!”

He pulled Noid up and locked one arm up. Then the other. He was looking for the Greatness DDT, perhaps?





Ravage let go and tried to Back Body Drop his opponent, but Noid did the flip over him and landed on his feet….


Ravage tried to get at him before he hit the ring, only to eat a Leaping Enzuigiri from the ring apron! The blow stunned Ravage and that allowed Tony to get to the other side of the ring and connect with a huge Springboard Dropkick!

Spark then did a front flip to his feet and charged at Vic, dropkicking his braced knee! Vic didn’t fall off the apron, but was stunned when Tony Spark turned his attention back on Ravage, connecting with a big Rolling Enzuigiri Kick now! Could that be it?




Ravage kicked out before the hand came down a third time, leaving Spark in disbelief!

He then turned his attention back to Ravage and then pointed to the top turnbuckle before he started to take flight. If he connected with his next big high-flying move, it would be it. And he tried in the form of a Senton Bomb…


…But Tony was quick enough to adjust in mid-air and roll to his feet, just as Ravage tried to get back to his feet, only to dodge and send Ravage in the corner!  Vic started to get back in the ring, but Chris Noid came back in and the pair fired off another Double Dropkick to send him packing back to the corner! Noid doubled over in front of Ravage just as Spark leaped off his back with a Poetry In Motion-style Forearm Smash in the corner!

Noid turned to Vic and then kneeled over to him as Spark ran at him…



Just like that! One big power move from Vic Gravender had turned the tide!

Vic casually grabbed Noid out of the two-man wreckage he just caused and then threw him out of the ring before he pulled up Spark into a Fireman’s Carry…


The ring SHOOK when Vic had just drilled Tony Spark with his new Fireman’s Carry into a Spinning Powerslam! The crowd winced as Ravage then slowly limped to the top rope…


The Diving Splash connected! Ravage just laid his weight across the chest and didn’t bother hooking a leg.

He didn’t have to.




The crowd JEERED as Ravage and Vic Gravender got into the ring. Slim J tried to grab Vic Gravender’s arm but Ravage SHOVED him out of the way just so he could do it!

“Here are your winners of the match… Vic…”


Ravage rolled out of the ring and also piefaced Brent Williams! He took the microphone straight out of his hand and rolled back into the ring, huffing as he gritted his teeth. He was about to speak with Vic motioned for the microphone. He happily gave it to him.

“So people want to know, huh?” Vic asked. “You want to know why I would shake Ohiyama’s hand last week, then turn around and join a crooked son of a bitch like Ravage?”

Ravage shook his head.

“Because THAT will be the last time that I *EVER* let myself be that weak again. Time and time again… I’ve let little FUCKERS walk all over me. People like Clan Strongbern. People like the A-List. And I’m fucking sick of it. 2016 Tag Team of the Year to WHAT in 2017? A pushover? A stepping stone for the young guys?”

Vic turned to the camera.


He growled.

“Us fucking up these little kids is just the start. Ravage and I are VETERANS of this sport that have been treated like dog shit for the last year and we’re sick of it. We aren’t pushovers. We aren’t jokes. We are BAD FUCKING MEN who are going to come in, mess shit up, and do it with smiles on our faces. When you put The World Class Badass and The Savage of the Ring together, you know what that makes?”

He turned the microphone back to Ravage who said their new name with a grin.

“Savage… Badassery.”

Ravage flipped the microphone over and walked right passed the fallen body of Tony Spark. Because Vic was a dick, he stepped ON Spark on his way out of the ring.

The Big Rick Strongbern Big F-ing Cup was underway and already, we saw one team of the now-anointed Savage Badassery walk away with the victory. They’d be waiting for the winner tonight of either Crimson Tide or the team of The Suplex Society? Who would win that match later?

We’d find out later tonight, of course!.




Just Quit


We switch backstage where a loud bang echos throughout the O2. Noid, furious after yet another loss, had hurled his boots from the bench across the locker room into the closed set of lockers. Off to the side his partner Tony was rummaging through his duffel.

“Relax,” he tried to calm his partner down. “Ravage is no push over. And Vic. Well frankly he’s three men our size in one. We did our best.”

“Our BEST?” Noid shoved his own duffle off to the side and let it crash to the ground. “Out of all the tag teams here in NBW, we’re one of the few to even come close to those Dynasty Tag Team championships, let alone… Be champions.”

“Well, what do you want to do about it? Find another Power Glove?” Tony’s remark was in all sense, serious.

“No. That won’t do any good. It didn’t last time either. I’m glad those Chinese security guards at the airport mistook it for a weapon. We didn’t need, and we still don’t.”

“Then what?”

“I don’t know. Maybe … maybe… “ Noid took a moment and gathered himself. Eyes peering over at his boots. “Maybe we should just-”

“Quit?” Came a voice from the door opening. “Tuck your tails up your holes and run away?” Which said voice belonged to one Mark Mercury. And beside him, Mane Miaate. “Yellow might look good on you.”

“What the hell do you two want now?”

“To rub the salt in, of course.” Mane added as they stepped in the room. “And offer a bit of advice.”

“Want some advice. Okay-” Noid stood up and readied for a fight but Spark stepped up between him and the two.

“From one team to another. Toss your video games in the bin and hit the gym.”

Mercury grinned as he showed off his impressive eight pack and Miaate flexed next to him.

“We came into this business much like you two. It didn’t go well. We stacked up more losses than either of us cares to admit. And one day just had enough.”

“Mark and I took time off, hit the gym, packed on some pounds and racked up some muscle along the way. Got back in the ring, in 4 Corners Wrestling and shot to the top as their tag team champions.”

Spark seemed interested but Noid wasn’t having any of it. “I’ve got a better idea, Tony. How about instead of hitting the gym-” he started forward towards the door, “we just pound on them.”

“We’ll give you two a beating, yet again - another day.” Mercury stated as the two backed off and headed down the corridor while Spark held Noid back. Once out of sight he stepped off and gave Noid space.

“You know, they could have a point.” Added Spark as he returned to his bag and the scene faded out.


“Coming up next, we have some action between Jonny Bedlam and the Russian Pugilist Laszlo.  Jonny Bedlam’s been out of the organization about a month for undisclosed reasons.”

“Does that guy ever actually work more than a month?  I wasn’t aware NBW had adopted a part time contract program like other companies. ”

“Hey, Jonny Bedlam is one of our more beloved competitors.”

“He gives out free shots in the parking lot, of course.” Vaughn looked over at Adria, "As you well know."

“At any rate, Jonny Bedlam will be taking on the fearsome Laszlo in a regular match shortly.”

“Introducing first, from GLORIOUS MOTHER RUSSIA, The Russian Wrecker, LASZLO!!!!!”

'Fish' by Leningrad played and The 6’4 Borscht Brawler emerged, looked angry, yet without emotion.  He looked around the arena and scowled.  You could tell that he was muttering something, but couldn’t make out what it was.  A few younger fans jeered at him, and all of a sudden Laszlo charged at them, they flinched and fell back, spilling sodas.  Laszlo chuckled.

“Ha...ha...ha...always rattling saber, never backing eet up.”

Laszlo stalked his way further down to the ring as boos began to rain down upon him.  He stepped up onto the apron then moved through the ropes slowly, then made his way to a corner, bobbing his head to “Fish.”

Then things changed.

The funky opening riff of “Missing Link” played and got the crowd both grooving and energized.  They erupted, some chanting “Drunk Tank….Drunk Tank.”   The music played a little longer than it normally did, far into Del the Funky Homosapien’s first verse.  As he began the chorus

“I’m just me
No Simile
Never flow simply
Cuz it was meant to be
The truth, the truth
Nothing but the truth
I tell it to the youth.”

As “The Youth” came out, so did Jonny Bedlam from backstage and the crowd exploded.

“Introducing next, from Dallas, Texas and many bars across this great nation, Jonny Bedlam!!!!!”

Jonny made his way down the aisle, high fiving many fans.  He walked over to the kids that Laszlo had charged at.  We then saw that he had something in his hand. 

It turned out to be a microphone as well as something else.

“Hey guys!!!  On behalf of No Brand Wrestling, I would like to apologize for a certain Russian cro-mag causing you to spill your drinks on yourselves.  As all of you know, I’m a people pleaser.  Even when my opponent is not.”  Jonny turned around and winked at a cameraman.  He handed the four young fellows something.  It turned out to be rolled up t-shirts.  One let the t-shirt unroll and in the center of the white shirt were red letters in a sort of splatter pattern that said “Jonny Bedlam.”  Jonny then took off his gray hoodie and revealed he was wearing the same t-shirt.  The foursome then went crazy thanking Jonny. 

“No problem, little dudes.  No problem at all.  But the best gift I got for you…”  Jonny looked at the formidable Russian man in the ring.  “The best gift I got for you is yet to come.” 

Jonny charged quickly into the ring and dove, sliding under the bottom rope.  He leaped quickly to his feet.  The referee called for the bell and the match started quickly.  Jonny charged at Laszlo’s midsection and then maneuvered around to his back.  Laszlo elbowed him in the midsection, causing Jonny to break the hold and step back.  The crowd booed loudly.  Jonny put his hand up and waved off the boos. 

However, Laszlo used this opportunity well.  He turned himself around and delivered a few body blows to Jonny’s lower midsection.  Laszlo then used his mitt like right hand to smack Jonny full on the ear and the pain exploded in Jonny’s head and he hit the ground.  Laszlo then used the ropes to stomp on Jonny’s chest, he continued to stomp, staring the crowd which adored Jonny.


The referee then got involved and pulled Laszlo away from Jonny, to see if he could continue the match.  Jonny got to his feet and waived the referee off.  Jonny, still having much energy, charged at Laszlo full speed, only to be pushed up by his abdomen into a very high flapjack.  Laszlo stepped aside after the move and chuckled.  He then kicked Jonny in the side, and chuckled some more.  He tried to kick him once more, but Jonny rolled away quickly and got to his feet.

The two faced again and entered a collar and elbow tie up.  Laszlo attempted to break it and hit Jonny in the chin with an elbow but Jonny spun and leg sweeped him from behind.  Laszlo hit the ground, then back rolled, looking somewhat startled.  The crowd cheered.

Jonny charged at Laszlo, and attempted a Shining Wizard, but Laszlo moved quickly.  Jonny got his footing and turned towards Laszlo, who now stood.  Laszlo attempted to punch at Jonny with a right cross.  Jonny sidestepped it and thrusted his palm into the outstretched arm at the elbow, sending a wincing pain through the big man, who then staggered backwards, clutching his elbow.  The crowd, with a great mixing, went “Oooooh” and cheered.

Before Laszlo could retreat, Jonny swung an arm out and caught him across the cheek with a backfist which staggered him in another direction and caused Laszlo to sink to one knee, clearly in pain now.  Jonny moved back a couple of steps, then charged forward quickly, spun and delivered a vicious low spinning wheel kick to the side of Laszlo’s face, which knocked the larger man to the ground and opened a cut on his brow.

Jonny quickly maneuvered himself down to Laszlo, who was face down on the mat.  Jonny placed an arm underneath Lazlo’s left and another around his neck and hooked his hands together in the Kata Hajime.  He then rolled on to his back, dragging Laszlo with him and scissored his legs around Laszlo’s midsection.  Laszlo struggled weakly against the choke, but very little.  Blood welled out of his wound and leaked onto Jonny’s white t-shirt. 

The referee got down the mat quickly and checked on Laszlo, who was unresponsive at first.  Laszlo didn’t tap however.  The referee asked the large Russian if he could continue, and he attempted to shake his head.  With that the referee signaled for the bell and Jonny released the hold. 

“The Winner of the match, via submission, JONNY BEDLAM!”

The crowd cheered as the referee lifted Jonny’s arm in victory.  Everyone saw the large blood stain on his shirt near the words Jonny Bedlam.   It was very fitting.

Jonny stepped over to retrieve the microphone he’d brought with him and switched it back on. 

“So boys?  Was that good enough?”

The four young men from earlier shouted loudly in assent as Laszlo drug himself out of the ring.  Jonny moved towards the center of the ring. 

“I figure I have a few minutes to talk since I ended that one early.  So yeah, how’s everyone been?”

The crowd roars in response. 

“Good, good.  I took another break.  I apologize for that.  Doesn’t seem like I ever stay long, does it?  This time I was hurt guys.  Not physically, I’m not sure Alex Reyn’s ever hurt anything but people’s ears and ratings.  I lost the match, and...well...I shouldn’t have.”

Jonny nodded, the crowd continues to listen. 

“I lost, because I wasn’t ready.  I didn’t prepare.  I didn’t want it like Reyn did.  Boring and tedious as he is, he was in the weight room and training with his trainers all week that I was partying.  The title didn’t mean much to me.  It was another fun day at the office, until he walked out of the arena with it, and I just got beat up for nothing.”

Jonny lowered the microphone and nodded, continuing to look down.  The crowd responded sympathetically.

“But it was a hell of a match still.  So was the one before it.  I don’t think ol’ Alex Reyn’ll soon forget his trip to Bedlam.  I know I took him to the limit.  I spilled his blood in that arena.  I thrilled all of you during our battles.  But as ol’ Patsy Cline said ‘I’ve got these little things and...she….she’s got …..the Keystone Title.’”

Jonny nodded forlornly again.  “I wish I was here to tell you I was coming after it or any other gold right now, but I ain’t even close to number one contender anymore.  I’m not sure what I’m doing guys, but you can see me here, on NBW TV.  I won’t be going anywhere.  I need to figure things out, I need to stretch out my tendrils here.  And that is what I’ll be doing.  You haven’t seen the last of me, I swear.  We’re starting the fun bus up all over again.  I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I have you No Brand Nutjob Sonsofbitches you!”

The crowd gave him one more volley of cheers.  Jonny smiled, ear to ear, madly.
 He then turned the mic off and exited the ring.




Lights, Camera, Action and Debut!


In the ring, Amelia Roberts stood at the ready with microphone in hand.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, at this time would you please rise for the Pledge of Allegiance.”

Now, American politics, NFL and all that hoo-ha aside one has to remember we’re here in London! The O2 Arena let out a series of boo’s and jeers for that very reason causing the young woman to shrug and motion she was doing as told.

“Amelia getting a lashing here tonight.” Bernie remarked up at the table.

“Not her fault. Somebody in the back asked her to lead in with that. And it seems quite a few of our fans tonight aren’t interested in hearing it.”

Those fans weren’t rising. In fact a few hooligans decided to bypass security and hop the barricades. They made it to the rampway and around the ring, knocking the security aside until one managed to get a microphone from the escaping Amelia.

“Goodlord Adria, how weak are these London paid help?” Vaught remarked at the ease the security personnel were taken down.

“We came here for wrestling. For fights. Not some american hoo-ha.” The lead man spoke as he addressed the crowd and his ‘goons’ kept security at bay around the ring. “Tonight, we’re taking over. Victory is OVER!” He announced with a booming voice to the jeers of the crowd. “And there ain’t anybody that’s going to stop us-”

‘You want a piece of this?...
Then come and get it!’

The classic not heard since the American Gladiator days, ‘Whiplash’ played over the speaker as the arena went dark. Spotlights spread around the arena before centering in on the stage where a young man walked through the V. His blonde hair peeked out from under a black leather jacket and pants, as he charged down the rampway.

‘You gonna be fighting a bad dude.’

A running forearm to one -WHAM! Appeared on screen for those at home- a sidekick to another KLONK!- a belly to belly toss to the next -BOFF!-. A duck under the arm for a armdrag throw into the barricade. -CLUNK!- Avoiding two charging, he hit the breaks and caught them with a single crescent kick. -KAPOW!- Each of the goons were down, security doing their job now as well while the leader stood in the ring surrounded by half a dozen.

“What the hell is going on here?” Questioned Bernie.

“Get him!”

They piled around the ring and charged at the man.


“I think… well, I guess we just need to wait and see.” Adria answered in kind.

 Each going down with a single punch, kick or tackle. Talk about weak hooligans! The man threw the hood back and unzipped his leather jacket, tossing it on the pile of bodies near the ring steps. He flashed off a pearly white smile and stepped into the ring. The leader ran at him with the microphone, but the mysterious person avoided the hit as if telegraphed early on, sending him into the ropes and then waiting for him to rebound. Catching him in the fisherman’s, swinging neckbreaker.

Recovering the microphone off the mat, the man smiled that billion dollar smile once more.

“He should have just took the pledge-” He declared with a wink at the near camera. “Of Aleigance.” Tossing his arms out wide, he motioned for everyone to stand: “Ready? Set? Smile!” And pointed at his pearly whites.

No more words. The microphone was handed back to Amelia as she got in the ring.

“This next match is scheduled for one fall with a fifteen minute time limit. Introducing first, from Watertown, South Dakota, at six foot six and two hundred fifty seven pounds, the star of The Mechanic’s Last Assignment 1, 2, 4 through the upcoming 9, he is the Athlete, the Actor, the Absolute Alpha AKA AARON KELLY ALEIGE!

“So, we’re walking right out of this bar room brawl thing into a match debut?” Bernie seemed rather apprehensive on the whole thing. “Please tell me Castonovo is going to knock his teeth down his throat.”

Aaron ducked out of the ring and ran the barricade handing out his 8 by 10s with his smiling face, per-signed.

“And his opponent-”

‘Pay the Price’ by Eric and the Hostiles. The fans went nuts as the behemoth walked through the V and took in the crowd. He’d had his ups and downs in NBW but tonight was another night.

“Ugh, this guy?”

“May have been a minute since his last appearance here in NBW, but the fans sure remember him!”

“-from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. At six foot two, three hundred eighty-eight pounds, he is the Planet-Sized Superstar, JUPITER!”

Jupiter made his way down to the ring, taking the steps to enter the ring and waited for the bell.


Ding ding ding!

“Looks like we’ll see what this kid is all abou-”

SPLASH! Nope so sound effects on screen for that one. Jupiter charged across the ring and sent Aaron out and over the ropes with a mighty splash!

“Jupiter may as well sent him into orbit!” Bernie spurred on.

Aaron however was quick to his feet, sliding in the ring and going up to the big man. Jupiter welcomed the rapid punches to his gut and chest, even the forearm blasting the side of his head. Aaron followed with a dropkick to send him a step back. Just a step though.

Jupiter shook it off, grabbed him by the collar and swung around to toss AKA into the corner where he landed in a pile. The planet-sized superstar grabbed the left heel and yanked him out of the corner, but AKA landed on his other foot, using the moment for an enziguri that caught him atop the head.

Hitting the ropes he came flying back with a flying forearm, but Jupiter launched him up into the stratosphere. By time he came back down he was dazed and seeing the stars. Not just the lights in the rafters. Jupiter grabbed his hair and pulled him back to his feet, latching his arms around his waist before he launched him over head with a belly to belly throw.

Fresh from the shelf, Jupiter was ready to make a statement tonight and Aleige just so happen to have gotten the short end of that stick. Jupiter walked across the body of Aaron, making sure to stop with a foot planted square on the kid’s left hand. He slowly spun around, foot planted, to face Aaron and reach down to pull him to his feet again. Releasing the hand that immediately got grasps by Aaron to check on the bones and feeling, while Jupiter thrust two palms out and sent him down to the mat in a splat to the corner.

AKA was getting man-handled. And Jupiter was far from done as he met him in the corner with a face wash boot, then grabbed him by the collar again with both hands, raising him up in the air for a spinout chokebomb - but Aaron fought it off with several forearms to the head and boots into the ribcage and shoulders. Forcing a release back to his feet. He went low soon as Jupiter swung into him, rolling behind the arm and leaping in the air to catch the bigger man with a neckbreaker.

Catching his breath, some air and freedom from the walking planet, Aaron knelt at the corner. Jupiter took his time getting up. But AKA was hoping for the same. So once he was up he charged with a three point stance into the tackle straight out of his college football days! Jupiters hamfists slugged him down across the back, spiking his body into the mat.

With a shrug he rolled him with a foot and dropped down to cover.




Aaron shot his shoulder off the mat! Jupiter was a bit surprised as was the crowd. Jupiter popped up in the air with the banzai drop!




Again the shoulder rolled from the mat, but it was close. Another impact like that flattening Aaron would be the end for him. As Jupiter got off him, he rolled out of the ring to collect himself. He knew he had to change up his game plan here.  Jupiter urged him back into the ring while official counted, but Aaron waved them off and stepped back to the barricade. Clutching his ribs, and shaking his hand in front of him. Trying to recover but nearly tend seconds isn’t enough to get back to 100 percent. Try as you might.

AKA rolled his neck and popped his shoulders before rushing the ring and rolling in to break the ten. Jupiter was there waiting and caught his body as he rolled in, hauling him into his massive form, right up in the air for a samoan drop. It was easy. However AKA cooked him with a left knee to the head while driving his elbow in from the other side. He floated around, hit his feet and then leaped up to hook the neck and drove Jupiter face first to the mat with the DDT.

Pointing to the corner Aleige then climbed up to the second buckle, cocked his elbow and with a foot on the top rope he launched into Jupiter with a modified rolling elbow that clocked the planet-sized superstar as he was standing once more. Aaron rolled through, and took a three-point stance to the side of Jupiter. Waiting for him to start to stand and hit another tackle!

Rolling through to the other side of him, he hit a third. Jupiter was in a daze, he saw Aaron charging him for a fourth of the match and went to a block stance, but AKA bypassed him, instead hitting the opposite end of the ring and coming back with more momentum. That one NAILED Jupiter and and even took him across the mat a bit before crashing back first.

AKA stood in triumph as Jupiter was still shaken. He could have went for the cover but instead he went atop. Perhaps his intent was a diving elbow or a splash, but Jupiter was already starting to stand by the time he got into position. So he switched things up and dived at Jupiter, only to get caught in his arms once more. AKA was swung around, over the shoulder and then driven down into the knee of Jupiter with a sickening shoulder breaker.

Jupiter followed with a elbow drop to the sternum, but Aaron rolled out of the way to avoid it. He backed into the ropes and pointed his sights down at Jupiter then charged forward with a forearm, and when that was blocked, he went for the crescent kick, getting his ankle caught again and setting up the enziguri.

But Jupiter twisted the foot and AKA ended up falling back flat on his ass instead. That was enough for the planet-sized superstar. He pulled him up and beil tossed him into the corner. Stepping back across the ring he rushed in with the hip-attack!


No! Aaron slipped through the ropes and Jupiter crashed into the corner, his own head snapping off the top post in process.

Back in the ring Aaron Kelly waited behind Jupiter as he stumbled backward into him. AKA rocketed a forearm into the back of Jupiter’s left shoulder, causing him to twist around and face him.

“I learned this from that martial arts film, 3 Ninjas.” He bowed to the dazed Jupiter and announced: “Light up the Eyes!”

Picturing the red lights on the body in front of him he struck out with a forearm to the neck, a elbow over the heart, and then a knee to the gut as the groin would be a disqualification of course - and in process nearly enveloping his knee in the process - before Aaron locked in and hooked him for the fisherman’s suplex but surely he wasn’t thinking…

AKA pumped his hips, gritting his teeth.

There was no way…


Aaron laid on the mat next to Jupiter. He couldn’t move. Near four hundred pounds of flesh just went over his head by his own strength courtesy of the fisherman swinging neckbreaker he used earlier on the lead goon. But his left arm covered the chest.




"And your winner by pinfall, AARON KELLY ALEIGE!" Amelia called out from ringside.

The fans were cheering AKA’s debut victory and even Bernie was a bit bemused.

“I’ll admit it, that was all sorts of impressive. Jupiter is no lightweight.”

“Aaron Kelly Aleige just made a statement here tonight on Victory.”

Aleige however was in no shape to celebrate as the official raised his hand in victory and he then collapsed to his knees. He stumbled up the ramp, using the barricade and the fans as leverage before collapsing back on his ass on the ramp. He scooted up and back into the side again, before finally managing to get to the top with the official following up the ramp to make sure he exited without issue.

Meanwhile Jupiter started to stir. The fans cheered for the planet-sized superstar as he rolled under the ropes and stood up to his feet. It brought a smile to his face that they remembered him and still respected him.

Tonight was his loss, but next time around he would change it. Give them a victory worth cheering for and even set his sights at one of the champions-


An assailant jumped from the barricade and crashed into his skull with the knee while the other rushed in from the other side of the crowd, hopping the barricade with a chair in hand that was BLASTED across Jupiter’s back. The other caught him in the front with a second leaping knee. The two then backed off in front of him and shot forward.


Jupiter refused to fall however.


That did it. He toppled backward on the ramp, rolling slightly as the two men stood atop the ramp.

Mark Mercury.
Mane Miaate.

Myth and Legend had just delivered a message.

As for to whom? Another night my friends.  Off to break we go.





“Coming up next we’ve got Sora Hikari, fresh from PULSE looking to get noticed, and she'll be going one on one with Zhalia Fears!” Adria announced with glee. “Our medical staff were unable to clear her for SLAM’s 100th episode as our fans discovered in this exclusive thenbw.com clip.

The EpiCenter lit up to show the backstage area where a trainer was next to Zhalia, with a bandaged up shoulder and ice-pack laid over it. The lower-third read: “Last week on SLAM!”

“-and it’s not happening. Sorry Zhalia.”

“The heck it is not! Sam, these are my people. I am finally here and able to show my friends and fam… friends out there what  I have been up to all these years. There is no way I am missing out!”

Zhalia was insistent but the trainer wasn’t letting her leave as she pushed off him and tried to head for the door.

“I can’t Zhalia. That is my decision. You and I both know that the doctor refused to clear you for this week. If you go out there and wrestle tonight, you could tear something that can’t be repaired. Or worse.”

“I-” Zhalia sighed, “look doc, I know. I get it, I do. But this is the first time I have made it to London for this. I can not just sit back and miss out on tonight.”

“Sorry, but you will have to sit this one out. If he gives you the green light at your checkup Friday, I’ll personally ask Trent McKnight to book you on Victory. Alright?”

Zhalia shrugged and shook her head. Not quite the night she was hoping for as she was laid out and unable to compete.

The clip came to an end.

In the ring Melantha Hellion stood awaiting her opponent, absent of her usual friends. Fair call given that Michelle Couli was also back over in the states for the holidays.

“Tonight Zhalia gets her wish after being cleared to compete tonight, and gets to wrestle before her friends and family.”

“Hold that thought Adria. Listen to your ear. We’re headed backstage now where I’m told Zhalia’s in no condition to wrestle tonight.”

red Again the EpiCenter lit up and this time we see Zhalia laid out on her chest, blood pooling around her head as her arm hung awkwardly behind her back. Trainers were checking on her as off in the background, out of eye-sight of the busy crew, a cloaked figure watched on. The familiar mask could only mean one woman. Lucretia. Her own gloved hand was dripping a liquid that one had to figure was Fears' blood.

“Zhalia what happened?” asked one of the trainers as he looked at the red blotch on the wall to her side. “Zhalia?”

She turned her head, looking through the blot that was covering her eyes. “I need to-” she started to push herself up with her other arm, and they assisted her, carefully. “I need to .. my match … the fans.” Her voice was muffled and fading. Before she collapsed again.

They could only shake their heads as Fears tried to stand again, pushing up against the wall.

"I was clea...cleared." She crawled against the wall as the trainers kept on her. "I have to do this."

Zhalia stopped in her tracks and looked at the nearest trainer. With a smile, "they're counting on me doc." And she pushed forward against the wall, walking and stumbling the rest of the short walk to the gorilla. She motioned with her good arm to the stagehand and suddenly her music kicked in. 'Pretty Little Psycho' by Porcelain Black.

We switch back ringside as the camera faces the stage and Zhalia Fears walked out, giving a wave to her fans around the O2. She started down the ramp and caught the nearest camera: "Keep watching Zhaliphiressssssssssssss..."


Fears went face first. The trainers came rushing through the entry way as the official watched on from the ring, as did her opponent, Sora Hikari.

We switch back to the stage where Adria is stunned.

“That BITCH!” Stunned, and vocal it would seem.

In the ring the official has started a count.

“Careful Adria, language.”

His count's put to a stop by Sora's hand, she simply looked at him and shook her head. 'Not this way.' Confused he looked off at ringside.

“Give me a break. You saw what I just did!”

“The officials gotten word, this match is being called off.” Vaughn announced as he saw the official give the signal. “Looks like Zhalia will have to wait until another night.”

“Somebody needs to do something about that bi… woman.” Adria calmed her head. “Zhalia’s arm could be broken! She could be out for good this time! It’s no fair!”

“Maybe she fell back there? Zhalia doesn’t have the best reputation for being stable. I hear she’s clumsy too.”

“Oh come on! You saw Lucretia there just as I did! Just as these fans did! This was cleary her fault and… “ biting her tongue, she took a deep breath and then exhaled. “You know what, we’re going to a break. I can’t.”

Bernie just looked at her then over to the near camera.

“Folks as Adria alluded to we’re taking our last break of the evening. Up next is our Main Event and the second of the Big Rick Strongbern Big F’n Cup. Stay tuned!”




Blazing Challenge


The camera was now fixated backstage on the beautiful
 and inexperienced Veronica Hoyt. The sister of one of Victory’s broadcast team shot her famous model smile and had her head turned away from the camera.

“So … like, then I told her girllllll, no!”

”Psst. We’re on.”

She looked up.


And then she tried to focus on business.

“Ok … so here we go. I’m Veronica Hoyt and I have two  guests with me at this time. I have Fenton Woods and one of the wrestlers he manages … EZ Blaze! Yeah!”

The bubbly manager moved to make way for Fenton Woods  and EZ Blaze. Fenton looked all fired up and for Blaze, much of the same.

“Veronica, nice to see you again, my dear.” said Fenton.

“So … we saw what happened to Warren Spade on 100. Let’s  take a look.”


The Great Wall did not waste any precious time arguing with the official and instead, tried to end Warren Spade …

He had him set up for a power bomb and the very same move that cost him the NBW World title could be used against him …

He lifted Warren up!


The Great Wall was not through yet with Spade just barely able to muster the energy for such a kick-out. Warren looked up and barely registered when The Great Wall locked both of his massive arms around him …


His Dao Bomb had never been kicked out of before, but Spade was trapped in the face of the deadly arm and head choke submission being put on him by the massive beast. The crowd booed the giant …

“No … Warren …” said Fenton, biting his lip.

EZ Blaze was watching on after getting up from attacking Xiang. The official raised Warren’s arm once …

Twice …

And three times.

And then called for the bell.


Fenton and EZ looked uneasy at the footage.

“So Warren isn’t here tonight, right? He got hurt?” asked

“Sadly that’s right,” said Fenton. “Warren got hurt on that Dao Bomb and he’ll be out tonight and on Slam 101 because of a concussion. They are confident he’ll be cleared, but he’s not being allowed back until they can properly treat him. That bit of ugly business, my dear, is why we’re here tonight.”

Fenton Woods and EZ Blaze turned to the camera directly addressing the Xiang Dynasty.

“Great Wall … you defeated Warren Spade and that is easily the biggest cap in your career. But my friend you and the rest of Xiang Dynasty have made a grave mistake. Warren will be back, but the Great Aerial Artist isn’t going to wait to get payback! On behalf of  EZ Blaze, we are challenging any member of the Xiang Dynasty to fight for our friend. Xiang likes to run his mouth and we’d like to make him choke on his words. Ai Tso wants an opportunity. Even you, TGW. The Da Vinci of Dives, the Picasso of Planchas, the Monet of Moonsaults will run circles around you!”

Next to Fenton, EZ Blaze puffed his chest out to make himself seem a little bigger than he was. He beat on his chest once and flexed the arm to show he meant business.

“We’ll be seeing you soon, gents! And when Warren gets better … I promise you that you won’t see it coming!”

Main Tale of the Tape

“And now we’ve come to our main event and the second match of the Big Rick Strongbern Big F’ing Cup!” Adria said. “Not the name that I probably would have called this mini-tournament, but you know… not my call.”
“We saw the team I didn’t know I needed, but I’m glad they paired up! The team of Savage Badassery… Ravage and Vic Gravender… both former nbW World Champions… make short work of FTW! Now Crimson Tide just need to punch their ticket against Haddon and Curry and it’ll be a good night for me!”
“Crimson Tide have the size, that’s for sure! But Matt Haddon and Jax Curry have come together to form a very formidable team in their own right. Or did you already forget Slam 100?”
“I remember them CHEAP SHOTTING RAVAGE for that victory, Adria! But Ravage and Vic are going to DESTROY whoever comes out the other side of this and then finally take the Dynasty Tag Team Titles from Clan Strongbern!”
“Quite a few things need to happen before they get to that point, but for right now, we’re going to take it over to Brent Williams calling the action for tonight’s main event! Who moves on in the Big F’ing Cup… The Suplex Society or Crimson Tide?”
And to Brent Williams in-ring with the intros. 
“The following contest is a first-round match of the Big Rick Strongbern Big F’ing Cup! This will be a tag team match set for one fall!”
The crowd turned its attention to the stage. 
“Frontline” by Pillar. 
The music played first for team bad guys in this main event… it was the collective of two bitter men looking for a shot at the Dynasty Tag Team Titles. 
“Intorducing first… at a combined weight of SEVEN-HUNDRED TEN POUNDS… the team of “The Paragon of the Industry” Zed and “The Massive Red Monster” Rune… CRIMSON TIDE!
The two men marched towards the ring and ignored the jeering crowd, focused on the task at hand. Zed had always been outspoken about wanting opportunities and tonight, he and Rune were about to get it. Zed climbed into the ring first, shooting a cold stare at the London crowd with Rune right behind him, squeezing through the ropes. The two men clad in red nodded at one another and waited for their opponents…
“Fight Like This” by Decyfer Down. 
The new theme for the teacher/student tandem played and out came the respected former Keystone Champion Matt Haddon, along with his powerful Canadian protégé…
“And their opponents…. At a combined weight of 503 pounds… they are the team of “Founding Father” Matt Haddon and “The Suplex Sensation” Jax Curry… they are THE SUPLEX SOCIETY!
The crowd loved the catchy name and watched as the two men bump fists on the stage before heading towards the ring. Matt Haddon and Jax Curry both slapped fists with the fans and then climbed into the ring, eager to get this match started. Curry took off his new “Suplex Sensation” t-shirt and held it up, seeing which portion of the crowd would be loud enough to take it. The left side was rowdy, the next side a little more so, and then the final side, so he threw the shirt out and it was caught by a young member of the audience!
Zed looked like the act of babyfaceness was going to make him physically ill, but stopped that and offered to start the match. Curry and Haddon looked at one another and bumped fists again before Haddon offered to start the match for his team. Old rivals Zed and Matt Haddon were about to square off tonight! Only one team was going to the finals! Who would be facing Savage Badassery next week on Victory 7?
Let’s get to the match and find that out. 

Haddon and Zed locked up in the middle of the ring quickly. While The Founding Father was more inclined to try and take things to the mat…

Zed was not.

A knee to the gut stunned the former Keystone Champion and two swift elbows to the back of the head doubled him over.

“Come on, you old shit,” Zed hissed.

Zed ran off the ropes and tried to take Haddon’s head off with a vicious Lariat, but off the return, Haddon ducked and ran off the ropes himself before coming back and SMASHING right into him with a big Flying Shoulder Tackle! The 245-pound Haddon was back on his feet and beat on his chest, absorbing the energy from the crowd as Zed got up in a daze.

Haddon grabbed him by the neck and pulled him towards the corner where the tag was made to The Suplex Sensation. Curry climbed into the ring and the soft-spoken, but hard-hitting Haddon protege both doubled him over before they connected…


And Curry hung onto it with a powerful bridge!




After the kickout, Rune quietly watched from his corner as Zed get roughed up by the 258-pound Canadian powerhouse. Curry lifted him up only to bury a trio of hard shots right to the rib cage. Curry pushed him back and then lifted Zed up into the Vertical Suplex position...

And he DELAYED that sumbitch!

The 6’4” and 260-pound Zed was being elevated and the crowd cheered on his raw power. He backed up WHILE Zed was still being held on…

TAG to Haddon!

Haddon got into the ring and added his part to where BOTH men had the Delayed Vertical on Zed! Haddon finally dropped him backwards and he hit the mat quickly! The crowd cheered on a couple of the Suplex variations on display from the self-anointed Suplex Society as Haddon rolled over into a cover.




It was just after the two-count, but Zed got his shoulder up. Now, the Canadian was scrambling around trying to get to his corner. Haddon kept him from doing that and pushed Zed into a netural corner before running at him and connecting with a big Back Elbow Smash! He was teetering over when Haddon tried to now set him up for an Exploder of some sort…



The Paragon of the Industry fought free and then shoved him away to try and make the tag to Rune. Zed had his arm grabbed by Haddon, and then he tried to take him backwards with a big German Suplex this time around, but Zed ran forward and ducked…


One NASTY right hand from the 450-pound Rune was all it took to stumbled Haddon! Shockingly he was still on his feet, but just barely when Zed picked him up and DRILLED him into the mat with a vicious Air Raid Crash!

The Paragon of the Industry took a breather for a moment after having drilled Haddon with a big counter-move. He turned over to Curry and laughed at him, extending Haddon’s arm out.

“Come on, tag your teacher! Come on, rook, do it!”

Curry knew damn well he wasn’t far enough, but the powerhouse remained on the ring apron holding the tag rope as Zed pulled Haddon up and jabbed him with a Throat Thrust. He backed him into the corner and the tag was made to Rune, which was bad news for just about anybody that stood across from the man called The Massive Red Monster. Haddon peeked up and saw Rune grinning above him now.

“Well, shit…” Haddon said.

And a nasty Clubbing Forearm took down everybody’s favorite nbW trainer of young talent!

Haddon fell right at the feet of Rune, but he was FAR from done inflicting punishment on the man dubbed as the No Brand Dad. Rune picked him up and DROPPED him right into mat with a basic, uncomplicated and vicious Body Slam! Rune then got some momentum off the ropes and dropped a painful Elbow Drop right into his chest! Haddon coughed up some and Rune laid his arm across his chest.




Haddon had to exert some strength to get out from under The Massive Red Monster’s pinfall attempt and now The Crimson Tide were in control. Rune heaved Haddon up to his feet and dared Curry to get into the ring, knowing full well he couldn’t get anywhere near to make a tag. He then picked up Haddon and held him up, Military Press-style…


The Founding Father now crumbled against the corner with Haddon now smeared against the corner with nowhere to go. In just a few simple moves, Rune turned the tide and then put a NASTY Forearm Smash right into the lower back of Haddon! He drove another big shot and then a stiff Shoulder Thrust right into the back! Haddon crumbled over as Rune held him up and made the tag to Zed. The smaller half (not saying much) of Crimson Tide got into the ring as Rune threw him towards his boss, only to get SNAPPED down hard across the back with a vicious Pendulum Backbreaker! Haddon hit the canvas and Zed followed up with the cover.




The crowd cheered for the kickout of Haddon, but he was in a very bad place with the Crimson Tide’s leader standing over him. Zed picked up Haddon and blasted him with a stiff right hand, sending Haddon stumbling back into the ropes. Zed then picked him up and shot him across the ring with an Irish Whip so he could duck down, only to get a kick in the face! And a Small Package from the crafty vet!




Zed shot back up to his feet, only to be kicked in the gut and surprised with a quick Backslide!




The Paragon of the Industry just barely escaped but when he got back to his feet, Zed was already ready to greet him with a kick to the left knee followed by a swift DDT! Haddon’s fire had been snuffed out quickly, but instead of going for the cover on Haddon, Zed turned him over onto his stomach before heading to the second rope. He looked out to Jax Curry and grinned...


The vicious Flying Knee Drop caught him and that had to be it! He rolled Haddon over again.



Zed couldn’t believe it! He tried to keep him down, but Haddon wasn’t going to quit! Zed took the cheap shot by delivering another knee to the head of Haddon just because he could! Haddon tried to get another hand up to block, but another knee collided with his temple. With a future Dynasty Tag Team TItle shot, The Crimson Tide couldn’t afford to let up.

Another tag was made to Rune and the big man got inside the ring to crack him in the gut. He then lifted him into a Powerbomb position…


The Fallaway Powerbomb SPIKED The No Brand Dad into the mat like a basketball! Rune crawled over to where Haddon landed. There was no way he was kicking out of this!




The powerful Canadian ran into the ring and bumrushed Rune, just barely knocking Rune off of his mentor enough to break up the cover! The Suplex Sensation was ordered back to his corner by Tal Nedrick and he did so. Rune shot him an evil glare before looking down at Haddon.

“All right, time to break you in half and win some gold.”

He lifted Haddon up and right into a violent Ragdoll-style Bearhug!


The powerhouse wanted into the ring and the crowd wanted to see the Suplex Sensation save his mentor. He reached out a hand for a tag if there was any way Haddon could get free, but it was much easier said than done. Haddon was still locked in tight to the hold to the point where Tal got in close to check for any signs of a submission.

“Do you give, Haddon?”

“...No!” Haddon yelled.

Haddon used his quick thinking to box Rune’s big ears with a quick Bell Clap! He did another one! And another one! And another one! And with nothing else…


Rune yelled out from the unexpected offense from the wily Haddon, but he finally let go! Rune stumbled back and Zed used the opportunity to tag himself in. He rushed right at Haddon… only to be caught and taken down with a quick Exploder Suplex!

Both men were down now and Haddon finally had the chance to get to his powerful protege. Curry banged his foot on the steel steps, encouraging the fans to clap along with him. Haddon was almost there…

But Zed was on his feet and grabbed one of Haddon’s legs! He pulled him back, but Haddon landed a back elbow right to Zed’s temple…


And now it was time for the powerhouse to go wild!

Curry ran right inside the ring and mowed Rune down with a big Shoulder Tackle! Curry then hit the ropes and as Zed got back up, he knocked him right back down with a second one! He then rushed the corner and delivered a Running Back Elbow to big Rune, stunning him on the apron!

He then pointed at Zed and chucked him towards the corner before following him in and crushing his rib cage with a Running Spear Tackle in the corner! Zed was doubled over in pain and groaned before Curry pulled him out of the corner and DEADLIFTED him into a Gutwrench Suplex…

TWO Gutwrench Suplexes!

THREE Gutwrench Suplexes!



But after three chaining Gutwrench Suplexes, The Suplex Sensation was back on his feet and let out a roar as he prepared to end things right then and there. He kneeled over Zed and started to grab him by the waist. Was The Quiet Fury going for his finisher, The Sound and Fury?


Rune ran right back into the ring and trucked right through Curry, knocking him down with a Running Body Attack before he could drop his boss for good! The Massive Red Monster then got into the ring and then picked up Curry, throwing him against the ropes. He ran at him with an intent to crush him against the ropes, but Curry pulled the ropes down at the last second, dumping him out to the floor!

He got rid of Rune, but when he turned…


Zed unleashed a Running Spear turned into a Spinebuster on Curry! He covered his fellow Canadian and hooked the leg, hoping the distraction by Rune would be more than enough to get Crimson Tide the win and one step closer to a Dynasty Tag Title shot!




Zed’s eyes nearly came out of his skull! He was sure that was it and was sure that would have been the end of the match, but Zed was annoyed with the sight of two fingers from Tal Nedrick.

The Paragon of the Industry then clubbed Curry in the back and tried to use a Suplex of his own… specifically a Release Tiger Suplex that had won him matches called…


Curry fought his way free by overpowering Zed and breaking free from his grip before turning him around. Curry elbowed him in the back just as Haddon made his way back into the ring. He grabbed Zed in a German Suplex position, but not before he motioned to Curry. What was Curry going to do with Haddon holding Zed in a German Suplex…


The crowd went NUTS! Curry German Suplexed Haddon WHILE he was holding onto Zed, effectively DROPPING Zed with a very High Angled German Suplex in the process! Haddon held his back as he took a fair brunt of the move, but Zed was even worse for wear! Haddon gestured to Curry and as Rune tried to get back into the ring and limped over, CRACKING him in the face with a Baseball Slide Dropkick!

Zed wasn’t getting up and his brains may have been rattled by the dangerous double-team German Suplex variant from The Suplex Society! Now, Haddon had Zed right where he wanted him. He grabbed him on the mat, DEADLIFTED Zed up…


The crowd counted along!




Haddon and Curry won! A very groggy Haddon and a very fired-up Jax Curry joined up in the ring and the two embraced!


The bond between teacher and student had proven to be a very successful one and with a good spread of Suplexes between the two men, Matt Haddon and Jax Curry celebrated a huge win! Zed was helped out of the ring by a very disappointed and angry Rune as the two limped up to the back.

The Big Rick Strongbern Big F’ing Cup had just produced two great tag team matches here tonight on Victory with just one more to go.

The crowd booed when their opponents walked out from the back… the new team of Ravage and Vic Gravender, aka Savage Badassery. Haddon and Curry locked eyes with their hated rival Ravage and his newfound ally who promised to make life hell for nbW for what they felt was major mistreatment.

But if this match proved anything, it was that the powerful team of Matt Haddon and Jax Curry were NOT going to be intimidated. They had just overwhelmed a team of powerhouses… but on Victory 7, they would have to defeat the team of former nbW World Champions. The two teams locked eyes and with one match to go, no doubt Clan Strongbern’s cry for more competition had not fallen on deaf ears.


The Big Rick Strongbern Big F'n Cup - Seth
Just Quit - Dusty
Lights, Camera, Action and Debut! - Dusty
Blazing Challenge - Markus