Live from the FirstOntario Centre - Hamilton, Canada






Just One Shot


After the intro video, Victory opened up to show NBW’s newest interviewer Claudia Marie standing in the middle of the ring. Microphone in hand, Claudia gave the rowdy crowd in the sold out FirstOntario Centre a few seconds to quiet down before raising it up to her lips.

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Victory! Joining me at this time is the number one contender for the NBW World Heavyweight title…”

A roaring wave of cheers erupted from the crowd, causing the young interviewer to pause briefly until it lulled slightly.

“...who last week went to battle alongside Clan Strongbern to defeat The In Crowd and The Law, thus earning the right to choose the stipulation for the championship match at Legacy...please welcome ‘The Innovator’ Brock Newbludd!

’Mouth for War’ by Pantera

The NBW faithful’s roars intensified as the street clothes clad 25 to Life winner made his way onto the stage with a fist raised above his head. Going from one end of the stage to the other, Newbludd pumped that held up fist out to the supportive crowd as he did before hitting the ramp to make his way down to the ring.

Slapping hands with the fans outstretched hands as he walked confidently down the ramp, Newbludd made it to the bottom and hit the ring, sliding underneath the bottom rope to pop up next to Claudia.


Glancing out to the crowd, Brock raised a fist up to them before opening his hand to signal the crowd to calm down and slowly the cheering subsided, leading to Claudia raising her microphone.

“Brock, thank you for joining me. Or is it BRick?” Claudia asked with a grin, and Brock matched it with one of his own.

“Let’s go with Brock, Claudia. That dashing rogue fighter pilot BRick has hung up his flight suit now that him and Clan Strongbern are finished wiping the mat with The In Crowd and literally breaking The Law.”

“Fair enough Brock, fair enough.” Claudia replied. “Let’s talk about Clan Strongbern for a second. After watching you team with them in that match, it was hard to deny the fact that from the outside looking in there was some in-ring chemistry between all of you. With that, will we be seeing more of the Newbludd-Strongbern alliance in the near future?”

Newbludd chuckled at the question as he shrugged his shoulders.

“The Newbludd-Strongbern alliance? Now that’s a mouthful, maybe something like Clan Newbern or Team Strongbludd would be better, though I doubt that crazy sonuvabitch Big Rick would take any changes to his sacred last name very well.”

“No, I don’t think he would.” Claudia agreed.

“I don’t know what the future holds for Brock Newbludd and Clan Strongbern. Do I plan on having beers with Ri-Khan and the Bonebreaker after we’re done here? Probably not. But I won’t deny that with our powers combined we were a force to be reckoned with, we were a shit-ripping, ass-kicking, F5 tornado that tore through those The In Crowd like the paper champions they are.”

The crowd let out a cheer at Brock’s words and no doubt a lot of the applause was for Clan Strongbern too.

“At Legacy, Clan Strongbern’s mission is to relieve A-List of those tag team titles after they get done beating them from pillar to post. And after they’re done, it’s going to be my turn to cut the last head off the hydra known as The In Crowd by taking that precious world title belt off of that loud-mouthed sonuvabitch that leads them. Big Rick and Brock Newbludd are far from pals, Claudia, we’re just the two guys who are going to take the power back at Legacy.”

Brock looked to be full of confidence. A confidence that no doubt was helped by finally getting one over on Tockwell and the rest of The In-Crowd, which led to Claudia’s next and most important question.

“Speaking of Legacy, by winning the tag match last week you earned the right to name the stipulation for the championship match against Jake Tockwell. The ball’s in your court Brock, are you ready to name that stipulation?”

Putting his hands on his hips, Newbludd looked down to the mat as he thought for a second before looking out to the anxious crowd and cracking a grin.

“You damn right I’m ready, Claudia.” he said to another showering of cheers. “I’ve been thinking about this decision the second since I pinned VIP last week...and I kept wondering what kind of hell did I want to put Jake through before I took that belt from him…”

“A cage match?”


“Or take that one step further and make it a Blitzcage?”
Louder cheers.

“Or how about I throw his ass inside the match that nearly destroyed that prehistoric prick Ravage...the Laddervault!”

At the mention of the deadly Laddervault match, the crowd roared and Brock grinned at their approval of the match.

“But, then I realized that I wanted to beat Jake Tockwell without any gimmicks, without any cages to keep his lackey’s at bay. I want to give these people the match that they deserve, and goddammit the match I deserve...and that’s a one on one match with Tockwell…and JUST Tockwell.

Newbludd then took a deep breath and pulled the mic closer to him.

“So with that, I came up with this stipulation. At Legacy, challenger Brock Newbludd is going to face off against champion Jake Tockwell in a straight up wrestling match...and during that match every single member of The In Crowd, including their two members named after chicken wing flavors, Hot Sauce and Sweet Fire, will be BANNED not just from ringside...but from the entire building!”

The sold out crowd cheered at Brock’s announcement of ensuring that his fight with Tockwell would be a fair one...hopefully.

“Once that bell rings, they can pile into their shitty rented limo and watch on the little TV inside of it as I crush their leader and take home that world heavyweight title!”


It was clear that the NBW World champion clearly had enough of Brock Newbludd talking about his hopes for Legacy. Both Raul Ramirez and Sally Reynolds were absent tonight and the champion approached him with a smirk.

“It’s time to back up the short bus Newbludd,” said Tockwell. “You have the power to make the stipulation anything that you wanted - anything - and what you choose is a one on one match? That’s your secret weapon for Legacy, Brock? A match where I can’t have Raul Ramirez or the girl I took from you, Sally Reynolds at ringside?”

Tockwell climbed right into the ring so he could look down at his challenger for Legacy.

“I give you points for creativity, son,” said Tockwell, “you’ve painted yourself quite a picture of how you envision Legacy is going to go down, but let me tell you a story … a story of how it’s really going to end.”

Big Talk pointed to the ringside area.

“Let me paint you this picture - the one where I don’t need to tell fairy tales. Let me tell you the one that includes the facts! I was going to come out here later anyway and tell you that you were full of crap before I even knew your stipulation but I have a picture I want you to look at.”

He pointed to the Victory-Tron and displayed was a picture from earlier this year when Jake Tockwell submitted Brock Newbludd with his Out of Breath sleeper hold to win the Blitzkrieg title.


“That’s me beating you, Brock. That’s me choking you out and taking the Blitzkrieg title from your grubby little Milwaukee beer-brewing hands. Now I know you’ll point it out, so Big Talk will beat you to it. You were injured when I beat you. But here’s the thing - you took that match all on your own. You who never plays it safe and you, who listens to the people - the champion of the inbred morons across the globe looking to cheer on some drunken hack!”

Tockwell smirked.

“You think that this stipulation means that you’re safe from me and that you’re going to walk into Legacy and some fairy tale ending will happen - news flash, Brock-sucker - it won’t! It won’t because you think you know how Legacy is going to go down - I know how it will go down. You’ll listen to the crowd and feed off their energy kind of like you’re doing now!”


The chants rang out loudly which seemed like it further illustrated Big Talk’s point. “They’ll want you to hit a little harder and you will. They’ll want you to pull back a submission a little tighter and you will. They’ll want you to jump higher and farther than you ever will and Big Talk has no doubt in his mind that you will. You’ll listen to them over and over again until … until you make a mistake. One single solitary, tiny little mistake. And then do you know what happens Brock?”

He swung air with his right hand emphatically.

“Gift of Gab lariat! Bam! I dump you on your head with my new Memphis Greeting Card piledriver! I don’t have to outwork you on this mat to beat you - even though Big Talk can do all that. I just need one opening. That’s it. And all your little dreams of being champion go up quicker than a puff of smoke.”

Big Talk laughed.

“Warren Spade thought he could beat me each and every time we fought but I have three victories in NBW over that big goof. Ohiyama thought he could sucker Big Talk but I beat him too. Spike thought he could beat me and bam … even the Colossal JAG fell. I’m untouchable, I’m out of your league and the second that you take some stupid risk or underestimate me … whoosh.”

After taking that entire speech in and having a moment to reflect on it, Brock remained confident in his words.

“Pretty speech Big Talk. Anything else?”

“Yeah, just one more thing JAG …”

Big Talk’s answer was attempting to throw the NBW World championship in his face …

But he missed!

Claudia Marie cleared the ring as Brock returned punches to the face of the champion as retaliation for his attempted cheap shot! Brock tackled him to the ground and opened fire on him with even more punches as security moved in to try and break up the fight between champion and challenger!

Brock shoved one of them away and then grabbed another by his hair before he threw him out to the delight of the crowd! Tockwell had put him through a lot on the road to Legacy and he was going to have his pound of flesh tonight. He turned and grabbed Tockwell by his neck in a full nelson!

Was he thinking Mother of All Suplexes?

He was, but Tockwell mule kicked him between the legs!

The crowd booed as Tockwell went dirty once again and reared his arm back …


More security had flooded the ring and pulled the two back but Tockwell grabbed his title and sped out of the ring as it began filling with bodies trying to keep the two men apart. Tockwell cackled and laughed as he started to head back up the ramp, motioning to his arm.

“I told you JAG! Just one shot! That’s all I need and this baby stays with me!”

Tockwell took his title and went back up the ramp just as officials tended to Brock following the series of cheap shots. Brock was rattled from the low blow and the Gift of Gab, but he had enough strength in him to look up and see Big Talk smirking out both sides of his face. Brock may have had the final say on what the stipulation was going to be for this match but Big Talk had the last laugh and came through on his word.

Just one shot.

And he would walk out of Legacy still your NBW World champion.




Matt Haddon & Jax Curry Versus The HighTowers

“We’ve got match coming up when teacher and student team up to take on two PULSE stars, the team of brothers Johnny and Jacob Sterling – The HighTowers!” Adria Hoyt said.

“Tag team wrestling is where Haddon and Curry belong!” Bernie said. “Curry tried to rub elbows with the Greatness that is Ravage and what happened? He got beat!”

“That’s only because Charlie Birkin interfered! And last I checked, these two men are one win a piece in this rivalry. Some tiebreaker needs to be made and from what I understand, Haddon and Curry will address that directly after this match!”

“I bet they will… address how they’ll be going back to working at whatever club Curry was probably bouncing at before he became a wrestler. Let’s just got to the damn match.”

And with that, Amelia Roberts is in the ring with the HighTowers already present!

“The following contest is a tag team match set for one fall! Introducing first, already in the ring… Jacob and Johnny Sterling… THE HIGHTOWERS!

Johnny and Jacob are already in the ring raising their hands in the air, taking in jeers from the crowd. The attention then went to the crowd…

"Art and Life (instrumental)" by Twista.

The music thundered over and the PA and charging out from the back was the rookie standout, Jax Curry! Curry beat on his chest and pointed to both sides of the arena, feeding off the crowd. The Toronto, Ontario native rubbed his hands together and flexed his muscles before he hit the ring at a quick pace.

"And his opponent, making his way to the ring... from Toronto, Ontario, Canada... weighing in at 258 pounds... "THE QUIET FURY" JAX CURRY!"

Curry scanned the crowd and stepped between the ropes. He popped the bones in his neck and turned his attention to the task at hand as he waited for his partner.

“Hero” by Skillet.

And the crowd continued to cheer for his partner and mentor! Raising his arms to the crowd was Matt Haddon and he turned his attention to the ring.

“And his partner, weighing in at 245 pounds… from Malone, Vermont, he is the former Keystone Champion… MATT HADDON!

The Founding Father as he was known backstage made his way to the ring and bumped fists with his newest star pupil before the two entered the ring to greet The HighTowers.


Haddon met up with the 6’7” Jacob Sterling and the two locked up! Sterling grabbed him by the head and locked him in a Headlock. Haddon backed up into the ropes and then sent him flying, but when he came back, the large nbW hopeful knocked him down with a Shoulder Block!

Sterling had a flashy smirk on his face before running the ropes. He came back with a move, but Haddon quickly caught him and snapped him over with an Arm Drag takedown. He got back up a second time… second verse, same as the first! Sterling tried to get back up to his feet and swung at Haddon with a Clothesline, he missed, but the Flying Shoulder Tackle off the rebound did not!

The No Brand Dad got back to his feet and the tag was made to Jax Curry! The crowd roared with approval for their fellow countryman as Haddon picked up Sterling to allow Curry to bury a few good right hands into his chest. He then pummeled him with vicious Elbow Smashes to the head. After his match with Ravage on Slam 99, he was fighting with more intensity than he had before – being cheated out of his match on Slam was clearly taking its toll on the nbW Super Rookie.

He tried to go for a Belly to Belly Suplex on Jacob, but he elbowed him to free himself from the strike and then made the tag to Johnny, who climbed up to the top turnbuckle. He took flight…


He was 6’5” and the more athletic half of the duo, connecting with a big move on Curry!



Curry kicked out!

Jacob picked up Jax and tried to go for another move of some sort in the form of a Vertical Suplex… but instead, Curry picked HIM up! And he held him up in the middle of the ring…

Five seconds…

Ten seconds…

TWENTY seconds…

And then came crashing down with a huge Delayed Vertical Suplex!

The Quiet Fury sat up and he flexed his pecs before he turned over to his mentor and made the tag. Haddon waited on the top turnbuckle, waiting for Johnny to stand and when he did, he came off the top with a Diving Shoulder Tackle this time around!




Haddon picked up Johnny and tried to go for a Kneebreaker that he called the One-Two Combo (it would lead to a Belly to Back Suplex), but instead, Johnny elbowed his way free and then backed Haddon into their corner! From there, the tag was made back to Jacob! The two brothers whipped The Founding Father into the ropes and then doubled him over with a kick before they took him over with a huge Double Belly to Back Suplex from high in the air!

The Founding Father was grounded by two men he had a hand in training in and now they were going to use this platform to make a statement that they were ready for bigger things. Jacob ran off the ropes and delivered a big Flying Knee Drop right into the head of Haddon just as Johnny came from the other side and then nailed a Leg Drop! The cover followed.




Haddon kicked out!

The former Keystone Champion was grounded by Johnny who was now locking him in an Abdominal Stretch, trying to work Haddon over.

“Tap out, old man, it’s a young man’s game now!” Johnny shouted.

“I’m 39, asshole!” Haddon yelled back.

He tried to keep him grounded, but Haddon fought through it and tried to twist around… he then reversed the hold into a more painful Cobra Twist submission on Johnny Sterling! The submission was locked in tightly with nowhere for him to go, but when Jacob ran into the ring to break up the cover…


Haddon released the hold and Jacob played his hand too soon! Haddon shoved him away and now the tag was made…


The crowd now popped as The Quiet Fury made his way into the ring! He gave up some height to both members of The HighTowers, but he had a low center of gravity and was a great blend of both speed and power! He ran right into Johnny first and smashed into him with a Running Forearm Smash!

One for Johnny!

One for Jacob!

They were both stunned when Curry rushed forward and TACKLED Jacob Sterling into the nearby corner! He pointed at Johnny Sterling on the other side of the ring, running him into the corner with a Spear Tackle! He then pulled him out of the corner and then threw him overhead with a Spinning Back Suplex…


He took down Johnny with the huge move and laid him out flat! He was about to go for a cover but then he saw Jacob coming. He grabbed him by the waist and THREW him overhead with a huge Belly To Belly Suplex!

The big suplex sent him ass over teakettle and he was back up to his feet, but Curry ran off the adjacent side…


He was a one-man army that shredded BOTH of the HighTowers and the crowd loved it! He flexed his pecs in a dancing fashion and let out a roar as he stood right over the fallen body of Johnny. Jacob was already laid out, but Haddon got into the ring to prevent any more interference…


His version of the Alabama Slam put him down on the mat while Curry raised his arms and then POWERED the 6’7” Johnny Sterling off the mat, much to the absolute shock of the crowd…





The Deadlift German Suplex scored the win for his team and even though The HighTowers put up a fair showing for themselves, Jax Curry had laid waste to both brothers and showed that he was still a forced to be reckoned with in the ring as the premier rookie standout.


Haddon and Curry had their arms raised, but then Curry motioned for a microphone. Adria said that he had a lot to say about what happened between he and Ravage on Slam 99 and that tonight, he had a question in mind.

“Ravage…” Curry said. “We aren’t done.”

He turned to Haddon, who nodded silently telling him it was okay to continue.

“You and Birkin against Haddon and I… at Legacy!”

The crowd POPPED for that! Curry had been making all sorts of waves ever since defeating nbW’s self-proclaimed most Decorated and Celebrated athlete.

“You want us?”

The voice came from Ravage who now walked out from the back with Charlie Birkin and his fiancé, Ali Carr, right behind them.

“Of course you want a piece of me still, junior,” Ravage said. “You can’t stand the fact that I’m better than you, but I beat you straight-up. You got played, son, so you can kiss our asses.”

“That’s right, mate!” Charlie Birkin added. “We’re the best that’s in, mate, and soon we’ll be makin’ a play for the Dynasty Tag Titles!”

Haddon took the microphone and pointed at Ravage.

“All you did was prove that you had to cheat to beat a rookie, Ravage, you haven’t proven SHIT!” He paused for another crowd pop. “So if you REALLY want to prove how good you are, then you’ll take us up on our challenge!”

Ravage grew red in the face at that comment.

“You shut your fucking mouth, Haddon! The only thing that you’re good at is being a hanger-on. That’s all you’ve ever been. You’re a barnacle hanging on the ass of the ship of life. You’re a parasite who has to feed off people more popular than you to stay relevant. You’re a joke. Always have been, always will be.”

Haddon growled, but Curry then took the microphone and had one word for both people.



The message could not have been clearer than that and the crowd responded. Ravage took the microphone.

“You stupid rookie… if you want Birkin and I to embarrass you that bad… you’re on! This ends at Legacy and this ends with us standing over your broken bodies when we’re done with you! We’re going to rip limbs, break bones and take you all out. For GOOD.”

Ravage and Birkin had one more staredown with Curry and Haddon. The four men locked eyes with another match being made. Now that they were ready to fight…

Legacy was only a matter of time, but it would be Curry and Ravage looking to put this issue to bed with help from their respective seconds! Curry and his mentor, Matt Haddon against Ravage and his newest pupil, Charlie Birkin!.





Coming back ringside the Hellion Sisters are seen walking down to the ramp not giving a care to the fans. Brent Williams stood in the ring and greeted them by announcing: “This next match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, now making her way to the ring accompanied by Circe Hellion, From Elsworth, Maine, at five foot eleven, she is MELANTHA HELLION!”

Melantha stepped up on the apron and over the ropes, bypassing Brent with a silent shoulder as she took to her corner and Circe walked around and stepped up on the stairs next to her outside the ring.

‘Pretty Little Psycho’ by Porcelain Black.

As the curtains were tossed aside the eager woman stepped out on the stage to the cheer of her fans. Behind Zhalia Fears was Michele Couli. Out to provide an evening of the odds rather than moral support most likely.

“And her opponent, from the United Kingdom, at five foot eight, she is the Kimera, ZHALIA FEARS!”

Leaving her behind, Zhalia sprinted down the left side of the ramp and slapped hands with the fans before coming to a stop at the corner and leaning in for a selfie with them. She then focused in on the ring and dove under the ropes before walking over to the near-camera side and leaning out over them. ‘Keep watching Zhaliphires.’ She bounced back and waited the bell.

Ding ding ding.

Just a tad too short on the turn around as Melantha rocked her with a high boot right to the chest. Fears knocked back into the ropes and barely gathered her wits before Melantha had her from behind and propelled her up and over with a release german suplex. Circe cheered her colleague on while Michelle was slowly shaking her head with a palm on her face.

Melantha charged back at her arm extended, Zhalia ducked under to avoid, and snap a leg around to kick the larger woman in the shoulder. A second from the other leg, followed by two more in rapid succession before ending off with a dropkick meant to reel Melantha back. Which it did.

Using the ropes she performed springboard plancha to take Melantha down to the mat, however instead of a pinning predicament she was caught in her arms and swung around like a bag of potatoes before being deposited on her back across the knee of her opponent.

Unlike her partner, fellow sister, Circe Hellion, Melantha wasn’t a grappler or MMA specialist. Her style was all strikes and power. Fears on the other hand was prone for high risk maneuvers no matter the opponent or cost. So despite being shove off the knee of Melantha, she scurried up to her feet and across the ring into the ropes again, and came back with a running forearm.

It was expected and Melantha caught her arm tight, to which Fears smiled and spun on her heel with the back of her boot connecting to the side of her head. Knocking loose, and knocking a few brain cells loose as well.

And rattle her. Melantha shoved Fears into the corner, then refused to let her get past her, cutting her off at the past either direction attempted. With a shrug she leapt up on the second buckle and flew off into her, was caught, but she quickly dropped through and off to the backside of her. Smiling and mouthing ‘escaped’. Then fire off with rapid forearms - right into a spinebuster!

Kicking her in the ribs with her boot, Melantha rolled her on her back and pressed her boot down on the chest, squeezing out the gasps of air she had. She then leaned down to pull her to her feet but Fears fought back. Only to get carried backward into the corner and slammed back. Head whiplashing off the top buckle.

Melantha launched her up and over before she could recover, nearly out of the ring with her strength there. Fears was out of it and Melantha charged in with a legdrop to the back. Circe gave her the nod to finish things off, so she rolled her over and hooked the leg.




So close! So soon! But Zhalia kicked free and before Melantha could hit her she slid herself backward to avoid, and leaped over the raising Melantha, catching her head with a bulldog. It wasn’t much but it was a relief moment.

Fears followed in and rushed the leg, wrapping her arms around and catching Melantha off her feet again, but this only lasted for a moment before she was raised off the mat and then dropped face first. Scrappy as always she fought back to her feet and met Melantha with a kick to the stomach, followed with two rapid forearms, only to get a third caught and whipped into the ropes.

Fears rebounded off the ropes with a moonsault! But she was caught mid-air and up on the shoulders before being planted backwards with a samoan drop!

So much for that. The cover once more.



Shoulder thrust from the mat. And once more she slid backward, this time under the ropes to avoid Melantha. At least until she charged at her and tried to knock her from the apron. Fears however caught her arm, and extended it out while draping her leg over the arm - Blackout was in effect here, Couli saw it but the ropes prevented the finish. Fears had something else on mind as she used her other foot to spring from the ropes and landed her other leg high, with the first wrapped around the extended arm and ropes while the other hooked the neck.

It wasn’t pretty but the vine-like submission had Melantha struggling with her neck up against the top rope. Fears used her grip on the ropes to throttle the hold while the official counted and warned her to release or be disqualified.

She took that time to her advantage, and it was definitely working but she had to release and did. Melantha pulled from the ropes and rushed for Zhalia, boot aimed high, but Fears went low and twirled around on her heel to avoid her while landing a crescent kick on Melantha. She followed with rapid kicks in succession to the legs, moving upwards to the ribs and a final jump-kick to knock her back.

Once Melantha stopped moving Fears shot forward and jumped forward and HUGGED Melantha, which immediately planted the larger woman down with a DDT. Fears went for the cover however Melantha was pulled out of the ring by the boot from Circe.

This led to Michelle walking around the corner and shoving her back into the ring post. Circe struck with a quick series of jabs but Couli avoided the third, catching her arm and then grabbing in for a mixture of a suplex back on the floor.

She then scooted to the side just as Zhalia came flying over the ropes with a corkscrew splash into Melantha. And CAUGHT! Melantha swung her around, using her body to knock Couli down, then flung Fears into the post, spinning her about and dropping her on her spine on the top of the steps.

The official warned her but Melantha simply pulled her up again and locked in the full nelson. She knew full well what she was going to do next as the sleeper was applied next. Then Fears was being raised up in the air. And DRIVEN down into the steps with the faceplant!

It had no name, but it did its job. Fears was barely conscious as Melantha rolled into the ring to break the count, then rolled back out. Immediately back on the attack on Fears while taunting Couli, in silence, raising Fears off the steps and dropping her from up high stomach first.

Zhalia shot her arms down and stopped the impact, and when Melantha tried to club her from behind, she dropped to her knees and let the larger woman pass over her, then leapt up on the back with the double knees to the back. Wasn’t the best performance but it gave her a moment to breathe and roll into the ring.

The official neared a ten count by the time Melantha was rolling back in to the ring as well. Zhalia used the entire time to gain her strength and energy, waiting on the other end of the ring. Soon as Melantha was standing she charged across the ring, ducked the obvious clothesline, hit the ropes with both feet for the springboard and was caught by Melantha, but she climbed up higher, rolling over her shoulders and rolled Melantha up!



Kick out, with authority!

Fears nearly flew through the ropes from that, but instead bounced off them. She stayed her ground and waited for Melantha to get to her feet, then goaded her in with another high boot, but she made sure that her leg went over the rope, straddling it. Fears kicked her legs out from under her, and spun her around as needed to deliver PICK YOUR PILL. The deadly Elevated Dragonscrew NECKwhip delivered her fate.

Immediately Zhalia went up top looking for her corkscrew moonsault.


And connected.




Fears shot to her feet as the official raised her arm.

Lights. Out.
No not Couli’s spiked boot aimed at Fears skull - Rather the arena lights went out.

Two lights of flame lit up on either side of the ring. The arena lights returned and Melantha was outside the ring to the left, while on the right was Circe. Both held up kendo sticks, with their ends lit up in flames. Pointing them towards the ring. Couli rushed the ring from the far end of the ringside area, and joined Fears inside as the two women stepped up on the apron.

Both went on the attack, but the kendo sticks struck through the ropes. Melantha still feeling the neckwhip wasn’t quite as quick on the attack and Fears managed to grab hold of the kendo stick but the lights went out again. This time a third lit up on the entrance aisle. It reduced the distance down the ramp to the ring then was behind Fears as the lights returned and Lucretia struck her over the head.

Couli saw this, and knocked Circe back off the apron to the ground then went on the attack on Lucretia, or tried to. Melantha was there with the thunderous Boot to the face, immediately putting her down with the stomp. Lucretia raised the lit kendostick and drove it down into the chest of Michelle.

She immediately swatted at her chest, thankful there was no flames at the moment. Fears then leapt up on the back of Lucretia, causing her to stumble backward. Circe returned to the ring and joined Melantha on a stomp down of their former leader in Michelle Couli. Lucretia rushed back into the post, then struck with a backfist that knocked Fears through them to the ground.

Opening up her cloak, Lucretia pulled out two of those orbs and the fans knew what was coming next as she held them high above the stretched out body of Couli. She grinned and stretched her own arms out then tossed the two homemade fire grenades up in the air, watching as they came crashing down-

On Fears!

With a urgent dive into the ring Fears covered Couli, but would be regretting it later as the contents exploded on her back. Thankfully the official was still ringside and pulled out the fire extinguisher and was quick to spray it down.

The three women however raised their kendosticks once more, and Lucretia ignited them. Then the three drove them down into the back of Fears, and exposed arm of Michelle.

With a laughter akin to that of a Harpy cry, the three women held the kendostick out and connected the ends above the two women.

Lucretia dropped to her chest and just stared at the two women. Then grabbed the face of Couli, turning it to face her.

“You two. Them. Me. LEGACY.”

Circe echoed the statement with a shout: “LEGACY!”

Melantha stood silent and simply nodded her head before joining the other two in exiting the ring.

Time for the cleanup as we fade on out. Legacy can’t come soon enough.

Decisions II

McKnight's Office

The camera opened up on McKnight, sitting in his chair all professional like, before greeting the viewers.

"In just a few weeks NBW will return to Toronto for the biggest event of the year in our sport - LEGACY. During which we will see Championships defended, Decade long rivalries clash, and much more. It is truly a stacked card!" Trent stated with a sense of pride. "Included in that will be the Keystone Championship defended by one Alex Reyn against Jonny Bedlam." He paused as the fans cheered for Bedlam. "Which means that all decisions against Alex Reyn for his horrendous acts against Max Hopper, will be put on hold - for now."

That of course got boos from an arena full of Hopper maniacs.

"However, NBW has always had a strict policy for attacking management or officials. And while we don't air the repercussions each and every time, each of our competitors that do so end up being fined. Therefore, as the behavior and actions of Alex Reyn were completely on point to end Hopper's career, or possibly more. I, by approval of the Board and Jack Harmen, am fining Alex Reyn-"

He paused as the fans held their breath in anticipations.

"Five Hundred-"

He somewhat smiled: "Thousand dollars." Straight-faced, "That's right. Half a million. This isn't some joke or some random guesstimate. This is a Zero Tolerance policy taking front and center. Harmen may be the general manager however his edict was for me to make a decision and that is what this is." Trent paused, "I am also going to raise that fine by one hundred thousand for each of your opponents you go over board on, or attack in the back, or in other ways assault."

The fans cheered but many were surprised at the amount. And no doubt so was Reyn somewhere in the back.

"So Alex, here is how it will go. You will have until Legacy to pay your fine. You will defend your Championship against Jonny Bedlam at Legacy, and that will not change. And if by some chance you do succeed in the defense, you will have the fine paid before the night is over. Otherwise, we will open up NBW's One Hundredth episode of SLAM with me stripping you of the Keystone title-" That brought the cheers in full once more. "Before firing you on the spot!" Trent looked stern and studied the camera for a moment. "Consider your actions from this step forward."

The scene faded off as Trent went back to work.




Calling out... the Monster


There was no music. There was no need. As we returned ringside the Paragon of the Industry stood in the center of the ring, sight set on the stage. Zed however was without his heavy in Rune.

“Well, you heard what I was going to do.” Zed stated in the microphone. “I carried you on my back to the Blitzkrieg Championship. You were handed the Tag Team titles by the former CEO Xander Napoli. And handed the NBW World Heavyweight Championship on a silver platter thanks to Thaddeus Boyle forcing Napoli to defend the title.”

Zed ignored the boos and cheers at the names mentioned. He wasn’t there for the fans.

“Thanks to myself you reigned as the Blitzkrieg champion as your lost Egyptian Pharaoh self. The very title that the former Sweet Daddy K you know all too well, Ohiyama, holds and will be defending in a Triple Threat.” Zed looked at the near camera, “Of course if he were a fighting champion, he would make it a Fatal Fourway.” Then back to the ring, “So at Legacy, it will be the very best damn competitor to enter this ring, the Paragon of the Industry, ME against the Monster…”

Zed waited.

And waited.

“That is if you climb out from your hole of shame following your elimination at Twenty five to life that lasted as long as a teen on prom night.”

That seemed to work. The lights went out, the EpiCenter lit up on the stage. A roaming view of the innards of a pyramid were in view, as a sarcophagus was put in focus. The lid slid to the side, as a single gloved hand reached out and grabbed the side.

The V entrance lit up with a digital smoke plume as fog rolled in from under the stage and down to the ring.

'Power of Immortality' stared to play - but not over the arena speakers, rather from on the EpiCenter.

The gloved hand pulled the lid off to the side as a similar looking lid suddenly was pulled open on the left of the stage. The unmistakeable mask and cloak rose from the depths as a single dark grey spotlight shone down on the stage.

'Dark Cemetery' by Fietcher Brothers then started up in place of Power of Immortality.

The figure emerged and walked across the fog to the center of the stage, raising his head and getting a sudden chant rising.





From off to the side and behind came the charging form of Rune with a earth shattering pounce that knocked Torment off to the side. Zed smiled in the ring. “Do it!”

Rune nodded, and grabbed Torment and raised him up with the Gorilla Press.


With a thrust to the throat Torment dropped to the ground and shot a second off, he then sent the knee low as Rune clutched his throat. Then looked down at the ring while pulling the leaning Rune between his legs. Raising him up for the powerbomb.


The move of the same name, would only be complete with - TORMENT! And of course to round it off properly, the triple powerbomb came to an end with -


Standing above the may-as-well-be-dead Rune, Torment pointed over at the Legacy banner above the ring. Then as silent as his arrival, he walked over to the hole he emerged from and vanished from sight as the lights returned.

Zed left the ring and walked up the ramp, stopping by Rune. Quite disappointed at his charge. He continued on past and through the exit.

He got his wish.

At Legacy it would be the Monster that terrorizing NBW for years, against the Paragon of the Industry.

But you know how it goes. Be Careful what you wish for.

Keystone Open Challenge


A soft chant began to spread throughout the arena. Starting as a whisper but growing into a chorus as the lights darkened while images began to flicker on the viewers screens. Images of violence, war, and a solitary figure watching it all.

The chanting had grown louder now and the drumbeats of Nightwish’s “Seven Days to the Wolves rose in volume as mist spread throughout the stadium, ghostly images of great heroes and villains forming two parallel lines along the ramp.

The rock part of the song kicked in and thunder roared while fire erupted on the stage, revealing the cowled form of the East Wind Alex Reyn, his hands outstretched over the flames. He was shirtless, save for an open black cloak with a wolf skull mask, the Keystone Championship displayed proudly on his waist. His was body covered in ancient symbols and markings that seemed almost to glow and move in the firelight. 

He began to walk forward and the ghostly figures knelt as he approached them, only to rise up as he passed them as if more energised, turning to watch as he walked, Reyn himself never breaking eye contact with the ring.

“Howl! Seven days to the wolves
Where will we be when they come?
Seven days to the poison
And a place in heaven
Time drawing near us
They come to take us”

He climbed atop the top rope and Raised the Keystone Belt high! The glow of the golden belt shining brilliantly in the darkness as he faced towards the stage. Almost as if DARING the other wrestlers to take it from him!

He grabbed a mic. And this time, he was terse and to the point.

“Come out and fight me.”

The fans waited, wondering who would come to answer this challenge…

Their question was answered as Pulse wrestler The Silencer’s theme hit the airwaves and the menacing figure began to make his way to the ring as The East Wind eyed him with interest.

Soon, The Silencer was in the ring, and the match was on.


For once, Reyn seems a little slower than usual. More hesitant, and The Silencer instantly takes advantage.  Charging towards the East Wind, he actually manages to take him off guard and ram him into the corner. Delivering a sequence of shoulderblocks as Reyn hammers down with elbows.

A few elbow shots do force The Silencer to back up a bit, but he quickly uses that distance to charge again.

Reyn is a little swifter on the draw this time though, and dropkicks The Silencer’s knee. Sending him face first into the middle turnbuckle! Immediately backing into the opposite corner. Alex charged in and hit a running corner dropkick to the back of Silencer’s neck! The momentum of the attack carrying alex through the ropes and outside of the ring!

The East Wind landed deftly, his balance and poise as good as ever. But fans and commentary noted that he wasn’t getting back in the ring as quickly as he normally would. In fact, he was breathing shallowly, and for a brief second, he even touched a hand to his lower ribs. As if favouring that area.

Of course, that was all the time The Silencer needed to recover, roll out the ring and hit a running STO to Alex on the outside!

Reyn was instantly rolled back in the ring and the cover was made.





The match had barely started, and ALREADY a two count? This was not like the East Wind at all. Even the crowd, while still pleased with the results, couldn’t help but feel there was something off.

Capitalising on his unexpected advantage, The Silencer applied a grounded side headlock to Alex Reyn. Reyn tried to struggle out, but The Silencer’s weight advantage and whatever was going on with Reyn allowed him to keep control.

Unfortunately, The East Wind was just as savvy as ever and struck Silencer on the jaw with a palmstrike, making him release the hold!

Reyn rolled to his feet and KNEED Silencer in the face before hitting the ropes and striking him with a low running dropkick!

But once again, it took Reyn an unusually long time to get to his feet. And once again, he seemed to be favouring his ribs.

Had that midair dropkick from Yuma in last weeks match done more damage than they realised?

Alex rose to his feet again and hit the ropes again, coming in for another attack.

But this time, The Silencer caught him with a AA style Spinebuster!





Once again though, The Silencer pressed his advantage. Locking in a bodyscissors. Targeting those obviously damaged ribs and making it harder for Alex to breathe.

Compounding matters, he tried to lock in a sleeper on the East Wind, only for Reyn to rock him with a headbutt and roll them both over so he was on top! Raining down punch after punch!

The attack was sloppy though, less co-ordinated. And The Silencer was able to block and roll them over so that HE was on top! Raining down forearms!  Alex managed to parry enough to slip his arms around and CLAP them against The Silencer’s ears! Stunning him with an explosion of noise!

Guillotine Choke applied!

Alex wrenched back on the hold, squeezing down on Silencer’s neck with all his might as The Silencer struggled to get out of it! He hammered down blows on the East Wind, but Alex was not letting go!

In a display of strength, The Silencer began to stand to his feet, carrying the 200lb Alex Reyn and trying to shake him off. But The East Wind was like a pitbull, and refused to release his grip. Silencer was starting to stumble, losing his energy as Reyn squeezed tighter and tighter around his neck. He rammed Reyn into the corner, repeatedly trying to smash his back against the turnbuckle. But while that would have normally dislodged the East Wind, the desperation of his situation gave him strength. He NEEDED to maintain this choke. It could be the only chance he had for victory!

The Silencer backed up, trying to ram Reyn into the corner again, but this time The East Wind managed to brace his feet on the middle turnbuckle, spin himself around, and…

Tornado DDT!  He rolls them both over…

Guillotine Choke reapplied! The Silencer is struggling…

JUST makes it to the ropes!

Reyn held as long as he could, but at the four count, even he was forced to break the hold. The thought of keeping the title on a technicality revolted him more than losing.

That may have been a costly mistake however, as deep bruises were already starting to form on his back from where he’d been rammed into the corner. As Reyn stood up slowly, The Silencer rolled to the outside to LITERALLY get his breathe back. Putting him in perfect positioning for Ascendant’s Wrath…

Which made it all the more shocking for the audience that Reyn DIDN’T go for that move.

He couldn’t afford to though. With his ribs in the state they were in, a single misstep on that move would be the end of him.

Instead, he shifted his feet back, moving into his combat stance to await The Silencer, who did NOT disappoint. Charging towards his clearly injured opponent and looking for a double leg takedown.

However, while Reyn’s body was slowed, his mind was just as sharp as ever and he caught Silencer with a drop toehold, immediately dashing to the ropes, Reyn hit a running dropkick to the side of The Silencer’s knee! The Silencer dropped low again, and the ruthless Reyn grabbed him by the head and neck. Driving knee after knee into his temple until The Silencer blocked the knee and lifted Reyn up into a fireman’s carry! The previous knees had disoriented him however, and that allowed Reyn to slip out behind the larger man and take him down with a vicious chopblock!

The Silencer crumpled, and Reyn grabbed him by the ankle, pulling his leg towards the corner and slipping out the ring.

Then, just like he had done with Johan, he pushed his feet against the post for leverage, grabbed The Silencer’s ankle with both hands, and WRENCHED the side of his knee against the ringpost!

The Silencer was a little stronger than J.A.C though, and pulled his leg free! Yanking Alex face first into the ringpost in the process!

The Silencer managed to pull himself to his feet, but he was moving with a limp now and Alex was quick to slide into the ring and take advantage, kicking The Silencer repeatedly in the back of his knee.

That was until The Silencer caught Reyn’s leg and threw him overhead with a capture suplex!

The move slammed Reyn on his back, but it also put even MORE pressure on The Silencer’s leg, making him slow to get up and capitalise on his opponent’s state.

As he limped over to his opponent, Reyn suddenly  lunged forward and grabbed his leg! Clearly going for a Single leg takedown! But even with a bad knee, The Silencer was too good of a mat wrestler for that to work.

Until Reyn turned it into a Dragon Screw!

The move put enormous torque on The Silencer’s leg and he stumbled back, collapsing in the corner!

Basement dropkick from Reyn!

Immediately, he grabbed Silencer and pulled him out of the corner. He tried to go up top, but his ribs slowed him down and Silencer grabbed him and pulled him into a schoolboy pin!




And that was when The Silencer’s knee gave out.


The move was latched on, and Reyn once again began to wrench as The silencer once again tried to stand, but the damage to his leg was making it difficult as Reyn’s hold restricted circulation to his brain.

He managed it though, slowly standing to his feet, carrying the weight of the Keystone Champion…

Until Reyn shifted his hips, and swung both feet into The Silencer’s knee before DDTing him into the mat!

The move spiked The Silencer on his head and the guillotine was reapplied. Slowly, unable to stand on his bad knee and with the oxygen being cut off from his brain, The Silencer began to fade and go limp. The referee checked his hand once.


 One Last Time.

The Silencer was out.

The referee called for the bell and The East Wind rolled off his opponent, grabbing his belt and limping out the ring. Deep bruises showing on his lower ribs.

The Third


Backstage in the usually busy trainers room where Jenna Perry, fresh off the boat so to speak as she took over the position that Sallie Reynolds once held, was busy working on the back of Fears.

It was like a scene taken from a massage parlor, as her top was off but while this isn’t PG program, we’re still classy! Probably. Couli on the other hand had a towel wrapped around her front, with an shoulder ice pack over her chest and shoulder.

“What was that?” Couli asked as she sat back against the wall, looking over at Fears.

“What?” She turned her head and looked over to Michelle. “We knew they would attack us again.”

“Yeah, but I mean.” She paused and considered. “Why’d you jump on top of me knowing what that psycho bitch was doing?”

“Hey Jenna,” she looked up to her, “could you please do me a favor and get me a Root Beer out of the machine down the hall? My mouth is scorched, no pun intended.” She looked up at Jenna, giving her sad puppy dog eyes.

“Alright doll, just don’t move. I’m not done yet.”

She waited for Jenna to walk out of the room then turned back to Couli.

“It is who I am, Michelle. I will put my own life on the line for my friends. That does not-”

“We’re not friends.”

Fears laughed: “Fine fine, then my frienemies.”

“...” she let it slide and didn’t bother following up on that. “So according to that weasel Richie, McKnight’s made this match at Legacy. That psycho bitch and the cunt-stains off my heels for the last few years, against myself and you..” she sighed and then finished, “and a third.”

“Yeah, well… “ Fears leaned up and propped her arms over the top of her collarbone so she could rest on them. “That should be interesting. I mean I could name a dozen women in NBW right now and down on Pulse that I would love to team up with. But-”

“They won’t team with me, because they are ungrateful little tramps.”

“Right and wrong. It is more that you and those sisters made a habit of putting them on the injured list.”


“So, getting help… will not be easy. However-” She paused for a moment.

“Well?” Couli looked up over at her. “What?”

“I know someone that may be up to it. Just, I will talk to her first.”

“Let me guess. I put her down too?” Couli questioned with a hint of a smile.

“Yeah… But I think we can count on her. I will talk to her and hopefully she will be there for us.” Before she could finish Jenna walked back in the room with a bottle of A&W and handed it to Fears, who nearly turned all the way over to grab for it, letting her towel slip. Thanks to the camera positioning all the viewers got was the backside of Jenna before Fears fixed herself up and took a swig. “Ahhhhhhhhhhh~!” she half-moaned with a shiver as the brisk taste took away the heat she still felt on her back.

Michelle just looked at her and then over to Jenna: “I take it that Lipton is for me?”

Maybe, maybe not, but Jenna handed her the second bottle of Tea as we faded out.




Hall of Fame Inductee


The NBW logo appeared on screen while the voice of Trent McKnight spoke.

"Every year NBW see's new talented stars born and developed. Several years ago during one of NBW's darkest times, then Champion High Flyer lost his World Championship to the CEO, Xander Napoli. Everyone was left watching as the title would be held at the top of the mountain with nobody to take it - because the CEO would not have it be. It wasn't long after that championship victory the newly hired Cleaner, later the man to run NBW, Thaddeus Boyle, set a World Championship defense for Napoli in a match he expected to win. Instead he faced the monster Torment, not caring for the alliance, and was beat. That night would not come to an end. The sweet, sweet tunes of Dean Martin would lead to a change."

'That's Amore' played over the background as a familiar form appeared on screen and the fans went nuts. Fighting the monsterous Torment with everything he had while his mentor cheered him on. That man was the Superstar of Bogata, Ali Amore. He would go on to seal his victory with a beautiful shooting star press to win the NBW World Heavyweight Title.

"He would go on to having tremendous matches for years, leading into one of his most emotional runs ever as the Keystone Champion. Before he would lose the title to Max Hopper, Ali Amore fought all challengers with true heart, ambition and of course... skill. Be it with both arms and one hundred percent healthy, or down to one arm while the other rested within a cast for the better part of the year."


A brief highlight video showcased Ali Amore's athletic ability and determination with a series of clips form his various matches, while focusing near the end on his feud with the Rich Family and finally Max Hopper. Where the final Hopper-Can-Rana had him down on the shoulders.

"Over the years Columbia's 4th Greatest Export became the heart of not only the locker-room, but NBW as a whole. And it is with great honor that we announced that joining Derecho in this year's Hall of Fame Class, will be none other than the Superstar of Bogata, ALI AMORE!"

The fans cheered in the arena as the EpiCenter faded out on the smiling face of Ali Amore.

Dynasty Tag Title Contract Signing


“Legacy has a STACKED card coming up!” Adria Hoyt said, “and we’ve got another huge match made official following the end of Slam 99’s blockbuster ten-man tag! Brock Newbludd and Clan Strongbern were victorious and because of that, Clan Strongbern now have the rematch they’ve wanted against The A-List for the Dynasty Tag Team Titles and that will take place at Legacy! And Trent McKnight will be in the ring momentarily to make the signing for that match official!”

“I dunno who to pick in that one,” Bernie Vaughn replied. “The In Crowd got dat money tho… but Clan Strongbern wreck people and it’s pretty awesome.”

“Tough one to call, and The A-List don’t know which two members of Clan Strongbern will be competing for the titles unless they say something tonight, but maybe we’ll find out. Let’s go to the ring right now with Trent McKnight and Richie Keal for tonight’s contract signing.”

And it’s to the ring we go with a contract and a table all set up for this official signing. Outside the ring were a wall of over a dozen members of security for this signing to make sure things didn’t get too physical before Legacy.

“Hello fans!’ Trent said. “Thanks for joining us tonight for Victory! Right now, we will have Clan Strongbern and The A-List come out to make the Dynasty Tag Team Title match official for Legacy with this contract signing!”

The crowd popped.

“Security are here to make sure things go smoothly, but I will say this right now… if ANY member of either Clan Strongbern or The A-List start something tonight, I will be left with no choice but to suspend Clan Strongbern for a month WITHOUT pay…


“...And I will also STRIP The A-List of the Dynasty Tag Team titles!”


Big stakes tonight to keep everybody on their best behavior. After Trent finished flexing his GM big boy pants, he let Richie do the introductions.

“All right, my turn! Introducing… The challengers for the titles… Clan Strongbern!”

He gestured to the stage and a rugged guitar riff hit the speakers.


Another guitar riff.


One more guitar riff.


“Kill It (Strongbern Death Mix)” by Fight.

The theme erupted from the arena speakers with a thundering boom as the lights in the arena went pitch-black. Suddenly, a HUGE spotlight shone on the stage and one by one, the monsters came out.
“Little” Ricky Strongbern, the near-seven footer… yep, STILL sadly in barbarian attire.
The monstrous powerhouse Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern in his camo vest and attire.
The wild attack dog, Ri-Khan Strongbern, who grabbed the camera and let loose a loud growl! Still in his warpaint and camo attire.
And of course…
The camera panned down to show Big Rick Strongbern. 5’9” and 220 of the nastiest pounds you ever done saw’d walking out with his arms behind his back like the ring general he claimed to be. The Generalissimo of Clan Strongbern stomped toward the ring with a look of determination on his face and scanned the arena. The heavily mixed (mostly positive) cheers led them to the ring. Ri-Khan, Rik, and Little Ricky entered and behind them, Big Rick climbed over the ropes in his “typical giant” fashion before he scanned the vicinity. They took one side of the table and the music cut before Richie did his next intro.

“Now the champions… with their own personal security, The Law… The Dynasty Tag Team Champions… The A-List!”

Backstage, we see the duo of El Principe and VIP leave their private locker room and make the short walk to the curtains where a couple of guards salute them and march towards the ringside area.  Waiting there, and we're talking about a matter of yards, is a limousine.  One of the guards hands the esteemed individuals over to a chauffeur, who opens the door for them to get in.

“Bright Lights, Bigger City” by Ceelo Green.
Ridiculously slow and short, the driver escorts them for ten seconds or so prior to getting out himself and holding the door yet again, this time for the ego-inflated outfit to step out.
A red carpet leading to the steps is trodden by the twosome, Principe in front, and they wipe their feet again before the ring is graced with THEIR presence.
Price and El Principe enjoyed the jeers of the fans as right behind them, Brady and Strauss - The Law - appeared at their side and accompanied them on down to ringside. Once they reached the ring, both the A-List members raised their titles in the air. After they entered the ring, VIP raised the Dynasty Tag Team Championship over his head and El Principe flaunted the belt over the table, almost daring Big Rick to try something. Big Rick wanted to sock him, but Little Ricky pulled him back.

“I’M GONNA FUCK HIM UP!” Big Rick screamed.

“Stop or you’ll get us all suspended!” Little Ricky protested. “Did you not just hear McKnight say that?”

The A-List continued to taunt their challengers with the gold and their music faded out. They placed the belts on the table and then turned to Trent as he started this contract signing.

“Okay, if anybody would like to say their piece before signing the contract to make this match official, the…”

Big Rick grabbed the microphone right out of Trent’s hand and the crowd cheered as he paced around their side of the squared circle. The original namesake of Clan Strongbern turned to Victor and El Principe and cackled.


Big Rick smirked and gestured to Rik, who reached at the table and brought him the contract.


Big Rick signed the contract and then threw it down on the table. El Principe went to pick it up as VIP chuckled.

“That’s it?” VIP asked with a snort. “We’ve been kick-”


The crowd POPPED at Big Rick as he continued.


VIP’s head sank and he turned to El Principe.

“Is he really doing Independence Day?”

“Yep,” Trent said with a slightly depressed voice. El Principe shrugged while Big Rick continued.


The crowd continued cheering! Rik deadpan put his hand over his heart, Ri-Khan snarled and Little Ricky buried his face in his hands.


Big Rick pointed a finger at The A-List.






And with that, he got a HUGE ovation from the crowd as Big Rick took a bow. Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern and Ri-Khan both clapped enthusiastically while Little Ricky groaned. VIP grabbed a microphone off the table and then turned the contract.

“These people cheer you, but all it’s done is make you pricks go softer than a dick at a roller derby.”

The crowd now booed as Victor handed the contract over to El Principe for his Juan Hancock.

“You can fire off all the movie ripoffs and cute little speeches all you want, but we’re the A-List and as members of the In Crowd, WE run all the divisions, not you. You guys dominated for a little while, sure. You beat The Unstoppables twice. But so did Prince and I and WE did it first. You guys were hot for a minute, but that stopped the moment you tried to take these belts from us! You already tried once to take these belts from us. YOU LOST. You tried to take on The Law. YOU LOST. Sure… you quote-unquote “earned” this match by winning the ten-man tag, but here’s the bottom line for you…”

Victor pointed at Rick.

“Brock won that match. Not you. We own you bitches and you watching Independence Day a million times to work on that speech doesn’t change the facts. We’ve had your number since you came after these belts and if we were to fight you tonight, we’d STILL have your number!”

El Principe signed the contract and then gave it back to Victor to sign. He confidently signed it.

“We got The Law. We got the gold. And there ain’t a damn thing that any of you ogres can do about it.”

He threw the clipboard on the table and Trent McKnight picked it up. Big Rick and the rest of Clan Strongbern stared them down, but the facts were right - in the last couple of matches they fought each other in, The A-List had seemingly cracked the code to hand Clan Strongbern. Big Rick growled and then SHOVED the table over!


The crowd popped for some action! Richie Keal hid behind Trent while Clan Strongbern, The A-List and The Law all were ready to fight. The security on the outside of the ring started to turn in case they were needed, but Trent McKnight jumped on the microphone.

“Hey!” Trent yelled. “I told you what would happen if you laid a hand on another before the show… but I’ll tell you what…”

He turned to A-List.

“Since you’re so confident that you could beat them and you clearly want to get some aggression out, how about this… Any one of you, I don’t care who it is…” he turned to Clan Strongbern. “...against any one of you! Security will remove this table, get us an official and we’ll have that match right now!”

Rik, Ri-Khan and even Little Ricky himself wanted to jump in, but Big Rick waved them off.


Victor had the microphone.

“You want one of us, you mental midget?” Victor asked. “Okay, then I’m going to take… a step back and let El Principe take you on tonight!”

El Principe was always in a mask, but you could tell he didn’t expect that!

“That’s right! Get ‘em!” Victor shouted.

El Principe got over the shock of being suddenly nominated by his partner for duty and then turned to Big Rick, ready to fight.

“Okay, get me a referee, get this stuff cleaned up and we’ll have ourselves a match!”

The crowd started to turn crazy because coming up next, it was Big Rick Strongbern vs. El Principe after this break!

Stay tuned!




Main Tale of the Tape

“Well, we’re back from break,” Adria Hoyt said. “After a Contract Signing that almost came to blows between Clan Strongbern and The A-List, Trent McKnight made a singles match between the two teams. Standing by now is referee Slim J and in the ring are both representatives for each side. Big Rick Strongbern versus one half of the nbW Dynasty Tag Team Champions, El Principe!”

“Price was right, Adria,” said Bernie Vaughn. “I know that C.G. Gains gets his panties all wet for Clan Strongbern, but these four have been going soft ever since the crowd started actually CHEERING them! I don’t know what it is – it could be that Big Rick is nuttier than squirrel crap, it could be that they’re badasses… but The A-List have the money, the brains, the nbW World Heavyweight Champion’s backing… and the Dynasty Tag Team Titles!”

“And now here we go! Big Rick Strongbern versus El Principe! Now let’s go to the ring for the introductions for tonight’s main event and our final match before Legacy!”

Brent Williams adjusts his tie as he stands in the middle of the ring. By now, the table, Trent McKnight and security are all gone, leaving only Big Rick Strongbern and El Principe in the ring with their respective men inside.

“Introducing first… in the corner to my right, representing Clan Strongbern… from Pasadena, California, weighing in at 220 pounds… BIG RICK STRONGBERN!


Big Rick let out a loud roar as he raised a fist in the air. On the floor, Little Ricky, Rik and Ri-Khan all watched his back just in case VIP or The Law tried to get involved.

“And in the corner to my left… Presentamos ... pesa doscientos treinta libras ... desde la Ciudad de México, México ... el príncipe de la corona de la Lucha Libra ... EL PRINCIPE!

El Principe flashed his half of the Dynasty Tag Team Titles over his head and patted it, showing it off to Big Rick, almost daring him to take it.

Slim J called for the bell…


The ringside area was a full house for sure, but now Big Rick and El Principe started to meet in the middle of the ring…


El Principe made the first move and struck Big Rick with a very big, very disrespectful slap to the face! The crowd booed, but El Principe raised his hands in the air as if they had already retained the titles at Legacy.

“!ganador! ¡Perdedor! !ganador! ¡Perdedor!”

He yelled “Winner” and “Loser” over and over again in Spanish, pointing at himself and then Big Rick in that order.

Allow Big Rick a retort.


Big Rick was temperamental person and perhaps El Principe thought it best to play into that. However, what he didn’t expect was the diminutive strongman to shove him into the corner…







He threw a series of six stiff Knife-Edge Chops into the chest of El Principe and WHIPPED him across the ring. When he met him there, Big Rick clocked him with a big Running Clothesline in the corner! El Principe convulsed from the impact and Big Rick then struck him with a hard Headbutt! The blow rocked him and then he threw him to the ring apron.

“TIME TO DIE, PIG!” Big Rick screamed.

He ran off the ropes just as El Principe tried to get his bearings on the ring apron. The Crown Prince of Lucha Libra continued to try and figure out what was going on, but he ate a LOW Dropkick to the back, knocking him off the apron and sending him packing out to the floor!

Brady and Strauss tried to intervene to protect their client, but the other members of Clan Strongbern countered him on the outside and made sure that they couldn’t interfere. In between the two factions, El Principe was on the floor trying to use the apron to pick himself back up. But when he got there…


Big Rick threw himself with all the force he could into an extra impactful Suicide Dive between the middle and bottom rope, knocking El Principe right into the guardrail yet again!


Other than the one slap, Big Rick had been the aggressor for the match this entire bout. Big Rick ignored the crowd’s cheers. Tonight, he was focused on proving The A-List wrong in their assessment that they hadn’t been in their league. Both members of Clan Strongbern and The A-List and The Law kept each other at bay while in the middle of it, Big Rick CLUBBERED away at El Principe with hard shots to the head and back.


Big Rick threw him back inside the ring and then followed him in. El Principe limped back to the corner, but Big Rick immediately saw him there and then ran towards him, catching him with a big Running Spear in the corner! El Principe got gut checked by Big Rick and he followed up the Running Spear by grabbing him by the neck…


He spiked El Principe on the canvas and then stood up. He growled…


Big Rick now made the cover!




El Principe kicked out, but Big Rick grabbed his mask and then clocked him with another right. He scooped him up and then dropped him with another Scoop Slam. Big Rick followed up to the second rope…

But VIP climbed on the second rope!

He tried to stop Big Rick from whatever his next move was going to be, but Big Rick blocked the punch and fired off a right hand of his own to stun VIP. El Principe tried to run at him again, but The King of Strongbern Style caught him with a boot as well…


Despite how much he tried to fight them off in the corner, Slim J was distracted with El Principe and didn’t see Victor shove Big Rick off the second rope, sending him out to the floor now!

Ri-Khan chased VIP off, but the damage had already been done. He hid behind Brady and Strauss.

“Can’t touch me, assholes!” VIP laughed.

El Principe grabbed the back of his head in the ring and shook out the cobwebs before he turned his attention back on his opponent. He waited for Big Rick to get up before he made with his next attack…


He didn’t like Big Rick showing him up, so the Crown Prince of Lucha Libre fired back one of his own, now knocking Big Rick into the guardrail just like he did to him earlier! It took El Principe a few moments to get back up after the beatdown that he threw down on him, but he tossed Big Rick against the ring apron back-first! He then threw him back inside the ring.

El Principe climbed up the steps and got himself back into the ring just as Big Rick tried to get back up. El Principe cut him off quickly by delivering a low Dropkick of his own right to the left knee! Strongbern growled but El Principe got back up only to fire off a second Dropkick to the knee now! After two shots, El Principe picked him up by the side of the leg and dropped him down with a Kneebreaker… and then right into a quick Belly to Back Suplex, bridged into a pin!




Big Rick shoved an arm right up off the mat! El Principe was now in control and Big Rick having his leg worked over expertly by the brilliant technical acumen of The Crowd Prince of Lucha Libre. He grabbed Big Rick’s knee and draped it over the ropes. Big Rick tried to fight back and caught El Principe’s leg with a shot, but a kick to the face knocked him back over before delivering an Aided Seated Senton across the knee!


Big Rick howled out in pain and clutched his knee while El Principe blew kisses at the crowd.

They started to jeer him, but he quickly turned away from them to turn his attention back to big Rick…



He threw out two Knife-Edge Chops to the chest of El Principe and he was stunned, but when Big Rick tried to muster some more offense, one-half of The Dynasty Tag Team Champions grabbed his leg and SNAPPED it over with a vicious Dragon Screw Leg Whip! But that wasn’t all…. El Principe turned that around…


El Principe even leaned backwards to keep Big Rick from being able to turn over the hold. He slapped both of his hands on the mat, trying to keep himself level to prevent any surprise reversals from Big Rick.

“Come on, kick out!” Rik yelled.

Little Ricky and Ri-Khan continued cheering on their leader while El Principe kept the submission hold locked in.

“Do you give up?” Slim J asked.

Big Rick looked at him with confusion.


Slim J shook his head in surprise.


He tried to remain impartial now as he continued to watch Big Rick try and make the ropes.

“Go! Go!” Little Ricky shouted.

Sure, he was the most picked on of Clan Strongbern, but they were so close to the gold now! Big Rick scurried…




He got his hands onto the ropes, but El Principe continued to hold onto the submission for about four extra seconds and then let go to avoid disqualification. He wanted to win this match tonight to put Clan Strongbern in their place right before Legacy approached.

Big Rick tried to get back to his feet, but now his knee was throbbing in pain. The Crown Prince of Lucha Libre sensed it and then went after the leg again…


He clocked him right between the eyes with another Headbutt out of nowhere! He then rolled him up in a Schoolboy…

But not for a pin…


Big Rick still had the strength to DEADLIFT the 230-pound lucha technician before he drilled him into the mat with a modified Powerbomb! Using his good leg, he stacked him up for leverage on the pin!




El Principe kicked out, but the move was exactly what Big Rick needed to come back from the jaws of defeat. Both men were down on the mat now and Big Rick nursed his leg while El Principe stared up at the lights, trying to get back to his feet.


Big Rick slapped the knee to get some feeling back into it just as El Principe started to get back to his feet. He tried to grab the leg again, but Big Rick struck him with a stiff right hand and then a second to make sure that he stayed grounded. He then struck him with two more Knife-edge Chops, spun around, and then cracked him with a second elbow. He tried another, but El Principe blocked a shot and returned fire with one of his own. He hit the ropes and looked to try another Dropkick of some sort, but Big Rick caught him with a Running Forearm to the chest against the ropes...


He planted El Principe face-first into the mat and then as he tried to pick himself up…


The same move that led to Brock Newbludd getting the win for his team clocked El Principe and he followed up with a cover!




It was CLOSE, but El Principe escaped defeat by getting his shoulder off the mat! Still, Big Rick let out another growl and then slashed a thumb across his throat before picking up El Principe by the mask…


He clocked Big Rick with the cheap shot – an extra-stiff Bell Clap - out of nowhere and before the referee could even protest, he rolled him up with a hook of the tights!




VIP couldn’t believe it and neither could El Principe!

“Hell yeah!” Rik yelled.

Little Ricky and Ri-Khan got vocal and cheered on their boss, but El Principe was about to finish him off. He pointed at Brady who stood on the ring apron and was ready to do something, even if it meant El Principe getting himself disqualified!

But it was a ruse as Slim J tried to get into the ring, Victor slid into the ring with one of the Dynasty Tag Team Title belts. He was about to use it as a weapon…


Little Ricky had seen enough and KICKED VIP’s head nearly clean off his shoulders! The crowd then cheered Rik pulled Brady off the ring apron and then decking him with a big right! They continued trady blows and when Strauss tried to interfere…


Ri-Khan evened the odds with a vicious Spin Kick, taking Strauss down!

El Principe still grabbed the Dynasty Tag Title that his partner dropped and in the middle of the ruckus while Slim J was distracted by the fight between Brady and Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern, he continued to fight. He swung at Big Rick…


Big Rick took down El Principe by the arm and maneuvered him right into…


The Cross Face Lock was locked in tightly in the middle of the ring! Strongbern had submitted some very powerful opponents including former nbW World Heavyweight Champion Ali Amore with The Stronghold! Would he claim another victim tonight?

El Principe tried to grab his leg and try a counter, but Big Rick then rolled backwards to keep him from moving, and then LOCKED it in even tighter!




Big Rick did it!

He rolled off of El Principe and then got back to his feet, celebrating a HUGE victory! The A-List and The Law tried their usual tricks, but this time Clan Strongbern mounted a counteroffensive and that led to Big Rick getting the victory!



Big Rick cheered and with this submission victory over one half of the Dynasty Tag Team Champions, they proved that they were more than ready for whatever The A-List and The Law had planned prior to their match at Legacy!

Clan Strongbern celebrated in the ring and the gruesome foursome watched VIP and El Principe lick their wounds as they made their way to the back, with Brady and Strauss in tow. No doubt that they would have The Law in their corner as they had proven their worth as great equalizers to Clan Strongbern.

But Clan Strongbern were ready. In spite of all their success this year, they had yet to taste gold.

Would Legacy be the end of that drought?

You’ll have to watch and find out, won’t you?

Good fight, and good night!


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