Live from the Colisee Pepsi in Quebec City, Canada







McKnight's Office

For the second week straight we skip past the NBW intro video. This time unlike SLAM we’re given a black screen with the words: “Warning: The following clips are violent in nature. Please refrain from allowing your children to view.” After a few seconds the warning disappears and we’re taken back to the Main Event of Victory 3.

A rapid highlight of the night is shown to the lyrics of Johnny Cash’s ‘Hurt’; coming to slowdown where Hopper is countered into the East Wind Cutter, and taken down for the three count. The Keystone officially changing hands. We then cut forward to the brutal assault by Alex Reyn. His punches even more rapid than before thanks to the editing of the clip. They are no more or less impactful than before.

We rapid forward where Reyn has Hopper trapped off the ring at the post, then slow down as Reyn makes his charge across the ring, connecting with the leg of Hopper. This is taken from an alternative angle making it look even worse than it was when seen live. A second angle is shown after this, followed by a shot from the NBW drone that catches the crowd shots.

We close out on Reyn with the Keystone title and Hopper in agony.

Then open up to the disappointed face of Trent McKnight.

“Two weeks ago we all witnessed a tremendous main event between then Keystone Champion Max Hopper and his challenger Alex Reyn. Tonight I would like to be here congratulating the new champion, but actions that were taken have changed that course.”

The fans of course booed those action, after having just seen the replay as well.

“General Manager Jack Harmen has been ordered by the Board to enact a punishment to fit the crime, so to say. Harmen in turn has ordered that as it happened on my watch, on my show Victory, that falls upon myself to figure out.”

With a heavy sigh he continued on.

“Truth is, those actions are well and true enough to overturn the official’s decision as by the rule book. Or to strip the Keystone Championship from Alex Reyn.”

Both courses got a round of cheers.

“Neither action will reverse what happened or magically heal Max Hopper. And as NBW is on the road to Legacy which is in just a few weeks time, we need to be fully represented. The decisions laid out before me are not easy. While it may be true that Reyn see’s himself as beyond law and order, he’ll find that no single being, be it human, or a mystical being or time-skipper, is above the law - if those actions are required.”

McKnight took a moment to collect himself before finishing up.

“That said, I will give this some thought. And I will have my decision in two weeks at the final show before Legacy. And what happens from then on to Legacy, well, we’ll just see. Of course the actions of the champion will be watched and monitored. If it means the safety of my athletes over the completion of our biggest pay per view, I’ll take action as needed. For now, welcome to Victory and enjoy the show.”

Shaking his head he motioned the cameraman to cut.


Opening on up to the top of the stage and we’re taken to Bernie Vaughn and Adria Hoyt.

“You’ve just heard it here folks. In two weeks on Victory, McKnight will have a decision made on what actions to pursue with our newest Keystone champion.” Adria opened with before greeting the fans watching, “Welcome to Victory folks! I’m Adria Hoyt and next to me is the one man that could have saved the reign of Max Hopper two weeks ago having done it before, Bernie Vaughn.”

“Not so sure on that, Adria. Maybe the title, but I would have got the hell out of dodge before the assault happened. That’s mighty different from helping avert the referee’s attention in PULSE. Mighty different.”

“Well while our colleagues from SLAM, Melissa and Gains were given the right to call the match, the two of us watched backstage with a group of NBW’s best. And I can honestly say that not a single person cheered the championship changing hands. Nor the actions afterwards.”

“And that’s the problem, Adria. If they didn’t appreciate it, then they should have come down and stopped it. Not a single person did. Guess that shows what kind of friends Hopper had.”

“Bernie, drop the act. You, like the others, were just as taken back by it all. Professionalism is what kept any interference from going down. And although to us it seemed like the assault went on and on, it was all within a few short moments after the bell. By the time the guys in the back were headed for the ring, Reyn had already left with the title and our broadcast came to an end.”

“Well, let’s just move on then. Coming up here as requested two weeks ago, Myth and Legend go head to head with For the Win in a rematch. So down to Amelia.” Bernie redirected the conversation and pointed down to the ring.

“Ladies and gentlemen, your opening match of the night is a Tag Team match with a fifteen minute time limit. Introducing first-”

‘Hey Kids’ by JET.

Preluded the arrival of the sonic and knuckles of NBW. The red haired Chris Noid and his cohort the blue haired Tony Spark. The two were all smiles as they relished in their chance at some much needed payback for their loss two weeks ago. Tonight they would settle things in the ring and this time be the vic-


Both men were bowled over by the product crate carts that followed them down the ramp. The speed and direction courtesy of their opponents. Mark Mercury and Mane Miaate.

So much for the entrance. FTW were roadkill, and easy pickings for Mercury and Miaate. Pulling up Chris, he was chucked to the side into the guardrail, and Miaate shoved the crate off the ramp into him. Meanwhile Spark was hurled into the other crate, then caught by Mercury from behind with a release german suplex that sent him the rest of the way down the ramp.

Noid didn’t fair much better as Miaate had charged at him, leaping over the toppled crate and knocked him clean over the barricade. Reorienting the product crate, Mane pulled it up to the ramp and then grabbing the two carts MnL pushed them down the ramp and right into the sprawled out body of Tony Spark, causing them to crash and tip over on top of him.

With a huff Mane Miaate rolled into the ring and yanked the microphone from Amelia’s hands.

“Trent, we told you. We already beat these two shitstains, and tonight is no different. Just be thankful we decided to ruin your opening rather than the Main Event you wanted us in.”

Miaate tossed the microphone over the ropes into the hands of Mercury, as Miaate went up to the top turnbuckle.

“We came back to NBW to find competition and finally take what we have deserved for the last decade. Those NBW Dynasty Tag Team championship. And not to rekindle a rivalry of the past. So Trent, what happens next, is on you.”

Mercury kicked the production crate over and pulled Spark off the ground before nailing him in the forehead with the microphone and tossing it aside. Mercury with the arms wrapped, raised him up with a butterfly suplex, but instead slammed him down across the top of the crate.

No more than a second later Miaate came flying from the ring with a double footstomp across the spine!

The two looked over at Noid as he tried to crawl over the barricade, then rushed over to him. Like gentlemen they helped him over, yanking him by both arms clear across the gap and face first on the stage. Then whipped him to the ring post in turn. Then when Noid bounced off he ate the SIMULTANEOUS SUPERKICK by the two men.

Mercury got inside the ring while Miaate rolled Noid under the ropes.

‘ZEBRA get in here. Call for the damn bell.’ Mercury yelled out. The official got in, not quite sure what to do here. But the glaring eyes of Mark Mercury told him that he needed to at least follow through ‘or else’. So he called for the bell.

Ding ding ding.

Mercury pulled Noid to his feet and raised him up in the air with the powerbomb as Miaate climbed atop.


Rolling him up with everything he had.


Feet on the ropes for leverage and out of sight.


Tights clinched tight in his fist.


Noid had slipped out and pulled off a standing blockbuster, while Spark had managed to crawl up with the ropes to grab the ankle of Mane. Giving Noid the chance to pull off the pin, regardless of the tact involved. And now he was sliding out of the ring, recovering with Spark as the two rushed up the ramp.

Mercury and Miaate were shocked, as were the fans. Unsure what just happened. The official was being screamed at but he too quickly exited the ring.

Like it or not, FTW just got one over on Myth and Legend.

And that story was far from over between those four.

Caramel Fizzy Water


Zed was walking down a hallway backstage, he saw a Coke machine in front of him a few yards forward.  Behind the Coke machine were a pile of pallets for shipping.  He scowled at it.   

“Weaklings and their caffeinated caramel water.  Psshh.”

Zed continued down the hall and turned his headway.  Our view moved backwards a few yards to see Zed approaching from the opposite angle, and we saw something atop the pile of pallets, a person.  It’s Jonny Bedlam, and he’s got some object in his hands.  It looked like it might be a basketball?  We also see that on top of the highest pallet is a folded steel chair.

Uhh oh.

Zed got within five feet of the Coke machine and Jonny popped up.  Jonny tossed the basketball like object directly at Zed’s midsection.  The big man doubled over after letting out a gasp and a yell.  The sound of a regular basketball hitting a body did not issue, nor did the ball bounce when it hit the ground.  It was clearly a weighted training basketball.

Zed remained doubled over, almost sinking to a knee.  Jonny ascended the foot upwards to the top of the vending machine and grabbed the steel chair.  Jonny smiled at his handiwork, then leaped, pulled his legs upward, maneuvered the chair underneath them and landed across the back of the head and neck of Zed and drove him into the concrete with a picture perfect Arabian Facebuster.

Zed was just out from the impact. By his grunts and anger alone could one tell he was still conscious.  Jonny crouched low over Zed.

“Well, I bet you thought I’d forgot about you, sir.  I bet you thought I didn’t have the guts to come for you again.  See, that’s not how I operate, Big Z.  I wait for when they’re not expecting it to get my revenge.  I wait until they’re smug and confident that they’ve bested me and there’s nothing I can do about it.  And then I smash them with everything I’ve got.  I haven’t forgotten you throwing me off the stage like a sack of shit a few weeks ago.  I haven’t forgotten you beating me up during my interview with Adria.  No, I hadn’t forgotten at all.  And before I did this, I got a match signed and approved for later between you and I.”

Jonny leaned down and stroked the hair on the back of Zed’s head.

“Revenge is a dish best served cold.  But you see Zed, like any good chef, I like to tenderize my meat first.  I’ll see you later, in the ring, if you can make it Big Fella.”

Jonny got back to his feet and walked away, chuckling.

Step up or Shut up


The camera panned to Veronica Hoyt backstage about ready to interview a man with a lot on his mind after recent events.

“Um … hi everybody!” said Veronica in a bubbly manner. “We’ve got some good in-ring action next when Warren Spade takes on a member of the PULSE roster, the six-foot four monster known as Laszlo. I’ve got the ex-NBW World champion Warren Spade and his manager, the itty-bitty Fenton Woods!”

Both Fenton Woods and Warren Spade walked into view and Warren actually received a little mix of cheers and boos for his recent actions involving ruining Ohiyama’s match on Slam with the Great Wall before it could truly begin.

“Um … thank you for that introduction my dear,” said Fenton. “but I’ll have you know I’m five-foot six … with two-inch lifts in my shoes.”

He tapped his shoes together that did appear to be extra high.

“I have a date after the show my dear. Don’t judge me.”

Veronica completely ignored him and looked up at Warren.

Interview -Spade

“So Warren … um … why are you being so mean to Ohiyama lately especially when he came out to help you?”

Warren glanced at her bluntness with the question, unlike the more professional Claudia Marie the two spoke with the night prior.

“Simple question and I have a simple answer. I respect his talent, I respect what he can do in the ring and I respect him as a champion but that’s where that respect stops. This man has been a thorn in my side ever since he let his little family drama nearly cost me the NBW World championship that I worked hard for. Now he’s in the middle of my business with the Great Wall after he has cost me twice now the NBW World title and he wants to act like I’m the bad guy?”

“But he came down to help you when the Xiang Dynasty were hurting you.”

“Let me make this clear so there isn’t any doubts, Veronica. I. Don’t. Need. Anybody’s. Help.”

“Especially that sanctimonious do-gooder Ohiyama!” added Fenton.

“We are both on the same side of the fence in terms of where we stand in people’s eyes, but when you push me again and again, Ohiyama and the Great Wall are going to find out that I am not a good guy. That Trample he got last week was me telling him to stay the hell out of my business so when he laid me out with the Wavebreaker, that’s when we’re done trying to be nice.”

Veronica looked up at him.

“Now what about fighting him and the Great Wall at Legacy for the Blitzkrieg title?”

Fenton looked up to Spade and then gave the answer on behalf of his client.

“We heard that the Great Wall gave his answer and so are we. We accept!”

“Some of the toughest men in NBW have held the Blitzkrieg title and you can argue recently that other people like Brock Newbludd and as much as I hate his bitch-ass … Jake Tockwell … have been using that title to step up to the World title scene and if that’s what I have to win to get back there then I’ll do it. I … “

Spade was cut off in his speech by the approaching opponent of his in mere moments. The European brawler from PULSE known as Laszlo.

“You Spade. You talk too much.” Said Laszlo. “Tonight, people talk about me for change.”

In his Russian accent the message was loud and clear no matter how you spoke. Spade turned to Laszlo and bared his teeth.

“I can respect stepping up kid, but I am not the guy you step up to.”

“See you in ring.” Laszlo smiled.

Laszlo was certainly full of confidence. He walked off the set to head to the ring for their match which would be taking place after the commercial break!





After the big news of the Blitzkrieg three-way match was now made official, Warren Spade was going to dive right into action against a member of the PULSE roster, a man by the name of Laszlo! The Russian stood at six-foot four, weighed close to two-hundred sixty-five pounds and was a nasty looking man in his own right. Dressed up in a black tank top and black jeans as opposed to more typical wrestling attire, Laszlo was already in the ring getting himself ready for what no doubt would be the biggest opportunity of his career.

“Gather ‘round everybody, gather ‘round!”

The attention of the fans and of Laszlo appeared to the NBW Victory stage!

“Ladies and gentlemen … allow me to bring to you the man that’s going to chew up Dolph Lundgren in that ring and spit him out … “
Laszlo remained quiet and glared.
“Introducing your next NBW Blitzkrieg champion … the Monster of the Mid-South … the One-Man Stampede … The King of Monsters!“
He tapped his cane on the ground and his spotlight disappeared. The crowd was baited with anticipation and when words appeared on the EpiCenter they went crazy. 


The monster of a man was here! 
“Into The Arena” by Michael Schenker Group played and The Monster of the Mid-South basked in the reception from the crowd. After enjoying the response, he hunched over to let Fenton Woods ride on his shoulders. The two men headed down to the ring looking for a win tonight. He lowered Fenton Woods on the ring apron and then grabbed the top rope to pull himself up. The King of Monsters stepped into the ring.




Laszlo quickly went after Warren Spade and landed several big hard punches to the temple of the One-Man Stampede the second that he hit the ring. Warren tried to punch him right back but Laszlo was a bit quicker and ducked the punch to fire back with three more of his own.

The Russian was rocking and rolling right now and he hit the ropes in hopes of trying to hit something huge on Warren.

Not so fast!

Warren’s hand wrapped firmly around the throat of Laszlo! He pushed him back into the ropes and kept him restrained there for nowhere to go. Bound and determined to make a good first impression on Victory tonight, Laszlo continued to fight his way out and punched Spade again. Spade backed up from one of the shots and it took Laszlo about three tries to free himself from the goozle but he did it by punching the arm of Spade and then poked him in the eye until he let go.

The referee tried to tell Laszlo not to do it again but he wasn’t listening. 

Laszlo went low and kicked the leg of Spade about three times and then executed a very low drop kick that inched Spade down to a knee. With the opening finally being given to him, Laszlo turned with all the force he could run and delivered a diving lariat to the kneeling Spade that was strong enough to knock him onto his back. The crowd could not believe in such a short time, Laszlo had knocked him off his feet and now he could go for the win and make himself famous!

1 …

Or not!

That volley of offense seemed to awaken the sleeping giant and Laszlo was shocked!

“Awwww. You gone and done it now, kid,” said Fenton with a shake of the head.

Laszlo had to do whatever he could to keep Spade down so he ran at him with a big boot that while he was still on his knee, it did its job of knocking Spade down again! Laszlo went for another pin fall and tried to make himself a known commodity to NBW right off the bat.

1 …

But another one count and Spade was done playing around as he sat up and brought his fist down into the mat. He sat right back up, but what would intimidate most men, Laszlo had to go in and not be afraid. He lined up another big boot and caught Spade again, making the King of Monsters reel somewhat. Laszlo was going to keep throwing himself at Spade again and again until he could finally knocked him down.

At least it sounds that simple on paper.


The crowd winced at the pain of Warren Spade’s slow but powerful thrust kick knocking Laszlo almost out cold in one shot!

Spade started to rub his feet on the mat now and called to the crowd with Fenton leading the chants.


Laszlo was very slow to get up and if he had any idea what was good for him he should have stayed down.


The hungry young Russian might have bitten off more than he could chew tonight because Spade was done toying around with him after catching him unaware. Spade rolled through the spear and was back on his feet. He pulled up Laszlo with him and then set him up by crossing an arm around his neck.


His own arm was wrapped around his throat and then brought up into the torture rack! Laszlo was out cold and didn’t move in the submission at all, leaving the official no choice but to call for the bell.




Warren dropped him to the mat and then raised his arms in victory! After being announced as the victor he joined Fenton Woods in the ring and he had a microphone handy.

“Okay okay, before the music cues up again we have something to say!” said Fenton.

The crowd and the music got quiet before the celebration could really begin. Fenton and Warren started.

“Tonight, we have been told that before tonight’s main event of Ohiyama defending the Blitzkrieg title against Xiang we have to leave the building in light of what happened on Slam.”

Some members of the crowd cheered that announcement to give Ohiyama a good clean fight, but others booed because it meant Spade and Fenton would have to leave.

“But I want you both to look at what we did here tonight as proof of what’s to come. Great Wall, you’re big … Real big … but you and the rest of your Dynasty are going to look back ten years from now and remember Legacy 2017 as the night that you screwed up your careers when you cost my client the NBW World title and the main event of that show!”

“And Ohiyama … “ added Spade. “You’re gonna be sorry. Period.”

Spade stepped over Laszlo and he and Fenton left the ring and soon, the arena. But when Fenton and Warren made a promise usually the two men more than delivered. Could Legacy be more of the same?




GM's Announcing Other GM things

The camera opened up and showed Richie Keal along with the new GM for all things Victory - former announcer and now HNIC for Victory, Trent McKnight. Trent greeted the crowd with a smile this time around, not having the sullen news of earlier, while Richie looked pretty lost and didn’t know what was going on.

“Hello, Knight-Watchers!” Trent said. “I’m Trent McKnight. Say hi, Richie.”

Keal turned up to look at Trent like his face had magically changed into an ass before his very eyes.

“Huh? You’re letting me talk? No punchline?” Richie asked. “No weird objects placed in my mouth the second my jaw separates? Nothing?

“Yes,” Trent replied.

Richie smiled; almost taken back by the moment. “Wow… I don’t… I don’t know what to say. This is all so sudden… I… I… I gotta think about this?”

“Well, I’ll say things then,” Trent continued. “I hope that you’re all enjoying the show tonight and we’ve got our main event of Ohiyama defending the Blitzkrieg Title against Xiang! As a reminder, ALL parties will be banned from the building for the duration of the match to prevent a repeat of what happened on Slam, but my attention will actually be focused on Slam’s 99th episode!”

Trent paused and continued while in the background, Richie wondered aloud what he would say.

“I’ve been told by nbW General Manager Jack Harmen that on Slam’s 99th episode, we have a match with HUGE Legacy implications so it is my pleasure to announce that on Slma 99… your main event will be a TEN-MAN TAG…”

The crowd popped at the thought of the big blockbuster match ahead of Legacy.

“On one side it will be nbW World Heavyweight Champion Jake Tockwell, Dynasty Tag Team Champions The A-List and their paid enforcers, The Law.


“And they will be taking on the… well, VERY unlikely team of the 25 To Life winner, Brock Newbludd… and all four members of Clan Strongbern!”

The crowd roared with cheers - mainly for Brock! Clan Strongbern were wild cards (bitches) but their support over The A-List were growing by the week.

“As I said, the match will have massive implications. As of now, The A-List do not have an official match for the Dynasty Tag Titles at Legacy just yet, but this match could decide that. If the team of Brock Newbludd and Clan Strongbern win, Brock will be allowed to pick the stipulation for the Legacy main event for the nbW World Heavyweight Title AND Clan Strongbern will be granted a Dynasty Tag Title rematch at Legacy!”

The crowd cheered at that thought as Trent finished.

“However, if The In Crowd and The Law win that tag match, Jake Tockwell will be allowed to pick the stipulation for the Legacy main event AND The A-List will then be given the right to pick their opponents for Legacy instead!”

And just as equal boos!

“So as you can guess, this ten-man tag right before Legacy has a LOT going on and will shape how two of the top matches pan out. Until then, I’m Trent McKnight and with Richie Keal, enjoy the show.”

Keal finally turned to Trent and snapped a finger.

“Oh, I know what to sa…”



“Aurora” by 36 Crazyfists colossal opening riffs rang out across the arena.  A video montage of abandoned insane asylums, lobotomy tools, spliced in with the letters in red “BEDLAM” appeared on the screen.   

Jonny Bedlam emerged from the entrance to the arena and ran down the aisle, dancing crazy along to his theme music.  He then hopped onto the apron.

“Introducing first, from El Paso, Texas: Jonny Bedlam!”

The crowd erupted.  Jonny entered the ring and waited for a moment.  Nothing happened, and Jonny smirked. 

“I guess he’s made a good decision and hightailed it out of here.”

Jonny continued peering about the arena, trying to spot Zed.  No sign of him. 

A very unpleasant surprise rolled out under the ring apron though.  Not even very many fans noticed enough to warn Jonny as Zed rolled out from under the ring apron, slid quietly into the ring behind Bedlam and grabbed him in a rear waistlock.  Bedlam tried to side elbow his way out of it, but Zed picked him up and slammed him mercilessly down with a belly-to-back suplex with a colossal thud.

Zed stood up to a chorus of boos, as the bell rang, signifying the beginning of the “match.”

“Ohh yeah?  You didn’t like that?  Watch this!”

Zed dropped a leg on the back of Jonny Bedlam’s head with a thud.  The crowd exploded into even louder boos. 

“This is even easier than last time!”

Zed picked up Jonny like a sack of cow pies, stood him up, and took a couple of steps back.  Jonny looked woozy and hurt.  Zed squinted, as if aiming through a scope.  He then charged at Jonny full speed, leaped, and lifted his knee for the Z-NNIHILATION and MISSES.

Jonny moved sideways at the last moment and Zed landed on one leg awkwardly, knees bent.  Jonny kicked the back of Zed’s shin viciously with a low sidekick and crumpled the larger man.  Zed rolled on his back in agony, clutching his knee. 

Jonny reached into a pocket of his jeans and produced a telescoping police baton.  Jonny extended the baton and moved towards Zed, who was still very much hurting.  Jonny raised the baton high despite the referee’s protests and warnings that he would be disqualified.  Jonny looked full into Zed’s face, who knew he was about to be severely injured and then hesitated.  Jonny saw something behind Zed, people in the front row turning away.  Jonny saw a kid with his mother, mother shielding her son’s eyes. 


Jonny stopped his swing right before it struck Zed’s crown.  The referee was howling at Jonny to give him the weapon.  Jonny looked at the referee, and simply tapped Zed’s forehead with the weapon.  The referee swung wildly and signaled for a disqualification.

Jonny nodded.  “Yes, that was quite enough.”

Jonny cast the baton aside, and left the ring, shaking his head.

“The winner of the match, by disqualification...Zed?”

Zed still hadn’t left the mat, but stared with wonder at Bedlam as he walked away.




All I have Left


Following the break, the camera slowly faded back in to reveal the Victory interview backdrop with the smiling Veronica Hoyt standing in front of it, mic in hand.

“Welcome back to Victory!” she said into the camera enthusiastically. “Joining me at this time is the current number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship… ‘The Innovator’ Brock Newbludd!

The Colisee Pepsi erupted in a loud chorus of cheers as a street clothes clad Newbludd walked into the scene to stand next to Hoyt. Not scheduled to be on the card, or even on the show for that matter, Brock cracked grin from the sound of the sustained roar that the crowd was giving him.

“I’d say thank you for joining me, Brock,” Veronica said, matching the 25 to Life winner’s grin. “But from what I just heard, maybe I should be saying thank you for joining us!”

“And I’d like to say ‘your welcome’, but that just wouldn’t be right now would it?” Brock asked as he put his hands on hips and looked into the camera.

“The fact of the matter is, I should be the one giving thanks to everybody in this arena and everybody watching this at home right now! Because, they’re all I got left! Max is gone, sent to an early retirement by a psychopath who thinks that breaking a helpless man’s leg is supposed a good way to make a name for himself here in NBW...”

Newbludd then pointed a finger at the camera and narrowed his eyes.

“And let me say this to one, Alex Reyn, our new Keystone Champion…Max Hopper was a damn good friend to a lot of people here in NBW, myself included, and I know for a fact that those people are lining up to make you pay for what you did with this little open challenge of yours. I’ll be watching you Reyn, and if it comes down to it...if you somehow survive everyone else who wants your head...then I’ll be coming for you...and I will beat your cryptic speaking, mystical ass all the way back to your mom’s basement or as you like to call it…’CLASSIFIED’.”

Shaking his head, Brock took a deep breath to calm himself before

“Getting back to the point, Veronica,” he said, looking back into the camera. “All I have left are the people, and that’s all I need. Sally... aka ‘Turncoat Whore’... decided to throw in with The In Crowd. She’s living the ‘high life’, and I’m sure she thinks she’s just the fanciest bitch in all the land. Which is why it’s going to be even more sweeter to take that world title from her man right in front of her at the biggest show of the year...And after Tockwell eventually kicks her ass to the curb, the only ‘high life’ in her life will be the cheap beer she’ll sucking down in some shit hole bar as she watches Brock Newbludd the NBW World Champion on TV!”

“Brock, what about Clan Strongbern?” Veronica asked, causing Brock to raise an eyebrow. “They saved you from The In Crowd and The Law, could there be the possibility of an alliance with you and them? You know the old saying ‘the enemy of my enemy…”

“Is my friend, yeah I know it,” Newbludd cut in, finishing Hoyt’s sentence. “Whoever came up with that ancient proverb, probably didn’t think that someone the likes of Big Rick Strongbern would exist in the future. Rick’s take on that theory is probably…’THE ENEMY OF MY ENEMY IS A FUCKBOY!’..or something like that…”

Hoyt giggled at Newbludd’s ability to lower his voice enough to give a halfway decent Big Rick impression.

“Veronica, I’ll never say never...but I don’t think I’ll be joining up with the Human Honey Badger’s gang anytime soon. I was just in the right place in the right time. While Big Rick’s roar might inspire those four giants of his to do great things, the roar that I have is going to bring Jake Tockwell to his knees…”

Brock paused and slowly raised a fist up which caused the crowd to shake the rafters with THEIR  thunderous roar.

Interview Newbludd

“...and bring me the world heavyweight championship.”

With that, Brock lowered his fist and walked off camera and Veronica looked back to the camera.

“There you have it Bernie and Adria, sounds to me like Brock is ready for his big match at Legacy! Let’s send it back down to you!”


Back ringside the music was already dying off as the Hellion Sisters stood in the ring.

‘Confident’ by Demi Lavato.

Once it hit the fans booed but joining the Mascara Massacre was Zhalia Fears, which brought the cheers. She waved to the fans and joined Bernie and Adria on the stage at the table. Borrowing the headset from Adria.

“Thanks girl! Hope you all are watching!” Fears smiled as Couli did her usual pre-match routine walking to to the ring. “You too Lucretia. When you are done hiding, you know where to find us.” She handed the headset back and rushed down the side of the ramp slapping hands before rounding the corner.

Ding ding ding.

Circe was quick on the hunt. A takedown out the gate, but she went right for the left leg and locked it around her own. Torqueing it and then flipping her to her side for added pressure but Couli crawled herself under the ropes.

That forced Circe Hellion to release her hold both by the official and to keep her own leg from being bent out of place on the apron. Soon as she released Couli dived back under the ropes and tripped her out in the process.

‘Come on Michelle!’

Zhalia Fears cheered her on while Melantha Hellion stood on the other side of the ring with arms crossed, watching in silence.

Back to their feet they locked up and Couli having the height and power managed to win out, shoving them into the ropes, then whipping Circe over to the corner. Hammering in with a select set of rights, she grabbed the arm and whipped Circe out of the corner, refusing to release and instead yanked her back into the post.

Going back on the attack, Circe shot an elbow back and caught Michelle at the ear, then grabbed her head and locked her arm around in a one-arm sleeper, that she used to pull her forward and dropped down to slam her face into the top buckle. Circe stepped around, ducking a swing of the left arm, and popped Michelle back up in the air and dropped her jaw first on the same buckle.

Before she even hit her feet to the mat from the blow, Circle dropped to her stomach and pulled the same left leg and yanked it out, causing Couli to fall on her back. She was soon pulled up to the post where the Hellion sister pumped the leg back and slammed it into the post. Michelle cried out but Circe grabbed hold a second time, twisted it in her arms and applied the ankle lock submission!

Couli clawed at the mat while the official warned her to release the hold given their positioning at the moment. Circe Hellion didn’t care. She jostled the leg then slammed it again into the post.

Releasing and backing off she waved her hands out, then dove back into the ring. She let Michelle scoot back in the ring, but only to get her away from the ropes and immediately attacked her as she got to her hands and knee’s, grabbing through and pulling at the ankle before rolling her over with the leg slicer!

Perfect positioning and straight out of the MMA playbook, just as Circe liked it.

She wasn’t bothering with a pinfall here, even when the shoulders were flat. She rolled her again, rolling them both over and reapplied the force at the center of the ring.

‘Let’s go Couli-o!’

The chants were coming from Fears, but she was quickly getting the crowd to follow.

‘Let’s go Couli-o!’

‘Let’s go Couli-o!’

Maybe out of annoyance, or perhaps the support of the fans, Couli popped her shoulder off the mat, rolling them which Circe wasn’t expecting and soon as she had her over, she took her free arm and knocked back five quick shots to any part of the ribs and thighs she could. Being close to the ropes, she then reached out for them but Circe tried to roll them again and this teter gave Michelle to roll and grabbed the ropes.

The official ordered the hold released, and after three she did just that. Michelle pulled herself under the ropes and to the outside to collect herself. Fears walking around to join her and check on her.

‘Thought you said you beat these two before?’ Fears stated with a sly smirk. Reminding Michelle what brought those two into her wingspan and following her coattails for the last few years ever since the PULSE days.

‘Ugh’. Couli pushed off the apron and then rolled back inside. Immediately Circe went on the attack, but this time Michelle was expecting it and rolled to the side to avoid the diving foot stomp. Kicked out with her long, agile and 100% healthy right leg, to force Circe to the side. She then popped up to her feet and grabbed the leg taking a page right out of Fears’ book with the dragon screw leg whip.

Hellion collapsed on the ground and Couli wasted no time in picking her back off the mat right into a rolling swinging neckbreaker. Adrenaline running she pulled her up and whipped her into the ropes where on the rebound Couli struck with a crescent kick, then swept around Circe before she fell, locking in the hammerlock and delivering the hammerlock suplex to deposit her on her head. She then collapsed the same, resting back against the ropes.

Fears rushed around the ring and grabbed her around the chest from behind and told her ‘that was awesome’. Which may have gotten a smile from the woman from Jersey. She’d never admit it though.

As Circe was getting up, she quickly got over and locked in a chinlock then delivered a set of quick knee rushes into the shoulders and blades. Circe however reached her hands up and snuck her fingers through to pull apart the grip of Couli. She intended to pull her head over top but Couli released her own grip and smacked her across the back of the head with an elbow.

Reminding Circe, Melantha and the fans that she wasn’t the hero in this match or story. Rapid shots to the ribs and back followed. She wasn’t going to let up even as the official tried to get her to back off and give Circe some breathing room. But at the warning of disqualification the next moment, she backed off, rounded the official as he checked on Circe, and rushed her with a stomp across the collar.

She rolled her over and made the cover.



Not quite. Circe kicked out, but Michelle switched up from the pin to hammering in another series of hard rights. Grabbing the arm, she pulled her up off the mat and twisted around to pull her to her shoulders then dropped Circe with the Samoan Drop. Without releasing the arm she rolled through and set her up again, this time dropping her with a modified death valley driver.




Amused, slightly, she grabbed her by the arm and pulled her to her feet and hoisted her up in the fireman carry. Looking for a second samoan drop perhaps, but Circe slipped off her shoulders, and locked her arms in tight around the gullet! The air flow was constricted quickly and Michelle dropped her knees. There was no gradual fade. She dropped.

Locked in tight, Circe wrapped her legs around the waist and hooked her feet to add her thighs to the pressure.

Fears tried to cheer her on again. ‘Let’s go Couli-ohhhhh!’ Clap clap. ‘Let’s go Couli-ohhhhh!’. Clap clap. ‘Let’s go Couli-ohhhhhsh-’

RUNNING FACEWASH HIGH BOOT from Melantha. Fears went down as the tallest Hellion stood over her and watched as Michelle’s face turned the color of the girl at Charlie's Chocolate factory.

For all her effort, Michelle wasn’t tapping. Her body still struggled. She may have caught what happened out of the corner of her eye, but her focus was on the woman hanging off her like a backpack.

That’s exactly what she was. A backpack.

Couli huffed. Puffed. Forced her right leg into a vertical base. Fought the pain with her left leg. Struggling but barely getting there, only to collapse to that knee.

She knew, it was all or nothing here. She had one chance. With very little energy left. She forced her left leg to extend, slid out angled but extended. Bracing, she had her eyes closed, likely not by choice, and popped her good leg up, then toppled backward into the ropes, sliding into the corner.


This jostled Circe’s positioning, and Couli reached back with her left arm and hooked it over Circe’s head then half-stepped and half-leapt forward from the corner.


The backpack stunner of that annoying woman currently hammering into Melantha at the barricade. She rolled over, pulling the legs up and slamming the shoulders to the mat.




That’s right, she won. Michelle dropped back and rolled from the ring. Hobbling over to Melantha as she had Fears up in the air by the throat, and bashed her in the back with both arms. Fears dropped to her feet, and joining Michelle the two hooked her and sent the Hellion over the barricades with a tandem suplex.

Up on the EpiCenter they were showing a replay of the finish as Fears got under her arm and helped her steady on her feet. The two walking around the ring and Fears saw what happened. Laughing, ‘You stole my move!’

‘I won.’ Couli retorted as she looked off to the side at the crowd and around the stage. ‘Keep your eyes open. She’s out there, somewhere.’

‘Yeah, yeah.

The two walked up the ramp. Well hobbled, while Circe came through and went searching for her fellow Hellion. Fears waved to the fans then headed onto the back with Couli as we fade on out.




Keystone Open Challenge


A soft chant began to spread throughout the arena. Starting as a whisper but growing into a chorus as the lights darkened while images began to flicker on the viewers screens. Images of violence, war, and a solitary figure watching it all.

The chanting had grown louder now and the drumbeats of Nightwish’s “Seven Days to the Wolves rose in volume as mist spread throughout the stadium, ghostly images of great heroes and villains forming two parallel lines along the ramp.

The rock part of the song kicked in and thunder roared while fire erupted on the stage, revealing the cowled form of the East Wind Alex Reyn, his hands outstretched over the flames. He was shirtless, save for an open black cloak with a wolf skull mask, the Keystone Championship displayed proudly on his waist. His was body covered in ancient symbols and markings that seemed almost to glow and move in the firelight. 

He began to walk forward and the ghostly figures knelt as he approached them, only to rise up as he passed them as if more energised, turning to watch as he walked, Reyn himself never breaking eye contact with the ring.

“Howl! Seven days to the wolves
Where will we be when they come?
Seven days to the poison
And a place in heaven
Time drawing near us
They come to take us”

He climbed atop the top rope and Raised the Keystone Belt high! The glow of the golden belt shining brilliantly in the darkness as he faced towards the stage. Almost as if DARING the other wrestlers to take it from him!

Coldly, he stepped down. Removing the cowl and placing it on the ringpost.

Immediately, he called for a mic.

“Jonny Bedlam.” Were the first words from his lips.

“I am aware that you have already gone home. But i am ALSO aware that you will watch this show, and hear my message: You and I have unfinished business.”

The crowd gave a cheer at the mention of Jonny’s name.

“The mantle of champion means NOTHING unless it is proven and earned. And while you did not defeat The East Wind, neither did you succumb to it. As far as I’m concerned, we are at a stalemate. And next week, I challenge you to a rematch! A match with no count-outs or petty limitations to muddy the issue. You will accept these terms. Or I will find you, and devour you alive as I have done so many other cowards in the past.”

The crowd booed at THAT. Self-righteous prick.

“But THAT is for next week, not today. And when I said last week that ANY who wish to claim the mantle of champion may do so, I meant it. It is as true now, as it was then! Those who feel they are worthy, I challenge you! TRY and take this from me!”

Movement caught the eye of the fans and Reyn. A single figure, determinedly making his way down the ramp. No music accompanied him, none was needed.

No fanciful production was needed for the former TFZ Champion. Johannes Antonious de Castonovo

Alex calmly handed the Keystone over to the Referee, eyeing this new comer with mild interest.


The challenge was set, and the ref called for the bell. Both wrestlers moved towards each other. Reyns posture was loose and casual while he coolly regarded his opponent.

Johan for his part, just smirked.

Then he slammed a forearm into Reyn’s face!

The suddenness of the attack caught Alex off guard and J.A.C didn’t relent! Forearm after forearm struck Reyn in the face as the East Wind was backed into the corner. The Keystone champ tried to strike back with a punch, but the veteran fighter saw it coming and caught the wrist. Bringing Alex down into a grounded hammerlock!

Or at least an attempt at one as Alex fought him every step of the way. Squirming across the ring in order to keep the hold from being properly applied and get to the ropes. He knew what would happen if the hold was locked in.

His foot managed to touch the ropes. And the referee called for the break.

Perhaps uncharacteristically, Johannes broke the hold cleanly. But he did use the time as Alex got up to bend down and mockingly ruffle Alex Reyn’s hair to the THOROUGH delight of the crowd, who were enjoying seeing Alex get this kind of treatment.

Smirking at his younger opponent, JAC stepped back and held up his thumb and forefinger in the universal “THIS close!” symbol.

The message was clear:

‘I don’t need to bend the rules to beat YOUR punk ass, brat.’

J.A.C shifted into one of his old MMA fighting stances. Alex tried to shift into a stance of his own, but his shoulder gave a momentary twinge of pain that J.A.C capitalised on immediately.

Going for the leg, he brought Reyn of his feet with a single leg takedown, but Alex managed to kick him off before he could do anything worse. As he came in again Alex caught him with a droptoehold and immediately tried to  lock in his single knee Camel Clutch, only for Johan to slip out and grab him in the Rear Naked Cho-!!


Alex slipped out before J.A.C could lock in that devastating hold! He rolled out the ring, but Johannes was right behind him! Alex saw the opponent coming and lashed out at his opponent with a superkick, but J.A.C saw it coming and caught the leg. As always, the veteran was one step ahead of his opponent.

Or so he thought…

As J.A.C went to slam Reyn’s leg onto the apron, Alex Reyn leapt up WITH the move! Leaping one leggedly onto the  apron, the ropes, and then springing off to take J.A.C down with a springboard hurricanrana!

Sliding in and out the ring to reset the ref’s count, Alex quickly went back to JAC. grabbing him by the neck and tights, he went to ram him into the apron, but Johan blocked the impact with both hands and elbowed Reyn in the face!

A switch behind, and now it was J.A.C’s turn to try and ram REYN’S head into the apron! The crowd held their breath in anticipation, but as J.A.C threw him forward, Alex dashed their hopes by getting his foot up and using the leverage to wall run and backflip of behind Johan! Grabbing his opponent for the East Wind-

No! Johan countered! Flapjack on the apron!

Alex landed HARD from that move and Johan rolled him back in the ring! Going for the cover!



The flapjack  was painful, but it would take more than THAT to beat the Keystone Champion, and Johannes knew it, immediately going for that chokehold again!

Reyn anticipated it though and slammed the back of his head into J.A.C’s nose! Causing the fighter to cry out and lurch back! Clutching the bridge of his nose! Alex didn’t waste a SECOND and caught Johannes with a DDT!



It seemed like it would take more than that to beat Johannes too. After all, he was no stranger to championship gold himself.

Both men rose to their feet. Shifting into their respective combat stances. Both similar, but distinct in subtle ways. J.A.C could feel the blood trickling down his face from his nose. But if anything, the wound seemed to EXCITE him!

Once again, it was Johannes who made the first move.

He threw a punch, but Alex parried and countered with his own! Johannes caught the wrist, but Alex hit back with a knee that Johan was forced to block with his own! Allowing Reyn to break free and assault J.A.C with a furious combination of strikes that the Adriatic Gargoyle dodged and parried! The two of them becoming a blur of strikes and kicks and parries! Both men were equal in skill as they tried to find an opening, a hole in their foes defenses!

Ultimately, the duel came down to a matter of speed. Who could capitalise on their opponent’s lapses the quickest?

A knee from Reyn slammed into J.A.C’s gut while he  was distracted by a right hook from Reyn! The blow knocked the wind out of Johannes’s lungs and bent him double, allowing Reyn to slam knee after knee into Johannes forehead! A ruthless assault that would have had nearly any man begging for it to stop!

Instead, Johannes screamed for MORE!

The East Wind was happy to oblige, stepping back, he swung a roundhouse at J.A.C’s skull, but the canny fighter saw it coming and switched behind Alex! Grabbing both arms and lifting Alex Reyn up in a double-arm chickenwing!

As the East Wind was hoisted up for all the world to see, Johan began to lay into him with repeated,merciless headbuts into his upper spine as the crowd counted along!

“One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Six! Seven! Eight! Nine! TEEEENNN!!!

The crowd was extra emphatic on the last word as J.A.C threw Reyn overhead and dropped him on the back of his neck with a bridging tiger suplex!!




J.A.C thumped the mat in frustration, but he knew what he needed to do now. Backing off to gain some distance, he furiously beckoned for his opponent to rise! Calling for his signature Flying Knee!

To his annoyance though, Reyn wasn’t getting up. Perhaps the suplex had done more damage than J.A.C had thought, or perhaps Reyn had the ring smarts to know that when your opponent starts screaming at you to get up from halfway across the ring, it probably ISN’T in your best interests to listen to him.

Johannes growled in annoyance, and went to grab Reyn for his Cross Armbreak-




Both men were up, but Reyn was still a bit sore from the suplex, and Johan grabbed him from behind, looking for that choke! They were near the ropes though, and Reyn used them once again as leverage to backflip over Johannes’s head and latch on the inverted facelock, the prelude to the East Wind Cutter.

But Johan broke free once again! Spinning around to take Reyn down with an STO-!


The East Wind wrenched violently on the hold! Trying to choke the life out of J.A.C! But the MMA vet had been in this hold before and knew how to escape it! Slamming his fist into the arm he’d hurt earlier, he managed to loosen Reyn’s grip enough to pull his head free and grab Reyn’s arm for a keylock attempt.

I say attempt however, as Reyn managed to roll out of it and up to his knees!


The painful blow caught Alex square in the ribs, and Johannes hit him with another, and another in succession! Finally, looking to complete his infamous combo of kicks known as ‘Ode to TFZ, he stepped back, looking for that knockout roundhouse to  Alex Reyn’s skull!

But Alex Reyn caught the leg!


The move brought Johannes low and had him clutching his leg in pain! The opening was just what Alex Reyn needed as he hit the ropes and BLASTED Johannes in the temple with a running basement dropkick!

Grabbing the now hurt leg of his stunned opponent, he slipped out the ring, dragging it over to the ringpost. Grabbing onto the ankle with both hands and pushing against the ring post with his foot for leverage, Alex violently WRENCHED J.A.C’s leg against the ringpost! Causing J.A.C to cry out in pain and the ref to order Reyn to break the hold!

The East Wind broke at four, but he wasn’t done yet. As J.A.C tried to pull his leg free, Alex Reyn rolled back into the ring, slingshot over the ropes, and dropkicked Johannes’s knee into the ringpost!

The crowd winced as Johannes once again cried out in pain! Finally pulling his leg away from the corner, he dragged himself to the centre of the ring and began trying to pull himself up as his opponent watched from the top rope like a vulture. Johannes stubbornly  forced himself to stand on his aching leg. He REFUSED to let a punk like this bring him low.

Alex waited coldly and patiently for his opponent to stand, before he struck again.


The move not only dropped J.A.C onto his back, but being forced to rotate like that while carrying all of Alex Reyn’s two hundred pounds had put even MORE torque on J.A.C’s knee, and now the limb was sending fires of agony through Johan’s nervous system!

The ruthless Alex Reyn stalked closer, trying to stomp down on the injured leg. But J.A.C managed to turn so that Reyn was in front of him, lashing out with kicks from the ground that Reyn avoided. It wouldn’t do to get his OWN knee blown out by one of those kicks.

Instead, Reyn waited patiently as J.A.C used the ropes for support to try and pull himself to his feet before Reyn lashed out and took J.A.C down with a sweep kick to the injured leg!

Then came the standing corkscrew moonsa-





As Alex kicked out, and Johannes rolled off him, the crowd could see Johannes clutching at his right knee. The counter had been brilliantly timed, but it had also been murder on his legs. Alex, for his part, was holding his own midsection in pain. Having come down HARD on those toned knees of his opponent.

Defiantly, gritting his teeth through the pain, J.A.C stood back back up, his injured leg wobbled, but he forced it to remain steady as he shifted back into his fighting stance.
Alex came in with a flying knee, and it was perhaps only Reyn’s winded lungs and Johannes’s own familiarity with that move that allowed him to  block it, but his own counterpunch was parried by Reyn who aimed a sharp kick to the knee that Johannes could not avoid, before hitting a stiff elbow shot to the base of his neck. Finishing off the combo with a snap ddt, while swinging both legs directly into Johannes’s knees!

As the crowd winced in sympathy, Reyn rolled his opponent into a pinning predicament, Hookng his injured leg!





J.A.C SCREAMED as he threw Reyn off him! Both in defiance, and from the agony burning through his leg!

Moving calmly and patiently, Alex walked slowly to wear his opponent lay struggling to rise. He watched as J.A.C grabbed at his pants, trying to pull himself up using Reyn’s body, while the East Wind merely looked down upon his prey like a kestrel eyeing a mouse.

Then Johannes smirked.


The hold was locked in tight, and the crowd cheered! Applauding J.A.C’s ingenuity and tenacity! Normally they were against him, but after what Alex Reyn had done to Max Hopper, they wanted to see ANYONE strip that title off of him!

It wouldn’t be that easy though, as Reyn hammered on J.A.C’s bad leg, forcing him to loosen his grip and allowing Reyn to break free.

But the damage was done, and now it was REYN who moved with a slight limp. Nowhere near as bad as J.A.C’s, but it was there.

Johan saw this and grinned as he stood to his feet. Forcing himself to ignore the pain. Pain was something he had learned to live with. He had been doing it for YEARS. And he was willing to tear his own knee out of it’s socket if it meant getting that title.

The two stared at each other, Johannes grinning mockingly, while Alex’s expression was as emotionless as always.

Then Johan spat in Reyn’s face!

Reyn arched an eyebrow up as saliva dripped down his face. Giving J.A.C a look of both annoyance and contempt. He raised his arm to wipe off the spit.

And Johan punched him in the stomach.

Alex reeled back, but J.A.C didn’t stop there! Attacking Alex Reyn with a vicious combination of punches and elbows and forearms! Overwhelming his defenses! Reyn found himself being pushed back towards the ropes! J.A.C grabbed him, by the wrist, whipping him towards the other side of the ring! As Reyn came back…



He tried to leap up for the move, but instantly pain flared through his leg, and he grabbed for it, trying to keep standing.

Superkick by Alex Reyn!


The move rocked J.A.C square in the jaw! Snapping his neck back!

The man wobbled, teetering.


Through sheer, unrelenting force of will, J.A.C was tanking the blow of the Superkick, and standing in defiance of his opponent, even as blood trickled from his mouth and nose!

So Reyn kneed him in the face.

A sickening crunch was heard and blood began to pour down a cut on J.A.C’s forehead. This time, he dropped to one knee.

But he was ALREADY forcing himself back to his fe-








The crowd was CHEERED at his resilience! As Alex knew he could no longer afford to play around. Grabbing Johan for the East Wind Cutter!

But like the infamous honey badger, there seemed to be no end to the Adriatic Gargoyle’s tenacity and the second Alex Reyn tried to lock on the hold, J.A.C had already broken free and grabbed Reyn for the rear naked choke!!

Reyn had managed to get his hand up in time to block and was now trying to keep J.A.C’s arm from closing around his neck! But J.A.C was the bigger and stronger of the two, and even with Reyn using both hands, it was only a matter of time!

So Reyn did the only thing he could.

He lunged forward, and BIT J.A.C on the arm!

Immediately, Johan cried out in pain! Releasing the grip and elbowing Reyn in the jaw with his good hand to break the grip! He backed off, clutching his arm, and now the audience could see blood dripping down his ARM too!

Reyn capitalised the SECOND He shook of the effects of that elbow. Rushing J.A.C with a vicious, savage and merciless flurry of strikes that J.A.C paid back in kind! Johan wasn’t even trying to defend himself anymore! This was about going out swinging. This was about pride. This was about making that arrogant brat Reyn pay in BLOOD for every blow he dealt him!

But for all his tenacity, all his fury and violence, J.A.C had lost this match.

It was a forearm to the throat that ended it. The rest is detail.

The blow sent J.A.C into an involuntary coughing fit, clutching at his throat and allowing the now bloody Reyn to kick him directly in his injured leg, bringing him to his knee! The East Wind did not allow Johan time to glare defiantly, or mount a counter this time. Instead he immediately grabbed Johan’s head and began to slam knee after knee into his temple! Not letting go even as Johan’s grip began to falter, and he slowly started sinking lower and lower as consciousness faded and he slumped down to the mat. Reyn had learnt his lesson.

When Johan was lying prone on the mat, still trying to push himself back up, Reyn stomped his face into the mat.

Then kept stomping. Over and over and over again, not letting up until his opponent was no longer moving on the mat. He knew how tenacious Johannes was now. He wasn’t taking any chances.


Alex Reyn lifted him up and SPIKED him on his head with that move!

Then he rolled back to his feet, and lifted Johan up AGAIN!


Then a third time. Just to be sure.


Finally, he hooked the legs. Both of them.





Alex collapsed to his knees as the bell rang, sweat and blood poured from his brow and matted his long hair to his face while his breath came out in shallow gasps and his body shivered in pain from J.A.C’s final, desperate assault. He ignored the EMTs as he stumbled exhaustedly over to the table to grab his title, rolling back into the ring as J.A.C was pulled onto a stretcher, which he promptly kicked to the side. While Reyn forced himself to stand tall, raising the Keystone title high towards the stage.

J.A.C. kicked at the stretcher again, with what energy he still had showing he wasn't being wheeled out. Barely able to move. Every single inch of his body burned with agony. He felt like he’d been set on fire then run over with a tank. But as he faded in and out of conscousness, as the EMT’S helped pull him up the ramp, feet dragging under him as if taken back to a jail cell; he did have the energy to raise one body part.

A single finger. Directed at Reyn.




A Proposition


“I can’t believe it!” Circe Hellion shouted in her mixed cockney accent as she tossed the crates aside and slammed her fists down atop the table next to it. “If i was figh'in 'ha' 'hing, i' would 'ave bin over minu'es in. Michelle is still 'he woman we faced in pulse.”

Melantha nodded at her side, arms crossed and listening to her sister.

“Dis isn’' over! i’m goin 'o rip 'ha' 'hing’s loaf of bread off like a barbie doll!”


Circe spun around, as Melantha stood behind her. In front of the two was a familiar but unseen woman since Scorched where her mask had been busted. A new one or perhaps the same stitched together adorned her face.

“-we can help each other out.”

Circe tilted her head and Melantha’s guard dropped.

“We’re listenin. Wha' you got?”

“Oh, it’s not me sli… girls.” she caught herself. “My master has a proposition.” She reached into her cloak and pulled out her ipad. On it was the masked face, similar to her own but simply cloaked in darkness.

“Hellion Sisters. A pleasure.You could say we’re fans of your work over the years. The muscle behind the Mascara. Tonight was no different. Circe, with great skill.”

“Do you 'ave a poin'? can you ge' 'o i' soon?” Anxious or annoyed, Circe wasn’t interested in standing there much longer.

“I have a bit of a proposition for you two. I think we can help each other out with our thorns.”

“You’re no' stealin my soul away. Awer 'ers. Dis li''le bi'ch won’' re'urn 'o you if you even 'ry!”

“Yeah.” Agreed Melantha.

The voice on the screen laughed. “That distraction is done and over. Legacy is in the horizon, and that my ladies, will be a night not to miss.”

“Fine. Speak, an' make i' fas'.”

“Follow me”, Lucretia stated as she started down the hall and the Hellion’s followed behind her as we faded on out.

Main Tale of the Tape

“Coming up next, we’ve got ourselves another Blitzkrieg Title match!” Adria Hoytv said. “On Slam, Ohiyama was finally going to get his hands on The Great Wall when he put up the title on the line, but before the match became official, all hell broke loose when Warren Spade interfered and went after The Xiang Dynasty!”

“That’s right!” Bernie Vaughn said, clapping like a happy school boy. “We saw them throw bows and go crazy! It was bedlam, mayhem, pandemonium and chaos all at once and I LOVED every second of it… at least until that goody-good gimp, Ohiyama, was the last man standing after it was all said and done.”

“And we learned earlier tonight that triple threat match for Legacy is now OFFICIAL!” Adria said. “If Ohiyama defends the title tonight successfully against Xiang, then he’ll move on to Legacy to take on not one, but TWO seven-footers! The former nbW World Heavyweight Champion and his rival, Warren Spade, along with the man that cost Spade that title, The Great Wall!”

“And why are we having this title match anyway? You’d think Xiang would want The Great Wall to have the honors?”

“That’s true, but Ohiyama is a fighting champion!” Adria replied. “He won’t shy away from any challenge and from what we understand, Xiang was given his blessing by The Great Wall to take this match. They were INSULTED with The Great Wall being left laying so Xiang wanted this match as revenge. And to make sure we don’t have a repeat of what happened on Slam, Harmen has banned the rest of Xiang Dynasty and Warren Spade from the building so tonight this will truly be one-on-one as Ohiyama fights Xiang alone!”

“Unfair! The Xiang Dynasty are just here for support!”

“Yeah, okay, Bernie. We’re gonna go to the match now and see if Ohiyama can defend the title against Xiang!”

And to the ring we go with Amelia Thomas about to start the intros.

“The following contest is set for one fall and will be contested for nbW’s Blitzkrieg Championship!”

The crowd cheered for what was about to happen next.

“Born in China (metal instrumental)” by The Immortals.

The music started to pick up and one by one, the lights of the Victory set began to glow yellow as the arena became bathed in a low sanguine hue. One silhouette appeared on stage…


The pro-Chinese wrestler walked towards the ring slowly, absorbing the jeers from the crowd. He responded to the jeering of the crowd with a long, hate-filled stare as he approached. 

“Introducing the challenger… from Beijing, China, weighing in at 218 pounds… he is a member of The Xiang Dynasty… XIANG!

Xiang climbed up to the ring apron and leaped over the ropes before walking into the ring. He unzipped his Chinese flag-themed track jacket and tossed it aside before he waited for the champion to make his arrival.

The crowd now watched with anticipation at what was happening at ringside.  The lights faded to black until a series of yellow and green spotlights shined at the entrance.  The crowd continued to buzz for what was happening next until four men in yellow dress robes made their way out, pounding on tribal drums.  The crowd was excited for the entrance and a silhouette appeared on the top of the ramp.   
A BIG silhouette to be precise. The massive being proceeded to dance along with it in a fire dance tradition before he stopped and let out a war cry… 
A HUGE explosion of red pyro went off behind him and the opening six-second mark of Ohiyama’s theme began to play. 
“Voodoo Child” by Brick + Mortar. 

“And his opponent… he is the reigning and defending Blitzkrieg Champion… from Hilo, Hawaii, weighing in at 278 pounds… ”THE ACTIVE VOLCANO” OHIYAMA!” 
The 6’6” 278-pound Hawaiian garnered a loud and popular reaction from the crowd! The soft-spoken but double-tough and ultra-physical strong-style grappler marched towards the ring with a look of revenge on his face as he walked to the ring. Xiang was actually Ohiyama’s first match when he made his return at the end of 2016 and Ohiyama was victorious then, but now Xiang was more dangerous than ever. He could take the title tonight. 

Said title was now in the hands of referee Chuck Radford, raising the title over his head to show off what was on the line. He called for the bell.


When he went to remove the title, Xiang grabbed the BK Title from his hands and charged forward…


…But instead, he walked right into a VICIOUS Knife-Edge Chop from the champion! Xiang’s quick attempt at trickery backfired horrendously and now he was on the mat pleading for mercy against a man that was not going to offer him any, given how The Xiang Dynasty have been operating.

“No begging. Take your beating like a man, bruddah,” Ohiyama snarled.

He grabbed the neck of Xiang and threw him into a corner. Ohiyama moved his arm back to prepare to throw another Knife-Edge Chop, but instead, Xiang ducked…


The move was perfectly legal in the confines of a Blitzkrieg Rules match, even if Harmen personally had The Xiang Dynasty and Warren Spade removed from the building.

“Nàgè guànjūn jiāng shì wǒ de!” Xiang shouted.

He was saying the championship would be his! Xiang fired off a stiff series of Elbow Smashes into the head of Ohiyama and after wearing him down in the corner some more, fell forward and stunned Ohiyama with a vicious Jawbreaker. The Polynesian Powerhouse was still on his feet, but Xiang clipped him with a Leaping Enzugiri to the back of the head and sent Ohiyama crumbling to a knee. After that, Xiang hit the ropes and nailed him on the side of the head with a stiff Dropkick!

The Artist of War quickly tried to cover Ohiyama! Did he have enough to beat him here?



Ohiyama LAUNCHED the 219-pound Xiang right off of him, but The Artist of War quickly tried to regain his footing and went back on the attack, trying to finish Ohiyama off with something big. When Ohiyama tried to get back on his feet, Xiang locked his arms around his neck looking for a DDT…


Ohiyama shoved him into a corner and ran forward…


He DROVE the wind right out of his chest with a Running Knife-Edge Chop on one side of the ring! The shot echoed throughout the arena so Ohiyama launched him off the other side…


Ohiyama caught him again and stunned Xiang with a second Running Knife-Edge Chop! He then picked him up out of the corner and deposited him with a HUGE Gutwrench Suplex! With that, Ohiyama went for a lateral press on The Xiang Dynasty’s namesake.




Xiang kicked out, but when Ohiyama tried to pull him back up, The Artist of War scurried out of the ring and limped out to the floor. Being that there were no countouts in the rules of the Blitzkrieg Title match, Ohiyama followed him outside as Xiang tried to scurry away.

“Oh, no, you started dis and tonight, I’m gonna finish it,” Ohiyama said coldly.

He grabbed Xiang by his hair…

Pulled him up…


The Canadian crowd BOOED the crap out of the heinous action of Xiang as he nailed an Uppercut right between the legs of Ohiyama! And it didn’t matter how many years of Japanese Strong Style that he was involved in; a low blow hurt unless you were either a woman or Theon Greyjoy (or Varen or any eunuch, really).

Xiang grabbed him by the head now…


The Artist of War also writhed in pain a bit after dropping Ohiyama skull-first on the metal ramp, but he got the worst of the Snap DDT that he had recently added to his arsenal! Now that that was done, Xiang had to quickly limp over, roll Ohiyama’s body over onto the ramp, and then bring the Blitzkrieg Title to the Xiang Dynasty!




“Gāisǐ de!” Xiang yelled.

“Damn it” in his native tongue, of course. Xiang growled, but now that Ohiyama was left disoriented from the Flowing DDT on the ramp, it was only a matter of time in his mind before the Blitzkrieg Title became his.

Xiang limped over to underneath the ring and pulled out a pair of steel chairs. Xiang was a technician first and foremost – classically trained – but was also a cheating piece of garbage who would capitalize on any opening that he could find. He folded the chair and as Ohiyama started to get back to his knees, he brought the chair up…




Three malicious shots from the chair all landed right across various parts of Ohiyama’s wide back and he fell back to his knees in tremendous pain as Xiang threw the dented chair down! He causally walked over to where Ohiyama was limping on the mat now and laughed.

“You fool,” Xiang said in English. “You shouldn’t have accepted this match.”

Ohiyama STILL tried to swat him away, but Xiang was too fast and moved out of the way. And with that, Xiang ran forward and planted a Running Double Knee Strike right to Ohiyama! He took the giant down after using one of his many Double Knee attacks and went for a cover!




Just as close as when he was dropped on the ring ramp, but the double-tough Blitzkrieg Champion kicked out! Xiang shot Radford a death glare and then turned his attention back to the other undented chair that just happened to be near him.

Xiang had the chair and was about to go running with it, looking to crack Ohiyama upside the head. He didn’t give a shit what your wellness policy said; he’d clock him in the head and that was that...


…But he didn’t count on Ohiyama surging to life and swatting the chair right out of his hand!


The Polynesian Powerhouse was now feeding off the rowdy crowd and unleashed a scream that told Xiang that he was up shit creek and the paddle just broke. Still, despite him trying to shake off the damage inflicted by the crafty Xiang, Ohiyama still grabbed his neck in pain. Xiang still charged at him and cracked him with an Elbow Smash to the mouth. He applied a Headlock and appeared to be trying for another Snap DDT, but Ohiyama grabbed him and LIFTED him into a Bearhug!

The crowd cheered for Ohiyama lifting Xiang off the mat and looking like he was going to submit him, but instead turned the cradle to a Deadlift right into a HARD Vertical Suplex on the floor!

The Active Volcano’s neck was bothering him, but he still held onto the feeling of energy from the crowd and sat up, unleashing another roar before he sat up and threw Xiang back into the ring.

Xiang limped his way away from Ohiyama and tried to get back away from the ropes when Ohiyama pointed at the corner looking for the chance to strike. He charged at the corner and CRACKED The Artist of War with a stiff Corner Clothesline! From there, he lifted him up over his shoulders…


The Spinning Belly to Back Facebuster had the ring shaking from the impact! With that, Ohiyama rolled him over and made the lateral press to try and net his third successful Blitzkrieg Title defense.




Xiang just BARELY kicked out, but Ohiyama wasn’t about to let him go down for good. He slashed his thumb across his throat…



After the crowd repeated a clipped version of Ohiyama’s famous battle cry, he was locked in his sights and the crowd sensed the end coming. It was going to be The Wavebreaker coming up now! He charged…






Despite Xiang having the tights for leverage, The Active Volcano STILL kicked out! The crowd almost bit on the finish and Xiang angrily protested with the referee before he slithered his way from the ring. He pushed his way to the timekeeper’s table and grabbed the ring bell. The Artist of War was no doubt using every dirty tactic he could cook up to finish off Ohiyama. He charged with the ring bell…

Ohiyama ducked!

Xiang continued to run and when he came around, The Active Volcano hooked him up…


He spun him out of the Wrist Clutch and the crowd WINCED when he laid out Xiang with the STIFF Headbutt! Xiang was flat out on the mat as Ohiyama now pointed to the top turnbuckle and headed up top…



The crowd exploded as the Diving Splash connected! The 278-pound Ohiyama hooked a leg emphatically.




Ohiyama slapped his hand on the mat and then stood up. His neck was still throbbing, but tonight The Polynesian Powerhouse was victorious and successfully retained the nbW Blitzkrieg Title yet again!


The champion looked down at Xiang with a look of comtempt before raising the championship over his head. For yet another episode of Victory, Ohiyama was game over a different type of opponent that was smaller and quicker, but could bend the rules in any number of ways. Going to the well once too often was Xiang’s undoing and now, Ohiyama had his toughest test to date.

Not only contending with the nigh-unstoppable 7’2” Great Wall, but having to contend with the former nbW World Heavyweight Champion and one of nbW’s biggest giant badasses of all time, Warren Spade.

As the nbW logo for Victory appeared on the tron, Ohiyama patted the faceplate of the belt and had one simple message as the show went off the air…

“Warren. Great Wall. I’m ready.”


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