Live from the SaskTel Centre in Saskatoon, Canada






V/O - “Over ten years ago a small-time promotion out of Reading, PA came to existence. Over the years superstars have debuted and grown, some have retired, and others are still around today. Owners have changed. Locations have shifted. But one thing has always stayed the same. The name. Three Initials that have survived through the thick and the thin.”

The NBW logo is shown as it fades in and out showing the various designs from past to present. The voice-over by Trent McKnight continues.

V/O - “Those initials represent the past, the present, and the future. No Borders. No Boundaries. No Bull. Nothing But Wrestling. Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the NBW!”

A video package rolls showing past wrestlers and on-screen talent from the original promoter Alex Styles to Xander Napoli onto the current: Thaddeus Boyle. Three different men with three different agendas, all of which were responsible for the success that is NBW.

V/O - “Many athletes have paved the way for the current generation entertaining the fans every week.”

Shots of Jason Kain, Jack Owyns, Maximizer, Frost, Rey Campbell, Cal Roberts, Blake Gray, Rejection, Uncensored, Jade Greene and Alan Helms filled the screen before being replaced with shots of macWICKED, Superstar Vince Jacobs, Lunatic, D-T, El Dragon Loco, High Flyer, Sam Potright, Dream Warriors, Rik Bone, Callie Urban, Heaven and Hell, Shawn Jessica Hart, Remy Leroux, Brock Metzer, The Gordon Brothers, Andrew Martin, Mat Walton, William Arthur Reagan, Nightlife USA, Sweet Daddy K, Keegan, Techno Dragon and numerous others as the clips speed up to a blur.

Side to side ‘Special K’ Keegan and ‘the Colossus’ Spike Saunders fade into view before being replaced by an imposing image of the former Double Champion, ‘Superstar’ Vince Jacobs and his Cheshire-like smile.

His image is replaced by clips of the members of his Upper Echelon; Judasbleek, Warren Spade, and the Son of Malta.

They are soon replaced by the likes of Vic Gravender, Chris Moliano, Derecho, Judasbleek, Son of Malta, Torment, RaVage, Tremoid, Lexia Hart, Benjamin Jones, For The Win, Johannes Antonious de Castonovo and Aleczander of Family Keeling, Handsome Man Modeling School, Supersquad, Zed, and more as the clips speed up once more.

V/O - "The time to break the mold is now. To be somebody. To make a mark. To be..."

The NBW logo spins to life once more and fades out to the simple initials...




McKnight's Office

Fresh off the opening package we're taken backstage to Trent McKnight's office. Actually it's not really backstage as the office is just off to the left of the entrance V - the better for him to be aware of what's going on, on his show. Greeting the camera with a smile, "Welcome everyone tonight's VICTORY. As previously announced tonight we'll see Warren Spade go up against the man that cost him his World Heavyweight Championship, The Great Wall. Also Ravage will be getting his rematch with Jax Curry here in a moment."

With a pause to let the fans show their appreciation he continued on.

"And in our Main Event, the Keystone Championship-"

"Keystone of power." Added Richie Keal from off to the side, causing the camera to pan left to see him for the moment.

"-Title", he ignored Keal and continued, "will be on the line when the Space Pimp, Max Hopper-" Again paused as he could already hear the deafening cheers. "Defends it against one of the hottest rookies in NBW, and a source of complaints for our medical staff, The East Wind, Alex Reyn."

Obviously the reaction there was filled with boos and jeering from the crowd. Considering what he did to Supersquad's Emo Kevin and El Avestruz, you'd be hardpressed to find somebody cheering at the moment.

"Enjoys the show folks. Over to you Ms. Hoyt."


“Rematch incoming!” Adria Hoyt said. “Ever since the man people are calling The Super Rookie Jax Curry hit the scene, he’s certainly earned himself the ire of Ravage. He defeated nbW’s most decorated veteran in his debut and after that, took nbW World Heavyweight Champion Jake Tockwell to the limit last week. Following the match, Ravage came out and attacked him unprovoked!”

“Unprovoked? What show are you watching, girl?” Bernie Vaughn asked. “Ravage has been disrespected time and time again and it’s about time he takes his pound of flesh from this meathead!”

“I honestly can’t think of too many rookies who have made this much impact this quickly,” said Ravage. “Not since Matt Haddon’s other pet project, Lucky Carter! In the short time we’ve seen him, we’ve learned Curry is the type of man that can fight his own battles, like we saw on Slam when he attacked Ravage in retaliation for an assault!”

“Now THAT was uncalled for! Ravage was just minding his own business when this big train-like monster ran up, decked him, and now here we are tonight. Ravage is gonna get payback, just watch!”

“We’ll see! We’re going to ringside now as “Quiet Fury” Jax Curry takes on “The Savage of the Ring” Ravage tonight!”

And to Victory announcer Amelia Roberts we go!

“The following is a grudge match set for one fall!” Amelia shouted.

"Art and Life (instrumental)" by Twista.

The music thundered over and the PA and charging out from the back was the rookie standout, Jax Curry! Curry beat on his chest and pointed to both sides of the arena, feeding off the crowd. The Toronto, Ontario native rubbed his hands together and flexed his muscles before he hit the ring at a steady and eager gait. 

"Making his way to the ring... from Toronto, Ontario, Canada... weighing in at 258 pounds... "THE QUIET FURY" JAX CURRY!"

Curry scanned the crowd and stepped between the ropes. He popped the bones in his neck and turned his attention to the man coming to the ring.

“Wanted Man” by Rev Theory.

The music played and out came Ravage…

…In street clothes.


The crowd jeered because Ravage was indeed NOT dressed to compete tonight and in fact, looked like he was ready to head out for the night. Ravage grimaced and motioned for the music to be cut while Curry paced the ring like a lion ready to eat a bitch.

“Curry…” Ravage growled. “I’m a goddamn legend in nbW. The first match was free, kid, and without me nobody would know your ass from a hole in the ground. So get down on your knees and THANK me for making you a name in this company.”

The Super Rookie only growled and lowered the ropes for Ravage, daring him to come to the ring and say that. This is WRESTLING, so of course the bad guy wasn’t too keen to take him up on the offer.

“The next match with me is gonna happen when i say it’s gonna happen. But I see you’re full of P&V and want a fight, so I found somebody that’s wanted to get back on the saddle since this place cast him to the side after Scorched… somebody else that’s been jerked around by idiots like you and mismanaged by people…”

“Faster” by Within Temptation.


nbW’s first-ever wrestler from The Isle of Man walked out from the back with his fiancé, Ali Carr, in tow! The young 20-year-old was last seen on at Scorched when he took Matt Haddon lightly and got defeated as a result! Now he was keen on spoiling the day for Haddon’s latest trainee to make it through the doors of nbW.

“And his opponent… from Douglas in The Isle of Man… being accompanied by Ali Carr… he weighs in at 223 pounds… ”MR. MANX” CHARLIE BIRKIN!

Birkin and Carr shared a kiss before he leaped over the ropes. He unzipped his jacket and tossed it aside before getting to one knee and flexing.

“The best that’s in!” Birkin shouted.

Curry didn’t seem that fazed by the change in opponent. If it meant getting payback for Ravage and his previous attack, then that’s what he was going to do.



Birkin himself was a few years younger than Curry, but had more wrestling experience going on five years. A quick technician in his own right, he immediately went low and tried to go for the leg of Curry…


Curry grabbed him by the waist and straight RAGDOLLED Birkin before heaving him right to the ground with a solid takedown on his own! Curry flipped around and tried to go for a Headlock of some sort, but Birkin quickly slipped out and went right for the arm of Curry! The Super Rookie tried an elbow to catch him off-guard but Birkin was quicker and ducked it. He then tried to take him down with an Armbar Takedown…
But Curry stopped that!

He wagged a finger Sonic The Hedgehog style and then THREW Curry right into the corner! Ravage watched as The Super Rookie was showing up Birkin for the moment.

“You got him, baby, come on!” Carr called out.

Birkin blew a kiss at Ali and then went back on the offensive, surprising Curry with a European Uppercut! He caught him with a solid shot on the jaw and then tried to pick him up for a Snap Suplex…


The powerful star elevated him into the air and held up Birkin! He paraded around the ring with him as man of his fellow countrymen cheered him on…

Five seconds…

Ten seconds…


Curry had a slight smirk on his face that he flashed at Ravage before he rolled over and hooked the leg.



But a quick two-count was all he got off of Birkin. Curry stood over him with the arms out, which could only mean that Deadlift Bridging German was coming up! The crowd cheered as he elevated Birkin…


Birkin fought frantically to fight his way free and slipped between the ropes. Birkin crawled forward and Curry tried to follow him when Ravage jumped on the apron.

“Come on, take a swing!” Ravage smiled.

He was happy to oblige the veteran, but before he could, Birkin grabbed his left arm and SNAPPED it over the top rope! Curry flinched in pain and for the first time in this match, The Super Rookie looked rather vulnerable and Birkin had no issues exploiting that. With Curry favoring his arm, Birkin started to crawl to the top before the technical flyer came off with a Front Missile Dropkick! Curry was finally down and Birkin tried to go for the win!




Curry powered out and that annoyed Ravage to no end. The Savage of the Ring watched Birkin continue to work over the left arm of Curry by stomping on the limb. Curry tried to crawl back to his feet, but Birkin measured his target and hit a punt-style kick right to the arm! The Quiet Fury was now down and with his arm being ever vulnerable to the skillset of Birkin’s arm-based offense, Mr. Manx had a real shot at victory now!

He grabbed the arm and fired a few shots into the arm of the former CFL player, striking down on the limb and trying to no doubt soften him up for his Bridging Fujiwara Armbar he liked to call “Oops, Got Your Arm!” He did so further by putting the arm out and nailing a DOUBLE STOMP! Curry shouted out in pain and now Birkin with another cover!




Another kickout, but the repeated arm attacks would not only help Birkin with application of his finisher, but they would no doubt prevent Curry from using a good bit of his power-based offense and suplexes. Ravage didn’t smile, but he was clearly enjoying the sight of Curry being picked apart by somebody else.

“Rip his arm off!” Ravage shouted.

“Come on, sweetie!” Carr yelled.

The two people in Birkin’s corner fueled him with enough confidence to go for a modified Arm Lock. He twisted the arm while Curry was in a seated position, but Curry started to feed off a very energetic Canadian crowd.

“Do you give up,” Francis asked.

Curry shook his head in the negative.

The Super Rookie tried to fight back to his feet and tried to fight his way out of the Arm Lock, but Birkin stopped him in his tracks with a boot and then a European Uppercut for his troubles. Birkin hit the ropes and when he came back …


Curry caught him in mid-air and spun him around into a ring-shaking move! The arm was hurting him, but Curry tried to beat some life back into the joint before he started to get back to his feet.


With the Canadian fans started to cheer Curry, he used the ropes to get back to his feet while Birkin was still rattled from the Powerbomb. When he started to get back to his feet, Jax crashed right into him with a big Shoulder Block using the side he hadn’t been working on. Curry ran the ropes a second time and smacked all his body weight right into him again, flattening him with a big move!

The Super Rookie fired up now and then tried to whip Birkin across the ring for another big power move, but when he did, he kicked away at the arm and struck him with a punch to the head. Another run off the ropes would hopefully have a better result…


Curry had just enough to interlock the arms together, but his arm was still bothering him. He stopped for a moment and then crawled over to where Birkin got drilled.




Birkin powered out, but now Curry was back in control and if he could string together just one or two more big moves, he could take this match home. 

“Damn it, come on!” Ravage cried.

Carr looked like she was about to cry when Curry tried again for the Deadlift Bridging German that he called Sound and Fury. He tried to interlock the arms a second time, but the arm was too vulnerable and Birkin slipped between his legs! Clearly, Birkin had the finisher scouted as he evaded it twice. He grabbed Curry’s arm as he turned around… DOUBLE KNEE ARMBREAKER!

The Super Rookie fell to the side and held his arms out in severe pain now as Birkin hit the ropes and cracked Curry in the mouth with a huge Sliding European Uppercut now! Curry was flat on his back and this had to be it!




Birkin ALMOST had him there and had taken wrestlers like Brock Newbludd to the limit in the past, but now here he was on the cusp of a big victory. He pointed at Ali Carr and blew her a kiss before Curry started to get back up. He had him by the arm…


With some oomph behind it, Curry shoved him away! Birkin ran off the ropes and was gonna try another Uppercut…


With unexpected speed, Curry ran off the adjacent ropes and straight-up sent Birkin FLYING through the air with an incredibly forceful Explosive Shoulder Tackle using his right side – the one that hadn’t been worked on! Curry crawled over and went for a cover…




The crowd CHEERED! Jax Curry had just pulled one out again against a more experience opponent with a big power move out of nowhere!


Before the action could even be called to announce him as the winner, Ravage ran into the ring and started putting the boots to The Super Rookie! He continued to stomp away at the arm of the rookie powerhouse while Carr attended to her fiancé who was still seeing stars.

“YOU LITTLE PRICK!” Ravage shouted.

He pulled Curry up to his feet…


A gruesome Snap Double Arm DDT DRILLED Curry into the mat and now he was down and out while Ravage helped the groggy Birkin up.

“You want some payback? Take him out!”

Birkin shook the cobwebs out and nodded before he limped his way over to Curry. He grabbed the arm…


Birkin cranked back on the hold while Curry was completely out of it! The damage was done to the arm and now there was nobody there to save Curry from this beatdown. While the submission was on, Ravage kneeled over and yelled in his face.


Ravage left the ring after Birkin was still cranking on the hold. Sure, he’d lost the match, but tonight Ravage and Charlie Birkin were the last men standing!

Charlie rolled off of Jax Curry and the two men walked out of the ring with Ali Carr right behind them. Ravage’s plan may have come to fruition. There was no telling what damage was done to that arm of Curry and if he was going to accept Ravage’s challenge, that’d mean bad things could happen to him.




Final Warning


The camera was now backstage at the interview position and a pretty new face to NBW fans, especially those watching Victory. Her smile was bright and she had recently been called up from NBW’s Pulse project to help with interviews for the show.

“Hello!” said the young lady a little bit nervously. “My name is Claudia Marie and I’m happy to be here tonight! They threw me a big guest … and I mean a big guest so wish me luck! I have Fenton Woods and the Monster of the Mid-South … Warren Spade!!!”

She did look very nervous standing next to the seven feet tall giant and his five-foot four manager in the carnival barker hat and bright green jacket straight out of a Dumb and Dumber movie but lucky for her they were both on the side of good. Fenton seemed to be in good spirits for a man that was kicked in the face by Xiang last week. Warren was certainly not.

“Hello, my dear!” said Fenton. He politely planted a kiss on her hand. “Welcome to the team and I promise we’ll make it easy for you! Ask away.”

“Well … it has not been a good couple of weeks for you has it, Warren?”

Warren growled right behind her.

“Cut to the quick why don’t you?” said Warren with dry sarcasm. “I know that you’re doing your job, Claudia so I will say this … you are 100% right. I lost my championship and the right to main event Legacy against that big-mouthed asshole Jake Tockwell. Twice now, The Great Wall has cost me both the title and the rematch that I foolishly tried to cash in on. I’ve been told by Jack Harmen that I’m still owed a one-on-one contractual rematch of some sort but that’s going to wait for now.”

“And that goes into my next question – tonight you will finally be able to fight The Great Wall but he has also been making an enemy of the Blitzkrieg champion Ohiyama. What are your thoughts on his involvement in this entire situation?”

Warren was about to bite his tongue. He was very clearly angry at repeated involvement so Fenton stepped up for him.

“I shall take that question my dear.” Said Fenton. “We realized on the first episode of Victory, Ohiyama was also blindsided by The Great Wall and Xiang for talking a mess of crap about how they’re nothing more than little butt-puppets for Jake Tockwell and the In Crowd for taking Tockwell’s dirty money, but he needs to realize something - twice costing my client the NBW World championship is a little more important than him hurting the Great Wall’s ego. We’ve dealt with Ohiyama long enough in the last few months because of his issues with wanting to take Tockwell’s money, his family crises or his need for revenge. Well Ohiyama … you need to wait your turn.”

Warren Spade growled.

“You came through in the clutch by not taking Tockwell’s money and showing that you are a good man, but then you feel the need to insert yourself into my business with Tockwell and what should have been my solo rematch and I’m tired of it, you self-righteous son of a bitch.”
Those were certainly fighting words by the ex-champion!

“If you get in my way again tonight when I face the Great Wall one on one, I promise that you won’t like the consequences.”

“And do you have any words for the Great Wall himself?” asked Claudia.

“I do,” said Spade. “In ten, even twenty years from now when you look back on your careers, Xiang Dynasty, you’re going to look back on this moment as the day that all three of you fucked up royally.”

“Couldn’t have made that any clearer myself, darling!” said Fenton.

Warren put on his vest and headed down the corridor to get ready for his match, with Fenton Woods shortly behind him. Tonight two of the most powerful forces in NBW today would collide when the Great Wall took on “The Monster of the Mid-South” Warren Spade!


“Can you believe Ai Tso’s actions?” Adria asked her broadcast colleague. “He turned on Yuma Wakaba after being friends with him for almost a year! They formed The Different Breed together!”

“I can believe it!” Bernie said. “Ai Tso has been slumming it up in the openers of shows for a long time and it got him nowhere! Now he’s already being talked about more in the last two shows than he was in his entire nbW run before it! And now Rushton and Flowers are gonna find out how dangerous The Xiang Dynasty really are!”

“They’ve been on a TEAR this year and they cost BOTH Warren Spade and Ohiyama the nbW World Heavyweight Championship! We’re gonna have The Great Wall in action a little later against Warren Spade who will FINALLY get his hands on him after twist costing him the nbW World Heavyweight Championship. But we’re gonna have Xiang and Ai Tso in their first match as a team.”

“The Xiang Dynasty take on the high flyers from Britain, RAF, up right now!”

And in the ring we go to the lovely Amelia Roberts and the camera cutting to RAF in the ring.

“Introducing already in the ring… from Great Britain, at a combined weight of 405 pounds… Ant Rushton and Ade Flowers… R! A! F!

The Canadian crowd gave a modest pop to the young high flyers. They were talented, sure, and trained by nbW Hall of Famer Keegan, but now they were looking for a big break against The Xiang Dynasty members Xiang and Ai Tso. The camera cut to the entrance where the arena went completely dark…

“Born in China (metal instrumental)” by The Immortals.

The music started to pick up and one by one, the lights of the Victory set began to glow yellow as the arena became bathed in a low sanguine hue. Three silhouettes appeared on the stage…


Ai Tso.

The Great Wall.

The pro-Chinese contingent of nbW walked towards the ring slowly, absorbing the jeers from the crowd.  Ever since Xiang and The Great Wall had declared a newfound focus they had been more dangerous than ever. The Great Wall was undefeated and along with it, had cost Warren Spade the nbW World Championship twice and Ohiyama the title once, collecting the Tockwell bounty of $500,000.

“And their opponents, being accompanied to the ring by The Great Wall, weighing in at a combined weight of 454 pounds… Xiang and Ai Tso… THE XIANG DYNASTY!

Led by the dastardly Xiang, the crowd booed the Chinese Triad (the non-killer variety, but they could still probably fuck you up) as they entered the ring. Xiang and Ai Tso gave each other a glance and a quick nod as The Great Wall remained at ringside, looking smug over his recently in-ring and out-of-ring dealings. RAF waited…



At the start of the match, referee Slim J had a hard time keeping things under control because The Xiang Dynasty jumped right on Rushton and Flowers with a sneak attack! Xiang pummeled Rushton with some hard kicks in the corner while Ai Tso was doing a number on Ade Flowers by choking him in the corner against the ropes!

The Great Wall simply stood his ground and remained stoic as a mofo watching his stablemates take apart the young Brits. Xiang simply tossed Rushton out to the floor and that allowed both men in the ring to pick off Ade Flowers. The Milton Keynes native was thrown across the ring into a corner where Xiang and Ai Tso lined up an attack. Ai Tso ran forward first and caught him in the chest with a big Running Back Elbow in the corner!

He threw him over to Xiang who stunned him with a quick Kneeling Jawbreaker! The blow stunned Flower and Xiang followed up with a quick Enzuigiri followed by Ai Tso grabbing him in a waistlock…





The Xiang Dynasty had been working on their teamwork, sure, but RAF were as well-oiled of a team as any other in nbW today. Xiang grabbed Rushton and tried to throw him out to the floor, but Rushton landed on his feet on the apron. Xiang tried to swing at him, but Rushton ducked…

He didn’t see Ai Tso coming with another hard Forearm Smash!

Rushton was knocked out of the way completely when Xiang and Ai Tso turned their attention back to Flowers. He limped back to his feet as Ai Tso returned to the corner, allowing Xiang to put the boots to him overhead.

“Liú xiàlái, gǒu!” Xiang screamed.

He was telling Flowers “STAY DOWN, DOG!” in his native language all the while putting more boots to him in a bad way. He pulled Flowers up by the leg and brought down HARD stomps to the leg and knee, no doubt preventing him from being able to do any of the high-flying that the team were famous for. Xiang continued to wail on the leg while the crowd booed the xenophobic trio for their recent actions.

Rushton eventually limped back up onto the ring apron and watched his partner continued to be picked apart by Xiang as he now rolled him over with a Snapmare…




A trio of painful Soccer Kicks caught him right in the back and that allowed Xiang to weaken him enough to go for another cover.




Flowers with the kick out!

Xiang angrily grabbed him by the neck and forced him back to his feet before throwing Flowers off into the corner. He held him in place and ran forward, CRACKING him in the jaw with another big Forearm Smash before making the tag to Ai Tso. Both men were in the ring now and Xiang threw him right into the clutches of Ai Tso…


Ai Tso knew his way around some incredible Judo takedowns and this one earned him some cringes from the crowd! A vicious Headlock-based takedown that might have knocked the very wind out of Flowers! Ai Tso went right immediately into another cover.




For the second time in the match, RAF came to the aid of one another! Thanks to the sneak attack at the start, this match had pretty much been all Xiang Dynasty and they were showing no signs of slowing down despite Rushton being a pest. The crowd continued booing while Ai Tso went to work on Flowers’s leg, lifting the knee and SLAMMING it down on the canvas!

Both Xiang and The Great Wall looked pleased with Ai Tso’s newfound killer instinct in the ring and he continued to wail on the leg of Flowers with another joint lock! Now he kneeled over and locked in something looking like a Half Crab, but with a foot on in the crook of the knee as he pulled back!

“Come on, Ade! You got this!” Ant shouted.

The Milton Keynes resident tried to fight towards the ropes, but the 237-pound Ai Tso was a lot stronger and had a tight hold on the Leg Lock, not letting him go anywhere. Rushton couldn’t risk continuous jumping into the ring to save his partner and risk a disqualification, but he rooted on his partner as he scratched toward the ropes…. crawled…

Just a little more…


Flowers got to the ropes, but Ai Tso quickly grabbed him away from the ropes! He held him up in the German Suplex position again, but Flowers turned that forward into a roll-up!




Flowers almost walked away with the victory via a forward Victory Roll. Both men were on their feet when Flowers clocked Ai Tso in the head with a stiff Back Elbow. The blow rattled Ai Tso and Flowers rushed in…


Both men were down now with their respective partners raring to go. Xiang growled under his breath while Ant Rushton tried to rally on his partner to get him to make the all-important tag! Ai Tso scrambled around the ring and started to roll over to his corner where Xiang was out ready for the hand. Xiang got the tag and made his way over and grabbed Flowers. He pulled him back by the leg and brought him back to his feet…


Right off the bat, Flowers had kicked Xiang aside and the leader of the Dynasty fell to his knees, clutching the back of his head! With that, the tag was made to Ant Rushton and his first big move?





Xiang kicked out, but Rushton continued to take the fight to him quickly by taking Xiang down with a Dropkick! When Ai Tso tried to get back inside the ring and stop the high-flying Brit from doing his thing…


Rushton leaped off the ropes and connected with a Springboard Dropkick variant, knocking down Ai Tso. The loyal soldier was taken down while Xiang started to get back up to his feet, he was taken down just as fast with a Spinning Heel Kick! Now that he had cleared the ring, Rushton frantically slapped the mat, getting the crowd into things and they were quick to support anybody that could stop The Xiang Dynasty!

Rushton made it to the top rope and took flight…


Could that be it tonight?




Xiang kicked out again, but RAF were smelling like roses… more like Flowers because he was coming into the ring to try and intercept Ai Tso from making a comeback into the ring. He booted him and tried a Slingshot Plancha to the floor, but Ai Tso moved. Flowers landed on his feet…


The aptly named Chinese word for “Finisher” was a Judo-inspired STO takedown on the floor! The crowd cringed while back inside the ring, Rushton pulled Xiang up. He was going for Rush of Blood, a Go 2 Sleep, but Xiang slipped out the back and SNAPPED him down with a vicious Double Knee Backbreaker! Xiang limped over and then rolled to the corner where Ai Tso now was. He pulled him up and the tag was made. Xiang ran at the corner where Rushton was…


Going forward, the XD Kick was now a vicious Helluva-style kick in the corner! He threw him back out to Ai Tso…


Snap Running STO for Rushton and with that, Ai Tso made the cover.





Xiang grabbed the microphone from Amelia and she quickly cleared the ring as The Great Wall started to step inside. He reached down and grabbed Rushton. He was already hurt…


With tremendous force, Rushton was thrown into the canvas with an Inverted Chokeslam Facebuster from over seven feet in the air! Xiang quickly kicked the carcass of the fallen wrestler out of the ring and started ranting.

“Nǐ kàn dào zhège ma nǐ kàn dào wǒmen zuòle shénme ma? Zhè shì nàxiē bù yānmò wǒmen róngyào de rén huì fāshēng shénme!”

He pointed at Ai Tso and to The Great Wall behind him.

“Warren Spade... Ohiyama... Nǐ yǔ chángchéng de lìliàng xiāng bǐ biàn dé cāngbái!”


“Into The Arena” played and the crowd went nuts as Warren Spade ran like a bat out of hell towards the ring! The Great Wall was ready for him, but Xiang and Ai Tso pleaded with him to leave the ring! Warren Spade was already towards the ring when Fenton Woods trailed long behind him! He had his head kicked off by Warren Spade on Slam and because of it, cost Warren Spade the nbW World Heavyweight Championship. 

Now it was payback time.

Spade was madder than a hornet. He clutched a microphone in hand and it was balled so tight, he might have broken it in his grip if he were any angrier.


Spade growled at him and The Great Wall watched him from outside the ring. RAF had already been helped to the back by trainers and now that left only Spade and Fenton vs. The Great Wall and Xiang Dynasty.

“He’ll fight you when HE’S ready to fig…”

Xiang was about to finish his thought when The Great Wall finally rose up and took the microphone from Xiang Dynasty’s mouthpiece. The Chinese Colossus stepped slowly on the ring ropes and leaned towards the ropes…


The extent of The Great Wall’s English wasn’t too great, but he knew enough for that message to be clear.

Warren Spade vs. The Great Wall…



For the very first time since the Xiang Dynasty cost Warren Spade the NBW World championship and his main event slot at Legacy to Jake Tockwell, Warren Spade and the almost unstoppable monster the Great Wall were about to go one on one.

And it was Warren Spade firing the first shot with a head butt!

The Great Wall stepped back in his tracks after the surprise strike and then Warren threw another head butt back into the head for good measure. The two had met in the ring early in 2016 with Warren Spade getting the win, but this was a much more dangerous and much more intense Great Wall that seemed like he could not be stopped. The King of Monsters was certainly willing to put that theory to the test though!

Fenton Woods watched from the corner of his client with Xiang and Ai Tso watching their large stable mate. The Great Wall was left in a corner now trying to cover up as Warren Spade continued to throw head butt after head butt into the face of NBW’s second largest man (Spike Saunders being the first by a mere inch).

The Great Wall was about to be taken for a ride, but surprisingly he was one of the few people that had reversed an irish whip from Warren Spade! He took Spade into the corner and then crushed him with a corner splash!

The Chinese Colossus wasted no time in going after Spade by throwing clubbing shots all over his body to make Spade try and defend himself. What he did not foresee was the Great Wall throwing up some knee strikes as well to his unprotected rib cage and that left Spade in a rare position having to defend himself. He was trying to stand and these blows were only doing so much so the Great Wall jumpe din the air and delivered a hard jumping chop to the side of Warren’s neck. The blow actually brought the King of Monsters to his knees and a kick to the rib cage finally put Warren on his back!

The NBW faithful could not actually believe that the Great Wall had reduced Warren Spade being laid out on the mat but that’s exactly what happened. The Great Wall had used the ropes for momentum to deliver an elbow drop to the back that became a deadly weapon just based on size and strength alone!  The Great Wall slowly got to a vertical base and positioned Warren to a position on his back before following that up with a massive leg drop that made the ring shake. Tremendous force was put on Spade and after what he thought was going to be a hot opening, the Great Wall was looking as dominant as he had at any point this year.

He attempted to pin Warren Spade after his collection of vicious moves.

1 …

2 …

Warren disappointed the Xiang Dynasty by kicking out!

Xiang cursed in his native language and Fenton Woods cheered on Spade.

“Get up champ! Let’s go!” said Fenton.

The Great Wall intimidated the official by shooting him a very dangerous look and then led Warren by the arm. Warren surprised him with another head butt between the eyes and the shot rattled the Great Wall! Warren got some cheers from the crowd as he surged to life by going off the ropes. What he didn’t expect was the Great Wall to catch him and then take him down with a very devastating tilt-a-whirl slam!

The crowd could not believe the amazing display of strength by the Great Wall! Xiang turned to the crowd and yelled out to them.

“That is how we dominate!” yelled Xiang in English.

He clearly wanted everybody to know and understand what they were seeing in the ring right now with Warren Spade being manhandled which was something that may not have ever happened in NBW. The Great Wall made another attempt by pinning him after the big move!

1 …

2 …

Again Warren’s shoulder rose off the mat!

The Great Wall decided that he was going to put and end to Spade right here and now. He clutched the back of his head and slapped on a sleeper hold! In any other wrestler’s arsenal this was certainly a deadly hold but the Great Wall’s seemingly limitless strength made it a potential finish. It wasn’t exactly like his Five Stars Vice and perhaps he was using this to set up for that head and arm choke. Whatever the case may have been Warren Spade was not going to stick around and find out what he was doing.

Almost as if he sensed the coming danger, the One-Man Stampede shot up to life and quickly made it back to his knees. Blows fired into the gut of Spade and then Warren dashed a throat thrust into the neck of the Great Wall that stunned him for a few seconds. Spade ran right into him with a clothesline and for the first time in anyone’s career, one blow was not enough for Spade to knock him down. The Great Wall remained in his tracks.

“What the …?” asked Fenton.

Spade shrugged and was about to run off the ropes a second time …


Yet again the Great Wall was just proving to be too much for the King of Monsters to handle! The Great Wall hastily made it to where Spade landed and the pinning predicament commenced.

1 …

2 …

Close but no cigar!

The Great Wall was now enraged!

He stood and drug Warren up with him again to put him into the corner with a big move. The Great Wall wasn’t too fast, but another corner splash was coming up.

Unfortunately for him, Warren moved out of the way and then when the Great Wall staggered out from the corner …


The crowd was in disbelief! Warren Spade had busted out a front drop kick combination a few times in the past but the blow finally knocked the Great Wall off of his feet!

Xiang was not happy and Ai Tso tried calming down his boss while Fenton Woods pumped his fist and pointed to the crowd.


Warren Spade pointed at the top rope and the crowd wasn’t sure what was going to happen next with this large athletic man. The former NBW World champion started to get to the apron and when Ai Tso tried stopping him by grabbing his leg, Warren stomped on his hand with his other foot!

“Ahhhhh!!!” yelled Ai Tso.

He could not save his own fingers let alone save the Great Wall from what was coming next. Warren Spade took a little time going to the top rope but now he was there and he waited for the Great Wall to turn …


Warren had only busted out the move even less than the top rope drop kick but the crowd was on their feet after such a crazy move from a man so big! Warren crawled over to where the Great Wall had finally toppled over. Could he be the first man to beat the Great Wall this year?

1 …

2 …

Kick-out by the Great Wall!

Warren Spade wasn’t surprised that the Great Wall had just kicked out but recognized that he was vulnerable and now he removed his single strap! He let out a roar and then swiped his foot on the mat! Trouble was coming for the Great Wall in the form of the Trample as he ran from the ropes …


Xiang had seen enough and threw a chair right the back of Warren’s head!






Perhaps Xiang knew the end was coming for the Great Wall but he threw the chair in full view of the official, which meant Warren was winning this match by disqualification, but that didn’t sit well with the monster!

Spade appeared relatively unaffected by the chair and grabbed Xiang by his neck! The crowd wanted something bad to happen to Xiang after this but it was not going to happen …


Warren Spade was spun around and then locked into the deadly head and arm choke that cost him his rematch at the NBW World title on Slam!

Warren tried to elbow his way out, but Xiang and Ai Tso swarmed the ring and attacked, Xiang with a chair and Ai Tso with a ring bell hammer!

They both fired shots to the back and legs of Warren to weaken him as the choke from the Great Wall was doing its job! Fenton tried to limp towards the ring…

“Voodoo Child” by Brick + Mortar.



The crowd went nuts as the nbW Blitzkrieg Champiom ran right past Fenton and slid into the ring, grabbing Ai Tso first…


Ai Tso was ejected from the ring quickly just as Warren started to try and fight back against The Great Wall! Xiang turned and tried swinging the chair at Ohiyama, but he ducked it, palmed the back of his head and THREW him through the ropes, sending him packing out to the floor!


The loud chants came out for the Blitzkrieg Champion while Warren Spade grabbed The Great Wall and sent him FLYING over the top rope with a huge Clothesline!

The two powerful forces were standing tall for the moment and Ohiyama continued to stare down The Great Wall and company while Warren Spade was still clutching his neck, making sure he could still breathe okay. Fenton looked angry at the interruption of Ohiyama but he ignored Spade’s manager and took a microphone from ringside.

“GREAT WALL!” Ohiyama shouted. “Last week, you said you wanted a shot at dis title and have yet to name a place. Since you haven’t yet, I’m doing it for you.  On Slam, next week… you and me for da Blitzkrieg Title, bruddah!”

The crowd cheered as the hard-hitting Hawaiian laid down a challenge. The Great Wall was reeling on the ground but an angry Xiang turned to him and then to Ohiyama…

“Ohiyama… we are THROUGH with you interfering in our business and THROUGH with you insulting us both verbally and physically… he accepts!”

The Great Wall and Ohiyama were now set for a date on Slam with the Blitzkrieg Title on the line! Ohiyama nodded and then smiled as he held the title up over his head. The Xiang Dynasty were angry that this attempt to take out Warren Spade had failed tonight but Ohiyama had gotten just want he wanted…

Or did he?



The crowd was in complete shock!

Warren Spade had just RIPPED right through Ohiyama with the Spear! Spade got quite a mixed reaction for what he did to Ohiyama, but he stood up and dusted himself off. Ohiyama certainly didn’t expect that from Spade and now he was on the mat sucking wind after being left laying.


Spade was pissed that his chance for revenge tonight had been ruined, but felt that Ohiyama’s interference was unnecessary and unwarranted despite the situation. Fenton looked at Warren Spade and decided not to get on his bad side as the two also walked up the ramp. Ohiyama seethed through pained teeth now as he clutched a rib, trying to understand that the message was made loud and clear.

Both men clearly wanted at The Great Wall.

Spade was just willing to go the extra mile to do it.


McKnight's Office

Back to the office of McKnight.

This time with guests.

Standing with Richie at his side, the two faced two duo's. Myth and Legend, and For The Win. The two teams were ready to take pieces out of each other.

"Thank you gentlemen for coming." Trent welcomed the four men. "The nights almost over, and we've got a amazing Main Event coming up. The team's out there getting the ring ready and making some changes here and there. So it goes without saying really, you're not back here to set up a match tonight."

"WHAT?" Mercury broke through first. Verbally that is. "We BEAT these two jackwangs already."

"Hey, any day of the week. We'll return the favor."

"Give us a break. For a year we fought you two nearly every other week. We are done with it."

"Besides", Maine added in "don't you guys have some raid in Destiny 2 to get to?"

"That's Wednesday's. We still have time to kick your ass before we beat the boss's."

"Wait wait," Trent stepped up and between the two. Richie remained near the wall. All too familiar with where things went during confrontations backstage. "Actually, I called both of you in here tonight to inform you that in two weeks on Victory Four, we're having a repeat from two weeks ago."

"What the hell?" Mercury with the usual bad egg attitude. "We're not facing them again."

"Actually you are." Trent motioned Richie over, he held the tablet out to them. "Right here. The first official match - so I'm putting you four in the Main Event."

Mercury and Miaate looked at each other while Spark and Noid nodded their heads to Trent, "We're down."

"We're not." Miatte stated: "Make it the asscrack open. We'll do what we did last time, and every time prior."

"You guys okay with that?"

FTW shrugged in unison.

"Very well." Trent adjusted this digital schedule and handed it back to Richie. "It's official then. In two weeks we'll kick off Victory with For the Win facing Myth and Legend."


"Now I've got a Main Event to oversee, so if you would." He gestured over to the door. FTW left out the door first.

"After that, we're getting what we deserve Trent." Mercury stated as both he and Miaate spun around and charged FTW and said: "Just as these two!"

Mercury caught Spark behind and twisted him around, hurling him into the doorwell shoulder first.
At the same time to his side Miaate decked Noid across the skull, then drove him forward into the concrete wall spine first.

Grabbing either under their shoulders, the two twisted around and tossed them down the corridor. Officials coming around the corner, MnL headed in the opposite direction.

"See you boys in two weeks." Miaate called back as we fade on out.




Main Tale of the Tape

“Ladies and gentleman, welcome back to Victory!” came the familiar yet unexpected voice of Melissa Vanderhart. “We’ve got something really special for you this main event! A battle for the Keystone title!”

“Yeah, sorry to those other two announcers,” C.G Gaines said, not sounding sorry in the least. “But there’s no WAY we were gonna miss the chance to call a title match like this!”

A soft chant began to spread throughout the arena. Starting as a whisper but growing into a chorus as the lights darkened while images began to flicker on the viewers screens. Images of violence, war, and a solitary figure watching it all.

The chanting had grown louder now and the drumbeats of Nightwish’s “Seven Days to the Wolves rose in volume as mist spread throughout the stadium, ghostly images of great heroes and villains forming two parallel lines along the ramp.

The rock part of the song kicked in and thunder roared while fire erupted on the stage, revealing the cowled form of the East Wind Alex Reyn, his hands outstretched over the flames. He was shirtless, save for an open black cloak with a wolf skull mask, his body covered in ancient symbols and markings that seemed almost to glow and move in the firelight. 

“Introducing the challenger! Weighing in at 200 pounds! He is the East Wind of Adversity! ALEX REYN!!!

He began to walk forward and the ghostly figures knelt as he approached them, only to rise up as he passed them as if more energised, turning to watch as he walked, Reyn himself never breaking eye contact with the ring.

“Howl! Seven days to the wolves
Where will we be when they come?
Seven days to the poison
And a place in heaven
Time drawing near us
They come to take us”

He climbed atop the top rope and looked out, surveying the arena with an appraising eye as thunder crackled once again.

Coldly, he stepped down. Removing the cowl and placing it on the ringpost. Dropping into a low crouch to await his opponent.

“Reyn’s in the ring, only one person left…”

One by one, each section of the arena went dark. It was almost as if someone, or something, had tampered with the lights. The arena was transformed into an eerie green. A thick cloud of fog rolled in. It was almost… alien.

Brent Williams apologized to the nbW faithful. He of course knew EXACTLY what was going on, but he loved this act and loved to play along. “Ladies and gentleman, please excuse the interruption. We seem to be having problems with the - “ His feed cut out and was replaced by a screeching noise. Then, as if someone were switching dials on a radio, voices came through the speakers.

“I… Want… To… Believe!” the radio voices announced. Then the sound system roared to life with the geek punk classic “U.F.O.” by Boris the Sprinkler.

Amidst all the green, the Epicenter came to life, with a silvery object zooming to and fro in the distance. It grew closer, and closer, until finally it was quite clear and almost close enough to touch.

It was a flying saucer! A hatch door opened, lowering a stairway, and a bright, white light emanated from within the strange craft. A shadowy figure slowly took one step after another until it reached the ground. Finally, the mysterious being stood in the entryway, surrounded by the same bright, white light. The hatch door closed, and the U.F.O. sped off. When it vanished from the Epicenter, the same silvery object appeared above the crowd in the form of a large, silvery, saucer-shaped balloon!

“And from the Twilight Zone! Weighing in at 221 lbs! He is the Keystone champion! The Czar of the Bizzare! The Hero of Time! The Keystone Guardian! The Space Pimp! MAX!!!! HOPPER!!!

As Jesse Ventura once said in an episode of The X-Files, “No other object has been misidentified as a flying saucer more often than the planet Venus.” However, this was not the planet Venus. This was the “Space Pimp” and Guardian of the Keystone (Title) Max Hopper! He stepped into the aisle, and instantly the crowd could see the difference. Wher Max was normalyy smiling and waving, here he was DEAD serious as he walked to the ring. Glaring holes into The East Wind. This wasn’t about having a fun match, this was about defending time itself. This was about making Alex Reyn pay.


The bell was forced to ring prematurely as Max Hopper suddenly sprinted into the ring and charged at Alex Reyn! Throwing wild, VICIOUS punches at the East Wind! Ready to pay him back in blood for every single person he had hurt!


“And Max Hopper comes flying out of the gate here, not giving his opponent any room to breathe! We haven’t seen THIS side of him before!” Melissa Vanderhart called as Max attacked with atypical aggression.

“That may backfire on him though.” C.G Gaines noted “He’s letting Alex get inside his head.”

Gaines’s statement quickly proved accurate as Alex’s superior striking skill allowed him to quickly take control. Firing back with rapid-fire strikes of his own. The attack put Max on the defensive and allowed Reyn to send the Czar of the Bizarre into the ropes.

Alex with a running kne-


Max caught Alex by the leg, and DROPPED him with an authoritative dragon screw!

Max was back in control now, and he hit the ropes, coming in hard with a dropkick DIRECTLY into a rising Reyn’s face! The onslaught wasn’t over, as Max lept high into the air and dropped his leg down across Alex Reyn’s chest!



“Max is even crazier than I thought if he thinks THAT’S all it’s gonna take to win this match!” Gaines snarked.

It seemed Max realised this to though, as aside from a small twitch of annoyance, he seemed to be keeping his composure, setting Reyn up for a snap suplex.

Until Reyn countered with a Snap DDT and swung both legs into Hopper’s knee!

“And Reyn takes control with an opportunistic counter!”

“I swear,” C.G said, wincing at the sight of Alex’s feet slamming into Max’s leg “Trying to fight this guy is like trying to fight a cobra.”

As was traditional of Reyn, that DDT was instantly followed up with a guillotine choke in the centre of the ring, Alex WRENCHING back on Max Hopper’s neck as Hopper tried not to pass out from having the life choked out of him!

Pushing through the pain and lack of oxygen, Max managed to make his way to his feet, holding Reyn’s entire bodyweight up in the air!

“What impressive strength by Max Hopper!” Melissa Vanderhart called.

All it took then was a shifting of grips, and…





A less experienced man would have lost heart at that, but despite his goofy demeanour, Max was still a veteran of many wars here at NBW, and two little kickouts were NOT going to deter him from victory as he followed up that suplex and bridge with a dazzling, standing shooting star!




Again, Reyn showed his resilience, but again Max showed his focus, grabbing Reyn by the wrist, he pulled him to his feet to set Reyn up for a-


“Like I said: Cobra.”

Max ‘s chin sna[[ed back from the blow and Alex immediately rolled them into a mount. Quick, lethal and precise strikes began to rain down on Max Hopper, targeting every piece of exposed flesh there was until Max managed to wrap a sudden headscissors and roll Reyn into a fujiwara armbar! Or at least he would have had the canny East Wind not seen the move coming and slipped out of the hold, AND out of the ring.

Baseball slide from Hopper!

Yes, the Czar of the Bizarre had been right on top of Alex Reyn, and that sliding kick knocked him to the floor!

Which bought Max all the time he needed…

GOTTA HAVE MY HOPS!!! (Space flying plancha)

“WOW!” Melissa Vanderhart exclaimed “WHAT AN IMPACT!! Both men are down!”

Indeed, the fosbury flop had hit Reyn like a cannonball, but it had also taken a lot out of Max Hopper, and now both wrestlers were struggling to their feet.

Of course, it was Hopper who managed to rise first. Pumping his fist to get the crowd behind him, he called for a flying clothesline as Reyn took his time getting to his feet.

In he came! Flying clothesli-


Reyn ducked the move and Hopper landed behind him, only for Reyn to spin around and kick the back of his knee! Max cried out in pain and collapsed forward, allowing Reyn to grab him by the neck and tights and violently ram him headfirst into the apron edge!

“Oh! And Max Hopper goes down hard!”

“Not only is that one of the hardest parts of the ring, but the top of your heads one of the most sensitive parts of the human skull.” C.G Gainess added. “Hopper is gonna be feeling that for weeks!”

He was about to feel a lot worse though, as an irish whip sent him crashing into the ringsteps. Slowly, ruthlessly Alex Reyn stalked forward. Grabbing the stunned Max Hopper by the back of the neck, he pulled him to his feet and placed his head next to the ringpost.

The crowd paled as he stepped back…

“N-no… He can’t be… H-He can’t…!


A collective gasp went up the crowd as the heard the violent crunch! Max Hopper had just fallen prey to the same move that had taken out both  Paul Sanders and Emo Kevin. Even C.G Gaines seemed a little uncomfortable at that.

But if any of them were expecting pity from Alex Reyn, then they didn’t know The East Wind at all, as he rolled the near lifeless body of Max Hopper into the ring and ascended the turnbuckle.

“STOP IT!! YOU’VE DONE ENOUGH, JUST PIN HIM!!” Melissa Vanderhart screamed.


“It’s… It’s over. Max Hopper’s going to need medical attention out here guys. We need to call an ambulance.”

As Melissa Vanderhart said, it was academic at this point.







“Because he’s not some jobber who this psychopath can kick around.” C.G Gaines said, with uncharacteristic seriousness. “I don’t like Max Hopper, never have. But the fact is, he’s a champion, and he’ll fight back with EVERYTHING he has!”

“Are… Are you actually rooting for Max?”

“Much as I hate to admit it… yes. I think he’s a loser, I think he’s a twerp and an idiot and a nutball! ...But he never tried to end someone’s career just because… because they… I don’t even KNOW why Reyn does it! It’s like no-one matters to him. He’s not doing it to further his career, or make a statement, he just… ruins lives. I CAN’T cheer for something like THAT.”

Melissa Vanderhart nodded. For perhaps the first time, the two were in agreement on something.

Back in the ring, and Alex had actually given an approving look at Max Hopper’s resilience. It seemed he agreed that the keystone champion should be harder to put away.

But that didn’t stop him from inflicting more damage.

Grabbing Max Hopper by the leg, he dragged him over to the corner, tying his leg up so that Max’s knee was lying over the bottom turnbuckle.

Immediately, he backed off into the opposite corner, looking for a running dropkick. But Max was able to free his leg and roll out the ring to avoid damage and try to recover from his aching skull.

But against an opponent like Alex Reyn, even outside the ring wasn’t safe.

ASCENDANT’S WRA-!! (Running, springboard, suicide crossbody)


Max had the move scouted and dodged out the ring, but Alex tucked and rolled at the last second, transferring his inertia into momentum as he rolled to his feet! Max barely had time to turn around before…


The attack almost cut poor Hopper in HALF, and Alex grabbed him by the hair, dragging him over to the ring steps, he trapped Max Hopper’s head between the ringpost and steps before backing off once again, just like he’d done with Avestruz...

But Max pulled his head free and rolled out the way, backing off from the corner!

“Alex is getting frustrated here” Melissa Vanderhart noted, as Alex indeed growled low in his throat. “He seems to want to end this match early.”

“That may be his downfall though,” Gaines said “These environmental finisher’s he’s trying to use deal a LOT of damage, but they also take time to set up and execute. Which is giving Hopper time to recover.”

Alex seemed to realise that he needed to wear Max down if he wanted to get the win, and lit up his chest with a vicious sequence of kicks before rolling him into the ring.

Sliding in the ring after his opponent, Alex snaked his arm around Max’s neck, going for the East Wind Cutter (Lifting, rolling cutter)


At the LAST second, Max spun to face Reyn in mid lift and caught him in a small package!!



Immediately, both rolled to their feet, Alex attacked with a knee, but Hopper once again caught it before dropping him with a dragon screw that he rolled into a half-crab!

“Max Hopper with a single leg crab, centre of the ring! Is Reyn going to tap out?!”

Hopper WRENCHED back on Reyn’s leg, trying to pull it out of it’s socket, as Reyn forced himself to ignore the pain! The ropes too far away to crawl to…

“He could tap right here!”

Until he began to stand on one leg…

“What the-?”

Like a monster in a horror movie, he reached back behind himself looking to grab Max by the neck and pull him down into a sudden neckbreaker!

Max seemed to realise the danger, and instantly released the hold! Rolling to safety. As he rose to his feet, he could see that Reyn’s leg was starting to bother him. He had been in that hold for quite a while, and now Hopper had a target.

Ignoring the pain, Alex tried to go on the attack, but a dropkick to his knee brought him to the mat! Immediately, Max tried to go for another Boston Crab, but the pain and dizziness from the Ringpost Superkick were coming back and a sudden flash of pain allowed Alex to kick him off. The East Wind gritted his own teeth though as pain flared up his leg.

Still trying to ignore it, he rolled to his feet, looking for a spear. But once again, his injury slowed him and Max was able to dodge out the way as Alex hit the ropes.

Only to come flying off them with a springboard crossbody!

The move was dead on target, but the Czar of the Bizarre caught Reyn in midair, rolled WITH the impact untill both were on their feet, and converted the move into a dazzling abdominal stretch!!

“Holy Hell! What ABILITY by Max Hopper!!”

Unfortunately, while it certainly popped the crowd, such an elaborate counter may have been a mistake as the rapid and fluid motions caused Max’s aching head to swim once again, He tried to maintain his hold, but it was all too easy for Reyn break free and aim a superkick at his skull!

Unfortunately for REYN, however. This only exacerbated his leg injury, giving Max them time to duck and roll out the way, attempting to roll out the ring.

“Both men  keep going for a lot of that high speed, high impact offense which is only making their leg injuries worse.” Melissa Vanderhart commented.

“What choice do they have though?” C.G asked. “An injury in this kind of match with these calibre of opponents basically makes you a sitting duck, both men know they need to hit a big move and hit it QUICK or they’ll never get that chance to recover.”

Bad leg or not however, The East Wind was still a vicious predator, and was on Max in SECONDS! Ramming knees into Max Hopper’s ribs! Considering they were right near the ropes, the referee immediately tried to pull Alex away from his opponent. Of course, the East Wind was reluctant to listen to the officials orders, BUT THE DISTRACTION WAS ENOUGH FOR MAX HOPPER TO ROLL HIM UP IN A SCHOOLBOY!!



“WOW!” Vanderhart cried. “What strategy by Max Hopper! Taking advantage of a moment's distraction, and the SECOND the pin doesn’t work, he immediately transfers it into an armbar!”

“He’s a champion for a reason.” Gaines said. “Come on you idiot, make that psycho tap!”

Unfortunately, the flaw in Max’s plan had been the rapidity of it, as chaining those moves so uickly together had not given him time to get Alex away from the ropes. And a simple stretching of his leg was all Alex needed to cause a break.

Or at least it WOULD have been, if Max Hopper hadn’t refused the break and continued to wrench on the arm!!

“Now THAT’S what I like to see!” C.G called “The idiot’s actually showing some balls for once! Come on ya’ tinfoil hat wearin’ nut! Make this bastard pay! Show some fire!”

The referee’s count reached four and Max Hopper was forced to break. Everything Alex Reyn had done to him and his friends and the importance of this battle had brought out an uncharacteristic vicious streak in the Czar of the Bizarre. But even NOW, he still had some honour. He was NOT going to retain by a DQ!

With the hold released, Alex rolled away from Max, now clutching his left shoulder as WELL as limping slightly!

“Max may have taken away Alex’s speed AND his striking. He could be close to winning this.” Melissa called.

“Don’t count Reyn out just yet.” Gaines noted “Those limbs are in pain, but they’re not dead YET. And pain is something that everyone of us knows how to fight through. Max is gonna need to put in a lot more work if he wants to shut Reyn down completely. Plus,Max still has his own head trauma to worry about.”

It was true as Alex was still trying to attack. Like a Slasher movie killer that simply WOULD NOT DIE, he continued the attack. Dropping low to minimise the pressure on his knee, he swung out with his good leg in an attempt to trip up Max Hopper with a legsweep, only for Max to leap over it. Back up to his feet, Alex aimed a kick at Max, but Max blocked and grabbed the off-balance Reyn’s arm in a hammerlock! Reyn tried to roll  forward to escape the hold, but Max rolled with him and maintained! The movement did allow Alex to once again get his foot on the bottom rope, but Max Hopper once again refused to break the hold until four!

“ENOUGH!” roared the referee. “Do that again, and I’ll disqualify you INSTANTLY, understood?!”

A possible bluff, but not one Max was willing to call. Unfortunately for him, Reyn used the distraction to try and attack Max with a roundhouse, but his prior injuries made him sloppy, allowing Max to duck and hit the ropes. Coming back with a flying headscissors SHARK-TOPUS HO-!(Octopus Stretch)


Perhaps realising that such a move would be the last straw for his arm, Alex IMMEDIATELY rammed Max Hopper back first into a corner, stunning him and causing him to break the hold! Adrenaline pumping through him and a few seconds of breathing room gained, Reyn leapt up onto the top rope and off again. Taking Max Hopper down with a beautiful Leaping Tornado DDT!!


However, in executing the move, Reyn had had to use his bad arm and now pain was shooting through it. Both wrestlers crawled away from each other, rolling out to opposite sides of the ring. Max held his aching skull in his hands, while Reyn clutched at his left arm and right leg.

Glaring daggers, they stared at each other from across both sides of the ring. Neither of them making a move.

“Looks like both wrestlers are trying to use this time to recover and heal from the damage that’s been done to them in this match.” Melissa Vanderhart said.

“This is where it becomes a human chess game.” C.G commented. “Both wrestlers want to recover so they can fight at their best. But they ALSO don’t want to give the other guy too much time to recover. It’s finding that sweet spot. How quickly can you recover, vs how quickly can your opponent recover? When should you make your move?”

The seconds ticked by, feeling like minutes or even hours to the tense crowd.

Then Alex made his move.

Charging around the ring, he seemed to trying to take Max down before he could finish hea-

Suddenly, Alex collapsed! Clutching at his right knee!

Max capitalised! Charging in for a-!


“He baited Max in!”

Alex picked Max off the floor, rolling him into the ring and going up top. Max was already getting to his feet, and Alex waited for him to rise…

Diving hurican-POWERBOMB BY HOPPER!!!






A look of pure dismay came across Max Hopper’s face as he fell back, clutching his head in his hands. So CLOSE!

“That was a MICROsecond away from a three count!” Melissa called.

Steeling his nerve and resolve, Max rolled the still dazed Alex Reyn onto his stomach and climbed to the top.

Anal Pro-! (Top Rope Ass Punch)


Alex dodged it and Max’s fist crashed into the mat! As Max cried out in pain, the East Wind grabbed him from behind and locked in a single-knee Camel Clutch!!

Once again though, their close proximity to the ropes allowed Max to get his foot on one of them. Except now it was REYN who refused to break the hold! Of course, he had no choice but to release on four. Growling at the referee’s interference as he did so-

Full Nelson by Max Hopper! He had seen Reyn focusing on the referee and had instantly taken advantage! Unfortunately, he was still a little weakened from that camel clutch a few seconds ago, and Reyn broke free easily! Grabbing Hopper by the wrist and whipping him into the ropes! Both avoided each other on the pass, Alex tried for another spear, but Max dive rolled over it. Max came in with a flying headscissors takedown, but Alex parried the impact with a cartwheel. Leaping onto the top rope, he tried for another springboard Tornado DDT, but Max dodged it!

“Back and forth counters! Both men ramping up the agility!”

Max rolled backwards, catching the incoming Reyn in a headscissors, ala Kalisto or Prince Puma, and threw him face-first into the middle turnbuckle!

Max saw his opportunity and immediately took it! Racing to the adjacent corner, he scrambled to the top. Measuring his opponent, he took aim, and flew.

QUANTUM LEAP!! (Coast to coast dropkick)






Max slapped the mat to vent his frustrations. He could see his victory on the horizon, it just needed one more push! Picking up Ale Reyn, Max began to lift him up onto the top turnbuckle, setting up for a Super Hopper-canrana. But Alex fought back every step off the way, striking Hopper with elbows and punches. But Max Hopper would NOT be denied, As Reyn aimed a kick from on top of the turnbuckle, Max dodged out of the way, spranh onto the top rope, and threw Reyn off the top rope with a triangle Super Hopper-canran-!


Hopper was only a few seconds late in turning around to see the incoming Reyn. But that was all it took.


“That’s the move that beat Alfie!” Melissa screamed.






“Oh my GOD!!” Melissa was screaming “That was down to the MILISECOND!”

Alex’s mouth was set in a grim line. He needed to end this. Now.

He wrapped his arm around Max Hopper’s neck, seemingly going for the East Wind Cutter.

Then he paused…

And began dragging Max Hopper to the centre of the ring.

“Reyn may be crazy, but he’s not stupid.” C.G said grimly. “Not only have they both been using the ropebreak far too often in this match, but people have used the ropes as leverage to counter the East Wind Cutter before.”

Unfortunately for Alex, the time taken to drag Max Hopper away from the ropes had ALSO given Max the time to shake off the impact of that DDT and start fighting back with knees and elbows. The onslaught caught Reyn off guard, and Max backed him into the corner. He tried to go for a strange lights suplex again, but Alex blocked and locked in a standing Guillotine choke! Max struggled against it, ramming Alex into the turnbuckles once again to break the hold, only for Alex to grab him around the back of the neck and leap over the ropes onto the apron, pulling Max Hopper’s throat down on the top rope! Max reeled back, coughing and holding his throat as Alex leapt up for a springboard-

Superkick by Hopper knocks him to the outside!

“Great ring awareness by Max Hopper!” Melissa called “He knew where Alex was and realised he would try to go for an aerial move.”

And now with Alex struggling to his feet on the outside,  it was time for Max Hopper to hit an aerial move of his own.

Asai moonsault to Alex Reyn!

The attack bowled Alex over, and Max kipped up to his feet, measuring his opponent before hitting a running dropkick that sent Reyn crashing into the stairs! Max was on fire now, and he rolled in and out the ring, buying himself some more time to kick the crap out of that evil bastard! A mission he saw fit to carry out with a running punt to Alex Reyn’s ribs, followed by taking a leaf from his opponent’s book and raining down savage punches from a mounted position!

“Max Hopper is really going to town on Alex Reyn! He’s fighting like this is his last match! Like his life depends on it!”

Continuing the violent attack, Max grabbed Alex’s arm and SMASHED it against the barricade wall, causing the East Wind to cry out in pain! Followed by Max smacking Reyn’s HEAD against the barricade! Aggressively, Max grabbed Reyn by the wrist and yanked him to his feet. Throwing him down onto the ramp with a sudden arm drag! Alex’s bac hit the metal with a loud bang, and he immediately began writhing in pain on the steel.

Max charged towards Alex, but the keen warrior saw it coming and rammed an elbow into Hopper’s gut! Rising to his feet, he switched behind Max Hopper for another East Wind attempt. However, Max spun out of the move, grabbed Alex Reyn by the wrist and whipped him into the U.F.O on the stage, only for Reyn to evade impact by backflipping off the wall! He spun around, expecting an attack from the Czar of the Bizarre, but Max Hopper leapt OVER his head and wall ran onto the top of the U.F.O! Alex tried to follow, but a swift kick to the face sent him back down to the ramp!

Max crouched atop the U.F.O, waiting for his moment, the crowd held their collective breaths as Alex Reyn stood to his feet.

There could be only one thing coming…


The crowd went INSANE! Screaming wild cheers as their hero came crashing down like a thunderbolt upon the monstrous East Wind! The thumping and chanting was near deafening now as the referee finally caught up to both men, ordering them to get back inside the ring.

“Ref’s being pretty damn lenient with that count of his.”

“I don’t think ANYONE here wants to see a match like this end by countout, C.G. Not even the referee!”

Max was forcing himself to try and stand, stumbling from the pain. That move off the U.F.O had taken almost a much out of him as it had out of his opponent.

Slowly, painfully, he grabbed Reyn’s arm, trying to drag him to the ring as the referee was left with no choice but to reluctantly start his count.


Max pulled Reyn up so he was slung partially over his shoulder. Making it easier for him to be carried.


Max was weary, he needed to get Alex back in the ring, but the way he was carrying The East Wind, Alex could easily attack him at any moment.


He remembered the old tale of the frog and the scorpion. A frog sees a scorpion trapped on the other side of the river and agrees to carry it across, knowing that the scorpion cannot sting him without them both drowning. Yet halfway across the river, the scorpion plunges its venomous stinger into the frog’s back. As they both drown, the frog asks the scorpion “Why? Why did you do it?” and the scorpion simply replies:

“It’s my nature.”


Was he the frog now? Carrying his foe to the safety of the ring, only to be stung?


Pain shot up through his ribs, and he almost collapsed. The match was exhausting him. He tried to ignore it, but he was already starting to feel the lactic acid burning his muscles.


Maybe it would be better to just drop Reyn and run. He was still the champion after all, a victory by countout was STILL a victory, and it would keep that Keystone title away from Reyn. It could save everyone.


Yes, maybe that WAS the best option. Drop him and RUN. Get into the ring!

“Come on! What is the idiot waiting for!” C.G said “He could retain right here!”


But then… what was it all for?

Kevin, Avestruz. He had let them suffer, let them be crippled by this psycho because he believed, no, he KNEW that their epic battle was to happen today. If he ran now, if he let this battle end on something as anti-climactic as a count out…

Then their sacrifice was for nothing.


Just one more push! The ring was right there!! Right-!



At the LAST possible second,  JUST as the referee called for the last count, Max Hopper THREW Reyn into the ring and dived in after him!

“A NANOMACHINE couldn’t have cut that any closer!!” Melissa screamed.

“Damn melodramatic, honourable bastard!” growled C.G “Get your damn arm over that freak show and PIN HIM for God’s sakes!!”

Max seemed to hear him and slowly crawled over to Reyn, draping an arm over his chest.




“GOD F--KING DAMNIT!!!” C.G screamed, the production truck JUST managing to  bleep his words in time

“Craig! We’re PG 13!” Melissa Vanderhart tried to calm her partner down, but he was having none of it.

“I don’t f--king care! Tell that to the psycho who’s been mutilating people! If that f--king RETARD had just left him to be counted out, this wouldn’t be happening!!”

Max looked almost as distraught. That was IT! The perfect opportunity! Reyn had been out! IF he had pinned him then and there, he could have won the match, but he had taken too long to get inside the ring!

Max gritted his teeth, clenching his fists.

Ignore the pain, just keep fighting… ignore the pain, just keep fighting… Ignore the pain, just keep fighting…

He grabbed Alex’s arm, going for that armbar once agai-


“No! No! No!”



“Oh thank God!!”
Both men sprang  to their feet. Alex was a little faster, and struck Max with a kick to his leg. Max dropped to a knee, but caught the roundhouse aimed at his temple. Pulling Reyn of his feet, he tried to turn Reyn over for a boston crab, but Reyn latched his arms around the recently kicked leg and countered with a half-crab of his own! Max was to strong though, and powered out, throwing Reyn back! Reyn hit the ropes and retaliated with a spear, but Max leapfrogged over the attack. He tried to catch Reyn with a Hopper-canrana on the rebound, but Alex once again deflected it with a cartwheel!

As Max came in, Alex went low with a legsweep kick, taking Max off his feet. Spinning back to his feet, Reyn tried to follow up with a standing corkscrew moonsault, but Max dodged out the way and hit a running shooting star press to Alex Reyn’s back!





Max slapped the mat in frustration! Picking Reyn up, he tried to drag him over to the corner, Laying into him with rabid punches! With Alex slumped in the corner, Max once again dashed to the opposite corner! Looking for another Quantum Leap!

He aimed…


The crowd gasped at the impact as Reyn seemed to split Max Hopper in half! The Czar of the Bizarre hit the mat with a loud thud, rolling out the ring and lying in a heap on the floor. Clutching at his stomach.

Coldly, Reyn eyed his opponent as he struggled to his feet, waiting for his moment…

Then he attacked.


The crossbody hit Max Hopper like a gunshot! Crushing him against the barricade! Max slumped to the floor, he looked to be out, but pinfalls only counted in the ring. Alex grabbed the limp body of Max Hopper, pulling him to his feet and dragging him to the apron. Lifting him up, he rolled Max Hopper into the ring and slid in after him, rolling Max away from the ropes and towards the centre.

But instead of going for the pin, he began to slam knee after knee into Max Hopper’s ribs!

“What is Reyn doing?” Melissa asked “Why isn’t he going for the pin?”

“Because everytime either one of them has gone for the pin after a long pause like that, the opponent’s always kicked out because they had time to recover. Reyn’s not taking anymore chances. He’s staying on the offense.”

Snaking his hand around Hopper’s neck, he wrenched back, applying a Dragon Sleeper in the centre of the ring!

“Dragon Sleeper! As if Max wasn’t ALREADY struggling to breathe after those last few attacks to the ribs!”

“Come on you dumbass! Don’t let this guy beat you!”

Max was starting to fade though, as the referee came to check on Max, he lifted his arm, only for it to drop limp to the mat.

He lifted it again, and again it dropped.

“Come on, come on!”

One last time…

The hand stopped mid fall!


The crowd was WILD with cheers as Max clenched his hand into a fist! Roaring out with defiant fur-

Alex lifts him up! East Wind Cu-

No! Max breaks out! Pushing Alex towards the ropes! He shoots him off towards the ropes, but Alex comes back, hitting the ropes on the rebound and going for another running front flip DD-!








Max pounded the mat. So close! So CLOSE! He stalked Alex from behind, waiting for him to rise....



 Alex thre Max forward, grabbing him in a reverse facelock!



Max spun out of the move, but Alex held onto the wrist! Pulling him into an wrist clutch exploder hold!

One that looked very familiar..

“No… No way! He can’t-!”


The crowd practically exploded as the entire ring shook from the impact! Melissa Vanderhart was beside herself!









A replay of the move was shown. Displaying how Alex had lifted Max high into the air and dropped him down with AUTHORITY!

“I think that’s just it… Reyn overcommitted.” Gains said.


“Have a look.” He said as the replay showed once again. “When the Best of Both is done right, it should ideally drop the opponent down on his neck and shoulders. This concentrates the impact along the spine and effectively paralyzes the opponent for a few seconds. But either because he was too overzealous, or because he’s never actually felt the effects of it himself before, Reyn used TOO much force and ended up throwing Hopper TOO far, sending him crashing down flat on his BACK instead of his shoulders.”

“You’re right…” Melissa said as she watched the slow motion replay.

“Don’t get me wrong, that move would have hurt like a BITCH, but it wasn’t truly the Best of Both. That’s the problem with trying to use someone else’s finisher. No matter how good you are with a sword, you’ll never be quite as good as it’s master.”

Meanwhile, as the replay’s had been happening, Alex had used the damage done to by himself time to ascend to the top. The Best of Both hadn’t been able to secure victory, but THIS move might.

PANGEA’S FALL!! (Corkscrew Moonsault)


The crowd cheered as Reyn came crashing down! Max’s moment was now as he leapt to his feet, fighting through all the pain and fatigue and dizziness as he hit the ropes, coming straight towards Alex Reyn for a list ditch finisher!

ON STRANGER TIDES!! (Victory Roll Facebuster)







Max Hopper SCREAMED in frustration as Alex kicked out! His one last hope, his last move, it had FAILED him! He pulled at his hair, held his face in his hands. Was this really his future? Had his friends been crippled for NOTHING? The Quantum Leap hadn’t worked, Hopper-canrana hadn’t worked, Sharktopus hadn’t wored, It Came From Outer Space hadn’t worked, even Stranger Tides hadn’t been enough!

He was finished.

There was nothing more he could do.


He remembered then, one move. One he hadn’t used in YEARS. It was risky, it was dangerous.

But it was the last shot he had.

Slowly, he rose up behind Alex Reyn, he looked out to the crowd.

For the future, for my friends, for the Keystone, and for everyone of you.”

“I WANT TO BELIEVE!!!!” he screamed at the top of his lungs, as the capacity crowd echoed his roar of hope and defiance. A thunderclap of sound and support throughout the stadium.

One that was followed by a gasp as  Max Hopper grabbed Reyn from behind and locked in an inverted Facelock of his own!


“Is… Is Hopper going for the East Wind?!”

Melissa smiled.

“No, Gains, that’s not the East Wind. That’s an old move of Max Hopper’s. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you…”

THE HOPPER STOPPER!! (Rolling Cutter)

But at the apex of the move, at the Apex of the match. A quote from a watching C.G Gaines proved prophetic.
“No matter how good you are with a sword, you’ll never be quite as good as it’s master.”






The leg was hooked.




“...He lost.”

The crowd fell silent as the final hand struck. It was over. After everything he’d been put through, everything he had done, he had succumbed to the East Wind.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, here is your winner, and NEW Keystone champion! The East Wind of adversity: ALEX REYN!!”

 Brent Williams needed a raise for staying professional in that moment.

Alex rolled outside the ring, a clear limp in his step as he had to use the barricade and apron for support. Still, he strode with purpose as he grabbed the Keystone belt off the timekeeper’s table. This is what he’d came here for.

Now to clean up some waste…

Grabbing the title, he slid back in the ring, and struck the rising Max Hopper across the face with it!

The crowd booed as blood stained the gold plate of the Keystone. Max crumbled to the floor, only for Reyn to callously kick the title under his face and stomp his face into it!

“Why!? Why is he doing this!? He got what he wanted!?”

Over and over again, Alex stomped on the back of Max Hopper’s neck. Blood seeping out from under him to pull on the mat. He grabbed Hopper by the hair and pulled him up to face him. Letting the crowd see the blood-soaked, broken nosed mess that was Max Hopper’s face.

Then he punched Hopper in the throat.

The crowd recoiled as the hero collapsed to his knees again, coughing and choking. Before a violent knee struck his jaw with a crack!

“This… this is too much, someone needs to stop this!”

Boos were cacophonic now as Reyn straddled Max Hopper and began to calmly strike him over, and over again. Blood coating his hands as he dissected his fallen opponent with pitiless, surgical strikes.

Max Hopper;s face was barely visible under all that blood. He seemed barely concious as Alex dragged him over to the corner. Grabbing the still dazed Hopper again he pulled Hopper’s upper body out the ring and began to wrap his left leg around the bottom turnbuckle so that the metal bar connecting the turnbuckle to the ring post was between the bend in Hopper’s knee and his ankle was hooked on the bottom ring ropes. Realizing the position he was in, Hopper began to violently struggle in an attempt to break free. But with the majority of his bodyweight hanging out the ring he couldn’t get the leverage he needed as Alex backed up into the opposite corner...

Suddenly Hopper knew what was about to happen, he tried to break free, tried to move as Alex came in…

Everything seemed to slow down then as Alex leapt of his feet and dropkicked Hopper’s trapped knee against the metal ringpost. In the hushed, terrified silence, the sound of a wet ‘pop’ was heard...

Then came the sound of Max Hopper screaming.

A horrible, anguished wail that burned itself in the minds of every man, woman and child in the audience. Many looked away, some tried to cover their ears. ANYTHING to block out that horrible noise, or the sight of Hopper’s pale face distorted in agony, his leg bent at an angle IT SHOULD NOT BE IN. Melissa was screaming in horror too, shouting into her headset for someone, ANYONE to stop this. Even Gaines looked nauseous.

The referee’s hands were up in the medical X sign as he went to check on Max Hopper who had now fallen out the ring, sobbing involuntarily and uncontrollably from the agony in his leg.

Alex Reyn ignored him though, turning away from him, he walked to the centre of the ring and picked up the Keystone title, and plucked out the keystone itself.

Holding it in his hand, he examined the keystone. The source of the title’s history, a stone of legend and reknown. Some said it was blessed, others cursed. But whatever it was, it had been the source of their conflict for months. The very thing that had bought Alex Reyn to NBW’s doors.

“ So this is the Keystone... “ he muttered, almost contemplatively. But in the now horror struck silence of the crowd, his voice was clear as a shout.

“The stone of wishes, the stone that has the power to grant anyone the ability and strength that they desire. That gave this coward the power to ward off my family… A fascinating thing.”

He closed his hand around the keystone, and a dull crunch  was heard as the East Wind crushed the keystone in his grip and let the dust spill onto the mat.

“Next time, don’t rely on a trinket for power. Earn it for yourself.”

Max Hopper couldn’t hear him though. His eyes were rolled back inside his bloodied head as EMT’s loaded him onto a stretcher and he had long since passed out from the agony in his leg.

As Alex Reyn picked up his new title and walked out the arena, he made one last parting comment.

“And thus ends the tale of Max Hopper.”


Tonight - Dusty
Final Warning - Markus
Rematch - Dusty