Live from the Saddledome in Alberta, Calgary, Canada






V/O - “Over ten years ago a small-time promotion out of Reading, PA came to existence. Over the years superstars have debuted and grown, some have retired, and others are still around today. Owners have changed. Locations have shifted. But one thing has always stayed the same. The name. Three Initials that have survived through the thick and the thin.”

The NBW logo is shown as it fades in and out showing the various designs from past to present. The voice-over by Trent McKnight continues.

V/O - “Those initials represent the past, the present, and the future. No Borders. No Boundaries. No Bull. Nothing But Wrestling. Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the NBW!”

A video package rolls showing past wrestlers and on-screen talent from the original promoter Alex Styles to Xander Napoli onto the current: Thaddeus Boyle. Three different men with three different agendas, all of which were responsible for the success that is NBW.

V/O - “Many athletes have paved the way for the current generation entertaining the fans every week.”

Shots of Jason Kain, Jack Owyns, Maximizer, Frost, Rey Campbell, Cal Roberts, Blake Gray, Rejection, Uncensored, Jade Greene and Alan Helms filled the screen before being replaced with shots of macWICKED, Superstar Vince Jacobs, Lunatic, D-T, El Dragon Loco, High Flyer, Sam Potright, Dream Warriors, Rik Bone, Callie Urban, Heaven and Hell, Shawn Jessica Hart, Remy Leroux, Brock Metzer, The Gordon Brothers, Andrew Martin, Mat Walton, William Arthur Reagan, Nightlife USA, Sweet Daddy K, Keegan, Techno Dragon and numerous others as the clips speed up to a blur.

Side to side ‘Special K’ Keegan and ‘the Colossus’ Spike Saunders fade into view before being replaced by an imposing image of the former Double Champion, ‘Superstar’ Vince Jacobs and his Cheshire-like smile.

His image is replaced by clips of the members of his Upper Echelon; Judasbleek, Warren Spade, and the Son of Malta.

They are soon replaced by the likes of Vic Gravender, Chris Moliano, Derecho, Judasbleek, Son of Malta, Torment, RaVage, Tremoid, Lexia Hart, Benjamin Jones, For The Win, Johannes Antonious de Castonovo and Aleczander of Family Keeling, Handsome Man Modeling School, Supersquad, Zed, and more as the clips speed up once more.

V/O - "The time to break the mold is now. To be somebody. To make a mark. To be..."

The NBW logo spins to life once more and fades out to the simple initials...



Welcome to Victory


The intro video came to a close and faded in to the Saddledome for the second week in a row that NBW was in house. The fans were just as excited as the previous week and their signs thrusted into the air along with the showcasing of their merchandise apparel really showed that. The camera drone did a slow rotation show from above the ring before swooping down over head and getting some good b-roll for later before stopping at the commentary desk next to the entrance where Adria Hoyt welcomed the viewers.

"Welcome everyone to Monday Night VICTORY! We're back with our second episode of this brand new show, and what a night we have in store for you!"

"A new champion may be brought to us tonight! The Great Wall's got his eyes set on Ohiyama, and Ohiyama laid out the challenge. All it takes is to accept!" Bernie Vaughn added for his colleague.

"We've also got one half of the Supersquad, Emo Kevin, taking on Alex Reyn!"

"I hope he brought the Canadian with him. Both as a shield, backup and pity-party source."

"I'm sure his partner is here tonight as well. And of course tonight for our Main Event-"

They say timing is everything...


In the Ring


The former rockstar and former wrestler “Hot Sauce” Raul Ramirez walked from the back to bask in the jeers of the crowd. He raised an arm out to the NBW faithful and yelled at the fans.

“I am Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraul Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrramirez and I am the manager for YOUR NBW world champion “Big Talk” Jake Tockwell!”

Loud booing almost drowned out Raul Ramirez after Tockwell’s latest exploits in taking Sally Reynolds from Brock Newbludd, his Legacy opponent.

“Please welcome to the stage at this time - the lovely lady who will now be helping me walk NBW’s greatest man to the ring from here on out! The hotness and the greatness that is Sally Reynolds!”

Dressed a lot more provocatively than she usually is, Sally Reynolds comes out wearing her hair down, wearing a black tank top, leather jacket, and a red mini-skirt that barely covered anything.

“Thanks, Hot Sauce!” said Sally. “I’m proud to be accompanying a real man to the ring now and not a loser like Brock Newbludd!

This was unreal; the things she was saying! She seemed to deeply cared about Brock so who knew how long it was a ruse? Hot Sauce continued his intro.

Now your main event … the man with the gift of gab – which means both his great voice and his deadly lariat … the man that freed the NBW World title from the clutches of a far inferior athlete in Warren Spade … please welcome at this time your new NBW World champion … six foot five, oh so fine, and two-hundred fifty-four pounds of walking badassery!

Big ...

Talk …

Jake …


The Eagles’s hit single “Life In The Fast Lane” played and the arena soon became washed in a sea of gold! Decorated in his brand new “Big Talk, Big … You Know The Rest” t-shirt along with his black and gold boas, the six-foot five and two-hundred fifty-four pound loudmouth from Memphis basked in the all the attention he was receiving with the NBW World title over his head …











The downright tacky and equally flashy golden pyro exploded so many times that you would think the building had turned into a war zone! Tockwell strutted on down to the ring with his title and walked through the ropes with his undeniable swagger. Tockwell had Hot Sauce and Sally Reynolds on either side of him now and they were ready to lay down the law.


“Oh you want Brock to come out here tonight? Get his revenge on ole Big Talk, march in here, kick Big Talk around and take his title? Is what what you want?”

They cheered unanimously when he said it. Raul Ramirez yelled at the crowd.

“Too bad! He ain’t here tonight!” yelled Raul Ramirez. “He had to get stitches in his head and from what I hear, he may be rocking a concussion after taking a Memphis Greeting Card on the title!”

Tockwell laughed at remember that and smiled. “Oh you know that’s right, Hot Sauce! Brock I know that you can hear me from home and you ain’t cleared to be here tonight, but I’ll tell you this so you can hear it. You should have listened to Big Talk when I told you once before because when you come near me, bad things happen. I came to you, took your Blitzkrieg title and put you on the shelf. Now here you are coming after my NBW world title and I not only spiked you on your head, but I took your girl!”

Speaking of, that same girl talks into the camera.

“Brock … you deserve answers and I will give them to you about why I did what I did … on Slam. Tonight … what I’ll say is I felt like being a with a man that would actually protect me and be a real man - darling, you ain’t it.”

The crowd continued booing at that statement with Big Talk smiling right by her and giving her a playful slap on the backside.

“Tonight … tonight I’m gonna have some fun. I heard some Canadian kid is gonna be my opponent tonight that Big Talk’s gonna make famous. Some indie kid they hired probably to make Big Talk look good. Well junior I’m here to tell you tonight …

“Hero” by Skillet.

The crowd cheered!

The longtime nbW veteran and trainer of nbW’s next generation of stars, “The Founding Father” Matt Haddon may have come out to put a stop to the verbal diarrhea of the new nbW World Heavyweight Champion!

“Ugh … cut this scrub’s music!” yelled Big Talk.

The music continued for a few seconds before Haddon made a motion for it to cut. Haddon hadn’t been seen since he was victorious at Scorched over Charlie Birkin, having a hand in some wrestling seminars in Canada. Tonight he was here and the crowd was happy to see him.

“Hey, I got an idea, Big Talk…” Haddon said. “Do us all a favor and take a long walk off a short pier so we don’t have to hear any more of your bullshit.”


The response was big but Haddon continued.

“Tonight ain’t my fight, Big Talk. But I know you, your In Crowd and your managers are there, so if you don’t mind, I’m gonna be watching the back of my new protege tonight. I think you all know him! That guy who beat Ravage on Slam!”

The crowd grew louder!

“I’ll be accompanying him to ringside for our match tonight… this is the man from Canada… ”JAX CURRY!

“Art and Life (instrumental)” by Twista.

The music played and out came Jax Curry! The man that upset one of nbW’s most decorated and veteran stars in his home country came out looking to do the same right here and right now to the current nbW World Heavyweight Champion!

Tockwell, Hot Sauce and Sally all stood their ground with Big Talk center stage.

“You’re gonna send super rookie to the slaughter? Kid, you’re j-j-j-j-j-jacked! You look great, but you can do so much better than listening to Captain JAG over there! Mr. Midcard hasn’t done anything but win one Keystone title for a few minutes - I’m The champion in this company and I know talent when I see it! So why don’t you come on down to the In Crowd, leave this chump and we’ll call it a day and I’ll hook you up with some bitchin’ backstage passes to the greatest strip clubs you’ve ever seen with your own eyes?”

Jax turned to his mentor and as he got into the ring he smiled.

“Jake… shut up and wrestle.”

That was a no!

Referee Chuck Radford was running out and this match was coming up right now!


The official of the match called for the bell right away and Tockwell’s first match since winning the NBW World championship would be against a man being already pegged for big things in NBW - “Quiet Fury” Jax Curry!

With Matt Haddon out at ringside to play coach to his pupil and try to fend off Sally Reynolds and Raul Ramirez if they tried to interfere, both combatants were ready to fight!




Tockwell marched right up Jax Curry.

slap to the face!!!

Curry was reeling from the surprise hit and Tockwell walked over to give Raul Ramirez a high five and get a peck on the cheek from Sally Reynolds.

“Big Talk owning his ring!” yelled Tockwell.

He turned his attention back on the ring but was surprised to find Jax Curry not only already there, but he had grabbed Tockwell and threw him down with an amatuer takedown. He hooked the legs of the champion hoping to catch him by surprise in front of his country!

1 …

2 …

Tockwell made the escape, but the confident Curry held his fingers up close, almost scoring an even bigger upset than the one he did on Slam by defeating Ravage!

The champion picked himself up and stormed right at Curry again, but the former amateur star quickly stepped around him and dropped him a second time using a big shoulder block to the body. Curry tried to pin him again …

1 …

2 …

Tockwell kicked out but Curry escaped. Tockwell had been shown up twice by the rookie so he struck him with a big toe kick right to the stomach! The fancy amateur skills of Curry were stopped by the superior brawling skills of the champion and he put two shots between the eyes of the rookie. Two more shots and he tried to fire back with a third one when Curry tried to throw him over the ropes.

Instead of going flying all the way to the floor, Tockwell had landed perfectly on the apron behind him. Curry tried to grab his neck and suplex him back into the ring with one of the big suplexes he knew but instead he found himself being rocked with a solid elbow from the champ. A cocky Tockwell ran forward with Curry’s head in his palm and ran him into the top turnbuckle to daze him!

“I told you all! This is Big Talk’s ring … “

But Curry shut him up with a clothesline from out of the corner! No matter what Tockwell did so far, there was an answer for it by the powerful young rookie nicknamed Quiet Fury.

“Focus kid!” said Haddon. “Don’t give him an opening!”

“Shut up never-was!” yelled Raul Ramirez.

Sally looked concerned for the well-being of Tockwell Curry brought him inside the ring. He kicked him low and tried another suplex, but Tockwell pulled the referee’s shirt to keep from going flying just like Ravage did on Slam. The referee was moved from the fray and when Curry wasn’t looking that gave Tockwell a chance to strike with a THUMB TO THE EYE!!! Curry staggered back and that gave Tockwell the chance to rattle his brains with a drop kick out of nowhere!

The brawler sat up and legit patted himself on the back after the combination of dirty tricks and great athleticism put him down for the count. Much to his surprise, the powerful Curry was already starting to get back on his feet when Tockwell came from the side and landed a running swinging neck breaker to take him down quickly. Tockwell made a slightly arrogant cover by just laying across him.

1 …

2 …

Curry with a kick out but Tockwell was not going to give him the satisfaction of showing him up any more. Tockwell passed a glance to Matt Haddon and then turned Curry’s face downward, grinding it into the mat with ruthless intent. He continued to do this until he was good and ready to stop and then jumped up just so he could plant a big stomp into the back of Jax’s head. The low-down dirty tactics from Tockwell gave him a leg up now and he took another moment to speak to the main camera that was on him.

“If you show up to Legacy, Brock, this will be you!”

Big Talk back on the big attack as Curry tried to get on his knees. Tockwell pulled him up and wrapped an arm around him and shoved him into the corner. He punched Curry in the jaw and rocked him with punches until the official told him that he needed to stop or risk a DQ. Instead, Tockwell turned around.

“I’m Big Talk and what I say goes you dumb zero!”

One running bulldog into the center of the ring later and Tockwell remained in the driver’s seat. He turned Curry toward the corner and then made it to the second rope. He slapped on his knee pad and then pointed to the fans.

“Listen up, JAGS!”


The middle rope knee drop came down and with that so did the official’s hand for the three count.

1 …

2 …

Maybe not!

Tockwell liked to make use of the brand new JAG Buster, but tonight Tockwell had wished it had won him the match. Curry was still in the game, but he was done acknowleding the kid’s tenacity. The crowd knew what was coming next when the elbow pad came off his right arm and he chucked it to Sally.

“Souvenir baby!” said Tockwell.

Sally held it close and Haddon took notice of his prize pupil about to get back to his feet. He started to swing and the crowd knew the deadly Gift of Gab was coming up. Jax Curry was starting to get back to his feet …


The deadly lariat missed, but Jax snuck up behind the stumbling Tockwell and then rolled him up for a pin!

1 …

2 …

Tockwell kicked out to make sure he didn’t suffer a loss to the powerful young rookie. When he got back to his feet, Curry lifted Tockwell with incredible strength over his shoulder and rammed him right into the corner! Sally and Raul were now worried because Jax ran off the ropes and drove himself into his chest with a spear in the corner. He was out of the corner and that allowed Jake to be taken up and down with a huge power bomb!

1 …

2 …

But despite the kid’s best efforts, Tockwell kicked out again with a shoulder off the mat! Curry started to get him up by grabbing him as he was on the ground. He paraded around the ring with Tockwell in his arms again and then threw him over his head with a gut wrench suplex! Curry was going to take this one now!

1 …

2 …

And another kickout by Tockwell!

The kid was giving him his best shots and now the suplex-heavy star was ready to end it. Curry flexed and held out his arms which could only mean the modified german suplex that he used to beat Ravage was coming up next. He pulled Tockwell up by the arms and the crowd was amazed by the raw power of Quiet Fury when he pulled Tockwell off the mat and he was dead lifted into his arms!

Tockwell frantically fired elbow after elbow at him and then turned around to drop the kid with a DDT! Tockwell was going to for the win.

1 …

2 …

Close, but no cigar!

An enraged Tockwell bellowed while Matt Haddon was confident that if his kid could stick it out tonight, he’d be one of the biggest stars in nbW in a matter of two victories including one over the current NBW World champion!

Tockwell grabbed onto Curry and tried to punch his head clean off his shoulders with his signature Talk to the Hand, but when he came face to face with Curry for the punch, Curry pushed him into the ropes. What happened next shocked the crowd.


The misdirected body block nearly took Tockwell out of his skin! Curry nailed the move and then tried to pin Tockwell.

1 …

2 …


The shoulder came up for three and he thought that was it!

“Finish him Curry, finish him!” said Haddon.

The wrestling advice was taken by Curry who then grabbed Tockwell’s arm again. He was up in the hold …


Out of nowhere, Ravage was right behind Haddon, shoving Jax’s mentor into the ring post! Haddon crumbled and Ravage looked up at Curry with a smile on his face. Curry was a little worried about Haddon and watched Ravage smile! No doubt this was payback for being embarrassed on Slam.

Curry turned around.


The powerful lariat nearly turned Curry inside out but Tockwell was nowhere near done. He pulled Curry up to his feet slowly and set him up …


Jax Curry put up a great fight tonight, but Tockwell covered him after the jumping piledriver and looked to end him.

1 …

2 …


The three-count was academic and while Curry more than held his own over Jake Tockwell, he made the mistake of taking his eyes off the ball and now he paid for it with this match. Tockwell and Sally shared a kiss outside the ring while Ravage looked at the laid out Curry in the middle of the ring. Tockwell and company left to celbrate this victory. He started climbing up to the top turnbuckle and had him down …


Ravage bounced off of after his big time frog splash! He sat up and while Curry was left holding his ribs and ribcage, he smirked.

Haddon was down.

Curry was down.

Ravage had made himself a pair of enemies after the sneak attack, but Ravage was clearly a more avid brawler and vicious revenge seeker.




Google Translate is Your Friend

Previously Taped


“It’s been a while since we’ve been here, but we gotta be ready. You ready for action, Ai?”

The camera opened to the locker room and it was Yuma Wakaba speaking with another one of nbW’s young stars, Ai Tso. The two members that made up the stable The Different Breed nodded.

“Sucks that Davey decided to start teaming more with Brock and Jonny Bedlam, but sometimes these things happen,” Yuma told his partner. “Gotta make choices. So The Different Breed rides again!”

“Yeah…” Tso said, bumping fists with Yuma. He’d been working on his English. “Had a good tour of Kyoto PRO the last few months, but ready to compete here again.”

“Good! I’m gonna get out of here, but I’ll meet you for wings later? We’ll talk our match with Xiang Dynasty on Slam.”


Yuma nodded and the young high flyer got up and left the room with Ai Tso about to pack up this things for the evening. He reached into one of the lockers and opened it to get his bag. After fiddling with the contents, he shut it…

There stood Xiang.

He was looking worse for wear from his match with Brock Newbludd but he still had The Great Wall right behind him. Xiang cradled his neck in pain but both men stared down Ai Tso.

“Nǐ xiǎng yào shénme?” Ai Tso asked. “Nǐ xià gè xīngqí zài wǒmen de bǐsài zhīqián gōngjí wǒ ma?”

Xiang smirked.

“Méishénme. Wǒmen yǐqián yīzhí zài zhàndòu, nǐ méiyǒu dǎ wǒ. Kěnéng bùshì fǎnduì wǒmen, ér shì hé wǒmen zhàndòu?”

Ai Tso furrowed his brow. “Wǒ wèishéme yào zhème zuò?”

The Great Wall surprisingly spoke up.

“Yīnwèi wǒ shēn zhī, nǐ yǐjīng yànjuànle kàn dào nǐ de qiánzài làngfèi.”

Ai Tso then turned to Xiang.

“Wǒmen huì gěi nǐ zhídào xià zhōu zuòchū juédìng. Zuò chū míngzhì de xuǎnzé.”

Xiang arrogantly tapped Ai Tso’s face and even though he was hurting, he seemed mighty confident in whatever it was they discussed. Xiang Dynasty left Ai Tso alone and the show moved on.


A soft chant begins to spread throughout the area. Starting as a whisper but growing into a chorus as the lights darken while images begin to flicker on the viewers screens. Images of violence, war, and a solitary figure watching it all.

The chanting has grown louder now and the drumbeats of Nightwish’s “Seven Days to the Wolves rise in volume as mist spreads throughout the stadium ghostly images of great heroes and villains forming two parallel lines along the ramp.

The rock part of the song kicks in and thunder roars while fire erupts on the stage, revealing the cowled form of the East Wind Alex Reyn hands outstretched over the flames, he’s shirtless save for an open black cloak with a wolf skull mask. His body covered in ancient symbols and markings that seem almost to glow and move in the firelight.

He begins to walk forward, and the ghostly figures kneel as he approaches them, only to rise up as he passes them. As if more energised. Turning to watch as he walks, himself never breaking eye contact with the ring.

“Howl! Seven days to the wolves
Where will we be when they come?
Seven days to the poison
And a place in heaven
Time drawing near us
They come to take us”

He climbs atop the top rope and looks out, surveying the arena with an appraising eye as thunder crackles once again.

Coldly, he steps down. Removing the cowl and placing it on the ringpost. Dropping into a low crouch to await his opponent.

The tune of “Holding out for a Hero”  plays on the airwaves as one half of Supersquad; Pulse’s own Emo Kevin makes his way down to ringside.

“It looks like we’ve got a special “Pulse vs NBW” exhibition match going on right now. With The East Wind Alex Reyn facing, interestingly enough, an old ally of Max Hopper. Who is scheduled to face Alex Reyn for the Keystone title at Victory 03.”

“...Okay, I love a good beatdown as much as the next person, but does this seem a little OFF to you? I mean, there’s lambs to the slaughter, and then there’s grabbing a newborn kitten and throwing it in a woodchipper.”

“...You’re sick.”

“Hey, I’m not the one who scheduled this match!”

Ding! Ding! Ding!

The bell had barely run when Alex IMMEDIATELY went on the offense, crushing the naive young Kevin’s skull between his knee and the ring post! The blow rattled the young rookie and Alex pressed the assault with knee after knee to his ribs, capping it off with a sharp elbow to the base of the neck and throwing the poor boy out of the corner.

Emo Kevin was in a world of pain now as he tried to crawl to his feet, but a ruthless curbstomp put an end  to that attempt. Dropping low in front of his opponent, Alex caught Kevin in a front facelock before driving knee after knee into the top of his skull! The grotesque impacts could be heard in the stands and the audience was VISIBLY uncomfortable watching this mauling.

Alex slithered backwards, dragging Kevin’s head towards the ring post. As he slid out the ring and took a step back, viewers let out an audible gasp of horror. They knew what was coming next.


That looked like it could have broken poor Kevin’s neck! The boy was laying limp across the apron now, only the barest movements giving a hint that he was still alive as Alex walked away from him and towards the announcer’s desk.

The crew had no idea what Alex had in mind, but they knew better to interfere and immediately scrambled away as Alex grabbed one of the folding chairs.

Then he walked back to a stirring Kevin.

And SMASHED his head against the ringpost with the chair!

The bell was rung in a second, but Alex didn’t care. Smashing Emo’s temple with the chair again and again and again! The crowd was almost in uproar now! Call security! Call the cops! Call SOMEONE!

Suddenly, the arena turned an alien green. The situation was much too dire for him to waste time with his normal fanfare, so Max Hopper instead bolted through the locker room curtain and into the aisleway! He had come to the rescue!

“Hey, guy, let my people go!” the paranormal investigator commanded into the microphone he had brought with him. “That guy hasn’t done any wrong to you. He never did anything to deserve this!”

The two stared at each other, Alex’s impression cold and heartless.

Then he did something no-one was expecting.

He tossed the steel chair to Hopper.

“You want to fight me?” he said “You want to save your ally? Then do it. Fight on your OWN terms. Not on fate’s.”

Everyone in the arena cheered for Max to give Alex Reyn what he deserved and blast him with the chair. However, feeling he didn’t need a chair, the Czar of the Bizarre tossed it aside. Everyone could see that Max Hopper wanted to charge Alex Reyn and put a stop to this unwarranted attack on poor Emo Kevin, who probably only wrestled tonight so he could get some Ramen soup to eat. Max took a furious step towards Alex Reyn, but then... he stopped. Perhaps this time discretion was the better part of valor, not that anyone had ever accused Max Hopper of exercising any sort of discretion.

“GAH! As much as I want to run down there and fight you right now, I know what’ll happen if I do. The universe will implode!” the paranormal investigator theorized. “And that’s one thing I simply can NOT allow to happen!”

It seemed as though Max Hopper was stuck between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand, poor Emo Kevin was at the mercies of an angry evil spirit nearly as old as time itself, on the other, he risked the timelines unraveling and destroying not just this universe, but all reality itself, if he rushed into battle with the East Wind earlier than he should. This was, of course, largely due to the paradox that would have been caused by his knowledge that their match happens at Victory 003 and not before. Had it not been for him finding out that bit of information in the future, he maybe could have done what he most wanted to do, run down to the ring and beat Alex Reyn so bad that the Ghostbusters would have to come pick him up after. However, having possessed the knowledge that their battle would not happen until Victory 003, he was bound against taking such rash actions, as to do so would change history and throw the timelines into chaos.

“You’re a coward, Max Hopper.” Alex said as he walked closer. “A coward and an idiot. You think this future of yours keeps you safe? You think by hiding in your hovel of comfort, away from the terrors of the unknown that you’re somehow a hero?”

He bent down to pick up the chair. Max clenched his fists. He was RIGHT THERE! Right in front of him, but to protect the universe, there was nothing he could do about it!

“You’re calling ME a coward?” Spit flew from Max’s mouth, not a common sight for him to be this worked up. “Don’t forget, you’re the one who sneak attacked me and tried to steal the Keystone (Title). You even refused my challenge at first! And you’re calling ME the idiot? This isn’t so that I can stay safe. This is so the entirety of time and space itself, and all the people in it, can stay safe! You know, you benefit just as much as anyone else from that, Windy guy.”

Alex didn’t raise his voice at all. No emotion beyond contempt. Like he truly was a higher entity passing judgement on an ant.

“A hero is a pioneer. A hero is someone who faces their fears to achieve their goals. You may continue to lie to yourself that the future is written. That it is for the good of others that you keep to the familiar. But we both know that that’s not true. Another cries out for your help now. One who calls you friend. But to safeguard your comfort zone, you allow him to suffer.”

He picked up the chair. Turning his back to Max Hopper as he walked towards the helpless Emo Kevin.

Max Hopper started to follow. Then he stopped. He started again, only to stop again. He wanted so much to help poor Emo Kevin, but there was nothing he could do. He gritted his teeth and pulled at his hair.

“Your future may protect you, but it will NOT protect him.”

“Don’t you... you put that down. STOP IT RIGHT NOW!” the Guardian of the Keystone lashed out.

“Stop me yourself.”

Then Reyn brought the edge of the chair upon Kevin’s neck.Then Kevin coughed up blood as Reyn used it to crack his ribs.


Over and over again. Metal rained down upon helpless flesh as a pale and nauseated Max Hopper watched a poor bystander in this conflict be mutilated by a monster.

“I’m sorry, guy,” the paranormal investigator apologized to Emo Kevin, “but there’s nothing I can do to help you tonight. But evil spirit overlord guy, I promise you, at Victory 003, you’re going to get what’s coming to you.” With no options before him, he hung his head in defeat, turned around, and walked away.

Before he left earshot, Reyn had one final word.

“Everything that happens, will be on YOUR head.”




Revealing all...?

In the Ring

The focus returned to the ring which had been done up something special tonight, after no doubt clearing up the damage done to Emo Kevin before the break. Adria Hoyt stood in the center, surrounded by three chairs with a glass table off in front, holding a silver tray with a stack of water bottles and another plate to the side with what looked to be various veggies, ritz crackers, cheese and an assortment of meats on sticks. With a nice dark red rug under it all. Less like an interview set and more like a book club meeting.

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my new Interview set!” She tossed her arms out and gave focus to her set again. “Tonight I’m going to get down to the grit and the truth about what’s going on between three specific women in NBW. So please welcome at this time, my guests.”

‘Confident’ by Demi Lavoto.

Hardly different than usual, the fans jeered for the arrival of the woman that had ran over everyone of them that stepped through the doors in the past years. Those jeers however turned to cheers quickly as ‘Pretty Little Psycho’ by Porcelain Black kicked in and Zhalia Fears dash through the V!

She waved to the fans as Couli continued down the ramp, and she followed. Fears diving under the ropes while Couli took the steps. Michelle ignored the offer of a handshake from Adria, and took a seat while Fears also ignored her, but then pulled her in for a hug.

“Michelle Couli, and Zhalia Fears!” Adria smiled and gestured to the other chair which Fears obliged before she too took a seat.

“Skip the pleasantries, Adria.” Couli ordered.

“Very well. Then let’s get right to it then.” Adria looked over at Couli: “Are you now medically cleared to return to the ring?”

“Even if I wasn’t before it wouldn’t stop me from getting my revenge on that psycho.”

“So, then you are?”

“The doctors in NBW are to full of themselves at any time of the day or night. Just look at that Sally chick. She has to be the center of attention rather than doing her job backstage.”


Michelle sighed in annoyance. “Look, I suffered a concussion at Scorched courtesy of having my head drilled into that concrete walkway. I had to go through all these stupid tests to prove that not only am I more than capable to fight - I’m also not a drunk, or uncoordinated. Stupid tests. “

“And now you’re cleared?” Adria could sense the aggravation and continued, softer. “At least that’s what I was told by Quest earlier when I spoke with him. You both are.”

“Damn skippy!” Fears tossed her arms up to the cheers of her fans. “And bygone it all, I did not catch any type of rabies or infections from that rusted up truck!”

“Glad to hear it!” Adria smiled, “because these fans and even those in the back have been waiting to hear what you have to say. So Michelle, before we get your reveal. Can you tell us what’s up with the two of you?”

“Us?” Fears questioned and pointed at herself then Couli.

“She wants to know why I haven’t kicked your head off yet.” Couli clarified which got an ‘OH!’ from Fears. “Which is quite simple Adria. We made a deal.”

“A parley!” Fears stated with her usual enthusiasm.

“A truce, that is. I’m not even sure she is using that term properly. Regardless, until I get my hands on Lucretia and take back what’s mine-”


“And I will.”

“What did she take that was yours?” Adria queried.

“That’s not your concern. What matters is that I will and once I do, they will all grovel at my feet again.”

Fears laughed: “That’s Michelle for ya!” Adria smiled with a knowing nod.

“Before we get to why you are really out here, I’m curious what you two women think about the possibility being discussed of an actual Women's Championship division in NBW. A first of it’s kind.”

The two looked at one another, obviously it was news to them, as with the fans that sat waiting.

“Let’s start with you Zhalia.”

“Thoughts? Hmm. Well, for a division we would need bodies. And this girl here has put most of them on the shelf.” She laughed while Couli simply shrugged. “See, I like fighting the guys. I like showing them what I can do, what we can do. But it is no secret… “ she brought her hand way up above her. “Those dudes are getting bigger and bigger around here!”

“That they are.”

“Unstoppables? Spade? Ohiyama? Champions I would stay clear of, at least for now. But the tables have turned have they not?” Adria nodded in agreement. “A-List and that new Champo loudmouth are more my size. And maybe…”

“Fact is Adria”, Michelle interrupted. “If the upper management deem it, they’ll pad the division with those wannabe stars in PULSE or from elsewhere. We have no say in it.”

“ANNNNNNNNNNNND!” Zhalia broke in, “you could be Champion before your man Zed!”

Fears let out a giggle as she leaned back to avoid a smack from Michelle. Luckily, just a smack.

“Thoughts to think about. Well then, let’s get to the main topic here. Michelle, the floor is yours.”


Couli stood from her chair and looked out over the rampway.

“I know you’re watching. You’ve already used up your trump card and element of surprise. So you’ve got five seconds to come out here, woman to woman, or these two ladies, and all these lovely-” she cringed at the statement being from Jersey, but Zed was Canadian… “canadiens… will know all about you. And your past. So, FIVE.”

“Was this what you wanted her to do?” Fears leaned in and questioned Adria to the side of her as Michelle said ’FOUR’.

“No. She’s supposed to tell us why this matters so much to her.”


Ignoring the chatty cathy’s behind her, she continued. “THREE!”

“Next time, might have to tell her those plans ahead of time.”


“Or you know, do this somewhere private and clear of debris.” Added Fears.


“Because hun-” Zhalia leaned in again, “we are going to regret this.”

“Nothing?” Couli cackled. “I KNEW IT! You’re still afraid to face me head on without all your tricks and element of surprise. So be it. I knew this would happen and came prepared. Boys, roll the clip. Ladies and Gentlemen, enjoy this tribute to the psycho bitch.”

Attention went to the Epicenter, but not for the reason expected.

Two familiar women stood by the entrance.

“You can jus' keep 'hose lips pursed, Michelle. Zed’s no' 'ere.” The shorter of the two, the cocky Brit out of Maine remarked out of the gate. “We ‘ave some business to attend to.”

“Business?” Couli scoffed, “you two quit on me the moment the fire got too hot. Consider that business completed.”

“Wrong.” Circe looked up to the taller Hellion who stood in silence, arms crossed. “You gone ditch us. For tha’ … “ she waved her pointer finger at Zhalia while speaking her broken cockney dialect, “tha’ thing.” Zhalia pointed at herself and looked at Adria, ‘thing?’ for a non-response. “Michelle, you’ve pu’ all other women in your path, on the shelf.”

Circe whipped her arm into the side of Melantha.

“Thanks to US.”

Zhalia and Adria nodded in agreement but quickly shut it down when Couli shot them a death stare.

“Then let’s remedy that, girls. Here, now. I’ll add two more to the list.” Couli stepped up on the bottom rope and leaned out over, beckoning them. “Considering that they were simply annoyances… with you two getting in my way… consider them the lucky bitches.”

“Oh we will.” Circe and Melantha started down the ramp, but stopped halfway. “Later.”

The two turned and headed back up the walkway. Couli backed off the ropes and faced the other two once more.

“Shall we continue then?” Adria broke in despite the motions by Fears to stay silent. She should have listened. Michelle rushed at Adria and went to smack her but Fears caught her wrist. Twisting her around to face her.

“If you need to blow off some steam, we can talk to Trent and get you a match.” Zhalia said with a cool head while Adria bailed. “Or you can take it out on m-”. No sooner than she said the words Michelle pulled Fears arm out straight and popped her leg over it for her scissored DDT!

BLACKOU-... she paused. With a reluctant and deep sigh, she released her and shifted her leg off of Fears. Ducking out through the ropes she dropped to the floor and made her exit up the ramp.

Fears shrugged and with a sly smirk: ‘I am getting through to her.’ then motioned for her to wrap things up as she too exited.

“I guess… I may not get to do this again.”

With that the scene faded off to a break so the ring can be cleared.





Down to ringside we go. Amelia Roberts, take it away!

“Ladies and gentlemen, this next tag team match is scheduled for one fall with a twenty minute timelimit. Introducing first-”

Take me down to the paradise city
Where the grass is green
And the girls are pretty
Take me home
(Oh, won't you please take me home)

‘Paradise City’ by Guns N’ Roses led to the arrival of The Myth and the Legend, as the two young men stepped out through the V and stood center stage. Sporting their signature red vests, the two shared a sidelong glance, before they sprinted down to the ring and slid under the ropes.

“At a combined weight of four hundred and twenty five pounds. They are the team of Mark Mercury and Mane Miaate, THE MYTH AND LEGEND!

The crowd booed but of course there were some cheers mixed within. These two men had been in NBW for years before being sidelined at the hands of the Creede Brothers, nearly ending Mane’s career. They got their revenge on Ace and put him on the shelf just the same, but that hatred still boiled between the two teams and a third. Their opponents for the night.

‘Hey Kids’ by JET.

The NBW Faithful  came unglued from their seats as the Sonic & Knuckles duo, which you can play as in the newly release Sonic Mania (you’re welcome SEGA), came sprinting out through the V, before the red and blue haired duo posed at the center of the ramp then made a dash towards the ring.

“At a combined weight of -”


Mercury and Miaate weren’t waiting. With a suicide dive from Mercury, topped off with a top con hilo from Miaate, the two sailed out of the ring and blasted For the Win at the base of the ramp. Amelia exited the ring as official Simon Brack looked to control the order from the start.

Which wasn’t happening. Spark had taken the blunt of the blow so MnL doubled down on Noid, raising him up in the air with a tandem suplex before dropping him across the barricade chest first. Hanging there precariously they lined it up.


Noid’s body hung their lifeless. Mercury and Miaate turned their attention to Spark, grabbing him by the tights and shoving him back towards the ring where Miaate leapt on the apron knees first, crashing Spark into the edge, but not before Mercury followed up with a shoulder ramming him back first into the same. Miaate took to his corner and Mercury rolled Spark into the ring. Brack wasn’t quite sure what to do here and looked out at the timekeeper, as Noid was clearly not there but he must have gotten the go ahead as he called for the bell.

Ding ding!

Mercury scooped Spark right back up, hauled him up for the stalling suplex and to the not-so-delight of the crowd he pumped a few times as we reached ten seconds, fifteen, twenty… CRASH! Right down to the mat. After all that blood rushing to his head and the pain his back was in he was ripe for the pin.



Shoulder up!

Mercury transitioned from the pin into a head vice, locking it in tight and scooting them on the mat so he could face his partner - who was nowhere to be found. Oh right, he’s hung out to dry. Mark laughed and watched as Spark’s motions started to die down but the fans were getting rowdy and behind him. His energy pumping, he pushed a free hand against the mat, then propped them both backward into a pinning predicament.




Mercury narrowly got himself unraveled to avoid the loss there. It was a rare moment to catch him off guard, and Mark let him know it with a series of hard shots into the ribs then SNAPPED him down to the mat with a swift DDT. Then waiting for him to get up, grabbed his ankle and ducking the anticipated enziguri, and avoiding the second follow through by yanking him in close, and tossing him backwards over his head.

Mark walked over to his corner and casually tagged in Miaate. Then ducked the downed Spark between the legs for a thunderous powerbomb!

The two then waited at the corner and soon as Spark started to stand they rushed across and blast into him with straight knees to the chest that knocked him out of his boots. Mercury got sent back to his corner by Simon while Miaate locked in a headlock, dragging Spark into the nearest corner. With a boot to the left knee, he buckled him down and raised him up on the second buckle, then the third.

Miaate went right up on the top rope, balancing himself and Spark atop the rope and post. He had his arm hooked around the neck and clasped the tights, before popping the hips however Spark slipped forward between the legs to the mat, then swiftly swatted Miaate’s left boot causing him to get crotched! Spark followed with a leap in the air and connected a reverse neckbreaker!

Exhausted, never having been able to even get a breather, he looked at his corner. Mercury laughed - before he went face first on the apron. Noid was up! Dashing around like the hedgehog and echidna their fans loved to call them, he slid across the edge of the ring into the post. Spark rushed at him for the tag!

Denied! Miaate playing the spoiler with a wicked kick from the second rope. Pulling him back up by the arm just to rock him with a swift european uppercut.Knocking him off into the opposite corner of Noid. He let loose with a series of jabs into the midsection and then the ribs, before ending things with a backhand that knocked his clock off. At least whipped his head back that is.

Miaate got hold of the arm and whipped Spark out of the corner into the ropes, catching him with a backbody toss - however Spark landed on his feet! He waited for Mane to spin around, right into a PELE KICK! Miaate fell, Spark fell. Hand outstretched he put everything into a dive to the corner.

Denied! Again! Spark’s boot was caught by Mane on the ground. Tony went face first on the mat, but Mane kept ahold of the boot, whipping him up off the mat as he stood, then slammed his knee down. Tony pulled his leg into his chest, half-protecting and half-pain. That just gave Miaate a reason to grab the other leg, and dragged him half-way across the ring, taking pleasure stomps on the legs each step of the way until he was next to Mark.

A Tag it would be again. Mercury ducked through the ropes as soon as Miaate yanked the leg up and back to pop Spark in the air and landing on the bad knee’s leg to protect himself from the impact. Just what Mercury was waiting for as he came up from behind and clubbed him across the shoulder blades and neck, before hoisting him up in the air and up on his shoulders.

Miaate went high. He prepped himself as Mercury took a few steps back into position. CORKSCREW MOONSAULT AVALANCHE LARIAT!


Tony Spark took the exact moment to duck forward and rolled Mercury up for the pin!




Of course not! Mark kicked his legs up and got his shoulder off the mat. Spark however was already crawling towards Noid. Arm out-stretched, wavering in the air but stiff as a board. The fans were on the edge of their seat as it finally was close. Unlike how MnL singled out the team of Mack and Jack two weeks ago, they were about to have a true tag match.

Spark inches away, stood to his feet, went for the tag. No! Mercury with the ankle! The boo’s that filled the arena were deafening. Nearly as much as the enziguri that followed, and this one… CONNECTED!

But Spark was out! Upside, so was Mercury for the moment. Simon Brack started his count while on both ends of the ring their partners tried to cheer them up to their feet. Mercury would be first to his hands, and when he grabbed the right leg of Spark with the intent to keep him from the tag again, Spark twisted around on the mat and SWEPT his boot clean across the face of Mark Mercury.

Went for it again, Noid’s arm outstretched. Finger tips from touching.



Miaate had sprinted into the ring and jumped before doubling both boots down on the upper back of Spark, sending him face first down. But Miaate used him to vault upwards with what may or not be a springboard lariat, with Spark as the springboard.


Miaate crashed backward. Noid shoved his arm over the ropes again. The fans cheered them on. Spark inched closer, finally, bent up to his knees and swiped his hand forward.


Noid BURST through the ropes, rocking a near kneeling Mercury with a shining wizard! Grabbing the right arm before his speed left him, he whipped him around to the side, and wrenched forward with a arm-wrenched legdrop.

With a hollar he pumped his fist in the air, and pointed at Mercury. Cocking his arm like a shotgun, Noid shot forward with the fist drop to the back of Mercury’s head!

Where Tony Spark was the usual eager and speedster, Noid was a powerhouse that matched Mark Mercury by size. And, he wasn’t against getting dirty. But he also wasn’t going for the pin. Instead throwing a glance outside the ring where Spark was currently somewhat resting against the apron by the steps.

Noid waited for Mercury to roll over, and shot off the ropes with a pinpoint dropkick! This time he made the cover.



Saved by Miaate!

The double teaming was back! Miaate with a swift kick to the back of Noid’s head, broke the pin but he didn’t end it there, choosing to pull Noid to his feet and connected with a wheel kick, that left him open for Mercury to pop up behind with the double knees to the spine! Noid bounced like a fish out of water.

Which was what For the Win was these past several weeks. One by one taken down by Chris Smith and now getting shown up by the returning Myth and Legend.

Mercury grabbed the left foot, spun his own leg around and dropped down across the knee, before scooting off into the corner where he tagged in Miaate. Instead of releasing however he slipped under the ropes and pulled him into the corner. The fans knew what was next, before Noid did. A whip of the leg back and CRASHing into the post.

A second for good measure despite Simon Brack’s orders. Mercury backed off, Miaate went on a stomping fit to Noid’s chest. Then tagged Mercury in, trading spots as Mark delivered a round of his own boots. Then hauled him out of the corner, scooping him up over his shoulder before slamming him down against the corner, into the tree of woe position.

Mark tagged in Miaate and the two clubbed down on the thighs and ribs of Noid before Brack got Miaate off. This left Mark open to extend the leg over the rope and torqued it down. Noid fell back to the ring and much like his partner earlier, he was clutching at the knee. Miaate pulled him up and Noid fired back with two shots to the gut, and a spinning backfist caught Mercury before Miaate went in for the kill again only to get a swift uppercut that knocked him into the corner. Mercury was down on the ground courtesy of moment ago, so he did what was uncommon for him.

He went up top. And pulled Miaate up with him! Spark was the aerialist. But that was fine. Miaate was pulled up on his shoulders and off he went with a Rolling Firemans Carry Slam! Chris popped to his feet, toppling on the leg and crashing back against the ropes, keeping himself afloat. He knew he could go for the pin but Mercury was already back on the apron, ready and waiting so instead Noid cocked the arm, then dashed at Mercury!

Mark was ready and swung out, but Noid dropped and slid between the legs of Mark, grabbing his legs as he hit the floor feet first, then pulled Mark off the apron before spinning him around with the Powerbomb on the concrete!

Noid was exhausted and collapsed near the barricade while Mercury was out cold. Brack started the count but as he hit four, Miaate was up to his feet, and went to the closest tower.


The count started again as Miaate got in a few good shots on Noid, then Noid fired back. Mercury got into but the cheers of the crowd prelude to a ready and willing returning Tony Spark vaulting over a leaning Simon Brack, with a senton into all three men!

Make that two as Noid pushed them forward off him and dropped backward! Spark and Noid were one-legged and still kicking ass, but neither were in any shape to capitalize. Not to mention neither were Myth and Legend.

All four were left lying on the floor as Brack once again had started his count. The fans however were getting behind them and cheering on the boys with a F-T-W chant, mixed in with some of the classic and usual This is Awesome hooha. Neither team cared about the last one.

Much to the shock of no one, Mercury was up first, and went right in on Noid with heavy rights until he knocked him back into the steps, then rushed forward with the shoulder tackle, but Noid dodged off to the side and let him smack in hard.

Miaate had Spark in  a headlock, dragging him towards the barricade. What he had in mind wasn’t quite clear. He knocked him back and caught him aside the head with a quick kick, causing Spark to collapse over the barricade spine first. Mane went low and hauled him up a bit so he was hanging and dangling, then took a few shots to the chest and face to get him to stick around as he popped up on the opposite barricade.

With a careful sprint across the top, he leapt up in and air and drove down both boots with the double stomp on Spark, sending him crashing head first to the floor.

Miaate the legal man, quickly scurried to the ring and rolled in as Brack hit nine, then rolled out to break the count. He wasn’t done. And Mercury had turned the tables on Noid, after missing the shoulder, he managed to avoid a running knee, by flapjacking Noid on the same steps. Mercury pulled him back up and raised him for a bearhug, but a bit higher than usual.

The reason became quite clear as Miaate hopped up on the apron and ran along the edge, then dove forward spearing both knees forward into the chest of Noid, rocking him back into the post.

Mercury pointed up top, and Miaate gave a nod. Mark pulled Noid up to his knees and then into his legs before raising him up for the powerbomb. Miaate up top and ready to fly and put that final spike in the coffin.

He wasn’t going down without a fight as Noid hammered down on the left and right of Mark’s head while Miaate awaited his moment perched.

Noid clobbered in hard. And Mark’s grip faltered, Noid dropped to his feet, and booted a knee to the gut, then pulled him in tight to the legs before he pulled him up in the air for a powerbomb of his own!

Mane Miaate wasn’t going to let it be as he stood up and leapt towards Noid.

He forgot about Tony Spark.

Everyone did. Except for Tony, as at the same moment he ran the apron, springboard off the second rope to the top rope and caught Miaate’s head from behind as he jumped, riding him down with what had to be the Bulldoggiest bulldogging bulldog in NBW’s history - or at least his career!

And Noid with the powerbomb on Mercury delivered the exclamation mark.

The fans were ecstatic. Brack, not so much as he once again started his count and all. A bit slower even, as if to give these four men more time and hopefully deliver in the ring rather than end it on a different ruling.

Seconds passed by, the count rose. Noid was up first, he helped Spark to his feet before rolling in the ring. Figuring on victory, at Victory, Brack’s hand just dropped with nine, and the crowd actually popped a cheer as Miaate dove under the ropes as the hands rose for ten.

He made it!.

Noid saw it, and rushed over best he could for the cover. Might as well end on the high note.




NO! Miaate shot his arm off the mat, then immediately collapsed again. Noid doing the same next to him. The two were spent. The other two were no better as they slowly were making their ways to their corners.

It was now a race to see who would make the tag first. Neither man tried to stop the other at this point. It was all about setting the focus on the end. Miaate got the tag on Mercury, just as Spark was tagged in. The two dashed to the center, Mark with a lariat aimed to take the kids head off, but Tony ducked under, caught the arm and spun around on his feet to lock in and dropped him with the hammerlock DDT - THE LAST GUY!

Spark rested against the ropes, absorbing the fans energy as they cheered them on. He ducked back through them, on the apron and walked to the corner. Leaping up top, he surveyed his opponent while Miaate rushed the ring to turn the tide, however Noid was right there to meet him - SHORYUKEN! Blasting Miaate over the ropes. He blocked his return to the ring and gave his partner the clear air.

The 450 Splash!

Mark yanked Noid back from the ropes, into the landing zone!!!

Noid was down, Tony couldn’t believe what happened as his rotation ended and he nailed his partner. Mercury spun him around and yanked him between the legs before hoisting him up in the air.

Miaate stumbled forward and pulled Noid under the ropes to the floor, then jumped to the apron and up to the top.


Mercury collapsed forward over Tony.




Ding ding ding!

It was over. Miaate joined Mark as the official held their arms up signally their victory. Mercury however shoved him aside and yelled out to Amelia. She walked over and handed him a microphone.


A single word.

But it was ever the powerful one as the two men stood over the heap of Spark, and Noid laid outside.

Trent gave them the competition of For the Win.

They delivered and beat them.

Miaate took the mic, “Your move, Trent.” And hurled it off out of the ring as the two made their exit and avoided the EMTs rushing down aside the ramp. War-torn themselves, they were going to walk out on their own. No matter how slowly it may be.

Messing with Family

Epicenter I

“It’s been awhile since we’ve done something like this.” John Pariah is heard, as the screen remains black-before a light is turned on. “On Slam, Jesse Jamester stuck his nose in MY business. Jesse, there’s something you need to know…”

“You messed with family.” James Silkk pipped in.

“The First Family.” Pariah added. “We are royalty in this industry. And you? You are just a goddamned pissant.” Pariah added.

“So on SLAM….Jesse, you can step into the ring with me. Instead of jumping me from behind-you can face me man to man. You can step into the ring with a former PWX World Champion, a former NXTGN Champion, you can step into the ring with the man that carried PWX on his back for months…..”

“Jesse, you just stepped into a world of pain, and a world of hurt. Be prepared kid, because your fate…” Pariah added with a smirk-before he and Silkk throw up a Too Sweet-and Pariah stuck his other hand out like a gun. “..is ours to decide….”

Calling You Out

In the Ring

“Hi, everybody!” Adria Hoyt said to the audience, having rejoined the desk. “Coming up next, we’ve got nbW Blitzkrieg Champion Ohiyama in the building! After missing Slam due to suffering a Dao Bomb on the entrance ramp by The Great Wall, Ohiyama is looking to have himself a fight with The Great Wall tonight and has even offered to put his title on the line.”

“That’s not smart,” Bernie Vaughn said. “The Great Wall has manhandled two of nbW’s BIGGEST BADDES DUDES since taking that bounty money from Jake Tockwell leading to him winning the title. He Dao Bombed Warren Spade AND Ohiyama at two consecutive shows and now he’s gonna call him out?”

“That’s my thought. Ohiyama is a proud champion and a proud individual. He takes these attacks seriously, has called out Jake Tockwell and The Great Wall, but now tonight he’s gonna do it again. Are we gonna see the Blitzkrieg Title on the line? Let’s go to the ring to see if The Great Wall will answer his challenge.”

The crowd now watched with anticipation at what was happening at ringside.  The lights faded to black until a series of yellow and green spotlights shined at the entrance.  The crowd continued to buzz for what was happening next until four men in yellow dress robes made their way out, pounding on tribal drums.  The crowd was excited for the entrance and a silhouette appeared on the top of the ramp.   
A BIG silhouette to be precise. The massive being proceeded to dance along with it in a fire dance tradition before he stopped and let out a war cry… 
A HUGE explosion of red pyro went off behind him and the opening six-second mark of Ohiyama’s theme began to play. 
“Voodoo Child” by Brick + Mortar

Ohiyama made a quick march toward the ring and was dressed to fight tonight. Would The Great Wall answer the challenge?

The Active Volcano jumped through the ropes with the Blitzkrieg Title in tow. The music faded out the second that he grabbed a microphone because tonight, The Polynesian Powerhouse meant business.


He laid out the Blitzkrieg Title on the ground in front of him, almost daring The Great Wall to come down and face him like a man while the crowd cheered.

“BIG OH!” clap-clap
“BIG OH!” clap-clap
“BIG OH!” clap-clap
“BIG OH!” clap-clap
“BIG OH!” clap-clap

Ohiyama waited until the screen flicked to static.

And with it?

Xiang and The Great Wall standing at his side.

“Nǐ gǎn dǎ diànhuà gěi chángchéng, nǐ shì zázhǒng de ma? Dāng tā rènwéi shíjiān shì zhèngquè de shíhòu, tā huì dǎ nǐ, jīn wǎn bùshì nàgè wǎnshàng.”

Xiang smirked.

“Your little challenge is admiral, Ohiyama. Both you and Warren Spade want to fight my client and get some revenge for being physically DOMINATED by the greatest physical specimen the world has ever known, correct?”

“Bruddah, I’ll put dat theory to da test,” Ohiyama shouted. “Get out here and tell your giant to take his beating like a man.”

On the EpiCenter, the crowd turned to The Great Wall.

“I… accept… but not tonight.”


With that, the screen went black. That message was loud and clear while Ohiyama shook his head.

“Coward. Perhaps I should turn my back, bruddah. Dat’s how you’ve been conductin’ in-ring business, is it not?” He shrugged. “I will fight you when you name da place, Great Wall… but as somebody WITH a spine, I’m still itchin’ for a fight TONIGHT! If you want a shot at da Blitzkrieg, one of you bruddahs backstage step on up and fight me for dis championship.”

He continued waiting and paced around the ring.

A few moments passed…

And the crowd booed!

After a lengthy hiatus fighting in MMA across the world, out came one of nbW’s more dangerous men.

“The Adriatic Gargoyle” Johannes Antonious de Castanovo!

“Ohiyama…” he said. “You know me and you know my credentials. I’m a former Dynasty Tag Team Champion and when The Fight Zone was around, it was my personal playground. If you want a fight, I’d be more than happy to relieve you of that title! One knee between your eyes is all I need to take it!”

He patted his knee as Ohiyama chuckled.

“Very well, bruddah…” Ohiyama said.

He said his Blitzkrieg Title reign would be defined by the words “Anyone, anytime, and anywhere” and it looked like Ohiyama was about to make good on that promise because we had a somewhat impromptu Blitzkrieg Title match right now!

“We’ve got ourselves a fight, Adria!” Bernie grinned. “JAC’s making his triumphant return to TAKE that title from Ohiyama!”

“We’ll see about that!” Adria. “After this commercial break, Ohiyama defends the Blitzkrieg Title against the former Dynasty Tag Team and Fight Zone Champion JAC!”




Main Tale of the Tape

When the show returned from break, Ohiyama was already in the ring while JAC threw off his retro Fight Zone t-shirt, all dressed up in his MMA-inspired gear ready for a fight! While Ohiyama himself did not have an MMA background, his years of wrestling in Japanese Strong Style had made him a very dangerous force to be reckoned with that almost nobody had an answer for in a singles match!

“The following contest is your Main Event of the evening, it is scheduled for one fall and will be contested for the nbW Blitzkrieg Championship!” Brent Williams announced.

The camera panned to the left.

“Introducing in the corner to my left, he is the challenger… from Venice, Italy… weighing in at 225 pounds… ”THE ADRIATIC GARGOYLE!” JOHANNES ANTONIOUS DE CASTANOVO… J! A! C!

The crowd booed the vicious MMA fighter as he raised one finger in the air. He slapped his knee and pointed at Ohiyama.

“One shot… BRUDDAH,” JAC yelled mockingly.

Now the camera turned to the right.

“And in the corner to my right, he is the reigning and defending nbW Blitzkrieg Champion… from Hilo, Hawaii, weighing in at 278 pounds… ”THE ACTIVE VOLCANO” OHIYAMA!

Ohiyama raised the championship over his head and let out a roar reciprocated by the Canadian fans in the house! Referee Slim J took the title and called for the bell…



Right at the bell, The Adriatic Gargoyle landed a big running Yakuza Kick to the chest of Ohiyama and the unexpected blow was enough to stagger him in the corner! He let out a roar and then ran to the other side of the ring to get some speed…


Ohiyama got nailed with the Step-up Knee Strike in the corner, but one shot wasn’t enough. JAC ran to the other side of the ring a second time…


Three big blows to get things going in this match with no rules and Falls Count Anywher, which was the stipulation for all Blitzkrieg Title matches! Ohiyama staggered to a knee out of the corner when JAC crept up and fired off an Inazuma Leg Lariat! Was the Blitzkrieg Title going to change hands that fast?




Not if Ohiyama had anything to say about it!

Ohiyama was starting to get back to his feet when JAC plastered him with a couple of painful Palm Strikes that did enough to actually stun Ohiyama some! Those lethal feet and especially his knees had laid out many people before him including “The Colossus” Spike Saunders so there was no doubt that Ohiyama could lose the championship tonight.

He tried hooking the side of Ohiyama’s body to deliver what looked like an STO of some sort, but Ohiyama fought him off and shoved him away. When JAC turned around…


Just ONE of his signature Knife-Edge Chops had done enough to stop JAC from progressing any further with his opening attack. Ohiyama still looked a little bit glossed from when JAC attacked him with the corner knees, so JAC came right back with a bevvy of Body Shots, trying to maneuver him back into the corner. He hooked the side of his head for a Half Hatch Suplex, but Ohiyama SURGED to life, grabbed JAC by the throat and shoved him back into the corner.







After five of the brutal Knife-Edge Chops caught JAC by the side of the head, Ohiyama then grabbed his arm and whipped him all the way cross-corner. Ohiyama charged in…


Running Knife-Edge Chop caught JAC off-guard completely! He winced in the corner and then Ohiyama grabbed him by both arms and then THREW him up and over with a Trapping Suplex out of the corner! Ohiyama crawled over and tried a cover on the former champion.




Johannes kicked out and was known for being a tough guy himself. When Ohiyama tried pulling JAC up to his feet, Johannes took advantage of the lack of rules and raked at BOTH eyes of the Blitzkrieg Champion! Perhaps the really only vulnerable body part he could go for, but he did it. That’s when Johannes shoved him back into the corner…






Nope, JAC did not wake up before he go-goed. That was the sound of five stiff Shoot Kicks landing in the chest of the big man. JAC took the time to mock Ohiyama by slapping him across the face in the corner!

“You? nbW’s toughest man?”

Ohiyama’s response…


Before JAC even knew what had happened, the slap only seemed to wake up a man with the nickname The Active Volcano and now, Ohiyama was ready to put a beatdown on him some more.

He leaped out of the ring and followed JAC who was trying to create distance. Ohiyama grabbed him by the head and CRACKED him in the face with a nasty Headbutt! Thankfully it wasn’t the King Kong Smash Headbutt he liked to use, but it was enough to send Johannes sprawling out across the barricade. He cocked a hand back…


Despite being rocked by a Headbutt, Castanovo ducked it and ran up the ring apron. He had Ohiyama lined up in his sights…


The blow certainly rocked Ohiyama and caught him in the chest! While he didn’t go down, Castanovo continued to punish him by diving off the ring apron and finally taking down Ohiyama with a Missile Kick off the apron! Slim J slid out of the ring as JAC tried to go for the title!




Ohiyama shoved Johannes off of him, but the former dominator of The Fight Zone was reenacting those days on the champion right now. When Ohiyama tried to sit up…

He fired a kick to the back of Ohiyama, but The Active Volcano absorbed the punishment and dared Johannes to do it again. Johannes obliged.


A second kick to the back looked like it had the same effect, so Ohiyama shot up to his feet, threw a knee into JAC’s stomach and doubled him over with a Snapmare…


He PLANTED a stiff Knife-Edge Chop to the back! Castanovo writhed in pain for a moment, but tried to shake it off and perhaps even more defiantly got back to his feet. He fired a few more body shots into the chest of Ohiyama and then fired off about two Uppercuts to the jaw of Ohiyama! He reeled back and he was going for broke…

He ran for the Knee Trembler called The Flying KO Knee…


Ohiyama BLASTED him out of mid-air and SNAPPED him down on the floor with a huge Powerslam! The Polynesian Powerhouse roared back to his feet and yelled at the crowd before he grabbed JAC and threw him back into the ring to end this scrap.

JAC tried to stand when Ohiyama picked him up and whipped him towards the corner. He followed him in and…


Another Running Knife-Edge Chop! He rolled JAC out of the corner and then ran off the ropes to deliver a VICIOUS Double Foot Stomp to the rib cage! Castanovo was reeling now from having a 280-pound man jump on his chest, but that was not all.


Ohiyama poised himself in the corner and waited for JAC to rise. The Wavebreaker was coming…



Out of nowhere, JAC caught him on the lip with a Knee Strike and then tried to sneak up behind Ohiyama with a roll-up!




Ohiyama shook off the blow and kicked out. JAC tried to run at him again…


He CAUGHT JAC on his shoulders and SPIKED him into his knee with a big Fireman’s Carry Backbreaker! JAC writhed in pain from the painful move and following that, Ohiyama slashed a thumb across his throat before he stood over JAC…




Three painful stomps to the back he’d worked over! He then kneeled over JAC with a knee the back and CRANKED on the hold, a modified Camel Clutch…


The PAINFUL submission looked like JAC was about to be ripped in half! He yelled out and then the official called for the bell!



Ohiyama had done it again!


JAC was a much different opponent than Rune was on the last Victory, but JAC proved that he could still hang with the best of them. However, tonight, Ohiyama was still on a whole other level with his brand of gritty, hard-hitting Blitzkrieg Title matches that observed strength and ferocity over plunder and hardcore wrestling the belt had been previously known for by other title holders.

Ohiyama was handed his title by Slim J and raised it before he left the ring to celebrate another hard-fought successful title defense.

As he left the ring, he headed up the ramp, this time to make sure his back was never turned in case The Great Wall was actually laying in wait…

It was The Great Wall, but it was a DIFFERENT giant.

Warren Spade!

The crowd popped HUGE for the former champion standing on the ramp in his street clothes. He shot an angry look at the Blitzkrieg Champion when the last time they were in the same ring, they were at the very least civil when they raised one another’s hands in victory at Scorched. Neither man were on the microphone, but a camera moved in and picked up what both men had to say.

“Spade?” Ohiyama asked. “What do you want, bruddah?”

Spade made it perfectly clear for him with a finger being raised in his face.

“You get one warning, Ohiyama… The Great Wall is MINE. You got it?”

The Active Volcano looked up at the man named The King of Monsters and growled.

“Sorry about your title, brah… but I promise NOTHING if I see him again.”

Spade and Ohiyama had a tense staredown.

“Stay out of my business,” Spade said.

He stormed off while Ohiyama shook his head in disgust. No doubt both men had been majorly wronged by The Great Wall recently, but their own pride wouldn’t let anybody else interfere in their business.

With that Victory faded out to the credits.


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