Live from the Rogers Place in Edmonton, Canada






V/O - “Over ten years ago a small-time promotion out of Reading, PA came to existence. Over the years superstars have debuted and grown, some have retired, and others are still around today. Owners have changed. Locations have shifted. But one thing has always stayed the same. The name. Three Initials that have survived through the thick and the thin.”

The NBW logo is shown as it fades in and out showing the various designs from past to present. The voice-over by Trent McKnight continues.

V/O - “Those initials represent the past, the present, and the future. No Borders. No Boundaries. No Bull. Nothing But Wrestling. Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the NBW!”

A video package rolls showing past wrestlers and on-screen talent from the original promoter Alex Styles to Xander Napoli onto the current: Thaddeus Boyle. Three different men with three different agendas, all of which were responsible for the success that is NBW.

V/O - “Many athletes have paved the way for the current generation entertaining the fans every week.”

Shots of Jason Kain, Jack Owyns, Maximizer, Frost, Rey Campbell, Cal Roberts, Blake Gray, Rejection, Uncensored, Jade Greene and Alan Helms filled the screen before being replaced with shots of macWICKED, Superstar Vince Jacobs, Lunatic, D-T, El Dragon Loco, High Flyer, Sam Potright, Dream Warriors, Rik Bone, Callie Urban, Heaven and Hell, Shawn Jessica Hart, Remy Leroux, Brock Metzer, The Gordon Brothers, Andrew Martin, Mat Walton, William Arthur Reagan, Nightlife USA, Sweet Daddy K, Keegan, Techno Dragon and numerous others as the clips speed up to a blur.

Side to side ‘Special K’ Keegan and ‘the Colossus’ Spike Saunders fade into view before being replaced by an imposing image of the former Double Champion, ‘Superstar’ Vince Jacobs and his Cheshire-like smile.

His image is replaced by clips of the members of his Upper Echelon; Judasbleek, Warren Spade, and the Son of Malta.

They are soon replaced by the likes of Vic Gravender, Chris Moliano, Derecho, Judasbleek, Son of Malta, Torment, RaVage, Tremoid, Lexia Hart, Benjamin Jones, For The Win, Johannes Antonious de Castonovo and Aleczander of Family Keeling, Handsome Man Modeling School, Supersquad, Zed, and more as the clips speed up once more.

V/O - "The time to break the mold is now. To be somebody. To make a mark. To be..."

The NBW logo spins to life once more and fades out to the simple initials...





NBW opening video package honoring the years it’s been in business and the stars that have graced the ring. Check.

VICTORY splash intro video. Check.

New Stage with a V-like entrance opening. Check.

Cameras on. Centered on the ring. Check.

Lights. Check.

“Ladies and gentlemen, NBW fans from around the world. WELCOME TO MONDAY NIGHT VICTORY!!!”

Trent McKnight, considered one of the best interviewers in the business and recently promoted to the Digital Media side of NBW, welcomed the NBW crowd that filled into the Rogers’ Place for the second night.

“LEGACY is only a few months away and we’re ramping up that Wrestling action you all crave with the introduction of Victory. And what better way to premier this show than with a MASSIVE Main Event, featuring challenger Rune against our new Blitzkrieg champion Ohiyama!”

Oh the crowd sure loved that as they let loose with cheers in delight.

“The Company and General Manager Jack Harmen have handed over the keys to this castle to yours truly, and I’m not looking to let them down. So rather than give a long winded opening speech about what a great honor this is, and all the exciting matches we have in store... how about you sit back and enjoy as we bring you the very best in wrestling and entertainment tonight. Including some returns you have been asking for, and maybe debuts as well.”

He gave a friendly bow to the crowd out of respect for them being there tonight.

“Welcome to Victory.”

Trent stepped towards the ropes and ducked between them to leave. At the same time the two men outside the ring stepped back inside to a cheer from the crowd.

We cut away to stage-side where our announcers for Victory are seated. Yep, Victory’s taken a slightly different approach.

“I still can’t believe they promoted that tool. I could easily have done a better intro that than.” Bernie Vaughn voiced his thoughts, vocally, as you’d expect.

“Hah, you wish Bernie.” The ever jovial and familiar face, Adria Hoyt, sat at his side. This was an opportunity she had been hoping for, and recently it opened up for her. “NBW faithful thank you for tuning in tonight for the first ever episode of Victory! You might already know me, surely, but my name is Adria Hoyt and with me is Bernie Vaughn. And yes folks, it’s that Bernie. The very same one from PULSE that caused a Championship to change hands in the World Title match last year - by flinging his headset at the official.”

“Technically, we already did Victory season one, Adria. And context first woman! Chris Boom had the match won against Titan but that blowhard official made the wrong call; foot on the ropes my ass, Titan could reach both sides of the ring at once!" Vaughn shouted as if reliving that fury. "And well much like our gamers on the roster, I flung my controller at the tv, or in this case the official. Not my fault he lost focus and Boom turned the pin in his own favor.”

“That is in every way and definition, your fault!”

“Whatever.” scoffed Bernie. "Boom and I are best friends on Facebook, Instagram and all those social media platforms now. His success, albeit his own hard-work and dedication, can be attributed to a bit of assistance from the master sitting beside you."

“Can we just get to the first match of the evening please? We've already got our first team down there ready to go.”

Bernie nodded.

“Good, then Amelia girl. Do your stuff!”

She gestured over to Amelia Roberts, the ring announcer and one privileged to make the first introductions of Victory, as she stood in the ring brushing down her skirt and clearing her voice. Of course her mentor and NBW’s resident veteran Brent Williams was ringside for this very occasion.

Here we go.

“Ladies and gentlemen, this next tag team match is scheduled for one fall with a fifteen minute time limit. Introducing first, already in the ring, they are from right here in Edmonton’s Canadian Wrestling League, at a combined weight of four hundred and thirty three pounds, the team of the Big Mack and Jack Walton!

The fans cheered for the local boys. Being Canadians you can bet they were quite enthused.

“And their opponents, making their return to the NBW broadcast after three years-”

Take me down to the paradise city
Where the grass is green
And the girls are pretty
Take me home
(Oh, won't you please take me home)

It was a familiar song. To the fans there, the true wrestling fans that were there in the arena halls three years ago. It was all too familiar having seen them for several months at the NBWLive events following their last appearance on SLAM’s sixty sixth episode.

‘Paradise City’ by Guns N’ Roses led to the arrival and return of The Myth and the Legend, as the two young men stepped out through the V and stood center stage. Sporting their signature red vests, the two shared a sidelong glance, before they sprinted down to the ring and slid under the ropes.

“At a combined weight of four hundred and twenty five pounds. They are the team of Mark Mercury and Mane Miaate, THE MYTH AND LEGEND!

Amelia bounced, just as the official for the match, Simon Brack, called for the bell.

Big Mack and Jack Walton Versus Myth and Legend

Ding ding!

Mane Miaate, the quicker of the two, started things off with Big Mack. By started of course I mean soon as he stepped in the ring Big Mack CRASHED into him, knocking him back into the ropes. Mane however dove between the legs on the rebound, catching the larger man from behind with a neckbreaker before he could even fully turn around.

Miaate hit the ropes and went low with a dropkick aimed at the ribs, or stomach in this case. Then followed with a senton. There was no pin at this point. Instead he grabbed Mack by the lockes of his hair and pulled him with him over towards Mercury where the tag was made. The two took turns with jabs at Mack while his partner cheered him on and worked to get the country behind him.

The official got Miaate back outside the ring while Mercury went to town on Mack in the corner. Less agile than the two, shorter by two inches even, Mercury was a powerhouse. And to prove just that he hooked the arm and neck, and raised Mack up in a vertical suplex. But he didn’t drop him. Instead let the blood rush down to his head for five seconds, ten, fifteen, twenty…  CRASH down to the mat.

Big Mack was seeing stars and gushes of smeared purple and white as he tried to focus. Mercury was having none of that. Immediately he grabbed the right ankle, twisted his leg around and dropped back to snap it to the mat. He did this a second time, but this time twisted it off to the left in a wishbone to the other leg. Grabbing the second leg this time, he pivoted on his own heels and dropped back, flinging Big Mack into the ropes throat first.

Gasping for air, Big Mack stumbled back into the arms of Mark Mercury and got hurled back over head with the belly to belly.

The fans couldn’t believe that Big Mack, one half of one of the CWL’s toughest tag teams, were being manhandled by these two returning athletes.

But they were. Mack narrowly avoided a running lariat aimed at his skull, and went on the offen-PELE KICK!-down to the mat he went. Once more Mercury pulled Mack up, and tossed him into the corner where he tagged in his partner. The two grabbed an arm and whipped him across the ring, just outside of the wingspan of his partner Jack Walton, and on the rebound they caught Mack with a thunderous double team flapjack.

Miaate finally went for the cover.



No! Jack Walton with the save. Miaate smirked as Mercury hit the ring and avoiding a haymaker from Walton, he slipped behind before tossing him up and back into the ropes.

The two approached Mack as he was starting to stand.

On the spot - Simultaneous SUPER KICK!

Miaate hit the ropes while Mercury pulled Mack between the legs then raised him up high for the powerbomb. Miaate leapt from the ropes with a double foot stomp that impacted the chest as Mercury drove Mack into the mat with the double team FOOTSTOMP SPIKED POWERBOMB.

Miaate dropped back and hooked the leg while Mercury kept watch for Walton.


Walton saw it and dove back in the ring from the outside.


Mercury let him get within a close distance to break up the pinfall, but grabbed him at the waist before he could get a boot to Miaate.


Walton was hurled back over head with a release german suplex. The match was over but both men waited for Walton to get off the mat and turn around for a second Simultaneous SUPER KICK!

Thanks for coming, Walton.

Mercury shoved Walton out under the ropes as Miaate did the same with Mack. They motioned Amelia Roberts over and snatched the microphone from her.

“THIS!” Mercury shouted, “THIS is the best in this country? This is the best that the company could give us on our return?”

“Pathetic,” added Miaate.

“We’ve been jerking those curtains for the past three years, working hard to get back where we belong. And tonight, we finally got an opening that needed filled. So here we are, and this is the best competition we can get?”

“Truly pathetic.”

“McKnight!” Mercury once more shouted, as he was prone to do. “We WANT competition. If this is the best you have, then you might as well give us those Dynasty Tag Team Championships right here, right now.”

Ask and you will receive. Up on the ramp walked out Trent McKnight.

“Boys, let me be the first to welcome you back to NBW and to my show, Vict-”

“Curb it. Are you going to give us those titles or actual competition, Trent?”

“It’s funny you say that, Mark. See, another team has been demanding the same. Actually quite a few teams. But this one in particular has been complaining non-stop about their match at Scorched being pulled.” Trent shook his head as he continued, “which was rightfully done given they didn’t even make the trip.”

“Get with it Trent, we don’t have all day.” Added in Miaate.

“Given your history together, I think these fine folks would enjoy seeing you all clash once more with the team that WASN’T complaining about that. So in two weeks at Victory, it will be Myth and Legend versus FOR THE WIN!”

Oh indeed the fans loved that idea as they cheered for the favorite duo.

Mercury and Miaate on the other hand laughed it off.

“We said Actual competition Trent. Noid just got his knocked clean off by Chris Smith. So we get a lame duck and lamer kid. Fine.”

“You two beat em’, and we’ll talk about what’s next.”

Trent turned and headed on to the back while Mark and Mane got together and talked things over before exiting the ring. Not long after Big Mack and Walton headed out as well, to a nice cheer from the fans. They were after all local boys and although their showing wasn’t even close to what they gave in CWL normally, they still had their respect.

Cut away elsewhere.

Ready to Extinguish an Active Volcano


Backstage? Yep, backstage once more where the ever present scowl of the Paragon of the Industry stood inside the locker room with his back to the open doorway. Inside the locker room was the man set to face the Blitzkrieg Champion the Main Event - Rune… but he wasn’t seated. He wasn’t standing at attention. No…

“One hundred more, Rune. You’re going into that championship match tonight hungry and energized.” Zed stated as Rune was busy bench pressing… a stack of lockers. “You’re going to fill up that red suit with more than sweat and testosterone. I want your muscles and body ready to absorb whatever that Hawaiian trash throws at you.”

Rune roared and sped up the vertical movement of the locker stack. Now it is difficult to say if they got permission to remove those lockers from the wall in such a brand new arena like Roger’s Place, but if anybody was going to tell them that… it wasn’t happening.

“I’ve fought that sack before. I’ve beaten that sack before and even cost him the very same title during his Super Daddy K, or Sweet Daddy K, whichever it was, days. Tonight you’re going in and you’re walking out with that championship. The Crimson Tide finally will have gold on its waist. And that’s only the first step. Once I rid NBW of yet another rookie trying to steal my spotlight, that Bedlam shitstain, it's time to re-focus.”

Zed leaned his head back and looked up at the lights.

“We’re going to do it. I’m going to do it. Jake Tockwell is no champion. Bit by bit, we’ll get around his legion and in a one on one match, he’ll be crushed before the Paragon.” Lowering his head again he continued. “Samoan or not, tonight you do what the planet has done for ages. Make that Volcano erupt, then MAKE IT DOCILE.”

Rune roared once more and shoved the lockers up and off of him. Several loud clangs followed as they landed next to him and struck the concrete, wall and benches. Rune sat up and caught a liter jug Zed tossed at him and took a long swig.

“Tonight, these cannons are going to fire.” He was known for being silent and not quite well with the words, but the physique was another store as Rune popped both biceps. “I have this. Like was done in Japan with the H Bomb, I will wipe that Hawaii and this country off the map tonight with an R Bomb.”

“Then get back to it. You still have another four hundred to go before we hit the parking lot and give Trent McKnight’s car the tire flipping treatment.”

With a roar Rune dropped his jug to the side and reached over and pulled the locker stack back his way and continued his pursuit.




Fight Like It's Your Last


The camera makes its way to the big interview backdrop for the debut of Victory.

And in the backstage area, we had none other than Vic Gravender and Tyson XL, the former Dynasty Tag Team Champions and Vic himself, a former nbW World Heavyweight Champion. Vic had a very disappointed look on his face while Tyson nodded to his right and said nothing.

“What’s up, nbW?” Vic asked, rhetorically, of course.

“Hey,” Tyson said behind him.

“We’re going to keep this short and sweet since you people pay to see us kick the shit out of opponents that deserve it… and not flap our gums for twenty minutes like other promotions think you want to see that shit.”

Tyson nodded behind him.

“As you know… 2016 was the year The Unstoppables came together. In ACW, Vic and I wanted to kill each other, but as he mellowed out…”

“No, I didn’t. I just hated you less.” Vic said with his trademark dry snark.

Tyson XL shook his head. “Anyway… we had a dominant run as the nbW Dynasty Tag Team Champions. Defended the belts at least year’s Legacy. We fought team after team after team, fighting anybody who would try and step up. We didn’t shy away from competition and because of that, you voted us 2016 Tag Team of the Year.”

Vic jumped in.

“Now 2017 on the other hand… Well, it’s be a cruel, cruel bitch goddess. We lost the Dynasty straps… belts…. Titles… whatever you want to call them. They meant everything to us, they were stolen from us by The In Crowd. Then we lost our rematch thanks to Clan Strongbern… then at Scorched AND last week, we lost to those bastards straight-up. We haven’t lost every match… but we’ve lost more big ones than we’d like. Something needed to change. Something needed to be different. When we had goals to drive us, we were focused as fuck and nobody could touch us in that ring…. Now people are calling us soft. Weak. That we need to step aside.”

“Know what we say to that?” Tyson asked.

Vic nodded. “FUCK. THAT.”

The World Class Badass continued.

“So that’s why after the last show, we went out, had a few Canadian brews, got wasted, shut a bar down and talked it over. We’re at our best when we need motivation and right now, there’s no better motivation than fear of failure. We’re not afraid of anything or anyone, but tonight we need to step the fuck up. So here’s what we’re doing. We are going to end 2017 as the nbW Dynasty Tag Team Champions. And if we don’t, or if we lose another match as a team…”

Vic looked at Tyson almost as if he needed a go-ahead to say whatever was next. Tyson nodded silently and Vic nodded.

“The Unstoppables are going to disband as a team.”

The crowd gasped at the announcement that was just made. The Unstoppables had been a fixture – what many considered to be THE fixture of the Dynasty scene in the last year and a half.

Tyson continued. “We need a fire lit under our ass again to make things happen and this is it. Vic and I make a vow to to fight every match like our last… because if we lose or we don’t have the belts by the end of the year… it WILL be our last.”

Tyson and Vic dapped fists and with that powerful decree and what seemed to be a powerful focus, the scene rolled out.

Open Challenge


The crowd went wild after the opening notes to Fear & Graces “Frail Words Left Unspoken” hits the PA system-and John Pariah came out to bring some Chicago Strong Style to the debut of Victory!

“Pariah looks dressed to compete tonight!” Adria exclaimed as he posed on the stage-throwing a ‘Too Sweet’ in the air-before too sweeting fans at ringside. He climbed in the ring-and took a mic as the crowd cheered him on loudly.

“John Pariah!” Clap clap clapclapclap “John Pariah” clap clap clapclapclap

“For Victory!” Pariah began as the crowd roared loudly. “For those of you who saw SLAM, you saw that I am here to make an impact!” he added. “That doesn’t change tonight, no sir. You people came here to see competition, and I came here to compete!” the crowd let out a huge cheer. “So, with that said-to usher in the new era of Victory-I’m here to issue an open challenge to anybody in the back-anybody starving for an opportunity….to come out here-and test your fate...because your fate-is mine to decide.”

The crowd cheered as Pariah dropped the mic-and faced the stage. Upbeat pop rock hit the PA system as Amelia called out PULSE stand out talent, Arthur Pendergast. The crowd booed loudly as the cocky, brash young upstart headed down the ramp-and got in Pariahs face.


“You think you can take me old man? Huh? I am the future! THIS IS MY TIME!” he said-head butting Pariah as the bell rang.

Ding ding.

Pariah staggered back, as Arthur went on the attack-just laying into the former World Champion with strikes. He backed him into the ropes-and grabbed his arm-shooting him into the ropes. He caught him with a high heel kick-before rolling Pariah into the pin and not even getting a one count. The cocky Mr. Pendergast delivered a pair of kicks to Pariah-before lifting him up and slamming him head first into the corner.

He went to shoot him across the ring again-after a trio of chops-but Pariah countered it and lifted him up into a power bomb posistion. Arthur could be heard yelling as he was thrown back into the turnbuckle. The camera went right into Pariah’s face-showing a look of utter rage. He grabbed Arthur and proceeded to deliver a flurry of strikes to the upper body of the young hot shot from PULSE, before shooting him across the ring and connecting with a corner splash. The King of Wrestling pulled him out and dropped him with an inverted atomic drop-and then a Japanese arm drag.

“Pariah taking control, after a moment of fury from Arthur Pendergast!” Adria exclaimed.

“Pariah wrenched back on the arm-before locking in a reverse head lock.

“It looks like he’s going for a vintage move-the Gates of Gotham!” she added.

Pariah wrenched back on the hold-and lifted him up-dropping him back down neck first across his knee-and then again with a standard neckbreaker. He sat up and shook his head-lifting up the challenger and delivering a clubbing forearm to the head. Arthur stepped back-and delivered a chop of his own-but Pariah shook his head and threw a knee-doubling him over. He shoved him into the ropes and delivered a hard rolling elbow to the back of his head as he stumbled back. “MIRAKURU!” exclaimed Adria-as Arthur dropped to the mat like a sack of potatoes. Pariah rolled him over into the pin:




The bell rung as “Frail Words Left Unspoken” reprised, and Pariah had his arm raised in victory. He rolled to the floor and headed up the ramp-delivering a pair of too sweets to the crowd. He turned to the camera and exclaimed “Anyone. Any time. I am carving out my legacy here in NBW!” as the camera faded to black

Eo Na Tao


The cameras swapped elsewhere backstage and right before the main event where Ohiyama would put his newly-won Blitzkrieg Title on the line against the 400-plus pound Rune, the camera caught up with Ohiyama as he had his title belt fastened securely around his waist and his game face on.

“Dude, Ohiyama! A Word? Can I get a word?”

Ohiyama stopped when an interviewer ran up behind him, still trying to catch his breath.

“Yes?” Ohiyama asked lightly.

“Hey… “ he said. “I’ve been here a little before, but we… haven’t been introduced. I’m Sam '2L3git2Fail' Hale. And I wanted to get a word with you about what’s been going on before your match with Rune.”

The Polynesian Powerhouse spoke up and reached out a hand for Hale to shake.

“Howzit, bruddah… But what do you want to ask?”

“Jake Tockwell… Warren Spade… The Great Wall… The nbW World Title scene… all of it!”

Ohiyama himself looked disgusted at what happened. “My match is coming up, hoaloha, but if it’s a sound byte you want, here’s one… Jake Tockwell is scum and The Great Wall is human garbage for helping him follow through. I realize how close I could have been to being that very person at Scorched, but morals won out and because of that, I have this title. I will be NO ONE’S slave. I will be NO ONE’S pawn… and I will be the champion in nbW that EVERYONE… the fans… my ‘ohana… deserve to see.”

Ohiyama continued as the crowd cheered in the background behind him!

“Sammy… I will say this. Tonight, Rune likes beef? That’s what he will get. He’s a massive beast and a powerful athlete, but I WILL beat him tonight. He’ll be an example of what will happen with the Blitzkrieg Title going forward when I show the world the most exciting, hard-hitting matches that any champion of this title has ever produced. And while Brock Newbludd has the next big title shot, Tockwell is a marked man. Warren Spade WILL come back… and remember this… I am the last man that defeated him before he won the nbW World Title. Sooner or later, I will face him and I will ask him what I ask anybody that tries to fight me…”

The crowd got ready for his catchphrase.


And with that, the battle cry of Ohiyama, he went towards the ring to try and keep his title from the hands of Rune!

The main event of Victory’s maiden voyage was up next!




Main Tale of the Tape

“MAIN EVENT FIGHT TIME!” Bernie Vaughn cackled. “Ohiyama’s gonna try and out-fight RUNE to keep the Blitzkrieg Title! It is to laugh! New champion tonight, I’m calling it!”
“With all respect, Bernie,” Adria interjected, “Ohiyama has gone through a trail by FIRE in the last three months to earn the Blitzkrieg Title. He has victories over former nbW World Champions like Ravage and Rune, wrestled Warren Spade to a draw for the nbW World Heavyweight Title in what many have called an nbW Match of the Year candidate… AND beat Jake Tockwell right before he schemed his way to that very belt. I’d say Ohiyama is more than qualified to beat Rune. But you’re right, the big man is hungry.”
“And he’s gonna EAT, Adria, you hear me? Rune gon’ EAT!”
Adria sighed. 
“All right, well, we’re going to head to ringside now. We’ve got our main event as Ohiyama’s second Blitzkrieg Title run looks to be off to a very challenging start against the 400-pound Rune next!”
And to the ring we go!
“The following contest is set for one fall and this is for the Blitzkrieg Title!” Brent Williams yelled
“Black Tongue” by Mastodon. 
The theme alerted the fans to the arrival of the massive red monster known as Rune, who emerged through the double doors. Ignoring the fans he took his sweet time walking down to the ring and barreled in under the ropes before taking a stance in the center in anticipation of his next fight. 
“Introducing the challenger… from Parts Unknown weighing in at 400 pounds… this… is… RUNE!
Rune smirked at the mention of his name as he paced the ring. The words “NEXT BLITZKRIEG CHAMP” could be seen clearly from his lips while he made the universal “the belt’s as good as mine” motion that we all know as wrestling fans. The Massive Red Monster waited as his music faded. 
he crowd now watched with anticipation at what was happening at ringside.  The lights faded to black until a series of yellow and green spotlights shined at the entrance.  The crowd continued to buzz for what was happening next until four men in yellow dress robes made their way out, pounding on tribal drums.  The crowd was excited for the entrance and a silhouette appeared on the top of the ramp.   
A BIG silhouette to be precise. The massive being proceeded to dance along with it in a fire dance tradition before he stopped and let out a war cry… 
A HUGE explosion of red pyro went off behind him and the opening six-second mark of Ohiyama’s theme began to play. 
“Voodoo Child” by Brick + Mortar. 
“And his opponent… he is the reigning and defending Blitzkrieg Champion… from Hilo, Hawaii, weighing in at 278 pounds… ”THE ACTIVE VOLCANO” OHIYAMA!” 
The 6’6” 278-pound Hawaiian garnered a loud and popular reaction from the crowd! The soft-spoken but double-tough and ultra-physical strong-style grappler marched towards the ring with a smile on his face and the title around his waist. He walked into the ring and raised the title over head. The rules for Blitzkrieg matches were all the same – no DQ, falls count anywhere. Ohiyama had made a very bold decree that he would not use weapons in his matches unless a specific stipulation called for it, but could he give himself that kind of handicap against a man like Rune and succeed?
We’d find out with the ring of the bell!
Ohiyama handed the title over and circled Rune…
He started off fast and furious like a movie franchise! He clipped Rune in his chest with a huge Shoulder Tackle, but Rune stood his ground. The tank of a man rubbed his chest like it didn’t affect him much and screamed at The Active Volcano to try again. Ohiyama charged off the ropes a second time and collided with Rune again…
Second verse, same as the first. 
Rune dared him to do it again so Ohiyama obliged. He charged off the ropes and ducked under a swing from Rune. He came back off the ropes and FINALLY knocked down Rune down with an explosive Flying Shoulder Tackle! The crowed cheered Ohiyama as he stood up to his feet and roared to the heavens!
The discombobulated tank of a man started to make it back up to his feet and tried using a corner to create separation from Ohiyama. The Active Volcano turned and charged at him running quickly…
Ohiyama then ran off the ropes cross-corner a second time and charged for more speed…
Rune hadn’t gone down after the two brutal shots, but what he did do was get shoved out of the corner while groggy on his feet. Ohiyama jumped to the second rope and then flew off the corner, connecting with a HUGE Missile Dropkick, knocking Rune down a second time!
Ohiyama let loose his signature war cry and had Rune locked in his sights as he was starting to get back to his feet. He had him locked right in his sights. The crowd knew what was coming and they buzzed…
Rune was thought to be punch-drunk from Ohiyama’s opening salvo on him, but he CAUGHT the knee before he could go for it and the LIFTED Ohiyama and dropped him down into a HUGE Pump Spinebuster Slam!
The ring shook from the vicious impact of such a move and now in one fell swoop, Rune was in control of the match. He moved over and covered Ohiyama, hoping to secure the Blitzkrieg Championship!
The Bltizkrieg Champion kicked out, but his reign was already in jeopardy! Rune pulled him up and muscled the 278-pounder into the coerner. He tagged Big Oh in the side of the head with some vicious Clubbing Forearms to either side of the head! Ohiyama tried to block some of the shots from hitting his head, but Rune fired them off faster than he could block and a few stunned him. Rune wound up and SOCKED him in the chest with a Headbutt. 
Somebody had done their pro wrestling homework and didn’t try to hit a man of Pacific Islander descent in the head. 
Rune got more boots into the chest of Ohiyama and choked him with an elbow pressed against his throat. The referee for the match, Simon Brack, watched what happened but he was only there to count a pinfall or make a decision. Countouts and DQs were out the window with the title on the line. 
After he was done choking Ohiyama, Rune launched him with an Irish Whip clear across the ring. He carefully measured Ohiyama and charged in from the center of the ring, catching him with a big Running Body Avalanche! Big Oh slumped over to his side and was somehow still on his feet after all that Rune threw at him, but he whipped him again back to the corner he originally was…
Shoulder Thrusts followed!
After taking the wind out of his lungs with a series of Shoulder Thrusts, Rune threw Ohiyama down to the center of the ring and bounced off the ropes before coming in and landing a HUGE Leg Drop! Something that a certain orange-skinned old guy would be proud of. And I’m not talking about our current President. 
Ohiyama kicked out again, but his gritty determination got him rewarded by Rune grabbing the back of his head and throwing him out of the ring like he was trash!
The crowd booed Rune again as he motioned for the title and then climbed to the outside with Ohiyama. He waited for him to get back to his feet and when he did, he practically ENGULFED Ohiyama with a Running Body Attack, crunching Ohiyama against the ring post! 
This was straight domination on the part of The Massive Red Monster as he continued to lay into Ohiyama with a series of hard Forearm Smashes. A Double Axe-Handle caught him on the side of the body and then he pulled him a Short-Arm Elbow.
Short Arm Elbow 2!
Short Arm Elbow 3!
After three vicious strikes, he pulled him in and levelled Ohiyama on the floor with a huge Short-Arm Clothesline! 
The Canadian crowd booed and yelled for Ohiyama to fight back, but he was still considerably rocked by the onslaught from the challenger for the Blitzkrieg. Rune now tried to pin Ohiyama on the floor and secure his first singles title in nbW!
Ohiyama kicked out again, but he needed to get back on the offensive unless he was planning on making this a cakewalk for the heavy for Zed. Rune gritted his teeth and he threw Ohiyama up. But when he tried to pick him up…
FOUR hard Knife-Edge Chops from Ohiyama stunned The Massive Red Monster. He tried to grab Rune’s arm with him being stunned from the chops, but Rune reversed the whip and sent Ohiyama flying right against the nearby ringpost. Rune took a second to collect himself as he grabbed his chest and then flew at Ohiyama…
Ohiyama moved and this time, Rune’s attempt to crush Ohiyama failed in a big way! He hit the ring post with a thud and ended up careering right against the nearby barricade. The Active Volcano saw him slumped over the guardrail and then charged…
Ohiyama clobbered Rune with a HARD Running Knife-Edge Chop to the throat! One of the very few weak points on a man that large, Rune coughed up for air as Ohiyama fought back. He laid right into Rune with body shot after body shot and then managed to negotiate the big man into the ring. Even though the rules did dictate that falls counted anywhere, Ohiyama was deadset to try and keep this match into the ring as best as he could. 
Rune was starting to get back on all fours when Ohiyama ran off the ropes, BLASTING Rune in the side of the head with a massive Sliding Forearm Smash! The blow took the air out from under Rune and he was now grounded to where he was left with an opening. He ran off the ropes and connected with a Running Senton across the chest of the big man!
Rune was now down and out with Ohiyama heading to the second rope. He remained poised and yelled out to the fans…
After that VERY painful sequence of moves, Ohiyama tried to put an end to his challenger. 
Rune made with the kick out! 
Ohiyama remained determined to end things quickly and efficiently once and for all so he pointed to the ropes. He climbed out to the ring apron and then started to make this climb. He was going for the other finishing move of his that had defeated former champions like Spike Saunders and Ravage… 
Rune was ALREADY up and caught Ohiyama on the top rope with an European Uppercut! Ohiyama was stunned when Rune grabbed him by the neck and then pulled him slightly off the turnbuckle…
Ohiyama's head got SPIKED into the mat with a vicious suspended Top Rope DDT! The fans cringed from theg nasty impact of the move and now Rune turned his body over for the cover! The nbW Blitzkrieg title was only three seconds away from changing hands!
Rune cried out at the fact that one of his home run shots hadn't quite earned him the grand slam and the nbW Blitzkrieg Title! Ohiyama was still alive and the crowd erupted as Ohiyama gutted it out. 
"BIG OH!" Clap-Clap!
"BIG OH!" Clap-Clap!
"BIG OH!" Clap-Clap!
"BIG OH!" Clap-Clap!
"BIG OH!" Clap-Clap!
Rune kneeled upward and got back to his feet, slashing a thumb across his throat as he put the boots to Ohiyama. He was about to pull out something new in his arsenal because like Ohiyama did moments ago, he was about to go up top with The Active Volcano near the buckles.
One buckle.
Two buckles.
And now, the drop...
The backwards fall that no doubt would have crushed Ohiyama's innards into a fine paste missed because he rolled out of the way! The ring nearly shook from Rune's take on a modified Vader Bomb and now, it was Ohiyama's turn as he now slashed a thumb across his throat and then grabbed Rune by the head...
Five NASTY knee strikes had Rune seeing stars and now he was wobbly with Ohiyama now targeting him. He pointed at Rune as The Massive Red Monster started to stand up. He charged...


The crowd came unglued! The high-impact Running Knee Strike caught Rune right between the eyes and now Ohiyama hooked the leg and pressed down, nodding along with the cadence of the count. 
Rune had no doubt proven his worth as a fearsome force to be remembered, but tonight it just wasn’t enough when it came to Ohiyama and his unparalleled hard-hitting skills! 
Ohiyama checked his jaw to make sure that it was still in place. He promised some of the hardest hitting matches the belt had ever seen and if tonight was any indicator, Ohiyama would no doubt deliver on his promise! He took his belt from the referee and raised it over head!
With one more battle cry, the fans exploded as an exciting night to Victory's maiden voyage came to a close. Ohiyama took a bow to the fans and raised the title one more time as trainers attended to Rune following this narrow loss. 
The Active Volcano headed up the ramp and then raised the title one more time for the masses at the top. 
Good fight and good night, everybody.
… Or not!
Ohiyama turned and as he headed back to the entrance, his head was nearly taken off by a HUGE Big Boot from none other than THE GREAT WALL!  But why?
The fans jeered! Ohiyama was no doubt spent after his battle with Rune and The Great Wall picked him up by his hair, RAMMING a series of his own knee strikes into the head and face of The Active Volcano. Xiang came out from the entrance right behind his charge...
The Great Wall nodded as he set up Ohiyama...


That same Jackknife Powerbomb that spelled the end of Warren Spade's title reign had just DRILLED Ohiyama into the ramp! The Polynesian Powerhouse was yet another victim of the seemingly unstoppable Guangzhou Goliath now as he kneeled over to look at Ohiyama...
"This is an example!" Xiang yelled to the jeering crowd in English. "If you DARE disrespect The Great Wall... THIS is what happens!"
It had come down to Ohiyama's derogatory remarks regarding The Great Wall's recent conduct! But the Half-Millon Dollar Giant just made The Active Volcano eat his words. 
The final scene of Victory was The Great Wall unleashing a guttural roar as he and Xiang stood over the fallen Blitzkrieg Champion. He promised at Scorched to make an impact and there was no doubt in the span of two shows...
The Great Wall had done just that. 


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