SLAM! Episode 98
Live from the Colisee Pepsi in Quebec City, Canada





Big Dreams


The clock struck nine o’clock Eastern time, and for the legion of NBW fans who had access to the streaming service Hulu that meant that it was time to tune in for another episode of the organization’s flagship program, SLAM!.

And with the biggest show of the year, Legacy, just on the horizon, there would be no doubt that this episode would be full of excitement as things continued to ramp up for the supershow.

Normally the show would have started with the customary intro video package, but tonight the only indication that SLAM was on the air was the appearance of NBW’s logo in the bottom left corner of the still black screen. A few more seconds of darkness passed as the NBW faithful that were jam packed in the sold out Colisee Pepsi Arena began to buzz in anticipation in the background, no doubt staring up at the same black screen on the jumbotron inside.

Then the camera began to slowly fade, revealing a pair of bright headlights shining straight into the camera. The picture quickly adjusted for the lights, and as they approached the camera it was revealed that they belonged to a black stretch limousine that was making it’s way through the parking garage underbelly of the arena.

Now only a few yards away, the limo slowly turned and came to a stop at the curb right in front of a pair of double doors that led into the backstage. As the camera zoomed out slightly to take in all of the gaudiness of the sleek ride, the driver’s door opened and a balding middle aged man, who looked to be struggling to keep his barrel of a belly crammed into the tuxedo he was wearing, hopped out.

Tossing on his black driver’s cap, the Danny Devito lookalike waddled as fast as his little legs would allow to the back of the limo and promptly opened the door.

Instantly that anticipatory buzz from the crowd that was still hanging in the air turned into a roar of boos when ‘Hot Sauce’ Raul Ramirez stepped out onto the pavement

“Next time, watch the bumps, asshole! Almost skeeted champagne back there!” yelled Hot Sauce.

Flipping the chauffeur's hat off his head with an arrogant grin, Ramirez then stepped aside as two more figures adorned with matching gold belts stepped out of limo and their appearance made the background jee g intensify slightly.

The two cornerstones of The In Crowd, it was none other than the NBW Dynasty Tag Team Champions, V.I.P and El Principe aka The A-List.

“How sweet it is!” yelled Victor Ingram Price. “We beat those idiot Strongbern barbarians, we’ve beaten the Unstoppables … who’s gonna touch us, Prince? Nobody!!!”

El Principe and V.I.P. clinked their belts together. Smug as ever, the tag champions split apart before reaching into the limo with one hand to gracefully assist the newest member of their entourage, Sally Renolds, and her appearance did nothing to subdue the booing in the background.

“Thank you gentlemen!” said Sally.

The woman that Tockwell dubbed his Sweet Fire stepped aside now and if the booing in the background was loud before, it was even louder for the champion himself!

“Watch out now! Big Talk, big champ, big dreams comin through!”

Sally and Jake shared a kiss that nauseated the masses and despite how the last edition of NBW Slam ended with Brock coming back to exact some revenge from his prior beatdown, the entire In Crowd were having a great night and they looked like nothing was going to ruin it as they approached the building.

Okay so that was almost true.

General Manager Jack Harmen and general assistance and personal crash test dummy Richie Keal were in front of the building and didn’t look pleased with the arrival of the gaudiest group in NBW today.

“GM, what it do?” asked Raul Ramirez. “You here to give us the grand tour? That’s so nice of you for finally showing the In Crowd some respect!”

Harmen stops, staring at the group. His stare turns to a glare. His glare turns to an emotionless arrow that pierces the soul. The silence lingered long than it should, to the point where Raul raised a finger and went to speak. It’s here Harmen cut him off. “You better hope it’s not a tour, cause the only guiding I do is showing asses to the door, get it?” Harmen rubbed the back of his neck. “Listen, my brain is all scrambled because I haven’t eaten my eggs and Derecho is a prickstain, so, I’mma make this short and sweet, kay?” Raul leaned forward, listening to the GM with eager eyes. “Stop making me do work.” Harmen nodded, as Keal stood on his tippy toes behind him.

“Yeah!” Keal shouted, throwing his arm in the air. Harmen turns, glared at his assistant, and then returned his gaze to the In Crowd.

“That brawl last week, totally unsanctioned, and you know I like to make my money off brawls.” The In Crowd looked proud of themselves, especially Tockwell. “Then you go and steal my EMT. You know how hard it is to find an impressionable young femme fatale with a medical degree? I didn’t know, and never wanted to know, how many people who used Craigslist had a nursing fetish.” Harmen’s nose upticked, as if he just caught wind of some disgusting smell. But it was just his mind, retracing his steps. “But you guys beat up Davey. Davey man. That guy is one of the few decent people in this business... “ Harmen crossed his arms. “I’d be giving both of you a tour outta this building right now if I gave into my instincts.”

Harmen nodded, the In Crowd all looked shocked.

“But, you know, like I said earlier, I like to make my money off of a fight. So, tonight, Davey LaRue is here,” cheers from the crowd. “And you two are gonna be putting those tag team titles on the line against him!” Wild cheers. Harmen nodded to Richie. “And Keal here is gonna choose his partner. Keal, you make a decision?”

Keal smiled, a wide beaming smile that almost made him look sinister. His eyes bulged as he said “BROCK… NEWBLUDD.”

“You can’t do that!” said Victor. “We just defended these against Clan Strongbern last week!”

“No! No!” yelled El Principe repeatedly. Spanish of course, but the message was still very clear!

“Yeah!” yelled Big Talk. “First you make me defend my title unjustly and then you make A-List defend theirs? This is some grade-A horse shit, Harmen! A guy can fertilize his lawn with what you’re doing right now!”

“Have fun gentleman.” Harmen said, waving to the group as he departed. Keal hop skipped and leapt in tow as the two left the area. The rest of the In Crowd were already in a very dour mood and with that big main event made, the tone for tonight had been set!.




Clan Strongbern Versus The LAW

And to the announce table. You know the drill, mofos.    

“We’ve got ourselves a grand grudge match coming up next and that’s just our opening match!” Melissa Vanderart said. “Clan Strongbern came within a hair of winning the nbW Dynasty Tag Titles from The A-List via the numbers game, but The A-List had numbers of their own in the form of The Law. Brady and Strauss blindsided Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern and Little Rick and the distraction let The A-List win!”

“And why do you think that is?” C.G. Gains said. “I like Clan Strongbern, I really do. These guys mess shit up, but they’re playing in a class they ain’t ready for against The In Crowd! After a few bad weeks with Alex Reyn and Clan Strongbern, they’re taking charge. They’re gonna take out Davey and Brock later tonight, but right now we’re gonna watch them accompany The Law to ringside to take on the Clan.”

“It’s gonna be Little Ricky Strongbern and Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern representing Clan Strongbern tonight when they take on The In Crowd’s hired help, The Law, right now! This match certainly won’t be technical, but it WILL be physical.”

“Yeah, hoss fights and face-breaking! Gains is all in, baby!”

And now, to ringside we go!

“The following contest is a tag team grudge match set for one fall!” Brent Williams announced to the Canadian crowd.

A rugged guitar riff hit the speakers.


Another guitar riff.


One more guitar riff.


“Kill It (Strongbern Death Mix)” by Fight. 

The theme erupted from the arena speakers with a thundering boom as the lights in the arena went pitch-black. Suddenly, a HUGE spotlight shone on the stage and one by one, the monsters came out to play.
“Little” Ricky Strongbern, the near-seven footer. Back to his barbarian attire since he was told he couldn’t wear it.
The monstrous powerhouse Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern in his warpaint.
The wild attack dog, Ri-Khan Strongbern, who grabbed the camera and let loose a loud growl! Still in his warpaint and camo attire.
And of course…
The camera panned down to show Big Rick Strongbern. 5’8” and 225 of the nastiest pounds you ever done saw’d walking out with his arms behind his back like the ring general he claimed to be. The Generalissimo of Clan Strongbern stomped toward the ring with a look of determination on his face.

“Introducing first, accompanied by Big Rick Strongbern and Ri-Khan Strongbern… at a combined weight of 622 pounds, representing Clan Strongbern… LITTLE RICKY AND RIK BONEBREAKER-STRONGBERN!

Little Ricky stormed to the ring STILL dressed like a barbarian while the rest of Clan Strongbern continued more with the army motif… but the big notable difference was that Ri-Khan was clad in camo facepaint and a pair of baggy pants that looked like he was wearing brush. Rik and Little Ricky both stepped through and over the ropes respectively to get into the ring and take on the massive hired help of The A-List.

Sirens started blazing throughout the arena.  Aptly, the Dead Kennedys anthem 'Police Truck' started as one pulled into the arena.  Down the sides of the aisle, 10 officers formed 2 lines of 5.

The camera zoomed in on the vehicle's back door as 4 officers piled out and join the others in line.  Lastly, but in no way least, Brady and Strauss jump out and make the walk to the ring, saluted by their colleagues.

After ascending the stairs, Strauss stepped between the ropes whereas the slightly bigger Brady chose to step over them.  The Law was in the house!

"From the Los Angeles Police Department...weighing in at a combined six hundred pounds...Brady and Strauss...they are THE LAW!"

The big flashy entrance was certainly intimidating enough, but making their way out from the back were The A-List! They had a busy night ahead of them as well, but tonight they were happy to be in the corner of The Law if it meant sticking it to Clan Strongbern. Ri-Khan tried to get at them as they approached the corner of The Law, but Big Rick held him back some.


Big Rick and Ri-Khan remained calm as the bell rang in the ring…


This just might surprise you and in no way has this ever happened in wrestling before, but it turned out that The Law attacked at the bell! The 6’9” Brady went after the 6’11” Little Ricky while The 6’8” Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern tangled with 6’6” Strauss!

Hoss fights happened all over the ring and the members of Clan Strongbern had been beaten figuratively and literally on the ropes with the hard hitting In Crowd enforcers taking the fight to one another. Brady continued to throw body shots on Little Ricky while Bonebreaker-Strongbern started to fight back against Strauss and caught him flush in the jaw with a sick Headbutt!

Rik ran over to aid of Little Ricky and the two whipped Brady off the ropes…


The two men showed that despite them being antagonistic towards one another in Clan Strongbern, they could have great potential teaming up. Big Rick watched the two men now turn their attention to Strauss before sending the 287-pounder into the corner…


Strauss convulsed in the corner but as bad as the impact from Little Ricky was…


The heavier and stronger Rik CRUSHED him with a big move of his own! The A-list started to show worry on the outside as Bonebreaker-Strongbern shoved him into the ropes. The biggest bruiser of Clan Strongbern shoved him off into the ropes and from there, tried to duck down for a possible Back Body Drop, but instead, Strauss clipped him with a big boot to the side of the head! Rik stumbled back and Strauss charged off the ropes and came back with intent to knock the Norwegian on his ass with a Clothesline…


Rik SHOVED him violently into the corner and struck him with a big series of hard Shoulder Thrusts! He continued throwing big moves to take the breath out of the smaller half of The Law (which at 6’6” and nearly three-bills, didn’t say much) and then pulled him to the center of the ring to run off the ropes. He took down Strauss with a big Thesz Press…





The crowd actually CHEERED Rik as the blows connected with Strauss. Brady remained stoic on the ring apron while Victor and El Principe watched on with even more worry as Strauss tried to stand, wondering what the hell hit him. Rik yelled and dropped him with a spine-rattling Thrust Spinebuster! He finally went for a cover after a hot start from Clan Strongbern!




Strauss kicked out, but Rik continued to bring the punishment in the form of some vicious Crossface Punches while Strauss was down. The former giant LAPD officer continued to struggle while Rik pulled him up over his shoulders. Perhaps he was looking for his Crush Rush?


A big mistake was possibly made by Rik as he amazingly scooped Strauss on the shoulder for the Running Powerslam, but as he circled the ring, Brady grabbed his partner’s leg and pulled him so he could be free! When Rik turned around…


Amazing athleticism by Strauss as he dropped Rik to the mat with the aid of his partner! Strauss was still feeling the effects of the beatdown that was delivered by Rik so he made the tag over to the bigger Brady. Rik was checking his jaw to make sure that his teeth were all in place, but he didn’t see Brady running off the ropes off to his side…


The renamed version of what equated to a Yakuza Kick completely leveled Rik and knocked him to the mat! Brady actually cracked a smile for a moment and moved his head to indicate he kicked his head into the nose bleed section and indicated it was good. The crowd booed while Big Rick jumped on the apron.

“FUCK YOU, LITTLE MAN!” Big Rick shouted.

Now with The Law in control of the match for the moment, The A-List were looking pretty happy with the results of this match as Brady finally made a cover.




The shoulder of Rik came up off the mat, but now that The Law were in control the two men continued to pick Rik apart. This was a position the strongman of Clan Strongbern was not accustomed to, but when The In Crowd were pushed by their enemies, they showed that nobody was safe from their wrath.

Brady picked up Rik off the mat, but…


Rik stunned him with an Open-Handed Chop! Rik then tried to fight back with a pair of rights when Brady stopped him with a big Eye Poke! Deadly, yes and the referee Simon Brack admonished him for his actions, but being paid to give a fuck was not something The Law did.

Brady continued drilling Rik with a big Throat Thrust followed by an Elbow Smash that backed him into the corner. Brady made the tag to Strauss and he climbed to the second rope so Brady could whip him out of the corner. He suddenly spun Rik around when Strauss came off the second rope with a Flying Shoulder Tackle! After the effective double-team by The Law, Strauss made a cover.




Rik with another kick out! Victor and El Principe both protested with the referee while Big Rick stood at ringside and screamed.


VIP gave him the old fangul gesture while inside the ring, The Law continued playing dirty when Strauss threw him into the corner. El Principe climbed onto the apron again and distracted Brack so Brady could choke Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern with the tag rope! Rik tried to fight back with a right hand for Strauss and then a back elbow to Brady, but the bigger half of The Law tightened his grip on the choke!

Simon finally turned and The A-List continued to look mighty proud of himself as Brady pulled Rik to the apron so Strauss could follow with his neck attack – a PAINFUL Apron Guillotine Leg Drop! Rik held his throat in pain while Strauss limped to the outside! It was crazy to think two members of Clan Strongbern could be overpowered like they were tonight, but The Law were smarter than your average hired goons.

Now Strauss was back into the ring and pulled Rik away from the ropes. Little Ricky was starting to get agitated at not being able to make the tag as he continued to try and rally the fans behind him. By God, it actually started to work a bit!”


The crowd were actually CHEERING the Strongberns! When Strauss tried to work a chokehold, Rik heard the crowd and surged to life. Rik fell to his knees and jacked the jaw of the hired gun with a modified Jawbreaker! Strauss didn’t go down, but he was rattled enough so Rik could try and make the tag…


Both members of The Law both ran over…


The near-seven footer went flying off the ring apron and while he landed on his feet, his jaw got jacked by the cheap shot so both members of The Law could continue with the double-team action. A Misdirection Stun Gun from Brady stumbled Rik and that led to Strauss connect right after that with a huge Samoan Drop! The A-List cheered on the succession of double-teams and now they were about to win again with Brady looking for the cover!




The crowd cheered again as Rik STILL would not go away! Brady angrily glared at the referee and The A-List verbally complained while Clan Strongbern on the outside were cheering on their boys. Little Ricky returned to the ring apron and cheered on Rik to try and get over so he could get the tag!

Brady rolled over and the tag was back to Strauss again. He started to climb the middle rope again waiting for Rik to stand so he could try another aerial assault against the stronger man. When he came off the middle rope…



The crowd went NUTS because Rik caught a three-hundred pound man on his shoulders and then SPIKED him to the mat courtesy of a huge Running Powerslam! The door was opened now for Little Ricky to finally make it inside the ring and now Rik could head to the corner!

“Come on! Go, damn it!” Little Ricky yelled.

Rik nodded and limped over to the corner…


The crowd cheered on the tallest member of Clan Strongbern as he rushed into the ring, picked up Strauss and then SOCKED him with a wicked left hand! He stumbled back into the corner and then pushed him back to strike him with three big right hands.







Ricky continued to drive a big series of knees into the gut of Strauss and then placed a boot firmly into his neck to choke him! It had probably been one of the few times in wrestling history where a corner foot choke actually got a decent reaction from the crowd, but the people HATED The In Crowd and anybody associated with them like The Law. So anybody kicking their ass right now would probably have some love coming their way.

He whipped Strauss across the ring and then followed him in with a big Corner Clothesline! After knocking him silly with that, he charged out from the ring and waited for Strauss to come back…


Strauss was knocked on his ass by the tallest man in the match and now he went for the cover on the hired gun for The A-List!




Strongbernamania was starting to run wild and Little Ricky wasn’t about to let it stop. He grabbed Strauss’ neck and tried for a Chokeslam, but Strauss elbowed his way out and shoved him into a right hand from Brady!

Brady tagged into the ring and now both men went to double team Little Ricky! They whipped him to the corner and when Brady tried to run… ELBOW TO THE HEAD!

Strauss was still groggy from nearly having his head kicked off, but he followed up right behind his partner’s failed attempt, hoping to catch Little Ricky. Instead, all he caught was another boot to the jaw! Little Ricky then looked out to the crowd and then started to climb to the apron as The Law recollected themselves on the floor. Little Ricky yelled out to the crowd and they started to buzz.

What the hell was he thinking?



Ri-Khan and even Big Rick had no choice BUT to be impressed by the near seven-footer jumping off and taking out BOTH members of The Law with his Little Crossbody maneuver. Perhaps the most misleading move name in the game allowed Clan Strongbern to take control again as Little Ricky started to climb out from the three-man wreckage.


As the crowd continued supporting Clan Strongbern’s campaign of destruction against The A-List and The Law, Little Ricky went over to pick up Brady and roll him back inside the ring and as he tried to follow up, El Principe grabbed his leg!


Big Rick charged in and CLOCKED him upside the head with a big Spear taking him down! Big Rick stood up after that and started talking all sorts of smack to him. The crowd cheered, but then Victor Ingram Price ran up and STRUCK him from behind with the Dynasty Tag Title belt! Simon Brack turned and yelled at Victor for his actions, but Ri-Khan saw him and had a look of bloodlust in his eyes…


And now Ri-Khan gave chase and charged up the aisle as VIP headed for the hills with Clan Strongbern’s Attack Dog going after him!

Back inside, Little Ricky was hoping to end things quickly for he and the Clan when he had him set up for a Chokeslam…


In the middle of the ruckus, El Principe handed the nbW Dynasty Tag Title to Strauss and he CLOCKED Little Ricky in the side of the head with it! When Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern finally started to get up, he got cracked as well! Rik tumbled to the floor and held his skull in pain while The Law had Little Ricky dead to rights…

Ricky was stunned when Brady made his way over with the tag! Both men used combined strength…


The Double Team Gorilla Press Bomb was a sight to behold on a big man like Ricky, but the crowd hated it! Strauss made the cover on the fallen Little Ricky.





El Principe laughed and clutched his ribs, but he raised his nbW Dynasty Tag Team Title his assistance paid dividends, allowing the hired guns of The A-List to get the stolen victory.


Brady and Strauss didn’t even stick around to have their hands raised. Their job tonight was to take care of Clan Strongbern and now twice on two consecutive Slam shows, The Law had been the saving grace for the Dynasty Tag Team Champions in keeping the titles with the rich duo.

El Principe and The Law departed while inside the ring, the remainder of Clan Strongbern were left to lick their collective wounds. Their quest for gold had been stopped dead in its tracks twice thanks to The Law and with The In Crowd running roughshod, it was now time to turn their attention to later when The A-List would be defending against Davey La Rue and 25 to Life Winner Brock Newbludd!





The New Champion


A soft chant began to spread throughout the arena. Starting as a whisper but growing into a chorus as the lights darkened while images began to flicker on the viewers screens. Images of violence, war, and a solitary figure watching it all.

The chanting had grown louder now and the drumbeats of Nightwish’s “Seven Days to the Wolves rose in volume as mist spread throughout the stadium, ghostly images of great heroes and villains forming two parallel lines along the ramp.

The rock part of the song kicked in and thunder roared while fire erupted on the stage, revealing the cowled form of the East Wind Alex Reyn, his hands outstretched over the flames. He was shirtless, save for an open black cloak with a wolf skull mask, the Keystone Championship displayed proudly on his waist. His was body covered in ancient symbols and markings that seemed almost to glow and move in the firelight. 

He began to walk forward and the ghostly figures knelt as he approached them, only to rise up as he passed them as if more energised, turning to watch as he walked, Reyn himself never breaking eye contact with the ring.

“Howl! Seven days to the wolves
Where will we be when they come?
Seven days to the poison
And a place in heaven
Time drawing near us
They come to take us”

He climbed atop the top rope and Raised the Keystone Belt high! The glow of the golden belt shining brilliantly in the darkness as he faced towards the stage. Almost as if DARING the other wrestlers to take it from him!

Coldly, he stepped down. Removing the cowl and placing it on the ringpost.

As the music faded away, and the lights returned to normal, a drone of boos and jeers was heard as Alex calmly strode across the ring and grabbed a microphone.

“This title is MINE.”

That prompted an even LOUDER chorus of boos.

Boos that Reyn completely ignored. He wasn’t even looking at the crowd. Instead, his words, and his gaze was directed at the stage, at the wrestlers in the back.

“One of the greatest prizes in this land now belongs to me, and it seems I find myself in a familiar position.”

He paused, and an old taunt was heard from the crowd.


“It is to my understanding,” Alex continued, cutting off the crowd and speaking in that same measured tone as if they’d never spoke at all “That this Keystone is seen as something of a gateway. A chance for the hungry young warrior to prove themselves before they are allowed into the Inhospitable and gruelling nightmare that is the battleground of your so called “Main Event.”

The crowd had booed at his interruption, but they were growing curious despite themselves.

“And that, is exactly what I shall make it.”

Now the crowd was listening.

“The Ancient Egyptians believed that before a soul could enter into paradise, his heart needed to be weighed on a golden scale. If he was to be found worthy, if he had lived his life according to Ma’at, then he would be allowed entry into paradise. If not, his heart would be devoured by the monster Ammit.”

The crowd was a bit restless now, wondering where he was going with this.

“To those of you who believe yourselves worthy, to those of you who wish to ascend to the main event, and for those that have the courage to face the East Wind, to face Ammit: I DECLARE AN OPEN CHALLENGE!”

THAT actually got a pop from the crowd!

The opening strains of "Madness" by Deltron 3030 started, smoke started billowing out of the entryway, then Jonny Bedlam came strolling out of the entrance.  Bedlam held a microphone in his hand. 

Jonny looked around the assembled crowd, smirked. 

“Hey Baron Nocturno, I’ll take your open challenge.  I don’t have anything else to do tonight.”

Bedlam handed his mic to a crew member, then walked down to the ring and stepped inside.

Alex Reyn Versus Jonny Bedlam
Keystone Championship

As the bell sounded, Alex immediately rushed Jonny and forced him into the corner.  Jonny tried to cover up, but Reyn hit him with piston-like knees to his gut. Reyn then swept out Jonny’s legs and dropped him to his butt in the corner. 

Jonny, being now seated in the corner, stared as Reyn reared back and charged with an attempt at a basement dropkick.  Jonny rolled out of the way, Reyn caught himself and backflipped out of the corner, having run up the turnbuckles like steps.  After Reyn stuck his landing, he instinctively lashed out with a spinning backkick, but Jonny had wisely moved to the side before he slipped an arm across the front of Reyn’s shoulders and took him down with an STO.

Neither man was hugely drained from the STO’s impact, and both rolled away and squared off..  Alex turned away, dismissing Jonny. The crowd booed loudly at the disrespect.  Jonny instantly took the bait.  Jonny charged at Reyn and Reyn attempted a back kick.  Jonny ducked it and took REYN off his feet with a legsweep!  Jonny yanked both of Reyn’s legs back and covered to try and catch Reyn by surprise and get the three count.


.NO!! Quick 1 count.

Jonny wasted no time and picked Reyn up in a headlock then shot Reyn into the ropes.  As Reyn was heading back, Jonny lifted his leg and went for a yakuza, The crafty Reyn slid under Jonny’s outstretched leg and Jonny staggered away trying to regain his balance.  Reyn then charged at Jonny, leaped and floored Jonny with a headscissors takedown.

Jonny rolled to the ropes nearby, tried to gather himself up, getting to one knee.  He noticed Reyn too late, and Reyn charged at him with another low dropkick which caught him in the upper arm and part of the chest and sent him out of the ring through the ropes.

Jonny rolled around on the ringside mats, in some distress as the ref began the count and Reyn coldly observed his weakened prey.  The referee began the count.  Jonny got to his feet, using the guardrail...turned around, took a step or two back and Reyn's had hauled ass to the ropes and leaped over with his ASCENDANT’S WRATH (Running Springboard, Suicide Crossbody)!  Reyn struck Jonny flush across the chest and both men clattered to the floor!!

Alex dragged Jonny to his feet, wasted no time, and RAMMED the top of his head into the apron edge!  Jonny winced in pain as the crowd booed loudly.  The count had reached 6 at this point from the referee.  Alex rolled Jonny into the ring, before rolling in and out to break the count.  The referee started the count again as Alex dragged Jonny’s head so it was against the ringpost.  After that, Alex took a few steps back and charged forward with what was an attempted Ringpost Superkick, but Jonny manages to dodge the kick and Reyn jarred his leg when he kicked the ringpost!!

“I hope your a little shorter after that one asshole,” Jonny yelled, then chuckled.  A few crowd members in the front row chuckled at this.

Jonny got to his feet and backed up slightly.  He then charged forward and dropped down for a baseball slide which caught the reeling Reyn in the chest, and sent him back first into the guardrail.

Jonny used the ropes to push himself under the bottom rope and out of the ring.  He stalked toward the dazed Reyn and with great strain delivered a high roundhouse kick with his right leg. Reyn managed to get his hands up to block Jonny’s foot from hitting his head directly, but the impact still knocked Reyn down, even though clearly not delivered with its normal force.

Jonny smiled, pleased with his work as he knew Chuck Norris would be very proud, though not impressed.  Jonny then rolled into the ring.  He looked to the crowd, and pounded his chest with the side of his fist a few times, and each time got a yell of delight in response from the assembled mob.
While Jonny was foolishly sharing his momentary triumph, Reyn slinked from the floor to the apron and ascended the top rope. Reyn waited for Jonny to turn around and leaped off the top turnbuckle with a Diving Crossbody!  It sent Jonny crashing to the canvas and Reyn immediately hooked a leg for a cover.




Reyn immediately drove a knee into Jonny’s ribs before he even stood up.  Then Reyn immediately went after Jonny’s ribs with multiple grounded knees.  Jonny snarled and winced in pain, then grunted.  Reyn maneuvered himself to Jonny’s legs and moved him into a single leg camel clutch.  Jonny at first howled in pain, but gritted his teeth and forcefully dragged himself and Reyn to the ropes and was granted a rope break by the referee.

Reyn did not break the hold cleanly and had to be pulled away by the referee, who warned him. Jonny used the ropes to pull himself up, but Reyn soccer kicked him in the ribs!  Jonny’s breath exited with a grunt, as he slumped slightly and toppled to his back.  Reyn callously pressed his heel down on Jonny’s throat, trying to choke the life out of him.  The referee began to yell at Reyn for the naked foot choke and order him to break it, but Reyn seemed to ignore him. 

Miraculously, Jonny managed to swing his legs up and pincer Reyn’s other leg, and tripped him before he lost consciousness.  Reyn didn’t totally lose his footing, but lost focus enough for Jonny to roll away sideways.
Jonny stood up, rushed at Reyn and attempted a lariat.  Reyn ducked underneath the lariat and Jonny continued forward, bounced off the other ropes.  Reyn turned around quickly and Jonny leaped, lifted his leg into a high arc and nailed Reyn with a jumping outside crescent kick to the chest and lower part of the jaw.  The crowd roared.

Jonny looked at the crowd again, put both his pinkies in the air and shouted “BOOOOKUHHHHHHHH” to even louder cheers.

This time Jonny remained focused though and moved towards the prone Reyn.  He applied a dragon sleeper. Reyn struggled, but at first Jonny kept the hold locked in.  Reyn slowly lifted his legs upward, showing great ab strength, and then kicked his legs up and back to roll himself out of the hold and knock he and Jonny down to the mat.  Reyn then quickly maneuvered Jonny’s arm into a Fujiwara armbar!

Jonny kicked a leg out and rolled to the side to escape. It was to little avail though, as he lifted his head up and Alex just kneed him in the jaw and threw him face down onto the mat before delivering a short-range curbstomp.

After the curbstomp, Reyn ground Johhny’s head into the mat before kicking him across the head.  A couple of cuts have emerged on Jonny’s head at this point.  They are not enormous bleeders, but there is one on his forehead and one beyond his hairline.  The crowd has become raucous with boos and insults.

Reyn dropped low, going for his own dragon sleeper.  However, as Reyn was applying the move Jonny connected with a desperate left hook to Reyn’s ear.  The strike hit Reyn full on his ear orifice, and sent awful ringing through his head and staggered him..  Jonny stood up quickly and delivered another hook with his right hand to Reyn’s side/kidney area, and then a vicious palm strike to Reyn’s solar plexus.  Reyn staggered backwards and dropped to one knee, having fully lost his wind.

Jonny took a moment to breathe, wiped the slight trickle of blood from his forehead and stared at it.  Jonny looked a droplet of blood which had formed on his finger and muttered “Like teardrops...in the rain….” as it fell to the mat. 

Jonny took a moment to breathe, wiped the slight trickle of blood from his forehead and stared at it.  Jonny looked a droplet of blood which had formed on his finger and muttered “Like teardrops...in the rain….” as it fell to the mat. 

Jonny glared at Reyn who was trying to get to his feet and get his breath going properly again.  Jonny looked all about him, and then charged at Alex.  He leaped, gracefully, and attempted his Bethlem Royal Hospital Butterfly Kick, Reyn managed to duck under both legs and pull down the top rope which sent Jonny horrifically over it and out the floor, almost all the way to the guard rail.  Jonny landed with a sickening thud and then the crowd went insane with hatred.  Security had to restrain a few of them from coming over the barrier.  The referee began to yell at Reyn, even though he’d technically committed no foul play.

Reyn showed zero emotion as he stared down at Jonny trying to get back to his feet.  He ignored the referee and went outside, grabbed Jonny’s leg and SLAMMED his knee against the barricade.  The crowd erupted in boos.  The referee began to yell at Reyn again.

Reyn backed up against the ring and running dropkicked Jonny’s leg into the wall.  Jonny grunted in pain, and Alex rolled into the ring.  Alex motioned for the referee to start the count Tilting his head quizzically as he watched Jonny struggle. He wanted to see what the challenger would do.  The ref reluctantly began the count.

As the ref reached the 5 count, Jonny crawled to the ring.  Jonny struggled to get up onto the apron as the count continued, and JUST made it in time onto the apron and under the ropes as the ref reached 10, extra slowly.  This prompted a small smile from The East Wind.

“Not bad…”

Jonny was limping. Jonny tried to charge at Reyn, but Alex hit a legsweep.  Bedlam crashed to the canvas, and Reyn deftly followed up by turning around and leaping into corkscrew moonsault from the mat.  Reyn hooked a leg for a pinfall




The crowd erupted as Bedlam showed great toughness and traded blows with Reyn.  Reyn quickly moved to Bedlam’s legs and attempted to maneuver him into a kneebar.  However, Bedlam triangled his legs together before Alex locks the kneebar in and rolled Alex’s knee down and sideways, then flattened his chest and legs out and maneuvered Reyn into a lateral press.  The crowd erupted again.  The ref quickly dove to the mat and began the count…

ONE!! (in unison with the crowd)

Reyn powered Jonny off of him, then kipped up.  Jonny hit a snap backward roll and rose to his feet quickly.  The two grapplers circled and stared at each other, both glaring daggers, though Reyn’s mouth had quirked upwards into a slight grin.  The crowd began to chant “THIS IS AWESOME” loudly.

Jonny charged at Alex, who was close to the turnbuckle.  Alex dropped to the canvas and scissored Jonny’s legs and dropped him face first into the top turnbuckle with a thud.  The crowd erupted in boos at the move.  More blood from Jonny’s cuts began to ooze onto the turnbuckle.  The ref moved towards Jonny to check and see if he was able to continue.  Jonny grunted, without opening his eyes, and waved the ref away.

This was a mistake however, as Alex kneed him violently in the gut! A winded Jonny almost collapsed from the blow, but Reyn held him up and began to lift him onto the top rope!

The crowd was holding it’s collective breath as Reyn climbed up. What was Reyn going for…?

Then Reyn slipped behind Jonny.

And locked on an inverted facelock.

The crowd was screaming in horror now!! Begging! PLEADING for Jonny to break free of the hold before it was too late!!

But to no avail





The crowd EXPLODED with cheers as both men crashed to the floor!! Immediately, the all to familiar chant began!!


The referee surveyed the devastation as both men lay on the outside. As the crowed cheered , he began his count.


Both wrestlers were fighting through the agony in their bodies, both trying to just get too a knee.


Slowly, they both crawled, inch by inch to the apron…


They were both there. RIGHT at the apron as the referee counted!


They clawed at the apron, ignored the burning in their muscles as they tried to find the strength to haul their broken bodies into the ring. But the fall had taken too much out of them.


Gritting their teeth, they tried to find some source of strength to pull themselves in the ring!

They looked up.

And their eyes locked.


A defiant staredown. A contest of wills, both men knew that if either fell, it would NOT be by the other’s hand!

And with a final burst of adrenaline, they pulled themselves to their feet.


...Just as the final count was made.


“Ladies and Gentleman, as both men were unable to enter the ring, the result of this match is a double countout! However, still your Keystone Champion, The East Wind! ALEX!! REYN!!”

The crowed booed at the result as Jonny collapsed to his knees, face in his hands! SO!! CLOSE!! He could barely stand as some members of security rushed down to ringside to make sure Alex didn’t pull another Max Hopper on him.

However, Alex was in no real condition to keep fighting either as he limped over to where his belt was. Pulling it off the table.

As he moved past Jonny Bedlam to make his way up the ramp, a look passed between them. Defiance from Jonny Bedlam, and appraisal from Alex Reyn

Whatever happened next, things clearly weren’t over between these two.




Chris Smith Versus Flanagan

As always, the customary handshake was offered.  Surprisingly, perhaps because he was pissed out of his skull as suspected, the friendly Flanagan accepted!  Smith was shocked, given recent results, and smiled while still shaking hands.

A Collar-and-Elbow Tie-Up Started with Smith grabbing a simple Side Headlock.  Flanagan deal with Chris quite well, pushing the 390-pounder back into the left set of ropes and arrowing him out East...

Dropdown by Chris and a lovely Leapfrog by Flanagan.

Clothesline by Chris Smith, wait Flanagan ducked...

And assaulted Smith with a Lou Thesz-checked!  BKCS had caught Flanagan and he then flattened the European import with a big-time Belly-to-Belly Suplex.

Big Kid took a breath before picking the pisshead up.  An Irish Whip on the Irishman is too easy to say, and I won't miss the opportunity...

Body Avalan---Reverse Elbow!

How on earth Flanagan of all people had stopped Smith in his tracks.  Maybe because he'd taken less punishment before Smith tried to end it early.

With Chris tending to his mush, Flanagan fired off on Smith's head with three hard shots.  Sensing an opening, Flanagan bounced off the ropes...

Only to eat Shaemus' Irish Curse, AKA an STO Backbreaker!  Talk about the luck of the Irish!

And it was about to get worse as Smith scooped the drunk up, elevated him into the air and brought him back down with a BANG!


A foot on the chest was sufficient.




Like last week, Smith leapt to his feet and jumped up on the spot, clearly chuffed with his own performance, begging the referee to raise his hand in the air.


I Fought Law and the LAW Won


The moment would be here tonight.

The night that Davey LaRue could possibly be looking at holding his first nbW gold with his own best friend, Brock Newbludd. And payback was no doubt on Fat Tuesday’s mind as he walked down the halls, getting himself psyched up.

“You can do dis, man,” Davey said to no one in particular but himself. “Y’all and Davey’ll be with lotsa gold and lotsa women tonight!”

The thought of he and his friend having a night on the town did sound good in his mind as he continued the walk to Brock’s locker room.

You know what sounded bad?

A boot to the head.

Because that’s what Davey just got!

“Aaaaah!” Davey shouted.

The camera panned back and it was the two troublemakers victorious from earlier tonight -

Brady and Strauss aka nbW’s hired guns aka THE LAW.

Strauss walked over to where Davey landed on the ground and then tried to pull up the Baton Rouge Brawler…

Only to be greeted by a Headbutt from La Rue!

“Dun had enougha dis shit!” Davey yelled.

Elbow for Brady!

Elbow for Strauss!

After having been laid out last show by The In Crowd, Davey fired up and in the background, the crowd went nuts for nbW’s favorite partying underdog as he tried fighting back, hitting any giant that moved!

He tried to get in another Headbutt in on Brady, but he blocked the shot and his massive fist collided with the side of Davey’s temple! Eventually, Strauss recovered from the beatdown and then he fired a right hand into the back of his head!

The two giant swarmed Davey backstage and then continued burying combinations of fists and feet all across Davey’s head and body until he finally stopped trying to block the shots. Once the two giants finished, they both picked up Davey reminiscent of earlier when they defeated Little Ricky Strongbern…


The Double Team Gorilla Press dropped Davey spine-first! With no give on the box, he bounced off the crate and landed backwards, hitting the floor.

If he wasn’t hurt before, he certainly was now. Davey was unconscious with Brady and Strauss silently standing over him. The two silently nodded before walking off.

Their mission had to have been on behalf of The A-List, there was no doubt about it.

The question was - what did this mean for tonight’s main event?





Introducing the first inductee to this years Hall of Fame


A riley night as usual, we find ourselves back ringside. For a mere moment be fore ‘Spike-It-UP’, the remix of the hit by KISS, alluded to the arrival of the Colossus himself to the cheer of the Canadian strong. Stepping out on the center of the stage he peered out through his shades before making the walk down the ramp, taking the moment to slap a few hands and even pose for a selfie or three. Once at the ring he stepped up and over, then took a microphone that was handed to him from outside.

“You know, this is the first time I’ve been able to speak with you all since before Scorched. It’s been quite a lengthy few months! And as you all are aware, my match at Scorched II was cancelled in Dubai.” Boos filled the arena. “Yeah, just as disappointed as you. So I got to talking with Jack in the back and approval to do something here, but also to clear the air with a little storytime.”

He gave pause and walked over to the turnbuckle where he sat atop.

“Long story short, I got arrested.” He smirked as he heard the various call outs of ‘what’ and other remarks of confusion. “After I got the word that the match was cancelled and the pacing of the night had already been altered to cover the gap our match would have taken, I decided to fly over to Tokyo and visit an old friend. A certain brat and former champion around here. You might know her as Callie Urban.” They cheered at that, and of course why not. She had created a legacy in NBW and even hosted Legacy. “Well ya see at the airport I got pulled aside and detained. There was this case of mistaken identity. Apparently I resembled some large dude that they were looking for. An escaped convict out of Brussels that was seen in the area in the recent week. One thing led to another.”

He shrugged and popped off the turnbuckle to walk over towards the ropes facing the rampway.

“Thankfully I still have friends in all walks of life. The stay was short. After that I traveled up to Tokyo and hit up the old wrestling academy. Did some training and getting back into shape. Then I hear that our former World Champion and very own grumpy cat, Derecho that is, was back making a fuss.”

The fans booed the name but that was to be expected.

“It’s funny though. Not more than twenty four hours prior I was on the phone with Jack talking about some plans. Discussing a man that I thought deserved to be inducted in this years Hall of Fame. Only to find out that I’d been called out to finish what we started years ago. And I gladly accepted.”

With a grin, “I’m in the best shape of my life right now. So damn well going to enjoy what years I have left in me.”

He gestured over to the EpiCenter as the lights faded on down and the NBW Hall of Fame logo appeared.

“Enough of that story time. Tonight I’m out here to introduce to you that man. As Jack's busy dealing with the situations revolving around that new Keystone champion, I was given this honor. So allow me to introduce the first inductee into this years Hall of Fame. A man that ruled NBW over the course of several years, in all parts. A man that definitely deserves it no matter how foul his actions have been over the years. Roll it.”

The screen came to life which showed Derecho squaring off against Spike Saunders after Derecho was invited to NBW back in 2006 as a voice spoke over the video.

“Eleven years ago, a challenge was put forth by NBW and Derecho, who wasn’t a part of the organization, answered the call, surprising many! They called it a dream match and even though it was meant to be a one-off appearance, nobody could have predicted what would come next”

“Derecho has arrived here in NBW!” exclaimed C.G. Gains

The scene switched to Derecho’s first feud against the Upper Echelon which consisted of “Superstar” Vince Jacobs, Warren Spade and Son of Malta.

“Although he would step foot into NBW, Derecho didn’t find much in the way of success.”

The many defeats to Son of Malta rolled over the screen with Derecho looking more and more disappointed and frustrated with each one.

“Then, one day, he decided to force success onto himself.”

The scene then switched to Derecho teaming with Son of Malta and recruiting VIP, forming the Sons of Evolution. From there, scenes of Derecho winning the Keystone, Dynasty Tag Team Titles and his first World Title were shown.

“Derecho used the Sons of Evolution as a stepping stone until he was ready to take on NBW by himself.”

The moment when Derecho turned on Son of Malta and VIP flashed across the screen. Afterwards, it showed Derecho’s next two world championship wins.

“Derecho has climbed to the top of the mountain several times here in NBW. Now, after a long and storied career that has spanned twenty years, Derecho will finally reach the ultimate pinnacle in NBW. We are proud to announce that Derecho will be the 2017 inductee to the NBW Hall of Fame!”

After the video package rolled, the lights in the arena cut out completely.

“I am…”

“...I am”

“Charisma” by WASP

Derecho stepped out from the backstage area to an actual ovation from the crowd. Derecho looked a bit moved by the splendid video package as he nodded in agreement with the fans. Derecho wasn’t dressed to fight tonight as evident by his attire. The dark blue jeans, the white t-shirt and the black silk overshirt were his garb of choice for the evening.

Derecho walked into the ring and asked for a microphone from ringside. The music died down and he looked back at the big screen to see his NBW Hall of Fame graphic up there. Derecho cracked a smile and shook his head as if he felt honored. The crowd continued to cheer and applaud Derecho as he brought the microphone up to his lips.

“I’ve worked really hard for the past twenty years.” stated Derecho.

The crowd gave him another round of applause as Derecho paused as if he were in a bit of self-reflection.

“I started out just like everyone else… cutting my teeth in front of fifty people… hell.. Fifty on a good night. Doing it day in and day out just hoping and wishing for my big break. One day, that break finally came when I captured my first world championship in a place called Ring Rage Wrestling. From there, the sky was the limit for me.”

Derecho paused as the crowd continued to cheer.

“Some of the biggest promotions of that time period came knocking on my door. 21st Century Wrestling, where I won the United, Millennial and Hardcore titles. Legacy of Champions where I was the only person in history to win the Legacy, Underground and Relentless titles. Hell, I even set a record by holding the Underground title for over a year! Even here in NBW where I’ve been a three time world champion, a Keystone champion and a Dynasty Tag Team champion and all of these accolades are just scratching the surface of the titles I’ve won over my twenty year career. A lot of these were some of the greatest moments of my life.”

Derecho paused as the crowd struck up a chant that has become more and more familiar in this day and age.

“YOU DESERVE IT!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“YOU DESERVE IT!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“YOU DESERVE IT!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“YOU DESERVE IT!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“YOU DESERVE IT!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap

“Even though I wasn’t told about all of this, I had a hunch that something like this was in store for me. Legacy is a special time of year here in NBW and each year someone gets honored in the Hall of Fame. The way people have avoided talking to me kind of tipped me off. There was a certain air in the locker room that people were hiding something significant. Alas, here we are… standing here in front of the world as the announcement has been made… that I will be the 2017 inductee into the NBW Hall of Fame!”

The crowd cheered loudly as Derecho turned and faced Spike Saunders.

“And I couldn’t be any more disgusted by it!”

With one simple sentence, the crowd, who had cheered Derecho, thinking that he was finally speaking from his heart, turned into a wild chorus of boos.

“Do you think I’m supposed to be enjoying this!? The fact that MY induction is being announced by the likes of you!? The very thought of it turns my stomach to the point where I could get sick at a moment’s notice.”

Derecho continued to look Saunders in the eye as the crowd continued to boo.

“This is supposed to be a special moment for ME. You’ve been ducking me for YEARS, Saunders… you’ve avoided me every chance you got. Then, you had the nerve to jump me after my match with Jack Harmen only to come out here and introduce me as the next Hall of Fame inductee thinking that I would just waltz down here and be okay with it!? Are you out of your goddamn mind!?”

“This is supposed to be MY special moment and your very presence has ruined ALL OF IT! OF COURSE I would be inducted into the NBW Hall of Fame. Did you not just listen to all of the accolades I rambled off? It was painfully obvious that I was the top candidate for induction. In fact, it would have been an insult to everything I have ever done in this business had I been passed over, but I must admit… getting passed over would be less of an insult than having to be announced by the likes of you.”

“At Legacy… I am going to finish what was started eleven years ago. There will be no tie this time. This issue WILL get settled and I am going to be the one to settle it.  Next time Slam takes to the airwaves, we sign the contract… we make it official. All I will say is that you better show up because if you don’t… and if you hide from me one more time. I don’t care if it happens in an NBW ring or in your own goddamn living room. I will find a way to end you.”

Derecho dropped the microphone and exited the ring. Many thought he would jump Spike Saunders right then and there, but Derecho, with a disgusted look on his face, marched up the ramp, never looking back at his opponent for Legacy.

Saunders seemed disappointed. He stepped over the ropes and started to make his own exist as the HOF graphic had gone and we cut away.




Backstage once more. This time in the locker room where seated on a bench is Michele Couli, head back and listening to some music. Sounding quite familiar, like perhaps her theme music even. However as we came on into focus, Zhalia Fears walked on into the room which drew her attention.

“Got it. Victory.” She motioned her fingers out in a V. “As in, got a match set.”

Couli perked up, pulling her headphones out of her ears.


“Those twisted sisters of yours.”

“Tagging with you…” she looked up at the raven haired woman, as her purple streaks covered the left side of her face. “You?”

“Why not?” Zhalia questioned but with a shrug continued, “actually, just a singles match. Against either of the two. And either you or me.”


“I told Harmen that it will be you.”

“Oh?” Couli seemed a bit taken back. “Whichever then. It is just a means to an end after all with those two.”

Zhalia nodded and took a seat across from her.

“So you think that nutbar will show up if she is drawn out like this?”

“Seems it. Nobody has seen her or Alyx since Scorched. Or even their boss on the screen.”

“Alyx probably had his soul re-stolen away and injected with a fresh one. After that landing we took on the trailer bed of that truck, I am not sure Alyx was any worth to them after that.” She paused, “Unless he also was given extra lives. You know like in anime form where the evil dude at the end has turned the heroes ally against them, and now he is even more powerful than he was before. Tougher to beat and it takes everything they have to take him down, and just when they think they have, he self-upgrades and dominates all for a good half of the episode. Then-”

Couli had already put her ear phones back in at some point, to which Fears finally noticed.

“Right then. Well if we are not doing anything…” she sighed, reaching over to her duffel and pulled her tablet out. Few swipes here and there. “Ah Voltron, how I miss thee. Let’s go!”

Fade on out to a break.




Ohiyama Versus The Great Wall
Blitzkrieg Championships

“We’ve got a HOSS fight coming up, Melissa!” Gains shouted. “We’ve got lots of them in nbW, but I don’t think they make them tougher than either Ohiyama or The Great Wall!”

“We don’t agree on much, C.G., but you’re totally right,” Melissa said. “The Great Wall has asserted dominance multiple times on Warren Spade and Ohiyama since costing Spade the nbW World Heavyweight Championship. But now, he’s got his sights set on Ohiyama’s Blitkzrieg Title!”

“And these matches have been BRUTAL. He defeated Rune and JAC in some vicious scrappers that speak to me and my lust for great violence! I’m not all about Ohiyama’s sportsmanship dreck, but the dude can hit.”

“He’ll have to hit harder than he ever has,” Melissa said. “The Great Wall fought Warren Spade in a scrapper on Victory and more than held his own. Ohiyama is giving up size to The Great Wall, but he has showed he can beat down giants like Spike Saunders and Warren himself. Can he do it tonight against The Great Wall, who will most likely have the rest of Xiang Dynasty lurking? And with Blitzkrieg Rules in place, there is NOTHING stopping them from getting involved if they so choose! Let’s go to the ring for this huge match!”

And to the ring we go for a big-time match!

“The following contest is set for one fall and is for the nbW Blitzkrieg Championship!”

“Born in China (metal instrumental)” by The Immortals.

The music started to pick up and one by one, the lights of the Victory set began to glow yellow as the arena became bathed in a low sanguine hue. Three silhouettes appeared on the stage…


Ai Tso.

The Great Wall.

The pro-Chinese contingent of nbW walked towards the ring slowly, absorbing the jeers from the crowd.  Ever since Xiang and The Great Wall had declared a newfound focus they had been more dangerous than ever. The Great Wall was undefeated and along with it, had cost Warren Spade the nbW World Championship twice and Ohiyama the title once, collecting the Tockwell bounty of $500,000 in all of this mayhem.

“Introducing the challenger… being accompanied by the ring by Xiang and Ai Tso… from Guangzhou, China… standing at 7’2” and weighing in at 360 pounds… THE GREAT WALL!

Led by the dastardly Xiang, the crowd booed the Chinese Triad (the non-killer variety, but they could still probably fuck you up) as they entered the ring. Xiang and Ai Tso gave each other a glance and a quick nod. The Great Wall pointed at both of them and instructed something to them in Chinese that the camera didn’t pick up, but the instructions were clear. Xiang and Ai Tso remained poised in the corner while The Great Wall stepped over the ropes and entered. Could the Mammoth get some nbW Blitzkrieg gold tonight?

His music faded...

The crowd now watched with anticipation at what was happening at ringside.  The lights faded to black until a series of yellow and green spotlights shined at the entrance.  The crowd continued to buzz for what was happening next until four men in yellow dress robes made their way out, pounding on tribal drums.  The crowd was excited for the entrance and a silhouette appeared on the top of the ramp.   
A BIG silhouette to be precise. The massive being proceeded to dance along with it in a fire dance tradition before he stopped and let out a war cry… 
A HUGE explosion of red pyro went off behind him and the opening six-second mark of Ohiyama’s theme began to play. 
“Voodoo Child” by Brick + Mortar. 
“And his opponent… he is the reigning and defending Blitzkrieg Champion… from Hilo, Hawaii, weighing in at 278 pounds… ”THE ACTIVE VOLCANO” OHIYAMA!” 
The 6’6” 278-pound Hawaiian garnered a loud and popular reaction from the crowd! The soft-spoken but double-tough and ultra-physical strong-style grappler marched towards the ring with a look of grim determination on his face. He was the proverbial island alone going up against perhaps nbW’s most dominant monsters right now and he had Xiang and Ai Tso who could intervene at any time per the rules of the Blitzkrieg Title.

Still, Ohiyama looked unfazed as he entered the ring. He mentioned his Blitzkrieg Title reign would be “Anytime, anyplace, anywhere” that somebody wanted a fight.

The referee was Slim J and he had the unfortunate task of reffing a match between the two big, bad men. Ohiyama handed him the title to raise above his head.

As the graphic was about to appear…



Ohiyama turned around and saw the man that The Great Wall screwed out of the nbW World Heavyweight Title twice making a beeline for the ring!

“No!” Ohiyama screamed out.

Warren slid into the ring and before the match could officially begin, The Great Wall met him in the center of the ring!

The two big bulls started exchanging massive right hands in the middle of the ring! Fenton Woods stood at the top of the ramp and watched his charge take the fight right to The Great Wall - apparently not satisfied with the DQ victory he had over The Great Wall on the last edition of Victory.


The Great Wall shoved Warren Spade back a few inches and he turned…


The Polynesian Powerhouse had a very strict moral code with how he conducted himself and having Warren Spade interfere in his business yet again had finally pushed him too far!

Double Cross Chop to The Great Wall!

Double Cross Chop to Warren Spade!

Both Warren and The Great Wall had at least half a foot over The Active Volcano, but he had the striking ability and dogged determination to hang with just about anybody!

Xiang and Ai Tso entered the ring and both men pounced on Warren Spade in the corner just as Ohiyama RAMMED The Great Wall into the nearest corner and began unloaded on the massive Guangzhou Goliath with HARD Shoulder Thrusts to the gut in the corner!

Meanwhile, Xiang and Ai Tso continued to try and fight Warren Spade in the opposite corner! They put the boots to the big man, but Warren blocked one shot and piefaced Xiang out of his way! When he turned and greeted Ai Tso…


The crowd roared as Warren Spade came rushing out of the corner with his freaky-feat-of-agility Front Dropkick to both Xiang and Ai Tso! The two minions of The Xiang Dynasty rolled out of the way and tried to collect themselves on the outside while Warren started to pick himself back up!

Ohiyama continued to rain down fire on The Great Wall in the corner in the form of hard Elbow Smashes to the head of the monster! When The Polynesian Powerhouse turned…


Possibly the world’s largest Thrust Kick in wrestling caught Ohiyama flush in the jaw and for the second show in a row, Ohiyama had been left laying by the former nbW World Heavyweight Champion!


Warren had seen absolute red since crossing paths with The Great Wall and anybody else getting in the way of his own revenge was nothing more than a casualty to him. Warren stood over Ohiyama, surveying the damage he caused. Ohiyama was holding his jaw in pain, but as Warren turned his attention back to the corner where The Great Wall was...


The Great Wall clipped Warren’s throat with an incredibly stiff Kesagiri Chop! Warren recoiled and the seven-foot monster also ate a NASTY Big Boot to the jaw! The blow sent Warren back into the ropes and back into the grip of The Great Wall who now had him in his sights…


The powerful blows delivered to Warren left The King of Monsters extra vulnerable for The Great Wall to apply the vicious choke that he had put down many opponents with - both big and small!

“STAMPEDE!” clap-clap
“STAMPEDE!” clap-clap
“STAMPEDE!” clap-clap
“STAMPEDE!” clap-clap
“STAMPEDE!” clap-clap

The crowd tried rallying behind Warren as he tried to elbow his way out of the hold, but The Great Wall picked him up by the side and SPIKED him into the mat with a huge Side Slam before continuing to apply the Choke!

He was fighting as best as he could, but Warren Spade was slowly going down and The Great Wall had him in his clutches.

"Warren, no!" Fenton shouted.

The Great Wall continued cranking back on the hold with both monsters grounded…



Ohiyama was back up and BLASTED The Great Wall while he was wide open with his signature Running Knee Strike to the head! That made him relinquish the hold and as Warren was trying to struggle and gasp for air on the ground, The Polynesian Powerhouse shot him a look and he slashed a thumb across his throat…


Ohiyama laid out Warren Spade also! No doubt, a receipt from Victory.

The crowd buzzed as the path of bodies were all around the ring! Seeing as this match never officially started, it was safe to say it probably wasn’t going to tonight. The Polynesian Powerhouse grabbed a microphone and glared down at both the fallen bodies of the two seven-foot monsters he just laid waste to.

“YOU…” Ohiyama bellowed, pointing at The Great Wall. “YOU…” he bellowed again, pointing at Spade.

“If it’s a fight you want, Big Oh will give you both a fight you won’t soon forget!”

He snarled.

“I’m challenging BOTH of you! We settle dis once and for all! Elimination rules, Blitzkrieg Title at Legacy! Last man standing wins dis title!”


A BIG pop from the crowd indicated they wanted to see that match happen! Ohiyama snatched the Blitzkrieg Title and stormed off in a huff; no doubt angry that these ongoing scraps between the three hard-hitting brutes cost him a title match, but now he finally struck back with an offer that they wouldn’t refuse.

Xiang crawled back into the ring just as he left to check on the grounded Great Wall while Warren Spade was being tended to by Fenton Woods. Ohiyama turned back to see both of the monsters laid out as he raised the Blitzkrieg Title in the air and then departed.


The Best That's In... Your Face!


We found ourselves in the backstage area where one of nbW’s go-to interviewers was ready to bring to you some new news.

“Hey, guys! I’m Sam “2L3git2Fail” Hale and right with me is a man that has been really getting into it with nbW star Ravage. Please welcome my guest… this is “Quiet Fury” Jax Curry.”

The Canadian crowd popped for their fellow countryman! The camera panned outward and there was not only the young, quiet Canadian Jax Curry, but he was along with his mentor, “Founding Father” Matt Haddon! The former Keystone Champion and mentor to the young stars of nbW approached Sam.

“Sam,” Haddon said, offering a hand.

Hale shook it and then continued on with his interview.

“It seems you and Ravage have been locked into this beef between you two since you upset Ravage in your debut match! Now I understand that you have some words as it pertains to next week’s Slam?”

Curry nodded.

“Well, then.. What might those be?”

Curry motioned for the microphone and stared into the camera, directing his message at Ravage.

“Ravage… you against me… Slam 99!”

Haddon nodded in agreement behind him.

“Ravage, you and I seem to disagree on where the future of the business is headed,” The Founding Father spoke. “You’re palling around with my former pupil, Charlie Birkin, hoping you can gain an edge over Jax here. You’ve achieved a LOT in nbW… a lot more than me and a lot more than many people… but it’s time to stop blaming people for your problems…”

“Wow, mate, look at that! It’s like he’s pulling strings!”

“Yeah, Chucky, you’re right, what an idiot!”

Sam moved out of the way because out came Charlie Birkin, his fiancee Ali Carr, and of course, the man that Jax Curry had major issues with - Ravage. Haddon and Curry put up defensive stances, but Ravage waved an arm.

“Stop with that shit. If we wanted to take the two of you out, we would’ve done it already,” Ravage said.

“Yeah, cause Charlie did a good job of that at Scorched against me… oh, wait, no he didn’t. I beat him.

The crowd “OOOOOHED” that one, but Charlie jumped.


“Hon, calm down, calm down!”

Ali tried to put a shoulder on Birkin’s arm to get him to settle down. He started to take in a deep breath before Ravage shook his head and looked at Curry.

“Curry… I can appreciate a man standing up for himself when he’s backed into a wall…” Ravage inched closer to the face of the kid dubbed as The Super Rookie. “But kid, I am NOT the guy you want to stand up against. You’re still living famous off that fluke victory over me and I’m tired of it. I’m gonna beat your sorry ass and show the world that you aren’t on my level, you and Haddon here aren’t even on the level below that.”

“WE’RE THE BEST THAT’S IN, MATE…” Charlie laughed.

The Isle of Man native flexed arm behind him and twirled his mustache while Curry gritted his teeth, almost daring Ravage to do something. A tense few moments passed before Ravage quietly chuckled.

“See you next week… boy.”

Ravage, Charlie and Ali walked off, leaving a tense staredown between Haddon and Curry as the scene went to the final break of the evening.





Brock Newbludd and Davey La Rue Versus The A-List(c)
Dynasty Tag Team Championship

“Here we are C.G.,” Mel said with a hint of disappointment in her voice. “It’s time for our main event tag team title match.”

“Why so glum, Mel!?” C.G. asked sarcastically. “This is a big match, the tag team titles are on the line!”

“Oh, cut the crap C.G.! You know this whole thing stinks!”, she fired back angrily.  “This isn’t a tag match, it’s a handicap match!”

“Hey, it’s not The A-List’s fault that ‘Slob Tuesday’ abandoned Brock Newbludd!” C.G. said trying to sound as objective as he could.

“Yes it is! They hired The Law to take Davey out!”

“Prove it!” Gaines challenged. “All I know is that this is going to be a real treat watching my boys VIP and El Principe soften up Brock a little bit for Big Talk before Legacy.”

“I don’t think it’s going to be as easy for your ‘boys’ as you think it’s going to be!” Mel said defiantly.

“Well, let’s send it down to Brent Williams to find out then!”

“Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is for the NBW Dynasty Tag Team Championship!” Williams announced to the delight of the crowd.

Backstage, we see the duo of El Principe and VIP leave their private locker room and make the short walk to the curtains where a couple of guards salute them and march towards the ringside area.  Waiting there, and we're talking about a matter of yards, is a limousine.  One of the guards hands the esteemed individuals over to a chauffeur, who opens the door for them to get in.

Ridiculously slow and short, the driver escorts them for ten seconds or so prior to getting out himself and holding the door yet again, this time for the ego-inflated outfit to step out.

“Introducing first..."Weighing a combined four hundred and seventy-eight pounds...The Crown Prince of Lucha Libre, El Principe and his partner VIP...they are the NBW Dynasty Tag Team Champions...they are the A-LIST!"

A red carpet leading to the steps is trodden by the twosome, Principe in front, and they wipe their feet again before the ring is graced with THEIR presence.

“And the challenger…”

‘Mouth for War’ by Pantera

Making his way out onto the large stage, ‘The Innovator’ Brock Newbludd received a tremendous ovation from the crowd. The 25 to Life winner looked full of vigor as he trotted to one side of the platform to raise a fist to the people before going to the opposite side to repeat the gesture.

“From Milwaukee, Wisconsin! Weighing in at 232 pounds...he is the 2017 25 to Life winner...he is ’THE INNOVATOR’...BROCK NEEEEWBLUUUUD!” Williams boomed out over the cheering masses before making his exit from the ring as referee Tal Nedrick made his way into it.

Hitting the ramp, Newbludd stopped briefly and threw his fist up again as red pyro shoot down each side of it. Despite the overwhelmingly positive reception from the people he called his ‘army’, Brock had the look of a man with bad intentions and he sneered when he caught sight of A-List.

They were the reason Davey wasn’t beside him in what would have been LaRue’s biggest opportunity to date in the NBW. They took that opportunity away from him.

And as he entered the ring to stand across from the two members of The In Crowd, it was clear that Brock had every intention of taking those titles away from them.


At the sound of the bell, the champions shared a few quick words with each other before glancing over to the opposite corner to smirk at Newbludd, who responded by mocking their arrogant grins. Stepping out of his corner as he rolled his neck, the number one contender for world title signaled for one of the two tag team champions to come meet him in the middle of the ring.

After Principe insisted on beginning, much to Price’s dismay, Brock awaited for the 2nd generation luchadore to tie up; only he didn’t.  Principe preferred to feign a traditional C & E, kicking Newbludd’s left leg instead.

This time, Principe was willing to play ball, as opposed to football, but Newbludd conjured a mirror image, feigning a Tie-Up and kicking a field goal in the form of the tag champion’s leg.

At the third time of asking, the pair of them actually hooked up and Principe swiftly negotiated a Side Headlock.  Just as rapidly, Newbludd shoved Principe off and then dropped down.  When the Mexican rebounded invitingly, Brock took him down with a terrific Hurricanrana.

Clamouring for a tag, the Californian Comet was afforded a tag by Principe.  VIP steamed in only to eat Steamboat-esque Armdrags, two in total, the latter of which locked Ingram down in an Armbar position.

Price wasn’t down for too long, possessing a slight strength advantage, and clutched at Brock’s har, using that as an accessory to evade the Armbar.  Taking a leaf out of Brock’s book, and the vast majority of in-ring performers, Ingram dropped down…

A second Hurricanrana by Newbludd!

Price scurried away and tagged out; Brock had dealt with the doubles champions with ease one-on-one.  They needed a change in tactics.

Once again, Newbludd and Principe shared a Tie-Up and Brock used Principe’s ploy on him with a Side Headlock.  EP took a moment, eventually pushing Newbludd, and distracted the official with an ‘OYE.’

So, referee Tal Nedrick wouldn’t notice the sly knee to the back by Victor, giving A-List the breakthrough they were seeking.  The boos raised suspicions, but you know the old adage already:  You can’t call what you can’t see.  Plus, Principe and Price protested their innocence.  Ahem.

Principe, cutely or stupidly depending on your perspective, looked for a rise by attempting a Texas Cloverleaf, a specialty in Brock’s cookbook - and it showed.  Newbludd didn’t hang about in reversing the situation, pulling the rug from underneath the member of Mexican Wrestling Royalty with a Boston Crab counter.

Unfortunately for the solo artist, the referee was occupied with checking on Principe, while he was positioned right of centre, virtually facing VIP, who drilled the number one contender to the World title from outside via the ropes, thus breaking the submission.

Principe sought to capitalise with a bridging pinfall, collecting a one and a half for his troubles.  Both rose upwards as they maintained the bridge, Brock converting it into a Backslide and outdoing Principe slightly by grabbing a straight two - although it wasn’t straight in every sense of the word.

You see, Ingram had ensured Principe’s feet touched the rope, causing a rope break.

As Principe was standing up, Newbludd shocked everyone by Superkicking Price, who slumped down onto the apron.

EP swivelled Newbludd around, but Brock went for the same device, searching for a second Superkick.  On this occasion, however, the Luchadore Next Door had him well-scouted, catching it and cashing in with a Dragon Screw Leg Whip with such viciousness and velocity that it sent the 25 to Life winner careering into the middle turnbuckle.  It had softened his wheel up AND hurt his head simultaneously.

Principe crossed words with our man in the middle, God knows how as they don’t speak the same lingo, though it didn’t matter.  Pissed off by the Superkick, Price had recovered enough to slam a downed Brock’s knee into the ringpost and then went back to clasping his own head afterwards.

Suddenly satisfied, funny that, the Mexican dragged Newbludd back into the centre of the squared circle, standing him up momentarily…

A Kneebreaker…

...And taking Newbludd down with another successful Dragon Screw.

Again, Principe was aggressive, pulling Newbludd towards his half of the ring.  A Seated Senton to the knee, aided by the second rope, was Wrestling 101 for a sound strategist.

A tag brought Price into the battleground, this time in an advantageous position.  Principe pulled the official’s attention away by taking his time to vacate the spotlight, giving Ingram the opportunity to stick a boot to Brock’s baby-maker.

When the official turned round, Ingram was hauling Newbludd up for the Red Carpet Tr…y again!

Newbludd backed VIP back up into the corner and started firing away, three stiff shots to the head that were countered by a well placed eye poke from Price.

That was blatant, the maiden occasion Price had been caught, and yet A-List had got away with it on multiple occasions.

VIP then whipped Brock from the right-hand ropes to the left and dropped down to the mat. But instead of hopping over VIP and bouncing off the ropes, Newbludd hit the brakes.

VIP looked confused for the briefest of moments as he felt Newbludd’s arms wrap around his waist and begin to lift him up off the ground.

Scooping Price up in a waistlock, Newbludd then let out a grunt and LAUNCHED the Californian Comet with a gorgeous Release German Suplex!

There was a count as both men laid on the mat, trying to regain their bearings.

Let’s fast-forward to five.

Brock picked Price up…

Short-Arm Clothesline! 

Ingram was groggy…

Second Short-Arm Clothesline!

Hollywood’s so-called Brightest Star was on Dream Street and the initiative was firmly with Brock, backed brilliantly by our fans, who lapped it up with a superb Hangman’s Neckbreaker!


Newbludd wasn’t going to let up either:  He was looking for a Dragon Sleeper and set to get one when Principe stormed the ring and Soccerkicked Brock to the back of the head. 

How much longer would the referee tolerate A-List’s antics?

It’d get worse.  While the official was escorting El Principe out, Price nailed Newbludd with an uppercut downstairs, harming the challenger elect’s chances of fatherhood further before connecting with a fantastic Hollywood Boulevard (Moonlight Drive.)



Not quite.

Slamming his hand against the mat three times as he glared at Nedrick, a frustrated Price yanked a groggy Brock up to his feet and fired him into his home corner. Smashing back first into the turnbuckles, Newbludd know found himself restrained by Principe who grabbed ahold of both of his arms to keep him trapped in the corner.

Boos rained down on our tag team champions as they double teamed the defenseless Newbludd. With Principe holding the Innovator’s arms VIP took out his frustrations with a series of hard elbows to the side of Brock’s head before rearing back and hitting him with a hard SLAP that caused spit to fly out of Newbludd’s mouth!


The champions laughed at the crowd’s dismay as VIP tagged in the Crown Prince, who immediately went back to work on Brock’s leg by hitting his third Dragon Screw Leg Whip of the match, sending Newbludd flying back towards the center of the ring.

The technical guru wasn’t done there though, jumping on Brock the instant he hit the mat to grab his legs and begin to fold them in an all too familiar fashion. EP was looking to lock Newbludd in the dreaded figure four!

But, the 25 to Life winner’s ring awareness kicked in just in the nick of time and before Principe could get the move cinched in, Brock reached up and reversed it into a small package pin!


Easy kickout for Principe!

Untangling himself from the package pin, EP once again went for Brock’s legs and received a kick right to the nose for his efforts, causing him to stumble backwards.

His reactionary attack had bought Brock a few precious seconds to recover and hobble back up to his feet, slightly favoring the leg that had been torqued by a Dragon Screw three times now. Still, that didn’t slow the tenacious Newbludd enough for him to miss his opportunity to take advantage of the stumbling Principe.

Closing the gap, Brock lashed out at EP with a flurry of knife edge chops, each one making a loud smack upon impact. Back on his heels, Principe soon found himself pushed up against the ropes as Newbludd continued with the chops.

Now it was the Crown Prince who found himself trapped and at the mercy of his opponent, who reared back and put everything he had into one final chop that nearly sent EP up and over the top rope.

But, the 25 to Life winner wasn’t going to let EP get out this situation that easily as he grabbed one of Principe’s arms and yanked him forward into a front facelock. Setting his feet, Brock lifted the luchadore skywards for a vertical suplex.

Check that. Instead of simply falling backwards for the suplex, Newbludd first fell forward towards the ropes as he held EP, causing the Crown Prince’s legs to bounce off the top rope and Brock used that extra momentum to then send EP backwards to crash into the mat with a nicely done Slingshot Suplex!

With EP laid out in the center of the ring, Brock could feel the momentum turning back in his favor and with the odds stacked heavily against him in this matchup he knew risks would have to be taken to have any chance of somehow beating the tag team champions by himself.

Which is why he climbed the turnbuckles that were opposite of his opponents, and without a breath of hesitation, leapt off…


Brock hit paydirt with the notoriously risky move, driving his head right into the chest of Principe. Looking slightly glassy eyed himself, Newbludd shook the cobwebs from his head and crawled on top of EP to hook the leg.




‘El Amigo Del Pueblo’ got his shoulder up in time, and with one foot in the ring, VIP let out a sigh of relief as he stepped back onto the apron.

With the crowd urging him on, Newbludd planted a hand on Principe’s chest and pushed himself back up to a vertical base. Wanting to keep his opponent down on the mat and cut off from making a tag, a luxury that Brock did not have, Newbludd sprinted towards the nearest ropes looking to hit a running attack on the downed EP.

It would have worked too, if not for the fact that he headed towards one of the sets of ropes that were connected to A-List’s corner. Thinking fast, VIP smartly pushed down on the top rope with all his weight just as Brock turned his back to bounce off of them, causing Newbludd to flip over them and land hard on the outside!

Coming to a crashing stop in front of the announce table, Brock grabbed at his surely aching back before reaching up with one hand to grab the edge of the table in an attempt to pull himself up. That attempt was quickly thwarted though as VIP leapt off the ring apron and pounded Newbludd back to the ground with a double axe-handle!

With Newbludd down in front of him, VIP glanced up to see Principe crawling towards their corner, while Nedrick started his count. Looking to buy some more time for his partner to get in position for a tag, VIP lifted Brock up and put him in a front facelock…


That did the trick. Planting Newbludd, VIP scrambled up to his feet and climbed up the ring apron just as Principe arrived to the corner to make the tag. Now the legal man, Price hopped back down to the floor while EP took a much needed break, still hurting from Brock’s barrage on him.

With the A-List making the tag and the legal man VIP hopping down to the outside, Nedrick was forced to restart his count. Looking full of confidence, or arrogance depending on who you ask, VIP once again assisted Brock up to his feet before wrapping his arms around him, presumably for a Belly to Belly.

Then VIP realized where he was. He was standing only feet away from the announce table, and an idea popped into Price’s head as he held onto the groggy Newbludd.

Belly to Belly onto the announce table!

Readjusting himself and Newbludd, the California Comet lined up perfectly with the table. The crowd took a collective gasp as Price bent his knees to crush their hero, but that gasp quickly turned into a cheer when Newbludd reared his head back and cracked VIP with a headbutt!

For the second time in the match Brock used his skull as an offensive tool, and for the second time it was successful as the blow caused VIP to drop Brock as he stumbled back a step.

Now free of his opponent’s grasp, Brock looked fatigued from having to deal with the tag champions all by his lonesome, but that didn’t stop him from unloading on Price with a hard haymaker then grabbing him by the back of the head and slamming it into the announce table!

Nedrick’s count was now at seven, and Brock knew that he had to get both himself and VIP back in the ring soon. But, he just couldn’t resist bouncing Price’s face off the table one more time before walking him towards the ring to throw him back in.

Meanwhile, the now mostly recovered Principe had hopped off the apron and now slithered low behind Brock. The sneaky luchadore found the perfect moment to strike when Brock rolled VIP underneath the bottom rope and he did it by dropping to his knees to uppercut Newbludd right between the legs!

Crying out in pain from yet another low blow, which was once again unseen by the seemingly blind Nedrick, Brock didn’t even bother trying to deal with the smiling Principe. Instead, he scrambled into the relative safety of the ring where he stood up and doubled over from the pain of the low blow.

Seeing Newbludd hunched over, VIP willed himself up off the mat and rushed in behind him…

Belly to Back Suplex--NO! Brock with an elbow to the head to block it!

Avoiding danger again, Brock spun around to grab VIP by the arm and fired him into the ropes. Setting his feet, Newbludd caught the incoming Price perfectly and sent him flying with an OVERHEAD BELLY TO BELLY!


The crowd was urging Brock on once again, and he responded to them by climbing the nearest turnbuckle. Balancing himself on top, Brock took a deep breath and raised a finger up above his head.

Something he only did when he was about to try and hit his rarely used SKY-TWISTER PRESS!

Bending his knees, Brock prepared to launch when suddenly he found himself falling off the turnbuckle thanks to El Principe yanking down on the top rope!

The disadvantages of fighting an experienced tag team like the A-List solo were really starting to show. Without a partner to watch his back, it was impossible for Brock to keep tabs on both men who had no qualms in breaking every rule in the book to win.

Landing back first onto the mat, Brock let out a frustrated groan as he used the ropes to slowly pull himself up in the corner. Meanwhile, in the middle of the ring, Principe’s dirty work had granted VIP enough time to recover from the big time suplex and with Newbludd just getting to his feet in the corner, Price charged in.

Catching a glimpse of Price barreling in towards him, Brock was slow to react, managing only to take a couple steps out of the corner before VIP was within arms reach of him, but Newbludd’s instinct took control of him as he suddenly fell down to the mat…

And hit VIP with a Drop Toe Hold!

Winding up for a clothesline, Price wasn’t ready for the simple yet effective maneuver, which led to him falling face first into the top turnbuckle!

As Price stumbled backwards out of the corner in a daze, Brock scrambled up to his feet, looking reinvigorated by what had to be a sudden onset of adrenaline caused by his successful counter and the crowd’s appreciative roar that followed.

Only moments earlier he had VIP on the brink, and now Brock was going to try to do it again. He was going to win himself and Davey some tag belts tonight.

Grabbing VIP by an arm, Newbludd spun him around and planted a heavy knee right in Victor’s gut before setting him up in the suplex position.

But as Brock lifted Price skywards, it became clear that he wasn’t going for a suplex. He was attempting to put VIP down for good with his signature Steiner Screwdriver, the BLACK HAWK DOWN!

Not so fast! Brock had forgotten one very important detail about the man he was about to super piledrive into the mat. VIP was also a master of the screwdriver and thus knew how to effectively reverse it, which he did by shifting his body weight around at the precise moment to land behind Newbludd!

One kick to the gut later and now VIP had Brock lifted high in the air looking to hit THE ULTIMATE PRICE!

And that price was wrong! Newbludd reversed VIP’s finisher in the exact same manner, landing on both feet behind him! Price couldn’t believe it!

Not wasting a second, Newbludd switched his gameplan and locked VIP into a full nelson…


Newbludd just nailed VIP with his patented dragon suplex!

The crowd was going INSANE, could Newbludd win the tag team title belts singlehandedly!?

Not unless he took out El Principe as well, and that’s what he intended to do as he went with the release variation of his suplex instead of the bridge. The instant the fueled up Brock landed on his back, he did a kip up and ducked underneath an attempted clothesline from Principe to lock him in a full nelson as well!

Newbludd had Principe locked in and was ready to deliver back to back M.O.A.S., but in all the excitement, Brock didn’t pick up on the fact that the cheers of the crowd had turned into boos until it was too late…

Sensing something was awry, Brock threw Principe to the ground and spun around just in time to see a massive black boot rocketing towards his face…

A boot that belonged to a man named Brady.



Brady had just leveled Brock with his signature Yakuza kick! Behind him, his partner Strauss lifted a groggy VIP to his feet. The two men who had taken out Newbludd’s partner earlier were now acting as the A-List’s insurance policy!

Standing in the middle of all of it was Tal Nedrick, who had no other choice but to call for the bell.


“Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this contest by way of disqualification…’The Innovator’ Brock Newbludd!” Brent Williams announced over the upset crowd.

A crowd that became even more upset when another figured appeared on stage and began to make his way down to the ring.

NBW World Heavyweight Champion, Big Talk Jake Tockwell!

Walking down the ramp with an ear to ear grin, the world champion quickly entered the ring to join the other four men who now had a groggy Newbludd surrounded.

Things were not looking good for the number one contender as Tockwell instantly ordered The Law to grab him, which they did, holding Newbludd’s arms behind his back. The In Crowd all shared a laugh at Brock’s plight, before all three took a step forward to give him the beating of his life…

Suddenly they froze when a rugged guitar riff hit the speakers.


Another guitar riff.


One more guitar riff.


Every man in the ring, including a now more coherent Newbludd, looked at each other in confusion when abruptly the whole arena went black!

The darkness lasted only for a few seconds, and when the lights came back on all four members of Clan Strongbern stood by a corner of the ring on the ring apron!

Their leader Big Rick stood on the top rope of his corner, ensuring that he was the most imposing of them all.

“CRUSH THESE PIGS!” he ordered his three massive followers, who all wore eager smiles as they stepped into the ring.

Instantly, The Law let go of Brock to take on this unexpected attack. Brady lined up with Ri-Khan and Strauss with the Bonebreaker.

Now free, Newbludd tried to process what the hell was happening around him, before saying ‘fuck it’ and deciding to turn the situation in his favor. Doing a quick side shuffle, Brock smack Strauss squarely in the back with a superkick that caused the big man to stumble right into the waiting arms of even bigger man…



Rik Bonebreaker PLANTED Strauss!

The thunderous impact made by the move caused Brady to turn his head just slightly to see what had just happened to his partner and that was all the opening Ri-Khan needed…


Ri-Khan and the Bonebreaker had just broke The Law!

Still perched on the top rope, Big Rick looked more annoyed than anything. There’s no way he was going to be upstaged by his minions and his old enemy Brock Newbludd of all people!

So, the Biggest Man in Town set his sights on The A-List, who stood in front of Jake Tockwell, and leapt off with a roar…


Big Rick was literally a screaming eagle as he soared across the ring to take out the tag team champions, who both hit the mat in a heap!

Having his plan foiled in the worst way, Big Talk immediately turned tail to escape the ring, narrowly ducking the mammoth arm of a swinging Little Ricky. Rolling underneath the ropes, Tockwell backpedaled up the ramp with a pissed off look as the crowd cheered this sudden turn of events.

Inside the ring, Brock now found himself surrounded by four men who he was far from friends with despite the fact that they had just saved his skin. As the three genuine giants now surrounded him, Brock took his angry gaze from the escaping Tockwell, to Clan Strongbern’s approaching leader.

Big Rick Strongbern and Brock Newbludd had a tenuous relationship to say the least, and it was obvious as the two men stood face to face with each other. But, as the camera zoomed in close to show their faces, it was evident that there was something else between them now...something new…

And as the camera slowly faded out on the two old rivals, it started to become clear what it was.



Big Dreams - Markus
Clan Strongbern vs The LAW - Seth
New Champion - Shae/Johnny
Jonny Bedlam vs Alex Reyn - Shae/Johnny
Chris Smith vs Flanagan - Keegan
I fought the LAW and the LAW won - Seth
Introducing the first inductee to this years Hall of Fame - Dusty/Josh
Victory - Dusty
Ohiyama Versus The Great Wall - Seth
The Best That's In... Your Face! - Seth
Brock Newbludd and Davey La Rue Versus The A-List(c) - Gorman