SLAM! Episode 96
Live from the Saddledome in Alberta, Calgary, Canada






V/O - “Over ten years ago a small-time promotion out of Reading, PA came to existence. Over the years superstars have debuted and grown, some have retired, and others are still around today. Owners have changed. Locations have shifted. But one thing has always stayed the same. The name. Three Initials that have survived through the thick and the thin.”

The NBW logo is shown as it fades in and out showing the various designs from past to present. The voice-over by Trent McKnight continues.

V/O - “Those initials represent the past, the present, and the future. No Borders. No Boundaries. No Bull. Nothing But Wrestling. Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the NBW!”

A video package rolls showing past wrestlers and on-screen talent from the original promoter Alex Styles to Xander Napoli onto the current: Thaddeus Boyle. Three different men with three different agendas, all of which were responsible for the success that is NBW.

V/O - “Many athletes have paved the way for the current generation entertaining the fans every week.”

Shots of Jason Kain, Jack Owyns, Maximizer, Frost, Rey Campbell, Cal Roberts, Blake Gray, Rejection, Uncensored, Jade Greene and Alan Helms filled the screen before being replaced with shots of macWICKED, Superstar Vince Jacobs, Lunatic, D-T, El Dragon Loco, High Flyer, Sam Potright, Dream Warriors, Rik Bone, Callie Urban, Heaven and Hell, Shawn Jessica Hart, Remy Leroux, Brock Metzer, The Gordon Brothers, Andrew Martin, Mat Walton, William Arthur Reagan, Nightlife USA, Sweet Daddy K, Keegan, Techno Dragon and numerous others as the clips speed up to a blur.

Side to side ‘Special K’ Keegan and ‘the Colossus’ Spike Saunders fade into view before being replaced by an imposing image of the former Double Champion, ‘Superstar’ Vince Jacobs and his Cheshire-like smile.

His image is replaced by clips of the members of his Upper Echelon; Judasbleek, Warren Spade, and the Son of Malta.

They are soon replaced by the likes of Vic Gravender, Chris Moliano, Derecho, Judasbleek, Son of Malta, Torment, RaVage, Tremoid, Lexia Hart, Benjamin Jones, For The Win, Johannes Antonious de Castonovo and Aleczander of Family Keeling, Handsome Man Modeling School, Supersquad, Zed, and more as the clips speed up once more.

V/O - "The time to break the mold is now. To be somebody. To make a mark. To be..."

The NBW logo spins to life once more and fades out to the simple initials...



Welcome to SLAM!


With the opening video package that kicked off every episode of NBW Slam finished, the camera slowly faded into a beautiful shot of the sun setting behind the Calgary skyline before cutting away to show the exterior of the iconic Scotiabank Saddledome. The arena’s lights shined brightly in darkening sky, and there wasn’t an empty space to be found in the expansive parking lot connected to it, indicating that the Saddledome was undoubtedly jam packed to the rafters.

Zooming in, the camera then came to a stop and focused in on the arena’s marquee...


“The Saddledome is 19,000 strong tonight and you can feel the excitement in the air! Welcome to Slam!!” NBW play by play announcer Melissa Vanderart exclaimed in the background.

“Of course they’re excited, Mel! We’re entering a new golden age here in NBW, and these people have one man to thank…no correction...they have one group to thank!” Color man C.G. Gaines blurted out with equal enthusiasm.

The view switched to show the duo sitting behind the announce table. Vanderart rolled her eyes as she straightened her notes.

“And what group would that be C.G?” she asked half heartedly, causing Gaines to grin from ear to ear.

“THE IN CROWD BABY!” he answered, pumping a celebratory fist in the air. “I’m talking about the best manager in the game today ‘Hot Sauce’ Raul Ramirez...the Dynasty Tag Team Champions, The A-List…and last but certainly not least...the giant slayer himself… the NEW NBW World Heavyweight Champion...’Big Talk’ Jake Tockwell!”

“C.G., you probably are the only person in this arena…no correction…,” Mel said in a mocking tone, “the only person in the WORLD that is thankful for the fact that The In Crowd holds half of NBW’s titles. And speaking of Tockwell, the ONLY reason he is holding that belt and Warren Spade isn’t is because he was able to buy a monster of his own in The Great Wall to help him get it!”

The arrogant color man burst out in laughter as he slapped the announce table.

“Who cares, Mel!?” he shot back. “That’s business, you can’t blame Xiang and The Great Wall for wanting that bounty money!”

“Yes, I can!” Mal said as she angrily shook her finger at Gaines. “Because Warren Spade deserved better, and these people deserved better!”

“Calm down, Mel!” Gaines replied putting his hands up defensively. “What’s done is done, and there’s no going back. So, sit back and enjoy the ride because Jake Tockwell is our world champion and there’s nothing anyone can do to change that.”

“That’s where you’re wrong C.G., because the last time I checked we still have Brock Newbludd,” the mention of the 25 to Life winner’s name made C.G. cringe, which seemed to delight Mel as she continued on.

“It’s funny how you left out the part last week where the number one contender ended the night standing tall over our world champion!”

“Oh, what a tough guy! What a hero!” Gaines sarcastically said back. “That loser Newbludd needed a steel chair to take out Jake from behind like the coward he is!”

“Considering what Jake did to an injured Brock when he took the Blitzkrieg title from him at the end of last year, I’d say Tockwell had it coming! Just like Xiang is going to get his in just a few minutes when he has to take on Newbludd one on one!”

Gaines eyes widened at his partner’s revelation on what the opening match for tonight’s Slam would be.

“What!?” he asked as he threw his arms up in disbelief. “Brock vs. Xiang is happening tonight? And it’s happening now!?”

“Indeed it is, partner,” Mel answered, her tone dripping with satisfaction. “You see, Brock demanded the match earlier this week and our benevolent general manager, Jack Harmen, was more than happy to oblige him.”

Leaning back in his chair, Gaines folded his arms and produced a pouty face.

“Another fact you seemed to have forgotten about that travesty of a title match last week was that right before Great Wall took out Warren, that snake Xiang slithered behind the ringside enforcer, Brock Newbludd, and took him out with double knees!” Mel finished in a matter of fact tone.

“Bah! It’s not like Newbludd could have stopped The Great Wall if Xiang wouldn’t have done that anyways!” Gaines said. “Let bygones be bygones, I say!”

“You would say that, Gaines,” Mel said with a smile. “But I say, the people say, and most importantly Jack Harmen say’s different. You say ‘let bygones be bygones’, but we say it’s an ‘eye for an eye’ and right now Brock is taking a detour from Jake Tockwell to see if he can exact some revenge on the vile Xiang.”

“Good luck with that, especially if The Great Wall is with his boss. Which I’m SURE he will be!” Gaines said.

“We’ll just have to find out, let’s send it down to ring announcer Brent Williams for the introductions to this big opening match!”

With that the camera cut to the ring to the show tuxedo clad Williams standing next to referee Tal Nedrick.

Xiang Versus Brock Newbludd

“Ladies and gentlemen, this opening contest is scheduled for one fall with a twenty minute time limit!” Williams announced and the eager crowd responded with a loud chorus of cheers, excited for the start of the show.

"Born In China (Metal Remix Instrumental)" by The Immortals

Instantly, the cheers echoing throughout the arena turned to boos as Xiang walked through the sliding double doors and onto the stage. Followed closely by the mountain of a man who was instrumental in helping Jake Tockwell winning the world heavyweight championship, The Great Wall, the leader of the Xiang Dynasty stopped briefly on the ramp to look upon the capacity crowd with disdain.

Nodding his head to his monster, Xiang started to make his way down towards the ring.

“Introducing first...being accompanied by The Great Wall...from Beijing, China...” Williams paused briefly as the jeering reached an enormous level, no doubt the result of The Xiang Dynasty’s actions on the last Slam.

“...weighing in at two-hundred and seventeen, he is the leader of The Xiang Dynasty...he is Xiang!”

Climbing up the ring steps, Xiang entered the ring, while The Wall climbed up the ring and stepped over the top rope with ease to join him. Brushing past Williams, the winner of Tockwell’s controversial bounty hopped up onto the second rope to yell obscenities in his native tongue at the lucky (or unlucky) fans booing him in the front row before gracefully jumping backwards off of them and spinning around to join the stoic Wall in the middle of the ring.

Signaling for Wall to lean down closer to him, Xiang shook his finger and began to give orders to his cohort who listened intently as he nodded his head in agreement.

“And his opponent!” Williams bellowed out, causing Xiang to stop talking strategy and turn his attention to the stage just as the arena’s lights dimmed.

‘Mouth for War’ by Pantera

The Saddledome erupted in cheers as red strobe lights flashed in rhythm with the aggressive guitar riff and red pyro shot off from both ends of the stage as the music picked up. Striding through the double doors, the 25 to Life winner made his way onto the stage.

“From Milwaukee, Wisconsin...weighing in at two-hundred and thirty-two pounds...this is ’The Innovator’ Brock Newbludd!”

Stopping at the top of the ramp to throw a fist over his head to acknowledge the outpouring of cheers, Newbludd then brought his hand down to point directly at Xiang who smirked at him in return. Narrowing his eyes at The Artist of War’s arrogant smile, Brock headed down the ramp at a determined pace as he stuck one arm out to slap hands with fans along the way.

Hitting the ring, Brock slid underneath the bottom rope and popped up to his feet to lock eyes with the man who literally stabbed him in the back two weeks ago via a double knee backbreaker. Still sporting a cocky grin, Xiang didn’t look phased one bit by the roaring crowd’s reaction to the man who had eliminated him with a superkick in the 25 to Life match.

Having the massive Great Wall standing behind him probably had a lot to do with The Artist of War’s boosted confidence.

To his credit though, Newbludd appeared to be unintimidated at the presence of the dominant monster as he walked right past the two men to climb the far side turnbuckle and raise both fists to the capacity crowd.

Seeing that his opponent had unwisely turned his back to him to pander to, as he put them ‘capitalist American dogs’, the always opportunistic  Xiang saw the perfect opportunity to gain an advantage on Brock before the match even started and he took it…

Quickly ordering the Wall to make his way to the outside, the Artist of War sprung like a cat towards Brock, who’s back was still turned as he had just hopped down from the turnbuckle.

Closing in on Brock, Xiang leapt into the air, looking to duplicate the punishing maneuver he delivered to him two weeks ago....


Or not!

Xiang had Brock dead to rights, but the one thing that he didn’t take into account was the fact that he was in front of 19,000 people who absolutely hated him and absolutely loved Brock.

Thus, the instant that Xiang made his move the crowd burst into boos which acted like a warning siren for Newbludd and the moment he felt Xiang jump onto him the number one contender tightened his grip on the top rope. Reefing backwards, Xiang was unable to bring Brock down with him and the Artist of Way landed hard back first on the mat, much to the delight of the crowd.

As Brock spun around, a thoroughly embarrassed Xiang did a back roll to create distance, while Nedrick jumped in between the two to prevent any other preemptive strikes from either man before quickly signaling for the start of the match.


At the sound of the bell, Brock rushed out of the corner and tried to turn Xiang inside out with a wild lariat, but the agile Artist of War ducked to avoid it just in the nick of time. Keeping his momentum going, Newbludd bounced off the opposite ropes and headed back towards Xiang.

Jumping into the air as he spun, it was Xiang who now hit nothing but air as his Spinning Wheel Kick sailed high above the ducking Newbludd’s head. Landing on his feet and angrily spinning around, while Brock bounced off the ropes for the second time, Xiang couldn’t react fast enough and found himself flipped head over heels courtesy of a hard hitting Kitchen Sink from the charging Newbludd!

Not wasting any time, Brock raised a fist to the crowd before leaping up to drop an elbow onto the downed Xiang, which was followed by a nicely done kip-up to get himself vertical again.

Sprinting to the nearest set of ropes, Newbludd hopped onto the middle one to springboard himself back towards Xiang…

Springboard Elbow Drop!

Planting his elbow right into the black heart of his opponent, Brock then hooked the leg for the first pin attempt of the match…



It would take much more than a running knee and a couple of elbow drops to take down someone like Xiang, and Brock knew it as he got back up to his feet, bringing the groggy Artist of War with him.

Grabbing Xiang by the arm, Newbludd intended to fire his opponent into the corner with an irish whip, but at the last second it was reversed and Brock found himself headed towards the ropes. But instead of bouncing off of them and back towards Xiang, Newbludd found himself flipping over the top rope and down to the floor due to The Great Wall pulling down on the ropes right before Brock hit them!

Crashing to the floor right in front of the Wall, Newbludd held his back in pain, and the crowd rained down heavy boos when the gigantic man drove one of his massive boots down into Brock’s midsection!

Immediately Nedrick warned the super heavyweight to back off, but the monster simply stared blankly at the referee as he drove another heavy boot down onto Newbludd’s gut. The smiling Xiang then joined Nedrick side and issued some commands down to the Wall in their native tongue.

Nodding his head, Wall then bent down and picked the two hundred and thirty pound Brock up over his head like he was a child, drawing an amazed reaction from the crowd. That reaction was amplified when The Wall then proceeded to chuck Brock over the top rope and back into the ring.

But Brock didn’t land back on the mat, instead he flew directly into a perfectly timed dropkick from Xiang that caught him right in the side of the head and caused him to spin awkwardly in the air before landing in a heap!

Undeniably satisfied with his handiwork, Xiang dropped down to his knees and rolled Brock onto his back for a cover…



Brock got a shoulder up!

Letting out a frustrated grunt, Xiang glared at Nedrick who emphatically put two fingers in front of the Beijing native’s face. Shaking his head, Xiang picked himself and Newbludd off the ground before delivering a series of knees to Brock midsection and firing Brock into the corner.

Following behind Newbludd, the speedy Xiang smashed Brock into the turnbuckles with a stiff elbow and quickly followed it up with a flurry of knife edge chops that smacked across Newbludd’s chest.

“Nǐ bù zhídé nǐ měiguó gǒu!” Xiang defiantly spat in a woozy Brock’s face as he shoved a forearm into Newbludd’s throat and reared back as far as he could with his other hand.

SMACK! Xiang slapped Brock right across the face!


Spit flew out of Brock’s mouth from the impact, and the Artist of War couldn’t help himself from letting a hearty laugh at Newbludd’s expense.

While Xiang’s disrespectful slap had succeeded in insulting Newbludd to the highest degree, it also had the unfortunate side effect of causing the adrenaline to surge in Brock and the Artist of War’s laughter was quickly cut off when two hands wrapped around his throat!

With a white knuckle grip on his opponent’s neck, a furious Brock rocked Xiang with a headbutt before tossing him into the turnbuckle and lashing out with a rapid fire series of knife edge chops himself. Mimicking his stunned foe, Brock slammed his forearm into Xiang’s throat and reared back for a open hand slap.

But instead of following through with the blow, Brock swung his arm forward to wrap it around Xiang’s head and lock him into a side headlock. Having Xiang’s head firmly tucked under his arm, Brock then hopped up onto the second rope and left off…


Brock drove Xiang’s head face first into the mat with the classic, yet still effective, maneuver and liked doing it so much that he maintained the side headlock as he brought Xiang up to a standing position. Cinching in the headlock, Brock then charged towards the corner…

Bulldog into the top tunbuckle!

With a unique variation that caused the crowd to cheer, Newbludd held onto Xiang’s head as he ran up the turnbuckles before ramming the Artist of War’s face and finished the maneuver off by landing on the ring apron while Xiang stumbled out of the corner as he held his head…

Waiting for the precise moment, Newbludd gripped the top rope and when he had it he hopped up onto the top rope…

Only to have the Great Wall smash him in the back with a massive forearm!

For the second time in the early moments of the match, The Great Wall had made his presence known to Newbludd and helped turned the tide back in favor of his boss, and luckily for Xiang the referee wasn’t in position to see it. Though, Tal suspected foul play was afoot by how the crowd was reacting.


As Brock landed awkwardly onto knees into the ring and held his back, Nedrick locked eyes with the Wall and the monster gave him the same blank stare that he did earlier in the match.

Shaking the cobwebs out of his head, Xiang regained his footing and caught sight of Newbludd sitting on his knees holding his lower back…


The leader of the Xiang Dynasty UNLOADED on Brock with the penalty kick named after the group!

Seeing Brock laying with his eyes closed in front of him, Xiang dove down for the cover!



Newbludd got his foot on the ropes!

The crowd EXPLODED at the turn of events, and Xiang couldn’t believe it as pounded his fist into the mat!

Matching his bosses sneer, The Great Wall shoved Newbludd’s foot off the rope in frustration before putting his hands on his hips and turning around….



The now former NBW World champion was because The Great Wall had taken the fight to him, but now the massive giant had been cut down to size for the first time in a long time! The King of  Monsters rammed him to the ground and punched away at him! Warren continued to pummel The Great Wall with a few right hands and despite being in immense pain, the Great Wall continued to fight back on the ground! The two seven footers were trading blows!

Looking on in disbelief at what the former world champion had just done to his more than formidable subordinate, Xiang had totally forgotten about the man lying on the mat behind him.

Actually, he had forgotten about the man who WAS lying on the back behind him.

Staggering to his feet, Brock set his sights on the leader of the Xiang Dynasty and went in for the kill, charging towards the Artist of War to lock him in a full nelson…


Xiang slammed a back elbow into Brock’s faced and wiggled free of the full nelson before doing a quick forward roll to escape!

Stumbling backwards as his eyes watered from the blow, Brock was left vulnerable to Xiang who rushed towards him…

Tornado DD-Nope! Brock pushed him off!

Short Arm Clothesline to Xiang!

Newbludd held onto the arm and pulled the Artist of War towards him, but instead of dismantling him with another clothesline, Brock spun Xiang around and hooked in another full nelson!

And Xiang didn’t escape this time.


Newbludd hit his patented Bridging Dragon Suplex right in the middle of the ring, causing Nedrick to hit the mat for the count and the crowd chanted along…




“Ladies and gentlemen!” Brent Williams voiced boomed out over the celebrating crowd. “The winner of this contest by way of pinfall…’The Innovator’...Brock Neeeewbluuudd!”

Getting to his feet, Brock let Tal raise one of his hands in victory while he pumped his fist out to the crowd with the other. Taking his gaze away from the crowd, Brock focused in on the massive man that was now sending the Great Wall packing into the crowd and heading for higher ground.

“GET BACK HERE AND FIGHT!!!” yelled Spade.

The Great Wall wanted nothing to do with Spade tonight and limped through the crowd holding his rib cage. The two monsters were far from over but right now the focus was back to the winner of the match.

Rolling out of the ring, Newbludd walked with his head held high towards Spade and stopped when he was standing only a foot away from him. The tension was thick in the air as the two beloved superstars stared at each other for what seemed like hours.

Newbludd then glanced down to the retreating Great Wall and then looking back up to Spade and cracking a grin. Then, Brock did what he meant to do to the then world champion two weeks ago.

He stuck his hand out.

Glancing out to the audience briefly, Warren simply nodded his head before accepting Newbludd’s handshake, and though the gesture was simple, the crowd ate it up as they applauded the two men.

While the showing of respect wasn’t for what would have been an epic match at Legacy between the two, the handshake did carry just as much significance.

It represented an understanding between the two men that it was up to them to rid the NBW of people who looked to ruin it.

People like the Great Wall, Xiang, and most importantly…

‘Big Talk’ Jake Tockwell.





Searching for an Answer


The cameras came to life in the backstage area. The figure on the screen immediately drew the ire from the live crowd in attendance. Derecho was seen walking around at a brisk pace, looking behind every corner he came across. A stagehand just happened to be walking by when Derecho grabbed him by the arm, stopping him in his tracks.

“Have you seen Spike Saunders anywhere?”

The stagehand shook his head no. Derecho gritted his teeth and continued on his way. He made a left and went down another hallway towards the gorilla position and saw one of the writers standing there checking over someone on a clipboard.

“Where’s Spike Saunders?

“Sorry, I haven’t seen him.”

Derecho rubbed his hand over his face as he was growing quite impatient. Derecho put his hands on his hips and looked around. Derecho turned and took a couple of steps forward and took another left, heading towards catering. Derecho poked his head in and looked around, but didn’t see Spike Saunders there either, but he did see Richie Keal nervously talking to a server behind the buffet table.

“N-no! You don’t understand, if he finds bacon in the salad, he’s going to do unspeakable things to me! Please, can’t you just make a salad without the bacon!?”

Derecho walked over and grabbed Richie Keal by the shoulder and pinned him against the sneeze guard on the buffet.

“I’m going to make this short and sweet. Go find Jack Harmen and bring him to me…. NOW!”

Richie was about to run off when we heard the voice of Harmen from outside the catering room. He walked into the room unaware of the situation.

“What the hell is taking so long, Richie? The show’s started and I haven’t eaten yet. That salad better not have any bacon in it either. You know I like my bacon without any disgusting salad…..”

Harmen looked up and saw Derecho with a tight grip on Richie’s shirt. Harmen sighed and shook his head as he muttered to himself.

“Good grief. Is this why I don't have my salad and 2 pounds of bacon?”  said Harmen before he raised his tone back to normal levels. “I've tried to stay neutral but you're interrupting brain food time. How am I supposed to book a show without nutrients? A man's gotta eat.”

Derecho released Richie and he just grabbed the nearest salad he could and ran for it. He would endure Harmen’s wrath later when he eventually discovers the bacon contained within. Derecho, on the other hand, walked up to Harmen and looked him straight in the eye.

“Spike Saunders. I don’t think I need to say more.”

Harmen shook his head in agreement.

“I could use a little more. Do you want him as your tag team partner? Your opponent?” off Derecho’s look. “Of course. Sorry to say, Saunders isn’t here… YET. He’s scheduled to arrive later tonight. I lost a lot of sleep tracking him down, not that you care, but I am a little tired..  A little wired and I think I deserve just a LITTLE appreciation.”

Derecho wasn’t amused at the fact that Harmen just quoted Nicholas Cage from Gone in 60 Seconds. Derecho stepped in close to Harmen and got right in his face.

“Tonight. I want my answer. If I don’t get it, you will be taking his place.”

With that, Derecho brushed by Harmen and exited the catering room.

Harmen couldn't help but smile, “It’d be my pleasure…” Harmen turned on a dime, “Now where's my salad?! I better not see a single false bacon bite in there you lazy greaseless sows! They are LIES!” Harmen turned and exited as the scene faded to black.

Zed Versus Davey La Rue

Back to ringside and the commentary booth.

“We’re just getting started here tonight folks! We’ve still got the announced non-title tag team match, and John Pariah’s continuing Chicago Style Open Challenge-”

“Which we’re nowhere near Chicago. This is Canada, Melissa.”

“It wouldn’t be as noteworthy to change it up every city, Craig.”

“Well before we get to our next matchup, last week Adria Hoyt sat down with Jonny Bedlam following a great victory at Scorched against Alan Envy. We’re going to go ahead and play the closing moments for you all.”

‘Frontline’ by Pillar.

“Or not.”

Added Gains as the music pulsed through the arena and the fans booed at the arrival of the massive Rune and the self proclaimed Paragon of the Industry, Zed. The two ignored the fans and their attention while walking to the ring. Zed grabbed the ropes and leapt up on the apron and then into the ring with Rune following up the steps.

Zed shoved Brent Williams into the ropes and snatched the microphone out of his grasp. The poor guy quickly exited the ring.

“Roll it.”

“I guess we will after all then,” Melissa stated before the EpiCenter I lit up to replay from two weeks ago.


“Ok then, so what’s next for Jonny?  Do you have any matches coming up?”

“Well I thought I’d be wrestling tonight, but I guess I’m getting the night off.  They don’t have any curtain jerkers for me to wallop left.  Who knows?”

Cut ahead to an in agony Bedlam on the ground.

“Well I thought I’d be wrestling tonight-”

Zed’s got Bedlam in the air.

“but I guess-”

He tossed him forward right into both of his knees.

“I’m getting the night off-”

The clip replayed the Downfall on Bedlam.

We cut-forward again. Microphone in hand.

“Who knows?  I know, Jonny.  I know.”

Again the clip replayed.

“You've just been upgraded to First Class." He grinned through his crimson half-mask.

Once more replay. Why?

"I’m what’s next.”

Because, he’s Zed and you aren’t gonna stop it. Speaking of.

Final replay of the Downfall.


The EpiCenter I goes dark and the focus returns to the ring.

“Two weeks ago I put that drunken ass rookie on his drunken ass. Last week Rune tore into the Blitzkrieg Champion.” He looked at Rune, “Yet lost.” Then back at the camera-side. “Tonight I’m giving Rune my match with Davey La Rue so he can blow off some steam.” Zed looked back over at his cohort. “Impress me.”

What exactly could that mean?

‘Born this Way’ by Thousand Foot Krutch.

The lights dimmed and a flashy strobe light flashed colors of red, yellow, blue, green and orange while the music kicked in. Davey La Rue emerged through the curtains riding his silver scooter, with the blue cooler mounted on the back. And a beer hat, because why not! He drove the scooter down the ram-


Zed grinned as he stood in the ring and watched the replay on the Epicenter I and II for those that missed what just happened.

Davey had turned his attention aside from the ring to wave at the fans and didn’t notice as the four hundred plus pounder charged up the ramp and just outright RAMMED into him. May as well be a car crash as the scooter was knocked aside with Davey on it.

Rune let out a roar as he caught the scooter in his grasp on either side before Davey could get out from under it. Pulled it in close to his legs and with a strong right knocked Davey’s beer hat flying. Then raised Davey, Scooter attached, up for the powerbomb before dropping him backwards with his Fallaway Powerbomb - also known as:


Can you say Holy Shit?

The NBW Faithful can. Melissa and Gains were. Even Brent was a bit awestruck. Zed on the other hand stood against the ropes like a proud father grinning over his child's accomplishment.

“And that’s what happens to the IRRELEVANT before the PARAGON OF THIS GOD DAMN INDUSTRY-”


Zed was cut off as Jonny Bedlam came at him from behind with a steel chair, swung for all and knocked Zed up and over the ropes to the outside.


Richie Keal walked out on the stage, his hair seemingly a bit of a mess with bacon bits (we hope) mixed within, and he wasn’t too happy clearly. In hand was the steaming tea which was quickly cooling.

“This was supposed to be Zed vs Davey La Rue. Not Rune vs Davey. Not Bedlam vs Zed. Not dowhateveryouwantbecausenobodywillcaredespitethepersonthatobokedthismatchtakesgreatprideinit.” He managed to ramble out the last few words, barely. “So I don’t know what to do here.”


Keal balanced the tea plate and cup while fishing out his phone. Yeah his notification buzz was Lightning McQueen from CARS.

“Let them Fight.” Richie stated. “We’ve already wasted enough time. We can’t start this again.”


Looking at his phone again. “Main Event.” Richie shook his head and looked at the nearest camera. “We already have a Main Event.”


“Boner?” Richie looked confuddled.

Ka-Chow. Ka-Chow.

“BONUS. You are an incredibly stupid autocorrect. Kermit Richie.” Keal smiled and mouthed ‘finally got him’, then focused back on the four men and security. “Fine. Tag match. Tonight.” He turned and headed back up the ramp. “And if either of you touches the other before then.” He spun back around, “You’ll be fired, on the spot.”


Richie sighed and raised his phone. “You can’t fire them. Only I can.” He sighed again and walked through the curtains. “That’s what I meant. Why you gotta always be so literal?”


“And bring me a FRESH cup of tea.” Keal muttered as his voice faded from the pa.

Zed and Rune back off from security and head up the side of the ramp while Bedlam checks in on Davey who is still feeling the after effects of being hurled on his face with scooter in tow as we fade off elsewhere.


What's in the Box?


The camera cuts backstage of the Saddledome arena in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  Adria Hoyt is waiting with her interview guest of the evening

“Hello NBW Fans! Adria Hoyt here with my guest at this time, Chicago’s Finest...John Pariah!” she exclaimed, as the shot widened and Pariah stepped into frame. “Now John, you’re currently 2 and 0 here in NBW-and your Chicago Strong Style Open Challenge has been a success. What are your plans here in NBW? What are you setting out to accomplish?” she asked.

“My plans? Well love, it’s simple…...we..kill..the Batman…” he says with a smirk-as the crowd could be heard cheering and laughing.  “No..seriously, that can’t be done.” he added with a chuckle-before his face grew serious. “I came to NBW to prove I could still hang. I’ve been wrestling for eighteen long years. I’ve done everything. I’ve competed in high school gyms infront of 30 of my closest friends and family-and I headlined the Tokyo Dome in front of 100,000 fans. I’ve been a champion every where that I’ve stepped foot in. SOH, EPW, WOC, PWX, REDEFINE-even HOW….and that’s not going to be any different here.” he said before pausing to gather his thoughts. “Now, as far as the Chicago Strong Style Open Challenge….hashtag CSSOC...as far as that goes Adria, tonight-I’ve actually given the opprotunity to a man, some PWX fans may be familar with...but I’ll let you see for yourself a little later tonight!” he exclaimed with a smile.

“So, what are your goals for NBW?” she asked, as Pariah let out a chuckle.

 “I’m coming after that World Championship-and I will not stop until I get it.” he said with a serious tone. “I have no problem starting from the bottom. You know, certain former compatriots of mine just signed with another company-and they walked in demanding title shots. I guess that’s why they are former...compatriots Adria.” he added, as his demeanor grew more jovial. “I have no problem starting at the bottom-and earning my opportunities. I am a man of honor, and this is where I will carve out MY legacy, because my fate? It’s mine to deci----” he went to add, before interrupted by a seemingly random stagehand.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Pariah?” the stagehand said. “This was just delivered, and I was instructed to give it to you immediately upon receipt.” he said, with a look of fear in his voice.

“O...kay?” Pariah says, opening the box, and pulls out a small  mirror. He looks at it, very confused as he sees his reflection.. We see a very familiar logo, a C, with a larger  A through it-and an N sideways cutting through both of those letters , in crimson red lettering. The crowd in the arena audibly reacts with shock as Pariah tosses it aside and the mirror cracks

“You know that’s bad luck, right?” Adria said.

“Adria...I was in a coma, nearly dead. I had a tumor behind my heart, that I had to get surgically removed. I came back from all of that. Bad luck? Is my bitch.” he said with force. “My fate...is mine to decide…..” he adds-pointing his hand like a gun at the camera, before it faded out.





In the Army Now


The camera panned backstage to the locker room where three men are standing in a line. Its view slowly moved over each of the three men.

Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern. The big man was clad in a sleeveless camo shirt and pants like he was getting ready to go to war, along with two green streaks of paint on the right side of his face.

Ri-Khan Strongbern. The “Loyal Attack Dog” of the group had his collar on in a special olive green color and growled low at the camera facing him. His entire face has been covered in camo colors like an extra from Predator.

Little Ricky Strongbern. Dressed in his barbarian attire, and sighing disgustedly. He looked completely out of place.


The camera now panned downward to Big Rick Strongbern dressed in a military general uniform, all kinds of ridiculous badges and stars pinned to the neck and chest of the coat. He rocked a dark green army helmet and a monocle for some reason. He might have confused his characters on an old rerun of Hogan’s Heroes.


He noticed Little Ricky Strongbern and growled, at his choice of attire.


Little Ricky angrily looked over at Rik, who couldn’t hide a smile on his face. 


“Sorry, I think I forgot to tell him.” Rik smirked. “Hehehe.”

Big Rick laughed with Rik and the two dapped fists…. Then he suddenly turned to Little Ricky and looked angry.


Before Little Ricky could even defend himself, Big Rick growled.


“Hell yeah,” Rik said. “Who’s wrestling those silver-spoon assholes?”



Big Rick scanned the trio.


Rik and Ri-Khan both raised their hands while Little Ricky ignored them. Big Rick looked up at him.


“Oh, I do,” he said. “But the second I raise my hand, you’ll probably pick Rik or Ri-Khan just to troll me again. I mean, I’m the guy that won the match last week with The Unstoppables, but you won’t pick me anyway. I’m not gonna give you the satisfaction.”

The King of Strongbern Style looked up at Little Ricky.


Rik and Ri-Khan exchanged confused glances while Big Rick looked them over.


Little Ricky looked confused.

“You aren’t serious, are you?”

Big Rick’s facial expression didn’t change one iota. Little Ricky sighed.

“That’s what I get for asking.”

Chris Smith Versus Tony Spark

As he did last week in his bout with Spark's sidekick, Christopher Noid, BKCS assumed the middle of the ring and extended his hand.  Understandably, and urged by the student to follow his instinct, Tony was reluctant to take it.

Smith repeated the gesture, but Spark shook his head, showing more conviction.  This caused Chris to laugh:  "What is it with you so-called good guys?"

When the bell rang, Big Kid booted Spark in the stomach and ushered him up against the right-hand set of ropes, whipping him to the opposite side.  On the rebound,  Spark ducked underneath Smith's Clothesline and fired back with a Basement Dropkick to the knee, which bugged Chris a bit.

Following up, Spark stung Smith's left leg with three kicks, extracting yelps from the 390-pounder.

Chris managed to push Spark away, albeit temporarily, as Spark revisited Big Kid with more verve...

POP-UP SAMOAN DROP!  That had to turn this tie on its head in an instant.

Limping to his feet, Chris picked Spark up and nailed him with hard body shots to the ribs.

An Irish Whip to the North-West part of the ring was complemented by a crunching Body Avalanche.

Diagonally opposite, a rerun of the Irish Whip was being shown with a slight variation, though no less effective, in the form of a Back Avalanche.  Ouch!

Smith briefly stepped onto the second rope, seeking approval that clearly wasn't forthcoming, no matter how much he wanted it.

Instead, he concentrated on something he could control...


The Vertical Suplex Side Slam was emphatic and the result was surely beyond any doubts.




Chris demanded for his hand to be raised, though not before shoe-shoving Noid out of the squared circle.


Walk Away


Michael Mercer and David Ironside appeared on the big screen and appeared to be walking out, presumably to cut a promo, and make their official debut, which extracted an excellent reception from their fellow countrymen.

However, as they were walking down the corridor, Damon Somner and Greg Matthews stood in their way:  "You walked off last week," Somner stated smugly.

Ironside stepped forward:  "You walked away first."

Damon laughed, took a step back, holding his hands up and then telegraphed a right, which Ironside blocked and returned with interest.  Matthews came to meet Mercer, who had his guard up.  However, a harem of zebras created a collective border to prevent the two teams from getting at each other with plenty of threats and slurs being traded.

Eventually, the two teams were forced apart and for the second successive show, Health Fanatics had eaten into Mercer and Ironside's television time.


The Road to Victory is Paved with Bodies


The camera returned to ringside with Melissa Vanderart and C.G. Gains.

“Coming up next, we’ve got a tag team match with HUGE implications when Clan Strongbern tries to earn themselves a future Dynasty Tag Team Title shot! Big Rick and Little Ricky Strongbern will take on VIP and El Principe in a non-title match! If Clan Strongbern win, they will earn a title match next week!”

“Tough one to call, Melissa!” C.G. said. “Man, do I love Clan Strongbern putting the ass-whipping to somebody! But The A-List – and by extension – The In Crowd got all dat gold, tho. Tough one!”

“But before we go to the match, we’re gonna take a look back at the last episode of Victory following the conclusion of Ohiyama’s first successful defense of the Blitzkrieg Title against Rune…”


Ohiyama checked his jaw to make sure that it was still in place. He promised some of the hardest hitting matches the belt had ever seen and if tonight was any indicator, Ohiyama would no doubt deliver on his promise! He took his belt from the referee and raised it over head!
With one more battle cry, the fans exploded as an exciting night to Victory's maiden voyage came to a close. Ohiyama took a bow to the fans and raised the title one more time as trainers attended to Rune following this narrow loss. 
The Active Volcano headed up the ramp and then raised the title one more time for the masses at the top. 
Good fight and good night, everybody.
… Or not!
Ohiyama turned and as he headed back to the entrance, his head was nearly taken off by a HUGE Big Boot from none other than THE GREAT WALL!  But why?
The fans jeered! Ohiyama was no doubt spent after his battle with Rune and The Great Wall picked him up by his hair, RAMMING a series of his own knee strikes into the head and face of The Active Volcano. Xiang came out from the entrance right behind his charge...
The Great Wall nodded as he set up Ohiyama...

And back to the announce table!

“Because of that attack on the ramp, Ohiyama is not here tonight, but we’ve just received word… he WILL be cleared for Victory’s second episode in a few days and he WILL be calling out The Great Wall to face him and has even offered to put The Blitzkrieg Title on the line!”

“Ohiyama is NUTS!” C.G. said to Melissa. “I’m all about his fighting spirit and him putting on killer matches, but The Great Wall has gone straight undefeated this year AND has made himself an enemy of Warren Spade, too, after costing him the nbW World Heavyweight Title and his main event spot at Legacy! What’s Warren going to think?”

“I think that he’s thinking about revenge! Ohiyama is a proud, proud man and he won’t hesitate to go after those that wronged him. We look forward to see what The Great Wall’s answer is going to be, but now, we’re going to go to the ring for our next match! Clan Strongbern look to fight for a Dynasty Tag Team Title shot on the next Slam by defeating The A-List, non-title next!”

A-List Versus Clan Strongbern

After the complete introduction by Melissa and C.G. Brent Williams was about to earn his paycheck.
“The following is a non-title tag team match and is set for one fall!” Brent Williams announced.
After a customary “ONE FALL!” from the fans in return, the fans in the Scotiabank Saddledome were ready to boo their hearts out for two-third of nbW’s most dickish tandem, The In Crowd.
Backstage, we see the duo of El Principe and VIP leave their private locker room and make the short walk to the curtains where a couple of guards salute them and march towards the ringside area.  Waiting there, and we're talking about a matter of yards, is a limousine.  One of the guards hands the esteemed individuals over to a chauffeur, who opens the door for them to get in.
Ridiculously slow and short, the driver escorts them for ten seconds or so prior to getting out himself and holding the door yet again, this time for the ego-inflated outfit to step out.
A red carpet leading to the steps is trodden by the twosome, Principe in front, and they wipe their feet again before the ring is graced with THEIR presence.
"Introducing first, weighing a combined four hundred and seventy-eight pounds...The Crown Prince of Lucha Libre, El Principe and his partner VIP...they are A-LIST!"
Price and El Principe enjoyed the jeers of the fans as they entered the ring. After a massive gloating session by A-List on the last episode of Slam, Clan Strongbern took offense to the champs prattling on about not having any viable challengers and got shellacked as an end result. Tonight, they’d be taking on a somewhat combustible duo of Big Rick Strongbern and Little Ricky Strongbern. Could Clan Strongbern earn themselves a crack at the Dynasty Tag Team Titles tonight?
Let’s find out as they make their entrance, shall we?
“Let’s Kill These Motherfuckers” by Lair of the Minotaur.
The theme erupted from the arena speakers with a thundering boom as the lights in the arena went pitch-black. Suddenly, a HUGE spotlight shone on the stage and one by one, the monsters came out to play.
“Little” Ricky Strongbern, the near-seven footer. STILL dressed like a barbarian from earlier
The monstrous powerhouse Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern in his warpaint.
The wild attack dog, Ri-Khan Strongbern, who grabbed the camera and let loose a loud growl! Still in his warpaint and camo attire.
And of course…
The camera panned down to show Big Rick Strongbern. 5’8” and 225 of the nastiest pounds you ever done saw’d walking out with his arms behind his back like the ring general he claimed to be.
“And their opponents, representing Clan Strongbern… being accompanied to the ring by Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern and Ri-Khan Strongbern… at a combined weight of 55 2pounds… BIG RICK AND LITTLE RICKY STRONGBERN!
Little Ricky lucked his way into this opportunity, but in truth the man that had been thought of as the weak link of the Clan was instrumental in their last match over The Unstoppables. Big Rick quietly scowled at Little Ricky before he climbed up the ropes one at a time and stepped over them like the giant he thought he was. With all four men in the ring (and two of them lurking outside for The Clan), Tal Nedrick called for the bell.
Before both A-List members knew exactly what hit them, Little Ricky and Big Rick jumped on them rather quickly at the start! Big Rick went right after El Principe while The Californian Comet was now getting pummeled by an angry Little Ricky that had something to prove tonight!
After a series of hard Clubbing Forearms from Little Ricky, the near seven-footer whipped VIP across the ring and sent him flying into the corner. Big Rick then had the same idea and whipped El Principe right at his own tag team partner, sending him smacking into both men in the corner. Big Rick charged in first and he CLOBBERED El Principe with a Corner Clothesline. The Artist Formerly Known as Tremoid charged right behind him…
The crowd seemed to pick a favorite and it was Clan Storngbern since The In Crowd were even bigger dicks than most in nbW these days! Little Ricky grabbed VIP by the neck and THREW him right from the ring before returning to The Clan’s corner! Rik and Ri-Khan watched from the outside and cheered on their stablemates as the self-professed King of Strongbern Style and El Principe were now considered the legal men.
He whipped The Crown Prince of Lucha Libre across the ring again and Big Rick waved his arm before charging, clocking El Principe in the chest with another big Corner Clothesline! He fell out of the corner and that allowed Rick to scoop him out of the corner and DRIVE down El Principe with a Powerslam! Big Rick then jumped up and DROPPED his weight with a Running Senton! He stayed on top of El Principe and tried getting the win!
He pulled El Principe up by the neck after he kicked out…
Three stiff Knife-Edge Chops from Big Rick stunned El Principe, but The Crown Prince of Lucha Libre fought back with a good old classic Greco-Roman Thumb to the Eye! Nedrick reprimanded the masked man for his cruel tactic, but Clan Strongbern weren’t exactly adverse to using their numbers to win matches.
He followed up the thumb to the eye and he whipped Big Rick into the corner himself! He followed him in with a running…
He stopped and viciously RAKED the back of Storngbern.
Big Rick flinched in pain while El Principe laughed at his expense. With the odds now more in their favor than a certain game about hunter, El Principe charged and bullied Big Rick into the A-List corner! Just to be a complete asshole…
An unnecessary, but disabling Bell Clap echoed loudly and the crowd cringed while Big Rick was being pummeled in the corner now with Little Ricky forced to watch. He didn’t want to have to change his name to Little Bitch Strongbern if he lost, so they NEEDED to win tonight… also the Dynasty Tag Team Title opportunity, of course.
Little Ricky and the rest of Clan Strongbern watched The A-List work that great tag team magic as VIP was tagged into the ring. The two-time Dynasty Tag Team Champ (once with Derecho and Son of Malta some time ago) entered the ring…
He charged and clocked the big man’s left knee, knocking him off the apron! Rik snarled and Ri-Khan wanted to jump in, but Rik held him back as both members of The A-List now went to work over Big Rick with punches in the corner. With the flying, they sent Big Rick into the ropes where El Principe doubled him over with a knee to the gut followed by VIP picking him up with a Flapjack! That wasn’t all as he bounced off the ropes…
He leaped right clean over Big Rick and snapped him down with a Running Somersault Neckbreaker! After The Biggest Man In Town got put down, VIP crawled over and hooked the leg tightly, trying to keep Clan Strongbern from getting a crack at the gold!
Big Rick kicked out and the fans… cheered some?”
Kinda. But they cheered a little.
Anyway, VIP reached over and grabbed Big Rick in a Headlock before carrying him over and made the the tag back to El Principe. After a rough start, the VERY confident champs continued to work some magic as they took turns putting the boots to Strongbern in the corner. After VIP got done wiping his feet on the doormat that was Big Rick, El Principe took the leader of Clan Strongbern and continued to batter him with boots to the chest.

The technical wizard of the duo grabbed his leg and KICKED at it several times, trying to wear down Clan Strongbern’s leader. El Principe then took him down with a Dragon Screw Leg Whip!

Big Rick howled again after hitting the mat, but that allowed El Principe to keep the attack going. He rolled him over and used a rolling Snapmare-like move to work the leg! The King of Strongbern Style was being worked over by The Crown Prince of Lucha Libra and now placed his leg on the middle rope before jumping up and SITTING on the knee! 
After that bit of punishment, it was time to bust out another classic in the form of the Figure Four Leg Lock! El Principe had it locked tighter than a virgin nun’s nether regions and Big Rick now struggled to fight his way out! Little Ricky waited around ringside and tried to get into the ring to save his leader and earn a Dynasty Tag Team Title shot. Little Ricky continued to growl while the lock was still on Big Rick. Nedrick asked if he wanted to quit.

“I’M NOT NO BITCH! NO!” Big Rick shouted.

Big Rick did the best thing that he could hope to do in this situation and that was to turn the submission around on El Principe. He struggled in the hold and slowly started to turn despite El Principe’s best efforts to fight that…


Figure Four turned!

But just as soon as that happened, VIP snuck back into the ring and put the boots to Big Rick, breaking up the hold. But as soon as THAT happened, Little Ricky ran in and TACKLED VIP with a big Shoulder Tackle to knock him down! Little Ricky threw El Principe away from Big Rick and returned to his corner. Big Rick tried to limp over to the corner, but El Principe grabbed him by his bad leg and started to get him back up. He tried for a hook of the leg, but Big Rick elbowed his way out. He spun El Principe around and rolled him up with a Schoolboy...



El Principe got spiked onto the mat and Strongbern had a lot of power in his compact frame! After the Schoolboy into the Deadlift Powerbomb, both men were down and now both desperately needed to make a tag.
The Crown Prince of Lucha Libre and Big Rick limped to the opposite corner and when they realized their mistake...

"FUCK YOU!" Big Rick yelled,

Big Rick and El Principe crawled right past one another. Big Rick limped over to Little Ricky while El Principe tried to get to VIP who was already back on the apron raring to go...

Tag made to VIP!

VIP jumped into the ring and grabbed Big Rick's leg that El Principe had worked over. He pulled him up and looked to hook him by the side of the head, but Big Rick surprised him by striking him with a STIFF Enzuigiri! VIP was glassy-eyed while Big Rick finally made the tag...


The crowd cheered (again, kinda) for Little Ricky as he ran right into VIP and ran him down with a Shoulder Block!

The somewhat mixed crowd watched VIP get bounced around like a game of bumper cars while he charged into the corner and crushed him with a big Body Avalanche in the corner! He pointed to the opposite side of the ring and looked to crush VIP there...


The Turnbuckle Complete Shot drove Little Ricky’s face into the top turnbuckle and now left him completely disoriented so that allowed VIP to snuff out any momentum Little Ricky could build. He grabbed him by the side of the head with El Principe back into the ring…


The Enzuigiri/Flatliner had to do it right there as VIP went for a cover on the big man!




Big RIck came to the aid of his lackey and booted VIP in the side of the head! El Principe came back into the ring and clocked Big Rick with a big kick before throwing him out of the ring. That allowed both members of A-List to take care of Little Ricky. Both men whipped the near seven-footer into the ropes and sent him flying. They both tried a big Double Elbow, but Little Ricky broke through…


The seven-foot Running Crossbody allowed Little Ricky to put down the Dynasty Tag Team Champions! With the crowd on the side of Clan Strongbern, Little Ricky fought back to his feet and grabbed El Principe before throwing him into the corner with Snake Eyes! He followed Victor Ingram Price to the corner and CRUSHED him with a big series of Corner Knee Strikes to the gut and that led to him spinning out of the corner…


The Discus Clothesline missed when VIP ducked, but a boot to the gut and…


Little Ricky got taken for a little Moonlight Drive! Could VIP keep Clan Strongbern from picking up a title shot?



Rik reached in and pulled VIP’s leg to break up the cover! Nedrick turned toward the muscleman of the gruesome foursome and yelled at him, but VIP didn’t see Ri-Khan sneak into the ring…


Clan Strongbern’s Attack Dog laid out Victor with the high-impact Spin Kick! He rolled out of the ring just as fast which allowed Little Ricky to get up.

"GET HIM OVER HERE! NOW!" Big Rick shouted.

Little Ricky looked at Ri-Khan with a cold glare, then turned over to VIP. He dragged VIP over to the corner and tagged in Big Rick! El Principe got back into the ring to try and stop whatever they were setting up...


...But all he got was a Discus Clothesline for his troubles! The crowd started to rise when Big Rick hit the top turnbuckle with VIP still lifeless below him…



The Diving Senton CRUSHED VIP and Big Rick quickly crawled back into a cover! Could they punch their ticket to a Dynasty Tag Team Title match?




Yes! Yes, they could! Big Rick had a grin on his face while both he and Little Ricky had his arm raised in victory.


Thanks once again to the numbers game, Clan Strongbern had just stolen a HUGE victory tonight and because of that, they were now in line for a Dynasty Tag Team Title shot on the next edition of Slam!


Little Ricky rolled his eyes at the fact that The A-List had picked him off for a good chunk of the match, but regardless they were the victor’s tonight and walked backstage to celebrate while VIP held his ribs, drawing in pained breaths. The A-List now had two weeks to hopefully learn a lesson from this match tonight and come up with a gameplan to stop Clan Strongbern from taking the Dynasty Tag Team Titles!




Chicago Strong Style Open Challenge

“The following is the Chicago Strong Style Open Challenge!” the ring announcer exclaimed.

[The arena lights go out, and searing aggro rock guitar intro to “Frail Words Left Unspoken” by Fear & Grace awaken the crowd and the word “CHICAGO STRONG STYLE” showed up on the screen. The crowd popped as John Pariah walked out onto the stage-wearing a black Wornstar hooded vest. He held his hands up as a gun-and threw his head back as a wall of pyro shot up behind him-leading right into the hook. The crowd roared as he headed down the ramp, and posed on the ropes in his signature gun pose, as the streamers fly into the ring. The music died out and we are ready for the match.]

“I have to wonder who from his past he brought in tonight for this!” Melissa exclaimed.

“I don’t care. Wake me up when it’s over!” her broadcast collegue exclaimed.

The arena lights went out, as an electronic keyboard intro began to echo over the PA, and a female voice came on.


The Canadian fans exploded, as “We Are The Brave” by VERIDIA hits the PA System,

“His opponent, he hails from Toronto, Ontario, Canada……..the ABSTRACT...JAMES...SILLLKKK!!!!!!!

“WOAH!” Melissa exclaimed.

“You mean who?”

“James Silkk, a former multiple time PWX Champion, and the half brother of John Pariah.

“Oh...okay...nap time than.” he added as the crowd cheered their Canadian boy down to the ring. He smirked as he climbs into the ring, and looked across at the man who trained him, John Pariah as the music faded out and the bell rings.


The two shake their heads and nod-before circling each other before locking up. Pariah immediatly got the advantage with a side headlock. He took him over with a side headlock-and the Abstract immediatly grabbed Pariahs head with his legs-and tried to roll him through. Pariah ended up rolling up his former tag partner with a bridge-but he only scored a one count. The two get back to their feet and nod at each other again-before locking up and this time Silkk took Pariah down with a go behind-into a front facelock. He hooked Pariahs arm, as Pariah struggled to a knee. He lifted him up-but Pariah broke free and shoved Silkk into the corner. He drove his shoulders into Silkks abdomen, before standing up and delivering a hard forearm.

“Come on Jim!” he yelled. “Bring it!” he added, before shooting him across the ring and following up with a big splash. He delivered a pair of chops to the chest-before trying that move again and sending Silkk across the ring. The Abstract ended up countering it-and sending Pariah into the corner. He stumbled backwards as Silkk bounced off the ropes and hit a heel kick-knocking down Pariah-who then immediately rolled to the floor. The crowd began to come alive than-as Silkk ran the ropes and hit a suicide dive-crashing into his half brother and the railing. The crowd began to cheer louder as Silkk delivered a pair of kicks to the chest, before lifting him brother up and slamming him head first into the ring apron. He slid Pariah into the ring-and then waited on the apron, before attempting-and connecting with a springboard forearm. He goes for the cover:



Silkk sighed and shook his head-before lifting him brother up and chopping the color out of his chest. He sent Pariah into the ropes and connected with a slingblade-only for another two count. Silkk began to show signs of frustration, as he stomped on Pariah. He picked him up and slammed him into the corner and choked him with his boot, before stepping back and connecting with a running yakuza kick. He drug him out of the corner-and locked in a half nelson-before smashing the back of his head with a forearm, and throwing him over his head with a modified dragon suplex. Silkk bridged into the pin:




The crowd popped, and began a loud “JOHN PARIAH” chant as Silkk began to get angry. He lifted him onto his shoulders-and looked like he was going to go for his version of the Go 2 Sleep, the “Shadow of the Bat”-but Pariah caught his leg and spun him around-before connecting with Mirakuru. The crowd exploded as both men fell to the mat-and the ref began his mandatory ten count.





Pariah begun to stir-as does Silkk, as they both rolled to their stomachs and begin crawling to the ropes.

“Silkk with an opening flurry here Gains.” Melissa said to an unresponsive partner. “He hasn’t competed at this level for at least two years. He has alot to prove.” she added.



They get to their feet at the same time-and Silkk connected with a superkick-sending Chicago's Finest into the corner. He steps back and runs for a splash-but Pariah ducked and dropped him with a uranage backbreaker. He picked him up, and delivered a pair of strikes to the head-before sending him to the ropes and connecting with a big flapjack slam. He turned and immediately dropped a knee across his face-going for a cover and a two count. He sat him up, looking for the Gates of Gotham submission-but Silkk had it scouted and leaned back-delivering a kick to the head. Pariah stumbled back as Silkk got up and connected with a shining wizard. The crowd began to come alive again as Pariah rolled to the floor-almost in shock at what his protege is still capable of. Silkk ran the ropes and teased another dive-but Pariah got his arms up, Silkk changed mid move and slid-feet first through the ropes-kicking Pariah in the chest as the crowd popped.

“Oh, Silkk is in control now?” Gaines chimed in.

“Looks like he has his half brother well scouted.” Melissa added as he threw Pariah into the railing-and connected with another yakuza kick to the head. The ref began his count on the floor at this point.




Silkk slammed Pariah onto the steps-and climbed up-hitting a mini curbstomp style kick to the back of Johns head.



“Come on James! Get it back in the ring!” the ref yelled as Silkk grabbed Pariah and rolled him onto the apron-before delivering a strike to the chest.



Silkk rolled into the ring, breaking the refs count before slingshotting over the ropes and dropping his leg on a prone Pariah. The crowd popped as he mocked Pariah’s gun taunt. Pariah rolled into the ring-holding his throat and head as Silkk climbed in, and looked poised to strike. He pulled him up and set him up for a Double Arm DDT-possibly setting up a guillotine choke, but Pariah countered it by shoving him back into the corner. He delivered a forearm to the face, and then shot his half brother across the ring. Silkk hit the turnbuckle and stumbled backwards-allowing Pariah to connect with a big lariat.

“I hear thats the stiffest lariat this side of Super Dragon!” Melissa exclaimed.

“Who?” he responded as Pariah went for a cover on Silkk:





“You can see the frustration on Pariahs face.” Melissa exclaimed as he slamed the mat-and stands up. He looked down at his knee pad, and looked at Silkk-who is on all fours now. He chuckled and grabbed him from behind-and tried to turn him around into a short arm knee strike.

“It looked like Pariah may have been trying for the Crisis Trigger.” Melissa said, “But I think the former PWX World Champion had it well scouted.” she added as Silkk scouts the move and goes behind Pariah-looking for the Dream Killer as he locks in a full nelson. “This could be it! What an upset!” she exclaimed, as Pariah slid backwards and dropped Silkk with a hard german suplex. He got up and yelled-before he picked up his opponent and lifted him up onto his shoulders. The crowd popped as he hit the Last Kiss Good Night, and immediatly locked in the Calf Slicer.

“That’s it!” Melissa exclaimed as James Silkk tapped out, causing the bell ring to ring.

“Here is your winner..by submission...Chicago’s Finest..JOHN PARIAH!” the ring announcer exclaimed as Pariah let the hold go-and stood up for the ref to hold his arm up. The crowd began to cheer “Thank You James” as he helped Silkk to his feet-and offered a handshake. The two brothers shook hands, as the crowd cheered loudly. Their cheers turned to boos as a man in a hoodie slides into the ring and takes Silkk out with a devastating lariat to the back of the head.

“What the hell?” Melissa exclaimed.

“Oh! Something finally happened!” Gains chimed in.

The crowd booed as the man pulled his hood down-revealing the Canadian native, Calgary’s Warrior, Jesse Jamester. A half smirk appeared on his face as he grabbed  Silkk around the neck, hoisted him into the air with a suplex, before twisting his upper body and dropping him with a cutter manuever - the Jesterplex, right on his head. Jesse turns his attention to Pariah-delivering a pair of boots to the head, before liftening him to his feet and delivering another Jesterplex, laying Pariah out next to his half brother. The snearing smirk of the Canadian native looked on at his handy work,as he stood over ‘Chicago’s Finest’.

“What business does Jesse Jamester have with John Pariah?” exclaimed Melissa.

“Whatever it is, this crowd is none too happy about his actions tonight. Just listen to them,” Gaines shot back as the crowd in attendance jeered the former native hero as he made his way out of the ring and through the crowd.

“Canadian hero or not, these actions of Jesse Jamester will need to be answered, best believe Pariah won’t take this laying down,” chimed in Melissa.

“Well, he is right now,” Gaines shot back as the camera focuses on the two brothers laid out in the ring before fading to a commercial.





Demanding Answers


The arena had just gotten quiet, but that wouldn’t last much longer. The lights in the arena went out and the crowd began to boo as the familiar words whispered over the PA speakers.

“I am….

….I am”

“Charisma” by WASP

The lights flashed to the beat as Derecho power walked out from the backstage area.  As the crowd booed, Derecho stormed to the ring, not even paying any attention to what was going on. He circled around ringside and forcefully snatched a microphone away from the time keeper’s table. Derecho rolled under the bottom rope and quickly got to his feet.

“Cut the damn music off.”

Derecho paced back and forth in the ring as the arena returned to normal. The only sound that could be heard were the booing from the fans. Typically, someone would wait for the crowd to quiet down before speaking, but Derecho wasn’t about to do that. He was quick to get straight to the point.

“I’ve been here in NBW long enough to know just how things work around here. I’m done chasing things around in circles. I refuse to dance to the tune of Jack Harmen’s excuses any longer. Harmen… you have exactly ten seconds to come out here and deliver to me my answer or I will come back there and make good on my promise with replacing Spike Saunders with you.”

Jack Harmen wasted no time walking out from the backstage area. Derecho was actually shocked that Harmen was punctual. Derecho had figured that he would dodge him and he would have to go on the hunt, but Harmen showed up and made his way down to the ring with a microphone already in hand. Harmen climbed into the ring and looked across at Derecho on the opposite side, tugging at his trademark bow tie.

“What do you think I am, Santa Claus?” Harmen said, “I can't just magically give you what you want.”

“That’s not good enough, Harmen” said Derecho cutting him off. “I don’t want to hear anything else out of your mouth unless it’s a yes or a no. So which is it, Harmen? Do I have my match at Legacy or not?”

“Derecho…” Harmen rubbed the back of his neck. “You have to understand something. This isn't so easy, it's not just my decision.”

Derecho charged forward and grabbed Harmen by the shirt, forcing him up against the ropes. Derecho got nose to nose with Harmen, but still left just enough space between them to fit the microphone. Harmen’s eyes quivered.

“Yes…. or No.”

Just then….

“Spike It UP!”

The crowd erupted at the sound of the KISS remix as it hit the PA speakers. The Colossus himself, Spike Saunders stepped out from the backstage area. Derecho released his grip on Jack Harmen and stood in the center of the ring. Saunders made his way down to the ring where he climbed up onto the apron and stepped over the top rope, staring a hole through Derecho the entishivered. Harmen wiped the imaginary sweat from his brow and breathed a sigh of relief. Saunders walked right up to the former three time world champion and looked him dead in the eyes.

Derecho looked up at Saunders and brought the microphone up to his lips.

“I want my ans….”


Mid-sentence, Derecho took the microphone and blasted Saunders in the head with it! Derecho hammered away with heavy rights and lefts, combination blows, rocking Saunders back towards the ropes. Jack Harmen stepped in between Derecho and Saunders to try and calm things down, but Derecho grabbed Harmen by the suit jacket and tossed him down to the canvas!  Saunders took that opening and nailed Derecho with a huge knee lift to the stomach, doubling him over. Saunders clubbed Derecho over the back with a heavy forearm, dropping him down to a knee, but Derecho took the cheap shot and low blowed Saunders to thunderous boos from the crowd.

Derecho grabbed Saunders as he was hunched over and planted him face first into the canvas with a DDT!  Saunders rolled onto his back and Derecho mounted him, raining down heavy blows to the side of his head. Harmen got up and used his strength to peel Derecho off of Saunders. Harmen backed Derecho into the corner and told him to calm down, but Derecho spat right into the face of Harmen!  While Harmen was temporarily blinded and disgraced, Derecho grabbed Harmen and hoisted him up onto his shoulder, but the distraction caused Derecho to not notice that Spike had recovered!

Spike charged in and damn near kicked Derecho’s head off with a thunderous big boot to the face!  Harmen fell off of Derecho’s shoulders as Derecho fell to the canvas in a heap. Saunders pulled Derecho up and ran him across the ring, tossing him over the top rope and out to the floor by the announce tables. Saunders got out of the ring and bounced Derecho’s head off the table! Saunders began to clear off the announce table of its branding and monitors as he had plans for Derecho in mind.

Harmen looked to the backstage area and waved for a team of security. From the back, several members of the security team poured out, much to the chagrin of the crowd. Saunders stood Derecho up and grabbed him by the neck, but before he could choke slam Derecho through the announce table, he found himself swarmed by security guards. They were able to pull Saunders off of Derecho, but Derecho took that opportunity to break through the security team and pummel Saunders with more right hands. Saunders fought back and it turned into an old-fashioned slugfest between the two of them.

Harmen waved down even more security and soon there were at least twenty members of the security staff swarming all over Derecho and Saunders. It took a herculean effort, but they were able to pull the two of them apart.

“I won’t stop until I have my match, Saunders. You’re not going to run from me anymore! I’m going to settle this if it’s the last thing I do!” screamed Derecho from the other side of the ringside area where he was being detained.

Security held Derecho in place while the other members slowly got Saunders out of the arena. Harmen looked on from inside the ring at Derecho with an angered look on his face. It was a scene of chaos as the cameras faded to black.







Backstage, we could see the duo of El Principe and VIP leave their private locker room and make the short walk to the curtains where a couple of guards saluted them and marched towards the ringside area.  Waiting there, and we're talking about a matter of yards, was a limousine.  One of the guards handed the esteemed individuals over to a chauffeur, who opened the door for them to get in.

Ridiculously slow and short, the driver escorted them for ten seconds or so prior to getting out himself and holding the door yet again, this time for the ego-inflated outfit to step out. Though they were rather bruised and both tried to conceal obvious limps, they managed to maintain the same arrogant air they always did.

A red carpet leading to the steps was trodden by the twosome, Principe in front, and they wiped their feet again before the ring was graced with THEIR presence.

 Price called for a microphone and his wish was granted:

“What? Did you think we’d have gone by now? Think we’d be licking our wounds, running away with our tail between our legs?”

He smirked, even if it made him wince. DAMN that senton had hurt like a bitch!

“Well, sorry to disappoint you, but this is A-LIST you’re looking at! The supreme duo, the greatest tag team in NBW history!”

El Principe joined in, yelling exuberantly in his native tongue.

“My partner is right.” Victor said “I’ll admit, you did well tonight Strongbern, credit where it’s due and all. But one lucky fluke win doesn’t put you on OUR level. We’re the first team to stop The Unstoppables not once, but twice.  When nobody else could do it, we've shelved Darren Best at long, long last and what about Alex Reyn?  Where is the so-called East Wind right now?”

Annoyingly, the crowd didn't seem to be listening to them. Instead of the ego stroking boos that A-list were used to, the audience had instead fallen into hushed whispers and murmurs. As if they weren't really listening to them.

El Principe whirled around angrily, yelling at the crowd in spanish for their insol...

Then he saw what they had been watching.

And fear choked the words in his throat...

VIP heard the catch in his partner's voice and turned to-

Meet a steel chair to the face.

Blood splattered on the canvas as VIP dropped from the blow. Through dazed, blurry eyes he looked up to see a horrifying sight.

The East Wind stood above him, shadowed face contorted in a merciless fury. In one hand he held a bloody chair, while the other slowly crushed the throat of El Principe.

 "You... Interfered... In... MY... Fight!" he growled.

The masked Mexican tried to fight  back, but Alex simply released his grip and used the second Principe took to catch his breath to SMASH EL P. across the face with his chair. Price tried to get up, but doing so brought his face up to Alex's knee.

And Alex was only too happy to drive it into VIP's jaw.

Both of them were stunned and dazed and Alex untied a length of chain from his belt. Dragging El Principe so he was beside VIP, he wrapped the chain around both their legs, tying them together and securing it with a padlock.

The two thrashed  to try to break the chain, but it was solid iron and with their legs tied to each other like this, they were having difficulty even STANDING, let alone fighting.

"Consider this your judgement."

El Principe cried out in pain,  as Alex stood on his wrist! He felt the cold edge of the chair pressing against his neck. Then a rush of air as Alex raised the chair high, ready to bring it down upon-!


Alex whirled around with a snarl to see Darren Best staggering down the stage, he could only limp, he had to grip tightly to the barricade to keep himself steady with one hand as the world spun around him, and his other hand clutched at his bandaged head.

Yet despite his obviously injured state, there was a fire in his eyes as he stared down his nemesis.

“D-don’t you dare do it Reyn! Don’t you DARE hurt them…

He stumbled and barely avoided collapsing to his knees,

Alex fixed him with a withering look.

“...You’re asking me to show mercy? To an enemy that tried to cripple you? Is this another pathetic example of human pity?!”

Darren gritted his teeth and shook his head.

“No… no, I’m not telling you to show pity, I’m warning you, they’re MINE. Mine and Alfie’s! We’ve got got a shot at the titles as much as Strongbern, and I want to make these two bastards pay for everything they’ve done by taking away the ONE thing in the world they care about! If you cripple them now, if you take that away from us… There’ll be nowhere on this EARTH that you can hide from me!”

Knowing Reyn wasn't totally sold on the idea, Darren maintained eye contact: 

“Leave this to Alfie and me, we've got a shot at the Dynasty titles.  If we fail…  They're yours.”

Alex tilted his head to look at his rival in an expression halfway between condescension and intrigue.

"Leave it to YOU? You can barely stand up right now, Darren. And these two have already proven to be your match. What do YOU intend to do in this state?"

“As YOU know, I have come back from worse.”

Alex actually smiled.

"That you have."

He stepped forward, closer to the ropes that separated them.

"Am I to understand that this is a trial you've set for yourself? You, and your partner wish to battle against an old rival despite this handicap you suffer?"

Reyn responded with a laugh.

An emotive, mirthful, head to the skies, laugh

Then he lowered his gaze to Darren and his lips split his face into a savage grin.

"It's been too long since I've been able to fulfil my duty in this manner."

He chuckled.

"Very well Darren Best. I, The East Wind of Adversity, spirit of conflict, challenge, growth and natural selection, bless your trial! May you achieve victory over that which holds you down!"

He stepped back, dropping the chair and lowering his head into something that almost resembled a bow.

"In short"

He spread his arms wide as if offering A-List to Darren as EMT’s and security began swarming in.

"They're all yours."




Ravage Versus 'Quiet Fury' Jax Curry

“We’ve got something good in our lives, Melissa!” C.G. Gains said. “Tonight, we’ve got Ravage about to make his return to nbW after a brief sabbatical. He’s gonna be taking some poor rookie to TASK! He’s gonna light this kid up like a tree on Christmas Day!”
Melissa shook her head. “If he thinks it’ll be that easy, he might be mistaken. His opponent gets to make his debut in his home country, no less! This is “Quiet Fury” Jax Curry, he has been with nbW’s training development for the better part of two years. He’s earned very high marks from his trainers, including former Keystone Champion Matt Haddon. Haddon’s previous pupil, Lucky Carter, went on to become nbW World Champion so Haddon does have a good eye for talent.”
“Well Lucky ain’t here now, is he?” Gains sniped. “Besides… I read up on Curry. He has strength, speed, a former amateur wrestler and defensive tackle in the Canadian Football League before we signed him in 2015. Athleticism is in his blood, but Ravage is a battle-tested and DECORATED star, might I add. Former nbW World… Keystone Champ… Blitzkrieg Champ… need I go on?
“No, you don’t. Let’s go to the ring now where we’ve got Ravage’s opponent already inside.”
And to the ring we go with the young black man from Toronto - Jax Curry getting himself ready. 
“The following contest is set for one fall! Already in the ring… from Toronto, Ontario… this is CANADA’S OWN…” Brent paused for a big pop for their fellow countryman. “Weighing in at 258 pounds… ”QUIET FURY” JAX CURRY!
The humble Curry raises a hand to acknowledge the great crowd reaction, but his focus is on his opponent tonight… one of nbW’s most decorated and dangerous opponents. 
“Wanted Man” by Rev Theory. 
The music plays and out from the back comes a man who has been down on his luck in 2017, choosing to take a brief break to recharge his batteries. After losing multiple times to Brock Newbludd on the 2017 25 to Life Winner’s way to the top, Ravage looked like he was ready to beat somebody. 
“Turn that crap off NOW.”
Ravage had a microphone in hand as he climbed right into the ring, wasting little to no time to get to his opponent. Curry looked very composed for a rookie about to make his TV debut, but Ravage didn’t care about his mindset. The music faded as he approached Curry. 
“Yay…” he said sarcastically. “Another one of Matt Haddon’s nbW pet projects… I’m sick of this crap. Do you even realize what you’re doing by coming around my way, kid?”
Curry was a powerful frame, but only stood 5’11” – two inches taller than the 5’9” and 230-pound Ravage. He looked down at Ravage as he continued. 
“You’re taking food from my kid’s table; my daughter, by taking this match. Taking a spot on this roster that doesn’t belong to you! This match is a perfect example of why I took a break from this shitty company! This whole last year, nbW has been jerking me around like I don’t matter. I’m one of nbW’ most experienced, most talented and most DECORATED stars and yet, I’m being pushed to the side… for WHO…”
Brock Newbludd!”
HUGE pop for the man that’s Legacy-bound!
ALMOST as big pop for the hard-hitting Hawaiian. 
“Jake Tockwell!”
MASSIVE booing for the nbW World Heavyweight Champion!
“Derecho returning from off the milk carton… John Pariah… Johnny Bedlam… Clan Strongbern… Jesus Christ, do I need to go on! I’m left in the dust while nbW seems to just trot out its new toys which means people like me have to SUFFER and live in fear of being sent home for good… well, kid, I’m sorry to say that you wanted to take this match… because I don’t. I’m better than this, and I’m better than y…”
Jax Curry had clearly heard enough of Ravage’s belly-aching! Curry circled around Ravage and referee Slim J called for the bell as the disoriented Ravage remained in the corner. 
The crowd CHEERED loudly for their fellow countryman getting the debut of his lifetime in nbW as he waited for Ravage to step out of the corner. He grabbed the microphone that Ravage had knocked out of his hand. 
"Hey... shut up and wrestle."
Powerful words indeed. He tossed the microphone to the outside and waited for Ravage to get up. He booted him in the gut and elevated him up high…
Five seconds…
Ten seconds…
Delayed Vertical Suplex!
Ravage crashed to the canvas hard and now scrambled to the corner after he had been taken to task by the rookie powerhouse in the early goings of this match. Jax waved to the crowd and then pointed towards Ravage in the corner, charging in and connecting with a Running Back Elbow in the corner – one taught to him by Haddon! When Ravage came teetering out of the corner a second time, Ravage was grabbed by his side and THROWN over head with a big Gutwrench Suplex! Curry beat on his chest and rolled over! Could he land the big upset?
Ravage didn’t get to where he was today by being some sort of pushover, no matter how frustrated he was with his current standing in the company. The forty-year old Ravage pulled himself up, but Curry was on him like white on rice and a glass of milk on a paper plate in a snowstorm. The Quiet Fury unleashed some hard body shots to the chest of Ravage and then threw him into another corner. Jax charged like a bull…
But perhaps that overzealousness just cost him! 
Ravage moved out of the way of the Spear Tackle in the corner and Jax hit his left shoulder on the ring post! Jax recoiled from the pain and that gave Ravage the chance to pounce on him. He delivered a painful flurry of HARD boots to the head and shoulder of Curry and tried to take down the former CFL player and amateur wrestler in the corner. He backed out of the corner for a moment and yelled at the official. 
“Shut up, or I’ll break your neck, you little shit.”
Slim J backed off from a VERY angry and pissed off Ravage, making with the bit of potty-mouth. Ravage went back to work on Curry, putting a knee down on his neck to lower him to a seated position. From there, Ravage ran off one set of ropes…
And a powerful Running Knee to the temple caught Jax Curry! The Quiet Fury wobbled out of the corner and then Ravage grabbed on, planting him flat on the mat with a vicious Snap DDT! Curry was down and now a more vicious Ravage pulled him out of the corner…
Curry with the strong kickout! 
But that didn’t do much to faze Ravage in the face of his strong opponent. He pulled Curry up into the corner…
A LOUD Knife-Edge Chop could be heard like a gunshot throughout the arena as Ravage stayed on him like an angry pitbull. The young Canadian was still being grounded by Ravage with more boots to the side of the head and then ran across his face in disrespectful fashion. 
"Here's what I think of this company's future!" Ravage shouted. 
Ravage then blew a snot rocket on Curry! Jax cringed from the very clear sign of disrespect and then recoiled in the corner while Ravage grabbed him by the neck. A quick turn led to a very sharp Hangman's Neckbreaker and with that, Ravage turned and made another cover on the rookie standout. 
More attacks beign aimed at the head and neck of Jax Curry – exactly what made Ravage so dangerous and deadly in the first place. Ravage grabbed him by the neck and locked him up for what looked like a very high and tight Rear Chinlock more reminiscent of a choke as he worked him on the ground. Ravage pulled back on the hold trying to pop the neck of Jax like the cap off a bottle and cranked even harder. 
"I'm done with this crap!" Ravage shouted. "Get out of my ring!"
A hard thing to do when a 230-pound human being was wrapped around your throat to be sure. That being said, Jax continued to fight back and tried to make it up to his feet. The very supportive Canadian crowd continued to will on their fellow Canuck. 
Curry fought his way upward and got to a kne, despite Ravage's attempts to crank back on the hold harder. He threw a few powerful elbows to the breadbasket of the battle-tested vet and with some effort, finally shoved him back into the corner. Ravage was tenacious and tried to come at him (bro)…
Curry was showing he knew his way around a Suplex and another one just sent Ravage flying halfway across the ring! Curry started to fire himself up now and punched the mat before he waited for Ravage to rise as he got in the corner. Curry enjoyed the cheers of the crowd and pointed at the corner, charging and knocking the wind out of Ravage with a HUGE Spear Tackle in the corner using his right shoulder, not the left one he hurt earlier! Ravage was no doubt winded now with The Quiet Fury ready to finish him off for good. He grabbed him around with a Rear Waistlock... could another Suplex be far behind?
Ravage had to fight like mad to get Curry off of him, but three big elbows to the face caught the rookie. Ravage turned around...
Not to go back in tiem to 2004, but Curry had just found out what the five fingers said to the face and he reeled back from Ravage, who now SLAPPED him again! 
The Savage of the Ring charged off the ropes and was no doubt trying to take his head off with a Lariat of some sort.
Curry saw it coming and ran at him from the side...
Curry SLAMMED all his body weight right into Ravage as he bounced back with a Pounce-style Shoulder Tackle called The Cold Shoulder! The crowd went wild now as Ravage limped across the ground with Curry now on his feet. He crept up over Ravage and held out both arms...
He locked the waist and then DEADLIFTED Ravage up and over...
The crowd went BONKERS as Curry let Ravage have it with the Deadlift Bridging German? Would this be enough?
Curry let go of Ravage and continued to impressively remain in the bridging position, YELLING out in triumph! 
This was NOT the result that anybody, least of all, Ravage had expected, but this was the result nonetheless! He took Jax Curry WAY too lightly and disrespected the debuting rookie, but in the end he paid for it and paid for it badly!
Curry rolled back to his feet, almost in disbelief that he just upset one of nbW's biggest stars today in his debut match in his own country, but three seconds was all it took in the sport to make anybody a star! Slim J raised his hand and Curry continued to soak in the tremendous reception from the crowd before he left the ring, basking in the moment!
Ravage was just starting to come around after being knocked silly by the young rookie powerhouse, but looked up at Slim J and then towards Curry who was high-fiving the fans. Ravage was SEETHING as he limped out of the ring and shoved a trainer aside that tried to help him. 
Meanwhile, a new star was born tonight.
His name?
Well, you read the match, dude, you should know who I'm talking about.


Seek and Destroy


“COME OUT AND FIGHT ME-” yelled John Pariah through clinched teeth, seething from the attack earlier tonight. Sporting his ring gear still, Pariah stalked the backstage halls of the Scotiabank Saddledome.

Appearing from around a corner is James Silkk, fists bound tight as he shook his head.

“Haven’t seen him, you?” grunted Silkk, as he eyes down the adjoining hall.

“Not yet-” retorted Pariah.


A metal door at the end of the hallway slammed shut. Sprinting into action Pariah bolted towards it, Silkk following suit, and in moments were at the door. Swinging it open, Pariah sees a concrete wall and stairs descending to an unlit area. Heading down them, Silkk followed behind in a haste. Pariah opened the door at the bottom of the stairs to a basement storage area of the arena.

“Where are you!” boast Pariah into the depths of the unlit room, his voice echoing.

An orange flashing light blinked around a corner of the entrance. Pariah and Silkk walked past it as Silkk stops dead, “Look John,” he said quietly.

Spray painted on the wall were the same symbol Pariah had received earlier that night on a mirror.  Pariah placed his hand on the symbol, “Still fresh.”


Pipe dropping chime rang off in the distance of the barely visible room, right before a laugh was heard. The echo of the raving laugh traveled the room, making it difficult for the two men to know where its origin was.

“Show yourself!” yelled Pariah with anger in his voice.

Another metal clang is heard, as a door closed somewhere in the room. Silkk turned his focus to Pariah, fists still balled up, his temper boiling at this point.

“I want him next week, he’s mine!” Silkk bellowed.

“Fine, but if you don’t finish him, I will,” Pariah spat back in response, before turning and heading back through the staircase they entered from.


It's About Time


Suddenly, a section of the arena lost power. This was followed by another section, and another, and so on, until the entire arena was dark. An eerie green light filled the dark void and a thick cloud of fog rolled in. It was almost... alien.

The commentary team found themselves unable to communicate with the viewers at home due to the sound being cut. Then, as if someone were switching dials on a radio, voices came through the speakers.

“I… Want… To… Believe!” the radio voices announced. Then the sound system roared to life with the geek punk classic “U.F.O.” by Boris the Sprinkler.

Amidst all the green, the Epicenter came to life, with a silvery object zooming to and fro in the distance. It grew closer, and closer, until finally it was quite clear and almost close enough to touch.

It was a flying saucer! A hatch door opened, lowering a stairway, and a bright, white light emanated from within the strange craft. A shadowy figure slowly took one step after another until it reached the ground. Finally, the mysterious being stood in the entryway, surrounded by the same bright, white light. The hatch door closed, and the U.F.O. sped off. When it vanished from the Epicenter, the same silvery object appeared above the crowd in the form of a large, silvery, saucer-shaped balloon!

On July 8, 1947, a UFO was reported to have crashed in Roswell, New Mexico, sparking the interest of believers around the world. To add to the popularity of this phenomenon, the government offered the lame explanation that it was, in fact, a downed weather balloon. However, this was not a weather balloon. This was the “Space Pimp” and Guardian of the Keystone (Title) Max Hopper, and he brought a mic with him! He stepped into the aisle, flinging his arms out wide, showing off the Keystone (Championship Belt), which was around his waist, to the crowd.

The nbW Faithful formed a veritable ocean of tinfoil hats. They roared out chants of “The Truth Is Out There” for the man that was on a rocket trip to becoming one of the most popular Keystone (Champions) of all time.

Max didn’t make as much of a production out of his entrance as usual, instead opting to make a beeline (what’s with  the bees disappearing, anyway?) to the ring. The paranormal investigator scaled the ring steps, perhaps a bit disappointed not to find a yeti waiting at the top. He jumped up and used the top rope as a springboard fly on a trip to the cosmos, touching down in the middle of the ring! That was when he raised his hand and snapped his fingers. The lights and audio systems had been restored to normal!

“Hey, Space Cadets!” Max greeted the crowd. “I’m sure you’re all wondering why I’ve gathered you here today.” He got a fair amount of laughs from the jovial crowd for that one. “As you all recall, I delivered a warning in April about an evil coming to NBW the likes of which we’ve never seen, the sort of evil that would bring about cataclysmic events that could not only threaten to destroy the planet, but could erase the Cloud itself from history! The Rockies may crumble, Gibraltar may tumble. They’re only made of clay! We’re talking Justin Bieber replacing Leonardo DiCaprio as the King of the World with the Kardashians as his own private Legion of Doom!

“Well, that evil deity has come. It’s here, and it’s threatening to destroy us all. It’s an evil that must be stopped, so I’ve come here today to challenge that evil to MORTAL KOMBAAAAAAT... with the Keystone (Title) on the line... at Victory 003 in Canada!!! So, the challenge has been made. How do you respond... ‘East Wind’ Alex Reyn?”

The crowd began muttering and chattering to themselves. Alex Reyn? The guy that savaged Hopper out of nowhere? The guy who hadn’t been seen in weeks? Why was HE getting a shot at the title?

Evidently someone agreed.

“You’ve been avoiding battle with me ever since I arrived, and suddenly now you’re choosing to challenge me? Why the change of heart?”

The voice came from the crowd, as Alex Reyn stepped carefully over the barricade. Many fans retreated back in shock, how long had he been there?!

“Or is this some poor attempt of yours to save face?”

“Look who’s suddenly become self-important!” Max Hopper snapped back. “I’m the one in possession of the Keystone. I get that you’re a deity, but come on, you could at least be as humble as the Flying Spaghetti Monster.”

“I’m not a God, human. Unlike those lowly creatures, we do not feed on the praise of mortals like a calf suckling at a teat.”

“Reyn, when someone asks you if you’re a god, you say yes!” The crowd laughed at the Ghostbusters quote. “But if you must know,” Max Hopper continued, “I’ve BEEN to the future, and all the best historical databases said we had a battle of epic proportions at Victory 003. I’m talking The Weekly World News, Encyclopaedia Galactica, and even Spongebob’s Complete Guide to History! Since it would create the type of paradox that could unravel the entire FaceTime continuum if we fought any time besides then, that’s why we’re having our match at Victory 003!”

“...Excuse me?”

The words came out halfway between a hiss and a snarl.

“Am I to understand that the only reason you’re challenging me, is because you believe you’re supposed to?!

His voice never raised above room level, but the incredulous fury was clear.

“No, no, no, guy. Don’t get me wrong. Not to feed into your already out of control superiority complex, but the whole reason I came back to NBW was so I could stop you from destroying the world and enslaving mankind before the makers of Candy Crush Saga even have the chance to do it! I’m challenging you now, because that’s WHEN it’s supposed to happen,” the Guardian of the Keystone (Title) answered. “So, let me ask you again. Do you want a chance to get your hands on the one thing that can thwart your sinister plans, or not?”

Alex gave Max Hopper a withering glare.

“I refuse.”

The crowd reacted in shock, even the commentary was confused.

“He, WHAT?!” Gains exclaimed.

“You WHAT?!?” Max Hopper was Beyond Belief. “Is there a problem with your universal translator? I've just told you I would put the Keystone (Championship) on the line, the very thing you attacked me to try to get your hands on when you first got here - ” For once it was Max Hopper who was interrupted!

“I am not about to indulge you childish fantasies of predestination, boy. The future is not a path mapped out for you to follow, it is a jungle that you must cut through with a blade. Either fight me of your own desire, or do not fight me at all.”

“Childish fantasies?!?” the paranormal investigator was fuming. “What would you know about it? Sure, you’ve lived through the past, presumably since the dawn of time itself - and let me tell you, you could stand to moisturize - but have you ever been to the future? Well, I have! And let me tell you, stuff can go SERIOUSLY out of whack if we don’t follow certain parts of the timeline. I don’t know about you, but I happen to like living in this universe, and I don’t want to see it torn apart!”

Alex’s lips curled into a cruel parody of a smile. His voice dripping with polite condescension.

“Allow me to clarify… You have been blessed with the power to travel through time, the power to experience more and see farther than anyone else of your kind, and yes, farther than I myself. But rather than explore realities mysteries, you instead cling to the familiar like an infant with it’s blanket?! You are an utterly pathetic creature, Max Hopper. The fact that YOU, of all vermin is holding the power to keep my family out fills me with disgust!”

He breathed deeply, clenching his fists until the knuckles went white. Then he spoke in the same, measured tone.

“As much as it vexes me to indulge your predetermination nonsense, I cannot abide someone of your kind wielding the Keystone’s power, especially a coward like you. And since that accursed rock obviously won’t allow me to simply tear it from your hand without beating you in a duel first, it seems I WILL agree to your ridiculous challenge after all. But understand this Max Hopper. Everything that happens between now and our battle, will be on YOUR head.”

And with those words spoken, the East Wind turned away, and disappeared into the crowd.


Set in Motion


Max Hopper left the ring, taking attention to the fans as the camera returned to the table.

“Looks like Max Hopper has one of his toughest challenges to date set for three weeks from now.” Remarked Vanderart as her colleague nodded in agreement.

“This should be fun. Two whack jobs that think the Keystone Championship is some special alien mystery item like the Infinity Stones. The only title with that bad juju is the cursed Blitzkrieg title.”

“I didn’t think you believed in that superstition stuff, Craig? Nonetheless, I wouldn’t mention that to Brock. The guy is on the top of the world with a guaranteed spot in the Main Event at Legacy.”

“Curses. Genies. Black Cats. Broken Mirrors. Bloody Mary. And all nonsense.”

“Right. Well folks, two weeks ago on SLAM Michelle Couli was set to call out Lucretia following their fight at Scorched. Unfortunately due to doctor's orders Couli was unable to travel.”

“If I didn’t know Michelle, I would say that was an excuse. But I know Michelle.” Her colleague was quick to add.

“Next week on Victory, she’s going to reveal all. Alongside Zhalia Fears, she will sit-down with Adria Hoyt for a special in-ring interview. “

“I’m sure that will go smoothly. After all, they want Lucretia to come when called. That may as well be an open grill.”

"Victory is quickly becoming the show you don't want to miss. We'll also have The Great Wall defeating Ohiyama for the Blitzkrieg championship! And in three weeks at Victory Three, those two loons will be fighting for the Keystone title."

“We’ll find out next week if Wall actually can defeat Ohiyama, Craig.!” Finished Vanderart. "It's time for our Main Event on SLAM!"

"Don't forget the party after!" Gains added as he was looking quite forward to it.

Jonny Bedlam & Davey La Rue Versus Crimson Tide

“The Night Pat Murphy Died” by Great Big Sea played out across the arena speakers. 

“Oh the Night that Patty Murphy died,
is a night I’ll never forget
Some of the boys got loaded drunk
And they ain’t got sober yet
As long as the bottle was passed around
Every man was feelin gay
O’leary brought some bagpipes
Some Music for to play”

The sounds of Irish Punk began to join the lyrics and Jonny Bedlam and Davey La Rue emerged from the entryway.  They ran down the ramp and high fived many at ringside as they made their way to the ring.

Upon reaching the ring, the twosome rolled under the ropes and moved to a far corner.  Both remained in the ring though, not choosing a leading tagged man.

'Frontline' by Pillar pulsed through the arena sound system immediately causing the fans to boo and jeer loudly as the self proclaimed Paragon of the Industry emerged through the double doors, flanked by the massive red monster known only as Rune. The two ignore all around them as they walk down the center of the aisle to the ring. Zed grabbing the ropes to leap onto the apron and then floats backwards over into the ring, while Rune walks over towards the corner.  Both Zed and Rune glowered at Jonny and Davey. 

Davey made his way under the top rope and made Bedlam the first tag partner.  Jonny nodded.  Across the ring from them, Rune stepped through the ropes and made Zed the first tag partner.  The bell rang loudly and Jonny charged quickly at Zed, full of rage.  Zed charged back at him, but was a step too slow, as Jonny leaped into the air and kicked Zed viciously in the chest with a Flying Side Kick.  The crowd erupted at the viciousness of the move as Zed flew backwards into the turnbuckle, breathless.  Jonny gracefully landed in a squat after completing the kick, then pushed himself upwards to his feet.

Davey attempted to start a chant “LIUUUUUUUU KAAAANG….LIUUUUU KAAAAAANG.”  It achieved mixed results. 

Zed did not stay stunned for long and charged heavily at Bedlam, who stood near the center of the ring.  Zed charged toward the middle of the ring and attempted a massive lariat, but the nimble Bedlam ducked under the clothesline.  Zed stumbled forward, having missed his mark, but did not fall.  Davey La Rue placed his thumbs in his ears and stuck his tongue out at Zed and blew a few raspberries.  He turned towards the smirking Bedlam and charged once more. 

This time, Bedlam hopped gracefully into the air and attempted a jumping outside crescent kick.   However, this kick was not as successful as the first as Zed caught his leg and then put an arm around his lower back.  A look of “ahh shit” spread across Jonny’s face as Zed lifted him viciously over his head in a variation of a leg trap suplex, which dropped Jonny into a heap as Zed released him. 

Jonny laid, hurt.  Zed raised himself to his feet and moved quickly towards his corner and tagged Rune’s outstretched hand.  Jonny managed to roll to his left a couple of times and tag Davey La Rue’s hand, just as Rune was nearing the corner.  Davey quickly reached into his jeans and produced what appeared to be a beer can.  He hadn’t yet entered the ring, 

Davey used the ropes to slingshot himself into the ring, still holding the beer can and hit Rune square in the face with a chop enhanced by a beer can.  The beer can exploded and foam spattered all over the ring.  Rune was knocked to the canvas by the surprise move, and beer sprayed into the nearby referee’s eyes, temporarily blinding him.  A large cut appeared on Rune’s forehead and blood began to mix with spilled beer on the canvas. 

At this point, Bedlam entered the ring and charged at Zed, who waited behind the ropes in his corner.  Bedlam was quicker though and hit Zed with a shoulder tackle before he could enter the ring, which knocked him off the apron.  Bedlam, then hurried out of the ring after him.

The ref was still trying to clear the Pilsner from his eyes as La Rue mounted the bloodied Rune and begin to punch at him viciously, chuckling loudly as he did so.  Suddenly he bellowed “Reminds me of when I used to cheat at Runescape!  HAHA!”  Rune was covering up his head pretty well, however.  La Rue’s blows weren’t doing much damage. 

Outside the ring, Jonny and Zed were trading blows back and forth up the ramp, seemingly making their way to the stage.  Bedlam gave Zed a mighty shove and both men were suddenly on the stage. 

The ref finally cleared the fog from his vision and took a look at the bloody, beery mess before him, in addition to the destroyed can of Miller High Life, and signaled for a disqualification.  The bell rang.  La Rue kept punching, but Rune began to resist more mightily.  La Rue leaned down, trying to throw a forearm across Rune’s face, but was caught with a massive headbutt from the much larger Rune.  It staggered La Rue backward, and much of the blood from Rune’s wound was now on Davey’s forehead. 

Jonny seemed to be getting the better of the blow trading and finally worked Zed into a collar-and-elbow tie-up.  At this point though, Zed knees him in the abdomen violently and surprisingly.  Jonny let out a huge breath of air and doubled over.  Zed maneuvered quickly behind Jonny, who was very near the edge of the elevated stage.  He placed Bedlam in the all too familiary double chicken wing that signals the beginning of a Tiger Suplex.  The crowd gasped loudly.  As Bedlam tried to struggle out, it was too late.  Zed lifted Jonny up and over his head, then released him off the stage and head/neck first into a table on the floor in front of the stage. 

Back in the Ring, Rune had La Rue in an inverted Fireman’s Carry.  The crowd gasped again as Rune dropped La Rue on his head with a Burning Hammer.  At this point, security had made it to the stage and were pushing Zed towards the back.  They rushed down to the ring and didnt’ quite make it in time to stop Rune, but quickly moved him away from the prone La Rue, as Rune chuckled at the devastation and looked towards his partner, who did the same.





By Invitation Only


“We’re about to get to the end of the evening,” said Melissa, “but does Jake Tockwell really think that calling out Brock Newbludd after what he did to him two weeks ago is smart? We’ve got decorations in the ring now as you can see.”

The camera showed the ring which - after a brief commercial break - was now covered in red carpeting! A velvet rope now covered the entrance to the ring and inside were multiple tables covered in various snacks and several expensive glasses of champagne.

“I want to get in on this!” said Gains. “Where was my invitation?”

“Well you heard the champ earlier,” said Melissa. “Only he, Hot Sauce and Brock Newbludd were invited. Awfully cordial for a man that got laid out by his challenger at Legacy, don’t you think?”

“Maybe Big Talk and the Hot Sauce are trying to extend an olive branch to Brock? Let’s make peace until Legacy and then find out who the best man is?”

“If you really believe that, I’ve got ocean front property to sell you in Montana.”


The former rockstar and former wrestler “Hot Sauce” Raul Ramirez walked from the back to bask in the jeers of the crowd. He raised an arm out to the crowds of Calgary and yelled at the fans of Canada’s foremost wrestling hotbed.

“I am Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraul Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrramirez and let me hear you make some noise for the party of the century!

Loud booing was all he got for his response but Hot Sauce walked towards the velvet rope by the ring and held it open.

“Please welcome to the stage at this time, the man with the gift of gab – which means both his great voice and his deadly lariat … the man that freed the NBW World title from the clutches of a far inferior athlete in Warren Spade … please welcome at this time your new NBW World champion … six foot five, oh so fine, and two-hundred fifty-four pounds of walking badassery!

Big ...

Talk …

Jake …


The Eagles’s hit single “Life In The Fast Lane” played and the arena soon became washed in a sea of gold! Decorated in his brand new “Big Talk, Big … You Know The Rest” t-shirt along with his black and gold boas, the six-foot five and two-hundred fifty-four pound loudmouth from Memphis basked in the all the attention he was receiving with the NBW World title over his head …











The downright tacky and equally flashy golden pyro exploded so many times that you would think the Saddledome had turned into a war zone! Tockwell strutted on down to the ring with his title and walked through the velvet rope. Raul Ramirez climbed into the ring and held the ropes open for Jake Tockwell to enter. The champion and his stupid boas fluttered into the squared circle. It was there that Tockwell raised the title.

“All right, I love my music, but Big Talk’s gotta make with big talk, so cut my theme!”

“That’s right, cut it!” added Hot Sauce.

Hot Sauce remained on the outside near the velvet rope with Tockwell about to pour a glass of champagne. He poured one for Hot Sauce and handed it to him between the ropes.

“Drink up, Hot Sauce, because we’re gonna have ourselves a celebration that I should have had if it wasn’t for Brock sneak-attacking me like the pansy he is!”

The crowd cheered for Brock’s attack on Tockwell but the look on his face showed he didn’t really enjoy it.

“Well, unlike Brock, I’m not only the champion! I’m not only The One Among Zeroes in NBW, but I am also the most gracious and forgiving guy you’ve ever laid two eyes on! I invited Brock out here earlier tonight because this party belongs to us three in this ring. I gave another person an invite and they saw fit to turn it down, but it’s their loss. Anyway …”

“What ya got, Big Talk?” asked Hot Sauce.

“I’ll tell you what I’ve got the best way that I can do. I’M JAKE TOCKWELL AND WHAT I SAY GOES … AND WHAT I’M SAYING IS THIS … " Jake looked up at the ramp. “Brock, if you got a pair of stones to come out here and meet me to my face without a chair in your hand, come out here, get yourself some snacks, grab a drink and let’s toast to how we’re going to light the wrestling world on fire and celebrate my future victory at Legacy!”

The invite was out there and Tockwell grabbed a finger sandwich off one of the tables and washed it down with champagne.

‘Mouth for War’ by Pantera

For the second time tonight, Brock’s music hit the arena’s speakers and for the second time the crowd roared in approval. Making his way onto the stage in a pair of blue jeans and a black sleeveless Iron Maiden t-shirt. Correction, it was Brock’s new t-shirt that resembled an Iron Maiden shirt except the iconic band’s skeletal mascot ‘Eddie’ was drawn in the likeness of Brock himself, and the words ‘Iron Maiden’ were replaced with ‘The Innovator’.

But, Brock wasn’t the only one sporting his new shirt as a similarly clad Sally Renolds had come out to join her man for Tockwell’s party!

Throwing his fists up to the adoring crowd, Newbludd headed down the ramp with Sally right behind him. Walking up the ring steps, Brock held the ropes open for Sally before fully entering the ring himself.

“Here he is!” Tockwell boomed out. “The number one ZERO in NBW, Brock Newbludd! And he brought his bitch with him, how nice!”

Frowning at Tockwell, the 25 to Life winner deflected Tockwell’s insult as he glanced at the assortment of gourmet food and drink laid out before him and chuckled before signaling for one of the NBW ring techs to toss him a mic.

Upon receiving one, Newbludd raised it to his lips.

“This is quite the soiree you got here, Jake.” Brock said as he picked up an odd looking appetizer that looked to be some sort of caviar filled thing. “Your boyfriend Raul did a bang up job here, and I’m sure you’ll do a ‘bang up’ job in thanking him later tonight, am I right?”

“Wow, way to be a star and a role model in the year 2017 … gay jokes!” cracked Big Talk. “I ain’t here to discuss that … hey, you eat that! A spoonful of that is more than what most of these opening card guys get!”

It was obvious that the blue-collar Newbludd had no idea what the hell it was that he was holding in his hand and didn’t really care to find out so he promptly got rid of it by throwing it over his shoulder. Ramirez’ face was beet red, both from Newbludd’s comments and the fact that he just tossed a piece of $100 plus caviar on the dirty mat.

“Look at all this fancy shit here, Sally…” Brock said, as he perused the tables. “All to celebrate the fanciest piece of shit of them all...our world champion Jake Tockwell.”

Brock was now at the champagne table and only a few feet away from Tockwell who was still sipping his glass of champagne.

“What Jake?” Brock asked Jake, pointing to the champagne table. “You invite me to your lame party, and don’t even have the decency to bring a couple of cold beers for me?”

“Beer? Beer?” said Big Talk incredulously. “Hot Sauce can you believe this damn JAG? He wants some PBR or a good ol’ Bud Light? This ain’t no local watering hole, zero … this is a real beverage!”

“That’s alright Jake, I wouldn’t drink your beer anyways. A man like me brings his own beer to the party, that he buys with his hard earned money…” Brock quietly said as he now got nose to nose with Tockwell.

“You know, just like some men buy their own world titles…” Newbludd said with a grin as he got inches away from Jake’s face. Tockwell’s blood boiled but Brock backed off.

“But, what’s done is done Tockwell...we’re not here to talk about your sham of a title win…no no my boa wearing friend. You wanted to see if I had the ‘stones’ to come face you like a man...well here me and my stones are...looking you right in those beady little eyes of yours.”

Tockwell grinned.

“You can criticize me all you want Brock. You and countless others over the years have told me they don’t like how I handle my business or how I cut corners but the facts are the facts, Brock … one of us is standing here with the NBW World title over his shoulder and the other wishes he was me.”

The champion grabbed another champagne glass off the table while Brock watched.

“We started close to the same time and we’ve had very different paths, but the facts remain the same - I’m better than you in every way. You won the Blitzkrieg title and you held onto it for eight months, but who ended that reign? Me! You won the 25 to Life match and you punched your ticket to Legacy to get to this belt, but there’s always more than one way to the top of the mountain. You’re still climbing, still climbing, still climbing but I got there first, Brock.”

“You did get to the top first , Jake, I'll give you that.” Brock said. “But, if you want to talk facts, then let me hit you with the biggest fact of all...a fact you can't deny...a fact that deep down inside scares you.”

“And what would that be, Brock?” Tockwell asked with a smirk.

“That the ONLY reason you beat me to the top is because you avoided almost every challenge came in your way...always choosing to dance around it...to take as you put it, ‘the shortcut’...” Brock said, pointing a finger at Tockwell.

“While I took on every man who challenged me and I BEAT them dead center right in the middle of this ring and with every challenge I overcame...I became stronger for it. You avoided the fire, Tockwell, while I was forged in it...and come Legacy...I'm bringing it with me and I'm gonna burn down the king of the  mountain’s paper castle…”

Newbludd then pointed at the world title belt.

“And I'm taking his damn crown!”

Tockwell took what he just said into consideration and then walked over to the champagne while Brock and Sally watched him pour a second glass. Jake turned to Brock and handed a glass. Sally took her glass and looked at it with a look of confusion as Brock ignored it. Tockwell shot him a smirk.

There is that fire I know you’re gonna bring, Brock. I don’t want you to get it twisted - in the ring, you ain’t half bad, but half-bad ain’t gonna cut it against Big Talk! Let’s toast to Legacy! Let’s toast to the future! Most importantly … let’s toast for some big news! That special guest I said that declined my invitation earlier? Turns out she made it after all!”

Brock looked confused at what he meant by that. He looked at Sally …


The crowd gasped! Brock stumbled around blindly and Tockwell took one of the bottles off the table ...


And now the crowd was loud with jeers!!! Sally had just thrown her drink in his face and Tockwell just jumped him! But why?


Tockwell looked up at Sally who shot back a look that indicated that whatever this was … this was not something they thought of spur-of-the-moment. Tockwell looked up at Sally while Brock was damn near unconscious.

“See this? This is called the long con, Brock!” yelled Tockwell. “Sally, I think you got something to tell this JAG?”

Sally grabbed the microphone from Big Talk and she walked to where Brock was laid out.

“I just wanted to tell you, Brock … we’re OVER!

That announcement garnered the biggest chorus of jeers tonight! After everything that Brock and Sally had been through … Ravage, Big Rick Strongbern and anybody else that ever thought to use her to get to Brock … she had turned her back on her boyfriend and she walked over to Tockwell, planting a very long kiss on the lips while standing over her now-ex!

“Bravo! Bravo! I love it when a plan comes together!” cackled Hot Sauce.

He joined the new couple in the ring as Tockwell picked up Brock by his hair. A cut on the side of his head from the bottle led to a streak of blood running down his face and Tockwell only made things worse by punching Brock in the face repeatedly! Blows rained down on Brock and he was helpless to do anything!

“Kick his ass, baby!” yelled Sally.

Tockwell continued punching Brock until his face was caked in blood. Now standing over Brock, Tockwell snatched him up by the hair and then pulled him to a standing position. Brock was completely out on his feet when Tockwell waved for the NBW World title to be given to him by Hot Sauce! He put the title on his feet and kicked him low …


Big Talk had just drilled Brock onto the title belt with his newest move - a piledriver which was the staple of the Memphis wrestling that Big Talk grew up in!

If the champagne bottle somehow hadn’t finished off Brock, there was no doubt a piledriver on the title belt had just finished the job! Brock wasn’t moving now and Tockwell raised his championship in the air to a tremendous mob-like reaction from the crowd, calling for Tockwell’s head. Hot Sauce handed out three more champagne glasses.

“To the future!” said Hot Sauce.

“To the future!” said Big Talk and Sally.

Sally and Big Talk clinked their glasses together and this new threesome came together just to put the screws to Brock. Big Talk, Hot Sauce, and Sally took a drink and the camera panned down at a bloody and unconscious Brock Newbludd. Why Sally did this, that question would be here for another night.

The scene ended with a nauseating kiss from Jake and Sally!


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