SLAM! Episode 95
Live from the Rogers Place in Edmonton, Canada






V/O - “Over ten years ago a small-time promotion out of Reading, PA came to existence. Over the years superstars have debuted and grown, some have retired, and others are still around today. Owners have changed. Locations have shifted. But one thing has always stayed the same. The name. Three Initials that have survived through the thick and the thin.”

The NBW logo is shown as it fades in and out showing the various designs from past to present. The voice-over by Trent McKnight continues.

V/O - “Those initials represent the past, the present, and the future. No Borders. No Boundaries. No Bull. Nothing But Wrestling. Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the NBW!”

A video package rolls showing past wrestlers and on-screen talent from the original promoter Alex Styles to Xander Napoli onto the current: Thaddeus Boyle. Three different men with three different agendas, all of which were responsible for the success that is NBW.

V/O - “Many athletes have paved the way for the current generation entertaining the fans every week.”

Shots of Jason Kain, Jack Owyns, Maximizer, Frost, Rey Campbell, Cal Roberts, Blake Gray, Rejection, Uncensored, Jade Greene and Alan Helms filled the screen before being replaced with shots of macWICKED, Superstar Vince Jacobs, Lunatic, D-T, El Dragon Loco, High Flyer, Sam Potright, Dream Warriors, Rik Bone, Callie Urban, Heaven and Hell, Shawn Jessica Hart, Remy Leroux, Brock Metzer, The Gordon Brothers, Andrew Martin, Mat Walton, William Arthur Reagan, Nightlife USA, Sweet Daddy K, Keegan, Techno Dragon and numerous others as the clips speed up to a blur.

Side to side ‘Special K’ Keegan and ‘the Colossus’ Spike Saunders fade into view before being replaced by an imposing image of the former Double Champion, ‘Superstar’ Vince Jacobs and his Cheshire-like smile.

His image is replaced by clips of the members of his Upper Echelon; Judasbleek, Warren Spade, and the Son of Malta.

They are soon replaced by the likes of Vic Gravender, Chris Moliano, Derecho, Judasbleek, Son of Malta, Torment, RaVage, Tremoid, Lexia Hart, Benjamin Jones, For The Win, Johannes Antonious de Castonovo and Aleczander of Family Keeling, Handsome Man Modeling School, Supersquad, Zed, and more as the clips speed up once more.

V/O - "The time to break the mold is now. To be somebody. To make a mark. To be..."

The NBW logo spins to life once more and fades out to the simple initials...



Welcome to SLAM!


Following the opening video package, the camera slowly faded in to give an outdoor view of the site for tonight’s Slam, the beautiful Rogers Place located in the heart of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. With the skyline of the city behind it, the immaculate metallic exterior of the arena shined brightly as the setting sun’s rays bounced off of it. The view was utterly pristine and peaceful.

Then, the camera switched it’s view to the inside of the arena and things couldn’t have been more opposite of peaceful as the sold out crowd cheered wildly as pyrotechnics shot off along the stage and down the ramp to the ring. As the camera panned over the ravenous crowd, it was clear that this crowd was amped up and raring to get the show started.

And why wouldn’t they be? This was the first wrestling event to EVER be held in Rogers Place!

But, not just any wrestling show. This was NBW Slam, one of, if not the, best show’s currently going today and they were fresh off another stellar pay per view event, Scorched.

To raise the stakes even higher, this was also the first stop on the road to the biggest show of the year, Legacy, and NBW General Manager Jack Harmen knew that the pressure was on to keep the momentum going out of Scorched.

So, with so much on the line, who did Harmen pick to kick this ultra important episode of Slam off with?

Whose entrance music would go down as being the first ever played in Rogers Place arena?

His own, of course.

”Crazy Train”by Ozzy Osbourne

The fans popped for the music of the General Manager, as Jack Harmen quickly emerged onto the stage. He wore his finest three piece suit, accompanied by a pink bow tie. Richie Keal, looking ever the worn and tired, rushed out behind Harmen holding a cup of coffee. Harmen quickly smacked it out of his hands, spilling it onto the stage, yelling at him that “It’s not the time,” and to “clean it up.” Harmen quickly strode to the ring and Richie rushed backstage looking for paper towels.

Harmen reached ringside and saluted the cheering fans. He climbed the ring steps onto the apron, and unceremoniously entered the ring. He walked straight toward the corner of the ring, shouting at the time keeper, who tossed him a microphone with no hesitation.

The GM tapped twice on the mic, as his music slowly faded out. “Listen, the only reason I’m out here tonight is to say you guys stole the name of your arena from American Dad.” Harmen shrugged. “But Edmonton, nbW and I still love you!”

Harmen tossed his hands outstretched, holding the mic to the cheering crowd. There was a ground swell of a chant that rose.


“And at Scorched, the pieces fell into place. And I really like how that works out cause it means I don’t have to make any decisions or do any work… SO!” Harmen turned on a dramatic dime toward the camera filming from the entrance way. “I bring to you… YOUR MAIN EVENT OF LEGACY!” Harmen gestured up the ramp to the backstage area. “First ... please welcome the man that not only won the 25 to Life match, but has twice defended that right! Please welcome "The Innovator" Brock Newbludd!"

’Mouth for War’ by Pantera

Striding through the sliding double doors and out onto the stage, Brock Newbludd walked to the far end of it to throw a fist up at the cheering masses before walking to the opposite end to repeat the gesture. Staring out into the still roaring crowd for a long moment as he kept his fist held up, Brock then raised his other arm and let out a roar of his own in return.

Dropping his arms, Brock nodded approvingly to the people he called his ‘army’ before making his way to the center of the stage and heading down the ramp. Sticking one arm out to slap hands with the  fans who were leaning over the barricade, the undisputed number one contender for the world title held a battle hardened confidence in his eyes.

It was a confidence that was well earned to say the least.

Not only did Newbludd defeat twenty six other men in the 25 to Life battle royal to earn the opportunity to face Warren Spade at Legacy, he also put that title shot on the line in a match against the dangerous Benjamin Jones at Scorched. It was a match that he had every right to refuse, but he didn’t. Undaunted by the glory seeking Bounty Hunter’s underhanded attacks and threats leading up to the match, Brock met Jones head on at Scorched and in the end proved that his victory in the rumble match was no fluke by making the skilled fighter submit in the middle of the ring.

Now all that remained was his signature on the match contract to face one of the most dominant and beloved champions in the history of NBW, in what no doubt would be the single greatest challenge of Brock’s career.

Sliding underneath the bottom rope and popping up to his feet, Brock looked ready for that challenge. Accepting GM Harmen’s outstretched hand, Newbludd shook it before turning his attention to the stage.

"And his opponent ... Good God, good luck, Brock ... the unstoppable, the powerful, the Monster of the Mid-South ... the King of Monsters ... the One-Man Stampede ... WARREN SPADE!!!!!"

The sounds of quick and grinding guitar riffs flood the arena ...

The opening chords to "Into The Arena" by Michael Schenker Group blast through every speaker available. Flashing on the EpiCenter was a repeated set of words.




Red and gold strobe lights flashed throughout the building and just as the song started up its first verse, out came Fenton Woods, taking a bow for the cheering crowd. Behind him, the curtains parted as the mammoth form of Warren Spade stared out, cracking his tremendous neck and hands, readying for this confrontation. Clips from some of his career highlights play with "MONSTER OF THE MIDSOUTH" interrupting every few seconds as he waved the NBW World champion over his head.

Brock Newbludd watched the giant enter the ring and Fenton walk up the steps right behind him. The two men hadn’t interacted that much since both men had been part of NBW, but their paths had been seemingly destined to cross since 25 to Life when Brock Newbludd won the titular match and Warren had finally vanquished Derecho.

The music went quiet and Jack Harmen was ready to begin. The air was ripe with tension, but not the type that is typically seen in the squared circle when two bitter rivals shared it. This was more of an excited tension that was the direct result of the NBW faithful’s two favorite heroes sharing a ring together, and the crowd buzzed with anticipation as they watched Spade make his way across the ring to stand eye to eye with Brock.

Well, it was more like eye to chest for Newbludd who was giving up around ten inches in height and more than one hundred pounds in weight to the champion.

Standing between the two men, Jack motioned for each to take a seat at the table in the middle of the ring and they both did.

“Welcome, Brock, Warren and Fenton!” said Jack Harmen. “Tonight, we’re kicking things off as we’re now driving full-speed down the autobahn towards Legacy! Do either of you care to say a few words?”

Brock motioned for Harmen to hand mic in his direction, and Jack obliged the challenger who kept his eyes locked with Spade’s.

“Big man…” Brock said as he pointed a finger up to the world champion. “I want you to know that whatever goes down between you and I after we sign this contract...that I have nothing but respect for you. The path of destruction that you carved out on your way to becoming the champ was a goddamn thing of beauty...and since you’ve been on top, you’ve kept true to your word of being a fighting champion...crushing any man who’s been brave enough, or stupid enough, to try and take that belt from you. Like I said, I respect you...and more importantly these people respect you.”

Brock paused as the crowd cheered in support of Spade and his impressive title reign.

“The laundry list of men who have fallen to the Monster of the Midsouth is impressive. But, there’s one name that won’t be showing up on it, and that’s me...Because unlike some of the men who have stepped up the plate and faced you, I haven’t taken any shortcuts to earn my shot. No, I did shit the hard way...I did it in the ring by beating everyone who has stood in the way of me one day getting a shot at the biggest prize in the game, the NBW World Heavyweight Title. It’s been a helluva a long road to get to this table Warren, and I’ll be damned if I fail at the end of it!”

Brock then looked down to the match contract and picked up the pen.

“There’s also one other thing that makes me more dangerous than anyone else who you’ve gone to war with big man…”

Glancing down to the contract, Brock signed his name and set the pen down before pointing a finger out to the crowd.

“I’ll be bringing an army with me!”

On cue, the crowd cheered at Brock’s proclamation, but the reaction felt slightly off, and the reason was obvious. The people who loved Newbludd had that same feeling for the world champion, causing them to be torn between the two.

Taking a deep breath, Brock leaned back in his chair and handed the mic back to Jack.

“Do you have a retort, Warren?” asked Harmen.

Fenton Woods looked at his client for his answer. Warren looked across the table at Brock.

“Brock, you’re good. You’re damn good and I have all the respect in the world for how you handle your business. You’ve not only outlasted the majority of the roster to win the 25 To Life, match, but you’ve also defended that right against both Freddie Rich and arguably stole the show at Scorched against Benjamin Jones … but I’m going to tell you this right now Brock. As hard as you fought to get here … I’ve fought even harder to keep this belt against all odds.

Warren tapped the belt.

“This has been a dream of mine for a long time and I’m not to relinquish it from anybody … not even you.”

Brock mouthed “we’ll see about that” as Warren Spade reached down to grab his part of the contract …

“NO!!! NO!!! DON’T YOU DARE!!!”

Both Brock and Warren turned their attention to the entrance ramp where a very clearly irate Jake Tockwell came out sans music. The now former Blitzkrieg champion had Raul Ramirez right behind him, but Hot Sauce was having trouble keeping up with his client.

“Excuse Big Talk’s French, but everybody knows that what’s going on in this ring right now is a crock of shit!

Brock rolled his eyes and Warren Spade grabbed his microphone.

“You have exactly three seconds to get the hell out of here, Tockwell, before I climb out of this ring and break your god-damn jaw!”

“In case you forgot asshole, the reason I’m standing here and your sorry ass isn’t is because I tossed it over the top rope at 25 to Life! Now, do what the big man says and get the hell out of here before I come down there and strangle you with one of those pretty little boas of yours!” Brock added much to Tockwell’s dismay.

The crowd had a good laugh at Tockwell’s expense, but the In Crowd leader’s face was about to turn red. Tockwell screamed back.

“No, no, no! Big Talk ain’t a damn laughingstock! I’m the future of NBW! I’m the here and right damn now and both of you know it. There is no reason that I shouldn’t be going to Legacy either as the challenger or even as the champ! Harmen, before you let these JAGs sign that contract and officially make your Legacy main event reek of mediocrity, I’m out here to point out the facts …”

Raul posed with his client and raised his finger.

“That Hawaiian JAG, Ohiyama, might have pulled one over on me to steal my Blitzkrieg title, but let me tell you this … Warren you did not pin me to keep your title at Scorched and the only reason you pinned Ohiyama was because my Out of Breath submission nearly put him to sleep …”

Hot Sauce raised a second finger.

“Brock … the last time you and I shared a ring together, I was kicking your ass in front of your woman when I put you to sleep and won the Blitzkrieg title! You think that you’re ready for Legacy against Warren Spade, but you’re oh and one against me, pal!”

Hot Sauce raised a third finger.

“And here’s something else for the both of you! Let Big Talk give you both a little history lesson! That same night and I handed Brock his ass, I beat Warren Spade, too! The same night! It is officially on record that I am better than both of our supposed Legacy main eventers!” The crowd tried to drown out Tockwell with booing, but he continued. “No, no, no! You can hate on Big Talk all you want, but you can’t hate on the facts! Both of you in that ring … you’re both Big Talk’s bitches!”

“I’ll admit it, you did a great job of handing me my ass when I was already injured, that’s really something to hang your boas on. But, you better check those facts asshole, because the way I see it... I tied things up between me and you when I chucked you out of the ring at 25 to Life like the piece of trash you are!”

Warren brushed past Brock and glared down at Tockwell.

“Tockwell, you little shit … you’re right. I don’t like the fact that you have an unearned victory over me that was only possible because your In Crowd bitches held my legs down after Derecho attacked me. I don’t like the fact that my name passes through your lips almost as much as your mom’s … “

The crowd let out a loud “ooooohhh” for that pot shot at Big Talk.

“ … but you’re right. I’m a fighting champion and I don’t care what this contract says … I ain’t signed anything so if you want a shot at me and the title right now … tonight then you’re on!!!”

Tockwell’s smile grew but Warren Spade pointed out something.

“Jake, if your ass can actually back up the checks that your ass just wrote out here, you can have the main event spot at Legacy … but don’t think for a damn second that you’re going to walk out of here with anything but the ass-kicking of your life!!!”

The crowd applauded that majorly and Harmen had an idea.

“The big man hasn’t signed anything yet, so I’ll allow it … but … I just don’t trust ya Jake. To keep things fair, you gotta agree to my terms. Not only are we going to get our best available official out here to officiate the proceedings, I’m instituting a special policy to keep the A-List from helping you like the LAST time you fought.” Harmen turned to Brock. “Are you good to be the special enforcer tonight Brock?”

Brock smiled at Tockwell and cracked his knuckles since he could dole out some justice if he so chose to if Raul, Tockwell or any of the In Crowd got involved! Warren would finally have the fair one-on-one fight he’d wanted against Tockwell for some time and because of that, the match was going to happen after this commercial break!

Warren Spade versus Jake Tockwell for the NBW World title and the right to go to the main event of Legacy!.




Warren Spade Versus Jack Tockwell

After a brief commercial to take us into the next match, the stage was set for a match that could not be any more important for the two men involved.

Not only was the NBW World title at stake in an impromptu match … but now the winner of this match would be the one to go to the main event of Legacy to fight Brock Newbludd!

One side of the ring had the now former Blitzkrieg champion and NBW nuisance “Big Talk” Jake Tockwell on one side of the ring. His manager and BFF for life “Hot Sauce” Raul Ramirez stood behind him on the apron in the corner talking strategy on how to take down his old Memphis rival.

The other side of the ring had “the King of Monsters” and “Monster of the Mid-South” Warren Spade! His own manager was Fenton Woods and he was also in his corner talking strategy on how to deal with Jake Tockwell … admittedly a man that was 2-0 over Warren Spade since the two men crossed paths in NBW.

More to the point, to make sure there would be a fair fight, the 25 to Life Winner Brock Newbludd was standing on the outside as Jack Harmen’s Special Guest Enforcer. Jake Tockwell was NBW’s undisputed rule breaker which had made him almost an overnight success in 2017, but now the biggest stakes for this match were now on the line …

The official Chuck Radford raised the NBW World title over his head and showed the crowd what this was for. All the marbles and because of this, Jake Tockwell had everything to gain and nothing to lose. Could the NBW main event of Legacy be turned on its head so close to the biggest show in NBW’s history?




The match started immediately with Tockwell rolling to the outside! A very unorthodox move for somebody that had literally talked his way into a last-minute title match after his multiple attempts with his Big Talk bounty money failing. Tockwell looked ever so smug and walked outside the ring with the fans jeering.

“Shut your mouths, you hockey-loving JAGs! I’m better looking than Trudeau and I make Wayne Gretsky look like crap next to me!”

He had endeared himself really well to the Canadian populace and started to climb. Warren Spade didn’t move an inch and didn’t play into Tockwell’s game. If he got counted out, all this would be for nothing so walking back into the ring would be on him.

“Don’t let him sucker you, Warren,” said Fenton.

“He already did!” yelled Hot Sauce. “We’re going to Legacy and we’re taking your title!”

Tockwell finally stopped stalling and walked towards the ropes. Warren Spade ran at him, but Tockwell saw him approach so Big Talk made with more of the Memphis stalling.

“Big Talk, little dick,” laughed Warren.

“Your mom says different, you giant zero!” snapped Tockwell.

The referee’s count was getting higher and higher when Tockwell tried to slide in the ring. Brock Newbludd finally came face to face with Tockwell and the crowd went nuts.

“Go ahead, sweetheart, take a swing!” said Tockwell.

Brock balled up a fist. The history between the two men had been brief, but memorable indeed this year. Tockwell smirked as Hot Sauce started to jump on the other side of the ring to throw his leather jacket at Warren Spade!

Spade was distracted and it was at that moment that Tockwell launched his first attack at last, going right for the knee of Warren with a big kick! Tockwell was an expert brawler first and foremost but was also classically trained in the ring by his father, Amos Tockwell, a master technician in his own right. Tockwell went right to offense throwing kick after kick at the leg of the big man - enough to stumble him back toward the corner!

Tockwell was a professional at finding openings to create offense and tonight he’d just done it again!

The Canadian crowd booed Tockwell as he continued to put the boots to Warren Spade’s leg. He fired off enough shots to finally get him down to a knee and then bounced off the ropes to deliver a powerful drop kick right to the side of the head! When it looked like the King of Monsters was going to stand up again Tockwell came out from the opposite side and the big six-foot five Memphis brawler laid him flat with a second drop kick!

“Muah!” yelled Tockwell, blowing a kiss to Fenton Woods. “Tell your buddy to kiss his title good bye!”

Tockwell with a cover now.

1 …

Not even a two count when Warren kicked out!

Brock Newbludd had a smile on his face now watching Tockwell’s look of shock over the fact that Warren had just kicked out! Tockwell stopped wasting time and let Spade have it with a barrage of right hands as he tried to stand. He bounced off the ropes and then …


It was an overly fancy name for a move that equated to a seven footer executing a powerful drop kick of his own but that’s what happened - Spade’s unnatural athleticism for a man his size laid Tockwell out with a big drop kick of his own!

Spade laid on the canvas for a moment and then grabbed the bottom rope nearby with his hands …

“Whoa!” shouted Brock.

The big monster nipped back up to his feet! That was something incredible and something he learned about Spade - his unnatural agility for a man his size. Hot Sauce started to freak out when Jake tried to hide in between the ropes to force a rope break.

“Hey! Zebra! I’m calling for a br …”

Warren did not care about breaks in the mood he was in! He struck Tockwell with a head butt that knocked him right between the ropes and out of the ring! The Monster of the Mid-South was standing tall in the ring now and he wasn’t going to give Tockwell any more openings.

Brock continued to watch with joy as Spade picked him apart. Tockwell was still trying to standing up on the outside after being nearly floored by the head butt from Warren Spade but the giant monster turned him against the barricade and struck him in the chest with a breath taking forehand chop!

Even the Special Guest Enforced had to be impressed from the force of the blow. He didn’t intervene since this was Warren’s dance. He was there only to observe and keep things fair on the outside in case Tockwell tried any of the shady business he was known for.

The blow was so loud that it could be heard even over a rowdy crowd and now Tockwell was left breathless and a big red mark on his chest. Tockwell continued to try and get away from the angry giant coming after him.

“Come on, Tockwell, you wanted this fight!” yelled Spade.

This was going to be one of the more quick NBW World title matches in history if Warren Spade could get his hands on Tockwell but the former Blitzkrieg champion was trying to run around the ring to keep him from doing it. Raul Ramirez tried to sneak up on Spade, but he backed off the second that Spade turned his head at him. Hot Sauce backed off and that gave Tockwell an opening to try another cheap shot …

Well nevermind!

Warren grabbed the blond braggard by his throat and threw him up against the ropes of the ring! Tockwell went flying into them and came bouncing back down to the canvas in painful fashion!

“Finish him off, Warren!” Fenton shouted.

The Monster of the Mid-South pulled Tockwell and threw him back inside the ring. Just like when Warren had ended things at Scorched with the Trample and the Asunder Bomb he was going to do the same to Tockwell.  Warren was trying to end it now and didn’t even think to drag a foot on the ground to get the crowd revved up for the Trample. He ran.

“Oh shit!” screamed Tockwell.

He saw Spade running off the ropes and made a quick beeline for the ring ropes, but Warren was able to grab him by his hair! All that smack talk from Jake Tockwell for weeks was now finally going to catch up with him and he made him pay for it with a huge right hand to the jaw! Tockwell stumbled around and went limp near the ropes!

The crowd was booing as Tockwell threw a few more shots in the left leg to weaken him, but Spade fought through the pain and pushed him back again. Despite the best efforts of Jake Tockwell, the Monster of the Mid-South was back with a vengeance and buried four knees right into his gut! Warren then grabbed the former Blitzkrieg champion and threw him almost halfway across the ring with a massive beal throw!!!


Tockwell was not looking nearly as dangerous as he had at Scorched – now he was in the path of a very enraged and dangerous Warren Spade who had been a completely dominant monster since winning the NBW title from former three time champion Derecho.

Spade charged and then delivered a beastly running splash in the corner that rattled the former Blitzkrieg Champion! He was then pulled out of the corner and then Warren put him into a belly to back position. Instead of dropping for what might have been a suplex, he turned to the side and spiked Tockwell down with a crash thunder buster slam!

Tockwell went splat on the mat and Warren kicked his body over to land his elbow drop on the heart! Brock and Fenton both watched the match as Spade made another cover.

1 …

2 …


Tockwell kicked out for the cover and now that he was about to get beaten again by Spade, he took a powder from the ring.

Warren now climbed to the outside and he followed Tockwell a second time and the former Blitzkrieg champion decided to hide underneath the ring to keep him from getting back inside. Raul Ramirez came back again and tried to run into the Monster of the Mid-South!

“Hey! Spade! You suck big giant meaty balls!”

That was his idea of a distraction and that apparently was going to be enough to work for him because Spade turned around and grabbed Raul by his jacket. He then picked him up and handed him to Brock  …


Raul had taken his share of abuse tonight and was hoping to earn that 10% he got as a manager’s cut. Warren had taken care of him. Chuck Radford tried to get a semblance of order restored between the two men but Jake Tockwell was given a big opening and that’s when he struck Warren with the NBW World title in the back of the head!

Brock couldn’t believe that he had missed the chance to catch Tockwell in the act, but in the midst of the chaos with Spade, he had missed Tockwell’s cheating!

Tockwell had made his career on being an expert opportunist and that was just another shining example of that. The Talk of the Town was great at taking cheap shots and openings but now he was about to turn the tide. He got Warren Spade with some effort back inside the ring and then used some time to get himself an advantage with a move called …


He had spiked down Warren in between the ropes with a rope hung version of a painful DDT! Between the belt shot and the powerful rope-aided move this was going to mean that Tockwell could now be going to Legacy!

1 …

2 …


Warren Spade kicked out at the last second but already Tockwell was looking to put the pressure on the giant.

"Stay down, you stupid grunt!" yelled Tockwell.

The Monster of the Mid-South did no such thing and tried to fight back against Tockwell. Any time that Warren Spade would try and stand, he was greeted with the sole of Tockwell's boot! He tried three times to stand and he was kicked in the face until he finally ran off to land a huge stomp to the forehead of Warren!

The One-Man Stampede's monstrous beginning offensive had all but snuffed out thanks to Tockwell and his dirty tricks. Warren was left on his back and Tockwell now dropped multiple elbow drops into his chest. After about five elbow drops he then stood up and climbed to the second rope to survey the crowd. He looked at Brock on the outside and pointed.

“Listen up, JAGs!”

He jumped off the second rope and delivered a big jumping knee drop right to his head!


His new big move caught him on the head! Tockwell made another cover and tried to ruin the potential main event between Spade and Newbludd for Legacy!

1 …

2 …

But with a huge surge of power, Spade threw Tockwell off of him!  Tockwell was no small man and was close to two-hundred sixty pounds himself, but Spade dwarfed almost everybody in NBW. Spade started to stand again and made it to the corner where Tockwell started to run at him to catch him with another dropkick in that corner!

Spade was staggered and that gave Tockwell another opening to run off the opposite corner to gather speed for another attack.  The One-Man Stampede tried getting a foot up, but Tockwell saw it coming and grabbed it over his shoulder before dropping straight down into a stunner-like move. 
Brock hated Tockwell, but watched on and had to respect the high ring IQ he possessed. Spade had natural gifts and Tockwell knew what buttons to push and how to overcome most adversaries. Spade’s knee was jarred up by the move and that gave Tockwell another chance to strike.  He jumped to the apron and was already on the top rope when he launched a nice looking diving clothesline from the corner! That was more than enough to get Spade onto his back and Tockwell tried to steal the win! 

1 …

2 …

Close, but no cigar!

It wasn’t as strong as his previous kickout which told Tockwell he was wearing down the large monster.  When Spade was trying to sit up, Tockwell grabbed him by the leg and started to wrap up his arm around his neck …


He had to jump on Spade’s back but Tockwell’s biceps were wrapped around his throat! The One-Man Stampede tried to frantically shake off Tockwell, but his grip was tight.

He got up to a knee and rolled Tockwell around before he finally managed to throw him forward, dropping him on his back.  Spade was back up and watched as Tockwell hit the corner.  After taking a few seconds to recollect himself, Spade made another charge at the corner when Tockwell went low with a dropkick to the left knee again, sending Warren careening into the turnbuckle.   Tockwell grabbed him by the head and went to the corner, trying to roll up the massive Spade with a school boy while his feet were on the ropes!

1 …

2 …


Brock saw the feet and pushed them off the ropes! Spade turned around.


Tockwell yelled at Brock, but then saw Spade get up out of the corner of his eye. Before Spade could recover, Tockwell went back to the sleeper hold again just as Spade sat up and this time, the giant was looking a little bit worse for wear.  Spade hissed and tried to fight his way out again, but Tockwell had a tight grip akin to a pitbull clutching onto a leg with its teeth.  The One-Man Stampede finally started to get back to his feet again and snatched Tockwell, dropping him with a big back suplex reversal!

Both wrestlers were down!

”LET’S GO, SPADE!” clap clap clap clap clap ”LET’S GO, SPADE!” clap clap clap clap clap ”LET’S GO, SPADE!” clap clap clap clap clap ”LET’S GO, SPADE!” clap clap clap clap clap

Fenton Woods paced the outside and Brock continued to watch Spade and Tockwell now that they were both down. They were both now trying to stand as Tockwell held his back in pain.  Spade popped his neck to make sure everything was still in place before he also got back to his feet.  Tockwell was a lot quicker and tried to get the jump on him with another right hand, but Spade grabbed him by the head and fired a head butt that knocked Tockwell back down. 

When Tockwell tried to stand, Spade fired himself up and he leveled Jake with a big clothesline that dropped him to the ground.  He snatched him back up a second time and threw a second shot that nearly knocked his head clean off.   

Spade was back up and shook his neck to fight off the pain of belt shots and DDTs. Tockwell was snatched and thrown into the corner where The Monster of the Mid-South launched a successful corner splash to engulf him.  Tockwell was rattled and sent to the other side of the ring and he was again crushed with another corner splash. Tockwell ran off the ropes and came back like a missile with a powerful flying shoulder block!

Warren was now feeding off the energy of the loud crowd and pointed at Tockwell as he tried to sit up.  Spade grabbed him by the neck and pulled him up with an inverted head lock.


Warren executed a spinning head lock elbow drop and kept his weight down on Tockwell! The cover and the chance to put away his long time rival on his way to Legacy was here!
1 …

2 …

Kick out by Tockwell!

Warren thought he could have pulled it off right then and there but it was not to be on this occasion. Raul was still laid out on the table to the outside and Brock had kept things fair and partial, so it was coming down to both Tockwell and Spade. Spade grabbed Tockwell and hooked him up for a big move. He was going to end his night with a big move,but Tockwell grabbed his neck again!

He was trying to subdue Warren Spade with his Out of Breath submission hold but the two men knew each other well and Spade knew Tockwell was going to try and end things, but he slipped out behind Spade and bumped into Chuck Radford.


He clubbed Spade with a low blow behind the referee’s back! Spade was doubled over in pain now and the former Blitzkrieg champion laughed.

“Ha!” laughed Tockwell. “Legacy time, you big bitch!”

Tockwell threw off his elbow pad and he signaled for the end. Tockwell was now about to end things with his other finisher, the Gift of Gab. Tockwell ran.


With a mighty catch, Tockwell had been lifted up, spun around and tossed like a pizza before being planted firmly on the mat with the West Memphis Twister! After he landed the black hole slam Warren took a few moments to recover from the low blow by Tockwell. He rolled over to cover Tockwell and secure his title on the way to Legacy.

1 …

2 …

But Tockwell’s foot got to the ropes at the last second! Warren thought that he had the match won but the Monster of the Mid-South was directed to the foot. Warren called out to the official so the One-Man Stampede was getting ready to run.

So did Tockwell

And Chuck Radford was pulled into the way!

Tockwell went limp and rolled out to the floor where he was still clutching his back in severe pain, but what had also happened was Tockwell pulling the official into harm’s way to save himself! Tockwell tried to get away from the ring but the massive One-Man Stampede climbed over the ropes to get to the floor. However, Warren was going to stop him right then and there. He grabbed him by the head and set him up for a suplex, pulling him back into the ring! As both men were down the crowd reaction grew negative and this alerted Brock to the ramp …

The A-List ran down to ringside!!!

The other members of the In Crowd and the Dynasty tag team champions ran towards the ramp now that the official was down, but Brock wasn’t going to let them get any closer…


He grabbed a chair from underneath the ring and banged it against the ground, daring either man to get near the ring, but he fought them off. El Principe tried to get near him when he swung and fought him, he struck at him! Brock wasn’t letting anybody else interfere in this match with high stakes …


Brock had no way to see him coming, but that’s exactly what happened! The Special Guest Enforcer had been attacked from behind thanks to Xiang, of all people, but what was he doing here?! And why Brock?

The A-List laughed and their distraction allowed Xiang to get the jump on Brock, but what was the reason behind this?

The peek inside the ring and through the crowd loomed…


Warren hadn’t seen the monster as he grabbed Tockwell and felt a big clubbing shot to the back of the neck … The Great Wall was even larger than Spade and booted him with a kick.



The sickening jack knife powerbomb from the Great Wall dropped Spade in the middle of the ring and dropped him on his head! The crowd could not believe it! The Great Wall had promised to make his presence felt in a big way at Scorched and tonight, he had just done that!
The A-List threw Chuck Radford back into the ring just as he was coming around. There was no way that Warren Spade’s dominant title run would end like this …

Tockwell covered him.

1 …

2 …

3 …

And that was how the heist of the century was pulled off in No Brand Wrestling.

The crowd fell to a complete hush. Brock Newbludd had been taken out by the A-List and Xiang. The Great Wall had just completely dominated Warren Spade by spiking him on his cranium with a recklessly dangerous jack knife power bomb and now because of The Great Wall …

“Big Talk” Jake Tockwell was the new NBW World champion and was now going to Legacy instead of Warren Spade.

Jake Tockwell rolled out of the ring and the A-List helped Raul Ramirez back to his feet. He limped over to Tockwell …


This was not the way that anybody had imagined how tonight would go. Why did The Great Wall attack Warren Spade and just cost him his title and his spot at Legacy? What did they have to gain from this assault?

More importantly …

“Big Talk” Jake Tockwell had just made good on a promise at the start of the year that he would be the NBW World champion …

And this was just the start of the show tonight.

This had just flipped NBW’s main event on its head!!!

Tockwell and the In Crowd were already up the ramp with the crowd in hand with the Great Wall now sitting over Warren Spade. Fenton Woods couldn’t believe what happened to his client and now … Legacy was not going to be the same.

And this was just the start of things to come where Legacy was concerned.




Charlie Curuso Versus Frank O'Conner

Slam returned from commercial break as the crowd in Edmonton was red hot and ready for more action. Luckily, they didn’t have to wait long at all as too of Canada’s finest, Charlie Curuso and Frank O’Conner were already in the ring. Curuso stood 5’11” and weighed about 175 lbs. He had thigh-high black and gold tights, black boots and black elbow pads all while sporting medium-length blond hair.  Frank O’Conner had short black hair and mustache straight out of a 1970’s porn video. He wore long black and green tights with black and green boots with white trim. His exposed chest was also unshaven.

O’Conner had a cocky swagger about him as he circled around the ring slowly while Curuso skipped along and looked rather energetic. O’Conner clocked in at around 230lbs and stood about six foot tall. O’Conner eyed Curuso up and down and gave an unimpressed look out to the Edmonton crowd who booed him wildly. The Edmonton crowd were very familiar with these two as they were pretty famous around Canada’s independent circuit. The fact that they were getting their showcase here on Slam was a surprise and a treat to the live crowd!

Simon Brack, the referee in charge, called for the bell and officially got this match underway.




Curuso clapped his hands and got the Edmonton crowd into is as O’Conner looked rather smug about the fans clapping along like sheep. O’Conner even stooped and looked around the arena, giving the live crowd and sneer of disgust which drew their ire. O’Conner shook his head and the two of them locked up. O’Conner twisted Curuso’s arm with the arm wringer and shook his head “no” as if to say that he wasn’t going to let Curuso have his way here tonight. Curuso, however, rolled forward, kipped up to his feet, used his arm to break O’Conner’s grip and hit a standing drop kick that took O’Conner to his back.

Curuso got up and motioned to the crowd to get them fired up. O’Conner didn’t look to pleased as he slowly got back to his feet. O’Conner and Curuso were about to lock up once again when….


It was as if someone had cut the power off in the arena. The crowd murmured amongst themselves as to what was going on. After what seemed like an eternity had passed, the lights came back on and the crowd collectively gasped!

There he stood in the ring… sporting new full length black and white tights, white boots with black laces and trim, black elbow pads and white wrist tape. His shoulder-length black hair was unmistakable and it even sported two white streaks on the left and right sides that ran up and down the side of his head. The crowd popped big at first because it had been several months, but then they booed the man that stood before them.

They booed the former Keystone Champion.

They booed the former Dynasty Tag Team Champion

They booed the former leader of the Sons of Evolution

They booed the former three-time World Champion

They booed DERECHO!

Derecho took one look at Charlie Curuso and blasted him with a lariat so hard that the smack could be heard throughout the arena! Curuso flipped completely over and slammed down on his upper chest!. O’Conner wore a smirk on his face and extended his hand to Derecho. Derecho nodded and embraced O’Conner, only to pull him in and then up onto his shoulder…


The Emerald Flowsion dropped O’Conner right on the back of his neck. Derecho quickly picked O’Conner up and threw him over the top rope and out to the floor.  Curuso staggered up to his feet, but Derecho stood behind him. He quickly hooked Curuso in a half nelson and pulled back on his leg. One quick snap of the hips later and Derecho dumped Curuso on the back of his neck with his variation of the Regal Plex.


Derecho motioned to ringside that he wanted the microphone. He walked to the ropes and leaned over as a production hand passed a microphone over to him. Derecho made his way back to the center of the ring and looked around as the sea of boos continued for him. Derecho didn’t look like he cared one bit as he wasn’t out here to soak up any reaction from them. With eyes as cold and as uncaring like usual, he looked into the camera and brought the microphone up to his lips.

“Several months ago, I lost the World Championship to Warren Spade.”

This garnered a large pop from the crowd, but Derecho didn’t may them any mind.

“I was frustrated. I walked away from NBW with the mindset that I wasn’t going to come back. Honestly, I can’t really say it feels good to be back because it doesn’t. I’m still frustrated beyond belief. I’m frustrated with the company… I’m frustrated with Jack Harmen… I’m frustrated with everything that is NBW.”

Derecho paused as the crowd quieted down a little, but were still booing.

“I am NOT frustrated over the fact that I lost the World Championship, though. THAT, I can tell you that much. I’m actually frustrated because over the past year, all I’ve been given were world championship opportunities and while I have won the title three times, you’d think that I’d want a fourth reign. You’d think that I would come out here and demand that Warren Spade walk that aisle, step into this ring, and give me a world championship match at Legacy.”

Derecho paused for a moment as his inflection quieted down to a more somber, yet still serious, tone.

“But you would be wrong.”

Derecho looked around the crowd and closed his eyes for a moment as he laughed to himself.

“You would be wrong because I’m done with chasing or holding the world championship. That belt was nothing more than pure poison. A poison that was made to cloud my vision and scramble my memory. It was a poison that made me forget what my true purpose here was and for over three YEARS… title after title after title slowly made me forget exactly why I’m here in NBW.”

Derecho scratched the side of his cheek as he collected his thoughts.

“It was a long time ago. Eleven years to be exact. NBW contacted me and offered me a chance to come compete on a one-night-only deal. They wanted a big attraction and so they booked me in a match against Spike Saunders. I walked into NBW… into Spike Saunder’s house… and I beat him in the middle of this ring and made NBW regret their decision to choose me as his opponent. It was an absolute embarrassment and a black eye to this company and I couldn’t have been happier with the result.”

“Fast forward to 2009. After chasing the dream for ten years, I finally get signed to the fWo. Who else is there? None other than Spike Saunders. We have our little rematch and I’m not ashamed to say that Spike Saunders got the better of me that night. We move on to Legacy of Champions. For our third and final match… I did what Spike did to me so many years ago. I called him out and told him to step into MY house and to take me on. We battled in a 30 minute iron man match that ended in a draw. Our score, that was to be settled, never was.”

“Several years ago, I was offered a contract here in NBW. I took it because I knew that this is where Spike Saunders lived and breathed. This was his home… his territory… his domain.  The Lair of the Colossus!  I stepped in here once and embarrassed him and I came back to do it again….. Except instead of Spike Saunders… I’m given Son of Malta as an opponent. I’m given The Upper Echelon. I’m given the Keystone title… I’m given Son of Malta and VIP and we formed the Sons of Evolution. I’ve been given the Dynasty Tag Team Titles and I’ve been given three world titles… but I’ve NEVER been given the only thing I wanted…. Spike…. Saunders.”

Derecho looked straight into the hard camera with intensity.

“I’m done waiting. At Legacy… I want Spike Saunders in a match… I’ve waited far too long to settle things and I’m not waiting any longer. Later tonight, I’m coming to you, Harmen. You better have a favorable answer for me… or I swear… not just you, but this entire company will have hell to pay.”

Derecho threw the microphone down and it made a loud boom on the speakers. Derecho exited the ring as “Charisma” by WASP his the PA speakers. Derecho power walked up the ramp, not even taking the time to acknowledge the crowd. He disappeared behind the black curtain and with that, he was gone.

The challenge had been laid down. Now all that was left was for Jack Harmen to book the match Derecho had just demanded. The world could only wait along with Derecho for an answer later tonight..

Paid in Full


“You see this? Do you see this?”

“We hope you’re all looking!!!”

The voices of cheering belonged to none other than two men that committed what would no doubt go down in NBW history as the crime of the century.

“Hot Sauce” Raul Ramirez and your NEW NBW World champion “Big Talk” Jake Tockwell!

The two men were running around backstage with Tockwell chasing Ramirez, both men spraying each other down with bottles of the most expensive champagne they could wrangle up so soon after their crime!

“GOT YOU!” yelled Tockwell. “AND I GOT YOU!” referring to the NBW World title that still had Warren Spade’s nameplate on it.

“Way to pull it out, champ, way to pull it out!” said Raul as he stopped to take a breather.

“I got this on lock, Hot Sauce!” yelled Tockwell. “I told that big JAG Warren Spade and that zero Brock Newbludd that I was going to Legacy with this title and now … I am! You see this? Big Talk just turned the main event of Legacy on its head!”

“We did it!”

The two men participated in a big chest bump that almost knocked Hot Sauce off his feet just by how big Tockwell was. Big Talk continued to laugh at pulling off his greatest heist yet but then along came the men that made it possible.

“Gentlemen …”

Tockwell and Hot Sauce turned and the large forms of the two men making it all possible …

Xiang and the Great Wall!

Tockwell looked up at the Great Wall and then glanced at Xiang who was looking right back with a sinister glare.

“Business … “ said Xiang in English. “I believe we have one final transaction to process, do we not?”

Tockwell nodded at him and slapped the Great Wall on the shoulder. The quiet growl indicated he didn’t like it, but Tockwell didn’t notice because of his shoulder now being twenty pounds heavier.

FINALLY somebody that can get the god-damn job done around here! You have no idea how hard it is to find good help around here … Hot Sauce …”

“Yeah, Big Talk?”

Big Talk pointed at the briefcase nearby. “Give the men their money!”

And at last, what happened earlier now made complete sense!

Hot Sauce handed the briefcase full of the Big Talk Bounty money over to Xiang and the Great Wall. Xiang took it with a smile on his face while the Great Wall looked mighty pleased with laying out the King of Monsters earlier tonight with his deadly Dao Bomb. Suddenly a thought occurred to Tockwell.

“Wait ... “ asked Tockwell “... ain’t you guys commies, right? Big Talk ain’t no politician, but you guys aren’t driven by money and you hate capitalism and all that, so what’s in this for you?”

“Trust me, Mr. Tockwell,” said Xiang, “the money is a mere bonus to what we hoped to achieve tonight. For far too long, Warren Spade has carried himself like he is the greatest man of his stature in NBW. Tonight … we took the greatest prize away from the so-called King and proved that his reign on the top is done … and the reign of the Great Wall will now truly begin.”

The Great Wall stood behind him with a pleased expression.

“We’ll be donating this money to our fellow countrymen back home. Our business is concluded, gentlemen.”

“You can get naked and swim in singles for all I care, Xiang, I got the NBW World title! YEAH!!!!”

Big Talk and Hot Sauce high fived one another like juveniles and walked down the hallway leaving Xiang and the Great Wall to leave in the opposite direction with their new ill-gotten gain. They had collected on the Big Talk Bounty and in the process, made a very powerful statement tonight.




Sit down... or Shut up


Trent McKnight opened the scene for us:  "Hello and welcome to a special two-part sit-down interview with No Brand Wrestling's two latest recruits."

The camera zoomed in as Trent introduced the first guy:  "To my right, former American Football player and all-round strongman, David Ironside."

A nod came from David:  "Thanks, Trent," he cordially said, shaking McKnight's hand and they both echoed it was a pleasure.

We switched focus:  "To my left, the son of former wrestler and tag team champion, Michael Harper, a real favourite on the independent circuit and someone widely noted as one of the finest technical wrestlers to ever grace the squared circle....Michael Mercer."

A wry smile from Michael and a round of applause by Ironside greeted Trent's introduction.  McKnight made an observation:  "You're clearly a fan of your partner, David"

Laughing, Ironside nodded:  "What gave you that idea?"

"Michael, you're highly thought of by fans in your native Canada, the US and Japan.  No Brand is the grandest stage you've performed on.  Are you confident you can make the leap and what is it that makes you such a respected professional, the Wrestler's Wrestler, as you're called?"

A relaxed Mercer stated:  "More than confident.  I was born in this business and I live and breathe it - I'm a professional wrestler, not a play wrestler, and I watch anyone and everyone.  I've seen everyone in nbW from Brock Newbludd to Brock Metzer, Max Hopper to Chris Hopper, Jason Kain, Spike Saunders, Warren Spade, Son of Malta, Derecho, Vince Jacobs, Blake Gray, Torment, Tremoid, Big Rick, Little Ricky, Keegan, Reagan, I'm familiar with them all."

Turning his attention and body to Ironside, McKnight posed a question to Ironside:  "Do you feel like salad compared to Michael's main dish?"

David chuckled at that:  "He's more likely to eat salad.  I like a steak myself.  But, I don't know.  I know I'm alongside the best I've ever seen or been in with, so I don't mind playing second fiddle to Michael.  He's always made it clear we're a team and we've got different strengths."

"Are you underrated?"

While Ironside contemplated that, Mercer perked up:  "Yes, he is.  He always has been."

Ironside tipped his hat to Mercer  Michael continued:  "We work well together - really well.  The tag team that travels together, stays together.  You're not going to see any heel turns here.  We're solid," Mercer reasoned, interlocking his fingers to represent the close bond the unit enjoyed.

David pointed the focus back to his colleague:  "He's the captain of this team.  I'm the solider.  He's the brains, I'm the brawn and I do everything he tells me.  Michael's a tactician, a technician and knows wrestling inside out.  He taught me everything I know, but nowhere near what he knows so I've got no other option than to listen to him!"

"What makes you so smart, Michael?"

"Honestly, Trent, I'm not smart:  I'm well-read.  Like I said, I study.  I obsess and assess to the point of being picky and fussy.  I know what most guys do well, what they don't do well and I adjust my game to face them.  Some wrestlers have this mentality that they'll go out and do their own thing, they'll let their opponent worry about them and that's fine.  I'm the opposite and it works for me and David."

McKnight nodded:  "It certainly has so far.  You've picked up several tag team titles all over the world.  Is that your first port of call here in nbW?"

Ironside started:  "Trent, Michael's a World champion in the making, but he's always stayed loyal to me and that's why I'll never let him down.  One day, I'll let him go and achieve his dream, right here in nbW, but yes, we're gonna show we're the finest team in the world and that starts with the tag titles."

Mercer cocked his head when he heard clapping:  "Well, well, well, what do we have here?  Oh, it's the most OVERRATED team in wrestling, Mercer and Ironside."

The words of one Damon Somner with Greg Matthews not too far behind him.

Michael looked at Damon dead in the eye:  "How many times have we beaten the two of?  Just the twelve, thirteen times?"

Somner didn't let that get to him:  "You geeks would know.  What I know is you've not done anything here in nbW!"

Ironside was incredulous:  "We've not even debuted!"

Damon used that to his advantage:  "My point exactly.  How come it took so long for you to get here?"

Mercer rolled his eyes:  "What matters is we're here now.  What are you doing?  This is..."

Somner cut him off:  "You're taking up time that could be allocated to real tag teams rather than IWC geeks."

Ironside stood up and squared up to Matthews:  "Hello sweetheart, your breath still stinks."

Greg took exception to that remark and Ironside wasn't going anywhere.  Somner ushered Matthews away, saving the fight for another day.

Thereafter, Mercer and Ironside walked off set, leaving Trent McKnight hanging with his cock in his hand.  Not literally, of course. 

Premature ending to the interview though.

However, would Health Fanatics be the first case for Mercer and Ironside to crack? .

Chicago Strong Style


The camera opened up backstage, where Adria Hoyt was standing by, ready for what was sure to be a titalating backstage interview.

“Hello nbW fans! Adria Hoyt here, and allow me to welcome my guest at this time-a man about to make his in ring debut tonight-a man who needs no introduction….the man behind Chicago Strong Style-JOHN PARIAH!”

She smiled as the camera angle widened, and John Pariah walked up next to her, applying his signature white smile.

“John, at Scorched you made an impactful debut, putting the NBW roster on notice. What are your plans tonight?”

“Well Adria, first off-it’s great to be here in NBW. For years, I’ve heard about this place-and now here I am. Like I said at Scorched Adria, I am here to rebuild and redefine MY legacy. I’m not going to be the guy who rests on his laurels. My legacy has been written-but it’s far from finished. As far as my plans tonight-I’m going out to that ring-and whoevers out there? They are going to get a taste of Mira…..”

Pariah stopped talking, and is cut off by rising star Edgar Collins.

“I’ve been here for years John... and look you and I have alot in common, except for one detail.”

“What’s that?”

“I’m better.”

“Really now…..I’m sorry..who did you say you were again?” Pariah asked, very confused at this point.

“Edgar Collins, the biggest thing coming out of PULSE and Pariah-tonight-I’ll make an impact on you.” he said, before walking out of frame.

“Did...did that just happen?” Pariah asked.

“I believe so.” Adria responded.

“Guess somebody is going to get knocked out tonight.”

Pariah smirked and walked out of frame, as Adria threw it back to ringside.




Declaring Victory



The chyron that lets you know the following segment took place earlier in the day appeared on the EpiCenter for all of the lovely Canadian fanbase to see.

And who was on that camera?

It was none other than your NEW Blitzkrieg Champion…


The crowd went BATSHIT for the Hawaiian disciple of Strong Style as he appeared on the Tron slinging his newly won championship over his shoulder.

“Mahalo, nbW!”

The booming voice was full of the trademark gusto and poise that the soft-spoken Hawaiian had been known for in the last two months.

“To say that the last few months have been trying… that is quite an understatement. I lost my Ohana – my uncle – to a lung disease. His store back home went under. My family was left to take care of the expenses. My cousins had to put their own careers on hold to go back home to tend to family and even I don’t know if or when they’ll be back. To make matters worse, I conflicted with my conscience in the last two months. I almost made a deal with the human equivalent of the devil and while that money might have helped me back home, I would not have been able to look that man in the mirror ever again if I had followed through."

Ohiyama continued.

“While I did not win against Warren Spade and become the nbW World Heavyweight Champion, what I did obtain was almost as good; title I am proud to carry once again. Years ago, I held the Blitzkrieg Championship back when I was known as Sweet Daddy K almost five years ago. But a lot has changed in that time. Back then, while I was beloved by the fans, my years wrestling in Japan have helped me to become the best version of myself that I can be inside and outside of the ring.”

Clips showed of Sweet Daddy K defeating the monster called Torment for the Blitzkrieg Title – then interspersed with him recently pinning Jake Tockwell to become the nbW Blitzkrieg Champion for the second time in his career. Much more mature, slimmed down, poised and ferocious. Everything the title should represent. The scene returned back to Ohiyama.

“Back then, I did not know what kind of champion I wanted to be with a title that really – has no rules. But now… now I’m a better man. Now… my conscience is clear and because of that, I can look forward to what I TRULY want to do… give back to you, the fans… my ohana!”

The crowd cheered at the sentiment as the video package continued.

“This title holds a special place in my heart because it was my first singles championship in my wrestling career when people said I was too green… I was too flashy and made lots of little mistakes. This was before I immersed myself in the world of Strong Style and found my career and love for the sport again after three grueling, but rewarding years in Japan.  I proved previous doubters wrong. Now… I want to go out there each and every week and GIVE BACK to the people that have supported me ever since I returned last year to nbW. My goal out there with this title is to put on the most physical, hard-hitting, gritty FIGHTS each and every night. Just like I’ve done with Ravage… Spike Saunders… Jake Tockwell… and Warren Spade…”

He tapped the title.

“The rules of the title will not change under my reign. Pinfalls count anywhere, No Disqualification will still stand… however, I will SHOW the world that no chair, no table, no ladder, nor ANYTHING physical can stop me in that ring. My own abilities will carry me to victory and I will MOW DOWN anything in my path to carve my name as one of the best that has ever been in the sport when my career is said and done. This belt has already been in the main event of Scorched and I will carry it proudly everywhere I go. Main events, show openers, and anywhere in between until its prestige is on part with that of our very nbW World Heavyweight Championship. If you dare seek a challenge, my motto for this belt, bruddahs…”

The Active Volcano smirked.

“Anywhere. Anyplace. Anytime.”

The crowd popped at the thought of Ohiyama’s physical brand of match now being brought to the Blitzkrieg division! The proud Hawaiian smirked.

“Aloha and good night, nbW…”

But before he could sign off, Ohiyama stopped in his tracks when a pair of feet stomped towards him.

“Anytime, anyplace, anywhere, huh?”

The voice belonged to one of nbW’s LARGEST men… standing at 6’5” and well over 400 pounds, The Monster Called Rune! Despite the weight disparity, Ohiyama remained unnerved and even dared Rune to step closer.

“I believe my intent is clear, Rune,” Ohiyama said. “Sounds like you care to take me up on this challenge?”

The heavy for Zed smirked.

“Yeah. I do. nbW’s new show. Victory. I’m calling my shot and I’m taking that title from you… BRUDDAH.”

The Polyneasian Powerhouse chuckled lightly at the dig by Rune and smirked.

“I accept.”

Nothing more was said between the two big men as Rune smirked. He purposely brushed shoulders into Ohiyama and knocked him back a step or two before walking off the set. The Polynesian Powerhouse had just made a powerful decree for his title reign…

Could he back it up?

We’ll find out in a few days time on the debut of nbW Victory!

'Big Kid' Chris Smith Versus Christopher Noid

Chris Smith offered Christopher Noid a handshake that was promptly rejected.  Smith wouldn't be deterred and extended his hand, receiving exactly the same response - none.

Thereafter, a Collar-and-Elbow got us underway with Smith shoving Noid back to the top-right hand corner, surprisingly breaking cleanly when asked to.  Chris then took the opportunity to seek another handshake and when it was clear Noid was going to ignore it, Smith pushed Christopher back into the corner and let him have it with a hellacious Knife Edge Chop that echoed around the arena.

Before Big Kid heeded the referee's warning, he whipped Noid to the corner, turning Christopher inside out, upside down and out onto the apron.

As Noid stood up, Smith illustrated quickness that defied his size, meeting Christopher with a cracking Clothesline to floor Noid, sending him straight off the apron.  Now, Big Kid would take a backseat and allow a count.

It got to four when Chris got a bit impatient, heading outside, breaking the count and dumping Noid back onto the apron, the place Smith had knocked his opponent off just moments ago.

Curiously, Chris rolled back in - he was going to reintroduced Noid the hard way in old commentators' speak, courtesy of a Suplex, which he successfully completed.



Smith picked Noid up!  That ANNOYED the official immensely.  Simply put, the smiling debutant didn't care.

Chris again whipped the FTW member to the buckle  Smith's subsequent splash missed and enabled Christopher to try with a Scoop Slam.

No, Noid couldn't get Smith up on either of his two tries and a sledge to the spine put the 6'6 manchild back in control.

Big Kid was going to show Noid how it was done with a Body Slam, only for the tag team specialist to make a run for it out of the back door..

Running Clothesline that rocked Smith!

Buoyed by Smith's swaying and the audience, Noid followed it up with a second effort and Big Kid was on unsteady feet!

Would the third one be a charm?


A kick to the gut and an emphatic Vertical Suplex Side Slam that got a considerable 'OOH' from the audience once it hit meant this was now academic.




Ton of Fun

GM Harmen's Office

There was a groundswell of cheers as the nameplate on the desk read “GM Jack Harmen”. Richie Keal was on all fours as Harmen had a coffee mug resting on Richie’s back. Harmen grabbed the mug and took a sip as the door to his office burst open. Derecho stepped into view as Harmen gave Derecho a look as if to say “really?”

“Sure, sure… come on it. Don’t bother knocking or anything.” Harmen muttered to himself. "Not like my entire advertising campaign for Legacy can be upheaved tonight or anything..."

“You already know why I’m here so I’m not going to waste any time explaining things.”

“Thank God,” Harmen breathed a sigh of relief., “I wouldn't have listened anyway.” Harmen said offhandedly.

“Do I have a match at Legacy or not?”

Harmen scratched the side of his head as he had a look on his face that conveyed bad news for Derecho.

“Well, you see… it’s considered… I don’t know… being a decent human being to actually ASK the person being challenged whether or not to accept a match that they were challenged for. With that being said…" Harmen frowned. "Wait. Who did you challenge again?"

Richie spoke up from his ottoman position. "Spike Saunders sir."

Harmen gently kicked Richie in his back. "Ottomon's don't talk." Harmen looked back at Derecho, who was not pleased with the games Harmen was playing. "Listen, Spike Saunders isn’t here tonight. In fact, he wasn’t even at Scorched and even though I called, texted, E-Mailed, Skyped, PM'd, AOL Instant Messengered, MySpaced, Friendstered, Classmates.com, Western Unioned, Carrier Pigeoned, and even had Richie tap into psychic energies and use ESP….” Harmen looked down at Richie with a furious anger,”Which he SUCKED at. Learn the paranormal you slackabout!” Harmen kicked Richie in the gut followed by an oof. “I couldn’t get a hold of him. So until I do, I’m afraid that I don’t have an answer for you.”

Derecho could only laugh to himself.

“So you’re here to what, let me guess. Gruff and tough Derecho is going to huff and puff and steamroll my office just to get what HE wants? Gonna drag Richie down with you. Make him suffer for your perceived transgressions against you and your character and your desires. Maybe beat him up a little to show you mean business?”

“Jack.” Richie pleaded. “Please stop antagonizing him and kicking me.”

“Or are you here to just test my resolution as a boss and see if you can run this place yourself?” Harmen leaned forward, “Is that what I'm getting here? You wanna be the boss? Make all the decisions?! Cause you'd suck at it and where's my raise?”

“Cute, Harmen. I’m going to do something against my better judgment. I’m actually going to let that slide. I’m giving you until the next Slam to get me my answer. I don’t care what hole you have to dig up and drag Spike Saunders out of. You ARE going to get me my match. If you come up empty handed next week… it’ll be more than Richie that I huff and puff and blow over and if you think a night in jail, a fine, a suspension, or a termination is going to stop me from ripping you apart, then think again. I would gladly endure anything to make sure you get the message. Remember my words, Jack. Remember them well.”

Derecho turned and walked out of Jack Harmen’s office. Harmen didn’t look worried. Instead, Harmen looked amused. “That guy is a ton of fun if you're a dickhead.” The scene faded out to black.




Catching up with Jonny Bedlam


Jonny Bedlam was reclining on a couch, scrunched down with his legs out.  NBW Reporter Adria Hoyt was on the other side of the couch.  Both were holding microphones.  Neither one seemed to give us any sound, but the two of them were talking.   Out of the corner of her eye, Adria “spots” the camera and quickly turns to it and we hear her voice.

“Oooh, there’s the camera light and we're live! This is Adria Hoyt and I’m here with Jonny Bedlam.  Say Hi, Jonny!”

“YO!” Jonny yelled at the camera, somewhat menacingly.

“Ok, so Jonny, I’ve got a few questions for you.  I think last time we spoke, you were having a bit of a kegger in the parking lot and convinced me to do a shot or two.”

“Yeah, that’s right, you drank us all under the table later.”

“Haha, well I’ve been known to do that.  You’re a mere mortal from down South.”

Jonny smiled back at Adria.  Adria resumed.  “So what were you up to in your absence from NBW?”

“Hmm, nothing particularly interesting.  I had to head back home to Texas for some personal issues.  I was supposed to miss one Slam, ended up missing a couple of months.”

“Would you like to comment on those personal issues?”

Jonny looked down a bit at that moment.  “I dunno Adria.  Let’s just keep it at personal issues for right now.”

“Are you sure?  I mean, you’re in a safe space here.”

Jonny nodded a few times.  “Maybe another time.  For now, let’s just the dirt sheets have a field day speculating about how many drug tests I failed and rental cars I wrecked drunk.”

“Ok, if you insist.  How do you feel now that you’re back?”

“For real, we will talk about it, and you get the exclusive.  Just not right now.  I’m still processing.  How do i feel now?  Amazing.  I’ve loved every second I’ve been involved with No Brand.  I love all of our fans.  I love partying in the parking lot with ‘em.  I’m on fire every minute I’m near an arena til I’m long gone and far away from it after the show.  This is my life.”

Adria nodded at him, “Well we are certainly glad to have you back.  You have quite the following in a very short time here, and have had some excellent matches.”

“I bet you say that to all the girls!”
Adria chuckled at that.  “I’m serious Jonny.  In particular, your last two matches went pretty well and you seem to be on a bit of a win streak.”

Jonny stared at Adria sternly.  “Don’t say that.”

“Don’t say what Jonny?”

“Don’t say ‘winning streak,’ it’s bad luck.”

“Surely you can’t be that superstitious?”

Jonny stared back at her.  “Well as Michael Scott might say, ‘I’m not Superstitious...I’m kinda Stitious.’”

“Haha, ohh how I miss The Office.”

“Don’t we all?”

Adria brought them back around to bear.  “So you had a pretty short, but heated feud with Alan Envy.  He hurt your friend Petey in front of his mother.  The aggression back and forth between you and Envy boiled over, and you came out the victor.   Do you have any thoughts on this?”

“Well, not really Adria.  I think I shared my ‘thoughts’ with Envy’s sorry carcass.  I hear he’s left the company to lick his butt for a few weeks to get the taste of what I did to him out of his mouth.  Can’t say I’ll miss the numbskull.  I feel like whoopin’ the chowderhead so bad that he had to quit his job is at least some vengeance for poor ol’ Petey.  I think that’s about all I’ve got on Envy.”

Adria smiled.  “Ok then, so what’s next for Jonny?  Do you have any matches coming up?”

“Well I thought I’d be wrestling tonight, but I guess I’m getting the night off.  They don’t have any curtain jerkers for me to wallop left.  Who knows?”

Suddenly the lights in the room with the couch went off and the scene was plunged into darkness.  Some punches and struggling were heard, and some yells.  A woman’s scream was heard.  Just then, the lights came back on and a dizzed Jonny Bedlam was perched atop a larger man’s shoulders as if he’s about to be powerbombed.


Adria Hoyt had moved quickly from the couch and was trying to hail security as she headed for the door.  Zed stared at the dazed Jonny and Zed chuckled, then threw Jonny forward and down,  then pulled his knees up quickly to drop Jonny into a double knee backbreaker, which issues a grunt and a sickening thud of contact from Jonny. 


Zed stood himself back up quickly and surveyed his handiwork.  Zed looked at the camera, picked up Jonny’s fallen microphone and simply said. 

“Who knows?  I know, Jonny.  I know. You've just been upgraded to First Class." He grinned through his crimson half-mask. "I’m what’s next.”

With that, Zed dropped the microphone quickly and stepped out of view.

Clan Strongbern Versus The Unstoppables

“It has been an UNFORGETTABLE night already, has it not, Melissa?” C.G Gains asked with much glee in his voice. “We got—“

“You’ve been crowing in my ear ever since it happened C.G., now we’re switching gears to The Unstoppables!”

“More like The Totally Stoppables. Gravender and Tyson XL just haven’t been able to get over the hump ever since the lost the Dynasty Tag Team Titles to The A-List earlier this year. They’ve won a match here and there, of course, but on the last two Pay-Per-Views, they lost to The A-List and then lost in a six-man tag with Ali Amore against Clan Strongbern. Juxtapose that with Clan Strongbern, who BEAT Ke’ala Ohana AND Ali Amore and The Unstoppables on the last two Pay-Per-View showings!”

“Admittedly, their confidence as the most dominant tag team of 2016 and early 2017 has to be shaken up a little bit, but Vic and Tyson are two of the baddest men on ANY roster on the planet. Lest we forget, the last time Clan Strongbern fought The Unstoppables two-on-two, they won.”

“That’s why Clan Storngbern wanted this match tonight, Melissa. Big Rick submitted Ali Amore with The Stronghold, but they want to leave ZERO doubt in anybody’s mind that they can beat any team.”

“And now we go to ringside! Two members of Clan Strongbern will be in action against The Unstoppables right now!”

And yep… to the ring. One fall and such.

“The following contest is a tag team match and is set for one fall!”


“A Warrior’s Call” by Volbeat.

The thundering theme of dominance brought out two former World heavyweight champions and perhaps the most dominant nbW tandem of all time. The former ACW World Heavyweight Champion Tyson XL along with decorated nbW star and former nbW World Heavyweight Champion Vic Gravender!

“And his partners… weighing in at a combined SIX HUNDRED AND SEVENTY-SEVEN POUNDS ... Tyson XL. ... Vic Gravender .... THE UNSTOPPABLES!

The two large men meant fucking business tonight. While smacking the hands of eager fans on either side of the aisle, XL and Gravender had their game faces on. Vic Gravender and Tyson XL were both ready for a fight and were ready to kick some Strongbern ass. 

A fully-fit Tyson XL stepped through the ropes routinely and warmed up while waiting for the World Class Badass. Vic walked right behind him and entered the ring. The two roughest and toughest men in nbW were all fire tonight and now that they were a united front against Clan Strongbern, they now had a chance to succeed. The music faded quietly as they waited for their opponents.

“Let’s Kill These Motherfuckers” by Lair of the Minotaur.

The theme came with a thundering boom as the lights in the arena went pitch-black. Suddenly, a HUGE spotlight shone on the stage and one by one, the monsters came out to play.

“Little” Ricky Strongbern, the near-seven footer.

The monstrous powerhouse Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern.

The wild attack dog, Ri-Khan Strongbern, who grabbed the camera and let loose a loud growl!

And of course…

The camera panned down to show Big Rick Strongbern. 5’8” and 225 of the nastiest pounds you ever done saw’d.

“And their opponents… being accompanied to the ring by Big Rick Strongbern and Ri-Khan Strongbern… at a combined weight of 622 pounds… LITTLE RICKY STRONGBERN AND RIK BONEBREAKER-STRONGBERN!

Little Ricky and Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern were taking up the mantle for the Clan tonight and the two looked at one another. Little Ricky and Rik didn’t get along too well at times, but for the most part appeared to be civil as they stepped into the ring.

“Just follow my lead and don’t fuck this up,” Rik said.

“Oh… somebody’s gonna get fucked up, all right,” Little Ricky retorted.

Little Ricky moved away from the corner and it was Tyson getting the jump on Rik at the bell!



Big Rick didn’t hear their exchange but he barked at the official, Simon Brack, for not doing his job and allowing Tyson TO STRIKE! The man known by many as The Walking Tank  was more akin to a flying tank the way he came at Rik! The blow knocked Rick back into his corner and tht gave Tyson another opening to strike in the form of a Cartwheel Elbow in the corner! Rik felt to hi sknees whie Tyson beat on his chest and pointed at the Canadian crowd in attendance tonight.

“GET UP AND KICK HIS FUCKING ASS!” Big Rick shouted from the floor.

Vic Gravender watched his partner go to work on Rik in the corner with a series of hard punches and chops. He grabbed Rik and tried to whip the larger man in the corner, but Rik had more than enough strength to turn the whip on him and sent him to the corner. Rik charged in looking for a Corner Clothesline, but when he got there, Tyson put a boot up into hiM. Rik stumbled backwards as Tyson ran out of the corner…


The Bone-Breaking Behemoth wasn’t taken off his feet so easily, but if anything could it was a Shotgun Dropkick from a near-300 pound man! Tyson made the first cover of the match on Rik to steal one quickly!




Little Ricky watched Rik get taken to task by Tyson as he pulled him to the corner and made the tag to Vic! The World Class Badass got into the ring and both men teamed up…


One on either side of Rik’s temple made the Norwegian wrestler stumble on his feet. Vic grabbed him and then threw Rik to the corner. The big man charged in but Rik moved out of the corner and made the tag to Little Ricky.

Ricky was still HEATED after how he was treated at Scorched so he climbed into the ring and took the fight right to Vic! Ri-Khan and even Big Rick looked on impressed as the heated Little Ricky PUMMELED away at Vic with powerful left hands! After Vic was rocked with a few right hands, Little Ricky put his boot into the throat of Vic and tried to choke the life out of him using his height advantage.

“Break it up, Ricky! Now! Out of the corner!” Simon shouted.

Ricky took up four seconds of the referee’s mandatory five-count to choke the life out of Vic before coming out of the corner and raising his arms for Big Rick.

“How’s THAT for fire!” Little Ricky shouted.

Big Rick ignored him and watched Little Ricky turn back to Vic …


Little Ricky seemed eager to prove himself to Big Rick and the rest of Clan Strongbern, but that cost him by taking his eye off the ball! Vic then bounced off the ropes and dropped all 364 into a HARD Falling Headbutt to the chest of Little Ricky! A cover followed.



“GET UP! GET UP, GODDAMN IT!” Big Rick yelled.

Little Ricky kicked out at two, but Vic managed to catch him off-guard with a Throat Thrust. While Ricky had the height advantage over Vic, The World Class Badass had the fighting experience and power advantage over The Artist Formerly Known as Tremoid. Vic charged in the corner and CRUSHED Little Ricky with a big Body Avalanche!

“Come on, asshole!” Vic yelled.

He pulled Little Ricky out of the corner and was looking for something coming off the return, but what he didn’t expect was Little Ricky barreling right past him and coming back off the ropes behind him…


The 300-pound and near seven-foot Little Ricky put all his force into an unexpected Running Crossbody and took down Vic Gravender with it! Big Rick and the other Clan Strongbern members wondered where the hell he’d been hiding that maneuver when he knocked Vic down. Little Ricky rolled over to the corner and Rik was slightly shocked by the move.

“Get him! Now!” Little Ricky shouted.

Rik nodded and then climbed into the ring where Vic Gravender was starting to try and stand. When he did so, Rik came charging off the ropes and he FLOORED Vic with a gigantic Short-Range Lariat! Tyson XL shook his head in disbelief that Clan Strongbern were now in control again after their dominating opening and now Rik stood over Vic Gravender with a boot on his throat.

“I want to you look at nbW’s future!” Rik shouted. “Us! Not him!”

He continued to choke the life out of Vic until Simon Brack saw enough and reprimanded Rik. The Boulder resident turned to the referee.

“Get the hell out of my way, little man,” Rik scolded.

The crowd continued to boo Clan Strongbern’s big comeback as he let Vic have it with a tremendously forceful straight punch to the dome. Vic had a thick skull, but even he was looking a little bit glassy-eyed after being dominated by Rik and Little Ricky. The two Clan Strongbern members appeared to have found their groove with one another and they were looking good now.

Rik tried to pull Vic back up, but Vic was a fighter first and threw a few punches into the gut of The Bone-Breaking Behemoth, but Rik MUSCLED the rotund New Yorker into the corner! He buried a hard flurry of Shoulder Thrusts into the chest of Vic and then looked to the crowd before he HOISTED Vic on his shoulders…


The crowd couldn’t believe they’d ever see the day when Vic Gravender was taken over the shoulders of another man and drilled with a vicious Running Powerslam, but today was that day. Rik planted him firmly into the canvas and pinned both shoulders onto the mat.




Almost with the win, but The Unstoppables didn’t get to where they were today by being known for being pushovers. Rik stood up and waited for Vic to try and stand again. When he did, he was CLOCKED upside the head with a big Uppercut from Bonebreaker-Strongbern! Vic was still standing, but slumped over as Rik made the tag to Little Ricky. They did seem to be on the same page for the most part tonight, but Rik looked confused as all hell when Little Ricky started to climb to the top turnbuckle.


Little Ricky seemed to either not hear or ignore what Big Rick was telling him to do as he leaped off the top rope and connected with a HUGE Diving Clothesline off the top! Vic went down and Little Ricky looked to pick up where Rik had left off and try to score a win over the former nbW World Heavyweight Champion!




The World Class Badass needed to get to his corner and make the tag right away. Tyson XL was stomping his foot on the steel steps near him and the fans started to cheer…


The native of The Lou (St. Louis, that is) continued to get the fans on his side and tried to will Vic on, but Little Ricky continued to watch him. Vic tried to sit up, but Little Ricky came off the ropes with a huge low angled kick to the head, knocking Vic flat on his back again. The former nbW World, Infamy, and Dynasty Tag Team Champion continued to try and sit up, daring Little Ricky to him hit again.

Little Ricky obliged…


Vic caught the foot and made it back to his feet as he stood. He threw the foot down…


That signature ultra-stiff Headbutt by Vic Gravender caught Little Ricky in the chest and it was more than enough to bring the near-seven footer to his knees! Big Rick buried his face in his hands and the temperamental leader of his self-named Clan yelled out for Little Ricky to get the tag. Vic knocked himself a little silly before he slumped over to his corner to make the tag to Tyson…


Little Ricky wobbled over and made the tag to Rik Strongbern at the same time! The two bulls collided in the ring with big Shoulder Tackles that had both men wobbling at first. Rik was the larger of the two men, but Tyson XL was the quicker and he launched himself off the ropes. Rik missed a big elbow and then swung blindly with a Clothesline that hit nothing but air as Tyson XL ducked. He came back and he NAILED Rik with a Spinning Wheel Kick that knocked the giant down for the second time in this contest!

Tyson was back on his feet and ran off the ropes to connect with a big Running Splash to Rik while he was down! Tyson was not done after that move and ran off another set of ropes to come up with a Running Senton this time around! All 286 pounds of The Walking Tank crushed Rik in the ring and now Tyson went for a cover.




The rapid-fire sequences of moves didn’t put Clan Strongbern’s most powerful member away quiet yet, but Tyson still had plenty left in the tank. He pulled Rik toward the turnbuckles and then pointed as the fans cheered. The Meteor Crash Moonsault that Tyson was famous for in his career may no doubt have put Rik away…


Little Ricky grabbed the leg of Tyson just like he did to Ali Amore, leading to Clan Strongbern’s victory at Scorched. Tyson kicked him away and then was about to make the leap…


Rik stopped Tyson on the second rope and then pulled him off in the Back Suplex position…


The Belly to Back Backbreaker from Rik did just that and nearly split the superheavyweight in half! Rik kneeled over for the cover now!




The elder statesman of The Unstoppables nailed the back of Rik’s head with a huge Leg Drop and stopped him from getting the win! The World Class Badass continued to try and put the boots to Rik but Little Ricky intercepted and now the two big men were trading lefts and rights!Big Rick pointed at Ri-Khan and he was about to climb the ropes. Little Ricky doubled over Vic with a knee and saw what was happening…

“NO! DON’T! WE CAN DO THIS!” Little Ricky pleaded.

Ri-Khan stopped and looked at Big Rick, who was angry about having his orders outright defied. Inside the ring, Little Ricky got caught in the jaw with a big right hook from Vic and then he tried to ditch him from the ring, but Little Ricky kneed him in the head again and dumped Vic from the ring through the ropes!

He returned to his corner just as Tyson XL and Rik continued to get into a scuffle. Rik threw Tyson into the Strongbern corner in the middle of the scuffle and ran at him, but Tyson moved! Rik hit nothing but the corner when Tyson ran in and POPPED him with a huge Running Back Elbow in the corner and then leaped to CRACK him in the side of the head with a CCS Enzuigiri! The blow stunned Rik…


Tyson moved over to try and pin Rik, but Simon Brack pointed out he wasn’t the legal man! Tyson turned around in the confusion…


Out of nowhere, Little Ricky charged in and CRACKED Tyson in the mouth with his signature erroneously-named Running Big Boot! He didn’t waste time trying to cover Tyson, but instead hoisted him up into a Fireman’s Carry. Normally, his finisher was a Sit-out Chokeslam, but tonight he tried something different. He spun Tyson into his arms into an Air Raid Crash position and DRILLED him into the mat! Something reminiscent of a Kryptonite Crunch as it was known in some circles! Little Ricky saw Vic coming and the groggy Rik was just coherent enough to cut Vic off as the cover was made.




The bell rang and the arena couldn’t believe it! The Unstoppables had just been defeated by Clan Strongbern for the second consecutive show… and only this time they hadn’t run interference despite Big Rick and Ri-Khan’s best efforts.


Little Ricky punched the mat in triumph and looked to Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern who had a massive grin on his face. Before the match, the two hadn’t been that chummy, but perhaps this monumental victory tonight brought out the best in one another. Little Ricky had his chest puffed out and looked proud of himself while Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern looked down at Tyson.


Little Ricky and Rik patted one another’s chests on a job well done tonight and Clan Strongbern exited the ring, celebrating this massive follow-up victory to their enormous success in 2017. Little Ricky had scored the win for the team and now the foursome were heading up the ramp to celebrate. They had not only shown that Scorched and 25 To Life victories had not been flukes. The gruesome foursome had become a very formidable unit despite its unusual hierarchy.

Meanwhile in the ring, Vic kneeled by his tag team partner and shook his head, obviously frustrated with this turn of events. It seemed that Clan Strongbern just had their number tonight. Tyson XL held his head in pain and looked up at Vic.

“I didn’t see that big bastard… he blindsided me…”

“I know, Ty. Wasn’t your fault…”

Vic helped Ty up to his feet and the crowd cheered out of respect for the two as they departed the ring. The Unstoppables’ slump seemed to continue and tonight, the Tag Team of the Year 2016 was looking anything but the dominating force they started out as.




Edgar Collins Versus John Pariah

NBW returned from break and Edgar Collins was standing in the ring.

“Edgar Collins is an NBW veteran from the PULSE academy, who looks to make a point here tonight against an NBW newcomer” Gains said.

"That NBW newcomer though is also the well travelled John Pariah." Melissa added. "Both men tonight are getting a shot at impressing management. Edgar's quick agility and striking ability put up against Pariah's Chicago Strong Style. Which one will come out on top tonight?"

"Who cares. All Edgar has to do to win is throw a taco at him." Gaines quipped back.

“Tonight's Main Event contest is set for one fall!” announced Brent Williams. “Introducing first, from Detroit Michigan, at six foot even, and two hundrend fifteen pounds, he is the 'Connoisseur of Manscaping' Edgar Collins!

Edgar wasn't having it. He stood outside the ring by the far steps with a makeup kit using the mirror to make sure his eye shadow was just right. Tonight was his big chance!

The arena lights went out, and searing aggro rock guitar intro to “Frail Words Left Unspoken” by Fear & Grace hit the crowd and the word “ICONIC” shows up on the screen. The crowd popped as John Pariah walked out onto the stage-wearing a black Wornstar hooded vest. He held his hands up as a gun-and threw his head back as a wall of pyro shot up behind him, leading right into the hook.

"And his opponent, making his NBW debut, from Chicago, Ilinois, at six foot one and two hundred thirty five pounds, he is the ICONIC JOHN PARIAH!

The crowd roared as he headed down the ramp, and posed on the ropes in his signature gun pose.

The crowd errupted and celebrated Pariah’s entrance with a flurry of streamers. Collins used this distraction to get back into the ring and attacked the former 23 Time World Champion from behind.

“I haven’t seen fire in Collins like this in a long time!” Melissa said as Collins threw Pariah into the corner and tried to choke him with a streamer ribbon. Pariah immediately ripped it apart and turned around, not before catching Collins with a boot to the face. Collins stumbled back allowing Pariah to catch him with a slingblade which netted him a one count. He picked Collins up and slammed him head first into the turnbuckle again, delivering a flurry of body shots, before sending him across the ring. Collins hit the corner and stumbled backwards, as Pariah bounced off the ropes and hit a discuss yakuza kick, sending the NBW veteran to the mat.

“It looks like Pariah is taking control.”  Gains began. “Come on Edgar! You can fight back from this washed up has-been!” he added.

Pariah picked him up, shoving him into the corner. He yelled at Edgar, “Is this is all you got?” before delivering a clubbing forearm. He draped his left leg on the middle rope and kicked it multiple times, before shooting him across the ring. Edgar stumbled back out of the corner and Pariah met him with a drop kick to the leg-going after the same left leg he already damaged in the ropes.

“I think John may be setting up for the calf slicer he’s become famous for.” Melissa said.

“Yeah? He’s also famous for raiding taco trucks.” Gains added.

Pariah sat him up on his knees and delivered a pair of kicks to the chest. He pointed his hands like a gun to the back of his head and ran the ropes before hitting a Mirakuru variant to the back of Edgars head.”

“Oh! I don’t think we’ve seen Pariah bust that out before. Outside of the NBW even.” Melissa said, enthralled with the match going on.

Pariah rolled Edgar over:




Pariah sighed and shook his head before lifting Edgar up. Edgar responded with a thumb to the eyes and yelled at Pariah before delivering what to most would be a knockout haymaker. He continued to rain in shots forcing Pariah into the corner. He pulled him out and knocked him down with a lariat, before mounting Pariah and raining down more strikes to the face. The ref eventually pulled him off and the crowd began to boo.

“There we go!” Gains exclaimed. “Get him!”

Pariah pulled himself up and immediatly ate a haymaker sending him over the ropes. Collins followed him out to the floor, and went on the attack; but Pariah caught his leg and slammed him into the ring steps. He lifted him up and shoved him into the ring, before climbing in himself.

“I think Pariah is going for the kill.” Melissa said.

Pariah smirked and yelled at the NBW veteran, before throwing up a Too Sweet and going for Mirakuru. Edgar ducked under this and rolled him up:



Pariah immediatly rolled to his feet and took Edgar's head off with a lariat. He sighed and lifted him up, delivering a trio of chops to the chest, before raising him onto his shoulders. He lifted him off and kicked him in the face with a Detonation Kick as the crowd popped!

“LAST KISS GOOD NIGHT!” Melissa exclaimed as he rolled Edgar’s leg up into the Calf Slicer. The crowd exploded as he locked it in and Edgar Collins tapped out after a feverish 1.3 seconds in the hold. The bell rung and “Frail Words Left Unspoken” reprised. The ref held up Pariahs arm as he rolled to the floor and too sweeted a group of fans at ringside.

“John Pariah makes an impressive debut here in NBW, Gains!” Melissa stated.

“What’s impressive is going to see him at catering later. The company didn’t spring for the taco truck this week right?”

“You are too much right now.”

The crowd cheered as Pariah headed up the ramp. The camera got in close on him as he yelled "One down. This is my legacy! My time!" he posed on the ramp as the camera faded to a final break.




Nobody Left Except...


After returning from a commercial break, viewers were treated to the sight of El Principe and VIP, their duos belts draped over their shoulders, entering the ring in that order.  Smiling ear to ear, Ingram called for a microphone while Principe looked on, oblivious to what his English-speaking acquaintance was saying.

“Greetings, peasants!” VIP shouted.

El Principe nodded right behind him.

“Do you see these belts?” VIP asked, equal parts rhetorically and arrogantly. They say that we and we alone… we are the BEST! We've done it all in the Dynasty tag team division.  We stopped The Unstoppables - not ONCE, but TWICE," Price bragged, holding his index and middle fingers to emphasise how many times they'd beaten Vic Gravender and Tyson XL.

"Alex Reyn and Chris Smith put Paul Sanders and Kid Chameleon on the toy shelf.  Probably a better fate than the beating we'd have given them had they got in here with us," Ingram laughed.

"And then, we TCB ourselves, getting revenge on Reyn for putting his hands on Principe AND doing what Alex and everyone has failed to do in recent months - sideline Darren Best FOR GOOD."

Cue boos.

VIP basked in the spotlight, again holding a finger up for every team he mentioned:  "The Unstoppables, The Players, The Entertainers - all the main contenders to these belts..."

And as quickly as he put them up, the fingers dropped with each word:   "THEY. ARE.  GONE."

Both members of The A-List absorbed the booing. The In Crowd had done themselves proud tonight and would no doubt be celebrating given the group’s recent achievements…




I never get tired of using that.

“Hey! Hey! Get us a damn spotlight now!” VIP demanded. “Get us one or we’re coming up there and kicking some idiots off the rafters!”

Suddenly, a loud theme drummed over the PA. One that brought about what one could call a “mixed” reaction for somebody coming out to hopefully close out the verbal diarrhea that the Dynasty Tag Team Champions had been spewing…

“Let’s Kill These Motherfuckers” by Lair of the Minotaur.

Suddenly, a HUGE spotlight shone on the stage and one by one, the monsters came out to play.

“Little” Ricky Strongbern, the near-seven footer.

The monstrous powerhouse Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern.

The wild attack dog, Ri-Khan Strongbern, who grabbed the camera and let loose a loud growl!

And of course…

The camera panned down to show Big Rick Strongbern. 5’8” and 225 of the nastiest pounds you ever done saw’d. Big Rick led the foursome to the ring and they themselves were fresh off an earlier victory over The Unstoppables. El Principe and Victor Ingram Price didn’t know what to make of the interruption. The last time they were remotely involved with In Crowd affairs, Big Rick tried to take up Jake Tockwell on his bounty money and while that was a failed endeavor, Clan Strongbern themselves were twice victorious over The Unstoppables - add to it Big Rick had a submission victory over former nbW World and Keystone Champion Ali Amore.

“SORRY, BUT I THINK THAT MY EARS MUST BE FUCKED OR SOMETHING!” Big Rick said as his music cut, digging a finger in his ear. Little Ricky, Rik and Ri-Khan were standing behind Big Rick front and center as he climbed up the steps. “DID I JUST HEAR YOU SHIT-SIPPERS SAY THAT ALL THE MAIN CONTENDERS TO YOUR BELTS ARE GONE? RIK, YOU HEAR THIS SHIT?!”

“I did,” Rik said with a sinister grin.

Big Rick turned to Ri-Khan.




Little Ricky turned to Big Rick, making sure this wasn’t some elaborate joke to pull the mic away. When Big Rick urged him to take the mic, he looked at the ring.

“I say they should be thanking US for gift-wrapping one of those Unstoppables victories at 25 To Life.”

Despite the four-on-two odds and El Principe not sure of what to make of things, looked at him anyway.

“You don’t get DICK,” VIP said. “We didn’t ask for your help.”


The three monsters slid into the ring and as VIP tried to swing with his title belt as a weapon, Little Ricky POPPED him in the face with The Little Big Boot! El Principe saw what happened to his partner and swung with the title belt himself, catching Rik in the side of the body! He was stumbled, but Ri-Khan leaped in…


A sick Pop-up DVD SPIKED El Principe into the mat while Big Rick casually strolled into the ring. Rik grabbed Victor and pulled him up off the mat. Another big mixed reaction led to the crowd cheering/jeering the gruesome foursome…


Just like that, the Dynasty Tag Team Champions had been laid out by men they least expected. Sure enough, they had outlasted many tag teams in the year 2017, but Clan Strongbern had just proven their earlier theory wrong. Big Rick walked up to VIP and El Principe’s fallen bodies and raised the Dynasty Tag Team Titles in the air to another noticeably mixed reaction. Clan Strongbern were pieces of garbage, but many people did not like The A-List or The In Crowd’s antics this year.


The four men left the ring, adding yet another pair of bodies to their spectacular count this year. Now that Clan Strongbern were fixated on gold, nobody was safe no matter what color your cowboy hat was.

It's Not Over Yet


The cameras switched over ringside where C.G. Gains smiled ear to ear. "Folks, that's just icing on tonight's wedding cake! The Unstoppables were demolished, the almighty Derecho returned, Clan Strongbern just staked their claim for the Dynasty Tag Team titles and... something else. What am I forgetting?" He looked at Melissa, "Well?"

"You and I know quite well what you are not forgetting. So go ahead..."

"That's right! We have a NEW NBW World Heavyweight Champion!!! Legacy and Christmas have come early Mel!"

"..." Yep, she was speachless after the crime that happened earlier.

"And folks watching at home. The clock may chime that it's midnight, but you won't see no NBW logo popping up here anytime soon. I've gotten word from the back that Harmen did his job well and talked with the folks at Hulu. We've been extended for what may be the best overhang in overhang history for any sport."

Ear to ear his smile wasn't infectious. It was unpleasent. But Gains was as happy as could be.

Officially Official



The former rockstar and former wrestler “Hot Sauce” Raul Ramirez walked from the back to bask in the jeers of the crowd. He raised an arm out to the crowds of Edmonton and yelled.

“I am Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraul Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrramirez and I speak for your brand spanking new NBW World’s champion!”

If the anger from the fans could be any hotter right now, Rogers Place would have gone up in smoke.

“Please welcome to the stage at this time, the man with the gift of gab – which means both his great voice and his deadly lariat … the man that freed the NBW World title from the clutches of a far inferior athlete … please welcome at this time your new NBW World champion … six foot five, oh so fine, and two-hundred fifty-six pounds of walking badassery!

Big ...

Talk …

Jake …


The Eagles’s hit single “Life In The Fast Lane” played and the arena soon became washed in a sea of gold! Decorated in his brand new “Big Talk, Big … You Know The Rest” t-shirt along with his black and gold boas, the six-foot five and two-hundred fifty-six pound loudmouth from Memphis basked in the all the attention he was receiving with the NBW World title over his head …











The downright tacky and equally flashy golden pyro exploded so many times that you would think Rogers Place had turned into a war zone! Tockwell strutted on down to the ring with his ill-gotten championship. Now the nameplate that belonged to Warren Spade at the start of the night had been taken off and replaced with “”Big Talk” Jake Tockwell on the front.

“Big Talk! Big champion! Greatest NBW champion of all time!”

Hot Sauce trailed behind the flashy Memphis brawler and then suddenly sped forward to hold the ropes open for his ally. Tockwell entered the ring and held up the championship with Raul Ramirez behind him.

“Get a load of this … BIG TALK AND THE HOT SAUCE COMIN’ AT YA!!!”

Massive boos filled the arena quickly but Tockwell was reveling in this moment. For the better part of two months he had schemed and plotted to take the championship from Warren Spade. After his bounty had previously failed five times, the sixth time was the charm earlier thanks to the Great Wall and Xiang of all people and that allowed Tockwell to swoop in and take the belt.

“Now it has only been a few hours, but I’m already hearing the scuttlebutt backstage that people are calling what we did earlier the heist of the century in NBW. To those people I say … thank you! Because nothing sells more than infamy! I hope that the whole lot of you saved your tickets because tonight is the night you will remember for the rest of your lives!”

Big Talk gestured and Hot Sauce gave him the microphone.


“And I don’t hear complaints from your wives and girlfriends about it, so remember that, basement dwellers!”

The booing got louder for Big Talk turning their chants against them.

“That’s right, Hot Sauce … and I have a list of people that I’d like to thank for this mighty achievement. I mean … sure, I could have beaten Warren Spade with both hands tied behind my back … but I’d first off like to say thank you to Xiang and the Great Wall Tee Gee Dub-ya, you are a giant among JAGS and I thank you for doing what Ohiyama, Son of Malta, Big Rick Strongbern and EZ Blaze couldn’t do and that is make good on your word! I hope you enjoy that money, fellas!”

Big Talk looked at Raul.

“We thank our fellow In Crowders in spirit, A-List … sucks that Clan Strongbern stomped a hole in you like you were on fire earlier, but get well soon so you can take care of those mongoloids and we can go out for a well-deserved night on the town!”

“Who else, Big Talk, who else?”

Big Talk smiled.

“I know just who,” said Tockwell. “I’d like to thank Brock Newbludd. Sure, that zero might have screwed me out of a win at 25 to Life that I should have had in the first place, but that inspired me to get creative, make the bounty happen and well … you know the rest.” He said with a smile as he patted his name on the title.

“There’s somebody else, right?” asked Hot Sauce.

“There is! Thank you … to Warren Spade. Thank you, Warren, for being the proud, predictable giant ape I knew you were. You couldn’t stand the fact that I beat both you and Brock Newbludd in the same night to cement my legacy as the fastest rising star in NBW. You could have told me to screw off when I challenged you earlier, but I’m under your skin and I’m in your brain. You and Brock are idiots that deserve each other. You give the people what they want despite the fact they often don’t deserve it!  You take on any challenge at any time because you have to be great and because of that … “

Big Talk had the title.

I’M going to Legacy! It’s gonna be Big Talk’s name on the marquis! I’ll be the big man in bright, bright lights taking his place as the greatest champion of all time in NBW history while that JAG Brock Newbludd quakes in his little boots at the thought of having to face me. You can be Rookie of the Year all you want, Brock, but we both know that not only should I have won that prize, but I’ll show you at Legacy what I showed you a long time ago when I choked you out and took the Blitzkrieg title from you earlier this year …”

Big Talk stepped forward in the ring with the title hanging high in the air.

“That Big Talk is the undisputed present and future of this company! You can boo, jeer, whine, cry, piss and moan like little girls at a One Direction concert, but I’m Big Talk and what I say goes! What I’m saying is this … “

’Mouth for War’ by Pantera

Tockwell eyes widened in anger when he was suddenly cut off by an adrenaline inducing guitar riff hitting the arena’s speakers that caused the crowd to EXPLODE in cheers. Brock Newbludd was coming out to confront the arrogant new champion!

Or was he?

The crowd’s roaring slowly began to subside as the number one contender’s music continued to play, but the double doors that led to the stage remained closed. A few more seconds passed until the doors finally did open and much to everyone’s surprise Sally Renolds walked her way out onto the stage.

Seeing that Brock’s girlfriend and not the man himself was apparently coming out to confront them caused both Big Talk and Hot Sauce to burst out into laughter.

“Hey, Big Talk, look! Big Bad Brock sent out Bigger Bitch Wearing the Britches to come out here and handle his business!”

Stopping at the top of the ramp, Sally did not look all too pleased by Big Talk’s insults and the fiery red head let him know it by sticking her middle finger up to him, which garnered a round of cheers from the crowd.

“That an offer, Sally? Big Talk and hook you up!” said the new NBW champion.

Still holding her middle finger up to Tockwell and Hot Sauce, Sally’s frown turned upside down as she grew a wide smile. Confused by Renolds surprising reaction, Big Talk looked at Hot Sauce who looked equally as confused as he shrugged his shoulders.

Focusing back on Sally, who still hadn’t moved from the top of the ramp, Big Talk raised the mic up again but was suddenly cut off by a sudden roar from the crowd. Sensing something was wrong, both men spun on their heels just in time to see Brock Newbludd vaulting over the barricade, steel chair in hand!

The number one contender had fire in his eyes and lightning in his feet, quickly closing the gap to the ring before Big Talk or Raul could fully react!

“Shit!” Big Talk yelped as he dropped the mic and grabbed the title belt off his shoulder to arm himself with a weapon of his own.
“Let’s get outta here champ!” Hot Sauce said as Brock slid underneath the bottom rope to enter the ring.

“No, let’s take this JAG out right here and right now!” Tockwell yelled as he raised up his belt.

“Nobody interrupts Big Talk!”

Hoping to take Brock out before he could fully get to his feet, the Memphis brawler charged in with the NBW title raised above his head!

But Tockwell was just one second too late on his attack, and the crouching Newbludd was able to raise the steel chair above his head as Big Talk came down with the belt…


The sound of the title belt hitting the chair was quickly drowned out by the roaring crowd who were overjoyed at the sight of Tockwell jumping up and down in pain as he shook both of his hands wildly, the result of having them smashed in between a gold belt and a steel chair!

New-Bludd! New-Bludd! New-Bludd!

Getting fully upright, Brock set his sights on Raul, who was holding onto the top rope and hopping from one foot to the other, obviously torn between trying to help out Big Talk or high tailing it out of there before he ended up on the wrong end of a chair shot.

Hot Sauce’s indecisiveness was another lucky break for Brock, and he took full advantage of it by bolting across the ring to superkick Raul up and over to the outside!

With Hot Sauce laid out on the ringside floor it was just Brock and Jake remaining in the ring, and the crowd began to buzz in anticipation as the chair wielding Newbludd stalked towards the world champion who was bent over, still preoccupied with his injured fingers.

Or was he?

For all his arrogance and bravado, Tockwell was also one of the most cunning men to ever set foot in an NBW ring and was a big reason why he was the man now holding the world heavyweight title. Now with Brock closing in on him, Tockwell stayed bent over and milked his injured hands.

And the moment, Newbludd raised the chair up over his head, Big Talk struck…


Side stepped by Brock!

In their brief history together, through luck or skill, Tockwell had more times than not been able to stay one step ahead of Brock, always seeming to avoid danger at the last second. But tonight Brock wasn’t going to let that happen and as Jake stumbled past him after missing his signature lariat, Newbludd reared back as far as he could with the steel chair.

Regaining his footing, Jake instinctively turned around just in time to see his entire field of vision become engulfed by the chair coming straight at him…


Big Talk went down and went down hard! Tockwell was now left seeing stars on the canvas just as Brock Newbludd stood over him. He looked at Sally and then he looked to the NBW World championship that Tockwell dropped and he looked at it for several moments. He had fought so hard and so long this year to make it to the championship and now here we were.

Dropping down to a knee next to the incapacitated Tockwell, the number one contender grabbed one of the microphones off of the mat before leaning in close to look the world champion squarely in his glazed over eyes.

“Tockwell...at Legacy you won’t be showing me anything that I don’t already know. That you’re nothing but a pathetic excuse for a man and an even more pathetic champion who had to buy that title because he doesn’t have what it takes to win it on his own...”

Newbludd then reached down and grabbed the title belt and held it up next to his head.

“So, you enjoy having this belt while you can Big Talk, because the countdown to Legacy has begun... and when it ends... you’re going to have to face ME...and I WILL have my vengeance and I WILL be taking this title!”

Standing up, Brock raised the title up over his head to receive a tremendous ovation from the crowd. Looking down to Tockwell, he raised the mic up to his lips.

“And there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.”

With that, Brock dropped the mic to the mat and the title belt on top of it’s fallen owner.

This was now your main event of Legacy!

“Big Talk” Jake Tockwell defending against the man he stole the NBW Blitzkrieg championship from and put him on the shelf - now that had come full circle with the two men about to do battle and fight for the biggest prize in the game.

Nobody thought this night was going to end the way it started. Warren Spade had been conned out of his NBW World title and his main event spot at Legacy … and now, here tonight, Brock Newbludd had just taken his turn and called his shot at the championship.

The road to NBW’s biggest show of the year would be no doubt full of twists and turns as tonight proved, but Brock had proven he would fight through it all to get to the title.


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