SLAM! Episode 94
Live from the DSC Indoor Arena in Dubai, UAE






V/O - “Over ten years ago a small-time promotion out of Reading, PA came to existence. Over the years superstars have debuted and grown, some have retired, and others are still around today. Owners have changed. Locations have shifted. But one thing has always stayed the same. The name. Three Initials that have survived through the thick and the thin.”

The NBW logo is shown as it fades in and out showing the various designs from past to present. The voice-over by Trent McKnight continues.

V/O - “Those initials represent the past, the present, and the future. No Borders. No Boundaries. No Bull. Nothing But Wrestling. Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the NBW!”

A video package rolls showing past wrestlers and on-screen talent from the original promoter Alex Styles to Xander Napoli onto the current: Thaddeus Boyle. Three different men with three different agendas, all of which were responsible for the success that is NBW.

V/O - “Many athletes have paved the way for the current generation entertaining the fans every week.”

Shots of Jason Kain, Maximizer, Frost, Rey Campbell, Cal Roberts, Blake Gray, Rejection, Uncensored, Jade Greene and Alan Helms filled the screen before being replaced with shots of macWICKED, Ali Amore, Lunatic, D-T, Max Hopper, High Flyer, Sam Potright, Dream Warriors, Rik Bone, Callie Urban, Heaven and Hell, Shawn Jessica Hart, Remy Leroux, Brock Metzer, The Gordon Brothers, Andrew Martin, Mat Walton, William Arthur Reagan, Nightlife USA, Sweet Daddy K, Techno Dragon and numerous others as the clips speed up to a blur.

Side to side ‘Special K’ Keegan and ‘the Colossus’ Spike Saunders fade into view before being replaced by an imposing image of the former Double Champion, ‘Superstar’ Vince Jacobs and his Cheshire-like smile.

His image is replaced by clips of the members of his Upper Echelon; Judasbleek, Warren Spade, and the Son of Malta.

They are soon replaced by the likes of Vic Gravender, Chris Moliano, Derecho, Judasbleek, Son of Malta, Torment, RaVage, Tremoid, Lexia Hart, Benjamin Jones, For The Win, Johannes Antonious de Castonovo and Aleczander of Family Keeling, Handsome Man Modeling School, Supersquad, Zed, and more as the clips speed up once more.

V/O - "The time to break the mold is now. To be somebody. To make a mark. To be..."

The NBW logo spins to life once more and fades out to the simple initials...





The show opened with the sounds of a man that came OH SO CLOSE to winning the nbW World Heavyweight Championship until the match ended in a draw. A voice riled the crowd of the DSC Indoor Arena here in Dubai!
A HUGE explosion of red pyro went off behind him and the opening six-second mark of Ohiyama’s theme began to play.
“Voodoo Child” by Brick + Mortar.
The 6’6” 278-pound Hawaiian garnered a loud, but mixed reaction from the crowd! The soft-spoken but double-tough and ultra-physical strong-style grappler marched towards the ring looking way more pissed-off than usual. Not only did Ohiyama battle Warren Spade to a draw and not win the title, he didn’t get to collect on Tockwell’s new bounty and now was out a title and a chance at $500,000 at Scorched, if Big Rick Strongbern won the title from Spade tonight.
With a microphone in hand, Ohiyama climbed into the ring in his street clothes.
His voice remained low, but if it were possible, it still thundered as the music stopped. Ohiyama meant fucking business right now.
“You and I need to have a talk… NOW.”
Ohiyama furiously paced inside the squared circle. It wasn’t long before somebody answered.
“Big man! Let’s talk about this!
The former rockstar and former wrestler “Hot Sauce” Raul Ramirez walked from the back to try and calm down the man that he and Jake Tockwell courted to collect on his bounty. Raul Ramirez walked down the ramp and then into the ring. He looked up at the Polynesian Powerhouse and tried to calm him down.
“Let I … “Hot Sauce” Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr …”
“Shut up.”
Raul stopped instantly.
“I don’t want any snake oil,” Ohiyama said flatly. “I want your boss to get his ass out here and explain to me why he just accepted Strongbern’s offer for the bounty.”
Raul tried to protest.
“Ohiyama, babe … you know we go where the business goes and we can’t turn away a potential client. You were indisposed…”
Ohiyama continued.
“Give me one good reason why I should even help Tockwell at Scorched. Maybe I’ll take the nbW World Heavyweight Title from Spade… AND maybe I’ll take Tockwell’s Blitzkrieg Title, too!”
The crowd absolutely LOVED that thought! They roared as Raul tried to calm him down.
Ramirez placed a hand on Ohiyama’s chest and tried to calm him down but Ohiyama slapped it away.
“Look, look, look! I get it, you’re angry! I’m sorry, but in the heat of the moment, the Strongberns didn’t leave us much choice but to accept their offer. If we didn’t, we would have been snuffed out, too.”
“So what you’re saying is that you’d rather save your sorry hides than honor your deal,” Ohiyama retored.
The Polynesian Powerhouse gritted his teeth.
“Maybe I’ll make my OWN new deal instead. Maybe I’ll be out there for the main event and watch what happens… and you can tell Tockwell that if I see him backstage, we’re gonna have MORE than words.”
Ohiyama thrust the microphone so hard at Raul Ramirez, he knocked him on his ass! The Active Volcano was about ready to live up to his name and it looked like any chance that Tockwell had of keeping Ohiyama under his thumb for Scorched was going to blow up in his face! He stormed out of the ring with his music playing, leaving Raul watching in disbelief at a potential powder keg that was about to blow.
With that, the scene went to commercial as Raul was left ready to about shit a brick.




Nemo & Zatch Rollins Versus The Creede Brothers

“Go ninja, go ninja, go! Go ninja, go ninja, go! Go ninja, go ninja, go!” started us off courtesy of Vanilla Ice. Then switch into the high energy tempo from “Ready!” by Folder 5. The crowd rose to their feet and cheered as everyone’s favorite ninjas emerged on the stage. Usually they would do their flips and give the fans a show but after their injuries recent and previous, it was a walk down the ramp instead.
“Zatch and Nemo look like they should have took another week or two off the road,” Gains was quick to point out as the usually energetic duo used the ropes to pull themselves up on the apron and stepped inside the ring.
“Introducing first,” announced Brent Williams, “at a total of three hundred pounds, they are Zatch Rollins and Nemo!”
“And their opponents,”
‘The Fire Burns’ by Killswitch Engage.
“Get ready Melissa! The boys are back!”
Indeed they were. Stepping out on the stage, focused as ever, towels draped one’s head and the other’s shoulders - the brothers, Creede.
“So this is the best competition Harmen can give us for OUR return? Two lame ponies?” Ace questioned as he and his brother started walking down the ramp. “We may as well have waited until Scorched.”
“But we have plans. We have our sights set high.” Added Spade.
“It seems while we’ve been gone others have tried to take our mantle. The Rich Family? Clan Strongbern?”
“Please, there is only one Family. There is only one Clan. And that’s those that wear the coat of arms that represent the Creede legacy. Passed down from our father, from his father, from his father’s father, all the way back to prehistoric times when our ancestor brought forth fire to this world and burned away all the competition.”
“Deep, brother.” Added Ace.
“We’re getting long in the tooth but you can bet your dirham’s”, he shook his head, “whatever the hell that is. We’ve got one major goal that we have yet to achieve in NBW. And that’s those Dynasty Tag Team Championships that have alluded us all these years.”
“And unlike our last go,” Ace flung the towel from his head and into the crowd.
“We’re both one hundred and ten percent.” Spade yanked his from his shoulders and flung it as well. “Welcome to our Destin-”
“Looks like Nemo and Zatch heard enough!” Michelle gloated to her partner following the two with simultaneous sumersault flips over the top rope into the two brothers!
Nemo clutched at her leg following the impact while Zatch leaped in the air and dropped both feet across the chest of Spade, then followed up the same with Ace. Ace however rolled on his side, causing the impact on his ribs but also off-balancing Nemo to get his legs chopped out from under him. Zatch crashed back and head first on the rampway aisle.
Nemo rushed at him with a dropkick that sent Ace into the barricade, but that left her open to Spade who caught her from behind and dropper her on her head  and neck on the aisle with a german suplex.
Spade picked up Nemo by the clearly unhealthy limb, and raised her up in the air then draped the leg over the barricade. With a sinister grin he barreled into her leg and squashed it between his thighs and the guardrail protection. Nemo hollering out in agony. She hung upside down, leg trapped and ripe for the repeated attack from Spade!
Zatch avoided Ace charging at him like a bull, leaping over him and using his hands as a spring he mule- kicked the younger brother in the back of the head. Didn’t even recover his balance once he hit the floor again, and instead dove into Spade with a dropkick to knock him away from his partner.
Zatch helped Nemo get free, and helped her over to the ring. Creedes were right behind them however and once the four were in the ring, the official called for the bell.
Ding ding ding!
Zatch would start things off with Ace, who once again charged at him like a bull but Zatch leaped over him. Or thought he was. Instead Ace put the brakes on and caught the airborne Zatch, before slamming him down to the ring with a spinebuster.
We’re not talking about a thunderous slam, or even a focused kick but Zatch was barely moving. His battle with The Great Wall still told its tale with his body. Nemo was no better, as she one one leg, with her other propped up sideways on the rope to take the pressure off of it.
Ace pulled Zatch up to his feet, spun him around by the arm then dropped back with a knee to the ribcage, then followed with a neckbreaker. Ace pulled Rollins over to his brother and tagged him in. Spade quickly rammed a knee into the gut, then wait until he collapsed to the ground and started stomping on him.
When the official warned him off he made the tag to Ace, and Ace resumed the boots, then tagged his brother back in again. This time the two pulled Rollins up onto the top turnbuckle, and went with the show of strength with a doubleteam avalanche back suplex from either side!
But Zatch landed on his feet to the delight of the crowd! Zatch waited for the two to stand and see just that and once they did he rushed forward with both boots to knock them both to the mat. Grabbing at his ribs he stumbled to his feet and over to the corner for the tag to Nemo.
Spade however caught his boot and pulled him back to the center, trapping his leg between his belly and Rollins before dropping backwards to deliver Zatch to the mat with the modified looking german, bridged into the pin.
Nah, not that early. Zatch pushed his shoulder off the mat, and tipped the two over. He reached for the corner but it was the wrong one so had to twist around and try again. This meant getting past Spade who grabbed at his heel. Zatch stomped down on the wrist, immediately freeing his hand and dived into the corner for the tag!
At least that was the plan, however Ace had ran around the ring and yanked Nemo by her one leg off the apron, crashing her head first on the floor.
Spade slammed into Zatch, trapping him in the corner and then after several knee’s into the gut he shot him across the ring and into the ropes, caught him on the rebound with a swift spinning backbreaker before tagging in Ace and draping Rolling over his knee. Ace leapt off the second rope with a leg drop on the elevated Rollins.
As they had said, they were as healthy as can be while their opponents were lame and damaged. It was difficult to tell if they were having difficulty with them or just showcasing their talents to push their name up the ladder to contendership again.
Ace pulled Rollins to his feet and shoved him at the ropes, ducking a failed attempt to punch him and instead raising him up in the air and dropping him to the mat with a sit-out facebuster. Ace hooked the leg for the cover.
With one leg Nemo kicked Ace off of her partner. She hobbled back to her post hoping Zatch finally could get to her. Ace however pulled him up again, wrenching the arm back he twisted and turned. He pulled him back to the corner for the tag once more, however Zatch shot up both feet and kicked Spade off the apron. Then with the same momentum flung Ace forward, having still holding his arm, and leapt onto his back at the ropes for a reverse frankensteiner that spiked Ace hard!
Ace was down, Zatch was down but set his sights on Nemo’s out-stretched arm. Grabbing his ribs with his arm, he used his other to hoist himself off the mat, then made a stagger towards the corner and dove in for Nemo’s hand.
And MISSED! Again! Spade was back and went for Nemo but she had hooked her bad leg on the rope and this time instead of tumbling to the outside she spun around and nailed Spade square in the jaw. Then leaned over to Zatch and reached over as far as she could just in time for the cheers that would follow the echo of skin to skin. TAG!
Nemo vaulted over the rope and half ran and half hobbled across the ring to Ace Creede, landing a running dropkick, half-assed as they’d say, but enough to stop Ace from getting up. She followed with a springboard from the ropes into a splash on Ace. Not wasting a moment Nemo met Spade as he tried to slide into the ring, with a boot to the face. Then flung herself over the ropes with a corkscrew splash.
Hopping around on one wheel she shot her arms in the air to the delight of the Dubai faithful, before rolling back into the ring. Zatch still trying to gather his breath and sat out on the apron, her attention went back to the younger Creede, Ace. She popped up on the second turnbuckle, then the third, balancing on one leg as Ace got to his feet and turned around to face her. She leapt forward, Ace stepped backward, catching her and hauled her up for a overhead toss but Nemo swiveled on her bad leg and connected with a spinning heel kick to the back of his head!
She followed with a bouncing knee up to the chin, then immediately dropped to the same knee as the pain overcame her. Ace staggered into the ropes and smacking her leg over and over she stomped and grit her teeth. Then rushed forward with the a leaping leg lariat that took them both over the top to the outside!
Nemo propped herself up with the ring, clinging to the bottom rope as she worked out how to get Ace back in the ring. She hadn’t noticed Spade coming up behind her until he stomped the inside of the leg, crumbling her to the ground with a wail of agony. Spade spun her around and yanked her into his legs and went to raise her for a powerbomb but before he could get her much off the ground Zatch came flying from the top turnbuckle, catching his head and spinning them around with a tornado DDT that planted Spade on the ground.
He then bent down and checked on Nemo. She leaned up against the apron, checking her leg, pulling up the pant, and told him it was fine. Recent bracing had come loose, but it was no matter. They were going to end it now anyhow.
Zatch nodded and walked back to the corner as the official made sure he wasn’t near Ace. Nemo pulled him up to his feet, and rolled him inside the ring. Hanging him halfway out she delivered two quick chops downward before a knee to the back of his collar would knock him into the ropes, and then get shoved inside.
Nemo followed. She walked the apron and climbed up on the corner. Again waiting for Ace to stand, and once he did she jumped. A one-legged missile dropkick straight to the face!
But Ace CAUGHT her foot! He laughed and held it high, then pulled her towards him for a deadly short-arm clothesline. She bent back, avoiding his entire arm, and used her hands to cartwheel aside. Then returned a roundhouse to the side of Ace, that knocked him a step to the side, which she followed with a crescent kick that cascaded through the air.
And Ace Creede stopped her boot, holding it. He used his other hand to grab at her.
The modified enziguri connected, but the snap of her leg and boot connecting with his skull was accompanied by another snap. Nemo fell to her back and clutched at her leg. The official dropped down and checked on her, asking her if she could continue. She nodded, and pulled herself up, before collapsing again. The official shook his head and went to raise his arms but Nemo grabbed his sleeve and again pulled herself up. She stood on her own two feet.
Gritting her teeth she limped over and pulled Ace from the ropes, going for the pin.
… NO! Ace rolled his shoulder off the mat and maneuvered around, plastering her face first on the mat where he went for the leg and wrenched it back with all the force he could muster. Unlike his brother he was no technician but that single half-crab might as well have been a cloverleaf.
Nemo couldn’t take it. She flailed about, reaching for the ropes but those movements soon ceased and she was out. The official checked her arm and raised it and watched as it crashed down on the mat.

Ding ding ding!

He called for the bell and quickly went to getting Ace off her.
He did. He released the hold and would soon be joined by Spade in the ring, arms raised. That is after Spade Creede had pulled Zatch from the apron and tossed him into the steel steps at ringside. No wonder he didn’t come to Nemo’s aid!
Spade grabbed Nemo by the arm and yanked her up on his shoulder then pressed her up in the air. With a sinister smile he dropped back with a gourdbuster - misdirected slightly right at the leg! Nemo’s eyes immediately snapped open as the pain jolted to her very core. He raised her up again, and delivered a second gourdbuster with just as much force as the first.

"This is just wrong. That's enough! Come on, they won already." Vanderart clearly disapproved the actions the brothers were taking.

"The Creedes are back Melissa and they want to ensure that everyone in the back knows it."
The fans were booing the crap out of them but they didn’t care. Zatch was out, somewhere between the front row and seventh row seating. The official had been scared off by Ace and watched from the outside as the eldest Creede once more pulled her to her feet. Nemo used her good leg to kick him in the chest and struck out at his jaw, but it wasn’t enough.

"But, I think they may have made their point." C.G. Gains added with a sense of humanity.
Up she went.
‘Hey Kids’ by JET.
To say the crowd came to life would be an understatement as the Sonic and Knuckles of NBW came sprinting down the ramp. Spade tossed Nemo off to the corner as the brothers met the pseudo brothers. The four men brawling about the ring as neither quite had the upperhand.

"Listen to this crowd!"

"Never been so happy to see these two nerds." Gains remarked, before finishing: "Not that I am now."

The history between these two teams went deep and it was like the old days. Punch after punch, knocking each other around the ring like they used to. 

That is until Tony Spark reversed a whip by Ace, and flung him over the ropes to the outside. Spade rushed Chris Noid, but he dropped back and pulled the rope down with him sending the eldest Creede to the outside as well.
The two dashed across the ring and ran full speed towards the ropes ready to fly but the Creedes were already headed up the ramp backwards. Noid ducked out of the ring anyhow and went to check on Zatch while Tony sat by Nemo who was unconscious from the seering pain, and pulled her up into a semi-seated position, resting her up against his chest. Both waving at the official to get some help down there - just as the EMTs came rushing down the side of the rampway.
The Creede Brothers stood atop the ramp and raised their fists high. They then gestured across their waists.
Tonight the brothers Creede had returned.
And it was only the beginning.


Backstage w/ Adria Hoyt

The camera opened up to the backstage area where none other than Adria Hoyt looked a little bit more unnerved than she usually did.
Why, you may be asking?
Well, because of who she was about to interview.
“Hello, nbW fans!” Adria said with a half-hearted grin. “We have a blockbuster main event for you tonight just before Scorched! “The Monster Of The Mid-South” Warren Spade will defend the nbW World Heavyweight Championship against the leader of Clan Strongbern… please welcome…”
She let out a sigh and extended a hand.
“Big Rick Strongbern.”
Big Rick marched onto the camera looking extra cocky. Right behind him were the three monsters of the Clan.
The seven-foot and inappropriately named Little Ricky Strongbern.
The mountain of muscle that is Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern.
And the Clan Attack Dog… Ri-Khan Strongbern.
“GRRRRRRRRRRRR…” Ri-Khan hissed.
“DOWN, BOY! THIS IS A LADY! SHE’S GOOD PEOPLE!” Big Rick said in his booming voice.
Adria let out a quieter sigh.
“Big Rick… you and Clan Strongbern wreacked utter havoc on Slam 93. By the end of the night, you had a body count. Now the first question… why are you gunning for the bounty? Surely, you’d want to be nbW World Heavyweight Champion! You’d turn the belt over to Jake Tockwell for the $250,000 bounty?”
Big Rick smiled.
Adria raised an eyebrow. Big Rick repeated himself. “WHAT HAPPENED, ADRIA? WHO WON THAT MATCH?”
“You did.”
“FUCKING RIGHT I DID! MY BOYS, RIK, RI-KHAN AND…” his voice was uncharacteristically quieter, jerking a thumb at Little Ricky… “the other one…”

His voice got quiet mentioning Little Ricky, who frowned.
Hoyt buried a face in her hand. Not so much that the insult was hurtful because it was, but she wanted to be anywhere else.
Big Rick turned to the camera.
Big Rick smiled. He truly thought he had it all right now.
“Yes, bossman,” Rik growled.
“Got it… I’m gonna rip Tyson in half…”
He and Big Rick chuckled while Ri-Khan looked up at Little Ricky.
The deluded, but muscular man walked off with Clan Strongbern who were very close to reaching the top of the business. Could Big Rick beat Warren Spade and indeed rattle the main event of Scorched?
We’ll find out tonight!

Reason 3


MGMT's 'Kids.'

For the third week in a row, unopposed of course, 'Big Kid' Chris Smith emerged to a chorus of boos.  We all knew why he was here as he didn't bother venturing south of the ramp, gesturing towards our screen;  "Reason three," holding up the same amount of fingers.

Kid Chameleon is having his photo taken with a group of fans following a  house show.  Chameleon waves goodbye to the four supporters when another member of our faithful collared him for one final shot.  Just as it was about to be taken, the individual got more than he bargained for as Chris Smith essentially photo-bombed the personal moment.  Kid shook hands with the guy and they thanked each other before The Player squared up to the intruder.

"Another great win, Kid," Chris enthused, extending his hand to the world's greatest gamer.
"What are you doing here?"

"I wanted to make amends, Kid.  We got off on the wrong foot, AH!"

Chris squealed as Chameleon stood on Smith's right foot:  "So we did," Chameleon said in an uncharacteristically aggressive manner.

"Hey, what is with the attitude, Kid?"

Chameleon took his sunglasses down:  "I don't like people who hurt children's feelings, KID."

Smith backed off and then called for a handshake again.  Chameleon shook his head and cheered on by the crowd, waved goodbye, leaving Smith snubbed for a third consecutive reason.

All of these had contributed to Smith's internal resentment towards Chameleon prior to putting The Player out of action.

A knowing nod from Chris as we returned to real time preceded Smith's departure.  Oh, one final thing of course as he turned back:  "My name's Chris Smith and I'm doing this - for the kids."




Addressing Certain Issues


The opening riffs of “Missing Link” by Dinosaur Jr and Del started to roll out across the DSC Indoor  Arena.  Jonny Bedlam stalked from the entry down the ramp, looking angry and yet very resolute.  His eyes didn’t dart back and forth to the crowd as they normally do.  He had a microphone in his hand, and it looked like he means business.  Bedlam slid into the ring under the bottom rope and got to his feet quickly.  He turns the microphone on and after a pause for a breath:

“First of all, gooooooooooooooooooooooood eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevening Dubaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!”

The crowd exploded.  Jonny enjoyed the cascade of cheers for a moment, then put his hand up to settle down the crowd.

“All right, all right.  I was always taught that a showman, no matter how upset, to always greet the people properly.  Even though I’m angry, even though I’m brimming over with rage, even though I may want to deconstruct a certain roided out hunk of cowshit with a tire iron, I have the damn decency to tell you how much we appreciate our global fanbase.  In these dark times of hate, I just want you here in Dubai to know, you are No Brand Nutjobs only to us regardless of your faiths.”

Jonny allowed the cheers to wash over him  He didn’t always indulge in such petty appeals to the crowd, but he felt a little different tonight.  He needed their cheers to fuel him.

“As any of you who watched No Brand television for the last Slam know, a certain gassed-to-the-gills gob of gorilla grunt by the name of Alan Envy clobbered and hospitalized my dear friend Petey in front of his dear mother last week, who were here as my guests.  I came down just too late to stop it from happening.  And NBW security, fine fellows that they are, were there to stop me from being a murderer.  Thank you for that.  I hear the death penalty is handed out pretty quick in The Kingdom.  It never hurts to be on TV twice in one week, but a scimitar to the back of the neck is certainly not an ideal second spot.”

Some in the crowd laughed, others cheered.

“Maybe that wasn’t the most delicately phrased joke, maybe it didn’t translate well.  I dunno.  The point is, Alan Envy got to walk out of that arena and got to get on the plane to come here to the Emirates.  Had I but a few moments to get my hands about his throat, he wouldn’t have.  He thinks his cycles of Deca and whatever other crazy substances he imbibes to make himself not aware of his lack of pleasing his sisterfucker father by becoming an NFL player so he doesn’t gash open his wrists every time he looks in the mirror...he thinks that make him 2 TUFFF to get absolutely wrecked by me.  He’s wrong.”

Jonny paused, looking towards the entrance from backstage. 

“So come on down, you Fort Worth Fucktard.   You Cowtown Cunt.  Let’s trade some tips on waxing our chests, I swear, I won’t bite.  You can tell me how cool it is to wear socks so low that it doesn’t look like you’re wearing any.”

Jonny stared at the ring entrance again, intently.  For a moment nothing happened, and then “Swear it to the Sun” by Voodoo Johnson began to play.  Jonny smiled and stomped on the ring boards twice very hard for some reason.  A smirk appeared across his face. 

Alan Envy emerged from the entrance and began his slow plodding walk to the ring, smirking all the way and drowning in boos.  Jonny just stared daggers at Envy intently.  Envy sidled on downwards at the bottom of the ramp and slowly rolled into the ring, wearing his normal entrance jacket, but with street clothes on.  In his hand, he also had a microphone.

“Why hello there Jonny.  Are we upset that our little boyfriend got hurt, because he couldn’t keep his mouth shut?  Ha, you take it so personal, I didn’t even know who he was.  He was just another victim in my blitzkrieg through this promotion.  I didn’t mean it as a personal affront.  The little bastard just talked more shit than he could back up and I gave him a ‘thumpin’ as they say in our home state.”

Jonny stays very still, still staring directly into Envy’s eyes. 

“It’s funny that you say that Alwicious, it’s funny that you say that.”  Jonny stomped very loudly on the ring boards one more time.
Suddenly, all sides of the ring apron flapped up at once as four very large men emerged from beneath the ring and charged in beneath the ropes.  The four men were all holding foot long lengths of what looks like black iron pipe.  They all commenced to beating on Envy, but not about the head.  They managed to finally subdue him and they lift Envy to his knees.  The crowd is erupting throughout.  Two of the men hold Envy by the arms.  Another of them kicked him in the ribs and chest, causing a grunt to emerge.  He then stood poised directly in front of Envy with a pipe at the ready.  The largest of the men, a redheaded fellow of about 6’5” stood behind Envy, with malicious intent on his face with a pipe also at the ready. 

Jonny nodded, looked about the crowd and clapped a view times.  He brought his microphone to his face once more.

“Well, that didn’t quite go how you planned, did it Alva?  See, I like surprises.  I like giving people surprises.  They just have the best looks on their face.  Like you do right now.  See, I wasn’t the only one who was upset about your handling of poor young Petey.  Here are a couple of his larger longshoremen buddies and a couple of his cousins to boot who are very displeased with your actions.  And that large ginger fella behind ya with the pipe, that’s my former tag team partner Jimmy Houlihan and Petey’s first cousin.  And he’s making his FIRST APPEARANCE IN NBW!  HOW’S HE DOIN FOLKS?!?!?!”

The crowd erupted again. 

“Well Alan, I let them do the hitting at first because I wanted to save the sweetest morsel for myself.  I wanted to let the punishment fit the crime.  You put my friend in the hospital, and I’m going to put you in the hospital….Yoshihiro Tajiri style.  Step aside Marky.”

The gentleman poised in front of Envy stepped out of the way.  Envy spat at Jonny and struggled against the two fellows holding his arms.  Jimmy gave him a stiff kick in the lower back for his troubles, which stopped the struggling short.  Jonny took a good kick stance right in front of Envy and swung his right leg with all his might in a vicious roundhouse kick to the side of Envy’s head BUT!....stops just a millmeter from Envy’s temple.  Envy looks up at Jonny and Jonny smiled.  He brought his foot down, bent low and tapped Envy twice on the cheek lightly with his fingertips in a fluttery slap.

Just as this happened, NBW security began heading down to the ring, hollering for the fracas to cease.

“Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut….I think I’ll save that for Scorched.  I hear our buyrates are down.  So as the Mousketeers used to say Alan...Seee you reeeeal soon.”

With that, Jimmy pushed Envy to the mat with his foot as security hit the ring and began to separate all of the conspirators and check on Alan Envy.




A Well-Planned Plan


‘Confident’ by Demi Lovato.
Soon as it hit the fans immediately started boo and jeer as the trio of women that had been terrorizing since day one walked on on the stage. Dead-center was the Mascara Massacre herself, blanked on either side by her Hellion sisters, Melantha and Circe.
“That’s right, this queen bitch is about to make you all bow!” She gloated while walking down the ramp and making a grand show as she entered through the ropes. Outside the ring Circe chased a ringhand from the corner so she could steal away a microphone, the poor ringhand ran smack into Melantha and got shoved harshly into the barricade for his mistake. The two then joined Michelle in the ring, handing her the mic.
“That’s right. Boo me all you want. Tonight isn’t about you.” She scoffed, “Not that it ever has been. But I want that psycho bitch. And I want her, right now!” Couli screamed the last few words to over-express her wants. “I SAID NOW!”
Click.The arena plunged into darkness.
Click. A orange spotlight hit the stage far-left where the cloak wearing psycho stood. Lucretia stood in silence for a moment before speaking.
“You slime think you can get whatever you want, when you want.” She paused and ignored the boos, focusing on Couli in the ring despite the arena having been plunged into darkness. “I was the same way at one time. In a past life. But my master chose me. He made me better. He made me -” She looked over at Couli: “A deity. A true goddess that none can touch, slime.”
Stepping forward, the spotlight followed as she walked across the stage and then down the ramp. Immediately the Hellion sisters left the ring and met her at the base of the ramp. Lucretia pulled her cloak open and pulled out two of her homemade fire-flash bombs.
“Leave.” She said calmly, and the two looked up at Couli as if to question their next actions.
Decision made, Circe charged her with Melantha behind, but both stopped in their tracks as the bombs exploded at their feet and ignited into a blaze.
“Leave.” She said once more while withdrawing another two. This time the two rushed off, forgetting all about Couli in the ring. “Now slime, as I said, I was made a goddess. A deity does not play with you mortal slimes below her solitude. That’s what servants are for." She leaned her head back and bellowed: "AZZZZZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOIIIIICCCCCC!”
The spotlight vanished, and the mysterious runes appeared on the center of the stage. Circling around and igniting one by one with various colors, before smoke ensued from the center. Up rose Azoic, or as the fans formerly knew him, Alyx Norwood. However gone were the familiarities of his royal line that he once carried. Those same runes encircling him were engraved across his skin and even on his attire. It even looked to be more than the last time he was seen.
“Now slime, you dare to call a Goddess from her serenity - and for that the wrath will befall you.”
Azoic walked down to the ring and stopped next to her.
“Fine whatever, I’ll kick his ass first.”
“His will is broken. His spirit is broken. His soul is master’s. He is our Soulless One. Azoic.” She gestured across her throat then up at Couli. “Now, FEAST!”

Michelle Couli Versus Azoic

As Azoic approached the ring Couli dropped her robe and readied herself for a fight. The lights finally returned to full and Simon Brack sprinted down the side of the ramp to the ring, opposite side, just in time to get in and call for the bell as Azoic stepped inside.
Ding ding ding.
In the ring however Couli had picked her microphone back up and laughed.
“I knew you’d chicken out like a piece of shit. And now, you’re mine.”
She laughed, and pointed behind her. For something. Whatever it was, didn’t matter as Azoic CRUSHED into her and barreled right into the ring post. The microphone being knocked from her grasp as was the air in her lungs from the blow.
Now Azoic wasn’t exactly monstrous in size. He didn’t grow a foot, or put on hundred pounds, or even hulk out from the Joker’s serum. But he still tossed Couli over head with a release belly to belly suplex with ease, causing her to crash on her chest into the grinning masked Lucretia.
Azoic stomped down on her back, grinding the heel of his boot into her spine.
Lucretia leaned forward, microphone still in hand: “I could make this end. Forget all about your faults. You could join us. My master fixed me, and he can do the same for you.”
Couli smacked her wrist aside and cried out in pain as Azoic wrenched her back with a knee now in the same spot. But Michelle had reached the ropes as well and Brack did his count which Azoic released his hold. Bit confusing to those watching, and even Lucretia - but Michelle took it as a moment to roll over on her back. She kicked out at the ankle of Azoic, then the calf, and the knee.
Nothing to drop him but got her the distance as well to pull herself up by the ropes. She grabbed the microphone that Lucretia dropped on the mat.
Her words ended there as Azoic pulled her back up from the waist and hurled her over head with another throw like a ragdoll.
The screen split into two sections, with the new feed on the EpiCenter.
“This is not funny.” Zhalia Fears complained as she was down on her hands and knees, blood seeping from her forehead. Courtesy, most likely, from the red spot on the concrete wall next to her. And the woman that just smacked her aside with her left boot - Circe Hellion. Melantha’s hand wrapped in her hair pulling her up off the ground.
“Ya don’ bauz us aroun’!” Circe stomped down on the face of Zhalia. Unable to avoid the blows as Melantha held her up.
“Bu-” she got kicked in the jaw, cutting her off. But determination wore on. “This was her plan!” A bit garbled though and nobody could make out what she was saying. Circe nodded and Melantha released Fears into her arms for a sideslam right into the wall! Fears crashed to the ground as the officials and security came in and broke the three apart.
“Ya kno what, we quit this we are don’ wit both of ya.”
“Yeah”, Melantha added.
The feed cut out as the Hellions left and Fears was attended to. Inside the ring however Michelle was in no better state. Clearly this wasn’t a match she planned for. Lucretia grinned once more.
“So that was your plan? Have those three slimes attack me with my back turned? It failed. And now you will have to learn what happens to the slimes that raise their fists at a Deity.” She turned to Azoic: “FEAST!”
Couli got LAUNCHED from the mat and up in the air. Azoic caught her and delivered a paralyzing variation of the lumbar check! Couli bounced off to who knows where (few feet aside).
Lucretia nodded, “Show her. SHOW HER!”
Azoic pulled her up slightly and mounted her back, applying the crossed-legged STF, then trapped her arm and wrenched. Brack checked her but with the formerly named Norwood’s Crown firmly applied, it was useless.
Ding ding ding!
The so called match was over and Azoic was the victor. Lucretia walked up the steps and Azoic held the ropes open for her to step inside. She walked over to Couli, flipping her over on her back to look down into her face.
“My offer stands, slime. Your beauty can be reborn. You can be made better.” She let the hood of her cloak fall back and revealed her scarred face and half-mask. “Just let my master’s light transform you into a goddess at my side.”
She pulled open her cloak and pulled out and handful of her firebombs.
“When you awaken, you will be reborn. Fear not the flames. Let the heat embrace you.” She held them up in the air. With her back towards the rampway and ignoring the fans she didn’t notice as Zhalia Fears stumbled down the side of the ramp and up to the ring, hauling a fire extinguisher in her arms. She propped the hose free and pointed it at Michelle just as the bombs clashed around her and ignited into flames.
Azoic spun around and reached for her only to get blasted in the face, and then with the canister as well. Lucretia stood there, arms crossed, with the freezing foam around her feet. Azoic stepped through the ropes and went at Zhalia who dived low and drove the canister up into the chest of Azoic.
He was just a decoy.
Lucretia came flying at her with a corkscrew splash as she vaulted the top rope and nailed Fears with a forearm just as she turned around. Lucretia pinned her to the ramp for a moment before dusting off her cloak and walking back up the ramp. Azoic close behind.
And then they were gone.
Fears pulled herself up with the barricade and walked, gingerly, towards the ring, sliding inside to check on Michelle. She waved at Brent who handed her a microphone through the ropes.
“So uh, your plan-” she looked at the eyes of Couli as they snapped open. “Right. So about mine.” Couli swiped her arm and tried to grab the microphone. “I tried to tell you two weeks ago. However I talked to Uncle Jack,” he wasn’t her uncle. She just had a habit of absorbing what her friends did and Mariella Jade Flair called her that. “We got Lucretia and Azoic at Scorched. Two on two. No sisters. No Arcades.” Fears chuckled, remembering being thrust like a javelin through a arcade cabinet by Melantha Hellion at last year's Scorched. “How does that sound?”
Couli closed her eyes again, still feeling the effects of the lumbar check or perhaps having her body twisted. Zhalia shrugged, and looked out at the crowd.
“She is sleepy. So how does that sound to you?”
Cheers abound. She smiled.
“Now about my plan.” Fears tossed the microphone back out through the ropes to Brent, before dropping down  on her back with her head aside of Michelle’s own. ‘So this is what I was thinking…”
She continued to talk while Couli seemingly endured it, either unconscious or unable to move at the moment. The feed cut away to a Hulu Advert.




Darren and Alex have a civil chat about beating the shit out of one another


Messing With The Best by Miracle of Sound.
Not Darren’s typical theme music in nbW, but he had used it once before and that was to confront a debuting Alex Reyn.  There was surely no coincidence.
For someone who was about to meet his BREAKER, the man who almost crippled Darren, Best was in a cheerful mood, smiling and tagging the hands of appreciative fans in the aisle.  He gracefully walked up the steel steps, wiped his feet and entered the squared circle, not to do battle of the physical nature, but engaged in psychological warfare before no doubt going to war with his tormentor at Scorched.
Trent McKnight rose from his chair to shake hands with the cordial Darren Best.  Best was clearly in what combatants deem ‘Fight mode.’  While Trent returned to his seat, impatiently, Darren folded his arm and awaited the arrival of his arch-nemesis, one so early into his professional career, but a rivalry that had spanned two federations, yielded nothing other than heartache, defeat and, above all, almost cost him his career.
He was about to go face-to-face with the culprit NOW.
For once, Alex Reyn’s entrance lacked the bombast and flash of normal. Instead, it was eerily quiet as he walked down the ramp to the ring. Merely a chill breeze to herald his approach.
As he entered the ring, Alex moved around Darren. Circling him slowly, in that predatory manner he always used.
Now that Trent McKnight had both men at the table, he address Darren, who was positioned to his right, once the fans’ volume had died down.
“Darren, how does it feel to be sat directly across from the man who almost ended your career before it even got started?”
Best sat upright and addressed McKnight, not looking at Reyn:  “People always seem to forget how this whole thing started.  He put Alfie out of the picture so he could get to me.  In his twisted mind, he probably thinks he did me a favor.  He probably believes he took me places I’d never been before and, in all honesty, he’s right.”
Alex just stared while Trent pointed out the obvious:   “You haven’t answered the question.”
Best didn’t even bother to look up:  “But, while I’m thankful on one hand, the other hand wants to smash his head in,” Darren slamming said fist into the table and then making eye contact, at long last, with his adversary, whose gaze didn’t flicker.
Trent looked at Alex next.

“Now Alex, when you first arrived here, you focused your attack on our Keystone Champion Max Hopper, but now you seem to have directed your attention on Darren Best. Can you explain your actions?”

Alex ignored him. Still staring directly at Best.

Then he spoke.

“Tell me something Darren? How long did you lay unmoving after I crushed your skull against the metal floor? A year? Two years? Have you only just now recovered?”
Best smirked:  “None of your business, but go through the nbW archives and you’ll see it was a lot quicker than either of your options.  Physically, I’m fine.  Do I have any lingering injuries?  Sure.  What happened to me wasn’t a routine match, a night’s work.  In here (gesturing to his head) I’m mentally tougher than you think and here (referring to his body) too.  We’ll see about my recovery at Scorched.  You’ll get to see it for yourself.”
Trent was about to ask another question when Best butted in:  “We can’t ignore what you did to Paul Sanders.  Shame on Trent, for we all know that whatever happens outside of nbW doesn’t really matter.  What was that about?  I’ve visited Paul and he’s not the same.  You think of yourself as lawful, honorable, but what had Sanders done to you?  What did Alfie do to you before you put him on the sidelines?  I’m not in wrestling to hurt people; I came to win.  You haven’t got any superior moral code.  You’re nothing more than a thug.”
“Your morals mean nothing to me. The weak die to the strong. That is how it is.” Alex said coldly, “And if your recovery was sooner than I expected, then kindly explain to me why you have accomplished NOTHING since I last saw you.”
A pause ensued.  Darren held his hands out and invited Reyn to ‘bring it on,’ but it wasn’t as confrontational as it sounded.  The Entertainer was all ears and eager to hear Alex’s assessment.
“More than a year has passed since our last battle, and yet I find you unchanged. Just another bit part player, a rabbit hiding in its warren. No advancement in status, no glory to your name. Tell me Darren, is your lack of improvement a result of laziness? Or are you simply too incompetent to succeed? Either way you’ve been an enormous disappointment.”
That definitely had Darren’s attention and he looked at Trent before leaning in, microphone in hand:  “Alex, you don’t know the first thing about me - you didn’t then and you don’t now.  You didn’t have a clue I was even alive, let alone where I was.  Your opinion has exactly the same value as my morals - nothing.  And where have you been?  HKW?  Setting houses on fire, injuring the undercard and still no titles to your name 
Seething somewhat, Best continued:  “So, Alex, when you go home tonight, under a bridge somewhere, ask yourself:  Have I, Alex Reyn, improved?”

Alex almost growled before adopting a sneer.

“I am The East Wind, mortal. It is your kind that requires judgement. Not mine. And your attempts to save face by redirecting the question will not work on me. So again I ask: Are you lazy? Or incompetent? ”
Trent McKnight was essentially like all of us at this point - a mere spectator  Darren took centre stage and leaned forward, smarting and smiling at Reyn’s response:  “I’ll answer your question, Alex, not for you - but for them,” Best said, pointing to all of the capacity crowd and garnering a cheer as a result.
“To come back from an injury like I did, one that you believed I was on the shelf, or in a bed, for a year or two is neither lazy or incompetent.  I had to be mentally tough.  I had to undergo unbelievable rehabilitation.  I had to ask myself on a regular basis if I really wanted to do this and the answer was an emphatic yes.  I don’t care for your East Wind moniker.  I don’t care for your morals.  I don’t care about your judgment.  Do I respect you?  As a competitor, one hundred percent.  As a human being, not one bit.  And here in nbW, Alex, you have done nothing to impress me or most of these fans.  So, again, I ask YOU:  What signs of improvement have you shown?  I’ve shared the ring with you in jOlt and nbW and in that respect, I’m your only judge, mortal.  And I’m telling you, I don’t see any.”
“Funny, that you say that you can judge me.” Alex said with a smile “For all your posturing about my own apparent failures, let us not forget that I am the only one that you can NEVER defeat.”

And with that, he turned his back on Darren Best, and was about to leave his ring when-
“Wait!” Trent Mcknight called, and Alex turned to glare icily at him, causing the man to balk.

“Uh.. We still need you two to decide what your match stipulation is going to be, since you tied on your beat the clock challenge.”
Both men stood as a wheel appeared on the big screen, featuring 18 different gimmick matches, ranging from Lumberjack to Ladder and Texas Deathmatch to an Essex Tanning Parlour match.  Sorry, a what?
Anyway, the wheel span round and round and round before landing on…
Falls Count Anywhere.
Alex’s eyes narrowed. He seemed to be considering something, eyes scanning the arena.

“All terrain combat. Very well then.”
Deep inside, Darren must’ve felt concerned.  The bout that had almost cost his career against the same man had been a FCA affair.  Trepidation was natural.  Plus, he didn’t look as composed or calm as he had just moments ago.  He had to shake that off and uttered: “Fine by me.”
But, would it be?
Alex Reyn v Darren Best at Scorched had plenty of history and heat behind it.  The last time they met, someone was almost maimed.
What would happen in the latest chapter of the long-running rivalry between these two?
Join us on pay-per-view to find out.

Turning the Heat Up


You saw him just moments ago.

Now, he was backstage...

'Big Kid' Chris Smith.  He rubbed his hands, collecting his thoughts before placing hands on hips and staring straight down the camera with an audience of one in mind.  God, how many clichés did I manage to get into one sentence there?!  Damn, I'm terrible.

"There you have it:  You've seen the three reasons why Kid Chameleon crossed me.  In fact, if Kid were any kind of man at all, he'd face me at Scorched."

Scratching his head, a light went on in Smith's head:  "Yes!  Kid Chameleon, I am challenging you to come and meet me, one on one, at Scorched.  My name's Chris Smith and I'm doing this - for the kids."

Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern, Charlie Birkin, Benjamin Jones Versus Tyson XL, Matt Haddon, Brock Newbludd

And back to the announce table we go for a HUGE blockbuster six-man tag.
“All the bodies in this one, Gains!” Melissa said to her broadcast colleague. “Coming up next, we have a preview match for multiple matches at Scorched! 25 To Life Winner Brock Newbludd will captain a team of The Unstoppables’ Tyson XL and former Keystone Champion “Founding Father” Matt Haddon to take on three men who have been making life miserable for all of them! They’ll take on “Bounty Hunter” Benjamin Jones, Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern and “Mr. Manx” Charlie Birkin!”
“These goody-good idiots need to realize change is coming whether they want it to or not!” Gains said staunchly. “Jones has been gunning for Brock’s main event spot at Legacy since 25 To Life and now that he’s so close, you know he’ll get there. Brock’s only hope at Scorched is that his beatdown is a quick one.”
“Tell that to Brock! And tell that to Tyson XL! Clan Strongbern have been assaulting The Unstoppables and Ali Amore for weeks now all because they are all former champions, but The Unstoppables and Amore aren’t going away easily.”
“And that’s what’s gonna get him hurt. Same can be said for Haddon. His best days are behind him. His cup of coffee and training Lucky Carter aside, what has he done in nbW all these years aside from training talent? Your career is washed up, Haddon, so just move out of Mr. Manx’s way!”
“Birkin is talented, no question, but he’s going about things the wrong way. If you want opportunities, you work for them - you don’t bite the hand that feeds you.”
“Team Jones is taking a bite out of Team Newbludd’s ass tonight, Melissa. Guarantee it!”
“We’ll see, Gains. Let’s go to intros for this big-time six-man tag!”
And to ringside we go.
“The following contest is a six-man tag team match!” Brent Williams shouted.
"Let's Kill These Motherfuckers" by Lair of the Minotaur
The gnarly rock music played - not for the first time tonight - as the pound-for-pound strongest member of Clan Strongbern made his way out. Rarely was he not flanked by the other Clan members, but tonight he was ready for action.
“Introducing first, representing Clan Strongbern… from Boulder, Colorado by way of Oslo, Norway… weighing in at 323 pounds… RIK BONEBREAKER-STRONGBERN!
The Norwegian monster confidently strolled to ringside and flexed an arm for the camera before he leaped onto the apron. At 6’8” and 323 pounds, he was a weapon that Team Jones wanted to have on his side. Rik was only in this match to get at Tyson XL before Clan Strongbern took on The Unstoppables and Ali Amore in a six-man tag at Scorched, but he would enjoy this opportunity. He waited for the arrival of his teammates.
“Faster” by Within Temptation.

On one side of the massive stage towards ringside, a man in a black leather jacket walked one side of the stage at the DSC Indoor Arena and held his hands behind his arms, taking in the scenery. With him was a VERY attractive young blonde woman.
“And his opponent… from Douglas, in The Isle of Man… being accompanied to the ring by Ali Carr… weighing in at 223 pounds, this is ”MR. MANX” CHARLIE BIRKIN!
Carr lowered to a knee and tightly hugged the waist of the young man with wavy brown hair a moustache right out of the 80s. The young Manx walked towards the ring arm-in-arm with Ali Carr and surveyed the crowd in Dubai before entering the ring. He carefully glanced at Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern and gulped.
“Stay out of my way and we won’t have a problem.” Rik commanded.
Birkin and Carr nodded before they shared a somewhat timid kiss. The two waited for the captain of this team of baddies.
“Genesis” by Justice.
Looking every bit as fit as he was in his last stint several months ago, wearing his signature golden-hued robe was none other than the former nbW Blitzkrieg and Infamy Champion, Benjamin Jones! The crowd BOOED as Jones walked out arm in arm with his business manager and girlfriend, Dina St. James. The two  headed to the ring with his business manager in tow.
“And their partner… from Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, weighing in at 243 pounds… he is accompanied by Dina St. James… ”THE BOUNTY HUNTER” BENJAMIN JONES!
Jones climbed into the ring and disrobed before giving it over to Dina St. James. She smiled at her boyfriend/client and left. Jones had payback on his mind for Brock - after two consecutive shows of sneak attacks to goad him into putting his Legacy title shot on the line, Brock attacked him with a brutal German Suplex on the floor and initialed the contract in Jones’ blood! Now it was time for the good guys to make their arrival.
“Hero” by Skillet.
The man known to many backstage as The No Brand Dad walked out from the back to a nice ovation for the men who respected the nbW veteran!
“And his opponent… from Malone, Vermont, weighing in at 245 pounds… he is a former Keystone Champion… MATT HADDON!
With some respectful cheers from the fans in attendance, he stopped at the entrance ramp. Charlie Birkin smirked at him and dared Matt to come into the ring knowing full well he had Benjamin Jones and Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern on either side. He remained patient and waited for his partners.
One drum solo played.
Then another.
Then another…
Bell ring.
The opening to “A Warrior’s Call” by Volbeat played and went right into…
“Warrior” by Disturbed.
That thundering mix of themes could only mean one thing.
“His tag partner, weighing in at 290 pounds… he is one half of The Unstoppables… TYSON XL!
The song played and out came one half of the nbW Dynasty Tag Team Champions! Vic Gravender was supposedly still recovering from the beating he’d taken by Clan Strongbern after Big Rick Strongbern defeated him, but they were not confirmed. Tyson marched out like a man possessed and that led to the captain of this team out next…
’Mouth for War’ by Pantera
“And their partner...from Milwaukee, Wisconsin...weighing in at 232 pounds...this is ‘THE INNOVATOR’...BROCK NEWBLUDD!
Receiving a thunderous ovation as he made his way out onto the stage, Brock threw a fist up to the cheering crowd as he stopped at the top of the ramp to stand next to his partners. Bumping fists with each man, Newbludd looked eager to get things going as he bounced from side to side to loosen up.
Inside the ring, Rik stood dead center in the ring and pounded his chest at the three men before signaling for them to get down to the ring. Behind the big man, Benjamin Jones smirked at the sight of his Scorched opponent as he grabbed the top rope to stretch and get loose while Birkin leaned in between the ropes to get some final words of advice from Ali.
Locking eyes with Jones, Brock sneered at him before glancing at his two partners and pointing down to the ring.
“Knuckle up, boys!” a pumped up Newbludd said as he slapped each man on the shoulder. “Because it’s payback time for these assholes! Let’s do this!”
Smiling at Brock’s words, Tyson and Haddon both nodded their heads in agreement.
“I’m coming for you, Jones!” Brock yelled down to the ring, right before breaking into a dead sprint towards it.
Haddon was quick to follow and so was Tyson, who let out a thunderous roar as he glared at the Bonebreaker.
Seeing the three men storming down, Rik stomped both of his feet and spread his feet wide to stand his ground. Behind him, the veteran Jones decided against getting into a wild free for all brawl to start the match and quickly jumped out of the ring to stand next to Dina. The Bounty Hunter shook his head at Rik and yelled for him to get out of the ring, but the amped up Norwegian’s focus was completely on Tyson and his two friends.
Meanwhile the young Birkin looked a bit lost on which route he should take, stay with Rik or hop to the outside like Jones until Benjamin called for the kid to get to the outside and Charlie quickly obliged the veteran.
Newbludd and Haddon hit the ring at the same time and popped up to their feet…
Seeing the two men enter the ring, Strongbern eyes lit up and he charged ahead with both of his massive arms outstretched, hoping to get a two for one decapitation.
While the Bonebreaker’s battle cry was intimidating to say the least, it also gave Haddon and Brock a warning to the double clothesline coming their way, which resulted in Rik hitting nothing but air as the two men ducked just in the nick of time!
Blowing past Newbludd and Haddon, the big Norwegian had no time to react to Tyson XL who dropped down and picked him up with ease….
Tyson XL had just PLANTED the man who had gotten the best of him two weeks ago dead center in the middle of the ring and the crowd absolutely loved it!

Fired up, Tyson began to lay the boots to Strongbern but was quickly stopped by the referee for the contest, Jerry Petersen, who warned the Unstoppable to back off or risk forfeiting the match before it even started.
Letting out a disappointed growl, Tyson obliged the referee and stomped over to his corner.
Meanwhile, Haddon and Newbludd were looking to exact a bit of revenge of their own against their two rivals on the outside, making a beeline across the ring to get to them but they hit a roadblock named Jerry who quickly ran over to step in front of them with his arms spread wide, ordering them to join Tyson in the corner.
Both Newbludd and Haddon argued with Petersen, but the ref wasn’t having of it and the two begrudgingly walked across the ring towards their corner. Leaning over the ropes, Jerry then told Jones and Birkin they had five seconds to climb up to their corner if they wanted the match to happen.
Both men hopped up instantly.
With an infuriated Strongbern shaking his head as he slowly got back up to his feet, Tyson nominated himself to start the match. Both Haddon and Newbludd had no problems with that, especially after seeing Mr. XL drop Rik like he was a sack of potatoes only moments before, and they both stepped onto the ring apron.
Seeing that things were put back in order, and Rik was fully upright, Jerry gave the signal to the timekeeper…
“C’MON MOTHERFUCKER!” Rik screamed out in rage as he instantly charged in at Tyson who met the beast head on to collide with him in the middle of the ring for a collar and elbow tie up.
Having leverage on the taller man, Tyson got low and pumped his legs to push Rik into the corner before delivering a couple of stiff shoulder thrusts right into the Bonebreaker’s gut that caused him to double over in pain.
Rearing back for a third time, Tyson was then dropped down to a knee courtesy of a big double axe handle from Strongbern, who then got himself out of the corner by reaching down and wrapping his arms around Tyson to pick him up.
Lifting Tyson up, it appeared at first as if Rik was going for a Running Powerbomb out of the corner, but Tyson still had some fight in him and began  to wriggle so the Bonebreaker simply took two steps forward and dropped the inverted Tyson down onto his knee…
Boos rained down as Rik spread his arms wide and roared as he stood over top of the downed Tyson. Picking Tyson up, Rik then fired him into his corner, causing Birkin and Jones to instantly grab ahold of the Unstoppable to hold him down as Rik stomped forward to rock him with a Big Boot to the face.
Grabbing the woozy Tyson around the neck, Rik then THREW Tyson like he was a cruiserweight back to the middle of the ring with an impressive Choke Toss!
Strongbern turned back around to keep the pressure on Tyson and took a step forward…
Or not! Charlie Birkin wanted to take advantage of the downed Tyson and promptly slapped the Bonebreaker on the back to tag himself in! Rik growled at Birkin’s impromptu tag, but relented to the youngster and motioned for him to get in the ring before stepping out onto the apron.
Seeing Tyson starting to slowly rise up to his feet, Charlie didn’t step through the ropes. Instead, he climbed up the turnbuckle and crouched low to steady himself.
Waiting for the exact moment, Birkin then leapt off!
The veteran XL had caught a glimpse of the soaring Birkin and at the last second lunged up to grab him in mid flight…
Spiking Birkin into the mat with authority, Tyson hooked the leg for the first cover of the match.
Tyson nearly ended it right there with the big time catch slam, but the young man from the Isle of Man kicked out just in the nick of time!
Pulling a groggy Birkin up to his feet, Tyson promptly shot him into his corner and quickly followed with a punishing clothesline before tagging in the eager Matt Haddon!
Haddon and Tyson then showed some nice tag work when Tyson grabbed Haddon by the arm to whip him into the corner towards Birkin and Matt finished it off with a nicely done running calf kick that rocked the young man’s world.
Pulling Charlie out of the corner, Haddon promptly planted him with a nicely done snap suplex that he transitioned into a pin.
Haddon didn’t looked surprised one bit at his former student’s resiliency and showed his veteran knowhow by wasting no time in locking Birkin into a Dragon Sleeper!
Referee Petersen dove in to ask Charlie if he would give, while Jones and Bonebreaker both stepped a foot through the ropes to come and save the match if needed. On the other side, Brock and Tyson both did the same but all four men held back from entering the ring when Birkin began to fight back by firing elbows into the side of Haddon.
Still maintaining the Dragon Sleeper despite Birkin’s elbow smacking him in the gut, Haddon knew he was going to be forced to break the hold soon and decided to do so by lifting Birkin up for an Reverse Suplex!
Only to have it reversed by Charlie, who managed to land on his feet behind Haddon and send his former trainer down to the ground with a perfectly executed Side Russian Leg Sweep!
Coughing from the sleeper, Birkin rolled over to Haddon and blatantly stabbed a thumb into Matt’s eye which drew a LOUD chorus of boos from the crowd to go along with a stern warning from Jerry. Standing up to his feet, Birkin waved off the referee as he pulled Matt upwards and shot him into the ropes.
Leaping upwards as Haddon reached him, Birkin showed great agility to wrap around him and lock him into a Crucifix Submission!
Matt emphatically shook his head ‘no; at Jerry as Charlie pulled back on Haddon’s arms and legs to bend him backwards. Grinning from ear to ear, Birkin looked to be in pure ecstasy as he reefed back to inflict more pain on Haddon.
Stomping their feet over in his corner Brock and Tyson were urging Haddon to somehow get out of the hold and quickly the crowd joined in.
Haddon kept screaming no at Jerry and Charlie pulled back even harder.
Haddon began to somehow bridge himself up!
Birkin couldn’t believe it, and decided to switch his crucifix from a submission to a pin by rolling onto his side!
Frustrated, the youngster slapped his hand on the mat and quickly got to his feet, pulling Haddon up by his hair as he went.
Small Package by Haddon!
THRE--Broken up by Benjamin Jones!
Before anyone could react, the quick as a cat Jones jumped in and kicked Haddon square in the face to break the pin!
Angered by his rival’s actions, and more than eager to finally get his hands on Jones in an official setting, Brock sprinted across the ring to get at him but was promptly cut off by Jerry and ordered back to his corner.
Jones smirked at Newbludd as he stepped back to the outside, and the crowd booed heavily at him.
Focusing back on the two men in the ring, Birkin was back up again and brought a disorientated Haddon to his feet before firing him into the ropes for a back body drop attempt. Hitting the ropes, Haddon got his bearings and once again got the better of the Charlie by baseball sliding between Birkin’s legs to pop up right behind him!
Surprisingly Matt didn’t go for a cover after the hard hitting maneuver, instead opting to crawl over to his corner and tag in Brock!
The crowd roared in approval as Brock leapt over the top rope to see his first action in the match, but instead of going right for the still down Birkin he leaped up to the top rope and motioned for Tyson to go to the other near side corner and do the same.
The notoriously quick big man grinned and sprinted along the apron to crawl to the top rope himself!
The two men locked eyes briefly to acknowledge that they were on the same page and the crowd roared when they leapt off!
Tyson straightened his legs!
Brock straightened his legs!
Suddenly Dina and Ali both jumped up on the apron to distract Jerry, while Rik and Jones quickly entered the ring!
Jones caught Brock in midair with a leaping clothesline, turning him inside out!
Only a few feet away Rik showed his nearly inhuman strength by catching Tyson and nearly folding him in half with a vicious looking Backbreaker!
Still holding Tyson, Rik then picked him up in a sidewalk slam position and dumped him to the outside, while Jones quickly grabbed Birkin’s arm and dragged him closer to their corner before leaping back onto the apron.
Getting Dina and Ali off the apron, Jerry looked completely confused at the sight of Brock laying facedown on the mat and Birkin now laying only a few feet from his corner.
Jones and Rik flashed Jerry matching innocent grins, and Jerry just shook his head at them in disgust, knowing that they had just pulled a fast one on him.
With Tyson laid out on the ringside floor, Haddon was left in the corner by himself as he screamed for Newbludd to get up which caused Brock to roll over onto his back and grab his head in pain. On the other side of the ring, Jones and Rik were doing the same to young Birkin, who was finally starting to get his bearings after getting dealt the neckbreaker.
Shaking his head, Charlie crawled over to the corner and lunged out with his arm outstretched…
To tag in Benjamin Jones!
Instantly Jones hopped over the ropes and made a mad dash towards Newbludd who was in the middle of getting back upright…
Brock rolled out of the way to just barely avoid the deadly knee strike, causing Jone to hit nothing but air!
Nearly getting decapitated by the opportunistic Bounty Hunter lit a fire under Newbludd as he leapt to his feet and made a mad dash himself to grab Benjamin in a full nelson before he could get turned around!
Jones flipped through the Dragon Suplex and now had Newbludd in an inverted facelock, which led to the second Dragon Sleeper of the contest!
But, Jones didn’t have it on for long as Brock was able to fire a knee upwards that caught Jones directly in the jaw, causing him to drop Newbludd! With Jones stumbling backwards, Newbludd did a well executed kip up that was followed up with a even better Standing Dropkick!
That Jones deflected, causing Brock to hit the mat once again!
Pouncing on Newbludd, Jones immediately grabbed him by the leg and stood up…
ANKLE LOC-NO! Another reversal!
Feeling Jones’ grip tighten around his ankle, the veteran Newbludd instantly went into a forward roll to sending Benjamin stumbling across the ring!
Quickly getting his equilibrium, a frustrated Jones turned and faced Newbludd. Choosing not to rush in again, both men slowly circled each other as the crowd applauded the equal exchange that had just occurred between the two.
That applauding slowly turned into an anticipatory buzz as the two men who had their fair share of bad blood between them came closer together as they circled.
Both men’s snapped their heads over to Benjamin’s corner just in time to see a wide eyed Bonebreaker be ripped off the apron from behind by a now recovered (and angry) Tyson XL.
Revenge was what Tyson was serving up as he held onto the big man as he took him down to the floor…
The crowd exploded in cheers as Tyson stood over the annihilated Bonebreaker and let out a barbaric roar. Standing right above him on the apron, Mr. Manx looked absolutely stunned at seeing his gigantic teammate get crushed right before him.
Meanwhile in the ring, the commotion on the outside caused Jerry to take his eyes off of Jones and Brock for a split second. But, that was all the time the Bounty Hunter needed as he NAILED Newbludd with a shuffle side kick right in the groin!
Snapping out of his shock, and with Tyson still standing over the downed Bonebreaker, Charlie decided to take a risk and make a name for himself by taking out the former world champion…
After hitting Brock with the low blow, Jones immediately ran towards the corner where Haddon was just sticking his head between the ropes to come and help Brock…
Sending ‘The Founding Father’ down to the floor, Jones bounced off the ropes and rushed to the still bent over Brock….
Jones smoked Newbludd with his vicious knee strike, causing Brock to fall limp to the mat!
“Ladies and gentlemen, the winners of this contest by way of pinfall...the team of ‘Mr. Manx’ Charlie Birkin, Rik Bonebreaker Strongbern, and ‘The Bounty Hunter’ Benjamin Jones!

A tidal wave of boos rained down as Jones put his foot on Newbludd’s face as Jerry raised the victorious Bounty Hunter’s hand. Dina quickly hopped in the ring to join her man and raised his other arm to celebrate as well.
On the outside, Ali was helping Charlie along the side of the ring, as Birkin walked with a arm raised above his head which drew more boos from the rowdy crowd.
Still laid out on the outside, Tyson XL and the Bonebreaker were starting to stir and Jerry waved for more official’s to get down to the ringside area, knowing that once the two men were coherent they would immediately be at each other’s throats again.
Wiping his boot arrogantly across Newbludd’s face, Jones was beaming with confidence, as was young Charlie. No doubt, the Bonebreaker would be satisfied with the end result of the match as well once he came to.
The three men firmly took hold of the all important momentum going into their matches at Scorched with the win tonight, and if things went their way, they would use it to secure wins at the big PPV as well.
For Charlie that would mean beating his former mentor.
For Rik that would mean showing that Clan Strongbern truly was the new dominant force in NBW.
And for Benjamin Jones that would mean a world title shot at the biggest show of the year, Legacy.
The question was, would Haddon, Tyson, and Brock be able to shake off this loss in time for Scorched?




A Tale as Old as Time


The remix by KISS immediately started up as we returned ringside.
“Nope, cut it. Just cut it.” the voice belonged the seven foot three Colossus as he pushed past the entrance curtains and walked down the rampway and his music cut off.
“We’re doing this the way we rarely do.” Spike stepped up on the apron and over the ropes, taking a stance in the center of the ring. He pulled his shades off and tossed em' aside and out of the ring. Then pointed with his left hand at the space in front of him. “JACK! Get your ass out here.”
No music. No Jack.
“For years we’ve done this whole, you attack me, I fend you off. You attack me with allies, I fend you off. You attack me in the parking lot, I fend you off. Over and over, and then two weeks ago you… break character. Interrupt my match with Arzael to tell a story nobody cared for?”
He shook his head and pointed at the space before him again.
“JACK! You’ve got five seconds to get out here. Otherwise I’m going back up that ramp, backstage, and tearing through anything and everything until I find you.”
The scene swapped over to the office of the general manager Jack Harmen, and assistant Richie Keal.
“You better get out there. I’d rather not clean up that mess.” Remarked Keal as the two watched the 4K TV hanging on the wall.
“He’s talking about The Villain. Jack Owyns. You know, the Hall of Famer and legend-” Harmen snickered, “well that’s still me!” Then pointed at the doorway, “go find Jack and push him out there with a broom if you have to. Whatever they want, give it to them.”
Richie headed out as we swapped back to the ring.
Yep Saunders was counting but would he hit Five and see the arena torn asunder? (hi Spade!)
We not asking mothafuckers to care about us
We just letting mothafuckas know we coming
It's real, it's a real mothafuckin' movement
Whether you like it or not
Whether you support it or not
It's a real mothafuckin' movement, man

‘Alpha Omega’ by Machine Gun Kelly erupted on the airwaves. All the eyes turned from the square circle, and looked towards the entrance way, where out from the back walked the Villain.
Jack raised the microphone near his mouth. “Two.”
He walked down the long aisle; which separated the entrance way from the ring, with no urgency at all to his step, as he glared towards the Colossus.
“Fuckin’ one.” His glare became a smirk, as he stopped at the halfway point as Alpha Omega faded out. “Ya mad bro? Ya mad at me, or – OR! Ya mad at yourself bro? Another opportunity in the sub-par career of the not so great big man, spikey saunders, flushed down the motherfuckin’ toilet, HA!”
Jack looked to the floor, his pointer finger making a circular motion.
“See as I see it, it wasn’t me, it wasn’t my fuckin’ fault you couldn’t finish it in the ring. I was just a spectator you know — Looky, looky here, that old dumb, big bastard, is still pretending to try and be a wrestler, HA! Why, oh why, doesn’t he just give fuckin’ up, huh? That’s what I said man, word for word and then I was bored, booked a ticket, and then I was here, then you were gawking at me, forgetting rule number fuckin’ one and then, well the rest you remember. So don’t be mad at me bro; that lost; that on you.”
Jack paused, turned himself around and looked towards the entrance way.
“Which brings me to this question.” Jack pointed his arm backwards towards Spike. “How the fuck is he on the intro video, and I’m fuckin’ not.”
Good question. We swap back to the GM’s office.
“RICHIE!!!” Harmen’s voice carried down the corridor as he sat back in his comfy chair with attention affixed on the screen. Richie came barreling back into the room. “Get with Marketing and our new head of every-fuckin-thing Digital, Trent McKnight. And fix this oversight!”
Harmen pointed at the screen but of course Richie had no idea what was going on and simply nodded as we swapped back to the ring. Owyns attention on the Epicenter with a WTF look on his face as he watched the focus of the two in the ring switch to the backstage.
“Fuck this place, it’s a bigger circus then when Alex Styles was in charge.”
“Jack,” Saunders stepped up to Owyns, closing the distance to a mere few inches. “I don’t give a shit about the loss. As I said two weeks ago, I’m on my last legs. The end of this career is on the far horizon.” He shrugged and looked out the fans, “I continue to do this for them. Each and every night, for all these decades - for their enjoyment and adoration. Something that you’ve never known or felt, Jack.”
“But see, like I said the loss doesn’t matter Jack. What matters and what this is about is your constant need to return and do your Jack shit only to blow off in the wind again afterwards. Usually it’s at my expense. Likely because I’m one of the few still here from the old days when you used to mean more to these faithful.” He grinned and pointed over entrance side near the ramp where one fan was wearing an oldschool NBW ‘The Villain’ TShirt. “Like that guy. You probably were one of his favorites. Maybe still are.” Of course the fan cheered in agreement. “But to everyone else, with everything you’ve done here in and here out, it’s the same thing.” He leaned forward: “they are DISGUSTED with you and your actions, Jack!”
Jack looked at the fan, and extended his middle finger. “Fuck this guy.”
Spike clenched his fist, and closed the gap even more between himself and Jack Owyns. Jack turned around and looked up at Spike Saunders.
“You are.” Spike tried to find the words.
“You are what, huh?” Jack cut in right away. “See Spike, you big dumb oath. I don’t give a shit about them, never have, and damn it, I never will. They, are just the scum on the bottom of my boot.”
The crowded showed they didn’t give a damn about Jack either.
“I do what I want, when I want big man.”
“So then why come back, if you don’t give a shit about them, and this place for a matter of fact why do you always come back? They--” Spike pointed towards the fans, “don’t want you here, and I don’t want you here.”
The crowd cheered on Spike’s words.
“Oh shut the fuck up.” Jack waved off the fans. “You want to know the real reason, why I’ve returned to this shit hole?”
“Please, tell us, we are all dying to know.”
“Because I - I want to be the one that puts the final nail in the coffin of Spike Saunders.” Jack poked Spike in the chest with his finger. “So every day after, when you got fuckin’ nothing, and are just one of those old saggy bastards, jumping city to city, trying to sell your merchandise to these idiots, you’ll look at them and be the guy, who let them down, the guy who always has just been all fuckin’ talk, HA!”
Jack took his finger off Spike’s chest.
“So, fight me motherfucker, fight me at Scorched. Let the world see you are nothing; that you, don’t deserve to have your name in the hall of fame and that you don’t deserve to be on the opening credits. That you are just some talentless hack; that is no better than a fuckin’ jobber.”
Jack dropped the microphone and extended his hand.
“Oh Jack, the only person inside this ring, this arena that is a hack… IS YOU!” Spike grabbed Jack’s hand and shook it. “Not that we need to prove that fact, Jack, But I look forward to doing just that in front of them, and all watching.”
Jack smirked as their hands separated. Jack turned around, but stopped midway. He sprung back with a right hand, but Spike caught Jack’s hand - obviously he knows the Villain too well - and yanked Jack onto his shoulders. The fans knew what was next. However, Jack managed to wiggle himself free and drop to the canvas and roll out of the ring.
Spike waved at Jack to return to the ring, as the crowd went nuts. Jack just smirked and walked off towards the back.

'Space Pimp' Max Hopper Versus Freddie Rich

One might say it all started at 25 to Life when the newly crowned Guardian of the Keystone (Title) Max Hopper opted to eliminate himself in what many thought was a noble endeavor to save his one-time nemesis and current friend, Travis Martinez, from a beatdown by the Rich Family. To further incite the Rich Family, he butted into their business again on Slam 91, saving 25 to Life winner Brock Newbludd, another one of his friends, from the clutches of the Rich Family. Perhaps adding insult to injury, the paranormal investigator used Freddie Rich’s toothbrush as a pregnancy test. Ever since then, Max Hopper has been the primary target in Freddie Rich’s sites, and of course this meant that he was public enemy number one to the rest of the family, as well.
With the kettle about to reach a boil, the General Manager Jack Harmen, in all of his wisdom and business acumen, chose to schedule this match tonight… Max Hopper vs. Freddie Rich… in a TABLE MATCH! The was largely due to the fact that the Rich Family had put the Czar of Bizarre through tables on two consecutive episodes of NBW Slam. It seemed an appropriate outlet for the two, and a good way to let the fans get a taste of what may come at Scorched II, when the NBW Keystone (Title) WILL be on the line, unlike tonight.
Brent Williams stood in the middle of the ring, which was itself surrounded by tables on the floor outside. “Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a TABLE MATCH. However, the Keystone (Title) is NOT on the line. Introducing first… weighing two hundred and thirty-seven pounds...the leader of The Rich Family.  He is 'The First' Freddie Rich!"
As the arena went dark, except for a spotlight at the top of the ramp, a hooded figure appeared. He stepped into the aforementioned spotlight, 'unveiling' himself as Freddie Rich and raised the index finger on his right hand. He was accompanied by Todd, Donny, and Declan, the rest of the Rich Family.
Purposefully, they strode towards the squared circle. Freddie ascended the steel ring steps, wiped his feet on the apron as if it were a doormat, and stepped between the ropes, which Donny held open for him.
The eldest Rich sibling unzipped his jacket and removed it, handing it to Declan, who in turn presented it to the timekeeper on the outside.  Freddie psyched himself up, extending his arms outwards and stretching.  'The First' was ready to go with his cousin and two brothers flanking him on either side.
One by one, each section of the arena went dark. It was almost as if someone, or something, had tampered with the lights. The DSC Indoor Arena was transformed into an eerie green. A thick cloud of fog rolled in. It was almost… alien.
Brent Williams apologized to the nbW faithful. “Ladies and gentleman, please excuse the interruption. We seem to be having problems with the - “ His feed cut out and was replaced by a screeching noise. Then, as if someone were switching dials on a radio, voices came through the speakers.
“I… Want… To… Believe!” the radio voices announced. Then the sound system roared to life with the geek punk classic “U.F.O.” by Boris the Sprinkler.
Amidst all the green, the Epicenter came to life, with a silvery object zooming to and fro in the distance. It grew closer, and closer, until finally it was quite clear and almost close enough to touch.
It was a flying saucer! A hatch door opened, lowering a stairway, and a bright, white light emanated from within the strange craft. A shadowy figure slowly took one step after another until it reached the ground. Finally, the mysterious being stood in the entryway, surrounded by the same bright, white light. The hatch door closed, and the U.F.O. sped off. When it vanished from the Epicenter, the same silvery object appeared above the crowd in the form of a large, silvery, saucer-shaped balloon!
As Jesse Ventura once said in an episode of The X-Files, “No other object has been misidentified as a flying saucer more often than the planet Venus.” However, this was not the planet Venus. This was the “Space Pimp” and Guardian of the Keystone (Title) Max Hopper! He stepped into the aisle, flinging his arms out wide, showing off the Keystone Championship, which was around his waist, to the crowd.. The NBW Faithful formed a veritable ocean of tinfoil hats. They ate up every minute of Max Hopper’s entrance, especially when he strolled up to a young fan and gave her the tinfoil hat off his own head! She didn’t have one of her own already.
Max Hopper bided his time getting to the ring, prompting his adversaries to make a strategic move toward the ropes, cutting him off at the pass. Taking notice of the tables surrounding the ring and all four of the Rich Family standing inside it made him apprehensive, to say the least.
The referee had a word with Freddie, the leader of the Rich Family, who then turned to his cousin and two brothers. “It’s okay boys,” he told them. “I’ve got this.” With that, the rest of the Rich Family backed off and exited, each through a different side of the ring.
Now that the coast was clear, Max Hopper unstrapped the Keystone (Championship Belt) from around his waist and slid it into the corner, underneath the bottom rope. The Space Pimp jumped up onto the apron. He used the top rope as a springboard to fly into the ring at Freddie Rich with a missile dropkick to the chest! The match was underway!
Freddie Rich rolled onto his stomach as Max leaped back to his feet. The First pushed himself up to his hands and knees, only for the Space Pimp to vault off of his back with a Fosbury flop over the top rope that landed flattened Declan on the ringside floor!
Max slid back into the ring to find Freddie Rich charging at him. Max sent him tumbling again onto all fours, this time with an armdrag and on another side of the ring. Max took off, vaulting off of Freddie’s back again…
This time for Donny! Max popped right back into the ring. Todd had already seen both of Freddie’s brothers laid out by Max, and being wiser, climbed onto the ring apron to cut off any such attempt.
However, he got an enzuigiri for his troubles and was knocked back to the ringside floor. Max was quick to get back to Freddie Rich, using a kind of unorthodox cradle to send him rolling onto his hands and knees on Todd’s side of the ring.
This one for Todd!
Perhaps in need of a breather after the adrenaline-fueled diving spree, Max turned to the fans, who were over the moon after having seen the Space Pimp’s most popular trademark dive not one, but THREE times! When Hopper rolled back into the ring, he was greeted by a flurry of boots from the leader of the Rich Family. About four or five stomps found their marks before Freddie let up. This, of course, was only so he could grab Max Hopper by the legs and fall backward, catapulting the Sheik of Superstition throat-first into the bottom rope!
The First stepped through the ropes, and with two fists full of hair, he pulled the Czar of the Bizarre’s head out so that it was hanging over the ring apron. Freddie Rich nearly decapitated poor Max with a leg drop across the ring apron!
Max Hopper’s back scraped against the corner of the ring apron as the force of Freddie’s leg dropping across his throat dragged him almost entirely from the ring, which probably would have been preferable to hanging upside down with his feet stuck on the bottom rope, which was the predicament in which he had found himself.
Freddie’s cousin, Todd, applauded while the First put his foot underneath Max’s chin and stepped down. He even pushed against the middle rope for extra leverage. He was trying to pop Max Hopper’s head off! Unable to breathe, pro-wrestling’s leading authority on all things paranormal turned three different shades of purple. The Guardian of the Keystone (Title) thrashed his legs about wildly, trying in desperation to wriggle loose. It was to no avail. Eventually, however, Freddie Rich relinquished his boot from underneath Max’s chin in favor of a new tactic. He grabbed Hopper by the ears and swooped him up into the air. Of course, it was when the First let go that Max’s feet had finally come free of the ropes. This was the most inopportune time for that to happen to MaX-Files. Because of it, he landed flat on his back on the ringside floor!
Freddie grabbed Max by the hair and brought him to his feet the hard way. Like a host at a five star restaurant, he showed the Czar of Bizarre to his table… only to slam him into it face-first! And once more, for posterity! Max Hopper ate wood, not once, but twice! He should have complained to the manager about the food.
The fans were excited to see the two fighting near a table, but they would not see anyone go through it, yet. Instead, Freddie Rich whipped Max Hopper back toward the ring. Rich followed close behind, and once the Czar of Bizarre’s back had crashed into the ring apron, the First scored with a point-blank dropkick!
It was a cringeworthy moment that got the fans off their feet, chanting, “Holy shit!” Freddie Rich could have broken Max Hopper’s back, or maybe even his neck, with that move! Freddie ordered his cousin, Todd, to bring over the table while he lifted the broken Guardian of the Keystone (Title) to the ring apron. Freddie climbed up, too, and pointed to show Todd precisely where to position the table. Todd got the table set up just right for his cousin, who had pulled the paranormal investigator to his feet by his head.
The First locked up Hopper for a suplex, possibly with the intention of putting him through that table and ending the match right then and there. Was this going to be the end of Max Hopper? Would our hero be broken through a table by the First for a third time?
Whether it was because of his travels through time or just plain instinct, Hops sensed the urgency, and he wrapped his leg around Freddie’s to block it. The leader of the Rich family again, but just like before, it was blocked. Max Hopper fought back, firing off punch after punch to Freddie’s breadbasket until the hold was finally broken. Then he let loose with a real zinger of a chop to Rich’s chest!
Freddie answered with a chop of his own and before long, they were trading chops on the ring apron, with the table lurking dangerously down below!
A chop from Max!
Another from Rich!
Anotherc from Max!
One from Rich!
And another chop from Rich! And another!

The match had taken its toll on Max Hopper, especially being on the receiving end of the First Class dropkick into the ring apron. Much like the time the paranormal investigator had hot chocolate with the abominable snowman, he now found himself on a slippery slope! There he was, dangling above the table, hanging on by a thread - well, one hand on the top rope, to be more accurate.
Freddie Rich could smell victory, and he began pummeling Max with punches! One punch after another connected with Hopper’s jaw, until his fingers started to slip from the top rope. Then, out of desperation, Max Hopper let loose with a SUPERKIIIIIIIIIIIIIICK!
It was the First who found himself teetering on the edge of disaster, this time! He held onto the top rope for all he was worth, refusing to crash into the table below. Realizing that his cousin was in dire straits, Todd quickly pulled the table out of the way. With the danger removed, Freddie let go of the top rope and dropped to his feet on the floor.

Max was still unable to capitalize, leaning back with both arms resting on the top rope. This gave Freddie time for a conference with Todd. Following this brief summit, Todd went searching underneath the apron for yet another table, which he slid into the ring, while Freddie entered, himself. The leader of the Rich Family unfolded the legs of the table, positioning it in the center of the ring. Once this was accomplished, he turned his attention back to Max Hopper, who was still resting on the apron.
Rich grabbed Max and turned him around, locking up for a suplex. He brought the Guardian of the Keystone (Title) up, but at the peak of the move, the Czar of the Bizarre shifted his weight and landed right on top of Frank Rich’s first-born son! Hops rolled off of Freddie and pushed himself back to his feet. The First charged at Max Hopper with his arm stretched out for a clothesline, but pro-wrestling’s leading expert on all things paranormal ducked!
There was a look of shock on Freddie’s face as he avoided a near calamity, stopping just short of colliding with the table. But when he turned around…
Max Hopper flipped upside down and kicked Freddie right in the dome. The First stumbled backward, landing on the wooden surface that he, himself, had brought into play. Max stepped out to the ring apron. The table was set, and the Space Pimp was about to fly!
The NBW Faithful roared in anticipation when Max pointed at Freddie lying prone on the table inside the ring. He grabbed the top rope to get ready…
The Space Pimp had NOT been cleared for liftoff! Donny, who was standing behind him, had seen his cousin Todd pointing, and saved his oldest brother by wrapping his arms around Max Hopper’s leg. Max turned his attention to Donny and struggled to get his leg free. He looked like someone in the Philadelphia Experiment trying to get loose from the deck.
This gave Freddie time to shake out the cobwebs. The First charged at Max Hopper, but the paranormal investigator dropped his shoulder, catching him right in the midsection! That brought Rich’s charge to a screeching halt. Hops swung his foot backward, kicking poor Donny right in the face, and then launched himself over the top rope with a sunset flip.

The eldest of the Rich Family rolled through, but in doing so he backed up onto the table and found himself in the same position he just was, moments ago! Freddie’s two younger brothers both slithered into the ring with a quickness to put the kibosh on Max Hopper taking any sort of advantage. Declan entered in front of Max Hopper, while Donny approached from the rear.
With Donny Rich in pursuit, the Czar of the Bizarre jetted toward Declan and slid right through his legs. Donny ducked to try and catch Max Hopper, but he ran into his brother, who caught him in a front facelock. Already back on his feet, the Space Pimp took advantage of Declan’s confusion and jumped onto his shoulders. Hops spun around…


But wait… that wasn’t all! The Space Pimp got a twofer as his Hopper Can Rana sent Declan flipping over, driving his brother Donny’s head into the canvas with a flipping DDT!

That got the crowd onto their feet, chanting, “HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!”
Max watched on with concern as poor Donny, the one member of the Rich family that he might actually have thought was cool, rolled out of the ring.
It wasn’t long, however, before Todd Rich jumped into the ring. He had just seen two of his cousins get taken out, and it was clear that the second-in-command would have to do something to turn things back to his family’s favor. Todd charged in, but Max turned around just in time to catch him.
The spinning, sitout spinebuster put Todd right through the table that the Rich Family had introduced to the ring earlier! The First had vacated the table at some point amidst all of the turmoil. Max took a moment to celebrate before scanning the ring for his actual opponent, Freddie Rich.
The paranormal investigator found him only when Freddie Rich caught him in the face with a sick kick! Max was sprawled on the mat, leaving the First barked orders at his brother Donny, who was still holding his head on the ringside floor. Donny folded up a table and slid it into the ring. He then went to do the same with the other two tables, while Freddie tried to revive cousin Todd.
It was Declan’s job to see to it that the man who had been a thorn in the Rich Family’s side over the past two months stayed down by crashing on top of him with a jumping senton back splash. While Freddie and Todd got to work setting up the tables, it became abundantly clear that the First did not just want to win this match… He wanted to destroy Max Hopper for having embarrassed him and his family time and time again.
Donny was soon back into the ring to join the rest of his family. Freddie directed traffic, and Donny climbed onto one of the tables with Max Hopper. Declan took to the top rope, while Donny held their victim upside down for a piledriver. The youngest member of the Rich Family leapt from his perch, looking for a missile dropkick...
The piledriver and missile dropkick combination was bad enough normally, but done through a table? That was just brutal.
The two youngest members of the Rich Family passed Max off to Todd, next.
There was a theme building as the second-in-command of the Rich Family, cousin Todd, used Max Hopper to decimate another table via his patented cradle DDT. Finally, it was the First’s turn…
You guessed it.

Freddie Rich’s cradle piledriver through the table was the exclamation point that officially brought the match to its conclusion, although it had been academic for a few minutes, now.
The Rich Family stood triumphantly over Max Hopper’s lifeless body. They had gained a measure of revenge and sent a clear message, not just about what was in store for Max Hopper at the Scorched II pay-per-view, but to anyone who might stand in their way. <>




'Monster of the Mid-South' Warren Spade Versus Big Rick Strongbern


And now it was back to ringside to give the intros before the main event with HUGE implications towards Scorched!
“We’ve reached our final stop before Scorched, and this could change EVERYTHING!” Melissa said to the audience. “What happens if Big Rick wins the title tonight? He’s going to have all of his goons at ringside and Warren Spade only has Fenton Woods since Blaze isn’t here tonight. What happens to the main event of Scorched?”
“Uh… it gets AWESOME?” said CG Gains. “Remember that while Clan Strongbern take on The Unstoppables and Ali Amore at Scorched, there’s no reason Big Rick HAS to be in that match! He has his three monsters, so he could be open or added to the main event?”
“Who knows! We’ll leave that for Jack Harmen to decide, but here’s the situation. It’s more or less four-on-one right now with Clan Strongbern at ringside. Spade is a MONSTER in his own right and prides himself on being The King of Monsters, but Clan Strongbern laid him out last week.”
“That’s right, Melissa… and remember, Big Rick BEAT Vic Gravender. He already BEAT a former World Champion, but now he can BE the champion tonight! Don’t look past him.”
“That I will not do. Let’s to go ringside for our MAIN EVENT!”
And with that, we cut to the ring. 
“The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is your MAIN EVENT of the evening!” Brent Williams announced. “This is set for one fall and will be for the NO BRAND WRESTLING WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!”
The graphic for the nbW World Heavyweight Championship appeared on the screen for tonight’s blockbuster main event!
“Let’s Kill These Motherfuckers” by Lair of the Minotaur
The theme came with a thundering boom as the lights in the arena went pitch-black. Suddenly, a HUGE spotlight shone on the stage and one by one, the monsters came out. 
“Little” Ricky Strongbern, the near-seven footer. 
The monstrous powerhouse Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern. 
The wild attack dog, Ri-Khan Strongbern, who grabbed the camera and let loose a loud growl!
And of course… 
“Big” Rick Strongbern, looking confident in the fact that he could be the next nbW World Heavyweight Champion and throw the Scorched main event for the Blitzkrieg and World titles into sheer fuckery chaos.   
“Introducing the challenger… representing Clan Strongbern, being accompanied to the ring by Little Ricky Strongbern, Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern and Ri-Khan Strongbern… weighing in at 225 pounds… BIG RICK STRONGBERN!
Big Rick jumped up the steps and scanned the jeering crowd before he climbed up the ropes like a giant and then stepped into the ring. He was only 5’8” but stood with a very tank-like frame as he entered the ring. Big Rick let out a belly laugh as he walked into the ring and grinned. He was more than ready for Warren Spade tonight. 
“Gather ‘round everybody, gather ‘round!”
“Ladies and gentlemen … allow me to bring to you the man that’s going to disappoint Big Midget Rick Strongbern tonight!”
Big Rick laughed under his breath and flipped the bird to Fenton Woods.   
“Introducing your reigning and defending NBW World heavyweight champion … the Monster of the Mid-South … the One-Man Stampede … The King of Monsters!“
He tapped his cane on the ground and his spotlight disappeared. The crowd was baited with anticipation and when words appeared on the EpiCenter they went crazy.   
The monster of a champ was here!   
“Into The Arena” by Michael Schenker Group played and The Monster of the Mid-South basked in the reception from the crowd. After enjoying the response, he hunched over to let Fenton Woods ride on his shoulders. The monster who once boasted a two-year undefeated streak in No Brand Wrestling was approaching the ring fast with the NBW World title worn around his neck like a gigantic collar.   
He stopped to gaze upon the ring with the fans cheering the giant every step of the way. The King of Monsters then took in a deep breath and climbed up to the ring. Spade handed off the championship to the referee of the match, Simon Brack and then he took a spot mid-ring and stood across from Big Rick. 
Strongbern gave up a lot of size to Warren Spade, but at two-hundred and twenty-five pounds he was no weakling either. He went right at the leg of the Monster of the Mid-South with a gigantic drop kick. He stood and a second drop kick was enough to take him down to a knee. 
Strongbern got in the face of Warren Spade even though he stood much taller and then ran with a third drop kick right at the leg! The left knee of Warren Spade was now a vulnerable target right away by the King of Strongbern Style and he tried to continue the attack by grabbing at the mammoth leg of the Monster of the Mid-South. 
Warren grabbed Strongbern by the back of his skull and brought his face down across his knee with a coconut crush move! A certain French giant who was in Princess Bride would have approved.
The goons of Big Rick Strongbern couldn’t help but be worried for the well-being of their leader as they had to watch from the outside. 
The Monster of the Mid-South grabbed Strongbern to the delight of the crowd and then slammed his face into the top turnbuckle. Strongbern held his face in pain and still tried to get away from the much larger monster but then that’s when Spade grabbed his neck and threw him right back again. He picked up his hand and clubbed him right in the chest with a clubbing forearm that left Strongbern breathless. Strongbern winced in pain and Warren kept him pinned to the corner. 
Strongbern’s chest was now left beet red and now he was sent flying across the ring with a massive biel toss! The One-Man Stampede got the crowd on their feet as he dragged his foot across the canvas. He was perhaps going to call for the Trample early and put an end to Strongbern as quickly as possible. Before he could even get the attempt to run, Strongbern thought better and he climbed through the ropes to try and hide when Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern pulled him from the ring!
The crowd did not like that one big! The King of Strongbern Style had the number sgame and knew where he was at all times so he hid in the ropes as long as he could in order to keep Warren at arms length. The crowd booed and even Fenton joined in. 
“Oh, you’re a giant, Strongbern … a giant bitch!!!” yelled Fenton. 
“I know, right?” said Warren with a laugh. 
Warren knew when to stop with the laughs. towards Strongbern and grabbed him by the neck! He pulled him into the ring and now had him in his grip with both hands in a double choke! Warren lifted him up and threw in two head butts before he dropped Strongbern. He then picked him up and sent Strongbern into the corner where he crushed him with a big corner splash. Warren did it one more time and ran across the ring to splatter Strongbern in the corner with a second splash. With that, he pulled him out of the corner and then struck him down with 
Standing side kick on the button! Warren made a cover on the King of Strongbern Style to try and keep his title while the goons watched!
1 … 
2 … 
Almost but Strongbern kicked out!
Big Rick had proven especially in the last few months he could stand up to much bigger men and win like Ohiyama and Vic Gravender on the last show! But he needed to do something quickly and moun tan offensive. 
Strongbern was picked up again by Warren and then sent flying into the ropes looking for the chance to strike him again. But what he didn’t expect was Strongbern going right back to the left knee he started working on. He used a running drop kick to the left knee and finally brought Warren down to his good knee. 
Strongbern scrambled to his feet and before Warren could even attempt another big move, Strongbern use a leg feed enziguri kick to stun Warren. The blow didn’t bring down the seven footer, but Strongbern grabbed him by the neck and brought him down with a DDT on the mat! That DDT staggered Warren on his feet so that is when Strongbern fired off another big move.
The first Strong-arm lariat caught Warren in the back of his head so he got back up again and hef ired a second move.
Just like how Big Talk had defeated Spike Saunders with dueling lariats to the front and the back that is exactly what Big Rick Strongbern did! Would that be enough to finally put down Spade for good?
1 … 
2 …
The referee’s hand barely came down a second time and the Monster of the Mid-South shoved him right off of him! The King of Strongbern Style was in a state of disbelief, but Warren wasn’t going to give up that easily. He charged at the One-Man Stampede, but he was already up and he was now angrier than he looked before. 
“Not smart.” Said Fenton with a face-palm. 
Strongbern was thrown into the corner and Warren charged at him, but the King of Strongbern Style got both feet up and kicked the chest of the oncoming monster. The One-Man Stampede was stumbling when Strongbern got to the second rope and delivered a missile drop kick that was enough to bring Warren down! Seeing his chance to go for broke and score a massive win on his already decorated resume, the King of Strongbern Style went outside and hit the top rope. He had a few high flying moves in his arsenal, so what was he going to do?
It was a diving splash!
That had to be all right there!
1 … 
2 … 
Again, Spade kicked out and shoved Strongbern off of him and that sent him back a couple of feet! 
Strongbern cursed himself for not choosing to go for his finisher, but that’s what he was going to do this time. He climbed to the top rope for a second time, but Warren was already starting to get back up and he looked pretty pissed off. Strongbern was on the middle rope when the Monster of the Mid-South grabbed him by the neck. 
no !
Strongbern had plenty of weapons to stop even the biggest of men and that was another one! The rest of Clan Strongbern cheered on their boss as he grabbed Spade’s neck and dropped it across the top rope! It looked like another drop kick was up for Strongbern … 
Warren nailed a nasty forehand chop to the exposed chest of Strongbern in mid air and sent the King of Strongbern Style crashing with tremendous force!
“Go, Warren! Time to end it, big man!” yelled Fenton. 
With the crowd cheering him along the Monster of the Mid-South waited for Strongbern to get back to his feet before he dropped him with another devastating forehand chop to the chest. Strongbern tried to stand a second time and the chop cracked him in the chest. Warren was feeling the momentum shift for himself when he grabbed Strongbern. He sent him packing into the corner and charged in, but Strongbern was coherent enough to move out of the way. 
Warren hit the corner and tried a clothesline that Strongbern ducked under. Strongbern came off the ropes, but Warren surprised him … 
Front drop kick from the seven foot monster!!! The crowd was wowed and this gave Warren an opening to win the match as he draped his weight on Strongbern. 
1 … 
2 … 
Close, but no cigar!
Strongbern used his legs to kick out of the move but now Warren just needed to put together one or two big moves to secure the victory. He signaled to the crowd with the flex of both of his arms which mean one of his Torn Asunder finishers was probably up next!
He pulled Strongbern up in the argentine backbreaker position but then Strongbern squirmed out of the back! Strongbern slipped out like a snake and when Warren turned to charge, a drop kick to the knee put him down!
Warren was near the ropes and Big Rick had the referee distracted.
Behind the official’s back, Ri-Khan came into the ring and leveled Spade in the face with a deadly thrust kick that so many others had felt before. Ri-Khan howled like the monster that he was and now that Spade was flat on his back, Big Rick was going to try and steal the NBW World championship!
1 …
2 …
Big Rick came so close to winning the championship, but the monster kicked out. When Warren rolled over onto his stomach, Big Rick stayed on him …
His finishing submission! It had claimed him wins in the past with this being the biggest of them all! Strongbern was locked in like a pitbull on a piece of meat and if there were any way to slow down Warren Spade, it would be to take his breath away.
The leader of Clan Strongbern was trying to get to a massive win! Warren Spade was starting to fade a little and he tried to run to one side of the ring by slamming Strongbern into the corner, but he didn’t go down. Strongbern continued to hold the submission while the crowd cheered on Warren. 
”STAMPEDE!” clap clap. ”STAMPEDE!” clap clap. ”STAMPEDE!” clap clap. ”STAMPEDE!” clap clap. ”STAMPEDE!” clap clap. ”STAMPEDE!” clap clap. ”STAMPEDE!” clap clap. ”STAMPEDE!” clap clap.
Warren ran to the other side and slammed Strongbern into the near corner but he still wouldn’t let go! Warren started to shift to a knee again and Strongbern was laughing that he was very, very close to a victory! Warren’s arm reached out …
But Little Ricky pulled the ropes out so Spade couldn’t get to them! Little Ricky tried to distract the referee again … and it seemed the numbers game was turning into too much for Warren ...
Just when Clan Strongbern thought they had the answers, Vic Gravender, Tyson XL and Ali Amore all ran out to change the questions!
Ali went after Ri-Khan with punches, Vic and Rik duked it out and Little Ricky was engulfed by a big chin check from Tyson XL courtesy of a super kick!
Fights now broke out all over the arena with all the respective fights boiling over into the crowd and Ali chasing Ri-Khan up the ramp!
Inside the ring, Strongbern was all alone with Warren and when the Stronghold looked to finish him off, Warren found the strength to get to a knee and shove him away!
Big Rick stood up …
Big Rick was broken in half with a big Trample! The seven footer didn’t waste time to end things. Big Rick was hoisted on his shoulders …
That had to be it!
1 …
2 …
Warren Spade turend back Big Rick Strongbern and the Unstoppables and just won the match! The fighting champion of No Brand Wrestling added another notch on a string of epic title defenses and raised the belt for all to see.
“Hey! Hey! Big JAG! Over here!”
Without fail, Big Talk appeared on the ramp for the first time tonight, but almost looking like he expected Warren to somehow pull it out. After Big Rick’s comments about keep the title earlier and perhaps taking the money, now he was leaving with neither thanks to the Unstoppables and Ali Amore. The Blitzkrieg champion and Raul Ramirez were out on the ramp.
“You pretty proud of yourself, huh, Warren?” asked Big Talk. “You think that you’ve got me all figured out and that you can beat me at Scorched? Keep your title and take mine, don’t you? Well … guess again, you big moron! See, I’m Jake Tockwell and what I say goes, and what I’m saying is …”
He was cut off as well…
It was Ohiyama!
The Polynesian Powerhouse walked out and grabbed Tockwell’s microphone. He looked at Warren Spade and Fenton Woods in the ring before he turned his focus on Jake.
“No, what I say goes, Tockwell and what I’M saying… is that your deal from two weeks ago for the $500,000… now that Big Rick failed… is that deal still on the table?”
Big Talk and Raul Ramirez looked shocked by the interruption.
“Uh… yeah…” Big Talk said.
Ohiyama turned to Warren in the ring.
“Warren Spade, hear me now… I need to take care of my family and I will do that ANY way I can… and if that means helping Tockwell win that title and keeping his Blitzkrieg belt… then I ACCEPT his deal. Say goodbye to your belt.”
The crowd booed that statement! Ohiyama dropped the microphone and Big Talk and Hot Sauce could not hide their elation. It was a two-falls Triple Threat match for both the Blitzkrieg and nbW World Heavyweight Championships… and now it meant that Tockwell AND Ohiyama were going to go for the jugular.
Warren and Fenton looked at one another and then watched Big Talk and company leave with this bombshell dropped right before Scorched.
He had to take on a man who he had never beaten in Big Talk and another man that just fought him tooth and nail to a draw.
Warren Spade was indeed The King of Monsters, but could even he overcome the brains of Jake Tockwell and sheer ferocity of Ohiyama?
That’s what we call a cliffhanger.
Good night, everybody.


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