SLAM! Episode 93
Live from the King Abdullah Sports Hall in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia






V/O - “Over ten years ago a small-time promotion out of Reading, PA came to existence. Over the years superstars have debuted and grown, some have retired, and others are still around today. Owners have changed. Locations have shifted. But one thing has always stayed the same. The name. Three Initials that have survived through the thick and the thin.”

The NBW logo is shown as it fades in and out showing the various designs from past to present. The voice-over by Trent McKnight continues.

V/O - “Those initials represent the past, the present, and the future. No Borders. No Boundaries. No Bull. Nothing But Wrestling. Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the NBW!”

A video package rolls showing past wrestlers and on-screen talent from the original promoter Alex Styles to Xander Napoli onto the current: Thaddeus Boyle. Three different men with three different agendas, all of which were responsible for the success that is NBW.

V/O - “Many athletes have paved the way for the current generation entertaining the fans every week.”

Shots of Jason Kain, Maximizer, Frost, Rey Campbell, Cal Roberts, Blake Gray, Rejection, Uncensored, Jade Greene and Alan Helms filled the screen before being replaced with shots of macWICKED, Ali Amore, Lunatic, D-T, Max Hopper, High Flyer, Sam Potright, Dream Warriors, Rik Bone, Callie Urban, Heaven and Hell, Shawn Jessica Hart, Remy Leroux, Brock Metzer, The Gordon Brothers, Andrew Martin, Mat Walton, William Arthur Reagan, Nightlife USA, Sweet Daddy K, Techno Dragon and numerous others as the clips speed up to a blur.

Side to side ‘Special K’ Keegan and ‘the Colossus’ Spike Saunders fade into view before being replaced by an imposing image of the former Double Champion, ‘Superstar’ Vince Jacobs and his Cheshire-like smile.

His image is replaced by clips of the members of his Upper Echelon; Judasbleek, Warren Spade, and the Son of Malta.

They are soon replaced by the likes of Vic Gravender, Chris Moliano, Derecho, Judasbleek, Son of Malta, Torment, RaVage, Tremoid, Lexia Hart, Benjamin Jones, For The Win, Johannes Antonious de Castonovo and Aleczander of Family Keeling, Handsome Man Modeling School, Supersquad, Zed, and more as the clips speed up once more.

V/O - "The time to break the mold is now. To be somebody. To make a mark. To be..."

The NBW logo spins to life once more and fades out to the simple initials...



'Active Volcano' Ohiyama Versus 'Monster of the Mid-South' Warren Spade


Yep you certainly read that right.
The NBW World championship would be on the line right at the start of tonight’s stellar lineup from the King Abdullah Sports Hall out of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia! And the fans were about to be treated to what will undoubtedly be the toughest defense yet for “The Monster of the Mid-South” Warren Spade. After defeating his best friend EZ Blaze and then fending off his former stable-mate in the Upper Echelon - Son of Malta - he was now going to fight against one of NBW’s toughest and powerful rising stars, the six-foot six and two-hundred eighty-pound Ohiyama.
Ohiyama was fresh off back to back victories over former NBW champions Ravage and Spade’s rival-turned-ally “The Colossus” Spike Saunders so a victory was not out of the question for the man called the Active Volcano. He could possibly erupt to the top tonight and claim Jake Tockwell’s $250,000 bounty that he revealed was to help out his family back home in one swoop!
The crowd now watched with anticipation at what was happening at ringside.  The lights faded to black until a series of yellow and green spotlights shined at the entrance.  The crowd continued to buzz for what was happening next until four men in yellow dress robes made their way out, pounding on tribal drums.  The crowd was excited for the entrance and a silhouette appeared on the top of the ramp. 
A BIG silhouette to be precise. The massive being proceeded to dance along with it in a fire dance tradition before he stopped and let out a war cry…
A HUGE explosion of red pyro went off behind him and the opening six-second mark of Ohiyama’s theme began to play.
“Voodoo Child” by Brick + Mortar.
“The challenger… from Hilo, Hawaii… weighing in at 278 pounds… OHIYAMA!!!!!”
The 6’6” 278-pound Hawaiian garnered a loud, but mixed reaction from the crowd! The soft-spoken but double-tough and ultra-physical strong-style grappler marched towards the ring with a look of determination on his face. His personal issues with family had been weighing heavily on his mind traveling back and forth from Hawaii to nbW on tour, and there was the issue of Raul Ramirez trying to court Ohiyama. 
The man formerly known as Sweet Daddy K was a former Blitzkrieg title holder so he was no stranger to title success but could he overcome a monster that went nearly undefeated for two years in his earlier career?
“Gather ‘round everybody, gather ‘round!”
“Ladies and gentlemen … allow me to bring to you the man that’s going to disappoint both ‘Big Talk’ Jake Tockwell and his hired gun, Ohiyama ...”
Ohiyama visibly did not like being labeled as such. It was painfully obvious he didn’t want to go down this road and possibly betray his morals, but family was family and you would do anything for them.
“Introducing your reigning and defending NBW World heavyweight champion … the Monster of the Mid-South … the One-Man Stampede … The King of Monsters!“
He tapped his cane on the ground and his spotlight disappeared. The crowd was baited with anticipation and when words appeared on the EpiCenter they went crazy. 


The monster of a champ was here! 
“Into The Arena” by Michael Schenker Group played and The Monster of the Mid-South basked in the reception from the crowd. After enjoying the response, he hunched over to let Fenton Woods ride on his shoulders. The monster who once boasted a two-year undefeated streak in No Brand Wrestling was approaching the ring fast with the NBW World title worn around his neck like a gigantic collar. 
He stopped to gaze upon the ring with the fans cheering the giant every step of the way. The King of Monsters then took in a deep breath and climbed up to the ring. Spade handed off the championship to the referee of the match, Simon Brack and then he took a spot mid-ring. Ohiyama was clearly ready to throw down, but Warren Spade fought through hell for the better part of nine months to get the NBW World title and so far he had fought like hell to keep it.
The bell circled and the fans were very much split between two of No Brand Wrestling’s biggest and toughest men on the roster. Ohiyama was a large man in his own right but he gave up a lot of weight and height to the champion. Even so that didn’t stop him from slaying another giant - “The Colossus” Spike Saunders to be precise - so he could earn this opportunity tonight.
Ohiyama and Warren Spade carefully circled one another. They had never fought before so it was up to both men to test the proverbial waters. When they eventually locked up, the two struggled in lock for a few moments. It was the Monster of the Mid-South getting the best of the first exchange when he used his power advantage to shove Ohiyama out of the way.
The Hawaiian Godzilla did not seen that affected by Spade showing off his power. He knew he was stronger and thus would have to be incredibly careful going in. The two locked up for the second time and the King of Monsters put himself two up over the challenger by using his strength to once again push him out of the way.
“Might want to try something different or you’ll be going back to licking Tockwell’s boots.” said Spade.
That comment almost dug underneath Ohiyama’s skin knowing this decision to take Tockwell’s money in exchange for the NBW World title to get the money for ailing family wasn’t an easy one he made. Ohiyama tried to brush that off and now he used his strength in an unexpected rush to put Spade on the defensive. When he pushed him back to the ropes, the offficial wormed his way between the two and ordered Ohiyama to back off. Ohiyama did so because he was a sportsman and backed out of the corner.
Call it a warning shot or a way to get under Spade’s skin, but one of the crippling chops that Ohiyama was known for stunned even Spade. The King of Monsters definitely felt it, but did his best to shake it off and resumed grappling with Ohiyama. The two locked up and Ohiyama didn’t expect Spade’s next move which was tackling him against the ropes and then bouncing out with a big head lock take down!
Spade took things to the mat and was looking to show of his own versatility that Ohiyama was also known for. The crowd were certainly entranced at the idea of the three-hundred and fifty-pound and seven feet tall Warren Spade taking it to the ground. They ooohed and aaaahed a little as he continued to exert force on Ohiyama. The Polynesian Powerhouse rolled out of his grip but as the two men got back up to their feet, Warren came unexpectedly running at Ohiyama and cleared him off his feet with a simple shoulder block.
Warren picked up Ohiyama now and he deposited him on the ground with a powerful stalling body slam! Ohiyama had his fair share of competition and was undefeated in singles action since he returned to NBW last year, but Spade knew a thing about that as well - going undefeated for two years straight earlier in his career.
Spade followed up the powerful slam by throwing down a big leg drop that almost shook the canvas in impact alone. Spade laid down with his leg resting across Ohiyama’s chest and tried pinning him quickly.
1 …
Ohiyama struggled for it, but he did kick out at one!
Warren stood up and caught Ohiyama again with another shoulder tackle. The blow was enough to give Warren Spade a moment to pause and bask in the fact he was controlling things right now.
“Atta-boy, champ!” said Fenton.
The King of Monsters took the lead again and threw Ohiyama into the corner with a nasty irish whip. He charged right into Ohiyama and then landed an elbow to the side of his ribs. Spade then paused before he took off at the ropes again but when he came back, he was unexpectedly being taken nearly off his feet with a drop kick by the man called the Big Oh!
The blow did not knock Spade off of his feet, but it did gave Ohiyama an opening to fight back. He came at him with a big charge and put a big knee into the abs of the champ. Ohiyama knuckled up in the corner.
He didn’t just used one, he used exactly Ten of those devastating chops to put Warren Spade in his place after being controlled in the opening. Fenton could not believe that Ohiyama could dish out that much damage on chops, but he did it!
Ohiyama pulled Spade out of the corner and tried to muster up the energy needed and he took him down with a release german suplex! The seven foot giant was taken down with an incredible power move and the fans loved it! They popped like there was no tomorrow!
Ohiyama now zeroed in on Warren Spade.
1 …
2 …
But Spade’s incredible power proved to be too much and even though he was clearly shocked about being taken off his game, Ohiyama did not waver in his chance to go for the big title that NBW had to offer.
As Spade tried to get back up Ohiyama was perhaps thinking about taking Warren Spade to a certain town or village or something similar that involved suplexing, but the King of Monsters was not keen on that and an elbow broke him free of Ohiyama’s grip. He charged to the ropes but was surprised to find Ohiyama right behind him hitting him with an elbow as he touched the ropes. Spade was stunned and Ohiyama took his turn to do a little rope running.
Now Ohiyama knew what it was like to be on the receiving end of a drop kick especially one from Warren Spade! That was enough to send him out of the ring and retreat to the floor while the crowd voiced their energy for the defending NBW World champ!
“Take it home, Warren!” said Fenton.
Warren looked like he was going to do just that. He stepped over the ropes and followed Ohiyama to the outside. He wasn’t going to let the hard hitting Hawaiian surprise him again so he took the fight to him with a pair of nasty double axe handles into the back. The King of Monsters doubled him over with some knees into his chest and then it was with great strength that he took him by the arm and then nearly dented the barricade by throwing him right into it!
Spade was displaying a nastier side tonight than usual - perhaps of Tockwell’s own involvement with this. And speaking of said nuisance.
“Get up Ohiyama! You’ve got two-hundred and fifty thousand reasons to take that big JAG’s title!”
Jake Tockwell, the leader of the In Crowd and the man responsible for the bounty on Warren Spade’s head these last few weeks, walked out to many boos as he appeared to be cheering on Ohiyama. He and Raul Ramirez had been courting him for a month and now that they were here at this point, they could not afford any more slip-ups!
Ohiyama was thrown back into the ring but not before Warren Spade shot him a look that if it could kill, Warren would be a smoking crater on top of the ramp. He ignored Tockwell and then dropped Ohiyama with a back suplex and he was dropped on the apron!
That little move was more than enough to make sure that Ohiyama had no more wind left in him. If he could soften up his back, his entire collection of Torn Asunder finishing moves would be the difference maker if he could land then. Warren Spade tried pinning the challenger after they got back in the ring.
1 …
2 …
But Ohiyama was fighting for family and he could not give this up!
Warren picked up Ohiyama after kicking out and then sent him into a corner. This time Warren caught him with a running splash in the corner and that doubled him over. Spade then took him by the arm and repeated his efforts to punish a man that he deemed foolish by taking Tockwell’s dirty money no matter what the cause. He crushed him with a second splash in the corner and then Tockwell winced as his client was taken off of his feet again with a side walk slam. Spade remained seated and then hooked the leg to give himself an edge.
1 …
2 …
But that dang pesky Ohiyama would not stay down quietly.
Warren then decided that since he was not a man that was paid by the hour that he was going to end it right here and now. He grabbed Ohiyama’s arm and tried to cross it around his own throat as he hoisted him up. Perhaps his Torn Asunder submission was coming up, but instead it was Ohiyama with the free arm to fight his way out. Ohiyama held his back and then turned around so he could get something going, but Spade wasn’t having that.
“Go for the jewels or something kid! Get me that title and you’ll be getting some dollars!” shouted Tockwell.
Warren’s knee came into contact with Ohiyama’s gut and then he tried his best to get him up for what looked like a vertical suplex. Warren tried to take him over once, but Ohiyama blocked it by trying to go limp. Spade tried to lift him up again, but Ohiyama kept fighting … then he surprised the crowd with a colossal vertical suplex on Warren Spade!
That move had taken a hell of a lot out of Ohiyama especially when his back had become a target. He fought through the pain and took in deep breaths with Warren Spade staring up at the ceiling wondering how he got down there.
“That’s right, boy! You’ve got that JAG on the ropes, now finish him!”
“Shut your word-hole, Tockwell!” yelled Fenton.
The manager and the Blitzkrieg champion kept exchanging words with the fans leaning towards Ohiyama to make a much needed come back now. The big bruisers were about to go to town again and Ohiyama had Warren locked in his sights. He tried to lock his arms again around the massive waist of the champion and elevate him with a back drop suplex, but he was lucky once and not twice! His back had crapped out on him and gave Warren the chance to turn it around and land his weight on top of the challenger. The crowd gasped out of sheer force and Warren took advantage by trying to pin Ohiyama as he remained down.
1 …
2 …
Warren picked up Ohiyama and launched a head butt his way. Now normally in wrestling, the stereotype is that you cannot win a head-butting contest with anybody who is of a pacific islander origin. However Warren was also a giant with a thick skull he once busted open to beat Spike Saunders at Legacy.
Still …
Head-butt by Ohiyama!
The Hawaiian Godzilla fought back.
Head-butt by Warren!
The King of Monsters was rocking from the first head-butt, but it was enough to stop him. Warren tried to follow up by switching to a clothesline now, but Ohiyama quickly shifted the gears by grabbing that arm and spinning Spade around into an even sicker head-butt …
The impact was enough to actually knock Warren off his feet! The impact did the very same to Ohiyama and now both monsters were down!
1 …
2 …
3 …
4 …
“Big Oh, get up or kiss that money goodbye!”
5 …
“Warren, get up!”
6 …
Ohiyama shook the cobwebs out first and even though he had taken more damage in this contest by Warren Spade, he had given it right back and put the two on a dead level.
7 …
Now Warren was up and the monster got back up with him. No doubt he was going to have a splitting headache after this match was done.
And both men had gotten back to their feet with the crowd cheering them on!
While Warren Spade was the first man back to his feet to try and attack the challenger, Ohiyama first fired off a huge chop
Warren answered that chop with another hard shot to the head. A knee followed, but Ohiyama fired back again with another chop.
The NBW World champion returned fire with a shot of his own in the form of a boot to the gut. Spade ran for the ropes and came back only to get struck with a heel kick by Ohiyama! The blow stunned him and then Ohiyama seethed.
With incredible strength from the Hawaiian Godzilla he elevated Warren up and then sent him crashing down into a short power bomb pin!
1 …
2 …
Close, but no cigar for the challenger!
Warren brought his boots together and boxed the ears of the challenger who was now trying to figure out where he was at. Tockwell couldn’t believe the two monsters had given it their all and there was no way for them to stop one another yet. Fenton was on the edge of his proverbial seat - given the fact he was standing - and watched Ohiyama try and finish him off for good. Ohiyama was looking for the chance to end Spade with the Wavebreaker knee strike that had taken out Spike Saunders and countless others. The crowd knew that if he could somehow land it that was going to be it.
Spade was left in a vulnerable state trying to stand and Ohiyama ran for the killing blow
Ohiyama was caught in mid-charge and was put down with a black hole slam! Spade hooked both legs of the challenger and looked to close the book on Tockwell’s latest bounty attempt!
1 …
2 …
Warren Spade’s eyes were wide after Ohiyama still managed to escape the jaws of defeat!
The chants were in full effect now for both men. Warren was now about to put an end to the title hopes and dreams of Ohiyama.
“Your little plan’s about to fail, Tockwell!” yelled Spade.
Tockwell bit his tongue which was a rarity and silently prayed for a miracle as Warren Spade pulled Ohiyama back and then tried to elevate him across his shoulders! If there was a chance for him to get out, now was the time …
And Ohiyama now countered the attempt at either the Asunder Cutter or Asunder Bomb by locking in a sleeper hold on Ohiyama! He was restricted in his movement and now used the variation of the sleeper to try and cut off the oxygen supply to the champion!
“Choke out that big zero!” yelled Tockwell.
“Shut up, asshole!” shouted Fenton.
The two continued to bicker on the outside in the middle of the incredible action. Ohiyama had Warren Spade grounded by cutting off his air with the sleeper and then slowly booted out the legs from behind him so he could put him down on the ground. He was going to try and finish things with his submission finisher, the Ke’ala Clutch. The camel clutch variant may have spelled curtains for Warren Spade and the giant tried to struggle …
Warren shouted and then unleashed a beastly sound that caught Ohiyama by surprise before he manage to lift him up while he was on his shoulders! He was now sitting on Warren’s shoulders and he fell backwards, taking both men down with an electric chair drop!
A lot of air had been taken out of Warren Spade and that was going to be the end of things right then and there, but the King of Monsters rose gingerly so he could try and get his air back. He locked eyes with Ohiyama and then looked like he was groggy, but he swiped the feet on the ground. The Trample was coming up and if he could hit the might spear he had used to lay out many victims in his career, then he would be chalking up another successful defense tonight.
“STAMPEDE!” Clap clap. “STAMPEDE!” Clap clap.“STAMPEDE!” Clap clap.“STAMPEDE!” Clap clap.“STAMPEDE!” Clap clap.“STAMPEDE!” Clap clap.
Tockwell could not believe that Warren was about to end it with the spear and he charged off the ropes. When he came back to take down Ohiyama … THE TWO COLLIDED HEADS AGAIN!!!
Ohiyama struck Warren with a head-butt that may not have been a smart move! Both competitors were startled and in fact, Ohiyama now had a bloody mark on the side of his head! He was groggy and he charged out of instinct at Warren …
The crowd exploded!
Warren Spade and Ohiyama were both down and out! Warren had eaten a sickening collision and Ohiyama got off one last knee strike!
But neither man was moving!”
Tockwell frantically pointed at Ohiyama, but he wasn’t moving and neither was Warren Spade!
“Get up Warren get up!” yelled Fenton.
The referee started another count.
1 …
2 …
3 …
4 …
5 …
6 …
Warren still hadn’t moved!
7 …
Ohiyama tried to stand, but he had taken too much damage from this match!
8 …
9 …
Woods and Tockwell watched their partners try and get back up, but it was not to be. Both men had only started to move, but neither were able to answer the count of ten and because of that, this match was going to be labeled a draw via double count-out!

Ballroom Blitzkrieg


“No no no! No! Start this match over! Now! I’m getting that title!”

Jake Tockwell ran over across the ring and stole the microphone right out of Brent Williams’s hand.

“Get out of my way with your stupid Target suit!”

The Talk of the Town pointed his hand at Warren Spade and Ohiyama.

“I’m Jake Tockwell and what I say goes! What I’m saying is this: restart this damn match, you stupid zebra! Now! Ohiyama is getting his money and Big Talk is getting that damn World title!”

The referee told him off. Warren Spade was just now starting to come around with Ohiyama now crawling to a neutral corner. Raul Ramirez ran down to ringside with an ice bucket and a towel to try and get Ohiyama back to life.

“This match is a no cont—“

Big Talk’s big boot cut the referee off!

“You don’t back-talk Big Talk or you get the back-hand, you stupid zebra!”

“Hey hey hey hey hey hey! That is enough!!!”

NBW’s General Manager Jack Harmen walked out from the back and pointed his finger at the ring.

“That’s gonna cost you some money, Big Talk! And a title match!”

Big Talk looked up at the GM.

“Big Talk don’t care what you have to say, Jack Wagon! You need to restart this match and you need to restart it now!”

Ohiyama finally was using the middle rope to try and get himself back up. He was bloody but he nodded and seemed like he was agreeing with Jake Tockwell.

Jack Harmen nodded.

“Well seeing as you punched out my referee … this match is declared a draw.”

The crowd booed the announcement and Harmen tugged at his shirt collar.

“Yeesh. Look being in the man in charge means you have to make unpopular decisions, so that’s what I’m going to do tonight. But because this match was so damn good I think I can make something happen. Scorched needs a main event and we’ve got Jake Tockwell and Ohiyama who are both viable cont … “


The voice was Warren Spade who was still trying to catch his breath after this physical match. He begged Fenton Woods to step away for a moment and then got to his knees with a microphone now in his hand.


Harmen smiled.

“Give the biggest man in the ring who can kill us all what he wants! That’s what I’ll do! Your Scorched II main event will be NBW World champion Warren Spade defending against both Ohiyama and Blitzkrieg champion Jake Tockwell!”

With that announcement the crowd went berserk! Jake Tockwell smiled at being given what he wanted and Ohiyama looked at him with confusion. He did not know what it meant for the bounty, but Harmen wasn’t done.

“But Tockwell … one thing bothers me about that match. You have this bounty for Warren Spade and I’ve been nice enough to let that slide because Spade’s churning out some great main event matches but … you have a belt that you haven’t put on the line since 25 To Life, so I’m gonna make a couple of matches!!!”

“What? No! Big Talk don’t agree to that! I don’t, you can’t do that!!!”

Harmen laughed.

“Oh tut tut tut yes I can. General Manager my loud blonde friend. See you have a match tonight against the man that almost beat you two weeks ago … tonight, you’re defending your title against Max Hopper!”

The fans of Hopper were overjoyed! Tockwell not so!

“No! No! No! You suck and you should be fired from your job, you idiot! You don’t know what you’re doing!”

Harmen laughed.

“Oh I’m not done Johnny Bender! You see if you somehow make it past Hopper tonight, then I want to give the Blitzkrieg title even more exposure! That triple threat match for Scorched for the NBW World championship will also see the Blitzkrieg title being defended too! Two falls title match! First one for the Blitzkrieg and second one for the NBW title!”

Tockwell’s jaw fell to the floor!

“No! no! No! No! No!”

“Have a good night everybody!”

Harmen left and Warren Spade looked at Ohiyama and then at Tockwell. two huge matches, one for tonight and one for Scorched! All three men who had been at each other for weeks would finally have a chance to settle things and perhaps with both titles on the line, one person could walk out with all of the gold at Scorched!!!




Petey, Jonny, and Petey's Mom in the Kingdom


Petey, a young fellow, and his mother were at the gates of the arena when they were met by a man about Jonny Bedlam’s height, wearing a dark hoodie and sunglasses, despite the intense summer heat.   Petey’s mother wore a headscarf, out of respect.  Plus it meant that she didn’t have to get her hair done for a public event.

“Welcome to the Kingdom, my friends.” The man stated.

“Is that you?”  Petey’s mother whispered.

“Yeah, Marty, it’s me.  I can’t believe you decided to come out here.”

“Well, ya know, it’s a pretty exotic place for a broad that’s never been too far outside uh Summ-a-ville.”

“True enough, true enough.  Well are you guys ready for a good time?  Only one problem, absolutely no booze.  Well, none other than what’s in my ‘water bottles.’  But they’re back in the locker room, unfortunately.”
Petey punched Jonny in the shoulder lightly.  “Nah brah, we can have a good time sobah!  I think.”

All three chuckled.  “So why are you uhh, incognito Jon-boy?” Petey asked.

“I’m actually just kinda hungover and the light is INSANE in this country.  I’m trying to accelerate sweating it out.  Not many of these fans are SUPER aware of who we are, anyhow.  We get televised around the time of the public executions or something, I hear.”

They all chuckled again.  “Plus, I’m pretty much a curtain jerker for life anyhow.  All right, so we’ve got you front row tickets, food vouchers, everything you need.  All expenses paid for both of ya.  Is the hotel ok?”

“It’s great Jo-onn.”  Marty said with a smile.  “Way betta than a Red Roof, fa shoo-ahh.”

“All right, well I’m gonna head in and take a few laps and try to get my head straight.  I’m doing mostly backstage stuff this week, no match as of yet.  That’s why I did a little overindulging on my ‘water’ bottles last night.  I’ll meet you two after the show and we’ll get some dinner.”

“All right Jonny!  It sucks we couldn’t see ya wrestle tonight.”

“Who knows?  You may see yet!”

Jonny chuckles as he left the scene.

The Great Wall Open Challenge

The King Abdullah Sports Hall was raucous as the night of action rolled on. The Principality were chanting along with a song that broke out during our commercial break, but their fun was about to be dashed.
”Born in China”
Again, proving that the vile he courted crossed over nationalities and languages, simply walking onto stage incurred a hail of boos for the Artist of War. Carrying a smile, Xiang lifted his eyes out to the masses and chuckled. That’s the type of confidence you can walk around with, so long as you are walking around with the hulking mass of muscles and violence that went by the name of the Great Wall.
A short walk of avoiding the filthy hands that reached toward him, Xiang led the Great Wall to the ring. Then around to rip a microphone from Brent Williams’ hands.
“Jiǎn diào yīnyuè!”
And for those of us who don’t speak Mandarin, the dying music was a clue that it had something to do with shutting up the tunes.
“And shut your mouths, too.”
Xiang took a hand across his lips and did a lap around the mountain of a man.
“There would seem to be a plot of misinformation about. For, despite making it clear that the most dominant behemoth under this federation was the man standing behind me, we continue to be undervalued. Not that uncivilized islander Ohiyama, nor even the so called ‘Monster of the Mid-Trash’ your beloved champion,’ and Xiang had to pause to let the Saudi people cheer.
“Where is our opportunity? Overlooked once again, and I hold you people accountable!” and now he needed to pause for the heated boos.
“I am a cultured man. A greater man than most. Patience is always going to be a virtue. But, I will continue to demonstrate to all here tonight and those at home. The Great Wall will prove his place and take any challenger.”
Open challenge? That is always worth a pop as the faithful begin to wonder who could be walking through those doors.
“Shéi shì yúchǔn de?”
Who indeed? The fantasy matchmaking had little time to fully get underway before the PA kicked up.
“Go ninja, go ninja, go! Go ninja, go ninja, go! Go ninja, go ninja, go!” rang out the lyrics of the greatest R&B artist of any generation, your boy Vanilla Ice. Okay, that might be totally wrong, but let’s move past that, yeah? As the beat switched up to the high energy feels of “Ready!” by Folder 5.
Xiang looked indifferent, nearly amused to see nbW Live! staples Zatch Rollins and Nemo stepping to the stage. The pair garnered a nice little pop, but most were left to wonder exactly who these ninjas were. For those in the know, they were excited to think that the duo that have been paying their dues for years now might be getting that rocket pack strapped on.
Stepping into the ring, Brent Williams knew it was his cue. All the same, he gingerly danced around the Great Wall to kindly ask Xiang for his microphone back.
“Well, let’s get to the introductions. Standing in the ring, he hails from Guangzhou, China! He is the Great Wall!”
Zatch and Nemo leapt to the apron and made their way to opposite corners to pose for a little more support. Plopping down to the mat, Nemo flinched on that still not 100% leg of hers. Williams took over to the duo, assuming that Zatch would be answering the challenge. That didn’t really sit right with Nemo, as she begged for the chance to prove herself. Rollins was a little conflicted, until he clicked his fingers and leaned into Brent William’s ear.
Then Williams walked over the Xiang, who gave a shrug of his shoulders.
“And his opponents! First, hailing from Orlando, Florida by way of Japan! Zatch Rollins! And his partner! She hails from Parts Unknown!” They always make the best wrestlers, don’t they? “Nemo!”
Official Simon Brack slid into the ring as this thing was set to get underway. One v. Tag.
The dominant personality of the two, Nemo started the match as the Great Wall pointed to the the corner, thinking that any challenge he might face surely wasn’t her. A foot shorter and a hundred plus pounds lighter, Nemo was going to need to sting and move if she wanted to knock some of the chauvinism out of Wall.
Giving her the first shot, Nemo took it, driving a kick into the over muscled thigh of the Great Wall. A shot to the throat, and slid behind. In a flash, she had had the Great Wall in a sleeper. Sadly, near as fast she was tossed forward, off of the big man’s back. Undeterred and inspired by the early success, Nemo again went in for a thigh strike, but Wall was ready for her this time.
The kick was caught, and Wall simply pulled Nemo in for a knee lift that crumpled her to the mat. Taking his time to make sure he knew which was the injured leg, he first stood on the ankle of the left. The scream that came when he stood on the right sounded like bingo being called. Rollins tried to bang against the ring steps to get the crowd to pour support to Nemo, but it wouldn’t do.
With a single arm, the Great Wall lifted Nemo by the right leg until she was completely off of the mat. Then, draping the leg across his barely-there neck and hung her there. Wall wrenched and tried to hyperextend the knee of Nemo. Square in the centre of the ring, how long could Nemo handle this pain?
Rollins wasn’t about to find out! Bounding off the top rope, he connected with a missile dropkick to the Wall’s back. That was enough to forced the Wall to release the hold, simply dropping Nemo to mat. Turning around to see his attacker, Zatch was rebounding from the ropes with a forearm smash. Another in a short flurry before he was tossed away by Wall. Simply letting his momentum take him to ropes once more, Zatch wrapped his legs around the neck of the Great Wall and tried to take him over with a Hurricanrana!
But on the downswing, the Great Wall showed great agility, swinging the motion in a circle, then flashing a little of the power taking Zatch back up into a powerbomb.
Dao Bomb!
Rollins was doubled over himself on the mat. That could have been enough there, but the Great Wall wasn’t finished yet. Yanking Zatch up by the mask, he slapped on the Standing Arm Triangle Choke!
Five Stars Vice!
Zatch’s fight was short.

Nemo was down on the floor outside of the ring, clutching that leg.

Xiang was cackling in the corner.

Brack was the one with the save, calling for the bell before the ninja duo suffered serious injury.
The Great Wall had scratched another victory on his march through the locker room. And looked about as happy as you’d imagine this giant to be.
“The winner of this match! The Great--” Williams started before having his microphone again appropriated by Xiang.
“This was the best you’d send at my Great Wall? That was barely a warm up. Wasn’t there anyone substantial back there with the manhood to provide him a challenge?”
”Come heavy or don’t come at all/
You leave your piece at home, that’s your call..”

The Saudi crowd would have welcomed nearly anyone shutting up Xiang. Quinlan doing it might have tipped that pop a notch higher. Sure enough, the proud product of Ontario, Canadian strode onto stage dressed in fight gear, armed with a smile and a mic.
“Anyone ever tell you that you talk way too damn much?”
Cutting to a shot behind the ring, casting Quinlan in the background, Xiang leaned on the ropes, bringing the mic back to his lips. “No one that has ever wanted to enjoy good health.”
... And that just inched Quinlan’s smile that much larger. “Than I suppose it’s a good thing I’d give my last breath for these people. For the faithful.”
Pause for whistles and cheering.
“But, I think I heard you just call for more competition for that big fuck behind you; Was that right?”
Angered by the crassness of the question, Xiang replied, “The Great Wall is always looking for someone that could provide him with a fight.”
“Well then,” Quinlan started, as he started down the ramp way. “I’m already in my dancing shoes, so, how’s ‘bout it?”
“I supposed you would be so ignorant,” Xiang tried to dissuade Quinlan, only to walk backward closer to the Great Wall when Quinlan got up on the apron.
“Not ignorant, little man. Just defiant. How about it, Wall? You care to tango?” Quinlan continued to bait out a fight.
For his part, the Great Wall was smiling at the prospect of being able to choke the life out of Quinlan two Slams in a row. But, there was a reason he was the muscle, and Xiang was the minds.
“If you are so quick to sign your death warrant, who am I to stop you? You have it!” Xiang managed to elicit the briefest of applause. “Next Slam!” ended that.
Shouting orders to the Great Wall, Xiang slid out of the ring. Quinlan got toe to toe with the Wall, and that tension was tempting. Xiang again shouted out for the Great Wall to follow. Unhappily, he obeyed.
And so Quinlan was left in the middle of the ring as Xiang and the Great Wall backed up the rampway. Heavy started up again in the arena as we bounce away elsewhere.

A Souvenir from Atlantis

King Abdullah Bunker

Deep within the bowels of the bowels of yet more bowels of the King Abdullah Sports Hall in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, an intricate maze of corridors led to the king’s private bunker, where the Rich Family had set up for the night as a personal favor. They apparently had some dealings with the king in the past, so he loaned them the bunker for the night, as the Rich Family valued their privacy.
Freddie, Todd, Declan, and Donny all walked into their luxurious dressing room for the evening. Donny switched on the light, revealing lots of golden objects and furniture upholstered in plush, red velvet. But there was something else…
“I just can’t put my finger on it,” Donny observed, “but something seems different… Kind of off.”
Indeed, there was, because in the middle of the room was a very large tank of water. Two very large eyes opened inside the tank and four very large tentacles emerged from the water. A giant octopus had penetrated the arena security and was inside the king’s bunker! Oh, and it was wearing a monocle.
Each of the four tentacles wrapped itself around a member of the Rich Family. The giant octopus lifted them all into the air and started to wave them around, wildly! It dunked them in and out of the water.
They all screamed at the top of their lungs.
“What the hell is going on?” Freddie demanded to know. “How did this thing even get in here?”
Right on cue, Max Hopper burst through the door! The room turned an alien green.
“Hey guys! I see you got my gift. I just wanted to give you something to, you know, make amends,” the paranormal investigator said, popping a MaX-tos™.
♫”Whatever dangers you face,
keep your cool keep your grace.
With MaX-tos you could save your life!”♫

“MaX-tos: Save the Universe. Freshen Your Breath.” The words appeared briefly on the screen underneath NBW’s Guardian of the Keystone (Title).
“Aw, look it, he likes you!” the Czar of Bizarre pointed out, laughing at the four members of the Rich Family who had found themselves at the mercy of kind of sea creature that popped up in old sailors’ stories about the dangers of the deep.
“Max Hopper, I should have known!” Freddie Rich growled.


Declan sputtered after being dunked in the water, “Please, get this giant squid off of us!”
Of course, Declan had managed to insult the giant octopus in the worst possible way a giant octopus could be insulted, by calling it a squid. Anyone who knew anything about octopi knew that they absolutely hated this. For this reason, the octopus tightened its grip around Declan, squeezing him so hard that his eyes bulged out!
“Hey, guy, you shouldn’t call him that. Dr. Octopus doesn’t like to be called an s-q-u-i-d,” Max spelled it out, so as to avoid further inciting the eight tentacled monster.
Donny splashed about playfully in the water. “I don’t know, it’s kind of cool!” His brothers and cousin all looked at him like he was crazy. “Hey, where did you even get a giant octopus, anyway?”
“Oh, you know, last time I was in Atlantis I kind of had a… thing… with a mermaid,” the Space Pimp answered.
“That’s not important right now! How is that important?” Freddie Rich blurted out. “Get us down! Call this thing off of us… NOW!”
Max sighed. “You’re all wet, Freddie. Anyway, I’m glad at least one of you is enjoying it. Catch you later guys. Have fun!” The Guardian of the Keystone (Title) waved and left them to have fun with their new friend. The last thing he could hear as he disappeared into the ether was the sound of Freddie Rich’s voice echoing in the distance.
“I’ll get you next time, Hopper… NEXT TIME!!!”

'East Wind' Alex Reyn Versus Alfie Button

In essence, Alex Reyn and Alfie Button’s rivalry started BEFORE The East Wind’s noted conflict with Button’s partner, Darren Best.
While it was with Best’s test in mind, Alex removed Alfie from the equation by injuring the Englishman the first time we laid eyes on this guy (Reyn, that is) and was the big bang that led to four matches - each one of them a decisive victory in Reyn’s favour - between Alex and Darren.
Reyn and Button have also shared a ring.  Despite a fast start for Alfie, Reyn, as he did with the Englishman’s other half, proved too much for the Briton to handle.
However, he has another chance and I know, first-hand, how much Alfie has been looking forward to this moment.  You see, Best, well, he’s been really itching to rearrange Reyn’s face since their fourth and final encounter on the evening jOlt closed its doors.  But Button, his pride has also been dented by Reyn, his confidence ripped from out of him, akin to what Alex did to Sanders a month ago on Slam 91.
Then, Alex and Darren matched each other by waylaying Alfie and VIP respectively, allowing Button and Price to fight while Reyn and Best renewed hostilities with a brawl that ventured backstage.  Alfie covered Ingram to seal a victory for The Entertainers.
Added to that, we have just been informed that this is Stage 1 in a 2-part ‘Beat The Clock’ match.  Darren Best will compete against a yet-to-be-determined opponent and attempt to break Reyn’s record-setting time, should Alex again have too much in the tank for the extravagant Alfie.
'Let Me Entertain You.'
As Alfie emerged, he was afforded a healthy reception indeed.  Prior to getting really pumped up for this, the most personal of matches for the Londoner, he took a moment to gesture at the screen:  “When it Reyns, it pours - TWO WINS on the spin :) :)
Afterwards, Alfie stormed to the ring, slid underneath the bottom rope and onto the top turnbuckle in the lower right-hand corner of the ring, where he gained more acclaim from an appreciative audience.
"Introducing first...weighing in at two hundred and four pounds, from London, England....Alfie Button!"
A soft chant begins to spread throughout the area. Starting as a whisper but growing into a chorus as the lights darken while images begin to flicker on the viewers screens. Images of violence, war, and a solitary figure watching it all.
The chanting has grown louder now and the drumbeats of Nightwish’s “Seven Days to the Wolves rise in volume as mist spreads throughout the stadium ghostly images of great heroes and villains forming two parallel lines along the ramp.
The rock part of the song kicks in and thunder roars while fire erupts on the stage, revealing the cowled form of the East Wind Alex Reyn hands outstretched over the flames, he’s shirtless save for an open black cloak with a wolf skull mask. His body covered in ancient symbols and markings that seem almost to glow and move in the firelight. 
He begins to walk forward, and the ghostly figures kneel as he approaches them, only to rise up as he passes them. As if more energised. Turning to watch as he walks, himself never breaking eye contact with the ring.
“His opponent...weighing two hundred pounds…’The East Wind’ ALEX REYN!”
“Howl! Seven days to the wolves
Where will we be when they come?
Seven days to the poison
And a place in heaven
Time drawing near us
They come to take us”
He climbs atop the top rope and looks out, surveying the arena with an appraising eye as thunder crackles once again.
Coldly, he steps down. Removing the cowl and placing it on the ringpost. Dropping into a low crouch to stare down his opponent.
Just as he did in their jOlt match, Alex didn't seem too fazed by Alfie and not in a rush at all to lock up.  Growing impatient, Alfie steamed in like a bull and found a red rag in the shape of a Reyn Legsweep.
With Alfie already grounded, Alex locked in a Front Chancery and kneed Button in the skull repeatedly, totalling half a dozen times.
Given what Alex did on his debut to Paul Sanders, our official tried to warn Alex off and that went down like a fart in a lift.
Goodnight, thanks for coming and keep the change.
Alex called - and unsurprisingly got - a microphone: 

"Let me make something VERY clear to you all. I will tolerate the presence of these... distractions (he glanced meaningfully down at the referee), ONLY so long as they restrict themselves to imposing their rulings. And your rulings on this matter are clear."

He moved forward and pressed a foot down on Alfie Button’s neck, grinding it into the mat.
“Any sympathy you have is irrelevant, any pity for my opponent, meaningless. Unless we are in the ropes, in the corner, or the hold itself is illegal, you have ZERO authority to stop me. Act outside that authority and I will remove you like every other obstacle in my path. Now get this simpleton out ot the arena and bring an official who actually knows how to do his jo-!”
While declaring his demands, Reyn had kept the Cockney down by standing on Button's neck.  Nevertheless, Alfie knew he didn't quite have Alex's full attention, so he stole it with an audacious Schoolboy...
But with no referee to count!
Both men rolled to  their feet.  Button headed to the right side of the ring, bouncing off the ropes.  Reyn swayed, seemingly favouring a Spear, but before he could plant his feet and fully commit to the move, the blinding speed of the brash Briton came to the fore with a lovely Leapfrog.  As Alex turned around...
Match of the Day!
That was a fabulous Overhead Kick.  I refuse to call it a Pele and don't even get me started on the pronunciation. Reyn was kneeling, which gave Alfie an idea to call on inspiration from Anne Robinson of all people and declare Alex...
The Weakest Link!  (DDT.)
I very much doubt Alex has ever been called that, though if Button could pin him with the subsequent cover, he may have a case.
New referee is here!


That was the count of the referee, and curiously, Alex uttered it under his breath at the same time.

It didn't deter the speech merchant - not one iota.  Seeing a rising Reyn was a worrying sight for The Entertainer and he was keen to keep Alex down.  He achieved just that with a lovely Leaping Poisoned Frankensteiner, dedicated to the French fans in this Cockney's contingent of supporters (Canal Plus.)
Reyn hadn't got to grips with Button's pace, few did when he had his foot on the accelerator, once the Englishman had gone on the offence.

And yet…

A few noticed that Reyn hadn’t even TRIED to avoid either of those moves, instead, he seemed to be muttering something under his breath.

Not paying it any notice, Button led Reyn towards the top of the ring and hung him out to dry on the rope with a classy Cliffhanger (Hair-Pull Hangman.)  Oh Yeah!
The Brit had enough time to bow to his adoring front-row supporters before scampering back in, presumably because he'd remembered who he was actually in there with.  He couldn't take his foot off the pedal in any way, shape or form.
In fact, he kept things ticking over beautifully by whipping Reyn to the southern set of ropes and doing a Fergie by meeting him halfway with a Reverse Elbow, registering a near 2-count as a result.

Once again, Reyn made no effort to avoid the move, just muttering under his breath again as Alfie whipped him into the corner.

As Alfie came in for the uppercut, the observant in the front row realised that Alex was… counting?

Alfie came in once again.

Suddenly, Alex countered with a Roundhouse kick to Alfie’s Ribs! Alfie backs off to clutch at them and Reyn went for a basement dropkick!
This handed the lead back to The East Wind, who opted for a Single Knee Camel Clutch.  That appeared to be a smoke screen as it paved way for a brutal Bow and Arrow Curbstomp.  Don't try that at home, folks.
Another pull and a pair of stomps threatened to harm Button.  Reyn covered and extracted a two and a half count.  Button was certainly suffering and if that wasn't bad enough, his kickout was greeted by an INSTANT Dragon Sleeper!
Uh-oh.  This wasn't just a submission.  In fact, this was the gateway to an East Wind Cutter...
..Or it would've been had Button, somewhat uncharacteristically, sensed the Chris Danger and countered with a superb Shiranui attempt...
..But, Reyn read that like a nursery book and spun, dumping Button on the tail bone and reapplying the Dragon Sleeper.  Back to square one, though it would have been curtains had Alex connected with his notorious Cutter.
Alfie mustered enough energy, he wasn't out of it yet, to reach the ropes and trigger safety.  Suddenly, unbeknownst to the Englishman, Reyn rolled back and appeared to be measuring his opposite number for a...
Thinking one step ahead, Alex did HIT a Rebound Springboard Crossbody.  Brilliant by the No Brand newcomer.
Alex used his knees to great effect, just as he did in the opening moments of the match, though this time he directed them at the ribs rather than skull.  After being nailed by four, Button was able to slide out of the squared circle and out of Ryan Harm's way again - for now.
Was he really secure?
Ascendant's Wrath...
No, Reyn's Running Springboard Suicide Crossbody was nipped in the bud as Alfie ducked towards the apron, taking a leaf out of Darren Best's book from when Best faced Reyn for the first time in jOlt.
What Button didn't bank on was Alex having an answer to that, landing catlike on the barricade.  Alfie surprised everyone, most of all Alex, by flying through the air with a Triple Jump Asai Corkscrew Moonsault Rana that not only removed Reyn from the barricade, but sent him into the crowd!!!
Alfie would be feeling THAT landing in the morning, but his had opponent certainly gotten the worst of it as they both struggled to their feet. Realising the potential danger, Alfie fell over the barricade. Still hurting from the fall, he crawled to the apron and threw one arm into the ring, pulling it back to reset the count at eight.

He was getting his wind back, and with the count reset, he now had time to really go to town on Alex!

He hopped over the barricade, swinging his arm to signal that the crowd favourite upper-cut was coming!


...The fool in this case, being Alfie, who happened to notice a distinct lack of impact on that attack.

The brash Brit actually takes a step back. What the Hell just happened? He couldn’t have missed, could he?

The crowd and commentary were likewise confused, they had seen Alfie come in, Reyn had been standing perfectly still, so what just happened?

Only the people right next to where they were fighting had caught it.

As Alfie came in, Reyn had been counting under his breathe. And at the LAST possible second, he had tilted his head ever so slightly to the right and caused what would have been a powerful uppercut to hit nothing but air!

Alfie pressed the attack! Superkick!

But again, Reyn evaded Alfie’s flamboyant, exaggerated kick with a much more efficient step backwards.

A running clothesline, casually ducked.

The strategy was plain now, the equaliser obvious. Alfie Button had a commanding edge in speed, but his attacks were flashy, obvious and telegraphed.

So Reyn was using that against him, conserving energy for only the smallest of movements, only ever the BAREST fraction of what he needed to evade Alfie’s attacks. The counting from earlier? He had been timing Alfie’s moves.
Once again, Alex Reyn’s cool, dismissive attitude infuriated Button and the Brit charged forward, going for a Crossbody!

But Reyn saw the move coming a mile away and ducked low, causing Alfie to CRASH into the barricade and tumble over it to ringside!

Alex climbed over the barricade himself, ruthlessly rolling Alfie back into the ring and climbing to the the top.

He measured Alfie…

Shooting Star Pre-!


Alfie rolled out of the way, but Reyn managed to land on his feet! He knew Alfie was behind him and struck out with a vicious back kick!

“Struck out”, being the operative term though as Alfie managed to catch Reyn’s leg!

...Only to be taken down by a spinning enzuigiri!

Alfie dropped like a stone, and Reyn grabbed his arm, sliding out the ring and dragging Alfie so that his head was lying next to the ringpost.

Then he took a step back. Measuring Alfie for that devastating ringpost superkick that had ended his match with Sanders two weeks ago..

Ringpost Superki-No!

Alfie JUST moved his head out the way, and Alex’s foot hit the steel with a jarring ‘thump!’! He backed away in pain, hobbling on one leg!
It wasn’t normal for Alfie to go downstairs and work the legs, but he took Reyn down with a Dragon Screw Leg Whip.  He’d been the victim of it often enough. A Seated Senton to the leg kept Reyn down as Alfie came to the apron.  Hearing the count was at 9, Alfie dipped his head inside…
When he turned around, Reyn was starting to stir.  Time for DAMMIT!  (Apron Forearm Smash.)
Button took a brief bow and then rolled Reyn in.  Alfie wanted to make a statement upon re-entering...EAT MY SH-SPEAR!  Reyn caught Alfie’s attempted Springboard Lou Thesz Press and brought the Briton down with a bang!
He stood to his feet, testing his leg. There was still some pain, but it was steady enough. The kick to the ringpost had only momentarily jarred it, and Alfie hadn’t had time to do any lasting damage to it.

Moving swiftly, he ascended to the top rope, looking for Pangea’s Fall!

...Then thought better of it, turning around to face towards the ring. Pangea’s Fall was devastating if hit, but it was also the hardest move to control. And against an opponent as swift as Alfe, the last thing he needed was to risk a crash landing.
He was taking too long though, and Alfie dashed to the ropes and grabbed them, hoping to trip Alex up, but Alex had seen it coming and leapt of the ropes, landing behind Alfie!

With Alfie between him and the corner, Alex hit the ropes and came in with an attempted dropkick , but Alfie ducked out the way and both Alex’s feet hit the top turnbuckle! Using it as a springboard, he backflipped out the corner, just as Alfie came flying off the top rope!



With a burst of strength, Alex THREW Alfie off, causing him to hit the mat chest first!

Winded from the impact and slightly dizzy from his own move, Alfie took a second to reorient himself...

And that was all the opening Reyn needed.


The move SPIKED Alfie’s skull into the mat and Alex hooked Alfie’s legs with his own! Locking in a ranhei-esque pin!



In his second solo outing, not only had Reyn won again; he hadn’t needed to bust out his renowned East Wind Cutter.
No fanfare greeted Alex’s victory and he wasn’t the type to bask in the spotlight.  He vacated it, job done, and set Best a time of eight minutes and two seconds to match.
Alfie was still unconscious as Alex headed up the ramp.  The official helped him up, Button on wobbly feet, though his pride hurt just as much as the physical pain he bore.  He felt like he’d let Darren down.




First Day on the Job


We open up backstage where a new face greeted the viewers.
“Good evening!” he gestured across his shirt which said: ‘2 L3git 2 Fail’. “Tonight I start a new journey in my eSports career. By moving on to actual sports broadcasting as the all new backstage interviewer here in NBW! Although most of you know me already, the name is Sam Hale.”
Sam looked ready to continue however two people walked in on screen ruining his opening. Clad in a golden tux with tophat was the unmistakeable voice of the man behind him. Or creature rather. Known as Arzael.
“Another time kid, business to speak here for ol’ Gasparde.” Gasparde tapped his cane on the chest of Sammy who stepped back. “Gasparde’s newest find won his debut match, however it was at a cost.” He pointed at his crotch. “That psycho roasted my nuts in an open fire.”
He pulled his cane back and sat it on the ground.
“Due to this we took the show off two weeks ago as the lil’ Gasparde jr’s healed up. Arzael here returned through the Door to Hell in Turkmenistan. And Ol’ Gasparde only recently got him to come back out of his kingdom, only to find out that tonight we’re not booked either.”
“Well Mister Despereaux, your find, as you put it, is a rookie in a business filled to the brim with professionals. It’s not a question as to why you aren’t booked but rather that you haven’t earned those spots yet.” Sam spouted off like he believed every word he was saying and held the power to enforce it even. “Give it time.”
“You…” Gasparde took a breath and loosened the collar of his tux as if to make a point of calming down. “You’ve got some balls on you. Okay. Your first day so Gasparde will let you have that.” He tapped his cane at his shoulder. “Arzael however doesn’t take kindly to being told what he can and can’t do. Be best to remember that.”
“Understood.” Hale responded and looked at the demonic man next to him, looking for a hint of acceptance. Got none so returned to the interview. “What I’m saying is that there have been many a legend in NBW. Some have kept at in the ring, and some have retired. You have guys like Max Hopper with a prolific history that will one day be the subject of many a documentary. And others that have just really started out like EZ Blaze and your find here. Blaze earned his Championship match few weeks ago, but Arzael here has yet to do anything. No offense Mister Despereaux. He just needs to stand out. Show the upper’s he’s worth the time to back.”
“You may have a point. I know that Gasparde agreed to this interview earlier but I think plans have changed.” He tipped his top-hat and just like that was off with Arzael following him.
“Well folks, you heard it here first. I think.” He shrugged and looked off-camera for a mark of some sort. “Actually, I don’t think we got anywhere with that. I think I understand how Mister McKnight always feels. Anyway back to ringside.”

SPARK Versus 'Arm-Breaker' Alan Envy

Inside the ring stood SPARK as the crowd cheered for the NBW fan favorite. He waited for his opponent as he stretched inside the ring and acknowledged the fans that were cheering.

“Swear it to the Sun” by Voodoo Johnson played as Alan Envy walked out. He didn't seem dressed for wrestling as he was,dressed in slacks and a Polo shirt. SPARK inside the ring looked confused as Envy without his usual long entrance and arrogant behavior entered into the ring.

He walked up to the announcer and took the microphone. The NBW crowd acted negatively toward the Armbreaker.

"Look….as you can all see I am not dressed here to compete tonight. And I already spoken with management in the back and they told me that was fine. I just wanted to come out here and just talk to the NBW roster and their fine fan base here. So please."

He motioned for SPARK to leave. The referee walked over to get confirmation from backstage and then came back .Apparently Envy told the truth. He looked at SPARK and waived the match off. As Spark was leaving Envy extended his hand and said something to him. SPARK accepted the hand of Alan Envy as he exited the ring as the fans applauded him.

"I just wanted to come out tonight and have a talk with you all, and the boys in the back. I had somewhat of a life changing situation here a couple weeks ago. Now I'm not going to go into details but it was significant enough for it to affect my performance in the ring."

The crown remained silent as they paid attention to Alan Envy.

"Now I am not making excuses for that being the reason for my performance in the 25 to Life match. But for me to be out here saying that because of it didn't affect my mind on what I needed to focus on. And for that I apologize to each and everyone if you, each and everyone of the boys in the back, and those who are watching this playback wherever you may be."

The crowd applauded and rose to their feet. Envy looked around as he was getting cheered by everyone in the arena.

"So I am here to tell you all. No longer will you see the Armbreaker Alan Envy anymore. My days of injuring people are long over…..wait…..I'm sorry actually….no they aren't."

The crowd started to boo again as Envy like a light switch went from sincere and humbled to once again cock and remorseless.

" You see no longer does Alan Envy have that distraction hat held me back. Because now I am free, clear, and focused on what I said I was going to do when I first walked into this goddam company. Because now it's you NBW that is holding me back. Well I have something to say about that too."

The fans chanted fuck you Envy and two of them yelled at him. He looked down and walked over to the turnbuckle.

"Fuck me?? Hey boy. Why don't I come down there and you can say it to my face."

Envy leaped out of the ring  He walked up to the jeering fan and it was the biggest fan of Johnny Bedlam Peter and his mother that was setting next to him. Petey was yelling at Envy and thought he was just having fun. His mother yelled at Envy and was giving him obscene gestures. However Alan Envy just stared. Then it got real.

He grabbed Peter and pulled him over the railing and started stomping the fan. He pushed his mother down and started applying more shots before security interfered. The crowd erupted when Johnny Bedlam himself ran out from the back.

Envy walked away and was taken to the back by security. Bedlam checked on Petey then stared down the ramp. Anger etched his face as the scene faded.




We Might Need Security


Jonny was being held by several security guards as he pursued Envy down the hallway, who was flanked by many of his own security guards.  Envy began to get a great distance away as Jonny’s guards became more effective at settling until Envy’s smirking face was out of sight.  At this point, Jonny’s guards relent in their grip upon him.  Jonny pushed over an enormous trash can and several containers of cous cous and kebabs go flying.  He began to kick at the rubbish and a security guard grabbed him by the shoulder.

“Jonny, dammit.  Stop it.  You’re just making it harder on the poor janitor.”

Jonny open palm strikes the concrete wall repeatedly, til red in the face. 

“Jonny, you gotta calm down.  They took Petey and his mom to a hospital nearby.  It looked like he was gonna be ok, eventually.  They are very sensitive to the poor actions of foreigners in this country, and you are a known ‘elbow bender.’  A PI is not a ticket in The Kingdom.”  The guard touched Jonny’s shoulder. 

Jonny calmed down a bit and stared at the guard.  “That’s the second goddamned time I let Petey get his ass beat, and this time in front of his Mama.  That’s the second time he had to go to the hospital cuz of me.  I’m useless.  I’m a professional ass kicker and I can’t even protect one of my friends.”

“Jonny, don’t take it so hard man.  You weren’t there.  You think anybody thinks Envy coulda done that to Petey if you were nearby?  You’d a made him pay dearly for that access.  Everyone knows that.”
“Why wasn’t I fast enough?  I shouldn’t have brought them here.  Two Irish people to a country that doesn’t allow booze.  They were out of their element, they were defenseless!”

“Haha, possibly, Jonny.  Possibly.  But I was down by the barrier, Petey and his Mama were having a hell of a damn time.  I wish I’D been a step faster to stop that piece of garbage from getting to ‘em like that.  I should be apologizing to you.”

“Frankie, don’t you do that.  You don’t owe me nothing.  Quite the other way around.”

They both huffed and puffed and stared at the ground.  Frankie tells the other security guards to go ahead and resume their positions

“Hey Jonny, you got any of that uhh ‘water’ left in your bottle?”

Jonny laughed.  “You know me too well, Frankie.”  Jonny retrieved a water bottle from inside the pocket of his hooded sweatshirt, and tossed it to Frankie.  Frankie unscrewed the cap and took a swaller.

“Ohhh damn, Jonny, what the hell is that?”  Frankie asked while coughing severely.

“It’s some awful 140 proof Russian Vodka I found on the internet for 34 bucks a case.”

“Oooh, well damn.”  Frankie threw the water bottle back and Jonny took a long pull on it.

“The one Russian interference in our business that we don’t mind this year, ehh?”

They both laughed as the scene faded.

Rik Bonebreaner-Strongbern Versus 'The 4th Emergency Service' Ali Amore

A fortnight ago, Ali Amore faced 'Little' Ricky Strongbern and after weathering the storm, he took the fall after his patented Frogsplash. 

At the beginning of the match, Clan Strongbern's second-in-command, Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern reached in and grabbed Amore to play with the face's mind prior to the clash kicking off.  What he didn't bank on was getting a kick to the head!

Tonight, Bonebreaker has the chance to get his hands on Amore for real.

Dean Martin's soothing voice interrupted Italian-sounding chimes to signal the arrival of one of No Brand's most popular performers.  A former World and Keystone champion, the risk-taking Superstar of Bogota, Ali Amore.  All smiles, Amore slapped hands with the fans en route to the ring, executing a trademark Somersault over the top rope in preparation for the arrival of...

Clan Strongbern.

"Let's Kill These Motherfuckers" by Lair of the Minotaur

Oh no, Rik wasn't alone.  Flanked by the other Strongberns, Big Rick up front of course, barking insults at Amore.  The Clan was waging war on two fronts, trying to stop The Unstoppables and the man that stood before them in the ring.

Rik stepped over the top rope as his chief and inferiors loitered at ringside.  They would be a factor in this fight. 

Ding, ding, ding.

The Colombian and the colossus got us underway with a conventional Collar-and-Elbow.  An emphatic shove across the ring deposited Amore into the top right-hand corner of the squared circle and handed Round 1 to Rik.

Big Rick, on the outside, applauded his right-hand man (intentional repetition) for flexing his muscles, figuratively, early doors. 

Another Tie-Up brought about a similar result.  Amore, rather foolishly, indulged his larger opponent on a third occasion and was marched to the corner.  The referee called for a clean break, which was broken, as RBS nailed Ali with a knee and tossed him out like this morning's trash with a big-time Biel Throw.

The South American speedster was up yet struggling.  Rik followed Amore to the diagonally opposite set of buckles and ignored Amore's two-punch combination, walking straight through it with another stiff knee to the stomach and...


An almighty Chest Slap that lit the lean Colombian's chest up like a window alongside an Amsterdam canal. 

Another Biel coming up...

Whoah, wait a moment.

Ali actually escaped and now found himself on the top rope.  I say found, like it wasn't intentional when the former World and Keystone kingpin knew exactly what he was doing...

Victory Roll!



Tr-y again!

Bonebreaker missed with a Lariat that would've snatched control back for him and the Clan.  Instead, he was handed a free ticket to ride and our fans DID care, cheering a beautiful Bulldog!

Not that Amore was done there.  However, the second Strongbern in the pecking order took a shortcut in the shape of a nasty shot to the throat, incurring the ref's wrath as a result and sending the Colombian into a coughing fit.  Meanwhile, the Clan clapped it, which says a lot about them.  Actually, Little Ricky no-sold it altogether, though that's another issue.

Here and now, Bonebreaker scraped the South American up off the mat, Irish Whipping Amore to the corner, which caused AA to shoot into the top turnbuckle with such velocity that he was turned upside down and inside out, a la HBK.

Coming out of the corner...


Big Rick, tense on the outside, was throwing every punch and waited impatiently.



Shoulder up!
RBS questioned the count and surprisingly, or not, the Clan also weighed in on the subject.  Thankfully, the official didn't value their input.

A Slam by Bonebreaker-Strongbern.  Try filling that out on a form.  Fucketh Keeg :)

Anyway, Rik ascended to the second rope, a rung higher and his nose may've turned the colour of Amore's chest earlier on.  In all seriousness, this didn't bode well for the Superstar of Bogota...


The Falling Splash was not a hit or that might've been it for Ali.  The official counted both men and got to the first finger on his second hand when the pair stood.

Ali tagged RBS twice and went for a Hurrica-UGHT! 



And another.


It had worked a charm and enabled Amore to pull the move off.  A wee bit naive, Amore whipped Rik into the ropes, which was rapidly reversed, and Bonebreaker stuck his head down, successfully I may add, to elevate Amore up into the air with a major Backbody Drop...

...Only for Ali to land on his feet, like a tiger jumping out of a tree.  Can tigers land on their feet if they do that?  Answers on a postcard.  I don't know whether or not they can, but the cat analogy has been done to death and appears elsewhere on the show, so let's mix it up.  I'd appreciate the information though.  I'm sad like that :(

Amore dashed towards the bottom set of ropes and rallied back with a gorgeous Handspring Back Elbow.

Rather than clearing his head, Rik got to his feet, akin to a boxer refusing to accept a knockdown, and was met with a superb Spinning Heel Kick!  The Colombian's comeback was ON.

Boy, was it!

Amore pointed to the corner and we knew what that meant.

Time for a FROGSPLASH, tadpoles.  Well, we all were at one time or another.

As Amore scaled the turnbuckles, hundreds rose in unison with mobile phones to record the footage there and then as a keepsake and they were about to get one..


Before the recently-dethroned Keystone champion could even make the cover, the rest of Clan Strongbern came in to bring this bout to a halt and give Ali the victory anyway, just nowhere near as emphatically.  No, the bell sounded and Brent Williams declared this a disqualification.  Clan Strongbern may've lost the battle, but they seemed set to take a step to winning the war.

It's a Celebra... Beatdown, Bitches!


Sure enough, one Mister Amore was the victim of a vicious four-on-one beatdown by the members of Clan Strongbern and would no doubt be remembered in a future Wrestler’s Almanac as the winner of this contest. The boots from Little Ricky and the Hammer blows from Ri-Khan continued to find their mark across Ali Amore who was now trying to take shelter in a corner, but to no avail.

Big Rick was behind them directing traffic per usual.


Whatever a “Fuck-hammer” was probably meant nothing good for the former nBW World Heavyweight, Keystone Champion and previous 25 To Life winner as the numbers kept on coming…


The fans went nuts because Tyson XL was coming down to the ring! Vic Gravender was still backstage getting ready for his match and probably had no idea what was going on, but Tyson continued to hit anything that moved.

Right hand to Big Rick!

Right hand to Ri-Khan!


Tyson XL’s vicious Shotgun Dropkick sent the near-seven footer flying backwards into the corner and he stood up to face Big Rick again. Big Rick was holding his jaw and came face to face with the former Dynasty Tag Team Champion…


The vicious Spin Kick from Ri-Khan clocked Tyson in the back of the head when he wasn't looking! The numbers game was already paying big dividends for the Clan and Big Rick pointed to Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern who was now getting up.


Rik nodded and didn't to be told twice as he picked Tyson up...




Bonebreaker-Strongbern was back up and BOOTED Tyson and followed up with his Fire Thunder Powerbomb! The ring shook from the impact and now Tyson XL was down!

Ali Amore tried to get back up again and fight, but when he rushed at Big Rick…


The Attack Dog of Clan Strongbern caught him in mid-air and DRILLED him into the mat with a Pop-up Death Valley Driver! 


The brutal Ri-Khan let loose a loud howl right over the body of Ali Amore while Big Rick laughed about it. The crowd booed as he stood over the fallen bodies of the recent enemies Clan Strongbern made and laughed. Rik then picked up Ali Amore as well. This was no doubt a receipt for his technical victory over him tonight, but Rik would end up with the last laugh...


Ali Amore nearly crumbled in half after being disposed of with the Delayed Fire Thunder Powerbomb he called his finisher!


He flagged down his monstrous minions who left bodies in their wake and they left the ring just as EMTs attended to the pair. Little Ricky was clutching his chest in pain while Rik laughed about being able to lay out Ali Amore and The Unstoppables may have gone 2-0 over the Clan in individual matches previously, but tonight they were striking back with a vengeance and now that Amore and Tyson XL had been taken out…

Vic was walking into his match with Big Rick Strongbern all alone.

A New Plan


“That championship should be around Big Talk’s waist right now!”
The sounds of a person shouting were followed by somebody kicking objects backstage.
That somebody was “Big Talk” Jake Tockwell who was throwing chairs backstage. He had a perfect plan in mind by hiring Ohiyama to win him the NBW World championship from Warren Spade, but the two monsters were evenly matched and because of it, the match ended in a double countout.
“Big Talk, Big Talk!” yelled Raul. “Calm down! You’ve got a shot at the title at Scorched!”
Big Talk almost lobbed a chair at Raul for that and Raul ducked out of its way!
“True, but now Ohiyama and that big JAG Warren Spade have a shot at my Blitzkrieg title, too! I was supposed to be a double champion because of this bounty and now that’s outta the picture …”
Then he looked at his Blitzkrieg title!
“And as if the swim up shit creek weren’t treacherous enough, I have to also defend it tonight in a rematch against Jag-Luc Picard, Max Hopper! Why should he get a shot because he won by a DQ Big Talk actually had nothing to do with for once! AAAAAHHH!!!”
Big Talk lobbed another piece of equipment down the hall and was about to go even more ballistic when Raul Ramirez jumped in front of him.
“Wait, wait, Big Talk, maybe you still can be a double champ … I mean, yeah we got a Hopper problem, but … ”

The Blitzkrieg champion was confused.
“Spit it out, Hot Sauce, what the freshly cut hell are you talking about?”
Raul Ramirez.
“Okay okay okay … picture this, Big Talk … we’ve still got another few weeks until Scorched, right?”
“So what?”
“Okay, maybe Ohiyama didn't get the job done tonight but … who says the bounty needs to go away? Maybe we play it differently?”
Big Talk was intrigued.
“Okay, Hot Sauce, what you got?”

“Well ... let's deal with Hopper first ... then let’s get Ohiyama out to the ring tonight and we’ll discuss some new arrangements … “
Before they continued Tockwell turned his attention right at the cameraman looking at them.

He yelled at the cameraman nearby and gave him the proverbial boot, knocking him over before the downed camera caught the two men discussing a new plan.




Coming to Terms


Back from the break, a thunderous cheer from the live audience was heard as the camera came into focus to reveal former Blitzkrieg Champion, and the most recent 25 to Life match winner, Brock Newbludd walking at a determined pace down one of the backstage hallways. Cutting through various NBW backstage personnel as he went, it was apparent that Brock’s mind was on a single track and every person who caught a glimpse of the dangerous look he held in his eyes quickly jumped out of the way to get off that track.
As Newbludd rounded a corner to head down another hallway, the camera stayed stationary as he passed and revealed that the Innovator had a large white bandage on the back of his head. No doubt the end result of Benjamin Jones German Suplexing him onto bare concrete at the end of Slam 91.
The camera caught up with Brock just in time to see his eyes widen when he had found his destination.
The private dressing room of none other than ‘The Bounty Hunter’ Benjamin Jones .
“JONES!” Brock screamed out in anger, causing anyone who was in the vicinity to scatter to a safe distance.
Stopping in front of the door, Newbludd immediately grabbed its handle to open it.
Slamming a fist into the door before putting his ear up to it, Newbludd smiled maliciously.
“I’m done playing your game, Jones,” Brock said, his voice shaking with anger. “I’m not waiting until Scorched for nothing. You want my title shot, you sonuvabitch? Well then you can try to take it from me…right HERE and right NOW!”
With that, Brock backed away from the door and lined himself up with the obvious intentions of kicking it down to get his hands on the man who for the last month had always been one step ahead of him, except when he was one step behind right Newbludd right before he laid him out.
“Get ready for payback bitch!” Newbludd yelled as he took a step forward and began to raise his leg up.
But Brock was forced to stop himself when suddenly the door opened and Dina St. James appeared in front of an angry Newbludd. Quickly shutting the door behind her, Jones’ business manager/girlfriend flashed a smirk to Brock as she squarely positioned herself between Newbludd and the door.
“I was talking to the other bitch in there, so get your ass outta of the way,” Brock said, giving Dina a smirk of her own.
“You’re awfully brave coming here, considering you’ve already been beaten to the ground twice by my client, I’ll give you that Brock,” Dina replied as she produced a folded piece of paper from her back pocket.
Brock glanced briefly at the piece of paper before locking eyes with Dina and pointing a finger at her.
“And you’re awfully brave for a B grade hooker!” Brock fired back, causing Dina’s jaw to drop slightly. “What? Did your ‘client’ tell you he’d leave you another twenty bucks on the dresser tonight if you came out here to try and stop me?”
Before Dina could respond, Brock stuffed a hand into his pocket to pull out a crumpled twenty dollar bill that he proceeded to toss at St. James’ feet.
“There you go, now go turn a trick somewhere else and get the hell out of the way. I got some real business to take care of here.”
Stunned, Dina glanced down to the crumpled up bill on the floor before staring back up to Brock, who let out a chuckle.
“What, that’s not enough?” Brock asked. “Listen sweetheart, maybe go find Jake Tockwell, he seems the type of guy who likes escorts. In fact, you could probably make a week’s pay if you get VIP and...”
“How dare you!?” Dina shouted, cutting Newbludd off. “I am NOT a escort, I am Benjamin’s girlfriend and business manager!”
Newbludd shrugged his shoulders and pointed to the door behind Dina.
“Well shit, my mistake lady, you’re not a ‘working girl?” he asked as innocently as he could.
“NO!” Dina screamed in his face as she reached behind her to wrap her hand not holding the white piece of paper around the doorknob.
“That’s right,” Newbludd said as a malicious smile grew on his face. “Go get your man to come out and defend your honor, Dina. Do it.”
Narrowing her eyes at him, Dina caught on to Newbludd’s game and with more than a bit of reluctance took her hand off the door knob. She wasn’t going to let him insult her to the point of getting Benjamin.
“No,” she bluntly said as she defiantly squared her shoulders to Brock. “You can get your beating at Scorched, Brock. And believe me after I tell Benjamin about your disgusting insults, it will be the beating of a lifetime, count on that. You’ve just made this personal Brock, and now not only will we be taking away your title shot...we’ll be taking away the rest of your career.”
“Is that so?” Brock asked, not sounding intimidated in the least. “Well then, why don’t you get out of my way and we can see if your man can back up your words?”
“Not going to happen, Brock,” Dina said, crossing her arms across her ample chest.
“Why? Are you afraid that you might lose your meal ticket and those insults might turn into a reality for you?” Brock asked Jones manager.
“Far from it, fool.” she answered with a smirk,
With that, the recomposed Dina thrust the white piece of paper towards Brock. Snatching it from her hand an aggravated Newbludd opened it.
“What the hell is this?” he asked as he skimmed over the document. “A match contract!? I ain’t signing shit, Dina! We passed the part where we sign any contracts when that shifty sonuvabitch attacked me from behind, TWICE!”
Crumpling up the piece of paper, Brock handed it back to Dina.
“Take that contract and shove it up your ass, I’m not waiting until Scorched and I’m not going to say it again...MOVE.”
Bending down to pick the paper back up, Dina uncrumpled it and held it out to Brock again.
“The minute you sign that paper, the attacks will stop,” Dina said as she pointed at a paragraph on the contract. “It states right here that if Benjamin attacks or provokes you in any way, outside of a sanctioned match, he will lose his opportunity against you at Scorched.”
Raising one eyebrow in curiosity, Newbludd read the line that her finger was pointing to and Dina smiled in return.
“But know this, Brock.” she said. “You WILL be putting your Legacy title shot on the line and you WILL lose fairly to the greatest athlete to EVER grace this organization.”
Dina’s claim about her man caused Newbludd to roll his eyes, but she brushed his disbelief off and continued on.
“Brock, he’s not like you, Benjamin’s not here to win the hearts of the people and entertain them like a show dog like you are. He’s here to get PAID and WIN, and with you signing that contract he’s one step closer to the biggest payday in the industry...the main event of Legacy.”
“Show dog, that’s cute,” Newbludd said back, taking the paper from her again. “Almost as cute as you thinking your client is going to beat me at Scorched.”
Dina perked up at Brock’s last few words.
“So, you agree then?” she asked. “Will you sign the contract?”
Looking at the contract for a long moment, Newbludd shrugged his shoulders.
“Tell your man I’ll think about it.”
With that, Brock turned on a heel and made his way down the hallway to leave a glaring Dina behind him. Turning a corner, Brock walked out of the camera’s view. Meanwhile, the door behind Dina opened and an angry Benjamin Jones appeared.
“You don’t know how hard it was to stay in there, Dina. Who does that fool think he is, talking to you like that?”, he asked in a seething tone and a grinning St. James put a hand on his chest to calm him.
“Patience Benjamin,” she said in a soothing tone. “That fool is our ticket to the big money and right now we have him right where we want him. He’ll sign the contract for Scorched, and when he gets there, my bounty hunter will destroy him.”
Dina once again let a wicked grin grow across her face, and Jones nodded his agreement with a matching grin as the camera slowly faded out.

Encroaching on a Giant's Turf


To say the crowd came alive again would be an understatement as the seven foot three Colossus emerged from the entryway. He stood there eyeing the crowd through his dark red shades and raised a fist up in the air to their cheer.
This was a man on a mission. One that has been with NBW since near day one and never once had he turned on those that supported him, nor had they. Yet he felt he let them down the last SLAM by losing to Ohiyama.
Microphone in hand he approached the ring, stepped up on the edge and over the ropes.
“You know, I’ve never had the most stellar career record in NBW. Or elsewhere for that matter. I may be wrong, and can see if Harmen will delegate Richie to review the record books but it may be possible that my losses out-stack my wins.” He shrugged, and raised the shades from the bridge of his nose to rest them atop his spiked hair. “I’m getting old. Sooner or later I’m going to step into this ring one final time and leave my boots.”
The fans booed at the thought and started chanting.
At that he chuckled.
“No no, I said sooner or later. As far as I’m concerned that’s later. Way later. While true I loss my chance at being a champion again at 25 to Life when Jake Tockwell managed to pull out the victory, despite the help. But that was a Blitzkrieg rules type of match. And even in 25 to Life, I failed there as well.” He sighed, “and two weeks again in this very ring in front of you all, I lost to the former Sweet Daddy K, Ohiyama.”
The name got a bit of a mixed reaction. Ohiyama was still a fan favorite but his closeness with the aforementioned Tockwell, and his manager Hot Sauce, it didn’t help.
“Now the way I hear it, Tockwell will be going into Scorched to challenge Spade for the World Title, while putting his own on the line. So that’s that. However Ohiyama had his show, and couldn’t get the job done tonight.” He paused, then smiled. “Which means Warren, your cards wide open tonight or even in two weeks. So what do you say to revisiting our terrific LEGACY match - only this time with the NBW World Heavyweight Championship on the line?”
The NBW faithful of course cheered the very thought.
“The floors yours, Warren.”
He waited. Waiting for the opening notes of ‘Into the Arena’, but he wasn’t getting it.
“Ladies and Gentlemen. Children of all ages.”
Instead the lights in the arena dropped out, and a single spotlight popped on shining down on the entrance aisle. Golden cane clutched in one hand, while his other twirled his fu manchu chinese mustache and beard. The golden tux of course joined all this as his voice continued.
“And of course, Spike Saunders. Allow this arrival of style and perfection to introduce Gasparde Despereaux. You see Gasparde has created STARS!” He swung his cane out across the empty air. “Two of those men are currently part of Clan Strongbern. Formerly the Eastern Warlords and now the next Dynasty Tag Team Champions.” He tipped his hat at the camera, “Get em’ boys!” then focused back on Saunders in the ring.
“And this-” he grinned a toothy grin before gesturing with his cane at the topmost of the ramp as the spotlight went out and the arena plunged into darkness again. Except only a split-second before bursts of flames erupted along the entry ramp and stage. The EpiCenter lit up in a blaze of fire, symbolizing the door to hell opening as out slithered, if you will, a living fire-breathing dragon. That was no joke, as fire spewed out of the front of the man’s mask and smoke puffed from either side.
“-is my latest find. Representing the dominant race on this planet that we share - the reptilian race. Gasparde presents to you,” he pointed at the fans, “and you, sir.” He pointed the cane forward at Spike. “From beyond the Door to Hell in Derweze Turkmenistan. He is the Omega, I give to you - ARZAEL!”
The man known as Arzael stood tall, towering over Gasparde, as would anybody really but if he expected to put Saunders off his game, he was wrong.
“You see, Ol’ Gasparde had a thought earlier. And after hearing you demand a Championship match that you haven’t deserved, well that just won’t work. If anybody deserves a shot at the Champion, it’s Arzael. Bounty or not, as the Reptilian race has no need for our concept of currency. They are above and beyond that.”
“JUST GET ON WITH IT!” Saunders spoke, rather loudly, into the mic. Having no patience for this interruption.
“My, what conduct. Very well then.Ol’ Gaspade’s out here to offer up an opportunity for you to face my find. So what do you say, Sau-”
“Get a official down here. Let’s do this.”
Saunders was done talking and tossed the microphone out of the ring where Brent Williams caught it, and likewise few seconds later as Gasparde and his latest find advanced down the ramp, Simon Brack came sprinting down the side of the ramp.
Once Arzael crawled into the ring, he removed the metal Dragon helm and handed it through the ropes to Gasparde, revealing his similar designed mask. Saunders took the shades off his hair and placed them on the ring post but it was a mistake to turn his back. Arzael charged across the ring and drove two angled forearms against his chest, right into the ribcage of Saunders with his back turned. All the while that Brack called for the bell.

'The Colossus' Spike Saunders versus 'The Omega' Arzael

Arzael wasn’t interested in the bell and continued his assault in the corner. Those massive forearms tearing into the side of Saunders from behind as he repeated the strikes. Targeting the damaged ribs and back of the bigger man.
Saunders shoved his hips backward, enough force to push him away and give him some space but soon as Arzael went right at him again with the lockup - only to get shoved back and tumbling.
Spike held his ribs for a moment and shook his head, looking out at Gasparde: “Seriously, that’s the type of fight you want to bring?”
Might have been. We’ll never know his answer at that moment thanks to Arzael tackling into Saunders and driving him back into the corner. He rocked him with two back elbows to the skull before pulling the Colossus away from the ropes and SHOT him across the ring. There was no rebound on the ropes, there was no hangup in the corner. Saunders CLASHED with the post on impact, and didn’t just stumble, he bounced from the corner and right into a diving lariat by the six foot ten reptile, aimed directly at the back of his right knee.
Tree. Falls.
And that is what happened as Saunders collapsed forward on his hands and knees.
“That’s it! Show Gasparde’s fans what a find you are! FELL THAT GIANT!” Called out a rather eager Despereaux.
Waiting until he was halfway standing, Arzael charged and nailed his vicious knee lift. It didn’t knock the Colossus much off the mat unlike he did Norwood four weeks back but he still followed up with the two sledgehammer fists to the spine to send Saunders face first into the mat.
Arzael pulled Saunders up by the right arm, wrenching it back before spinning on his feet to send him flying across the ring into the ropes. Catching him as he rebounded off the ropes, Arzael hit the breaks and yanked him across to the far corner. As with before there was no bounce this time however, and Saunders went hips first through the ropes, colliding with the post.
Saunders was the giant but Arzael was intent on doing him one over. He pulled him from the post, leaning down to heave him over his shoulder before ramming him back into the corner. This happened twice more before Arzael showed a hint of enjoyment as he vaulted Saunders OVER the ropes, where he went splat on the padded concrete below.
Arzael stepped out on the apron and dropped to the ground. Stalking Saunders as he got up near the corner. Cue the gas pedal. He charged and dive into Saunders, but the Colossus at the same time stomped forward, grounding his feet into the mat and absorbing the impact of the spear as he struck his other knee up. It definitely had an impact on both ment. And Brought him up against the barricade but it also served him to catch Arzael. He raised him up in the air, spun around and delivered a Gut-wrench Powerbomb right on and through the barricade!
It collapsed from the weight of the two men, but served to do its job in causing an impact for Arzael’s spine. The only thing was that Spike wasn’t getting up either. Still laying face down on the ground.
Brack had already reached a count of seven and was closing on ten, if not for Gasparde who got in the ring and walked up to where Brack was against the ropes. Urging his client on, from inside the ring. This got the official’s attention and he stopped his count to order Gasparde out of the ring or he’d be ejected from ringside.
Gasparde knew the risks but was not willing to see his newest find counted out on his second ever match. His involvement gave them the time and Arzael was back up, but Saunders also was stirring. Arzael rushed him, missed whatever he was attempting, and got sidestepped and whipped into the corner stairs with a loud clang.
Saunders leaned up against the apron and saw Brack resumed his count and was at eight. He grabbed Arzael and rolled him under the ropes, then collapsed on his knee, still feeling winded. As Brack neared Ten the Colossus rolled in and went after Arzael but what he got was a quick jab to the throat. Followed with a swift chop over his head intended to bring him down, but instead Saunders racked his head back and caved his forehead into the mask of Arzael with a brutal headbutt.Arzael rocked and rather than fall he grabbed Saunders and the two jostled for momentum with their strength. Raising each other off and on as they fought against the ropes and corner until Arzael drove his knee into the already targeted ribs, and then followed with his other, causing the giant to give-in.
Right into an overhead suplex slash toss that sent Spike across the ring and near the ropes.
Saunders pulled himself up over to the ropes and went to stand but a boot to the hips dropped him to his knees and the big man leaped in the air to crash down on Saunders’ back, and likewise the middle rope, hanging him out to dry. Arzael raised a knee up on the back of the neck and placed the pressure as the official warned him off and started his count.
Once he hit four he backed off, for a second, before rushing forward with a diving knee to the same spot that made the ropes look to nearly give out as Saunders nearly touched chest to apron! Again the knee was set across his neck and again he was warned and had to break the hold.
Brack warned him that he’d disqualify him as Arzael backed away. With Simon’s back to Saunders he didn’t see as Gasparde swung his cane around and shot the cane like a pool cue into the left eye of the giant. Saunders immediately grabbing at his eye and open for Arzael to pull him off the ropes.
Belly to Back Suplex, to Go!
It wasn’t pretty. It wasn’t meant to be. What it was, was dropping the seven foot three man on the back of his head and neck.Giving Arzael room to roll out from the folded over giant, and pull him up by the shoulder and head. Going for the front lock, but Saunders shoved him off. Didn’t even waste a second to gain his breath, and struck with the Big Boot!
Arzael took to the boot to the face but didn’t fall. He gripped him by the ankle and whipped the foot downward, flipping Saunders back to the mat. Looking out at Gasparde Arzael got the go-ahead signal: “Do it!”
He leaned down and pulled Saunders up, shockingly with ease. His two hands wrapped around the gullet and raised him high for the double handed chokebomb. But Saunders bashed the arms, dropping to his feet and cocking back - BOOM! HEADSHOT!!
That dropped the masked reptilian being or whatever he was. “All that mattered is it knocked him on his back.
“Maybe next time we can have an actual match and not the cheapshots.” Saunders called out to Gasparde ringside. “Time to send you back where you belong.”
He scooped up Arzael, and with a show of strength, he hauled him up on his shoulders. The fans knew what was coming next.
“Remember me?” A voice, very loud, spoke over the airwaves.
It was followed shortly after by the song Alpha Omega, performed by the artist Machine Gun Kelly.
Confused Saunders held Arzael on his shoulders, having no need to release him and instead walked up to the entrance-side ropes to see what was going on.
In the entrance way, underneath the screen he stood. You could barely see his face, as most of his face was hidden by the ball cap he wore, and the hood of his hoodie he had on pulled up over his head. The only thing which was visible, was his smirk. A sinister looking grin.
Back in the ring, Brack also did, turning his attention towards the entrance, looking to keep the interference at a minimum. Of course neither realized that Gasparde was on the apron beside them, reaching over the ropes with his cane, as a crook, to pull at Arzael’s boot. Just enough to off-set Saunders balance and Arzael dropped to his feet.
The man at the entrance, raised a microphone up to his mouth while this went on. “Or, did you forget about me huh?”
He slowly shook his head side to side. The crowds of people watched on, trying piece it all together, who was this man? Standing there, wearing jeans; which looked as if they had just gone through a war with the shredder. Steel toe boots, that appeared to be missing the laces, and the hoodie; which appeared a size too big for the mystery man.
“Well… The intro you know, the opening fuckin’ act. Says so. Tells me fuckin’ so.” The grin had vanished, and his tone screamed with disgust.
Movement behind Spike grabs his attention and he turned around and got a forearm to the face, which was followed with the two hand thrust into his throat in unison. Up he went, and with the release courtesy of the two-handed Release chokebomb, down he went.
Gasparde rolled into the ring and went to his client and raised his arm up high, before quickly urging him out of the ring to enjoy their victory over such a veteran. In Gasparde’s eyes, his stock just went up.
The man grabbed the back of his hoodie, and pulled it off his head rather slow. He raised his head, and the ball cap, no longer covered his eyes. The entirety of his face had become visible for all to see.
“This time. I won’t let you forget.” The Villain let the microphone drop from his hands.
Jack was back.




Making a plan.


Back from the break the cameras open up to the gorilla position, spotting an approaching woman. Sans-Hellion sisters, it's Michelle Couli and all alone for once. That is until someone leaped in front of her. Although all that could be seen was the hair, it was pretty clear from the purple strands and Darkwing Duck t-shirt, it was Zhalia Fears.

"Wait!" She called out, shoving a hand forward. "I know your plan here, but it will not work. Not tonight, 'Chelle.:

"It will work. I'm going to tear that bitch to shreds."

"Sure you will," Fears stood her ground. "Another night, maybe, at least. It will not work tonight. Trust me."

"Trust you? You caused me to be embarrased on live TV! Trust you!?"

"Oh please, that was not my fault. That was Lucretia. I tried to help. Even get you help. And besides, I hear your Crimson lover was extra revved up that night." Fears laughed and stepped aside, leaning up against the wall and finally on focus. "But it will not work. I talked to Richie a few minutes ago. Lucretia is not here tonight. And before you expect her to attack, she apparently has not been seen near the arena either. No burnt lockerrooms, no boiling stews. Nothing from the witch."

Michelle finally stopped advancing.


"Look, I have an idea. It will not do any good tonight to bother with her. However in two weeks, how about we call her out to the ring, away from closed spaces? What happens then, happens."

Fears grinned as a plan started to form in her head.

"I think I'll do just that." She spun on her heel and started back towards the locker. "Time to show that bitch who runs this joint, just like you, your friends and the others that have walked through the door." Cackling she turned the corner and continued on and out of camera sight.

"... it was my idea." She pushed away from the wall and started heading the opposite direction. "Maybe I should have told her about our match at Scorched II?" She shrugged: "maybe later" and started whistling the theme to Darkwing Duck once more.

'Mr. Manx' Charlie Birkin Versus Ai Tso

“Two weeks ago on Slam, we saw Charlie Birkin and Matt Haddon get into a verbal sparring session over the fact that Birkin lost his match to Brock Newbludd. Haddon wanted a match with Birkin after two weeks of running his mouth and then was denied.”

“Did… did you not SEE the same match I did?” C.G. Gains asked. “Haddon LOST against The Great Wall, too, as long as we’re talking about losses. He had two victories over Xiang… probably a career record for him… and instead of just focusing on training and running the wrestling school, he’s out here trying to recapture any past glory he had… a lone Keystone Title reign and that’s it.”

“Say what you want about Haddon… he will give you his all in that ring and nobody has been able to beat The Great Wall this year… but the way Birkin is conducting himself is questionable. If he wants to earn his spots, he needs to come out here and win. He beat Myles Jake at 25 To Life, but came up short against Brock Newbludd. Now he’s gonna try and go 2-1 when he takes on the returning Ai Tso.”

And with that… to ringside!

“The following contest is set for one fall!”

The raucous fans gave a nice ovation for the announcements and some action about to get underway. The fans in Qatar paid notice to the tail end of “Fury Of The Dragon” by Dragonforce playing.

“Introducing already in the ring… weighing in at 237 pounds, hailing from Beijing, China… AI TSO!

The Master of the Tso-Plex as he was known, raised a hand and got a polite series of cheers from the crowd. He calmly walked into the ring and took off his jacket before entering the ring. His music gave way to…

“Faster” by Within Temptation.

On one side of the massive stage towards ringside, a man in a black leather jacket walked one side of the stage at the King Abdullah Sports Hall and held his hands behind his arms, taking in the scenery. With him was a VERY attractive young blonde woman.

“And his opponent… from Douglas, in The Isle of Man… being accompanied to the ring by Ali Carr… weighing in at 223 pounds, this is ”MR. MANX” CHARLIE BIRKIN!

Carr lowered to a knee and tightly hugged the waist of the young man with wavy brown hair a moustache right out of the 80s. The young Manx walked towards the ring arm-in-arm with Ali Carr and surveyed the crowd in Jeddah.

Carr got to ringside first and opened the ropes by sitting on them. The 20-year-old Birkin entered the ring and gave Carr an uncomfortably long kiss before she followed inside. Ali walked up to Brent Williams and shot him a pair of goo-goo eyes before motioning that she wanted the microphone.

“Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuys!” Ali shouted in very bubbly and almost cloying voice. “Hi, Jeddah!”

Ali put an arm around her man.

“He is No Brand Wrestling’s future holder of all titles! He’s the totes-amazing best fiance ever! He is the apple to my eye and the best thing between my thighs…”

Birkin shot her a wink and a seductive smirk.

“Please allow ME to introduce the future defeater of Ai Tso and totes better than that old guy, Matt Haddon… my love-bug... my fiancé..." she showed off a modestly-sized rock on her left hand… MR. MANX, CHARLIE BIRKIN!

The cocky kid took a knee on the mat with one arm behind his back and extended the other arm upwards. The crowd booed at the self-serving introduction and Birkin smiled.

“Aye! The best that’s in!” said Birkin.

Ali gave the microphone back and watched Birkin hold out his hands. Ali took the coat off for him and the referee of the match, Slim J, called for the bell.


Ai Tso tried to offer Charlie Birkin a handshake and Mr. Manx looked to take it. The cocky Manx wrestler then turned around and snapped the slightly larger Ai Tso over with an Arm Drag! After Ai Tso went down, Birkin shot up to his feet and walked over to deliver a kiss to Ali Carr on the outside.

“Good job, hon! You did great!” Ali said.

There was no time to pat themselves on the back just yet since… you know, MATCH and all. Ai Tso looked annoyed and he tried to lock up with Birkin, but the faster of the two athletes took him down with a quick Single Leg and maneuvered right over into another Armbar attempt. His finisher was a Bridging Armbar lovingly called “Oops, Got Your Arm” and it had already claimed one victim in nbW. Birkin was looking to make it two for two, but…


Ai Tso wiggled himself loose. When Birkin shot to his feet, Ai Tso snapped him over with a quick Double Leg into a big Slam! He tried to turn him over for the Ankle Lock submission…


Birkin rolled forward and snapped himself free of the hold. When he got back to his feet, he tried to meet Ai Tso and cut him off at the pass with a European Uppercut. He struck him upside the jaw and then ran him off the ropes... but Ai Tso was ready…


The amateur background of Ai Tso came out and he took over Birkin with a quick Suplex before he even knew what hit him! Birkin rolled backwards and Ai Tso crawled over for the cover.



Ai Tso went with a Rear Waistlock now and he tried to get behind Birkin. He was looking for a German Tsoplex now…

“No, no, no!”

Birkin back elbowed his way free from the move and caught him flush on the jaw. He turned around and shoved Tso into the corner before unleashing…


Birkin rolled Ai Tso forward with a Snapmare out of the corner and got him into a seated position so he could run off the ropes…


Expertly done and very polished for only three to four years of in-ring experience! Birkin rolled over and went for a cover on Tso now.




The lightning-fast combination of Uppercuts didn’t put Ai Tso away, but it did give Birkin a chance to take control and show off his stuff. He pulled Ai Tso to his feet by the left arm and smacked him right down with a Short-Arm Clothesline. He rolled through it and pulled Ai Tso back up to his feet before he leveled him with a second one! He pulled him yet again and this time hooked the arm into a Hammerlock Northern Lights Suplex! Landing Ai Tso on his own arm!




Tso kicked out again, but this time Birkin rolled him through. He grabbed the arm again and this time used a Double Knee Armbreaker! Ai Tso cried out in pain because that arm was still somewhat tender after the damage Alan Envy did to it a couple of months ago.

Birkin pulled himself back to his feet and the crowd booed when Ali cheered her fiance on.

“You got him, love-bug!” Ali shouted and blew a kiss.

Birkin took him to task some more by flawlessly slapping on a Front Facelock and then hooking an arm… Snap Underhook Suplex! Ai Tso’s amateur background lent him expertise in suplexes, but Charlie Birkin was showing he was no slouch in that department either… especially a BRIDGING Double Underhook Suplex!




Ai Tso kicked out again and now Birkin was looking a little impatient, arguing with Slam J.

“Three, boy, three!” Birkin yelled.

The Master of the Tsoplex needed to get out of the blocks right away as Birkin kicked him low. He was going for another Double Underhook move, perhaps the move named after his homeland, The Isle Driver?


Ai Tso out of desperation hit a Back Body Drop and shot Birkin up and over onto his back! The crowd watched as Ai Tso tried to mount a comeback while latching onto the arm that Birkin had worked over.  Birkin was back on his feet and fired off a Knife-Edge Chop, but Ai Tso fired back with three Elbow Smashes to the side of the head! He whipped Birkin to the corner and fired a big Running Back Elbow to the chest!

Ai Tso then turned him around and tried to shake some feeling back into his arm before he grabbed Birkin by the waist…

One German Tsoplex!

But he wasn’t done…

Two German Tsoplexes!

And STILL wasn’t done! Ali Carr looked worried as her boy toy was pulled up again…

Three German Tsoplexes! Ah ah ah! Also with a bridge!




Birkin kicked out and floated over onto his stomach, but he was on the ropes now as Ai Tso went to pick him up again… he tried to roll up one arm and then another… could another suplex be coming?

Not if Birkin had anything to say about it! He rolled behind and then THREW Ai Tso’s shoulder right into the nearby ringpost! The same arm he had worked over snapped into the ring post and now Birkin had him dead to rights. He hooked Ai Tso and SNAPPED him over quickly…


And after the Tiger Driver variant, he rolled Ai Tso onto his stomach…


It didn’t take long at all…


The Bridging Fujiwara Armbar had just claimed a second victim and that showed Birkin indeed had the talent. Ali Carr went to climb inside the ring to join her man.

“Your winner of the match… CHARLIE BIRKIN!

The young technician from The Isle of Man claimed another victory and Ali Carr gave him a microphone.

“See that, Haddon?” Birkin laughed. “That’s what a WINNER does! They WIN! I know you don’t know anything about that, boy, but… yeah, that’s what the future looks like! Me! Not you!”

He dropped the microphone and he and Ali shared a kiss over the body of Ai Tso…

And continued to kiss…

And kiss…

And apparently, Haddon heard enough!

The Founding Father charged towards the ring and when the crowd reaction changed, Ali and Charlie stopped their kiss to leave the ring!

The former Keystone Champion slid into the ring and turned his attention to the microphone the two dropped. Matt Haddon picked it up and rubbed a hand through his beard.

“Birkin!” Haddon yelled. “I’m done. I’m done with your shit. You want to needle me about how you think I suck and how I don’t belong and how I don’t know how to win? Maybe I don’t win EVERY match, but I damn sure TRY. So if you think that you can beat me, why don’t you prove it? One on one!”

He repeated the same challenge that he issued to Birkin before, but he didn’t wait…

“No way, mate! Knowing you, you’ll just embarrass yourself!” Birkin shouted.

Haddon shook his head.

“All right, fine then… “ Haddon said before turning his attention to the entrance while Birkin and Ali Carr disappeared.

“Benjamin Jones, you and I are scheduled for a match so if you want to do this, I need to get out some frustration. I’m right here, O Mighty Bounty Hunter!”

Haddon threw down the microphone and waited for a few moments to see if his opponent was going to come out. Thus far, Brock Newbludd had been calling him out for two separate shows, but The Bounty Hunter had only been appearing to Brock via two vicious sneak attacks. Was he going to keep his commitment and take this match? We’d find out NEXT!




'The Founding Father' Matt Haddon Versus 'The Bounty Hunter' Benjamin Jones

When we returned from a Hulu advert, Matt Haddon was still in the ring itching for a fight after Charlie Birkin once again ran away from him instead of fighting him. Luckily (or unluckily depending who you ask), he would not have to wait long.
“May I have your attention, please?!”
A voice called out and the crowd booed! For the first time since last year, the business manager and girlfriend of the former nbW Blitzkrieg and Infamy Champion appeared! Dina St. James walked out first. She strutted her stuff in a silky blouse and a tight black skirt, turning around to let the fans get a good glimpse of her before she turned to face Matt Haddon.
“Ask and you shall receive, Mister Haddon. If you want a fight from my client, then all you have to do is ask! Or if you’re Brock Newbludd, you agree to fight on OUR terms.”
Some audible groans from the fans. Jones had been called out by Brock Newbludd since attacking him two consecutive shows and gave him a challenge for Scorched.
“Allow me to introduce to you a man that goes by many names… The Knockout King of Kings! The Greatest Thing You’ve Ever Seen In The Ring! The man that concusses with kicks and pulverizes with punches! The man that makes his in-ring return to nbW… please welcome standing at 240 pounds… BENJAMIN JONES!”
“Genesis” by Justice.
Looking every bit as fit as he was in his last stint several months ago, wearing his signature golden-hued robe was none other than the former nbW Blitzkrieg and Infamy Champion, Benjamin Jones! The crowd BOOED as Jones kissed St. James and then headed to the ring with his business manager in tow. Now that he had agreed to return to nbW for now, Jones was only with St. James when before, he used to have his entire Club KO cornermen. Whether he felt they weren’t needed tonight or just wanted this mano-e-mano, didn’t matter. Jones was one of nbW’s most talented stars to come by in some time and had split his time between his MMA career and wrestling when he felt the need to come back.
Jones climbed into the ring and disrobed before giving it over to Dina St. James. She smiled at her boyfriend and the bell was called for.
Benjamin Jones and Matt Haddon circled up quickly and the two were about to lock up…
Haddon attacked first!
Four Knife-Edge Chops caught Jones on the chest and he tried to back him up into the corner. He tried to keep Jones off his game by firing off a few more hard Forearm Smashes to the head! He then pulled him out of the corner and tried to turn him into a Swinging Neckbreaker, but Jones quickly said fuck that to that plan with a HUGE Knee Strike to the gut!
Just one shot was all Jones needed to turn the tide for himself. The former boxer grabbed Haddon by the side of the head and maneuvered him to the corner now.
Now it was Haddon’s turn to eat fist in the form of several stiff body shots from the former boxer and current MMA fighter-slash-wrestler. Jones pulled him out of the corner quickly and doubled Haddon over with another vicious Knee Strike! He fired two more into his gut and then pulled out a new move in the form of a quick Legsweep Takedown! Haddon went down and Jones sat him up…
Haddon winced in pain and the crowd groaned from the impact of a vicious kick from the former Blitzkrieg and Infamy Champion (and the first wrestler to hold the belts simultaneously). Jones had claimed victories over five former World Champions in “Superstar” Vince Jacobs, Vic Gravender, Travis Martinez/Judasbleek, Ali Amore and Spike Saunders, so he knew exactly what he was doing in the ring.
“Stay on him, Benjamin!” Dina St. James shouted.
Jones nodded and didn’t bother going for a cover on Matt Haddon. Instead, he pulled him up again by his hair quickly popped him in the mouth with another vicious Haymaker. The referee ordered him to watch the closed fist, but he didn’t care. He Irish Whipped Haddon across the ring…
Haddon’s hot start had all been snuffed out thanks to Jones and his incredible striking abilities in the ring. The No Brand Dad slipped out and fell flat on his stomach while Jones showed off and shadowboxed in the ring rather than try to make an attempt to finish his opponent.
This was clearly Jones trying to show off what he could do in the ring against a vet like Haddon and to what he could do if he ever fought Brock Newbludd. The Albuquerque native pulled Haddon up again and instead of doing something like put him away…
The crowd booed him again as he simply grabbed Haddon by the back of his head and THREW him outside the ring like he was a piece of trash.
“Get out of my ring. I run this now.” Jones said quietly and calmly.
Jones continued to smirk at the fact that right now, he was running the show, but an angry Haddon started to stand up again and climb right back into the ring.
Or so he thought.
Jones ran at him…
A hard Shoulder Thrust between the ropes caught Jones by surprise. The Bounty Hunter tried to get to him again, only to get a second Shoulder Thrust!
Jones was doubled over again and Haddon then threw in a quick Forearm Smash again! Jones was left reeling only a little bit and shook it off to come charging at him, but Haddon pulled the ropes down and Jones went sailing down to the floor!
Haddon needed a breather after getting completely owned by Jones in the match so far and needed to come back with something big. Dina St. James watched as Haddon was about to wait for his opponent to come off the ropes…
Usually reserved for off the top rope. Haddon used the variation Flying Shoulder Tackle by running off of the ring apron and knocking Jones off his feet for the first time in the match! He grabbed Jones quickly and threw him back inside so he could run in and go for the cover! If he could pull off a HUGE upset by beating Jones, this would certainly prove Charlie Birkin’s theory wrong!
Jones kicked out, but Matt Haddon didn’t waste any time trying to capitalize on his newfound advantage. He pulled Jones up by the arm and once again tried to set him up for something. It looked to be like an Alabama Slam, but Jones was still coherent enough to stop whatever he did by boxing his kidney!  The shot doubled Haddon over again and now once again, Jones was in the catbird’s seat after a brief spell of offense by The Founding Father.
A STIFF Running Kick caught Haddon in the back and the shot was so great it sent The Founding Father tumbling to the floor. Jones followed him out quickly and was going to make Haddon pay for what he did. He doubled him over in a Rear Waistlock…
The crowd was downright AMAZED by the strength on display! Haddon had been lifted up from the ground and then doubled over HARD by Jones with a sickening Deadlift Release German Suplex out on the floor! Haddon was wide-eyed, looking up at the lights now as Jones rolled back into the ring. He jerked a thumb at Slim J.
“Count his ass out, he ain’t even worth the effort to bring back in here and pin.”
Very disrespectful on the part of Jones, but Slim J did his job.
It wasn’t until the count of six that Haddon had finally started to move. The crowd counted along with the beloved veteran of nbW.
Haddon tried to get back in.
The No Brand Dad used the apron for leverage…
And he was back in.
Jones shrugged his shoulders.
“All right, old man, time to die,” Jones said nonchalantly and popping the bones in his neck.
The Bounty Hunter pulled him up again and set him up on the top rope. He had a few suplex variations in his own arsenal and perhaps was looking for an Exploder off the top rope. That would certainly spell curtains for Haddon…
Haddon STILL had fight in him and fired off of all things, a Headbutt to the face of Jones and then let him have it with a few more Forearm Smashes until he dropped. The crowd went nuts as Haddon climbed to the top rope now, still reeling from the effects of the German Suplex…
Dina St. James was beside herself! Haddon could pull off the win because Benjamin Jones got too cocky! He was going for the win after his signature Diving Elbow Drop!
Jones kicked out! It may have been because he hadn’t done enough damage in this contest to Jones, but Haddon couldn’t believe that he’d kicked out!
He got himself back up to his feet and tried to grab the leg of Jones. He was looking for his signature Half Crab with the knee on the back called SNAP, but Jones kicked his way free! Haddon tried to get back on him…
He was groggy from one…
Not long after the first one caught Haddon, the second one caught him almost as quickly and now Haddon was on his knees. Jones wasted no time now in going for the finish…
If the two strong Spinning Backfists hadn’t already done their job, the Sliding Knee Strike that Brock Newbludd felt on Slam 91 did its job. Jones crawled over effortlessly and turned the tide of the match with a few well-placed strikes.
Jones threw the leg of Haddon away. The veteran surprised him a couple of times when the cocky Jones let his guard down, but when he was focused, he had turned the jaws of defeat quickly in his favor and mowed through a former Keystone Champion like a buzzsaw. Jones took his time standing over the very game Haddon and smiled before he was about to walk out of the ring.
Jones raised his eyebrow as Charlie Birkin ALREADY ran back out from the back now that he knew Haddon had been disposed of and ran into the ring to go for his armbar…
Haddon screamed out in agony as Birkin locked in the Bridging Fujiwara Armbar, causing pain to shoot through the veteran’s shoulder.
Immediately Slim J made an attempt to get Birkin off of Haddon, but Jones seemed to be enjoying watching the man he just beat suffer even more and promptly cut the referee off before he could reach Charlie. Grabbing the diminutive Slim by the back of the head, Jones drug him over to the ropes and tossed him to the outside with ease.
Looking over the top rope to chuckle at the laid out referee, Jones heard Haddon’s hand repeatedly hitting the mat, causing him to spin around, lean against the ropes, and enjoy the show.
“That’s a nice armbar, kid!” Jones yelled out to Birkin. “But let’s see if it’s good enough to break that old man’s shoulder!”
Wanting to impress the veteran Jones further, Birkin wrenched back even further on Haddon’s arm, causing the Founding Father’s screams and the crowds boos to intensify.
“Benjamin!” Dina called out from ringside to catch Jones attention. “We’re finished here, let’s go!”
Nodding his head in agreement, Jones watched Birkin torture Haddon for a few more seconds before taking a step forward to leave the ring.
A cheer from the crowd gave Jones a split second warning right before an angry but woozy Slim J reached underneath the bottom rope to grab him by the ankle.
“Get off me fool!” Jones said as he spun around and stuck his other foot between the ropes to place it right on Slim’s face to arrogantly push the ref off of him and back down to the floor.
Shaking his head at Slim, Jones began to turn back around to make his leave when suddenly a much more frantic sounding Dina called his name again.
Still not fully turned around, the Bounty Hunter jumped in surprise when the crowd suddenly EXPLODED in cheers!
Not a split second later another noise was heard, one that the veteran grappler had heard plenty of times in his career.
The unique sound that was synonymous with steel hitting flesh caused Jones to grit his teeth as he turned around, expecting the worst.
And that’s what he found.
Standing over a now laid out Birkin with a freshly dented steel chair in one hand was Brock Newbludd!
Raising his hand not holding the chair, the wild eyed Newbludd pointed at Benjamin and smiled.
“Bring it, Newbludd!” Jones taunted Brock, seemingly unintimidated by the fact that Newbludd was wielding a chair.
Brock didn’t say a word back, and instantly charged at Jones!
Benjamin put his fists up and took a step forward to face Brock head on.
“NO BENJAMIN! NOT UNTIL THAT CONTRACT IS SIGNED!” Dina screamed out from ringside as she slapped a hand against the mat.
Hearing his business manager’s plea, Jones switched gears and quickly dropped down to roll out of the ring, causing a frustrated Brock to hit the brakes.
Making his way around the ring in a hurry to make it to Dina who was now waiting for him at the bottom of the ramp, Jones gave Newbludd a smug grin as he shrugged his shoulders. Making his way around the last corner of the ring before the ramp, Jones had to stop when a roadblock suddenly appeared in his path.
Matt Haddon.
Holding his aching shoulder courtesy of Birkin’s armbar, the veteran looked to be in no condition to take on Jones, but he did have the element of surprise on his side and took advantage of it by popping Benjamin in the face with a quick jab that stunned the Bounty Hunter!
Shaking off the snap jab, Jones dropped Haddon with a precision strike right to his sore shoulder ,but despite the pain, Matt smiled up at Jones as he laid on the ground holding his arm. The reason for Haddon’s joy soon became very obvious to Jones when he heard the swelling roar from the crowd.
While the Founding Father’s snap jab didn’t exactly prevent Benjamin’s escape, it did buy Brock enough time to catch up to him by sprinting to the nearest turnbuckle, chair still in hand.
And with Benjamin standing below him with his back turned, Newbludd leapt off!
“BENJAMIN, LOOK OUT!” Dina cried out, causing Jones to look behind him.
Just in time to receive a CHAIR SHOT FROM THE TOP ROPE!!!
The blow LEVELED Jones, and the crowd loved it!
Getting back to his feet, Brock threw a fist up to the ravenous crowd before picking the chair back up and tossing it a few feet up the ramp to land only a few feet away from a now backpedaling Dina.
Dragging Jones by one arm up the ramp, Newbludd pointed a threatening finger at Dina when she took a step towards him, causing her to freeze in place.
Eyeing up the chair, Brock drug Jones a few more feet before lifting him up and grabbing him in a waist lock from behind…
A sickening CLANG was heard as the back of Benjamin’s head and neck landed squarely onto the chair, causing him to flip over and land with a thud onto his stomach. Lying on his back a few feet from Jones, Brock winced in pain as he put a hand up behind his head to check the bandage that adorned it. A bandage that covered the wound given to him when he smacked his head on cold concrete two weeks ago after being on the wrong end of the same exact suplex he just gave Jones.
Now, at least for the moment, the two men were even in terms of dishing out German Suplexes.
Slowly getting to his feet, no doubt feeling the after effects of hitting the ramp himself, Brock stood up and it was obvious that he had hit the back of his head just hard enough to reopen the wound as the dressing was red from fresh blood.
Ignoring that fact, Newbludd reached into his back pocket and pulled out a folded up white piece of paper.
Dina’s match contract.
Kneeling down next to Jones, Newbludd unfolded the piece of paper and placed it in the middle of Benjamin’s back. Glancing up at Dina, who now was fuming with rage, Brock then reached into his front jeans pocket to produce a pen.
Looking back down to Jones, the 25 to Life winner bent low to put the pen to paper when suddenly he stopped himself. Turning his head sideways as a smile slowly grew across his face, Brock put a finger to the back of Benjamin’s head and pulled it away to find that it was covered in blood.
Glancing up to Dina again, Newbludd maintained his grinning ways as he tossed the pen over his shoulder before focusing again on the contract and putting his finger to the signature line.
Zooming over Brock’s shoulder, the camera watched as Newbludd ran his finger over the line to draw ‘B.N.’ across it in blood.
The Bounty Hunter’s blood.
Wiping his finger off on Benjamin’s trunks, Newbludd snatched the contract up and walked up the ramp to stand toe to toe with a shocked Dina.
“See you at Scorched.” Newbludd coldly said as he grabbed Dina’s hand and placed the contract in it.
Walking past her, Newbludd threw a fist up to the crowd one last time before disappearing through the sliding double doors, causing the camera to switch its focus to Jones who was starting to push himself up.
Rushing over to him, Dina grabbed the signed contract and helped Jones to his feet. Throwing an arm around her for support, Jones put a hand to his freshly split open cranium and grimaced as Dina put the signed contract in front of his face.
Despite the fact that it had been signed in his own blood, the match agreement had been signed nonetheless. Newbludd was putting his world title shot on the line.
Locking eyes with Dina, Jones gave her an approving nod, even managing to flash a cocky smile to her as they made their way up the ramp and made their way to the back.




Wrestling Interview 101


Returning from break, the camera faded in and was shaking due to the fact that the cameraman holding it was tailing NBW’s newest backstage interviewer, the lovely Veronica Hoyt, as she jogged down a backstage hallway, microphone in hand.
Walking up ahead of her in the hallway was Brock Newbludd, who only moments ago agreed to put his Legacy title shot on the line in a match against his newest rival Benjamin Jones, but not before exacting some revenge against The Bounty Hunter for his recent string of sneak attacks.
“Brock!” Hoyt shouted to get Newbludd’s attention. “Brock, can I get a few words from you!?”
Stopping in his tracks, Newbludd put his hands on his hips and turned around to face Veronica just as she caught up.
“I’ll give you one, Veronica,” he quickly said, putting up a forefinger that was slightly stained from Benjamin Jones’ blood.
“One?” the rookie interviewer asked, slightly confused.
Newbludd gave the rookie interviewer a forgiving smile as he patted her on the shoulder with his blood stained hand which made Hoyt get a nauseous look to her.
“You better get used to blood if you plan on being in this business very long, kid,” Brock suggested to her, and Veronica took his advice, regaining her composure.
“You get one question, I managed to bust open my stitches during the process of whipping The Bounty Hunter’s ass out there.”
Nodding her head, Veronica then noticed the bloody bandage on the back of Brock’s head, causing her to look sick again.
“You know what, let me take over,” an anxious Brock said, grabbing the mic out of Hoyt’s hand.
Brock then motioned for a confused Veronica to stand next to him, which she did.
“Here, you just stand there and let ‘The Innovator’ teach you ‘ Wrestling Interview 101’,” he then told her enthusiastically.
“Um, ok?” an annoyed Veronica said. “I do know what I’m doing and…” 
Newbludd cut her off by leaning towards her with the microphone.
“Brock, why did you just dump Benjamin Jones on his stupid head and leave him there for his hooker girlfriend to scrape off the ramp!?”
Brock then pulled back and looked into the camera...
“Because the sonuvabitch had it coming!”
Then he leaned back towards Veronica...
“Brock, are you worried about losing your title shot at Scorched now that you’ve agreed to take on Jones?”
Once again he pulled back to look into the camera...
“Wow, great question, Veronica, and to answer it I would have to say...HELL NO. You know why? Because unlike him, I’m a man of my word! I keep my promises. And one month ago I made a promise to myself and to the people that I would be winning that world title come Legacy, and I aim to keep it! I also promised to DESTROY any man who stood in my way, and come Scorched, Benjamin is going to learn first hand that I plan on keeping that promise too!”
Lean in towards Veronica…
“Bold words, Brock! Aren’t you concerned at all by the fact that Benjamin Jones is considered one of the most dangerous men to ever step foot here in NBW?”
Pull back…
“Fortune favors the bold and it also favors those who are willing to lay it all out on the line. Which I have done my whole career! You name it, whether it was the Blitzcage, the Laddervault or the 25 to Life match, I didn’t just survive those hells...I THRIVED in them! Why? Because I had no fear, Veronica...because I wasn’t afraid of the danger…because the people believed in me. Jones fights only for himself, while I fight for all those people out there who have gotten me this far, and I will be DAMNED if I’m going to let him take that away from me! When that bell rings at Scorched, me and my army…we’re going to show Benjamin Jones the true meaning of dangerous, and you can count on that!”
With that, Newbludd handed Veronica the microphone back and gave her a thumbs up before walking past the camera, leaving her alone in the hallway as the camera faded out.

Reason 2


MGMT's 'Kids.'

The manchild himself, Chris Smith, strutted out, sans any care in the world.  There was no apparent remorse for slamming Kid Chameleon's head through a windshield and hospitalising The Player on Slam 91.

Smith parked himself at the top of the ramp and gestured at the ginormous screen above, holding a couple of fingers aloft:  "Reason number two."

Various children stepped forward, and one by one, they had their pictures taken with The Players.  Then, Chris Smith approached the table, only to be waved back by Chameleon:  "Only kids today."

"It's for my nephew," Smith reasoned.

Sanders sarcastically retorted:  "He should've come then."

Animated, Chris fired back:  "He's sick."

Paul backtracked, realising he'd put his foot in, but it was too late.  Smith was furious:  "Kid...why are you being like this?"

Chameleon kept his mouth shut, leaving security to cart Chris off, kicking and screaming. 

Back in the present day, all that remained was for BKCS, hardly SCSA, to sign off:  "My name's Christ Smith and I'm doin' it - for the kids."

Big Rick Strongbern Versus 'The Wrecking Ball' Vic Gravender

And it was back to the announce table for the skinny on the next match-up. Gains and Vanderart, bring that shit.

“You got it,” C.G. Gains said.

“Who are you talking to?” Melissa asked.

“Voice in a headset. Who else, weirdo?”

“Well… okay, then. Coming up next, we’ve got Vic Gravender of The Unstoppables taking on Clan Strongbern’s leader, Big Rick Strongbern, in a match that was made two weeks ago. After Little Ricky failed to defeat Ali Amore and Ri-Khan and Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbenr fell to The Unstoppables, Vic called out Big Rick to try and cut the head off the proverbial snake. Shockingly, Big Rick accepted.”

“What do you mean shockingly?” Gains asked, offended. “He’s been in the ring with guys like Lucky Carter, Brock Newbludd, and others by himself. You’re looking past him jutst like he says people are.”

“Clan Strongbern’s entire thing has been numbers. They’ve defeated Ke’ala Ohana, For The Win and several other teams, sure, but this is one-on-one and when the fights have been even, Clan Strongbern haven’t yet notched one against The Unstoppbales or Amore. We saw what they did to Ali Amore and Tyson earlier tonight, so right now, Vic is on his own.”

“I think Big Rick will surprise you, people, that’s what I think. Now let’s go to the ring so I can be proven right!”

So we then went to Mars for the introductions with Elon Musk. I mean, the ring with Brent Williams.

“The following is a singles match set for one fall!” Brent Williams announced to the roaring fans of Jeddah.

“Let’s Kill These Motherfuckers” by Lair of the Minotaur.

The theme came with a thundering boom as the lights in the arena went pitch-black. Suddenly, a HUGE spotlight shone on the stage and one by one, the monsters came out.

“Little” Ricky Strongbern, the near-seven footer.

The monstrous powerhouse Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern.

The wild attack dog, Ri-Khan Strongbern, who grabbed the camera and let loose a loud growl!

And of course…

“Big” Rick Strongbern, looking confident that his monsters took out Tyson XL and Ali Amore earlier tonight. 

“Introducing first, being accompanied to the ring by Little Ricky Strongbern, Ri-Khan Strongbern, and Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern… weighing in at 226 pounds… BIG RICK STRONGBERN!

Big Rick jumped up the steps and scanned the jeering crowd before he climbed up the ropes like a giant and then stepped into the ring. He was only 5’8” but stood with a very tank-like frame as he entered the ring. Unlike most people who faced Vic Gravender, Big Rick was looking pretty confident. All the same, he had all three of his monsters at ringside; Vic was alone.

Speaking of.

“Warrior” by Disturbed

Vic Gravender stepped out from the backstage area to a very monster-sized pop from the crowd! The former Dynasty Tag, inaugural Infamy, and former nbW World Heavyweight Champion accomplished a lot in his nbW career, but tonight he was all alone against Big Rick and the rest of Clan Strongbern at ringside.

“And his opponent… from New York, New York weighing in at 364 pounds… ”THE WORLD CLASS BADASS” VIC GRAVENDER!

He stopped at the top of the entrance ramp and motioned towards Big Rick by running his thumb across his throat. Vic then walked down the ramp and headed to the ring where he stomped up the ring steps and entered between the second and top rope.  Once in the ring, Vic cracked his neck from side to side and turned to the entrance ramp with no fear in his eyes.  He simply stood there and waited for the official Slim J to call for the bell.


“LET’S GO, LITTLE MAN!” Big Rick yelled with lots of bluster.

The King of Strongbern Style approached Vic Gravender and even though he gave up half a foot to the former NBW World Heavyweight Champion, Big Rick gave him a shove and tugged on his own beard.


Vic stood there and let out a chuckle before he swung…


But Big Rick connected with a HARD Knife-Edge Chop to the chest!

The blow didn’t faze Gravender much and he swung again, but Big Rick knew he was the faster of the two and parried again, only to deliver a right hand to the jaw of Vic.



Vic shot out with an unexpectedly quick Throat Thrust to Big Rick that knocked the leader of Clan Strongbern on his ass! He was grabbing his throat when Vic picked him up and THREW him across the ring harshly into the far corner of the ring with a violently powerful Irish Whip! Big Rick came flinching out of the corner and when Gravneder booted Rick in the gut…

Double-arm… no, DELAYED Double-Arm Suplex!

He held up Big Rick for all to see and the crowd started to cheer! Vic held him up for five seconds…

Ten seconds…

TWENTY seconds!

And the crowd popped as he DROPPED Big Rick down violently with a powerful throw! The other members of Clan Strongbern stood by and watched at their boss getting his ass handed to him for the moment. When Vic Gravender tried to pull him up again, he socked him right on the jaw with a HARD blow and then fired off some STIFF Clubbing Forearm shots to the small of his back. He dumped Big Rick on the mat with a big Scoop Slam and then ran off the ropes…


A simple move by most standards, yes, but when 364 pounds of force was behind it, that’s when shit got real!




Big Rick stayed alive by kicking out, but Vic was not going to let Big Rick off that easy after Clan Strongbern had been targeting himself and Ali Amore for weeks now. Vic picked him up by the body with a Full Nelson and dragged him to the corner…


He slammed Big Rick’s face repeatedly into the top turnbuckle intent on causing more damage to the leader of Clan Strongbern. Slim J continued to count him down to stop or risk getting disqualified, but Vic ignored him.

He simply picked up the 226-pound Rick and THREW him over head with a Fallaway Slam after that and crashed to the mat! Vic rolled over and tried another cover on the leader of Clan Strongbern.




“Keep kicking out, I can kick your fucking ass all night!” Vic shouted. “And these people would lot to see it, too!”

That they would and their cheers indicated that they did! He grabbed Big Rick by his arm and whipped him into the ropes, but The King of Strongbern Style was grabbed by Little Ricky on the outside to keep him from going back to Vic. Gravender got angry and tried to slug Little Ricky, but the near seven-footer backed away…

Big Rick had one opening and that opening allowed him to catch The World Class Badass on the side of his leg with a Front Dropkick! The braced left knee of his might as well have had a bulls-eye on it and that gave Big Rick a chance to run on the offensive.


The former nbW World Heavyweight Champion was kicked down onto his back with a hard Enzuigiri kick! With Vic now down on his back, Big Rick a chance to run off the ropes to deliver a hard Running Senton! Vic was a big guy himself, but the weight of a 226-pound man plummeting into his chest still hurt like the dickens. Big Rick jumped up and dropped a second Running Senton! After two of them, he rolled over and covered the leg.




The World Class Badass got to his knees, but Big Rick was already there and CLOCKED him in the side of the head with a pair of nasty Forearm Shots. He continued to rock him in the side of the head with boots and then took a moment to bask in the fact he was in control.


He grinded his boot against the larger man’s head and laughed about it while Rik and Ri-Khan both chuckled on the outside. Big Rick waited for Vic to get up and led him to the corner before he ran off the ropes…


He caught the bigger Vic with a hard shot to the head. The blow was enough to faze him so Big Rick ran off the ropes again…


A second one from the right side! He then ran cross-corner again...


Vic was a thick man himself (duh), but 226 coming at him was still enough to knock the wind out of him. Vic tumbled out of the corner and Big Rick headed to the second rope with a smile on his face before flying off like a missile, CRASHING into Vic with a big Missile Dropkick! It was powerful enough to knock Vic down and that’s when Big Rick tried to end it.




The crowd couldn’t believe that thanks to just one minor interference by the rest of Clan Strongbern, it was Big Rick in control right now despite weeks of hiding behind his subordinates. Big Rick waited for Vic to try and start getting back to his feet so he could creep up by him.

Was he?

No way!

It looked like he was going to try and hit a move out of a Fireman’s Carry, but no!


Three STIFF elbows from Vic caught Big Rick on the top of his head to keep from being lifted. Big Rick fired off a big Back Elbow in retaliation, but The World Class Badass was only stunned for a moment…



The crowd now winced as Vic Gravender leaned back on the ropes and now Big Rick was left staring up at the ceiling lights, wondering what the hell just happened! Vic rolled over and tried to go for the win on Big Rick!




Vic was stunned that the sickening counter Headbutt – which had won him matches in the past – did not do so here! Big Rick more than held his own in the past against people like Brock Newbludd and Lucky Carter, but was now doing the same here against another former nbW World Heavyweight Champion.

He yelled into the air and slashed a thumb across his throat before pulling up Big Rick into a standing Headscissors. He pointed towards the buckle because he was about ready to go for the World Class Bomb Drop…


Big Rick knew what was coming and slammed his fist right into the side of his temple multiple times until he moved down off the ropes. Big Rick yelled off the ropes and tried to go for another Strong-arm Lariat, but Vic caught him with a boot to the arm… THEN A BIG BOOT TO THE JAW!

Vic put him down on the mat and now he ran off the ropes…

Ri-Khan hopped on the apron now!

He was no doubt going for his other finishing move called The Bulldozer which was a Running Somersault Senton, but the forces of Clan Strongbern led to his distraction again! Vic wound up…


He clocked another member of Clan Strongbern with his signature Headbutt and turned around once again to face Big Rick…


The Diving Lariat caught him right in the back of the knee brace and it stunned Vic Gravender! Big Rick then had him down to his eye level and SPIKED Vic down with a DDT! The blow rattled Vic’s brains, but he was STILL trying to stand up and fight. He almost dared Big Rick to bring the fight back to him, so naturally The King of Strongbern Style obliged…


The human wrecking ball was downed with an ugly but effective Pedigree! Big Rick had some ways to go to nudge Vic onto his back but when he did, that might have been it for Vic!




Vic still kicked out, but he was groggy as shit and kneeling over on his feet. Big Rick let out a growl and the straps came the fuck down! It was time to get his hands dirty and put an end to Gravender as he headed to the top rope...


Not a nice name for a finishing move and nbW cleans up the name for their website but you can probably figure out what F means. Big Rick hit the Diving Senton and that could have done it!




Ri-Khan was holding his face with his hand, but he roared and cheered with the other hand in the air! Rik and Little Ricky looked a little bit vexed, but in the end...


Without a doubt, this was the biggest victory of Big Rick's nbW career! Big Rick held his own for a while with one of the nastiest men in nbW today, but thanks to the numbers game from Clan Strongbern, he could lay claim to the strongest win of his career!


That sound was Big Rick standing all high and mighty over Vic Gravender who was still laid out.


Big Rick pounded his fist and threw them both in the air now as the rest of Clan Strongbern had made a powerful statement and had rebounded in a big way after two losses to The Unstoppables and Ali Amore respectively.

“KICK HIS FUCKING ASS!” Big Rick shouted.

Ri-Khan, Little Ricky, and Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern obliged as all three of the powerhouses entered the ring and surrounded Vic. He was just coming around and saw the three men gang up on him, so he threw the first punch, catching Little Ricky in the chest! He tried to fight them off, but no!


The High-Impact Spin Kick stunned Vic and caught him on the jaw to lay him, which gave an opening to Little Ricky…


If there were a move more misleading in wrestling, it was the NASTY Running Big Boot by Little Ricky! Now Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern was up as both Little Ricky and Ri-Khan both helped hoist up Vic onto his shoulders. Rik smiled…


And the final nail in the coffin was Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern’s deadly Delayed Fire Thunder Powerbomb! Big Rick may have won the match, but it was the rest of Clan Strongbern that finished the job on Vic! And because Ali Amore and Tyson XL had been assaulted and attacked earlier in the night, there was nobody to save the bigger half of The Unstoppables.


Big Rick had a downright ridiculous strut going back up the ramp with a victorious and happy Clan Strongbern moving up  right behind him, but it was well worth it. He laid claim to his biggest victory yet and if people were STILL sleeping on Clan Strongbern at his point, it was probably now best not to do so any longer.

Back Too Soon?


We cut on backstage where Adria Hoyt's standing by the open door to the trainers room. A busy room tonight, it'd seem. She smiled as she stepped inside and greeted two familiar faces in NBW, unseen for months on television. Leaning up against the wall on a bench was Zatch Rollins, with icebag draped over his shoulders and neck. And half laying on her side with her leggings pulled up as a new wrap was being applied from the ankle upwards, was Nemo.

"I wanted to be the first to welcome you two back. It's been awhile since we've seen you in action." The two acknowledged her presence, "but I got to ask. Was it really worth it tonight? I mean how did it go?"

"Well, we lost." Stated Nemo, clear as day. She was born in Otaka, Japan, but that was decades ago. English wasn't her first language but it was damn well near it at this point. It helped with the people she held as her friends, colleagues, and significant others. "Other than, fine I guess?"

"It didn't look like you were 100% out there, but that didn't stop you. Did it?"

"You know those old stories about Gladiators? Live by the sword, die by the sword." Adria nodded, as much of a Bibliophile as she was, it was a common phrase she read. "Well my leg, is my sword." She raised the injured one up, pulling it from the grasp of the trainer working on it. "It has been dented. Cracked. Splintered. And broken. A true master however can repair and force the blade once again." She lowered her leg, both from the pain starting to go up the veins to the insistence by the trainer.

"It definitely looks like it hurts. And what about you Zatch?" She turned towards the masked wrestler.

"He can not speak right now. Wall caused problems with his throat. He is now, as our moniker always has been - a true silent ninja." Nemo laughed while Zatch threw up a thumbs-up sign.

"I see. Well while you two have been gone the tag team division here has sky-rocketed. There are quite a few new teams out there that have yet to match up with you guys. Are you planning on getting back into the thick of things? Once the leg heals up that is? Aspirations for those tag titles?"

"I told Zatch to do his own thing while I was sidelined. Never did. No team of his own either. Loyal. I plan to return that loyalty, Adria. We will return and set sights on the Dynasty tag championship."

"That's great to hear! In that case I wish you the best of luck and a speedy recovery." Adria turned to walk out but then turned back, "By the way, your english has improved considerably since we last truly spoke."

"Has it?" Nemo laughed, "well laid out by doctor order with the same person checking on you and pulling you from the dojo each time I sneak in to train, you find yourself with free time on your hand. I put some focus over the years on learning and had more time now." She smiled, and looked at the camera while planning to speak directly to it, and the person she was referring to. "But a street rat is no good at teaching. Best phrases I learn over years from her was 'Screw You Later' and 'Squid in pants'. She funny like that." Nemo laughed.

"Okay Adria, we need to check her over and that means removing her mask." One of the trainers approached Adria and all-but pushed her towards the door, showing her to the exit.  And thus, we faded out.

Darren Best Versus 'El Amigo Del Pueblo' El Principe

So, Alex Reyn saw off Darren Best's partner, Alfie Button, in just over EIGHT minutes earlier on.  If Darren wanted to control his own fate against Reyn, that was the time he had to break in our impromptu 'Beat The Clock' series.

Who would he have to overcome?

Could he do it?

'Messing With The Best' got another airing.  Had he adopted the theme or was it a shot at Reyn?  Stay tuned.

Walking as if the timer was about to go off at any moment, Best acknowledged some spectators, though for the most part, he was stone-faced, in the zone and ready to go.

"Introducing first...weighing in at two hundred and twenty-three pounds from New York City...Darren Best!"

Backstage, we see the duo of El Principe and VIP leave their private locker room and make the short walk to the curtains where a couple of guards salute them and march towards the ringside area.  Waiting there, and we're talking about a matter of yards, is a limousine.  One of the guards hands the esteemed individuals over to a chauffeur, who opens the door for them to get in.

Ridiculously slow and short, the driver escorts them for ten seconds or so prior to getting out himself and holding the door yet again, this time for the ego-inflated outfit to step out.

A red carpet leading to the steps is trodden by the twosome, Principe in front, and they wipe their feet again before the ring is graced with THEIR presence.

Who was Darren facing here?  The smart money was on VIP, given he'd been in the ring with him last week.  However, Darren also had history with El Principe and no official announcement had been made.

Ingram squared up to Best and I guess we had our answer.  Darren didn't back down.  As Ingram took a step back, the referee exchanged words with Vic.

Principe prospered from Price's decoy, taking Darren down a good, old-fashioned Chop Block.  The referee, clearly miffed he wasn't in control of this, was unsure what to do between reprimanding Principe and starting this contest.  He opted for the latter.

So, there you have it:  It's Darren Best v El Principe and the time to beat is 8 minutes and 2 seconds.

Meanwhile, the masked Mexican set about dashing Darren's hopes.  The official had another complication though:  VIP.  Sensing Principe was going to do something, via a gesture or a pre-match pep talk, Ingram pointed at the referee and drew his attention, enabling El Principe to sneak in a Back Rake, thus avoiding an early warning.

Suddenly, Price nodded and allowed our man in the middle to go back to his day job.  Therefore, he was on hand to see the Crown Prince of Lucha Libre land with a Seated Senton to the spine.  Make that a second.

Ingram applauded Principe's handiwork, which prompted large portions of our paying public to do the contrary.  A-List, your Dynasty kingpins, couldn't give a hoot.

Instead, Principe dropped an elbow to the inside of the leg, softening Best up for the foreigner's favoured offence - legs and back.

The Spanish-speaking tag specialist didn't plan on deviating any time soon and preferred to build on his sound technique, foundations and fundamentals by slapping on one of the sport's most well-known holds, notorious for pouring pressure on seven separate parts of the lower echelons...

Figure Four!!!!

However, Best booted Principe to safety, or so he thought.  The Luchadore responded with interest, coming off the southern set of ropes with a cracking Dropkick to the face for a count in the region of one and three-quarters.

Back to basics for our early aggressor in the shape of a Side Headlock.  Darren didn't stay there too long, frog marching his adversary towards the left-hand ropes and throwing, no, he couldn't manage it as Principe tightened his grip...


Two digs to the ribs gave Best something to work with, but just as it looked like he was about to get rid of his Mexican rash, the masked man slammed on the brakes and took Darren down to the mat with the Headlock still intact.

Best attempted a cheeky Roll-Up and got one for his audacity.  At least, it quashed the Side Headlock, especially with time not on his side, and our two competitors were back to a vertical base.  Principe, however, was still in control, albeit verbally rather than from a physical perspective.  You see, he ordered his opponent to run the ropes.

Going north, Darren skipped over Principe, who dropped down.  Best rebounded, or rather feigned to, anticipating Principe's attempted Dropkick.

Price winced as his partner landed on his head.  The Entertainer had a breakthrough and he was going to smash the door in...


Avoiding the Scorpion Armlock, Principe exited left.  He didn't have time to dwell on his next step as Best forced the issue by sliding out, causing Principe to roll back in.  Best then followed his foe back into the battleground, but one half of our devious Dynasty Tag Team champions was already on the move.  Darren dropped down and then Leapfrogged Principe again...

Hurricanrana by Darren!

Rather than let the move take effect, The Entertainer wanted to give Principe other problems to ponder, sinking him with a Single Arm DDT, thus kicking off his own preferred tactic, which targeted the arms as opposed to the legs.

Best wasn't so stuck in his ways and proved that with a pretty Rolling Neck Snap, extracting a mere 2, nothing more nor less, with the attempted hook of a leg.

Darren scooped his tag rival, and seemingly singles as well, up and whipped EP to the buckle, but unfortunately for Best and our audience, he missed with the Corner Splash.  Principe, surprisingly, was quicker and got out of there just in time.

And he wasted no seconds at all, punishing Darren's error with a basic but effective Belly-to-Back Backbreaker, scrimping a 2-count for his troubles.

In the meantime, Principe probed with another Backbreaker and this time, yes, he had the Figure Four in, dead centre, and Best was feeling this, thus imagine the amount of damage it could inflict if Principe had placed currency in the legs rather than back area up to this point.  Anyway, better late than never, extracting a couple of straight two-counts as Best struggled to simultaneously cope with the submission AND keeping his shoulders off the mat.

Eventually, and not a moment too soon, Darren reached the promised land by leaning back and touching the bottom rope with his arms, egged on by the audience.  Letting free, Principe argued with the official, for what who knew, and Best had no respite...

...Price choking Best underneath the bottom rope and sticking it to The Entertainer with a stiff Elbow Smash.  A handful of seconds later, damage done, Ingram scurried off to where he came from, like he were never away, so Principe didn't give up the ghost.  Best's coughing still wasn't enough for our official to cotton on to the shenanigans whipped up by A-List.

Principe came to collect Darren on the apron.  Lifting Best up, he SCORED with a superb Rope-Assisted Dragon Screw Leg Whip and you know what I said about him not doing much downstairs?  Delete it.  Principe had lift-off while Best was firmly grounded, down on the floor, rolling around and wondering where it had all gone wrong for him.  Truthfully, BEFORE the bell had started.  He had been up against it from year dot.

Principe took his rollicking fro the referee, for what he didn't know, though he was only too happy to see Price pick up the pieces and ram Darren's spine into the apron  Oh, this was getting better.  Ingram then dumped Darren onto the apron for the richest Trashman south of the border to pick up the garbage, which he was gleeful to do.

A Suplex back into the squared circle provoked a two.  Still, the time was ticking on Darren's quest to set his desired test, what he'd waited for against Alex Reyn, and El Principe was pissing in his cereal and ruining the endless hours Darren had dreamt about a return duel with Reyn.  If Darren weren't careful, he wouldn't make it that far.

And a Vertical Backbreaker reinforced that point.  A similar count was registered, which frustrated Principe.  The petulant Luchadore should be reminded he is in complete control of this contest and calm down or risk throwing it all away over an unnecessary tantrum.

EP whipped Best to the ropes, but Darren's movement was impeded as Ingram 'innocuously' tugged at Best's left leg between the bottom and middle rope.  VIP turned away, thinking he had tripped Best, but he got a huge shock, courtesy of a big boot to the back of the head!

Principe stormed in and got a Backbody Drop, landing on top of VIP's with his feet - two boots in a matter of seconds and Best had A-List bumping around like bowling balls, which gave the crowd some satisfaction.

Patiently, Darren pondered his next step prior to taking some paces, allowing A-List to console each other, oblivious to what awaited them...

Suicide Dive!!

With a spring in his step and short on time, Darren deposited El Principe in the ring, cast a glance at the clock and leapt onto the apron, steadying himself in the knowledge there wasn't long left to beat Alex's time in ousting Alfie.

However, he waited and waited...Slingshot Springboard D-ENIED!  It fell short, a la Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania XII...

Principe tossed Best over like a Burger King technician manning a whopper.  Wait, that just sounds wrong, doesn't it?

Never mind.


Well, it was actually a Gorilla Clutch.  Either way, it fucking hurt, that much was evident as The Entertainer cried out.  His hopes of winning this in time had evaporated.  His ambitions of emerging victorious at all were slowly fading and surely, the priority was to get out of this without serious injury.

Best had to try.  And he did, inching, buoyed by our wonderful crowd...


He got to the bottom rope.  Principe, no mercy, pulled Best into the middle, only to get dragged into an Inside Cradle...




A Chop Block put Darren back in his place as Principe, keen to return to the Gorilla Clutch, grabbed both feet.  Best, scurrying, turned around and got a kick to the abdomen.  Giving up on the Clutch, Principe changed Larry Tact and settled for a substitute Sharpshooter instead!

Bad decision.

Darren reversed it!  Quite the technician himself, don't forget, Darren had his own Sharpshooter - the leg variant of his Best Submission Ever - cinched in and he was happy to sit back and pile the pressure on for a bit, even if he'd need to kick into gear to match or smash Alex's time.

Aided by his other half, the Crown Price of Lucha Libre reached the bottom rope, which wasn't spotted by our authority figure, prompting the crowd to jeer.  Our poor referee hadn't enjoyed his finest outing.

It got worse as Best stood up and bollocked the official, who protested he hadn't seen anything.  Plus, time was of the essence.  Moving on, Darren planted Principe with a Scoop Slam...

OUTStanding Moonsault!



That's close!

Alfie had landed this earlier; Leaping Poisoned Frankensteiner!  Could it prove to be more fruitful for Darren?



No, he didn't get it.

Time to take another page out of the brash Brit's playbook and head upstairs.  Best was aiming for a Moonsault Press...

...What he got was something he didn't bargain for.  Principe caught him and was looking for...

CROWNING MOMENT!  (Quackenbush Driver II.)

Akin to a cross-legged Tombstone, fortunately, Darren rolled through, using his weight advantage perfectly and he now had Principe in the same predicament he found himself in just moments ago...

Kneeling Reverse Piledriver.  Oh, fuck it.  TOMBSTONE!

Fearing for his friend, Price got up on the apron.  Best didn't mess around, coming over to deck Victor, who fell to the apron and then onto the ground below.  That wasn't a particularly nice fall and may've spelt the end of his interference this evening.  Could Darren capitalise?

Not momentarily anyway...

Schoolboy by the Prince!




No, Best reversed it...




A kick to the gut took the wind out of Principe's sails, enough for Darren to set up...

Best of Both!!

Elbows by Principe caused separation.  That had set an alarm off in his head.  Principe, heading right, used the ropes and actually avoided an attempted Clothesline by Best...

Darren turned around, being picked up for...

Crowning Mo-NO!  Best slipped out of the BACK-DROP DRIVER!!



The bridge was broken in the nick of time for a healthy close-fall.

Encouraged by the audience, Darren, with 20 seconds to go, couldn't let this slip.  It was now or never.  He put Principe in position, hooking his arm around Principe's upper body...


The Wrist-Clutch Exploder splattered Principe into the turnbuckles.  Best crawled over to cover the lifeless body...

7:59 on the clock!  Would you believe that?!  The referee commenced the count going into the eighth and fateful minute.




They had TIED!!  There was absolutely no splitting Darren Best and Alex Reyn right now.  Darren stood up, glanced at the table and saw 8:02 frozen on the screen and conferred with the official, who confirmed it had been a dead heat.

Best was gutted, placing his hands behind his head in disappointment and disbelief  Slowly though, as the audience applauded him, he started to smile and shrugged.  He'd done what he could, given Principe no peace and not allowed Alex any advantage whatsoever.

At the fifth time of asking, could Darren Best discover the blueprint to reign supreme over Alex Reyn?

Or would The East Wind simply blow Best away yet again?




'Big Talk' Jake Tockwell Versus 'Max-Files' Max Hopper


On Slam 92, many people believed (which was common if you were Max Hopper or any of his fans because they wanted to believe!) that Hopper was certainly closing in on defeating Jake Tockwell to keep the precious Keystone (title) in his grasp, had it not been for the Rich Family who were through being the butt of the Space Pimp’s jokes.
Now the roles were reversed and just after it was announced that Tockwell was defending his Blitzkrieg title with Warren Spade defending the NBW World championship in a two-falls match for both belts involving Ohiyama, he would also have to defend his own title against Max Hopper since Hopper technically did win by disqualification. Big Talk who already thought of himself as the best Blitzkrieg champion in NBW history was going to have to prove that in some defenses leading up to Scorched and that started with tonight. In a match that played more to Tockwell’s complete lack of a moral compass, did Hopper have what it took to make himself a double champion?
We would soon find out!
One by one, each section of the arena went dark. It was almost as if someone, or something, had tampered with the lights. The West End Amphitheater was transformed into an eerie green. A thick cloud of fog rolled in. It was almost… alien.
Brent Williams apologized to the nbW faithful. “Ladies and gentleman, please excuse the interruption. We seem to be having problems with the - “ His feed cut out and was replaced by a screeching noise. Then, as if someone were switching dials on a radio, voices came through the speakers.
“I… Want… To… Believe!” the radio voices announced. Then the sound system roared to life with the geek punk classic “U.F.O.” by Boris the Sprinkler.
Amidst all the green, the Epicenter came to life, with a silvery object zooming to and fro in the distance. It grew closer, and closer, until finally it was quite clear and almost close enough to touch.
It was a flying saucer! A hatch door opened, lowering a stairway, and a bright, white light emanated from within the strange craft. A shadowy figure slowly took one step after another until it reached the ground. Finally, the mysterious being stood in the entryway, surrounded by the same bright, white light. The hatch door closed, and the U.F.O. sped off. When it vanished from the Epicenter, the same silvery object appeared above the crowd in the form of a large, silvery, saucer-shaped balloon!
As Jesse Ventura once said in an episode of The X-Files, “No other object has been misidentified as a flying saucer more often than the planet Venus.” However, this was not the planet Venus. This was the “Space Pimp” and Guardian of the Keystone (Title) Max Hopper! He stepped into the aisle, flinging his arms out wide, showing off the Keystone Championship, which was around his waist, to the crowd.. The nbW Faithful formed a veritable ocean of tinfoil hats. They ate up every minute of Max Hopper’s entrance, especially when he strolled up to a young fan and gave her the tinfoil hat off his own head! She didn’t have one of her own already.
Max Hopper strode to the ring and climbed up to the apron. He unfastened the Keystone (Championship belt) from around his waist. He folded the straps underneath the plating and held it up, moving it around like a flying saucer. Then, Max Hopper snapped his fingers, returning the lights to normal!
Now that Hopper was in the ring it was time for the champion to arrive.
“This is the biggest screw-job in the history of screw-jobs and you all know it!”
The former rockstar and former wrestler “Hot Sauce” Raul Ramirez walked from the back to bask in the jeers of the crowd. He raised an arm out to the crowds of Jeddah and he yelled.
“I am Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraul Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrramirez and I do not approve this match!”
Hopper was starting to become a little impatient but Raul was keen on making him wait.
“Please welcome to the stage at this time, the man with the gift of gab – which means both his great voice and his deadly lariat … Spike Saunders has felt it! Warren Spade has felt it! Brock Newbludd has felt it and you, too, Max Hopper, will feel the POWAHHHHHHH of wrestling's best lariat! Please welcome the man that’s being screwed over tonight left and right, but will fight the system by taking out this stupid-ass … “BIG TALK” JAKE TOCKWELL!!!”
The Eagles’s hit single “Life In The Fast Lane” played and the arena soon became washed in a sea of gold!
The music played and Raul waited for him to come out.
“Come on out Big Talk! Clean this idiot’s clock and let’s go get some food!”
We were about a minute into the awesome song by the Eagles now but there was still no sign of Tockwell until the crowd started to voice their concern. Being that this certainly was not the Guardian of the Keystone (title) holder’s first rodeo, he sensed something was afoot.
And that something was Jake Tockwell entering the ring by sneaking through the crowd! Hopper spun around …
Nope, that didn’t happen because Max Hopper dodged underneath the deadly lariat that would have no doubt dimmed the mysterious lights! Tockwell continued running at him with the ropes lending him speed but Hopper was on top of things with a leap-frog. Tockwell continued running and now amazingly without looking, Max leap-frogged Tockwell a second time with his back turned! A third try off the ropes got him a drop kick for his troubles!
Raul was completely in shock at Tockwell being shown up by the Guardian of the Keystone (title) and the crowd loved Hopper’s incredible show of agility and timing on his part. Tockwell’s face may have been kicked off the rest of his head and he rolled outside the ring to check and make sure his teeth were all still intact. As he was wasting time now, It was now his turn to try something that got the crowd going …
He flew on top of Tockwell with a suicide dive!
For some wrestlers, one dive was enough but not for a despicable jerk like the Blitzkrieg champion. Max Hopper ran back into the ring and with Tockwell still leaning against the barricade he threw himself outward …
He hit a second suicide dive!
Hopper was still not through with Tockwell and he remembered when Tockwell jumped him at the bell. The fact that he tried to do it again meant tonight there was No More Mister Nice Space Pimp. Hopper ran inside the ring and encouraged the crowd to clap and stomp before his next big feat. Hopper once again made good to run the ropes for some speed and would the third time for a dive be a charm?

You bet it would!
With an incredible fosbury flop that caught all of its intended target, Hopper flew higher than most of the UFOs that he obsessed with and now he rolled over to Tockwell to try and pin him on the floor! No disqualification and falls count anywhere was the name of the game for the Blitzkrieg title!
1 …
2 …
But a quick shoulder by Tockwell denied Hopper’s chances of becoming NBW’s only double champion today.
The Guardian of the Keystone (title) took the fight right to the Covetor of the Blitzkrieg title and lit up his chest with some hard knife edged chops. Tockwell had yet to get any sort of offense going against the Space Pimp and it looked like that was only going to continue. Hopper landed a few more chops to the chest of Tockwell and then grabbed his shirt and trunks to get him back inside the ring.
Hopper was no doubt looking to end things as quickly as possible as a guy like Tockwell could end things lickety-split, but before he could try anything, he was suddenly covered in darkness!
Sadly for him it was not the arrival of some exciting new species.
It was Raul Ramirez chucking his leather jacket at Hopper and it landed on the head!
Hopper took a second to remove the jacket and throw it back at Raul Ramirez. Raul shouted at him.
“This jacket was given to me by Sammy Hagar … ‘s beard stylist! It’s worth more than probably most things you own!”
The Guardian of the Keystone (title) did not wax cost of coats with him, but Big Talk got back up and caught the challenger in the head with a cheap shot. Hopper was now doubled over and then that gave Tockwell the chance he needed to stomp on him until Hopper was now laying prone on the ground.
“This belt is mine, you intergalactic JAG!” yelled Tockwell.
His In Crowd shirt finally came off and he fashioned it like a quick noose used to wrap around the throat of the Guardian of the Keystone (title). And because he could not be disqualified, the referee had to sit there and watch him do something that would otherwise be grossly illegal. He continued choking Hopper with the jacket and then booted him some more.
“In Crowd run things, Hopper, not you!”
Hopper was thrown with a lot of power into the corner and Tockwell was right there to clock him with a elbow to the face. He scooped up Hopper out of the corner with a running two-handed bulldog and then he finished off his painful series of moves by using a knee drop right onto the chest!
“Bang bang bang, and Big Talk’s back in control, baby!”
Big Talk wiped his hands together like he’d just finished taking out trash and then pressed Hopper’s shoulders to the canvas.
1 …
2 …
He may have been in control, but he certainly did not win because Hopper kicked out. The fans cheered for the Space Pimp, but they wouldn’t be for long because Tockwell was pointing at Raul.
“Gimme a weapon Hot Sauce!”
Raul nodded and reached under the apron to get him a chair. Hot Sauce slid the chair into the ring and anything was fair game here. Tockwell grabbed the chair and with Hopper still laid out, he opened the chair up and propped it down in the middle of the ring. The Blitzkrieg champion had some probably very bad intentions for the man trying to take his beloved Blitzkrieg title, but the challenger took him by surprise with a quick jaw breaker.
The Space Pimp was now in the driver’s seat and tried to whip Tockwell into the ropes but Big Talk’s strength advantage let him reverse it easily and then a violent SMACK echoed in the complex!
He used a drop toe hold and then sent Hopper face first into the chair! Hopper rolled around the ring frantically now holding his jaw and the crowd booed that dirty but legal tactic. Tockwell kicked the chair out of the way and then scooped up Hopper with a scoop slam. After dropping him, he cupped his ear to the fans and this time dropped a big old atomic leg drop, again on the jaw! Tockwell arrogantly put his weight on the shoulders of Hopper again and tried to wrap this up.
A 1 …
And a 2 …
But there was no 3!
Despite not having his way outside the ring earlier, Tockwell, firmly in control at this point, decided that was his best venue. So, he casually nudged Max Hopper to the ringside floor, using his foot. Once he was on the floor himself, Big Talk pressed his body up against Hopper’s and drove his back straight into the ring apron! He did it a second time for good measure before locking up for a suplex. Tockwell didn’t take him all the way over, though. Instead, he hung Max from the ring apron, only to spike his head with a DDT!
The paranormal investigator BUSTED OPEN! He was surely seeing stars, or flying saucers, or whatever it was that might have gone through his head, and Jake Tockwell saw an opportunity to hold onto his gold. He made a rather lackadaisical cover.
But Max Hopper countered it with a crucifix pin! The crowd came alive with hope!
Close but no cigar! Jake Tockwell kicked out, and he was fuming mad at nearly being shown up by such a simple move! He walked right up and kicked Max Hopper square in the teeth. It wasn’t pretty, but it was definitely effective. The Loud Mouthed Prick grabbed a handful of Max Hopper’s hair and dragged him to his feet. He hoisted the Sheik of the Supernatural onto his shoulders and aimed for the ring post. The fans covered their eyes, peeking through their fingers. Tockwell was going to toss him into the ring post like a dart! Tockwell started running to gather up a head of steam…
Somehow, someway, Max was able to wriggle free, and he sent Tockwell face-first into the steel post! What a way to shift the momentum! However, the match had taken its toll on the Czar of Bizarre, who found himself completely unable to capitalize. A rather concerned Hot Sauce checked on his meal ticket, and with both competitors down, the zebra started his mandatory ten count.
Ramirez tried to drag Tockwell back to his feet. Just feet away, Max Hopper started to stir.
Raul Ramirez had gotten the Blitzkrieg Champ back on his feet! Although he was still trying to shake the cobwebs from his head, it was enough to break the referee’s count. Hot Sauce turned him in the direction of Hopper, who was still down to a knee. Once the Loud Mouthed Prick had gotten rid of the double vision, he charged at his intended victim…

The Talk of the Town went looking for his patented knee lift, only for the Professor of Paranormal to counter it with a spinning sky high! As Jonathan Frakes would say, Raul Ramirez was Beyond Belief!
Wanting to secure victory, Max opted not to go for the pinfall just yet. Instead, the Space Pimp climbed over the barricade and into the crowd. Fans gathered around to pat him on the back and cheer him on, as Raul Ramirez watched on, completely perplexed over the turn in the tide of the match. A visibly exhausted Space Pimp used the barricade as a springboard and launched himself at Jake Tockwell…
The springboard seated senton connected! Max kipped up and went straight into a Michael Jackson style Moon Walk! The fans were over the moon. This, however, did not last for long. Hot Sauce closed in behind Max Hopper and smacked him over the back with his cane! Pro-wrestling’s leading expert on the weird and bizarre turned around and grabbed Ramirez by the collar. It was as if Hot Sauce had seen a ghost. It looked like he was about to get what he had coming to him!
Suddenly, a hand on Max Hopper’s shoulder spun him around...

The distraction by Hot Sauce had given Jake Tockwell enough time to get up and grab a fire extinguisher from underneath the ring. He saved his manager by spraying Max Hopper right in the face with it! With the Space Pimp blinded by frost-covered SeX-Ray™ specs, the Talk of the Town threw the fire extinguisher to the ground and spun around…
The discus punch caught Max right on the button and dropped him like a ton of bricks! Jake Tockwell was done playing around. He went for the cover, this time hooking the leg.
3?!? No! Another kickout by Max Hopper!
The Loud Mouthed Prick was incensed. He knelt down over Max Hopper and rained down punches right into that gash he had opened up earlier! Meanwhile, Hot Sauce went fishing underneath the ring. He got a bite, and he reeled in… A LADDER! Ramirez leaned the ladder against the top rope and gave some strategy to his favorite client. Jake Tockwell brought the paranormal investigator back to his feet by the hair and dragged him away from the ring. Then, he turned Hopper around and whipped him straight at the ladder!
The Space Pimp used his agility to run up the ladder. A shocked Tock followed behind, only for Hops to come down with a double stomp that flung the other end of the ladder right into the Blitzkrieg Champion’s face! The ladder was the lever and the top rope was the fulcrum. Great veteran move, there!
After hitting the champion right in the mush, the ladder fell harmlessly to the ground. Max Hopper put some distance between himself and Tockwell, taking a minute to catch his breath while he waited for the Talk of the Town to get back to his feet. Once his target was locked on, he took off running and launched himself like a photon torpedo over the top rope and right into the Blitzkrieg Champion, wrapping his legs around the Tockwell’s head!

How unearthly! An out of this world somersault Hopper Can Rana over the top rope and to the ringside floor may have been exactly what Max Hopper needed to secure his status as a double champion in NBW! The move took a lot out of him, and he had some difficulty reaching Jake Tockwell to make the cover, but when he got there…
At the very last second, the cover was interrupted by Hot Sauce Ramirez, who had latched onto Max Hopper’s foot to foil the near fall! Hops stood up and went in pursuit of Hot Sauce Ramirez, who put his hands up to plead his case as he backed away.
Almost as if they had materialized from nowhere, the Rich Family was on the scene! Todd caught the paranormal investigator, who had been a thorn in the Rich Family’s side in recent weeks, right between the shoulder blades with a high knee. Max cringed, and Todd Rich spun around, right into a cradle DDT!
Donny and Declan searched beneath the ring and found a table! They set it up while Freddie climbed up to the ring apron. Once the altar was ready, the two youngest members of the Rich Family (Donny and Declan) lifted the blood-gushing Space Pimp up and passed him over to their oldest brother. Freddie stuffed Max Hopper’s head between his legs and picked him up…
Max Hopper’s brain was in another dimension. There was no way it knew what was going on in this one. Not now. Not after that. Freddie, on the other hand, had his wits about him and pointed to Donny, then to Brent Williams.

“Donny. Mic. Now,” Freddie ordered his younger brother.
Donny snapped his fingers right in front of Brent’s face and motioned for him to hand over his microphone. Brent complied, and Donny handed it over to Freddie.
“Max Hopper,” Freddie began, “for the past few weeks, you’ve been a thorn in the Rich Family’s side. You’ve embarrassed us. Well, we’re sick of being the butt of your jokes, so at the next Slam, I’m going to end it once and for all. I’ve already gotten the green light from our general manager, Jack Harmen on this. You versus me, Max Hopper… in a TABLE MATCH!”
The fans cheered at the thought of a table match between the two, especially as it might mean they would see Max Hopper putting Freddie Rich through a table!

“But that’s not all,” Freddie Rich continued. “After I put you through a table, you’re going to have to defend that Keystone (Title) of yours against me at Scorched 2! I told you I’m going to take everything away from you, and that’s exactly what’s going to happen. You know what they say about payback.”
Jake Tockwell had finally come around. He looked at the carnage, at what the Rich Family had just done, and he smirked, even laughed! He consulted with Freddie Rich and then backed up. Freddie directed Donny and Declan to bring Max Hopper to his feet again. They obliged, and at the leader of the Rich Family’s orders, they fed the Space Pimp straight to the Loud Mouthed Prick for…
Unlike at the outset of the match, this time Tockwell was able to connect with his trademark lariat! It was probably overkill, but they all got a kick out of it. The fans booed like crazy, but Tockwell and the Rich Family seemed to get an even bigger kick out of that.
The Talk of the Town covered Max Hopper with just one foot.
“Haha, I told you I’d beat you, JAG-Luc Picard!”

Tockwell mocked Max Hopper as if he had done it all by himself. All that was really important to Tockwell and Hot Sauce, really, was the fact that they had kept their gold. Getting a pinfall victory over the Keystone Champ was just icing on the cake! Surrounded by a celebrating Rich Family, Jake Tockwell held up his Blitzkrieg Title, inciting and laughing at the fans.




Let's Make a (New) Deal


There wasn’t much left to tonight other than Jake Tockwell promising he would have words with Ohiyama following the conclusion of the NBW World title match earlier tonight. Earlier in the night, Jake Tockwell promised to make the main event of Scorched worth Ohiyama’s while with a new offer. What did they have in mind?
“All right everybody pipe down you idiots!”
The former rockstar and former wrestler “Hot Sauce” Raul Ramirez walked from the back to bask in the jeers of the crowd. He raised an arm out to the NBW faithful and smiled.
“I am “Hot Sauce” Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaul Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrramirez!”
He was greeted with even louder jeers for rolling his r’s like a crazy person.
“Please welcome to the stage at this time, the man with the gift of gab – which means both his great voice and his deadly lariat … Spike Saunders has felt it! Warren Spade has felt it! Brock Newbludd has felt it, Max Hopper felt it earlier tonight and at Scorched, Warren Spade will feel it again! Please welcome …
The Eagles’s hit single “Life In The Fast Lane” played and the arena soon became washed in a sea of gold! Dressed in an In Crowd t-shirt and his NBW Blitzkrieg title resting comfortably over his waist, Jake Tockwell and Raul Ramirez hit the ring … but they were not alone.
A very stern and disappointed Ohiyama walked behind him with a slower pace. Big Talk basked in the jeering of the crowd and raised his title above his head. Big Talk and Hot Sauce entered the ring and with Ohiyama right behind them, they both held open the ropes for the Polyneasian Powerhouse.
Instead, he brushed past the two men and climbed into the ring by himself. This was an obvious message he was not happy with the double countout from earlier tonight, but with a new match made for Scorched that would be a two-fall three-way match for both the Blitzkrieg and the NBW World titles, it was truly going to be hell breaking loose!
“All right it’s time to cut Big Talk’s music! Big Oh, you and I need to talk Big Bidness!”
The music quietly faded and now Big Talk had the floor whether people wanted him to or not.
“Ohiyama … earlier tonight you were screwed harder than a street-walker in a Vietnamese whore-house. There is no reason that you couldn’t have beaten that big JAG, Warren Spade earlier tonight and took the title that doesn’t belong to him. Hot Sauce and I both know that you would have won that match had it not been for that big goof tripping over his own two feet and not getting back in the ring.”
That was a little bit revisionist but he went with it.
Ohiyama grew impatient.
“I’m not out here with you for bootlicking, Tockwell,” Ohiyama said sternly. “Tell me what you want. NOW.”
The crowd grew louder as Tockwell continued.
“Brass tacks! Big Talk gets that! See, it’s a conspiracy by that General Manager of Zeroes, Jack Harmen to put the screws to you and I.”
“Yeah! Hard screws!” said Ramirez.
“I’m being forced to put up my Blitzkrieg Toughest Man in No Brand championship on the line in the main event of Scorched. See … I love titles, Ohiyama. Love them lots! They mean that you’re the shit around these parts and if that were the case, Big Talk would have enough to fertilize your lawn for the next century!”

Big Talk waved a hand to Hot Sauce.
“Here’s the deal Big Ohh … you should have won that title. It really should have been yours but I’ll tell you what I’ll do …
The wrestler/snake oil salesman took a step closer to the Hawaiian Godzilla.
“I’m Jake Tockwell and what I say goes, so what I’m saying is this: I’m going to up the ante for you at Scorched. If I walk out of there with both the Blitzkrieg and NBW championships and Big Talk finally fulfills his promise of being NBW’s sexiest double-champion …
Raul Ramirez opened the briefcase in his hand and opened it ala Deal or No Deal. The amount inside appeared bigger than what was in there before and Ohiyama’s eyes went wide.
“That my friend is FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS!” said Tockwell. “That is five-hundred thousand reasons for me to be a double champion and five hundred thousand ways for you to take care of your family.”
Big Talk raised one finger on his hand.
“All of that debt from your uncle’s little store.”
He raised a second finger.
“All of those hospital bills that’ll creep up on your cousins like a cheap pair of panties.”
He raised a third finger.
“All of those other unwanted expenses that come with laying a family member to rest. All that will be gone if you take this deal, Ohiyama.”
Ohiyama was no longer annoyed and in fact, looked like he was very much considering taking the deal.
The fans were chanting loudly for the Hawaiian to not sell his soul for this deal but he couldn’t help but gaze at the money.
“Don’t listen to these jags! This money makes us pretty much the richest people in this country so they’re just jealous little bitches. Take the money, Ohiyama.”
“Don’t listen to his bullshit!”
The crowd yelled loudly because it was none other than the NBW World champion Warren Spade! He had heard just about enough of Tockwell’s attempts to buy his way to both championships at Scorched.The champion was in his street clothes and he was walking toward the ring sans music or Fenton Woods.
“I can’t imagine what you’ve been going through, Ohiyama, but don’t listen to his shit,” yelled the NBW champ. “You’ve been back a few months, but I know the kind of guy you are, Ohiyama. You have morals, you have dignity and you have good in you; that blonde piece of shit and his little dick holster, Raul Ramirez, don’t know a thing about decency.”
The crowd laughed at that insult! Big Talk was angry at being called that. Raul Ramirez was even angrier for being compared to a similar position that Stephen Colbert referred to our President.
“I have titles, money and good looks, you big derp-for-nothing!” yelled Big Talk. “I don’t need decency!”
Ohiyama screamed and he made damn sure all eyes were back on him again.
“Tockwell,” Ohiyama spoke, “I need some time to think about your offer, but I’ll address that in a minute...”
He turned to face Warren Spade.
“Brah…” Ohiyama growled. “What happened in da ring earlier tonight resolved NOTHING between. I know I have a second chance at Scorched, but understand dis… I don’t need you to come out here and fight my battles. You need to stay out of my business, hoaloha, unless you like beef.” The Hawaiian slang for asking if Warren wanted a fight.
Warren looked to the Polynesian Powerhouse as he now stood at the edge of the ring.
“Don’t tell me you’re actually going to accept this asshole’s offer. Because if you do … then we are really going to have a problem … brah.”
He said the last word emphatically with Tockwell and Raul watching the potential fireworks.
“Hey, jag, up here!” said Tockwell. “When I command attention, you best listen! You need …”
Before Warren Spade even knew what was going on, the NBW World Heavyweight Champion was being pounced on by of all people…
Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern.
Ri-Khan Strongbern.
Little Ricky Strongbern
All three of the massive monsters of Clan Strongbern went right after The Monster Of The Mid-South and pounced on him with a vicious three-on-one assault outside the ring!”


That was the loud and commanding voice of Clan Strongbern’s namesake, Big Rick Strongbern! Apparently, they hadn’t made enough enemies recently and decided to step up in weight class! Ohiyama and Tockwell were caught by surprise after the number the Clan were doing on the nbW World Heavyweight Champion.

“HI, OHIYAMA! WE’RE HERE TO FUCK SHIT UP AND CHEW BUBBLEGUM!” Big Rick shouted as opened his mouth to his old rival to show a wad of gum he was chewing. “I DO HAVE BUBBLEGUM, BUT WE’RE STILL GONNA FUCK SHIT UP!”

Ohiyama saw enough and before Tockwell could try and defend himself against whatever Clan Strongbern were doing out there, Ohiyama gunned right for Ri-Khan Strongbern!

He continued to fight and now Warren Spade was up and fighting with Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern and Little Ricky Strongbern at one time, try to handle business against the Clan’s two largest members!


Big Rick snuck up behind Ohiyama with his back turned and took out his leg with a Strong-arm Lariat just like he did to Vic Gravender earlier in the night leading to his massive victory! The blow stunned Ohiyama…


He BARRELED right into Ohiyama and dropped The Polynesian Powerhouse against the guardrail!

Warren Spade tried to protect Fenton Woods by throwing shots at both Strongberns members until Ri-Khan got involved and BIT HIM ON THE ARM! The nbW World Heavyweight Champion let out a howl until that gave Rik a free shot to RAM him in the chest with a hard Double Sledge! That’s when both he and Little Ricky grabbed Warren…


Both monsters teamed up to throw Spade head-first into the steel steps! And now that he was down as well, Ri-Khan yelled out and let out a shrill cry…


He launched his entire near-300 pound frame right into Warren Spade against the steps! The crowd couldn’t believe the attack they launched at two of the three men who would be in Scorched’s main event for the nbW World Heavyweight and Blitzkrieg Titles!

If there was a rare chance for things to happen tonight, Tockwell was left speechless! He now watched all four members of Clan Strongbern surround the ring and turned his attention to Big Rick who walked right into the ring. Big Talk held his Blitzkrieg Championship in hand ready to make things hard for any of the Clan should they make a move, but they remained still. Now The King of Strongbern Style had a microphone in his hand and turned to where Ohiyama and Warren Spade were both laid out on the floor.


Rik threw Jake Tockwell a microphone.

“What… what do you JAGs… sorry, what do you... things want?” Tockwell asked slightly nervously with Raul Ramirez cowering behind him.


He pointed at Warren Spade who was now bloodied open from a gash he suffered being thrown into the steps.



Tockwell turned to Ohiyama who was still laid out on the ground, holding his rib cage. The Blitzkrieg Champion turned to the deadly powerhouse of Clan Strongbern and shook his head.

“You win the belt from that big jag next week and I’ll give you ALL the money!”

The crowd BOOED at the thought of Big Rick Strongbern as nbW World Heavyweight Champion and he smirked.


Big Rick took a bow and then took a walk, leaving Fenton Woods to check on the well-being of the champion. Tockwell and Raul did briefly check on the well-being of Ohiyama who was seething with rage now and punching the ground in frustration. His own morals may have cost him the money that he was needing for back home and in the meantime, Clan Strongbern came back with a vengeance tonight by taking out both Unstoppables, Ali Amore, and now Ohiyama and the nbW World Heavyweight Champion Warren Spade.

And if Big Rick had any say, the main event of Scorched would be turned on its head and would be $500K richer!

The closing nbW Slam logo appeared with Clan Strongbern and Big Talk all with shit-eating grins on their collective faces.


Ohiyama vs Warren Spade - Markus/Seth
Ballroom Blitzkrieg - Markus
The Great Wall Open Challenge - Mitchell
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Spark vs Alan Envy - Alan
Rik Bonebreaner-Strongbern Versus Ali Amore - Keegan
A New Plan - Markus
Coming to Terms - Gorman
'The Colossus' Spike Saunders versus 'The Omega' Arzael - Dusty/Trevor
Making a plan - Dusty
'Mr. Manx' Charlie Birkin Versus Ai Tso - Seth
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Reason 2 - Keegan
Big Rick Strongbern Versus Vic Gravender - Seth
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Keystone: 'Big Talk' Jake Tockwell Versus 'Max-Files' Max Hopper - Ernie/Markus
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