SLAM! Episode 91
Live from the Ulker Sports Arena in Istanbul






V/O - “Over ten years ago a small-time promotion out of Reading, PA came to existence. Over the years superstars have debuted and grown, some have retired, and others are still around today. Owners have changed. Locations have shifted. But one thing has always stayed the same. The name. Three Initials that have survived through the thick and the thin.”

The NBW logo is shown as it fades in and out showing the various designs from past to present. The voice-over by Trent McKnight continues.

V/O - “Those initials represent the past, the present, and the future. No Borders. No Boundaries. No Bull. Nothing But Wrestling. Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the NBW!”

A video package rolls showing past wrestlers and on-screen talent from the original promoter Alex Styles to Xander Napoli onto the current: Thaddeus Boyle. Three different men with three different agendas, all of which were responsible for the success that is NBW.

V/O - “Many athletes have paved the way for the current generation entertaining the fans every week.”

Shots of Jason Kain, Maximizer, Frost, Rey Campbell, Cal Roberts, Blake Gray, Rejection, Uncensored, Jade Greene and Alan Helms filled the screen before being replaced with shots of macWICKED, Ali Amore, Lunatic, D-T, Max Hopper, High Flyer, Sam Potright, Dream Warriors, Rik Bone, Callie Urban, Heaven and Hell, Shawn Jessica Hart, Remy Leroux, Brock Metzer, The Gordon Brothers, Andrew Martin, Mat Walton, William Arthur Reagan, Nightlife USA, Sweet Daddy K, Techno Dragon and numerous others as the clips speed up to a blur.

Side to side ‘Special K’ Keegan and ‘the Colossus’ Spike Saunders fade into view before being replaced by an imposing image of the former Double Champion, ‘Superstar’ Vince Jacobs and his Cheshire-like smile.

His image is replaced by clips of the members of his Upper Echelon; Judasbleek, Warren Spade, and the Son of Malta.

They are soon replaced by the likes of Vic Gravender, Chris Moliano, Derecho, Judasbleek, Son of Malta, Torment, RaVage, Tremoid, Lexia Hart, Benjamin Jones, For The Win, Johannes Antonious de Castonovo and Aleczander of Family Keeling, Handsome Man Modeling School, Supersquad, Zed, and more as the clips speed up once more.

V/O - "The time to break the mold is now. To be somebody. To make a mark. To be..."

The NBW logo spins to life once more and fades out to the simple initials before the opening video for SLAM plays and then the initials return with the logo once more.



The Shape of Things to Come

In the Ring

The fans of Istanbul were greeted to a huge surprise with Slam 91 on the air …

“Gather around, everyone, gather around!”

The arena went dark and a lone spotlight was now on the entryway. Whoever this person was had their back turned to the camera so as to hide his face, but he was a man in jeans, a black coat and a red and white carnival barker hat. He was very short and couldn’t have been any more than five-foot four, but he certainly had a gift of gab … no, not that troublemaker Blitzkrieg champion Jake Tockwell …

This was Warren Spade’s manager, Fenton Woods!

“It’s a celebration, Istanbul!”

The crowd popped at that announcement!

“Please welcome the up and coming high flyer … the Picasso of Planchas, The Da Vinci of Dives, The Monet of Moonsaults … EZ BLAZE!!!”

The crowd cheered for the high flying dynamo that helped Spade earn his title match in the first place!

“And of course my other client and the man who kicked Derecho’s ass so bad he went into hiding … THIS IS YOUR NEW NO BRAND WRESTLING WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION …” Fenton pointed his cane at the entrance. “WWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEN SSSSSSSSPPPPPADDDDDDEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”

“And mine.”

He tapped his cane on the ground and his spotlight disappeared. The crowd was baited with anticipation and when words appeared on the EpiCenter they went crazy.




Warren Spade was here!

“Into The Arena” by Michael Schenker Group played and The Monster of the Mid-South basked in the reception from the crowd with the nbW World championship raised to the sky! After enjoying the response, he hunched over to let Fenton Woods ride on his shoulders and walked out with EZ Blaze, lifting HIM as well!

The monster who once boasted a two-year undefeated streak in No Brand Wrestling was now basking in the glory of his first singles championship seven years after debuting with the company. The large giant from the Mid-South stomped his way toward the ring and let go of both Blaze and Fenton. After his manager and his masked friend entered the ring, Warren raised the title again and climbed inside!

“All right, all right, cut the music!” said Warren.

“Into The Arena” faded quietly into the night with Warren about to speak.

At least he was about to …

”STAMPEDE!” Clap Clap. ”STAMPEDE!” Clap Clap.”STAMPEDE!” Clap Clap.”STAMPEDE!” Clap Clap.”STAMPEDE!” Clap Clap.”STAMPEDE!” Clap Clap.”STAMPEDE!” Clap Clap.”STAMPEDE!” Clap Clap.”STAMPEDE!” Clap Clap.”STAMPEDE!” Clap Clap.

“We only have so much show to get through, sorry guys!” said Fenton.

The “Stampede” chants continued so the Monster of the Mid-South shrugged.

“I’ll keep things pretty short and sweet because while I have a lot of partying to do, there’s a man out there that deserves just as many kudos as I do for coming back from the brink: that is you Brock Newbludd. I just wanted to say from the champion to challenger at Legacy … welcome back and congratulations!”

The fans cheered Brock Newbludd loudly and no doubt he would be out here tonight to address the rowdy fans.

“I look forward to seeing you at Legacy, but to be honest … I am an impatient man, Fenton.”

“Oh, I know,” Fenton said in agreement.

EZ Blaze nodded quietly behind him.

“We still have this leg of the NBW world tour to get through and we get to Scorched in a few months before we get to Legacy after that. That is a LONG time for me to sit on my ass and not defend this NBW World championship!”

The One-Man Stampede lifted the title.

“A lot of people supported me through all of my personal and professional trials and tribulations to get to that point. You were with me through the lows and now you’re with me at the highs … and I say that with this title I am going to stay at the top for a long, long time!”

”STAMPEDE!” Clap Clap. ”STAMPEDE!” Clap Clap.”STAMPEDE!” Clap Clap.”STAMPEDE!” Clap Clap.”STAMPEDE!” Clap Clap.”STAMPEDE!” Clap Clap.”STAMPEDE!” Clap Clap.”STAMPEDE!” Clap Clap.”STAMPEDE!” Clap Clap.”STAMPEDE!” Clap Clap.

The Istanbul crowd continued to support Warren but he continued to speak through the deafening chants.

“Unlike Derecho who was ducking me for a long time and made me and EZ Blaze jump through hoops for title shots, I don’t plan on sitting on the sidelines until Legacy gets here. I’m going to be a fighting champion who will take on anyone and everyone to prove that I’m not only the best … quote unquote … ‘big man’ wrestler in NBW, I want to be the best of any kind of wrestler! So that being said, Istanbul … do you all want to see a title match tonight?

That was met with even more deafening cheers! Warren smiled and turned to EZ Blaze.

“Blaze … I made a promise to you. I made a promise to you that if I won this title, you would get the first title shot because you beat Derecho so I could have that match at 25 to Life. Tonight … let’s say you and me fight for this title!”


Blaze marched right up to Warren Spade and extended the pinky. They after all, were made to do a pinky swear by Fenton. The crowd cheered as the monster and the cruiserweight locked pinkies! Blaze nodded and it looked like Warren’s first title match was official for the night!

“I don’t care about size, heart, star power, one men, two men, three men or anything in between. If you want a title shot, I will fight you! Understand this, Blaze … our friendship is on the backburner when this is on the line. Before and after the match, I got your back. During this match … This” he said raising the title. “Is what matters the most. Understand?”

EZ Blaze nodded again in agreement in the main event for tonight’s championship.

“With that said, you all have a good night and we’ll see you all again later,” said Fenton.

The three were about to leave the ring …

They were cut off by a song nobody had heard before … “Cool Kids” by Screeching Weasel!

And one logo on the video screen showed it.


The golden martini glass and symbol of a fine young lady told the crowd that the NBW Dynasty tag team champions The A-List were coming out along with “Hot Sauce” Raul Ramirez and of  course the ringleader of the group: “Big Talk” Jake Tockwell still with the Blitzkrieg title after successfully defending against Spike Saunders. Warren Spade, EZ Blaze and Fenton Woods all watched the cocky foursome step out onto the stage as the arena lights were bathed in gold.

“IN CROWD AND THE HOT SAUCE COMIN’ AT YA!!!” yelled Raul with a lot of gusto.

The crowd booed as Tockwell took front and center.

“Look at you, Warren, joining the championship club! Congratulations!” said Tockwell with some snark. “It only took you like … SEVEN YEARS?! It only took me and the A-List less than one before we were all champions!”

“You know that’s right!” yelled VIP.

He and El Principe tapped their Dynasty tag title belts together. Raul Ramirez placed a hand on their shoulders to show off his excellent managerial skills as Tockwell yelled at Warren.

“It took that space-tard Max Hopper ten years to win a championship in NBW! How the hell do you quote, veterans sleep at night? And you, Spade, what’s your excuse, you big derp-for-nothing?”

Warren looked at EZ Blaze for a moment and then looked back to the In Crowd.

“Jake Tockwell … I knew it’d only be a matter of time before your slimy little ass came out of hiding and wanted to bark up this tree,” said Warren. “You and the A-List ought to be proud of yourselves running around here with gold and winning because you’re taking shortcuts and relying on Clan Strongbern to win matches for you. Some talented guys, right?”

The crowd cheered at the insult, but Tockwell didn’t.

“First off, my ass isn’t slimy, it’s perfectly taut and muscular, thanks for noticing,” said Tockwell with a grin. “Second of all … by hook or by crook, you’re looking at the future of No Brand Wrestling, not some big crybaby JAG that used a sob story to make himself interesting and not some masked gimp who looks like a deer in a headlights when you put him in front of a microphone. Been a while since you felt the Gift of Gab, eh, EZ?”

Blaze remembered a match last year with Tockwell.

“And some champion you are, Spade, handing out title shots to your little buddies instead of fighting me! Remember, the guy that beat you and the 25 to Life winner Brock Newbludd in the same night and became Blitzkrieg champion! The guy that beat Spike Saunders at 25 to Life and kept the same BK title on his shoulders! The same guy that almost beat Derecho had it not been for Spike …”

“Whoa, whoa whoa, Tockwell!” shouted Warren, cutting him off. “You almost beat Derecho. Hey, Blaze, remind me again, I beat Derecho at 25 to Life, right?”

EZ nodded.

“And you beat Derecho on Slam 88 when he was the champion, right?”

EZ nodded again.

“Well, look at that! Let’s start our own stable! We’re the “We Beat Derecho And Don’t Make Bitch Excuses When We Can’t” Club! That’s a mouthful, I know, but we’ll work on another name some other time.”

Tockwell did not like being reminded of previous failures; one could see him getting visibly upset now. He tried his best to shake it off and resume his classic bravado.

“Nah nah nah … Big Talk ain’t gonna rise to your bait, you dumb jag. You and that little piece of trash, Fenton Woods, are just going to spin some story about how you’re a beast and an unstoppable champion when you’ve never beaten me in NBW. I’m two and oh against you Spade … something Derecho couldn’t boast, either! So tell that bird mask moron over there to wait in the back of the line so Big Talk can march taut perfect ass on down to the ring and take that title from ya!”

“Do it!” Raul shouted. “The In Crowd already have these great, great titles! We just need that one to complete the set!”

“From manager to manager, Dick Ramirez …” said Fenton directly to Raul. “ … do us all a favor and go back to cleaning jock straps instead of holding that microphone, okay?”

Raul growled.

“My name is Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaul Rrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaamirez!”

The crowd booed at him rolling his signature R’s even though he spoke perfect English. Fenton just shrugged at him.

“Sorry, Mild Sauce. Something about the shape of your head makes me think your name is … dick.”

The fans that could understand all of this going on continued to laugh at the expense of Tockwell and Raul Ramirez. Tockwell was now truly frustrated.

“No, no, no, enough amateur comedy hour!” yelled Tockwell. “You gonna give me my match, Warren, or are you gonna keep ducking me?”

Warren held out the title.

“I’ll make you a deal, Tockwell. This match with Blaze and I was already signed off by Harmen contingent on if I won at 25 to LIfe, which I did so this is going down tonight regardless of how much you whine about it. You’re right though. You hold a victory over me because your little friends held my legs down and Derecho hit me with this title belt … that’s something I’m still a little sore over, but if you want a shot at this belt and if I beat EZ Blaze tonight, I’ll take you on in two weeks.”

That was the last straw as far as the Blitzkrieg champion was concerned.

“Oh, how god-damned convenient, you stupid jag! I beat you and when I come to collect mymy rightful shot, you’re suddenly too busy. I ain’t gonna wait two weeks because you’ll probably be giving out title shots to your other friends like Harmen, Spike Saunders, Fenton Woods’s gimpy little ass, that little fat kid in the front row with your shirt on, Brock Newbludd, the tooth fairy. You’ll make my ass wait until the end of time or until I go away … NO!!! SCREW THIS!!!”

Raul Ramirez, VIP and El Principe all tried to calm Tockwell down. Raul then looked like a bright idea crossed his mind as he whispered something into Tockwell’s ear. Blaze and Warren watched him and Tockwell grinned.

“No … no, Big Talk’s got much bigger plans for the both of you. You go ahead and have your little match, Spade. You have your little match because Big Talk and the In Crowd have bigger plans for you and that title! Enjoy putting these fans to sleep, you dumb JAGs.”

The In Crowd all walked away and disappeared behind the curtains while Fenton, Warren and EZ all just shook their heads.

“Well … “ Spade said. “Enough of that bull-shit … EZ and I are gonna see you all in the main event tonight. Enjoy the rest of the show, everybody!”

“Into The Arena” played for the fans as they all made their exit.

Whatever Tockwell was planning couldn’t be good, but in the mean time, the NBW World title was on the line tonight when Fenton Woods’s clients and friends faced each other for the biggest prize NBW had to offer!

'The Photogenic' Peter Pham Versus Teddy Palmer

“I’ve been waiting for this next match!” C.G. Gains said to the crowd as we went back to ringside. “The Handsome Man Modeling School have taken on a new attitude of late and have become more than bit players here in No Brand.”

“Well tonight Peter Pham will have his hands full with newcomer Teddy Palmer.” Melissa Vandeart added.

“That Palmer guy stands no chance. Everywhere he’s ever been, he’s either quit, been fired, or shut the company down. He’s not so much a wrestler as he is a nuisance.” Gains retorted.

“The past aside, one has to acknowledge his showing in the 25 To Life match. If it wasn’t for outside interference from the Rich Family, who knows?”

“Are you serious? Lets just get to the action so I can be proven right on this one.”

And to the ring we went.

“Big Rings” by Drake feat. Future.

Silver spotlights began to swirl their way across the arena. Eventually after a few seconds, the lights converged.


The names flashed and out from the back with actual game faces on were The Handsome Man Modeling School! Smith. Pham looked to continue the mini roll him and his amigos had begun prior to 25 To Life, and his swagger to the ring exuded confidence. His broskis acted as his hype men, jacking him up as they made their way towards the ring.

“Making his  way to the ring from Santa Cruz, California… accompanied by “Tantalizing” Taylor Smith” and “The Beaut” Benny Reyes...one third of the Handsome Man Modeling School, “Photogenic” Peter Pham

All three men staggered themselves on the ring steps, layering themselves to pose for the crowd. Reyes flexed his hulking muscles, Pham did a selfie face surprisingly well for an asian and Smith showcased what years of bleaching had done for his teeth. After the three men posed they entered the ring.

“Hallelujah” by Panic At The Disco

Grady Patrick was the first to make his way out onto the stage, trademark bowler cap tilted and walking cane as shiny as ever. Teddy Palmer was soon to follow, his arms outstretched, and his cocky grin just as wide as that wing span. Grady stepped aside letting Teddy take center stage, allowing the fanbase to take in every bit of the greatness he believed Teddy Palmer to be.

“And his opponent, hailing from Toronto, Ontario, Canada...being accompanied by Grady Patrick, Teddy Palmer!”

Teddy rolled into the ring as Grady attended his post, sharing dirty glances with the two thirds of the Models on the outside with him. Simon Brack ordered each man to their corner, allowing the anticipation to slightly build.

Ding! Ding!

The two men paced back and forth around the ring, circling as they each looked for an opening. Palmer swiped at Pham’s hand, and Pham returned the gesture. Having lost patience, Teddy lunged forward in an attempt to lock horns, only for Pham to duck underneath and wrap his arms around ‘The Trainwreck’s’ waist. After briefly jockeying in an attempt to gain leverage, Pham shoved Palmer forward cockily.

This action caused a frat party like reaction from Smith and Reyes outside the ring. Their boy Pham had just technically schooled one Teddy Palmer, or so they felt, and let him know it. Pham fed off their reaction, and you could see the little nut kickers confidence grow. Ted himself even seemed amused as he shot a glance towards Grady Patrick.

Ted let a smirk grow, and began to circle the ring again. He tried to better pick his spot, again being the one to attempt to engage, and again Pham slid underneath Teddy's arms, wrapping his waist. The transition into a headlock was a quick one, as Pham grabbed a chunk of Palmers hair with his free hand. Simon Brack warned Pham about the hair tugging, but he didn't care. He released the headlock, holding the gold mane, using it to rebound Ted into a snap arm drag.

It was the greatest fucking move the wrestling world had ever seen.

Well, the reaction from Reyes and Smith would have indicated such an event. Hugs. High Fives. Fist Bumps. Chest Bumps. Reyes and Smith's lovefest wasn't contained between each other either, as Reyes soon took position on the apron to share the affection with the technically gifted Pham via their knuckles kissing one another.

On one knee, Ted had not lost his smirk, but anyone could see the newcomer was irritated. He slowly stood up as Grady Patrick slammed his fists on the apron, shouting words of encouragement.

“Stop fucking around ya tard! He’s a damn model!”

Well, those words were the closest thing Grady knew to encouragement.

Swagger accompanied Pham as he sauntered towards the center of the ring where Ted stood. Ted slowly clapped for Pham, showing the competitor that he was impressed. Or maybe he was being sarcastic, who knows really. Either way, it was apparent Pham did not appreciate the gesture.


The taste left Teddy’s mouth along with a fair amount of saliva as his head snapped to the left, following the leading right hand of Peter Pham.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH” collectively echoed throughout the arena, lead mostly by Smith from the floor and Reyes from the apron.

“Don’t you dare disrespect me!” Pham said.

“DUDE GOT BITCH SLAPPED!” Reyes yelled, stating the obvious.

The smirk was replaced with a full fledged smile, but it certainly wasn't a happy one. As quick as Pham had slapped the bushy cheek of Ted, Ted launched forward, thrusting his right leg upward, his foot landing squarely on the jawline of Pham.



Teeth Shattered? Possibly.

Phams body staggered backwards with authority towards the ropes. Reyes was still on the apron, but had turned his attention to the crowd, much like Smith on the floor had done. Phams back crashed into the ropes and Reyes, sending the hulking model tumbling off the apron onto Smith. Smith crashed into the barricade and Reyes held his neck like one would after a fender bender insurance scam.

As Pham rebounded off the ropes, his legs had lost their strength, buckling. As he fell to all fours, Teddy was already rebounding off the ropes, leaping up into the air…


It was all academic at this point.

Ted draped himself on top the limp body of Pham as Simon Brack dropped into position to make the count.



“Your winner of the match, TEDDY PALMER!”

Teddy sat up, and looked outside towards the other two thirds of of the weird model threesome

as “Hallelujah” littered the ears of the masses. Smith and Reyes had both made their way back to their feet, and shared identical looks of shock. Teddy couldn't help but wink before rolling away from the presumably unconscious body of Peter Pham.

Grady Patrick was quick to meet his client outside the ring, and raised his hand in victory. The two men made their way to the back, serenaded with a mixed reaction, while Smith and Reyes were left to try and wake their sleeping beauty.

Elsewhere in the arena...

Don't Forget Your Toothbrush

Rich Family Dressing Room

The Rich Family were getting ready for what could be another eventful evening for the unit and, of course, for all of the nbW roster in the light of 25 to Life, which had turned out to be another tremendous PPV.

Freddie was getting ready and after putting on his Fonz-esque leather jacket, Martin Sheen style, he brushed his hair to the side, admiring himself in the mirror when he noticed an unfamiliar object next to the sink.

A pregnancy test.

Peering down at it, Freddie’s expression accelerated from amazement to sheer horror in a shorter timespan than it takes for Boris Becker to get his rocks off in a broom cupboard.

He realised it was…



In the next breath, Rich screamed “BOYS, GET IN HERE!”

Todd, Declan and Donny did as their de facto leader told them to and were summoned for an emergency meeting.

“What’s this?”

He showed exhibit A to his second-in-command, Todd, first.  His cousin was perplexed:  “I don’t know.  Why are you asking me?”

“Maybe YOUR sister, OUR cousin, isn’t as innocent as she looks.”

Todd was taken aback by that remark:  “Well, maybe it’s your not-so-innocent sister who is…”

Declan, the middle child of The Rich Family, was the voice of reason:  “Guys, let’s talk about this.  How did that even get there?”

Freddie pointed at Donny:  “Door.”

As the young, useless runt of The Rich Family went to make this public debate a private discussion not to be aired publicly…

Max Hopper burst onto the scene! The new Keystone Champion almost knocked poor Donny over in the process. NBW’s foremost authority on the weird and bizarre and all things strange spotted the pregnancy test in Freddie’s hand.

“Oh, thanks, Guy. I was wondering where that got to! You don’t know how worried I was. So, what’s the verdict?!?” Max Hopper anxiously inquired, taking the pregnancy test from a flabbergasted Freddie, whose mouth was agape in astonishment.

Freddie and Todd exchanged glances and upon Freddie’s urging, Todd took the floor:  “Well...we were hoping you could help us.”

The elder Rich:  “Whose…”

“It’s MINE!” Max Hopper blurted out. “Why else would I be looking for it?”

Freddie was freaked out by this point as Todd scratched his head, thus it was up to Declan to ‘come of age’ and take over the line of enquiry:  “I think what my brothers are saying is...how?  I mean...why would it be yours?”

‘The First’ blurted out:  “How is it even possible?"

“Well, it’s a long story…” Max Hopper began, “but, well, do you know how seahorses work? I mean… from a reproductive standpoint? Well, that’s how this alien race the Hippocampians work. The male carries the child. They’re evolved from a species a lot like seahorses here on Earth, you know.

Max continued, uninterrupted, as nobody else seemed to have any idea what on Earth he was talking about, “Anyway, I kind of hooked up with a female Hippocampian the other day, and, well... I guess you know the rest, huh?” Max sheepishly laughed.

“Wow. I’m gonna be a mother,” Max whispered nervously under his breath as he handed the pregnancy test back to Freddie. Max wandered out, and he could be heard from down the corridor shouting in elation, “I’M GONNA BE A MOTHER!”

Freddie glanced down at the positive pregnancy test, relieved that his sister nor his cousin were about to usher in the new generation of Riches just yet, but baffled at what had just transpired.  Suddenly, Donny of all people pointed out at a glaring detail that his relatives had overlooked.

“Hey Freddie, isn’t that your toothbrush?”




You Get What You Put In


Backstage, the form of the former Keystone Champion Matt Haddon could be seen near the walk to the gorilla position for this match with The Great Wall. After two victories against The Great Wall’s keeper, Xiang, Haddon was looking forward to the chance to end The Great Wall’s undefeated streak.

“Excuse me, Mr. Haddon?”

“Yeah, Trent?”

The form of Trent McKnight came into view and he was eager to get the skinny right before his match with the monster.

“Haddon, after things have gone your way on Slam 90 and in the opener of 25 To Life against Xiang, you now try to defeat The Great Wall ever since his new streak started this year. Your thoughts?”

The Founding Father as he was known backstage chuckled.

“You’re probably looking for a sound byte about how I’ve seen ‘em all come and seen ‘em all go, blah blah blah. Look, I have been here a long time. I’ve been focusing on the future of No Brand Wrestling more recently, but I am getting SICK and tired of hearing the talk lately about how I should STICK to teaching instead of wrestling. I have one title to my name that I held for about ten minutes. Peers like Spike Saunders and Ravage who have been here as long as I have are decorated main eventers. Maybe I don’t have those things, but I’ll tell you what I DO have, Trent…”

Haddon noted.

“My pride. I’m still a goddamn man and win, lose or draw, I’m going to handle my business no matter who I’m in the ring with. Maybe I have a chance against The Great Wall. Maybe I don’t. I do have a gameplan in mind, but the bottom line is that I go out there and FIGHT.”

“Aye, boy!”

Walking out next to Trent, arm in arm, was another debuting star that defeated Myles Jake at 25 To Life and became part of the nbW roster. “Mr. Manx” Charlie Birkin and his fiance, American beauty Ali Carr, walked up to Haddon who looked vexed by their presence. The first-ever nbW star hailing from The Isle Of Man greeted Haddon with a handshake.

“Haddon, you’re right, boy!” Birkin said. “Hi, you know me. Charlie Birkin aka The Best That’s In aka Mr. Manx aka the fiance to THIS lovely lass!”

“Hiiiiiiiii guuuuyyyyy!” Ali said with an cloying tone. “Nice to meet you, Matty!”

“Can I help the two of you?” Haddon asked.

Birkin smiled.

“Yeah, I wanted to get word with Trenty here,” Birkin said. “Like… how come I make my debut at 25 To Life and win, then THIS relic gets a spot on the card tonight and I don’t?”

Haddon shook his head. “Oh, boy, another wiseass rookie… look, kid, I know who you are. I’m the one that helped ARRANGED for you to get a spot in nbW when I led a UK talent tour two months ago. I know who you and Ali are. But what I don’t appreciate are the two of you marching up to me like you’re owed something.”

Birkin put up his hands defensively.

“Traa dy liooar!” Birkin said. “Relax, as you Yanks would say. Just saying… you help sign me, yeah, but then you go and leave me high and dry? Matty, I’ve got a better chance of beating The Great Wall than you, Haddon. You’ll just go out there and… um… Ali, darling, what’s that other phrase you told me about Haddon?”

Ali started to put both her hands on her neck and make a choking sound. Matt rolled his eyes.

“Look, like I haven’t heard this crap before,” Haddon said. “Kid, you’ve got talent or you wouldn’t be here. You’re only twenty years old and you have a LOT to learn about how this business works. You get what you put in. You want a match, you go out there, you impress and you EARN opportunities. Now… I’m done babysitting. I have a match.”

Haddon brushed right past Ali Carr and Mr. Manx to head to the ring for his match. Birkin looked angrily at Trent about having been taken to task verbally by the man that helped get him into nbW. Birkin and Ali walked off and the scene went to ringside.

Matt Haddon versus The Great Wall - next!

'The Great Wall Versus 'the No Brand Dad' Matt Haddon

“And now we’ve got a match that is two shows in the making,” Melissa Vanderart said, “because tonight, former Keystone Champion Matt Haddon is trying to be the first one to beat The Great Wall since going on an undefeated streak in 2017. The Great Wall promised to turn a corner in his career and so far, he has delivered since becoming way more focused.”

“And he’s gonna fall!” C.G. Gains snapped. “Matt’s a veteran, sure. He’s a talented mat wrestler, sure. He’s helped train some great wrestlers on the rise. I’ll give him that. But this ain’t a wrestling school. This is a wrestling ring. The Great Wall is probably going to rip off his arm and beat him with it.”

“This has been brewing since Slam 90. Xiang ran his mouth with an Over The Top Rope Challenge and Matt Haddon came out, answered, and beat him. Then at 25 To Life, the same thing happened. Xiang ran his mouth and Haddon beat him again. Now he’s challenging The Great Wall. Haddon has the momentum in his corner, but can he do what nobody has done this year?”

 “Still saying… noooooooooooope.”

And with that witty banter out of the way, it was time for the match to begin with Brent Williams.

“The following is a singles match set for one fall!”

“Born In China (metal remix instrumental)” by The Immortals. 

The second that the music hit, the crowd started to boo the oncoming presence of Xiang and his large associate behind him. The Chinese nationalists ignored the jeering crowd as he and his bodyguard started to approach the ring with a determined look on their faces. 

“Introducing first, being accompanied by Xiang… from Guangzhou, China, weighing in at 365 pounds… representing The Xiang Dynasty… THE GREAT WALL!!”

Brent Williams finished his introductions as a mean and vengeful-looking Xiang continued to bark orders at The Great Wall in their native language. The Great Wall towered over the masses and was going to be a spectacle on this nbW World Tour. He stepped over the ropes with ease and waited for Haddon to arrive. 

“And his opponent…”

“Hero” by Skillet.

Just like he was at 25 To Life, the man known to many backstage as The No Brand Dad walked out from the back and looked extra motivated. He was a on a two-match win streak looking to make it a third and looking to play the spoiler for the man known as The Guangzhou Goliath. He was in a brand new white variation of his typical tank top and wrestling shorts attire.

“And his opponent… from Malone, Vermont, weighing in at 245 pounds… he is a former Keystone Champion… MATT HADDON!

With some respectful cheers from the fans in attendance, he charged right in…



The best defense was a good offense… or something to that effect. The Founding Father was taking those words to heart and came right at The Great Wall with a series of kicks aimed at the left leg!

He fired several big kicks to the knee and when The Great Wall tried to swat Haddon away, The No Brand Dad moved out of the way and fired back with two more kicks.

“Zhànlì, pīnbó, nuòfū!” Xiang yelled at ringside.

A very loose translation of “Stand and fight, coward!” did nothing to deter Haddon from throwing more bombs. He threw more kicks into the leg of The Great Wall, perhaps to chop the giant down and set him up for his new submission finisher he liked to call SNAP. Haddon went behind the monster and he fired a few right hands into his back before firing off a kick. The Great Wall finally blocked a shot and threw him into the ropes…


Just one move was all The Great Wall needed in order to turn the tide in his favor. The Great Wall let out a roar to the fans and they fired back with a huge chorus of jeer for the massive pro-Chinese faction of nbW.

Haddon hadn’t moved when The Great Wall kneeled over and tried to pin him with a light (but very massive) hand on his chest.


Haddon kicked out. He wasn’t known for a particularly stellar won-loss record, but much moreso for his heart. That being said, it would take a lot more than that to defeat Haddon.

The Great Wall picked him up by the neck and slowly pulled him up to his feet before trying for possibly a Chokeslam or some other type of move. He shoved Haddon into the ropes and tried to take his head off with a Clothesline…


The Great Wall tried to swing with a Back Elbow with Haddon off the ropes, but he kept running and ducked underneath the shot…


That was the possible chink in the armor… bad, BAD choice of words. That was perhaps the key weakness in The Great Wall’s game is that he was one of the slower by nature, and more methodical competitors, but everybody was the same size when they were on their back and that’s exactly what Haddon was going for!

The Great Wall was hobbling around on one foot now as Haddon climbed to the second rope. Xiang kept on screaming at Haddon to try and distract The Founding Father, but he was focused on this win. He delivered a Second Rope Dropkick to the knee! The Great Wall was FINALLY brought down to a knee and now Haddon was running off the ropes and connected with a Running Dropkick that FINALLY put the monster on his back!

Haddon immediately wasted no time focusing on the crowd that were cheering their guts out hoping The Great Wall was going down once and for all… he pointed both fingers to the heavens…


 His finishing Diving Elbow Drop was right on point and this move had won him his sole Keystone Title!



But wasn’t enough to keep The Great Wall down tonight!

Perhaps still too powerful or fresh, whatever the case may be, The Great Wall had just powered out of the move! Haddon looked shocked that perhaps one of his best moves hadn’t netted him the win, but he still had his other submission finisher that he beat Xiang with at 25 To Life.

He reached over and grabbed the left leg of The Great Wall, the one he had worked on to chop him down to size. He pulled him and tried to turn the massive monster over…


But The Great Wall was just too strong and used his other leg to kick Haddon away. When Haddon turned around, he was BLASTED upside the skull with a huge Overhand Chop!

The crowd cringed as Haddon collapsed to the ground with The Great Wall now lurking over him like a lion about to rip the flesh of a wounded gazelle. He grabbed both hands out and grabbed onto Haddon again…


Haddon got straight up CHUCKED and thrown across the ring and landed towards the ground. After Haddon had thrown everything but the kitchen sink at The Great Wall, the monster had shaken the pain out of his leg and walked outside to finish off the No Brand Dad.

He was thrown right back into the ring with Xiang smirking. He couldn’t get the job done himself when it came to Matt Haddon, but he had no issues with making sure The Great Wall got revenge on his behalf. The Great Wall then climbed over the ropes. He pulled Haddon up…

One punch.

Two punches.

Three punches.

Not a single one of them had any effect on the gut of The Great Wall.

But one knee from The Great Wall got buried in Haddon’s gut. He was picked up into a Powerbomb position and The Guangzhou Goliath looked out to the jeering crowd. He hoisted him up…


Haddon vs TGW

Dao being a word for simply “Fall”, The Great Wall SPIKED Haddon into the mat with a Jackknife-style Powerbomb. Without much effort he kneeled over and pressed down on Haddon’s shoulders.




Try as Haddon might and as brave as it was to confront The Great Wall, it was quickly turning into a bad decision for anybody that did so in 2017 thus far. The Great Wall extended his win streak by one with his most notable victory yet and then kicked Haddon off to the side.


“No!” Xiang shouted.

Xiang took the microphone and stood over Haddon.

“This is a lesson to ANYBODY out there that dares cross The Great Wall and I,” Xiang said, “if you get in our way…”

He gestured at Haddon.

“Zhè shì zěnme huí shì!”

He dropped the microphone and he and The Great Wall departed. This was his longest match in some time, going a few minutes, but try as the former Keystone Champion might, The Great Wall was on another level right now and it looked like he wasn’t stopping any time soon.


Xiand and The Great Wall paid no attention to the new rookie coming down to the ring and that man was Charlie Birkin and his fiancé, Ali Carr. They had some brief words with Haddon earlier and now he was in the ring…


That sound was both Ali Carr and Charlie Birkin falling right next to Matt Haddon… they weren’t trying to attack him after all the damage The Great Wall had done. Nope, they were instead acting like they were choking. They had a good laugh at his expense and the crowd jeered the 20-year-old snots.

“Time to hang ‘em up, Haddon!” Birkin yelled.

Birkin and Carr both left without incident. Haddon was down and out and with that, the show rolled on.




Flanagan versus Jonny Bedlam

“And up next we have a returning Jonny Bedlam facing off against the likes of Flanagan.  Do we know Flanagan’s given name C.G.?” said Melissa to adoring NoBrand Maniacs across the globe.

“I know he’s given up a lot of victories since he’s not that good a wrestler.  But I couldn’t tell you his first name Duchess.”

“Why Duchess?”

“Ehh, I mean, Istanbul’s our last stop where drinking’s aloud for a while.  I’m about three Raki and Fresca’s in.”

“What’s Raki?”

“Do you even know what partying is?  Some Eurotrash you are.”

“I only like Fuller’s and Cider darling.”

“Fair enough.”

“And don’t call me Eurotrash, haven’t you heard of Brexit?”

“Whoa Queenylove, too soon.”

“Queenylove?  Really?”

“Too inside?”

“I’m not touching that.”

“The FOLLOWING...Singles Match is Set for One Fall!” Brent Williams said. 
Why Can’t This Be Love EXPLODED out of the speakers in Ulker Arena.  For a moment, Flanagan stopped his usual stalk down to the ring, appraised the arena, shrugged and began his trudge once more.  He let out a good laugh in fact and stared at his tag team partner Conan Doherty. 

“Let’s admit it, who doesn’t love a little Van Hagar from time to time?”

“Introducing first, being accompanied by his tag team partner Conan Doherty, from the Emerald Isle, weighing in at 240 pounds….FLAN…A....GAN!!!!!!” Brent Williams uttered.

Flanagan took his spot in the ring and leaned against a turnbuckle.

At that point, the opening riffs of "Missing Link" by Dinosaur Jr. featuring Del tha Funkee Homosapien start, smoke started billowing out of the entryway, then Bedlam quickly scampered out from the entrance.

Bedlam started his walk down to the ring, with a noticeable spring in his step.  Bedlam was wearing his signature gray hoodie, but it is noticeably down as he enjoyed the ovation of the crowd, dashing from side to side and machine gun high-fiving as many fans as he could.  When Bedlam reached ringside, he hopped onto the apron and leaned against the ropes and with an enormous smile on his face, Bedlam screamed “DAMN ITS GOOD TO BE BACK!!!!!”

With that, Bedlam takes his hoodie off and throws it to a fan in the front row and enters the ring through the ropes.  He then poundrf his chest with his right fist, then with his left, then pumped both fists straight into the air three times and just left them there, staring downward, then slowly looks upwards and lets his arms fall sideways, spread  The crowd roars and inside, you can tell Jonny loved every moment of it.

“And the opponent, from So-Called Sanctuary City of El Paso, Texas, weighing in at 230 pounds, Jonny...BEDLAAAAAAAM!”

Jonny quickly wiped away a tear as the crowd exploded, pretending it was sweat.  Bedlam then moved to his corner, facing Flanagan at the opposite side of the ring.  Both men were tingling, awaiting that glorious ring bell.  And it came, and they charged at each other.

“Jonny Bedlam arrives to a proper welcome after his surprise appearance in the 25 to Life Battle Royale just a couple of weeks ago.  A surprising amount of fanfare greeted the so-called Paddy Wagon Party Animal though.  Wouldn’t you say, C.G.?” Melissa Vanderart commented then asked.

“Ehh, the man likes to party.  The Turks like to party.  It’s not a huge surprise.  Where’d you think I got my raki?”

When Jonny and Flanagan reached each other, they locked up in a collar and elbow tie-up.  Both members of the the grapple tried to overtake the other, but ended up just shoving one another off.  Flanagan attempted a shoulder tackle at Jonny, but Jonny vaults over his shoulders and lands on his feet, turning around quickly.  Flanagan kept his foot and turned around again.  They began one more charge at one another, this time Flanagan hopped and takes down Jonny with a crossbody.  Jonny audibly “oof”ed at the move, but laid back quickly and kicked his legs up to escape any sort of pin from the crossbody and rolled away. 

“Will these two stop the dance moves?  We can’t afford a Ricochet and Ospreay controversy in this fed-”

“C.G. don’t even go there.  Not even one more word.  Those two names...no-no.  No-no.”

“You’re right.  Sorry.”

It was if Jonny heard the suggestion and responded “Loud and Clear” though as quickly moved toward the standing Flanagan and moved into a quick sprint, pivoted sideways, lifted his leg in a high arc and nailed Flanagan across the arms,chest and face with a surprisingly quick jumping outside crescent kick in tribute to the great Booker T.  It knocked Flanagan to the mat with a thud, and Jonny accompanied him down, but rolled back and to his feet to the gasp of the crowd.  They were quite near the ring ropes when they landed.

“Ohh my!  A Harlem Sidekick!  It’s so nice to see one of those again.”

“I dunno Mel, that looked a little more Dolemite than Booker T to me, if you know what I’m saying.”

“And in what way is that bad?”

“Did I say it was?  The man put the liquor in my soda cup basically.”

Jonny quickly capitalized on the surprise of the big kick, and climbed to his feet, he ran to the ropes and sprang off the bottom rope, propelling himself backwards into a senton splash on Flanagan’s chest.  The wind quickly rushed out of Flanagan as this occurred.  Jonny looks up at the crowd and yells “THATS USING YOUR ASS!”  Jonny then stood up quickly and moved toward the ropes opposite.  Despite the pain, Flanagan arose to his feet shakily.

Bedlam was now facing Flanagan, who was starting to catch his wind again.  Flanagan eventually charged at Bedlam once more, but Bedlam quickly shifted to the side and delivered a sharp blow to Flanagan’s side/kidneys, which emitted a horrid grunt from Flanagan.  Flanagan nonetheless attempted a high back elbow at Jonny’s head.  Bedlam ducked and then moved in directly beside Flanagan and put an arm round him, then kicked out his leg for a Russian Legsweep.  The crowd erupted.

As soon as Bedlam had Flanagan grounded, he moved a leg behind Flanagan’s head and manuevered him into a grounded Octopus Hold, which issued forth grunts of pain.  Flanagan’s partner Doherty was pounding on the ring apron and hollering at the ref.  Flanagan tried furiously to gain a rope break, but wasn’t able to move much.

The referee got down near Flanagan and asked him if he was wanting to give up as Jonny wrenched in the Octopus further.  Flanagan stubbornly refused at first, his face having gone very red, but then grunted some more and tapped as best he could.  The referee signaled for the bell.  The bell rang and Jonny quickly released Flanagan from the hold and did his best to get him to his feet.  Flanagan wanted no part of it and rolled quickly out of the ring ropes to be assisted by his tag partner.  Jonny then stood up, looked at the crowd and shrugged. 

“THe winner of the match, via submission, JONNY BEDLAM!”

“What an impressive return victory by The Mad One.”

Grabbing Destiny by the Throat

In the Ring

Returning from commercial break, the camera faded in to show the center of the ring and inside of it was the man who asked all the tough questions in NBW, none other than lead backstage interviewer and overall stand up guy, Trent McKnight.

Like all crowds that attended the Slam after a big pay per view event, the Ulker Sports Arena was rambunctious to say the least, causing the veteran journalist to simply raised one hand up into the air as a signal to the NBW faithful that it was time to cool down for a bit and let him do his job.

And surprisingly, the crowd quickly did just that, showing how much respect Mr. McKnight had earned with them through the years. Wrestlers come and go in NBW, but Trent McKnight is forever.

“I’ve never been able to figure out how McKnight has been able to do that!” C.G. said with a hint of admiration in his voice.

“Well, I think being a likeable person is one of the keys,” Mel nonchalantly replied. “Which means you’re probably screwed Gaines.”

“What the hell does that mean, people love--” the taken aback NBW color man said only to be cut off by Trent’s voice echoing throughout the arena.

“Ladies and gentleman, two weeks ago in Singapore, twenty seven of NBW’s best went to battle in the winner take all, over the top rope battle royale known simply as the 25 to Life match...”

Stopping himself, Trent smiled and lowered his microphone for a second as the sold out crowd let out a cheer at mention of the chaotic rumble match that was still fresh in their memory.

“...and the stakes couldn’t have been higher, with the winner of that match earning a right to face the NBW World Heavyweight Champion at Legacy!” Trent continued on as the crowd began to buzz with anticipation.

“While every single man in the match gave everything they had to try and earn their shot at the biggest prize the NBW has to offer, their could only be one winner...one survivor who could will his way to outlast the rest and make history!”

Turning to face the stage, McKnight stretched an arm out towards it.

“So, at this time, please help me welcome the man who did just that!” Trent said with as much zest as he could muster and the buzzing crowd instantly turned into an all out roaring one.

“‘The Innovator’ Brock Newbludd!”

’Mouth for War’ by Pantera

Walking through the double sliding doors and onto the stage, the new number one contender for the world heavyweight title received a tremendous ovation as he stopped at the top of the ramp and raised a fist out to the masses.

Wearing his ring gear and a black cut off t-shirt that had “Inno-F*ckin’-Vator” written across it, Newbludd then walked across to the other side of the stage to give the fans on the other side of the arena some attention.

“Listen to this crowd, C.G.,” Mel said. “They are sure glad to see Brock back here at the Epic II!”

“Well, they should enjoy it while it lasts,” C.G. replied. “Because I’m sure Newbludd will be back to being injured sooner than later. I still have no idea how he lucked his way into winning 25 to Life.”

The level headed Vanderart didn’t seem to be as sold on Gaines’ ideas.

“I don’t know about that Gaines,” she shot back. “As much as you would like to see Newbludd back on the shelf, if you ask me he looks in tremendous shape. Probably the best shape he’s looked since he first came to NBW!”

The former Blitzkrieg champion did seem to have quite a bit more swagger in his step as he headed down the ramp towards the ring, sticking his arm out to high five the occasional fan along the way.

“Yea well, Brock better be in his best shape, because he’s in store for the beating of his life come Legacy...no matter who the champion is by then!” Gaines spat back.

Hitting the ring, Newbludd slid underneath the ropes and quickly climbed a turnbuckle to soak in some more cheers before jumping down to make his way over to stand next to McKnight who offered Brock a hand and the returning hero accepted it with a firm handshake.

“Well Brock, if I had to guess, I’d say that the people here are happy to see you back!” McKnight said with a grin that betrayed his usually no-nonsense demeanor.

Standing with his hands on his hips, Brock returned Trent’s grin with a slight grin of his own, before slowly turning his head to gaze out into the crowd. They were quick to prove McKnight’s guess as correct.

New-bludd! New-bludd! New-bludd!

That was all the answer McKnight needed, and he wasted no time in getting to the real reason he had setup this in ring interview with Newbludd.

“Let’s just get right down to it, Brock, congratulations on winning the 25 to Life match,” Trent said before stopping to let the crowd let out another mega roar. “What does it feel like to know that you have just punched your ticket to a world title shot at Legacy?”

With that, McKnight tilted the microphone to Newbludd, who took a deep breath and glanced out to the crowd.

"First of all, let me say this about to the NEW champ, Warren Spade..."

There were two paths Brock could have gone down at that moment. Respect or hostility.

He chose respect.

"Congratulations, big man!" a genuine sounding Newbludd said, causing the crowd to roar in approval. "And I mean that, you busted your ass to get that title, and if anyone deserves to hold that strap, it's you. The only thing that I ask of you is that if it comes down to me and you at Legacy, you better bring that killer instinct that won you that belt, because I promise you, I'm gonna be bringing mine!"

Letting the crowd die down for a second, the 25 to Life winner carried on.

“And I didn’t punch that ticket to Legacy, Trent,” Newbludd said in a confident tone before pointing a finger out to the live audience.

“They did.”

Brock’s resounding compliment to the NBW faithful, a fanbase that had grown to become supremely loyal to him since his arrival, caused them to bust out in a loud cheer.

“I heard the people...I felt the people getting behind me Trent, like they had never had before, and I told myself the instant that I hit that ring the I would be damned if I would let them down. No way, not that night. Because, the man who joined the battle in Singapore wasn’t the hobbled, broke down Blitzkrieg champion that they last saw get put out of his misery by Jake Tockwell. It wasn’t the broken man who was then taken for a ride in the meat wagon to then hear from his doctor that he would be out for at least six months...at best!”

With a grin Newbludd waved his finger in Trent’s face.

“No Trent, it was the other man who came to 25 to Life…the man who a year ago kicked in the door of NBW and lit this place on fire! It was the man who beat former world champion, Ravage, three times in a row on pay per view. It was the man who conquered the Laddervault, the Blitzcage, and anything else that was thrown at him! It was the man who didn’t demand respect from the people, he earned it by leaving it all in the ring, night in and night out!”

Holding a gaze in his eyes that oozed confidence, Newbludd pointed a thumb back at himself to hammer his point home.

“It was the rookie of the year, Blitzkrieg champion, and all around bad hombre Brock Newbludd who came through the curtain, and you better believe he didn’t come alone! No, he had an army of 20,000 people backing him up! And with the power of that army he kicked down the door of NBW for a second time, fired from both barrels and won the biggest match of his career to gain the biggest opportunity of his life at Legacy! And I promise this.. Legacy will be the place where I repay these fans for joining my cause, by bringing home the NBW World Heavyweight Championship!”

Raising a fist to the fired up masses, Brock pulled the microphone towards him and chuckled to himself.

“You know, there’s probably a lot of guys in the back right now who might be laughing at what I’m saying. They think that these people’s sole purpose is simply to buy tickets to make sure that they get their damn paycheck at the end of the week. If they get cheered, great, whatever. If they get booed, they say piss on the fans. But, we say piss on them, and they can eat shit while they’re at it!”

Standing proudly with his hands on his hips, with intensity filling his eyes, it was clear that this indeed was the Brock Newbludd that captured the hearts of the fans during his trailblazing first year in the NBW.

“This army of mine,” Brock said as he spread his arms wide, “They don’t give a shit what anyone thinks about them and neither do I! Because, the truth is, without them I know I damn sure wouldn’t be where I am right now. These people are more than just paying customers to me, they’re my never ending supply of high octane ass kickin’ fuel! And I know that as long as I keep laying it all on the line each and every night for them, they’re going to keep me fueled up all the way to the main event of Legacy!”

The crowd let out another ovation for Newbludd and he took a moment to look out to them before continuing on.

“The question is Brock, is that going to be enough, when you go toe to toe with the world champion? You could have the entire world cheering for you, but the fact remains that once that bell rings, it’s only you taking on the champion.” Trent added.

“You hear that?” Newbludd mockingly asked as he turned his attention to the NBW faithful.

“Sounds to me like ol’ Trent here isn’t buying what we’re selling... It sounds to me that Mr. investigative journalist here needs further proof… so why don’t you animals out there help me out right now by showing Trent just how much firepower you have!”

Instantly, a swelling roar ensued that shook the rafters and stayed shaking them for a good five seconds before culminating into a chant that helped propel the man in the ring to victory in SIngapore.

New-bludd! New-bludd! New-bludd!

Brock smiled admiringly out to the crowd before throwing a hand up to quiet them down.

“Fair enough Brock, fair enough,” Trent said as he shot a wry glance out to the masses. “Still we will have to see at Legacy, where destiny awaits you.”

“You know who waits for destiny, Trent? Losers wait for destiny. And if you don’t believe that, there’s twenty six wrestlers in the back right now who are still waiting for destiny to just show up for them...No Trent, destiny isn’t waiting for me. I walked right up to it, slapped it in the mouth and took it! I grabbed that unruly bitch by the throat at 25 to Life and I’m going to drag it with me all the way to Legacy and I don’t plan on breaking my Kung-Fu grip until I win the NBW World Heavyweight Title!”

With the hot crowd raining down more cheers, Brock tossed McKnight the microphone back, and instantly the veteran reporter picked it up to ask one more question.

“Brock, with Legacy still months away, what are your immediate plans here in NBW?” he asked. “I imagine preparing for that date?”

Before Newbludd could answer, he was suddenly cut off...


Both Brock and Trent looked out to the crowd in confusion to find that they were now raining down heavy boos. But they weren’t directing those jeers at Brock…

They were aimed the four men now walking down the ramp.

The Rich Family.

Flanked by his two brothers and cousin, I suppose it wouldn’t surprise you that Freddie Rich was the one with a microphone in hand.  He let the capacity crowd lower the noise while he took his robe off and showed them what a real man looked like.

He didn’t, but I wanted to pay homage to the Ravishing One.

Anyway, Freddie slowly raised the mike:  “I wouldn’t make plans.  A lot can happen in…?”

Newbludd cut Rich off with a reference to a mutual ‘acquaintance’: “Nine months?”

Smarting, Freddie shook his head while Todd and Declan got out of their buggies trying to quieten the crowd, who laughed around them.  The eldest Rich stayed calm:  “I suppose you’re the dad?  Yeah, you and your new buddy thought you were cool at Twenty-Five to Life, working together, but he can wait.  The two of you have got things I want:  First…”

Brock couldn’t resist a playful dig:  “Your toothbrush?”

That enabled the audience, once again, to laugh at Freddie’s expense.  To be fair, Rich took it on the chin - it was better than where the seahorse absorbed it.

“He’s got the Keystone title - not for long.  I’ll deal with him.  But, you’ve got something even more precious, Brock.  You’ve also got a key to a World title shot and I’m not a betting man.  If I were, I’d say Newbludd doesn’t have the balls to wager what he won at Twenty-Five to Life and risk it all against me.”

Freddie pointed the mike and took a survey, Scott Hall style, going round the brothers, who all predicted Brock wouldn’t rise to the bait with an affirmative ‘NO.’

Rich turned back and shook his head for the second occasion in this segment:  “I didn’t think…”

And, Newbludd interrupted Freddie’s speech:  “Yes. But on one condition.”

Freddie’s eyes lit up:  “What did you say?”

“I said YES Fred,” Brock bluntly stated, before pointing a finger down to his wrestling gear he was wearing. “And good to see you too by the way! I think the last time we actually saw each other was when me and Max threw your ass off the turnbuckle and out of the ring at 25 to Life, right? Oh man, to watch all the hope drain from your face right before you splatted on the floor, now THAT was precious. It probably was the same face you made when you found out you’ve been brushing those pearly whites of yours with spaceman piss.”

Freddie did not want to keep being reminded of the fact that the current Keystone Champion may have urinated on his toothbrush, so Rich put on his best poker face as he tried to ignore Newbludd’s quip about it.

“Quit stalling Newbludd, I don’t care! Freddie shot back. “Screw you and Hopper, we gonna do this or not!?”

“You damn right we are, but on one condition dick breath!” Brock yelled back. “If any one of your family members touches me during the match, then you can kiss your Legacy dreams goodbye. You’re going to have to take my title shot from me exactly like I won it, all by your damn self. So, there’s your answer Freddy, yes, I do have the balls to take on the best member of the least talented family in NBW.”

All four of the Riches looked livid from Brock’s remark about the Rich Family’s collective talent, causing Brock to grin at them as all four started arguing about Brock’s proposal. After a couple seconds of watching the bickering, Newbludd cut them off.

“Listen Fred, I know there’s a small chance you might shit your pants once you that bell rings and you realize that I’m about to give you the ass whippin’ of your life.” Brock sarcastically said, before shrugging his shoulders in a compromising fashion. “So, I don’t care if your brothers Dickhead and Dummy stick around with cousin Toad to give you moral support, in fact, I hope they do. BUT, if any of those three inbreds even THINK about getting a cheap shot in on me, well then the deal’s off. You got that?”

Glaring at Brock for a long second, Freddie then turned his attention to Todd and his two brothers. Making sure to point a finger at each one, Freddie rattled off quick, but stern, orders to them before raising the microphone up to point a finger at Newbludd.

“You’re on, Newbludd! One on one, me and you for the main event of Legacy, right now!”

“Come and get it Freddie!” Newbludd screamed back.

After ripping his leather jacket it off and handing it to Declan, Rich slid under the ropes, while Brock backed away into the opposite corner. For all his digs at Freddie, Newbludd knew that this was not going to be an easy task. Rich was a strong, fast, and most importantly extremely gifted ring technician.

This was not going to be a walk in the park to say the least, but Newbludd was driven to prove his worth. The real question was, would that drive be enough to overcome Freddie’s own ambitions?

Looking out to the people who moments ago he called his “army”, Brock threw an arm up in the air to get a rise out of them. He knew that the road to Legacy was going to be filled with trials, and his first one was already here.

'The First' Freddie Rich Versus 'The Innovator' Brock Newbludd

Having accepted the challenge laid out to him by the alpha of The Rich Family, Newbludd pulled his shirt off and threw it to the outside. Then, the 25 to Life winner leaned over the top rope and told ring announcer Brent Williams to get a ref down to the ring, now. Williams shook his head like he understood as he quickly put a hand up to his earpiece and began speaking.

“This is happening C.G, I just got word that GM Harmen has approved the match!” Mel exclaimed. “Brock Newbludd versus Freddie Rich is happening right here and right now!”

“Fantastic, let’s watch Freddie show these idiot fans what kind of chump their hero really is!” C.G. gleefully said back.

Meanwhile across the ring, Freddie ordered Trent to make like a tree, causing the interviewer to scramble out of the ring to and make his way up the ramp. As soon as McKnight exited through the double sliding doors, referee Tal Nedrick came running through them to quickly make his way down to the ring and slide into it, which led to the crowd starting to buzz in anticipation that this match was indeed happening.

Nedrick’s arrival was the last piece of the puzzle, and everything was set for these two young stars to go at it. Newbludd stood in one corner and looked primed for a fight, while Rich was across from him, kneeling down to talk last minute strategy with his three brothers on the outside.

After a few long seconds Brock barked across the ring at Rich, and Freddie shot a cocky smirk towards him as he stood up and faced him. All three of the other Riches ringside copied Freddie’s shit eating grin, causing Brock to extend his right arm to give them the one finger salute which simultaneously caused the crowd to cheer and the three Riches to turn red in the face.

Freddie didn’t seem bothered by it one bit though, as he suddenly looked extremely focused on the match ahead, and Newbludd too seemed to turn up the intensity internally as well.

Now the two competitors stood across from each other, looking like two coiled cobras ready to strike at a moment's notice.

And a second later Nedrick raised his hand to give them that notice.


At the sound of the bell the two men came out of their respective corners to crash together in the middle of the ring and lock up. The first few seconds saw them jockey for position with neither man gaining a distinct advantage on the other until Brock dipped low to gain leverage on Freddie and soon Rich found himself backpedaling towards the turnbuckle.

Driving Freddie into the corner, Brock broke the collar and elbow to rear back for a knife edge chop but his opponent was quicker as Rich was able to drive a knee into Newbludd’s gut, stunning him. Freddie attempted a follow up chop of his own, but hit nothing but air as Newbludd leaped back to avoid it causing Rich to charge back in towards him for another lockup.

But Brock had different plans. As soon as Freddie reached him, he sent Rich for the ride with an irish whip and on the rebound sent Freddie up and over with a beautiful Steamboat armdrag which he transitioned into a kneeling armbar!

Seeing Brock standing over the prone Rich while he wrenched down on the shoulder, Tal dove down to check in on the submission. Rich shook his head no and then showed off his impressive mat skills by quickly reversing the armbar with a headscissors to bring him down to the mat.

But Freddie wasn’t done showing off his wrestling prowess as he then quickly transitioned himself to lay back first on top of Newbludd and reaching up behind his head to hook both of Brock’s legs for a modified pin!



Brock got out of it! Not by a kick out, but by wrapping his arms around Rich and BRIDGING himself and rich upwards in a sight that got a great reaction from the crowd!

Rich looked shocked to be rising up in such an unexpected manner and threw an elbow down to break the hold, causing Brock to fall back down to the mat. Rich saw an opening and tried for a quick elbow drop but hit nothing but mat as Newbludd rolled to avoid it.

Not taking a breath, both men scrambled to their feet and went at each other again in the middle of the ring. This time Freddie was the quicker of the two as he snatched Newbludd into a standing headlock which looked more like a chokehold to everyone in the arena besides Freddie and his three applauding brothers at ringside.

The confident Rich squeezed tighter on Newbludd’s neck as he shot a grin to his family at ringside, while Tal started to berate Freddie to break the hold and started the customary five count. Freddie’s response to Tal was to give him the same cocky grin.

Brock tried to push Rich off of him, but the First’s grip was too tight, and then in a smart maneuver Rich broke his grip for what was literally a split second and then quickly latched back on with the headlock choke.. The result was Tal being forced to stop his count and then restart it, and the crowd rained boos down to show what they thought of Freddie’s tactics.

But, Freddie’s cheap tactics also spurred the struggling Brock into action as he suddenly pumped his legs to push Freddie and himself towards the ropes. With Brock still locked in under his armpit as they reached the ropes, Freddie then wowed the crowd with his agility by walking up the ropes with his legs to flip over Brock and land directly behind him!

Now standing behind the disorientated Newbludd, Rich looked to land the first impact move of the match and grabbed Brock from behind in a Cobra Clutch…

Cobra Clutch Suplex--No!

Now it was Brock who showed off his fancy footwork by copying Rich’s exact movements to walk up the ropes and flip backwards over top of Freddie!

Now it was Rich who looked confused, but Brock gave him some clarity by rolling him up in a school boy pin!



Kick out by Freddie!

Just like last time, both men wasted no time in getting back up to their feet and locking up to continue the quickened pace that the match had had from the start.

Rich once again was able to gain the upper hand out of the lockup by catching Brock in an arm wringer. Newbludd reacted instantly and attempted a standing roll to break free. Rich wasn’t letting go though, as he maneuvered his grip to work with the roll and when Brock finished, Freddie gave him a leg trip for his trouble to send Newbludd down back first to the mat.

With the arm wringer still maintained, Freddie wiped his boot across Brock’s face in a classic asshole maneuver, and the crowd predictably let him have it.

But, if Freddie was thinking that he had the distinct advantage against Newbludd in terms of chain wrestling skill, doubts were immediately put in his head when suddenly Brock did an impressive one handed kip up and landed a STIFF forearm right into the face of Rich!

Letting go of Brock’s arm, Rich stumbled backwards as he put his hands up to his face while Brock came in to grab him and follow up the forearm. Knowing that he was vulnerable, Rich pulled out one of the oldest tricks in the book to deter his attacker.

A thumb to the eye.

The eldest member of the Rich clan protested his innocence in response to a referee rollicking. Freddie managed to keep a straight face, focusing on the tremendous task at hand, and set about shattering the 25 to Life winner’s confidence with a fantastic Knife Edge Chop.  What he couldn’t do was break Brock’s heart as Newbludd bravely replied with a stiff right hand.

Rich’s retort was a second Chop, hopeful it would derail Newbludd’s magnificent momentum, no sir, as he got a similar answer to the same question with another blow to the face.  Rich changed Larry Tact and tied Newbludd up, seeking to sap the former Blitzkrieg titleholder’s energy, hardly likely given how he cut through the field to pull off a phenomenal victory a fortnight ago in Singapore.

Our official counted, calling for a break.  Again, Freddie Chopped Newbludd and otra vez, Newbludd replied in kind with a dig.  This time though, Freddie leathered Brock with a brace of Knife Edges and slung Newbludd across the ring with an assertive Irish Whip and then pursued him, akin to a cop car hot on the tail of a criminal…


A second whip returned Brock to sender and while the Lariat had hurt, one of Freddie’s signatures was set to do more damage still…


Freddie believed in paying that bit extra to deliver Brock, he was worth it according to L’Oreal who’ve been on the phone since Singapore, with a BIG boot and Facewash - a two-in-one, shampoo and conditioner combination.  Now, pass the Wash and Go.

Rich wasn’t going to rest on his laurels and was firmly in control of this contest,  He could do this on his own, one-on-one, and for once, the chief of the four-pronged family unit wasn’t mucking about.  He meant business.

And he wasn’t done there:  Sitting The Innovator on the top strand, The First joined his opponent and kept him there with another stinging Chop.  A Headbutt, which rocked both of them, stabilised the situation in Freddie’s favour.

One moment, they were standing precariously at the summit of the squared circle.


The next moment, a SUPERPLEX, the operative word being SUPER, saw Freddie escort Newbludd on an emergency landing. 



2 and a half.

Predictably, the prince of TRF questioned the official’s count and a peace scene reaffirmed what everyone - Freddie above all - knew and that it wasn’t a match-winning effort.

Content, apparently, Freddie plodded on with his business and secured Brock with a Snap Suplex, extracting another tight call in the process and that subsequently pissed the pent-up Fredster off royally.

Once his hissy fit had ceased, Rich returned to the well and emphasised his advantage by hauling Brock’s butt up for a Delayed Vertical Suplex…

...Brock had other ideas; namely landing like a cat behind Rich and punishing him with a neat Neckbreaker.







This fixture was taking its toll, though they still seemed to have reserves.  Rich narrowly regained his vertical base, waiting for Brock to recover…


That was harder than Nigerian Viagra. 




Brock was back in charge and his foot was on the accelerator.  A Front Chancery was the stepping stone to a devastating DDT, or so we thought, when Freddie slammed on the brakes by pushing Newbludd off into the ropes.

Unfortunately, the talented prospect underlined his relative inexperience, even if 99% of wrestlers tend to do this regardless of how long they’ve been doing it, by lowering his head and he was made to pay by, yes, you’ve guessed it…


You just wouldn’t, would you?




The Innovator didn’t need any encouragement.  He applied a Waistlock and his set-up, unfortunately, failed to get off the ground for a second time in a matter of mere seconds, Rich rebuffing the German Suplex with elementary elbows, Watson.  Rich ran the ropes…


Rather than make the referee get up and down like a box-to-box midfielder, Brock wanted to ramp things up further, dragging Freddie up and placing the young pup’s head between his legs…

Easy, fellas.  It was for a Piledriver…

Or it would have been had Freddie not countered with a basic Backdrop instead.

What Freddie didn’t foresee was his counter being countered, Newbludd rolling through with a Sunset Flip…



Worth an attempt!

The two combatants, evenly-matched so far in spite of Newbludd’s incredible exploits, were up and Freddie wanted to turn his opposition’s dream come true into...FREDDIE’S NIGHTMARE!!!


How on earth had Brock reversed that into a T-Bone, you ask?  Wait, you’re lost?  Well, so was Freddie, whose Sick Kick had stayed at T1 a bit longer than he wanted, and may even stayed there altogether should Newbludd’s cover coming up prove to be successful.




It appeared it would take only final hurrah from Brock to break Freddie down and he elected to go to the ropes.

However, it wasn’t that easy.  Freddie burst into life with an Inverted Atomic Drop and a Shinbreaker on the side…

Figure Four by Freddie!



Small Package by Brock!



One near-fall apiece as Freddie turned the tables and how they weren’t dizzy going up and down, taking the fans on this close-fall rollercoaster ride, going through the gears is beyond yours truly.

Remarkably, they were stood up again.


Rich smiled at Newbludd, which was a grave mistake as Brock blasted him with an Enzuigiri as the duo flopped to the floor again, drawing more applause from the audience, who were really getting into this.

Staggering back to his feet, Brock looked down to see Rich sprawled out next to him with his face in the mat. Reaching down and grabbing Freddie by the scruff of the neck, Brock began to pull the crown prince up, more than likely with the intention of hitting a big move to finally finish him off.

Then the unexpected happened and suddenly Newbludd found his eyes rolling in the back of his head courtesy of a Jawbreaker from Rich! Either Freddie had just played a nicely done game of possum with Newbludd, or he had just pulled a rabbit out of his ass.

Regardless, Rich shook his head to clear the cobwebs as he rose up and saw Brock standing on wobbly knees in front of him. This was the opening he had been waiting for.

With all three of his brothers slapping the mat to cheer him on, Freddie bounced off the ropes and barreled in towards his target as the tense crowd went silent.


Instead of letting out a collective sigh of relief, Brock’s ‘army’ exploded in cheers as their general sidestepped Rich at the last second!

Avoiding the kick, Brock then spun on one foot to grab Rich from behind to catch him in a Sleeper Hold!

Trapped in the classic but effective submission, Rich instantly began flailing his arms as he struggled forward to get to the ropes, hoping to break the hold before he passed out.

Initially it actually looked like Freddie had enough strength left in him to drag himself and Brock close enough to the ropes to break the hold, managing to surge forward to the point that his outstretched hand was only inches away from the top rope.

But, that route to escape was quickly caved in as Brock yanked Freddie backwards and spread his base wide to plant the two in the middle of the ring, causing the crowd to buzz in anticipation as Freddie’s face began to turn blue. Nap time was drawing closer with every second.

As is protocol, Nedrick quickly came over and grabbed Freddie’s arm to raise it high in the air…

And it dropped!

Not wasting anytime, Nedrick repeated the motion…

Freddie’s arm dropped again!

Only one more go around, and as Nedrick raised Freddie’s arm up, the crowd went silent once again in anticipation as he let go of the First’s wrist…

No! Rich dug deep to survive! More precisely he somehow was able to dig his finger deep into Brock’s eye for a second time tonight!

How in the world Rich was able to have the awareness to locate Brock’s eyeball in that dire situation will probably be a mystery for the rest of time. What wasn’t a mystery is how effective it was, as Brock was forced to break the hold, causing Rich to crumple to the mat.

Nedrick didn’t even bother warning Rich, who probably wouldn’t have heard him anyways as he gasped for sweet sweet breath with his back on the mat and threw a single digit above his head to start the count.



Meanwhile, Newbludd was dealing with the after effects of Rich’s grubby finger, but no doubt precise, finger poking his eye for a second time. Bent over, Newbludd frantically rubbed at it, trying to work away the pain and restore his vision.


Reaching underneath the bottom rope, Donnie leaned in and began shaking his brother, while Declan slapped Freddie with a soft backhand to the cheek to also help put some life back into the First and Todd did his part by climbing up the apron to yell at the First to wake the fuck up.

Looking supremely annoyed, referee Nedrick quickly dismissed the two younger Riches, before kicking bottom rope to get Todd off the ring apron.

Todd was quick to point out that Newbludd said they couldn’t touch him. He never said anything about The Riches touching Freddie. Nedrick said he didn’t care.

Even though Tal was quick to get rid of the three nuisances, the supporting Riches had done their job by stalling the ref’s count and giving Freddie the needed time to recover.

Pulling himself up with the ropes, Rich sneered at Brock and charged at him. Lucky for Brock, he had pulled himself together just in time to see Freddie coming at him and he instinctively dropped down to the mat on his belly.

Leaping over Brock and hitting the opposite ropes, Freddie discarded the idea of another Freddie’s Nightmare attempt and instead caught Newbludd off guard to hit a beautiful running Tornado DDT!

Having his head spiked into the mat, Brock went end over end to land on his back and Rich hastily crawled over for the cover…



TH-INK AGAIN! Brock got a foot on the rope!

Rich was absolutely livid! Propped up on his knees, Freddie screamed at Nedrick before looking at his brother’s for a second opinion, but all three stood with their mouths wide open with their hands on top of their heads. On the opposite end of the spectrum from the Rich Family’s anger and shock was the 12,000 people in attendance who were going bananas by Brock’s ability to break the pin.

Grinding his teeth in anger, Freddie got upright and yanked the groggy Newbludd back to his feet before stuffing the 25 to Life winners head between his legs again. Cool your jets boys, you know what I’m getting at.

Rich had one more card left to play, and it was the doozy of a cradle piledriver known simply as the Rags to Riches. It was Freddie’s biggest gun, and it packed one hell of a punch.

Reaching down, Rich grunted as he began to pull Newbludd up into the launch position, and at first it looked like sayonara Brock when suddenly the former Blitzkrieg champion began kicking his legs!

Emphatically shaking his head ‘no’, Rich tried with whatever strength he had left to overpower Brock’s attempt to break free, but this far into the match he simply didn’t have enough left and suddenly Brock’s feet were back on the mat.

And now Freddie found his feet leaving the ground as Brock let out a desperate scream!

Back Body Dr-No! Freddie landed on his feet!

While Freddie showed some great agility by landing on his feet, Brock had shown one of the traits that he was quickly getting known for. His ability to dig deep when it mattered the most. Though, it appeared that while Brock may have been able to avoid disaster, he paid a price for it as he dropped down to a knee, holding his lower back in pain.

The sequence was strikingly similar to the piledriver sequence earlier in the match between the two, except for two differences. First, Freddie ended up being the one to reverse a reversal and second he didn’t counter the back body drop with a sunset flip, he managed to rotate all the way over in mid air to land feet first.

Glancing behind him to see Brock down on one knee, Freddie landed a cheap kick into Brock’s aching back to keep him down before turning back around to head for the nearest ropes, which were only a couple steps away.

That was one cheap shot too many for Brock, who had already had his eyes gouged twice tonight and after taking the kick directly into his kidney’s. With rage filling his eyes, Newbludd slammed a fist into the ground before rising up off of one knee and spinning around all in one fluid motion.

To see Rich with his back turned, headed for the ropes.

Instead of bouncing off, Freddie leaped onto the second rope and steadied himself for a split second to coil himself for a back springboard…

Seeing Rich perched with his feet on the second rope, Newbludd moved in and locked Freddie into a full nelson just as Rich leapt off!

Using the momentum created by Rich’s leap, Brock kept his grip around Freddie’s neck and arched backwards!

The Mother of All Suplexes!

Rich v Newbludd

Newbludd PLANTED Freddie with his trademark bridging dragon suplex right in the middle of the ring!


Declan to the apron, but the wiser Todd pulled him down! They couldn’t help Freddie by breaking the pin if they wanted him to have any chance of taking Brock’s title shot.


They just had to hope he could kick out….



“Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this contest via pinfall…’The Innovator’ Brooooock Neeeewbluuuudd!” Brent Williams announced over the cheering crowd as Brock rolled onto his back to take a few deep breaths before rising to his feet to get his arm raised by Tal.

It was at that moment that Freddie’s second-in-command, Todd, gave the order. With the match officially lost, retribution was at hand. Todd, Declan, and Donny all slide into the ring and swarmed on Brock Newbludd. While Brock traded punches with Donny and Declan in an effort to fend them off, Todd snuck around behind him.

Blue Thunder Bomb!

The 25 to Life winner was planted on his back and the stomps began to rain down upon him. It wasn’t long before Freddie, himself, was able to join his brothers in making it a four-on-one attack.

One by one, each section of the arena went dark. It was almost as if someone, or some
, had tampered with the lights.  The Ulker Sports Arena was transformed into an eerie green. A thick cloud of fog rolled in. It was almost… alien.

Much like at 25 to Life, a bright, white light shined down from above. The Rich Family had their attention diverted upward when suddenly…


The Space Pimp came flying down, scattering the Rich Family like bowling pins with a gigantic plancha! Freddie, Todd, Declan, and Donny all rolled out of the ring. Max Hopper stood up, beamed his bright, white smile right at Brock Newbludd, and held up a pack of…

♫”Whatever dangers you face,
keep your cool keep your grace.
With MaX-tos you could save your life!”♫

“MaX-tos: Save the Universe. Freshen Your Breath.” The words appeared briefly on the screen underneath NBW’s Guardian of the Keystone Championship. Then, as quickly as he had appeared, he was gone, leaving the arena lights to return to normal.

Standing in the middle of the ring with all four members of the Rich Family laid out around him, all Brock could do was scratch his head and smile at his friend’s unconventional, but effective, rescue of him.

Max didn’t have to lend a helping hand, but it was obvious that Brock was sure glad he did and as Newbludd continues his journey towards Legacy, he will no doubt welcome any help he can get it along the way.

Though, Max’s sudden appearance and just as sudden disappearance left a lot of unanswered questions in their wake.
What was his purpose in saving Brock Newbludd? Was he there to preserve the timeline or simply help a friend? Was he perhaps only there to plug NBW’s newest product, MaX-tos chewable breath mints?

The answers would have to wait, because another man in the back saw a perfect opportunity to attack the Milwaukee Made winner of 25 to Life…

’The Bounty Hunter’

Benjamin Jones!

The man who made his return at 25 to Life to only fall short of his goal of claiming the biggest bounty of them all after being eliminated by Newbludd and Hopper, had deftly made his way through the crowd while the lights were dimmed during Hopper’s appearance and hopped over the guardrail to crouch down out of sight next to the ring.

Now, with the lights returned, and his prey unaware of his presence, the dangerous Jones slid underneath the bottom rope and rushed at Brock so quickly that not even the crowd could react fast enough to give Newbludd any sort of warning.

Though, it was doubtful that a split second warning would have helped at all against someone as skilled as the Bounty Hunter as he grabbed Brock from behind and folded him in half with a HUGE German Suplex!


But Jones wasn’t done there, as he stood up and immediately walked to a corner to create space between himself and Brock who was struggling to comprehend what the hell had just happened and who was driving the truck that just hit him.

Newbludd received those answers the hard way, for when he got himself up to a kneeling position he looked up to see Jones only a couple feet away, running at full speed…

Newbludd vs Rich2

Brock had no chance…


His signature Sliding Knee Strike had put down a who’s who of talented wrestlers in his nbW history and now it had just claimed another victim. The former Blitzkrieg and Infamy Champion now stood over Brock with a cocky smirk on his face.


Jones pointed down at Brock’s laid out body. After the match and the sneak attack by The Rich Family and now this, he was done. The Bounty Hunter kneeled over the 25 To Life winner’s body and said something quietly, but the hard camera near ringside caught what was said.

“You got something that belongs to ME, Brock.”

The Knockout King of Kings left the ring amidst a chorus of boos. It was too bad Max Hopper left when he did; Jones had picked the right time to launch an assault. The MMA fighter/wrestler calmly walked up the ramp without saying a word. The message was loud and clear:

The Bounty Hunter was coming for Brock and it looked like the 25 To Life opportunity had made him a marked man.

Tailgating without the tailgate


We see Jonny Bedlam with a towel draped about his head, after the earlier match with Flanagan.  Jonny is in a room that looks like an office, with a couch and a coffee table.  Jonny is seated on the couch, along with two other gentleman.  On the coffee table appears to be a few bottles of spirits with some red plastic cups and what appear to be mixers.  One of the gentleman was a No Brand regular Davey La Rue, who we’ve previously seen in Jonny’s infamous Tailgate Parties, including one that led to a brawl in months past.  The third man is unfamliar, at least to the No Brand audience.  However, he seems to be in his very early 20s and is a scraggly young lad in a t-shirt and jeans.

“Ohh man ami, it’s so good to see you again Jean-Boy.  I missed my ol’ drinkin buddy,” said a chuckling already red-faced La Rue to Jonny.

“L’Chaim my dear friend.  L’chaim!”

“I didn’t know you were of the Tribe Jonny!”

“I’m not, but a good expression is a good expression.”

“Fuckin A! Jon Boy!” the third man exlclaimed.  “I don’t think you have that that shaht a match in a while boy-o.”

“Petey, I was excited, I uhh..finished too early?”

The three men chuckle heartily.  La Rue is the first to speak “That was some ...how do you say...low hangin fruit, no?”

“I wish it was low hanging my friend.  REAL LOW!”

They chuckled again, taking some sips off their red cups.   A knock is heard at the door, and then the face and t-shirted torso of a No Brand official leaned in.

“I thought I told you guys they didn’t want anyone in these offices!  Clear out!”

La Rue, Petey, and Bedlam look at each other seriously.  Then they bust out laughing.  “JAKEY! SIT YOUR ASS DOWN AND HAVE A NIP WITH US!” Bedlam yelled.

Jake smirks.  “Had you guys going didn’t I?  So glad to see you back Jon Boy.”  Jake took a fresh and full red cup handed to him by Petey and sipped.

“Yeah, Jake.  You were working the camera that day during the Parking Lot Brawl.  They got you moved up to uhh...bussin up chiffarobes now?”

Jake chuckled.  “Yeah, they liked the footage I guess.  Thanks for that Jonny.”

“Not a problem my man, and may ya first child be a masculine child.” Jonny replied in a horrible Italian gangster impersonation.

“Congrats on winning your first official match.  That one was kinda quick.”

“Yeah, I think ol Flanagan was jet lagged and ate a bad döner kebab gyro from that one place we all told him not to.  But heck, how can you not try that Turkish cuisine man?  He wasn’t quite himself, whatever the case.  If he wants another go, I’ll definitely give him one.  I’m just glad not to crap my pants in my first go round.”

All four men chuckled, “the spirit” having animated them somewhat.

“Well boys, let’s dig some more into this booze.  It’s so good to see all of you again.  Tell me, who’s pumped for the new Alien flick?”




Man of Your Word


The scene went to the backstage area. On this, the first leg of the nbW World Tour throughout the year 2017, big things were already happening. Futures were being changed and new opportunities were being made with the influx of new talent. One of those men would be heard from very shortly.

Until then, Trent McKnight is here to bring you some news. Enjoy.

“Hello, Knight-Watchers!” Trent spoke. “My name is Trent McKnight and with me at this time is a man that came very close to winning the 25 To Life match. Please welcome the former Blitzkrieg Champion… Ohiyama!”

The fans gave a rousing ovation for the hard-hitting Hawaiian as he approached Trent with a hand extended.

Mahalo, Trent,” Ohiyama greeted.

“Hello. Thank for your time, Ohiyama. Now… first off, we heard the news about the father of Jules and Rafi Ke’ala, also your uncle, Pops. My condolences.”

“Thank you, Trent…” Ohiyama said with a solemn sigh. “It has been a trying few weeks. Jules and Rafi are gone for the foreseeable future trying to deal with family business back home. Pops was a very beloved man in both our family and our community. But… as much as that pains me, I’m still here, Trent.”

“Indeed you are,” Trent said. “You were part of the final four and logged several impressive eliminations including your old rival, Torment! The world wants to know… what’s next for you, Ohiyama?”

Ohiyama let out a deep breath.

“That question, I can answer. See… as much as I loved Pops, knowing him he would have wanted me to keep fighting. He knew how much it pained me to leave No Brand Wrestling years ago just as my career was on the rise here and knew how important it was for me to come back. Now, I’m without my cousins and I respect their decision to take care of their father’s business and help the family. In between shows, that’s where I’ll be, but my heart will be here going forward, Trent. The failure of I and my cousins not defeating Clan Strongbern and the failure of not winning 25 To Life will not stop me.”

Trent nodded while Ohiyama paused.

“After spending three years in Japan finding myself, I found my dream and found my way. My way is to fight ANYONE and everyone to get to the top and prove that I can be the strongest, Trent. I’m out to put on the most hard-hitting, exciting matches of any wrestler today. Whether that’s friend or foe, newcomer or veteran, anyone in between… I am challenging ANYBODY in the locker room to meet me in that ring tonight so I can show the world that I am READY to be at the top.”

One could tell that The Active Volcano was speaking right from the heart. He had gone through trying times and wanted to move forward.

“Well, there you have it, Trent. Tonight, Ohiyama will be going one-on-one against anybody willing to accept his challenge. Who wil...”

“All right, enough of this bullshit, broke-ass Matt Lauer.”

Ohiyama turned and came face to face with perhaps one of nbW’s most decorated and talented wrestlers. A multiple-time former Blitzkrieg, Keystone and World Heavyweight Champion…


“Hit the bricks, Trent. Me and the rook are gonna have words.”

The Big Oh locked eyes with Ravage and Trent quietly scooted away from the interview set.

“Some of us didn’t have to go to Japan, find our smile, find our way or whatever you’re back here wining about. Some of us have been success stories the entire time we’ve been in nbW, Ohiyama… you’re looking at one of those people.”

Ravage gave up a lot of height to most opponents, especially that he was 5’9” to Ohiyama’s 6’6”, but his laundry list of titles said “fuck you” to whoever he fought. His attitude, however, left a lot to be desired.

“You want your match, I’ll fight you, Ohiyama. Then I’ll send you running back to the rest of your crybaby bitch family in Hawaii.”

The crowd groaned at that callous statement, but Ohiyama took it in stride.

“For a man that has accomplished so much, Ravage, you’re a disappointment as a person.”

That took the smile right off Ravage’s face.

“You’ve shown time and time again you have all the talent in the world, but things you’ve done to people like Brock Newbludd make you a disgrace. I will fight you and you WILL see I’m a man of my word, Ravage. EA NA TOA E!”

He shouted his war cry in his face before Ohiyama walked off. Ravage watched him leave and growled underneath his breath as the scene moved on.

The End is Nigh

In the Ring

One by one, each section of the arena went dark. It was almost as if someone, or something, had tampered with the lights. The Ulker Sports Arena was transformed into an eerie green. A thick cloud of fog rolled in. It was almost… alien.

Brent Williams got on the mic. “Ladies and gentleman, please excuse the interruption. We seem to be having problems with the - “ His feed cut out and was replaced by a screeching noise. Then, as if someone were switching dials on a radio, voices came through the speakers.

“I… Want… To… Believe!” the radio voices announced. Then the sound system roared to life with the geek punk classic “U.F.O.” by Boris the Sprinkler.

Amidst all the green, the Epicenter came to life, with a silvery object zooming to and fro in the distance. It grew closer, and closer, until finally it was quite clear and almost close enough to touch.

It was a flying saucer! A hatch door opened, lowering a stairway, and a bright, white light emanated from within the strange craft. A shadowy figure slowly took one step after another until it reached the ground. Finally, the mysterious being stood in the entryway, surrounded by the same bright, white light. The hatch door closed, and the U.F.O. sped off. When it vanished from the Epicenter, the same silvery object appeared above the Istanbul crowd in the form of a large, silvery, saucer-shaped balloon!

As Jesse Ventura once said in an episode of The X-Files, “No other object has been misidentified as a flying saucer more often than the planet Venus.” However, this was not the planet Venus. This was the “Space Pimp” Max Hopper!

He stepped into the aisle, flinging his arms out wide. The nbW crowd ate up every minute of it, chanting, “I WANT TO BELIEVE! I WANT TO BELIEVE!”

However, there was something curiously odd about the scene tonight. Odder than normal. Was it the sea of tinfoil hats in the crowd? That was new, but that wasn’t it. Ah, yes, it was the sandwich board that Max was wearing, which read, “THE END IS NIGH.” Max was much more somber than normal.

Once he made his way into the ring, he snapped his fingers and the arena’s lights were restored to normal! He leaned through the ropes to ask Brent Williams if he could borrow his microphone. Brent obliged, and Max Hopper turned to face the Istanbul crowd.

“Hey guys, sorry I’m late,” Max sheepishly apologized, as the NBW Faithful serenaded him with the chorus of Justin Bieber’s “Baby” - quite possibly the result of another rupture in the timeline. It was something he was trying not to think about, the one thing that could make a time traveler late… pregnancy. “I meant to deliver a message to the people of Constantinople, but I ended up here, in Istanbul, instead. Please give your ancestors my apologies.

“Anyway, since Istanbul was Constantinople, you’ll all do just fine.”

Max beamed his bright, white smile. “But before I get to my message,” Max digressed, pointing at his sign, “I want to congratulate a few people on their performances at 25 to Life. WARREN SPADE IS THE NEW WORLD CHAMP!”

The Istanbul crowd went crazy at the mention of the new NBW World Champion, Warren Spade.

“And how about my buddy BROCK NEWBLUDD WINNING the 25 to Life match to become the new Number One Contender? Congrats, buddy!”

Once again, the Istanbul crowd ate it up. They loved Brock! However, Max’s disposition soon turned back to one of Earth shattering importance.

“Now, you all saw 25 to Life. I think… “ Max checked his watch. “Yeah, okay, so you all saw 25 to Life. Ali Amore put up a stellar battle in our match. Thank you, Ali Amore, because that was the test I needed to know that I can face these coming events, and I have all the respect in the universe for you.”

More cheers from the audience for the mention of Ali Amore, former NBW World and Keystone Champion and every soothsayer’s pick to be inducted into the NBW Hall of Fame.

“But when I won the Keystone (Title), I knew my work was just beginning,” Max Hopper continued. “You see, the other night I went to the grocery store, and do you know what I saw? I saw a MOTHER trying to talk her little daughter into eating COOKIES! And do you know what the little girl said? She said she didn’t like them!”

Max’s eyebrows popped up over his trademark SeX-Ray Specs™. He buried his face in the palm of his hand and shook his head in disbelief.

Peering back out at the Istanbul crowd, he pressed on. “It became very clear to me in that moment what was happening. There is a great cataclysm coming, unless I can stop it.

“I told you all about this before. There is someone coming to NBW who is so evil that he will try to bring about the apocalypse, ragnarok, or whatever you want to call it. The point is that this evil is coming, and the only thing keeping him from bringing about the end of civilization as we know it, is the Keystone (Title)!”

With that, Max Hopper gave the microphone back to Brent Williams and waited for his first Keystone (Title) defense to begin.

'Space Pimp' Max Hopper Versus El Principe

For once, Brent Williams was able to do full introductions for a Max Hopper match without his equipment malfunctioning. “Ladies and gentlemen,” he announced, “the following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the NBW Keystone Championship!

“Introducing first, already in the ring… He is NBW’s Foremost Authority on the Weird and Bizarre… the ‘Space Pimp…’ and the GUARDIAN OF THE KEYSTONE CHAMPIONSHIP…


Melissa van der Aart seemed very excited at the prospect of this Keystone Title defense. “This next match should be fantastic, C.G.! Max Hopper just won the Keystone Title at 25 to Life in what many are calling ‘the Greatest Battle in the Universe and Time!’ And El Principe is one-half of the Dynasty Tag Team Champions! Two champions colliding in the ring, tonight!”

“And how great will it be when the Crown Prince of Lucha Libre walks out of here tonight as a DOUBLE CHAMPION?” Gains asked… WISTFULLY! “El Principe is one of the best in NBW when it comes to actual wrestling acumen. He’s going to show that tonight!

“Wait, Melissa… what the hell is that?” C.G. Gains was apparently quizzical about something his broadcast partner was doing.

“Just, you know, showing my support, C.G.” Melissa answered.

Unamused, Gains barked at her, “By wearing a tinfoil hat? Get that thing off your head and try to be professional! Anyway, don’t forget about Max Hopper’s curse. He’s never successfully defended a championship. There’s no way he walks out of here tonight with the Keystone Title still around his waist!”

“Curses, C.G.?” Melissa razzed her broadcast partner. “You’d better watch out. Max Hopper’s hypno-brain control may have gotten you!”

“What??? Give me that thing!”

“No way, get your own tinfoil hat, C.G.”

Backstage, the duo of El Principe and VIP left their private locker room and made the short walk to the curtains, where a couple of guards saluted them. A-List marched towards the ringside area.  Waiting there, and it was only about a matter of yards, was a limousine.  One of the guards handed the esteemed individuals over to a chauffeur, who opened the door for them to get in.

Ridiculously slow and short, the driver escorted them for ten seconds or so prior to getting out himself and holding the door yet again, this time for the ego-inflated outfit to step out.

A red carpet leading to the steps was trodden by the twosome, Principe in front, and they wiped their feet again before the ring was graced with THEIR presence.

It was time for Brent Williams to announce the challenger for this bout. "Presentamos ... pesa doscientos treinta libras ... el retador… desde la Ciudad de México, México ... el príncipe de la corona de la Lucha Libra ... El Principe!"

El Principe leaned through the ropes to go over some last minute strategy with his co-Dynasty Tag Team Champion, VIP. Meanwhile, Max Hopper removed the sandwich board he had been wearing and placed it on the ring apron near the corner, revealing the Keystone Championship around his waist.

El Principe struck before Max Hopper could even finish removing the championship belt, taking the Keystone Champion’s knee out from under him with a chop block. With that, the match was underway.


The referee scooped up the Keystone Title, which had fallen unceremoniously onto the mat, and handed that off to a ringside attendant, as well.

With Max Hopper down in the corner and the referee’s back turned, the Crown Prince of Lucha Libre had the perfect opportunity to utilize one of his favorite maneuvers. He draped the paranormal investigator’s calf across the bottom rope and latched onto the top rope, only to come crashing down onto Max’s knee with a seated senton in true rudo fashion!

A wave of boos emanated from the crowd as their hero rolled around on the mat, holding his knee. This, however, did not stop El Principe from stretching the Guardian of the Keystone’s leg over the bottom rope again and driving several stomps into the knee with precision accuracy. Only a robot could have done better.

The referee, who had turned his attention back to the proceedings of the match, gave El Principe an earful. Unfortunately for the official, he only spoke English, and the Spanish-speaking Crown Prince of Lucha Libre responded with only one word, “¿Qué?”

Principe didn’t let the man in the striped shirt waste any more of his precious time. He grabbed Max Hopper by the leg and dragged him to the middle of the ring, where he rolled the Guardian of the Keystone into a single leg crab!

The official asked Max if he wanted to quit, and when the paranormal investigator refused, El Principe loosened his grip and spun around, only to reapply it with an even greater vigor! Principe kept spinning around and re-tightening the grip, and used each spin to add a little extra torque on the knee when he did so.

C. G. Gains lauded over the Dynasty Tag Team Champion’s strategy. “He’s got the right idea to work over that leg. Max Hopper uses a lot of those high risk moves and a high-paced offense. If El Principe can give him a bad wheel, he’ll definitely give himself a LEG UP in this match!”

“Very droll, C.G.” Melissa replied, her voice wrought with sarcasm.

Meanwhile, inside the ring, NBW’s leading expert on the weird and bizarre refused to give up. He had made no headway whatsoever in trying to get toward the ropes, but he did manage to get himself into a sort of three-point stance, with El Principe still holding onto the one leg. However, Max’s raised position did accomplish two things, the first of which was to alleviate some of the pressure on his knee, and the second was to make it more difficult for the challenger to maintain a good grip on the hold.

The Guardian of the Keystone (Title) managed to wriggle his leg loose. Standing back-to-back with the Dynasty Tag Team Champion, Max flipped upside down…


Max pulled a rabbit out of his hat, even if the hat was made of tinfoil. The move, however, served to aggravate his weakened leg. Rather than attempting the pin, he had to hobble around and try to get the feeling back in his leg, instead.

This gave El Principe ample time to shake the cobwebs out of his own head and get back to a vertical base, himself. The Crown Prince of Lucha Libre closed in from behind. He spun Max Hopper around and lit him up with a reverse knife-edge chop!

Max retaliated with a chop of his own, and before long the two were trading chops!

One from Principe!

One from Max Hopper!



Then the challenger decided to break the routine with a European uppercut.

The crowd shouted out in unison, “I PITY THE FOOL!”

Of course, this was a trademark of Alfie Button, a man for whom El Principe had very little love and plenty of disdain. This drew the Dynasty Tag Team Champion’s attention to the crowd. Principe let them have it by shouting, “Puta madre!” He almost may as well have gone up to a Klingon and told him that his mother had a smooth head!

With El Principe distracted by the crowd, Max Hopper darted toward him and shoved him chest-first into the ropes. The Guardian of the Keystone locked his arms around the challenger’s waist and put his shoulders on the mat with a rolling reverse cradle, catching him completely by surprise!



The women in section 51 whistled as they got a good view of the dark side of the moon when El Principe grabbed a handful of Max Hopper’s tights to aid him in a reversal of the pin.



Max kicked out, sending Principe a few steps away from him. The Crown Prince of Lucha Libre turned around, only to be rolled into a small package! But was there a neat, little bow?.



Reversal by Principe!



Reversed again by Max Hopper!


Reversal by Principe!

Reversed again by Max Hopper!

The two went round and round the ring in a circle, reversing one another’s small package pin attempts before the official could even slap the canvas once. Eventually, they broke the hold. Both of the competitors were left dizzy from the exchange, as was the referee himself!
“I wonder why the referee is counting in Spanish,” van der Aart pondered.

“Well, it’s a well known fact, Melissa, that Max Hopper was the IWF Mexican Champion for two weeks, a very long time ago. I guess the ref figures they can both understand Spanish,” C.G. explained.

“Thanks, Cliffy,” Melissa joked back.

Back in the ring, champion and challenger were both just managing to get the arena to stop spinning. El Principe closed in for a kick to the midsection, but Max Hopper caught his leg! Principe put up his hands and shook his head, pleading for the Guardian of the Keystone (Title) to show mercy. Max turned around and wrapped both of the Dynasty Tag Team Champion’s legs around him before reaching back to grab his head.


Hopper dropped down, using his shoulder to crush Principe’s jaw with a stunner! Hyperbole, but it wasn’t far off. The paranormal investigator let go of El Principe’s head and used both arms to hold onto the challenger’s legs as he arched back into a pin.



TRE… NO! Dos… DOS!

The árbitro (referee) held up two fingers, letting everyone know that the pinfall had not been achieved due to El Principe lifting his shoulder from the mat just in the nick of time. Max Hopper sprang back to his feet and bolted toward the ropes. Unfortunately, however, VIP happened to be standing on that side of the ring, and he grabbed onto Max’s leg, causing the Guardian of the Keystone (Title) to trip and eat canvas.

Max got back to his feet. He turned his attention toward VIP and away from his opponent, a rookie mistake by a veteran of fifteen years (or 1,000 if you believe C.G. Gains’ story about Hopper wrestling in Brigadoon!) This proved to be a very unwise decision, indeed, as it gave the Crown Prince of Lucha the opportunity to sneak up behind him. Principe lifted Max Hopper by the leg he had been working on earlier and drove the champion’s knee into his own!

The knee breaker was linked straight into a dragon screw leg whip that put Max flat on his back. El Principe held onto the leg and twisted around into a figure-four leg lock!

Max thrashed about wildly. The figure-four was well known, of course, as a bit of a double jeopardy hold. Not only could it cause a submission, but it could also cause a pinfall. Double jeopardy.

The man in the striped shirt asked Max Hopper if he wanted to give up, but the answer was an unmistakable “NO!” Still the Dynasty Tag Team Champion had the Guardian of the Keystone (Title) in a perilous predicament. Max was in pain, and El Principe was closer to the ropes than him.

Still, Max Hopper soldiered on, trying not to surrender. With the referee’s back to him, El Principe reached his hands under the bottom rope to lock with VIP’s for extra added leverage. This made it even more difficult for the paranormal investigator to hold on, and he sat up, howling in agony. After that, he flopped backward. His shoulders were on the mat.



Max Hopper threw his shoulder up. He wasn’t done yet! But he had to be getting close…

El Principe let go of VIP’s hands when the referee circled back to make sure there were no shenanigans. Satisfied that all was kosher, he turned his attention again toward Max Hopper and his back to the challenger. El Principe again grabbed onto VIP’s hands for extra leverage.

NBW’s foremost authority on all things strange found his shoulders flush with the canvas yet again.



The crowd urged their beloved Keystone Champion on with chants of “I WANT TO BELIEVE!”

Max sat up one more time. He spotted El Principe holding onto VIP’s hands and pointed the referee to it, but by the time the referee had turned around, the funny business had already stopped. Hopper took the time to drag himself further into the ring. Unorthodox, yes, but the result of the move was that El Principe was no longer in position to get any unscrupulous help from his tag team partner and co-champion.

Max still was not in the neighborhood of the ropes, however, so he found himself with only one option. Reverse polarity of the shields! He raised one arm high into the air and rocked his body onto its side. He fought to accomplish the classic figure-four reversal, and El Principe did everything in his power to combat it.

Success! The champion had managed to roll both of them over onto their bellies, reversing the pressure of the submission hold! Now, it was El Principe who felt himself at the mercy of his own hold. The Crown Prince of Lucha Libre wasted little time in releasing the figure-four leg lock, not only setting himself free, but Max Hopper, also.

Of course, Max had been made to endure the ruthlessness of the figure-four for much longer than El Principe. While the challenger managed to get back to his feet, the champion was having a hard time of it. The Dynasty Tag Team Champion closed in on the Guardian of the Keystone (Title) with his hands raised for a double axehandle smash.


What happened, instead, was Hopper thrusting out his bad wheel and smacking El Principe right in the kisser with his foot. Still hampered by the damage done throughout the course of the match to his knee, Max found it an almost unworldly task trying to capitalize on the current situation.

El Principe was back to his feet again, and he charged the champion, who lowered his head and spin the challenger right into a thunderous spinebuster slam!



NO! The challenger had kicked out yet again. This bought Max a little more time, however, and he gingerly made his climb up the ropes. Sensing that his partner was in trouble, Victor Ingram Price circled around the outside of the ring to get closer to Max Hopper, who was perched upon the top turnbuckle. This caught the Space Pimp’s eye, and instead of perhaps sealing up a victory, he targeted VIP with a shooting star press… from the top rope all the way to the ringside floor!!!

The crowd was on its feet with chants of “THIS IS AWESOME!”

Max Hopper and VIP were like the Roswell crash outside, and it was only about to get worse. It took a minute for him to find where Max Hopper had went, but once Max, and VIP, too, were back to their feet, El Principe spotted them. He took off toward the ropes on the side of the ring opposite Hopper and Price, only to come back flying between the middle and top ropes.


El Principe’s suicide dive took out both his opponent and his own partner in one fell swoop, the latter being an unintentional side effect.

The NBW Faithful were beyond reality. “HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!” they chanted.

The official was even stunned. He was a bit late beginning his count.



Principe was the first to get up. He brought Max Hopper to his feet and rolled him back into the ring. Upon his own re-entrance to the ring, the Crown Prince of Lucha Libre stomped on Max a couple of times before peeling him off the canvas. He wrapped his arms around the paranormal investigator and took him over with a belly-to-belly suplex! Principe held on and brought him up and over with another belly-to-belly! And a third!


The triple belly-to-belly suplex had the Guardian of the Keystone in a bad way. Principe hooked the leg.



TRES - NO! Sólo dos! (Only two!)

Principe rested on his knees for a moment as he questioned the official in Spanish, probably telling him to learn how to count or something like that. The referee couldn’t understand a word of it, but the gestures weren’t lost on him, and he insisted that it was only a count of “dos.” El Principe brought Max Hopper to his feet again and whipped him into the ropes. The Dynasty Tag Team Champion scooped up his opponent for a tilt-a-whirl back breaker, only to have it countered with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors!

El Principe skidded across the mat on his back. Max hopped back to his feet and jetted to the ropes, only to find VIP standing there again. This time, though, when Price reached in to grab his leg, Max didn’t go down. He did turn his attention to his opponent’s tag team partner. Hopper jawed with VIP for a few seconds and El Principe seized the opportunity to charge the Guardian of the Keystone (Title) from behind...

But Max Hopper was ready for him! He turned around just in time to send El Principe up and over the top rope, crashing into Victor Ingram Price on the ringside floor! Max Hopper wobbled his way back to the center of the ring. He pointed to his right.

“GOTTA!” the crowd responded.

He pointed to his left.


He raised his arms high into the air like a choir conductor, until he got the Turkish crowd to stretch out one word. Then he took off toward the ropes on the other side of the ring from both members of the A-List.


Max high jumped over the top rope with a fosbury flop, or spaceman plancha, if you wheel!




The Space Pimp’s trademark dive from the ring connected, taking down both members of the A-List in pure style!

The Istanbul crowd went berserk, singing the chorus to “Starman” by David Bowie. The man in the striped shirt issued a ten count.




Max Hopper was the first to emerge from the wreckage. He stumbled toward the ring and leaned against the apron.



Max rolled under the bottom rope and back into the ring. El Principe rose to his feet on the ringside floor.


The Crown Prince of Lucha Libre ran forth and slid into the ring. When he got back to his feet, he found Max Hopper waiting for him.


Max Hopper reached out and grabbed El Principe by the melon in a clawhold! The challenger in tonight’s match was in trouble now! He screamed in pain and tried his best to stay on his feet. If Max were to wrestle him to the ground, it could spell the end of the match.


Probably the reason that this was the “lost hold” of Atlantis was that there were too many counters to it. The bell clap was one of them.

With the hold broken and Max Hopper trying to shake the ringing out of his ears, El Principe circled around his opponent. A quick double leg takedown from behind put the paranormal investigator face-first on the mat. Principe picked him up for a devastating wheelbarrow back breaker.


Indeed, stranger things have happened, but not many! The Guardian of the Keystone (Title) countered the wheelbarrow backbreaker by flipping through into a reverse powerbomb! What a move! Max rolled over with his feet hooking Principe’s arms and pushed his own torso off the mat for a rather unconventional pin.





Max Hopper had done it! For the first time in his career, he had successfully defended a championship, and it was the single most important title he has ever held, to boot! It seemed as though the curse had been broken. He was exhausted, but beyond belief in accomplishing what proved tonight to be an almost herculean task!

The referee handed him the belt, and he was all set to celebrate, until…

Beep-beep-beep! Beep-beep-beep! Beep-beep-beep!

The alarm on his watch started beeping.

Beep Beep, Beep Beep, Beep Beep...

In the Ring

A soft chant began to spread throughout the arena. Starting as a whisper but growing into a chorus as the lights darkened  while images began to flicker on the viewers screens. Images of violence, war, and a solitary figure watching it all.

Max Hopper’s eyes were growing wider. He shook his head, softly muttering “No… no…”

A confused Melissa van der Aart queried, “What’s going on here?”

“I’m not sure,” C.G. answered, “but I think it might be…”

The chanting was grown louder now and the drumbeats of Nightwish’s “Seven Days to the Wolves rose in volume as mist spread throughout the arena. Ghostly images of great heroes and villains forming two parallel lines along the ramp.

The rock part of the song kicked in and thunder roared while fire erupts on the stage, revealing the cowled form of a lean young man with stringy black hair. He was shirtless save for a tattered black cowl with a wolf skull mask. The man’s skin was covered in intricate, tribal tattoos that seemed to move and flicker in the firelight as he strode purposefully towards the ring. Eyes dead fixed on Max Hopper.

El Principe had been crawling up the ring in a daze after he’d rolled out the ring, and was now frozen in shock as the stranger came closer and closer towards him.

Thinking quickly, El Principe tried to atta-


The move dropped the already weakened Principe and a short-range curbstomp ruthlessly crushed his face further into the ramp. The assailant had barely broken his stride. Practically stepping OVER Principe as he moved towards Max Hop-


The crowd cheered as Max had apparently decided to take the fight to the enemy and FLOWN out the ring with his signature dive!

But the stranger was unnaturally agile and dodged out the way, causing Max to land on his feet behind him. The half a second Max took to reorient himself was enough for The stranger to catch him off-guard with a spinning back kick straight to Max’s gut! The move knocked the wind out of the Keystone champion and bent him double as The stranger grabbed him by the neck and tights and threw him savagely into the barricade!

Max hit the metal wall HARD and collapsed to the floor. The stranger turned his gaze away from Hopper and towards the Keystone title now lying in the middle of the ring. He moved to grab it, when Max Hopper suddenly LUNGED forward and grabbed his ankle! Holding on for dear life!

The stranger tried to attack with an Enzuigiri, but Max ducked under the kick and immediately countered into a Dragon Screw Legwhip! The crowd applauded, and Max dashed into the ring! Grabbing his belt and immediately rolling out on the opposite side, right near the commentary ta-


The move had come out of nowhere as the stranger had flanked the exhausted Max Hopper and struck him down with a running spear to the floor!

Immediately, the stranger grabbed the belt and tried to wrench it free from Max Hopper’s grasp, but somehow Max was able to hold on. Stubbornly refusing to let go, even as the stranger pulled.

Growling, the stranger violently stomped down on Max Hopper’s face! Breaking his nose and spilling blood onto the floor! Max was still clinging onto the Keystone belt however, so the stranger picked him up once again, and rammed the top of Max’s skull into the edge of the ring apron! The time traveller crumpled to the floor, shuddering in pain.

Suddenly, he was gasping and choking as the stranger coldly pressed the heel of his boot against Max’s throat, standing on it and pinning Max’s neck to the floor and grabbing the arm that was holding the title. WRENCHING it backwards as Hopper desperately thrashed and struggled to free  himself! Somehow still clinging onto his title!

He JUST managed to get out, only to cry out in pain as the same boot struck his ribs like a whipcrack!

As Max rolled over, clutching his ribs and groaning in pain, the stranger began to pull back on the outside mat. Exposing the concrete to the horrified reactions of the crowd.

He wrapped his hand around Max Hopper’s neck, locking in an inverted facelock.

Gains paled

“No… no… he can’t be thinking…”


The stranger was pitiless. Lifiting up Max Hopper’s limp body before dropping him down AGAIN, and AGAIN into the concrete!

“Where the HELL is security!” Melissa yelled “Someone needs to stop this NOW!

The boo’s rained down upon the stranger now as he stood over the unconscious and bleeding form of their beloved hero. But he ignored them. And grabbed hold of the title.

Max STILL wouldn’t let go!

Whether by divine intervention, or sheer instinctual stubbornness, Max Hopper’s hand remained fixed around the title. As though locked in Rigor Mortis!

“I… I can’t believe I’m saying this.” Gains said “but… It’s almost like the Keystone belt is protecting itself.”

Melissa whirled on him in shock.

“WHAT?! You’ve NEVER believed in what Max Hopper talks about! Why are you suddenly going all Mulder on me NOW?!”

Gains said nothing.

A flash of extreme irritation appeared on The stranger’s face for a split second before it was replaced with a contemplative look.

Grabbing the wrist that held the title, he dragged Max Hopper’s limp body towards the steel steps and lifted the top set up before placing Max’s hand  on the the bottom layer and laying the edge of the top layer on Max’s wrist.

Then he began to ascend to the top, as the audience’s horror grew…

“Okay, enough is enough!” Melissa shouted. If he jumps onto the steps from there, he’s going to break Max’s hand in half! Someone get security out here, NOW!!!”

“Messing With The Best” by Miracle of Sound hit the airwaves!

Forgotten were the thoughts of the Keystone title, forgotten were the thoughts of snapping Max Hoppers wrist like a twig. The stranger could only stare in abject shock as his long-time rival charged down the ring.

“That’s… That’s DARREN BEST!!”

Then the look of shock faded. To be replaced by a smile of pure DELIGHT!

“The stranger is going after Darren Best now!” Melissa called, “The two are fighting it out on the ramp in front of the NBW faithful! Back and forth they go! Neither of them are backing down!”

The fans were roaring now! Cheering on the NBW native as Darren seemed to be gaining the upper hand on the invader, whipping him off the stage! But the stranger landed in a combat roll and struck back with a superkick that Darren Best ducked under, pulling the  stranger up into an electric chair position! The stranger clapped both hands around Darren Best’s ears, stunning him before trying to hit a poisoned rana, but Darren was savvy enough to collapse FORWARD, throwing The stranger off him and into some supply crates!

The impact was minimal, but it was enough for Best to recover and grab The stranger in a headlock before whipping him into a door. The stranger tried to get his bearings before a running dropkick from Best knocked the door off it’s hinges and sent them BOTH crashing through!

Both men rolled to their feet, Darren Best glaring hatefully at the stranger, while the other man fixed Best with the same delighted smile.

“I thought you were dead…” The stranger breathed. Like a child rediscovering a long-lost toy.

“Try harder next time.” Darren Best replied coldly.

That only made the stranger grin WIDER.

“Alex Reyn, I presume...?” Said a voice to their left.

The two of them (And the cameraman), whirled around to see the General Manager of NBW, “High-Flyer”, casually strolling towards them. Taking in the surroundings, they were oddly in the GM's office itself!

“I know it’s anticlimactic for me to reveal the stranger by saying his name. Cause, like, I signed you. I know who you are. But I felt I had to interrupt you after you destroyed my door.” He said, holding up his hands in the universal sign for ‘chill’. “Your reputation for...disliking interruptions proceeds you my friend. I just… thought you might not have considered all the angles…”

Alex Reyn looked at the GM coldly, but did not attack him, and Best was not moving to attack Alex, so Flyer took that as reason to continue.

“It seems you’ve got your eye on the Keystone title. It’s good to have goals and aspirations. But, the path you walk is more important than the destination. How we accomplish what we do gives those accomplishments meaning, not the other way around. Just because you grab the Keystone title and run to Shabogan, doesn’t make you the champ. It makes you a thief.” Reyn snarled his nose up at Harmen as Jack backed off. “Hey, you two broke my door so the only looks that should be shot should be loaded by me. Plus I’m the boss, so… I’m the boss. I do what I want. But I don’t want to have to call security against you, or anyone. So, why didn’t you just ask? Maybe come up to me at catering on my third sandwich and go, ‘Hey Jack. Maybe I can get a shot. I want to battle for the number one contendership.”

Harmen turned his gaze to Darren Best. “And I see no greater foe than one of your greatest rivals.” Darren clenched his fists, ready.

“I’d probably be inclined to book it. I can sell that.” Harmen walked around his desk to the opposite side. “Doesn’t matter that you’ve beaten him, four times even. But, here I am, wondering if you deserve a shot. Wondering what Alex Reyn, the man standing before me today, is made of. I mean, maybe… maybe you’re just a little… rusty?”

The corner of Alex Reyn’s mouth twitched.

“As for you Darren, I KNOW how badly you want to get your hands on Reyn here. But you can’t beat him in a match by brawling in the backstage here. If you wanna prove you’re the better man, indulge yourself as your hand is raised and the fans chant your name… do it in the ring. Right?”

The two rivals looked at each other, then back at Flyer.

There was a long pause, and then…

“We accept.” They both said.

“Excellent!” Flyer cheered, clapping his hands together. “RICHIE!” Harmen turned to the corner, where Richie Keal held up a large Hylian Shield. “Now that the tension has been broken, I need you to draw up contracts for a number one contender match.”

“I’m not a laywer Jack.” Richie said. “I’m a -

“Don’t care! Just,” Harmen slammed his hand on the deck. “Stop being yourself. Do it. Alright?” Harmen turned back to Reyn, who hadn’t taken his eyes off of Best. “By the way stranger, Paul Sanders wanted competition earlier tonight. So, I’m booking you against him tonight. You should probably get warmed up.”
“Don’t disappoint me.” Alex said simply.

Harmen laughed. “No. See.” Harmen leaned over his desk. “I say that to you.” Harmen smiled, a wide Cheshire cat like smile. “Now off you two go!” And with a cheery wave from Flyer, all three men turned and went their separate ways.

“Also, Richie?”

“Yes Jack?”

“Why does my office have two doors, with one leading directly to ringside?”

“You said you didn’t want to walk so far when you had to go to the ring.”

Harmen nodded, deep in thought. “That sounds like something I’d yell.”




Can You Hear Me Now?

In the Ring

“Well, while he didn’t win 25 to Life match, you have to know that big things are happening for Big Rick Strongbern!” Melissa said to the camera at ringside.

“Damn right!” Gains said. “They beat Ke’ala Ohana, rough up The Unstoppables to show them who’s REALLY running things here!”

“The latter is a little bit of an embellishment, but they did win thanks to their newest member, Ri-Khan Strongbern. Now Big Rick Strongbern has not one, but THREE cronies to do his bidding now and they felt the need to cost The Unstoppables the Dynasty Tag Team Titles in the process! Now they’ll be in an eight-man tag team match against For The Win and RAF momentarily, but I understand they’ll be out here to say a few words.”

“Yeah… that ish just got REAL!”

And on that lovely note…

“Let’s Kill These Motherfuckers” by Lair of the Minotaur.

The music thundered loudly through the Ulker Sports Arena in Istanbul. The crowd booed as the camera caught a glimpse one by one of each of the monsters coming out.

Little Ricky Strongbern looking ever unenthusiastic as ever… okay, maybe a little since Clan Strongbern did win at 25 To Life.

Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern with an evil grin on his face.

Ri-Khan Strongbern was next, “attacking” the camera and growling like a crazy person at the fans near ringside.

And finally the camera panned down…

Big Rick Strongbern himself.

With both an evil grin and a cocksure swagger as he headed down the ramp. The freaks had indeed com out and one by one, the members of Clan Strongbern entered the ring. Little Ricky stepped over the ropes. Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern paused for the camera and gave it the double deuce to the fans watching. Ri-Khan ran up the ropes and started to gnaw on the top rope…

“Down, boy!” Rik shouted.

Rik grabbed Ri-Khan and brought him into the ring. Big Rick climbed up the steps and walked to the middle of the ropes. He then did his signature “climb over the ropes one foot at a time” and then pushed the ropes down so the 5’8” musclehead could step into the ring.


Strongbern took it from Brent Williams and left him alone.


Bonebreaker-Strongbern walked over and SHOVED Brent Williams down for no reason other than because he could! The fans booed that but Big Rick took the microphone and one of the ringside assistants walked over to check on the announcer.


The crowd continued to boo the deranged and diminutive Strongbern as he paced around the ring.


“Single-handledly” may have been somewhat of an exaggeration, but yes, he did do that.


Rik flexed his muscles.


Ri-Khan let out a loud howl.


He was about to…”


Little Ricky sighed in the background. He shouldn’t have taken the bait, but he did.


The King of Strongbern Style smiled with all three of his goons nearby.


He motioned for the camera and looked right into it to laugh real slow.

HA. HA. HA. HA. HA.”

Big Rick grinned and gave Rik a dab. Little Ricky remained silent with arms crossed and Ri-Khan continued to growl at the camera.


With a grin, he cackled again.


Now things seemed to be getting real interesting. Big Rick’s delusions were giving way to something a little more serious now.


The other three former outcasts of No Brand Wrestling nodded in agreement – even Little Ricky who had been used and abused by Big Rick for a long time. Even he looked a little bitter.


“Hey, Kids” by JET.

FINALLY, somebody shut up Big Rick! The fans gave a nice cheer to the long-time nbW fan favorite tag team of gamers, For The Win! Tony Spark and Chris Noid came out and behind them were another tag team on the rise… Ant Rush and Ade Flowers aka RAF! The foursome came out and Clan Strongbern had some history with For The Win… it was Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern making his debut as a member of the Clan at the expense of Tony Spark last year putting him on the shelf for some time.

“Good God almighty… shut up. Shut up now!” Tony Spark shouted.

That got some cheers.

“Chris and I got a bone to pick with the four of you asswipes…” Chris Noid said. “And we got some help in the form of our good friends, RAF, tonight!

Ade and Ant both nodded behind him. They were looking to make their mark in the tag division and the two trainees of fellow nbW tag team The Entertainers weren’t backing down.

“Back at Pride last year, you put me on the shelf, Rik…” Spark said, rolling the arm that was nearly broken in two. “But The Sonic and Knuckles of nbW are back tonight and we’re shutting your little game DOWN!”

Rik waved for the microphone from Big Rick and he got it.

“I don’t give a fuck that you’re still raw about being injured,” Rik said flatly. “If you cross me tonight, I’ll break your other arm and I’ll break Noid’s arm along with it so he can be in the hospital right next to you. Same goes for the two midgets behind you.” He pointed at RAF. “Leave under your own power or leave in a body bag. Your choice.”

Tony Spark shook his head.

“Big Rick, you were bitching about being in nbW a long time and not getting your due… guess what? We’ve been here for more than cup of coffee, too, and if you knew that, you’d know we don’t run from a fight. In fact, let’s make this interesting…”

Spark pointed to the ring.

“Let’s make this an elimination match! Every single one of you bastards needs to be taken down a peg and that’s exactly what we want to do tonight!”

The crowd LIKED that idea! Big Rick honestly didn’t seem all that concerned and he grinned.


“Glad you said that, Strongbern,” Spark said. “Know why? Because everything we do is…”

RAF joined in.


The cute combo of tag team names was effective and the group of high-flyers were heading to the ring. The match was about to begin as Big Rick laughed off-mic.


With those colorful words, we were about to kick off this eight-man tag!

Clan Strongbern Versus RAFTW
Elimination Tag

The referee for this match was Jerry Peterson and he had the unfortunate task of refereeing this now elimination tag team match! The newly-minted Team RAFTW was about to take on the powerhouses known as Clan Strongbern led by the deranged and power-hungry Big Rick Strongbern. Surprisingly, he was looking to start things off for his team first while on the other side, it was Tony Spark. He wanted payback in a very bad way against Clan Strongbern and ruining their momentum after a big six-man tag victory at 25 To Life would mean bad things for them.

“LET’S GO, YOU LITTLE FUCKBOY!” Big Rick screamed.

Jerry Peterson was about to call for the bell…


…And IMMEDIATELY, Big Rick tagged out to Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern!


Rik nodded with a smile on his face and Little Ricky and Ri-Khan watched as Rik climbed over the ropes. Tony Spark gave up a LOT of height and weight to the 6’8” and 330-ish pound Norwegian, but he still wanted that payback.

Rik swung…

And a miss!

Tony popped off a Dropkick to the chest and sent Rik bouncing back a step as Tony got back to his feet again. He Dropkicked him in the chest a second time and the second blow knocked The Bone-breaking Behemoth back a little more. The fans were on the side of Spark as Chris Noid and both members of RAF cheered him on…

“Let’s go, asshole!” Spark yelled.

The Clan Strongbern members watches as Tony hit the ropes…


Rik was done pussyfooting around and KNOCKED Spark right on his ass with a nasty Running Shoulder Block! It was like running into a brick wall that could hit you back. He tried to grab Tony Spark but he rolled over and the tag was made to Ade Flowers. He jumped over the ropes and went right for the legs of Rik. He kicked away at the big man with Leg Kicks to try and stun him. He hit the ropes…


The other members of Team RAFTW winced as they watched Rik take down the second member of their team with little to no effort. The other Clan Strongbern members didn’t do anything to try and stop him as Rik was running things in the ring. The Bone-breaking Behemoth walked over to pick up Ade before he simply THREW him back to his corner.

“Make the tag, you little shit.”

He was DARING anybody else to make the tag, so that’s exactly what happened. Ant Rush made the tag for his buddy and he came right in at Rik. He tried a Big Boot, but Ant ran underneath his kick and bounced off the ropes with a Springboard Crossbody…


Rik laughed as he held the 200-pound Ant in his arms like a small child, but he didn’t see BOTH members of For The Win climb the top rope behind him. When he turned…


That one’s free of charge, Spike. :D

The double Missile Dropkick by both members of For The Win knocked him down and Ant stayed on him for the cover!



Not even a full two-count when he shoved Ant Rush off of him. Ant got back to his feet and quickly ran at the Clan Strongbern members in the corner, nailing Big Rick with a Running Forearm that knocked him off the ring apron to the delight of the crowd! The other members of Team RAFTW ran into the ring and they suddenly blitzed both Ri-Khan and Little Ricky with Springboard Dropkicks to knock them off the ring apron… they were taken care off while both members of RAF had Rik locked in their sights as he tried to get up…


They took him down as quickly as they could with the strikes now as both members of For The Win climbed to the top turnbuckle! They were doing the best they could right now against Clan Strongbern using their quickness…


Ant Rush was still the legal man and went for the cover on Rik! Could that first elimination be that quick?!





Clan Strongbern got cocky and now the foursome of high flyers had Rik on the ropes! He kicked out, but it was not nearly as strong as his first. Ant Rush made the legal tag out to Chris Noid and now he ran in pressing the NES Controller beltbuckle that was leading to his finishing move, The Ultimate Cheatcode! He was plugged in and ready to win…


…But out of NOWHERE, Ri-Khan showed off INCREDIBLE agility and blasted Noid in the head with a high Spin Kick to the face that laid him out! Ant Rush tried to help him out, but Little Ricky pulled him out of the ring…


Despite the sad name that Big Rick gave to Little Ricky’s signature Big Boot, it was still coming from a man pushing seven feet tall and he BLASTED Rush with it on the outside. Ade Flowers was trying to help his buddy out, but he was rolled up from behind by Big Rick…


The crowd CRINGED from the impact of the Schoolboy Roll-up-turned-Powerbomb!

This match hadn’t gone on that long, but Jerry Peterson was already losing control thanks to the members of Clan Strongbern just running in and destroying EVERYTHING they could get their hands on. Tony Spark tried to run over and attack Big Rick, but the leader of Clan Strongbern saw it coming and took his head off…


Just like that.

Just like that, Clan Strongbern had come together from the jaws of defeat and laid waste to Team RAFTW. Jerry Peterson threatened a DQ, but Big Rick didn’t like Dairy Queen anyway and pointed at the members of Clan Strongbern to comply.


Little Ricky and Ri-Khan were back in the corner with the legal man Chris Noid still laid out at the feet of Bonebreaker-Strongbern. He made the tag out to Ri-Khan Strongbern and he threw Noid into the ropes. Ri-Khan caught him…


Another move named right by Big Rick Strongbern. And because no other members of Team RAFTW were anywhere near the ring, nobody was there to break up the cover. Big Rick held his hand out and took the tag from Ri-Khan and then made the cover NOW that he was sure Noid was down. 





Big Rick did what he did best and that was pick up scraps after one of his goons did the hard work. It was now left to a four-on-three advantage with Clan Strongbern absolutely cleaning house after a fast-paced start by Team RAFTW. Ant Rush seemed to be the most coherent member of the opposition given that Spark was still laid out on the floor and Ade Flowers had his bell rung by Ri-Khan earlier. The Attack Dog of Clan Strongbern was tagged back in. He growled and ran at him…

He started CHOKING the life out of Ant Rush in the corner with his bare hands. He continued to press down on Ant’s throat while Jerry Peterson called for a five-count.

“That’s enough, break it up, Khan.”


Ri-Khan immediately stopped. Whatever weird control that Big Rick had over the man formerly known as Khan was a mystery, but Ri-Khan was much more focused and dangerous than he had ever been. He let Ant come at him briefly. Rush tried to fire a series of hard Forearms in the skull of Ri-Khan, but one HARD Throat Thrust dropped Rush. He then pushed him up in the corner and MAULED him with a series of hard Hammer-style Forearms to both sides of the head! The crowd cringed from the brutal blows.

After he was done mauling him, Ri-Khan threw Ant over to the corner and made the tag to Little Ricky. The 6’11” and 297-pound big man stepped over the ropes and picked Ant up for a Chokeslam. He hoisted him up…


Little Ricky DRILLED Ant Rush with the deadly Sit-out Chokeslam finisher he was known for. Despite its silly name, there was nothing funny once it hit…

“TAG ME IN!” Big Rick shouted.

The crowd booed as once again, a finisher was hit by a member of his team so Big Rick could come in and get the fall. Little Ricky tagged his boss and sighed before going back to the corner so Big Rick could pick the scraps.





Tony Spark ran into the ring in the midst of the chaos and tried to roll up Big Rick with a Schoolboy before he knew what was going on!



Big Rick was back up but Tony Spark tried another roll-up in the form of a Small Package…



He was back up again and he tried to hit him with The Ultimate Cheat Code… NO!

Big Rick shoved Spark off of him and the tag was made to Ade Flowers! The young high flyer hit the ring and tried to drill at Big Rick with a volley of Forearm Smashes. Ade hit the ropes…


The Attack Dog and his kick-boxing background allowed him the use of his legs as deadly weapons! He struck Ruseve led to Big Rick snatching him up in a Crossface position…


Known in other circles as the Bully Choke or the Captain’s Hook, the deadly Crossface-like submission had him dead to rights and there was nowhere for Ade Flowers to go…


Big Rick cranked back on the hold just a few more seconds after Ade Flowers had tapped out before he finally released it. Big Rick let go and now there was just one man left.


Tony Spark.

His heart sunk a little into his chest knowing full well he was now going into this match alone with the members of Clan Strongbern who were going at full strength. Big Rick walked back to Rik and tagged him in to the ring again.


Rik walked into the ring calmly and waited for Spark to make his move. He went out guns blazing as he ran into the ring and aimed at Rik’s knee with a Dropkick! The fans were on the side of Tony Spark as he ran off the ropes…


That was the deadly Running Powerslam by Rik and with that, Spark was pretty much done for. The crowd then BOOED even louder with Big Rick holding a hand out for yet ANOTHER unearned tag. Rik tagged in his boss and the crowd booed as he ascended the top rope. This was a new move as Big Rick did have a few flying moves in his arsenal…


Right out of nowhere was a DEADLY Diving Senton! The name of the move was perhaps a little misleading as it was more of a straight Back Splash instead of a Flipping Senton Bomb, but call it whatever you want… Strongbern hit the move on Spark and didn’t even need to hook a leg.




This one was done. Clean sweep by Clan Strongbern and more importantly, FOUR eliminations had all been logged by Big Rick who – despite perhaps having the talent to do so on his own merits – chose not to. He would rather pick the scraps of others doing his bidding.


Big Rick stood in the ring and flexed his guns.


He and the other members of Clan Strongbern were celebrating…


This farce had gone on long enough and now BOTH members of The Unstoppables were running toward the ring with chairs in hand! They had a little bit of payback when they owned the ring at 25 To Life for a good while, but both Tyson XL and the former nbW World Champion Vic Gravender ran…

Clan Strongbern scattered like giant roaches and left the ring just as Tyson XL and Vic slid inside. Ty ran over to check on Tony Spark, perhaps saving him from further damage by Clan Strongbern.


The foursome disappeared up the ramp while The Unstoppables watched them leave. Vic growled and shook his head while Tyson XL waved a hand for them to come back and fight. Clan Strongbern displayed complete dominance tonight, but what would happen if they fought The Unstoppables on an even playing field?

Sadly, we’d have to wait for another time to find that out.

At What Price?


Paul Sanders was warming up for a clash with debutant Alex Reyn while Kid Chameleon sat on the nearby bench, conquering more virtual enemies on his Playstation Portable.

"Look who showed up."

VIP touched the title on his left shoulder and tapped Principe's as well.  Lagging behind, Principe imitated Ingram:  "We stopped The Unstoppables - not once but..TWICE," Victor exclaimed, holding up his thumb and index finger to reiterate the point just in case our viewers weren't aware of that.

"Nothing to do with Strongbern then?  No?"

Ingram ignored that and turned to Principe, conversing in Spanish, about how the belt complemented his crown.

"So...you kept up your end of the bargain..."

Ingram went along with that:  "We sure did."

"And we did what we had to do too."

Not really listening, distracted by adjusting Principe's so it sat sweetly on the Mexican's shoulder, Ingram uttered:  "Huh?  What do you mean?"

Sanders looked at Chameleon, who felt his partner's eyes on him.  Kid, not distracted from conquering another level, piped up:  "2-up.  You weren't the only ones who won a tag match at Twenty-Five to Life."

It dawned on VIP, who laughed:  "Sorry.  I'd forgotten..."

Paul squared up to Price:  "That we'd won or that you promised us a match if we beat the Health Fanatics twice?"

Annoyingly, Ingram told the truth:  "Both, but..."

Sanders started to invade VIP's personal space:  "But, what?"

VIP, who had turned to look at Principe, feeling slightly intimidated, then took a step back and reminded Sanders of his obligations:  "You're going to face Alex Reyn right now, aren't you?"

"Correct," Paul confirmed.

"Oh well.  If you come through that..."


"Nothing, Paul.  If you come through that, we'll talk.  You've got that to focus on first.  We are men of our word.  You're the number one contenders and it'll be game over for The Players should you step in the ring with us..."

"WHEN..." Paul stated confidently, urging Chameleon, who took his PSP with him, to accompany Sanders to the curtain.

Ingram shook his head and once The Players were well out of earshot, muttered:  "You have no idea what you're letting yourself in for."

'The Armbreaker' Alan Envy Versus Ernie Jones

'Swear it to the Sun' by Voodoo Johnson started to ring out through the arena as Alan Envy appeared on the ramp. The crowd gave a mixed reaction to the man known to snap limbs as he stared into the ring. Motivated by a showing that in his mind wasn't Akan Envy level Envy walked to the ring not looking away from his opponent Ernie Jones who awaited him inside the ring.

Envy stepped into the ring and stared down Jones. He eyed the man like a predator eyes his prey. He took a step toward Ernie but stopped.

He walked over and was handed a microphone. He turned back to Ernie Jones and stared at him.

“I'm going to give you an opportunity kid to do yourself and your career that I am sure has just started to soak in the fact that you are standing in the ring with an international superstar and the #TopGuy to go ahead and step away. Take your green as (bleep) ass and go home. Tell your kids what it felt like standing this close to me and live to get booked another day.

The crowd decided to give Envy a mixed ovation. He looked out to him and placed the microphone to his lips.

“Oh no no no no….You people aren't allowed to agree with me or (bleep) disagree with me. I'm now taking things into my own hands. I said when I got here NBW was going to be my playground and (bleep) it starts now!!”

Boos reigned down on Alan Envy as he turned his attention back to Ernie Jones. He pointed his index finger at him.

“Final warning boy. Walk!!”

Ernie Jones looked out to the fans as they started to encourage the young man to stay and fight. He started looking confident and turned back to Envy who delivered a superkick straight to his face. He strutted around the ring and stared at the laid out Ernie Jones.

“You took way too (bleep) long to decide kid. This is what we call learning from your mistakes my man”

Envy as the bell rang picked up Ernie Jones and delivered Envious Demise that dropped him on his head. Jones crumpled to the mat and was unconscious as Envy stood up. He hovered over Ernie Jones then placed his foot on the kid's chest.

The referee dropped to the mat.




The bell signaled.

“Here is your winner…..Alan……..Envy…..”

Envy continued staring down Jones and began to walk away. He stopped. He turned around and saw Jones had moved a little. He pounced on the young man and locked in Paying Your Dues.

Envy vs Jones

He popped Ernie’s arm back and immediately the young man screamed. His arm dangled as the referee dropped down to try to control Ernie as he flopped all over the match.

Envy exited the ring. Paramedics rushed past him as he continued his walk back up the ramp. A fan in the crown who stood next to a fiery opinionated woman who hurled insults at Envy caused him to stop and stared at them. He shooked his head at them and walked away back behind the curtain as paramedics stabilized young Ernie Jones.


Taped Earlied: From a Hospital in Singapore

The cameras went backstage where a new face greeted the viewers. Slightly new at least. Pasty-white skin, nearly pale even, to her curvy figure in comparison. Unlike her sister who dressed quite professional, Veronica was more about showing what she had. To the extent allowed, with a nice open hole shirt and short shorts.

“Hi.” She greeted, “I’m the newest interviewer here in NBW. I’m Veronica Hoyt, with a K.”

“No it isn’t.”

came the voice from off-camera to the right.

“You all know my sister already and now you get to know me! She’s going on to do bigger and better things.”

“No I’m not.”

“And I get to take her job over.”

“No you don’t.”

“But most importantly I get to enjoy this cruise with you all.” She smiled and cast her eyes off to the right then back to the camera. “Right, the job. So as you all know we have a NEW World Champion of NBW-”

“Veronica! You don’t just give away that!”

“But Derecho lost? Surely anybody watching would know this by now?” She shrugged and continued on. “The hunky Brock Newbludd won 25 to Life and now will face Warren Spade at Legacy for the title-”

“No. This isn’t a recap sis.”

“-in what will be a beefy gladiator duel to win the hearts of women everywhere!”

“No, just no. God why did this get green-lit as live?”

“We’re live?” She cast a glance and then looked back at the camera. “Wait!” Flicking her hair back from her eyes and behind her ears she cleared her throat. “And in two, one.”

Smiling once more.

“Welcome back! We’re just two weeks removed from 25 to Life in Singapore where our Champions did battle with the top prizes on the line, and one man unseated the crowned Champion. The night of course did not go without faults. We racked up a bit of an injury list as seen by my sisters exclusive report on theNBW.com website last week. Tonight I’ve gotten an exclusive of my own on the condition of several competitors from 25 to Life.”

She turned to her left to the large curved screen that lit up showing a hospital room.

“This was taped several days ago so enjoy.”

The footage swapped away from her to a fullscreen view of the footage on screen. The hospital was in focus before walking through the hallway and entering into one of the open-door rooms. Sitting up with her back straight, no thanks to the bodycast looking setup on her, was one Zhalia Fears.

“Hey Zhaliphires!” She waved a hand at the camera. “Do not worry. I will be back in that ring soon. Most of what you see is superficial. “ She waved her other arm, done up in a cast and sling, wincing slightly. “Well, most of it. But as you can see I’m not Two Face or some scarred up entity.”

She grinned and turned her head left and right, then glanced down at the skin that showed on her shoulder and legs.

“See? Be it by coincidence or perhaps prepared awareness. Maybe even a fortune teller I met the night before. My speedboat was actually quite safe! That tarp ended up being quite fire retardant. Enough so that I was able to get it over myself and my friend before diving into the cold waters.” She nodded, “of course, that was after I got all-” She sucked in a breath, “THIS IS SPARTA, BITCH!” She tried to motion the kick but it looked quite awkward trying to dropkick off the bed. “-and kicked by Lucretia off the plank. My noggin hit the Microwave, my legs sprawled out over that lawnmower blade I had hidden, and my back kind of caved over the stepladder. All in all, not a one hundred percent ten out of ten landing.”

Zhalia held her good arm out and made a gesture of scoring a dive.

“Maybe a IGN ten ten style. But all in all, I think I got the least of it compared to what happened to Michelle up there. Man the blood. All that blood. The stitch work they did to put her back together again like Humpty Dumpty. Who knows if she will ever return to the ring. Maybe she will retire to some dark cave and have little Zedites.”


The privacy curtain next to her just got ripped open and revealed a fuming woman.

“Enough of that.” Michelle Couli said as she was put in focus by the camera crew. “I’m fine. And will not be retiring or having little Zedites?” The last part was a question aimed at her room-mate.

“Yeah, you know like Deadites in Evil Dead? Because Zed’s pure evil and dead inside. And you and him are-”

“Got it.” She shoved a hand forward in the air. “Focus on me now.” And the camera crew did just that. “These past few days have been hell. And I would like to just point out that our colleagues, so called friends and more, are somewhere in the Indian or North Atlantic ocean right now. We weren’t given clearance in time.”

“So”, the camera panned over to Fears who was now seated indian style on her bed, “we have had some time to talk. Difficult for either to rip the others head off. And well came to an agreement. A parley, but since she has no captain" she paused, "or do you..." to which Couli looked confused, "well I suppose a truce, if you will.”

“Until we take care of the Lucretia problem.”

“Which means we are friends now.”


Fears frowned, “Well, non-enemies or something I guess. We just got to figure out who she is.”

“Oh, I know.” Couli was fuming now. “She made it quite clear to me on that steel grating.”

“Ooooh you do? Tell me!” Zhalia was eager, “wait was it one of those two sisters?”

“No, of course not.”

“I guess I at least know you’re not Lucretia now, at least.”

“What? How could I be? And soon as I put that bitch down, you’re going to follow. End of story.”

“Why?” Fears looked over at her rival, “what’s your problem with me anyhow? I know we have had some time to talk about what happened in Singapore and why those two Hellion sisters follow you, but you never did answer me to this question. I mean from day one, DAY ONE, you have been trying to end me and my friends.”

“...” Couli went silent, then sighed before replying. “Last April.”


Couli looked over at Fears who was genuinely vacant to what that meant. Then looked at the camera. “We’re done here. Leave, or you’ll have your own room here.”

The scowl was all it took as Fears shrugged and the footage went dark.

The camera opened back up on Veronica Hoyt.

“This footage was taped several days ago, however I can confirm that both Ms. Fears and Ms. Couli were released. It isn’t clear yet if either have been cleared for a return to the ring, so stick with NBW for more information as it comes about. Until then, back to you Melissa, Craig.”

She swiped her hair again, then spun around to face her sister off camera, despite still being live.

“How was that?”

“Shockingly, professional sis. Just one thing.”

“What now?”

“You’re still live.”

“Oh…” she faced the camera again and smiled. “Hi.”

“Just cut it here guys.”


'The Omega' Arzael Versus 'The Soulless One' Azoic

Suddenly the lights in the arena dropped and a single spotlight popped on. It shined down on the entrance aisle at the center of the stage where a single man stood. A golden cane clutched in one hand, jewel-encrusted with a wolf's head atop, to which he leaned on, while his other was twirling his fu manchu chinese mustache and beard. Rounding out his attire was a fullon golden tux with silver trim and a ridiculously oversized top hat that rested atop his head.

"Ladies and Gentlemen. Children of all ages. Tonight you all bare witness to the arrival. The arrival of perfection. The arrival of style. The name is Gasparde Despereaux. You may remember ol’ Gasparde’s former clients, Alexandre the Great, Johannes Antonious de Castonovo, Ri-Khan and Rik Bonebreaker to name a few, that went on their own paths but Desperaux is back and stands before you to bring greatness once more."

He grinned a toothy grin and tipped his head forward, holding the rim of his top hat gradually.

"Enough about ol' Gasparde. Ladies, and non ladies, allow Gasparde Despereaux to introduce you, my newest find courtesy of this World Tour. Representing the dominant race on this planet - the reptilian race, Gasparde presents to you from beyond the Door to Hell in Derweze Turkmenistan, he is the Omega, I give to you - ARZAEL!”

The spotlight vanished, plunging the arena into darkness once more. For but a second more before bursts of flame erupted on the entry ramp and all around the stage. Igniting the screen in a visual blaze of fire. The door to hell was opening, and out slithered, if you will, a living, fire-breathing dragon. No joke, as fire spewed out from the man’s mask before smoke puffed from the sides.

Gasparde continued down to the ring while his latest charge advanced down the ramp slowly. The lights returning as the fires died down and Arzael crawled into the ring. Removing the metal Dragon helm, he handed it off to Gasparde, revealing a similar designed mask. Finally reaching a standing form at his full menacing six foot ten height in the corner.

CLICK. The orange spotlight hit the stage far-left where the cloak wearing woman, Lucretia, hiding her face behind a mask, stood in silence. For once, there was no wheel of destiny or whatever they called it. Instead the very runes that were on the wheel were now drawn on the stage floor.

“You human slimes do not deserve this moment. But my master has chosen Istanbul to unveil our creation from beyond.” Lucretia gestured at the ring, sliding her fingers in a hook across her throat. “Your dragon will now be slayed, slime.”

The ring of runes lit up and smoke ensued from the center. A figure rose up from the center of the smoke and then stepped forward next to Lucretia. Alyx Norwood, but gone were the familiarities or royalty that he once carried. Those same runes were engraved across his skin and even on his attire.

“Bear witness slimes. You once knew him as a pathetic human slime named Alyx Norwood. His spirit broken and his soul now master’s as well. He is our Soulless One. Azoic.” She placed a palm on his shoulder. “Now, FEAST!”

Norwood charged across the stage and down the ramp, immediately diving into the ring. The official Simon Brack barely got the bell off before the first blows.

Ding ding ding!

Norwood at five foot eleven was dwarfed by the debuting Azrael, but this wasn’t the same Alyx we had known before. He was immediately pummeling the demon in the chest with punch after punch, not even giving him a chance to get going, leading them into the corner. Alyx, or as we had better get used to call him, Azoic, connected with a stiff knee to the jaw that brought the near seven footer down to a knee.

A running shining wizard to the temple nearly brought him all the way to the floor, but Azrael was finally unleashed. With a roar he stood to his full height avoiding the kick and instead catching Azoic with a quick chop to the head. This sent the soulless one back a step right into a charging shoulder that carried the former Norwood across the ring and into the corner.

All the while Lucretia had made her way down the ramp and was watching from one corner, while off to the opposite end was Gasparde doing much the same.

The official had to separate Azrael from the corner to give the former Norwood space, but that lasted a mere moment before a headlock was in place on Azoic. Putting the pressure on however Azoic shoved him off into the ropes and on rebound avoided the shoulder, went low and tripped him up at the feet. Immediately slumming on around and wrapping his arms around the head of Azrael.

Lifting him up into a kneeling position before dropping back and wrapping the legs around the waist. The intent to put the demon to sleep but instead just served to anger the bigger man. Raising them up, Arzael grabbed the wrist and flung Azoic up and over back to the mat. Soon as he was up to his feet, Azrael charged across with a running knee lift that took him a foot or so off the mat into the air before being clubbed back down with two massive fists.

Arzael dropped to his knees and covered.



Or not. Too early no doubt. Arzael pulled him back off the mat, strapped on the lock to the head and grinded in preparing for a suplex but Norwood shoved him off to get free again, avoiding the rebound and instead hitting the parallel ropes and coming back with a running knee to the chest. And following with a snap uppercut.

Once Arzael leaned forward Azoic came off the ropes with a tremendous knee trembler. Instead of following up with a pinfall Azoic leaped in the air and dropped down with a fist to the gullet. This got the demon grasping his throat for air while getting up to his feet. Leaving him open for Azoic to catching by the mask and leap up with both knees to the face and dropping him once more.

“FEAST!” Lucretia called out  Azoic walked over to the ropes and stepped to the outside, pouncing up on the post and rope waiting for Arzael to stand before flying with a huge splash. Only to get caught! Arzael swung him around and shot him up over hand with the fallaway slam.

Throughout the match Gasparde had been cheering his charge on while Lucretia watched silently but now that she was on the losing end she had walked over to Gasparde. Gasparde had no idea, instead watching with glee as Arzael hoisted Norwood up in the air by the throat for the chokeslam.

The impact was sound as Azoic’s back snapped against the mat, but at the same time outside the ring Lucretia had gone low, before Gasparde realized it he was raised up in the air on her shoulders, and dropped head first with the Electric Chair drop she used on Zhalia Fears not so long ago.

Arzael saw this and rather than take the pinfall, he stepped out of the ring and backed Lucretia into the barricade, but not before she tossed the cane that Gasparde had, into the ring to Azoic. She skirted the barricade, along the side and past the commentary booth. Simon Brack checking on Azoic, not spotting Lucretia taking a circular object out of her cloak..

“So you can breath fire?” She smiled and hurled two of the objects forward. They ignited in the air and splashed liquid and flames on Arzael. “Can you breath in fire, slime?” He scraped at his mask and attire as the flames spread and dispersed.

She smiled to herself, happy with her homemade firebomb concoctions, while the Brack was none the wiser but obviously expected something was up as Arzael rolled back into the ring with smoke trails. Jumping up on the apron herself, she caught his attention and left Azoic open to use the cane to stab Arzael in the chest with the wolf’s head. The thrust knocking the air out of him and Azoic followed up with spinning forearm that laid the larger man out, and down.

Lucretia dropped off the apron so the official could return to his job.




Arzael thrust his shoulder up and Azoic off of him. He sat up and locked eyes through his mask at Arzael. Could say into his soul but that was now long gone. Azoic hit the ropes and came flying back with another shining wizard that knocked him back to the mat and out cold. Lucretia shook her head and walked around to where the two were. Seeing the cane on the outside she grabbed the long end and waited for Brack to get near, and tripped his feet out, where he crashed headfirst into the mat.

She once more withdrew the circular objects and stepped on the apron. Handing them over the ropes to Norwood. “Finish it.” Azoic held one in his hand, looking down at Arzael. He turned, pushing the object back into Lucretia’s chest.

“FINISH IT!” She shouted, nearly screaming this time. Neither catching sight as Arzael sat up once more. That is until he spun Azoic around, grasping him by the throat with both hands to raise him high followed with a thunderous release two-handed chokebomb.

Simon seeing the shoulder flat as Arzael made the cover.




It was over. Gasparde cheered from the ground on the outside of the ring, not quite seeing the victory himself but he could picture it. Lucretia however gave no space to the demon as she stepped into the ring and right past Arzael to the former Alyx Norwood.

“We’ll pull the last bits of will from you yet, Slime.”

She pulled her cloak open and chucked several of the circular objects around her and then directly out of the ring at Gasparde.

Arzael quickly went to his aid as several officials with fire extinguishers came down to the ring and started spraying down the flames and clearing the smoke. Easily done as the flames seemed to be quick to disperse and leaving no real damage or residue where they impacted. Once clear however Lucretia was gone. As was Azoic.

Gasparde was helped to his feet by his latest find. The Omega.
And the victor of his debut.





Pizza Anyone?


The scene transitioned to a corridor in the backstage area, where the ruggedly handsome newcomer, Teddy Palmer, leaned against the concrete wall. A very attractive production assistant stood with him, keeping minimal distance between the two. Her attention hung on every word that left his mouth, her eyes locked on his.

“...So I’m just going to put it out there, babe. What do you say we go grab a pizza and fuck?”

And that was that.

The distance that was once minimal between their bodies was now gargantuan. Of course, that distance was only created after her hand left quite the impression on Teddy’s face, much like his lewd proposal left an impression on her. As she stormed out of frame, Grady Patrick approached in confusion.

“What the hell was that about?”

“Apparently she doesn't like pizza.” Ted replied as he rubbed his cheek.

“...what!?” Was all Grady managed to muster, his confusion growing.

“Who in the hell do you think you are!?” Echoed from the distance, each word getting louder as it's source had approached.

Taylor Smith.

The leader of the Handsome Man Modelling School did not look impressed.

“Huh?!” The trailing Benny Reyes chimed in.


Oh great! Now Teddy was confused.

“You probably think that little show you put on out there was really something, huh?”

“I'm sorry, have we met before?” Ted replied.

“Ohhhhh, I see how this is going to be. Mr. I-Used-To-Be-A-Pornstar is too ‘high profile’ for us. Is that how you're going to play this?” Smith snapped.

“IS IT!?” Reyes yelled before Ted could reply.

“Guys, I’m just gonna shoot from the hip here: I have no fucking idea who either one of you are.”

Enter Peter Pham.

“And who the fuck are you?” Ted asked, throwing his hands in the air as his personal space continued to be invaded.

“Ted, you literally just stomped this guy's face into the canvas.” Grady cut in.

“Are you sure that's him?” Ted asked, quizzically looking at Pham who was holding his jaw.

“...yeah, I'm pretty sure.” A baffled Grady replied, unable to not stare at his client in disbelief.

“Damn Asians! You all look alike. You know, that's the real key to your success as ninjas. I've been onto your people for quite some time now.”

“That's racist.” Reyes said.

“Is not. It’s a fact, and everyone knows facts aren't racist. Now calling him slanty eyes? That’s racist.”

“ENOUGH!” Smith yelled, demanding everyone's attention. “You were lucky out there tonight. That luck runs out next Slam when Benny boy here tears you a new asshole.”

“Sorry blondie, I may be into some pretty weird shit, but my butthole is off limits.”

“Keep telling your jokes, you won't be laughing next time you see us.” Smith said as a grin emerged, turning to walk off camera.

“Yeah. Next week...YOUR BALLS ARE MINE!” Reyes exclaimed before following Smith.

“What? They certainly are not!” Ted seemed perturbed as he shielded himself.

Pham remained silent, but decided to send a physical brand of message. As a male crew member walked by, Pham quickly latched onto his shoulders, spinning him face to face. A swift kick to the nuts and the man was on his knees in agony, and Ted was horrified. Pham pointed to his eyes, then to Ted's nuts before leaving to join his amigos.

“What the fuck was that Grady?!”

“I honestly have no words to describe what I just witnessed.”

The two men stared off into the distance. Grady, having not found a resolution to his confusion. Teddy, worried about what may become of his nuts. Well, only briefly as his trance was soon interrupted by your stereotypical slutty vixen.

“I like pizza.” She whispered.

And just like that, all was well in Teddy’s world again.

'The East Wind' Alex Reyn Versus Paul Sanders

“Sexy Boy” by Air hit the soundwaves as the band of cheerleaders that normally accompanied the entrance of the playboy Paul Sander’s made their way down the ramp. Shaking their pom-poms (all four of them) to the delight of the adults in the audience.

“You know, I might not be what you’d call Sander’s biggest supporter,” Gains said as he watched the performance “But I do so love this part of the show!”

“Of course you do.” Melissa said wryly.

Following behind them, waving to his fans and slapping fives with some of the lucky few in the front row came Paul Sander’s himself. With a cheeky grin, he stepped inside the ring as his personal cheering squad moved to watch the match from the sidelines...

A soft chant began to spread throughout the arena. Starting as a whisper but growing into a chorus as the lights darkened while images began to flicker on the viewers’ screens. Images of violence, war, and a solitary figure watching it all.

The chanting had grown louder now and the drumbeats of Nightwish’s “Seven Days to the Wolves rose in volume as mist spread throughout the stadium ghostly images of great heroes and villains forming two parallel lines along the ramp.
“And here comes The East Wind Alex Reyn.” Melissa noted “I did some research before this match and this guy has become rather infamous on the wrestling scene. I’ll spare you all the grisly details, but suffice it to say a lot of wrestlers have been hospitalised because of this man. Including our very own team: The Entertainers.”

Gains nodded.

“I’m not surprised, given what he did to young Hopper earlier, Sander’s here is going to have to keep his wits about him if he doesn’t want the same thing happening to him.”
The rock part of the song kicked in and thunder roared while fire erupted on the stage, revealing the cowled form of the East Wind Alex Reyn, hands outstretched over the flames, he was shirtless, save for an open black cloak with a wolf skull mask. His body was covered in ancient symbols and markings that seemed almost to glow and move in the firelight. 

He began to walk forward, and the ghostly figures kneeled as he approached them, only to rise up as he passed them as if more energised, turning to watch as he walked, himself never breaking eye contact with the ring.

“Howl! Seven days to the wolves
Where will we be when they come?
Seven days to the poison
And a place in heaven
Time drawing near us
They come to take us”

He climbed atop the top rope and looked out, surveying the arena with an appraising eye as thunder crackled once again.

Coldly, he stepped down. Removing the cowl and placing it on the ringpost. Dropping into a low crouch to stare down his opponent.

Paul Sanders was looking extremely confident as he towered over his much smaller opponent. Shaking his arms to loosen them up, he beckoned Alex in for a good 'ol fashioned tie up but the East Wind was unresponsive. Simply standing there with his head down and his arms loose by his side.

Paul Sanders raised his eyebrow with a bemused look to the crowd. As if to say: "What's with this guy?"

Gains frowned.

“If I were Sanders,I would not be taking this man lightly. We’ve seen what he did to Max Hopper.”

“Well, clearly Sanders hasn’t” Mellisa noted.

Shrugging nonchalantly, he moved in to grab the unresponsive Reyn in a headlo-

Knee to Sanders’ gut!

The fans had barely seen Alex move! A split second, he was standing there. The next second, Paul Sander's was clutching his gut and wheezing!

Then Alex was behind Paul, and a stiff kick to the back of his leg brought Sanders to his knees.

Finally, a roundhouse to the skull brought Sander's to the mat.

For a brief moment, Alex Reyn stared down at his opponent.

Then he shoved him with his boot. Forcing Sanders to roll over onto his stomach. With Sanders lying there, Reyn looked across, at the turnbuckle near where they were.

Immediately, Reyn dashed to the top rope! Looking to end the match early with Pangea's Fall (Corkscrew Moonsault)!

But Paul Sanders had just enough ring savvy to wisely roll out of the way, sliding out the ring.

It still wasn’t enough.

Reyn pressed the assault! Flying out the ring with Ascendant's Wrath (Running Springboard Suicide Crossbody)!


The Powerhouse of The Players had barely stumbled as he caught the 200 pounder out of the air like he was a child! Grinning cockily to the crowd (And a few pretty ladies in the front row), he showed off his impressive strength by doing a few curls while holding his opponent-


An elbow from Alex Reyn struck him dead on in the temple and Sanders collapsed to a knee as blinding pain shot through his mind!

Picking Sanders up by the  back of his neck, Reyn pulled the big man til he was bent double, then violently rammed the top of Paul's head into the edge of the ring apron! Causing Sanders to crumble after a sickening "crunch"!

Paul Sanders is dazed and staggered now as Alex rolls him back into the ring. Stalking behind him and locking in an inverted facelock, looking to end the match NOW.

“He’s going for it again!” Gains called “That same move he used to knock out Hopper!”

“They call it the East Wind Cutter!” Melissa added “To this day, NO-ONE has been able to kick out of it!”

But once again, Sander's instincts were enough to save him as he grabbed Alex Reyn's wrist, using his superior strength to pull himself free and take the East Wind down with a powerful short-arm clothesline!

As the move hit, Paul Sanders collapsed to a knee, looking stunned as he held his aching, throbbing head. He looked down at his opponent in disbelief. Who WAS this guy?! The way he moved, attacked. It was like some predator hunting it's prey. Not an ounce of hesitation or fear or even remorse. just killer instinct. The thought did not comfort Sanders.

The unnerving feeling of dread grew stronger as Sanders saw Reyn rising to his feet, already recovering from the clothesline, Arms and legs twisting like the limbs of a spider as he began to pull himself up . In a sudden burst of desperation, Sanders IMMEDIATELY hurled Reyn off his feet and SLAMMED him down with an authoritative powerslam!

Looking up, Sander’s  gaze fell onto the top turnbuckle and he began to ascend. Aerial attacks weren't normally his MO, but Sanders wanted this match DONE. There was something about  the unnatural way his opponent moved and the violence of his attacks that was giving Sander's the creeps.



Sanders gasped in pain as the wind was driven out of his lungs! His mouth opened and closed, desperate to get air back into his lungs!

Just as Reyn's arm snaked around his neck...

Guillotine Choke applied!

Sander's arm thrashed and flailed! He tried to roll Reyn off, tried to stand, tried to do ANYTHING, but his limbs felt like molten gold had been poured into their tendons, his brain could barely think over the pleading, agonising NEED for oxygen his lungs were sending it! His vision was blurring and darkening...

And then he felt it.

Familiar, rough texture.

Fortune had placed them both close to the ropes, and his flailing arms had managed to grasp one of the bottom ropes.

Reyn would have to release the hold.

Paul Sanders gasped and coughed violently as he rolled onto his stomach. His vision was still blurry, and his limbs still felt numb. He NEEDED to get out of the ring and get some distance between him and his opponent.

He tried to roll out the ring, only to cry out in pain as Alex Reyn calmly stepped on the palm of his hand. Pinning it to the mat.

Reyn looked down at the struggling Sander's like a cat observing a trapped mouse. Head tilted slightly and expression disturbingly neutral.

Then he lashed out with his free leg! Viciously kicking Paul so hard across the face that the commentator's could hear a 'crack'!

There was a flash of red, and Paul Sander's was SCREAMING in agony now as he wrenched himself free and rolled out the ring. His face was hidden behind his hands, but already the audience could see the blood that was starting to pour from between the gaps as Reyn rolled out the ring and began to stalk his prey…

Running dropkick from behind!

The move sent Paul Sanders chest-first into the barricade, causing him to cough and choke as he clutched his ribs in pain! The agony in his face and the pain in his ribs was all the distraction Alex needed to grab him by the neck and whip him face first into the ring post!

Paul Sanders slumped to his knees, dazed and limp. His head was resting face down on the mat, right next to the steel ring post as Alex watched him for a few seconds.

Then superkicked his skull into the ringpost.

“My word!” Gains exclaimed as Melissa paled.

The crunch that was heard was nauseating as Paul Sander's neck whip-lashed in a way it was NEVER meant too. The powerhouse of The Players collapsed to the floor. Unmoving.

But that wasn't enough for Alex as he rolled Sander's back into the ring. Sliding over him to cover Sanders for the win.





“And it looks like the match is… What is Reyn doing?”

Alex had rolled out the ring now, moving to grab a steel chair. The commentator’s watched with increasing concern as he rolled back into the ring and propped the bloody Sanders into a sitting position in the corner before laying the steel chair against his throat.

Then he backed up into the opposite corner…

The commentator’s turned away in horror, some fans screamed, The referee looked like he wanted to vomit at the grisly sight before him as blood dripped from the unconscious Sander’s mouth.  Alex Reyn’s running dropkick having driven the edge of the chair into Paul Sander’s throat.

Alex pulled the chair away and Sander’s slumped. Not even looking at his victim, Alex grabbed Paul by the hair and lifted his head up so all the audience could see his broken, bloodied face.

“This will be my first and ONLY warning. Send trash against me again and I will break it the way I did this idiot.”

He released his grip and let Sander’s drop. Rolling out the ring, he walked down the ramp. Coldly ignoring the EMT’s as he left the arena.




'The Paragon' Zed Versus Mitchell Quinlan

Back to the arena, and the lights of the Ulker Sports Arena went dark again. As it did, a spotlight made its way up the ramp to the entrance and the PA buzzed, alive but not playing. Then, it hit, “Frontline” by Pillar and a chorus of boos. Funny how a hatred for the Paragon of the Industry crossed language barriers.

Fresh off of what he says was supposed to be his crowning moment at 25 to Life, Zed looked particularly sour as he strode onto stage. He wasted no time soaking in the jeers he usually relished, cutting to the ring, ready to get underway. He marched fast enough to leave Rune to stumble down to ringside without the help of that guiding spotlight.

“Hailing from Parts Unknown, he stands at 6 feet 4 inches. He is the self-proclaimed Paragon of the Industry, Zed!”

Rolling in the ring, Zed b-lined to Williams and barked orders.

“Cut my music, and get him out here, now!”

The man that Zed was so anxious to get ahold of is the man that ended his dream of taking Brock Newbludd’s place as 25 to Life winner.

“Diggin’ Deep” by Jakalope

Had the first few bars played, and Zed paced back and forth in the ring.

But then it cut dead.

It was a hushed few moments of fans wondering what was going on, and a loud few in the ring of Zed yelling to whoever would listen ringside.

“Come heavy or don’t come at all…”

The opening lyric of the Glorious Sons’ “Heavy” replaced the silence and finally, a little more dramatically than noBrand fans were used to seeing out of him, Quinlan walked out to greet the faithful gathered in Istanbul. Peaking through the slate gray leather jacket were the battle marks and bruises he’d been gathering as he had been trading blows with the heavies of the nbW roster on this tour of Asia.

“Coming to the ring, from Brantford, Ontario, Canada! He stands a 6 feet and 2 inches! Mitchell Quinlan!”

Quinlan was all-too-happy to make Zed wait, as he made certain to bump fists with any that hung over the rail as Quinlan made his way down. Taking a sharp turn toward the serious, Quinlan scrambled up the ropes and looked down to an equally intense Zed. Quinlan discarded his jacket and plopped into the ring, ready for a fight.

Which was probably the right thing, seeing as Zed didn’t bother waiting for a bell to be rung before charging across the ring to corner Quinlan and start tossing rights.


Nedrick, the official assigned to this one, struggled to try to pull Zed off. Eventually pulling out before getting caught with a stray elbow, it seemed Quinlan wouldn’t get breathing room until he started punching his way free. His uppercuts caught the midsection and when Zed finally gave a little, Quinlan roared in with a Discus Elbow. Zed got knocked to his ass with that one.

Catching his breath, Quinlan gave Zed the time to get back to his feet. Zed charged back toward him looking Lariat, but having Quinlan duck beneath. It was all within his plan, of course, as Zed halted his momentum and turned back with a wicked Northern Lariat, clubbing Quinlan in the back of the head/neck with that one. With Quinlan taken down to a knee, Zed kept him close, slapping on a chin lock that the ref checked a few times to make sure it wasn’t slipping into a choke.

With a swell of support from the Turkish fans, Quinlan fought his way up, just to have his eyes raked by Zed. Blinded, Quinlan writhed before Zed grabbed hold and ushered him shoulder first into the ring post in the corner. Q lay on the second rope, trying to shake some feeling back into that arm, as Zed sidestepped the ref and slipped onto the apron. With a short run, Quinlan only narrowly dodged the front kick Zed intended to cave his head in with.

The crowd gasp with the dull thud of Zed’s boot hitting the steel.

Shaking back into it, Quinlan spun Zed into a neckbreaker over the top rope that catapulted Zed to the barrier ringside. Rune lumbered his way to the boss, but Quinlan sat in the ring, thinking of his next play. Or maybe he was just waiting for Rune to pull Zed to his feet?

Building up a head of steam, Quinlan rocked off the far rope before clearing the near one in a Suicide Plancha that levelled… the barricade. Rune, for as slow as he moves at times, was fast enough to pull Zed out of harm’s way.

Nedrick had started a count that was barely heard above the “oohs” and “uhhhs.” Whatever it was at, Zed rolled just far enough under the ropes to break it before slipping back out to the crumpled heap of humanity we used to call Quinlan.

Turning him right-side-round, Zed grabbed a tuft of hair and used it to guide a short series of jabs in. Dropping down to a knee, Zed got uncomfortably close to explain to Quinlan just exactly why he deserved to have every bone in his body to be broken. Unhappy that he seemed to be talking to an unresponsive Quinlan, Zed let go the hair to pull the chin up and swing the other arm around with an elbow to the forehead. Pulling out, our cameras caught the start of a trickle just above the right eyebrow.

Pulling and dragging Quinlan back to his feet, Zed again trying to guide him, this time to the steps. At the last second, Quinlan snapped back to life, and switched spots, letting Zed’s shoulder be the one to blast through the two-part steel form steps. Quinlan’s second wind would get tested quick when Rune tried to give his boss some space, so grabbed ahold of Quinlan. Using a sixth sense, Quinlan dropped Rune with an Overhead Pele Kick.

Nedrick probably had dropped his count by the time Quinlan rolled Zed into the ring. Quinlan used a knee to pull himself to the apron, and was nearly caught off guard by Zed tossing a haymaker. Catching the punch, Quinlan used his other hand to grasp the top rope and swing up with an Enziguri. With Zed knocked to the mat, Quinlan made his ascent to the top.

With that trickle turning into a thin streak of crimson, Quinlan licked at his lips, thinking of how best to send his weight crashing down. He delicately switched stances and launched off with a Moonsault.

Maybe it’s because he wasn’t used to the top rope, or maybe Zed wriggled just far enough forward, but Quinlan’s attempt glanced Zed, hitting mostly thinly padded plywood and steel. Understandably, Zed was first to his feet.

And tapping back into the desperation and hatred, Zed grinningly stalked back over to Quinlan still on his knees. A knee of his own toppled Quinlan back to the mat. Zed laid in boot after boot, tenderising the ribs. When Quinlan had crawled/been kicked into a corner where he thought he’d find shelter, he instead got Zed leaning his shin across his throat and putting all his weight behind it.

Unlike the mess outside of the ring, Nedrick made certain Zed broke that choke off at 4. But Zed only took the break to bounce far and back with a Drive-By Kick.

With Quinlan clearly at his mercy now, and his back given, Zed snatched Quinlan up and overhead with a Release German Suplex. Giving little time, and showing no mercy, Zed made his way back to Quinlan and popped his hips for yet another Release German Suplex. Not at all thinking of taking the pinfall before Quinlan had been beaten into a hopelessness, Zed again took up rear position and wrapped his arms around Q’s waist. When he tried to pop off a third, he felt Quinlan’s leg wrapping his and stopping his efforts. Before he could get loose of the block, Quinlan had swung his head backward and connected just above the bridge of Zed’s nose.

Both men had now drawn blood, Zed nose likely broken from that wild Headbutt.

On a third wind, Quinlan grabbed the stunned Zed to take him up, hooking one leg, and spinning him down with his fisherman driver, Fisher of Man ‘15. Quinlan held tight and Nedrick slid into position.




Zed rocked one shoulder up to break it, and caused Quinlan to lose grip in the process. While Quinlan rolled back to his feet, Zed took a moment to finally notice that his nose was running red.

“You broke my fucking nose you little shit!”

Zed was in full on rage mode, making him blind to the knee lift Quinlan scored right in the solar plexus. Now bleeding and out of air, Zed freely let Quinlan slip behind and found himself six feet up in the Electric Chair position. Grabbing one of the dangling arms, Quinlan pulled Zed forward slowly before he could hook a hand around his neck, and when he did, he dropped Zed with a One Winged Angel.

Holding a leg, Quinlan had the pin.





Both men had entered into this match looking for something definitive, and that they accomplished. But it would be Quinlan walking away from this one with the victory. As the ref raised his hand, Quinlan looked down at Zed, near the ropes now with Rune, and had thoughts of trying a handshake, but knew better than to try and force anything like that after this heated contest. So, instead, he went to the aisle way and made his way back up the ramp.

But then the cameras jump cut back to ringside, where Rune had already been struck from behind by the behemoth Great Wall, and was then slammed forehead first into the ringpost. With the heavy out of commission, Wall’s puppet master Xiang had slipped into the ring and stood in its centre. The jeers rained on the xenophobic Chinese Patriot.

Zed, breathing through his mouth, looked on in confusion, as the man he had reformed a temporary alliance with in the 25 to Life match appeared before him as a harbinger of destruction.


As if Xiang needed to remind Zed why these two were ever only tenuous allies based upon mutual opportunity, Xiang ignored Zed’s question from his knees and only nodded. That was the single for Wall, now in the ring and casting a shadow over the not-at-all tiny Zed, to slap on the Five Star Vice.

Xiang cackled as the Great Wall dominated Zed and drained the life from him with the vice hold. For a few tense moments, it looked as if this would go on awkwardly long before the crowd began to cheer again.

Unbeknownst to Xiang and his Wall, Quinlan hadn’t quite fully abandoned the ringside area, and now was back in the ring with a steel chair as a weapon. With an overhead, leaping attempt, Quinlan slammed that steel seat against the top of Wall’s head.

Zed vs Quinlan

That wasn’t quite enough to force a release of the Five Star Vice.

Moving around the ring, chasing Xiang off in the process, Quinlan unleash a home run of a swing to the over-muscled back of Wall, immediately developing welts. This finally saw Wall drop Zed, but turned a rageful giant’s attention squarely to Quinlan.

With a bloodied smile, Quinlan tapped the chair and asked the big man if he still wanted to dance. Knowing when to pick him moments, Xiang ordered Wall out of the ring, and the pair retreated back up the ring ramp.

Medical staff at ringside slid in to check on Zed, while Quinlan stood tall. The notes of his new theme, “Heavy” took up again as we took the broadcast elsewhere.

The Kids are Not Alright


Kid Chameleon was spotted backstage, which wasn't too hard given his sunglasses indoors look, gleaming leather jacket and a zeal of zebras, referees to you and me, surrounding him.  The normally cool Kid on the block was pissed and seeking vengeance.

"Anyone seen Alex Reyn?"

One technician shook his head:  "The new guy?  He hasn't been back here at all."

"Where did he go then?"

A shrug of the shoulders greeted Kid's question.  He asked if anyone had laid eyes on 'The East Ends' again and nobody said anything.

Kid, in the middle of the dazzle, announced:  "Surely, this guy isn't Bowser in the Level 7 castle.  This isn't a maze.  This is REAL simple:  Where.  Is.  Alex.  Reyn?"

Chameleon was clearly distressed at Reyn's destructive debut, pummelling Kid's partner, Paul Sanders, in the process.  The furthest thing from Chameleon's mind must've been that The Players, the new number one contender to the Dynasty Tag titles, had lost that mandatory spot by virtue of Paul's injuries.

In fact, as Chameleon spilled out into the parking lot, he was oblivious of anything or anyone around him...

Especially when he was taken by the neck and sent CRASHING through a car windscreen!
The dent reflected a spider's vast web - any reference to Kid's lookalike by the character from Micro Machine is merely coincidental.

Right now, he was POURING of blood and unconscious.  The officials who had tried and failed to stop Kid seeking Alex Reyn had also effectively been futile in preventing Chameleon from suffering injuries himself.

Had he been 'played' by The East Wind?

Amazingly not.

Stood behind, foaming at the mouth and biting his lip was not the dangerous debutant we thought the camera was going to reveal.

Biting his finger, before pointing said digit, was...

"You're a terrible role model."

A familiar accent, one which had been forgotten in recent weeks.

As the camera captured the 6'6 near 300-pounder, we heard the famous phrase...

"My name's Chris Smith and I did this to The Kid."

'The Active Volcano' Ohiyama Versus 'The Savage of the Ring' Ravage

The camera cut to the announce table for the breakdown of the next match coming up!

“This one’s gonna be physical, Melissa,” Gains said first. “Ohiyama, that big bastard, can hit hard, but he’s going up against a guy who’s won more titles than Ohiyama has cousins – barely. That’s Ravage!”

“Ohiyama is looking to turn his recent personal and career setbacks around. He put out an open challenge and Ravage answered backstage.” Melissa said. “Ravage is one of the absolute best in nbW right now and Ohiyama put on a VERY dominant performance in the 25 To Life match. Fun fact… Ohiyama is undefeated in singles competition this year.”

“Big deal Streaks are meant to be broken and Ravage is the streak-breaker. That’s it. It’s all done for Ohiyama tonight!”

“We’ll have to wait and see to find out! Ohiyama has the size and strength, but Ravage has the fighting experience and the massive success in his corner. Who’s winning? We’ll find out!”

And to the ring we go for the intros.

“The following contest is set for one fall!” Brent Williams announced for the crowd in Dubai.

“Wanted Man” by Rev Theory 

The boos intensified as Ravage walked onto the stage with a big grin on his face. Tonight, he decided to not only take up Ohiyama on his open challenge, but he also looked to turn his misfortunes around from not winning 25 To Life, one of the few things the most decorated star in nbW had never done.

“Introducing first… from South Dakota, weighing in at 231 pounds... he is “The Savage of the Ring”… THIS… IS… RAVAGE!

Stopping briefly to glare out to the booing crowd with a sneer on his face, the former world champion then walked over to the top of the entrance ramp. Hanging his head low, Ravage appeared to be psyching himself up before letting out a roar and throwing both of his fists above his head as pyro shot off on either side of him.

Looking over his shoulder, Ravage nodded his head and he entered the ring looking very sure of himself. Embarrassing a rising star while putting himself one step closer back to the top… that was a good day in his mind. He waited for his opponent to arrive.

The crowd now watched with anticipation at what was happening at ringside.  The lights faded to black until a series of yellow and green spotlights shined at the entrance.  The crowd continued to buzz for what was happening next until four men in yellow dress robes made their way out, pounding on tribal drums.  The crowd was excited for the entrance and a silhouette appeared on the top of the ramp. 

A BIG silhouette to be precise. The massive being proceeded to dance along with it in a fire dance tradition before he stopped and let out a war cry…



A HUGE explosion of red pyro went off behind him and the opening six-second mark of a NEW song began to play…

“Voodoo Child” by Brick + Mortar.


“And his opponent… from Hilo, Hawaii… weighing in at 278 pounds… OHIYAMA!

The 6’6” 278-pound Hawaiian garnered a GREAT reaction from the crowd! The soft-spoken but double-tough and ultra-physical strong style grappler walked towards the ring with a newfound sense of purpose. Things hadn’t gone his way with his cousins leaving nbW and now that Ohiyama was all alone, he was looking forward to venturing out on his own as a singles competitor as he did long ago in nbW as Sweet Daddy K.

The former nbW Blitzkrieg Champion walked into the ring and stared Ravage down before letting loose the shaka sign. Pillars of fire EXPLODED from all four turnbuckles, but Ravage didn’t look impressed at all by the lengthy entrance or showmanship of The Active Volcano. Ohiyama waited for the bell to ring and the man in the middle, referee Simon Brack, called for it.


The Active Volcano and The Savage of the Ring locked up in the center and it was Ravage trying to take advantage of his wrestling experience to subdue and offset his opponent’s physical superiority. He had the Headlock slapped on tight and laughed as he did so.

“Active Volcano? Really?” Ravage said derisively.

Ohiyama being no fool to the game of wrestling, backed up a few steps and then used the momentum to shoot Ravage off the ropes like a rocket. As Ravage came back, he slid between the legs of his much taller opponent and when he got back up…


A quick jab from Ravage caught Ohiyama right on the jaw. Ravage grinned that for that particular exchange, he landed the first blow, but it only seemed to give Ohiyama some more encouragement. Ohiyama dared Ravage to hit him again.

He obliged.

He caught Ohiyama in the jaw a second time. And a third time. And a fourth time. 

Ohiyama flashed another smile and showed off his bright green mouthguard, signaling for Ravage to take another swing if he felt so inclined. Who was the veteran to turn down a free lunch?

He decided to go for the eye and catch Ohiyama off-guard with an Eye Poke!

“Hey!” Simon Brack shouted.

Ravage paid the zebra no mind and launched an all-out assault on Ohiyama with a series of hard kicks to his rib cage and then shoved him back to the ropes using all the strength he had in his 230-pound frame. He fired back with a series of right hands in the corner and the blows appeared to have stunned Ohiyam for the time being.

“This is MY house!” Ravage shouted.

The embittered nbW veteran wasn’t taking kindly to the rising Ohiyama coming in and trying to take over his home turn as he felt. Ravage took the moment to celebrate his dominance in the match thus far, but when he turned around…


Just ONE Knife-Edge Chop from Ohiyama not only knocked the wind out of Ravage, but knocked him down on his ass! The assault would have brought most others down, but all it seemed to do was fire up The Active Volcano as he stood and waited for Ravage to get back on his feet. He picked him up and RAMMED him hard into the corner with all his might and then laid out Ravage across the top turnbuckle.

“EO NA TOA!” Ohiyama shouted.

The crowd then cheered as Ohiyama BLASTED Ravage across the body with a series of painfully stiff Clubbing Forearm strikes across his body as he remained laid across the top rope! The blows each knocked the wind out of Ravage until Ohiyama then pulled him out of the corner in a Gutwrench set up…

Ravage was strong no doubt, but Ohiyama held him up like a small child for a few moments then DROPPED him hard with a Delayed Gutwrench Suplex!  The blow dropped Ravage in the dead center of the ring so Ohiyama followed up with a HUGE Double Foot Stomp! Ravage groaned in pain and in just a few quick moves, now Ohiyama was in firm control as he went for a cover.




The Savage of the Ring got his shoulder up from underneath Ohiyama, but the challenger was looking good in there against one of the most decorated wrestlers in nbW today. Ohiyama pulled him back up and hooked the arms for a Backdrop SUplex…




Three powerful elbows from Ravage caught Ohiyama on the side of the head to free himself from the clutches of The Polynesian Powerhouse. Ravage ran off the ropes…


…And he paid for it in the worst way with ANOTHER chop! Ohiyama made his way towards Ravage again, but the ring general rolled out of the ring…


The crowd was all over that shit as he headed to the ringside area. He was about to take a walk, but The Active Volcano wanted a fight and that’s exactly what he was going to drag kicking and screaming right out of Ravage…


Ohiyama may have been able to shake off most blows, but even he needed to see and when that was done, he was left vulnerable so that way Ravage could make him pay for it by SHOVING Ohiyama in to the ringpost! The Active Volcano had the chance to beat Ohiyama now as he positioned him back inside the ring with a bit of effort. The Active Volcano was down on his knees when he entered the ring with Ravage lining him up for something… a Running Three-Quarters Neckbreaker! A Cutter, eef you weeeeel.

“Eat it, kid!” Ravage laughed.

And with that, the cover was on. 




Ohiyama with a kickout that had some AUTHORITAH behind it!

Ravage got back up and tried to grab two handfuls of Ohiyama’s hair…


Another CRACKING Knife-Edge Chop stunned him and it seethed Ravage long enough for Ohiyama to stand up again. He scooped Ravage up over his shoulder and when it looked like a Running Powerslam was up next…



The Double Knee Backbreaker stunned Ohiyama again and he remained in a seated position all the while flinching his back in pain. Ravage then launched another attack by charging right at Ohiyama as he was down and hooked the head before he snapped and SPIKED him down on the mat with a vicious DDT! With that being all said and done, Ravage rolled over and hooked the far leg.




Another kickout by The Active Volcano. The crowd started to rally some more behind Ohiyama as he tried to fight his way back into the game. Ravage peppered him with a few solid right hands… he continued to fire the shots at the face Ohiyama who was STILL trying his best to fight off the former World Heavyweight, Blitzkrieg, and Keystone Champion.

“OHIYAMA!” Clap-clap-clapclapclap
“OHIYAMA!” Clap-clap-clapclapclap
“OHIYAMA!” Clap-clap-clapclapclap
“OHIYAMA!” Clap-clap-clapclapclap
“OHIYAMA!” Clap-clap-clapclapclap

“Shut up!” Ravage yelled to the crowd.

He wasn’t having any of the crowd and when Ohiyama tried to stand up, he got stopped with a Running Dropkick from The Savage of the Ring! The blow sent Ohiyama into the corner and that’s when Ravage ran off to the other side… He charged…

And stopped.


A simple slap to the face was the ultimate show of disrespect to the former Blitzkrieg Champion as he remained kneeled over in the corner. Ravage took the time to extend his hands out and bask in the jeers before he ran back to him and delivered a hard Running Forearm Smash to the side of the head and then following with a Headbutt…

Big mistake.

Trufax: The head of the typical Pacific Islander wrestler was harder than your typical wrestler.

Also Trufax: That skull of Ohiyama was a deadly Goddamn weapon.


He CRACKED Ravage in the face with one of own and he went down hard!

Ohiyama shoved him right into the corner and raised an arm before he resumed some of that Strong Style CLUBBERING with a big Corner Clothesline series! He backed up a few steps before he charged again and connected with a Running Back Elbow Smash out of the corner. The crowd cheered as he threw Ravage out of the corner and took a position on the second rope…


The Polynesian Powerhouse had more than his fair share of a varied arsenal and was showing it off as Ravage went bouncing across the ring and into the opposite corner. The Savage of the Ring was disoriented when Ohiyama came running…


He missed the Running Splash in the corner and Ravage went low to try and take advantage…


His attempt at the Double Arm DDT failed when Ohiyama shoved his way out…


A HUGE Elevated Sit-out Spinebuster nearly shook the ring and the crowd went nuts from the impact as Ohiyama stood up and raised up the shaka sign. Was he looking for the Wavebreaker that had put away so many before him?


He was going up top…



Ohiyama vs Ravage

While tipping the scales at 280, Ohiyama flew through the air with the grace of a cruiserweight as the massive Diving Splash CRUSHED Ravage beneath him! Ohiyama hooked a leg and snarled.




That was it!


What a BIG way to rebound from a tough night at 25 To Life… knocking off one of the most decorated nbW wrestlers today and securing easily the biggest victory of your career!  The crowd roared with approval as The Polynesian Powerhouse stood up and raised his arms to the sky before he left the ring.

“This one’s for you, Pops!” Ohiyama shouted to the heavens.

He pointed a finger at the sky and kissed the necklace around his neck – a gift given to him by his now late uncle before leaving the ring. Ravage slinked out holding his chest in pain and limped out of sight just as Ohiyama left the ring.

He was on his way up when he almost bumped into somebody…

“Hot Sauce” Raul Ramirez???


The manager for the World’s Loudest Asshole Jake Tockwell.

“Hey… “ Raul said. “You want a job opportunity, big man?”

He handed Ohiyama a manila folder and walked off without saying much of anything else. The Active Volcano opened what was inside…


From the looks of things, he didn’t entirely hate whatever was presented to him...

And before the mystery could be revealed, the show rolled on.





EpiCenter I

“It has been quite a night!” said Melissa Vandeart. “We’ve seen new debuts, we’ve seen heated action and we’ve still got our main event to come … new NBW World champion Warren Spade defends against his friend and stablemate, the man that defeated Derecho to earn Spade his title shot at 25 to Life, EZ Blaze!”

“Bah!” yelled Gains. “His friend won him a title shot, so Spade is giving it right back! What kind of champion is he? Giving shots to his friends instead of to rightful wrestlers like Jake Tockwell!”

“You and I both know that Derecho manipulated Spade into that stipulation. He thought he would walk all over Blaze, injure him in front of Spade, but he underestimated the high flyer and he paid for it! That’s all Derecho’s own fault.”

“You and I ---”


The EpiCenter video tron flickered with static before cutting upwards to the mug of a man earlier tonight that was denied an NBW World title opportunity earlier tonight by Warren Spade.

The NBW Blitzkrieg champion Jake Tockwell.

Standing backstage with a look of disgust he faced the camera. Next to him was his manager and sometimes human shield, “Hot Sauce” Raul Ramirez.


Big Talk nodded.

“Earlier tonight, you all saw the biggest tragedy this company has faced since existing ten years before I got here! Warren Spade flat-out put his tail between his legs and he turned tail instead of acknowledging me as the rightful Number One Contender! Brock Newbludd can still have his title shot at Legacy despite the fact that I beat him and Warren Spade in the same night …”

The audience groaned after having been reminded of that.

“Big Talk sees what’s going on in this company: cronyism! Blatant cronyism! You don’t see me handing out BK title shots to people like the A-List … mainly because they already have gold. Hey, Hot Sauce, you want a shot this belt?”

“I’m a manager now, not a wrestler. But if I did, I would earn it, Big Talk!”

“You’re damn right you would!” shouted Big Talk. “But we’re here to talk about drastic measures. It was brought to my attention that Warren Spade was going to be a fighting champion and he’ll fight everybody but me apparently. If you want to play that game, Spade, then Big Talk won’t just play dirty … he’ll play so vile, you’ll be smelling me a mile away.”

Big Talk held up a briefcase.

“I’m Jake Tockwell and what I say goes! What I’m saying is this: I am putting out a bounty on that big JAG, Warren Spade! This right here is pocket change to guys like Big Talk and the In Crowd … but for most of you, this is life-changing money.What I have here in my hand is a cool quarter-mil! $250,000 El Presidentes that will go to ANYBODY that takes up Warren Spade on any of his challenges … you beat him and bring that title to me, this money is all yours!”

The crowd gasped and booed the fact that Tockwell was stooping to something like this: trying to buy the championship instead of earning it himself.

“Warren Spade, I hope you’re as good of a fighting champion as you say you are. You want a fight, here it is, you dumb derp-for-nothing! EZ Blaze, this message goes out to you especially … if these aren’t 250,000 reasons to take that title and give it to me, I don’t know what is! Don’t live in the shadow of that big SOB! Grab your destiny, snatch it and this money is all yours! Warren tried to leave me in the dust when we came up in Memphis together and if you try to be a friend to him and that little carny mush-mouth Fenton Woods … that’s all you’ll ever be in … his shadow.”

Raul Ramirez touched the briefcase and showed off the cash.

“To recap: $250,000. NBW World championship! I’ll field all requests to collect this money!”


The camera then cut to the backstage area where Fenton Woods and EZ Blaze were both watching on one of the monitors.

“Good God … “ said Fenton. “Don’t listen to anything that double-talking, backpedaling idiot has to say, Blaze. Let’s go get ready for the main event.”

Fenton walked off and EZ Blaze had a very careful stare at the TV before he followed along his manager.

The Battle Continues


“Hey! Assholes! Where you at?!”

That voiced belonged to The Unstoppables – Vic Gravender and Tyson XL – and the two of them were looking MIGHTY pissed over the events of earlier tonight. Clan Strongbern chose The Unstoppables to make a statement by costing them their Dynasty Tag Team Title rematch to The A-List. In return, The Unstoppables took the fight to them earlier after their elimination match.

And now you know the rest of the backstory!

“You want a fight, you little sawed-off asshole?” Vic yelled. “Let’s do it!”

“Get your ass out here, Rick,” Tyson hissed, “take your beating like a man!”

The two still had chairs in their hands from earlier and continued to walk around the backstage area.

“Hey! You seen some dickhead about yea high,” Vic said, putting his hand down to his chest, “short and stocky, has about three big bags of dicks with her?”

The man shook his head and kept on walking the opposite direction while Tyson and Vic continued to pace.


Vic wasn’t being patient and he was about to move, but then…


Tyson got his chair up and saw a skinny little tech employee bump right into him.  The man flinched and Vic stopped him.

“Get out of our way!”

The tech employee had been thrown into him by Big Rick Strongbern standing right in front of them.

“I’M RIGHT HERE, LITTLE MAN,” Big Rick growled.

Vic smiled, but then…




No, Tyrone Biggums wasn’t here.

That was Little Ricky and Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern with chairs of their own in hand, attacking The Unstoppables from behind!


His booming voice almost echoed over the three-on-two beatdown backstage now as Ri-Khan Strongbern howled and joined in! Tyson tried to fight back and tried to throw a fist at Ri-Khan, but The Attack Dog of Clan Strongbern blocked it…


He was knocked loopy from the shot. Vic delivered a weak right hand to Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern, but the most powerful member of the Clan rammed him…


…HARD into a garage door! Vic collapsed to the ground and clutched his ribs while Big Rick kneeled over him.


“Hey! That’s enough!”

Big Rick turned around…


The leader of Clan Strongbern was caught flush on the jaw with a Superkick backstage, courtesy of the now-former Keystone and former nbW World Heavyweight Champion, Ali Amore!

“I said that’s enough!” Ali shouted.

He had clearly seen enough of this ambush and tried to do the right thing by helping out The Unstoppables by attacking Ri-Khan! He jumped on his back and laid into the shortest of Big Rick’s stooges with right hand after right hand…

Bonebreaker-Strongbern grabbed him by the neck and THREW Ali against the wall with all his might, throwing him over to Little Ricky who caught him…


Amore tried to help The Unstoppables and he had just paid for it after the numbers game caught up to him.

Big Rick got up off the floor holding his jaw and Rik and Little Ricky pinned Vic to the ground while Tyson XL held his head in pain.


Big Rick turned to where the now sprawled out Ali Amore had been put through a table for trying to help out.


Vic tried to claw at Big Rick again, but got a boot in his side from Rik for his troubles.

“He said stay down, fatass,” Rik hissed before he walked off.

The bodycount of Clan Strongbern was getting bigger and bigger by the week and now, they could add Ali Amore to the list. The ugly foursome walked out of the area while the bodies of Amore and The Unstoppables had been thrown all over the place. Tyson crawled over to check on Amore and the scene cut elsewhere as trainers and officials made it to the scene of the sneak attack.

EZ Blaze Versus Warren Spade

If there was a word to describe tonight’s main event, it was intrigue!

Warren Spade owed EZ Blaze a personal debt. When Blaze fought Derecho a few weeks ago, he defeated him in a non-title match, thus earning Spade a title match at 25 To Life on his behalf. Spade was a man of his word who repaid all of his debts and because of that, EZ Blaze earned the first crack at the championship tonight.

Now with Tockwell promising a bounty on the head of Warren Spade for anybody who would rid him of the NBW World title, it could mean big things for the career of whoever could unseat the One-Man Stampede. The message was directed tonight at EZ Blaze. Was Tockwell trying to drive a wedge between the two clients of Fenton Woods?

That would remain to be seen.

Up next, in the main event, NBW World champion Warren Spade makes his first defense against his own friend and the man who beat Derecho to make this match possible: EZ Blaze!

“Gather around, everyone, gather around!”

The arena went dark and a lone spotlight was now on the entryway. Whoever this person was had their back turned to the camera so as to hide his face, but he was a man in jeans, a black coat and a red and white carnival barker hat. He was very short and couldn’t have been any more than five-foot four, but he certainly had a gift of gab. This was Warren Spade’s manager, Fenton Woods!

“From the bringer of my giant The One-Man Stampede and the Monster of the Mid-South Warren Spade … comes the next great find from I, Fenton Woods! I’ve brought to you a killer giant! Now I bring to you a man with the gift … of aerial artistry!”

He pointed to the stage.

“Introducing … the Great Aerial Artist! The World’s Fastest Athlete! The Picasso of Planchas! The Da Vinci of Dives! The Monet of Moonsaults! The Salvador Dali of Springboards! The Rembrandt of Rope-Running! One of the last men on this roster to hand Derecho his keister before Warren did it at 25 to Life … everybody please welcome … “

Fenton’s cane was pointed near the stage.

“E! Z! Blaze!!!”

Fenton tapped his cane much as he would for Warren Spade's entrance and the arena went dark again. The crowd was buzzing with much anticipation for a kid with a lot of promise. The arena soon became engulfed in a stream of blue and white lights each flickering for three to four seconds at a time.

Hoobastank’s “Just One” played and an explosion erup ted from the stage! Out came EZ Blaze in a brand new eagle-inspired costume! The Great Aerial Artist as he was now known basked in the cheers of the crowd as EZ poked his head out from underneath a blue and white cape and cowl combination! Fenton pointed his cane toward the ring.

“Let’s go make history, kid!” 

EZ Blaze shot like a rocket towards the ring and made a big leap underneath the ropes and then flipped to his feet. He threw the cape off of himself as Fenton Woods walked up the ramp.

“Okay … hold on, people, hold on … Going up this ramp a bunch of times sucks … “

The fans laughed and waited until Fenton now took his place on the top of the stage a second time.

“Ladies and gentlemen … allow me to bring to you the man that liberated the NBW World title from the clutches of Derecho … the giant that leaves a path of destruction for your amusement …”

Fenton winked. 

“And mine.” 

He tapped his cane on the ground and his spotlight disappeared. The crowd was baited with anticipation and when words appeared on the EpiCenter they went crazy. 

“Your reigning and defending NBW World heavyweight champion … “




Warren Spade was here! 

“Into The Arena” by Michael Schenker Group played and The Monster of the Mid-South basked in the reception from the crowd. After enjoying the response, he hunched over to let Fenton Woods ride on his shoulders. The monster who once boasted a two-year undefeated streak in No Brand Wrestling was approaching the ring fast with the title worn around his neck like a gigantic collar. Spade looked at his friend and teammate and then pushed the ropes down to step over as if he wasn’t already gigantic looking.

EZ Blaze didn’t look hesitant at all to have to take on his new friend for the title. That was what everybody in NBW wanted more than any other prize and only a small handful of people over the years could lay claim to the trophy.

Once the referee of the match – Simon Brack – took his position he raised the NBW championship.

This was friend versus friend.

Fenton Woods Guy versus Fenton Woods Guy.




The King of Monsters and the Great Aerial Artist walked up to one another carefully. Warren extended a hand and reached out to shake it, but EZ Blaze raised out a pinky.

Spade chuckled and the two locked into their pinky swear that led up to this potential match that was now a reality …

That’s when EZ unleashed some kicks to the leg of Spade!

The kicks seemingly had little effect, but it was clear Blaze was going to go out fast and go out swinging. If perhaps he could out-run the monster Warren Spade, he may have a chance to chop the giant down to size to unleash any number of great aerial moves in his arsenal. Warren was about to strike by unleashing a forehand chop, but Blaze was too quick.

He nailed a drop kick to the leg of Warren and tried to mount an offense by rushing him …


That was the sound of EZ Blaze being launched into the air by Warren in a standing flapjack and then hitting the mat with a loud noise! The crowd were amazed by how much height Warren got from the shove and that forced EZ Blaze to head to the outside. He looked to Fenton Woods.

“Nope, can’t help either of you!” said Fenton. “Your fight! I ain’t startin’ any fights by picking one guy over the other!”

Blaze gave him a “Rats” shake of the arm and then looked up at Warren. Who he thought looked even taller from outside the ring. Warren circled the ring and didn’t take his eyes off of EZ when the Da Vinci of Dives started to get back into the ring.

Warren was on him so he thought better of it and rolled right back out.

Since Mama Spade didn’t raise no fool, Warren climbed outside of the ring to go after EZ Blaze, but Blaze wasn’t sticking around to tussle with Spade on the floor.  He slid back in quickly and then hit the ground running quickly. He launched himself not through the middle, but the bottom rope right at Warren Spade, suicide dive-style …

And that was a fatal error!

Spade braced himself, absorbed the impact and caught EZ Blaze in his grip before he showed off his strength. He pressed EZ Blaze and threw him through the ropes … but Blaze rolled and rolled to get back to his feet! 

That caught Spade off guard so when he tried to climb into the ring, EZ Blaze quickly jumped off the middle rope as he stepped over and landed an inside springboard drop kick to his head! The blow did enough to stagger Spade as he entered the ring and that gave the Great Aerial Artist a chance to work some art.

“That’s right kid! Rope that dope!”

That voice belonged to the man responsible for now placing a bounty on the head (and title) of the NBW World champion …

Blitzkrieg champ “Big Talk” Jake Tockwell and his manager, “Hot Sauce” Raul Ramirez.

Patting his briefcase, Raul showed off the money and that prompted Fenton Woods to get involved verbally.

“Get out of here, you jackasses!” yelled Fenton.

With Spade a little disoriented in the corner, EZ Blaze launched an offensive that involved his double running knee strike …


The blow caught Spade in the stomach and EZ Blaze continued to run off the ropes again …


A second pair caught Spade on the chest. EZ Blaze was going to make it a trifecta.

But Spade had taken enough and simply ran right into EZ Blaze by catching him and with only a little effort, throwing his friend into the corner like a lawn dart! He picked up Blaze …


The crowd let out a cheer for Warren as he dropped his teammate and friend with the big back thrust kick as opposed to a traditional big boot most men of his size liked to use. He covered EZ Blaze for the first time in this match …

1 …

2 …

It was not quite his time to be put away and somehow Blaze had kicked out of what Spade had thrown at him. He picked up Blaze and put his pinky swear buddy in the corner before he raised a hand. He shushed the crowd until it got dead quiet …


One of the most painful chops landed right on the chest of EZ Blaze and even though he was wearing his signature sleeveless blue costume, it didn’t do too much to absorb the blow that came from it.

“Told you I wasn’t holding back, buddy,” said Spade. “Sorry.”

“Come on Blaze, you can take the title from that dumb JAG!” yelled Tockwell.

Tockwell and Raul Ramirez continued to try and curry favor with Fenton’s second client by showing off the money contained in the case again! He picked EZ Blaze up and then threw him towards the opposite corner ... but that didn’t work out in mind because Blaze slid with the momentum and landed on his feet on the floor! He then tried to climb up back to the ring apron when EZ Blaze got stopped by Warren. He was wrestling the perfect match trying to keep EZ from going airborne which would be his best way to win the NBW World title from his friend. He tried to hoist him up, but Blaze reversed that and he dropped Spade’s neck on the top rope.

With Spade left disoriented, EZ Blaze got back up and then launched himself into a very pretty somersault flip. He somehow tried to hit some sort of a dragon rana on the One-Man Stampede by executing a forward flip …


Spade caught him and then dropped him across the mat with a standing spine buster! The ring almost shook from the move and EZ Blaze couldn’t get anything going just by virtue of the sheer size of his best friend. He picked him up again and chucked him into the turnbuckle with a irish whip that was more than just a transition to the next move – it was a deadly weapon especially in the hands of power behind it!

“Oowwwww! That’s gonna smart!” yelled Tockwell. “Get ‘em spotty!”

He was referring to derisive nickname to his high flying background when Tockwell first feuded with Blaze in NBW. He pointed back at EZ Blaze and showed off the money again while Spade turned over to the two troublemakers.

“Get the fuck out of here or I’ll come out there and break your jaw!” shouted Spade.
The One-Man Stampede turned back to his opponent and he was going to press slam him now …


Then he showed off by pressing Blaze with one hand!!!

The crowd was amazed by the show of strength, but perhaps it was a little too much showing off because Blaze had eaten the punishment from the One-Man Stampede and wiggled free until he fell behind him! Spade turned around and before he knew it, he was taken off of his leg by another drop kick aimed at the back of his leg.

He fired about two more drop kicks until he was sure that Warren was left wobbling. He got him down to a knee now and then launched himself off the ropes …


Spade on his knees left him wide open for the forward roll into the falling DDT while Warren was on his knees! Still, Warren wasn’t completely out of it, but EZ Blaze may have found a path to beat the giant.  He ascended the top rope with the fans cheering him on. Even Fenton, Tockwell and Raul Ramirez couldn’t believe it.


Diving double knee drop might have been enough to put Warren Spade down for good, but EZ was going to make sure of that. He hit the near by second rope in the corner and flew backwards with a corkscrew 450 splash off the second rope!

Could that string of moves give him the biggest upset in NBW history?

1 …

2 …


Warren Spade launched EZ Blaze right off of him and threw his teammate off of him like a small child! Warren was disoriented, though.

“This money is all yours, Blaze! Come on, take out that big JAG!” yelled Tockwell.

Blaze looked at the two troublemakers on the outside and then shook his head. He wasn’t actually considering their deal, was he?


He dove through the bottom rope and took out both the Blitzkrieg champion as well as his mouthy manager! He’d seen enough!

Before Spade could even still recover from the flurry that Blaze had thrown at him earlier, he was against the ropes when EZ Blaze dialed it up so to speak and connected with a tiger feint kicked aimed at the knee! Warren was doubled over and then Blaze looked to end things there by running the ropes around the corner and landing a second tiger feint kick!

EZ Blaze then fired back with a pele kick to Spade while he was on his knee! And then fired a jumping knee!

It was kick-a-palooza in Istanbul and he was about to finally put Spade down for good as he used the ropes as a springboard …


The gigantic spear that had cut down everybody in front of him – both big and small – cut down his own teammate! The blow was so great that EZ Blaze was nearly backflipped right out of his elaborate costume and he landed on his stomach! 

”STAMPEDE!” Clap Clap. ”STAMPEDE!” Clap Clap. ”STAMPEDE!” Clap Clap. ”STAMPEDE!” Clap Clap. ”STAMPEDE!” Clap Clap. ”STAMPEDE!” Clap Clap. ”STAMPEDE!” Clap Clap.

The crowd chanted along with the signature stomping that came through with The Trample. Spade let out a roar and then hoisted EZ Blaze across his shoulders and cross the throat. The Trample might have done him in, but he was leaving nothing to chance …


EZ Blaze didn’t take long at all in the wrist-clutch variant of the torture rack …

He tapped!




Warren Spade let his teammate go after the bell had rung. Fenton walked in and clapped at both men for their efforts, but for tonight … call this a successful first title defense for the One-Man Stampede!

An angry Jake Tockwell started to stand on the outside with Warren’s music playing over the speakers. Warren helped EZ Blaze to his feet and Fenton helped the high flyer up.

“No no no! Cut that crappy music right now! I’m Big Talk and what I say goes! Cut it now!”

Warren’s angry death glare was zeroed right on Jake Tockwell as he huffed after being attacked by EZ Blaze for his repeated interruptions of this match between friends.

“You’re even stupider than I tell people, you masked dumbass!” yelled Tockwell. He angrily waved the bounty briefcase.

“But I’m Jake Tockwell and if this little midget won’t listen to reason and is comfortable living in your giant shadow, Spade, then I’ll tell you what I got … I got me a Plan B. I got me a BIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG Plan B! See, a man heard about this bounty and gave Big Talk a jingle. He sent me a text message and wanted a chance to collect … you’re a fighting champion, right, Spade?”

The One-Man Stampede had one arm for Blaze to lean against and hoisted the title in the other.

“Get your ass in here and find out, you blond-haired bitch.”

“Nah nah nah, you big zero! I’ve already got your opponent in two weeks! You’ll have to wait and see,  but trust me when I say this Spade - he can do everything you can do, but better! Faster! Stronger! Unlike you but like me and the In Crowd, he’s got lots of something special about him unlike this roster full of jags and zeroes! Your hint is that he’s been in NBW before, he’s no stranger to championship gold, and he’ll be flying out here to the Middle East to kick your giant ass and bring me the championship!”

If there was any worry about who Big Talk had lined up to accept the shot at the bounty, he didn’t show it. Tockwell almost tripped over Raul Ramirez on the way out.

“Pick up my title, Hot Sauce!”

Raul picked up the Blitzkrieg championship and then walked up the ramp. Warren Spade, EZ Blaze and Fenton Woods were in the ring celebrating their hard fought match. Many people may not have given Blaze much of a chance against the giant, but what he proved was that he was not afraid of whoever was in front of him and that he had plenty of heart.

Warren raised the hand of EZ Blaze and Fenton clapped. The fans gave them a show of respect with Warren now raising both EZ and Fenton Woods – one man on each shoulder – with Blaze holding the NBW World championship! Tockwell was hell bent on doing anything to get the title and now people had to wonder for the next two weeks who he had lined up to try and take it from the Monster of the Mid-South.



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