SLAM! Episode 103
Live from in the Palau Sant Jordi - Barcelona, Spain





Plugging and Planning

Harmen's Office

“What’s up, everybody? Gimme one sec, trying to finish The Runaways… EXCLUSIVELY STREAMING NOW WITH OUR BUSINESS PARTNER, HULU!”'

After the normal intro of tonight’s show played, the camera opened up right to the office of one Jack Harmen, nbW General Manager Extraordinaire finished the cheap plug.

“Thank God we got a season two… you go, Gert, get yours. Maybe I can have Richie Keal look into getting us a dinosaur."

When Harmen realized the camera was still on him, Harmen smirked and got serious. “Serious” being used very loosely in this case as it always was with The Lunatic. '

“Tonight, we have a big six-man tag team match coming up pitting three of the seven men from either side to go up when Team Newbludd takes on Team Big Talk in the BIGGEST War Games match in nbW history! Tonight, it will be Team Captain “Big Talk” Jake Tockwell, “The First” Freddie Rich and The Great Wall taking on the team of nbW World Heavyweight Champion Brock Newbludd, former nbW World Champion Warren Spade and your 2018 WAR Memorial Cup winner Big Rick Strongbern!”

The crowd popped for that announcement.

“But as any great infomercial trying to get rid of shit on the cheap would say… ‘but wait, there’s more!’ You see, I’ve decided that in tonight’s six-man tag team match, the winning team is going to give either Team Newbludd or Team Big Talk the man’s advantage, meaning their team’s men will get to enter the War Games match first!”
Harmen smiled and soaked in the pop from the crowd.

“But of course… there’s more because I’m awesome. This match is going to have severe repercussions beyond several men settling nasty grudges and spilling blood for everyone’s amusement. The winning team at Gods Vs. Titans will have title shots at EVERY title in nbW distributed amongst its teammates!”


“Now I’m aware Brock’s already our nbW World Heavyweight Champion, so maybe I’ll throw a cash prize at him or give him whatever match he wants or maybe book a show... I’ll figure out something nice if his team wins, but we’ll worry about that AFTER GVT. Tonight… let’s get on with the show and let’s get on to our first match!”

“Now… let’s get to the graps!”


Jonny Bedlam
Erick Davies

“Up next, we have a singles competition between Jonny Bedlam and Erick Davies.  This will be Jonny’s first match back since the doctor cleared him to wrestle.”

“I don’t know if the guy exactly made the best choice in having his first competition back be a nutter like Erick Davies.  He might just be the victim of a very public and very violent Public Display of Violence.”

“I can’t disagree with you there partner.  After Laszlo nearly killed Bedlam in the ring a couple of weeks ago, this is a brutal next match.  You have to wonder what Jack Harmen was thinking here.”

“He was thinking he’d like to see a little rough and dirty wrasslin’, looks like.  Can’t say I disagree with seeing a trainwreck like this might turn out to be unfold in the ring.”

“Introducing first, from Brooklyn New York, Erick Davies”

”Rio Bravo” by CKY played on the speakers as the Screen showed nothing but actual static.  Erick Davies ran through the entrance and onto the ramp, turned around and threw a couple of punches at the screen.  Davies marched to the ring at a frenetic pace, and first did a lap once around the ring.  Davies hollered and spewed out lots of trash to the fans at the ringside area and then inside the ring where he threatened to break the ring announcer in half. The ring announcer steps slightly away.  Davies roared to the sky and shot an angry look to the announce table, not taking his eyes off the crowd.  A chorus of boos issued from the crowd.

The funky opening riff of “Missing Link” played and got the crowd both grooving and energized.  They erupted in boos, some chanting “Drunk Tank….Drunk Tank.”   The music played a little longer than it normally did, far into Del the Funky Homosapien’s first verse.  As he began the chorus

“I’m just me
No Simile
Never flow simply
Cuz it was meant to be
The truth, the truth
Nothing but the truth
I tell it to the youth.”

As “The Youth” came out, so did Jonny Bedlam from backstage and the crowd exploded.

“Introducing next...from Dallas, Texas….JONNY BEDLAM!”

Jonny marched down to the ring and entered by sliding under the bottom rope.  The referee stood between the two competitors as Jonny took his corner, then raised his arm and called for the bell as Jonny’s music ended. 

Bedlam and Davies locked up, immediately.  Bedlam maneuvers quickly out of the lock-up to a side headlock.  Davies ducked and pushed Bedlam off and Bedlam was sent to the ropes by the push.  Davies moved his torso up and charged at Bedlam, who had rebounded off the ropes, and then Davies attempted a vicious lariat. 

Jonny ducked underneath it and continued his momentum, then bounced off the opposite ropes.  Jonny hopped and propelled himself sideways in an attempt at a crossbody block.  Davies, showing great strength, caught Bedlam, then fell forward with a falling powerslam.

Bedlam rolled away, he got to his feet.  Davies does too.  The two locked up again, Bedlam moved in, swept Davies’ inner leg, but Davies planted his other leg firmly and smacked Bedlam full on the ear.

Bedlam broke the lock in pain and immediately became disoriented.  Jonny covered his ear up.  Davies spared no time in taking advantage, and punched the outside of Jonny’s hand which covered his ear, which caused an explosion of pain to Jonny. 

Bedlam doubled over in pain.  Davies backed away slightly, charged, and hit Jonny with a running knee lift full in the face right over the eyebrow and sent Bedlam spinning through the air onto his back.  A trickle of blood formed on Jonny’s forehead.  Bedlam clutched his head defensively with both hands, but that left his midsection open.  Davies began to rain boots on his ribs and abdomen.  Jonny had fallen near the ropes and Davies began to use the top rope for extra leverage in his onslaught. 

The referee pulled at Davies’ shoulder and warned him to stop.  Davies would not stop and the ref pushed him backwards from Bedlam.  Davies, unlikely Laszlo recently, relented and stepped back.  The referee warned Davies again.  Bedlam managed to yank himself to uneasy feet using the ropes.

Davies charged in again, Bedlam remained sprawled on the ropes for a second, which allowed Davies to reach full speed.  Bedlam then moved quickly forward and slid to the mat and caught Davies in a drop toe hold face first onto the the top rope.  Davies bounced up and backwards to the mat sickeningly. 

Bedlam moved sideways and got to his feet, but Davies rolled quickly out of the ring.  Bedlam moved further back from the ropes, then charged and vaulted over the top rope with a vaulting body press.  Bedlam catches Davies full on the chest and head and both crash to the outside floor. 
The ref started the count as both men remained on the floor outside the ring.  Both men got up slowly and were up around the time the ref counted 5, and back in the ring at 7. 

Bedlam and Davies locked up after they both get to their feet in the ring.  Davies moved quickly into a rear waistlock, then chicken winged Jonny’s left arm, and then his right.  Davies viciously kneed Jonny at the base of the spine, which doubles Jonny over and hangs him by the chicken wing holds.  Davies, ever the opportunist, then hopped forward and dropped his hips onto Jonny’s lower back, driving him down to the mat in a sort of reverse pedigree.

Bedlam was clearly in trouble, Davies rolled him over and hooked a leg for a pin attempt.  The ref dropped down to the mat…



Davies got off of Bedlam and got into the ref’s face.  Davies began to yell at at the referee, while Bedlam struggled to his feet.  Davies became aware of this and charged at Bedlam with a Shoulder Block Tackle.  Bedlam sidestepped it and hit Davies with a jumping, twisting roundhouse kick to the back of the head.  Davies staggered forward, his eyes blinking quite a bit and stumbling, into the ropes. 

Jonny wiped a slight amount of blood away from his brow, the flow having seemed to staunch already.  Davies tried to use the ropes to steady himself, and stood facing Bedlam.  Bedlam charged, leaped and hit a flying sidekick.  NO SITHS ALLOWED!

Davies bounced off the ropes, with his lights apparently out, and fell forward in a lump.  The crowd exploded.  Jonny moved toward Davies, and looked ready to put a submission, when he stopped.  Laszlo, without music, had emerged from the back and was sauntering down the ramp.  Bedlam moves to the ropes nearest the ramp and began to jawjack with Laszlo.

“You want some more Loser-lo?  Come on to the ring and I’ll make you spit up borscht for two days so you can taste it again.”

Davies managed to get up and noted Bedlam not paying attention.  A devilish grin made its way across Davies’ features.  Davies headed towards Bedlam and attempted a clothesline to the back of his head.  Bedlam ducked it at the last second, moved backwards quite a ways as Davies collided with the ropes awkwardly.  Davies turned around and stepped off the ropes…but it was too late…


The crowd lost their mind.

Jonny landed after hitting Davies with the kick and hooked a leg…


Laszlo was at the ring and dove under the ropes with a chair. Little did he know that Jimmy Houlihan had leaped over the front row barrier in close pursuit.  Jimmy slid under the rope at the same time.


Laszlo raised his chair, and Jimmy snatched it out of his grip.  Jimmy speared Laszlo in his ribs and doubled the Russian over.


The referee stood up and called for the bell.  Jonny stood up as well, looked at his tag partner.  Jimmy nodded and whacked Laszlo over the back, then dropped the chair right under Laszlo’s face.  Jonny then charged forward at Jimmy, leaped, and was caught by Jimmy who then shot him up into the air and let him go.  Jonny came down in a an Arabian Facebuster, which hit Laszlo’s head and drove him into the chair on the mat.  Laszlo didn’t move.  The crowd absolutely lost its mind again and began to chant:





Gods Versus Titans II




Drunk Tank and the GM

Harmen's Office

Jonny Bedlam and Jimmy Houlihan walked down the arena hallway as we return, each holding a red plastic cup.  Jonny stopped Jimmy quickly with a hand and pointed to a door.  The view panned over the door’s sign “NBW GM: Jack Harmen.”

Jonny reached for the door handle and opened the door.  Jack Harmen was seated behind his desk, and smiled as the duo came in.

“Why hello, you drunken bastards.  Not enough room left in the Barthelona jailhouse?”

Both men sat down in the chairs in front of Harmen’s desk.  Both chuckled at Harmen’s jest.

“Yes, I guess they did run out of room.  I’m glad there wasn’t a revolution.  This show coulda been awkward,” retorted Jonny.

“Ehh, this is live Jonny.  It maybe a little too soon.”

“Yeah, yeah.  You’re right.  So what did you want to see us about Jack?”

“Well, I’d just like to congratulate you on your return to the ring.  I’d like to congratulate Jimmy on his first in-ring appearance as an employee, even if it wasn’t an announced part of the match.  I’d like to do all that, but I guess I just kinda did, so..yeah...hmm.”

“Well thanks there bossman, I surely ‘preciate ya,” responded Jimmy.

“Glad you got some vengeance on Laszlo Jonny, he nearly put you on the shelf permanently.  However, his people have been in touch with me, as he seems to be out of it at the moment.  Laszlo demands, via notepad I’m told, that I give you two a match at Gods vs Titans.”
“Round 3?  Sure.  I’ll do it.”

Harmen nods at Jonny.  “Yeah, not so fast Jonny.  Now keep this in mind before I tell you this: you do not have to agree to these terms.  Laszlo wants to face you in a manner which ...eliminates foreign elements.  He wants to have a cage match.”

Jonny doesn’t seem fazed at all.  “So?”

“A caged match, with weapons.”

Jonny nods.  “Again, so?”

“This guy almost killed ya not long ago Jonny.  You just got cleared after having to miss two events as a performer.  I was thinking you’d counter with a cage match with submission option.  Think this over carefully bud, you’re one of the most popular new competitors we have.  Laszlo has just become more angry, and Jonny and Davey will not be able to help you at all.  You would be agreeing to a cage match with weaponry, only winnable by escape...WITH LASZLO AT GODS VS TITANS!?!?!?!”
Jonny moves closer and leans over Harmen’s desk.

Harmen furrowed his brow and stared deeply and Jonny, then smiled broadly and wickedly.  “That is JUST the answer I wanted.”

Both men stood and shook each other’s hands briskly.  “You’re all right, Harmen.  You’re all right.”

Fade to black.

'Big Kid' Chris Smith
Santiago Sabino

Besides being questioned if he were Doritos Man, which is daft when you, I, and EVERYONE is Doritos, Santiago Sabino hadn’t been seen since one of our previous slams held in Spain.

Here he was, backed by a patriotic crowd, as he ran out full of beans...

Jumping up onto the apron, he posed for the crowd...


Chris Smith had capitalised on that window of opportunity to waste Sabino, who fell off the apron in a heap.

Despite being reprimanded by the referee, Smith stepped outside and put his foot on Sabino’s heavily-beating chest...




That was that.

Despite the official’s protests, which were redundant given the match’s rules, ‘Big Kid’ picked his hapless opponent up and seemingly had him set up for...


Someone’s music is playing.

A roar went up for a nobody.

Well, a nobody to you.

However, a Spanish wrestler who’d done well in Mexico once upon a time was on his way down the aisle with a spring in his step...

Chris Smith dumped Sabino to one side and got ready...

Only he was beaten to the punch as the second opponent of Smith’s evening took him down with a gorgeous Crossbody Block and a flurry of fists, which sent the Spanish spectators into a frenzy.

After firing, the nbW debutant mustered up enough strength to pick Smith up and ram the 390-pound bully’s head into the ring steps.  As Smith shook the cobwebs loose, he turned round...



Melissa informed our viewers at home:  “Luis Ramos, from Valencia in Spain, was a star several years ago in Mexico alongside our hall-of-famer Keegan, Hank Wright amongst others..and now, in his home country, he’s back – FOR THE KIDS.”

Gains:  “Hey, don’t steal Smith’s line!”

Luis covered Chris...



Chris powered out, though he was clearly groggy.  Luis needed to press him this clear-cut cushion he had at Smith’s expense.

He started by ramming ‘Big Kid’s’ head into the barricade.  The 6’6 manchild was reeling right now.

Luis leapt over the guard rail to be with HIS public.  It wasn’t merely to mingle though...

As Smith was poised to stand up, Ramos jumped up onto the barricade for a Springboard-POWESLAM ON THE FLOOR!

No cover was made or Chris may’ve recorded his second successive victory over a Spaniard there and then.

That deflated Ramos physically and vicariously ripped the oxygen out of the audience’s enthusiasm momentarily.

Clearly, instinct had served Smith.  Now, the bout’s biggest guy was up on its feet and that didn’t bode well for the home favourite.

Smith picked Luis up and rolled him inside the ring rather than remain outside.  Perhaps he wanted to punish Ramos under the bright lights in front of his own people.


Chris had made the wrong choice and let Luis back in immediately.  To the wall of ‘VA-MOS RA-MOS,’ could the Catalans

inspired the underdog to a famous victory here on Slam?

He was going up to the top rope...

Thousands joined him...



That was all.

Luis stayed on him...Bulldog...

No, Belly-to-Back Suplex!

Smith had seized the advantage.

A brief count commenced.  The official reached four.

Chris picked Luis up...

Small Package!




Clothesline by Chris—ducked!

Luis with a Spinning Heel Kick stunned Smith, who bounced back off the ropes...

Hurricanrana by Ramos!!!




So Ramos did...

Wait...Smith looking for a Powerbomb to counter...

Ramos punched his way to freedom and landed on Smith in a seated position covering the Blitzkrieg hopeful with a pinfall reminiscent of Rey’s win over Kevin Nash on Nitro in 99...



No, sir!

Ramos was lively and this crowd was electric.  He scored with the Bulldog on this occasion!



Same result.

Chris Smith was seriously swaying and as he got up, his lame Lariat attempt was punished by Luis lifting the near 400-pound bruiser up with a brilliant Belly-to-Back Suplex of his own and this Barcelona building was almost on fire.

Luis returned to the well of the top turnbuckle.  By the time he reached there, Smith stumbled to his feet...

Crossbody Block-ED!!!

Suplex position for Smith...


Oh no.

Just like that, Luis had come so close and been squatted like the Spanish Fly before him, Santiago Sabino.

He fell limp and the crowd went seriously quiet.

Chris hooked the leg...




Chris demanded the official raised his arm and he lauded in his win, even though he’d struggled with Luis Ramos.  In the end, Chris had protected his unbeaten streak by the skin of his teeth, though no doubt he’d spin it by arguing he’d been involved in back-to-back bouts against red-hot domestic favourites – and in a sense, he had.

As Smith vacated the spotlight, Luis Ramos received a standing ovation and afforded the audience a smile all the while nursing the back of his head.  Enough to warrant a full-time wrestling comeback?  Who knew?  Tonight though, even in defeat, ‘VA-MOS RA-MOS’ would be hummed by hundreds, possibly thousands, as they returned home after an enjoyable night watching nbW.


Finding Opportunity


When the scene opened up to the hallway backstage it was “The Monster of the Mid-South” Warren Spade along with his manager, Fenton Woods, walking down the hallway. The crowd was very happy to see the man that finally triumphed over his rival in the latter half of 2017, The Great Wall on the last Slam of that year.

“Can you believe it, Warren?” asked Fenton. “New year, new opportunities. And this whole thing about title shots being doled out to the winning team at Gods Versus Titans? That’s amazing!”

“I know,” said Warren. “I’ve been looking to get back into the hunt for the World title for months, but that big son of a bitch, The Great Wall, has been around every corner. Now that I beat his ass on the last Slam, I’m gonna help Team Newbludd get to victory at Gods Versus Titans, then I’m coming back for my title.”

“Sounds like you already have a New Year’s Resolution, Warren.”

“I do,” replied Warren. “And they’re gonna start with us taking out Tockwell and company tonight.”

Just as Warren and Fenton rounded the corner, they were greeted by a pair of men that they didn’t expect to see.

It was The In Crowd’s enforcers, Brady and Strauss. Also known as The Law. 

“What the hell do you two want?” asked Warren. “If you lined up to get your asses beat ahead of the pay-per-view, I can arrange that.”

“HEY!!! JAG!!!”

Warren was surprised when out from nowhere, “Big Talk” Jake Tockwell rushed at him and smacked him violently over the head with a two by four, almost breaking the wood over his head!


Tockwell, Brady and Strauss began a vicious assault on the seven foot tall monster and when Fenton Woods tried to help out, “Hot Sauce” Raul Ramirez jumped in and held him by the arms.

“Nope you’re gonna watch this!” yelled Ramirez.

Fenton struggled with Raul holding him! Warren was stunned by the blow, but the King of Monsters still had some fight in him! He fought back against Brady and Strauss with punches for each member, trying to fight his way out of this ambush.

“Come on fuckers!” yelled Warren.

Tockwell tried to swing with the broken remnants of the two-by-four again, but Spade grabbed it and tossed it all the way down the hallway to keep it from being used again. Panicked, Tockwell swung at Warren when the big giant from West Memphis grabbed his neck and started to choke him out …


The Great Wall and Freddie Rich jumped in now, each man with chairs of their own and continued to lay into Warren Spade! 

“Get … get him! Get that big JAG!” yelled Tockwell who was still trying to catch his breath.

Brady and Strauss resumed the attack and now it was an overkill four-on-one assault with Warren now powerless to do anything but take the beatdown while Fenton was forced to watch.

“No … come on! Stop!” pleaded Fenton.

The pleas fell on deaf ears. The foursome eventually brought their assault to a temporary halt only for The Great Wall; still very angry off that loss in a lumberjack match on the last Slam of 2017. The Great Wall picked up Warren with some struggle and then viciously threw him into a stack of production equipment!

After the collision, Spade was not moving at this point and it looked like Team Big Talk had a plan tonight. Raul threw Fenton down to his knees and watched him crawl over to Spade. When Raul tried to stop him Tockwell put a hand in his way.

“Nah let that hack cry over his buddy,” said Tockwell. “Last week didn’t go our way, but Brock Newbludd and the League of Ordinary Zeroes are gonna learn the hard way tonight that we aren’t playing around anymore. Freddie, you know the plan? You, me and Great Wall are gonna take out Brock and Big Rick … and this JAG Spade if he can wake up before then.”

“Yeah, it’ll be my pleasure,” said Freddie with a short, sharp smirk.

The Great Wall did not speak a whole lot of English but a nod confirmed he knew what the plan was. Tockwell looked at The Law.

“And you two … take out Saunders and Malta tonight you got it?”

“Yeah.” Said Brady.

“Consider them taken out.” said Strauss.

“Maybe it’s a cliché, but don’t you guys love it when a plan comes together?” asked Hot Sauce.

“Yep, gets Big Talk’s motor revved … speaking of, I’m gonna take a brief sparring session with Sally.”

After the bit of thinly-veiled innuendo Tockwell and the rest of Team Big Talk walked off with the scene of Warren Spade laid out at ringside. That could seriously leave the six-man tag tonight in jeopardy for Team Newbludd now that Team Big Talk had attacked one of the participants and quite possibly took him out of the equation.





The East Wind Returns


“Welcome back ladies and gentlemen! If you’re just joining us, we just saw Team Tockwell take out- GAAAHH!!!”

C.G Gaines cried out in pain as feedback blasted through his headphones and the arena speakers. Static flared on the screen as the lights began to flicker and die. A soft chant began to spread throughout the arena. Starting as a whisper but growing into a chorus as the lights darkened while images began to flicker on the viewers screens. Images of violence, war, and a solitary figure watching it all.

The chanting had grown louder now and the drumbeats of Nightwish’s “Seven Days to the Wolves rose in volume as mist spread throughout the stadium, ghostly images of great heroes and villains forming two parallel lines along the ramp.

The rock part of the song kicked in and thunder roared while fire erupted on the stage, revealing the cowled form of the East Wind Alex Reyn, his hands outstretched over the flames. He was shirtless, save for an open black cloak with a wolf skull mask, the Keystone Championship displayed proudly on his waist. His was body covered in ancient symbols and markings that seemed almost to glow and move in the firelight. 

He began to walk forward and the ghostly figures knelt as he approached them, only to rise up as he passed them as if more energised, turning to watch as he walked, Reyn himself never breaking eye contact with the ring.

“Howl! Seven days to the wolves
Where will we be when they come?
Seven days to the poison
And a place in heaven
Time drawing near us
They come to take us”

He climbed atop the top rope and Raised the Keystone Belt high! The glow of the golden belt shining brilliantly in the darkness as he faced towards the stage. Almost as if DARING the other wrestlers to take it from him!

Coldly, he stepped down. Removing the cowl and placing it on the ringpost. Then he grabbed a microphone.

“I. Am reborn.”

His voice was the same measured tone it had always been. But this time it carried an intensity. A quiet fervour that hadn’t been there before.

“For months now I have been infected with the weakness of your kind. I have grown soft, complacent. Allowing myself to be blind-sided by fools and amateurs and whelps! But no longer. I am the first predator and all who oppose me shall fall to my claws! The open challenge will return tonight. And you will not find me surviving me will not be as easy as it once was…”

He moved to grab his title.

“In the meantime though… I have an annoyance to deal with.”

And with those words spoken, he slipped into the crowd.


Square Up


Backstage to Sammy “2L3git2Fail” Hale backstage.

Yep, we’re doing this the quick way tonight. Lots of action to write… sorry, fourth wall. I mean get to.

“Hello, nbW fans! I’m Sammy “2L3git2Fail” Hale and with me at this time will be men getting the next shot at the nbW Dynasty Tag Team Titles! Please welcome The Rich Family… Donny, Declan and Todd Rich!”
The camera panned backwards and appearing on either side of Sammy. Freddie was off elsewhere getting ready for his match later on in the night, leaving the rest of the family with the job of bringing the Dynasty Tag Team Titles into The Rich Family camp tonight.

“All right, ask your stupid questions and let’s get out of here,” Todd said. “We’ve got Dynasty Tag Titles to win.”

Sammy sighed, remembering the bully that he got from Savage Badassery on Victory and decided to keep it short.

“Well… many are wanting to know what your reasoning was for attacking Clan Strongbern in the middle of their Dynasty Tag Title match while Savage Badassery earned the right to that match?”

Todd and Declan exchanged glances while Donny laughed behind them.

“You serious?” Donny asked. “You’re an idiot. We staked a claim to those belts long before those wash-ups won that stupid tournament.”

“And I beat one of the champions two weeks ago,” Todd added, reminding people of his cheap victory over Little Ricky Strongbern with the use of brass knuckles. “That alone should entitle US and no other team to those…”

“Oh, the fuck it does, you LITTLE shits!”

The camera moved back even further when the team they just mentioned – two of nbW’s most decorated veterans Ravage and Vic Gravender aka Savage Badassery – stormed right into the set.

“We told you get the fuck outta here, Hale…” Vic snapped to the ring announcer. “Ravage and I each got fined $2,500 for knocking you on your ass… I’ll tell you right now I’m willing to open our checkbooks if you don’t leave right NOW.”

“GET.” Ravage shouted.

Sammy took a beat and left, leaving Ravage and Vic alone with the remaining members of The Rich Family.

“You little shits RUINED our title shot,” Ravage snapped. “You tell me right now why we shouldn’t fuck the three of you up.”

“Yeah,” Vic said. “Remember when Tyson and I used you little assholes as our personal chew toys when we were Dynasty Tag Team Champions?”

Todd snapped. “I remember when YOU two couldn’t get the job done and it looked to us like Clan Strongbern had the two of you beat. It’s time for the young blood of nbW to rise, not you wash-ups looking for one last sniff of glory.”

“Yeah, nobody cares what the two of you think,” Declan added. “Doesn’t nbW have a nice retirement package for you or something?”

“He’s right, you know.”

The crowd then CHEERED.

Why was that?

That was Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern, Little Ricky Strongbern, and Ri-Khan Strongbern now standing in the hall alongside the fivesome now very much crowding the interview area.

“I mean, he’s right that we were about to kick your ass,” Rik said with a smile towards Ravage and Vic. “I’d know. I was there.”

“Yeah, we had front row seats,” Little Ricky added before turning to Todd. “Oh, don’t think I forgot about those brass knuckles, either. I’m kicking YOUR ass tonight, Todd, and I’ve got Ri-Khan with us.”


Vic turned around to face the giant threesome from Clan Strongbern.  “Hey… where’s Big Rick? What? Clan Strongbern and The Rich Family thinking you’re all REAL boys now?”

Rik kneeled closer to Vic. “Go ahead, asshole, keep talking. You can watch what we do to The Rich Family tonight, then I promise we’ll go to Harmen and put these titles on the line against you, too. How’s that sound?”

Todd Rich growled before he interrupted the verbal fight.

“After tonight, that won’t be your call to make. We’re TAKING those belts tonight.”
The Rich Family left, but not before Donny got tough and flipped the bird to look tough. Both Little Ricky and Ravage flinched his way and the runt of the Rich little ran off. Little Ricky turned to both members of Savage Badassery.

“We want that match to go down the way it did, but trust me. We’re gonna square up.”

“Fucking right we are,” Vic snarled.

Ravage and Vic shot glances to the members of Clan Strongbern before they took off themselves. The Dynasty Tag Team Champions were ready for tonight's Dynasty Tag Team Title match. Would Clan Strongbern be ready for The Rich Family after weeks of sneak attacks?


A Grave Warning


Darren Best was walking down the hallway, exchanging hellos as he geared up for another episode of Slam, not knowing what lay in store for him...


Before Darren could turn, a sharp pain flashed through the back of his head as something solid struck him from behind. The impact knocked him sprawling to the floor, he felt a weight on top of him. Pinning his arms and chest. His eyes were still watering from the impact and everything was nauseatingly dizzying. A hand suddenly closed around his throat as an unmistakable voice GROWLED.

“You… asked… me… to… spare… them.” Alex Reyn practically hissed. “You told me to show mercy to that insolent pair so that you could destroy them with your own hands, and what did you do?! NOTHING!!”

He practically screamed as Darren struggled underneath him.


His eyes looked feral. Under normal circumstances, Darren wouldn’t have been pinned down like this for more than a minute. But his skull was still dizzy from that cheap shot Reyn had hit him with, and the lack of oxygen thanks to Reyn’s constricting hand.

“No challenges, no combat, you had MONTHS to make use of my generosity and you let it fall to waste! I WILL NOT BE HUMILIATED DARREN!!!”

The hand around Darren’s throat tightened.

“I could crush your windpipe here and now and leave you to suffocate on this floor… it would be my right.”

The hand loosened and Alex Reyn stood up. Looking down at Darren like a judge passing sentence upon a convicted man.

“But I will not. Out of respect for your abilities, I will grant you a warrior’s end. Clean yourself up and face me in the ring tonight. And I will do to you what I did to the insolent ones.”

As Darren tried to stand, still dizzy from the lack of air and the impact to his skull, Reyn faded into the shadows.


The Mustard Seed Parable

EpiCenter I

In a humid jungle far, far away from Barcelona an Asian man was running bare footed, a cold sweat covering his body, terror stretched across his blood and dirt stained face. He sidestepped a tree, planting a hand against the bark and pushing off the tree for momentum, only to snag his foot on a vine running across the jungle floor.  He tumbled to the ground, rolling over his shoulder and landing flat on his back.

For a moment the only sounds he could hear were his heavy breath and the sound of blood whooshing through his ear drums. He felt his heart pounding hard and fast inside his chest, which rose and fell with the speed of a Hare’s hind legs. He lay perfectly still, listening out for the footsteps of his pursuer who, on catching up with him, would surely kill him. But no sound was growing. He wondered for a moment whether he had outrun his would-be assassin, but as he did so the air above his head made a sound as if it were rushing towards him.


A sword was driven into the ground just by the man’s ear and holding the handle of the swords, fallen from the canopy of the jungle, was a man dressed in a long black trench coat with an empty bag of Doritos on his head.

“P-please…” the man begged, his hands raised up to his face, “Please d-don’t kill me-e-eee.” he sobbed, a blubbering mess of sweat tears, and now, piss.

“yuuto, it has been too long old friend. why it must have been...” Doritos asked, looking down at the discheviled heap

“Long time,” sniffled Yuuto. “Century at least.”

“you have been avoiding me, yes?”

“N-no, Mister Doritos, No.”

“you can call me blackpepperjack, pepper or jack, however, i'm not black and that's a fact.”

“Oh, Hai. Hai, Jack-san.” Yuuto managed, as he sat himself up, his nerves calmed as Doritos looked down at him, his head tilting to one side. “You kill me now, Mister Blackpepperjack?”

“yuuto, in life there is always more than one road to travel. in this instance, you have two choices as i see it; to accept the inevitability of death, or not. have you heard the tale of the mustard seed?”

Yutto shook his head, he had not.

“a long time ago, before even you existed, a beautiful young woman spawned a baby boy, the most beautiful boy in the entire village. but the boy was sick, and soon he died.  Distraught and unable to accept the death of her child, she went from neighbour to neighbour begging for medicine to resurrect the child. of course, this was absurd. The child was already dead, yuuto. no medicine cansave the dead. nonetheless she continued to beg for medicine until a wise man told her to seek out an elder on the outskirts of the village. that he may have the medicine to save the child.”

“and so the woman left the village and wandered out into the forest, where she knew the elder to live, taking with her the corpse of her now blue son. she begged the man to save her son, but we know that he was beyond salvation. that those already dead cannot be resurrected.”

“still, the man took great pleasure in teaching the woman a lesson about life and death with an unnecessarily elaborate task. he instructed the woman to return to her village and ask each neighbour that had not been touched by death to give her some mustard seeds.  so the lady, frantic by now, carried her cold, stiffening child around the streets of her village, knocking on each door to ask the same two questions; ‘have you any mustard seeds?’, to which most answered ‘yes’, and the vital question; ‘has your household ever been touched by death?’ to which you will be unsurprised to hear the entire village had, at some stage, been touched by death.”

“fruitless, she returned to the elder, and as she walked the distance she came to a realisation; that death wasn’t an individual experience. that is was not merely even her village neighbourhood that experienced death, but that there is a universailty to death in every spot graced by man and g-d himself.”

“her grief immediately subsided with this realisation and she discarded the cold, stiff carcass of her child in some bushes before returning to the elder. entering his home without a knock, she told him of her epiphany before he himself imparted his wisdom upon to her.”

“he told the young woman this:”

Here the deep, gruff voice of blackpepperjack became calm and level, the sound was peaceful and relaxing.

“dear girl, the life of mortals in this world is troubled and brief. it is inseparable from suffering, for there is not any means by which those that have been born can avoid dying. age is of no consequence to death.”
“as early-ripening fruits are in danger of falling, so mortals when born are always in danger of dying.  both young and old, both those who are foolish and those who are wise, all fall into the power of death, all are subject to death. with one exception, of course.”

“all are overcome by death. decay is inherent in all component things. this universal truth means of course that a father cannot save his son. while relatives are looking on and lamenting, one by one the mortals are carried off like oxen to the slaughter.  people die, such is life.”

“not from the shedding of tears, not from a scream or wailing, nor from begging nor bartering will anyone obtain peace of mind.  On the contrary, his pain will be all the greater; but dead bodies cannot be restored by his lamentation.”

“Now that you have heard the great elder speak you shall reject grief. do not allow it to enter your mind.  Seeing one dead, know for sure: ‘I shall never see him again in this existence.’ and just as the fire of a burning house is quenched, so does the contemplative wise person scatter grief’s power, expertly, swiftly, even as the wind scatters cottonseed.”

Yutto closed his eyes. He was at peace now.

“verily, he who has conquered grief will always be free from grief – sane and immune – confident, happy, and close to Nirvana...”

Blackpepperjack stood, his sword following him, removed from the ground as easily as it had done so for King Arthur. The metal glistened under a thin beam of sunlight which intermittently spotted the jungle through the canopy. It barely made a sound.

“the living are few, but the dead are many.”





The Entertainers
The Players

This was the 6th – and potentially final fight – in a series of 7.  A rundown of the results:  The Entertainers’ Ladder match meant they went 1-0 up, at which point we didn’t even know the series had started.

Slam 101 saw The Players win their respective matches:  Chameleon crushed Best while Sanders edged out Alfie to see a 2-1 turnaround.

Two weeks later, Best produced a much-improved performance to seal victory over Paul and Button survived a hellacious landing, a missed Tope Con Hilo into the table, to pull a rabbit out of the hat and hand The Entertainers a 3-2 advantage heading into tonight.

Should there be a repeat of the Ladder match in London; The Entertainers would settle the series with a match to spare.  The Players HAD to win to force a seventh match set for Gods v Titans.

The Players entered first.  Sanders strolled to the ring, focused on the task at hand while Chameleon immersed himself in another Nintendo DS title that was taking a beating at his capable fingertips.  Would Darren and Alfie suffer a similar fate?

A high-octane entrance by contrast, The Entertainers ran to the squared circle, clearly confident of conserving enough energy to decide the series once and for all.

With all four inside, The Players set their stall out early:  Kid Chameleon would commence.  Alfie and Darren hadn’t discussed this backstage and were airing their dirty boxers on air, bickering about who would begin.

Alfie PLEADED with Darren to start and certainly had sound reasoning.  After all, Alfie had overcome Kid Chameleon in a back-and-forth battle in comparison to Best, who for the most part, had been dominated by Nintendo’s Number One.

Stubbornly, Best refused to budge and just shook his head at Alfie.  Button threw a hissy fit, effing and blinding before kicking the bottom rope and exiting left, deeply frustrated by Darren’s insistence on proving himself against Kid.

As the bell sounded, Chameleon sharply closed the distance on Darren and rather than engage in a Collar-and-Elbow, which Best instinctively went for, apparently not learning his lesson.  Kid elected to kick away at the left leg, then the right before finishing off with a Low Dropkick to take Darren down immediately.

The Mark:  “Killer Combination.”

Kid raised Best’s legs and resembled Bret Hart by dropping a dangerously low yet legal Headbutt just above the belt line.

The Mark:  “Head Bomber – it has started already.”

On the outside, Alfie shook his head and was a concerned spectator.  That worry grew further when Kid lifted Darren up with ONE HAND, showing surprising strength for a guy of his size.  Then again, Darren wasn’t the heaviest competitor Chameleon had ever faced...

Three right hands hurt Best’s pride as much as his face.  Yet again, he was getting a pasting by Chameleon.
An Overhead Slam added insult and a punt to Darren’s ass upon the fall?  Well, both Entertainers were LIVID with that, albeit for contrasting reasons. 

The one thing they had in common?  NEITHER of them could do anything about it as The Mark happily called the combination ‘Balls To The Wall.’  Best would need to heed that advice to avoid a repeat of his singles showdown with Sega’s Ambassador.

As Chameleon scraped the New York native up, there was no sign of a shift in momentum coming soon...

Powerbomb by the Saturday Night Slam Master, though he wasn’t done yet...

Release Powerbomb.

The Mark yelled:  “THROWIN’ WEIGHT AROUND.”

And aside from the move name, Kid was.  He had been punching above his 204-pound frame from the initiation of this tag team encounter as the only guy to mount any offense, which didn’t bother partner Paul Sanders, but infuriated agitated Alfie Button on the outside.

Chameleon could do what he wanted at will...

He picked Darren up and planted him with another bomb, this time a Crucifix, and thereafter, Kid prayed prior to dropping a Double Axe, again just above the Best family jewels...

The Mark:  “HALLELULJAH!  Praise Kid because he’s been mightily impressive.”

Nobody on commentary, not even CG Gains, could argue that point.  When Kid bent down to pin Best, it was apparent that Alfie’s interjection with a kid to the head spared Best’s blushes from an even more embarrassing defeat than the one he sustained at Kid’s hands a month ago.

Alfie was in and out like a flash.  Kid stared over at Button, who was clearly perplexed at Darren’s lack of movement. 

Reiko’s Regret scooped Darren up in a Mega Drive position, strolling around the ring, seemingly capable of ditching Darren wherever and whenever he wanted...

Remarkably, Kid dropped Darren with a regular Slam, uncharacteristic for him, in The Entertainers’ corner and waved Alfie in.  Button touched Darren through the ropes, aided his hapless partner to the apron and set about getting his team into this one-sided affair so far.  He was backed by an expectant audience and had recorded a victory over Chameleon, somehow, on our previous Slam.

These two unpredictable performers actually negotiated a Collar-and-Elbow...

Well, on the surface...

Until Alfie’s searing speed raced to the surface, Button outthinking Chameleon too, sliding in between Lara’s Boyfriend’s Legs...

Canal Plus!!!

Quicker than Boris Becker in a broom cupboard, the cocky Cockney had got up in that time and taken Kid Chameleon down with a lovely Leaping Poisoned Frankensteiner that threatened to behead the avid gamer.

It was Button’s turn, on behalf of Best, to unleash some Tyson Fury...


Chameleon was in DREAMLAND.  He stumbled back to the corner.  Alfie measured him...


Had The Player been playing possum or recovered in the nick of time?

It didn’t matter...

Before Button could answer with a lightning-like counter, Kid had let go of the leg AND ROCKED Alfie with a Roaring Elbow, otherwise known as the AKI Elbow.

Kid stared at the Cockney before knowing exactly where Paul was stood, tagging out to Sanders without looking...
Sanders waited for Alfie to stand.  Darren was still down in the corner...


Talk about making a grand entrance...




Sanders had just pinned Button for the second time in this series and levelled it, 3-3, in spectacular fashion.

Despite losing the Ladder match, a fortnight ahead of forcing a PPV decider, The Players had CRUSHED The Entertainers and surely headed into Gods v Titans as favourites.  Astonishing when you consider a defeat here would’ve deprived them of even meeting Best and Button on pay-per-view.

Darren Best’s ego, pride, whatever you call it, was clearly a mistake and given the way Chameleon had dealt with him, coupled with Paul’s pair of pinfall victories over Alfie, suggested The Players now may be strong favourites heading into the seventh and decisive showdown in two weeks time.

The Mark was incredulous on commentary, waxing lyrical about The Players’ impeccable performance and I’ll spare you the specifics.

He had good reason though...

The Players had played The Entertainers perfectly.

Repeat or revenge?

Order now to find out in a fortnight.


Your Frito Lay G-D

Harmen's Office

Two conversing individuals. One dressed to the nines, the other dressed for comfort and utility. The men are Richie Keal, in a heated and frustrated conversation with the General Manager of nbW, Jack Harmen. The fans cheered upon the reveal.

“No boss,” Keal kept saying, “there isn’t really any progress at all. It’s as though he’s… he’s...”

“Don’t say it.” Harmen’s nose twitched as he interrupted.

“A g-g-ghost!” exclaims Richie, shaking like he’s Scooby Doo.

“Damnit, why’d you have to go say that.” Harmen frowned, looking down at Richie’s hand. “Is that why you have that Ghostbusters looking prop in your hand? Don’t get us in trouble with legal and trademarks.”

“We gotta use every tool we have available,” said a flustered Richie. “If he’s not a g-g-“

“Spit it out Keal!” Harmen shouted.

“Ghost… if he’s not, then he’s like, just like a ghost.” Keal rubbed the back of his head. ”Nobody can get near him. Nobody even knows where he is unless he’s stood right in front of them, and even then it’s never quite guaranteed.”

“I pay you a very small amount of money to fix problems like this Richie. This can’t go on.” Harmen slammed his hand on his desk. “I’ll take your badge and gun if you can’t get the job done Keal!”

Keal frowned. “What badge?”

Harmen frowned. “Wait, you have a gun?” Harmen shakes it off. “This wacko nut job looney tune is parading around here, proclaiming about some crazy secret of mine he’s going to expose to the world.” Harmen lowered his head in shame. “I honestly don’t know which secret he’s talking about. None of them are good.”

Harmen shook himself out of it.

“He’s causing havoc backstage, and I like my havoc in the ring Keal! Where the people can see it and cheer for it! This is all too real. Plus, I’ve gained at least three pounds. Every time I see a bag of doritos I eat it because I think they’re delicious and I’m maybe ingesting some of his power to make me stronger.”

Harmen looked down at his trash can, revealing it filled with empty small bags of Doritos.

“This can’t go on Keal. He’s making a mockery of us all!

“Well, this Sunday, it’s me and Doritos, one-on-one, right in the middle of the ring. There’s no escape, and if you ask me that skinny guy has no chance against me.  I’m going to rip that bag right off his head boss! Just for y--”


“--ou… Mr. Harmen?”

Jack Harmen was eating from a freshly opened bag of Black Pepper Doritos, seemingly without even realising it.  Harmen looked down at the bag, his arms jostled a little in surprise.

“I’m stress eating Keal. I don’t even like black pepper. GOD HELP!” he yelped, then became inquisitive. “Oooooh, and what’s this in here? Secret decoder ring?”

Harmen reached into the bag and pulled out a scrap of paper, disappointed. He read aloud:

“second rate deities that call themselves titans fall to their knees at the sight of the one true king. a comparative image will be seen this Sunday as you, a mere titan, bow, then kneel, then lay down and count to three before your frito-lay baked corn g-d…”

A second, deeper, gravelly voice joined in for the final word.


Over the shoulder of Harmen a tall, slender man stood, a bag of Black Pepper Doritos covering his face.  Doritos Man!
Harmen and Keal both spun on their heels to face Doritos, but as they did the lights of the office clicked off.
“This is just absurd!” Keal shouted.


“Are… are you eating more doritos?” Keal asked.

“You know,” Harmen said in the darkness, “they’re not bad…”

Spike Saunders/Son of Malta
The Law

‘Spike-It-Up’ introduced the duo representing Team Newbludd this night. As had come to be a common sight in the fourth quarter of 2017, Son of Malta and Spike Saunders were teaming up once more. This time against The Law. The two walked out in unison and made their way down the ramp.

There was no fan acknowledgement here for them as they were clearly ready for a fight after what happened earlier to Spade.

Sirens started blazing throughout the arena.  Aptly, the Dead Kennedys anthem 'Police Truck' started as one pulled into the arena.  Down the sides of the aisle, 10 officers form 2 lines of 5.

The camera zoomed in on the vehicle's back door as 4 officers pile out and join the others in line.  Lastly, but in no way least, Brady and Strauss jump out and make the walk to the ring, saluted by their colleagues.

The two approached the ring and immediately regretted the decision for their backup to exit back up the ramp, as Son of Malta came flying towards them!


Malta connected with both men courtesy of the long arm of the la... Saunders, with Strauss taking the blunt of the blow, so a forearm was shot to Brady for equal impact. Brady brushed it off and only stumbled into the barricade, still at his feet, and charged into Malta with a shoulder block that rocked the man over the ramp.

SoM however was only the appetizer. The main course was headed their way. Stepping over the ropes and popping down to the floor the Colossus charged forward and ROCKED Brady with the massive Big Boot to the delight of the fans. Malta caught Strauss in a facelock and flung him around towards the ring, only to hit the breaks and yank him back with a short-arm-KNEE from the giant instead.

Malta once more pulled him to his feet and this time did shuck him into the ring apron chest first, then under the ropes, following in behind. The official for the match, Simon Brack, called on for the bell.

Ding ding ding!

Brady abandoned going to his corner and instead met the Colossus in a slug fest of lefts and rights. Malta pulled Strauss back up to his feet and whipped him into the near ropes, ducking low for the backdrop but Strauss hit the breaks and dropped an elbow across the back of the neck while jousting his right knee up into the chest.

Strauss reached forward around the side and wrapped his arms around Malta before popping the hips with a perfect gutwrench suplex on Malta. Rushing the ropes the Law used them for some leverage and speed as he shot back across the ring with a basement dropkick that sent Malta nearly out of the ring.

Brady saw the placement and avoiding Saunders lariat outside the ring, he rushed in with a big boot to knock the giant back before strolling over to their corner and up on the apron. Tag. Strauss went on the assault again as Brady stepped over the ropes and joined his partner. The two whipped Malta into the corner and gave turn with two round-about splashes, the final being from Brady and resulted in a long whip to the opposite corner.

Brady gave chase and splashed into the corner with all his power. Yet, no cushion courtesy of SoM juking back to the side just before impact. Brady was a big dude, but so was Malta. Sure his partner was even larger but Malta still had plenty of strength to grip in from behind around the waist and hauled Brady up then deposited him on his head with a german suplex. He wasn’t releasing however as a second would follow after a few seconds of surging power and re-aligning himself, this one leading into a bridge and our first actual pinfall of the match.



Actually, the fans gave the count but Simon was busy on the otherside of the ring with the 2017 Manager of the Year, Hot Sauce himself. He had popped up on the apron at Malta’s corner. Where Saunders was mysteriously absent. Brack ordered him to get down and vacate, but while this went on Malta had released the pin and went over to knock Raul off the apron.

Ramirez hopped back just in time, and Malta spun around and charged in at Brady with knee to teeth in mind, however Brady popped him up on collision, with a mighty Flapjack that hung him out to dry on the rope. A swift kick upward knocked Malta in the air and onto the shoulders of Brady who took his sweet time walking from the ropes and dropping him down with a samoan drop.

Hot Sauce had backed off from the ring and stood by the corner where the fans had gave him a great birth of space. At least that’s what it seemed like until the replay kicked in on the tron and we see Saunders being tripped from behind on the apron, dropping like a rock on the edge before  Raul of course being the culprit as he leaned over the giant and sprayed the mace that the Colossus was all too familiar with, right in the eyes.

Burning and watering, he fell off the apron, dropping to his knees and went to clobber Raul. Unaware of the robe-wearing gentleman that hopped the barricade and sprinted right at him.




Saunders collapsed, but Raul and Benjamin Jones pulled him back up to his feet before simultaneously dumping him over the front row barricade with a backdrop. Raul then hopped on the apron and called out to Brack while Jones exited the same way he came..

That’s where the replay came to an end for the viewers at home. In the ring Malta was getting his bell rung by Brady but still firing off shots of his own. He even managed to get a good blow in that he followed with a second rope enziguri but the tag was made again and Strauss joined the fray. Malta could only take on one on equal footing, and soon as he attempted to lay into Brady, Strauss swept his legs out from under him and caught his falling form with an explosive exploder.

Brady gave charge with a running boot that drilled SoM between the eyes. The fans were expecting a wrestling tag team match but the hired security of In Crowd, and hired gunmen they were, were more interested in brunt force over the W. And that was clear as day when Brady stomped down on left arm of Malta several times while Brack called him off and started his count. Strauss was the legal man after all.

The fans cheered however as outside the ring Saunders was halfway hanging over the barricade, his sights set on the ring, keeping watch for Hot Sauce of course - whom had abandoned his post to watch from next to Melissa Vanderart and C.G. Gains. Flopping like a whale on the beach, he pulled up the steps and onto the apron.

Not that it mattered as Brady finally backed off and Strauss went in on the attack. Several rapid stomps to the same arm ,followed by a rebound leg drop across the shoulder. Strauss set up for a second, and MISSED! Malta rolled to the side, grabbing his arm and diving backwards towards his corner. Hand up high, Saunders own came from above for the Tag.

The fans roared as Saunders stepped over the rop-


Ding ding ding!

The Great Wall was there and he hopped up on the steps just as Saunders was entering the ring, locking in his trademark elevated triangle hold. It wasn’t pretty at all. Wall stood on the steps with Saunders half over the top rope. Centimeter by centimeter he pulled back until he was no longer over the ropes and only over the apron.

Wall roared as he swung around and hung the fading Colossus in his arms, over the floor, well away from touching. The extra elevation doing the job.

Brack had seen it this time and called for the bell but this just allowed Brady and Strauss to go on the assault. They drove Malta into the corner, then pounced with two repeat splashes before tossing him into the ropes and driving him down with a double spinebuster.

Malta was raised with a knee to his back, face towards the near camera, clearly out of it but that hadn’t mattered as the Bounty Hunter entered the ring.


Malta went face to the mat. And off the apron The Great Wall dropped the limp body of Saunders to the floor next to the steps. Brady and Strauss exited the ring, pulling Malta out under the ropes and over Brady’s shoulders. The two walked around the ring to join the Great Wall and Hot Sauce, and flung Malta down next to the same steps.

“Do it.” Ramirez single order to the Law and it was anybodies guess as to what that would mean.

Instead, they stepped to the side as the Bounty Hunter came up from behind and walked between the two men. His face went from the scowl to one of enjoyment as he grabbed the earlier assaulted left arm and tugged it back, working himself into position around Malta. THE CLINCHER! And it was locked in tight!

Coming to, Saunders caught a glance of Malta in agony next to him and pushed back to stand but a running boot from Brady knocked his lights out for the moment. And that’s all they needed.

What followed wasn’t for the faint of heart.

Let alone the fellow members of Team Newbludd, wherever they were held up.

Brady, with his strength and size, hauled up the Colossus and with assistance from Strauss the two had him up vertical, in the horizontal. Raul beamed in delight, having taken up the orders out there, as the two men shoved Saunders upwards.



The gorilla press bomb was delivered! And with the Clincher locked in on Malta, there was no avoiding the impact of the near five hundred pound man being driven down into his already straightened out limbs.

The fans booed wildly as security finally came rushing down the aisle. Jones released the arm with a laugh as he joined The Law and headed back up the ramp. EMTs rushed in past them to check on both men while The Great Wall remained fixated on the carnage. He watched as Saunders was pulled off of Malta and immediately set aside as they checked on SoM.

The Great Wall stepped forward and shoved aside the nearest personnel to drive a brutal boot into the chest of the Colossus. Spouting off something in chinese that no near camera could capture, he was then ushered away by Ramirez telling him to save the rest for the PPV.

Wall left alongside Raul, while Saunders started to come to, once more up against the steps and seeing Malta next to him. His back would be hurting for some time to come, but by the looks of Malta his arm could very well be broken from the jerk caused by the impact to his lower body.

Team Newbludd wasn’t having a great night. And yet, there is still more to come.


So Say We All

Epicenter I

“I am sick and tired of this bullshit!”

We find ourselves away from the Arena, several hours away even, inside a restaurant that went by the name of John Belushi Brochette Restaurant. The voice belonged to one irate Michelle Couli, after putting back the final touches of the glass of whatever she had been drinking.

To her left was Zhalia Fears, and across the two at the same table were Sora Hikari and Lady Luxx.

“Easy with the language doll. We’re in a family friendly establishment.” Luxx said with a straight-face before turning and nodding her head off to the left where a few kids had been looking their way. “‘sides, Zhalia here has her admires in full focus.”

Fears grinned and waved at the kids, with her good arm. The other still laid within a arm sling, with her shirt covering the medical tape.

“Listen here tramp, I don’t give a f-” Couli’s words were cut off as one of the signature brochettes, covered in honey and rosemary was shot past her lips by Sora, with pinpoint accuracy. So much so there wasn’t a single drop of fluid around the entry point.

Both Lux and Fears laughed. Couli angrily chomped down the on the delicious morsel, before standing up and shouting out: “Yo, WAITER. Get yo’ ass over here with the refill.” She was yanked down by the tail of her jacket by Fears.

“Calm down girl. Look, we’re all tired of it. NBW’s got that pay per view coming up in Greece, and there is a lot of work going into it.”

“War games.” Spoke Sora.

“Yeah those. I mean, that is going to be one massive match. It’s going to take up a lot of time too. There is just too much going on for us to get involved.”

“Screw that, Zhalia.” Couli near shouted but was appeased courtesy of the waiter returning with a fresh bottle of Baccari. “Last year we were targeted by that masked bitch, and her cohorts and those tramps.”

“Your former friends,” added Luxx.

“Becca…” Fears spoke with a low tone to Luxx.

“Not once did we get our hands on them. I got my clothes burned. Expensive ones at that. Got embarrassed on national tv. More than once, and all the while those three or four had their way. I’m sick and tired of it.”

She grabbed the bottle and started chugging it down. Rebecca Luxx leaned across to Fears: “You never did say how you turned her out from being a bitch, Zhal.”

“Just got that face.” Fears grinned. “I guess. I mean I flip to many women to my view point, they call me a skillet.”

Luxx laughed. Couli continued her drowning while Hikari held her mouth shut. Finally Luxx cut in.

“Did you really just quote Lucifer?”


“Baaaaaaaaaaah!” The bottle was slammed down to the table as Couli cast an eye next to her. “Liar. You soooooooooooo did. You went on and on about that episode just this past weekend on the flight.”

Fears shrugged.

“And butchered the lines too!” Michelle looked over at Luxx and Hikari. “Now which one of you-*hiccup*- we’re calling me a bitcccccc?” The two looked at one another, Sora motioned at Luxx while Fears pointed over at her and got a ‘really?’ glance from Rebecca. “So miss laaaaaaady thinks I AM a biche, hmm?” She grabbed the bottle and took another swig then slammed it down, standing up over the three women and the table. “Fine. I gots an idear. Nex week, I em getting my kicking ass done with you-” she pointed at Luxx, then to the left of her, and the empty air, “and your twinnnn there?”

Couli cackled.

“I’m gunna kick your ass agin. Jusssssssssssssss like last time. I’m gunna f-”

Just as accurate as the first, Sora scored with a second brochette flung to shut Couli up.

“Sounds like fun. I accept.” Luxx raised a glass towards Couli before finishing off what she had left.

“Well this should be fun.” Fears stated as she leaned back in her chair and raised her own glass forward. Sora Hikari mimicking her own actions like a mirror. “So say we all.”

Fears held her glass forward and out, and Sora as well. Luxx joined the two in the center while Couli pushed forward her bottle to clink the three. As in unison the four declared: “So say we all.”

The four tossed one back, before Couli leaned/half-fell forward and turned toward Fears: “What’s that mean?”

Michelle Couli vs Lady Luxx. Victory 9.




Alex Reyn

It was another round of Alex Reyn's Open Challenge. The Keystone titleholder, a proud warrior, was willing to put his championship on the line at a moment's notice against anyone who stepped up.

A soft chant begins to spread throughout the area. Starting as a whisper but growing into a chorus as the lights darken while images begin to flicker on the viewers screens. Images of violence, war, and a solitary figure watching it all.

The chanting has grown louder now and the drumbeats of Nightwish’s “Seven Days to the Wolves rise in volume as mist spreads throughout the stadium ghostly images of great heroes and villains forming two parallel lines along the ramp.

The rock part of the song kicks in and thunder roars while fire erupts on the stage, revealing the cowled form of the East Wind Alex Reyn hands outstretched over the flames, he’s shirtless save for an open black cloak with a wolf skull mask. His body covered in ancient symbols and markings that seem almost to glow and move in the firelight.

He begins to walk forward, and the ghostly figures kneel as he approaches them, only to rise up as he passes them. As if more energised. Turning to watch as he walks, himself never breaking eye contact with the ring.

“Howl! Seven days to the wolves
Where will we be when they come?
Seven days to the poison
And a place in heaven
Time drawing near us
They come to take us”

He climbs atop the top rope and looks out, surveying the arena with an appraising eye as thunder crackles once again.

Coldly, he steps down. Removing the cowl and placing it on the ringpost. Dropping into a low crouch to await his opponent.

Who would it be?

Gains: "What are you doing out here?"

Special K smiled back at him and gestured at the entranceway. Our camera crew had been careful not to show the Englishman to our Hulu viewers.

That's Amore by Dean Martin.

Ali was back for a crack at the Keystone crown. Alex scowled, clearly having been expecting someone else.

Smiling ear from ear, one of the purest babyfaces to appear for this promotion invoked wolf whistle from the lasses and triggered applause from appreciative lads.

On one hand, Alex Reyn had soundly defeated the Colombian's conqueror, Max Hopper, and therefore this should already be a foregone conclusion?

Well, boxers say styles make fights and Ali Amore was quicker than most opponents Reyn had ever faced.

Then again, so was Max.

Let's find out, shall we?

A somersault over the top rope was greeted with oodles of enthusiasm and with a spring in his step, the South American cut a confident figure secure he could come back and regain his recently-lost prize.

Meanwhile, Alex Reyn didn't seem one bit bothered about his toughest title defence yet, something not lost on CG Gains: "Keegan, we don't agree on much, but there's something really creepy about this guy and he hasn't changed expression despite seeing Ali Amore, hearing this crowd...I'm wondering if you've thought about what you said in London..."

The Newcastle native nodded: "Let's watch this first."

Reyn attempted an ambitious full Roundhouse Kick, reminiscent of TJ Dillashaw against Cory Garbrandt in the first round of their fight, which Amore evaded, given his quickness and it was a warning less subtle than a busty blonde's wink from a red-light window.

The Colombian was noticeably cagier than usual and the reason why was disclosed momentarily: As Ali entered Reyn's range, he was picked up with a stiff kick to the left leg and a palm strike.

Shortly after, Reyn deposited more money in the bank with a second kick and again, a normally confident Amore seemed reluctant to engage, wary of the threat posed by the current Keystone champion.

All of a sudden, Amore charged forward with a Clothesline that Alex ducked. Amore anticipated this and continued his burst towards the opposite turnbuckles, rebounding with a superb Springboard Crossbody, which Reyn also ducked underneath.

Alex pressed forward, but his challenger showed great presence of mind to perform a back roll and ended up in the opposite corner. Stalemate in that exchange.
Vanderart: "Incredible quickness by Reyn and Amore."

Amore inched forward, getting closer to Reyn, and ate another kick to the leg. However, that seemed pre-meditated and wrapped up in the thought of taking one to give one, which he did duly with a right hand. Unfortunately, Alex answered back with another punt to the leg, causing the Colombian to hobble, though Ali responded with a stinging right again that got Alex's attention.

Keegan: "Here we go..."

Reyn retorted with a third kick to the leg, forcing Ali down to a knee. Before The East Wind could capitalise on the challenger's horizontal status, Amore was up on his feet...

Though not for long...

Jumping DDT by Reyn.

Gains: "Maybe not. What is wrong with Amore? Has he come back too soon?"

Special K shrugged his shoulders.

The first meaningful act of offence in this encounter so far, unsurprisingly, went to Alex. Following up on the impact move, Alex sought to 'wake' Amore up with a submission move, a Single Leg Crab, but couldn't apply it properly prior to Amore easily using the rope break as an out.

Ali limped to his feet and had his guard up, seeking a punch while anticipating Alex's tendency in the early going to target the leg.

It was a false notion.

Amore's right was met with fire as Alex traded, jabbing the 4th Emergency Service and then putting a combination together with a straight punch and a right hook, the latter dropping the stunned Superstar of Bogota towards the corner.

Keegan: "I'm not going to lie, I am shocked he dropped Amore there."

Vanderart: "Ali has boxed and faced plenty of powerful individuals, so I get why both of you are surprised."

Gains: "Every time this guy's in the ring, he dazzles, the opponent above all."

Alex helped him out of there with an Irish Whip. Nevertheless, the subsequent Splash attempt gave us a glimpse of Ali's superior speed, in theory at least, as he got out of Ryan Harms' way and arrowed two terrific kicks to Reyn's ribs, which prompted a cheer from the crowd.

The South American's sensational seven-punch combination to the ribs underlined his handspeed and gave the ex-champ a window to 'get his shit in' to quote Sean Waltman.


Unfortunately, that was slammed shut.

The Irish Whip was Groundhog Day as Amore then tried a Splash, which Reyn avoided with a step to his left in the nick of time.

Reyn took the lead back with two stern knees, buried deep into Amore's ribs. Alex then took a step back, perhaps searching for another Splash, though we wouldn't find out as Ali raised a foot...

Wait a minute.

Alex anticipated that and ducked underneath, exiting the ring and then taking Ali's feet from underneath him, ramming Amore's left leg into the steel post.

Vanderart: "The strategy's clear."

Keegan: "It is, but Ali's not at the races here."

What Reyn had in mind, fortunately for the fans, stayed in the depths of its twisted domain as Ali summoned enough strength in his right leg, the left pin seemed pointless at this point, to sole-shove

Reyn off and send him head-first into the barricade. That garnered another outcry from the crowd, willing the former Keystone champion to regain the belt he'd proudly defended until losing it to Max Hopper, the guy Reyn dismantled to kickstart his present run with the number two title, historically, here in nbW.


The Colombian couldn't capitalise and concentrated on getting the blood circulating in that targeted tyre.

Reyn started to stir, which wasn't lost on the contender. Against better judgement, Ali took a sizeable chance and went airborne, forcing Alex and himself into the barricade again, courtesy of a Suicide Dive.

Our fans lapped that up. Ali had hurt his leg further still, clutching it, but he gritted his teeth and mounted Reyn to fire a four-pronged punch-based assault, even though Reyn blocked a couple more at the end of the combination before shoving the Superstar of Bogota off.


Undeterred, Amore returned for more, only to fall foul of an uppercut to the throat, taking Ali's attention away from his leg, which Reyn foresaw by building on his handiwork with a cracking right to the abdomen and yes, you've guessed it, another kick to the left leg.


With Ali now down, Reyn stomped on Amore's knee not once, nor twice, but thrice...the third one making the South American sit up and howl in pain. Reyn responded to that by booting his opponent full-force in the face.


While Alex was the champion, he didn't cherish cheap countout victories and draws, and a simple placement of the palm inside the squared circle squashed any notion of retaining his title that way.

On returning, Alex was subjected to an out-of-the-Chris-Blue Drop Toehold by Amore. The crazy quartet of blows as Amore wailed away from a mounted position flared the fans up and showed a different side to this familiar favourite.


The Colombian set The East Wind up for a Catapult with the aim of sending Alex into the side of the


Amazingly, Reyn showed his own impressive agility by LANDING on the apron. Now, he was going



Whoa, rewind that back!

A Crossbody Block was greeted by the first thought that entered the South American's head...a Snap Powerslam. Could that be a turning point? At least, it got the audience bang into this Keystone title defence, which barring a few glimpses, had largely been one-way traffic.

Vandeart: "The challenger's highlight of the night."

Gains: "If there's going to be a breakthrough..."

Keegan: "Howay, Ali!"

Again, Amore was unable to exploit his apparent advantage immediately. However, feeling the fans' backing, Ali found it within himself to limp to his feet and break the ponderously slow count by the referee, not that anyone was complaining, by lifting his body up onto the apron and sticking his head through the middle rope. You all know the phrase: "When in Rome..."


That probably entered the pretender's bilingual vocabulary in both languages, eyeing the grounded Alex...

OH MY to quote my favourite WWE commentator!!!



The South American's secondary finisher, the Shooting Star Press, splattered BOTH guys down on the floor. If this were Falls Count Anywhere, Amore may've had a great chance of seizing his second Keystone crown. Alas, it wasn't and referee, you'd better be consistent and make this a REALLY deliberate count. Double down and a double countout?

Vanderart: "Ali's had a couple of HUGE moves. Can he build on it?"

Fortunately, the official restarted the count or this would've definitely ended in a draw there and then.


Nursing his ribs, Ali sought to...

Get punched by a seated Reyn!

Climbing to his feet, Alex then negotiated an Armbar Takedown of sorts...

Quicker than the camera flash on Punch Out for the NES...


The crowd fell silent and there was nothing said at the commentary desk either. An eerie atmosphere emanated around the arena.

When Reyn did this to Colby Spencer in HKW, it was on concrete. The Colombian's only consolation was his heat had hit the protective padding. Mind you, he was probably unaware of his date of birth at that particular moment.

Alex was about to pick the unconscious Colombian up, but heard the count and walked over, stuck his hand inside the ring and then turned his attention back to the fallen challenger...

Ali was OUT. It took Reyn a moment, but he stood Amore up at the second time of asking and he steered the former World and Keystone champion to the squared circle before rolling him in and reentering himself...


Amore’s notorious speed had been negated here, pretty much from the start. Reyn had controlled range, outsmarted Ali in the opening exchanges and then worn him down...now was it time to put him away? He picked Ali up, perhaps for an East Wind Cutter?

The Dragon Sleeper, a precursor to Alex's infamous finisher, suggested so. In a display of desperation, not that anyone would knock him for it, Ali used his right wheel to smack Alex two, three times.

Amore was still disoriented from the previous Curbstomp and Reyn managed to put the Dragon Sleeper on again...

Before it could be cinched in, Ali’s right leg, after some extension, grazed the bottom rope and forced separation.

Ali, open-mouthed, look up at Alex, who was poised and waiting. Amore stood up and an attempted C and E by him was punished by a punch to the throat, an uppercut, and a violent and angry SLAP, forcing Ali back. Reyn was starting to get pissed off that people kept falling for that trick. Keegan no-sold that from the announcers' desk.

An attempted Springboard DDT was blocked by Ali, who turned it into a Northern Lights Suplex for a straight two...

Both combatants were up and that prompted a round of applause, not that either of them paid any attention. Concentration was high here, as were the stakes. Reyn missed with a Clothesline, but he did what Amore did earlier and followed through, only he scored with his Springboard Rebound Crossbody for another straight two.

The East Wind stood up, booting Amore in the ribs, side-on and did it a second time. Reyn then whipped Amore into the corner...


Ali was slouched down in the corner. Reyn draped Amore’s left leg onto the bottom rope and then moved away...

Running Dropkick to the knee. Amore was suffering here with both leg and ribs taking a pounding. Time for the East Wind Cutter? Reyn dragged Amore out of the corner, demanding another take for the most lethal of his moves. He lifted Amore up...

Amore landed on his feet, though stumbled. He improvised quickly and fired in a Chop Block, a move he’s been the recipient of so often, and set about adding to that with a Shinbreaker.

Ali tried to follow it up with a Belly-to-Back Suplex and now it was Alex's turn to land on his feet. Come on guys, I HAD TO do it at least once

Anticipating Reyn running in from the rear, Ali timed a Leapfrog perfectly to land on Alex’s shoulders and secure a Victory Roll for a 2.

As champion and contender rose, Alex’s straight punch to stop Ali was LEAPFROGGED again and subsequently punished by a Spinning Heel Kick.

Vanderart: "Amazing agility by Ali Amore there."

2...and only that.

Ali was going upstairs...what did he have in mind?

Nonetheless, Alex was up on his feet and as Ali let fly...

Dropkick to the shoulder!

Oh, Reyn hadn’t forgotten after all...and now Amore was helpless once again. Alex lifted Ali’s arm up and drove it straight into the canvas.

From there, Alex stomped on Amore’s hand and as Ali sat up, Reyn kicked him square in the shoulder. Amore inched away from the stalking Reyn to a neutral corner.

The kick by Ali found its way into Reyn’s stomach, but it had little to no effect. Reyn came forward again and cut the Colombian off with a hard Running Knee to the face.

Alex straightened Amore’s arm out and kicked it in three places, starting with the forearm, halfway up and the shoulder.

Reyn then put Amore’s arm behind his head and showered the Colombian with a couple of elbows to the side of the face and an uppercut to the throat.

As usual, Alex wasn't messing about and during his nine-month tenure, he'd prided himself on putting his opposition away with more than just the East Wind Cutter. Here, he was poised to add another page to his ever-expanding playbook and maybe a message to the Colombian's tutor, trainer and mentor on commentary...

Arm In Guillotine Choke!

Ali tried to wail away with his free arm. However, the harder he struggled, the harder Reyn wrenched back.

After several seconds of being locked in this MMA submission, Amore was fading and fast. Again, Alex's economical yet incredibly efficient offence had drained Ali's reserves, limiting Amore and the audience to short bursts here and there without really allowing his superior speed to tell.

Remarkably, Reyn had shifted focus from leg to ribs and then onto arm seamlessly and yet hadn't really got out of first gear against a bona fide future Hall-of-Famer and former World and Keystone champion.

Our crowd wouldn't let the proud performer go out with a whimper and neither would he. He tried his damndest, throwing bombs that ultimately grazed and didn't smash their target. The final rally was just that...Final.

Our official declared Reyn the winner. Only Alex wouldn't let go of the hold and no matter how many times the timekeeper rang the bell, it had no effect on the champion, who seemed hell-bent on punishing his challenger.

Gains: "Are you just going to sit here and watch?"

K was agitated, but seemed reluctant to interfere with nature. It didn't stop him from his fist clenching. He was keen to see how this unfolded.

Alex just wasn't letting go though. Ali had gone limp now as Reyn continued to squeeze. This was getting dangerous. Keegan was starting to rise from his seat now, removing his headset as he watched Reyn choking the life out of his protege and friend.

Reyn released the grip, but any hopes of a reprieve as Reyn dragged Ali Amore to the corner and draped his knee over the bottom turnbuckle. Backing to the opposite corner.

A grisly image flashed through the viewers minds. The horrific sight of Max Hopper screaming in agony. His leg bent from that dropkick in a way it was NEVER meant to go.

Was another man’s career about to be ended right here?

Not on Keegan’s watch.

He had already left his seat, racing to his friend’s aide.

He wouldn’t get there in time…


Wait a minute.

Darren Best had entered from the blindside and rolled Amore out to safety before calling for a microphone.  It happened THAT quickly and his partner, the electric Alfie Button, would have been impressed at his partner’s pace.

Best couldn’t stand still:  He had a thousand things racing around his head, the crowd was cheering and the adrenaline must have been pumping.  Plus, he was going to say what he wanted to a man who’d plagued, haunted and nigh on destroyed him, which may be the most nerve-racking thing of all.  Best had cut promos and performed in front of masses many times before, but here he was with an opportunity to stick it to the sick individual who’d almost ruined him.

“I didn’t see it going down this way.  I didn’t want to come out here and face you when I wasn’t ready, but I cannot and WILL NOT allow you to ruin more people’s lives.  I know what that feels like and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, let alone a guy like Ali Amore, who is an example to all of us in nbW and someone who means a lot to all of these fans.

“Ali has worked his tail off and come way too far to get to this point.  Beyond Ali Amore the performer, there’s Ali Amore the man, who signs autographs for anyone who asks, who smiles as much off-camera as he does on it and there’s also Ali Amore, the son who loves his mom, the guy who goes to the gym, who gets way too much attention from girls and then the regular person who likes going for a coffee on the corner.

“I wasn’t around to stop you from maiming Max Hopper and I wish I was.  I’m here now and while I’m not ready to face you, not yet, you won’t get away with this if I can help it.  Not here and not now, not in nbW.”

Reyn stood up and faced Best, who now stopped pacing and looked Alex dead in the eye.

“You have hurt me, Colby Spencer, Sho Kojima, El Avestruz, John Blade, Paul Sanders, Max Hopper, Emo Kevin, El Principe and VIP.  I can’t stand A-List, but I could respect them.  I shared a ring with them many times and know they were assholes, but they were talented and entitled to earn a living and do this, their calling in life, and you didn’t take it away from them - you RIPPED it away and for what?  Because of your morals, and I use that term loosely, and your so-called code or natural selection nonsense you spout?

“Despite that, you’ve changed my career for the better and worse.  I thank you for bringing the best out of Darren Best and commend you on being by far the hardest opponent I’ve ever had.  You’ve made me raise my game and go to levels I knew I was capable of, but hadn’t yet reached.”

“You also shattered my confidence - well, not anymore.  Too many times, you’ve got guys on your terms.  I will face you when I’m good and ready and when I do, I will beat you.  Alex Reyn, you always had more than my curiosity, but believe me, you’ve got my full attention.  I am working night and day to be the best I can be inside and outside of the ring and that’s not just for you, sweetheart.  That’s because I owe it to my friends, family and the fans to do everything I can to realise my dreams.

“You broke me - now, you’re about to be broken.  Look behind you.”



Darren smiled and tossed the microphone to Keegan as the audience exploded.  The Yardstick beckoned for Ali to return before standing down over Reyn:  “I’ll see you at Gods v Titans.”

CG Gains even marked out:  “He did say Alex Reyn may make him come back and if that means what I think it does, it’ll be Reyn v Keegan for the Keystone title.  I can’t wait!”

Vanderart was puzzled:  “I didn’t think you’d…”

Gains retorted rapidly:  “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”


Drunk Tank Interview


Jonny and Jimmy are walking down the arena corridor once more as they encounter Adria Hoyt.  They both smiled at Adria, and she hugged Jonny.

“Ooooh, Ade, take it easy.  After the treatment my ribs got tonight.”

“Ohh, I’m so sorry Jonny.  Do you two have time for an interview?”

Jonny and Jimmy looked at each other.  “Sure.  Sure we do.”

Adria summoned a camera man over to her. 

“All right guys, you ready?”

Both of the Drunk Tank members nod, and then Adria produces a microphone and nods at the camera dude.  He turned on the feed.

“This is Adria Hoyt and I am here with the recently victorious Jonny Bedlam and his Drunk Tank amigo, Jimmy Houlihan.”

Jimmy waved to the camera.  Jonny raised his red plastic cup in salute.

“First, I’d like to welcome Jimmy to NBW.  Welcome, Jimmy!  How are you liking it?” 
“Well Golly Miss Hoyt, I’m telling you what.  I sure love it.  The fans are the best and craziest I’ve ever had holler ‘Drunk Tank’ in unison.  Me and this crazy guy here and gonna have us some damn good times.  I tell you what.”

“We are very excited to hear it, and I’m sure I can speak for all the NBW fans on that.  You two performed well in the Memorial Tournament.  Can we expect to see you in tag action soon again?”

“You can bet yer last dang dollar on it, sweetheart.  Yer last dang dollar.  Excuse my French in front of the ladies.”

“I’m a wrestling reporter, Jimmy.  I’ve heard much worse.  But thank you anyway.  Now to Jonny, you had quite a brutal contest out there with Mr. Davies.  That is quite a first toe dipped in the pool after your injury at the hands of Laszlo.  Any thoughts?”

Jonny nodded.  “I’ve got some thoughts, despite all the shots to the head and from the bottle I’ve taken over the years.  Erick Davies, hell of a damn wildman in that ring.  He had me scared a couple of times, but I’d love to invite him to go again, any time.  I know he probably won’t take that well, but he gave me a pillar-to-post beatin’ in that ring and I’d like to give him a shot at another a little futher on.  Thanks Erick.  As to whether that was the best choice for testing the water, I dunno.  I dunno.  Actually, I do.  I do know.  That was the BEST choice.  I gotta get ready to fight Laszlo again.  I gotta fight that Russian beast for a third time.  Who better than one of the craziest dudes in the footlocker?  He got me as ready as anybody could for what’s comin here pretty shortly.”

“Could you elaborate on your match with Laszlo that was just announced?”

“Yeah, I sure could.  I am getting, at his stupid request, a chance to absolutely destroy him in a manner befitting his recent bout of insanity and attempted murder of myself in the ring.  He wants me in a brutal, steel, chain link cage.  He wants to be in the ring with me and give me 20 by 20 panels of chain link to rake his face across and whip him into.  More than that, he wants there to be weapons.  He wants me to have the opportunity to choose my favorite toys with which to unravel his flesh.  He ASKED for that.  He thinks because he caught me off guard and nearly beat me to death like the maniacal thug he is, that I am not the craziest sonofabitch who steps into a squared circle.  He BEGGED, via notepad, to fight me in MY element.  MY element.  I own this type of match.  It’s in my net worth calculation.  This is where I fucking live, I’ll pick up my mail upon entering the ring, and perhaps that cute throw blanket with Pusheen I ordered off of Amazon.  And after I’m done tearing his body to shreds, and making sure even the most unpicky of his countrywomen who will do anything for immigration papers will cower in disgusted fear at his grisly visage.”

Jonny paused.

“I’ll do all that, then i’ll climb the bloody, flesh chunked links of that cage, and I’ll swing my leg over the top..and I’ll look out at my crowd, at my people and I’ll raise my arm and be rejuvenated by the ghastly joy I’ve brought the assembled throng.  And then I’ll climb down, I’ll grab my Pusheen blanket, I’ll wrap myself in it, head back to my dressing room and watch trashy reality shows.  Because that’s all this match is to me Lazzz.  It’s just another chore I do around MY house.  I’m just taking out the garbage, I’m just changing lightbulbs, I’m just cleaning out my gutters.  You want to scare me?  You want to intimidate me?  Try being someone tougher and scarier.  You can’t even do a run-in right.  You ain’t shit without cha homeboys, and you aint’ even got any homeboys.”

Jonny calmed himself down slightly.  He smiled at Adria and in a perfect Jimmy impersonation.  “Pardon my French ma’am.”

Jimmy slugged Jonny in the arm, hurt.  Then they both chuckled.  So did Adria. 

“Jonny, none of us can wait to see it.”
Fade to black.




The Rich Family
Clan Strongbern

“Coming up next, we’ve got our nbW Dynasty Tag Titles on the line,” Melissa Vanderart said, “The heads of the respective Clan Strongbern and The Rich Family will be the big six-man tag to determine which team gets the man’s advantage at Gods Versus Titans, but right now Clan Strongbern finally have the chance to face off since The Rich Family attacked them at Slam 100.”

“I feel bad for Savage Badassery,” C.G. Gains said, “but if they can’t be champions, maybe The Rich Family can bring it home!”

“Tonight, we have Little Ricky Strongbern and Ri-Khan Strongbern defending the belts against Todd and Declan Rich! Can they finally get payback on The Rich Family for weeks of attacks and call-outs? Let’s go the ring for this big-time match up next!”

And to Brent Williams we go!

“The following contest is a tag match set for one fall and this is for the nbW Dynasty Tag Team Championships!”

The crowd cheered for the match about to take place as the graphic for the belts appeared.

No music.

The arena in darkness.

One spotlight.

And only the JEERING of the fans as Donny, Declan and Todd Rich walked out from the back, sans Freddie Rich. Tonight, the rest of The Rich Family were deadset on winning their first-ever nbW Dynasty Tag Team Titles after coming up short on multiple occasions in the past. All three walked to the ring while the crowd continued their booing.

“Introducing first, the challengers... weighing a combined four hundred and sixty pounds, representing The Rich Family and being accompanied to the ring by Donny Rich... TODD AND DECLAN RICH!"

Since they had made a return at Slam 100, The Rich Family were focused on Clan Strongbern and the Dynasty Tag Team Titles. They found it offensive that they, a real family, were not representing the division, but a bunch of what they perceived to be monsters with no connection were calling themselves a family and winning the titles. Now Clan Strongbern were ready to get their payback and tonight, they would have that chance.

A rugged guitar riff hit the speakers.


Another guitar riff.


One more guitar riff.


“Kill It (Strongbern Death Mix)” by Fight. 

The theme erupted from the arena speakers with a thundering boom as the lights in the arena went pitch-black. Suddenly, a HUGE spotlight shone on the stage and one by one, the monsters came out to play.
“Little” Ricky Strongbern, the near-seven footer. Back to his barbarian attire since he was told he couldn’t wear it.
The monstrous powerhouse Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern in his warpaint.
The wild attack dog, Ri-Khan Strongbern, who grabbed the camera and let loose a loud growl! Still in his warpaint and camo attire.
“And their opponents… at a combined weight of 587 pounds… being accompanied by Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern, representing Clan Strongbern… LITTLE RICKY AND RI-KHAN STRONGBERN!

Little Ricky and Ri-Khan came out, Ricky holding his half of the titles in one hand while Ri-Khan had his title around his neck. The two of the Clan Strongbern warriors raised their titles while Tal Nedrick waited for them. The Clan Strongbern members handed over the titles while Donny and Declan Rich waited for the chance to strike. Nedrick held the belts up and showed them off before calling for the bell.


On one side of the ring, Todd Rich was raring to go while on the other side, Ri-Khan looked like he wanted the same…


Little Ricky then held out a hand.

“No, I want the bastard,” Little Ricky said.

Rik nodded from the outside and yelled at Ri-Khan to get back to the corner so he obliged, leaving the near seven-footer in the ring alone with Todd. Much to their credit, The Rich Family were outmuscled by Clan Strongbern, but Todd Rich seemed pretty confident riding off the victory he had over Little Ricky.

The Wrestler Formerly Known as Tremoid tried to swing at him quickly, but Todd Rich moved out of the way and blasted him with a few good right hands. He struck him with a few body shots to follow up and stun him before trying to go for a whip. Todd Rich then went to try for the move when Little Ricky shot him into the corner. Todd snapped back off the corner and right into Strongbern’s grip…

Todd was almost sent into the ceiling lights with the height of the move! He hit back first on the canvas before popping back to his feet where Little Ricky showed him how it was done. He whipped him all the way to the corner…


Todd nearly convulsed from the impact of the move while the crowd of Spain went nuts for Clan Strongbern! The seven footer went to pick up Todd Rich from the corner only to roll him to a seated position with a Snapmare. With Todd seated, he ran off the ropes and connected with a low DROPKICK of all things! The tall and somewhat slender giant looked to add more moves to his repertoire and now he was going for the first cover of the match.




Donny and Declan both looked worried for their kinfolk as he was getting taken to task by Little Ricky for the moment. He pulled Todd up by the head and he fired off a couple more body shots, but all Little Ricky did was fire a HUGE Knee Lift right to the gut to double him over. He threw him into the corner…

Tag made to Ri-Khan!

The crowd let out loud howls in tribute to the one Ri-Khan liked to do. The 6’1” and 288-pound beast did not have the height that Little Ricky or Rik enjoyed (or Big Rick acted like he had) but Ri-Khan was a mobile beast all his own. He went to work on Todd Rich, CLUBBING him across both sides of his head with a series of hard Vader-like Forearm Smashes! Ri-Khan then pummeled him some more and got him to a kneeling position in the corner by striking him with knees. He then rubbed his heel across the face of Todd and the crowd cheered with each one…


Ri-Khan then ran cross-corner…


The Loyal Attack Dog of Clan Strongbern rolled right into him! Now Ri-Khan went for a cover on him.




The most agile member of The Rich Family came right in and nailed him on the side of the head with a Dropkick of his own! The blow stunned Ri-Khan and allowed Declan to do the smart thing and pull Todd from harm’s way. Todd eventually stumbled to the corner and made the legal tag to Declan. The cocky young high-flyer of The Rich Family foursome waited for Ri-Khan to stand…


The big move landed right on the button and now Declan made a cover on Ri-Khan.



Ri-Khan POWERED his way out of the move with authoritah! Declan went rolling off of him, but he waited for Ri-Khan to rise. The Loyal Attack Dog was stumbling to his feet when Declan jumped, thinking about a Double Knee Facebreaker, but Strongbern held on and SHOVED him away before making the tag back to Little Ricky. Ri-Khan ducked down when Declan ran at him, only to be caught with a HUGE Throat Thrust by Little Ricky!

“Mess his ass up!” Rik shouted.

“Cover the face! Cover the face!” Donny yelled back.

The runt of the litter wasn’t all that helpful as he watched Little Ricky pick up Declan and shoot him into the corner…


Just like he did to Todd, now Little Ricky was giving the same pain and punishment to Declan Rich. He whipped him cross-corner and followed him in…


Declan nearly bounced out of the corner but before he could actually fall, Little Ricky hoisted him and nearly broke him in half with a HUGE Pendulum Backbreaker! With that, Little Ricky hooked the leg going for the win!




Declan just barely got the shoulder up, but now Little Ricky looked like he was ready to end things already. He left Declan on the canvas when he started to head to the top rope! The 295-pounder had been adding moves to his arsenal and he had a huge Crossbody he liked to call… well, Big Rick made him call it The Little Crossbody. But it would still fuck Declan’s world up if he could hit it.

“If” being the operative word.

Donny Rich saw what was going on and jumped onto the ring apron trying to distract him. Little Ricky didn’t even have to do anything because Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern picked him up by the tights, pulled him off the ring apron…


The crowd applauded Rik for his efforts and now that Donny was stumbling into the crowd, Rik went right after him through the crowd!

But the distraction was all Todd needed..


Todd SHOVED Big Rick off the top rope and he crashed down on the mat!

Even though Donny’s attempt at a distraction failed miserable and ended with him having a giant on his ass, Todd used the opening to save Declan from certain harm and now Declan could crawl over…


Rich waited in the ring just as Little Ricky got up to a knee before Todd grabbed him by the neck and SPIKED him down with an amazing Jumping DDT on the canvas! Little Ricky was hurt by the move when Todd went for a cover, hoping to go for the Dynasty Tag Team Titles all without their leader Freddie!




Strongbern kicked out, so Todd Rich went right to beating him about the head with a hard series of punches to the face! The blows continued to rain down on Little Ricky while Ri-Khan watched from the corner, really wanting in on the action but was too far to make a tag. Todd stood up and continued putting the boots to Little Ricky.

“Stay the hell down!” Todd yelled.

Little Ricky responded in kind by grabbing his head and shoving the 240-pound Todd in the ropes, but he came right back with a High Knee to the face, driving him back down to the mat! Todd had him down to the ground when Todd went for the cover again.



The kickout only prompted Todd to make the tag back to Declan Rich. Todd held Little Ricky by his jaw on his knees, but as he tried to get up, Declan reached over and leaped to the middle rope, coming back and CRACKING Little Ricky in the face with a huge Springboard Roundhouse Kick! The strike laid him out on the mat and just to follow up, Todd Rich dropped a big Knee Drop on Little Ricky’s head at the same time Declan busted out a Jumping Senton across the chest! After the sequence of tandem moves, Declan went for a cover now.




So close, but Little Ricky still kicked out! The Rich Family were working incredibly well right now that they were holding the in-ring advantage. Declan tried to stop Little Ricky with a Front Facelock now, trying to keep him down on the canvas. He tried to keep the big man from getting over to Ri-Khan Strongbern, but Tal Nedrick checked to see if he wanted to continue.

“Little Ricky, do you…?”

The question never finished because Little Ricky SURGED to life and shoved Declan back into the ropes! Little Ricky tried to catch him as he rebounded with a Powerslam over his shoulder, but Declan quickly spun out and turned that into a Tornado DDT in mid-move! The Rich Family were wrestling a great match tonight and now Declan with another cover now!




Ri-Khan roared right into the ring and stomped away at Declan to break up the cover! He kept on doing it until Tal Nedrick had to step in.

“Ri-Khan, get back to…”


Ri-Khan SCREAMED in his face before going back to the corner at last, but a pained Declan hurriedly rushed to the corner to make the tag to Todd Rich. Now both men were in the ring and tried to get Little Ricky back on his feet. It took both men to do so, but they finally whipped Little Ricky into the ropes. He came back off the ropes as they looked for a Double Back Elbow attempt, but he broke on through and kept running…


The crowd came alive for Little Ricky picking up the 7-10 split and knocking down both Ricky and Todd! Now that they were all down on the mat, the crowd chanted as Ri-Khan was waiting with the arm stretched out for the tag.


The Loyal Attack Dog was waiting and waiting just as The Rich Family members tried to pick themselves up and get back in the game. Little Ricky looked around to his corner and crawled forward.

Almost there…

Just a little more…


The crowd went crazy as he headed into the ring and MOWED Todd Rich down first with a huge Double Axehandle Smash! He pointed at Declan and then knocked him down as well, cracking him with a big Double Axehandle Smash as well!

When Todd tried to get back up, Ri-Khan picked him up and dropped him with a hard Body Slam. Declan got one for his trouble and then booted out of the ring so he could focus on Todd. He grabbed Todd by the arm and whipped him off the ring. He charged in and connected with a hard Running Hip Attack! The blow knocked the wind out of Todd Rich and he stumbled out of the corner as Ri-Khan charged out of the corner, connecting with a hard Spinning Wheel Kick! A great move by the agile Ri-Khan!

The wildest member of Clan Strongbern was back on his feet now and slashed a thumb over his neck before unleashing another guttural roar that the crowd cheered along with. He picked up Todd and then tried to power him up…


When he tried the pop-up, Todd stumbled out and shoved Ri-Khan…


That blow stunned and Declan left the ring as Todd Rich picked up Ri-Khan…


Tag titles up for grabs!




The crowd – and The Rich Family – could not believe it! Todd was in shock that Declan’s cheap shot followed by his big move didn’t get the job done, but Todd wasn’t through with Ri-Khan just yet. He picked him up by the head and tried to hook his arm…


Ri-Khan elbowed his way out…


The beast struck him upside the head with a devastating Spin Kick! Todd collapsed to the mat and Ri-Khan fell to a knee, but before he could follow up…




The crowd BOOED!

Ravage ran right at Declan on the outside and caught him with a right hand on the mat outside before SPIKING him on the ring apron with GREATNESS!

Gravender wasn’t done either as he continued to pummel Todd Rich…


And one for Todd Rich as well!

Savage Badassery promised to ruin things the fans loved and tonight, they just ruined a great Dynasty Tag Team Title match! Vic stood in the ring when he got spun around by Little Ricky! Little Ricky fired off right hands to the big tank of a man, wobbling him some. He turned his way to the ropes, but Ravage snuck in and delivered a hard Chop Block to the leg of Little Ricky! The blow stunned him and brought him down to allow Vic to mow him down with a Body Block! He then followed that up…


The crowd CRINGED from the big Somersault Senton by the 365-pound Gravender! The two had ruined this match and jumped both teams! And since Rik was chasing Donny Rich throughout the arena and Big Rick was backstage still, Savage Badassery had just struck!

And now they were making off with the Dynasty Tag Team Championships!

Ravage and Vic Gravender were STEALING the nbW Dynasty Tag Team Titles and then made their way back up the ramp!

The Rich Family ruined their shot on Victory and now, Savage Badassery ruined theirs.

What did this mean for the Dynasty Tag Team division? Who was getting the next show?

These questions would be answered by somebody, hopefully soon. Until then, possession was nine-tenths of the law and if they were to believed, Savage Badassery ruled the division and nobody else.



Gods Versus Titans II



Team BigTalk
Team Newbludd

It was now time for the main event of the evening and with it came huge implications when it came to the main event of Gods Versus Titans. Per the orders of NBW GM Jack Harmen earlier tonight, the winning team in this match would gain the man’s advantage that came with the War Games match format. Either Team Big Talk or Team Newbludd’s men would be able to enter the cage first and give their team the constant advantage.

To make matters worse tonight for Big Rick Strongbern and NBW World champion Brock Newbludd, Warren Spade was heinously attacked earlier in a vicious ambush by Tockwell and company which meant that they would be down a giant while Team Big Talk still had theirs in The Great Wall. Top that off with Tockwell being a cunning mastermind and “The First” Freddie Rich being a gifted athlete and that could spell big trouble for the NBW World champ and the winner of the WAR Cup. There would also be no Spike Saunders or Son of Malta to call on and the remaining mystery opponents of Team Newbludd would debut until the big event itself. For now, they were on their own.

‘Life in the Fast Lane’ by The Eagles

Boos rained down as the sliding double doors opened up and ’Big Talk’ Jake Tockwell made his way out onto the stage, looking as confident as ever.

And why wouldn’t he be?

Following right behind him was his manager and fellow Team Big Talk member, ’Hot Sauce’ Raul Ramirez,, his girlfriend ’Sweetfire Sally Reyonlds …

Behind him was “The First” Freddie Rich, slinging his signature towel and wearing his Rich Family name black jacket.

And behind them?

The seven-foot two Great Wall! 

“Introducing first, hailing from Memphis, Tennessee... JAKE TOCKWELL!!! And from Los Angeles, California … ‘THE FIRST’ FREDDIE RICH!!! And from Guangzhou, China … THE GREAT WALL!!!! THEY ARE TEEEEEEEAAAAAMMMMMMMMMM BBBBBBIIIIIGGGGGGGG TTTTTTTTAAAAAAALLKKKKKKKK!!!”

With his entourage following closely behind, the former world champion strutted down the ramp as golden pyro shot off on each side of the stage! Ignoring the tremendous amount of heat being thrown his way by the sold out crowd, Jake stopped at the bottom of the ramp as Hot Sauce climbed up the ring apron to hold open the ropes.

Continuing his strut, Big Talk walked up the ring steps and along the apron to enter the ring, followed closely by Sally.

“After you, my good man!” said Raul.

“Thank you sir,” said Freddie.

Freddie climbed into the ring and bringing up the rear was the massive Great Wall. His gaze turned to the jeering crowd before he climbed into the ring. Team Big Talk was in full force. The same could not be said for Team Newbludd tonight.Handing Sally his boas, the Talk of the Town spread his arms wide and laughed at all the JAG’s booing him, while Ramirez clapped his hands in awe of the young Memphis Brawler.

Fully surrounded by his manager, girlfriend and two of his key allies of Team Big Talk, the cool and confident former world champion turned his attention to the stage.

A rugged guitar riff hit the speakers.


Another guitar riff.


One more guitar riff.


“Kill It (Strongbern Death Mix)” by Fight. 

The theme erupted from the arena speakers with a thundering boom as the lights in the arena went pitch-black. Suddenly, a HUGE spotlight shone on the stage and out came the winner of the recent WAR Memorial Cup, Big Rick Strongbern. Sure he was only five foot nine and may have acted like the biggest man in the world but what wasn’t in question was how tough he was. He made it through a field of up to forty wrestlers and at the turn of the clock on New Year’s Day 2018, the man that many wrote off as a deluded egomaniac was actually a very tough and respected deluded egomaniac!


’Mouth for War’ by Pantera

The arena erupted at the sound of the world champion’s music hitting the speakers, and gave another loud ovation when the man himself walked out onto the stage with a fist raised high above his head.

Stopping at the top of the stage, Brock Newbludd unfastened the big gold belt that was around his waist and held it up high as red pyro shot off from the EpiCenter. Right behind him was the “coach” of Team Newbludd and his best friend, Davey La Rue!

“You got dis, mon ami?” asked Davey.

“Don’t have a choice, my friend,” replied Brock.

Slowly lowering the title, Newbludd stared at the mass of people in the ring and didn’t seemed intimidated one bit by it. Heading down the ramp, Newbludd stuck one arm out to slap hands with the fans before reaching the bottom rope and looking at Big Rick. A man he once called his archrival when he first got to NBW, now were two men united by respect and common enemies.

“You ready?” asked Davey.


Big Talk and The Innovator stared at one another. Hatred burned in both men’s eyes as they stared each other down, and referee Chuck Radford quickly separated the two. Telling Newbludd to back off into the corner, Chuck then ordered Sally and Hot Sauce to leave the ring so they did. 

Brady and Strauss both stepped over the top rope to hop down to the floor, while Sally gave her man a disfiguringly passionate kiss before exiting herself with Hot Sauce. Team Big Talk could have possibly jumped them at the sound of the bell but after having a three on two advantage tonight, they felt they didn’t need to. Tockwell looked very confident and now he was ready for battle.




Brock Newbludd wanted to start off for his team against Jake Tockwell and Big Talk was more than happy to oblige him. By now, the two men were very familiar with one another coming off two blockbuster title matches; both of them won by Brock, so Tockwell had something to prove tonight.

“You can beat him!” yelled Hot Sauce.

“Get ‘em baby!” yelled Sally.

Tockwell smirked and the two were within seconds of locking up. Brock went for a go-behind and attempted to take Tockwell down but the bigger Memphis brawler threw Brock out of his way and tossed him on the mat near his corner …

… And the tag was made to The Great Wall!!!

“Have fun, Brock!” yelled Tockwell.

Brock realized he’d been duped by Tockwell and now was staring down the barrel of a man that held a previous victory over a former NBW World champ in Warren Spade. The Great Wall was very dangerous and could overpower about anybody standing across from him. Big Rick and Davey both yelled over each other their own words of encouragement as The Great Wall tried to trap Brock in the corner.

The Innovator just quickly managed to juke and jive his way out of the corner and unleashed a nasty drop kick to the chest of the monster knocking him back into the corner. Brock was back up and a second drop kick was more impactful than the first, but TGW didn’t go down right away. The crowd was fully behind Brock’s attempt to chop the giant down to size. Brock shot himself to the other side of the ring like a rocket and them came right back to land a running drop kick right in the corner, catching TGW in the chest!

Freddie and Big Talk were shocked that Brock managed to stumble the giant long enough to get out to the ring apron and as The Great Wall pulled himself up, Brock jumped off the top rope and delivered a springboard axe handle right to the elbow. The giant reeled in pain holding his left arm.

He was going to try and take out an arm to keep the monster from using most of his power moves. Brock quickly went back to the top rope and then managed to land a missile drop kick that had enough power behind it to finally bring down TGW!

The World champion tried pinning him as he was down.

1 …

And that was all he got!

The Great Wall powered out of the cover so forcefully, Brock went flying back a few inches. He was shocked that didn’t get the job done so he grabbed TGW’s massive tree branch-like arm and brought it down over his shoulder. He was trying to gum up the works when Tockwell ran into the ring to get in Brock’s face.

“Suckered you!” screamed Tockwell.

Brock wondered what that meant, but he got his answer quickly when the distracted allowed TGW to pull Brock back and SNAP him down by delivering a chop with his right arm to Brock’s exposed chest! The ruse paid off very well for Team Big Talk and now Tockwell strutted over to his corner after Radford ordered him to. Jake was pointing at his head to tell the crowd he was the smartest man in the ring.

The shot could be heard all the way in the mezzanine and well beyond even the nose bleed section as TGW now stood over Brock and looked as dominant as ever he could. Big Rick growled and looked on the ring apron where they should have had a giant of their own in Warren Spade. Davey stood back and now watched Brock get taken to the corner with one arm by TGW …






It only took a small amount of shots but The Great Wall had reduced the NBW World champion to a crumbled mess against the ropes thanks to his sheer strength alone. While Brock was trying to take painful breaths in the meantime Big Talk decided now he had some fun.

“All right big guy, lemme in!”

TGW shot Tockwell a menacing glance for a few seconds before he gave the tag to the man that Brock took the title away from at Legacy. Tockwell was now happy to tag in once the hard work had already been done and he teed off on the champion with a few less than playful jabs into his stomach. Brock tried to cover up, so Tockwell went right to the eyes and clawed them until Chuck Radford got in between the two men to order him to stop.

“Shut it, zebra! Your job is to declare Team Big Talk the winner and nothing else!”

Tockwell then sent Brock Newbludd flying across the ring with an Irish whip and then tried to floor him with a mighty clothesline in the corner, but Brock got his foot up. Big Talk stopped that and caught his leg with a smile on his face.


Tockwell threw the leg down and tried to hit him with another clothesline, but Brock wasn’t giving him the chance to hit him. Brock punched at his good lariat arm and made Tockwell flinch before he snuck behind him with a school boy pin for the win.

1 …

2 …

Brock almost stole one right there but when he got back up to his feet The Talk of the Town met him with a running knee lift …


It was something that wasn’t in the lexicon of Tockwell to do other than by name of his signature move. Brock had his lights turned out by the running knee lift and Tockwell wasted no time in going for a cover when the man’s advantage at GVT was at stake!

1 …

2 …

But Newbludd’s shoulder came up!

Big Rick hadn’t even been given the chance to tag in to the ring and watched Tockwell pick Newbludd up to a seated position before throwing a series of punches each more painful than the last. The third strike knocked Brock onto his back and Tockwell delivered a knee drop to the chest to drive wind out of his lungs. After the knee drop Brock got pulled into the corner and then slammed before the tag went out to Freddie Rich. The head of the Rich Family was no stranger to fighting with Brock and no doubt wanted revenge for when he couldn’t wrestle away his Legacy title shot from him some months ago.

Freddie entered the ring with a picture perfect slingshot elbow drop to the chest of Newbludd! Tockwell, Hot Sauce and Sally all cheered on the Rich Family’s leader as he covered Brock.

1 …

2 …

But Brock was not to be held back and another kickout angered Team Big Talk!

The First tried pulling Brock up by his hair only to find Newbludd was still full of fight as he struck his chest with a pair of punches to his stomach. The blows doubled The First over and Brock followed up by running off the ropes looking for something to turn the tide his way. All Rich did was crack him in the jaw with a right to stun him and then send him back to Team Big Talk’s corner.


An incredibly stiff face wash-style kick to the head knocked Brock loopy, but The First followed that up by pulling him out of the corner only to take him down with a quick snap suplex right into another pin.

1 …

2 …

But they still could not keep Brock down!

The First did not raise his voice like Tockwell did but he did shoot a look full of bad intentions at the official before he continued to dole out stomps to the chest of the NBW World champion. He made sure that Brock was down before he made the tag back to Tockwell again. He looked at Brock and pulled him up by the hair.

“I told you, Brock-sucker! You can’t beat Big Talk!”

Brock’s response was not a verbal one, but it was a stiff right cross that stunned Tockwell!

Big Rick Strongbern was ready to make the tag and help his former rival overcome the odds tonight, but he was too far away. That didn’t stop Brock from lunging across the ring.

He was so close …

But Tockwell grabbed his leg and pulled him back before dropping a jumping elbow right into his back!

The Innovator shouted in pain and Tockwell made things worse by snapping him up and bringing him back down with a big back drop suplex in the middle of the ring. Making sure that Big Rick wasn’t close enough to break up the cover, he made another cover and hooked Brock’s leg while keeping an eye on the small powerhouse.

1 …

2 …

Still, Brock kicked out!

Tockwell growled out of frustration! Brock wasn’t giving up but he needed out of the ring before any more punishment befell him. Tockwell kicked him back over to their corner and now he jumped to the middle rope, surveying the jeering crowd.


But the middle rope knee drop missed!

Big Talk was now limping on the mat, holding his knee in pain while Brock finally had the chance for a tag! Tockwell limped over to his corner and tagged in Freddie Rich again and the two men tried to stop Brock as the crowd willed him on with vociferous cheering.

Brock turned to see Tockwell grab him by the hair and the two men shot him across the ring …


But they didn’t expect Brock to come back out of the corner to take down both men with a huge springboard double clothesline!

Now all three men were down and scrambling to get back up. Tockwell and Rich were trying to get their bearing straight while Newbludd now had his best chance of making it off to the corner where his ally was ready and waiting.

“GIMME THAT FUCKING TAG!” shouted Big Rick.

Brock reached out and the tag now belonged to Big Rick Strongbern!

The hopes of Team Newbludd to win this match now rested on the broad shoulders of the five-nine Big Rick, but he fought each match like a loud-mouthed pitbull. He turned his focus to the head of the Rich Family as he tried to stand up and then struck him on the chest with a hard knife edge chop. When Tockwell tried to stand up, he got more of the same in the form of a knife edge chop to his chest. Big Rick grabbed his head and stunned him with a head butt right between the eyes and then followed that up by face-planting him in the middle of the ring with a reverse STO!

When Big Rick got up to gloat that he just dropped Big Talk, Rich kicked him in the gut and then shot Big Rick to the corner. But when he got there, he was surprised when Big Rick rocketed right back out and took down the blue-chip star with a running spear out from the corner! Big Rick was back on his feet after having taken down both Rich and Tockwell, only to come face to face with …

The Great Wall!

Big Rick came face to face (okay, he had to look up a lot) with The Great Wall and now the crowd wasn’t sure what he was going to do. That size difference didn’t seem to bother Big Rick none.


The Great Wall charged at him when Brock Newbludd just had the strength to help Big Rick pull the top rope down, making The Great Wall miss his big boot attempt and catch him on the top rope where the sun didn’t shine!

The Great Wall was dehibiliated when Freddie Rich tried to stand up again. Big Rick rolled on him and kicked him low in the gut. He rolled up The First with a big school boy … but then used his strength to deadlift him right up.


After planting Freddie with the dealifting schoolboy powerbomb Big Rick hung onto the cover!

1 …

2 …

And he was stopped by Tockwell at the last second!

“Come on, mon amis!” yelled Davey. “You’ve g … “

Davey was laid out from behind with a knee strike, courtesy of “The Bounty Hunter” Benjamin Jones! It wasn’t enough that he helped The Law take out Spike Saunders and Son of Malta earlier tonight to prevent interference for this match but now he was out here and struck down Davey to prevent him from being able to help out!

Big Rick saw what was happening, but out of nowhere, Big Talk struck him from behind with a big boot! He pulled him off of Freddie Rich and then laid into him with a hard series of blows to the back of his head. He backed up and then ran a hard punt kick right between the ribs of Strongbern to keep him from fighting back and then yelled at Freddie.

“Come on, get up and finish him!” yelled Tockwell.

He clapped and screamed in his ear to get up and eventually, Freddie did just that before Tockwell returned to his corner and watched The First now take a chance to lay into Big Rick with a pair of strikes to the head. Big Rick coughed and held onto his ribs, but then he fought back with another knife edge chop cracking him in the chest. He doubled over Big RIck and then whipped him off the ropes to meet him mid ring …


Any fight that the King of Strongbern Style had in his body was drop kicked out by a quick move from The First!

1 …

2 …

Big Rick kicked out!

The First was a bit more composed than the talktative and outward Tockwell but the look on his face showed that he was annoyed with what was going on right now. The WAR Cup winner defiantly sat back up on his hands and waved a hand at The First, almost daring him to try and take his best shot. He was happy to oblige by picking up Big Rick and snapping him over the top rope in the suplex position before pulling him back into the ring with a slingshot suplex!

Brock wasn’t feeling the best right now after all the damage he took from Team Big Talk, but he had no choice but to watch Freddie Rich and Jake Tockwell lay into Strongbern with big right hands. The blows continued to keep on coming until the Great Wall returned back to their corner and slammed a massive palm into Tockwell’s shoulder. He wanted in right now and he wanted to make Big Rick Strongbern pay for his defiant attitude towards him.

The Great Wall was now towering over Big Rick and it didn’t matter how tall he believed he was. The perception was not reality here especially when your opponent had over a foot in height and almost one hundred and forty pounds over you.

The Guangzhou Goliath drove his knees right into Big Rick’s head and then put a boot right into his neck, giant-style. The head of Clan Strongbern tried to no avail to shove the boot off of him while frantically trying to free himself in the corner. Strongbern fell to a seated state in the corner and then threw two knees into the head to make sure that he stayed down. The Great Wall took a moment to bask in the hatred the crowd was giving him.


The King of Strongbern Style tried to crawl to the corner while The Great Wall taunted him. But he wasn’t fast enough and he was picked up off the mat and TGW held him in the air. He left him up high in the air until he picked him down and slammed him with raw power. When things seemingly couldn’t get any worse for him he was then hit with one of wrestling’s largest leg drops. But there was no Americana and vitamins here. This was raw, pure strength on display and now The Great Wall tried to pin Big Rick.

1 …

2 …

But the three never came because he still kicked out!

“Come on, Rick!” yelled Brock.

Brock felt like he could try and go for a second wind, but The Great Wall got back up and tried to strike back against the NBW World champ. Brock jumped off of the ring apron to prevent a direct hit, but right now he was up the creek without a paddle.

Big Rick was placed in the corner now by TGW and it looked like he was gearing up for another assault. Tockwell laughed while The First silently enjoyed what was going down.

Chop for Tockwell!

Chop for Rich!

Despite all the punishment he’d taken, Big Rick still had fight in him and struck back against his aggresssors, but when he tried to throw one of those painful chops at The Great Wall, he didn’t budge. And to make matters worse, he clawed the head of Big Rick and chucked with an iron claw toss across the ring!


The crowd was all about Newbludd getting that much needed tag and Big Rick was close, but not close enough to where he needed to be. The Great Wall had chucked him toward his side of the ring, but Big Rick wasn’t able to get there. The Great Wall then grabbed his leg with one arm and then threw him back toward the corner of Team Big Talk so The First could get in.

“Finish this!” yelled Tockwell.

Freddie Rich looked like he was going to have a lot of fun putting his head into the mat at long last. He hooked the leg of Big Rick and scooped him up looking for the gotch-style piledriver that he liked to call Rags to Riches.

Could he get it?

The answer was … no!!!

Benjamin Jones, Hot Sauce and Sally Reynolds all couldn’t believe what was happening outside! Strongbern kicked his legs until he shifted his body weight back to the ground and then shot him up and over with a back body drop!

Strongbern pointed at his corner and the tag was about to go to Brock. He was very close now. So close that he could feel it …

But Big Talk ran into the ring and he used a drop kick of his own to knock Brock off the ring apron!

And the crowd … cheered that?

No, it wasn’t because Tockwell took a cheap shot.

It was because “The Monster of the Mid-South” Warren Spade was limping out from the back, wearing tearaway workout pants and his ribs taped up from the Team Big Talk assault earlier on in the evening but he was out here in the nick of time and was heading toward the ring!

“No! No! No! Get that big JAG outta here!” shouted Tockwell.

Benjamin Jones tried to cut him off …


The MMA star was taken off of his feet with one good strike, courtesy of a huge thrust kick from Warren Spade! The giant walked over and helped Brock to his feet before making it to the ring. Big Talk turned around …


Big Rick surprised him with a massive lariat of his own and knocked Tockwell near out of his boots. The WAR Cup winner now reached over and the tag was made to Warren Spade!

The former NBW World champion was now in the ring full of fire and anger over what happened earlier. When The First tried to stop him from getting any momentum going he ran right over The First with a massive shoulder block. Tockwell wasn’t much help because Spade ran him over with a big shoulder block of his own and then charged at The Great Wall on the ring apron, knocking him right off with a kick to the chest!

Freddie Rich was still very much the legal man so he was the object of Spade’s punishment. A throw into the corner led to him being dropped with a big splash in the corner. Spade held his ribs in pain, still suffering from the effects of the blow from earlier, but then threw him back across the ring and charged at the other side using a knee strike this time to drive the wind out of Freddie. He pulled him toward the middle of the ring and turned him upside down in an inverted facelock.


And that gave Spade the chance to save the day for Team Newbludd!

1 …

2 …

But Tockwell was there at the last second!

Tockwell went right for the bullseye on Warren Spade’s rib cage and attacked the taped section with all degree of kicks and punches. He continued to frantically attack Spade until The King of Monsters sat up and pushed him away to protect himself, sending Tockwell back out of the ring! He then pointed at Brock Newbludd who wanted back into the ring and the crowd cheered when he got it!

Freddie got pulled up and slammed in front of the corner with a pump handle drop from Spade and the crowd watched in awe as the NBW World champion started to go airborne. Could he get this move?


He drove the elbow down right into the heart of The First and made a cover! Perhaps Team Newbludd could pull it ou after all!

1 …

2 …

The crowd eagerly awaited the three count but it wasn’t happening. What gives?

It turned out The Great Wall had reached in and grabbed Chuck Radford’s leg, pulling him out of position to stop the final count from hitting! Especially when they had the match possibly won.

The Great Wall then grabbed Brock and tried to pull him out as well but Warren Spade had enough of the giant and climbed over the ropes to continue fighting with him at ringside! Sally Reynolds and Raul Ramirez all cleared out from the ringside area and watched the two mammoths batter one another with fists on their way up the ramp!

Brock shook his head and looked to capitalize on the situation now as he pulled Freddie up. He was going for broke and looked to finish him off with The Mother of All Suplexes. He had one arm hooked and tried cinching in the full nelson portion, but Freddie batted him with an elbow. Brock red back with a big superkick that knocked The First into the ropes when a blind tag got made by Tockwell!

Brock hooked Freddie now and spiked him on his noggin!


The NBW champion wanted the fall, but Radford called it because he wasn’t the legal man. The real legal man was right behind him …


Just like that, Tockwell struck and blasted Brock across his face with the harshest lariat his good arm could muster and just like that, Team Big Talk was going to have the man advantage at Gods Vs. Titans!

1 …

2 …


Brock kicked out!

Tockwell was completely stunned by this, but he had a chance and needed to follow up after the kick out. He picked Brock up a second time and when Big Rick Strongbern tried to get back into the ring, Jones and Hot Sauce grabbed him and threw him into the steel steps away from Radford’s line of sight!


He put Brock down with a standing version of the deadly lariat that nearly turned Brock inside out again but Tockwell had come up on the losing end against Brock twice because he didn’t follow through. This time there would be no mistake as he brought him back up.


After two matches in which he failed to land his jumping piledriver, his ultimate trump card, he finally landed it! Brock had nobody to help him and now Tockwell went for a cover on the champion.

1 …

2 …


By hook by crook and by looking for any openings possible, Jake Tockwell had just defeated the NBW World champion and in the process, now Team Big Talk had a huge advantage by getting his group to enter the War Games match first!

The Great Wall and Warren Spade were no doubt fighting somewhere in the back, but the Law came out and now entered the ring along with Benjamin Jones, “Hot Sauce” Raul Ramirez, Sally Reynolds, Freddie Rich and now a victorious “Big Talk” Jake Tockwell leading the charge. He stood over Brock’s unconscious body and then smiled

“Team Big Talk divided!” he shouted before kneeling over Brock. “And tonight, Team Big Talk conquered your asses!”

It was a master plan that started off the night and there was nobody to help Brock. Big Rick was out. Son of Malta’s condition was still unknown at this time. Spike Saunders was out. Spade was gone for a majority of this match. And two members of Team Newbludd’s team would not be present until Gods Vs. Titans itself.

The show faded with the remaining members of Team Big Talk celebrating their victory. And with a whole lot of title shots up for grabs, a whole host of riches could be coming soon for Tockwell and his deadly alliance. 

The final shot was the victorious Big Talk sharing the ugliest of passionate kisses with Sally Reynolds while the rest of the group cheered and celebrated this momentous occasion.

And after this major setback, did Team Newbludd have any hope of victory at Gods Vs. Titans? Or was it already too late?


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