SLAM! Episode 101
Live from in the Ahoy Arena - Rotterdam, The Netherlands





What has Four Legs and Talks?


“Hey! Up here! Big match to talk about! All eyes on me!”

Before the rest of the show could properly kick off, the EpiCenter lit up with the presence of nbW’s General Manager… none other than Jack Harmen! Conspicuous by his absence was his lackey/personal assistant and sometimes-but-maybe-not wrestler Richie Keal.

“All right! Gods Versus Titans is coming up and we need something HUGE for this occasion, coming off the back of the highly-successful Legacy! And because I am borderline ins… sorry, because I have creative energy for days, I want to give YOU!”

He pointed at the screen, directing to the audience.

“The best show that you deserve. To that end, I thought about what’s big these days? And how can we top that and go nuts? Then I said to myself… ‘self… do you like people to hit things? Are you good at it?’ And when I answered yes to both of those questions, the answer was clear…”

Harmen held his hands out, presenting the very idea.

“What’s better than a couple people hitting each other for our amusement? LOTS of people hitting each other for our amusement! Surrounded by a cage? And what match can we do to present that?”

The GM nodded.

“That’s right… a Matthew Broderick movie.”

The crowd kind of pondered the comment for a second.

“For the un-pop culture-ated… I’m talking…”

He held his hands up again, presenting this grand idea…


Now THAT was music to the ears of the fans! They let out a HUGE pop. Like so.


The General Manager smiled.

“In light of tonight’s main event of NEW nbW World Champion Brock Newbludd defending the title against the ex-champion, “Big Talk” Jake Tockwell, I find no two better people suited for beating the shinola out of one another and represent the forces of good and evil so much as these two men! So regardless of how tonight’s match ends whether Brock keeps the title or Tockwell wins it back… I am designating Big Talk and Big Brock as YOUR team captains!”

And another roar added to that! A blockbuster main event was now in place for Gods Vs. Titans in just a few weeks’ time.

“And because I like to promise crazy amounts of violence and I am a man of my word… this match will be SEVEN ON SEVEN! It’s up to each Team Captain to pick whoever they want for this show, but I trust they’ll find lots of guys that hate one another and make it fun. Isn’t that what our sport is founded on?”

Suddenly Harmen looked down and grew a big smile as he crossed his arms.

“Am I right, Richie?”

Then, the camera zoomed out to reveal that the beloved GM was casually sitting on his assistant’s back! Down on all fours, the Assistant GM gritted his teeth as he held up his boss, but managed to nod his head approvingly.

“Always are sir…”

Jack let out a hearty laugh at his assistant’s answer and picked up his cup of coffee that had been sitting on top of Keal’s head.

“Good answer, my boy! We’re going to make a fine GM out of you yet!”

With that, Harmen took a sip of his coffee and raised his cup to the camera.

“Now that I’m done blowing all your minds, let’s get on with the show!”

The camera slowly began to fade out as Jack spun around on Keal’s back to straddle him.

“Giddy up, Richie, I need a refill!”



Gods Versus Titans II




Following on from The Entertainers ousting The Players in Slam 100’s white-hot opener, nbW have decided that the match on its own – also agreed by both teams – won’t warrant a number one contender’s spot.

That may be in part how much of a kick the fans in London got out of the fast-paced four-pronged attack.  However, ‘Big Kid’ Chris Smith sticking his beak in also robbed the masses of a fair and clinical finish.  Therefore, the teams are now slated to compete in a best-of-7 series, balanced with singles and tag affairs.

 "Introducing first...weighing two hundred and seven pounds...from Raccoon City:  Lara's Boyfriend, The World's Greatest Gamer, X-Box's X-Factor, The Sega Ambassador and Nintendo's Number One Wrestler...THE SATURDAY NIGHT SLAM MASTER, KID CHAMELEON!"

Great reception for Chameleon.  Not that he noticed.  He was more focused on his Nintendo DS than receiving high-fives from an appreciative audience.  However, when he removed his trademark glasses and threw them into the crowd, plenty of people vied for the prize, presumably to stick it on eBAy.  You know how the world works these days.

JME's rap song with the same title brings out a competitor with that very name - Darren Best.

Two hands aloft, sporting blue full-length tights with white text bearing his name, Darren is rewarded with an equally favourable ovation.  Without Alfie by his side, he sprinted to the ring and slid in, ready to engage.

Darren Best unsurprisingly looked primed for a Collar-and-Elbow, though Kid, nowhere near the textbook technician Darren was, seemed keen to indulge his opposite number.

The Mark:  “AKI UPPERCUT...I pity Darren tonight.”

Kid’s personal commentator called it by their name and got a dig in at Darren’s other half; you see, the Aki Uppercut is a European variant that breaks the guard after a Tie-Up.

Before Best knew where he was, Sega’s Ambassador wound Darren’s arm up and brought it down across his shoulders not once, nor twice, but thrice for a Triple Arm Breaker.

A hard Body Slam, aka Ruff Stylin’, was followed up by a Double Axe-Handle across the kneeling Darren.

The Mark:  “Bow to Tha King.”

Lara’s Boyfriend didn’t let Darren up as The Mark basked in seeing his favourite wrestler paste his rival into the mat with half a dozen Mongolian Chops.  Best sank with each passing blow.  He’d been roasted as part of Chameleon’s...

The Mark:  “Mongolian Barbecue, baby!”



Best’s shoulder got up with half a count to spare.  Again, Chameleon was on top of his rival by grabbing Best’s head and firing three right knees into his face.

The Mark:  “Machine Gun Knee Lift.”

Kid didn’t let go of Darren and simply rammed The Entertainer’s head into Reiko’s Regret’s right knee.

The Mark:  “Coconut Crush.”

CG Gains:  “Right now, Darren is being crushed like a coconut.  I can’t believe this idiot over here is right, but Kid Chameleon is in complete control of this contest.”

Gouken’s 3rd Disciple lifted Darren for a Vertical Suplex, but Best took a leaf out of Alex Reyn’s playbook and landed on his feet behind Chameleon, set to throw a spanner in the works and reverse his bad fortunes thus far...

Backdrop Driv-except Chameleon performed a reconstruction and also kept his footing...

Double Leg Takedown felled Best and a right hand kept him down.  Kid rammed his opponent’s head into the canvas three times to potentially render him out.

The Mark:  “Skull Crusher.”

Gains:  “You don’t say.”

Chameleon climbed to his feet and patiently waited for Best.  Surprisingly, Darren avoided the stray Lariat attempt and on managed to sneak a Backbody Drop that took the Mayor of Mushroom Kingdom up and over the top rope.
Best got some confidence from that and moved rapidly, seeking to establish some momentum and started with a superb Springboard Crossbody.


Darren rolled Kid in and returned to the ring himself.  Like Kid before him, Best didn’t hang about...

OUTStanding Moonsault!!!


Best hopped to the outside, but you’d better believe Best was going to return with interest as he went back to the well for a second helping...

Springboard Clothesline.

Darren took the lead and hauled Chameleon up to cement it further, having ridden the storm...

Rather than go for the cover, Best worried The Mark on commentary...




Th..at was close!

Now, Darren was going to make sure there was no cigar...

Best of Bo---oh no!  Kid repelled the Wrist-Clutch Exploder into the corner and ran Darren into the turnbuckles, smashing Darren’s noggin into the top buckle a couple of times and he wasn’t content with that.  He quickly turned

Darren round and did it for a third time from the front.

The Mark:  “Crow’s Nest.”

Kid wasn’t done there:  He made Best take another front turnbuckle via another Irish Whip, and Chameleon complemented it by taking Darren by the head yet again and ramming him into the steel through the middle turnbuckle.  The Entertainer was in immense pain.

Chameleon came to collect and a boot to the stomach went unanswered, seeing Darren slump in the corner...

The Mark:  “Corner Zero Dropkick!”

The lovely Low Dropkick was accompanied by a Rope-Aided variant, otherwise known as Eat This.

Kid lifted Darren up onto the top turnbuckle and joined him, seeking an Avalanche Back Suplex...

The Mark:  “Angel Suplex!”



Thre-didn’t get him!

Darren was wobbly and just another impact move away from tasting defeat in double quick time.  Kid looked for another Suplex, following an Atomic Drop.  However, his German Suplex saw Darren go behind for a Gotch-style Suplex of his own...


Even after that offensive move, Best was on borrowed time.  Notwithstanding, he sent Rumbleman to the buckle and missed with a Splash attempt..

The Mark:  “Stun Gun Chops!”

Three consecutive Knife Edges, all greeted by ‘Yeahs’ stung the New Yorker’s chest.
Kid dragged Darren out of the corner and planted him with a stern Body Slam and embarked on another sequence...

A left boot to the back was complemented efficiently by a Seated Senton to the spine.  That made way for a Reverse Chinlock and four headbutts to the back of the head, which threatened to hurt the aggressor as much as the victim.

In fact, Kid, now up, visibly wore the effects of the onslaught he’d unleashed.  He cleared the cobwebs and pondered the next move.

Sega’s Ambassador set up another Suplex attempt.  However, he changed his mind by plonking Darren back down on the ground and unleashing a stunning Superkick, which also sent a message to Alfie Button in the process.



The Mark stood up and applauded:  “That is why Kid is the man!  What a masterclass.  As good as Darren is, putting a human in a hippo’s habitat can result in fatality.  Darren wrestles from a book, learned in a school and goes to the gym. You cannot prepare for Kid Chameleon that way and, as much as it hurts me to say it, nor Alex Reyn.  Until Darren learns to wrestle another way, don’t be surprised to see more outcomes like that.  See you.”

Was The Mark right?

If he was, The Entertainers’ scintillating victory on Slam 100 may prove to be a one-off and credited to Chris Smith.





Jonny Bedlam Interview with Adria Hoyt

Interview Set

We panned out on Jonny Bedlam and Adria Hoyt seated on chairs across from one another.  Both were stonefaced until the camera pulled in closer.  Adria turned to the camera. 

“Hello, tonight, I’ve got an exclusive interview with Jonny Bedlam.  He’s joining us after a slight absence…”

“I think you mean ‘another’ slight absence Adria.  Let’s not sugarcoat my absenteeism.”

Adria chuckled at Jonny and slapped him on the knee.  “Yes, let’s get right to it.  Why have you had so many absences from No Brand?”

“Oooh, my kidneys are already hurting from the hard hits.  Watch out.  I don’t have a good excuse Ade.  I just don’t.  My focus hasn’t been on wrestling, I guess.”

“Ohh, could you tell us more about that?  You had a title match with Alex Reyn.  Many had you predicted to win that.  The Vegas line was high on you, I even heard.”

“Haha, yeah and that’s why I got my legs broke.  No, yeah I know that was one I should have won.  That was a step to being a next level talent that I missed and fell back down the stairs.  Reyn beat me, and arguably twice.  I didn’t have an answer for his offense.  I should have.  I should have done more.”

“What do you mean Jonny?  What do you think you uhh..left on the table?”

“Ade, I just think the guy had a little more cardiovascular fortitude than I.  He just had a step on me that came from preparation.  That whoel week, I partied and wasn’t focused, and Alex hit the gym.   And that’s no knock on him.  That’s what a wrestler is supposed to do.  We’re athletes.  We’re competitors.  I thought I could get by on my charm and resourcefulness, like I often do.  That wasn’t the case.  I met a wily opponent in the ring who was at his absolute athletic best and I didn’t return the favor.  Not saying I would have won, I just think I didn’t give Alex Reyn or the fans their due, and I’d like to apologize to both of ‘em.”

“Well some might say he’d have beaten you in any situation.  What do you say to that?”

“They may be right.  Maybe I’m not the worker I used to be.”

“Jonny, are you sure about that?  You’re still well under 30 and one of NBW’s most popular athletes whose never possessed a title belt.  What do you mean by that?”

“I dunno Ade, I’ve been...different.  I used to throw my whole heart into my bouts.  It’s different though now.  I try to be smarter about things.  I try to remember that my career has to last long enough to be well off enough….I dunno.  I don’t make that dive that I used to make...not right when it’s the most effective.  I don’t throw as much caution to the wind.  Maybe I’m ready to move on to something else, maybe just in the game, maybe entirely.  I don’t know if it’s a lack of passion, I love wrestling just as much as I always have, maybe more.  But...I don’t know.  Something has changed.  My edge isn’t as sharp as it was, I don’t believe.”

“Can you think of what might have dulled your edge?  Even though you lost that match, many online sources rate it amongst the matches of the year.  Some compare it to macWICKED and William Arthur Reagan.”

“That’s flattering, and I know you’re trying to make me feel better, Ade.  But, it’s not me.  Deep inside me, I know….I didn’t give you guys my all.  Win or lose, I think I could have given more.  We stand on the shoulders of giants in this business, and I lost my footing and fell down into the mud.  I can tell you one thing though Ade.”

“What’s that Jonny?”

“Nobody’s going to kick my ass during this interview this time.”  Jonny smirks.

“Well I certainly hope not, that was quite terrifying.  Could you elaborate a little more on your issues with Rune?”

“Well let’s just say he and I don’t tell each other the weather backstage.  I don’t like the big bastard much.  We may have problems in the future that may entertain the fans further.”

“Good to know.  So you’re not telling me you’re retiring from competition, right?”

“Heavens no, I’ll do this until they have to wheel me into the ring and I have to crawl.  Uncensored ain’t got shit on me in the addiction to this department.  Ok, maybe he does.  But most of the rest don’t.  I’ve left much money on the table to pursue this.  My family hates it.  All my girlfriends have hated it.  I’m alone because of this business.  I’m mad for it.  Hearing the fans gasp when I may have been injured does more for me than any drug, wife, promotion, bonus ever could.  No.  I’m  not done with business, not by a million miles.  I’m gonna keep fighting until it’s embarrassing, and then I’ll keep going after that. “

Adria smiled.  “I wouldn’t expect anything less, Jonny.  Do you have anything else to add?”

Jonny shot his signature smile back   “Well, if I told you...it wouldn’t be as special as it will be if it’s a surprise.  I’m a thriller.  I don’t put all my cards on the table.  You know that, Ade.”

Adria blushed.  “Yeah, I know that much about you. “

“Maybe you’ll come on down to the obligatory tailgate agaain?”

“You’re so bad!”  Adria punched Jonny playfully in the shoulder.  “OK, this is Adria Hoyt, with Jonny Bedlam, I hope you enjoyed it.”


With the surprise defeat of Warren Spade at the hands of The Great Wall, the monster from China had his sights now focused on dominating the competition. Warren Spade would miss tonight’s show due to a concussion, but that didn’t mean his best friend, EZ Blaze, couldn’t do something!

EZ Blaze and Fenton Woods issued a challenge to any member of The Xiang Dynasty to fight him and it would be the group’s newest disciple, Ai Tso, looking to step in and take on the young high flyer. Could The Great Aerial Artist pull out a win knowing that The Xiang Dynasty would be accompanying him tonight?

EZ Blaze wasn’t afraid and would fight him.

“All right, gather round and feast your eyes!”

The white spotlight appeared and inside was the man who was normally known for being the manager to “The Monster of the Mid-South” Warren Spade. Now he was also expanding his managerial skills to the young and amazing high flyer tonight!

“From the bringers of my giant The One-Man Stampede and the Monster of the Mid-South Warren Spade … comes the next great find from I, Fenton Woods! I’ve brought to you a killer giant! Now I bring to you a man with the gift … of aerial artistry!”

He pointed to the stage.

“Introducing … the Great Aerial Artist! The World’s Fastest Athlete! The Picasso of Planchas! The Da Vinci of Dives! The Monet of Moonsaults! The Salvador Dali of Springboards! The Rembrandt of Rope-Running! Everybody please welcome … “

Fenton’s cane was pointed near the stage.

“NBW’s next great success story! Please welcome E! Z! Blaze!!!”

Fenton tapped his cane much as he would for Warren Spade’s entrance and the arena went dark again. The crowd was buzzing with much anticipation for a kid with a lot of promise. The arena soon became engulfed in a stream of blue and white lights each flickering for three to four seconds at a time.


Hoobastank’s “Just One” played and an explosion erupted from the stage! came EZ Blaze in a brand new Spider-Man inspired costume! The Great Aerial Artist basked in the cheers of the crowd as EZ ran toward the ring at full speed!

"Time to show Ai Tso the fastest man in nbW!”

EZ Blaze shot like a rocket towards the ring and made a big leap underneath the ropes and then flipped to his feet. He pivoted and turned into a roll before flipping to his feet. He waited for his opponent.

“Born in China (metal instrumental)” by The Immortals.

The music started to pick up and one by one, the lights of the special Slam 100 set began to glow yellow and the rest of the arena became bathed in a low red hue. Slowly, three silhouettes appeared on the stage…


Ai Tso.

The Great Wall.

The pro-China contingent of nbW walked towards the ring slowly, absorbing the massive jeers of the crowd.

Led by the dastardly Xiang, the crowd booed the Chinese Triad (the non-killer variety, but they could still probably fuck you up) as they approached the ringside area after a lengthy walk. The Great Wall was the first up to stand up to EZ Blaze as he dared the giant to step inside. Despite the size difference in the two it looked like he was ready to fight the giant if came to that!

“No! Watch out!” screamed Fenton.




When the bell rang, Ai Tso took advantage of the distracted Picasso of Planchas and struck him with an elbow to the back of the skull!

Xiang and TGW were very pleased with the fact that Ai Tso had the early advantage of the match. He struck right at EZ Blaze with kicks to his ribs and then picked him up. A quick chop followed across EZ Blaze’s chest and knocked the young high-flying dynamo’s wind out of him. Tso sent Blaze for the ride across the ring and when he hit the corner he was the victim of a very painful clothesline right across the head and neck!

“Come on, kid, you gotta fight back! Run circles around this guy!” yelled Fenton.

It was much easier said than done when Ai Tso had him trapped up in the corner. He quickly threw Blaze out of the corner and manhandled him with a snap suplex. He made a quick cover with his stablemates watching.

1 …

But he didn’t get a two-count and Blaze was still fighting.

Ai Tso picked up Blaze by the waist and lifted him up across the side like he was no weight at all. Blaze was tossed with ease down to the mat with a gut wrench suplex!

But as any good infomercial said … but wait, there’s more!

The Disciple of the Xiang Dynasty rolled right over with Blaze in his grasp and rolled right into a second gut wrench suplex!

Another roll and another gut wrench suplex followed creating a trifecta of big slams! The suplex-savvy Ai Tso covered Blaze with hopes of netting a win.

1 …

2 …

But Blaze disappointed the Xiang Dynasty with another kick out!

“Blaze! Blaze! Blaze! Blaze! Blaze!” yelled Fenton.

He was getting the crowd behind his guy and the chants came out.


The Da Vinci of Dives was scooped up by Ai Tso and it looked like another suplex in the form of a backdrop was up next but at the apex, Blaze and his Harvard-educated feet landed right behind Ai Tso and stumbled back to a corner. Ai Tso followed him in with another clothesline in mind when Blaze got both feet up and double kicked him in said arm. Blaze tried again and caught Blaze’s foot …


Blaze cracked him with his other foot courtesy of an enziguri and stunned Ai Tso on his feet. He quickly jumped up - all the way to the top rope -


The crowd went bonkers for that crazy feat of agility by the Rembrandt of the Ropes!

Now that he was free from the suplexes of Ai Tso, Blaze waited for the bigger wrestler to stand before unleashing a volley of quick left and right kicks to either leg to try and chop him down to size. He fired off a thrust kick into the stomach of Ai Tso to double him over and then fired off like a bullet into the ropes …

Hand spring enziguri now!

Xiang and The Great Wall were very displeased with Ai Tso being made a fool of by the flyer now and EZ Blaze got his blood pumping when he charged from the ropes, face-planting Ai Tso with a hurricanranna driver!
Could this big series of moves be enough to put down the Disciple?

1 …

2 …

No, it wasn’t!

Ai Tso was tougher than that and he managed to kick out at two.

The Monet of Moonsaults thought quickly as Ai Tso was trying to stand up again. He peppered him with more kicks to his chest and then had him propped up. He was looking for his spring board cutter called Guns Blazing …


He was stopped in mid-air by the much stronger Ai Tso and then he finally landed the backdrop suplex he wanted earlier!

But Ai Tso wasn’t done there.

He picked up EZ a second time and unlike when he released the hold, he lifted him up a second time and dropped him with another backdrop suplex. The third time was going to be a charm and Ai Tso once again picked him up and sent him right into a German suplex complete with a bridge!

1 …

2 …

Close, no cigar!

“Xiànzài jiéshù!” yelled Xiang.

He ordered Ai Tso to end the match now and picked him up to strike him down with a big move. Ai Tso tried to clasp his hands around the neck of EZ Blaze looking to use his own version of TGW’s Five Stars Vice. The head and arm triangle was almost fastened quickly but Blaze fought out of it quickly and rolled up Tso with a side cradle!

1 …

2 …

Tso with another kick out!

The Disciple let go of the hold and when he saw Blaze coming, it was already too late!


The Great Aerial Artist busted out his spring board cutter and dropped Ai Tso into the mat! Could that be all?

1 …

2 …


IT WAS!!!   

And just as quickly as he got the pinfall, Blaze rolled out of the ring quickly to avoid Xiang as he was rushing inside!

Fenton raised the hand of Blaze and despite Ai Tso’s best efforts, he had just been defeated by the high-flying Aerial Artist.

“Attaboy! That’s one for you, Warren!” yelled Fenton.

Warren Spade wasn’t there tonight thanks to the attack by The Great Wall on Slam 100, but with this victory, EZ Blaze had scored a win for his best friend and struck back against the Dynasty! Blaze and Fenton headed to the back while a vengeful Xiang and TGW both watched them leave. No doubt this wasn’t over yet.


I know what you did

GM's Office

nbW’s General Manager, Jack Harmen, sat quietly in his office watching the evenings events unfold through a monitor mounted on the wall. He was relaxed, his fingertips touched one another, forming a triangular shape in front of him, his elbows leaning gently on the desk. 

Suddenly the large television and the main light of the room clicked off in unison, leaving Harmen lit only by a small table lamp to his right.

“Keeping secrets causes stomach ulcers, Jack.”
The voice said from over Jack’s left shoulder.  “the burning in your stomach is a pain you’ve grown accustomed to.  But I can cure you, Jack. I will alleviate that pain for you…”

Jack Harmen was sat bolt upright in his seat, his hands digging into the arms of his chair.  He knew he wanted to turn, to face his tormentor, but some unknown force kept him glued to his seat.

“I know what you did, Jack. And I’m going to tell. But first, here’s a treat that’s hot as hell.”

A rustling.

A light pat on the desk.


The lights and television switched back on and in front of the General Manager, lying in front of him, was a bag of Spicy Nacho Cheese Doritos.

Eyes wide, confused, and startled, Harmen's look darted from side to side. He slowly reached out, and we hear the crinkling of the bag open, as a few chips are nervously munched on.





We returned from a commercial to see Chris Smith, greeted with boos, making his way for a match with an nbW hopeful, Tuinei Ahona of Samoa. 

Smith had made a two-fold impact last week by costing The Players in their opening Ladder match against The Entertainers, thus handing the ladder the number one contender’s spot, and also making a play for Ohiyama’s Blitzkrieg title with a pre-meditated assault.

A Collar-and-Elbow saw Smith back the Samoan up into the corner.  The official ordered a clean break and ‘Big Kid’ extended his paw for a handshake.  Remarkably, Tuinei accepted it and Chris gratefully shook it for several seconds.

Then, Smith whipped Ahona to the top left-hand corner and missed with the subsequent Running Elbow.  Tuinei punished Chris with a Corner Splash while the iron was hot. 
Smith stumbled out...

Anhoa planted the Playground Bully with a Bulldog!



And only 2.

The rookie scooped Smith up and stuck him with a Body Slam.  However, he telegraphed the Elbow Drop.

But so did Smith!

Anhoa sent Chris into the right-hand set of ropes and then undid his handiwork by showing his lack of experience and lowering his head...

Smith took Tuinei by the head and tossed him through the ropes to the floor.

Chris was admonished by the official.  He showed remorse and allowed the official to start a count.  Nevertheless, after six, he did what he wanted and vacated the squared circle..

‘Big Kid’ sent the Samoan into the nearby steel stairs.  Thereafter, he scraped Tuinei up and sent him back to the deck with considerable authority.

Before the referee could read the riot act, ‘Big Kid’ reminded him of the Blitzkrieg rules and got on with his business, ramming the youngster’s face into the apron before then placing Tuinei on it.  Chris joined Anhoa on the edge of the ring, searching for an Apron Chokeslam...

Fortunately, Anhoa elbowed his way desperately to freedom and a Headbutt sent Smith down off the apron and down onto the floor...

Backed by our audience, the Samoan took off with a terrific Splash!!!



Shoulder up!

Spectators urged Anhoa on.  The rookie had the opportunity to upset Smith.  Could he do it?  He helped Chris up...

Suddenly, Smith pushed Tuinei into the apron.  No wasted motion, Chris rolled the rookie back into the battleground. 

As Chris was coming in, the underdog kicked him to regain the lead.  An Irish Whip attempt was reversed, but Anhoa ducked underneath Smith’s Lariat...

Notwithstanding, Chris caught Tuinei on the rebound and added insult to injury with a Pop-Up SAMOAN DROP!!!!

Sensing blood, Smith grabbed the upstart for one last potential throw of the dice...





Chris insisted on having his hand raised and with that, departed with his unbeaten streak intact and seemingly on a collision course with The Active Volcano.


Star Stud...ded Interview


Backstage with the sister of Victory’s Interviewer turned Commentator, Adria Hoyt - Veronica.

“Evening!” She spoke with cheer in her voice. That time of the year, everyone is jolly as can be. “Welcome my guest, please. Fresh off the set, and a debut victory - Mr. Aleige.”

“Aaron is fine, doll.” Aaron Kelly Aleige stepped into frame, cobalt shades covering his eyes as if hiding from his fans, while flashing his pearly whites at Veronica and then the camera.

“Okay! Aaron, thank you for joining me here. I just want you to know that I am a HUGE fan of your work. Absolutely LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE-”

“Aww, that’s cute.” Aaron stopped her and placed a hand on her shoulder, “but I’m afraid this man before you has another mistress.”

“Wha-no-wait.” Veronica stuttered but collected herself. “I mean your movies. Loved them.”

“It’s okay. Here.” Aaron withdrew a 8 by 10, of himself obviously, and then reached in his pocket to pull out a pen which quickly jotted his name down on it. He of course handed it over to her. “Just hang that over your bed doll, and you’ll always be close to the star of your heart.”

“Thanks?” She looked past him at her producer off screen, as if to get instructions on what to do. Her lip curled and a shrug later she took the photo. “But about your match against Jupiter.”

“Great chap! Reminds me of my co-star in The Mechanics Last Assignment 2, Ol’ Charlie Ross. Big tub of goo, which-” with a flash of the whites, “he wound up dissolving in. Well Charlie was a lot like Jupiter. Big boned guy, logs of meat on those bones. It took a lot of effort to take him down. Charlie himself was trained sumo. So to say that we shot it all in one take, well doll that’d be a lie. And Aaron Kelly Aleige doesn’t make up lies.”


“I had fun though. Same with Jupiter. If he wants to dance again next week for my second debut match, well my card is wide open.”

“That’s great, but Jupiter is currently out of action following a heinous attack by Mercury and Miaate.”

“Oh?” Aaron pulled his shades off and held them in his hand while he looked around at her as if judging her for the truth. “Well I’ll have my agent send him a get well basket of ribs. What a wrinkle that is. I only have a bit of free time before we start filming our ninth in the series. Shame I won’t have a match.”

“Oh, so we won’t see you wrestling again anytime soon?” Veronica was a bit depressed about it. “I mean your second debut match?”

“Never say never doll.” He winked. Not your typical wink, but the overly exaggerated left brow raised, with a flashy smile and direction turned to the camera. “Keep that dry.” He patted the photo with his hand and slipped his shades back on before heading off camera leaving Veronica wooed. … okay not really.



Gods Versus Titans II




Time Constraints


To the announce table with Melissa Vanderart and C.G. Gains, we go!

“We’ve got a HUGE main event tonight when nbW World Heavyweight Champion Brock Newbludd begins his maiden voyage as champ against “Big Talk” Jake Tockwell in a rematch from Legacy! But what about War Games announcement, too! They’ll be captaining teams!”

“And Big Talk will win the title back and then beat up whoever the hell is dumb enough to join him!” Gains said. “Big Talk all the way for two-time champ tonight!”

“A LOT of big developments tonight! Another one of them was our scheduled nbW Dynasty Tag Title match when Clan Strongbern defends against The Law based from their victory over The Clan on Slam 97. On that note, The Law have demanded that their title match take place on Victory 7 due to the nbW World Heavyweight Title match taking the lead. No doubt that Tockwell has plans to possibly get The Law involved tonight!”

“How dare you? Tockwell can beat Brock any time he wants to!”

“What about Legacy?”


Melissa rolled her eyes. “Well, anyway… Clan Strongbern are backstage right now and we’re about to talk to Big Rick about their recent developments involving the return of The Rich Family, as well as the Big Rick Strongbern Big F’ing Cup on Victory 7! Big Rick, are you there?”

The crowd turned their collective attention up to the tron and now we can see Big Rick and all the members of Clan Strongbern hovering right behind him. Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern with his arms crossed, Ri-Khan growling and ready for a fight and Little Ricky behind them, cracking his knuckles.


“Cowards?” Little Ricky said.

“Bitches who are afraid to get their backs broken?” Rik asked.


Big Rick smirked.


“That brings me to my next question,” Melissa said, “you guys have a LOT on your plate and... no other way to dance around it. A LOT of upcoming challengers. You have The Law. Then you have the winner of The Suplex Society and Savage Badassery. And not to mention… your attack from The Rich Family.”

“Oh, trust us,” Rik said. “We’re ready for ANY team that wants to test the might of Clan Strongbern.”

“Big Rick is insane enough to make this work,” Little Ricky said. “So… well, yeah. We’re ready.”



The feed cut out for Clan Strongbern.

“Guys? Guys?” C.G. Gains said. “Monkeys in the back of the truck, we lost the feed. Can we get it back, please?”

“Oh, trust us. There’s nothing wrong with your feed.”

The feed came back and it was a hand on a camera adjusting its focus. When the man backed up, it was “The First” Freddie Rich. Behind him were Todd Rich, Declan Rich, and Donny Rich.

“Wait!” Melissa said. “The Rich Family! Are they… are they in the production truck?”

“Shut up, Melissa,” Freddie demanded. She went quiet and he resumed. “I’ve had ENOUGH of those Clan Strongbern idiots and I’ve had enough of people not giving us the respect and attention we deserve, so WE’RE talking now.” Freddie hissed. “We had to go to drastic measures to get any time around here… maybe serious measures, but measures nonetheless...”

He turned his attention to a stagehand in the production truck that Todd was physically holding down by the shoulder to mess with the feed.

“We find it DISGUSTING that we’re a REAL family that’s had nothing but sideshow acts pass us by,” Freddie said. “The Unstoppables. The A-List… but CLAN DAMN STRONGBERN? They may be the worst of them all. A few weeks ago, you said and I quote, “no tag team, no group, no family, no-body could mess with you.” Well… we left the four of you laying and you haven’t been able to do anything about it. And by the time we found out about your little ego project on Victory, the spots were already filled up or WE would have no doubt won.”

Freddie smiled.

“It’s fine. This is professional wrestling and there’s always more than one way to the goal, so if we want a title shot, then we’ll do the direct approach by attacking you and taking your time away from you until we get what we want. If you want to do something about us punking you out on Slam 100, then here’s my offer… one of us versus one of you on Slam in two weeks. Make your choice, boys.”


Then the camera went back to Big Rick.


“Rick? Rick? Are you guys back?”

Big Rick stopped in mid-tirade and raised an eyebrow.


The camera panned back to Little Ricky who looked incredibly offended and ashamed to be there. 

“I’m pretty sure you just offended religious people, the blind and small children with that rant. God.”

“Yeah, boss…” Rik added. “You lost me when you brought up Episcopalians. I don’t even know what that is.”

Big Rick growled and turned red in the face, ready to explode.


And with that, the feed cut out again.

“What…? Did something happen to the feed again?” C.G. Gains asked.

“Yeah. Ran out of time.” Melissa said. “Probably for the best. But to recap… Clan Strongbern will defend the Dynasty Tag Team Titles against The Law! And in the conclusion of Big Rick Strongbern’s Big F’ing Cup, The Suplex Society of Matt Haddon and Jax Curry will take on the team of former nbW World Heavyweight Champions Ravage and Vic Gravender… AKA Savage Badassery! Don’t miss Victory 7 later this week!”

"And damn... things with The Rich Family and Clan Strongbern are heating up!"







We find ourselves backstage. Screaming can be heard. High-pitched and vulgar. The door to the game room seemed to even vibrate from the venom within. Then the brave camera man popped the door open. Sitting on the ping-pong table, with a freshly placed cast and wrap across her shoulder and arm was Zhalia Fears. Across from her, spewing off the language of death no doubt was Michelle Couli. But her focus wasn’t on Fears, rather the young Asian woman standing against the wall.

“-next time, and then I'll use your uterus to strangle her scrawny neck!”


“Michelle, relax.” Zhalia ordered, or requested, from her elevated seat of the action. “It was not Sora’s fault.”

“I DON’T CARE! I’m going to tear you up next week on Victory.” She slammed her fist up next to the shorter woman’s head. “You’ll deliver a message to that psycho bitch, with it written in your own blood across your forehead.”

“We fight?” Hikari wasn’t backing down at all. She seemed ready. “We fight?”

“Oh we’ll fight.” Couli shoved from the wall and stepped back. “Now go find that bitch.”

Sora looked over at Zhalia who shook her head: “Ignore her. She’s just sour about last week. And the weeks prior.”

“Sour?” Couli turned to Fears. “Was I sour when you brought your friend in for Legacy? Or when Lucretia knocked us out and your friend vanished? Hmm Zhalia?”

“Well, yeah.” She half-smiled, “I mean you were fuming. But as I said, MJ had nothing to do with that. She was taken out when the lights were out and dragged to the back. She is not going to be returning to the ring anytime soon.”

“Either are you.” Couli stated as she finally walked over and took a seat in one of the overly large chairs. “Not now.”

“The doc has me out for a month or two. NBW made a bit too much of a deal about what happened. If not for this cast-” she tapped her covered arm with her other hand, “I could raise and twist this like normal.”

“No you’re not and won't.” She then looked back over at Sora Hikari who had sunk back in the shadows. “Get ready, next week. You, me.”

“Michelle, leave it alone. Sora was out in the ring when I was attacked. She refused to even take the victory. She is a good friend. Even rushed back soon as the show went to a break. Pure Paragon, no Renegade on her meter.”


“Honor.” Sora stated in the few english words she knew over the years - as if to clear up the confusion. "No Honor."

“Fine.” With a huff she popped back and kicked her legs up on the arm rest. “But next week I’m kicking someone’s head off.”

As we fade out, Sora broke through from her same spot: “We no fight?”

With a scoff, Couli responded: “I guess not.”



At Slam 100, The Entertainers snatched a briefcase containing a contract that makes them the new number one contenders to Clan Strongbern's crown.  However, the controversial nature of their victory, a Chris Smith intereference, has led Harmen, Keal and nbW management to book a series of 7 to see which unit is superior.

Earlier on, Kid Chameleon dismantled Darren Best to level the series.  Paul Sanders is in the ring ready to give The Players the lead.

"Introducing first...weighing two hundred and forty-six pounds...from Portland, Oregon...'International Playboy' Paul Sanders!" 

"Introducing next...weighing in at two hundred and four pounds, from London, England....Alfie Button!"

Afterwards, Alfie stormed to the ring, sliding underneath the bottom rope and onto the top turnbuckle in the lower right-hand corner of the ring, where he gained more acclaim from an appreciative audience.  He urges Darren to join him, but the more level-headed member of the pair takes him time; a stark contrast to the psyched-up Englishman, who leapt off the turnbuckle with a bounce and a distinct swagger in his step, blurring the lines between arrogance and intensity.  Either way, Alfie Button was raring to go.

Alfie went straight for Sanders, who caught Button’s attempted leap and punch, converting it into an early Bearhug.

Rather than sap the exuberant Englishman’s energy, Paul dumped Alfie like a bunny boiler with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex!

The Entertainers exited left, nursing his back.  Paul wasn’t going to let up, attempting a Baseball Slide, which Button evaded by stepping away.  Sanders read it and rolled out anyway, striking a pose, which made a few girls lose their shit.

Alfie took a slow walk around the ring, electing to come in via the right side.  Sanders indulged Alfie by coming in from the opposite end and the two came together for a typical Collar-and-Elbow, effortlessly won by Sanders.  He marched Button in the bottom right-hand corner and a clean break was observed.

As Alfie tried to leave, Paul pushed him back into the corner with contempt.  Alfie seemed set to repeat the feat and Sanders felt he was ready...

Only he wasn’t.

Button slid through the bigger man’s legs...

Wait a minute – I underestimated Paul there.  He caught Button in the act, lifted the speedster up and sent Alfie into the corner with a Chokebomb.  The Brit was clearly frustrated at his lack of progress thus far, evident by kicking the bottom rope.
Quickly, Button hopped over the top rope and tried to come back in with a Slingshot Springboard...

Paul punched the airborne Alfie in the stomach, which paved the way for a Trailblazer...

Only for Alfie to dodge a bullet.  He sensed the end was close and his mind matched his body for pace there.
For some reason, the London negotiated a C & E again, which saw Sanders push Button back into the ropes.

However, Alfie reversed it into the corner, only to have that re-countered and perhaps watching his partner Best take on Paul’s other half, Kid Chameleon earlier on, a European Uppercut found its way through the guard...

A second was detonated by a right of Paul’s, who plonked Alfie on his ass.  A Suplex kept him there.

And an Irish Whip on the Englishman deposited Alfie up, out and over the top rope.

This time, the ex-football player’s Baseball Slide landed.  Thereafter, he whipped Alfie into the steps before heading back into the battleground.

At around 7, Sanders revisited Alfie, sans a bag of graps, though with the intention of sealing victory, presumably by pinfall.

Before Paul could test the water, Alfie moved, dropping down...

Leapfrog by Saunders.

A mirror image by Button....POWERBOMB!



Surprisingly, Paul took a page out of his opponent’s playbook and headed outside, lying and waiting for a Slingshot Shoulderblock...
Alfie threw a spanner in the works by performing a back roll to evade contact and capitalised with...

HEERE’S  ALFIE!!!! (Standing Shooting Star Press.)

And he wasn’t done yet...

AL JAZEERA (Slingshot Arabian Press.)

Button was piling the pressure on after being on the receiving end for the early going.  The crowd backed him as he stuck it to Sanders with a triumvirate of European Uppercuts...


A Bodyslam by Button set Sanders up for...

Frogsplash!  Before Button went back upstairs, he turned Paul around and performed an ACTION REPLAY!  (2 Frogsplashes – one to the stomach and another to the back.)


Sanders had control of Alfie’s left foot...



Sanders picked Button up and pasted him with another Lariat...MATCH OF THE DAY!!! (Overhead Kick.)

Alfie was up again in a flash...

Eat My Shorts (Springboard Lou Thesz Press.)

It was The Entertainer’s turn to Irish Whip Sanders to the corner and as Sanders slouched...

Commercial Break!  (Hesitation Dropkick.)

Alfie was bang in form here and hoisted Paul up onto the top rope.  With that gesture, thousands of fans stood up in anticipation...


(Leaping Poisoned Frankensteiner from the summit.)




Button couldn’t believe it.  Rather than dwell on it, he wanted to make amends for Darren’s defeat to Kid Chameleon earlier and went back to the top rope, not the buckles, to search for his devastating 720 DDT...


Wait a minute...

Button was bowled over...


In an INSTANT, the contest had turned on its head.



Sanders looked worse for wear.  While he’d controlled the early portion of the bout, he’d been up against it heading into the finish.

However, in wrestling, sport and in life, so close and yet so far has a habit of popping up time and time again.

Either man could’ve won the contest.  Don’t forget Paul had been close to the Trailblazer early doors.

In the end, after losing the Ladder match last week, The Players now led what has been converted into a series with singles wins for Chameleon and Sanders.


A Little Face-time



The scene cut backstage with Fenton Woods and his young client, EZ Blaze, celebrating a big singles victory tonight over Ai Tso of the Xiang Dynasty. The Dynasty and Warren Spade and company had been at odds over the last several weeks stemming all the way back from when The Great Wall cost Warren Spade the nbW World championship on two different occasions.

Blaze was smiling underneath his mask and whipped it out right there backstage.

I’m talking about his iPhone X, you perverts.

“We gotta tell Warren!” yelled Fenton.

They dialed up FaceTime and the familiar tones of the ring came through before Warren appeared on their phone with a big grin on his face.

“You did it, Blaze!” said Warren. “Great job out there!”

“That’s right! He’s better than ever out there! You see him soar through the sky and hit that drop kick running off of the ropes?! How awesome was that?!”

Blaze looked fake bashful and waved a hand.

“I’m sorry that I couldn’t be there tonight, but I go in tomorrow for impact testing. Pre-screenings haven’t shown anything unusual so as long as those check out, I’ll be back on Slam 102 and I can pick up where I left off by beating the Dynasty’s asses.”

“That’s right!” said Fenton. “Look forward to you coming back, big man.”

Next to him, Blaze nodded with his signature enthusiasm and leaned next to Fenton.

“Well you guys have … “

Warren stopped talking; enough that it worried Fenton and Blaze. The two turned to face what Warren was looking at …


Before Blaze could even react to protect him, Xiang and Ai Tso pounced on him like hungry dogs and laid into him with various strikes!

Fenton tried lifting up his cane to use like a weapon but The Great Wall grabbed it and broke it over his knee! He tossed the pieces down and shoved Fenton down right after that!

“Damn it! No!”

The Great Wall looked at the dropped iPhone X on the ground and the monster actually had a smile when he saw Warren Spade. He picked up the phone in his hand and looked at the Monster of the Mid-South at home.

“I’m gonna break your ass when I get back there! I’m gonna … ” yelled Warren. “I’m gonna … “

The Great Wall dropped the phone right next to EZ Blaze and put his massive boot on it, cracking it into pieces and no doubt stretching EZ Blaze’s wallet to replace it in the future. Fenton was on his knees trying to stand, next to the laid out Blaze. Xiang leaned next to him.

“You can tell Warren Spade that if he wants a rematch against my giant, all he has to do is ask. We’ve got business tonight.”

The Great Wall threw an extra hard kick right into Blaze’s side! The Xiang Dynasty left Blaze laid out, making him pay for his quick victory earlier tonight and no doubt stoking the fire for when Warren Spade returned on the next episode of Slam.





Returning from the commercial break, the camera faded in to show Vanderart and Gaines sitting behind the announce desk. Flashing a smile to the camera, Mel then turned slightly in her chair to face C.G.

“What a night this has been so far, C.G.! And it certainly started off with a bang when Jack Harmen announced that the main event of Gods vs. Titans would be a seven on seven WarGames match!”

Gaines sensed his partner’s excitement over the huge announcement, and couldn’t help but feel the same.

“It’s going to be a historic match, Mel, no doubt about it. WarGames is a brutal match, and I can guarantee that the men participating in it won’t be the same after it.”

“Agreed partner,” Vanderart said. “It will be a match for the ages. But first, the two captains who will be heading the teams going to battle in the WarGames match will be continuing their own personal war over the NBW World Heavyweight title.”

Gaines eyes lit up in anticipation.

“Is it time for the main event? Is it time for Big Talk to reclaim what his rightfully his!?”

Cue the eye roll from Vanderart.n

“It is time for the main event, though I don’t know about your second comment. I will say this, the world champion is more than likely going to have the deck stacked against him tonight, because you better believe Big Talk will be bringing his entire entourage down to the ring with him for this match.”

“Why wouldn’t he?” Gaines asked. “He wants them to be there to watch him reclaim his glory! There’s nothing wrong with that!”

“Sure he does, C.G.” Vanerart sarcastically said back. “But, if there is one man who is no stranger to defying the odds it’s Brock Newbludd. So, if I was Tockwell, I’d be ready for a fight.”

“Brock better be ready to go back to being a curtain jerker, because Big Talk is coming back with a vengeance baby!”

Turning away from her confident partner, Vanderart looked up to the camera.

“Whatever the outcome of this match will be, I’m sure it will be a wild ride getting there! It’s time for the main event of the evening, a world championship rematch! It’s time for Newbludd vs. Tockwell, Part II!”

With that, the camera cut to ring announcer Brent Williams standing in the middle of the ring next to referee Chuck Radford.

“Ladies and Gentlemen...it’s now time for our MAIN EVENT of the evening...and it will be a single’s match for the N...B...W...World Heavyweight Championship!”

‘Life in the Fast Lane’ by The Eagles

Boos rained down as the sliding double doors opened up and ’Big Talk’ Jake Tockwell made his way out onto the stage, looking as confident as ever.

And why wouldn’t he be?

Following right behind him was his manager, ’Hot Sauce’ Raul Ramirez,, his girlfriend ’Sweetfire Sally Renolds, and last but certainly not least, his two dangerous hired guns, Brady and Strauss aka The Law!

“Introducing first, hailing from Memphis, Tennessee...the challenger!

With his entourage following closely behind, the former world champion strutted down the ramp as golden pyro shot off on each side of him. Ignoring the tremendous amount of heat being thrown his way by the sold out crowd, Jake stopped at the bottom of the ramp as Hot Sauce climbed up the ring apron to hold open the ropes.

Continuing his strut, Big Talk walked up the ring steps and along the apron to enter the ring, followed closely by Sally. Meanwhile, Brady and Strauss climbed up to enter the ring as well.

Handing Sally his boas, the Talk of the Town spread his arms wide and laughed at all the JAG’s booing him, while Ramirez clapped his hands in awe of the young Memphis Brawler.

Fully surrounded by The In Crowd, the cool and confident challenger turned his attention to the stage.

’Mouth for War’ by Pantera

The Ahoy Arena ERUPTED at the sound of the new world champion’s music hitting the speakers, and gave another loud ovation when the man himself walked out onto the stage with a fist raised high above his head.

Stopping at the top of the stage, Brock Newbludd unfastened the big gold belt that was around his waist and held it up high as red pyro shot off from the EpiCenter.

“And his opponent! From Milwaukee, Wisconsin...weighing in at two hundred and thirty pounds...he is the NBW World Heavyweight Champion...he is ‘The Innovator’ Brock Newbludd!”

Slowly lowering the title, Newbludd stared at the mass of people in the ring and didn’t seemed intimidated one bit by it. Heading down the ramp, Newbludd stuck one arm out to slap hands with the fans before reaching the bottom of the ramp and sliding underneath the bottom rope.

Popping up, Newbludd walked right up to Big Talk and stood nose to nose to the challenger. Hatred burned in both men’s eyes as they stared each other down, and Radford quickly separated the two. Telling Newbludd to back off into the corner, Chuck then ordered The In Crowd and The Law to vacate the ring, immediately.

Brady and Strauss both stepped over the top rope to hop down to the floor, while Sally gave her man a distiguingly passionate kiss before exiting herself with Hot Sauce.

“How’s my dick taste!?” Newbludd barked out to Tockwell from the corner.

“Shut your JAG mouth Brock-Sucker! Big Talk’s sure you know what dick tastes like!” an angry Tockwell fired back.

Standing in between them, Radford shook his head at the two’s verbal sparring and decided that it was time for things to get serious by calling for the bell!


A small roar erupted from the anxious crowd at the sound of the bell, and every single one of them were either standing or on the edge of their seat as the two bitter rivals circled each other in the middle of the ring.

The challenger, Jake Tockwell, couldn’t help himself from grinning as his two hired guns, Brady and Strauss began to patrol around the ring like a couple of sharks who had caught the smell of fresh blood. Tockwell, then glanced over to the other two members of his entourage and shot them a cocky grin.

“Take that belt back, baby!” Newbludd’s ex, Sally, screamed up to Jake before blowing him a kiss.

“You got this, Big Talk!” Raul added.

Beaming with confidence, Tockwell couldn’t help but get one last quick insult in as he circled around the ring.

“Ain’t gonna be like last time, Brock-sucker! The In Crowd has got your dumbass surrounded and we’re not leaving until Big Talk gets his title back!”

Glancing at The Law and the rest of The In Crowd, Brock shook his head at the challenger.

“I don’t think so, asshole!” Newbludd yelled back. “You may have brought my sloppy seconds and those three shitbags down here with you to back you up…”

Suddenly Newbludd stopped circling and pointed right at Tockwell, who stopped as well.

“But, I’m still going to pin your ass right in the middle of this very ring, right in front of MY backup!”

Brock then slowly pointed his finger out to the crowd, and they responded instantly.


Jake couldn’t help to look out to the chanting people with disgust, he hated every single one of those Dutch JAGS.

Growing a smile, the champion then lunged at the challenger and locked him into a collar and elbow!

And so began Newbludd vs. Tockwell II.

Initially caught off guard by Brock closing the gap between them, Jake was pushed a few feet back as he fought for position against the champion. Then the young Memphis bull was able to get his feet planted to stop his retreat and he quickly used his power advantage to drive Brock backwards towards the nearest turnbuckle.

Backpedaling, Newbludd tried to get low to get leverage but Tockwell continued to overpower him as he continued to push him towards the corner. Not wanting to get trapped by the skilled brawler, the champion relented on fighting back for a split second, which allowed Jake to gain even more momentum.

But, that forward momentum worked against Jake when the technically savvy champion was able to break the lock up with a quick knee to the gut before sending Big Talk down face first to the mat with a drop toe hold!

Angered by being taken down, Tockwell was quick to his feet and charged in at Brock who was waiting for him…

Steamboat Armdrag!

Tockwell got flipped head over heels by the picture perfect armdrag, but that didn’t stop him from popping back up and charging in at his opponent again…

Steamboat Armdrag!

Kip-up by the world champion!


The crowd was roaring in approval and Brock was feeding off their energy in the early seconds of his first official title defense as he waved for Tockwell to get back up.

While Jake might have had the advantage in the power and brawling categories, Newbludd held the edge in agility and technical ability, which he put on display with the back to back armdrags that sent the former world champion from one end of the ring to the other.

Big Talk’s face was bright red from being caught taken down twice in a row by his adversary and this time he didn’t pop back up to charge back in at Newbludd. Instead, the self proclaimed ‘Talk of the Town’ rolled towards the ropes with the intention of getting to the outside to break the champion’s early rhythm.

Seeing what Jake was attempting to do, Brock dashed towards him and at the last second caught Big Talk by an ankle to prevent his escape from the ring! On the outside, Brady attempted to grab ahold of one of Jake’s arms as Brock began to drag him back in, but his plan was foiled by a swift warning kick from referee Radford!

With an iron grip around Tockwell’s ankle with both of his hands, Newbludd managed to drag him on his belly all the way back into the center of the ring. A well placed kick from Jake’s free leg caused Brock to let go of the ankle and take a couple steps back, giving the challenger enough time to flip over and begin to push himself up.

But, he hadn’t bought enough time, and Brock let him know it by rushing over to send an elbow down hard onto Big Talk’s lower back!

Harnessing his inner amateur wrestling abilities, Newbludd stayed on the mat and smoothly transitioned across Tockwell before flipping him over and clasping both hands on Jake’s arm to deliver a hard knee into his shoulder. Gritting his teeth, Jake tried to wriggle free but the world champion held onto the arm and nearly did a handstand before driving another knee into Big Talk’s shoulder!

The second knee from Brock hit Jake’s shoulder dead on, and Tockwell grunted from the ensuing pain as he instinctively reached for it with his other arm. But, Brock was fully on the offensive and he gave his opponent no time to check his shoulder as he pulled the two of them up to a standing position…

Single Arm DDT!

Brock drove the shoulder of Tockwell’s that he had just been working on straight into the mat. From the string of moves that he had just delivered it was obvious that the world champion’s early focus was on weakening the arms of the challenger to hopefully lessen the effectiveness of his deadly lariat, The Gift of Gab.

The atomic bomb of a clothesline could strike from anywhere, at anytime, and end a match in the blink of an eye. That was something Newbludd didn’t want to happen, especially with the title belt that he fought so hard to take from Tockwell on the line.

Which is why he kept the pressure on, literally, by flipping on his side the moment he brought Tockwell down with the Single Arm DDT and grabbing hold of the same arm he just smashed into the mat. Then Newbludd reached out with both of his arms to grab Big Talk by the neck…

To lock him into a CROSSFACE!

With the crowd on their feet, cheering him on, Newbludd yanked back as far as he could on the submission to cause as much pain to Tockwell’s neck and shoulder that he could. But, this match was still young and though the world champion had spent the majority of it working on Big Talk’s arm, Jake still had a lot left in the tank and a lot left in his powerful legs.


Using his free arm in tandem with his strong legs, Big Talk managed to power forward across the mat as Newbludd continued to wrench down with the crossface in what was an impressive display of raw power. Brock tried his best to stop Jake’s progress, but the former world champion would not be denied and made it to the ropes, latching on to them with his free hand!

Immediately Radford started the mandatory five count for Newbludd to break the hold, but the world champion took a page out of his opponent’s book by milking those five seconds for all they were worth and wrenched back on Tockwell’s head until literally the last possible second!

Releasing the crossface, Brock was quick to his feet and even quicker in getting Jake back up to his. Grabbing the left arm he had been chipping away at since the sound of the opening bell, the relentless champion applied an arm wringer. With the standing armbar locked in, Brock pulled Big Talk in to drive a hard elbow directly into the meat of Jake’s shoulder.

Pushing a pained Big Talk backwards, the Milwaukee Made man then yanked back in for a hard shoulder thrust before pushing the now wobbly kneed Jake back out to pull him back in one more time…

Short-Arm Clothesline!

Putting everything he had behind the clothesline, Brock let out a roar after nearly turning Tockwell inside out!


Breathing heavily, not from exhaustion but from the adrenaline flowing through his veins, the world champion grabbed Jake by his worn down left arm and pulled him up to his feet once again.

But, suddenly the world champion found himself seeing stars when Jake lashed out with a wild right hook…


Like he had so many times in his young career, Jake Tockwell was able to turn the tide in his favor in the blink of an eye by hitting a homerun swing when he needed it the most.

Stumbling backwards, Newbludd was headed for the mat but Jake reached out with that same right hand that he had just rocked the champion with to pull him in…

Samoan Drop!

In an impressive showing of his raw power, Jake was able to send Newbludd flying towards the ropes with the samoan drop. Though, he was slow to get to his feet himself as he clutched at his sore left shoulder which allowed Brock to recover slightly and begin to use the ropes to pull himself up.

Seeing Newbludd pulling himself up by the ropes, the opportunistic challenger charged in and drove a knee right into Brock’s back just as the champion reached for the top rope. The blow caused Brock to fall back down onto the middle rope and Big Talk grinned when he saw another opportunity to hurt Newbludd further.

Placing his boot right on the back of the champion’s head, Jake pinned the champion’s throat across the middle rope before reaching down and pulling up on the rope to start choking him!


Kicking his legs as grinning Tockwell cut the air off from lungs, Brock was at his opponent's mercy as Radford immediately ordered Big Talk to stop as he started his five count.

Just like Brock had done to him with the crossface, Tockwell milked Radford’s five count for all it was worth before finally lifting his leg off of Newbludd and backing away as he threw his hands up in mock innocence.

With his opponent lying on the mat coughing to get his breath back, Jake took a brief moment to take an arrogant bow to his applauding entourage on the outside which drew more heavy boos from the sold-out crowd.

Disregarding the jeering fans, Big Talk focused back in on the still down Newbludd and delivered a series of stomps to the champion before reaching down to pick him up by the hair. Throwing a questionably low knee into Brock’s midsection, Jake ignored Radford’s warning and sent Brock for the ride into the ropes.

Catching Brock on the rebound, Jake PLANTED the world champion with a big time POWERSLAM!

But, Tockwell wasn’t done just yet.

Maintaining his grip on Brock, the challenger muscled his way back up to a standing position before dropping down to nail Newbludd with a RIB-BREAKER!

Jake still hung on to Brock!

Standing up for a second time, Tockwell finished off his extraordinary power move combo with a beastly FALLAWAY SLAM!

Newbludd hit the mat in a heap and would’ve rolled right out of the ring if it weren’t for Strauss lending a helping hand from the outside by stopping Brock’s momentum and rolling him back towards the middle of the ring.

Strauss pointed for his boss to pin Brock, and Tockwell took his hired gun’s advice by diving down to hook the leg.



Kickout by the champion!

Not looking surprised in the least at the kickout, Jake brought himself and Newbludd to their feet and fired Brock into the ropes again.

Planting his feet and crouching down, it looked like Tockwell was waiting to deliver a spinebuster to the incoming Newbludd, but was caught with his pants down when the champion did a baseball slide between his legs!

Reacting fast, Jake spun around with an arcing right fist…


Ducked by Brock at the last second!

With the added torque from spinning his whole body around, Jake would’ve surely landed the winning blow if the just rising up champion wouldn’t have ducked it at the last second. Not being able to stop his momentum, Jake continued to twist around and Newbludd took advantage of it by leaping into the air to nail him squarely in the back with a standing dropkick!

The combination of already being off balance from his haymaker along with being struck in the back caused Big Talk to stumble forward towards the nearest corner and smash face first into the top turnbuckle!

Now the challenger was stumbling backwards towards Brock, who had made it to his feet just in time to leap up into the air again…



The champion just regained the momentum by driving Tockwell’s head and neck straight into the mat!

Pushing himself up, Brock crawled over to the face down Big Talk and rolled him onto his back. But, instead of going for the obvious pin, Newbludd rose up to a standing position and looked to the same turnbuckles that Tockwell had just face planted.

After glancing out to the cheering crowd, Brock then sprinted towards the corner and quickly climbed up to the top!

Perched on the top rope, Newbludd zeroed in on his downed opponent before rising up and leaping off!


The crowd roared in approval as Newbludd drove his elbow straight into the black heart of the challenger, and received a bit of redemption along the way. The last time Brock attempted a top rope elbow on Jake, he ended up crashing through the Spanish announce table at Legacy.

Feeding off the crowd’s energy, Brock stood up and raised a fist out to them before pointing at the corner. Receiving a roar of approval, Newbludd sprinted towards it again and climbed up!

Spinning around to face the ring, Newbludd rose up again, ready to deliver another big elbow to his arch-nemesis when suddenly Brady jumped up on the apron!

Seeing the lawman up on the apron, a now distracted Radford ran over to order him to get back to the floor while at the same moment Strauss climbed up onto the apron and pushed Brock off of the top rope!


Thinking that their plan had worked to perfection, Brady hopped down back to the floor and Strauss went to do the same when suddenly he realized that Newbludd had landed on his feet!


Brock had just sent the big man flying off the apron to crash land onto the floor! Turning around to get back to the task at hand, the world’s champion’s eyes went wide in surprise when he saw a revived barreling in towards him…


Big Talk put everything he had into the spear (smartly using his good shoulder) but instead of driving Newbludd to the ground, he bulldozed him into the turnbuckles and began doubling the world champion over with hard shoulder thrusts.

One more hard shoulder thrust later, Jake backed up a few feet as Newbludd began to slump down in the corner. Then he charged in…


Big Talk finished off his barrage with his signature running knee lift! Taking the full force of Jake’s knee with his head, the world champion fell to his ass in the corner and Tockwell couldn’t resist adding a little icing to the cake by planting his foot across Newbludd’s throat to choke him for the second time in the match!


Tockwell was feeding off of the crowd’s negative energy much like his opponent feed off their positive and he grew a big smile as he watched the man who took his world title belt weakly try to fight back. There was no doubt that Jake would’ve been more than happy to spend the rest of the night stepping on Brock’s neck, but a disqualification warning from Radford rained on his parade and he relented.

Putting his big frame in between Newbludd and the ref, Big Talk sneaked in a boo inducing knee to his enemies groin as he lifted him up to a standing position. The low blow doubled Brock over once again, causing Jake to grab him in the suplex position and lifting him up.

But, Tockwell didn’t complete the suplex to send the champion crashing back to the middle of the ring. Instead, he placed Newbludd on a sitting position on the top turnbuckle before giving him a disrespectful slap across the face!

Then, the young Memphis brawler climbed ALL the way up to the top rope and grabbed the dazed Brock in another headlock.

Concentrating on maintaining his balance, Big Talk then threw Newbludd’s arm around his neck and began to lift him up as flashbulbs lit up the arena…


The ring rattling top rope suplex caused both men to bounce hard off the mat, with Newbludd obviously taking the worst of the landing. Still, Jake cried out in pain and grabbed at his left shoulder after the impact.

But, that wasn’t going to stop him from crawling over towards Newbludd and throwing his good arm across the champion’s chest!




Slapping a hand on the mat three times, a frustrated Tockwell staggered up to his feet and got right in the face of the veteran referee. This wasn’t a first for Radford, having to justify his count to Tockwell, and he stood his ground against the berating he was receiving from the former champion. Hearing more than enough from the loud mouthed memphis brawler, Radford stuck a finger in Jake’s chest and told him to back off or else he would have no problem in disqualifying him from the match.

Not wanting to lose his chance at regaining the title belt because of his own anger, Jake smartly backed off and turned back to Newbludd who was starting to come to as he attempted to push himself up off the mat.

Still frustrated, Jake grabbed Brock by the back of the head and ran towards the ropes before throwing him over them to the outside!

Landing on the thin matting on the outside, Brock rolled onto his back and winced his eyes in pain from the punishment he just took from Tockwell in the ring. Suddenly his eyes shot open when he realized where he had landed.

Right in between Strauss and Brady, who were each standing by a corner of the ring but now were quickly converging on the world champion.

Forcing himself up onto his elbows, Newbludd saw Strauss only steps away from him, and he could only guess that Brady wasn’t much farther away behind him. With Tockwell ordering his two hired guns to have their way with him in the ring to go along with Radford starting the ten count, Brock had to think fast.

He was in no condition at the moment to try and fight off The Law, and it was doubtful that he could get back into the ring before they got ahold of him. So, with his options limited, Newbludd did the only thing he could think of.

He rolled underneath the ring!

Both members of The Law lifted up the apron to try and find the missing champion and drag him back out, but neither man could spot him. Looking up to a confused Tockwell, both hired guns simply shook their heads in disbelief at him, which caused the challenger to berate them even further for their apparent slip up.

Confusion also came over the crowd at this turn of events as well, and with Chuck Radford’s ring out count getting higher by the second, that confusion became even more evident.

Would Newbludd just wait out the ten count and lose by countout to retain his belt? It seemed unlikely given Brock’s history as a fighting champion when he held the Blitzkrieg title, but with the numbers game not in his favor maybe he would. Maybe he would just to piss Tockwell off by pulling a page out of his own book of dirty tricks.

Then a sudden roar of cheers nixed that notion as Newbludd crawled out of the opposite side of the ring from The Law and made his way on to the apron!

Hearing the crowd’s reaction as he stood in the middle of the ring acted like an early warning system for Tockwell, who spun around just as Newbludd was springboarding off of the top rope!



Jake saw the move coming and was able to hang on to Brock’s legs! The challenger used Newbludd’s momentum against him as he kept him lifted up to spin back towards the center of the ring…


Big Talk pounded the world champion into the canvas with the hellacious sitout powerbomb and now he looked to take the title back by maintaining the sitout position for a pin!



NO! Kickout by Brock!

Yelling out in frustration as he pushed Newbludd’s legs off of to the side, Big Talk quickly scrambled to his feet and unleashed a series of hard stomps to Brock. Landing one more boot to Newbludd’s midsection, Tockwell then ran towards the nearest set of ropes and bounced off of them to nail Brock with a big knee drop.

Staying on the ground, Big Talk decided to wear down the resilient champion by snatching him in a strong headlock. But not before angrily rubbing Newbludd’s face into the mat.


Down on the mat, Big Talk laughed at the booing crowd as he cinched in the headlock even tighter. Radford was sure to check multiple times that it was a legitimate headlock and not a choke, something that Tockwell had been guilty of doing twice already in the match. But, it was indeed a headlock and Jake was using his large biceps to turn Newbludd’s face red.

Maintaining the headlock, Jake brought the two up to a vertical base and delivered some rapid fire punches to the side of Newbludd’s head before re tightening his grip on him. Looking to break free, the world champion fired a weak shot into Tockwell’s gut before trying to push the bigger man off of him.

But, Jake was fully in control and when Newbludd tried to push him forward he simply brought the two back down to the mat to hang on to the side headlock. Shaking his head at the champion’s seemingly pathetic attempt to escape him, Big Talk once again brought them to a standing position.

When he did, Brock wrapped his arms around Jake’s midsection and begin to lift him up!

Back Suplex! NO! Brock couldn’t get the bigger man all the way up and Tockwell landed back on his feet.

Still, Brock wanted to escape the painful headlock in the worst way and as soon as Jake’s feet hit the mat the world champion put a hand on his opponent’s back to finally free himself by pushing Big Talk off of him. Getting pushed off, Big Talk decided to keep his momentum going and bounced off the ropes to come back at Newbludd, who was trying to shake off the effects of getting his head squeezed for so long.

Luckily, Newbludd was able to recover just enough to see Big Talk charging at him with the intentions of leveling him with another spear.

Leapfrog by the champion!

Brock barely cleared Tockwell to avoid danger, but the challenger still kept his feet underneath him and quickly bounced off the ropes yet again.

Waiting for the incoming Tockwell, the world champion took a wild swing at him for a haymaker like clothesline!

Ducked by Big Talk, who kept going to bounce off the ropes for a third time!

Regaining his balance from the home run swing, Newbludd turned around to see his rival coming at him yet again with his right arm cocked WAY back.



Tockwell JUST missed with his signature lariat and still kept going to bounce off the ropes for a fourth time!

He raised his right arm up again, looking for another GIFT OF GAB!

This time Brock was more than ready for it, and again he ducked down low to once again avoid the lariat. But instead of letting Tockwell blow by him, Brock stepped into Big Talk and wrapped his hands around his waist…


Using Jake’s freight train like momentum against him, Newbludd sent the bigger man head over heels with the perfectly executed suplex!


Both men laid on the mat for a few seconds, Brock still recuperating from the offense Jake had just poured on and Big Talk from running the ropes like a madman before getting hit with the sudden suplex.

Radford began to start his standing ten count, but only got up to three before both men began to stir. Staggering to their feet to stare eye to eye with one another, neither man said a word during the split second that they exchanged hellish glares.

Then Big Talk reared back and clocked Brock with a big right!


Holding his ground, Newbludd returned fire with a right of his own!


Another right from Jake!


A left from Brock!


Jake with a left of his own...or not! The moment the challenger reared his fist back, he winced in pain from his worked over left shoulder!

Seeing the opening presented to him, Brock wasted no time in taking advantage of it by delivering a flurry of knife edge chops that smacked across Big Talks chest that sent him stumbling backwards!

Hitting Tockwell with one last hard chop, Brock grabbed Jake by his bad left arm and irish whipped him into the ropes.

Setting his feet as Jake bounced off of them, Brock then leaped high into the air for a dropkick…

Deflected by Big Talk! Jake saw the dropkick coming and wisely put his hands up while he side stepped to avoid it. Brock awkwardly fell to the mat, and before he could gather himself, Jake bent down and grabbed both of the champion’s legs and flipped him over for a BOSTON CRAB!

Jake had the hold locked in and immediately began arching backwards to apply as much pressure as he could, causing the world champion to cry out in pain!

Luckily though, Brock was only a couple of feet away from the ropes. Having kept his arms propped up underneath, Newbludd endured the pain as he began to slowly army crawl towards them. Feeling that he was slowly starting to walk backwards, Jake attempted to drag Newbludd back towards the middle. Unfortunately, he was a half a second to late as Brock was able to get two fingers wrapped around the bottom rope!

But, as soon as he did, Strauss came out of nowhere to smoke Brock in the jaw with a stiff punch!


Radford didn’t see it! Strauss had timed his punch perfectly, hitting Newbludd just as Radford was moving around Big Talk to check the rope break.

With his face down and arms spread out wide, Newbludd looked to be out cold as Big Talk maintained the hold. Noticing the shape Newbludd was in and seeing Strauss standing not too far from him on the outside, Radford had an inkling that something was awry. But, since he hadn’t actually witnessed anything he couldn’t really act on his suspicions.

So, he did what he had to do and raised one of Newbludd’s arms up...

And it fell to the mat!

The crowd was in an absolute uproar now as Radford raised Brock’s hand up for a second time…

And it fell to the mat again!

Is this how it was going to end for Brock? Would Tockwell once again steal away the world title by nefarious means?

It sure looked that way as Chuck picked Newbludd’s limp arm up for a third time, before letting it drop…

NO! It would not end that way! Newbludd grabbed the bottom rope at the last second!

On the outside, Strauss was beside himself and kicked the top half of the steel steps off the bottom to vent out his frustration. In the ring, Radford told an equally as distraught Tockwell to break the hold and the challenger eventually did after his allotted four seconds.

Frustrated, Jake let Radford have it with a string of curses before turning around and grabbing Newbludd by the legs to drag him back into the middle of the ring. Flipping Brock onto his back, Jake then picked up both of the champion’s legs, looking to deliver a mighty stomp to his midsection (aka balls).

Before he did though,Tockwell couldn’t resist bending down to talk some trash at the hurt champion. But, before he could even get a single word out, Brock lunged upwards to roll Jake up with a small package!



Big Talk was quick to get out of the small package and as he sat up he look absolutely annoyed by the fact that the crafty Newbludd was able to catch him with the pinning maneuver. Next to him, Brock rolled away and began to push himself up to his feet, albeit slowly after all the damage that Jake had just done to him.

Rising up to a vertical stance, the arrogant challenger took his time getting over to Brock and snatched him in another rough side headlock.

But, the side headlock wouldn’t last nearly as long as the last one did for Big Talk as Brock managed to wriggle an arm in to grab one of Jake’s wrist and in an instant he had reversed it into a hammerlock!

Big Talk yelped in pain as the champion held Jake’s left arm behind him. Acting on instinct, Tockwell shot a hard elbow back towards Newbludd’s head, but hit only air when Brock managed to duck it.

Ducking the elbow had forced Brock to let go of the hammerlock, which caused Tockwell to take a step forward to create a bit of distance for himself. But, one step would be all he would get as Brock lunged at him from behind…


The crowd roared in approval as Brock wrapped Jake’s head up in the classic, but still deadly, submission hold!

Going into panic mode, Jake began to flail around to try and shake Newbludd off of him, but the world champion wasn’t letting go. With each breath becoming harder to take than the last, Big Talk switched his strategy and once again displayed the raw power that had helped him out on so many occasions.

As Newbludd continued to squeeze down with the submission, Big Talk generated as much strength that he could in his legs and began to take labored steps towards the ropes, dragging all 230 pounds of Brock with him!

With the top rope only a couple of steps away, Jake was able to pull through with one last surge to close the gap and clasp onto the top rope!

Radford was on top of his game, and ordered Newbludd to let go of Tockwell. Down on the floor, Sally and Raul were both mimicking the ref’s demands, albeit with a few more curse words added for flavor towards Newbludd.

So, the world champion obliged the three and let go of Big Talk.

By yanking him off the ropes and hitting him with a big time COBRA CLUTCH SUPLEX!


Jake was laid out in the middle of the ring, and with the crowd still chanting their champions name, Newbludd forced himself up to his feet.

And sprinted towards the nearest corner!

Climbing up right in front of Raul and Sally, Brock flashed them a quick middle finger, which caused Sally to scream at her ex and the crowd to cheer. Disregarding her, the world champion glanced behind him for only a split second before leaping off!



By getting his knees up to block the moonsault, the challenger had successfully stopped the momentum of the champ. While he might not have gained any in his favor, Big Talk was able to bring things back to square one, but as he labored to his feet he looked to change that.

Big Talk wiped sweat away from his face as he lumbered over to Newbludd, who was down on the mat holding his stomach from where he hit Jake’s knees. Bending down, Jake grabbed the world champion by the hair to drag him up to his feet and took advantage of Newbludd’s damaged midsection by firing a series of hard knees into it.

Landing one last hard knee, Jake wouldn’t let the woozy Brock fall back down to the mat. Holding him up with one hand, Big Talk landed another boo inducing slap to the champion’s face before wrapping one leg around Newbludd’s.

To lock him into an ABDOMINAL STRETCH!

For the second time in this highly contested world title match, Big Talk had Newbludd trapped in a submission hold smack dab in the middle of the ring!

Tockwell emphatically shook his head ‘Yes!’, while Brock furiously screamed out ‘No!’ every time referee Radford asked him if he couldn’t take the pain anymore. But, from the pained expression on the champion’s face it would just be a matter of time until he couldn’t. He had to find a way to escape the hold, and fast.

First, Brock tried to wrestle his way out of the hold and squirm free, but Jake had him locked up tight. Once again, Radford asked if he would give up and Newbludd shook his head no, but with not as much vigor as he had before.


With the crowd urging him to hold on and find a way to escape, Brock gritted his teeth to endure the pain. Then, in a desperation effort to break free, the world champion used his dangling free arm to fire a fist upwards…

To hit Jake directly in his weakened left shoulder!

Now it was Tockwell who cried out in pain, but it still wasn’t enough to break the hold!

Another punch to the shoulder by Newbludd!
This time the impact of the blow caused Jake to loosen his grip slightly and Newbludd saw his opening. Untangling his leg from Big Talk’s, Newbludd then wrestled his one arm free to send the challenger flying over him with an armdrag!

Rolling through the armdrag, Jake pushed himself back up while his opponent did the same, and both men reached a vertical base at nearly the exact same moment.

Holding his left shoulder, Jake turned to face Brock just as the world champion began to side shuffle towards him…



Avoiding the superkick, Big Talk rose from his crouched stance and grabbed Brock by one of his arms to fire him HARD into the nearest set of turnbuckles!

Crashing hard into the corner, Brock would have fell down to the mat if it wasn’t for his arms being draped across the top rope.

It also didn’t help that from the outside Raul had grabbed both of Brock’s ankles!

“Get him, Big Talk!” Raul screamed. “End this!”

Jake didn’t even acknowledge his manager, instead he instantly sprinted towards the corner as he wound up his healthy right arm!

Feeling Raul’s grip on his ankles, Brock kicked his legs free and looked up to see Big Talk closing in fast!


NO! At the last second, Brock dropped down to a seated position, causing Jake to hit the turnbuckles chest first at full speed!

As Big Talk stumbled out of the corner holding his chest, the still seated Brock took a swing at Ramirez that Hot Sauce was able to avoid by backing away. Then, the world champion pulled himself up with the middle rope and backpedaled up to the second turnbuckle.

Then he leapt off!


The crowd roared in approval as Newbludd planted his opponent’s head into the mat, but it seemed that he wasn’t done just quite yet as he maintained the front facelock.

Whirling his legs in the air, Brock used the momentum to bring both men back to their feet as he kept Jake in the front facelock. Then, Newbludd mustered everything he had left in him to pick Tockwell up for a vertical suplex!

But, Brock didn’t finish the move by simply falling backwards, instead the champion dropped Big Talk straight down while at the same time sticking his right knee out…

INVERTED SHOULDERBREAKER to Tockwell’s right shoulder!

Now Big Talk was clutching his other shoulder, that had thus far not been the focal point of Newbludd’s attack, as he laid on the mat. Looking to keep the pressure on, Brock pinned that shoulder to the mat and nearly did a handstand before dropping a knee onto it!

It was clear that Brock was now trying to eliminate the Gift of Gab entirely from Tockwell’s arsenal by now working on his other shoulder. It was a sound strategy, but if it was going to work, he needed to keep the pressure on.

Which he did by grabbing that same right arm as he hit the mat himself to lock him into a FIGURE FOUR ARMLOCK!

Or NOT! Desperation thumb to the eye from Big Talk! At first glance, it appeared that the challenger nearly tickled Brock’s brain with how deep he got his dirty thumb in the champion’s eye socket.

Instinctively Brock reached for his eye in pain, and took some relief in the fact that it was still there at least. But, it was already red and it wouldn’t be too long until the swelling started.

Still, Newbludd showed the grit that earned him the world championship he was trying to protect at that very moment and he continued with trying get Tockwell locked into the armlock.

Not to be shown up by the Brock’s resolve, the former champion then displayed the underhanded resourcefulness that led to him first taking Brock’s Blitzkrieg title and Warren Spade’s World title.

By following up the nasty eye gouge with an even nastier punch right to the throat of the champion!


Instantly, the now coughing Newbludd stood up and retreated, one hand up to his gouged eye and another covering his aching throat.

Radford yelled down a warning to the still down Tockwell, before going to check on Brock who was trying to recover with his back turned in the corner as he continued to cough and fight for air to fill his lungs.

Buying himself some time, Big Talk did some recuperating as well and seeing Brock in the corner with his back turned spurned the Memphis brawler to stagger to his feet. Rotating both of his sore shoulders as he walked, a fiery Tockwell moved Radford aside and grabbed the world champion…


Big Talk put everything he had behind the suplex, sore shoulders and all, to send Newbludd flying back to the center of the ring!

Crawling over to Brock, it at first looked like Jake was going to roll him over for a pin, but instead Big Talk wrapped his arms around Newbludd and began to lift him off the mat! Letting out a roar that was a mixture of pain and rage, Tockwell managed to get the champion up into a gutwrench.

Bellowing out with another pained scream, Tockwell then lifted the world champion upwards!



Showing signs of life as he reached the apex of the oncoming powerbomb, Newbludd wrapped his legs around Tockwell’s head.



Tockwell had sensed the coming reversal and had one of his own up his sleeve. Letting Newbludd fling his body downwards for the hurracarrana, Tockwell hung onto the champion’s legs and let gravity work in his favor to lock in another…



Just as Jake began to sit back for the crab, Newbludd managed to tuck himself into a ball and grab a hold of one of Big Talk’s ankles with both of his hands. Maintaining the powerful grip, the world champion then pulled with everything he had to send his opponent flying forward to land on the mat face first. The crowd let out a tremendous roar as Brock propped up onto one knee…

To cinch in an ANKLE LOCK!

The champion had the all too effective submission fully locked in, but Jake was quick to get out of it before any serious damage could be done by using his free leg to deliver an equally as effective kick to Brock’s face!

The heel’s heel had caught Brock directly in his recently gouged eye, and once again he found himself stumbling backwards as he held it in pain. Struggling to his feet, Tockwell stalked towards Brock, and no doubt he had some bad intentions in mind for the world’s heavyweight champion, the man who took that moniker from Big Talk one month ago.

At this point in the match, both men were showing evident signs of fatigue physically and more than likely mentally as well. While there was no denying Newbludd could ‘go’ with the best in the world in the ring for an extended period of time, every second that the match continued on was a second that Tockwell could use to hit Brock with one of his knockout esque finishing maneuvers.

Which is what Tockwell tried to do by suddenly charging at Newbludd and leaping into the air to hit him with his signature running knee!


Sidestepped by Newbludd!

It was a sound strategy by The Talk of the Town to try and put away the Milwaukee Made champion with the big knee. Especially considering how worked over his shoulders were, making the Gift of Gab lariat a risky move. Unfortunately, Big Talk had telegraphed the move a bit too much and Newbludd saw it coming with his good eye just in the nick of time.

Stopping his momentum, a visibly frustrated Tockwell quickly spun around just as Newbludd began to raise his leg up…


The world champion didn’t quite catch Jake fully though, and instead of dropping to the mat like a ton of bricks, the challenger stumbled backwards into the ropes. Seizing on the opportunity to deliver some more damage to his opponent, Brock followed Tockwell to grab him in a front facelock just as The Talk of the Town bounced weakly off the ropes.
Grunting from the effort, Brock managed to lift Tockwell straight up in the air for a suplex, before dropping him forward and bouncing his legs off the top rope…


NO! Strauss stopped the world champion from finishing one of his trademark moves by reaching up and grabbing both of Jake’s feet!


Seeing Strauss try to assist his boss from outside, referee Radford rushed over and warned him to let go. Technically, Radford could have called for the DQ right then and there, but it was apparent that the veteran referee wanted to see this match end in proper fashion.

Luckily for Radford, the world champion took care of the situation in splendid fashion.

Immediately sensing that something was wrong as he still held Jake in the suplex position, the crafty Newbludd reacted to Strauss’s attempt to help out Big Talk by turning the lawman’s tactics against him. Pulling his head out from underneath Jake’s arm, Brock locked eyes with Strauss for a split second as he tightened his grip on Tockwell’s head…

And hit him with a ROPE HUNG SINGLE ARM DDT! Crushing Jake’s shoulder into the mat!

Rolling Jake over, Newbludd hooked the leg!


On the outside of the ring, Raul stayed low as he quickly slithered his way around it to the side where his man was getting pinned…


Still hidden from Radford’s line of sight, ‘Hot Sauce’ reached in with one hand to grab Jake’s foot and place it on the bottom rope! Catching movement in the corner of his eye as he was about to bring his hand down for the match ending third time, Radford glanced over to see Tockwell’s foot on the rope and stopped the count!

Thanks to his manager’s sneaky move, Tockwell was still in it! While Radford didn’t see what Hot Sauce had done, everyone else in the arena did, including Brock.


With the rafters shaking from the NBW faithful’s angry jeers, an equally as angry Newbludd stood almost nose to nose with Radford and spread his arms wide in disbelief at the fact that the veteran referee didn’t see what had just occurred.

This wasn’t Radford’s first rodeo, he was Jack Harmen’s most trusted official and had been apart of more high stakes matches than any other ref on the roster. Chuck Radford was without a doubt one of the best in the world at what he did, and regardless of if Newbludd was right or wrong, he wasn’t going to put up with the world champion getting in his face.

Not backing down, Chuck put a finger right into the furious world champion’s chest and told him point blank to cut the shit.

Meanwhile, with Newbludd and the ref’s attention taken off of the still down Jake, Ramirez and Sally both reached in under the ropes to grab Big Talk by a leg and pull him out of the ring!

Giving up on arguing with Radford, Brock shook his head at the ref and turned to pick Tockwell back up off the mat, only to find that he wasn’t there!

Frantically spinning in a circle to try and locate Tockwell, the world champion’s eyes narrowed and he was filled with even more rage when he spotted Jake, who was being held up by Hot Sauce on the outside of the ring by the bottom of the ramp! On the other side of Jake was ‘Sweetfire’ Sally, who seemed to be putting he EMT skills to use as she examined the shoulder that her ex boyfriend had just driven hard into the mat.

Grimacing in pain as she raised his arm, Tockwell was making the most of his rescue by taking deep breaths to recover as much stamina as he could.

By arguing with Radford and taking his attention off of Tockwell for only the briefest of moments, Brock had allowed The In Crowd to once again bail out their leader. Realizing this, the infuriated world champion let out a roar that was pure fury.

The world champion’s anger had given Brock a shot in the arm and he looked primed to go through anyone in his way as he stomped across the ring towards The In Crowd. Behind him, Radford screamed at Tockwell and ordered him to get back into the ring before starting up the mandatory ten count.

Sure enough, as Newbludd made it to the ropes and stuck a leg through them, Brady stepped in front of the three other In Crowd members and taunted the world champion to come at him. Seeing the formidable Brady in between himself and his target, Brock pulled his leg back into the ring, causing Brady to smirk at the champion’s apparent cowardice.

But, that smirk was quickly wiped from Brady’s face when Brock sprinted towards the opposite side of the ring to bounce off the ropes and sprint at full speed across the ring back towards the four on the outside. Not the type to abandon his duties, especially when he was getting paid handsomely to do them, Brady planted his feet and braced for impact Newbludd leapt up to springboard off the top rope!

Disaster then struck the champion in the form of the one man who wasn’t in the picture, Strauss, asserting himself. Standing by one of the ringposts connected to the set of ropes Newbludd was just about to use as a springboard, the agile big man leapt up to the apron and shook the top one just as Brock’s feet landed on them!

Suddenly losing his balance from the suddenly shaking rope, Newbludd fell off it to crash land on the outside!


And AGAIN Radford didn’t see Strauss’ interference, with his attention focused in on Newbludd and the group surrounding Tockwell. At this point, it was obvious that it would be near impossible for one referee, no matter how good he was, to keep track of a group as devious as The In Crowd.

The capacity crowd inside the Ahoy Arena had had enough of The In Crowd’s continual interference in the match and they let them know it by starting a thunderous chant in their native Dutch.


Translated to English, ‘Dit is Onzin” means “This is bullshit”.

The crowd continued to chant and rain down boos towards The In Crowd, but Tockwell and his cohorts paid them no mind as they stared at the downed champion like pack of hungry wolves with an injured deer.

Then, the alpha of the pack, a somewhat recovered Jake Tockwell and his hired gun Brady went in for the kill as Newbludd began to push himself up to his feet. Leading the way, Big Talk rushed in and threw his knee up…


Jake NAILED the defenseless Brock with his trademark running knee lift to send him back down to the floor before following it up with a series of kicks and stomps to Newbludd. Catching up to his boss, Brady joined in on the beatdown with some hard stomps of his own!

Watching from behind, Raul threw an arm around Sally and the two shared a despicable laugh as Tockwell and Brady continued to kick Newbludd.


Radford’s voice cut through the background noise of the unhappy crowd and snapped both Tockwell and Brady to attention. Delivering a few more hard kicks, the two men then picked the champion up and gave him a double irish whip that ended with Newbludd smashing hard into the ringpost!

Bouncing off the ringpost with a loud THUD, somehow Newbludd stayed upright as he stumbled drunkenly on his feet.


Right towards the man who put Brock in this bad spot in the first place, Strauss, who swiftly kicked the world champion in the stomach and grabbed him around the waist…


Strauss put everything he had into his deadly gutwrench powerbomb and SLAMMED Newbludd down to the floor!

Newbludd was done. The numbers game that he thought he could overcome was too much, and as Strauss picked up his limp body to roll it underneath the bottom rope, it looked like his championship reign would go down in NBW history as a short lived one.


Watching his arch-nemesis get destroyed as he stood on the bottom of the ramp with the rest of his entourage, Big Talk was grinning from ear to ear. All he had to do now was slide into the ring and pin Newbludd. Then, he would once again be NBW World Heavyweight Champion.

Jake took one step towards the ring and suddenly jumped in surprise when the crowd EXPLODED in cheers! Then, Hot Sauce and Sally ran past him in a blur and the self proclaimed ‘One Among Zeroes” turned to look behind him.

Just in time to see Spike Saunders nearly decapitate Brady with a thunderous clothesline!

And right behind him was Son of Malta!

Shocked, Big Talk backpedaled towards the ring as he watched Saunders lift the over 300lb. Brady back up to his feet and send him back down to the cold steel with another clothesline!

Turning around, Jake quickly made a mad dash for the ring and went to slide underneath the bottom rope but was stopped by Malta who grabbed him from behind!

Just as shocked as everyone else in the building at the wild turn of events, Chuck had just remembered that he was in the middle of a ten count!


SoM pulled Jake away from the ring, as he maintained the waist lock he had on him. Tockwell tried everything to break free, but the hall of famer’s grip was tight. Then, SoM planted his feet and lowered his hips…

GERMAN SUPLE-NO! Strauss arrived just in the nick of time to hit SoM with a big running fist, causing the former TFZ champion to break his grip on Jake!


With Strauss and Son of Malta trading blows above him, Big Talk crawled away from them as fast as he could before pulling himself up with the ring apron and reentering the ring!

Still on his hands and knees, Tockwell’s shit eating grin returned as he saw that Newbludd was still laid out on his back smack dab in the middle of the ring. It had looked like the NBW champion hadn’t even moved a muscle since Strauss destroyed him and threw him back in the ring!

Crawling with the desperation of a man dying of thirst in the middle of the desert who had finally found water, Big Talk made it over to Brock and threw an arm across his chest!

The standing crowd suddenly went silent as Radford dove down for the count and raised his hand up…


Even the four men fighting on the outside stopped their battle to watch as Radford raised his hand up for a second time…


Finding safety behind the announcer’s table, Raul and Sally hugged in joy as Radford brought his hand up for the third time before bringing it down towards the mat…


Jake couldn’t believe it as he sat up with his jaw hanging open in shock. The crowd couldn’t believe it either and they erupted in cheers for their resilient champion!


Even the two men who had bought Brock enough time to muster up the strength to kick out let out a cheer and they spread their joy to The Law members they were standing next to by punching them squarely in the face to start their brawl back up.

Shaking his head in disbelief, Big Talk labored to his feet and stood over Newbludd with a look of pure disdain etched across his face. Reaching down, Jake forced Brock up and placed him in a standing headscissors.

“IT’S TIME TO FINISH YOUR ASS OFF FOREVER, BROCK-SUCKER!” Tockwell screamed as he bent down to wrap his arms around Newbludd.

He was going for the deadliest move he had in his arsenal, a hellacious piledriver known as…


Getting his hands locked together around Brock’s waist, Tockwell then began to lift him up…

When suddenly he let out a pained cry and set Newbludd’s feet back down! Letting go of Brock’s waist, Jake grabbed his left shoulder and winced. He didn’t have to strength to pick him up!

Looking more frustrated than ever, Jake had to think fast when Newbludd suddenly tried to escape the standing headscissors. Managing to hold Brock for a few more seconds, Jake grabbed both of the champion’s arms and yank them upwards. Then, Big Talk jumped up in the air as he kept Newbludd in the headscissors to smash his face into the mat with a…


Otherwise known as a PEDIGREE!

While it might not have been what Jake was hoping for, he was more than happy with the results of switching up the game plan. Having his face smashed into the mat, Brock kicked his legs from the pain and rolled onto his back as he held his face with both hands.

It was a perfect opportunity for Big Talk to go for a pin, quite possibly a match ending pin, but instead he circled around Newbludd with a menacing look in his eyes. One could guess that maybe Tockwell didn’t think the pedigree was enough to put Brock away, and he felt the need to hit him with one of his bigger moves to put the final nail in the coffin.

Or, maybe Jake just remembered how he had successfully taken Newbludd down for good the first time they had met in the ring…

Meanwhile, on the outside of the ring, the wild brawl between The Law and the two NBW legends raged on. Recovering from the Saunder’s initial attack slightly, Brady was giving the Colossus a real challenge as the two traded blows on the ramp and was holding his own against one of the biggest men in NBW.

Not farther down from them, SoM and Strauss were engaged in another evenly matched fight as Malta was able to counteract Strauss’ size advantage with his speed and MMA skills. For every powerful blow that Strauss would land, SoM would return fire with three or four punches and kicks of his own.

While the brawl unfolding on the outside of the ring was interesting to say the least, the crowd’s attention was fully locked in on the world title match happening in the middle of it.

Tockwell stopped circling Brock to position himself behind the world champion as a woozy Newbludd struggled to get to his feet, and when he did Jake immediately grabbed him from behind to lock him into his patented sleeper! The move that earned him Newbludd’s Blitzkrieg title!


Newbludd flailed his arms around to try and break free, but Tockwell wasn’t having it and further imprisoned Brock by locking his legs around him with a bodyscissors!

But Newbludd wouldn’t fall down! Even with Tockwell’s full weight on his back, and the blood being cut off from his brain, the world champion somehow managed to keeps his legs underneath him!

Meanwhile, on the outside of the ring, the wild brawl between The Law and the two NBW legends raged on. Recovering from the Saunder’s initial atta

But Newbludd wouldn’t fall down! Even with Tockwell’s full weight on his back, and the blood being cut off from his brain, the world champion somehow managed to keeps his legs underneath him!


The fans were rabid once again, urging Brock to do something, anything to get out of the sleeper hold. Though, with Tockwell squeezing down on Brock with the sleeper, every second that passed made the champion’s chances of escape less likely.

Which was evident when he dropped down to one knee!

Tockwell could TASTE the inevitable victory, he was almost moments away and he knew it, which is probably why he grew another shit eating grin across his face. But, that grin was quickly wiped clean from his face when Newbludd powered himself up to a standing position again!

Then, the world champion took one heavy step forward towards the nearest corner…

Then another!

Though, it looked like two steps was all Brock had left in him as he didn’t attempt a third, and the crowd went silent again. But, that silence was shattered when Newbludd surged ahead towards the corner with Jake riding his back!

Closing in on the corner, Brock took one last final step before simply falling forward towards the mat…

Causing Jake to smash face first into the top turnbuckle and let go of Brock! Newbludd got out of the sleeper!


Both exhausted competitors now laid in a heap in the corner, Brock on his stomach and Jake on his back. Tockwell held his head in pain, both from just eating a turnbuckle and from the crowd chanting the name of the man he hated the most in the world once again.

But, those chants were what kept Brock going. They were his army and as their general, he would do everything in his power to not let them down and lose the war against Tockwell and The In Crowd.

Which is why he dug deep within himself to reach upwards and grab the middle rope with one of his hands. Pulling himself up, Brock used his other hand to grab onto the top rope until he was upright once again. Glancing behind, the world champion saw that Jake was still down on the mat.

So, he decided to continue upwards, climbing up to the top rope!

Shaking the cobwebs from his head as he sat perched on the top rope with his back to Tockwell, the world champion began to rise up…

And when he did, Sally appeared climbed up on the ring apron on the other side of the ring to distract Radford while Ramirez climbed up next to Brock to grab him by the ankle!

Not this time, Raul.

Maintaining his balance, Newbludd dropped back down to a crouch and sent Ramirez flying off the apron with a STIFF punch that snapped Raul’s head back! While on the other end of the ring, Sally jumped down to go check on Hot Sauce.

Or did she jump down because their little distraction gave Big Talk enough time to get back to his feet?

Which was a fact that Brock wasn’t aware of until he found himself sitting on Tockwell’s shoulders and being carried towards the middle of the ring…

Not having to pick Newbludd up himself, Big Talk smartly avoided having to put too much strain on his weakened shoulders, and now was going for a big running powerbomb!

But, Brock wasn’t going to let another In Crowd distraction stop him again, and hammered that point home by spinning around on Tockwell’s shoulders before diving down off of him to package him up with a VICTORY ROLL!


Holding Jake, the champion happened to lock eyes with Hot Sauce on the outside.


Flashing a grin at Hot Sauce, Newbludd grabbed a HANDFUL of Tockwell’s tights, giving  a taste of his own medicine! The crowd loved it!


Big Talk kicked out, despite his tights being pulled!

Untangling himself from Brock, the challenger was absolutely PISSED about Newbludd trying to cheat to win, and in an ironic moment decided to complain to Radford about it. The veteran ref saw the irony in the dirtiest wrestler in NBW crying about cheating and promptly told him to shut his mouth.

Still furious, Tockwell listened to the ref and quit his complaining just in time to catch another SUPERKICK from Newbludd!

OR NOT! Jake ducked the kick!

Missing the superkick left the rubber legged Newbludd off balance and Tockwell lunged at him from behind!


Not this time! Newbludd sensed it coming and escaped the hold by running forward to bounce off the ropes. Little did the champion know, Tockwell had followed him and as Brock rebounded off the ropes Big Talk was coming in with a full head of steam!

Newbludd was dead in the water as Tockwell began to raise his arm up!


NO! Jake’s bum shoulder failed him again, and he couldn’t get it raised all the way up!

All of Newbludd’s hard work on trying to neutralize the deadly lariat had paid off, and with Jake still barreling in towards him, the world champion cashed in.

By leaping into the air to catch the incoming Tockwell in a front face lock and using all his  forward momentum against him to hit a…


DRIVING Tockwell shoulder first into the mat with authority, Newbludd planted his opponent dead center in the middle of the ring!

Scrambling to his feet, and nearly falling over when he did get upright, Brock scanned around the ring to see that Sally was still trying to get Hot Sauce to come to after being sent down to the floor.

Up on the ramp, Spike and SoM had The Law tied up in fighting them off…

There wouldn’t be any better shot at retaining his title than right here, and right now. So, he took it.

Running as fast as his exhaustion would allow to the nearest turnbuckles, Newbludd willed his way to the top rope before taking one quick glance behind him to make sure Tockwell was still down.

He was.

Taking a quick deep breath, Newbludd leapt off!

Twisting and turning as he soared down towards Tockwell, the crowd held their collective breath.

Brock was pulling out the biggest move he had in his arsenal, one he rarely used because it was also the riskiest, for the simple fact that it had to be executed to near perfection. Any missed twist or forgotten turn as he soared through the air could mean him missing his opponent completely or hitting the mat head first like a lawn dart.

The former could happen even if he did pull it off to perfection, since Tockwell could simply roll out of the way, but the latter meant that he more than likely would not be walking out of the building on his own two feet.

Or ever again.

Newbludd knew the risks and he accepted them... because if anything was worth the risk to world champion, it was beating the man who had taken so many things from him over the past year, both in the ring and outside of it.

With that motivation inside him, he executed the move beautifully...and Jake didn’t know what hit him.


Crashing down on top of Tockwell, the world champion hooked a leg!


Seeing Brock hit Sky-Twister, Sally tried to make a mad dash for the ring!


But, the ridiculously gaudy high heels Big Talk had bought her caused her to trip and fall!




The Ahoy Arena gave a thunderous ovation to the victorious champion as Chuck Radford helped him to his feet and raised his hand. Chuck then handed Newbludd the title belt, and Brock raised it high in the air above his head.

Then something caught Newbludd’s eye and he immediately handed Radford the belt back. His moment of celebration had to be cut short because there was still work to be done.

His two friends were still battling The Law!

Spike Saunders and Brady continued their fight while on the other side of the ring, Son of Malta was trying to fend off Strauss up on top of the ramp! But as the fighting continued between the two…

Son of Malta was struck from behind with a huge Clubbing Forearm to the back of the head, courtesy of…


The Guangzhou Goliath grabbed Malta by the back of the neck…


He elevated The Maltese star and he flew up like a falcon for a brief second before being DRIVEN into the ramp with the Inverted Chokeslam Facebuster!

In the melee, Spike tried to help out his ally, but eventually Brady and Strauss double-teamed The Colossus with punches and kicks on the floor! Brock tried to jump to his aid…


The entire Xiang Dynasty was out here! But why? Was taking out Warren Spade on Slam 100 and attacking EZ Blaze earlier not enough?

Apparently not!

Xiang and Ai Tso laid into Brock with punches against the edge of the ring! They both beat down the champion and both men whipped him across the ring!

The leader of the Dynasty was whipped first…


Brock caught Xiang and then when Ai Tso tried to come to his aid, he ate a Superkick for his troubles! But before Brock could do anything…



Both Brady and Strauss each had an edge of the steel steps and CRACKED Spike in the head with it, finally taking down The Colossus!

As all the chaos was going on, Jake Tockwell finally came around, not entirely sure what was going on! But The Great Wall was looking at him and the former nbW World Heavyweight Champion at first wasn’t sure what to make of this…

But The In Crowd and The Great Wall were now standing tall in the middle of the ring with bodies everywhere. Tockwell grabbed Brock to put him in a standing headscissors, and he signaled for The Great Wall to come and help him.

Without saying a word, the giant walked over and assisted the weakened Big Talk in getting the world champion upside down. Tockwell had been waiting to do this for a long, long, time...


Tockwell VICIOUSLY drove Brock into the mat, courtesy of his Piledriver! He had lost the match tonight, but Big Talk was the man left standing at the end of the night. Eventually, Xiang and Ai Tso looked across from The In Crowd and they smiled at the damage they’d caused.

If this was any indication of what the WarGames match would be like, then god have mercy on the fourteen men who enter that cage.


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