SLAM! Episode 100
Live from in the The 02 Arena - London, United Kingdom





Welcome to SLAM!


Following the opening video package, the milestone 100th episode of NBW’s flagship show had officially started. After doing a long, sweeping shot of the packed to the rafters O2 Arena, the camera stopped and focused in to show lovely NBW lead interviewer, Adria Hoyt, standing in the middle of the ring.

Producing a big smile for the camera, she waited for a brief moment for the rambunctious crowd to settle slightly before raising the microphone she was wielding to her lips.

“Ladies and gentlemen...it’s showtime! NBW SLAM! is live and on the air!” she exclaimed drawing cheers and applause from the eager crowd.

“We have an action packed card in store for you all tonight, but before we get on with the show, please allow me to make a special announcement!”

Adria lowered the mic, and allowed the crowd to settle once more before continuing on.

“On behalf of EVERYONE here in NBW,  I would like to give a big thank you to everyone in attendance and everyone watching at home...without all of you, none of this would be possible...without out the support given to us by the NBW faithful... we would not be celebrating our 100th episode of SLAM!”

The warm ovation from the crowd caused Hoyt to put her hands together and bow her head in gratitude at the NBW faithful before raising the mic up again.

“Thank you so much, now let’s get this show started!”

Hoyt bowed her head in gratitude once again, but didn’t take her leave from the ring. Instead, she turned to face the stage.

“It could only be fitting that destiny made sure that our 100th episode comes right after the biggest spectacle of the year, Legacy...” she said, stopping for another cheer from the crowd. “...and at Legacy, we saw one man, using the power of his ‘army’, rise above the rest... to fulfill his destiny of becoming NBW World Heavyweight Champion…”


Adria stopped herself to let the crowd continue with their chanting before slowly raising a hand to calm them, at least for the few moments she needed.

“So, without further ado…” she continued on with a coy grin.

“Joining me at this time, is the NEW NBW World Heavyweight Champion… ‘The Innovator’ Brock Newbludd!”

“Mouth for War” by Pantera

At the sound of his music hitting the speakers, the crowd EXPLODED in a roar for the new world champion as he strode through the sliding double doors and made his way onto the stage!

Walking to one end of the platform, Brock raised the belt up to the crowd with one hand as pyro shot off the top of the EpiCenter screen. Lowering the belt, the confident looking world champion walked to the other end of the stage and repeated the gesture to more pyros firing off before hitting the ramp to make his way down to the ring.

Sticking one arm out to slap hands with fans as he walked down the ramp, Newbludd let out a surprised laugh as he was pulled in by one fan that led to him being hugged by a group of fans leaning over the railing. Pulling himself away, Brock couldn’t help but grin as one of the NBW faithful stuck his arm out as far as he could to offer the world champion his plastic glass of beer. Shrugging his shoulders, Brock took the world title belt off his shoulder and draped it over the offering fans shoulder, causing him to nearly drop the glass of beer he was still holding out in surprise.

Swiping the glass of beer from the now championship belt holding fan’s hand, Newbludd raised it up to the roaring crowd before tipping it back and chugging down some of it. Wiping his face, the grinning Newbludd handed back the plastic cup to the awestruck fan as he took the world title back in his possession and slapped him on the back.

Although ring gear and pyro maybe red, there was no doubt that his collar was blue, and the NBW faithful loved him for it. The feeling in the air was not that of excitement, it was something more.

It was celebration.

Throwing the world title belt back over his shoulder, Brock looked absolutely humbled by the chanting and cheering crowd as he walked up the ring steps to enter the squared circle. Throwing the title belt up one more time as he walked towards Adria, it became clear that a wave of emotion was hitting the new world champion in full force.

Newbludd took a deep breath as he looked out to the driving force behind his championship win, the people, and he feigned a smile at them as he tried to not let the sheer enormity of the moment overcome him.

Seeing the moment for what it was, Adria couldn’t stop herself from growing a joyous smile as she put one hand on the world champion’s shoulder.

“Brock, let me be the first to formally congratulate you on…”


“Excuse me, let me be the SECOND on congratulating you on your victory over Jake Tockwell at Legacy,” she said, giving a wry grin to the sold out crowd.

Composing himself slightly, Brock matched the interviewer’s grin as she raised the microphone up to him.

“Five months ago I stood right here in this very ring and made a promise, Adria,” he said, keeping his eyes fixed on the rabid crowd.

“I made a promise to these people that I would bring them the NBW World Heavyweight title by beating Jake Tockwell at Legacy. By beating the man who stole it from a better man, Warren Spade…”

Newbludd paused for a second as the crowd cheered at the mention of ‘The Monster of the Midsouth’, who no doubt was watching in the back. Spade was due a world title rematch, and sooner or later he would come knocking on Brock’s door.

“But, when I made them that promise, I also knew that I couldn’t make sure that I kept it without a little help, Adria. You see, while ‘Big Talk’ Jake Tockwell might be one of the biggest pieces of shit to ever lace up boots and step into the ring...the sonuvabitch is smart. The second that Tockwell walked in the door with his buddy Hot Sauce, he made it a point to surround himself with those equally as arrogant pricks The A-List…”


“...and The Law…”


“...and finally Sally...turned the bitch rotten with his promises of living life in the fast lane with him and his buddies…”

“Jake Tockwell had built himself his own private army, The In Crowd and I knew that I couldn’t take him on by myself. This was different, this was war…”

Brock then pointed out to the crowd.

“So I made a deal with these people...they become my army to battle The In Crowd and in return I will bring them the NBW World Heavyweight title...”

Taking the title belt off of shoulder, Newbludd stared at it for brief moment.

“So Adria, in the weeks leading up to Legacy, my army did their job...they gave me the strength I needed...and when it finally came time to live up to my end of the deal at Legacy...”

Then the world champion slowly raised the belt up high.

“I brought them their championship!”



The crowd should have known the special occasion was about to be ruined by none other than the man who was now referred to as the former NBW World champion. He had his entire entourage surrounding him at the stage, minus the A-List who were nowhere to be found. “Hot Sauce” Raul Ramirez was out first along with “Sweet Fire” Sally Reynolds. Brady and Strauss stood on either side of the now former World champion and the man himself …

Jake Tockwell looking not quite himself. He was without his wrestling attire and his boas, but instead looked like he just had a two-week bender on his couch at home. His hair was disheveled, he clearly hadn’t shaved in the days after Legacy and looked very unkempt. He was about to grab a microphone but when Big Talk was about to speak into it …


“YOU!” yelled Raul. “I, Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraul Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrramirez, should have you arrested right here and now! You’re talking about bringing that championship to the people … what we call is it you handing off stolen property!”

Tockwell was about to talk again, but couldn’t even bring himself to do so. Instead, Sally Reynolds took the microphone, leaned up to kiss her beau on the forehead and then turned to Brock.

“Raul is right!” said Sally. “That championship belongs with the In Crowd, not with you. I can’t believe I even ever let you touch me with those fingers. Ick.”

She got close to Raul, who put an arm around her as she sunk her head onto Raul’s shoulder.

“It’s okay. We’re going to make it right for Big Talk. You hear me, Tockwell?”

He turned to face his boss, but Tockwell continued stewing silently. Raul took that as a positive sign to continue.

“Let me tell you what’s going to happen, Brock!” yelled Raul. “The rightful champion still has his rematch coming and when we cash that bad boy in, you bet your ass that we’re going to take back everything from you. Your 25 to Life win, your Legacy win, it will all be forgotten history once we reclaim the title that belongs to Big Talk! As for tonight … “

Raul said.

“There’s a whole lot of us … and there’s only you. Tonight on Slam 100, we want to do something momentous and … nah, Big Talk won’t be cashing in his rematch in this cesspool full of bad hygiene and summer teeth … you know. Some are yellow, some are brown, some are crooked and some are missing. God save the Queen? How about God save your teeth?”

That jab actually brought a smile to Tockwell’s face with the crowd booing it. Tockwell still said nothing and let Hot Sauce keep it up.

“Tonight, Brock … we have a proposition for you. You find any two partners, we don’t care who. And Tockwell and The Law here are going to make sure that you don’t even make one show as champion before you get carted out in one of those ambulances with the sirens that sound like an all-male orgy!”

Snatching Adria’s microphone from her, Newbludd absolutely pissed as he walked over to the set of ropes on the ramp side of the ring to address The In Crowd.

“What the hell is this, Ramirez!?” he screamed at The In Crowd’s manager. “First you turn Sally against me...which by the way, how’d that work out for ya, bitch?”

The still upset Sally simply put her eyes to the floor at Brock’s comment as the crowd let out a cheer.

“And now you take my best friend!?”

Hot Sauce looked dumbfounded by Newbludd’s accusation, and glanced to The Law standing behind him who both shrugged their shoulders in confusion. Before Raul could respond, Newbludd continued on.

“How could ya, Davey!?” the world champion asked, looking generally hurt.

“We were brothers! After all we’ve been through you go and turn your back on me and join up with the same assholes who jumped you TWICE! And you let them dye your hair blonde!? You look ridiculous!”

Suddenly Tockwell’s face turned bright red in anger. In the ring Brock put a hand up to his forehead and squinted his eyes as he stared at the man he had just beaten.

“Oh shit!” the world champion said with a chuckle. “Is that you Tockwell!? My bad, I thought you were Davey! You look like shit, man!”

Big Talk took a step down the ramp, looking absolutely pissed by the fact that he was mistaken for the crusty looking Cajun, which at the moment he kind of did.

Hot Sauce put a hand up and stopped Jake from going any further, while Sally grabbed the former world champion by the shoulder as well.

“What’s it going to be, Brock!?” Raul asked. “Are you going to accept our challenge and get your ass handed to you in front of your stupid little army, or what!?”

Looking out to the crowd for a second, Newbludd grinned and looked back to the impatient Hot Sauce.

“You’re on, Ramirez!” he said to a thunderous ovation.

“Shouldn’t be too hard to find two guys who hate you just as much I do, they’re probably lining up outside my dressing room right now! So, why don’t you go clean up that sorry looking sonuvabitch standing next to ya and I’ll go grab a couple of partners who’d be game for whipping some In Crowd ass tonight!”

“Mark my words,The In Crowd is taking back NBW tonight, Brock!” Raul said as he back pedaled up the ramp with Tockwell and the rest of The In Crowd.

“The only thing The In Crowd is taking tonight is a beating, Raul!” Newbludd shot back. “I’ll see you dickheads in the main event!”

With that, the main event for SLAM!’s 100th episode was set. Newbludd looked full of confidence as he held onto his newly won title belt and watched The In Crowd exit. Jake was the last to leave and locked eyes with both Brock Newbludd and the championship that formerly belonged to him. He looked about as serious as a heart attack before he headed to the back.

Brock smiled and then raised the NBW World championship before leaving as well. Though, he might not be as confident come main event time if he didn’t find two men to join him in battle, and fast.




Ladder Match

Two of the most talented tandems in our territory, The Entertainers and The Players, have had their claim to number one contendership cruelly thwarted on numerous occasions.

Essentially, this is an eliminator to determine who will meet newly-crowned champions, Clan Strongbern, with thorn in the side, A-List, finally ousted.

We have a red-hot crowd here at the 02, THE venue in the UK and a contract inside a briefcase ready to be snatched.  Shall we?

On commentary, The Mark has taken up his usual station when calling Kid Chameleon’s matches, joining our duo of Melissa Vanderart and CG Gains.

‘Club Foot’ by Kasabian meant only one person...


Before those letters illuminated this world-class facility, the place was pumped.  Now?  I couldn’t hear myself type.

“Special guest commentator, hall-of-famer and ENGLAND’S OWN...KEEGAN!”

The Newcastle native didn’t need any introduction, especially not here, but Brent Williams gave him one anyway and Special K savoured it for another fantastic homecoming.

Picking up his headset, he exchanged two kisses with Melissa, who chuckled:  “I can tell you’ve lived in foreign lands.”

Special K smiled:  “Sure have.”

He bypassed CG Gains and exchanged pleasantries with The Mark.  Before even sitting down, K adjusted his tie:  “It’s electric and incredible to hear.  Thank you for inviting me...”

Gains couldn’t resist:  “Don’t thank me...”

The Briton barked:  “Oh, I wasn’t thanking YOU.  Melissa, Mark, this is perfect.  My home country, four phenomenal athletes all going at it in a Ladder match to meet Clan Strongbern, congratulations to Big Rick and the crew, they did a hell of a job at Legacy.”

Vanderart speculated on the well-being of two competitors:  “Paul Sanders is coming back from serious injuries sustained at the hands of Alex Reyn and Darren Best knows all about suffering...”

CG Gains:  “Ba...”

Vanderart raised her finger:  “Don’t say it.”

Keegan chipped in:  “Alex Reyn might give me a reason to come out of retirement.”

CG’s ears were cocked:  “Really?  I may just like you then.”

“Keegan, can you take care of Chris Smith while you’re at it?”  The Mark enquired.

“I’ll leave that to Kid.  He was so unlucky and I’m sure he’ll settle the score in a rematch,” Keegan stated, consoling The Mark, who was more than happy with the former Fighting Zone franchise’s praise of his idol.

Speaking of which...

Mr. Bungle’s cover of the iconic Super Mario Bros. theme signalled a subdued entrance by both Kid Chameleon, fresh off a loss at Legacy, and Paul Sanders, who was returning to the ring after being bludgeoned by ‘The East Wind’ Alex Reyn. 

Normally, their entrances contained cheerleaders and handheld consoles.  They were gone, for this evening at least, and concentration was in, even if they afforded some fans high-fives in the aisle as they passed the looming ladder.

 "Introducing first...weighing a combined four hundred and fifty-three pounds...from Portland, Oregon...'International Playboy' Paul Sanders and Kid Chameleon...THE PLAYERS!"

As an aside, Keegan offered his services:  “Melissa, anyone you want me to sort out?  An ex giving you any grief?  Say the word and your uncle Keegan will give him a rib-tickler,” the legendary nbW figure joked, holding up his huge left paw.

The Players received a great reception, even though it was going to pale in comparison to their opponents’ ovation.

Tina Turner.




Darren didn’t make them wait and bowed to a very, very appreciative audience, waving and applauding, playing his part as he stood at the top of the ramp.  Although he knew The Entertainers would benefit from this sizzling ambiance, he was the starter to the main course.

"Introducing next...weighing in at two hundred and twenty-three pounds from New York City...Darren Best!"

The Twitter whore.


Button had built this up all week on social media once nbW had announced these two young outfits would face each other in the opener to kick off our centenary Slam.

The chorus of Only Fools and Horses, an iconic British sitcom, episode-ending theme tune blazed out..


Some were still chanting when that British anthem ceased and was replaced by the more upbeat ‘Freed From Desire.’

Melissa:  “KEEGAN...”

Keegan:  “Yes, sweetheart...”

Melissa:  “This is an unbelievable atmosphere.”

Keegan:  “Welcome to Britain.  Sit back, put your earmuffs in and enjoy.”

Gala’s classic warmed the crowd up expertly.  Those who knew the lyrics sang along while others waited for the punchline, predictably in the form of the chorus...


The noise was off the scale...

“Keegan, I think Alfie’s ovation, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, has trumped yours...”

Special K scoffed:  “No question, it has!  But, I don’t mind.  It’s HIS turn to carry the flag for us and go far further than I ever did.”

Darren Best patiently waited, even bobbing his head along until the dance anthem ended...

“Now...Ladies and gentlemen, you’re about to witness the greatest thing you’ve ever seen...”

An epic-sounding trailer guy there.

The buzz was building...

Piano playing...

Hell is gone and Heaven’s here
There’s nothing left for you to fear
Shake your ass come over here now scream

And the fans did.

Let’s skip a verse.


"Introducing..weighing in at two hundred and four pounds, from LONDON, ENGLAND..."

Some ticket-buyers lost their shit...


When Alfie emerged, the 02 literally shook and he placed his arm of Best’s shoulder casually, like they were going for a morning stroll.  He glanced at Darren with a cheeky smile and Best retorted with one of those ‘oohs’ that non-verbally pondered:  “WHAT WAS THAT?!”

The Brit mouthed:  “Told ya.”

Fireworks spanned the background, adding even more noise to a ludicrously LOUD London crowd.

Even Alfie’s index finger upwards got its own pyro as it revealed the message:








Alfie and Darren were mobbed down the aisles and at this stage in their career, you’d have to wonder if they’d ever receive a reception that remotely resembled the Johnny Bedlam they’d encountered.  Alfie really pushed his luck by walking right under the ladder, he must’ve felt he could walk on water in the 02, and then rejoined his partner in high-fiving fans and being mobbed by a mad crowd.

The Mark leaned over:  “That was so cool.”

Melissa:  “CG?”


Melissa:  “Amen.”

The Entertainers fought free and ran into the ring, eliciting another ENORMOUS outpouring of affection as they stood up on diagonally-opposite turnbuckles.

The Mark:  “I’ve never heard anything like that.  I’m not gonna lie, but look at Kid and Paul...they’re cooler than The Fonz eating a cucumber.  They weren’t moved by that at all...”

Melissa:  “They must’ve been the only two because I’ve got goosebumps, but hopefully for The Players they weren’t affected.”

Keegan rubbed his hands:  “This is going to be a treat.”

Alfie removed his leather jacket and threw it out for a lucky fan to sell on ebay for a sum.  Kid followed suit with his sunglasses and own leather jacket, which were gratefully caught by people just behind our four-pronged commentary team, though The Mark gave it a good go by attempting to catch them for his own collection.

Our graphics guy put up ‘SLAM 100’ and our location, which Melissa repeated:  “We’re live from London, England for a Ladder match between The Entertainers and The Players.  If the match is half as good as the entrances and atmosphere inside this building right now, this will be extraordinary.”

Keegan chipped in:  “It won’t be like the Slam following Legacy last year, which was flatter than CG’s Speedos bulge – or lack of.  We’ve already blown that out of the water.  We’ve got a new World champion in Newbludd, Clan Strongbern as the new Tag Team champs and who’ll be next in line is in this ring right now between these four fantastic young athletes.  Kid Chameleon was desperately unlucky against Chris Smith at Legacy and should have won.  Very few people come close to the knives he’s got in his drawer; Paul Sanders is an excellent athlete and son of one of the best wrestlers of the 80s, ‘Sexy’ Steve; Darren’s one of the most technically-sound students of the modern era and when he gains experience, he’s going to excel in singles competition too and Alfie...is Alfie.”

The Mark:  “NOBODY has the tools Kid has.  But, respect where it’s deserved and Darren and Alfie were involved in the two best tag team matches of last year.  They’re not as hot as they were, not that you’d believe it if you listened to this crowd, but they’re still one of the top teams in nbW, as are The Players, and I would pay to see this match alone.”


“Here we go,” Keegan said excitedly as the quarter of competitors circled one another, figuring out who to pair off with.

Best tentatively extended his left hand, testing the water with Paul Sanders while remaining wary of Kid Chameleon to his right.  He needn’t have worried.  Alfie made a beeline for Chameleon, only to fall for the trap.

The Mark:  “Dake Toe Hold.”

That was a tradition Drop Toe Hold followed up by an Elbow Drop to the top of the Briton’s noggin.

Button hadn’t hung around just moments ago and Chameleon wasn’t going to either.  He took the hometown boy by the head and flung Button over the top rope like an impatient driver littering from their car window.

As Paul negotiated an Armbar on Best, The Zero Wrestler assumed the other arm as they set the New Yorker up for a joint Irish Whip.  On Best’s boomerang-like round trip, Chameleon dropped down invitingly, enabling Paul to lay it on thick with a terrific Dropkick.

The Players were far from done with Darren:  An aided Alley-Oop lay in store next.  However, they had an intruder, Alfie Button was up on the apron and ready to rejoin us.  Unfortunately for him and a unified audience, Sanders kneeled to serve as a springboard as Chameleon connected with a...

The Mark:  “Right Han!”

Melissa Vanderart:  “Flying Forearm for us traditionalists and tremendous teamwork by The Players.”

Keegan:  “It’s uncharacteristic of Darren and especially Alfie to start this slowly and you have to praise Paul and Kid for that.  The Players have put the pressure on from the get-go.”

Right on cue, The Players slipped out of the squared circle, intent on bringing the scrap’s prized prop, the ladder, into action ASAP.  Just as they were going to seize the accessory-cum-weapon, Button leapt onto Paul’s back, seeking a Sleeper. 

Sega’s Ambassador was about to swat the fast-talking Londoner off like a bluebottle that’s been bugging you all afternoon, until Best stuck it to Kid with a couple of stiff rights to capture Chameleon’s attention.

The Mark winced as Darren definitely had Chameleon’s concentration with an assertive Body Slam on the concrete.  Alfie got the vast majority of our capacity crowd in on the action, raining down with...


Three European Uppercuts softened Sanders up to such an extent that Button ran with Paul in tow, garnering an almighty cheer as he tossed the bout’s biggest man back into the battleground underneath the bottom rope.

The Mark:  “That’s all well and good, but why did The Entertainers move away from the ladder rather than towards it?”

Vanderart:  “Good point.”

Gains:  “Are you suggesting The Entertainers are scared of The Players?  The only people I know who are scared of The Players are Mario and Luigi.”

The Mark took pleasure in putting CG down:  “You are so out of touch.”

Sanders darted towards Alfie.  Like Kid before him, Button dropped down and on the rebound, also underlined his athletic gifts by effortlessly Leapfrogging Paul...


Darren was mowed down by a 246-pound automobile, travelling way quicker than the speed limit and 20,000 witnesses
could attest to that.

Paul sought to wreak more havoc, turning to repeat the feat on Button, but it was the Brit that had a ‘Take Two moment’
by Leapfrogging Paul with contemptuous ease yet again...


Sensationally, Sanders staggered, smacking the ropes...


That put Paul on his backside.

Button bowed and received a raucous seal of approval at the 02.  There wasn’t time to revel in his achievements, Alfie spotting a recovered Chameleon just outside of the ring on the south side...

Alfie feigned a Baseball Slide and RAMMED Reiko’s Regret’s head off the protective mats, causing The Mark to gulp. 


Quashing The Mark’s previous criticism, Alfie was ready to obtain the ladder – or so he thought.  The World’s Greatest Gamer had other ideas...

It may’ve seemed Kasumi’s Secret Crush was in a vulnerable spot.  Out of arrogance or incapacity, Alfie wasn’t able to take advantage of our Saturday Night Slam Master, who caught the cocky Cockney out with a well-placed kick to the knee.  Thereafter, Gouken’s Third Disciple pounced with a Front Facelock, dragging Essential Viewing down, kneeing the TV personality square in the face.

The Mark:  “Raid Bomb!”

As Chameleon stood up, commended by The Mark on commentary, they were oblivious to a primed Darren Best...

Vanderart:  “Beautiful Springboard Crossbody!”

Sanders was starting to stir after swallowing the second successive Superkick.  He was sat up like a baby, clearly not with it and then it suddenly dawned on him that he was all alone.

The Mark:  “Come on, Paul.”

Gains:  “Can someone remove this delinquent?”

Sanders vacated the spotlight to procure the ladder.  Darren, now vertical, challenged Sanders to a tug of war for possession.  Finders keepers...

They went back and forth once, twice, thrice...

Then, Paul gained the upper hand and LEATHERED Darren in the face with the household item – a household gimmick in wrestling.

Paul growled at Kid to get up before handling the ladder and sliding it into the ring.  Chameleon, who’d heeded
Colonel Sanders’ orders, spotted a sprinting Alfie in the nick of time...

...However, Best distracted Lara’s Boyfriend with a Side Headlock, imploring the Englishman to pursue Paul.

Sanders was halfway up the stairway to the gates of Heaven when Button stuck his beak in, showcasing that precious pace and catching Paul, a heck of an athlete in his own right, with few  issues.  The Cockney clutched Paul’s foot, though Sanders demonstrated his advantage in the power department by shoving Alfie off with no regard or respect. 

But, Button wouldn’t let it go and was back on Paul’s tail, grabbing a handful of tights and pulling down The International Playboy’s trunks down in the process!

Wolf whistles, both admiring and sarcastic, rang out as Paul’s buttocks were revealed to the British public.

“This is a treat for the ladies,” The Mark remarked.  Sorry about that, Shae.

Keegan pondered:  “Are you talking about the match?”

With trunks still in hand, Button brought Paul back down to earth, narrowly avoiding flailing elbows on the descent.  With their feet firmly on ground, Alfie took the sting out of Paul’s struggles with a Superkick to Paul’s left cheek...

No, not his face.

And illegally...


The Mark:  “Poor Paul!!

CG Gains groaned:  “You can say that again.”

For the first time ever, Alfie’s European Uppercut had ventured off the continent and stretched into Northern African territory.  Paul, a 2nd generation star, must have wondered if he’d ever hand his father, Steve, a grappling grandson after that.


A stunning Standing Shooting Star Press took Paul’s mind off the scorching pain momentarily.

Disrespectfully, Alfie wiped his feet on Sanders like a doormat and was cheered for it, but he could probably get away with breaking a newborn’s nose and pissing on Big Ben on this night in front of THIS crowd.

Button hopped onto the ladder, scaling it with unwavering backing from his countrymen.  Chameleon had broken free of Darren after a..

The Mark:  “Banishing Flat!”  Zangief’s handy Spinning Backfist had unlocked Best’s bolt and key.  Now free, Kid skidded inside to prevent The Players from being ushered to the back of the queue in the way of title shots.

The Mark:  “Come on, Kid!  Hurry!”

Bass Armstrong’s Son-in-Law bridged the gap on the notorious speedster, standing eye-to-eye with the European import and going at it head-to-head, punch for punch.

Alfie and the audience:  “I PITY THA FOOL.”

The Mark:  “Stankin’ Punch.”

Alfie and the audience:  “I PITY THA FOOL.”

The Mark:  “Stankin’ Punch.”

Alfie and the audience:  “I PITY THA FOOL.”

Button had one-upped, pun absolutely intended, Chameleon in European Uppercuts.  To put the gherkin in the burger, the strange-talking half of The Entertainers searched out a Suplex, a stonewall difference-maker should he pull it off at this particular point. 

However, Kid offered major resistance and wouldn’t budge on one go nor the second attempt.

Sanders entered from the starboard and Best wasn’t far behind him.  Paul climbed to grab Alfie while Darren obviously wanted to deny Kid from snatching the briefcase.  Everyone was stood on the ladder while ticket-buyers sprung up everywhere, the anticipation and electricity growing by the millisecond...

The Mark:  “OH MY GOD!”

The crowd cheered.

Keegan nodded.


Special K stated the obvious:  “Back to square one.”

Not that he, his colleagues or the crowd minded as they were invested in this encounter and the fate of the briefcase that
rested above their heads – a fair share of them anyway.

The ladder rested across the western set of ropes.

Melissa continued:  “That’s the first time we’ve really seen the ladder play a real part in this match and it has eliminated everyone.”

Gains:  “Who will get up first?  Surely, it has to be between Best and Sanders after Kid and Alfie took the Suplexes.”

The Mark predicted:  “It’ll be Paul.  His recovery powers are remarkable.”

Gains:  “Are we talking about wrestling here?”

Keegan:  “You beat me to it for once.”

Indeed, The Players’ mouthpiece was proven right and he revelled in it:  “Yes, I was talking about wrestling.  Paul is the biggest, strongest, fittest guy in this fight.  You all concentrate on Best’s technique, Alfie’s athleticism and yes, I believe Kid is the greatest gamer and wrestler on the face of the planet, but Paul Sanders has got a lot going for him.  Come on!”

Paul made a beeline for the ladder, which wasn’t too far from him.  In desperation, Darren clasped at the ex-football
player’s left leg.  With sheer will, Best pulled Paul down to the canvas.  Strangely, Best received a shout to let go, which went against every fibre in his thought process...

The Weakest Link!

Alfie’s DDT to a kneeling rival was delivered devastatingly.

Keegan:  “Mark, maybe Paul is the weakest link.  We’re about to find out.”

Mark:  “Due respect Keegan, he isn’t and YOU are going to find that out.”

Soccerball Kick to Button’s back!

Impersonating the EA Sports Voice Guy, take it away:  “IT’S IN THE GAME.”

Kid didn’t rest on his laurels and addressed Darren.

Best surprised Chameleon with a swift takedown...

Melissa:  “Darren’s going for Best Submission Ever.”

Our most balanced and experienced commentator on the four-strong table was spot on.  The Scorpion Armlock was the night’s main course, but Kid wouldn’t digest it, blocking it profusely.

In retaliation, the New Yorker continued to kick the Mayor of Metro City and the Vice Chief of Vice City, but Chameleon held firm...

The Mark:  “Whoah, where did he come from?!”


Seeking a second to complete Action Replay from the opposite side and possessing tunnel vision, Alfie obliviously wandered right into a...

Melissa:  “Spinebuster by Sanders!”

But, when Paul was about to pop up...


Melissa:  “In the middle of the ring.”

Keegan:  “Not for long.”

Special K had spotted Kid returning to the fold and we’ll allow The Mark to walk us through this:  “That’s right, Keegan. 
Kid applies a Side Headlock, just as Darren did before.  There you go, wrenching on it and...DAYDREAM HEADLOCK!  Bulldog to you mortals - an R. Mika special to us.”

Now, The 3-Count Cowboy wanted another chance at climbing the ladder and brought it bang in the middle, oooh the middle...

Only that annoying Alfie Button was on hand again, throwing ‘I PITY THA FOOL’ at him and engaging in ANOTHER European Uppercut exchange.

Lara’s Boyfriend wasn’t going to come up short:  He lifted Alfie into the air with two hands, suggesting a Chokebomb. 

Ordinarily, this special offer would come with a legsweep, but given they were in the air, a good old-fashioned Glasgow Kiss.

The Mark:  “Splitting Headache.”

CG Gains:  “You can say that again.”

Alfie fell off the ladder and Kid leaned back, suffering the effects of his own Billy Goat Butt.

The Mark:  “No, no...NO!”

Yep.  Kid also descended at a great rate and from quite a height, prompting a double OOH for the couple of competitors.  While on the ground, Kid didn’t receive any sympathy or treatment. 

Keegan:  “Kid’s head didn’t stand up to the test – physically or mentally.”

Instead, Darren rolled Chameleon out of the ring to have a go himself.  The coast was clear, for the time being at least, and it looked like I spoke to soon with Sanders wandering into shot.

Thankfully for a large portion of this ocean of humanity, Darren had a keen eye and launched himself off the ladder with a Moonsault Press...

Gains:  “Caught.  Wrong move again by The Entertainers, who seem to be more worried about playing up to these idiots than winning the match.  Winning comes first.”

There was no disagreement or discontent at the desk.  There was about to be some distress and discomfort if you were Darren Best though...


It rocked the accessory a bit, but not enough to topple it.

Sanders wasn’t satisfied and turned right with Darren draped over his shoulder. To quote Larry Zbysko, Darren had been launched like a dart and landed just shy of the commentary table.

Paul was on the hunt again but again, Alfie wouldn’t go away permanently.  Nevertheless, Paul’s pushed kick sent Button back to the ground immediately, giving Sanders a clear sight at the briefcase above.

Keegan:  “Not so fast!”

Button, buoyed by his British public, was back for another bite on the opposite side.  Paul’s punch was blocked by ‘I PITY THA FOOL’ and three more of those BMFs saw Sanders slide down the ladder gradually rather than fly off it, fortunately for him.

The Game Genie tried his luck, though Alfie shrugged him off with a simple boot and now seemed poised, stood triumphantly on the penultimate rung and ready to take the next step to another tag team title tilt.

The Viewers’ Choice was at the summit and he glanced over at Best, who was still on the ringside floor.  Very audibly, Alfie shouted:  “Get a mike, I ‘ave to do it.”

Best shook his head and appeared to be livid.  Then, he let out a smile and crawled over to the timekeeper’s position, not bothering to stand up, and requested a microphone:  “LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, CAN I HAVE SILENCE FOR OUR NEXT CONTESTANT PLEASE.  ALFIE BUTTON...COME ON DOWN!!!”

A PHENOMENAL Frogpump Elbow on Chameleon.

The Mark:  “That was absolutely amazing, but Keegan...

Keegan concurred:  “It was absolutely unnecessary.  We’re even, Mark.”

Melissa:  “Indeed, but the fans here in London LOVED it.  Tremendous action in our tag team division and they keep this up, we’ll have another classic for the tag collection.”

Chameleon rolled towards the apron on the left-hand side.  Everybody else, Best included, applauded the gigantic gamble in amazement at Alfie’s athletic gifts and audacity.

The brash Brit favoured his elbow, cussing Darren for giving him permission to do that!  Best held his hands out incredulously, asking what choice he had before ordering Button to get back in the saddle...

For once, Alfie did as he was told.  However, Paul stunted his preparation with a couple of cracking punches.  Sanders then ushered Alfie up against the ropes for leverage and launched the Londoner FACE-FIRST into the ladder with a wicked Irish Whip!


Best, out on the apron, narrowly avoided being smacked by Sanders’ javelin-like ladder toss, meaning it went straight over the top rope and almost hit The Mark, who ducked out of concern, which caused Keegan to laugh.

“Mark, are you okay?”


Undeterred, Paul cut the ring off and tried to bring Best back in with a Suplex, but Darren butted him in the abdomen and slid back in of his own accord, through Paul’s pins.

Vanderart:  “Darren has the Backdrop Driver in mind, easily one of the most potent weapons in his arsenal...”
Paul didn’t want to find out, elbowing his way to freedom and running the ropes, but Best evaded the Lariat attempt and then, for someone so bright, committed a Renaud Cardinal error by lowering his head...

The Mark:  “TRAILBLAZER!!!”

He couldn’t contain his excitement as Paul PLANTED Darren with his Rocker Dropper/Fameasser finisher, whatever the fuck you want to call it.

While the guest commentator clapped, Kid had seen it and smiled.  Like Darren with Alfie, he signalled for Sanders to get up that ladder pronto.  The problem?  Paul had tossed it outside merely moments ago.

Again, that British bluebottle had a plan to throw a proverbial spanner in the works.  He was only up on the top rope, but fortunately for The Players, Paul had seen it and attempted a punch to the mid-air Alfie.

Alfie readjusted accordingly, Leapfrogging the ex-football player, but on the way down, Kid booted him square in the stomach and hoisted him up, which got The Mark all giddy.

Taka’s Michinoku Driver had been renamed Mega Drive by Kid and no matter what it’s called, where it’s from, it works if hit properly...

Button smelled the danger like a Bunsen burner underneath his big toe and did a runner out of the back door.  Not only that, he had the presence of mind to push Kid into Paul, forcing the latter to fall to the mat.

The cocky Cockney Clotheslined Kid over the top rope on the far side, skinning the cat back in and then took Paul for a ride on the North side with a Hair-Pull Hangman, which he calls a Cliffhanger, landing right next to the ladder.  Of course, he spared himself a bow and a round of applause for his efforts and was richly rewarded in his hometown.  Then, he reached over and shook hands with Keegan on commentary, which raised the noise levels three or four-fold.

“Genius,” Keegan proclaimed.

Before The Mark could stick his oar in, Keegan continued:  “By far, the best athlete I’ve ever trained.  Does he always make the right decision in the ring?  No.  Is he a show-off?  Undoubtedly.  But, he is a sensation and with age, he’ll be really tough to beat.”

Anyway, The Mark got his say:  “I was going to agree.  One of my favourite guys on the roster – behind Kid of course.”

After a brief delay, Button placed the ladder inside the ring again and rolled in after it.  Roared on by a raucous crowd, Alfie nodded to himself, this match taking its toll on mind and body, ready to try ONE more time.

However, he took a tad too long.  Despite warnings from the audience, Button was oblivious to Chameleon boarding the top strand.

The Mark:  “Verdict’s In!  We’re not finished yet.”

A simple Knee to the back from the highest point of a ring may not seem that difficult, but Kid had managed to do it to Alfie while the Brit was between the second and third step of the ladder.  The knowhow, agility and sacrifice all attained a positive response from the rafters.

Time for a...


Darren delivered a Dropkick to Alfie’s back, causing Chameleon to lose his grip and it meant The Viewers’ Choice fell backwards on Kid, a la a Crossbody Block.

For those of you know your WWF history, you’ll recall it was a trademark of The Rockers as an effective counter and also a deadly downfall.  In fact, they messed it up in at least two high-profile TV matches, preceding their Barber Shop break-up.

Back in the present, though using the past simple to bring you the action, Button Alex Reyned punches in on Princess Peach’s Pin-Up while Best started to scale the ladder.  It was a sound distraction.

Sanders, unaccounted for, stood up and simply grabbed Best by the head from the second rung and drilled Darren’s head into the canvas, courtesy of grabbing a handful of hair. 

The Mark:  “Paul’s not the only one who’s been horribly injured by Alex Reyn.  That will bring back bad memories for Darren, though not right now as he’s probably unconscious.”

Paul then proceeded to pull Alfie’s locks this time.

Keegan:  “I didn’t expect Paul to fight like a schoolgirl.  Mind you, his dad was horrible for hair-pulling back in the day, so perhaps he takes after him.”

The Mark:  “Or the girls who want it rough.”

Gains and Vanderart both did a double-take while The Mark focused solely on the action in front of him.

Alfie had escaped Paul’s clutches, but then Button strayed into a boot from the Portland native.  Sanders placed Button between his legs, which didn’t elicit a Mark remark, and was about to maim the Cockney with a PoweRatings Slump!

Rewind:  Button countered the Powerbomb attempt with a DDT full of impact and vitamins.

Kid surprised Alfie with a Waistlock, but even more so with a ‘belly bounce’ or what you could call an Enzui Crossbody Block.  With Alfie on the deck, Chameleon borrowed the ladder and folded it up.

The Mark:  “I know where this is going...”

Gains:  “Why is he putting the ladder on Alfie?”

The Mark:  “Watch and learn.”

The ladder covered all of Alfie as Kid jumped between the ladder, like a guy jumping on and off a step-up box, and the mat from left to right before coming crushing down on the ladder AND Alfie’s back with a crunching Seated Senton to the back.

The Mark:  “NEVER SCARED.”

Kid tended to his derriere, which couldn’t have been a soft landing.

Keegan:  “He may never be scared, but I have to question that.  Yes, it hurt Alfie, but look at the damage he’s done to his arse there.  Howay Mark.  He may have two hundred moves or whatever.  He certainly wasn’t thinking two moves ahead there, was he?”

The Mark:  “If Alfie doesn’t recover, it’ll be worth it.  Anyway, Alfie’s ‘Come On Down’ defied logic when winning would’ve been easier.  The Players like to put on a show too.”

Melissa:  “No doubt about it.  There are no passengers on this rollercoaster ride, but who will get off first?”

Keegan:  “Paul by the sounds of it.”

Speak of the devil...Sanders snared Best and scored with a Swinging Neckbreaker to give The Players two-up.
Melissa:  “Again, like you said Mark, both of these guys have had horrific injuries and that won’t help Darren Best’s cause.”

Gains:  “Melissa, don’t patronize the kid by treating him like a real commentator.  He isn’t one of us,” CG said mockingly.

The Mark:  “Thank God, I’m not.  No offense Melissa.”

Melissa:  “None taken.”

The Mark:  “Anyway, no, it won’t.  Both Paul and Darren are at risk in a wrestling ring, period.  In a Ladder match?  It’s a death wish.”

Chameleon was up – barely.  Paul scraped the ladder off Alfie and then picked the poor bugger up in the hopes of swatting the irritating insect once and for all.


Paul whipped Alfie upside down into the ladder in the bottom right-hand side.  Kid scooped Alfie up, not giving him a second to digest it, and SLAMMED him into the prop with authority.

Still, he wasn’t done...

HEAD-FIRST into the ladder!

Keegan:  “Kid’s not normally this vicious, is he?”

The Mark:  “There’s a lot you don’t know about him, which is why I’m out here – but you will.”

Melissa:  “Could it be...”

Gains:  “Could it be because Chris Smith kicked his ass at Legacy?  Yeah, how about it, Mark?”

The Mark:  “You know what, CG...it is.  Are you happy now?”

Gains:  “I’m DELIGHTED you ADMITTED that your buddy got what was coming to him.  Chris Smith did it for the kids.”

Kid whipped the ladder away from a lifeless Briton and in a joint effort, he and Paul set it up.

The Mark:  “Tremendous teamwork.”

They ascended either side at a fairly rapid rate, given how much punishment they’d absorbed.  The end was now in sight for The Players – could it be GAME OVER for The Entertainers?  Alfie had taken a proper pasting and even if Darren were fit, could he prevent two men from seizing the briefcase?

Melissa:  “So close for The Players...what a drag-out this has been and yet it hasn’t dragged at all.”

The Mark:  “Deserved too.  Alfie and Darren have been brilliant, but I personally believe The Players have controlled this from the start.”

Gains tutted and Keegan joked:  “You would.  I completely agree that both teams have been fantastic mind.  First-class performances from the four of them.”

Melissa:  “They’re within touching distance...”

Gains:  “Oh, they were, but look...”

The Mark was in disbelief.

Gains:  “His name is Chris Smith and he’s doing it for the kids – again!”

Indeed, the 6’6 manchild was jogging to the ring, booed vehemently by our observers, even if they were predominantly rooting for The Entertainers.  Most of them still liked The Players too and didn’t want to see them screwed like this, especially not after such a keenly-contested, hard-fought battle...

The Mark:  “NO!”

Too late.

The Players, both on the ladder remember, were pushed from the prop and landed through the commentary table!!!

The Mark leaned over to console both of his friends, but they were out as CG Gains howled hysterically at The Players’ plight:  “SHUT DOWN!” he shouted.

Neither Keegan nor Melissa took any pleasure in the horrendous fall they’d taken, particularly Paul, who might be back on the shelf after just returning.  In fact, Keegan requested assistance from his headset as Melissa stood back to give the grounded grapplers some space.

There was nothing anyone could do as Chris stared at the camera, reciting his catchphrase and buggering off to where he came from without a care for either Chameleon or Sanders.

Utter disbelief at the desk, well what remained of it, as it had given way and the monitors were now useless.  All they had were headsets.

Darren, who hadn’t seen any of it occur, looked round and saw nobody in sight.  In vain, The Mark attempted to rally The Players in front of him, but they were out of it and wouldn’t have heard a single sound he uttered.
Best ‘borrowed’ the ladder, which was resting along the bottom set of ropes. 

The Mark tried to explain to Darren what had happened from a distance.  Unfortunately, it was out of earshot and Best, understandably, was more worried about assisting Alfie and emerging with something to show for this stunning effort.

The Mark:  “I’m really worried about Paul.”

Darren tapped his partner on the shoulder and told the Cockney to climb while he kept lookout – different to how The
Players had handled things, to their detriment, but who knew ‘Big Kid’ would come in, throw his toys out of the pram and put Sanders and Chameleon through the commentary desk.

Keegan:  “This is the slowest I’ve ever seen Alfie.”

Indeed anyone.  Despite what had happened, the crowd, perhaps unfairly, mustered a cheer for the Cockney and his chances of snatching the briefcase and victory for The Entertainers.  They couldn’t commend Chris Smith for his cowardice.

The Mark was smarting and had remained silent for the last 30 seconds or so.  Well, that was until he saw movement from Kid.  On one hand, he was relieved.  The competitive part of him urged Chameleon to move in what was most certainly a last-ditch, desperate attempt to save the match.

Darren stood guard, seeing that Chameleon was on all fours.  Sanders was still unconscious, bearing the brunt of that brutal fall.

Alfie was now on the top rung...

Chameleon flopped, unable to stand.  And, with it, the impossible remained just that...

Ding, Ding, Ding!

Take it away, Brent:  “The winners of this match and new number one contenders...THE ENTERTAINERS!”

Best had been ready for Chameleon.  The Mark was GUTTED and that was putting it midly.  With thousands of spectators celebrating round him, he had to stand there and take it, though now he could focus on his friends’ health.  The amount of hatred he had for Chris Smith threatened to burst his heart.

For the rest of us, our eardrums.  Alfie held the briefcase aloft for everyone to see while Best fell to his knees with overwhelming relief.

Kid managed to get to a vertical base, checking on Paul as local doctors flooded the scene to a backdrop of noise.  There were mixed emotions for our tandems.

Beckoned by Button, Best joined Alfie on the opposite side of the ladder.  Retaining a grip on the briefcase, the Englishman placed the briefcase on his partner’s shoulder and celebrated.  The roof of The 02 rocked.

And when Paul finally came round, everyone could exhale and finally enjoy not only what had been a win for Button and Best...

But a heroic effort by four young men who’d given all they had – and more.  The audience had wanted a ‘home’ triumph and weren’t shy about it.  That standing ovation though?  That also had Paul’s and Kid’s fingerprints all over it.

In the end, Alfie and Darren had proved they could entertain AND win at the same time.





“What a ladder match we just saw earlier!” Melissa Vanderart said. “But coming up next, we’ve got a match that is finally going to end this ongoing saga between perhaps nbW’s most decorated veteran, Ravage, and one of its quickest rising stars, Jax Curry! Coming up next – we have Jax Curry teaming up with Matt Haddon against his hated rival, Ravage and his protégé, Charlie Birkin!”

“I heard that Haddon and Curry were suffering from a case of yellow spine,” C.G. Gains chuckled.

“What you mean to say is that both Haddon and Curry were ill and regrettably, couldn’t attend the show. But they’ve been given a clean bill of health and now tonight, these four men look to end this issue once and for all that started on the night that Curry debuted…”

“Which Slam 97 was a lucky break! Ravage had this kid dead to rights and he got a lucky victory. It was proven lucky when he defeated him on Slam 99!”

“But ONLY because Charlie Birkin has been helping Ravage and acting as his protégé. That’s why Haddon has been involved. Charlie was his former student before he turned on him and joined Ravage. And we know the bad blood that Birkin and Haddon have from the past. Now, tonight, this gets settled in tag team action!”

And to Brent Williams for this tag team grudge match.

“The following tag team match is set for one fall!” Brent Williams said to the cheering crowd.

“Art and Life (instrumental)" by Twista.

The music thundered over and the PA and charging out from the back was the rookie standout, Jax Curry! Curry beat on his chest and pointed to both sides of the arena, feeding off the crowd. The Toronto, Ontario native rubbed his hands together and flexed his muscles before he hit the ring at a quick pace.

“Introducing first… making his way to the ring... from Toronto, Ontario, Canada... weighing in at 258 pounds... "THE QUIET FURY" JAX CURRY!"

Curry scanned the crowd and stepped between the ropes. He popped the bones in his neck and turned his attention to the task at hand as he waited for his partner.

“Hero” by Skillet.

And the crowd continued to cheer for his partner and mentor! Raising his arms to the crowd was Matt Haddon and he turned his attention to the ring.

“And his partner, weighing in at 245 pounds… from Malone, Vermont, he is the former Keystone Champion… MATT HADDON!

The Founding Father as he was known backstage made his way to the ring and bumped fists with his newest star pupil before the two entered the ring to a positive response from the crowd. Haddon and Curry waited for their opponents to arrive…

“Wanted Man” by Rev Theory.

The music played next and out came nbW’s most decorated star. As Brent Williams will tell you.

“And his oppon…”


The music cut out instantly as Charlie Birkin and his fiancé, Ali Carr, walked out to the stage and headed toward the ring.

“You see me, Curry?” Ravage asked. “I am nbW’s most decorated AND celebrated athlete and the fact that a little rookie bitch like you thinks he even BELONGS in the same ring as me is a goddamn joke. Slam 97… you got lucky and I looked past you. That was my mistake. But on Slam 99, I… beat… YOU.”

Ravage continued as Charlie smiled behind him.

“I’m the best goddamn man on this roster. I’m a former nbW Blitzkrieg Champion. I’m a former nbW Keystone Champion… and I had it a lot longer than the five minutes YOU did, Haddon!”

Haddon stood behind Curry and flapped his hands behind him, telling Ravage he talked too much. The Savage of the Ring continued anyway.

“And I’m a former nbW World Heavyweight Champion! How many titles have you won, Curry? ZERO. And when I take Charlie Birkin under my wing, we’re going to be winning ALL of nbW’s championships. And we’re going to start by doing what we SHOULD have bene able to do at Legacy… way to bitch out on that, by the way… and beat you two TONIGHT!”

Ravage tossed the microphone to Charlie Birkin, who smirked.

“Curry, you’re about to find out exactly what Matt Haddon learned from me when I was putting a beating on him for weeks… Ravage and Charlie Birkin? We’re the best that’s in, mates!”

And the microphone went to the bubbly Ali Carr.


The crowd booed and had enough of all of their talking. Ravage slid into the ring and both he and Birkin attacked at the bell!

Haddon and Birkin picked up where those two men had left off before when Haddon SPEARED him to the mat and let him have it with a series of hard strikes to the side of the head!

Inside the ring, Ravage attacked Jax Curry relentlessly by elbowing him in the side of the head! The vicious Savage of the Ring grabbed Curry’s neck and yelled in his face.

“I TOLD YOU! THIS IS MY RING!” Ravage yelled.

The self-proclaimed most decorate and celebrated athlete of nbW continued striking him with hard elbows to the face and then tried to whip big Curry across the ring. He sent him flying to one side of the ring, but Curry moved out of the corner…


The crowd EXPLODED!

Already, Curry had turned the tide on Ravage and struck him down with a Pounce Shoulder Tackle! Curry was already back on his feet and flexed his pecs as the crowd went nuts! He stood over Ravage, who still had no idea where he was. He was grabbed by the waist and then DEADLIFTED into the air.

No way.

Could he?

Would he?







Just like that! Just like that, Jax Curry had just scored what had to be easily one of nbW’s most monumental upsets! Haddon and Birkin immediately stopped fighting and Birkin’s jaw dropped to the ground!


Ravage and Birkin had greatly underestimated Curry again and Curry had just DEFEATED Ravage – nbW’s most decorated and celebrated athlete – in thirty seconds! The young powerhouse Canadian jumped to the second turnbuckle immediately and the straps came down as he celebrated with the fans! 
Haddon ran into the ring and patted his powerful protégé on the back, embracing in an excited hug!

Birkin’s jaw still had yet to be picked up off the ringside floor. He and Ravage were supposed to come out here and show the two up, but Haddon had gotten one over him again and the powerful rookie was underestimated and because of that, Ravage paid for it!

Curry and Haddon left the ring and then celebrated as they headed back up the ramp, the fans cheering them on the entire way. As they disappeared up the ramp, Birkin climbed into the ring to check on the fallen Ravage, who was still sitting up, completely starstruck and ANGRIER than a hornet! In what had to be one of Slam’s most shocking moments, the day that Ravage had been upset by Jax Curry would rank up amongst them!

Curry’s theme song cut as Ali watched her fiancé try and help Ravage to his feet.

“Mate? Mate, you all right?” Birkin asked.

Birkin got his response from Ravage…


In a fit of complete rage, Ravage suddenly kicked him in the gut and DRILLED him into the mat with a Snap Double Arm DDT! Ravage still couldn’t believe it, but he had just spiked Birkin on the top of his head.


Ravage let out a loud scream of frustration before he limped up the ramp. Ali checked on her man and it was clear that it would take Ravage a while to live this down… that meant that the star of Jax Curry was quickly on the rise with a win this big!





An Unfortunate Report


NBW returned from commercial to show the cameras focusing on Melissa Vanderart and C.G Gaines who were both looking into the camera with solemn expressions.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, changing gears here for a moment,” Mellisa began “We regret to inform you all that on the twenty ninth of October, during our Legacy broadcast. Both members of A-List: Victor Ingram Price and El Principe were found unconscious in the locker room. Due to the graphic nature of the imagery, we will not be showing footage of the incident, however both men have been taken to the hospital where it’s been reported that they have suffered severe blood loss, multiple concussions and several broken bones. While their conditions are stable, it is unclear at this stage when, or even if they will make a full recovery.”

“Naturally our thoughts and prayers go out to two of the best talents in the NBW locker room.” C.G added. “We can only hope the two return soon to reclaim what was theirs. Until then I hear that our new champions are making a ruckus in the back so-" Gains motioned at the EpiCenter.


Return of the Rick or Why a Dog



That GOD-AWFUL rendition of the hit masterpiece “Return of the Mack” opened our next segment backstage. The gruesome foursome as they were known – Clan Strongbern, by others – walked the halls looking mighty confident, being seen for the first time since giving A-List the boot and becoming the nbW Dynasty Tag Team Champions!

Big Rick was walking front and center carrying BOTH Dynasty Tag Team Championships on either shoulder. Behind him, Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern was cracking his knuckles. Next to him, Ri-Khan was dressed for battle and behind them was Little Ricky… sighing.

“Uh… Big Rick?” Little Ricky asked.

“WHAT?” Big Rick shouted.

“Um… we’ve been walking around backstage for about fifteen minutes now just aimlessly. What exactly are we doing?”


Rik and Ri-Khan stopped while Big Rick turned to look up (down, as he would put it) at the tallest member of the group.


“Isn’t that why we’re wrestling tonight?” Little Ricky asked. “You know… where you put out the challenge to take on not one, but TWO former Dynasty Tag Champion-level teams?”

Rik turned to Big Rick. “Only two of us are gonna be out there, boss. I trust your judgment mainly because you let me break faces and whatnot… but what if they got like REAL good teams to fight us tonight? nbW’s had a few of those. And it’s one fall… we don’t have to be pinned or submitted to lose.”

The Generalissimo of Clan Strongbern turned to Rik.


“Heh, I like it,” Rik said.


“SIR, YES, SIR!” Rik shouted.

Little Ricky sighed. “Sir, yes, sir…”



Ri-Khan nods.

“GOOD BOY!” He reached over and actually patted Ri-Khan on his bald head like a dog. “NOW… LET’S GO OUT THERE AND MESS UP SOME SHIT!”

Big Rick departed first with the gold and Rik right behind him. Little Ricky looked to Ri-Khan just after he was sure Big Rick wasn’t in sight.

“You know, I only thought of this right now… why a dog?” Little Ricky asked. “He’s gone, so you don’t have to play along. He owns my contract, but why are you here acting like a dog”


He shook his head and walked off from Little Ricky… then came back and looked around to make sure nobody was around.

“Lost a bet,” Ri-Khan said quietly. “But I get to kick people’s asses and I’m a champion, so… yeah. RAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”

Ri-Khan stepped back into the madness that was Clan Strongbern and roared in Little Ricky’s face. Eventually, Little Ricky walked off as the scene went elsewhere.


Blitzkrieg Championship Open Challenge


“Welcome back to the 100th edition of Slam!” Melissa Vanderart said. “Coming up next, we’ve got a great bit of action! A couple of our champions have accepted challenges from all over the place. We know that Clan Strongbern are defending their titles against not one, but TWO former Dynasty Tag Team Championship-holding teams! And coming up next, coming off the BIGGEST win of his career outlast two seven-footers in Warren Spade and The Great Wall, The Blitzkrieg Champion Ohiyama has an open challenge against ANY former champion!”

“That covers a lot of ground!” C.G. Gains said. “And Ohiyama can’t be 100% after being put through the wringer by both Warren Spade and The Great Wall! Those two will be fighting each other tonight, but up next, who’s taking this challenge?”

“We don’t know!” Melissa said. “But we’ll be finding out up next! We now go to ringside as Ohiyama takes on the mystery opponent.”

And to Brent Williams nodding his head in the ring. 

“The following match is set for one fall and will be for the nbW Blitzkrieg Championship!”


The crowd now watched with anticipation at what was happening at ringside.  The lights faded to black until a series of yellow and green spotlights shined at the entrance.  The crowd continued to buzz for what was happening next until four men in yellow dress robes made their way out, pounding on tribal drums.  The crowd was excited for the entrance and a silhouette appeared on the top of the ramp.   
A BIG silhouette to be precise. The massive being proceeded to dance along with it in a fire dance tradition before he stopped and let out a war cry… 
A HUGE explosion of red pyro went off behind him and the opening six-second mark of Ohiyama’s theme began to play. 
“Voodoo Child” by Brick + Mortar. 

“Introducing first… he is the reigning and defending Blitzkrieg Champion… from Hilo, Hawaii, weighing in at 278 pounds… ”THE ACTIVE VOLCANO” OHIYAMA!” 
The 6’6” 278-pound Hawaiian garnered a loud and popular reaction from the crowd as he raised the title over his head! The soft-spoken but double-tough and ultra-physical strong-style grappler marched towards the ring with a look of determination on his face. He climbed into the ring and handed the title off to referee before waiting for whoever his opponent was…

The crowd waited….

And waited…

And waited…

“Warrior” by Disturbed.


Ohiyama’s expression changed from one of slight shock to then a smile on his face because he knew he’d be tested by the man coming out.

“And his opponent… from New York, New York… standing at 6’4” and weighing in at THREE-HUNDRED SIXTY FIVE POUNDS… he is the former nbW Grand Battle Royale winner… former nbW Infamy Champion, former nbW Dynasty Tag Team Champion and former nbW World Heavyweight Champion… ”THE WORLD CLASS BADASS” VIC GRAVENDER!

In new black trunks that read “KILLING” and “MACHINE” in read down the left and right legs respectively, the human tank of a man in the trunks and the black vest walked towards the ring with a look of intent on his face. The crowd was in shock that one half of The Unstoppables who hadn’t been seen in a few months looked to add perhaps nbW’s grittiest belt to an already stacked nbW resume.

“I don’t believe this!” Melissa Vanderart said. “We heard that Tyson XL was taking a sabbatical from wrestling for now to deal with family issues back home – but Vic is a BAD BAD man. Ohiyama’s got his work cut out for him!”

“True facts!” C.G. said. “Probably the ONLY man in nbW whose Headbutting skills rival his own! That signature Battering Ram Headbutt and his Incredible Flying Wrecking Ball – those weapons have helped him win titles!”

Vic slapped hands with some of the fans on his way to the ring and then walked up the steps. He was north of forty and maybe Ohiyama was a bit quicker than he, but Vic was one of the hardest-hitting, toughest men in nbW and it would take a lot to keep him down. Ohiyama smiled and waited for the bell to ring.

Blitzkrieg Championship


The Killing Machine was a more recent nickname he picked up in Japan – one of many in his world travels over the years –  but Vic word it proudly and offered a handshake to Ohiyama. The Active Volcano, being the sportsman that he was, took it.


The crowd couldn’t believe it! Right off the bat, Vic Gravender WASTED Ohiyama with a devastating Headbutt right to the chest! Ohiyama fell to the mat in one shot and Vic dropped a huge Elbow Drop on him!

Was this going to be it?




Vic’s eyes nearly bolted out of his head as he looked at the official as if he had a death wish. Maybe it was a sneaky shot and sure, Vic Gravender was respected by all in nbW – but he wasn’t above finding an opening like that. He leaned over and glanced at the dazed Ohiyama.

“That’ll teach you to not protect yourself, kid!” Vic shouted.

The Active Volcano had barely kicked out, but the wind was clearly knocked out of him and The World Class Badass was about to take advantage. He grabbed Ohiyama and chucked him into the corner before charging in and CRUSHING him in the corner with a Body Avalanche! 365 pounds of brute force connected with the Strong Style heavyweight and Vic sent him flying out of the corner with a Snapmare. He put a boot into his gut and laid him flat before heading to the second rope.

Vic slapped his head as if the fans didn’t know what he was going for.


Ohiyama moved!

The big New Yorker made a tremendous mistake going for one of his biggest kill shots this early in the match and now The Polynesian Powerhouse was going to make him pay for it. He waited for Vic to get back to his feet…


Ohiyama had him reeling with one big shot before he ran cross-corner to get some momentum for a second shot. When he came back…


Once again, Ohiyama’s chance to get some offense going had been stymied by the more powerful and more experience challenger! Vic then ran off the ropes and delivered a Falling Headbutt this time, using some extra force to make sure Ohiyama stayed down!




Not as close as the first fall of the match, but Vic had him clearly on the ropes now and Ohiyama would need something big to come back with. Vic then crept up behind Ohiyama and tried to lock in a Full Nelson while he was near the corner. The Active Volcano had it scouted and tried to throw back elbows to keep him from fully locking it in, but Vic delivered another hard Headbutt between the shoulder blades! After stunning Ohiyama with that move, he moved the Hawaiian over to the corner…


The Full Nelson was locked in and he repeatedly face planted him into the top turnbuckle! And since this match was Blitzkrieg Rules – that of course, meant No DQ and Falls Count Anywhere – he didn’t have to abide by a referee’s five-count! He continued to beat him into the turnbuckle close to ten times before releasing his grip. He then crept up behind Ohiyama and THREW him behind him with a big-time Release German Suplex!

Sensing the end may have been near for the defending Blitzkrieg Champion, Gravender went in for the kill.




Ohiyama wasn’t in too many positions where he was on the defensive like this for long, but Vic Gravender was no ordinary opponent. He’d spent more of the last two years as part of The Unstoppables – a team that dominated the division for almost a year and became nbW’s 2016 Tag Team of the Year – and was freshly rejuvenated after some time off to win one of the very few nbW titles that had eluded him in his career.

He picked Big Oh up by the hair, only for Ohiyama to fight back with a hard Knife-Edge Chop…


As always, there was a lot of force behind it, but Vic recoiled only for a moment and fired back with an upward knee strike to the jaw of the champion, backing him up towards the ropes. He had Ohiyama reeling and then charged…


Ohiyama sidestepped the big New Yorker, sending him tumbling ass over teakettle through the ropes and out to the floor!

The crowd was all fired up for this special 100th edition of Slam and Ohiyama and Vic Gravender were providing the exact type of hard-hitting match that the champion’s reign had been known for since unseating Jake Tockwell for the coveted strap. Ohiyama then pointed towards the ropes and started to climb. Vic Gravender was still trying to recover from his fall when he noticed the GIANT blur just out of his upper vision…

Then that blur got a lot closer…


The 6’6” and 278-pound Ohiyama was primarily a brawler and power guy by trade, but was known to bust out a few aerial moves he picked up from his three years wrestling in Japan! The two-time nbW Blitzkrieg Champion now had Vic reeling on the floor as he tried for his first cover of the match after the huge move!




Vic got his shoulders up off the ground, but now the crowd could feel the shift in momentum heading back the way of the defending champion. Ohiyama waited for Vic Gravender to get back to his feet and then blasted him with a series of hard Forearm Smashes to the face, making the New Yorker teeter. Ohiyama then backed away from Vic and got himself a running start from the length of the ring….


Ohiyama reeled from falling on the hard floor, arching his back in pain, but the massive move that he just threw back at the former nbW World Heavyweight Champion took more out of him! Vic tumbled over and when he had a chance, Ohiyama went for another cover on him!




The hard-hitting bout was picking up steam, but Vic kicked out again. Ohiyama then rolled off him and started to get the crowd behind him as he let out a roar followed by

His signature battle cry told the fans what move was up next as he waited for Vic to get back up! If he could connect with the Wavebreaker on the floor, this would no doubt do it…


Vic had good instincts, or had scouted the move before coming out to face the champion. Either way, he blocked the knee by grabbing the leg! He popped off another big blow…


Ohiyama just BARELY avoided landing on his head on the floor thanks to the close quarters of such a move, but Vic knew his way around a Suplex as well! Ohiyama was no down and out on the floor and that gave Vic ample opportunity to shake off what he was doing to go next with his moves.


The dueling chants were out as Vic Gravender now started to get back up and throw the challenger back inside the ring now. With another golden chance to strike, Vic climbed back into the ring and was heading to the ropes…


He got all of the move that time and now Vic hooked the far leg of the champion! Was the Blitzkrieg Title about to change hands?




The crowd cheered for The Active Volcano’s big kickout and Vic was in shock! He thought for sure he had his number right there, but then started to go back to the outside…


Vic was a worker of many hats in his career – and chief among then used to be deathmatch and hardcore wrestling. For the sake of his career, he’d mostly eschewed such wrestling for the time being, but that didn’t mean he still didn’t know his way around the plunder when need be.

He slid the table back into the ring and threw in a few kicks to batter Ohiyama as he was still down before he propped the table up in the corner, intent on putting Ohiyama through it and cementing his chance at winning the elusive Blitzkrieg Championship. He signaled to the crowd that this was it as he pulled Ohiyama up in the Powerbomb position.


Ohiyama fought through it and tried to sink low to keep the big New Yorker from putting him through it!

The World Class Badass struck the back of Ohiyama with more shots and then tried to elevate him up… HE GOT HIM UP…


Ohiyama was on his shoulders for what would be a match-ending move, but Ohiyama elbowed him at the apex of the move until Vic finally dropped to the mat, taking the big Hawaiian with him! 

It took Ohiyama a few moments to recollect himself and try to get back up to his feet just as Vic did the same. Ohiyama crawled over to him…


Vic let out a growl after the shot and fired back…


Ohiyama took the shot head on…





And after those shots, the two men were back on their feet, both now exchanging blows! Ohiyama and Vic continued to fight back against one another! The Blitzkrieg Title meant a lot to both men. For Vic, a title he had never held. For Ohiyama, a title he wore with pride and wanted to put on the most exciting, hard-hitting bouts!

Vic looked to get the better of the exchange when he got pulled into a huge move and struck Ohiyama again with a Battering Ram Headbutt! Ohiyama went reeling again and then Vic swung again with another right…



His own variation on the Rainmaker set-up into the Headbutt CLOCKED Vic and sent him staggering back! Ohiyama then had his chance to strike….


The table shattered into thousands of little pieces as Vic went crashing right through it! The surge of energy from the challenger was all he needed to put Vic down so he moved him towards the corner and kicked the wreckage from the ring…

He had Vic dead to right as he climbed the top turnbuckle…




The Diving Splash CRUSHED Vic underneath him and with that, Ohiyama went for a cover!

Would this be enough?





It was!

Yet another hard-fought match in a series of many for the challenger! Ohiyama pulled himself off the battered body of his opponent. It had taken a King Kong Smash, a Spear through the table that Vic introduced and then his Volanic Eruption finisher, but much like he did against incredible odds, Ohiyama had retained the Blitzkrieg Title again


The two men wasted no time getting down to the nitty-gritty when it came to throwing bombs at one another, but if The Polynesian Powerhouse had proven anything, it was that he was very adept at chaining the right moves to put away just about any opponent! Ohiyama rolled over and patted Vic on the shoulder.

“Bruddah… good fight,” he said.

Vic nodded and was still in searing pain after the sequence of big moves he took, but he dabbed fists with Ohiyama before slowly rolling out of the ring, allowing the champion to have his moment in the sun on Slam’s 100th edition.

As the battle-ready nbW veteran took his leave and waved to the fans before limping back up the ramp, Ohiyama was on the middle rope, clutching the nbW Blitzkrieg Championship that meant the world to him. He slapped the title and raised it in the air proudly…

As long as he could keep fighting and entertaining the fans with his brand of Blitzkrieg Title matches, he would give it his all.

Especially for the big man in the ring now attacking him.

Wait, what?


Out through the crowd, a large figure entered the ring and STRUCK Ohiyama from behind while he was on the second rope, knocking him over and sending him crashing hard to the floor! The camera panned upward to see who the mysterious assailant was…


The World’s Largest Man-child, who had been racking up the victories left and right – not to mention making life hell earlier for The Players – was now standing the ring after Ohiyama had taken a nasty tumble. Smith looked at the Blitzkrieg Championship and then turned to Ohiyama…

He climbed to the outside and stood over Ohiyama before making his way to the floor. The crowd was booing him as he pulled up the Hawaiian…


As painful as the impact might have been for Smith himself to sit down, it was WORSE for the Blitzkrieg Champion getting SPIKED into the canvas!

After taking out the champion, he grabbed the nbW Blitzkrieg Title, wore it proudly over his shoulder and then marched off with it, turning to the jeering crowd.


The schoolyard bully in the guise of a seemingly well-meaning kid started to walk back up the ramp without even bothering to look back at the damage he caused on the champion! He tossed him to the floor and hit his finisher to Ohiyama, dropping him flat. Ohiyama was reeling in pain, clutching his ribs all the while the one thing he cherished the most in nbW currently – his Blitzkrieg Title – had just been taken out of his hands by the thieving Chris Smith. No doubt a message that Smith was eyeing his first title.


The Reckless Warrior

Backstage (Off-Camera)

(Note: The following event was not recorded by NBW cameras and was not seen by either staff or attendees at the arena.)

“I told you you were being reckless.” A voice said as Alex gripped onto a crate for support.

“I have a match to get to…” The voice of Alex Reyn came out as barely a hiss as he gritted his teeth from the pain. His other hand clutching his chest.

“No.” The voice said “You have a match to LOSE. You can barely stand, much less fight. Your ribs are broken, you almost killed yourself fighting Bedlam, and you STILL haven’t fully recovered from Max Hopper.”

“Hopper was an idiot!” Alex Reyn snarled.

“He had his eccentricities, certainly.” The voice said. Sounding almost amused. “But even you can’t deny he took you to your absolute limit. Even more than a month after that fight and you STILL haven’t fully recovered. How else could a rookie have managed to break your ribs like that?”

“...I’ll admit his defeat was more difficult than I expected.”

The owner of the voice nodded.

“And that’s why you need to rest. You need to recover. That title is a useful investment for us, but it will mean nothing if you lose it in some foolhardy quest to prove yourself.”

“It is not about proving myself. It is about testing the nephilim!” Alex growled. “I will not retreat from my duty simply because-”

“That’s an order, Alex”

Silence fell.

“...And does that order come from Her?”


Further silence.

“You’re not the only one who has a duty Alex. Don’t forget your role here. Change and evolution require more than just Natural Selection. Especially in the modern world. Your orders are to hold back on engaging the nephilim until you are fully recovered. The owners of the company may try to use this opportunity to strip you of your title. But my contacts should be able to persuade them otherwise. Afterall, they do have their own little rules and systems.”

Reluctantly, Alex nodded.

“Very well.”

He looked at the source of the voice, his own distorted image was reflected back at him in the dim light from a polished silver volto mask that was cracked to resemble a broken mirror.

“Then I wish you a speedy recovery.” The woman wearing the mask, said. “Brother.”





You ARE the third Man


Coming back from break, the camera faded in to show NBW World Heavyweight Champion, Brock Newbludd walking with purpose through one of the many long corridors that lied underneath the O2 Arena. A loud cheer was heard in the background at the site of the champion, who was later tonight was set to face his arch enemy, ‘Big Talk’ Jake Tockwell, and his Jake’s enforcers, The Law, in a six man main event tag match.

But as it stood now, Brock had nobody to partner with him. Though, it looked like he was hoping to change that when he entered the NBW dressing room to find none other than the living legend himself, Spike Saunders, sitting on one of the benches with his travel bag on the floor in front of him.

Adorned in street clothes, Spike had the night off from any in-ring action and if the visible bruises on his arms weren’t enough indication that it was a well deserved night off after going to battle against fellow legend, Derecho, at Legacy, the purplish green bruise underneath one of his eyes was.

Spike looked up at Brock’s entrance and the two men locked eyes for a brief moment, before Spike’s gaze fell on the world title belt and a smile crossed his face.


Brock glanced at the bruised up Colossus and grew a smile of his own.

“Legend killer.”

Nodding his head at Brock’s acknowledgement him of retiring the destructive force of nature that was Derecho, Spike stood up off the bench and approached Newbludd, his giant frame towering over the world champion.

Then Saunders extended his hand and Brock gladly accepted the handshake, causing the live audience to cheer once more in the background.

“Congratulations Brock…” Saunders said as he knocked on the gold plate of the title belt. “You earned it.”

“Thanks Spike, it means alot coming from you, and I mean that,” Brock said in return. “And congratulations on putting down The World Beater at Legacy, it was a helluva match, my friend.”

Spike nodded his head in agreement as he folded his arms in front of him.

“I appreciate that Brock...but something tells me you didn’t stop in here so we could just pat each other on the back.”

Growing a slight grin, Brock shook his head at Spike.

“Well, now that we got the back patting out of the way, how would you feel like slapping hands later tonight? I got invited to a little party that The In Crowd wanted to throw later on tonight in the main event, and I can bring two guests.”

Now it was Spike who was grinning as Brock continued on.

“And I just don’t think it would be right if I didn’t bring my good buddy Spike with me, especially after what he did at Legacy, So, whaddya say big man, you bring your ring gear in that bag over there?”

Spike looked behind him at his travel bag sitting on the floor, and looked back to Brock.

“As a matter of fact, I did.”

Brock reached out (actually up) to clasp Saunders by the shoulder.

“I figured you did, you down for maybe ending a few more careers tonight with me?”

Spike nodded his head eagerly and clasped Newbludd’s shoulder, engulfing it with his massive hand.

“You damn right I am, Brock, you can count me in.”

At Spike’s announcement, the crowd burst into cheers! Newbludd had found one partner at least to face The In Crowd.

“I suppose you better get out there and find our third man, champ, and I’ll see you at the main event,” Saunders said, taking a step back from Brock.

“I look forward to it, big man, “ Brock said as he opened the dressing room door to leave.

“And, you are the third man.”

Newbludd then walked out of the dressing room to leave Saunders with a slightly confused look on his face.

If Saunders was the third man on their team, then who did Brock find to be their second?

The main event was drawing near, and from the way it seemed from Brock’s sly answer, nobody besides him would know until it was time for the big match.


“There must be a mistake in my notes,” C.G. Gains noted... QUIZZICALLY! “It says here that up next we have the professional wrestling debut of... Max Hopper?”

Melissa Vanderart confirmed, “Mine say the same.”

“But he’s an NBW Hall of Famer. He’s been wrestling for what, fifteen years? We’ve called his matches! We saw him suffer that career ending knee injury at the hands of Alex Reyn. Career ending, as in he’s already had a career. How can this be his debut?!?” C.G. was dumbfounded.

So was Melissa. “I... well, it is Max Hopper! Maybe he time traveled into the future? Anyway, it’ll be good to see him back.”

No musical backdrop accompanied Donny Rich’s entrance.  However, upon sight, the fans provided the theme in the form of boos.  The runt of The Rich Family litter and a right Momma’s boy, Donny bowled out with a spring in his step, though nobody knew why, given a distinct lack of wins on his record.  Tonight, he could try and correct that.

Smiling, he tried to exchange high-fives with front-row spectators, though they were having NONE of it.  Rich rolled into the ring and did a couple of ridiculous star jumps before jeers were replaced by cheers and the arrival of his opponent was nigh.

The mellow sound of “Lovefool” by the Cardigans dripped into the ears of the NBW crowd like sweet molasses, not that anyone would want molasses in their ear... Anyway, only a few of the fans in attendance had even a suspicion of a hint of the beginning of an inkling of an idea as to who was about to step into the entryway. That all changed when a portal of vibrant blue, purple, and green swirls appeared. They knew then that this must be NBW Hall of Famer and now former Keystone Champion, Max Hopper! The crowd gave him a roaring ovation.

However, fans and commentators alike were perplexed when they saw a young man, barely eighteen, step through the portal. He was wearing dark glasses, Max Hopper’s old SeX-Ray Specs™ to be precise, and purple and white short-shorts. A golden shower of sparks washed over the fans as the young man flashed his pearly whites, threw out his arms, and twirled to show off his physique, which was much more impressive than the last time we had seen Hopper.

He was followed by a figure wearing a hooded cloak. The cloaked one used a cane to manage a noticeable limp. All that was visible underneath the hood were two shining patches of green that looked like bug eyes.

“Well, if that’s not a young Max Hopper, then he’s a dead ringer for him. This kid definitely looks just like Max did at eighteen. Can we get a yearbook photo of him?” C.G. observed.

“He has impeccable hair. I wonder who his stylist is. And look at those abs…” Melissa squealed... UNCHARACTERISTICALLY!

The young man danced to the ring, teasing some of the fans along the way. He climbed the steps to the apron and stepped through the ropes.

C.G. barked at his broadcast partner, “Snap out of it, Melissa!”

“Oh, um…” Melissa was slightly embarrassed by her uncommon loss of concentration, “well we all remember the feud Max Hopper had with Freddie Rich and his family leading up to the steel cage match for the Keystone Championship at Scorched. That could play a role here, tonight, although Donny doesn’t seem too bothered by it, so far.”

Indeed, Donny, who was perhaps the only person in the arena who didn’t find anything weird about a man making his pro-wrestling debut a year after being inducted into the Hall of Fame and months after suffering a career ending injury, stuck out his hand as a show of sportsmanship to Max Hopper... Original Recipe? No. Episode I? Definitely not. Classic! That’s what we’ll call him, Max Hopper Classic.

Max Hopper Classic reached for Donny’s hand, only to pull it away and smooth out his hair. Then he beamed a smile and said, “Nah, guy, you’re alright,” before ruffling Rich’s hair like he would a nine year old fan. “So what do you use in your hair?”

“Farrah Fawcett hairspray,” Donny answered. “You?”

“Hummus. That’s what makes it silky smooth!” Max Hopper Classic spat back with a smirk.

The bell rang and the match started with the timeless classic collar-and-elbow tie up. Both MHC and Donny fought to get the upperhand, right up until the debuting Max Hopper stole an opportunity to slip the baby of the Rich Family into a standing side headlock. Max dropped to a knee for extra leverage, grinding his arm against Donny Rich’s head. The Momma’s Boy dropped to his knees, too. He could feel the burning in his ears from the Fantasy’s arm squeezing them.

“Good move here by... Max Hopper.” There was a hint of disbelief in Melissa’s voice about who was actually in the ring. “That side headlock will cut off the blood flow to Donny’s brain and wear him down.”

“That cloaked person is watching on at ringside,” C.G. pointed out. “One has to imagine whoever is underneath that cloak - that hood - approves of what’s going on so far, although you couldn’t tell.”

Hopper kept the headlock on tight, wrenching away at Donny’s head as hard as he could. Frank Rich’s youngest son knew he had to escape this headlock, so he grabbed Max Hopper’s hands and tried to pry them loose. He struggled and struggled until he finally succeeded in pushing them off of his head. Donny turned to face MHC as he fought his way back to a vertical base, pushing Max’s hands above his head in a top wrist lock. The Fantasy grabbed Donny Rich by the hair and pulled him right back into a side headlock. However, the young Max Hopper Classic showed he was green. He forgot to lie to Allison Hemridge about Donny pulling his hair to get her out of position, first, and took the shortcut in full view of the official. The ref admonished him and started a count, ordering Max Hopper to break the hold. Max Hopper Classic released his hands, showing her his compliance.

“Alright, alright. Look, lady guy, I’m totally letting go!” Hopper assured her. However, just before he released Donny from the headlock, he snuck in a punch! Max held up both of his hands in innocence as he received another stern warning from the woman in charge of the match.

Donny Rich took this time to check his teeth. It hadn’t been long since the last time his mom took him to the dentist, so he knew he would be in trouble if he had to go again already. Whew! He was in the clear. He went back in and the two combatants intertwined themselves in a collar-and-elbow tie up for the second time. This time, it was the baby of the Rich Family who took control, slipping Max into a side headlock of his own.

The Fantasy stomped his feet, fussing about his hair. He backed Donny Rich into the ropes and tried to shove him off, but this time it was Rich who held on by Max Hopper’s hair! Once again, this was in full view of Allison Hemridge. Donny was expecting the same warning to release the headlock, but before the referee could issue it, Max Classic lifted him up into the air for an atomic drop!

“I told you, guy, don’t mess with my hair!” Hopper howled at him.

Rich was walking funny, and it was a perfect opening for Max, who shot the ropes and took the Momma’s Boy down with dropkick! Hopper went for the quick cover.



But Donny kicked out. The man who would one day go on to become pro-wrestling’s foremost authority on all things supernatural, paranormal, bizarre, and otherwise weird grabbed Rich by the arm and pulled him back to his feet. Max Hopper Classic tried to whip him into the ropes, but it was reversed, and Max went for the ride instead. When Hopper came back, he was met by a dropkick from Donny that would have made Adrien Cochrane jealous!

Both competitors bounced back to their feet. Max charged at the Momma’s Boy, only to be sent skipping like a stone by a quick armdrag. Classic took Donny over with an armdrag of his own, and he held on for an armbar as the bout of anything you can do, I can do better continued. The baby of the Rich Family pushed his way back to a vertical base. He pried one of Hopper’s arms loose and stepped underneath, twisting it with a full armdrag and twist (or arm wringer in contemporary terms) and slapped on an armbar of his own. The Fantasy gritted his teeth and buried his knee into Donny’s gut, breaking the hold. He then clapped his hands and spun on a dime, but the discus clothesline attempt was ducked! Max’s momentum carried him around another half turn, and with his back to Donny, he fell prey to a high angle belly-to-back suplex that shook the ring!

Melissa offered her analysis, “He Tweeted it.”

“Tweeted it?” Gains asked, a bit befuddled.

“Telegraphed it just seems too out of date,” Vanderart clarified for her broadcast partner.

Max Hopper Classic showed good instincts for someone making his professional wrestling debut and rolled out of the ring. He arched his back as he tried to rub away the pain. Rich didn’t give him any time to recover, though, and drove two boots into the Fantasy’s face with a baseball slide that sent Hopper crashing into the barricade!

“His brother Declan just recently taught him that move, you know,” Vanderart noted as Allison Hemridge began her count.


Donny Rich cut into Max’s chest with a vicious knife-edge chop.


Frank Rich’s youngest son brushed Hopper’s arms aside and let loose with three more chops that turned Max’s chest beet red. As the referee’s count reached four, Donny Rich took hold of his prone opponent and sent him for a ride along the ringside, crashing back into the barricade. Rich momentarily ducked in under the bottom rope to break up the count when it reached six. He stalked Max Hopper Classic. The Momma’s Boy peeled him off of the barricade and locked up for a suplex, possibly looking for a brainbuster on the ringside floor!

However, the Fantasy was quick to react with an old fashioned thumb to the eye. This shocked not only the fans, but Melissa Vanderart, too.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen Max Hopper use such tactics!” Melissa exclaimed... DISAPPOINTEDLY!

Gains, on the other hand, approved, “You know what, Mel? I think I like this Max Hopper Classic better than the New Max!”

At any rate, Hopper followed up by slamming Donny’s face into the ring apron... not once, not twice, but three times! Donny stumbled away and took a knee while Max took to the ring. Classic pointed at Donny Rich, signalling that he was about to fly!

“Well you know Max Hopper’s Gotta Have His Hops!” Gains remarked.

Max bolted against the ropes for extra momentum and flew high over the top, landing on Donny with a corkscrew crossbody to the outside of the ring! It wasn’t the move that the crowd was expecting, but it was spectacular, nonetheless.

The move seemed to hurt MHC almost as much as it did Donny Rich. He rolled around on the floor, curled up in a ball, while Rich did some stargazing. Allison Hemridge started another count.




Neither of them moved.



Max started to stir.


So did Donny.


Max Hopper Classic had made it back to his feet. He grabbed Donny Rich and rolled him back into the ring, following behind, himself. Hopper dropped on top of Donny and hooked the leg.



Thrrr - No! The youngest of the Rich Family had some life left in him yet, and he kicked out again! It was a close call, but it was only two and a half. Allison Hemridge assured Max Hopper of this as he slapped his hand three times in complaint of the count. He was fuming, but he didn’t have time to stay mad long, as Donny took advantage of the distraction and rolled him up with a schoolboy!


This time, Max Hopper kicked out. He was furious over what he felt was a quick count. Indeed, it was a tad quicker, but Allison Hemridge shrugged her shoulders as there apparently was just no pleasing him. The argument gave Donny time not only to take more of a breather, but to get back to his feet, as well. The runt of the Rich Family turned Max around and slugged him in the jaw. Donny Rich followed up with another punch, and another, and yet another! Hopper was reeling and it presented Frank Rich’s youngest son with an opening. He locked up for that suplex again, and this time he lifted Max Hopper Classic straight into the air, only to drop him right on his noggin with a…


That probably could have been enough, but Donny had to be sure, so he headed up top. He waited for the motionless Max Hopper to get back on his feet, which took a while. When Max finally did stand up, he was groggy and wobbling around. He turned around and Donny Rich dove at him with a crossbody of his own! Rich landed on top of him and hooked the leg for the pin.



Three - No!!! It was ever so close, but there was just the width of a hair between Allison’s hand and the canvas when Max kicked out. The cloaked figure continued to watch on the outside. One had to imagine that whoever was underneath that hood felt relieved.

Donny Rich was growing worried. He didn’t know what to do next. He was running out of moves in his arsenal, which was small as it was. So Tory Rich’s little man grabbed Max Hopper by the legs and set out to roll him over into an elevated Boston crab.

Max Classic fought it for all he was worth. He stretched out his arms and wriggled and did everything he could to avoid being rolled over into the submission hold. However, it was all for naught, as Donny had finally succeeded.

“Ow! My EVERYTHING!” Hopper hollered. 

The hold was excruciating. Anyone could tell that from the grimace on the Fantasy’s face. His knees were being hyperextended. His back was bowed out and stretched in very painful manner, and his neck... Well, human necks just weren’t meant to bend like that. Max grinded his teeth together. He bellowed in agony. He tried to think of happy thoughts, like trying that Farrah Fawcett hairspray that the guy who now had him in a tortuous submission hold had told him about earlier. Damn. His current predicament was back in his head again.

Allison Hemridge asked Max Hopper Classic if he wanted to give up. The Fantasy waved his hand no. He was determined to get out of this hold and continue the fight! But the pain was overwhelming. There was no telling how much longer he could last, especially with Donny applying more pressure by digging his knee in right between Max’s shoulder blades.

Out of habit, the NBW Faithful got behind the man who had been one of their favorite heroes over the last twelve years. Well, the man who would become the man who had been one of their favorite heroes, anyway.


This, however, did very little to spur on the young man who had absolutely no idea what they were on about. So, they switched to chanting his name. NBW had the smartest fans in wrestling, after all.


Just as Max’s hand was hovering over the mat, ready to tap, he heard their chants. He dug deep and clenched his fist, pounding it into the canvas. Max Hopper Classic put both palms flat on the mat and pushed himself up just enough to start crawling toward the ropes. It was a long, arduous journey. He had to pull not just his own contorted body, but Donny Rich along with him. Just the same, MHC inched his way toward the bottom rope. It seemed like it was miles away, but he kept the course. Little by little, he moved his way closer to that rope... to his freedom and an end to the suffering.

Hopper was almost close enough to reach the bottom rope. He reached his hand out, and... Donny dragged him back to the middle of the ring. This was really going to test the Fantasy’s mettle as he had to start the whole process over again. He scratched and clawed his way back toward that rope, continuously denying Allison Hemridge’s queries about whether he would rather just give up and live to fight another day. Each time the referee asked him, the idea became more and more attractive. This was his very first match ever, and he had a long career ahead of him, after all. Or at least, he hoped he did.

Once again, Max was within reach of the bottom rope yet. Once again, he reached out... and this time, he grabbed it! The referee patted Donny on the arm, informing him that he would have to break the hold. She started a count as a warning while Hopper continued to wail like a Banshee. Appropriate as he wound up investigating those later in his life.





At last, Rich relinquished the hold. Hopper panted, trying to catch his breath, trying to recover from the pain. The ghost of Max Hopper past held his back with one hand while the other was draped over the bottom rope. Max Classic tried to pull himself up using the ropes. He soon got some help unsolicited from the littlest of Riches. Donny tried to whip him across the ring, but it was reversed, and the Momma’s Boy went into the ropes instead. On his way back, he was caught in a sleeper hold by Max Hopper!

The crowd came alive as the echo from Max’s past looked to turn the tide. He was still huffing and puffing, though, and suffering the effects of that elevated Boston crab. This prevented him from getting the sleeper hold on tight, and allowed Donny to easily counter with a jawbreaker! Donny gulped after having Hopper’s arm around his neck. Max stayed on his back. It was his turn to check his dental work!

Frank Rich’s youngest son got off his keister and stepped onto the ring apron. He waved at Max Hopper Classic to get up, and waited for it to finally happen. Much like earlier, Max Hopper was in no way quick to get back to his feet. He had just been in that excruciating elevated Boston crab and then the jawbreaker just made things worse. When he finally did, though, Donny used the top rope as a springboard to fly back into the ring, clobbering Classic’s cranium with a skull splitting Bionic Elbow!


Max Hopper probably saw the color blue, too. Donny wasn’t done yet. He brought Max back to his feet and doubled him over. Rich stood with one leg on either side of Hopper’s head. He picked the Fantasy upside down and drove his skull into the canvas!


It was his oldest brother’s best move, so it was sure to work! Donny made the cover and hooked the leg.





Just then, there was a flash of red light and a moment of total and utter discombobulation for seemingly everybody in the arena. Neither C.G. Gains nor Melissa Vanderart had any clue what was going on, much less Allison Hemridge, Brent Williams, or any of the fans.

Of course, history has shown that this all happened before, ten years ago in fact, when the Men In Black were trailing Max Hopper. Could that person in the cloak have been one of the Men In Black? Had they resurfaced? Were they behind the barely eighteen years old Max Hopper making his professional wrestling debut here at the 100th episode of NBW Slam? It was anybody’s guess.

Anyway, Donny Rich stood in the middle of ring, disoriented and as completely clueless as anyone else as to what had just transpired. He turned just in time to see Max Hopper fly off of the top rope, but not in time to do anything about it.




Unlike the older Max Hopper, the younger version did not hold on for the pin, at least not on this night. Instead, Max Hopper Classic climbed to the top rope and took a leap of faith. He connected with a perfect frog splash, landing in a pin!


Well, that was what he went on to call it in the future, anyway, and since the younger one hadn’t named it yet, this would have to do. Allison Hemridge made the count.




“Lovefool” by the Cardigans played again. Max Hopper Classic was overjoyed at winning his first ever professional wrestling match. He jumped up and down, holding his arms up in victory. The Fantasy had made his fantasy come true, for now, and he scurried out of the ring to go celebrate.

The cloaked figure, however, cut his celebration short, motioning toward the entrance ramp. A bit deflated, Max Hopper Classic complied. The pair walked to the top of the ramp before the cloaked figure grabbed Max by the arm. Max stopped and the cloaked figure turned him to face the crowd before raising his arm! Hopper beamed, indulging in the moment before the portal reopened and the two of them disappeared back inside.





And their Opponents...


We return back to the announce table with Melissa Vanderart and C.G. Gains about drop some knowledge for you on this next match.

“I like me some Clan Strongbern fisticuffs,” C.G. Gains said, “but are they MAD? They’re putting the Dynasty Tag Team Titles on the line against two teams and we don’t even know who they are!”

“Nobody ever confused Big Rick for a Nobel Prize winner,” Melissa said, “but you can’t argue with results. Clan Strongbern have looked as good as they ever have. They knocked off the A-List for the Dynasty Tag Team Titles at Legacy! Originally, this was slated to be a rematch for the belts, but we’re being told that VIP and El Principe are taking some time off, so Big Rick made a challenge to not one, but two teams, specifically requesting former Dynasty Tag Team Champions. Any guesses?”

“I guess we’re gonna have new Dynasty Tag Team Champions, so let’s see what happens next!”

“Clan Strongbern will be represented tonight by Big Rick himself and Ri-Khan Strongbern. They can make a formidable duo for sure, but can they take on two teams in their first defense? We’ll find out!”

The camera pans over to Brent Williams once again. He’s earning his paycheck tonight.

“The following contest is a three-way tag team match set for one fall! This will be contested for the nbW Dynasty Tag Team Championships!”

A rugged guitar riff hit the speakers.


Another guitar riff.


One more guitar riff.


“Kill It (Strongbern Death Mix)” by Fight. 

The theme erupted from the arena speakers with a thundering boom as the lights in the arena went pitch-black. Suddenly, a HUGE spotlight shone on the stage and one by one, the monsters came out to play.
“Little” Ricky Strongbern, the near-seven footer. Back to his barbarian attire since he was told he couldn’t wear it.
The monstrous powerhouse Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern in his warpaint.
The wild attack dog, Ri-Khan Strongbern, who grabbed the camera and let loose a loud growl! Still in his warpaint and camo attire.
And of course…
The camera panned down to show Big Rick Strongbern. 5’9” and 220 of the nastiest pounds you ever done saw’d walking out with his arms behind his back like the ring general he claimed to be. The Generalissimo of Clan Strongbern stomped toward the ring with a look of determination on his face. He and Ri-Khan hold the belts on the way there.

“Introducing first… at a combined weight of 509 pounds, accompanied by Little Ricky Strongbern and Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern… BIG RICK AND RI-KHAN…. CLAN STRONGBERN!

If the odds were against Clan Strongbern, they didn’t seem to be too concerned. Big Rick entered the ring first holding one of the belts while Ri-Khan wore his around his neck like a collar. He let loose a howl that many of the fans reciprocated. They handed the belts over to the referee of the match, Simon Brack, before waiting for their opponents.

Who would they be getting?

Well, you wouldn’t have to wait long for the first ones…







The names constantly rotated until HOTSTREAK AND POLAR flashed!

The crowd popped! The fire and ice-themed identical tinws!

“And the challengers, introducing first… From Las Vegas, Nevada...weighing at a combined weight of 464 pounds… from The Nightlife USA, former two-time Dynasty Tag Team Champions… POLAR AND HOTSTREAK!"

The fun-loving wrestlers sped to the ring and then slid inside. It’d be a hot (pun intended) minute since the crowd had seen them, but they weren’t cold (pun also intended) on the return of the energetic twin brothers with hops for days. Each brother 6’3” and around the 230 mark, but Polar and Hotstreak could both go! They took in the cheers from the fans as they and Clan Strongbern waited for their second opponents…

And it was a doozy.

“Godzilla” by Dire Peril.


The crowd in the SSE Hydro went fucking NUTS!   The awfully gaudy red and blue laser show in the arena could only mean one thing…


Angel Trinidad.

Capital Punishment.


The camera panned to Little Ricky and Rik on the outside. Little Ricky actually facepalmed when he saw the two big men… Team HOSS had many run-ins with Clan Strongbern when they were simply Big Rick and Little Ricky. Times had changed and Angel was a much more serious competitor than he used to be. Cappy was pushing 52, but still knew his way around the ropes. Clan Strongbern were beloved fan favorites now, but who was going to come out on top first?

The Hostile Order of Strong Soldiers aka Team HOSS both climbed onto the apron, nodded in unison, and then stepped over the ropes simultaneously. The 6’7” Cappy and the 6’10” Angel Trinidad stepped into the ring, looking down at Big Rick and Ri-Khan.

“You got a couple of new guys when I last saw you,” said Angel. “Sure you want to do this?”


Cappy turned to Angel. “And the fans LOVE these guys now?”

Angel shrugged.

“Hey! We’re here, too!” Hotstreak yelled before his brother pulled him back by his arm.

“Don’t give them a reason to pop us in the mouth,” Polar sighed.

Polar and Big Rick were going to start this one off and the rules were simple – anybody can tag anybody, but it was one fall to a finish. The first team to garner the pinfall or submission would walk out of here Dynasty Tag Team Champions.

Dynasty Tag Team Championship

Big Rick gave up almost half a foot to the 6’3” Polar, but didn’t back down from him one bit, actually giving him a shove.

“CAN’T HAVE OUR BELTS, FUCKBOY!” Big Rick shouted.

“Wow. That’s mean.” Polar said.

The two locked up and Big Rick actually got behind Polar and LIFTED him up before taking him down to the mat! He was a loudmouth, sure. He may not have had traditional book smarts, but he did have ring smarts, and he just took Polar to the mat and then shifted his weight around, holding him by the neck in one hand while flexing the other.


Angel and Cappy looked at one another.

“Still doesn’t shut up, does he?” Cappy asked.

Angel shook his head. Meanwhile, Polar tried to escape and got back up, going behind Big Rick and now taking him down to the mat with a Waistlock takedown. He turned himself around and then slapped on a Front Facelock to control the smaller powerhouse, but Big Rick quickly got back to his feet and surprised Polar again with a Northern Lights Suplex!


Polar kicked out and when both men got back to their feet, the quicker Polar kicked him square in the jaw with a boot before turning him around into a quick Hangman’s Neckbreaker! With that, now Polar tried a cover.



Big Rick with the kickout right after two!

Polar pulled up Big Rick and slammed a right hand into his face. The blow sent him back into the corner where Hotstreak was ready to make the tag! The crowd popped for the more fired-up (puns all around) half of the former Dynasty Tag Team Champions as Polar whipped him to the ropes followed by a Double Back Elbow! That led into a Double Elbow Drop and then Hotstreak finished that up by climbing to the ropes. He did a little jig strutting across the ropes…


The crowd-popping Double Foot Stomp off the middle rope might have netted them their third Dynasty Tag Title reign!




The Loyal Attack Dog put a boot into the back of Polar! And then just because he could, he put a few more to save the Generalissimo of Clan Strongbern before returning to his corner.

Big Rick held his chest in pain as he watched Hotstreak try to get up. He whipped the fire-haired twin into their corner and struck him in the chest with a big Running Spear in the corner! Hotstreak went out of the corner now only to get taken down with a big Flying Elbow Smash from Big Rick and quickly followed that up with a Running Senton!  Just because he could, he stood up and did mock of his Fire Dance that got a few laughs from the crowd before trying a pinfall attempt.




Polar pulled Big Rick off his partner and then retreated back to his corner. Big Rick picked up Hotstreak…






And he let him have it with some STIFF Knife-Edge Chops to the chest!


Big Rick tried to whip Hotstreak off the ropes….


He spiked Big Rick into the mat with a big Running One Armed Swinging Neckbreaker! Big Rick rolled away to avoid behind pinned, but didn’t see which corner he was in…TAG MADE FROM CAPPY!

And now Hotstreak looked up to see Capital Punishment CLOCK him with a wild left-armed Lariat! Cappy shook some feeling from his hand and Angel laughed.

“STILL GOT IT!” Angel cackled.

The other members of Clan Strongbern watched from the outside while Big Rick returned to his corner, now not one of their members was in he ring meaning they could lose without being involved in the decision!

Capital Punishment continued the beatdown of poor Hotstreak and his fire puns by dropping a falling Haymaker into his face! He then went for a cover! Could Team HOSS regain the Dynasty Tag Team Titles they were never defeated for?




Hotstreak just managed to kick out, but now things went from bad to worse when Cappy made the tag to Angel Trinidad. The Beast from The Bronx standing at 6’10” and 309 pounds walked in and grabbed Hotstreak in a headlock before running forward, DRIVING him into the top turnbuckle! He then pulled him out of the corner and then dropped him with a huge Body Slam! He followed that up with a big Knee Drop! And now a cover!




Clan Strongbern weren’t taking any chances tonight. They needed to look for any opening to keep their Dynasty Tag Titles.

Angel tried another Body Slam but Hotstreak slipped free this time and hit the turnbuckles. When Angel went for a Big Boot, Hotstreak pulled the ropes down and then stuck him on the top rope! Trinidad was left singing himself some soprano when Polar ran in…


The biggest man in the match went tumbling to the floor!

Cappy tried to rescue his tag partner, but both brothers ducked! Cappy tried to save himself by hanging onto the ropes, but Polar and Hotstreak caught him as well with a Double Clothesline, taking the big former prison guard out to the floor!

Polar and Hotstreak stood their ground for the moment as they waited for Team HOSS to rise on the floor. They nodded to one another…


The crowd cheered the action going on, but Big Rick was no fan.

“OH, FUCK THIS!” Big Rick shouted.

He started to climb to the top turnbuckle just as Polar and Hotstreak started to get back up. They both tried to get the legal man, Angel, back in the ring when they noticed Big Rick on the top…



Big Rick had just taken down Polar, Hotstreak, and Angel Trinidad in one fell swoop with a big dive all the way to the floor!

“STRONGBERN!” Clap-clap!
“STRONGBERN!” Clap-clap
“STRONGBERN!” Clap-clap
“STRONGBERN!” Clap-clap
“STRONGBERN!” Clap-clap

Big Rick stood up and yelled at the crowd that Clan Strongbern was the goddamn best.



Anyhow, Rik and Little Ricky cheered on their cohorts as Big Rick tried to throw Hotstreak back in the ring, going after the legal man. He did get him back into the ring, but before he could make a tag, Cappy was back up…



Cappy caught him unaware and flattened Big Rick! There was a vocal minority in the crowd that actually BOOED Capital Punishment for that, but in this type of match you had to take everybody out if it meant becoming the champions.

Ri-Khan went after Capital Punishment and the two bruisers fought on the floor just as Angel was starting to come around.


Capital Punishment THREW Ri-Khan into the steel steps!

Now Team HOSS was in control as the entered the ring again. Angel and Hotstreak were still the legal man, but Hotstreak made the tag to Polar… SPRINGBOARD FLYING FOREARM TO ANGEL!   

The blow sent Angel rocking back into the corner and now Polar was in the ring, slapping the turnbuckle to get the crowd going. He charged full speed ahead and connected with a big Corner Elbow Smash! Then he ran off the ropes…


The Step-up Knee Strike in the corner caught Angel on the mouth and Polar then took him down with a DDT! Could he pin the giant?




Capital Punishment pulled Polar off of him and then decked him with another solid right!

“Get up, kid!” Cappy yelled.

Angel was groggy to get back to his feet, but he did so and as a receipt for Polar’s attack, Cappy lined him up in the corner…


Body Avalanche!

Polar felt to his knees when Angel turned and grabbed him by both arms. He elevated him up just as Cappy made the tag. He CRACKED Polar in the chest with a big haymaker to the gut, doubling him over in the process.

“OW!” Hotstreak yelled for his brother.

“Not… helping…” Polar gasped.

Ri-Khan limped back to his feet and pulled Big Rick back up before the two resumed their positions in their corner. Thankfully the match was still going on while they were down, but they needed to make a tag or get into the ring somehow if they wanted to keep the championships in Clan Strongbern.

Capital Punishment picked up Polar and threw him down as hard as he could with the Body Slam! Then the tag was made to Angel Trinidad.

Vintage Team HOSS as some schmuck on some other wrestling product might say.

Body Slam by Angel!


Body Slam by Cappy!

Body Slam by Angel!

The repeated slams were a Team HOSS staple and after they finished battering Polar half to death with wrestling moves, Angel went for a cover.




“GET OUT OF MY WAY, ASSHOLE!” Big Rick shouted.

“Dude, you’re kind of a dick,” Hotstreak fired back.

The two men both tackled Angel to break the cover, then had to go back to their respective corners while The Beast from The Bronx made the tag back to Cappy. Capital Punishment struck him with a right hand that sent Polar back into the corner. Cappy pulled his elbow pad back up and charged, looking for another Clothesline the corner, only for Polar to get both feet up, kicking him in the arm! Cappy backed up when Polar hit the second rope…


The Dropkick got him right on the button and Cappy went down!

Polar had no idea where he was, but needed to tag out to his twin brother, so he headed that way…


Angel got into the ring to try and keep Polar from getting to his corner, but he turned… POW! Enzuigiri to the big man!

Angel stumbled off to the side as Polar made the tag…


Capital Punishment now pulled him back. He struck Polar with a right hand….


The 6’1” and 289 burly brawler was now the legal man!

The mobile monster charged right at Angel first, going wild on the big man in the corner with a series of hard Vader Hammer blows to either side of the head! He continued to strike him down until he saw Cappy getting up out of the corner of his eye…


Cappy got blasted into the corner and when Angel tried to stop him…


The Bicycle Kick from Angel missed, but when Ri-Khan came back…


…He knocked the big man down with a HUGE Spin Kick! 

The crowd was going nuts for Ri-Khan running wild as he saw Cappy try to get back up, only to STRIKE him across the side of the head with a big Savate Kick! Ri-Khan let out a loud howl and the fans copied him…



He CRUSHED Cappy in the corner with his signature Cannonball Senton! Ri-Khan now with the cover on him!




Hotstreak saved the match for he and his brother by breaking up the fall with something big, but then Big Rick entered the ring before he could do anything else.




He completely flattened Hotstreak with the Pedigree! Big Rick stood his ground.


Until Angel Trinidad got back in and picked him up suddenly…


He picked up Big Rick and simply CHUCKED him overhead with a Fallaway Slam without leaving his feet! Big Rick hit the mat and rolled out of the ring, but that’s when Polar came back…


He struck Angel with the Superkick and sent him tumbling, but Ri-Khan crept up from behind him and THREW him at Angel, sending both men over the ropes and out to the floor!


Ri-Khan got caught when he turned and drilled into the mat with a big Uranage Suplex… Dwayne Johnson Style!




The crowd was in shock! That was Cappy’s best move and the Loyal Attack Dog for Clan Strongbern still kicked out! Cappy looked and saw Angel was still on the floor, so he moved to pick up Ri-Khan, who was slow to get back to his feet. Capital Punishment turned and whipped him to the ropes…


Ri-Khan got caught again for a second Death Penalty attempt, but he fought his way free with a few elbows to the side of the head! Cappy was stunned when Ri-Khan pushed him upwards with great strength…


But Cappy got DRILLED with Ri-Khan’s finisher, a Pop-up Death Valley Driver! He was down and out and allowed Big Rick to get to the top rope…


The Diving Senton CRUSHED Cappy and Big Rick crawled back on top of him as Ri-Khan watched for anybody trying to break up the cover!




Big Rick rolled off of Capital Punishment and Ri-Khan helped him to his feet, the two embracing as they just pulled off the impossible!


Big Rick and Ri-Khan celebrated in the ring and as Polar and Hotstreak both limped up the ramp and Team HOSS retreated for the moment…




Nope, not a 1960’s Batman TV show.

Little Ricky and Rik were under attack, by not one, but FOUR assailants all with chairs! Little Ricky tried to fight one of the men off, but got a chair upside his head before getting three more shots! And on the other side, Rik knocked down one of the assailants, only to get a chair in his back! Soon after, the other three men PUMMELED Rik with chair shot after chair shot!


Big Rick tried to get outside the ring, only for one of the assailants to blast him with a Sick Kick on the floor!

Ri-Khan tried helping his leader as well, only to get a HARD Chair shot to the head! Another one of the men cracked him on the side of the head and he went down!




This was all-out assault by the four men clad in black masks and garb. All four men slid into the ring and one of the men had a microphone.

“Nobody?” one of the voices asked.

It was a slightly familiar voice to nbW fans.

“No Tag team, no stable, no FAMILY, huh? We’ll take you up on that.”

The man who spoke removed his masked…


The other men unmasked themselves, revealing the other members… Donny, Declan, and Todd Rich. The last time anybody had seen them was when Max Hopper defeated Freddie Rich to retain his then-Keystone Championship a few months ago, but now they were back and they had targeted Clan Strongbern!

Rik started to limp back to his feet and Little Ricky behind him, but The Rich Family quickly took their leave from the ring, but not before The First spoke up…

“We’ve made our point.”

Freddie Rich threw the microphone down and the foursome headed up the ramp as a sore Little Ricky and Rik went to check on Ri-Khan and Big Rick. Shots had been fired by The Rich Family and tonight, they looked poised and ready to stake a claim towards the nbW Dynasty Tag Team Titles.





Slam 100 had several surprises tonight, which included a shocking upset of Ravage by the young rookie Jax Curry in record time! It had also sseen the returns of teams of the past like The Nightlife USA and Team HOSS, not to mention former NBW Champ Vic Gravender. And a young Max Hopper!? But now it was that time of the evening where two titanic competitors were going to collide.

Warren Spade - the former NBW World champion - would be going one on one against the giant that Jake Tockwell had to thank for becoming the champion in the first place.

The Great Wall.

The two giants had fought once a few weeks ago prior to Legacy, but did not get them anywhere thanks to a disqualification. It took two men to eliminate the Great Wall and he blamed Warren Spade for not being Blitzkrieg champion at Legacy, and that brings us tonight in a special grudge match between two of the most dominant forces in NBW’s most recent years. Can Warren Spade defeat the Great Wall once and for all and put him in the rearview? Or would the Great Wall score the biggest win of his career by defeating a former World champion?

Let us get to the ring!

“Born in China (metal instrumental)” by The Immortals.

The music started to pick up and one by one, the lights of the special Slam 100 set began to glow yellow and the rest of the arena became bathed in a low red hue. Slowly, three silhouettes appeared on the stage…


Ai Tso.

The Great Wall.

The pro-China contingent of nbW walked towards the ring slowly, absorbing the massive jeers from the biggest man in this contest

“Introducing first, being accompanied to the ring by Xiang and Ai Tso, from Guangzhou, China… weighing in at 365 pounds… THE GREAT WALL!

Led by the dastardly Xiang, the crowd booed the Chinese Triad (the non-killer variety, but they could still probably fuck you up) as they approached the ringside area after a lengthy walk. Xiang and Ai Tso gave each other a glance and a quick nod as they each separated, allowing The Great Wall to enter the ring.

The Great Wall surveyed the large crowd and with a confident smile, he stepped over the ropes to enter the ring. He looked at Xiang and Ai Tso, who kept their distance away from the ring, allowing The Great Wall to conduct his business inside the squared circle. The music finally died down as it went to his rival …

“Gather around, everyone, gather around!”
The arena went dark and a lone spotlight was now on the entryway. Whoever this person was had their back turned to the camera so as to hide his face, but he was a man in jeans, a black coat and a red and white carnival barker hat. He was very short and couldn’t have been any more than five-foot four, but he certainly had a gift of gab. When he turned, the crowd popped! This was Warren Spade’s manager, Fenton Woods! And next to him was his other client, EZ Blaze! The young high flyer waited patiently with Fenton making his intro

“As you all know, my name is Fenton Woods and I would like to welcome all of you – the fans of No Brand Wrestling – to the greatest show on Earth! With my client EZ Blaze here, we’d like to welcome you to NBW’s star attraction! For many Slams … you have seen my client destroy everyone in his path and tonight, that trend will continue! Good or bad, many have respected his talents over the last 100 Slams and will continue to do so for 100 more! Welcome to the part of the show where my giant comes out here and leaves a path of destruction for your amusement …”
Fenton winked. 
“And mine! Ladies and gentlemen … allow me to bring to you the man that eliminated the Great Wall from the Blitzkrieg title match and wishes he was half as good! Paper king of Monsters, let me introduce to you the Real King of Monsters! Prepare to be humbled and get messed up by my NBW’s most dominant force …
He tapped his cane on the ground and his spotlight disappeared. The crowd was baited with anticipation and when words appeared on the EpiCenter they went crazy. 
Warren Spade was here! 
And he was here with new music!

Black Sabbath’s “I” played and The Monster of the Mid-South basked in the reception from the crowd! After enjoying the response, he hunched over to let Fenton Woods ride on his shoulders. The monster who once boasted a two-year undefeated streak in No Brand Wrestling was approaching the ring fast. The large Monster from the Mid-South stomped his way to the ring and when The Great Wall tried to stop him, Warren struck him with a big right hand!

The fight was on!




And it was Warren Spade firing the first shot with a head butt!

The Great Wall stepped back in his tracks after the surprise strike and then Warren threw another head butt back into the head for good measure. The two had met in the ring early in 2016 with Warren Spade getting the win, but this was a much more dangerous and much more intense Great Wall that seemed like he could not be stopped. The King of Monsters was certainly willing to put that theory to the test though!

Fenton Woods watched from the corner of his client with Xiang and Ai Tso watching their large stable mate. The Great Wall was left in a corner now trying to cover up as Warren Spade continued to throw head butt after head butt into the face of NBW’s second largest man (Spike Saunders being the first by a mere inch).

The Great Wall was about to be taken for a ride, but surprisingly he was one of the few people that had reversed an irish whip from Warren Spade! He took Spade into the corner and then crushed him with a corner splash!

The Chinese Colossus wasted no time in going after Spade by throwing clubbing shots all over his body to make Spade try and defend himself. What he did not foresee was the Great Wall throwing up some knee strikes as well to his unprotected rib cage and that left Spade in a rare position having to defend himself. He was trying to stand and these blows were only doing so much so the Great Wall jumpe din the air and delivered a hard jumping chop to the side of Warren’s neck. The blow actually brought the King of Monsters to his knees and a kick to the rib cage finally put Warren on his back!

The NBW faithful could not actually believe that the Great Wall had reduced Warren Spade being laid out on the mat but that’s exactly what happened. The Great Wall had used the ropes for momentum to deliver an elbow drop to the back that became a deadly weapon just based on size and strength alone!  The Great Wall slowly got to a vertical base and positioned Warren to a position on his back before following that up with a massive leg drop that made the ring shake. Tremendous force was put on Spade and after what he thought was going to be a hot opening, the Great Wall was looking as dominant as he had at any point this year.

He attempted to pin Warren Spade after his collection of vicious moves.

1 …

2 …

Warren disappointed the Xiang Dynasty by kicking out!

Xiang cursed in his native language and Fenton Woods cheered on Spade.

“Get up champ! Let’s go!” said Fenton.

The Great Wall intimidated the official by shooting him a very dangerous look and then led Warren by the arm. Warren surprised him with another head butt between the eyes and the shot rattled the Great Wall! Warren got some cheers from the crowd as he surged to life by going off the ropes. What he didn’t expect was the Great Wall to catch him and then take him down with a very devastating tilt-a-whirl slam!

The crowd could not believe the amazing display of strength by the Great Wall! Xiang turned to the crowd and yelled out to them.

“That is how we dominate!” yelled Xiang in English.

He clearly wanted everybody to know and understand what they were seeing in the ring right now with Warren Spade being manhandled which was something that may not have ever happened in NBW. The Great Wall made another attempt by pinning him after the big move!

1 …

2 …

Again Warren’s shoulder rose off the mat!

The Great Wall decided that he was going to put and end to Spade right here and now. He clutched the back of his head and slapped on a sleeper hold! In any other wrestler’s arsenal this was certainly a deadly hold but the Great Wall’s seemingly limitless strength made it a potential finish. It wasn’t exactly like his Five Stars Vice and perhaps he was using this to set up for that head and arm choke. Whatever the case may have been Warren Spade was not going to stick around and find out what he was doing.

Almost as if he sensed the coming danger, the One-Man Stampede shot up to life and quickly made it back to his knees. Blows fired into the gut of Spade and then Warren dashed a throat thrust into the neck of the Great Wall that stunned him for a few seconds. Spade ran right into him with a clothesline and for the first time in anyone’s career, one blow was not enough for Spade to knock him down. The Great Wall remained in his tracks.

“What the …?” asked Fenton.

Spade shrugged and was about to run off the ropes a second time …


Yet again the Great Wall was just proving to be too much for the King of Monsters to handle! The Great Wall hastily made it to where Spade landed and the pinning predicament commenced.

1 …

2 …

Close but no cigar!

The Great Wall was now enraged!

He stood and drug Warren up with him again to put him into the corner with a big move. The Great Wall wasn’t too fast, but another corner splash was coming up.

Unfortunately for him, Warren moved out of the way and then when the Great Wall staggered out from the corner …


The crowd was in disbelief! Warren Spade had busted out a front drop kick combination a few times in the past but the blow finally knocked the Great Wall off of his feet!

Xiang was not happy and Ai Tso tried calming down his boss while Fenton Woods pumped his fist and pointed his cane at the top rope!

Warren Spade pointed at the top rope and the crowd wasn’t sure what was going to happen next with this large athletic man. The former NBW World champion started to get to the apron and when Ai Tso tried stopping him by grabbing his leg, Warren stomped on his hand with his other foot!


“Ahhhhh!!!” yelled Ai Tso.

He could not save his own fingers let alone save the Great Wall from what was coming next. Warren Spade took a little time going to the top rope but now he was there and he waited for the Great Wall to turn …


Warren had only busted out the move even less than the top rope drop kick but the crowd was on their feet after such a crazy move from a man so big! Warren crawled over to where the Great Wall had finally toppled over. Could he put this rivalry to bed with a win on Slam 100?

1 …

2 …

Kick-out by the Great Wall!

Xiang tried to get into the ring to save his cohort, but that finally brought in EZ Blaze, who ran right into the ring –

And came out the other side like a bullet, firing through the bottom and middle ropes with a lightning-fast tope! Xiang was out!

After his little buddy, EZ Blaze, took out Xiang on the floor that gave Warren Spade the opening that he needed to put away the Chinese Colossus. He ran his feet on the ground in the corner waiting for the giant to rise so he could send him tumbling courtesy of the Trample.


The NBW Faithful wanted it. Spade wanted it.

When he ran …

He was kicked in the face with a surprise thrust kick from The Great Wall himself!

He blocked it and sent Warren falling back into the ropes and when he returned, he grabbed his throat …


Could The Great Wall get the win right here?

1 …

2 …

And a kick-out from the King of Monsters!

The Great Wall did not waste any precious time arguing with the official and instead, tried to end Warren Spade …

He had him set up for a power bomb and the very same move that cost him the NBW World title could be used against him …

He lifted Warren up!


The crowd could not believe what they had just seen! The ring nearly broke in half because of the impact of such a deadly jack knife power bomb being used! Was that going to be all that Warren Spade could do against The Great Wall?

1 …

2 …



“YEAH! COME ON, WARREN!” yelled Fenton.

But The Great Wall was not through yet with Spade just barely able to muster the energy for such a kick-out. Warren looked up and barely registered when The Great Wall locked both of his massive arms around him …


His Dao Bomb had never been kicked out of before, but Spade was trapped in the face of the deadly arm and head choke submission being put on him by the massive beast. The crowd booed the giant …

“No … Warren …” said Fenton, biting his lip.

EZ Blaze was watching on after getting up from attacking Xiang. The official raised Warren’s arm once …

Twice …

And three times.

And then called for the bell.




The crowd was almost caught by surprise over this result. The Great Wall was a monster of a man – perhaps NBW’s most powerful and dominant force this year – and tonight on the history-making Slam 100 The Great Wall had just defeated a former NBW World champion and cemented the biggest victory of his career!

The Great Wall didn’t even bother to look at Warren Spade and climbed outside of the ring to celebrate with Ai Tso, who helped Xiang to his feet on the way out.

This was certainly not the result that was expected by anybody in NBW … but no matter what Fenton Woods, EZ Blaze, or even the NBW faithful thought, that was the result.

The Great Wall had just defeated Warren Spade.

And as they marched proudly up the ramp, Xiang Dynasty had put NBW on notice that they should never EVER be taken lightly.


Return to Power



That loud rolling of the name was anything but music to the ears of the fans that filled up the O2 Arena! The EpiCenter screen started flickering soon, all attention was on Raul Ramirez and Sally Reynolds.

“Breaking news!” yelled Raul Ramirez. “Sally and I have just finished an important business meeting with NBW’s General Manager Jack Harmen! After much negotiation and ridicule towards Richie Keal we have brokered deals! On Slam 101, the In Crowd will have the chance to get back on top! The Law defeated that band of idiots, Clan Strongbern, on Slam 97! Because of that they have been granted a Dynasty tag team title match!”

The crowd did want to see the rematch, but booed the fact that Hot Sauce acted like the titles were all but won.

“And that’s not all the great news we have! In addition to the Law bringing back the In Crowd’s tag titles, we can officially announce that Brock Newbludd … “

“Wait! Hot Sauce!” said Sally. “Can I make the announcement?”

Raul Ramirez motioned that the floor was now hers.

“This message goes out to my EX-boyfriend, Brock Newbludd. We’re here to announce that my BETTER … and I should say BIGGER boyfriend … will be making sure that your reign as NBW World champion is a short one! In two weeks on Slam 101, “Big Talk” Jake Tockwell is going to be using his rightful rematch clause and will take back the NBW World heavyweight title from you! Isn’t that great?!”


“I knew you’d think so,” said Raul with a hint of snarkiness in her voice. “Big Talk and the Law are getting ready for their six-man tag team match tonight against Brock and whatever idiots are stupid enough to team with that thief. But we wanted you all to be the first to know that tonight will be the night that the In Crowd returns to the top! Have a great rest of your night and England, if you were a better country, you would probably have a title match tonight … but you can all suck crumpets. Good night!”

Raul Ramirez and Sally Reynolds waved at the camera before the screen went black.







After a big night of action, it was now time for tonight’s main event which would be a big six-man tag team match featuring a combination of the past and present stars of No Brand Wrestling! It would be the In Crowd made up of Jake Tockwell and their personal security - the Law - about to take on the new NBW World champion Brock Newbludd, former NBW World champion and massive legend “The Colossus” Spike Saunders and a mystery partner to be named.

Tockwell still had his rematch but for tonight he seemed intent on trying to hurt Brock Newbludd and anybody that would dare stand in their way. Could Jake Tockwell and the Law ruin the celebration for Brock Newbludd’s Legacy title victory or would the mystery partner of Brock and Spike prove to be a difference maker?

“Police Truck” by The Dead Kennedys.

Sirens started blazing throughout the arena.  Aptly, the Dead Kennedys anthem 'Police Truck' started as one pulled into the arena. The camera zooms in on the vehicle's back door as 4 officers pile out and join the others in line.  Lastly, but in no way least, Brady and Strauss jump out and make the walk to the ring, saluted by their colleagues.

"Introducing first! From the Los Angeles Police Department...weighing in at a combined six hundred pounds…Brady and Strauss...they are THE LAW!"

After ascending the stairs, Strauss steps between the ropes whereas the slightly bigger Brady chooses to step over them.  The Law was in the house! And as soon as their theme finished playing …

“Cool Kids” by Screeching Weasel!

And one logo on the video screen showed it.


The golden martini glass and symbol of a fine young lady told the crowd that the NBW’s hit group - “Hot Sauce” Raul Ramirez and “Sweet Fire” Sally Reynolds, and of course the ringleader of the group: “Big Talk” Jake Tockwell - sans the NBW World title! The crowd jeered the boisterous and fame-obsessed group.

“THE IN CROWD COMIN AT YA!!!” yelled Raul Ramirez.

“And being accompanied by “Sweet Fire” Sally Reynolds and “Hot Sauce” Raul Ramirez - weighing at two-hundred fifty-four pounds and standing six-foot five … he is the former NBW World cha …

A very angry Jake Tockwell ran into the ring immediately and chased Brent Williams right out of the ring! The word former was a trigger word to him right now and a very intense and a very enraged Tockwell could have done something to harm him, had Williams not run out of the ring.

Eventually the rest of the In Crowd reached the ring and they gave Tockwell their full support. Brady and Strauss were still under Raul Ramirez’s payroll so they would happily stand by them if the price was right. Tockwell leaned into the corner with Brady and Strauss on either side of him. The music of the In Crowd quickly faded out and that of his opponents arrive.

'Spike it Up'

The hit remix of KISS's infamous Lick it Up, would start up to announce the arrival of the Colossus. As usual he stepped out between the entrance gateway and looked out at the fans through his shades before tossing a fist in the air to the roar of his fans. He was fresh off a career-making victory, ending the career of his long-time rival Derecho and with that chapter of his career now behind him, Spike was focused tonight on tag team action.

Spike had reached the ring and stopped while the In Crowd currently took up the ring. Raul almost dared Spike to get in the ring, but being that he was not a dummy and had been wrestling for a long, long time, he wasn’t about to make any costly moves when he didn’t need to. The first of his two partners arrived …

“Mouth for War” by Pantera

At the sound of his music hitting the speakers, the crowd EXPLODED in a roar for the new world champion as he strode through the sliding double doors and made his way onto the stage!

Walking to one end of the platform, Brock raised the belt up to the crowd with one hand as pyro shot off the top of the EpiCenter screen. Lowering the belt, the confident looking world champion walked to the other end of the stage and repeated the gesture to more pyros firing off before hitting the ramp to make his way down to the ring.

It was strange for the new champion to come out second on his team, but Brock took the NBW World title in hand and was about to make way for their mystery partner. Who did they get? Who would be helping turn the tide for Brock’s team?

Brock motioned for his music to fade and when it did, Brock turned his attention to the stage.

“Look, if you had, one shot, or one opportunity
To seize everything you ever wanted. In one moment
Would you capture it, or just let it slip?”

“Lose Yourself” by Eminem

As the familiar music played all over the arena, everyone was shocked. This was the theme music for the late William Arthur Reagan. Suddenly The Son of Malta made his way out wearing his late mentor’s attire!

This was certainly an unexpected surprise - Son of Malta wasn’t always known necessarily for being a nice guy and that was something Warren Spade could attest to - but the talented technical Son of Malta walked toward the ring to greet Brock and Spike. Brock and Spike gave him a look of approval. The In Crowd didn’t seem impressed in their choice of partners, but he never met Son of Malta aside from when he tried to cash in on his bounty. Anybody that helped Brock Newbludd was Tockwell’s enemy. <>


All six men were now in the ring with referee Chuck Radford ready to signal for the bell.





Sure as could be, the new NBW World champion was going to be the first man to fight on the side of the generational team of NBW’s best. The returning Son of Malta, the legend Spike Saunders and the present-day man to beat - Brock Newbludd.

On the other side was the man that he took the belt from, Jake Tockwell, and he very much looked like he wanted a piece of the champ.

He didn’t say anything and the two men locked up for the first time since their incredible main event at Legacy …

And Tockwell dumped him on the mat!

The power advantage belonged to a very game Tockwell who no doubt wanted what he felt was his NBW World championship back. And while he announced earlier that he would cash in that opportunity on Slam 101, he would look to build momentum for himself tonight – perhaps why he was so eager to lock horns with Brock.

The Milwaukee Made man got back on his feet and locked up again with Tockwell, but when he did so he quickly tried to pull him to the corner and make the tag to Brady or Strauss.

“Think again, asshole!” yelled Brock.

He shifted his weight and before he could get Brock off to the corner, he leaped forward and landed a deep arm drag on Tockwell! He got up again only to be taken down with a second one! Tockwell was irate now, but this time Brock busted out a flying snapmare that took him over and sent him across the mat.

The two men appeared to be at something of a stalemate, but when they tried to lock up again, Big Talk took the cheap way out and put a boot in his rib cage. He struck Brock with a big upper cut to the jaw and then took him over with a head lock and now looked to wear down the new champion with Son of Malta and Spike Saunders in tow.

“Come on, Brock!” yelled Spike.

The two stars of NBW watched the current champion get taken to task by the larger man from Memphis. Brock ran back into the ropes and then used that to launch Tockwell off of him, but the second that he did, he ran right through Brock with a big shoulder and then tried to steal the win!

1 …

But Brock with the early kick-out.

Tockwell shot back to his feet and tried taking Brock down, but he rolled through with a back slide and took down Tockwell!

1 …

Tockwell rolled through, kicked him in the gut and then cradled Brock with a modification on an inside cradle.

1 …

2 …

Brock escaped and when both men rolled upward again, Brock snuck behind him with a sideways roll and shifted into a school boy!
1 …

2 …

Both men were on their feet and when the crowd was about to applaud the wrestling exchange, Tockwell landed a thumb right in his eye!

“Shut up, morons, I ain’t here to get claps for rolling on the mat!”

Tockwell then picked up Brock and then dropped him mid-ring with a slam before dropping his elbow into his chest. Instead of stopping with just one, he stood up and dropped a second elbow. Brock was reeling and before he could get to the mat, he stopped, blew a kiss at Sally Reynolds … and then dropped a third one!.

“That one was for him calling you awful names earlier, Sweet Fire!”

Tockwell with the cover.

1 …

2 …

But the resilient champion would not let Tockwell defeat him that easily. The Memphis brawler had Brock back up on his feet and called for the end quickly as he ran with intent to take his head off early with the Gift of Gab … but Brock ducked that!

When Tockwell charged back again, Brock leaped over him and did so again twice without looking behind him! He saw Tockwell coming and a quick drop kick shut him down!

Now Brock was on the offensive and grabbed him so he could make the tag to Son of Malta!

The reaction was decidedly mixed because while he was a bad person who did a lot of bad things in his last tenure, he had a commanding presence about him in the ring that needed to be respected. Brock and Son of Malta actually worked together to take Tockwell up and over with a double vertical suplex and then Malta fired off a running elbow from the ropes right after that! Malta with a cover now! Could he beat the former champion tonight?

1 …

2 …

And another kick-out by Tockwell!

The 250-pound Son of Malta could stand physically with Tockwell and even pose a threat to him technically – he once took Warren Spade to the limit over the NBW World championship. He was a former Dynasty tag champion and an Infamy champion who could get things done in the ring.

He put Jake in the corner while the members of the Law watched him take a couple of hard chops to the chest.

“Aaaah!” yelled Tockwell.

He then quickly scratched at the face of Malta and turned him around before firing back with a chop of his own!

Son of Malta took the blow in stride and almost invited Tockwell to do it again, so he did so …

But it was a ruse because SoM moved out of the corner and chopped Tockwell’s chest again!

An angry Tockwell quickly scowled at him and charged, but Son of Malta took him down drop toe hold-style and then tried to lock in the Maltese Cross quickly!

“NO! NO!” yelled Raul Ramirez.

Tockwell panicked in the moment and grabbed the ropes to save himself. Malta grabbed his leg and then made the tag to big Spike Saunders! The crowd was about to cheer when the Colossus got the chance to succeed, but instead, Son of Malta got shoved by a furious Tockwell.

“Nope! I’m out!” yelled Tockwell.

He wanted nothing to do with the biggest weapon on the side of the NBW generational team and the tag went to the six-foot nine Brady.

“Get in there, slap him around a little and then get me back in! Earn your money, big man!” ordered Tockwell.

The hired security detail for the In Crowd had to look up to Saunders, but was the best match physically that the team would have had against him. Brady and Strauss had beaten Clan Strongbern before and earned themselves a Dynasty tag title match on Slam 101, but right now it was going to be Brady looking to fight off Spike.

The two goliaths locked horns and for a moment, the younger Brady looked to have an advantage as he shoved Saunders back a couple of steps. Spike seemed a little impressed by this and smiled at Brady before they locked up again … nope, Brady with the throat thrust to the neck.

Spike was doubled over and then Brady shoved him into the corner to rain body blows to the chest of Spike Saunders. Each big blow was having an effect on Saunders as Brady continued to fight back against him. He laid into the Colossus with powerful shot after powerful shot, but then it was that Spike blocked one and grabbed Brady’s throat!

He was turned around and sent into the corner …






He delivered some devastating blows to the chest of Brady and then backed him into the ropes. With one mighty clothesline over the top rope Brady was sent packing from the ring!

The crowd roared with approval for Spike Saunders standing his ground. Strauss climbed into the ring now and delivered a blow to the Colossus that shot him forward into the ropes. The giant didn’t go down, but Brock blind tagged himself back in and leaped in with a springboard drop kick to the chest!

Tockwell watched his hired guns get taken out from the ring and tried to sneak attack Brock as he got back to his feet, but he got stopped when Son of Malta came into the ring …


The spinebuster connected on the ex-champion and he rolled out of the ring as well! Brock, Spike and Son of Malta were now holding court in the ring when Brock came to Spike with an idea.

“Hey big man!”

Brock nudged Spike for a lift and he was about to get it as all three members of the In Crowd were on the outside. Raul Ramirez knew what was happening … he had fought Spike before a long time ago and knew of the fast ball special!

“No, no, no, no, no, no, move!!!”

But it was too late!

Spike chucked Brock over the top rope with a gorilla press, throwing him all the way out to the floor on both members of the Law!

Tockwell had been helped out of the way by Raul but the guns had been taken out by Brock! Jake was throwing a fit on the outside now and Spike was leaning over the ropes daring him to get back inside.

“Shut up, you giant JAG!” yelled Tockwell.

Son of Malta rolled out to the floor and helped Brock get the legal man Brady back into the ring. Once they have rolled him back into the ring Brock hit the top rope and came down on him with a top rope leg drop on Brady! Could that be the end of the match?

1 …

2 …

But a kick out from Brady kept that from happening!

He made another tag to Son of Malta and the two lifted Brady up to his feet. They tried to whip the big security guard into the ropes and when they went to run for a move Raul Ramirez came out of nowhere and grabbed Brock by his ankle! Whatever double team they were going to try didn’t work …


Son of Malta got his chin checked with a big yakuza kick from the giant member of the Law!

Brock turned to kick Raul Ramirez away but that gave Tockwell the opening he needed to grab the champion by his leg and throw him out of the ring …

And into the steel steps!

The official ordered Tockwell back to his corner but the damage had already been done to Brock and now Son of Malta was in the deep end with the rest of the In Crowd smelling blood.

Brady made the tag to his partner Strauss and he wasted little time in grabbing the just getting up SoM and putting him into a standing headscissors. Then he lifted the Son of Malta HIGH in the air….


The ring literally rattled from the impact, and Strauss put his legs over Malta’s shoulders to make it a pin!



Kickout by the Son of Malta!

“TAG ME IN! NOW!” Tockwell screamed from the corner as he stared at the decimated Son of Malta laying on the mat.

Big Talk was the boss, and he paid well. Which is why Strauss didn’t hesitate one bit when he got up and walked over to tag in Tockwell.

Strauss reached out his hand to tag in Big Talk when suddenly, the former world champion disappeared! He was pulled off the apron by a more than pissed off Brock, who had just recovered from being tossed on top of the ring steps.

The element of surprise was on the world champion’s side, and he took advantage of it by kicking Jake straight in the ribs to double him over. From there, Brock lifted Jake up and held him for a split second before falling backwards…


Jake landed back first onto the unforgiving steel, making a loud SMACK upon impact!


Fired up by the crowd’s chanting, Newbludd actually did a kip up to his feet!

And was instantly annihilated by a thunderous lariat from Brady!

During all the commotion on the outside, which now left Brock and Jake both laid out, Son of Malta was able to crawl his way towards Spike’s outstretched hand. Distracted by the action on the outside, Strauss was too late in stopping him…

Tag to Spike!

Saunders practically hopped over the rope and knocked his shoulder into Strauss, in order to get at the arm and whip him across the ring into the ropes. Strauss saw Saunders bend down and thought he’d hop over the giant’s form but this ended up being not in his favor as Saunders vaulted him up in the air for What Goes Up, which meant as Strauss came back from down he was met with a mid-air spear and dropped to the mat.

Enjoying the reception from the fans Saunders pulled Straus back up to his feet and launched him into the corner, then gave charge with a massive splash -- which missed! Brady pulled his partner-in-law from the corner and jerked him off (lol)  to their corner for the tag. Not that it mattered a whole lot as Brady stepped through the ropes and the derailed splash came charging back his direction into both he and Strauss!

To say that knocked the wind out of them would be an understatement, but the Colossus left them alone for the moment and tagged Son of Malta back in. He gestured at the two, then a few feet out. If tonight was the 100th episode of SLAM he was going to have a bit of fun here. The fans already had an idea what was being done here after seeing the Fastball Special moments ago - it was time for another oldie.

Saunders grabbed Malta by the wrist and arm, swung him around once, and then a second time before releasing him with speed into the corner for a mighty high torpedo dropkick into the LAW. Strauss taking the majority of the blow as Brady was stuck behind. Malta then dropped to the ground on all fours and gritted his teeth as the seven foot three over three hundred sixty pound man used him as a stepping stone and leapt up in the air to come down like a burning meteor into the two men!

With the roar of the crowd Spike stepped back over the ropes as Strauss toppled forward, and Brady fell like a domino from behind - right into the arms of Malta who whipped him up and over head with a tremendous release belly to belly suplex!

Strauss was down when Son of Malta and Spike were back up on their feet and the were running the ring right now!

Spike cleared the ring and allowed Son of Malta to go after Strauss since now he was the legal man. He locked the legs up and then started to go for his inverted cloverleaf called the Maltese Cross.

But before he could get the big Strauss over onto his stomach, Raul Ramirez ran into the ring …


He was caught up …

And now the manager for the In Crowd was about to be locked up in the Maltese Cross!

As he had the hold locked in, Spike was fighting with Brady at ringside while Brock and Jake had yet to move. The hold was locked in when Strauss got back up to his feet and the two-hundred eighty pound man landed a drop kick to Son of Malta’s back! Malta released the hold on Raul and Sally reached into help him get out of the ring while Strauss grabbed Malta and slammed him down viciously …


He was chucked right into the turnbuckle! But then he was picked up again into a gut wrench power bomb!!!

1 …

2 …

He was saved by Brock!

In the nick of time, Son of Malta got saved by his partner by tackling Strauss. But before he could do anything more than that to his partner, Tockwell came back into the ring and threw Brock by his shoulder into the ring post!

Tockwell and Strauss now circled Son of Malta and while Spike went to go check on Brock, Brady snuck up behind the biggest man involved in this match and shoved him in the ring post as well!

Both of Son of Malta’s allies had been disposed of and now Brady joined them in the ring with all three men hovering over him. Malta turned and saw people on all sides.




He shrugged and then decked Tockwell on his jaw with a massive right hand!

That got him big cheers from the fans!

Son of Malta tried to fight his way out from the horrible circumstances! He threw and caught Strauss with an elbow as well, but things ended badly when another Crime Kick from Brady struck him square in the face! Tockwell was still reeling from his punch but he now joined in the complete mugging of Malta!

Tockwell and the Law continued to put boots wherever Son of Malta had left himself open! The official tried getting them all out of the ring, but Raul Ramirez got into the ring and MACED the official!




The In Crowd were still livid that Legacy didn’t go their way, but tonight they promised that somebody was going to get hurt.

“You want to interfere? You want to get in my business?” asked Tockwell before throwing another punch at Malta. “Then you’re gonna pay, you Maltese JAG!”

Brock, Spike and SoM had this match won by disqualification, but Tockwell and a now four-on-one attack didn’t seem to matter! They continued to pick up Son of Malta and send him shooting into a corner where now Raul Ramirez joined in the attack, holding up his bottle of mace! It had blinded Spike Saunders and Warren Spade before and it looked like he had full plans to use it.

“Here’s why they call me Hot Sauce, Malta!”

He adjusted the bottle as he was prone in the corner and shook it …





He swung at Tockwell as well, but he saw Spike Saunders get back inside the ring and when he saw Brock with the chair, he bolted from the ring!

Tockwell was joined by Sally and the regrouping Law outside the ring now, but on the inside, Raul Ramirez turned and was now all alone with three top-class NBW stars. He spun around and surrounded by all sides, he tried to get brave and use the mace on Brock, but before he could even get that far, something bad happened.


That signature right that was more like a weapon of mass destruction than a simple punch laid out Raul Ramirez mid-ring much to the delight of the fans!

“NO! NO! NO!” yelled Tockwell.

The ex-NBW World champion watched his best friend and manager get laid out. Sally and the Law were trying to get back in the ring, but Brock and Spike held their ground to keep them from getting in the ring. That’s when Son of Malta looked to finish what he started on Raul …


He had he inverted cloverleaf locked in on Raul Ramirez and he was tapping the mat frantically! It was too bad this didn’t happen in an official match, but it had to have felt good! There was no doubt going to be a fine in his future for macing a referee, but this was the start of payback!

“No! Let him go!” yelled Tockwell.

“Come back in here and get him!” yelled Brock.

Eventually after some time in the hold, Malta let go and then happily chucked Raul Ramirez outside of the ring!

Brock was given back his title and even though this match had ended in a disqualification, this fight between Jake Tockwell and Brock Newbludd showed things were far from over between the two.

Brock, Spike Saunders and Son of Malta celebrated in the ring and Brock was given the NBW World title before showing it off to Tockwell.

“Two weeks, Tockwell! Two more weeks and then we’re putting this shit to bed!”

Tockwell yelled back.

“Two weeks and I’m taking that belt back!”

Brock’s music played as the three resumed their celebration from their victory tonight on Slam 100. And if things were this explosive on Slam 100, what would that mean for Slam 101 when Brock and Jake fought in a Legacy rematch?

Slam 101 in two weeks! Don’t miss it!


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