End of Year Holiday Special


No Brand Wrestling Presents: The Annual End of Year Holiday Special
Live from The Epic II Arena - St. Louis, Mo.






V/O - “Over ten years ago a small-time promotion out of Reading, PA came to existence. Over the years superstars have debuted and grown, some have retired, and others are still around today. Owners have changed. Locations have shifted. But one thing has always stayed the same. The name. Three Initials that have survived through the thick and the thin.”

The NBW logo is shown as it fades in and out showing the various designs from past to present. The voice-over by Trent McKnight continues.

V/O - “Those initials represent the past, the present, and the future. No Borders. No Boundaries. No Bull. Nothing But Wrestling. Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the NBW!”

A video package rolls showing past wrestlers and on-screen talent from the original promoter Alex Styles to Xander Napoli onto the current: Thaddeus Boyle. Three different men with three different agendas, all of which were responsible for the success that is NBW.

V/O - “Many athletes have paved the way for the current generation entertaining the fans every week.”

Shots of Jason Kain, Maximizer, Frost, Rey Campbell, Cal Roberts, Blake Gray, Rejection, Uncensored, Jade Greene and Alan Helms filled the screen before being replaced with shots of macWICKED, Ali Amore, Lunatic, D-T, Max Hopper, High Flyer, Sam Potright, Dream Warriors, Rik Bone, Callie Urban, Heaven and Hell, Shawn Jessica Hart, Remy Leroux, Brock Metzer, The Gordon Brothers, Andrew Martin, Mat Walton, William Arthur Reagan, Nightlife USA, Sweet Daddy K, Techno Dragon and numerous others as the clips speed up to a blur.

Side to side ‘Special K’ Keegan and ‘the Colossus’ Spike Saunders fade into view before being replaced by an imposing image of the former Double Champion, ‘Superstar’ Vince Jacobs and his Cheshire-like smile.

His image is replaced by clips of the members of his Upper Echelon; Judasbleek, Warren Spade, and the Son of Malta.

They are soon replaced by the likes of Vic Gravender, Chris Moliano, Derecho, Judasbleek, Son of Malta, Torment, RaVage, Tremoid, Lexia Hart, Benjamin Jones, For The Win, Johannes Antonious de Castonovo and Aleczander of Family Keeling, Handsome Man Modeling School, Supersquad, Zed, and more as the clips speed up once more.

V/O - "The time to break the mold is now. To be somebody. To make a mark. To be..."

The NBW logo spins to life once more and fades out to the simple initials before the opening video for SLAM plays and then the initials return with the logo once more.




Happy Holidays!


We faded in to the NBW studio where Trent McKnight is seated at a large half-moon shaped desk, with a large curced screen behind him showcasing the NBW logo.

"Evening everyone and welcome to the last broadcast by NBW for the year two thousand and sixteen! Happy holidays and a happy new year to you and your family from all of us! Tonight we've got a nintey minute special for you all before we call it a night here. With some great matches lined up for you all!" McKnight motioned to the screen behind him which lit up with the lineup. "Unfortunately we have to postpone the Finals of the Keystone Top Contenders tournament due to an unfortunate incident with one of the competitors involved, Max Hopper. Further details will be released at a later time, once available!"

"We'll be checking back in here at the studio during our breaks in the broadcast, and showcasing some of the BEST moments of two thousand and sixteen for the NBW. So go on and grab your drink of choice, sit back and kick your feet up! And enjoy!"

The camera faded into the packed Epic II arena where thousands of NBW's faithful have gathered for wrestling action before ringing the new year in. Hands in the air, thrusting their cups of whatever content they bought or brought with them, the jovial masses were standing on their feet in anticipation. The camera then settled on the commentary desk where Melissa Vanderart and C.G. Gains awaited.




“We’ve got a GREAT show for you tonight in this, our final show of 2016!” Melissa Vandeart said. “The first match we’ve got for you stems from an altercation at PRIDE between “The Artist of War” Xiang, The Great Wall and the returning former Blitzkrieg Champion, Sweet Daddy K, now known as Ohiyama.”

“I don’t necessarily agree with Xiang’s political views,” C.G. Gains said, “but from a standpoint of pride, he wants to be the absolute best. Ohiyama or Sweet Daddy K or Hula Boy or whatever he’s called now wants to come up in here and start some shit.”

“Xiang actually SPIT on Ohiyama which led to a nasty headbutt and The Great Wall being THROWN out of the ring! Xiang has payback on his mind, but can he get it on the last Slam of the year? You won’t have to wait long to find out!”

And to the ring we go with Brent Williams and the intros!”

“The following is your opening contest of the evening and is set for one fall!” Brent Williams announced.

”Born in China” (Metal Remix) by The Immortals.

The Xiang Dynasty leader was all business as he walked down the ramp and soaked in the crowd’s boos. The Artist of War was indifferent to the crowd’s reaction, but Xiang did look out to the crowd occasionally and gave them an arrogant sneer. Behind him was his usual backup, the MASSIVE Great Wall who raised both arms in the air and roared at the jeering crowd.

“Introducing first, from the People’s Republic of China… weighing in at 216 pounds… accompanied to the ring by The Great Wall… this is ”THE ARTIST OF WAR… XIANG!” Williams announced over the boo birds.

Entering the ring, Xiang took off his Chinese flag-themed zip-up hoodie and tossed it aside. The Great Wall remained at ringside while Xiang nearly paced a whole through the ring, getting ready to attempt payback and spoil the re-debut of Ohiyama.

The crowd then turned their attention the EpiCenter.

The crowd now watched with anticipation at what was happening at ringside.  The lights faded to black until a series of yellow and green spotlights shined at the entrance.  The crowd continued to buzz for what was happening next until a series of men in yellow dress robes made their way out, pounding on tribal drums.  The crowd was excited for the entrance and a silhouette appeared on the top of the ramp. 

A BIG silhouette to be precise. Two smaller men on either side of him continued to dance in tune with a tribal beat. The lights then returned after a scream.



A HUGE explosion of red pyro went off behind him and the opening 15-second mark of “King Kong” by Gorilla Zoe played. 


“And his opponent… from Hilo, Hawaii, being accompanied to the ring by Jules and Rafi Ke’ala… weighing in at 278 pounds… OHIYAMA!

The 6’6” 278-pound Hawaiian garnered a GREAT reaction from the crowd! The two smaller men accompanying him to the ringhis cousins Jules and Rafi Ke’ala and the little troublemakers were a bit more grown-up, too, as they had been wrestling for Kyoto PRO as well. Jules and Rafi cheered their cousin on from ringside and watched the big man enter the ring. He stared Xiang down briefly then raised both hands in a Shaka sign before referee Slim J called for the bell.


The very moment the bell rang, Xiang caught Ohiyama with a sucker punch! A Running Forearm caught Ohiyama on the jaw, but the second he turned his head back, Ohiyama only greeted Xiang with a big smile. Xiang retaliated by kicking him in the gut and then trying to Irish Whip him into the nearest corner. Ohiyama blocked that by standing still and smiling at Xiang before LAUNCHING him as hard as he could into the nearest corner!

“You got him, cuz!” Rafi shouted.

“Go, Big Oh!” Jules cried.

Ohiyama smiled at the cheering crowd then ran full speed, BLASTING Xiang in the corner with a huge Running Chop to the chest…


The blow knocked the absolute wind out of Xiang, but things were about to go from bad to worse for The Artist of War. Ohiyama grabbed his arm and chucked him all the way cross-corner…


The second Running Chop was enough to completely stun Xiang and bring him down to a knee! The Great Wall watched intently while The Polynesian Powerhouse was having his fun. He chucked him across the ring now and when he came back…


Double Cross Chop to the oncoming Xiang!

Ohiyama posed for the fans while Xiang regrouped from the ring after his attempt at an opening sneak attack failed him. He rolled out to the floor and already, he was wearing some painful red marks on his chest from where Ohiyama caught him. It seemed the former Sweet Daddy K became a new man after three years with Kyoto PRO and had become a lot more physical! He had the aggression to back his pure showmanship in the ring. And speaking of…


The 6’6” and 280-pounder flung himself over the ropes with ease and came crashing down on The Artist of War! He had shed about thirty pounds since his 309-pound frame he had last and that gave him more mobility in the ring! The agile and hard-hitting Ohiyama was now back up on his feet and yelled to the crowd.


The crowd roared before he picked up Xiang and rolled his xenophobic ass back inside. Ohiyama climbed inside when The Great Wall tried to execute a sneak attack, but The Active Volcano saw it coming and stared down the monster. He returned back inside the ring and planted a big Falling Headbutt right into the heart of Xiang before going for a cover!




The Artist of War had kicked out, but now he was needing to get back on track if he had any hope of spoiling Ohiyama’s debut. The Polynesian Powerhouse grabbed hold of Xiang’s skull and threw him into the corner before pelting him with HARD Clubbing Forearm shots right to his chest! Slim J had seen enough and tried to get Ohiyama to restore order for himself. The Polynesian Powerhouse learned to fight with honor in Japan so he didn’t exploit any sort of a count, but it did give the pained Xiang an opening.


He clawed at the eye of Ohiyama and shoved him into the ropes. Slim J then reprimanded him for his actions but he didn’t see The Great Wall…


The giant monster had intervened and caught Ohiyama square between the eyes with a powerful strike! The blow was enough to stun the big man when Xiang snuck up behind him and caught him with a big Seated Jawbreaker! That stunned Ohiyama as well and it was finally a Running Enzuigiri that STRUCK him in the side of the head! That was finally enough for him to take Ohiyama onto his back and that was when Xiang tried to steal one despite the protests of Jules and Rafi!




Ohiyama powered out of the cover!

Xiang gritted his teeth before he got back up and delivered stomps to the side of the head of Ohiyama! He continued to kick away at him as hard as he possibly could and then worked over his head with more kicks. They weren’t of the MMA variety, but he did enough to keep Ohiyama down. He ran off the ropes and delivered a HARD Jumping Double Stomp to the chest of Big Oh! The Hilo native was doubled over now and that gave Xiang an opportunity to cover again.




Ohiyama powered out again and shoved Xiang away in the process, but Xiang continued to attack him relentlessly with more stomps to the face and chest. He tried pulling Ohiyama up and setting him up for some sort of a DDT when Ohiyama pushed him away…


This time a chop of the Open-Handed variety! Xiang was doubled over and Ohiyama tried to run off the ropes for something big that would turn the xenophobe’s lights out. Instead, Xiang caught him right on the chest with a nice Dropkick! The blow didn’t knock Ohiyama down, but it was enough to stagger him and send him back to the corner. Xiang had him in his sights and charged in at him with a Running Forearm Smash right in the corner now!

Ohiyama was fazed from the blow and that gave Xiang an opening that he needed to run across the ring. He came back with a big Running Double Knee Strike in the corner that stunned the big man! With him in the corner, Xiang did something appalling…


Xiang looked genuinely disgusted to share the same space as Ohiyama and gritted his teeth.

“Look at you… you’re a disg—“


Out of literally NOWHERE, Ohiyama’s second gear kicked in and he nearly took Xiang’s head clean off his shoulders with a devastatingly brutal Lariat right out of the corner!

“YOU GOT HIM, BIG OH!” Jules shouted.

Jules and Rafi both cheered their cousin after he surged out of the corner and took Xiang to task! Ohiyama then took the second to let the crowd feed him energy before scooping Xiang up over his shoulder. He slammed him right down with a Body Slam and then ran off the ropes…


278 pounds of Ohiyama STOMPED down on the chest of Xiang with a nasty Double Foot Stomp of his own! The former Sweet Daddy K then picked up Xiang by his hair as The Great Wall was forced to watch from the outside. He picked him up and set him up as he waited from the corner. The former Blitzkrieg Champion waited for his chance to strike as Xiang tried to get his bearings back. With a loud roar, Ohiyama charged...


A SICKENING Running Knee Strike aimed right at the chest of Xiang put him down right on his back, but Ohiyama was STILL not done! He picked up Xiang by the band of his trunks as The Great Wall gnarled his teeth at Ohiyama. The Polynesian Powerhouse grabbed him and hoisted him up…


The very DEADLY Wrist-Clutch Fisherman's Buster spiked Xiang on the back of his head and shoulders before he fell over onto his back lifelessly. Ohiyama rolled over and covered his rival with a forearm driven down on his face.




Xiang was in control, but one horrible lapse in judgment had woken up the proverbial beast within Ohiyama and because of his disdain for all those around him, it cost him severely.


By all accounts, he was a very nice and polite man outside of the ring, but his nickname of The Active Volcano was earned for a reason. Kindness was not weakness for the former Sweet Daddy K who was now celebrating inside the ring with Jules and Rafi. He watched Xiang get pulled out of the ring by The Great Wall and the giant stared him down. Very intently.

The Great Wall said nothing other than delivering a derisive snort in the direction of the Polynesian Powerhouse. After that, The Great Wall took Xiang and helped his boss to the back. Following the intense staredown, the crowd cheered for Ohiyama and his triumphant return to No Brand Wrestling! His time in Japan had turned him into a brand new wrestler and if that was just a taste of what he could do, the rest of the roster was set to be put on notice!




Battered, Bruised, and Blitzkrieg Champion


Coming back from break, the camera slowly faded in to show interviewer Adria Hoyt, standing in front of the NBW interview backdrop, which was spruced up with blinking lights and tinsel in spirit of the holidays.  Flashing her trademark beaming smiled, Hoyt adjusted the Santa hat that she had on top of her head, before raising the microphone she held in her hand up to her lips.

“Happy holidays everyone, and welcome back to Slam! And if I must say, that was a very impressive victory by the man formerly known as Sweet Daddy K, Ohiyama.” Adria said excitedly before pausing as the live audience let out a cheer at the mention of the returning superstar who only moments ago had taken the hated Xiang down for the three count with ease.

“Speaking of impressive victories, joining me now is a man who at Pride outlasted his bitter rival Ravage in a tense last man standing match to successfully retain the NBW Blitzkrieg Championship, ’The Innovator’ Brock Newbludd.

With the crowd letting out a loud roar in the background, the camera zoomed out to reveal a confident looking Brock Newbludd standing next to Adria. On his other side stood his girlfriend, and NBW EMT, Sally Renolds, who did not share her boyfriend’s look of confidence. Instead, normally fiery Renolds looked tired, and concerned, as she stood next to her smiling champion.

The reason for her concern was evident upon further inspection of the Blitzkrieg champion, who despite having eyes full of vigor and confidence, physically looked like he had just recently survived a car wreck.

Brock’s crystal blue eyes contrasted sharply against the mixture of green and blue bruises that enveloped both of them, no doubt the result of the broken nose he suffered during his battle with Ravage at Pride. The white bandage that now covered the entirety of said nose was joined with multiple other smaller bandages that covered other cuts he received during the brutal title defense.

It was evident that though Newbludd had been the last man standing in his final battle with Ravage, he had surely paid the price for it. Even Adria, who had been in the industry long enough to see her fair share of battered faces, gawked at Newbludd for a long second before composing herself and raising the mic up.

“Brock, first things first, congratulations on your hard fought victory against Ravage at Pride, a match that saw both of you get hospitalized immediately afterwards. Many people are calling it the final match between you two, would you agree?” Adria asked before shifting the microphone towards Newbludd.

“You know Adria, I would like to say they’re right. But then again, not many of those people know Ravage like I do. He’s obsessed with proving to everyone that he’s not just a legend in his own mind, and I foolishly thought sending him to the hospital after our match at Legacy would have given him a reality check, but it didn’t. I’m sure it’ll be just like the last time, he’ll go home and spend his days braiding his daughter's hair while he heals up, and then he’ll come back here just as delusional as ever to set his sights on me once again. Which is fine with me, because believe me Adria, I have no issues with sending his ass back to the hospital again for a third time.” Brock said finishing with a grin.

“While it is true that he’s gone to the hospital twice after facing you, this time around you too took a trip there as well. How are you holding up?” Adria asked and Brock gave a nonchalant shoulder shrug.

“I’m fine Adria, just a few bumps and bruises. As you can see, just like after the Laddervault, I’m here standing on my own two feet, while my opponent is nowhere to be found. Hell, I’m ready right now to take on whoever wants a piece of---”

Suddenly Brock was cut off from a threatening growl from Sally, and turned his head to see her glaring at him.

“Bullshit! You are in no condition to do anything, so quit acting tough! You could barely walk around a few days ago, or maybe don’t you remember that!?” an angry Sally asked before poking a finger into Brock’s side, causing him to flinch in pain.

“I’m sorry Sally, but are you saying this as a concerned girlfriend or as a medical professional?” Adria curiously asked.

“Both!” Sally said as she planted her hands on hips. “He is not medically cleared to wrestle by the NBW medical staff, which I’m on! And there’s no way we’re clearing him until he passes every single test and that’s final!” Sally sternly said to a frowning Newbludd.

“So I take it your injuries go beyond the nose, Brock?” Hoyt asked the still frowning Newbludd.

“Cracked ribs, concussion, strained hamstring---” Sally rattled off, and Brock put his hands up in defeat to stop her.

“I’m just choosing to take the night off tonight Adria. I’ll be back in the ring in no time…” Newbludd then threw an arm over the still angry Sally’s shoulder and gave her a grin. “It’s going to take a lot more than that to keep me down.”

Sally just rolled her eyes and pushed his arm off of her.

“Well, I think the NBW fanbase would agree with me in wishing you a speedy recovery.” Hoyt said sincerely.

“Thanks Adria, and I know this may sound cliche’, but I wouldn’t be where I am right now if it wasn’t for the support of the people that use their hard earned money to come watch the NBW, and I mean that.” a humble sounding Brock replied, and immediately the crowd let out a loud cheer to reinforce his genuine words about them. Sally even softened a little bit from Brock’s statement and grew a slight smile.

“Thanks for the time guys, but before we get back to the action, I do have a quick question for you, Sally. Could you give the fans any update on the status of Davey LaRue after he was viciously attacked before his match with newcomer Al Envy at Pride?” Hoyt asked and the crowd gave a little cheer at the mention of their cult hero, though Brock’s eyes narrowed at the mention of his injured friend.

“Davey’s going to be ok, and ready to go in a couple of weeks, even though he received a concussion to go along with a number of stitches. Davey’s one tough customer though, and I think his head has hardened from all the shots he’s taken over the years. I will say this though Adria, whoever was behind the attack really beat the shit out of him. And that’s my professional opinion.” Sally said as a frustrated Brock shook his head and moved the microphone in front of him.

“What do you mean, ‘whoever was behind the attack’? It’s pretty obvious that it was Al Envy!” Brock exclaimed.

“Brock, there is no evidence to support that…” Adria retorted and was quickly cut off by Brock.

“Evidence or not, I’m trusting my gut on this one and it’s saying to me that the reason that Davey is all busted up is because of this Envy asshole. Everyone saw him out there at Pride, running his mouth in the ring while Davey was bleeding out in the back...telling him that he can share a room with me in the hospital...what a fuckin’ joke.”

Obviously fired up, Brock shook his head in disgust and Sally piped in.

“You’re not his bodyguard Brock, Davey’s a big boy and can handle his own problems, and besides you’re in no shape to do anything about it anyway!” Sally pointed out, which fired up Newbludd even more.

“No, I’m not Davey’s bodyguard, he’s a man and he can fight his own battles! But what I am is his damn friend, and I won’t stand for what happened to him at Pride!” Brock retorted beforing snatching the microphone from Adria and glaring into the camera.

“So, I'm going to give a little advice to Al Envy…Al, I get it, believe me I do. You want to come in here to the NBW and make an immediate impact...make a name for yourself. I was in your shoes less than a year ago, and you know what I accomplished that goal. But, I did it through busting my ass night in and night out, not punking out my opponents before matches to get a cheap win. While that might seem like a easier way to do business, believe me it’s not. And if you don’t believe me, maybe go ask Big Rick or Xiang how it eventually turned out for them after they took Davey out backstage…”

Brock then let out an amused chuckle and stopped for a moment, while Sally put a hand on his arm to stop her angered boyfriend from continuing on. But, the Blitzkrieg champion tempered was flared and he wasn’t done.

“Wait, wait, Al...I'll do your sorry ass a favor...I'll spare you the misery of having to talk to either of those two idiots. I’ll tell you how it turned out for them when they fucked with Davey.”

Having given up on stopping the still injured Newbludd from fighting his friend's battles, Sally stormed off, but Brock didn’t take his eyes from the camera.

“Davey got back up, and he made them pay. And if things got real bad, well then he asked me to help. And you know what I did? I broke them. I put Big Rick on the shelf for a month. I beat Xiang so bad that he didn’t even attempt to ask for a rematch. Shit, even the Great Wall hides when he sees me walking down the hallway, because he knows what I’m capable of...and that's  why I have this gold right here. So, if I were you Al, I’d think real long and hard on how you want things to play out between you and Davey, because I promise you...you pull any of that shit again, you’re going to have to answer to me...and you don’t want that.”

With that Newbludd tossed Adria the microphone and walked out of the frame.

“Some heated words from the injured Blitzkrieg Champion, but one has to wonder what the also banged up Davey LaRue thinks about all this! I guess we'll have to wait until the first Slam of 2017! For now, let’s send it back to the ring!” Adria exclaimed before the camera faded to black.


Nothing Special



The words appeared on screen and then opened up to the backstage area to the big grin, yellow sunglasses and black and gold boas. Blonde locks were moved and that revealed the face of “Big Talk” Jake Tockwell grinning like a cheshire cat.

“Hi! I’m Jake Tockwell and what I say goes!”

The crowd already hated his catchphrase and they continued to boo him but since this was recorded earlier than he didn’t stop to listen to jeering.

“What I say is this … there’s a lot … And I mean A LOT of JAGs walking around backstage in No Brand Wrestling. It occurs to Big Talk he might have ruffled some feathers in the last few weeks, so what he went and did was as of midnight last night, Big Talk signed on the dotted line to be to be managed by a great man. This is a man that’ll handle the business end of things outside the ring while I give a bunch of JAGs the business end of my prized Gift of Gab lariat! I’d like to introduce you to my new good friend ... “

Big Talk spread his arm out and welcomed the man formerly known in ACW as Fever Pitch! The man had been stalking Tyson XL in the last few weeks but when he was given the brush-off it looked like he found himself a new client!

“Hey! I’m “Hot Sauce” Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaul Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaamirez!”

He rolled his Rs in exaggerated Spanish fashion even though he spoke plain English and even had an Americanized accent.

“Big Talk’s a man that doesn’t need anybody to speak for him, but even a great man needs somebody to watch his back! I’m that guy! Tonight, I’ll be leading this great man to that ring where he’ll handle his business with Ant Rushton ... “

Big Talk embraced Raul Ramirez with a bro-hug.

“That’s right!” said Big Talk before slapping his hands together. “At Pride I took out that little flip-shit EZ Blaze and it seems NBW lined up another one. Ant Rush, you’re gonna live up to your name all right! Big Talk’s gonna SQUASH you like the bug you are and then me and Hot Sauce here are gonna go to the top so fast, you’ll be squinting your beady little eyes wondering how we got up there! Big Talk and Hot Sauce are gonna take over this company one match at a time and then you … “

He pointed at the camera.

“Warren Spade, I know you can hear this. I know you’re still feelin’ froggy after what Big Talk did to your little mouthpiece-slash-my little bitch Fenton Woods a few weeks ago. Well, Monster of the Mid-Card, if you want to do something about it then I’m challenging you to a singles match on the first Slam of the new year! Derecho handed you your ass at Pride and then I’m gonna finish what he started … then Big Talk and Hot Sauce are going for the gold!”

“Pal, you’re reaching if you think you’ll look past me.”

Ant Rushton and Ade Flowers had overheard what Big Talk was saying and decided to greet the future opponent.

“Hey Raul.”

“Yeah, Big Talk?”

“Smell that?” Big Talk huffed in a big breath of air. “Smells like … just another couple of guys. Perfectly average ‘good hands’ in the ring but not a hint of star power.”

Ant and Ade had a laugh. Big Talk raised his eyebrow.

“Hey! What’s so funny?”

“Like you blonde braggarts aren’t a dime a dozen these days!” said Abe.

“Hey, there are none like Big Talk!” yelled Raul coming to Big Talk’s defense. “And you’ll find that out tonight! The greatest rock star and best business mind in wrestling with the raw talent of Jake Tockwell? Yeah … you’re in the fuckin’ dust, kids!”

For all their bragging, Ant and Ade didn’t back down.

“Remember that it’s a business predicated on only needing three seconds to spoil your mood, mate,” said Ant. “See you gents out there tonight!”

Ant tipped an imaginary hat and both of the Englishmen left.

“Hey ... “ asked Jake. “Did you ever hear from our other men?”

“I left them a message,” said Raul. “Trust me … we won’t be alone trying to get what we want.”

The scene closed.


Keepin' it Real... for the Kids


Inside the Mall of America, hundreds, possibly thousands, of children are lining up to meet the main man himself - Santa Claus.

Father Christmas lets out a rather large 'HO, HO, HO' after presenting another pleased little one with a little something just before the big day arrives.


A 5-year-old boy sits on Santa's knee:  "I want a Playstation four, I want a new bike, I want a new cell phone and..."

The lad's mother and father are no longer smiling.  In fact, his mom is rather embarrassed:  "Sorry Santa.  Hey Ryan, want never gets.  Ask Santa properly."

Surprisingly, Ryan gets up off Santa's knee:  "Why am I asking again, anyway?  I wrote you a letter.  Why do I need to say it again?"

Ryan's dad came over:  "Probably because you didn't ask nicely.  Do it again."

Just as the rather direct Ryan turned round, he got the shock of his life when Father Christmas stood up, pulled off his mock beard and revealed himself to be...
Chris Smith.  Gasps emerged from anywhere that Santa no longer had his trademark facial hair.

"I didn't get your letter because I don't live in Lapland; I live here.  Yes, you're a rude boy, but want does sometimes get.  Believe me, when your mom tells your daddy she wants something, and that can range from a pair of shoes to him getting her in the sack, and I'm not talking about Santa's, she doesn't need to ask him politely."

The expression on both their faces at that point: Mastercard couldn't have covered it.  Fortunately, Ryan, for all his cheek, hadn't learned about that aspect of life yet.

"This is dumb.  How is one man supposed to carry millions of presents around the world in one night?  And, how much sherry can one man take before he starts driving irresponsibly?  Santa's a drink-driver.  What a great message to the kids.

"You see, Ryan, your dad tells you what his favorite alcoholic beverage is and slurps on it when you go to bed, dreaming of a Playstation four, a state-of-the-art cell phone that nobody of your age actually needs and a new bike you'll get bored of in a week."

Ryan turned to his parents:  "I HATE SANTA."

"So do I," he said angrily, grabbing poor Ryan's hand and dragging him away while his mother consoled him with a pat on the head.

Amazingly, Smith pulled his beard back up, shouted 'NEXT' and sat down as if nothing had ever happened.  While the shocked parents debated whether any of their kids should step up and sit on his knee, Chris turned to the cameras:  "Boys and girls, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  My resolution for two thousand and seventeen is simple:  I'm keepin' it real...for the kids.  NEXT!"




Jake Talkwell vs Ant Rushton


After scoring his first singles win at Pride over EZ Blaze, “Big Talk” Jake Tockwell along with his new manager “Hot Sauce” Raul Ramirez would see some more action. He would take on one half of the dynamic tag team RAF, Ant Rushton! Rushton, his partner Ade Flowers and Jake Tockwell had a confrontation earlier today with Tockwell so tensions were already riding high!

The camera had returned to the ring with Ant Rushton in the ring looking as ready as he ever was to try and halt any momentum that Jake Tockwell got from his first two big victories. (albeit his first match a tag team DQ victory over Spike Saunders and old rival Warren Spade). Was Jake going three and zero in NBW? Let’s find out!

"All right, the moment you've all been waiting for! You’ve been stuck with these opening acts for far too long! Now it’s time to get to the main attraction!”

The former rockstar and former wrestler “Hot Sauce” Raul Ramirez walked from the back to bask in the jeers of the crowd. He raised an arm out to the stage!

“Jake Tockwell is better than Warren Spade in every way and I … RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRAUL RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRAMIREZ am better than Fenton Woods in every way! Pleae welcome to the stage at this time, the man with the gift of gab – which means both his great voice and his deadly lariat … Big Talk himself .. Jake Tockwell!!!”

The Eagles’s hit single “Life In The Fast Lane” played and the arena soon became washed in a sea of gold! Decorated in black and gold boas, the six-foot five and two-hundred fifty-six pound loudmouth from Memphis basked in the all the attention he was receiving. He raised the ends of his boas and looked pretty happy with how unhappy the crowd was to see him.
“Unde-damn-feated!” yelled Tockwell.
The man known as Big Talk hit the ring and threw off his boas before handing them to the official for the match, Tal Nedrick.
“Hot Sauce … hold my boas!”

“You got it, champ!”

Raul Ramirez took the boas away from Jake Tockwell and the Memphis brawler entered the ring to much jeers from the crowd. He was in the ring now looking ready to continue what was a budding winning streak against Ant Rushton.




Rushton gave up a lot of side to Jake Tockwell and from the moment that the two locked up, it was clear who would have the advantage in the situation. Tockwell shot behind Rushton and muscled him to the ground where he put him down with a dull thud.

“Wrestling lesson one, kid!” yelled Tockwell. “That’s called a takedown!”

Jake looked pretty happy with himself and didn’t have to pat himself on the back. He walked over to his corner and Raul Ramirez climbed up the ropes to do it for him. Raul looked happy as a pig in you-know-what with his client while Tockwell went to work. Rushton picked himself up and the two men collided in the ring again. This time a quick arm drag from Tockwell put him down.

Rushton tried to recover nicely only to be left with his back rattled courtesy of a big hip toss. Tockwell picked him back up again and looked like he was running Ant Rushton through a wrestling drill because was back up and dropped quickly with a scoop slam. Tockwell completely owned Ant Rushton and he stopped the match immediately to go outside and high-five Ramirez.

“That’s my client! Big! Talk! Rocks!!!” said Raul.

“Wrestling lesson number two … Big Talk rocks!”

Tockwell and Raul partied like a couple of rowdy kids but that was such a fatal, fatal mistake.

Ant Rushton had enough of Tockwell’s blustering and made him pay for it by hitting a sliding drop kick through the ropes! Tockwell was sent right back into the barricade and had the wind knocked out of him. He looked up and he saw Ant Rushton climbing up the ropes and he took flight, coming off


Rushton was back to his two feet and the crowd cheered on his huge dive. Raul Ramirez was trained by Alfie Button of the Entertainers so if there was one thing he was good at, it was certainly taking huge risks. Rushton took hold of Tockwell’s blonde locks and threw him back into the ring before he took up to the top rope. Tockwell tried to get back to his feet only for a big missile drop kick from Rushton to catch him in the chest! Rushton might have had things well in hand!

1 …

2 …

Or he would have had Tockwell not just kicked out!

Tockwell was paying severely for his taking Ant Rushton lightly and it looked like he was going to do so even more. Tockwell was about to go for a ride when Ant tried to put him on his shoulders for version of the Go To Sleep that he liked calling the Rush of Blood. That Rush of Blood never came because Tockwell saw it coming and he threw elbows into the head of Ant until he had no choice but to let go.

Big Talk hid in the corner and watched as Ant tried to rush at him. He changed up his game plan and tried to use a big monkey flip that would no doubt take him over but Raul grabbed the leg of Tockwell to keep him from going over!


Ant went down hard because of Raul saving his client and Tockwell was now in the driver’s seat. Ade Flowers protested with the official for Raul’s blatant cheating but he didn’t see any of Raul’s underhanded tactics so the match would continue.

Big Talk didn’t waste any time now that Ant Rushton had given him heck for his previous arrogants. Now Tockwell was taking the match a little more seriously by launching him across the ring and landing a running back elbow that put Ant right back down on the canvas. Tockwell dropped an elbow into his chest right after that and then he finished off his offensive when he ran from the ropes and put a knee drop right into the chest of the high-flying Englishman. Tockwell kneeled over and went to try and nab another notch in his win column.

1 …

2 …

And Ant with the kick-out!

Tockwell was not through with trying to punish Rushton for trying to get the early drop on him. He pulled up Ant by the rear of his trunks (easy now) and then tried using what looked to be a back suplex but Rushton flipped out on his feet and landed right behind Tockwell. Big Talk turned around to be greeted with a chop to the chest for his troubles but when Ant tried using the ropes for his next big move, Tockwell grabbed him by the hair and slammed him down to the canvas!

The questionable tactic earned him the ire of the in-ring official but Tockwell brushed right by him and picked up Rushton again. Rushton tried to still fight back against Big Talk with another big move but what he didn’t count on was Tockwell fighting right back …


Out of nowhere he was caught on the temple with a huge discus punch! Rushton nearly crumbled in a heap on his knees but Tockwell held him up and finally landed that huge back suplex he tried for just a little bit ago! Tockwell with another cover now!

1 …

2 …

Close, but no cigar!

Tockwell couldn’t believe that didn’t do the trick! Ant had kicked out and the fans liked it, but Jake and Raul Ramirez certainly did not care for Ant’s defiant kick-out. Tockwell sat up and then slapped on a head lock and laughed about it.

“You’re gonna run out of breath soon, Ant! Squash goes the bug!” yelled Jake.

But Ant Rushton wasn’t going to take this lying down because if he did, he’d be worn out for sure. Ant struggled against Tockwell’s attempt at a submission and then belted him twice in the leg with a huge kick. Ant then rushed at him living up to his name and struck Tockwell with a springboard drop kick inside the ring!

Ant was now going to try and pick up the methodical pace that Tockwell had started. As Tockwellw as trying to find his way back up, Rushton jumped off the second rope and flew back at Tockwell using a spring board cross body that knocked the big blonde braggart off of his feet. Rushton got back up again and with the crowd behind him he rushed at him to connect with a springboard moon sault as Tockwell tried standing up! Could an upset be had tonight?

1 …

2 …


Ant Rushton punched the mat and tried hard to keep his composure. He ran at Jake Tockwell again but it looked despite his last aerial blitz, he was ready for him by hitting a stun gun on the top rope. Ant’s neck crashed against the top cable and he was left disoriented for when he busted out his next move.


His signature lariat had been felt by a few stars now but Ant Rushton was the latest victim! He didn’t go for a pinfall though and instead decided to do something different at the behest of his new manager.

“Hit him with the new move, Big Talk! Hit him with it! Take his breath away!” yelled Raul.

He might have been able to pin Ant Rushton but instead he grabbed him by the neck in a tight sleeper and reared back to the mat to trap Rushton!


He had been using the lariat to win a few matches but now he was using a new submission finisher! He had Ant worn down in a very tight and deadly sleeper while interlocking his legs around Ant’s body to prevent escape. He lifted Ant’s arm once, twice and then three times.




And that meant with Out of Breath, Jake Tockwell was the winner by submission! Raul Ramirez clapped and was probably the only one in the arena clapping for Tockwell as Big Talk had his arms raised.

“Winner!” yelled Tockwell pointing at himself. “LOSER!!!” He then pointed at Rushton. Ade Flowers rolled in to check on his tag partner and keep Tockwell from doing something worse should he try anything funny.  Tockwell and Raul didn’t give the two the time of day.

“Big Talk and the Hot Sauce!” yelled Raul. “Victorious!”

Tockwell was about to leave well enough alone when he saw Flowers had his back turned.


He didn’t have any reason to do it other than because he could, but Tockwell did just that and he clobbered Ade Flowers in the back of the head with his Gift of Gab lariat as well!

“Don’t turn your back in this business, kid! That’s another free wrestling lesson from Big Talk!”

Both members of RAF had been left laid out through different but still nefarious means. Big Talk and the Hot Sauce both walked out of the arena with smiles on their faces knowing that this would be the start of a beautiful and hopefully successful partnership.


Last Moments


Backstage, a rather anxious Alyx Norwood paced back and forth in his locker-room. Tonight would make or break his career, and more. At least that is what he was told. This wasn’t a night to have cold feet. It should have been over with at PRIDE but somebody, most likely his opponent, had taken him out early. Tonight wasn’t going to be that easy as he had a constant glance back over his shoulder.

“You look like a man with a lot on your mind,” came a voice from behind him. “Second thoughts about tonight’s match?”

“No,” Norwood turned and faced his old friend and colleague. One of his fellow tetrad still employed since the beginning days. “It’s them that should be worried, Simon. I’m done waiting around for my opportunities here. We just passed ANOTHER FUCKIN’ YEAR of obsoletion.”

“Speak for yourself, Alyx.”

“Oh please. You’ve had shitall to do this year as much as I have. Matt’s the only one that has really gotten a chance to shine this year. And even then it was Lucky that stole the spotlight out from under him.”

“I’ve been on quite a roll, thank you. Maybe not on TV.”

“Exactly!” Alyx grabbed his colleague’s shoulders, “that’s the point! You’ve been ranking up your victories at NBWLive’s across the country but on SLAM? At the pay per views? Face it, we’ve done nothing.”

Alyx shook his head and stepped back, taking a seat on the bench by them.

“We’ve been repackaged again and again, and nothing has worked out. I’ve rebuilt myself only to get put back at the bottom. Your best period was during your whole Simon Says moniker and those games, that didn’t get you anywhere, really. Did it?”

“I’ve got something going right now.”

“Now I’ve got this guy speaking about playing games and contests. And…” Norwood paused and looked up at Starks, “Is this you?”

Simon shook his head, “I’ll let you focus on your match preparation, Alyx. Goodluck.”

Starks was gone before Alyx could even imply anything further. With a deep sigh he stood from the bench and stretched his arms out.

“No matter. I can do this.”

He walked towards the exit.

“I will do this.”




For what should we be Thankful?


The scene opened up backstage as we see the smiling and ever-happy Adia Hoyt standing there with a microphone in hand. The crowd cheered a bit as she brought the microphone up to her lips.

“Happy Holidays everyone once again! Please welcome my guest at this time. The three-time NBW World Heavyweight Champion… DERECHO!”

Those cheers suddenly turned to boos as the world champion stepped into frame. The world title comfortably resting over his shoulder, facing the camera.  Adria, with a smile still on her face asked her first question.

“Derecho.  The holidays are upon us!  What are you most thankful for?” asked Adria hoping to hear an actual festive answer, but we all knew we weren’t going to get that.

“Nothing.” replied Derecho.

Adria tried to maintain her smile as she reaffirmed what she just heard.

“Nothing?” asked Adria

“That’s right. I’m not thankful for a damn thing and why should I be?  I came here to NBW to get my hands on Spike Saunders… to settle the score between us. That was my only purpose for coming here.  I’ve been here for a couple of years and the powers that be have decided that our important rematch isn’t in their cards.  We’ve had many Legacy Pay-Per-View events since my arrival and did I get my match with Saunders on the biggest stage of them all?  Of course, not.”

Derecho paused for a moment.

“I’ve been tossed aside and made to feud with people such as Son of Malta, Lucky Carter and Warren Spade… people that are not worth my time.  Some would say I should be thankful for becoming a three-time world champion, but I’m not.  Winning world titles is an inevitability with me. I ALWAYS become champion because that is exactly what I do.  Why should I be thankful for something that wasn’t dumb luck? I already know opportunities will be afforded to me. I already know that companies will want to center their product around me.  It always happens to the point where it’s expected.  Why should I be thankful for something so predictable and natural?  That’s like being thankful that you took a piss in the morning. It happens to everyone and it’s a common thing.  I mean, when was the last time you heard someone say “Wow… I’m so thankful that I just emptied my bladder?”  The answer is you don’t hear anyone say it because it’s not worth it.  The same can be said for me holding this title. It’s so common that there’s no need to waste any thanks on it.”

Adria went to speak again, but apparently Derecho wasn’t finished.

“I shouldn’t have to be thankful for anything.  It should be the opposite. People should be thankful for having me part of NBW. They should be thanking me because without me on television each and every week, this company would go under.  It’s very clear that I am the only name on this roster that people are interested in seeing.  Every single match I have gets praise from the boys in the back because each and every one of them know what kind of ring general I am.  They all strive to be me and it is because of that, they should be the ones who are thankful.”

Derecho turned and looked into the camera.

“And as for all of you out there in the audience and watching at home. You all should be thankful that you’ll get to see me dominate 2017 as your NBW World Heavyweight Champion.”

Derecho then turned back to Adria and patted her on the shoulder before cracking a shit-eating grin.

“Happy Holidays, Adria”

He then walked off as Adria let out a heavy sigh as the scene faded to black.


One Spin will Decide your Fate


In the last match Alyx Norwood found himself cost the victory thanks to the light show and annoyance of Lucretia and her other-half on screen. At PRIDE he was to get some payback, as well as putting his career and life on the line. It didn’t happen. He was attacked during the Preshow kickoff and nobody knows by who. It’s another day. And in less than a few hours, another year.

‘Still of the Night’ by Whitesnake.

Coming out to a mixed reaction, Alyx Norwood stood at the top of the ramp.

“This match is scheduled for one fall with a fifteen minute time limit. The winner will be awarded a thirty-three hundred dollar cash prize, while the loser will be forced to forfeit their career and life to the winner. Introducing first, at two hundred and thirty two pounds, he is The Royalty, ALYX NORWOOD!

Alyx made his way down to the ring and rolled inside, immediately shooting a glare up the ramp and shouting: “Let’s get this over with!”

The EpiCenter II lit up with the text: “The First contestant is ready!”

The text faded away and was replaced once more by a figure standing in the darkness. A creepy mask covered his face and unfortunately all that could be seen. The mask looked to be ripped straight out of a horror movie or anime thrilled.

“Alyx Norwood! Welcome to the game. The first round was admittingly a false start. So let us make up for that tonight.”

CLICK. A orange hue spotlight lit up the far left corner of the stage where another figure stood. Lucretia, with the same type of mask adorning her person along with a cloak that hid her figure well. Next to her was wheel to spin with runes written upon it.

“Lucretia, if you would. Let’s see what Alyx’s challenge will be tonight!”

She nodded and grabbed the edge of the wheel before giving it a strong tug down to spin it. “Where will your luck land, slime?” The arrow constantly crossing over the same section until it slowed and rested on a orange rune.

“Ah, how lucky! That rune means that this game’s second contestant will be Lucretia! Quite fitting given Alyx Norwood’s requested condition of your hand if he wins.” Lucretia snapped her head to the ring, eyeing Norwood while raising two fingers before her mouth and dragging it down and across her throat. “With both pieces assembled, please if you would, set the board.”

“Well human slime, ready?”


Alyx Norwood vs Lucretia


She stalked her way across the stage before walking down the aisle until she reached the ring. Rather than getting in at the front, she stalked along the side and chose to enter from the side. The EpiCenter went dark as the figure vanished and once Lucretia slithered into the ring, she backed Brent Williams into the ropes and he immediately vanished to the outside as well.

She untied her cloak and dropped it by her feet revealing more of the face that was hidden beneath the mask, and a ruffled up black and red dress which with a reach back around her neck, she untied and let it fall to her feet. With a type of red wrestling bodysuit underneath, she was ready and Slim J called for the bell.

Ding ding ding!

Norwood wasn’t quite fond of facing Lucretia over the man that has been his annoyance, but one way or another he was ending the year on a high point. He went for the open grapple only for Lucretia to pounce on him like a mad woman. She hammered down with a series of left and right slaps mixed with punches, all across his face and head.

Alyx kicked back off the mat, flipping her up and over him, but she was immediately back on the attack. This time he shoved her up and off him, getting back to his feet before she could pounce on him a third time which just resulted in getting backed into the corner. She got him again, this time trapped and started squeezing at his head between shots downward.

He’d shove her off him and she’d launch back into the corner. This was all but pissing off Norwood who decided rather than pushing her off he’d grab the head and yanked her down into the corner pad that time. Looking to knock her senses loose, and quickly grabbing her arm, and wrenching it back, while pulling her away from the corner to suplex her to the mat. Alyx rolled her to the side, arm still wrenched along, and used his knees for applying pressure to the arm.

A sound technician, Norwood knew how to work the limbs of his foes. Lucretia refused to give in and used the pain she was in for leverage to roll and tilt around, trying to get free. She managed to get them over so Alyx was shoulders on the mat but he quickly twisted for safety before any pinfall could be attempted.

She did it a second time, and this time it was more difficult to get them rolled back before Slim J started.


But he still managed to get clear and wrenched the arm harder. Lucretia used her other arm to swipe back at his head and anywhere she could grab, then used her feet to vault upward and roll Alyx up again.



Slim J was in position to watch the shoulders, and was not watching the free arm of Lucretia who had suddenly grabbed the groin of Norwood. A vice-like grip which caused him to get his shoulders off the mat to end the pin and also released Lucretia’s other arm.

Immediately scooting back he held his hands over his family jewels.

“Disqualify her!” He argued with J who kept insisting he didn’t see it, and couldn’t. “She tried to pop my nuts in two!”

Lucretia shoved J aside as she dove into Norwood again, this time she made the gesture for the groin which Slim J did see, but what he didn’t was as she BIT and SNAPPED down on the nose of Norwood at the same time.

He kicked her off and backed off again. Immediately calling for a disqualification again. The mad woman laughed and backed off, allowing Norwood to get up to his feet. Rubbing his face, he looked over at her and with a snarl charged.

Right into her trap. Lucretia’s leg trap, as she dropped low and swept his feet out, wrapping her legs around his own and flipped him over into a one legged boston crab. Her ring presence wasn’t as good as Norwood’s as he reached for the ropes and J kept watch for the grab, but Lucretia used that to her own advantage, while raising her fist up and driving it down between the legs and squeezing… something.

Norwood grasped the rope and J called for her to release the hold, fully missing what she had done. Alyx didn’t but a man can only take so much abuse to the nads! Soon as he was up to his feet he swung out at her, and she ducked his arm, driving her knee into his ribs. Norwood chopped her across the back, while driving his own knee up to club her down.

Tired of it all, he hoisted her up in his arms and dropped her across his knee with a back breaker. He sprawled her out over his knee and pressed down across the chest and thighs bending her, before shoving her off to the mat.

The Royalty scraped the mat with his hands, grabbing her ankle and whipping it up into the air then driving that leg back down to the canvas. Immediately locking her leg between his own, he bent the knee to the side and onto the mat.

So far it would appear that Lucretia wasn’t much of a wrestler and just looking for the cheap shots. Now that she was grounded and once again in agony, she was clawing at the mat to reach the ropes but no where near them. Slim J got close in to see if she wanted to quit or tap.


She grabbed the officials left foot and pulled him aside and away from her, at least seemed the reason, but in doing so she tripped J up and he felt on them, causing Norwood to have to release and roll him off them both.

Lucretia quickly crawled across the ring and right under the ropes like a scene out of The Ring.

Norwood stomped to his feet and looked out at her outside the ring: “Are you gonna actually wrestle or continue this shit game?”

She turned, cranked her head to the left and once again drew her two fingers from her lips and across her throat. Norwood ducked through the ropes and dropped to the ground, and Lucretia dove back under the ropes into the ring. She crawled across and rolled out the other side as Alyx stepped back through the ropes once more.

With a half-grin she stood on the other side of the ring, outside, and motioned across her throat again, then pointed at the EpiCenter II.

“Contestant Alyx Norwood, how are you fairing?”

Alyx spun around, “Get down here and face me!”

“Now now Alyx. Patience. Luck was on your side tonight. We will meet at another destined hour.”

The man on the screen continued to speak but Lucretia crawled back into the ring and caught Alyx from behind, rolling him up.



No Alyx with the kickout! Only momentarily caught off guard.

“That was so close, Alyx.” Norwood watched as she slithered out again then turned his attention up top once more. “She can be feisty. But Alyx, can you complete the game? Let’s find out.”

The lights went out. The tron remained lit with the figure present. CLICK. The orange spotlight from earlier fell upon the ring where Lucretia was back in the ring, ducked low from behind and popped Alyx up on her shoulders. She then delivered him down to the mat with the Electric Chair Driver.

In sit-out position, shoulders to the mat. J slid into position. It appeared that Lucretia actually did know how to wrestle, or at least some form of it.



The orange hue spotlight went off with another CLICK. Darkness filled the arena once more except for the illumination from the EpiCenter. Then suddenly the lights were back on.

Norwood laid over Lucretia, back to chest, both out cold. Slim J slid around to see the shoulders on the mat.



Lucretia squinted her eyes from under Alyx and peered up at the EpiCenter with a half-grin.


Slim J was able to officiate and the match was awarded to Alyx Norwood! Slim J helped him to his feet while the man on the screen clapped.

“Congratulations Alyx. You won this game along with the Thirty-three hundred dollar cash prize and of course your career and life remain yours.”

Alyx was woozy, leaned up over the ropes and called him down again.

“At another destined time, Alyx. Enjoy the fruits of your victory.” The man on the screen then pointed forward. “Lucretia.”

The screen went dark as Norwood felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned around to face his opponent.

“I believe I’m yours now, human slime.”

Alyx stepped through the ropes ignoring her, even when she helped by holding them open. Once he got his body halfway through her grip came loose and it snapped down across his back and head.

Lucretia grabbed her cloak and dress then followed as he dropped to the ground and started up the ramp. She was a mere few steps behind every step of the way.

Alyx Norwood had gained a victory to close out a pisspoor year for him.
He was thirty-three hundred dollars richer, and had gained whatever Lucretia was as well.

So why was his face scrunched up and seething with anger?




EZ Blaze did not have himself a good night at Pride. For two weeks he had been bullied around by Jake Tockwell until he couldn’t take it any more and slapped the arrogant newcomer across his face. Despite the young high-flyer’s best efforts he didn’t win at Pride and it was Big Talk who walked out with a victory.

Tonight the masked wrestler was skulking around backstage playing with his cell phone. Even with a mask on his body language told the story that he was not happy with how things turned out for him.

“Hey … kid!”

Blaze peeked from his phone and glanced around.


Blaze looked down at probably the only person in NBW that he could look down at … and then a very large man behind him.

Fenton Woods and Warren Spade!

Fenton was still walking with the aid of his cane from the mistimed Trample at Pride.

“Kid … “ said Fenton. “I’m sorry about Jake Tockwell. Take it from Warren and I – we know that piece of garbage first-hand. We were smacking him around for years in Memphis. Warren’s father, the great “Golden Lion” Leon Spade was smacking his dad, Amos Tockwell around all through the nineties. It's been an age-old tradition we want to pick up again very soon."

Behind him Warren cracked his massive knuckles.

“And when I see Tockwell again, I’m going to shove that microphone so far up his ass that the whole world will be able to hear the inside of his colon.”

“Eww …”

Fenton looked disgusted at the thought of hearing about Jake Tockwell’s inner workings like that. EZ Blaze did too. Fenton patted EZ Blaze on his arm.

“Look kid. You grabbed a big opportunity when you stood up to that loud-mouth. You keep grabbing opportunities like that and the world is going to take notice. You’ve shown the world that you’ve got guts, moxie, spunk and all that stuff. But I think you just need that one more push to get to the top.”

EZ Blaze looked around the hallway and pointed at himself as if he were talking about somebody else.

“Nope I mean you, kid. You’ve got crazy good athleticism. The way you move around that ring is insane and I think that you’ll be a big friggin’ star with just one or two of the right career moves. Like I said … “

Warren watched Fenton Woods flick a business card at EZ Blaze, who almost fumbled before he caught it.

“Grab a big opportunity or two, kid. When you see one come along, don’t be afraid to jump. You’re pretty good at jumping and flipping from what I've seen.

Fenton walked off and Warren patted him on the shoulder.

“After you marched up and slapped Tockwell in mid-interview, you got a fan in me, kid.”

Warren patted EZ on the back enough that it almost knocked the masked wrestler over. Warren and Fenton walked off and EZ Blaze continued looking at the card. Fenton Woods managing him? Was this real?

Blaze took the card and suddenly had a little saunter in his step. The show moved on.


A Gift


"Soooooo close, Principe! So so damn close!”

The scene opened up backstage to the private dressing room of perhaps NBW’s most talented young tag team – the A-List. Former Dynasty tag champ Victor Ingram Price and his main man, the rich El Principe were backstage sitting in matching recliners having their feet taken care of by two young ladies of the Asian persuasion.

“We almost stopped the Unstoppables, Principe! I know it, you know it, the American and the Mexican people know it! And these ladies know it, too! Hey! Easy on my toes!”

One of the ladies stopped and cursed him out in her native language under her breath.

It wasn’t long before their private time was interrupted by a knock at the door.

“You! Go get that!” yelled VIP.

One of the ladies not currently busy delivering a pedicure noticed a note slid under the door. She picked it up and handed it to El Principe.

“No …”

He pointed at VIP to make him read it. Victor snatched the envelope and read it aloud.

“All right … ‘Sorry on your tough loss to the Unstoppables at Pride, but know that Pride doesn't have to be the end. If there’s anybody that knows their weaknesses, especially Tyson XL, it’s me. If you are interested, call the number on this business card. We’ll talk business and perhaps if you like what you hear, we’ll talk …” he stood up and laughed. “ … rematch.”

That last word got his attention.

The A-List looked at it and laughed.

“All right … I’ll bite.”

The scene cut as VIP pulled his cell out and started to call the number on the business card attached.




Warren Spade vs Zed


If you caught Pride on your local cable or satellite provider or their NBW streaming service since everybody has those these days, you’d know that the title hopes of “The Monster of the Mid-South” Warren Spade did not go the way he’d hoped. He was in a match with the three-time and reigning NBW World champion Derecho. He’d all but beaten Derecho pillar to post, but taking advantage of one situation involving a miscommunication between Spade and his returning manager Fenton Woods allowed Derecho to retain desperately.

With only tonight’s show left for 2016 this could be a big opportunity for Zed to capitalize on. Warren Spade had been no strangers to Rune and Zed when he returned after a four-year layoff in 2016. Was Warren in the right frame of mind to compete tonight? Zed had the chops to pull off a huge upset for sure.

Pillar’s “Frontline” kicked over the PA with snares and electric chords.

Camera feed cut to the ramp way as the self professed Paragon of this Industry slipped through the curtains. In short order behind was the monstrous mountain of crimson latex that went by the name Rune. Ignoring the fans, as per usual, Zed seemed to carry himself with a little more contempt and focus knowing that he was about ready to settle an old score.

“Weighing in at two hundred and sixty pounds! From Parts Unknown!” announcer, Brent Williams did his best Buffer impersonation, “Zed!”

Zed leapt to the apron and spared a moment to look around at the gathered masses before shaking his head back to focus. He looked ready to give Warren Spade hell and take advantage of whatever his mindset was tonight.


The arena went dark and a lone spotlight was now on the entryway. Whoever this person was had their back turned to the camera so as to hide his face, but he was a man in jeans, a black coat and a red and white carnival barker hat. He was very short and couldn’t have been any more than five-foot four, but he certainly had a gift of gab. This was Warren Spade’s manager, Fenton Woods! He did not have the usual pep in his step and the cane with the microphone built in was being used more like a cane tonight on account of a broken rib.

“Derecho … you’re a dick.”

Laughter erupted from the crowd at Fenton’s statement. His free had favored his rib cage.

“But even more than that you are insane … you are insane in the membrane as Cypress Hill so eloquently puts it. You are INSANE with a capital INSANE if you think that Pride was the end of this.”
Them was fighting words and Zed did not like being ignored.

“Warren Spade had you beat and the almighty King of Hell had to resort to tired tricks like belt shots and low blows to retain? That didn’t show how dangerous you are … that only showed how scared you are! Rest assured Derecho, that this issue between you and my giant is far from over. Watch what happens to Zed tonight and then know that this exact thing will happen to …”


Zed was now on the microphone given to him by Rune.

“Enough, Fenton. Bring out your whiny little heartbroken giant and let me put him out of his misery. There’s no place for soft giants in 2017 … only the strong are going to survive and I am that strong individual. If he can spare five minutes of crying like a little bitch because he didn’t win the title, then let’s do this.”

Fenton’s only response was laughter that gradually grew louder.

“If you really think that Broke Deadpool and Fat Deadpool back there scare Warren, then you’re just as deluded as Derecho is. You are not Zed. You are not Rune. Tonight you are examples of what’s going to happen going forward. Every person that my giant sees in front of him is Derecho and until he gets that title, nobody in front of him is safe! So now let me introduce to you … the greatest show on Earth! The show where my giant comes out here and leaves a path of destruction for your amusement …”

Fenton winked. He was still in pain but he tried to keep up good spirits.

“And mine.”

He tapped his cane on the ground and his spotlight disappeared. The crowd was baited with anticipation and when words appeared on the EpiCenter they went crazy.




Warren Spade was here!

And it was a brand new theme!

“Into The Arena” by The Michael Schenker Group played and The Monster of the Mid-South basked in the reception from the crowd. After enjoying the response, he hunched over to let Fenton Woods ride on his shoulders very carefully. Zed was angered by Fenton schooling him on the mic but despite having a good size disparity he didn’t look all that afraid of an angry Warren Spade marching his way. 

Spade let Fenton off on the apron and then he himself towered over the ropes to make it inside. Zed didn’t give Warren an opportunity to fight.

He marched right up and slapped the One-Man Stampede across his face!




The contest was now underway! Zed charged right to Warren Spade and the giant made him pay for it by shoving him flat on his back.


Zed angrily charged right back at Warren and a toe kick to his massive barrel chest led to Zed getting off a forearm uppercut and a big right hook that landed right on Warren’s jaw. Warren Spade retaliated by grabbing Zed by both sides of his head and straight up throwing him over the ropes and right out to the floor!

Warren climbed out to the floor and watched as Rune tried to come at him…



Rune had tried to interfere when Warren saw it coming and so he made Zed’s partner in crime pay for it with the massive signature spear on the floor! Fenton raised his hands!

“I told you, Fat Deadpool! Stay out of his way!” yelled Fenton

Zed looked for a moment like he was having second thoughts coming out here to try and take advantage of whatever state Warren Spade seemed to be in, but the Monster of the Mid-South seemed to only be more aggressive if that was even possible! Zed still tried to attack Warren with an axe handle when Warren grabbed his throat. A head butt caught Zed and launched him into the barricade where he was now looking sore of slumped over.

Warren hooked Zed’s arm and soon the self proclaimed Paragon of the Industry was back inside the ring. The very focused Warren Spade looked increasingly dangerous tonight after leveling the four-hundred fifty pound Rune like it was nothing!

Zed tried cutting him off as he entered the ring with more kicks and punches. He was two-hundred sixty pounds himself but he was a lightweight compared to the One-Man Stampeded. Warren fired back on him with a head butt. As he tried to get back inside the ring Zed surprisingly shot off the ropes and he delivered a running drop kick aimed right at the left knee of Warren as he was trying to get back inside the ring.

Zed had a submission finisher called Zero Hope that was an inverted cloverleaf so if he could somehow lock that in on the big man it would certainly increase his chances of pulling off an upset despite Rune no longer capable of doing anything other than sucking some wind on the floor below.

The Paragon of the Industry went after Warren’s leg by clipping it with another big kick and then tried to grab the leg for dragon screw or some other attack to inhibit his leg. Warren instead reached out and a wild hand caught Zed in the temple. He then picked him up and locked him in a bear hug submission, pulling him off the ground like he weighed nothing at all!

Zed was having the life squeezed from him by a very angry Monster of the Mid-South and the crowd loved watching him destroy people in front of him. Zed was not about to become another notch on Warren’s attempt to get back to the top so when Warren tried to ram him into the corner, Zed rolled through and he tried a sunset flip to get the large Arkansas wrestler over.

Warren wasn’t going to allow that to happen; he grabbed Zed’s neck with both hands and forced him to stand. Warren then threw him into a corner and attempted running all of his weight into Zed but the Paragon of the Industry moved first. He charged and hit nothing but the turnbuckle and that presented a rare opportunity in this match for Zed to get some offense. He punched Warren in the head and had him doubled over before coming out of the corner with a calf branding to the back of Warren’s head, driving him into the mat! Zed had a smile on his face and now he was going to try and pin Warren and score a big big win leading into 2017!

1 …

2 …

But Zed’s hopes may have to wait a little while longer! Warren Spade kicked out, but Zed knew what he had to do while Warren Spade was down. He attacked the knee with kick after kick. If Warren could not get back up then he would be at the mercy of Zed who was good on the mat at working body parts. He kicked more at the leg and then brought the leg down. He made his way up to the second rope …


That was a diving knee drop and it was aimed right at the leg of Warren Spade! The beast was now laying down on the ground and was nursing his sore leg while Zed took a second to check up on Rune.

Rune was still holding his ribs and wasn’t going to be any use to Zed so he would have to keep flying this match solo. Fenton did look a little fretful of the fact that Zed had found an opening and that he was now in control trying to use a leg lock on the massive Spade. Spade had never submitted in the very few times he had lost a match and if he could be the first man to do so in NBW then that would be a tremendous feather in his cap.

Warren Spade now made the attempt in the rare vulnerable position he was in to make it off to the ropes. Zed had the lock in tightly, but thanks to the virtue of his size that gave Warren the chance to wrap his giant hands around the bottom rope!

Zed angrily stood up and now had Warren on the ropes. He grabbed his leg again. Had he sufficiently weakened the One-Man Stampede long enough to execute his submission finisher?

Warren twisting his free leg and kicking Zed off of him was an emphatic NO!!!

The Monster of the Mid-South bought hmself some time and Zed went back to the knee again, but Warren blocked it by grabbing his knee and slamming it down with a coconut crush – made famous by a certain wrestling giant from France.

Warren then scooped him up and thundered him down with a huge scoop slam into the mat! The One-Man Stampede was trying to make some feeling come back in the knee while Zed tried to come around. He was struck down just as fast with a big axe handle right to his chest that put him back down on the ground. Warren then had the crowd in the palm of his hands as he lined up a chance to get him in the corner. He stumbled forward when Zed got his elbow up and nailed Warren in the face.

Zed then started to climb to the second rope and then to the top to try for a big move to turn the tide, but Warren grabbed him and then military press slammed him right off! Zed’s back did not look good at all so when he got back up it was now Warren’s turn to dole out some damage. He ran his foot across the ground and the crowd chanted.

“STAMPEDE!” Clap Clap. “STAMPEDE!” Clap Clap. “STAMPEDE!” Clap Clap. “STAMPEDE!” Clap Clap.
“STAMPEDE!” Clap Clap. “STAMPEDE!” Clap Clap. “STAMPEDE!” Clap Clap. “STAMPEDE!” Clap Clap.

Zed didn’t like what was about to happen to him.


Warren Spade just used the signature spear to cut through Zed like a hot knife through butter, but he still was not done! Warren didn’t waste any time picking him up. Normally any of his Torn Asunder moves would be coming up next but instead, Warren put Zed in a suplex set up with a leg hook. He lifted Zed right onto his shoulders and dropped him straight down with a deadly move!

“That’s a new one just for you when we see you, Derecho!” yelled Fenton Woods. 

It looked like a fisherman suplex turned into the emerald fusion that Derecho liked to use called a Forever Reminder! Warren’s direct message to Derecho was very clear. 

1 …

2 …


Warren Spade had a new weapon in his quiver and he was not afraid to use it. He didn’t even let the official raise his hand because he was still angry over how bad things ended for him at Pride. Warren Spade climbed the ropes and pointed at Fenton Woods to keep on moving. He helped Fenton toward the back and looked at all the damage he caused. Rune was laid out and so was Zed.

The One-Man Stampede was going to trample the competition one by one until he could get his hands on Derecho one more time.


See You in 2017!


The scene faded out on the carnage caused by Warren Spade, and returned to the studio for one final time.

"Well folks, that'll do it for us here tonight. We'll see you in a few weeks when we return with SLAM and begin the path to 25 To Life. Until then, safe travels and Happy New Year!"

Trent smiled and waved to the camera while it faded on out to the NBW logo and credits.

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