Scorched 2

No Brand Wrestling Presents: Scorched 2
Live from Hamdan Sports Complex in Dubai, UAE
Kickoff Preshow 7P ET - July 16th



Welcome to SCORCHED II!


Following the opening video we get a wide shot of the already lit up city of Dubai. You can't start a PPV within the Hamdan Sports Complex without first taking in the scenery! Enough of that though! Onwards as we cut inside the arena where the NBW faithful are in full cheer. Dressed to impress... yeah right! This is NBW! They're ready for a fight or a dozen and showing support for all their favorite superstars. We aren't kidding. The camera stopped for a moment to fixtate on a group of fans that have taken their favorite wrestlers shirts and sliced em' into thirds and fourths!

It's pay per view time in Dubai and the UAE are ready. How about our commentators for the evening? Swing on in, and focus in on the duo of Melissa and C.G. Gains.

"Just listen to that crowd, Craig! They are ready and so are we! Welcome everyone to NBW Presents: Scorched II. I'm Melissa Vanderart and with me as always, no matter how much I've asked for a new co-chair, the sultan of sass, C.G. Gains!"

"Who you kiddin', Mel? You know you love me! And sultan of sass? Hmm." He nodded, "I like it!"

"Knew you would." She shook her head and ignoring her partner powered on. "Tonight we have our top prizes on the line, and even the granted Main Event Championship shot awarded to Brock Newbludd after winning 25 to Life, is on the line tonight against the 'Bounty Hunter' Benjamin Jones!"

"Club KO's going to beat Newbludd, and then send him packing while they ready for the great white north, Melissa. I've got no doubt in my mind. BJ Killa has this in the bag."

"I would have to disagree, if this were a straight up fair match up. But as you said, Club KO goes where Jones goes. Not so certain Brock will have this, but I sure hope so."

"Well, whatever. Your opinion. Even if it sucks! But I think we can agree that Clan Strongbern have all the advantage tonight and the been stopped Unstoppables with their export out of Columbia, won't be taking the W."

"Why would I agree to that?" Melissa questioned her partner, "Gravender and Tyson XL have proven themselves to be a force, and numbers game or not, they can handle it. And Ali Amore, our former Keystone Champion... he has a never-say-die attitude and wrestled the majority of his reign with a broken and cast up arm. I would say he fits their team well tonight."

"Pullllease. Big Rick's gonna feed Amore to Ri-Khan. As for the other two, let's hope we hear some bones snappin."

"Well we'll see. However two matches we will not see unfortunately tonight are Mitchell Quinn versus The Great Wall, as his injuries over the months caught up with him and was unable to get cleared to wrestle tonight. We're not sure how long he'll be out for but have no doubt that if he returns, we'll see the Great Wall, fall."

"And... come on. You can read it off or I will." Gains was giddy.

"And, the scheduled match up between the returning Villain Jack Owyns against the Colossus Spike Saunders, has been cancelled. We don't have all the details as of yet, however-"

"Nobody has seen or heard from the giant. He's likely cowering in some bar afraid to face The Villain and suffer another pay per view loss after having his head caved in at 25 to Life."

"Let's be fair here, Owyns hasn't been seen or heard from either. Again folks, we don't have all the details, just the official word from the office of general manager Jack Harmen that the match has been cancelled."

"If you say so." Gains was ready to move on. "Also tonight we'll finally see Darren Best clash with the newly signed East Wind Alex Reyn. Gotta say, from what little I know of the guy, he's impressed me. Ruffling feathers is always good but sometimes one might go too far."

"Safe bet, he went too far. Attacking someone's friends will eventually come back and bite you in the ass. Best is fired up, Reyn is ready for a fight. These two will clash in a Falls Count Anywhere match later tonight." Vanderart continued on, "And tonight we'll also see the in-ring debut of Chris Smith as he takes on Kid Chameleon. He'll be doing it for the kids. What kids, not quite sure. I think we're still trying to work that out - but his message remains the same. And one Kid's in his cross-hairs."

"Not sure the Fonz knows what he is walking into."

"What about the unlikely team of Michelle Couli and Zhalia Fears, as they take on Lucretia and her soulless one Azoic?"

"Nevermind those crazies. I'm looking at Legacy already Mel, and the marquee that reads", he made a wide arc of his arm and hand as if covering said marque. "25 to Life winner the Bounty Hunter Benjamin Jones versus Big Talk Jake Tockwell, for the NBW World Heavyweight Championship! No Jags allowed!"

"It could happen, if Jones gets past Newbludd and Tockwell manages to beat not only the current World Champion, the Mid-South Monster Warren Spade, but also the Active Volcano Ohiyama. Tonight any of those three men can walk out as a Double Champion, a new Champion, or even with nothing to their name."

"Tockwell shouldn't even have to put up his Blitzkrieg Championship. But he will retain it with the first fall, and in that second fall become one of the select few to call themselves a Double Champion."

"Well that'll be one of our Main Events later tonight, but before we get that started it's time for our opening match up of the evening."

"Too sweet me?" Gains held his hand out with the fingers pinched, Melissa just stared at him. "Okay then, we'll bank it for later." He lowered his arm and Brent Williams stepped into the ring.

It was now time to kick off SCORCHED II.



“The FOLLOWING...Singles Match is Set for One Fall!” Brent Williams said. 

“Introudcing first, from Dallas, TX: JONNY BEDLAM!”

The opening riffs of "Missing Link" by Dinosaur Jr. featuring Del tha Funkee Homosapien played, smoke starts billowing out of the entryway, then Bedlam stalked out from the arena entrance.

Bedlam wore his signature gray hoodie with the hood up. Bedlam slid into the ring, quickly popped up and moved in a complete circle while pulling his hood down and giving the crazy eye.  He took the hoodie off and tossed it out of the ring.

Bedlam pounded his chest with his right fist, then with his left, then pumped both fists straight into the air three times and just left them there, staring downward, then slowly looked upwards and let his arms fall sideways, spread.

After Jonny emerged and entered the ring, several members of NBW security had billowed out of the entrance area and made their way to the ring.  Clearly NBW was not taking chances.  The security guards, about 10 of them, encircled the ring, which made the match into a sort of de facto lumberjack match.

'Swear it to the Sun' by Voodoo Johnson started to ring out through the arena as Alan Envy appeared on the ramp. The crowd gave a mixed reaction to the man known to snap limbs as he stared into the ring.  Envy walked to the ring not looking away from his opponent Jonny Bedlam who awaited him inside the ring.  Envy moved past security guards as he made his way to the ring and under the bottom rope.

“Introducing next, from Fort Worth, TX: ALAN ENVYYYYYY!”

Bedlam stared at Envy.  They both have their backs to the turnbuckles.  The referee carefully checked both of them for weapons as he’d been instructed.  Bedlam and Envy’s last encounter had nearly drawn police involvement in Dubai.  After checking both Bedlam and Envy, the referee moved to the middle of the ring and gave the signal to the timekeeper to ring the bell.  The bell rang, and both men stood for a moment, still glaring at each other their eyes full of disdain. 

Then they charged at each other.  Envy got a slightly quicker step on this charge and hopped into the air trying to deliver a knee strike to Bedlam’s head, to end the match early.  Bedlam arched backward slightly just at the right moment which caused the strike to lose a little steam, but it still struck him in the chest and send him to the canvas.  Bedlam winced slightly, but pushed himself quickly back to his feet. 

The quick Envy attempted a double leg takedown, but didn’t get a strong grip before Bedlam dove forward over Envy’s back and landed in a snap roll, again quickly getting to his feet. 

Both men stared at each other, neither seeming to have really caused any damage or wear on each other’s stamina.  A look of frustration appeared on both of their faces and they charged at each other once again, but this time Bedlam stopped and planted.  He swung his hip viciously into Envy’s midsection while grabbing his arm firmly, pivoted, lifted and slammed Envy down hard to the mat with a Judo hip toss. 

Envy winced, but used his strength to quickly roll away from striking distance.  He took a longer amount of time to get to his feet, but once again, he and Bedlam are frustrated by their inability to strike the death blow very early on. 

“You enjoying being shown how NOT tough you are Shitbird?” taunted Bedlam.

“When did that happen?  I didn’t see it,” Envy retorted.

“Whatever, you fake ass Bas Rutten.”

They charged at one another once more and began to grapple this time and each fought for control, Envy gains the upper hand and grasps Jonny about the torso.  He lifted Jonny up with great effort and slams him down with a high angle spinebuster. 

The slam had clearly winded Jonny and Envy moved along the ground, placed Jonny’s right arm between his knees and clasped both arms around the back of his Bedlam’s head, and yanked upwards in a sort of inverted Crippler Crossface.  Jonny hollered and struggled, but was unable to break the hold immediately.  Envy was definitely not trying to get paid by the move. 

Jonny seemed to realize this and fashioned his left hand into a blade and chopped Envy as hard as he could with all his left arm might on the ear.  Envy howled with pain, and clearly did not expect the strike.  He relented on his grip a little and Bedlam somehow escaped the hold and rolled quickly away toward the ropes.  Bedlam hoisted himself quickly using the ropes and got up just in time to receive a clothesline to the upper chest from a clearly dizzied, but angry Envy. 

Bedlam flew over the top rope and out to the floor, but Envy did not pursue him.  The ringing in his ear had intensified after the sudden use of energy and he stopped to grunt about it and catch his breath since his opponent was temporarily incapacitated.  The referee began the 10 count as Jonny laid face down in a heap on the floor, although it didn’t appear he was injured severely.  He had taken the fall pretty well.

The referee only reached the three count before Bedlam started to push himself up and into a kneeling position, and only to five until Bedlam was standing again.  Bedlam stared at Envy and smirked.  Before the ref reached a 7 count, Bedlam hopped onto the apron and used the top rope to spring himself into into the air and caught a surprised Envy with a body press. 

Jonny quickly capitalized on the move and mounted Envy’s chest as if to punch him.  What did Bedlam do?  He reached back with one hand and slapped Envy as hard as he could on the unphased left ear, causing another shriek to issue from Envy.   Bedlam then looked around to the crowd with a crazy and evil eye and did a very quick Hulk Hogan ear taunt.   He then viciously slapped Envy’s right ear again.  More shrieking and anger issued from Envy. 

Envy desperately swung at Bedlam and caught him with a glancing blow across the jaw with his right hand.  It caused Bedlam to get up and stagger away a bit and to rub his jaw.  Envy dragged himself to his feet, still in great pain, but with his anger at Bedlam having humiliated him again he charged at his nemesis and floored him with a shoulder tackle.  Envy and Bedlam struggle to their feet, and Envy quickly moves behind Bedlam and grabbed him in a rear waistlock.  Things did not look good as Envy was clearly going to German Suplex him. 

Envy lifted Jonny skywards, but Jonny shot his legs up and out and pushed himself back to the ground.  Envy attempted to gain control again, and Bedlam pivots, breaks the waistlock, leaped and dragged his leg around through the air to kick Envy with a Rin Ne Enzuigiri.  Envy hit the mat with a thud.  Bedlam also fell. 

Bedlam quickly moved and yanked Envy upwards onto his hands and knees, placed his arm across Envy’s throat and under his arm pit, then locked it with his other arm.  Bedlam then moved his legs to a standing position, then sat back with his legs scissoring Envy’s upper torso and completed his signature submission hold: The Sanity Drain.


The devastating MMA choke is resisted momentarily by the very strong Envy.  He tried to pivot his torso, but Bedam has locked the hold in too strongly and Envy tapped the mat mightily.  The referee made the signal for the bell.

“The Winner of the match is JONNY BEDLAM!!!”

Jonny continued his hold and whispered to Envy

“You should never fucked with Petey, boy.”

The referee began to separate them, and the NBW security quickly swarmed into the ring to pull the two apart.  Several security lifted Envy to his feet and started to lead him towards backstage.  Jonny just pumped his fists into the air in victory.


Friendships & Sisterhood

We open up in the locker room where Michelle Couli’s seen in front of a full length mirror, strapping down her boots to complete her dominitrix-like attire. “Still doing dis?”

She caught sight of the Hellion Sisters in her mirror, never bothering to turn to face them.

“What do you two want?”

“I don get why you workin’ with that gurl.”

“Why?” Couli looked up at Circe in the mirror. “I’ve been waiting to get my hands on that bitch Lucretia and tonight I get it. I don’t care if it’s in a tag match with Fears.” She crooked her lip, “I’m glad it’s her though.”

“What!” Melantha spoke, rarely, but her kicking her massive leg into the doorframe added to it.

“Yeah. I may not like her. And I’m definitely going to send her packing like all the other women that have gotten in my way. But she’s been there. She’s had my back. Each and every time.”


“But nothing. You TWO-” she pointed at both’s reflections, “were NOWHERE to be found. And three weeks ago when I was getting tossed around the ring as a setup for MY plan, you two decided to take it on yourself to ruin MY plan. Beating up Fears and leaving the arena.” Couli scoffed and held her hand out , twisting it and facing her palm towards both. “Fears, beaten and bloody, She STILL-” Couli spun around faced the two. “Had my back. You two, are gone.”

Circe stared daggers into the eyes of their leader before walking out the door with Melantha following behind.

Couli grabbed her robe next to the mirror, as a scarred arm wrapped around behind her from the side. She smiled and turned back towards the mirror. Pulling the robe on, she faced the figure off camera to the left.

“Tonight we stand atop Mount Olympus as true Deities.”

She stood on her toes and kissed the man next to her. Then reaching over where her robe was she grabbed a very familiar red mask with the carved Z and handed it off as the scene faded out.

Briefly as we faded instead into another section of the arena where her partner was busy stretching. Legs out on either side as Zhalia Fears twisted and leant forward touching her toes and then to the other side. Limbering up. She wasn’t alone however.

“It’s interesting how things wind up, isn’t it?”

Fears spun around, as did the camera, revealing to the delight of the fans, Lady Lux. Her usual red, white and blue hair strands were dyed red, green, black and white in honor of the UAE. Even more reason for the cheers of the faithful in the arena tonight.

“Becca!” Zhalia snapped her legs together and pounced forward to hug her friend. Then stepping off, as she’d learned over the years that her friends tend to not like her clinging to them and talking. “What do you mean?”

“Zhalia, remember where you were last year around this time?”

She shrugged and then shook her head.

“I mean last year at Scorched.”

“OH!” She clunked a fist to her temple and stuck her tongue out. “Starting a new diet of computer chips, wires and silicone at the Arcade courtesy of the Hellion sisters.” Zhalia chuckled. “I got launched like a harpoon!”

“And who orchestrated that?”


“Exactly. And here you are working with her.” Luxx sighed and frowned at her friend. “Like I said, it’s interesting how things have wound up.”

“Do not worry, we have a plan.” Fears stated as she raised a leg and rested it up parallel to the wall and continued her stretches.

“Well,” Luxx could tell she was talking to a wall at the moment. “If you need assistance, you know where to find me.” With a wave over her shoulder she started heading off towards the door.

“WAIT!” Zhalia stood dead-center. “You finally cleared?”

This time it was Luxx that smiled and said: “Ya’ better believe it!” but she never turned her head back towards her friend and continued down the corridor as we faded out once more.


Things to Come


The camera opens backstage to a close-up.

A REAL close-up.

The camera pans over a body.

Muscular arms.

Legs that are more reminiscent of the thickest redwood trees.

A back also ripped with muscle.

And finally, a bearded face.

An angry scowl.

“Lìng rén yìnxiàng shēnkè de bùshì ma?”

That was the voice of wrestler and manager for The Great Wall – Xiang. Xiang in his Hong Kong British-sounding accent started to speak English.

“Impressive specimen, yes? The entire year of 2017 has been dominated by this man.”

Xiang pointed up at the form as the camera fully panned out to reveal his powerful monster.

“He stands taller than the entire of this roster.”

Spike Saunders would be hard pressed to disagree.

“Did you know that tonight, this man was scheduled to take on Mitchell Quinlan. For weeks, Quinlan has stood in the path of this man that you have nicknamed The Guangzhou Goliath. But why is that? Well, nbW tried to keep it under wraps, but…”

Xiang pointed up at The Great Wall.

“You have this man to thank for Mister Quinlan not being here. We have nothing to hide. We took him out. He’s gone. You will not be seeing him around any time soon.”

Xiang continued.

“That brings me to my next piece of business… for the entire year of 2017, this man has gone undefeated just like we said he would at the start. Many people have tried to take him on and one by one, they have all fallen. Quinlin tried to take my beast… he failed. Matt Haddon, the same. Anybody that has tried to take on The Great Wall has fallen at our feet.”

The Great Wall popped the bones in his large neck as he continued.

“We will let No Brand Wrestling have its peace for tonight. We’re going to be taking our leave for the evening since we are otherwise unoccupied… but when Slam heads to the frozen north… Canada… Méiyǒu rén shì ānquán de.”

The Great Wall spoke in his deep, stoic voice.

“No… one…”

Xiang smirked.

“Shéi huì dì yīgè gǎndào wǒmen de fènnù? Yěxǔ... Yī gè guànjūn?”

The two men walked away from sight and the scene went elsewhere.



“This tag team match is scheduled for one fall!” Brent Williams stood center ring ready to announce the combatants. “Introducing first-”


No music. No fanfare. Just a lone spotlight on the cloaked woman standing on the stage.

“You human slime are all the same. Trying to steal the glory for yourself. My master showed me that there is a world beyond this. A world where I can reach the top and not be knocked back down. I gave my everything once before. And for it I got nothing in return.” She ignored the crowd’s constant jeering. “My master found me at my lowest. I was raised to my feet and shown the new world. And Tonight, we squish your slimes on this pavement we transverse to that top once more..” She slashed across her throat, “AZZZZZZZZZZOOOOOIIIIIIICCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC!”

Just like that the street that made up the entryway lit up with a ring or runes with smoke ensuing from between it. A single figure rose to the surface. It was clearly Alyx Norwood but gone were the familiarities that once shown his royal stature.

“My master vanquished his fears, broke his spirit and stole his soul away. He is our Soulless One. Azoic.” She placed a palm on his shoulder and the two walked down the ramp, but they barely made it a few feet.



Not waiting for their music Michelle Couli outright BLASTED Lucretia with one of the streetsign poles that made up the stage. The first shot landed, and the second barely missed as it collided with the light post, but the three swings after were aimed at Azoic as he stepped before his mistress, or whatever she was to him. Three hard shots to the ribs.

And still, Azoic caught the pole on the 4th swing aimed at him, RIPPING it from her grasp and tossing it off to the side. Lucretia meanwhile hopped up on the hood of the pickup behind them, and watched as Azoic ducked under the hook kick from Michelle, grabbing her by the boot and hauled her up off the ground.

Now Norwood wasn’t a tall son of a bitch, but he still had strength. Sometimes unnatural for his size and now as Azoic, it seemed to have doubled. Case in point as he whipped Michelle off the pavement and whipped her right into the side of the truck beneath the offset legs of Lucretia.

He followed with a running knee that smashed her back up against the door and caused her to slump down.

The cloaked woman waved him off to the side and crouched down next to Couli’s with her boot by her head.

“This was your plan?” She grabbed Couli by the chin and turned her head to face her. “Such a pitty that this beauty is wasted on these slimes. You could be so much better. So much.”

Couli smiled.

“Just say the word and we’ll walk through the fires together.”

Shaking her head she smiled again: “This time.” She laughed, “This is part of the plan.”

Looking up above the stage, to which the cameras followed suit. Zhalia Fears stood in the very spot that Ravage had jumped from a year ago on his assault on Brock Newbludd. Only she had what looked like a bazooka! Taking aim, she fired it from the spot at Azoic, and blasted him in the chest with the ammo. Rolled up tshirts. But hey those tshirt guns have some serious punch.

Especially when shot one after the other as a nuisance.

“EAT LEAD!” Fears shouted.

Or distraction, as were the case here as Azoic’s attention was fully on the woman several feet above him and pelting him. And Lucretia found herself drawn to Fears.

This left Michelle Couli free at the moment and reached into the cloak of Lucretia. But the shirts stopped. And Lucretia averted her focus back.

“AND NOW THE COUPE DE GRACE!” Zhalia shouted as she aimed a rectangular object at the two. “AND FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRE!!!”

July 4th style party favor pop’s exploded open shooting out streamers. Some of which landed on Azoic who only seemed to glow red in anger at the paper touching his skin. With a handful of familiar devices from Lucretia's cloak, Couli slumped back and rolled under the truck’s carriage to the other side.

“That is the end of this magic show.” Zhalia grinned and bowed, “And now for an Encore… over to my LOVELY assistant.”

At that moment Lucretia realized her boot was missing it’s neighbor named Michelle.

Couli stood on top of the truck, arms raised, palms closed.


She opened her palms and let the fire-grenades drop to the ground and immediately ignited between and next to Lucretia and Azoic. The cloak that Lucretia wore caught in flame and she had to struggle to get it off fully, with the assistance from Azoic.


From the top Zhalia Fears connected with her corkscrew moonsault into an off-guard Azoic, knocking him into the truck and crashing his head into the cinderblocks inside. Fears as well didn’t quite land softly as she nailed the truck bed.

At the same moment Couli leapt off the truck with a forearm that caught Lucretia square in the half-face/half-mask. At least the first shot did. The second cracked that mask down the middle. The third… goodbye mask as it was knocked off her face.

Unfortunately the camera wasn’t able to get a close-up between the battering shots from Couli. Lucretia shoved her off her and into the concrete barricades, then followed up with a dash and a leaping leg lariat, knocking Michelle onto the center aisle while clearing the barricade herself with the leap.

The back of Couli’s head hit hard and Lucretia knew it. As she crouched over her, pinning her down with a boot and she gestured her two fingers like a hook across her throat. She kept her head turned down, letting the hair on her right side cover her face from view for the moment while taking several strands of Couli's own with her other hand. "Such beauty is wasted." Zhalia however was moving through the truck and pulling herself over the side, with her focus in on the crazy chick.


Lucretia stood to her feet with her back to the camera, arms spreading upward, and let yell. She screamed. Not in pain, not in fear. Just all out screeching eardrum bleeding screamed. It was deafening and the fans were lucky there was no microphone next to her.

The lights in the arena flickered in response. And the EpiCenter lit up to a familiar dark silhouette, not seen in nearly two months time.


She stopped and lowered her arms.

“The night is theirs.” The figure on the screen spoke. “Return.”

The Epicenter I went dark once more, as did the arena. When the lights returned Zhalia was standing by Couli but Lucretia, and even Azoic, were nowhere to be seen.

She helped her up to her feet.

As the mysterious person said. This night was theirs. The match? If it could be called a match never even started. The plan between the two appears to have counted on that fact. Zhalia helped Couli up the aisleway to the cheers of her fans.

This night was theirs.

Tomorrow was a different story.


Not His Style


Out in the parking lot, Darren Best rushed towards where The Entertainers had left their vehicle upon hearing a whisper that turned out to be true...

Alfie Button was lying on the ground with blood pouring down his cheek.  Who was it?  Big Cass.

Inquisitive, Best asked a barely conscious Cockney who was responsible for this, though Alfie couldn't tell you his surname at this juncture, let alone describe the assailants.

Best shouted for medical help and murmured to himself:  "Reyn.  No, it can't be.  He attacked Alfie, but this way?  Not his style."

Had Alex put Alfie out of commission again?  Or was Best's hunch right that The East Wind would've met Darren's other half head on?



“Up next is going to be nothing short of a MASSACRE!” C.G. Gains yelled with much delight in his voice. “Dude, Melissa… The Strongberns have been on a tear! Ke’ala Ohana couldn’t stop them. For The Win and RAF couldn’t stop them! The Unstoppables and Ali Amore – two of those three former nbW World Heavyweight Champions, I might add – haven’t been stopping them!”

“That remains to be seen! The Unstoppables and Ali Amore were separate targets for Clan Strongbern in recent weeks. We saw Clan Strongbern take umbrage with The Unstoppables and in return, cost them their Dynasty Tag Team Title rematch to The A-List. After that, it’s been bedlam.”

“Big Rick has beaten VIC GRAVENDER in a singles match, too, don’t forget that! And he might have been nbW World Champion and collection on Jake Tockwell’s bounty had it not been for The Unstoppables and Ali Amore.”

“That’s definitely debatable, C.G. But regardless, we’ve got a great six-man tag coming up for you! The Unstoppables join forces with former nbW World Heavyweight and Keystone Champion Ali Amore to take on the combined might of Clan Strongbern! We’re being told that Strongberns will be represented by Big Rick, Ri-Khan, and Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern, which means that outside, the seven-foot Little Ricky.. ugh, that seems wrong… will be lurking ringside. With that, let’s go to the ring for the next match!”

The bell rings and the raucous crowd in attendance in Dubai!

“The following contest is a six-man tag team match set for one fall!” Brent Williams shouted.

And to the entrances we go…

“That’s Amore” by Dean Martin.

The music played and out came not only one of nbW’s most decorated and talented workhorses, but a man who wasn’t going to give an inch to anybody no matter of size, strength or star power! Ali adjusted arm band and headed towards the ring with intent to get some payback for the men who had been doing out helpings of beatdown sandwiches with a side of pain. If you’ve ever had that, they suck. Don’t get one.

“Introducing first, from Bogota, Colombia… weighing in at 212 pounds… the former nbW World Heavyweight and Keystone Champion… ALI AMORE!

Ali “Don’t Call Me Enzo” Amore climbed up the apron, surveyed the crowd and pumped them up by moving his first and then leaped into the ring. The handsome fellow from Bogota held out his arms and waited for his tag team partners to arrive.


“A Warrior’s Call” by Volbeat.

And it brought out two former World heavyweight champions and perhaps the most dominant nbW tandem of all time.

“And his partners… weighing in at a combined SIX HUNDRED AND SEVENTY-SEVEN POUNDS ... Tyson XL. ... Vic Gravender .... THE UNSTOPPABLES

The two large men meant fucking business tonight. While smacking the hands of eager fans on either side of the aisle, XL and Gravender had their game faces on. Vic Gravender and Tyson XL were both ready for a fight and were ready to kick some Strongbern ass. 

A fully-fit Tyson XL stepped through the ropes routinely and warmed up while waiting for the World Class Badass. Vic walked right behind him and entered the ring. The two roughest and toughest men in NBW were all fire tonight and now that they were a united front against Clan Strongbern, they now had a chance to succeed. The music faded quietly as they waited for their opponents.

The attention was now turned once the music faded out and two men made their way out from the entrance first. On either side of the entrances, two LARGE men were currently standing with arms folded. They were wearing matching brown barbarian-like garb including capes that appeared to have been fashioned from bear fur along with brown fuzzy boots. One man – identified as Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern – looked ready to fight. The other – Little Ricky Strongbern – hated looking like a reject from the Conan movie series. But silly Little Ricky.

Furry boots were how you know they mean business.

A voice boomed over the outside speakers as the crowd watched the massive entrance.



Silver pyro shot off into the sky and wheeling through the entrance on a mobile platform a la Wrestlemania 3…



He let out a howl and The Unstoppables exchanged confused glances.

“What the entire fuck?” Vic uttered.

“Let’s Kill These Motherfuckers” by Lair of the Minotaur.

With all three of the loyal footsoldiers of Clan Strongbern, Big Rick came thundering out on a platform akin to something you might have seen at Wrestlemania three! In their barbarian-themed attire, the members of Clan Strongbern marched toward the ring with Ri-Khan “attacking” the camera trying to get up his face.


“And their opponents… at a combined weight of 838 pounds… being accompanied to the ring by Little Ricky Strongbern… they are the team of Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern… Ri-Khan Strongbern… and BIG RICK STRONGBERN… CLAN STRONGBERN!

After all four members of Clan Strongbern gathered around the ringside area and disrobed into their wrestling “gear” if you could call it that… Big Rick pointed at the ring.


But The Unstoppables had other ideas…



Referee Slim J decided it was time to call for the bell and that’s exactly what he did!

Tyson XL dove right over the top rope and Big Rick just happened to move when he saw Tyson coming, but the other Clan Strongbern members in this match were all taken out at one time by Tyson XL running and executed a Somersault Plancha!

Ali Amore and The Unstoppables were tired of being jumped in the ring and backstage like they had been for the last several weeks, so now it was time for a little bit of payback!

“FUCK THIS!” Big Rick screamed.

He ran across to the opposite side of the ring, but it seemed that Ali Amore wasn’t going to let him go…


Like a Cuban missile… wow, that was bad… okay, a COLOMBIAN missile, Ali Amore flew through the ropes at high speed and sent Big Rick crashing against the barricade after the tremendous aerial move! Ali Amore shot back up and then slid back into the ring. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Little Ricky trying to scurry off to the other side… Ali Amore slid back in and ran to the other side of the ring…


And in just three big aerial moves to start out the match, The Unstoppables and Ali Amore were in complete control and just leveled Clan Strongbern!

“Oh, I got your punk-ass,” Vic said.

He climbed out of the ring and focused solely on Big Rick. He pulled the muscle-bound leader of Clan Strongbern into a Fireman’s Carry and SLAMMED him right into the ring apron face first! Before Big Rick could even get away from him, the former nbW World Champion threw Big Rick back inside the ring where both Tyson XL and Ali Amore were back waiting for him…


The blistering Open-Handed Chop caught Big Rick on the chest. He winced in pain and turned around…


That blow hurt him even more and now Ali Amore was right behind him, about ready to put that boxing background of his to good use.

Not one, not two, but SIX body blows to the chest and that proceeded a STIFF Uppercut!


His signature combo knocked Big Rick on his ass! The leader of Clan Strongbern had been worn down by all three members of the opposing side and Ty and Vic went to the corner so Ali Amore could have some fun tearing into Big Rick. Ri-Khan Strongbern gnashed his teeth wildly and tried to get into the ring to save his leader, but Vic charged…


A VILE Headbutt from Vic Gravender laid him out and now with him down, Tyson XL and Vic returned to their corners while Rik helped Ri-Khan back up on the outside to return to theirs.

With an even playing field now for the moment, Ali Amore went to town again on Big Rick, opening up with a series of alternating jabs to keep the leader of Clan Strongbern off of his rocker… not that he wasn’t clearly off his rocker already. He shot him into the corner of The Unstoppables and then followed in with a HUGE Stinger Splash! Big Rick went hobbling out of the corner and Ali made the tag to Tyson XL. Big Ty remained on the apron as The Superstar of Bogota ran off the ropes and connected with a Standing Somersault Leg Drop!

Tyson then followed suit…


Only from a 280-plus pound man! That about crushed Big Rick’s innards and he was rolling around the ring now, gasping for air.


Little Ricky was just getting up on the outside after being taken out by Ali moments ago, letting out a heavy sigh. The other members of Clan Strongbern were stuck on the apron and watched as Tyson tried to pin Strongbern.



The Attack Dog made the save!

Ri-Khan got into the ring and broke up the fall by BITING Tyson’s arm! Tyson shouted and shoved Ri-Khan back.

“Goddamn it, not again!” Tyson shouted.

In the build-up to this match, this was now the second time he’d been bitten by Ri-Khan and he didn’t really care for it.

While the official was ordering him back into his corner, Tyson XL grabbed Big Rick and hit him with a Body Slam before tagging out to Vic Gravender. The two members of The Unstoppables nodded at one another and then ran off the ropes to deliver a Double Falling Headbutt to Big Rick! The tandem offense just kept on coming and Vic Gravender was now trying to get the win on Big Rick this time…




A well-placed boot from the most powerful member of Clan Strongbern broke up the fall, but Tyson XL ran in and picked a fight with Rik! The two big men exchanged blows in the ring and Ali Amore ran in to keep Ri-Khan from interfering as well! Now that there were fights breaking up all over the ring, Slim J had his work cut out for him with him trying to break things up.

“Get out of the ring! Now!” he yelled.

Vic grabbed Big Rick and scooped him up in the middle of the fracas with fights breaking out everywhere, but he didn’t see Little Ricky behind him…


The Test-style Big Boot caught Vic square in the face and now Little Ricky climbed over the ropes to get out of the ring before Slim J was any the wiser. Big Rick stayed on top of Vic Gravender after the boot and he tried to steal the win!




Vic kicked out at two, but Big Rick finally had a chance to get away from being teed off on by Ali Amore and The Unstoppables. 

Rik kneed Tyson XL in the gut and threw him outside of the ring before seeing Big Rick was in need of aid. He climbed over the ropes and made it back to the apron so he could make the legal eagle tag…

And now The Bone-breaking Behemoth had Vic in his sights.

“Time to say good night, fatass,” Rik laughed.


He charged and in just ONE good shot, he took down Vic Gravender! Rik laughed as he managed to take down The World Class Badass and put a foot on his throat which would act as a cover…


Vic shoved his boot off, but the always-cocky and arrogant powerhouse of Clan Strongbern continued to bowl him over. He picked Vic up and BLASTED him with a Clubbing Forearm across the face. Vic held his jaw in pain and then turned around…


Vic fired off a blow of his own and DARED Rik to throw another one. Rik obliged.


Rik returned fire with a Clubbing Blow.


Now Vic!









No, the feed didn’t just change to The Flintstones. That was Vic and Rik (too many rhyming names!) throwing bombs at one another to the delight of the crowd seeing two behemoths go at it! The two blows continued and it looked like Rik was getting the upper-hand on the former nbW World Heavyweight Champion when Vic turned around… gut shot!

He went low and doubled Rik over with a big body blow! He then clubbed him across the head with a big Double Axe-Handle and then for good measure, held him in a Headlock and SUCKER PUNCHED Rik!

The crowd cheered! Slim J reprimanded Vic for the admittedly dirty tactic, but Vic Gravender was not your conventional hero. Not an outright breaker of rules, but he had been a dirty SOB in his time and would bend them sometimes.

“Sorry, junior, won’t happen again…” Vic said with a roll of the eyes.

With Rik rocked by the series of big blows from The World Class Badass, he was shoved into the corner of The Unstoppbales so Ali Amore made the tag. Vic charged in with a big Running Corner Splash! Ali then followed that up with a Running Dropkick! The combo was enough to finally bring Rik to his knees and from there, Ali negotiated the big man into a pin attempt.



Rik SHOVED Ali Amore off of him! He was still reeling a little from the shots that had been thrown at him by Ali and Vic, so he was slow to get up. Ali tried to go for another Running Dropkick…


Big Rick grabbed Ali by the leg to stop him from running.

Ali didn’t trip, but the momentary distraction was all that Rik needed…


The fans CRINGED from the sheer force of being elevated almost to seven feet in the air before Ali crashed against his knee with the dreaded Blue Thunder Backbreaker! Now Clan Strongbenr had the chance to pick apart Amore and take back control in their favor. Rik pulled up Ali Amore and chucked his lifeless body into the corner so that way Ri-Khan could enter.

The Attack Dog of Clan Strongbern got into the ring with Rik holding Ali Amore up. He charged and he caught Ali HARD in the back with a Running Hip Attack! Amore slumped down to a knee and then remained there in the corner with Big Rick on the apron…


Big Rick fired off a rather stiff right hand of his own, no doubt as a receipt for when Ali Amore made him his personal crash test dummy.


Big Rick yelled at Ri-Khan now.


Ri-Khan grabbed Ali and then picked him up to place him in the corner. From there, he cocked his foot back and STRUCK him hard with a nasty Shoot Kick! Whether this whole “dog” schtick was just playful or what, that didn’t take away from the fact Ri-Khan had a Muay Thai background and his feet were deadly weapons. Ali fell to a knee after having the wind knocked out of him, but Ri-Khan pulled him back and up and floored him with a nasty series of hard Vader-style Forearm Hammers to either side of his head!

He was mauling Amore in the corner and before Slim J could step in to tell him to quit it, Big Rick pointed and Ri-Khan backed off. He made the tag to Big Rick and now the leader of Clan Strongbern was inside, ready to dole out some punishment on poor Ali. He lined him up in the corner and charged at him, BLASTING him with a Running Clothesline! Once wasn’t enough so Big Rick ran cross-corner and came right back with a huge Spear to the gut! He threw Ali out of the corner now and Big Rick went to cover him.




Despite all the punishment that Clan Strongbern had inflicted on him, Amore got the shoulder up! This was a man that had fought through arm injuries to the better part of a year and STILL managed to turn up great performances worthy of his lengthy Keystone Title reign earlier this year.

Big Rick pulled Amore back up by his hair and dropped him down with a huge slam. He set him up and brought down his tank-like body across the chest of Amore with a Senton! Amore was left gasping for air now, but Big Rick didn’t give him much of a reprieve after the deadly move. He set him up to a seated position and let out a roar as he moved his arm…


The Sliding Lariat nearly took Amore’s head right clean off! Ali was flat on his back and Big Rick took the time to fuck around with his cover, also putting a foot down on the chest of Ali Amore…



Ali swiped the boot off of his chest, but Big Rick put it back down on his throat and yelled.


He was referring to Ali getting involved in the first place by trying to save The Unstoppables from being attacked only to get put through a table by Little Ricky Strongbern. Big Rick stopped grinding his feet down on the throat of Amore and then walked up to The Unstoppables…

And he hocked a loogie on Vic!

The crowd HATED that bit of disrespect and Vic charged in like a bull! Even though he himself was a veteran who’d seen it all, his notorious temper was now being played by Big Rick’s benefit and now he threw Amore outside of the ring to give Little Ricky a little bit of fun. Little Ricky grabbed Ali when Slim J was busy trying to keep Vic from going apeshit on everybody…


Little Ricky lifted the much smaller Amore and DROVE him on his back on the ring apron with a Sidewalk Slam-like move while he himself was standing on the outside! Little Ricky then quickly moved away from the scene of the crime and Big Rick turned back to where Ali Amore was. He pulled him out from under the ropes and back into the ring so he could make a cover now.




XL ran into the ring and put a boot down on Big Rick’s spine! He thought about trying something more than that, to dole out extra damage on Big Rick, but enough rules had been bent and broken over the course of this match and didn’t want to risk a DQ. They wanted to put this issue with Clan Strongbern to bed here tonight.

Tyson returned to the corner and Big Rick slid forward so he could make the tag back to Ri-Khan. The Attack Dog slipped back into the ring and Big Rick held Ali in place so he could charge in and CLOCK him with a Throat Thrust! Ali coughed up for air and kneeled over while Ri-Khan yelled out again. He pummeled Ali with boots in the chest until he fell over in the corner into a seated position… exactly where Ri-Khan wanted him to be...


The crowd BOOED as the wild roar from Ri-Khan came out while he stepped back some feet to give himself what was going to be running distance for his next move.

Ali was in his sights…


Call it self-preservation, instinct, or whatever, but The Superstar of Bogota moved out of the way at the last second and Ri-Khan hit nothing but the turnbuckle! He crashed hard and the crowd popped majorly! Ali Amore needed a chance to regroup and now that was given to him.

“Come on, Ali, let’s go!” Tyson shouted.

Vic and Tyson watched Ali Amore try to get out of the corner while Big Rick and Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern were beside themselves. Little Ricky lurked on the outside watching his stablemates struggle to regroup while Rik tried to make the tag to Ri-Khan.

“STOP THAT MOTHERFUCKER!” Big Rick screamed.

Rik nodded and he climbed into the ring after the tag! Now the strongman ran over to where Ali was, so close to a tag…


Rik CLOCKED Vic Gravender with a big shot and knocked The World Class Badass off the ring apron! He grinned at Tyson and then pulled up Ali Amore by his leg…



It was now Rik’s turn to get lit up with a quick and impactful Enzuigiri from Colombia’s 2nd Greatest Export! And now the tag…


The crowd cheered now as Tyson XL climbed into the ring and charged, striking Rik in the side with a big Clothesline! Rik didn’t go down, but he was on spaghetti legs. Tyson XL then ran off the ropes againa dn second verse, same as the first! Rik was still teetered from the Clothesline, but that didn’t stop him! He continued to stand his ground but when Tyson XL ran off the ropes…


Rik came off the ropes with a big Clothesline of his own, but Tyson XL ducked and kept running…


Out of nowhere, The Walking Tank struck down Rik with his patented Shotgun Dropkick and finally, the giant was off his feet again! Tyson let out a roar and he ran to the corner, clocking Ri-Khan with an elbow and Big Rick with a boot!

Tyson XL was on fire now and he waited for Rik to get back to his feet after the Scud Missile attack and ran off the ropes, CRACKING Rik in the mouth with a big Shining Wizard! The crowd CHEERED for the former ACW World Champion as he crawled over and hooked the leg.




The Bone-Breaking Behemoth kicked out, but Tyson XL wasn’t going to let him get away. He grabbed Rik and pointed towards the ropes, perhaps going to try for the XL Bomb! He tried to throw Rik across the ring looking for the deadly Pop-Up Powerbomb, but Rik was still coherent enough to reverse, only to DRIVE Tyson into the mat with a huge Thrust Spinebuster! Rik stumbled over and now Big Rick made the tag!

The leader of Clan Strongbern ran right into the ring and as Tyson XL was still trying to get to his knees, Big Rick kicked him low…


He connected with the Pedigree and turned Tyson XL over, trying to steal the win for his team!




Big Rick was shocked that Tyson had kicked out after that move, but then started to turn him around…


Big Rick tried to get the Crossface Lock around the neck of Tyson XL, but he managed to struggle free and make it to the nearby ropes quickly! An angry Big Rick yelled at the referee and then stood up before putting the boots to the side of Tyson’s head and ran off the ropes, but when he came back, Tyson XL caught him over the shoulder and dropped him down with a Samoan Drop!

Big Rick and Tyson were now both down with Vic Gravender now on the ring apron again. The biggest man on the side of The Unstoppables and Ali Amore waited for the tag while Ali himself was still draped over the ring apron, recovering from the beatdown he’d suffered moments ago.


The former nbW World Heavyweight Champion wanted a tag and could he make it over to The Unstoppables’ corner to get it?


Gravender was now a house of fire as he pulled Big Rick up to his feet. He shot him off the ropes and CRUSHED him in the corner with a Running Body Avalanche! He then pulled him out of the corner and threw him off to the other side. The 364-pounder charged in and The World Class Badass crushed Big Rick in the corner again with a second Body Avalanche! He was pulled out of the corner and grabbed by both hands before being THROWN with an Overhead Double Choke Suplex!

Big Rick was tossed halfway across the ring and Vic yelled out to the crowd that he was getting ready to end things now. He grabbed Big Rick by the legs and made the gesture to the crowd that he was going for the ride, Giant Swing-style!

Around and around Big Rick went! And where he would stop, only The World Class Badass would know…


Ten rotations and he dropped him down on the mat now with being left in a very vulnerable state. Gravender slashed his thumb across his throat and ran towards the ropes looking for one of his two finishers, a Rolling Senton off the ropes called the Bulldozer…


Bonebreaker-Strongbern pulled the ropes down and then sent Vic flying out to the floor! Bonebreaker sent him toppling to the floor and picked him up to pummel the big man with rights! Then it was Ri-Khan getting involved…



Vic was taken down with a big Running Cannonball Senton by Ri-Khan Strongbern and now they were both out on the floor, but when both monsters took a moment to celebrate, they didn’t see Tyson XL take to the top rope….



The 286-pound Tyson took to the skies and took down two of the big foot soldiers of Clan Strongbern with a big Moonsault Press off the top all the way to the outside!

Everybody was down and now the chants got even louder!


Vic Gravender was just barely able to move after being taken down by Ri-Khan, but the big man crawled into the ring to reach out…


Amore headed into the ring and with Big Rick still groggy from Vic’s earlier attack, he pummeled him with body shot after body shot, using that boxing background off his. He snapped Big Rick towards the ropes, but The King of Strongbern Style reversed that and sent him to the corner. Big Rick charged…


He leaped up and cracked him in the side of the head…


The Reverse Tornado DDT out of the corner caught the leader of Clan Strongbern and Ali stayed on top for the cover!




Ri-Khan leaped into the ring and dropped the elbow across the back of Ali’s head! Tyson XL ran back into the ring and put the boots to Ri-Khan. He tried to run at him, but he moved… Ri-Khan used a Spinning Heel Kick and now both men were out of the ring again with only the legal men left…

Ali recovered and slammed Big Rick down near the corner before yelling with the fans cheering him on! He headed to the top rope and there was no doubt that That’s Amore was coming…


Little Ricky reached up and grabbed his foot, but Ali kicked it away! He fired off a couple of boots into the chest…


The distraction was all Big Rick needed! He got both knees up and caught Ali Amore with a big counter to his Frog Splash! He rolled him up for the cover!




Ali Amore kicked out, but Big Rick didn’t waste any time with the iron was hot! He turned and DROPPED him into the mat with a huge Fisherman’s Buster to make sure he was down, then went right into…


The Crossface Lock right after the Fisherman’s Buster weakened Amore! He was now dead center in the ring with nowhere to go while Big Rick pulled back on the neck and shoulders! He continued to pull back ferociously, not letting go! Ali tried to scurry, but after having the wind knocked out of him, using his last bit of energy to kick out and then being dumped on his head, Big Rick might have done the trick.

Vic tried to get into the ring again to help him, but Bonebreaker-Strongbern grabbed him by the knee and attacked him! He pummeled him with more blows while inside, Ali was trying to fight…


He fought…
And he fought…

But with Big Rick tearing away at him…


The crowd couldn’t believe it and were almost in complete shock of what just happened! “Let’s Kill These Motherfuckers” started to play and with that, Big Rick finally let go of the submission hold…


Big Rick rolled out of the ring with Ali Amore holding his neck and shoulder that were now in immense pain. Rik and Little Ricky helped Ri-Khan to his feet and the nasty foursome now headed up the ramp! This was without a doubt the biggest collective victory of their career. They had just defeated a team of former World Champions – two of which had held the nbW World Heavyweight title in their careers.

The camera caught a glimpse of Tyson XL and Vic Gravender, both of their heads sunk in complete disappointment over the result of this match. For the second consecutive time on a major PPV showing, The Unstoppables had been defeated again. Tyson XL climbed into the ring to check on Ali Amore to make sure he was all right. It didn’t seem like lasting damage had been affected, but this loss would certainly sting the old pride for a bit.


Big Rick was carried on the shoulders of Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern while Little Ricky aided Ri-Khan in heading to the back. Despite how quite possibly deluded Big Rick seemed, he had formed a group of former nbW outcasts and by now, they were no longer thought of as just former nbW castaways lost to history.

This victory tonight made them all WINNERS and even if you doubted Clan Strongbern’s methods, one thing you could NOT argue were results.

And with this result, Clan Strongbern may have been ready to set their sights on other things... gold, perhaps?




Two falls.

Two titles.

$500,000 up for grabs if the belts went to a certain main event-level loudmouth.

Those were the things on the mind of Ohiyama as he paced around the backstage area, garnering a LOUD mixed reaction as he rubbed a hand through his beard. He gave a solid answer to Jake Tockwell’s deal at the end of Slam 94 when he accepted his offer…

But the look on his face suggested otherwise. Perhaps he was wrestling not once, but twice. Once in the main event and another with his conscience.

Bad line, I know. Shut up.

“Big Oh!”

Ohiyama turned his attention to the door and there stood “Hot Sauce” Raul Ramirez looking pretty damn sharp for tonight’s occasion.

“What’s good, Big Oh?” Raul said, holding his fist out for a dap.

Ohiyama looked at the hand and then back up at the Tockwell’s personal snake oil salesman.

“What do you want?” Ohiyama asked gruffly.

The man nicknamed Hot Sauce put his fist down, taking the not-so-subtle hint.

“Hey… Big Talk sent me to have a… well, big talk with you. We haven’t heard from you in a bit an dwe needed to make sure that we are still on for tonight.”

The Active Volcano taped up his fist.

“He has the nerve to question ME if I will follow through with the agreement?” Ohiyama said with a snarl. “He’s the one that accepted a deal from Big Rick before accepting MY offer.”

“You hesitated,” Hot Sauce said. “We’re trying to conduct business and we needed an answer. What do you care about that, anyway, you have double the money that you want and all you need to do is follow through tonight. You go out there and you follow his lead to the letter. Take Warren Spade out, help Tockwell keep his Blitzkrieg Title. You do the same and help him win the World Heavyweight Title and the $500,000 is yours. That simple.”

“Yeah… I guess it is.”

Ohiyama’s voice trailed off. Raul picked up on his hesitation and didn’t like what he was hearing.

“You having second thoughts?”

Ohiyama hesitated again.

“Look, if I follow through, I expect him to do the same. Bills are mounting up at home. My uncle’s restaurant is not doing well and funerals cost money. I need this, so if he follows through, I will, too. He lets me do my thing and take out Warren Spade, I will make sure he has his titles.”

“Good.” Raul turned his head at the door. “I’ll tell Big Talk we’re still on for tonight. Trust me, Big Oh… we’ll all be happier when we get through tonight.”

“Mr. Ramirez?”


“Only family and friends get to call me that. This is a business arrangement and nothing more.”

Ramirez crinkled his nose up at Ohiyama and then contorted his face into a smile.


Raul turned on his heel and walked out the door of the locker room, leaving Ohiyama with the aftermath of his decision to deal with the devil.



Slam 91 featured two brutal, ultra violent attacks that were intertwined:  A debuting Alex Reyn, legally, mangled Paul Sanders in 3 minutes flat.

Seeking revenge for his partner's pasting, Kid Chameleon wandered backstage and was blindsided, tossed through a windshield and hasn't been seen since.

Apparently, Chris Smith did it for the kids.

In the subsequent Slams, he has revealed that he was 'snubbed' by Kid; Kid didn't sign autographs, wouldn't shake his hand and didn't want to have their picture taken together.  All of these slights have added up to push an insecure Smith off a mountain top.

Last week, Chris challenged Chameleon.  Nobody knows where The Player has been, let alone what condition he'll turn up in.

Melissa and CG had been joined by The Mark, who picked his headset up and cut a sombre figure

"Mark, are you all right?"

"Guys, I don't know where Kid is.  He hasn't answered his phone in two days.  I don't even think we'll see him here tonight.  I visited him the other day and he was in a bad, bad way.  Since then, nothing.  I think it'll take him MONTHS to recover.

Gains butted in:  "So, you think he'll chicken out?"

The Mark shook his head:  "Kid's a fighter, but I don't know man.  This is wrong.  Even if he comes here, he can't be in great shape.  This guy is calling my best friend out and he(Smith) should be suspended.  Where's The Law?  Aw, they're not here any more."

CG chuckled:  "They did have a rivalry with The Players."

"Not the point man.  This is all wrong."

The Mark was repeating himself and clearly devastated to the point you couldn't tell whether he wanted Kid to come and give it a go or just stay at home.  It must've been heartbreaking for him, particularly when he heard...

MGMT 'Kids.'

A countdown and upbeat theme greeted a smiling 'Big Kid' Chris Smith, who came bearing toys and a beaming smile.  He passed out dolls to girls in the first two rows, matchbox cars and packets of nbW stickers to the boys, who opened them with glee, no doubt seeking the rare, shiny Max Hopper one that had alluded them and 99% of earthlings/Americans.

Smith smiled and waved to the crowd as he stepped over the top rope, apparently oblivious or deaf to the jeers he was receiving for putting Chameleon out of commission..

"From The Playground...weighing three hundred and ninety pounds...'BIIIG' KID Chris Smith."

BKCS applauded Brent's introduction with enormous enthusiasm and insisted on shaking our announcer's hand.  Unlike Chameleon, Brent didn't offer any resistance and Smith smiled.  Well, until...

Mr Bungle's rendition of the Super Mario Bros theme.

"His opponent...weighing two hundred and seven pounds...from The Rapture.. Lara's Boyfriend, The World's Greatest Gamer, X-Box's X-Factor, The Sega Ambassador and Nintendo's Number One Wrestler...THE SATURDAY NIGHT SLAM MASTER, KID CHAMELEON!"

Our cameras zoomed in on the entranceway as the groovy 80s and 90s childhood theme played.

And played.

And played.

Chris urged Brent to put his talents into action:  "His opponent...weighing two hundred and seven pounds...from The Rapture... Kid Chameleon!"

They restarted the theme, but there was still no sign of the Sega Ambassador anywhere.

Gains murmured:  "Gutless."

Irate, The Mark stood up and raised his voice:  "WHAT did you say?"

It was enough to capture Smith's attention, who came to the outside, via the top rope.  BKCS pointed his index finger at The Mark:  "Where is he?"

"I don't know."

Chris shook his head in a disbelieving fashion:  "I challenged him and..."

The Mark couldn't contain his anger:  "You put him through a car windshield!"

Smith, undeterred, completed his sentence:  "...He didn't show up.  You'll have to do," Chris reasoned.

Before The Mark uttered 'huh,' his headset had been slapped straight off his bonce and Chris Smith, a kid at heart but not in body, had his gigantic hands wrapped around The Mark's scrawny neck.


That was the last thing The Mark would say.

He was pulled across the commentator's table and rammed into the side of the ring, spine-first.

Big Kid was manhandling The Mark, a non-wrestler, and he rolled the helpless little bastard into the ring a place The Mark loved, but didn't belong.

"Oh no," Melissa groaned.

"OH YES," Gains squealed, rubbing his hands.

Smith was taking his time.  He stood over The Mark, who was up to one knee and using Chris as a walking stick.

Big Kid sneered and chucked The Mark shoulder-first into the ringpost.  Staring out at the crowd, Smith surely couldn't confused the negative reception with adulation.

In fact, he didn't pay any attention to them at all.  The lights were on in the living room, but nobody was home.  Smith had the same look in his eyes as he had when he slung The Mark's best buddy through glass.

Fetching The Mark, BKCS laid the super fan out with SCHOOL'S OUT!

Now, nobody was home in The Mark's mind.

Even though Chris had connected with his finisher, a Vertical Suplex Side Slam, he wasn't done as he scraped The Mark up, whipping him back to the corner...

BODY Avalanche!

Holding on...

Smith steered Mark into the other corner...

Back Avalanche!

The Mark fell like an apartment block being demolished.

But, to add injury to insult...


Mark's legs fell limp; his body followed.

BOOS echoed around the arena, except for Gains, who clapped wildly and was reprimanded by Melissa for his Don Callis conduct.

Before Chris left, he insisted on Brent delivering an emphatic message:  "The winner of this match, by forfeit, 'BIG KID' CHRIS SMITH!"

So, there you have it:  Chris recorded a debut victory on pay-per-view without having to work for it at all.

Unnecessarily, as doctors rushed to scoop The Mark up off the mat, the 'harmless' manchild had sent a second victim to the hospital in as many months.

Surely, The Law had to get involved and...

Surely, 'I did it for the kids' was no more plausible than 'I did it for The Rock.'


Bond by Truce


The scene opened up in the trainers room where with an ice bag held up on the back of her head, Michelle Couli rested against the wall. Zhalia came strolling in, offering her a bottle of something. She of course had a bottle of the good stuff, Root Beer. Both popped them open and took a swig.

“So”, Zhalia started, “were you able to confirm Lucretia’s identity?”

“Yes.” Couli set the can aside. “I told you, I already knew.”

“Oh. Right.” Zhalia jumped back and sat in the chair next to where she was laying. “I had my suspicions.”

“Well?” Couli question, “Were you right?”

“No idea. I could not see her face.” Zhalia shook her head and downed some more of the RB. “I mean she has a great body, truly stacked unlike yourself or me.” She grinned while gesturing at her Darkwing Duck covered chest, and back at Couli’s dominatrix-like outfit. “But she looks like she woke up on the wrong side of the bed, during a inferno that just blasted her left side all two-face style.”

Couli laughed and grabbed the cola.

Zhalia caught her. “Did you just-”

“No.” She straight-faced. And straight-changed the subject. “It’s a shame that we didn’t have the match. I would have loved to drill her face to the mat and rip off that mask of hers in plain view. No hiding anymore.”

She slammed her bottle back down, its contents splattering around the surface.

“No more of that. At SLAM, I’m ending the charades and games. She’s either going to accept a match with me, or I’m going to show the world everything.”

“So does that mean…” Zhalia leaned forward in her seat, “our truce is still on?”

Couli sighed.

“For now. Until I’m finished with her.”

“Well in that case, I have your back!” Zhalia smiled and took a long swig.

“Whatever. At least you’re around when I need it. If I do. So I guess this hasn’t been THAT bad of a alliance. Temporary as it is. Before I focus back on you and grind your pretty little face into the ground, that is.”

“Michelle, you know…” she paused and reaching over with bottle in hand, she tilted it slightly. “I kind of enjoy our little hate-flirting.”

Couli accepted the gesture and the two bottles were clinked.



A quick history lesson.

In jOlt, Darren Best and Alfie Button were riding high after a slow start to their spell.  While they failed to blow The House down, no mean feat given Roebuck and Huber were arguably the greatest tag team champions ever, The Entertainers’ stock was on the rise.

Until ‘The East Wind’ came in and BLEW them away.

Reyn intentionally injured Alfie, removing the Englishman so he could target Darren Best - Darren had been chosen.

Four times the pair met with the same outcome on each occasion:  An Alex Reyn victory.  That’s a fact.  However, every passing encounter told a different story, Darren improving as time passed, but Reyn always having too much in his unusual weaponry for the textbook wrestler.

In their final fight, Alex sent Darren off a titantron.  Best was assumed maimed, crippled, incapacitated.  However, following serious and extensive rehabilitation, Darren resurfaced in nbW as the company returned to crown new champions upon completing a hiatus.

And, what if the above mentioned moment had turned out differently altogether?  Showing incredible courage, Darren actually STOOD UP after going off the gigantic screen.  Rewind the tape back a tad further though, and The Entertainer may’ve even WON the match had he been able to hit Best of Both, which he came within a maggot’s eyelash of doing.  It’s all about the fine margins and don’t expect it to be any different here at Scorched.

Back to the present.

The truth behind Alex’s appearance in nbW seems to be the pursuit of the Keystone championship.  Was it mere coincidence that he showed up in the same organization Darren competes?

Best came to Max Hopper’s rescue when the threat Max feared most closed in on him.  Darren, however, is quite a distraction for Alex.  The two have shared the defining rivalry of their respective and tender careers. 

What type of mood is Best in? Obsessed with redemption for what Reyn has done to him?  Or focusing on this, their fifth meeting? 

Repeat or revenge?

‘Messing with The Best’ by Miracle of Sound.

Darren appeared immediately, not keeping anyone waiting, receiving an excellent reception for the match of HIS life.  He’d have to produce a performance befitting of the occasion if he wanted to overturn his quartet of losses.

He didn’t interact with the audience as much as normal, eyes straight ahead, exchanging some slaps with ringside members.  However, he wasn’t ‘there.’  He was in fight mode.  Only when he got to the ring, stepping through the ropes, did Best stand on the top rope and pose when the chorus kicked in:  “Don’t you know you’re messing with The Best now.”

Was that sentence true?  It would have to be Darren’s ‘best.’

A soft chant began to spread throughout the arena. Starting as a whisper but growing into a chorus as the lights darkened while images began to flicker on the viewers screens. Images of violence, war, and a solitary figure watching it all.

The chanting had grown louder now and the drumbeats of Nightwish’s “Seven Days to the Wolves rose in volume as mist spread throughout the stadium, ghostly images of great heroes and villains forming two parallel lines along the ramp.

The rock part of the song kicked in and thunder roared while fire erupted on the stage, revealing the cowled form of the East Wind Alex Reyn, his hands outstretched over the flames. He was shirtless, save for an open black cloak with a wolf skull mask, his body covered in ancient symbols and markings that seemed almost to glow and move in the firelight. 

He began to walk forward and the ghostly figures knelt as he approached them, only to rise up as he passed them as if more energised, turning to watch as he walked, Reyn himself never breaking eye contact with the ring.


“Howl! Seven days to the wolves
Where will we be when they come?
Seven days to the poison
And a place in heaven
Time drawing near us
They come to take us”

He climbed atop the top rope and looked out, surveying the arena with an appraising eye as thunder crackled once again.

Coldly, he stepped down. Removing the cowl and placing it on the ringpost. Dropping into a low crouch to stare down his opponent.


The bell was drowned out by silence.

Dubai’s Hamdan Sports Complex had gone quiet, hushed. The crowd and commentary silent as they watched the two rivals stare each other down. Like two wolves circling in the snow, two cowboys in the old west, each waiting for the other to draw.

Fans tensed as the first move was made. Not an attack, but a shifting of position as Darren Best adopted a classic wrestling stance. A few members of the crowd who had seen their old matches shuffled in confusion. This stance had traditionally proved ineffectual against the East Wind.

Alex stance was the same limp, relaxed state as always. But the observant could see his muscles deceptively coiled for a strike, his eyes boring into Best beneath the curtain of his hair.

He was baiting the opponent in.

The tension grew, as Darren slid one foot closer, closing the gap between them by an inch.

A second step forward…

A thir-

Alex lashed out! A palm strike aimed directly at Best’s chin!

And Best caught the wrist.

Alex had maybe a second to register his shock and the cold smirk of his opponent before he was suddenly rolled onto his back as Darren Best took him down with a cross-armbreaker!

The crowd cheered at the reversal, but Alex kept his wits about himself and INSTANTLY locked his hands, preventing Best from hyperextending. Knowing trying to break out of the stronger Darren’s grip would be fruitless, he instead rolled WITH the grip and rolled the armbar into a makeshift rollup pin!




Both men rolled to their feet as the crowd came alive, eerily mirroring each other in a three-point stance as they both raised to a standing position, never once taking their gaze off one another. Darren Best returned to his classic wrestling stance, while Reyn adopted a combat stance of his own. Arms raised to both strike out and protect his face and temple, legs spread for balance and his right leg slightly back and raised on the ball, ready to deliver a punishing kick.

This time Best was the one to make the first move, but the swifter Reyn saw it coming and dropped low, taking Best off his feet with a legsweep, only for Darren to break his fall and toss an incoming Alex to the mat with a surprise armdrag!

Alex rolled to his feet again, but the move had disoriented him and Best instantly capitalised with a side headlock, taking Alex down to the mat once again before chaining into a hammerlock. He wasn’t able to fully ground Alex however, as the savage East Wind made his way to his feet. Once again twisting WITH the hold and delivering a violent kick to Darren Best’s gut! The wince from the impact was nothing compared to the hard THUD that sounded as Alex grabbed Darren by the head and dropped him with a DDT! Instantly clinching in a guillotine choke on the stunned prey.

Or at least he WOULD have, but Darren Best had proven in their battles that he was no mere prey and fought the East Wind every step of the way, striking Reyn with overhead chops that forced him to break the hold and retreat. Keen to get back to offensive ways, Best ran at Alex.  Frustratingly, Reyn ducked low, he has an annoying habit of doing so, depositing Darren out onto the apron.

However, Reyn’s attempted Dropkick was CAUGHT in midair and The East Wind found himself in a particularly precarious predicament at present.  Practise pronouncing that with plenty of Pringles.

GUTWRENCH GERMAN SUPLEX OFF THE A-LEX flipped out, incredibly, landing on the soles of his feet.  He dodged that air raid, circa 1942.

Reyn grabbed Best from behind, clearing the way for his patented EAST WIND C-ountered by Darren who slipped underneath, hooking Alex in an attempt to execute one of his own major moves, the Backdrop Driver.

Again, Alex annoyed Darren and, by association, the audience by ending up on his feet behind Best.  A kick to the back of Best’s knee told Darren that fact before The Entertainer could react.  Before Best knew where he was, his longtime rival rammed the native New Yorker’s noggin into the apron edge.

Normally, Reyn had follow-through.  Why would this occasion be any different?  The bright lights and fantastic location of a PPV bout never affected Alex, whose judgement remained clear as he picked Darren up again and delivered him into the stairs, subsequently knocking them out of position.

Grabbing The Entertainer’s head, The East Wind trapped it between the steel steps and the ring corner.  Whoa.  Spectators stood, a curiosity perhaps, to see what would surely represent another long-term injury for Best, should Alex’s evil intentions come to light.

Reyn backed off, only momentarily, to gather momentum for a Running Dropkick that would crush Best’s neck between those aforementioned points in what was a situation reminiscent of Paul Sanders. 

Fortunately, it didn’t come to that; Best shoved the stairs out of the way causing the onrushing Reyn to smack them rather than remove Darren’s head from his shoulders.  A gasp went up at the exit plan’s precision and success.

Holding his head and still feeling the effects, Darren gazed down at Reyn.  Roared on by our capacity crowd, he jumped on Alex with a series of strong punches to the face.  Nothing fancy about that.

The official counted, neglecting the fact that there were no countouts in a match like this, a point Darren stood up to remind him of.  In the meantime, Alex attempted to sucker punch Darren, who grabbed The East Wind by the hand and showed him through the streets of London.  Well, he didn’t actually.  He wound the arm up and slammed it into the ground with a far more appropriate and useful Armbreaker.

A kick to the face by Darren put Alex on his back.  Isolating Alex’s left hand, Darren pulled it away from Reyn’s body slightly and stamped on it, showing a nasty streak synonymous with his antagonist.

Thereafter, he slammed Reyn’s hand into the steps nearby not once, nor twice but thrice.  Reyn tried to retreat, uncharacteristic behaviour for him, towards the announcers’ desk, but Best was hot on the heel’s heels.

Alex still had his wits about him and arrowed a Superkick in Darren’s direction but because Reyn was off balance, his opponent was able to evade contact effortlessly. Darren tried to retaliate with a clothesline, but Alex recovered fast enough to dodge it in turn. Leaping onto the barricade in attempt to flank Best, he leapt off with a flying huricanrana, only for Best to BLOCK the impact and hold him above ground!

Wrenching Alex back up, Best went for a powerbomb only for Alex to backflip off his shoulders and land on his fee-


The impact flattened Alex Reyn, and the crowd cheered! That wasn’t enough for Best though. After everything that Reyn had done to himself and others, all the lives he’d ruined, beating him wasn’t enough.

Best wanted revenge.

He began to drag Reyn to the ring steps. Preparing to set up Reyn’s arm the same way Reyn had tried to trap Darren’s neck.

Unfortunately, you could never truly count out the East Wind.

A sharp kick hit Darren’s knee as Alex Reyn fought him every step of the way! The monster lunged at Darren’s throat, but the stronger man used his size and strength to RAM Alex back first into the annoucer’s table! The impact stunned Alex, giving Best time to trap his arm in a hammerlock and THROW him over head with a belly to belly suplex!

With Alex down, Best began tearing away at the table, removing the monitors and the covering. He grabbed Reyn by his bad wrist, dragging him onto the table.

BEST OF BOTH (Wrist Clutch Exploder Suplex) THROUGH THE TAB-!


Alex fought back, striking Best across the temple with his good hand and burying a knee into his gut! The attack caused Best to stumble back…

And that was all the opening Reyn needed.


The two of them hit the floor outside the barricade with a loud ‘thud’! The rowd rapidly dispersing to give these rivals room. Both of them were slow to get on their feet, feeling the pain of their crash landing reverberating through their entire bodies. But pain was an intimate feeling to them, and it wouldn’t stop this fight.

Alex was the first to struggle to his feet, Best having gotten the worst of the impact. He limped over to the still prone Best, his stride becoming steadier and steadier the closer he got.

Then he lashed out with a vicious kick to Darren Best’s ribs!

The impact caused Darren to roll onto his back, coughing violently. But Alex wasn’t done.

Savage kick after savage kick! Best tried to roll away, but Alex pinned his hand in an oh-so-familiar way; Alex had done this with Paul Sanders on Reyn’s Slam 91 debut.

Nasty!  A stomp that caused CG to speculate whether Alex had injured Best’s nose.  He’d broken so many other bones in Darren’s body, but miraculously, he hadn’t shattered The Entertainer’s spirit - yet.

With Best’s hand still pinned, Alex uses his other leg to kick Darren HARD on the point of the elbow.  Reyn then dropped low to repeatedly do damage downstairs, strong strikes taking their toll on Darren’s ribs.

Best counteracted Reyn’s relentless assault with a right to the head, complemented by a second shot.  Darren was willing to suffer, go through the pain barrier, taking a brief step back to get some shots into Reyn’s ribs, all useful investment..

And, then the real deal…

A Single Arm DDT.

Best got himself back to a vertical base, breathing heavily.  He knew if he wanted to do damage to Alex, he had to risk himself and he got within close range, firing off European Uppercuts, extracting ‘I PITY THA FOOL’ chants from ringside spectators.  I wonder if they actually sympathise with the predator at all.

Darren definitely didn’t and stayed on top of his enemy with an impending Snap Suplex.  Oh wait, no.  It was a ploy  for a Cross Armbreaker that didn’t work!  A punch to the gut by Reyn saw to it. 

Best had given Alex too much time to recover and Reyn was now punishing him for it, following up with another blow to the gut, a knee this time, a knee to the chin and a superb Spinning Kick to the skull to round off a magnificent combination, sending Darren stumbling across the floor!

Again, Alex measured Best for another running attack.  Apparently, he was going for the Flipping DDT that overcame Alfie on Slam.  Would it be sufficient to record the same outcome against the OTHER Entertainer?

It may’ve been had Best not rolled UNDER it.  Darren’s counter was countered by Alex twisting in midair, landing in a crouch facing Best, searching for a…



These guys have got reversal coming out of their ears.

Darren didn’t eat a Spear.

He was now punishing Reyn with a Crossface!

Darren WRENCHED back on the hold, cranking Alex’s neck as Reyn struggled to escape. Going back to the well, he rolled towards Best and turns the Crossface into a roll-up pin!




The crowd cheered at the counter, loudest off all being the brave ones who were standing in a circle around the fierce rivals. Almost forming  makeshift ring of bodies. Best’s grip had come loose during the roll though, and Alex was able to fight his way out! Lunging at Best with a violent headbut, to which Darren responded in kind!

Alex went low for another legsweep attempt, but Best once again broke his fall and kip’d up to his feet! (You could say he really “Ricocheted” off the mat there).

Alex was prepared this time though, and grabbed his wrist, trying to send Darren into the barricade, the crowd clearing out the way! But Darren reversed it and sent ALEX towards the concrete divider!

Forgetting once again, Reyn’s superhuman agility as the East Wind backflipped off the barricade! Flying through the air to land behind Darren Be-


In a move that Shawn Michaels would be proud of, Darren Best had calculated Reyn’s trajectory and kicked the East Wind’s head off the SECOND he’d landed!






Darren PUNCHED the ground in frustration! He was so CLOSE! Stealing his nerves and rising to his feet, he  wowed the crowd and winded his opponent with an OUTstanding Moonsault!





Darren growled, trying to keep his cool. He couldn’t lose focus, NOT NOW. Grabbing Reyn by the hair, he pulled him up and let him have it with a vicious european uppercut!

Only for Reyn to fire back with a right hook of his own!

Uppercut from Best!

Hook from Reyn!





The fight was breaking down! Both sides trading blows in the crowd, back and forth, neither warrior giving an inch of ground even as the tempo rose and the blows became faster and harder!

Darren Best managed to slip under Alex’s guard, going for the Best of Both!


Alex rammed him back first into the concrete barrier! Grabbing his rival’s head, Reyn attempted to smash it into the barricade but Darren blocked and fought back with an elbow that struck Reyn on the bridge of the nose!

Darren slung Reyn back towards the barricade, spine-first, allowing him to borrow another move from Alfie’s playbook in the shape of a Hesitation Dropkick that had plenty of verve and venom behind it.

Best took a moment; He slowly stood up, cheered on by the crowd, willing him to break his duck against the thorn in his side for the past two years.  He appreciated it, though he couldn’t show it there and then because if he did, The East Wind would storm back and blow him away.

With Reyn in a vulnerable position, Darren set his nemesis up for what would surely be enough, especially at this stage, to clinch that elusive victory and close a chapter on a career-defining duel…

BEST OF BO-H NO!  DDT by Reyn!!!

Fortunately, Best blocked the DDT, a potentially fatal move in its own right, So Reyn just locked in a Guillotine Choke instead. 

With now way to break, remember the rules children, Darren flipped forward, thus converting this into a pinning predicament…




That was a close fall that had many of our supporters believing Darren had ditched the losing streak to Reyn.  Instead, it continued and the relentless Reyn kicked at Best’s bad arm, but Darren in turn grabbed Alex’s ailing limb.

An Armdrag sent both of them over the barricade and back into the ring.  Tantalizing stuff here.

Alex attempted a knee, but Best read it and grabbed Reyn’s leg.  They jockeyed here, Reyn struggling, until Best won the day by pushing Alex back-first into the barricade.

Reyn’s spine was hurting.  However, Best wasn’t quick enough to capitalise and Alex caught him coming in with a knee to the upper chest.  Best was breathless and the crowd weren’t far behind.  This was so close…

To the point that they went for a DOUBLE Elbow, connecting with each other and they were both down - again!

As both men struggled to their feet however, an unexpected sound drew the crowd’s attention to the top of the stage

The sound of A-List’s limo pulling up to the stage…


The crowd gasped as El Principe suddenly sprung out from the crowd, surprising the already exhausted Alex Reyn with a chair to the skull! Darren Best soon followed, eating a chair shot from one half of A-List as the other (A Mr. Ingraham Price), parked their car and walked up the stage, rolling up his sleeves to reveal two fists adorned with brass knuckles.

Immediately, the referee began calling for the bell! The rules had been very specific, this was a falls count anywhere match. NOT a no disqualification match! Interference like this was still completely illegal!

Meanwhile, El Principe was going to town on the East Wind, determined to get in his revenge for Alex Reyn’s disrespect on Reyn’s debut. Having finished beating the lights out of him with the chair, El Principe pulled Alex to his feet and whipped him head first into the ring post before bouncing Reyn’s bleeding skull of the ring steps!

“Ahora es mi turno para usarte como un juguete.”

Meanwhile, VIP was enjoying his beatdown of Darren Best. Ruthlessly assaulting him with a collection of headshots and bodyshots like some brutal barbarism of a boxer! Best tried to fight back, but he was unarmed and exhausted against an enemy he struggled against even on a GOOD day!

At the same time, El PRincipe had kicked away the top of the steps and laid Alex facedown on the bottom layer before climbing up on the apron.


The sickening BANG spelt retribution for Alex’s own curbstomp on Principe a few weeks earlier as El Principe turned his attention on Darren Best.

If Darren Best had been struggling one on one, two on two was just a massacre as the A-List savaged him like vultures, beating every inch of flesh they could reach until Darren couldn’t even cover up anymore.

Grabbing an arm each, they coldly pulled Darren to his feet.

“This is for him:  He has never forgotten the stunt you and Alfie played in jOlt and he’ll never forgive you.”

Glancing at Principe, giving him a nod, Price added one final soundbite:” And neither will I.”


The crowd was booing heavily now as Darren slumped to the floor, bleeding heavily.

VIP wasn’t finished there though as he stood on the car bonnet. Calling for his partner to lift Darren up to him. Even El Principe was starting to look a little queasy at Darren’s condition now, but he obeyed his sadistic partner and lifted one half of the entertainer’s up in reach of VIP’s coup de grace.


Darren’s body rolled limply off the car, leaving a bloody smear as Victor stepped down. Smiling cooly, he offered a casual brofist to his partner who returned it after a second’s hesitation. As the crowd showered them with boos and medical personnel came running, the two of them calmly strolled out the arena.

Victor had been right. All they had needed to do was bide their time and play the third wheel until the moment was right. And now the upstart Reyn had been dealt with and one half of The Entertainers had paid the ultimate price, leaving A-List virtually unopposed in the tag team division.

Mission Accomplished.




For the viewers at home the feed cut away to Trent McKnight standing in the oval office. Not THAT one.

"Legacy is upon us."

"NBW is headed back to the Americas, and on up north. Our first stop will be Edmonton, and with Legacy on the horizon who knows what will happen!"

"It's clear that tonight's action is far from the end for certain individuals. And with Clan Strongbern setting their sights on gold, could A-List be their next targets? It sounds like Alex Reyn and Darren Best may have something to say about that."

"We'll see you again for SLAM in two weeks!"


MATT HADDON Versus Charlie Birkin

“We’ve had ourselves a spectacular PPV so far, wouldn’t you say, Gains?” Melissa asked her broadcast colleague.

“Some things I’ve liked. Some things I haven’t! We need more mindless destruction around these parts! Like… I don’t know, somebody getting taken to the tool shed or something!”

“I’m not even sure what you mean… well, I do, I’m just going to choose to ignore it. Why? Because we have Matt Haddon against “Mr. Manx” Charlie Birkin! Birkin has made life hell for Matt Haddon since debuting at 25 To Life! Haddon helped open a door for Birkin and his girlfriend Ali Carr to get in, but when they did, they blamed Haddon for a perceived lack of opportunities!”

“Haddon’s best days are behind him! Haddon hasn’t won a match SINCE 25 To Life and now while Birkin has a few big wins under his belt including a tag match! Haddon doesn’t have a chance!”

“We’ll see about that! Haddon has had to listen to weeks of Charlie Birkin and Ali Carr needle him about a crazy lack of wins in recent weeks, but if you cross Haddon even for a second, he can make you pay. With that said, let’s go to ringside for this next match!”

And to the ring we go!

“The following is scheduled for one fall!” yelled Brent Williams.

“Faster” by Within Temptation.

On one side of the massive stage towards ringside, a man in a black leather jacket walked one side of the stage at the DSC Indoor Arena and held his hands behind his arms, taking in the scenery. With him was a VERY attractive young blonde woman.
“Introducing first… from Douglas, in The Isle of Man… being accompanied to the ring by Ali Carr… weighing in at 223 pounds, this is MR. MANX” CHARLIE BIRKIN!
Carr lowered to a knee and tightly hugged the waist of the young man with wavy brown hair a moustache right out of the 80s. The young Manx walked towards the ring arm-in-arm with Ali Carr and surveyed the crowd of Dubai!

“About to go two and 0 on pay per view!” Carr yelled to the camera. “Time to watch Matt Haddon do what Matt Haddon does best… CHOKE!”

He then exchanged a LONG LONG LONG kiss with Ali Carr.

“My baby!” Ali said with a grin and a playful slap on Carr’s behind.

The Best That’s In danced around the ring waiting for his opponent to make the first appearance.

“Hero” by Skillet.

With the playing of the music, the man known to many backstage as The No Brand Dad walked out from the back and looked extra motivated. He was a on a two-match win streak looking to make it a third and looking to play the spoiler for the man known as The Guangzhou Goliath. He was in a brand new white variation of his typical tank top and wrestling shorts attire.

“And his opponent… from Malone, Vermont, weighing in at 245 pounds… he is a former Keystone Champion… MATT HADDON!

With some respectful cheers from the fans in attendance, he charged right in…


Referee Tal Nedrick was about ready to jump in and try to stop the overeager Birkin from trying to go on the attack for too long, but Birkin was an opportunistic kid! Haddon hadn’t even been able to take his hoodie off when he stood up…


The bell rang and out from nowhere came Charlie Birkin! He charged into the corner…


He NAILED Haddon in the jaw with a good shot and then rolled him out of the ring. He turned him to the center of the ring after a Snapmare and then charged off the ropes again…


That might have done it right off the bat! Ali Carr cheered on her man!




It was that close, but Haddon kicked out after Charlie’s opening salvo. Charlie wasted no time in trying to put the finishing touches on his former mentor quickly, booting him in the gut. He underhooked both arms and tried for his finishing maneuver, the Isle Driver…


The Founding Father twisted himself around out of his grip and booted Birkin in the gut, much to the delight of the crowd! He struck him HARD in the jaw with a series of stiff Elbow Smashes, trying to wear down the younger, quicker opponent. He bounced off the ropes, but when he turned around…


Birkin was right on top of him with a big Running Uppercut against the ropes! It seemed that no matter what Haddon was doing, Birkin was just one step ahead of him so far! Haddon crumbled to a knee while Birkin had a big, big smile crossing his face seeing that Haddon was about ready to end things quickly. He climbed to the top…


Haddon moved out of the way and sent him crashing down to the mat! Birkin held his back In pain and that gave Haddon an opening to hoist him up…


A BIG-TIME Alabama Slam nearly drilled Birkin through the canvas and this sprint of a match was now going full-tilt as Haddon tried to cover Mr. Manx!




Birkin with a shoulder now but that gave Haddon the chance to end things for good. He kicked away at the leg of Birkin and tried to finish him for good. He tried to turn him over for his Single Leg Crab called Snap…


Birkin crawled to the ropes and then scurried for higher ground as the crowd jeered. Haddon grumbled and then walked towards Charlie Birkin who was trying to use the ropes for leverage, but when he got there, Birkin SNAPPED Haddon’s arm down across the top rope!

Haddon held his arm in pain and the young technician laughed at him as Birkin climbed into the ring and looked to put an end to the former Keystone’s chances once and for all. With the arm now bothering him, Charlie ran towards him and SNAPPED the arm with a Double Knee Armbreaker!

Haddon seethed in pain again and writhed around on the mat in agony as Ali climbed on the ring apron.

“Come on, baby! You got this!” Ali said.

“You know I do, love!” Charlie laughed.

He walked over and shared a LONG LONG kiss again with Ali…


The arm of the No Brand Dad was sore and Charlie was now about ready to put the finishing touches on this match. He walked over to Haddon and the fans knew what was coming next… he was going for the Bridging Fujiwara Armbar called the Oops, Got Your Arm…


Haddon slipped out and stacked him up with a Gannosuke Clutch…






Birkin had kicked out just one second too late! Haddon rolled out of the ring holding his left arm after the recent number that Charlie Birkin had just done, but the No Brand Dad walked out of the ring for his big win!


The Founding Father had just taken young Mr. Manx to school! He was vicious and overly aggressive, but the crowd and even Haddon was shocked! He shrugged on the outside and then he rolled out of the ring after what had to be something of a minor upset!

“No! No! That stupid wanker! No! No!” Birkin shouted.

The former Keystone Champion still had a few tricks up his sleeve and that quick pin was probably something that one of his trainees, Lucky Carter, had used when he was the nbW World Heavyweight Champion last year. Carter was still on the shelf, but that little nod to his former pupil brought a smile to the crowd as Haddon rolled out of the ring.

Birkin and Ali both shouted at the official while Haddon was on his way back up the ramp. Birkin had everything going for him in this match. He had the girl, he had the youth, he had something of a win streak going into this match… but as youth tended to do. Haddon made him pay for his overzealous approach and because of that, he had just given the mouthful Birkin something to chew on!


Chicago Strong Style


As “Scorched II” continued on-the fans inside of the arena grew restless. They woke up-ironically as the lights went off, and a very familar city skyline was shown on the screen. A voice over heard bellowing over the arena.

“Chicago Strong Style….has arrived.”

The crowd had an idea of what this meant, and immediatly stood up as a thundering guitar intro was heard, as the tron went back. As the drums and bass kicked in-the words “SAINT. SINNER. SAVIOR” scrawled over the screen, and Fear & Grace’s “Frail Words Left Unspoken” began to play.

“I can’t understand
This isn’t what we planned.
Seems like the fear inside of me has taken me whole

Knocked from where I stand
Blood upon the sands.
And tears upon this empty soul have taken me whole”

The words go away, and an all too familar name splashes on the screen, just the word “PARIAH” as the NBW crowd errupted with cheers.

“Take my hand, burning to feel again
Tell me-is no one listening?
Welcome home, you’ll never be alone.
Have you been longing to say these frail words, left unspoken!”

White lights shot from the stage, as John Pariah stepped out. He put his right arm up in the air-in a Too Sweet gesture, before he did usual gun salute to a wall of pyro behind him. He headed down the ramp, acknowledging the crowd around him. He circled the ring before climbing onto the apron-and throwing his arms back out in a gun salute, before showing off the latest WORNSTARxPARIAH shirt design. He stepped into the ring-and was met with a barrage of streamers. He dropped to his knees, overcome with emotion as the crowd let out a huge “John Pariah” chant. He took the microphone, and hushed the crowd.

“Thank You Dubai!”

The crowd popped loudly.

“I guess some of you know me. Incase you don’t-I’ve gone by many names in the past-I’ve had many monikers. Chicago’s Finest.”

The crowd pops.

“The Most Hated Man In Professional Wrestling.”

They popped again, and with each previous nickname Pariah went over.

“The Best of the Best, The King of Wrestling, and the man who has set out to redefine……..” he pauses, as the crowd popped and he smirked. “The man who has set out to redefine professional wrestling! To my daughter I’m “Dad”. To my friends I’m just ‘John’, to the critics I’m a sinner, a saint..and sometimes a savior. I’ve brought eyes to every promotion I’ve stepped foot on. I’ved birthed trend setters like PWX and REDEFINE. I’ve redefined Boardwalk, and made HOW watchable. Every ring I’ve stepped into-I’ve made my home and to you...my name is John Pariah-and I am here to bring Chicago Strong Style to NBW!”

The crowd popped loudly again, before they belted out an NBW chant.

“Now most people with my pedigree would come out here-and demand a championship opprotunity. The old me? He would have been one of those people. Now, in 2017...I am on a mission, a revival mission, to redefine not only this business-but to redefine who John Pariah is! I have a legacy to leave behind, and that legacy is revitalized tonight. Yeah, I want a match with Warren Spade-or whoever walks out with the World Championship tonight-but it will come with time. There’s a laundry list of people who I think need a good old fashioned helping of mirakuru….” he pauses, holding up his elbow. “But I’m willing to wait my turn, and start from the bottom. Tonight-I will begin to redefine NBW, and I don’t care who will stand across this ring from me next….because in the end-you will be the beginning of MY legacy...and your fate is mine to decide….NBW, welcome..to Chicago Strong Style.”

He smirked-before dropping the mic. The crowd cheered as “Frail Words Left Unspoken” hit the PA system again, and he rolled to the floor-giving fans around the ringside area a Too Sweet as the camera faded out.



“Welcome back to ringside, NBW fans,” Melissa van der Art greeted the viewers, pointing out the large, steel structure that loomed above her and C.G. Gains. “You might have noticed the steel cage surrounding the ring, and you know what that means!”

C.G. Gains joked,“Yeah, Max Hopper is about to die!”

“Well, I was going to say that we're in for some exciting, brutal action,” Melissa corrected her broadcast partner. “Anyway, usually a cage match is made either to keep both competitors in the ring, or to keep other parties out. This one is no different.”

C.G. agreed,“That's right, Melissa, tonight Freddie Rich will finally get his hands on Max Hopper, and there'll be nowhere for that looney toons Keystone Champion to hide!”

“I was referring to the fact that our General Manager, Jack Harmen, made this a cage match because Freddie Rich and his family have been consistently getting their hands on Max Hopper over the last couple of months. This match was made to keep Todd, Donnie, and Declan out of it!” Melissa was very adamant about this point.

“Either way,” C.G. countered, “Freddie Rich won the non-title table match at the last Slam, and tonight he's going to take away that Keystone (Title) that Max Hopper has been so obsessed with.”

“Well, only time will tell about that, C.G., but there is one guarantee: this is going to be an exciting match!”

One by one, each section of the arena went dark. It was almost as if someone, or something, had tampered with the lights. The arena was transformed into an eerie green. A thick cloud of fog rolled in. It was almost… alien.

Brent Williams apologized to the nbW faithful. “Ladies and gentleman, please excuse the interruption. We seem to be having problems with the - “ His feed cut out and was replaced by a screeching noise. Then, as if someone were switching dials on a radio, voices came through the speakers.

“I… Want… To… Believe!” the radio voices announced. Then the sound system roared to life with the geek punk classic “U.F.O.” by Boris the Sprinkler.

Amidst all the green, the Epicenter came to life, with a silvery object zooming to and fro in the distance. It grew closer, and closer, until finally it was quite clear and almost close enough to touch.

It was a flying saucer! A hatch door opened, lowering a stairway, and a bright, white light emanated from within the strange craft. A shadowy figure slowly took one step after another until it reached the ground. Finally, the mysterious being stood in the entryway, surrounded by the same bright, white light. The hatch door closed, and the U.F.O. sped off. When it vanished from the Epicenter, the same silvery object appeared above the crowd in the form of a large, silvery, saucer-shaped balloon!

As Jesse Ventura once said in an episode of The X-Files, “No other object has been misidentified as a flying saucer more often than the planet Venus.” However, this was not the planet Venus. This was the “Space Pimp” and Guardian of the Keystone (Title) Max Hopper! He stepped into the aisle, flinging his arms out wide, showing off the Keystone Championship, which was around his waist, to the crowd.. The nbW Faithful formed a veritable ocean of tinfoil hats. They ate up every minute of Max Hopper’s entrance, especially when he strolled up to a young fan and gave her the tinfoil hat off his own head! She didn’t have one of her own already.

The Czar of the Bizarre climbed into the cage and unstrapped his Keystone (Title), handing it to the referee. Then he snapped his fingers and the lights returned to normal!

“You know I heard Max Hopper vacationed in Atlantis once and couldn’t catch a single fish,” Gains barbed.

Melissa shot back, “Be that as it may, he has caught the Keystone (Title)!”

As the arena went dark, except for a spotlight at the top of the ramp, a hooded figure appeared. He stepped into the aforementioned spotlight, 'unveiling' himself as Freddie Rich and raised the index finger on his right hand. He was accompanied by Todd, Donny, and Declan, the rest of the Rich Family.

Purposefully, they strode towards the squared circle. Freddie ascended the steel ring steps, wiped his feet on the apron as if it were a doormat, and stepped into the cage.

The eldest Rich sibling unzipped his jacket and removed it, handing it to Declan, who in turn presented it to the timekeeper on the outside.  Freddie psyched himself up, extending his arms outwards and stretching.  'The First' was ready to go with his cousin and two brothers cheering him on from outside the ring. The cage door slammed close behind him with a clang. It was locked up tight, and the match was ready to begin!

The champion and challenger met in the center of the ring for some pre-match trash talk, none of which was audible over the raucous crowd. It did look like Max had said he was sorry about Freddie’s toothbrush, and The First answered his apology with a slap to the face!


The bell sounded and this one was underway. While Hopper checked over his dental work from the slap, Freddie Rich seized the opportunity to vent some of his pent up frustrations early on in the contest. He accomplished this by jabbing his fist into the paranormal investigator’s face over and over.

Punch punch punch punch punch!

It was a fast and furious flurry of fists that had Max reeling. Freddie locked up and took him over with a vicious snap suplex. The Guardian of the Keystone (Title) arched his back in pain, only for The First to roll him onto his stomach and into a reverse chinlock.

“Well, this escalated quickly,” Melissa observed.

“Indeed it has, Melissa, and look at the way Freddie Rich is sitting on the small of Max Hopper's back with the chinlock,” Gains pointed out. “Not only does that put extra torque on his neck, but it's going to soften up Hopper’s back, as well. Max's offense is already going to be limited from being inside this cage, and this take away even more of his options!”

The referee asked Max if he wanted to give up, but being so early in the match, the Czar of the Bizarre shook his head “no” and bravely began battling his way to the ropes. The champion pressed his body from the mat and slowly crawled on his hands and knees toward freedom. This did not last long, however, as Freddie Rich lifted himself from Max's back, only to drive his body weight right back down into it, flattening his victim on the canvas once again.

With a groan, Hops waved off another question from the official asking him if he wanted to call it quits. He pressed himself back onto all fours and resumed his trek toward the ropes. Just like last time, Freddie Rich stood up and drove himself back down into Max Hopper’s body. MaX-Files found himself once again flat on his belly with The First trying his Darren Best to pry the head from the paranormal investigator’s shoulders. 

The rest of the Rich Family were all smiles, as they watched their leader hook the corner of the champion’s lip with a finger. Max gurgled and writhed in pain like a dental patient getting a root canal without anesthetic. The Sheik of Superstition latched onto the hand left under his chin and tried to pry it loose. Freddie was quick to remove his finger from Max Hopper’s mouth and clasp his hands together once more. Max stretched out his hand, but he was still too far away from the ropes.

Max Hopper’s tinfoil army started to get behind him.

“The Truth Is Out There!” clap, clap, clap clap clap!

“The Truth Is Out There!” clap, clap, clap clap clap!

Urged on by the crowd, MaX-Files forced his way to his hands and knees for a third time. He carried Freddie Rich’s body weight, all 237 pounds of it, with him in yet another endeavor to reach the ropes. After Max had made a little more progress, Freddie Rich raised himself from Hopper’s back to crash into it yet again. This time, however, Max Hopper had managed to roll over and get his knees up! Freddie Rich scrambled his own eggs and the crowd came alive!

Todd, Donny, and Declan all came alive, too, but there was little more than they could do other than watch. They rattled the cage and shouted Freddie to get up. The rest of the arena, except for C.G. Gains, let their voices ring out in support of Max Hopper.



Could Max Hopper capitalize, or had too much damage already been done? It was clear that he needed time to recover, but so did Freddie Rich, who was rolling around on the canvas with his hands cradling his theoretical, unborn children.

Normally, this situation would call for a mandatory ten count, but since this was a cage match, the referee fought the instinct and let each combatant get up at his own pace. Perhaps a bit ironically, Max was the first to get to his feet, with THE First coming in second. The two rivals over the past couple of months met in the middle of the ring and the fisticuffs started to fly! Each man grabbed the other by the scruff of his neck, and they belted one another with a blur right hands. Countless punches were thrown in rapid succession from both champion and challenger. Eventually, they broke up and traded dukes in more dramatic fashion.

A big right hand from Max Hopper!

One from Freddie Rich!

Another from Max!

Another from Rich!

One more from Hopper!

Rich fired back again!

Another from M - nope. Rather than taking another blow from the Czar of the Bizarre, The First grabbed a handful of Max's hair and slammed his face right into the steel cage! Freddie grated Max's face back and forth across the cold, hard, steel of the chain linked fence. Hops laced his fingers through the links and tried to push away, but the leader of the Rich Family was determined to give him the worst of it. Blood started trickling from Max's forehead. Much like just about every Slam over the last two months, the paranormal investigator was busted open! Maybe this should have been a first blood match, instead. However, it was a cage match, which meant that the action would continue.

Finally, Freddie pulled Max's head away from the cage wall. This was only with the intent of slamming Max's face right back into it, though. Unwilling to let that happen again, Max Hopper grabbed the cage with both hands and stuck his boot into it to block the attempt! The Sheik of Superstition then grabbed onto the back of Rich’s head and drove him face-first into the steel cage! He didn't stop there, no, no. Max got a running start and took him across the ring to slam his face into that cage wall! Max Hopper took Freddie to all four sides of the cage, slamming his face into each one!

The crowd was over the moon when Freddie Rich’s skull bounced off of the cage for the fourth time, with him landing flat on his back. There was so much at stake in this match. For Max Hopper, it was the very well-being of the universe. For Freddie Rich, it was revenge after being made to look like a fool. Neither competitor wanted to this match slip away.

That being said, MaX-Files went for the cover with a lateral press. 



The First kicked out of the first pin attempt of the match. Undeterred, Max dragged his opponent by the arms to the middle of the ring. He stepped through the ropes, putting himself between the ropes and the cage, where there was barely any room. Was there enough room for a Moon Landing?

Everyone would have to wait to find out, because Freddie Rich popped back to his feet and sandwiched Max's skull against the cage wall with a sick kick.



Max Hopper was undoubtedly seeing stars. The First saw his chance to win this match by escaping the cage. He walked over to the other side of the ring and gloated as he began his ascent. He made it to the top rope and then stuck his foot inside one of the chain links. By the time Max started to come around, Freddie Rich had already made it halfway up the cage wall, although his progress was slow. Hopper saw what was going on and hopped over the top rope, rolling forward through his landing. Freddie Rich was three quarters of the way to victory before Max reached the same side of the ring. Hops grabbed the top rope and used it as a springboard to launch himself upward. The Czar of the Bizarre clung to the cage wall, reaching out for Freddie’s boot. Since The First’s boot was just out of reach, Max had no other option but to climb up further. Freddie got one leg over the top of the cage. Just before Rich’s other leg could disappear over the crossbar, the paranormal investigator was able to grab it! Hops pulled himself up The First’s leg, finally coming face-to-face with him at the top of the cage. Max reached out his hand, pressing his fingers into the pressure points on Freddie’s forehead with a claw hold.


The rest of the Rich Family was Beyond Belief. They couldn’t tell if Max Hopper pulling Freddie back inside the ring with a claw hold was Fact or Fiction! Spoiler: it was fact.

Eventually, Freddie found himself back inside the cage, hanging from the wall with Max Hopper next to him, nearly crushing his head. Crush! Crush! Crush! (The Kids in the Hall, ftw!) Rich fought back, lighting up Max Hopper’s chest with knife-edged chops. One after another, the chops rang out their sickening smacks. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Even still, Max Hopper held onto the Lost Hold of Atlantis, but his grip was starting to weaken. The First laid off the chops in favor of a new tactic. He grabbed the paranormal investigator by the head and slammed his face into the cage! And again! The third time was the charm... Well, sort of. It caused Max Hopper to fall from the cage, but since he still had the claw hold locked in, he took Freddie Rich from the cage with him! Both men crashed to the canvas from a great distance, and the crowd began their chants of “N-B-DUB!” Yet another race to see who could make it to his feet first had begun.

Both men lay motionless while outside influences attempted to give them the resolve to get back to their feet. For Freddie, as always, his brothers and cousin rooted for him. For Max, it was the thunderous sound of the crowd. Earlier, it was Max who had reached his feet first. This time, it was Freddie Rich. He was still in a daze, though, and stumbled away from his vulnerable opponent. His brother’s and cousin jumped up and down, pointing and shouting at him to go to the other way. While The First continued wandering aimlessly around the ring, Max Hopper found his footing. He spotted Freddie Rich and bolted toward him. The challenger turned around just in the nick of time, so it seemed, and ducked his head. He sent Max Hopper flying at the cage wall, but Max took hold of the steel!

The crowd roared as Max tried to scramble up the cage with Freddie Rich none the wiser. Frank Rich’s first-born son turned around to see his opponent already halfway up the cage. He climbed the ropes as fast as he could and used the extra reach from his height (he was six foot, three inches) to grab Max Hopper by the boot. Freddie Rich pulled himself up alongside Max Hopper and threw a couple of punches into the paranormal investigator’s ribs to weaken his hold on the cage wall. The First then grabbed one of Max’s arms, wrenching it into a hammerlock, and grabbed Hops with a front facelock. This, of course, left Freddie Rich with no grip on the cage. He fell and took the Sheik of Superstition off of the cage with him, nearly drilling his head through the canvas with a hammerlock DDT that shook the ring!

That was a “holy shit” moment, and the crowd made sure everyone knew it. Max looked like he may have just been sent to another dimension, and Freddie Rich looked the worse for wear, himself. Freddie crawled over to Max Hopper and laid on top of him for the pin.



THR - No! Max Hopper got his shoulder up!

“Damn it!” Close, but no cigar, and Freddie felt the first signs of frustration. He peeled Max Hopper off of the canvas and whipped him into the ropes. The First followed right behind and caught Max Hopper with a dropkick from point blank range just as the paranormal investigator had  turned around!


The force of the dropkick rocked Max Hopper enough that the back of his head bounced off of the cage! The First opted not to go for the pin, though. He wanted to make sure to put this match to rest and walk out of the Hamdan Sports Complex in Dubai with the Keystone (Title). So, he pulled the paranormal investigator  off of the mat and put one leg on either side of Max’s head. The First lifted him up and spiked his head into the mat with a cradle piledriver. Max Hopper’s blood stained the middle of the ring.


“That’s it. Good night, Irene! It’s over. It’s all academic from here,” C.G. Gains went through almost every cliché in the book, but he was right. Freddie Rich pinned Max Hopper, hooking the leg. New champion tonight.



THREE - Wait! What?!? Somehow, someway, Max Hopper found it within himself to kick out! Never before has Jack Palance been needed to say, “Believe It, or Not,” more than this moment!

Freddie Rich was furious. He refused to believe that the result of the match was still pending. He made another cover.



Thrrr - Another kickout!

Freddie Rich turned his attention toward the referee, screaming stories of the poor man’s incompetence at the top of his lungs. He looked like he was about to pop a vein in his forehead. Freddie Rich finally calmed down and refocused on Max Hopper. He set up for another Rags to Riches cradle piledriver...


No! Max Hopper countered it with a…


Now it was Freddie Rich who found himself in the pinning predicament! Could this be it?



THREE - No! Freddie Rich kicked out! Max Hopper collapsed from exhaustion. He had turned the momentum back his way, but he was too battered to take advantage of it. Once again, both men were down. The crowd was going insane. What would it take for either of these two to win?

Max and Freddie both crawled off in opposite directions from one another until they each reached the ropes on their respective sides of the ring. They both tried to pull themselves up, but Freddie Rich, having taken less of a beating over the last few minutes, was a few steps more spry. He raced over to Max Hopper, only for Max to flip upside down and kick him in the head!


The First stumbled backward a few steps before toppling over. Hand-over-hand, Max Hopper scurried to the ropes. He pulled himself up and stepped out onto the apron. The amount of room between the ropes and cage was the same as earlier, not much, but this time it seemed like the quarters were so much closer. At any rate, this time, the Space Pimp had successfully managed to springboard off the top rope with a flying senton that zeroed in on Freddie’s chest!


Max kipped up and did a Michael Jackson moonwalk, much to the delight of the fans! Max Hopper spun around and headed for the cage. As he scaled toward the top, so did the other three members of the Rich Family, but from the outside of the cage! The race was on with Todd, Donny, and Declan all trying to save the match for Freddie, who could only roll around on the mat clutching his chest. Not to worry, he wasn’t having a heart attack. He was just feeling the effects of the Moon Landing.

Freddie Rich’s support group had reached the top of the cage first, and they were all there waiting for MaX-Files. They punched away at the Paranormal Professor, doing their best to keep him from leaving the ring. They were quite successful at it, too. That was, until Max threw a roundhouse kick that caught Donny in the head, knocking him from the cage! Hops then slammed Declan’s face into the crossbar, and he dropped to the ringside floor, landing right next to his brother! It was just Todd and Max left at the top of the cage, now, one on the inside and one on the outside, both slugging it out with the fate of the Keystone (Title) and possibly the universe on the line!

Todd, being the larger, and stronger of the two, got an advantage when he hit Max with a big right hand that reeled him back. Max was dangling from the cage with Todd still feeding him punches. Max managed to duck underneath one of Todd Rich’s punches and returned fire! Pro-wrestling’s leading authority on the weird and bizarre fired off one punch after another, until finally Todd fell from the top of the cage! Now there was nothing keeping Max Hopper from escaping the cage... except, of course, for Freddie Rich, who had snuck up the cage behind him.

The First had Hopper on his shoulders in the electric chair position. He carried Max further and further up the cage until finally he was standing on top of the cage, ready to drop the paranormal investigator to his DOOOOOOM! Thinking quickly, Hops managed to spin around in front of Freddie Rich. The Space Pimp sent them both crashing to the mat with a…



Another HUGE “holy shit” moment, and the crowd was Beyond the Edge. Max Hopper scrambled over to Freddie Rich for the cover.





The crowd wanted to believe it. The Rich Family refused to believe it. Either way, it was true. Max Hopper had successfully defended the Keystone (Title) and maybe saved the planet once again. The cage door was unlocked and Max rushed out of the ring to reclaim the Keystone (Title) and celebrate with the fans. He pointed up at the flying saucer from his entrance, still hovering above the ring, and said, “This one’s for you, Montel. This one’s for you.”


The Toast



That booming voice could only belong to one Napoleonic ne’er-do-well and that man was Big Rick Strongbern.

The camera fixed backstage on all four members of Clan Strongbern looking so confident, they probably could’ve had their pick of whatever lady they wanted during last call… probably, even score a seven if they wanted. The foursome ran into a few stagehands as Big Rick passed around a beer.


When the stagehand took it, Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern SLAPPED it out of his hand. The bottle crashed on the floor while Big Rick laughed.


Ri-Khan growled at him and immediately, the stagehand While the drinks were being passed around, Big Rick turned to his associates.


Rik confidently smiled. “Yeah, that was pretty badass, huh?”



The loud ear-piercing howl echoed in the halls and might have burst Little Ricky’s eardrum. The seven-footer winced and then checked his ears. Big Rick turned to who many called the bottom-feeder of the group.

“AND YOU... “

Little Ricky was the only one without beer, but often was the target of abuse by sheer virtue of Big Rick owning his contract from two years ago. Big Rick grabbed a beer from the six-pack of tall boys they had.


Little Ricky was vexed. He was waiting for the punchline.


“Oh… uh… thanks.”

Little Ricky had even a little bit of a smirk that he was proud he wasn't the butt of some joke. He was about to put the bottle to his lips...


Rik cracked the bottle out of his hands, too! Big Rick, Rik, and even Ri-Khan shared a laugh.


Little Ricky's face began to turn red. He was embarrassed yet again by Big Rick and was about to say something when...


“Gold, yeah?” Rik asked.


Big Rick hoisted his bottle.


“To gold and bitches!” Rik said.

“RAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” Ri-Khan bellowed.

The three men clinked their beer bottles together and had themselves a merry old time, leaving Little Ricky behind him. The Artist Formerly Known as Tremoid. silently stewed. His blood was boiling.

"God... damn it..."

Little Ricky seethed with rage and let out a loud growl. The rest of Clan Strongbern were long gone, but he was getting fed up with this...



Following such a spectacle of a Cage Match, with two grand pre-Legacy matches with implications for Legacy, you need a bumper. A time to wind down and prepare your vocal cords for what is yet to come. So back to the ring we go where one competitor is already waiting out the bell.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, this next match is scheduled for one fall with a fifteen minute timelimit.” Brent Williams made with the announcing, “Introducing first already standing in the ring at my side, she hails from Taiwan, at five foot eight, she is XIAO GENG!”

The young auburn haired woman warmed up in the corner, stretching out her legs.

“And her opponent, making her return tonight after a year of absence due to injury-”

‘Emerald Sword’ by Rhapsody.

The fans went crazy as the young blonde stepped out on the stage. Just as seen earlier tonight her usual red and blue strands were now green, black and red. She smiled out to the reception she was getting. Boy did it feel good to be back!

“From Anaheim, California. Standing at five foot six, she is the ALL AMERICAN GIRL, representing the UNITED ARAB EMIRATES tonight, she is LADY LUXX!”

Luxx sprinted down to the ring and dove under the ropes, coming to a stop near the center where she jumped to her feet and pounced to the second rope. Raising her arms up high as she took in the crowd before dropping down and taking to her corner.

Brent exited. Official Simon Brack entered. Bell rang.

Ding ding ding!

Luxx walked up to the center and met Xiao Geng with arm extended as a sign of respect. Xiao took her hand, then pulled her in and started delivering rapid forearms to the side of her face. She then caught her at the waist, went behind and raised her up for the german suplex right out the gate!

Lady Luxx however shot her legs out and looked to unbalance Xiao, then got her with a back elbow to drop to the mat. She spun around and clocked her with the backfist, then shoved her into the ropes, before slinging her across to the opposite side of the ring. Looking for the clothesline, but Xiao ducked low, hit the ropes and avoided a second clothesline, this time rolling under the outstretched arm.

She came to a stop, and fired off one nasty looking uppercut that twisted Luxx around from the impact. Again she went with the waist and the german suplex, but Luxx flailed about and tried to hit her again only this time Xiao bent backward, bridging them into a german german suplex!



Luxx kicked her legs up and got her body to roll/topple to the side. Xiao was a bit shocked but wasted little time, going to the ropes and coming back with a flat dropkick that knocked Luxx the remainder of the length of the ring to the ropes where she rolled out to the floor.

Xiao rushed the ropes for some form of dive however Luxx popped back on the apron and met her there on the apron and instead Xiao went to show her strength grabbing at Luxx to haul her back in the ring. Lady Luxx fought back with a high kick to the neck, and with her rattled to gather herself, Luxx leaped up on the top rope and came flying with a tornado DDT!



Luxx felt the fire from the fans and within her, and headed up to the top of the nearest corner. She crouched and waited for her opponent to get back to her feet and soon as she did she let fly with a missile drop kick that knocked her into the corner. The All American Girl, tonight repping Dubai and the UAE, rushed the corner with a leading knee that knocked Xiao up a peg, buckle as it were.

A wild left hand across the chest, followed by two rapid kicks to the thighs, and Luxx hooked her head under her arm, pulling up as she mounted the second buckle, and then the third, looking for that Tornado DDT once more! However Xiao shoved her off, waiting until she spun around and caught her with a body splash.

Keeping her own momentum she kept hold of Luxx, rolling them to her feet again, and spun around before slamming her down with a bodyslam. Xiao maneuvered around and locked her heels together, before wrapping her own leg around and dropping flat on her back, taking them with her. Your leg’s not meant to bend that direction and although her body made up for it, the force was still applied. So much so she repeated the move, not once but twice.

Taking the legs out of the occasion, meant keeping her grounded. A place that Xiao excelled at. She rolled out of the ring, grabbing the heel of her left leg and pulled Luxx out under the ropes halfway. Extended out, she drove an elbow into the side of the calf then snapped it back into the ring apron. She did this a second time and went for a third however Luxx managed to roll away, clutching at her leg.

Laughing, Xiao rolled back in the ring and kicked her flat in the face. Shoulders to the mat. Brack did his job.




Nah. Luxx shot her legs up and kicked out. But boy did it hurt! Clutching again at the leg she she started smacking the feeling in or perhaps out of it. Either way she wanted that wheel back. She avoided a charging Xiao, ducking under her arm, and swept around with a wheel kick that connected.

She hobbled back to the corner, resting on the second buckle and rubbing at her leg. She nearly missed Xiao charging at her, but did and slipped herself out of the ring through the ropes and Xiao crashed and burned in the corner. Luxx ducked back in and grabbed her from behind, rolling her up for a pin.


Xiao rolled them and had Luxx down.


Only to get tumbled around head over heels and once more on the mat.



Xiao kicked out. Luxx pulled her to her feet and whipped her across the ring, going for a spinning heel kick but Xiao dropped low, sweeping her leg out from under her and rolling her up for another pin!


But she pulled her back off the mat, clutching her and drove her back down this time with a variation of a one-armed powerbomb.


And raised her a second time, vaulting her up in the air and watching as she crashed down to the mat face first. Xiao grabbed her spread out arm and pulled her to her feet, then finished things off with her signature inverted stomp facebreaker. 

She didn’t let her fall tho! Instead pulled her up on her shoulders in the torture rack. Luxx fired back with several elbows and knees to either side of her head. She was released to her feet, grabbed Xiao and followed up with a standing moonsault sideslam. A new maneuver in her arsenal that she transitioned into wrenching the arm, turning Xiao over on her chest, and dropped her knees down into the spine.

With the arm trapped firmly she had locked in the submission hold that won her so many matches before. Lucky!

Xiao struggled but with the ropes out of reach, she couldn’t mount the comeback and started smacking the mat.

Lady Luxx was the victor in her returning match.
A truly sweet night for her as her own comeback had started.



“Coming up next, we have one of the most important matches tonight that will have major implications on the main event of Legacy later this year!” Melissa Vanderart said. “Ever since making his shocking return at 25 To Life, Brock Newbludd has been the target of former nbW Blitzkrieg and Infamy Champion “Bounty Hunter” Benjamin Jones!”

“Melissa, Brock has been beaten to hell since he eliminated Benjamin Jones from that match!” C.G. Gains added. “He has laid out Brock THREE times in the lead-up to this match, including pinning him in a six-man tag! Jones has proved that no matter how Brock comes at him, The Bounty Hunter has just straight-up had his number.”

“But what remains to be seen is tonight,” Melissa countered. “Jones touts a very successful record against former World Champions – FIVE to be exact. He holds victories over Spike Saunders, Vic Gravender, Travis Martinez aka Judasbleek, Ali Amore, and “Superstar” Vince Jacobs! The only thing he has left to do instead of just beating former champions is to BE the nbW World Champion and all of the fanfare and paydays that come with it!”

“The paycheck is all that matters to Jones! Brock is too busy pandering to people and didn’t have to put up his Legacy main event slot on the line! Jones has nothing to lose and everything to gain! He’s beaten Brock before and now we’re gonna watch The Bounty Hunter take his rightful place during the main event of Legacy!”

“Coming up next, for the right to be in the main event of Legacy… “The Innovator” Brock Newbludd” takes on “The Bounty Hunter” Benjamin Jones… NEXT!”

And to the ring we go for the introductions.

“The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the 25 To Life rights to the main event of Legacy!” Ring announcer Brent Williams bellowed out before suddenly having his microphone unexpectedly cut out.

“May I have your attention, please?!”
A voice called out and the crowd booed! The business manager and girlfriend of the former nbW Blitzkrieg and Infamy Champion appeared! Dina St. James walked out first. She strutted her stuff in a silky blouse and a tight black skirt, turning around to let the fans get a good glimpse of her before she turned to face the crowd. 
“Save your ticket stubs, ladies and gentlemen, for you are about to witness history!” Dina shouted. “Tonight, you will not only watch the rise of the greatest two-sport athlete that wrestling has ever seen, you will also be a part of history! The day that my client takes his spot atop the nbW throne that rightfully belongs to him!
Even LOUDER jeers from the fans as Jones continued.
“Allow me to introduce to you a man that goes by many names… The Knockout King of Kings! The Greatest Thing You’ve Ever Seen In The Ring! The man that concusses with kicks and pulverizes with punches! Your future Legacy main eventer and future nbW World Heavyweight Champion… please welcome standing at 240 pounds… BENJAMIN JONES!
“Genesis” by Justice.

One by one as the music played. The members of his group, Club KO, were out basking in the jeers of the crowd.

Deke, Smitty, Mateo and Chris! The four trusted cornermen came out, talking to the (hopeful) Legacy main eventer as he walked out. Wearing his signature golden-hued robe was none other than the former nbW Blitzkrieg and Infamy Champion, Benjamin Jones! The crowd BOOED as Jones kissed St. James and then headed to the ring with his business manager in tow.

With the entire entourage surrounding him, Jones basked in the reaction of the crowd and climbed up the ropes. He held out his arms at the ring and let Deke and Mateo get his robe off. Chris handed him a bottle of water and Smitty gave him his golden-hued mouthguard. Jones smiled and then confidently walked into the ring. Perhaps one of nbW’s most talented all-round wrestlers to have never won the nbW World Heavyweight Championship, Jones had the chance to change all that tonight against a man he admittedly had the number of in the lead-up to this match.

Speaking of that man…

“Mouth for War” by Pantera

Walking out onto the Scorched stage with his girlfriend Sally Renolds in tow, 25 to Life winner Brock Newbludd received a thunderous ovation from the crowd. Stopping at the top of the ramp, Newbludd slowly scanned the arena before raising a fist over his head as red pyro shot off on each side of him.

“And his opponent! From Milwaukee, Wisconsin...weighing in at 232 pounds… ‘THE INNOVATOR...BROCK NEWBLUDD!” Williams announced over the cheering crowd as Brock made his way down the concrete ramp.

Sliding underneath the ropes, Brock hopped up and quickly ascended a turnbuckle to raise his arms out to the crowd. In the opposite corner, Jones talked last minute strategy with his cornermen before ordering them out of the ring to join Dina on the floor.

Hopping down to the mat, Newbludd locked eyes with Jones and the Bounty Hunter smirked at him in return.

“Your ass is mine, boy! And so is that world title shot!” Jones yelled across the ring to his opponent, which caused Newbludd fire right back.

“You want my title shot!?” Brock yelled back. “Then come and take it from me, you sonuvabitch!”

Brock then took his gaze from Jones and fixed it on the man standing in the middle of the ring, referee Tal Nedrick.

“Ring that damn bell, Tal!” Brock ordered before looking back to Jones.

“Let’s do this, Jones! Let’s see what kind of hunter you really are!”

Quickly glancing from Newbludd to Jones, Tal did as he was told and called for the match to start!


With Nedrick calling for the bell, the Dubai crowd let out an anticipatory roar as the two men circled each other with their eyes locked. In one corner, Club KO mirrored a hungry pack of wolves as they slapped the mat to urge their alpha to rip his prey to shreds, while across from them in the opposite corner an anxious Sally paced back and forth as she kept her eyes glued to the ring.

Newbludd waved his arms to turn up the juice on the already electric crowd, causing Jones to smirk at him arrogantly in return before closing the gap between the two by taking an ultra quick step towards Brock and ROCKING him with a sharp right hook!

The powerful blow was done with surgical precision from the highly skilled striker and a stunned Brock stumbled backwards as he grabbed his jaw. Spreading his arms wide, Jones flashed that same arrogant smirk to his applauding entourage, clearly not bothered from the boos raining down on him. The Bounty Hunter cared little for what people thought about his methods in the ring, because he would do whatever he had to do to get that big payday that he desired so badly and he had never been closer to fulfilling that desire.

The only thing standing in his way was Brock Newbludd.

With Newbludd slightly bent over still holding his jaw in front of him, Jones now intended to eliminate this one finally obstacle and took a step towards Brock to grab him, when suddenly Newbludd lashed out with a over the top haymaker that SMOKED Jones right above the nose!

With the crowd cheering at him getting a taste of his own medicine, Benjamin nearly fell over from the impact of the wild, yet effective, punch, and he just might have if Newbludd hadn’t have instantly charged in, locking him up for a collar and elbow.

Crashing into Jones for the tie up, Newbludd had momentum on his side and pumped his legs to push the reeling Benjamin into the far side corner away from Club KO. Throwing a knee into the Bounty Hunter’s gut, Newbludd broke the tie up and quickly followed up by smacking him across the chest with a series of knife edge chops that made the crowd “WOO” in approval with each impact.

Finishing the flurry of chops, Newbludd then grabbed the dazed Jones by the ears as he jumped up to the second ropes and bounced up to come crashing back down with a hard hitting headbutt!

Grabbing the second rope as he got low, Brock reared back and kept pouring on the offense by driving his shoulder into Jones midsection. Repeating the maneuver for a second time, the fired up 25 to Life winner delivered another hard chop before backpedaling a few steps and charging in for another shoulder thrust…

Blocked by Jones!

While Newbludd had undoubtedly been the aggressor since the Bounty Hunter’s initial brain jarring punch, the barrage of offense wasn’t enough to take away Jones’ great ring awareness. The few short seconds it took for Newbludd to backpedal for the big shoulder was just enough time for Jones to recover slightly and get one of his notoriously deadly knees up just in time for it to connect squarely with Brock’s head.

Hitting Jones’ hard knee instead of slightly softer stomach caused Newbludd’s knees to buckle and for the second time in the early moments of the match he found himself stumbling backwards holding his head.

Seeing his opponent vulnerable as stumbled away from him, Jones composed himself and burst out of the corner to take Brock down to the mat with a picture perfect Double Leg Takedown. From there the Bounty Hunter grabbed one of the Innovator’s legs and fell backwards down to the mat…


Jones had his signature Heel Hook locked in!

But just as soon as his back hit the mat to fully cinch in the hold, Brock made it apparent that he had done his homework on his opponent’s submission skills as he quickly rolled onto his stomach and used his free leg to Mule Kick the Bounty Hunter in the face, forcing him to break the hold!

Rolling away to sit up on his knees. Jones looked to be more shocked by Newbludd’s ability to get out of the hold so efficiently rather than taking the kick itself and the angered Bounty Hunter quickly clambered to his feet.

But Brock wasn’t done surprising the Bounty Hunter as he suddenly performed a quick kip up and knocked Jones down to the mat with a beautiful Standing Dropkick!

Hitting the mat, the now furious Bounty Hunter copied Brock by doing a kip up of his own only to receive another Dropkick from Newbludd who had beat him to his feet with a second kip up!

The second dropkick from Newbludd was right on target, and this time Benjamin didn’t jump back up. Instead, he laid on the mat for a brief moment and held his head in obvious pain before slowly starting to rise up. Meanwhile, Brock drew a loud ovation from the crowd by performing his third straight kip up to beat Jones to his feet again!

Seeing Jones still struggling to his feet Newbludd acted fast by sprinting to the ropes and hopping over the top one to land on the apron. With both hands gripping the top rope, Newbludd waited for Jones to get fully upright and just as Benjamin began to turn to face him, Brock jumped up…

Spingboard Meteora!


While his superior striking ability and quickness were what he was known for, Jones was also a decorated veteran of the squared circle who had excellent ring awareness. Which is why Brock hit nothing but air as Benjamin was able to fall prone onto the mat at the last second, causing Newbludd to soar over top of him with the attempted double knee drop.

Luckily for Brock, a Meteora was a relatively easy move to adjust for a soft impact after missing and he immediately used his momentum to do a forward roll upon landing. Rising to his feet near the ropes, Newbludd turned around to face his opponent and was greeted to Benjamin’s foot speeding towards him!

Hook Kick!

The hard hitting MMA style kick nailed Brock squarely in the chest, causing him to backpedal into the ropes. Seeing that he had Newbludd dazed, the agile Jones charged in again, looking to send Brock up and over with a Running Forearm…

Reversed! Brock was able to get low and Back Body Drop the Bounty Hunter over him!

But Jones displayed his ring awareness once again by grabbing the top rope as he sailed over Newbludd while he twisted himself in midair, and in the blink of an eye, he was now standing directly behind Brock on the ring apron!

Sensing that something was awry, Brock threw a wild elbow backwards and Jones leaned back to avoid it. Repeating the attack to only miss again, Brock then spun around to face his opponent and was rewarded with a STIFF Forearm for his effort!

Dazed again, Brock simply tried to back away to create distance between himself and Jones, but the Bounty Hunter was not going to let him get away from him as he reached over the top rope to wrap Brock up with a Bearhug!

A vicious headbutt snapped Newbludd’s head back, but that was the least of his concerns when suddenly his feet left the ground!

Spreading his feet and getting low to use every ounce of strength he had in him, Benjamin picked Brock up and began to pull him over the top rope! Then, in a sudden surge of energy, Jones let out a roar as he tightened his grip and leapt off with Newbludd in his arms down to the floor…



Hitting the ground with the full weight of Jones on top of him, Brock landed with a loud THUD onto the matting that encompassed the ring. Wriggling his arms free from underneath Newbludd, Benjamin slowly rolled off of him and held them up as he winced in pain. While there was no doubt that the risky move he had just hit Brock with had done the job in hurting Newbludd, it was apparent that it had taken a little out of Jones as well.

With both men laying on the outside, Referee Nedrick threw his fingers above his head to start the count.


Rolling over onto his stomach and propping himself up, Jones took a deep breath and looked over to see Brock was still lying flat on his back.


Members of Club KO had now worked their way around the ring to cheer on Jones, but they kept their distance after a warning from Tal.


Pulling himself up to his feet, Jones looked down to see that Brock was beginning to stir, causing him to give Brock an arrogant kick in the ribs that made a loud SMACK. The blow drew cheers from his entourage and thunderous boos from the crowd.


Though, taking the kick in the ribs did seem to liven up Brock a bit as he began to crawl away from Jones.


Seeing Brock crawling away from him at his knees, Jones pointed down to him.

“Look at this pathetic chump!” Jones yelled out drawing another way of jeers. “Runnin’ away cause’ he knows he ain’t got what it takes to beat me!”

With the arrogant Jones slowly stalking him, Brock reached up and grabbed the ring apron to slowly pull himself up. While he succeeded on getting vertical, he instantly received a knee to the gut from the Bounty Hunter as soon as he did.


Grabbing Brock, Jones promptly rolled him back into the ring and quickly followed, stopping Tal’s count.

Popping up to his feet, Jones made his way over and lifted Brock up by an arm before Irish Whipping him HARD into the nearest corner, causing Newbludd to crash into the turnbuckles sternum first!

Stumbling backwards right into the waiting arms of Jones, Brock then found himself being sent across the ring to the opposite corner with another Irish Whip to crash back first into those turnbuckles.

With his arms slung over the top rope to prop himself up, Brock looked completely out of it as he struggled to catch his breath from having his torso pummeled by the big time Belly to Belly, rib kick, and subsequent Irish Whips. It was clear to see that Jones thought he had found a weak point in Newbludd and was trying to make the most of it by focusing in on the Innovator’s chest.

Can’t wrestle if you can’t breathe.

Now having Newbludd stood up in the corner, Jones sprinted across the ring towards him and leapt into the air as he closed in on Brock…

Shotgun Dropkick-MISSED!

Flying through the air, Jones intentions were to kick all the air out of Newbludd’s lungs with the Dropkick, but at the last second Brock simply fell down to a seated position and Benjamin’s feet jarringly hit the top turnbuckle instead!

Falling hard onto his back, Jones immediately grabbed both of his legs as pain shot through them, no doubt the repercussions of having his fully extended legs jam into the hard turnbuckle.

Still sitting in the corner only a few feet away from him, Brock continued to take deep breaths trying to get his air back and it looked like it was slowly returning with each breath looking easier than the previous. Having regained some composure from the time his evasion had granted him, Newbludd grabbed the top rope to pull himself up and walked over to stand at Jones’ feet.

Immediately Brock sent his boot down onto Benjamin’s legs, first one then the other and the pained expression that crossed the Bounty Hunter’s face indicated that now Newbludd had found the first weak spot on his opponent in this still very young match. Another series of stomps to each of Benjamin’s legs confirmed this when the pained Bounty Hunter attempted to scramble away from Newbludd.

This would have been the perfect opportunity for Newbludd to return Benjamin’s gloating from moments ago when he was crawling away from the attacking Jones, but Brock decided that his actions would have to speak louder than his words and grabbed Benjamin by the legs to stop his retreat.

Hooking both of Benjamin’s’ legs under each arm, Newbludd then sent a big stomp down to the Bounty Hunter’s gut as he lined his back up with the corner before falling backwards…

Catapult into the turnbuckle!

The combination of hitting the top turnbuckle face first along with his still weakened legs caused Jones to awkwardly stumble out of the corner, while Brock rolled to the ropes and quickly pulled himself up. Not wasting a breath, Brock bounced back first off the ropes and charged in at Jones to hit him with a series of rapid forearms that pushed Jones into the ropes!

With Jones against the ropes and the crowd cheering wildly, Newbludd got low and gave the prolific striker a taste of his own medicine with piston like body shots before taking a quick step away from Jones…

And Superkicking him over the top rope!

Backflipping over the top rope, Jones hit the ground in a heap before rolling over onto his back as he held his head in pain, while inside the ring Newbludd made his way over to the corner and climbed up.

Rising up to stand on the top turnbuckle, Newbludd threw a fist over his head and the buzzing crowd responded.


Lowering his fist, Brock zeroed in on Jones and leapt off!


With flash bulbs illuminating the background behind him, Brock soared down towards Jones and planted his elbow right in the middle of his chest!

Now with both men laying next to each other on the outside, Tal started his count for the second time in the match, while both Club KO and Sally both slowly made their way around opposite ends of the ring to survey the aftermath of Brock’s high risk move.

Laying next to the Jones, Newbludd was the first to move as he rolled over onto his side and put a hand on his hip which was no doubt sore from the impact of hitting the outside floor. Hearing Nedrick yelling out his count, which was now at four, Brock slowly made his way to his feet while Jones still laid sprawled out on the ground.

Looking down at the man who wanted more than anything to take away his chance at becoming NBW World Heavyweight Champion, a chance that he had rightly earned by surviving the 25 to Life match, Brock sneered in disdain at him and rolled into the ring to break Nedrick’s count before quickly rolling back out to the floor.

Grabbing Jones and yanking him up, Brock set Jones up and proceeded to send him back down with a lightning fast Snap Suplex!

Smacking hard on the thin matting, Jones landed close to the ringpost that his entourage had made temporary camp around and the entire group let out a collective gasp from the impact. Pushing aside the other members of the group, the Bounty Hunter’s notoriously devious manager (and girlfriend) Dina St. James knelt beside her man and started lightly slapping him on the cheek in attempt to wake him up and get him back into the fight.

Newbludd meanwhile labored back up to his feet before rolling back in and out of the ring to reset Nedrick’s count for a second time. Seeing Dina knelt down next to Jones, Brock looked over to Sally as he jokingly nodded his head towards the two which prompted her to roll her eyes at him. There was no way she was going to confront Dina with a formidable pack of hyenas like Club KO standing right behind her.

Dina’s light slaps seemed to have done the trick, as Jones shook his head and started to prop himself up on his elbows. Seeing Jones begin to stir caused Newbludd’s eyes to light up, causing him to once again roll back in and out of the ring to reset Tal. Back on the floor, Newbludd bent down to unfasten one of his kneepads and then proceeded to throw it out into the crowd.

With the crowd starting to buzz in anticipation, Newbludd slapped his knee as he lowered into a crouch and it was clear what he intended to do.

He was going to hit Jones with his own deadly maneuver, the deadly knee strike that Jones delivered to kick start this feud on Slam 91.

The One Hitter Quitter!

Staying low, Brock anxiously waited for Jones to get to a seated position, and when he did, Newbludd sprinted towards the Bounty Hunter with reckless abandon. Still crouched next to her client, Dina looked up to see Newbludd coming in fast and in a moment of desperation she jumped ahead to create a roadblock to protect Jones!

Spreading her feet, Dina closed her eyes and hoped for the best with Newbludd bearing down on her, and she only opened her eyes when she heard the crowd EXPLODE in cheers! 

Quickly looking down, Dina only caught a glimpse of Brock sliding between her legs before she turned around to see him NAIL Jones with a Baseball Slide Dropkick!

Rising to his feet to stand over Jones, a fired up Newbludd pumped his fist into the air to the crowd before pointing a finger at the shocked Dina and motioning for her to get the hell away from him. Dina’s initial surprise turned into anger, glaring at Newbludd as she quickly made her way around him to rejoin the rest of Club KO who now looked ready to pounce and take out Newbludd to help even things out for Jones.

Sensing this, Brock dropped a knee directly into Jones chest and stayed there as he spread his arms wide to mock them, which caused Smitty to take a step forward but Dina grabbed his shirt to stop him. She still had faith in her man being able to take care of business, and would only unleash Club KO unless she absolutely had to.


Nedrick’s voice cut through the air, causing Newbludd to snap back to the task at hand. Still having his knee planted on Jones’ chest, Brock fired a quick jab to the Bounty Hunter’s face before rising up and rolling back into the ring to break Tal’s count for a third time. By doing that, it was clear that the 25 to Life winner wasn’t going to let this match end with a countout.

Win or lose, Newbludd would decide his fate in the ring.

Back on the floor, Brock reached down and hoisted the still groggy Jones back up by an arm. Still holding that arm, Newbludd then reared back and sent the Bounty Hunter flying into the ringpost!

Smashing into the post, Jones arched his back in pain and was immediately sent into it again courtesy of a Standing Dropkick from Brock!

Slowly Jones slumped down to a seated position with his back against the ring post as Newbludd rose back up to his feet. Glancing at the momentarily incapacitated Jones, Brock then made his way over to the side of the ring, crouched low, and began rolling up a section of the matting to expose the concrete that was underneath!

Seeing that Newbludd had turned his back to remove the thin matting, Dina looked at Deke, one of Jones cornermen, and hastily issued him some orders. Nodding his head, the smallest (and quickest) member of Club KO immediately sprung into action by rushing over to the dazed Jones and crouching down next to him.

Digging into his front pocket, Deke quickly produced a small white pouch and shoved it underneath Benjamin’s nose. Considering the situation, and how desperate Dina was to ensure Benjamin won, the small white pouch could have been only one thing.

Smelling salts.

Instantly the Bounty Hunter’s eyes widened from the ammonia stimulating his nervous system and he shot up to his feet, while Deke rushed back to join the rest of Club KO with a satisfied grin on his face. Dina returned his grin and clapped him on the shoulder for a job well done.

Now looking fresh as a daisy, Jones let out a hellacious battle roar and charged towards Newbludd who had just finished removing the matting.

While the smelling salts had done the trick in getting Jones back in the fight, the adrenaline now pumping through him had also caused the Bounty Hunter to rush his attack and telegraph the lariat he intended to decapitate Newbludd with.

Turning around as Jones came at him like a missile, Brock saw the Bounty Hunter raise his arm up and he grabbed ahold of it while at the same time rotating his torso…



The crowd let out a collective gasp from the sound of Benjamin’s flesh impacting the unforgiving cement, before they exploded into cheers for Newbludd who had somehow managed to keep the match’s momentum in his favor.


Once again the two men were cutting it close with Nedrick, who yelled down to the just getting up Brock to get back in the ring, and Newbludd obliged the referee but not before picking Jones up and rolling him underneath the bottom rope.

Finally the two men were back in the ring after taking their second trip to the lawless land of the outside, but unlike the last time they reentered, Brock was the one in the driver’s seat and Jones’ was the one in trouble.

With Benjamin was still down in front of him, Newbludd picked him up by the head and promptly flipped him towards the nearest corner with a crisp Snapmare, before leaping over him to hop back up onto the top rope.

Signaling the crowd, Brock set his sights on the target below him and leapt off to nail Jones with another Flying Elbow…

Plummeting down to Jones, Brock threw his elbow up, while in the same instant Benjamin came to, rolled onto his knees and lunged upwards to impressively grab Brock’s elbow!

Maybe it was the smelling salts, or maybe it was the Bounty Hunter’s will to win, that brought him back from the brink. Either way, Jones now firmly had ahold of Newbludd’s arm and when Brock hit the mat Benjamin rolled with the momentum. When the two finally came to a stop, Brock screamed out in pain!


Jones had his signature Kimura Armbar fully locked in!

There were many reasons why Jones had beaten five former world champions in his decorated career, and his deadly armbar was one of them. Now he had the man who was his ticket to Legacy locked in on the mat. It was only a matter of seconds now and Newbludd would be forced to tap or risk having his arm snapped.

That surely would have been the case too, if not for the fact that when Jones snatched Newbludd’s arm out of the air in dramatic fashion to apply the Kimura the two men had rolled closer to the ropes and not towards the center of the ring.

Gritting his teeth in pain as Nedrick stood over him, Newbludd valiantly reached for the ropes only to find that he couldn't reach them! He was only an inch away and couldn’t reach any further!

Sensing that Brock was trying to get to the ropes, Jones kept the pressure on as the crowd began to roar loudly, urging Brock to find someway to escape. Giving up on trying for them with his hand, Newbludd let it lie limp, causing Tal to get down on his hands and knees to check on the Innovator’s condition. There was no way Brock could stave off the pain for much longer, maybe seconds.

Then in one last desperate surge, Newbludd let out a scream that was part agony and part rage before reaching out again in a last ditch effort…

And he was able to BARELY hook the rope with his middle finger!

Instantly the crowd exploded in cheers as Nedrick ordered Jones to break the hold, and a shocked Jones couldn’t believe it!

Not even bothering with milking the hold for the extra four seconds he would have been allotted to deal as much damage as he could, the frustrated Jones let go of Brock’s arm and did a backwards roll to get back onto his feet, while the now freed Brock used his good arm to begin to pull himself up with the ropes.

Despite having his biggest opportunity thus far to put Newbludd away squandered, Jones had effectively turned the tide of the match back in his favor, and with Brock still pulling himself up the Bounty Hunter rushed in. Grabbing Brock by the same arm he was just wrenching on, Jones roughly yanked Brock towards him and sent a stiff knee into Newbludd’s gut before picking up one of his legs as he lifted Brock up.

To send him flying across the ring with a perfectly executed T-BONE SUPLEX!
Newbludd crashed landed smack dab in the middle of the mat, and Jones wasted no time in jumping down to go attempt the first pin of the match!




Brock managed to get a shoulder up before Nedrick’s hand could hit the mat a third time, and the crowd let out another ovation for the 25 to Life winner, but those cheers instantly morphed into boos when the angered Jones hopped on top of Brock and began pummeling him with alternating Hammer Fists!

Newbludd tried his best to fend off the MMA inspired punches, but was at a serious disadvantage against the expert striker delivering them and more fists were slipping through to crack him in the face than were being deflected. With his warnings about repeated closed fists being ignored by the bloodthirsty Bounty Hunter, referee Nedrick started the count for Jones to get off of Newbludd, and this time around Jones wasn’t going to stop until he absolutely had to.

Continuing with the barrage, Jones grew a vicious grin across his face when he saw blood start to trickle from a cut above Brock’s eye. Hearing Nedrick hit three, Jones reared as far back as he could with his left fist to finish his onslaught off a bang.

But before he could deliver the blow a desperate jab from the now bloodied Newbludd caught him in the jaw. The weak blow really did nothing to hurt Jones, but it was enough to distract him for a split second and Newbludd took advantage of the lapse by reaching upwards to pull Benjamin’s head towards him with both of his arms to deliver a headbutt!

The headbutt did the trick in stunning Jones properly, and Brock reached up again to pull Benjamin’s head close but this time as he did he wriggled his leg up and crossed it over to trap one the Bounty Hunter’s arms underneath it…


Locking Jones into a GOGOPLATA!

Still pulling Benjamin’s head towards him, Newbludd began to choke his enemy with the submission that was known in some circles as Hell’s Gate and Jones did his damndest to escape the hold but Brock’s grip was like a vise and he wasn’t letting go!

Another roar swelled from the crowd as Brock gritted his teeth and pulled with all his might. Nedrick immediately dropped down to check on Jones, who started to hammer Brock in the ribs with his free hand in attempt to break free.

Suddenly Jones stopped striking and the crowd now was in a frenzy as it appeared as if Jones was fading, Newbludd was going to go on to the Legacy main event!

Or maybe not.

Raising his free hand up one more time and brought it down again towards Newbludd’s ribs but this time he didn’t punch Brock, he jammed it underneath the Innovator’s back. Then, in an INCREDIBLE, showing of strength he lifted Newbludd up into the air and ran towards the nearest corner!


Newbludd didn’t let go!

Even though Jones had slammed Brock into the top turnbuckle with authority, causing Brock to yell out in pain, the impressive maneuver didn’t break the submission and Newbludd fell back down to the mat still holding Jones!

Brock looked to be stunned from hitting the turnbuckle and then the mat, but he unrelented from squeezing down on the submission, and it had looked like that Jones impressive counter was all for naught.

That is until he lifted Newbludd up again, slammed him into the turnbuckle for a second time and then dropping him onto the top rope to crotch the Innovator!

Having the top rope jam right up into his grapefruits, Newbludd was forced to release Jones and now found himself straddling the top rope with a pained look etched across his face. Right next to him, Jones was down on all fours gulping for air with his head hung low. While Brock’s submission had no doubt taken it’s toll on the Bounty Hunter, he seemed to be recovering with each breath he took, and it was becoming very clear that Jones’ reputation as one of the toughest competitors in NBW history was well deserved.

Glancing up to see his opponent still straddling the ropes right above him, Jones then reaffirmed that point by suddenly lunging upwards like he was shot out of a cannon…

To send Brock flying to the outside with a HUGE EUROPEAN UPPERCUT!

Crashing down to land hard on the outside right at the feet of Club KO, Brock rolled on the ground as he held his back in pain and the Bounty Hunter’s entourage wasted no time in surrounding him to talk trash down to him!


The crowd was absolutely livid from Club KO’s shit talking, and Dina responded to the audience’s reaction by striking her best pose and blowing them a kiss that dripped with condescending arrogance. Standing only a few feet away, the outnumbered Sally could only watch with anger as Dina repeated the gesture to her.

Dropping down to the mat to roll out of the ring, Benjamin then put his hands on his hips and took one more big breath. Looking refocused, Jones walked with a slight limp (no doubt from dropkicking the turnbuckle earlier) over to the small crowd and ordered his entourage out of the way to create some space. Following their bosses orders, Club KO backed away as they continued taunting the still down Newbludd.

Grabbing Brock to pick him up, Jones fired a series of hard knees into Brock’s midsection before grabbing the dazed Innovator by the arm and Irish Whipping him into the concrete barricade!

Kudos to Jones for using the Scorched environment to his advantage. On any other night, the standard padded barricades would have been what stopped Brock’s momentum, but tonight they were made out of solid concrete which made Brock’s sudden stop as he hit them back first that much more painful.

With his arms slung over the top of the concrete wall to hold himself up, Brock looked to be taking a walk down dream street as his crystal blue eyes stared blankly ahead to contrasting brightly against his bloodied face.

Growing a wicked smile, the Bounty Hunter slowly began to backpedal away from his prey before coming to a stop just as Nedrick hit “fiver” on the count. Then he turned his gaze to Dina and he slapped his knee hard, causing her to break out in applause. She knew what her man was planning, and the giddy look spread across her face could mean only one thing...it was time to finish Brock off with the deadliest knee strike in the game.


Jones charged in towards Newbludd, and Sally quickly looked away, not wanting to see the end result of Benjamin’s knee crushing her man’s face.

Only a few steps away, Jones leapt into the air as he brought his knee up, and suddenly that wicked grin was wiped off his face when Brock turned sideways and brought his leg up…


Flying through the air, Jones had no time to even get a hand up as Newbludd’s desperation superkick hit him squarely in the jaw! Rotating backwards from the impact, Jones landed hard onto his belly at Newbludd’s feet!


Hearing the crowd chant his name, and glancing over to see Sally nearly in tears from seeing him avoid certain disaster was like a shot of adrenaline straight to Newbludd’s fighting heart! Still leaning against the barricade, Newbludd wiped some of the blood off of his face with his forearm before standing straight to deliver a hard kick to Benjamin’s ribs!


Another kick from Newbludd was halted prematurely by Nedrick’s voice, and instinctively Brock staggered towards the ring to roll back in the ring…

And roll out again!


Seeing that Newbludd had left Jones laid out on the ground to break the count, Dina instantly snapped into action and took advantage of the small window by ordering Club KO to go help Benjamin back up to his feet!

Just hitting his feet on the outside, Brock caught a glimpse of Deke sticking another smelling salt underneath Benjamin’s nose as two other Club KO members, Smitty and Mateo, held Jones up. Sick of the entourage and their continued assistance of Jones, Brock crawled back up ring apron and ran along it to climb up to the top turnbuckle.

Not wasting anytime to balance himself, Brock kept his forward momentum going and leapt off!


Spreading out as far as he could in mid air, Newbludd then crashed into Jones and his four cornermen to send them all down to the ground!

Having his fall broken by the now laid out Club Ko, Brock was the first one up and immediately picked through the human wreckage to find Jones. Grabbing Benjamin by the head, Brock picked him up and began to walk him towards the ring when suddenly the crafty Bounty Hunter dropped to his knees…


For the second time in the match Jones had taken the low road to turn things back in his favor, and from the intense look he had in his eyes, for the second time smelling salts may have had a hand in regaining the momentum as well.

With Brock stumbling in front of him holding his groin, Jones rose up to his feet and locked Brock into a Half and Half hold!

Having Brock trapped in a combo Half Nelson/Hammerlock, Jones pumped his legs and pushed forward to smash Newbludd into the ringpost! But Jones wasn’t done just yet, as he maintained the hold to repeat the maneuver before guiding himself and Newbludd to the side of the ring where the exposed concrete flooring was.

Tightening his grip, Jones grinned at the sight of the hard floor before squatting low to pop his hips…



Smacking stomach first onto the concrete, Newbludd was now laying motionless on the ground and on the opposite side of the ring Sally had broken down to tears at the sight of him getting crushed by Jones.

Having judged the distance of the suplex perfectly so he would land on the matting, Jones slowly pulled himself up to his feet and spread his arms wide to bask in his glory. This time, the crowd did not give him the usual reception of jeers as they sat in hushed silence.

Since his arrival in NBW, Newbludd’s ‘never say die’ resiliency had been one of the main factors in him capturing the people’s hearts so dramatically. But there were limits to every man’s toughness and after taking that vicious suplex it appeared as if Brock had finally hit his.

Sensing the concern that hung in the air, Jones managed to let out an arrogant laugh as he quickly hobbled over to pick Newbludd’s limp body up and roll him into the ring before entering himself.

Using the ropes to pull himself up, Jones promptly grabbed Brock by an arm and began to drag him towards the center of the ring. Reaching the heart of the squared circle, the still grinning Bounty Hunter slowly dropped to his knees before hooking Newbludd by the leg with entire arena still held in a silent trance.


Nedrick’s hand hitting the mat made a booming echo that reverberated throughout the quiet arena.



Somehow Newbludd managed to get one of his shoulders up at the very last second, which caused the crowd to snap out of their collective depression and roar loudly in celebration of their guy being able to hang on.

Jones could not believe it!

Staring out to the crowd with wide eyes, Jones then narrowed his gaze and glared up to Nedrick, who looked as shocked as Jones as he emphatically put two fingers up.

Rolling his eyes at the ref, Jones stood up and looked down to Newbludd before turning his attention to Sally who was frantically slapping her hand on the mat in an attempt to put some life back into her man.

“Lock that shit up, woman!” Jones yelled down to her. “And watch me break your pathetic boyfriend’s leg!”

Sally didn’t even bother to acknowledge Jones. Her focus was entirely on Brock as she continued to slap the mat and soon enough the crowd joined in, stomping their feet in rhythm with her.


Jones shook his head at Reynolds, and refocused back on Newbludd to see that he was starting to slowly crawl towards the ropes and away from the Bounty Hunter!

Growling at the stubborn Innovator, Jones stalked after Newbludd and grabbed him by one leg…


NO! Newbludd instinctively kicked Benjamin away with his free leg!

Frustrated by Newbludd’s stubbornness, Jones rolled his neck and went back in to grab Newbludd again. Latching on to Brock’s leg again, Jones easily deflected the counter kick this time and forcibly yanked Newbludd towards him to lock in his signature heel hold.

Brock tried kicking away again and Jones once again pulled him closer, but this time when he got yanked in Newbludd reached up to grab Benjamin by the back of the head…





Newbludd almost stole the match with the quick pin, and Jones slammed both fists into the mat in anger after kicking out before scrambling back up to his feet.

Reaching down and picking up Brock, Jones then proceeded to slam Newbludd’s head under his arm for either a DDT or Suplex, but would get no further with his plan when Brock managed to land a kidney punch!

Letting go of Brock as he grabbed his lower back, Jones then received another surprise from the scrappy Newbludd in the form of swift jab to the nose that was followed up with a wild, looping haymaker that nearly knocked Benjamin off his feet!

Brock was a brawler in every sense of the word and showed it by stepping in to drive his bloodied head right under Benjamin’s chin with a sloppy but effective head butt. While he lacked the high level training in various striking styles that his counterpart had, his haymakers and headbutts hit just as hard as any one of Benjamin’s elaborate kicks.

Wobbling slightly with every strike he threw, it was obvious that Newbludd was still feeling the effects of being suplexed on the floor but still he unrelented in swinging away at Jones, who was still backpedaling away with his defenses up as Brock bull rushed him.

If Brock was the epitome of a brawler, then Jones would be the very definition of a thoroughbred fighter. Notoriously dangerous with his fists and feet, the Bounty Hunter was at his best in a stand up fight and it didn’t take him long to regain his composure from Newbludd’s unorthodox assault. Transitioning from his heels to the balls of his feet, Jones began to deflect Brock’s fists to send a precision strike right back to Newbludd.

Still favoring his sore knee from early, Benjamin nailed turned the tide of the slugfest with lightning fast jabs and snapping hooks that brought Brock to a dead stop. Slipping through Brock’s defenses with a furious combo that caused Newbludd to nearly fall over, Jones then grabbed Brock by the arm and slung him into the ropes.

Widening his stance, Jones waited for Newbludd’s return and when Brock did the Bounty Hunter unloaded with a Standing Lariat!

Ducked by Brock!

Rushing past Jones to bounce off the opposite ropes, Brock leapt into the air to land on the Bounty Hunter’s shoulders!


Jones sniffed out Newbludd’s plan and was able to stop Brock from flipping him over by hanging on to his legs!

Now with Brock sitting precariously on his shoulders, Jones began to run towards the nearest turnbuckle for another…


NO! Benjamin’s injured knee gave out!

Only steps away from smashing Brock into the corner for a third time in the match, Benjamin’s knee buckled and he nearly fell over! Forced to abandon his Buckle Bomb plans, the Bounty Hunter quickly readjusted to throw Brock down for a…


Jones momentary lapse was all Newbludd needed to regain his bearings just in time to grab Benjamin by the back of the head to smash his face into the mat with the Sitout Facebuster!

The quick sequence put on by the two battered, bruised, and in Newbludd’s case bloodied, brought the frenzied crowd to their feet. Once again, they began to stomp along with Sally’s pounding on the mat.


Slowly raising up to a seated position to find Jones lying face down in front of him, Brock tried his best to shake the cobwebs out of his brain before struggling to his feet. Bending over, Brock grabbed Benjamin by a limp arm and rolled him over onto his back. Looking out to the roaring crowd, Brock raised an arm half way up to acknowledge them before stumbling over to the corner and ascending to the top!

Nearly falling over as he spun around to face the mat, Brock sat perched for a long moment as he held on to the top rope before taking a deep breath and slowly rising up with his spread out wide.

Getting fully upright, Brock kept his arms out wide as he focused in on his target.

Then he simply fell forward off the top rope…


Newbludd’s head impacted into the Bounty Hunter’s chest like a meteor strike! Grabbing at his chest, Benjamin kicked his feet in the air from the pain as Brock crawled over to him. Reaching Jones, the 25 to Life winner crawled on top of him and hooked a leg!




Now it was Newbludd who looked at Nedrick in disbelief as Tal put two fingers inches away from Brock’s face! Staggering to his feet, Brock put a hand up to his head as the unwanted side effects of doing a diving headbutt kicked in. Gritting his teeth, Newbludd worked through the pain and walked around to stand by the still unmoving Benjamin’s feet.

After wiping his eyes to clear the mixture of blood and sweat away from them, Newbludd then sent a boot down to Jones knee, causing the Bounty Hunter to scream out in pain and instinctively reach for it. Popping Jones one more time in his weakened leg, Brock then reached down and quickly wrapped him up for a….



Acting on pure instinct, Benjamin sensed what Newbludd was attempting and right before he was about to be flipped onto his stomach he lunged upwards to CRACK Brock right in his cut eye with a hammer fist!

The blow stunned Newbludd badly, and he stumbled backwards as fresh blood began to flow from the reopened cut. Forcing himself onto all fours, Jones crawled towards Brock before rising up to his knees and hammering Newbludd in the stomach with alternating rights and lefts before suddenly reaching out to wrap his arms around Brock.

Having Brock fully in his grasp, Jones let out a roar and shot upwards to tuck his head underneath Newbludd’s armpit before lifting the Innovator up to send him up and over with a…





While Jones had been able to suplex Brock in impressive fashion, fatigue combined with his weakened knee led to him losing his bridging pin and Tal was forced to stop the count!

Sitting up and belting out a scream of pure frustration, the Bounty Hunter glared out to the crowd who were now cheering loudly at his misfortune before focusing on the downed Brock with the same menacing glare.

Rolling over onto his stomach, Jones slithered like a snake to put his face inches away from Newbludd’s.

“YOU AND ALL THESE DAMN PEOPLE CAN’T STOP ME!” Jones screamed as spittle flew from his mouth to spray Newbludd in the face. “TIME TO FINISH YOU OFF, BITCH!!”

With that, Jones propped up to his knees and delivered a smacking backhand to Brock’s face that drew heavy booing from the crowd. Not paying any mind to the crowd, Jones then twisted Newbludd’s arm as he began to force him onto his side.

For the second time in the match, Jones was attempting his patented Kimura Armbar…


And he got it!

Instantly Newbludd snapped out of his daze from the suplex as Jones wrenched on his shoulder, and this time there was no viable escape route for him! Benjamin had him trapped in the middle of the ring!

Nedrick instantly hit the mat to ask the screaming Newbludd if he quit, to which Brock screamed back that he didn’t, while in the background the packed house let out a collective moan.

Sensing that victory was only seconds away, Jones grinned to his entourage as he confidently nodded his head to them, causing them to applaud and cheer wildly in return. Opposite of them, Sally once again had her head buried in her hands, not wanting to watch Newbludd’s demise.

With Jones straddled over him as he wrenched his arm back, Newbludd was giving everything he had to hold out but it was a battle he would inevitably lose and it appeared as if that defeat was coming to a head when he suddenly stuck his free arm out to hover over the mat!

Newbludd was going to tap!

Gritting his teeth in pain, Newbludd hand began to shake uncontrollably. The end was near!

Or was it?

With hope all but gone for him to continue his journey to Legacy, Brock gave one last ditch effort to try and survive the Kimura by flailing his free hand backwards to punch Jones anywhere he could. More times than not, Brock hit nothing but air and it appeared as if his luck had finally run out.

That is until Brock threw one more desperate fist that solidly connected with Benjamin’s injured knee!

Cursing loudly from his sore knee getting struck, Jones attempted to maneuver his leg so that Newbludd couldn’t repeat the attack but in doing so his grip on Brock loosened slightly and Newbludd took advantage by wriggling onto his back to deliver rapid fire punches to Benjamin’s knee!

“SHIT!” Jones audibly yelled in a tone that was both pain and rage as he was forced to let go of Newbludd!

Hobbling away, Jones attempted to walk off the pain in his knee while Brock attempted to get back up himself as he gingerly held his arm. Seeing that his crafty opponent was trying to rise back up, Jones tried his best to ignore his throbbing knee and quickly limped over to grab Brock by the head to raise him up. But, as soon as he wrapped his hands around Brock’s head, Newbludd did the same and violently pulled Jones down towards him!


Having the top of Newbludd’s head violently jam directly into his bottom jaw, Jones stumbled backwards and nearly fell over due to his bad leg but managed to grab the top rope at the last second!

Staggering to his feet, the exhausted Newbludd sneered at his opponent and charged in, smashing Jones in the face with his good forearm which was quickly followed up by a boot to the gut! Grabbing Jones, Brock thrust the Bounty Hunter’s head under his arm and began to lift him up for a suplex!

But Brock’s battered arm didn’t have the strength to get Benjamin all the way up, so he changed his tactics by falling forward so Benjamin's legs would bounce off the top rope to give him the momentum he needed to get him fully upright!



Jones somehow managed to maneuver his body on the descent to land squarely on top of Newbludd for a pin!




Another kickout by Brock caused Jones to erupt in anger and clamber up to his feet to get in Nedrick’s face. While there was no denying that the Bounty Hunter was indeed angered for what he perceived as yet another slow count from the referee, it was also a ploy to distract Nedrick.

Waving his arms as he continued to argue, Jones oh so subtly pointed at Dina before pointing to a turnbuckle and St. James caught wind of what she was being ordered to do.

Quickly nodding her head, Dina rushed over to the closest corner and began untying the middle turnbuckle cover, causing the crowd to rain down boos. Seeing what the Bounty Hunter’s girlfriend was doing, Sally immediately ran around the ring to stop her, but found herself quickly stopped in her tracks as all four members of Club KO surrounded her.

Effectively road blocked, Sally backed away and could only watch in anger as Dina finished removing the turnbuckle pad. Throwing it to the ground, Dina nodded her head to the still arguing Jones as she slinked away from the ringpost.

Seeing that his impromptu plan went off without a hitch, Jones mock argued with Nedrick for a few more seconds before focusing back in on Brock, who was starting to rise to his feet.

Grabbing Brock, the Bounty Hunter picked him up once again as he lined himself up with the corner that contained the exposed steel. Satisfied with his alignment, Jones quickly sent his good knee into Brock’s gut before grabbing him by his bad arm to Irish Whip him towards the corner!

But at the last second Newbludd shifted his weight to try and reverse the Irish Whip to send Jones towards the corner!

Newbludd’s arm didn’t have the strength to sling Jones, and the Bounty Hunter blocked the reversal to take Brock for the ride!


Brock’s lower back smashed into the steel, causing him to grab for it in agony and with another golden opportunity to finish Newbludd off before him, Jones wasted no time in hobbling over to Brock and clocking him with a stiff right hand!

Another flurry of strikes by Jones snapped Brock’s head back and Jones finished the barrage off by placing his good leg on the bottom rope to boost himself in the air to come down right on the top of Newbludd’s head with a vicious 12-6 Elbow!

The final blow was too much for Brock to take and he slumped down into the corner to a seated position with the back of his head perfectly in line with the exposed turnbuckle.

Right where Jones wanted him.

Backing away a few steps, the Bounty Hunter grew that malicious smile once again. It was time to end Newbludd once and for all.

Readying his stance, Jones focused in on the groggy Newbludd and came at him with all the speed he could muster as the crowd collectively held their breath...



Instantly Jones cried out in pain as his knee connected with the cold steel and he grabbed the top rope to keep himself from falling. While it was a wise decision at the time, Jones had used his good knee to try and demolish Newbludd’s face. But with Brock avoiding the knee strike, Benjamin now found himself with two injured legs!


With the packed house urging him on, the still groggy Newbludd crawled out of the corner and looked up to see Jones still using the ropes to keep upright. Slamming a fist into the mat before slowly rising up, Newbludd used what little energy he had left to rush towards Jones and grab him by one of his legs.

Yanking the Bounty Hunter off the ropes, Brock then sent Jones flying with a DRAGON SCREW…

Newbludd didn’t let go of the leg! Rising back up, Brock grabbed Jones other leg and flipped him over to lock in another…


Now it was Jones who found himself on the wrong end of a deadly submission!

The crowd was going absolutely insane as Brock reared back as far as he could, desperately trying to get Jones to give in to the pain that was coursing through his already injured legs!


Nedrick was right in Jones face and the Bounty Hunter repeatedly screamed ‘No!’ at the referee as he shook his head violently!

On the outside, Club KO were scrambling for a way to help Jones and Smitty took charge by leaping up on the apron to get Tal’s attention!

While this was happening Dina got low and ran around towards the edge of the ring closest to Jones outstretched hands!

Seeing Smitty, Nedrick had no choice but to stand up and order him to get down which gave Dina the opportunity to reach underneath the bottom rope to grab Benjamin by the hand in an attempt to pull him towards the safety of a rope break!

Noticing that Dina had begun to pull Benjamin, Smitty amped up his charade and spread his arms wide to argue with Nedrick in an effort to buy more time for her when suddenly he was yanked off the apron! Falling awkwardly, Smitty bounced his head off of the edge of the ring to land in a heap at Renolds feet!

Seeing their lead cornerman take such a hard fall, the other three members chose to check on his condition instead of giving chase to the fleeing Sally. Wincing at Smitty’s hard fall as well, Nedrick instinctively leaned over the top rope to take a look.

Inside the ring, Newbludd could feel Jones being pulled away and he started to scoot backwards as he struggled to keep his grip on the Bounty Hunter, who was now only a hand’s length away from the bottom rope!

Glancing behind him, Brock spotted Dina pulling Jones with all of her might causing his eyes to light up with pure rage. Gritting his teeth, Brock locked eyes with Dina for a brief moment before straining himself to a standing position and stomping forward, causing St. James to lose her grip on Benjamin!

Walking forward two more steps, Newbludd then stopped. Putting a knee on the back of Benjamin’s head, Brock let out a roar and wrenched back as far as he could just as Nedrick dove back in next to them!

The continuous roar that the crowd was making drowned out the sound of Nedrick screaming at Jones to ask him if he gave up. Still pulling with everything he had, Newbludd’s neck veins popped out as he tilted his head up to the lights.

With the seconds feeling like hours, Brock closed his eyes and clenched his jaw, focusing everything he had on maintaining the hold for as long as he could. For as long as it would take.

Jones had stopped answering Nedrick as he now just continued to shake his head at the referee, but the damage previously done to his legs was catching up the Bounty Hunter and that constant roar in the background swelled when he slowly raised a hand up!

Sensing that the end was near, Brock let out a roar and pulled back with all he had!

Jones hand began to shake!

Nedrick screamed again in the Bounty Hunter’s ear, asking him if he gave up…


He tapped! Jones submitted to the cloverleaf! Newbludd is going to the Legacy main event!

Hearing his opponent’s hand hit the mat, the exhausted Newbludd instantly released the hold and collapsed as the crowd EXPLODED in cheers!

“Ladies and gentlemen! The winner of this contest by way of submission… ‘THE INNOVATOR’...BROOOCK NEEEWBLUUUDD!”

Looking utterly disgusted, Dina ordered Club KO to reach in and pull Jones out of the ring, which they promptly did while Sally rushed in to help her man get back to his feet.

Wiping the blood and sweat away from his face, Newbludd took a long moment to watch Jones as he was helped up the ramp by his entourage. Glancing back towards the ring as she begrudgingly walked up the ramp, Dina glared at Brock and he simply shook his head in return at Jones malevolent manager. Brock had survived everything her and Jones could throw at him, and they both knew it.

Disregarding Dina, the 25 to Life winner slowly made his way to a corner and climbed up to throw a fist out to the cheering masses, while behind him an emotional Sally clapped her hands.

In a grueling match that he would never forget, Brock Newbludd was taken to the limit by the Bounty Hunter and was able to successfully defend his world title shot. A world title shot that he would be given the next time he entered the squared circle on Pay Per View against an opponent who would be decided upon in the main event tonight.

Lowering his fist, Brock took a deep breath and climbed back down. While he would not doubt enjoy the victory tonight, come tomorrow he would have his mind on what awaited him at Legacy.

A chance to become NBW World Heavyweight Champion.


Returning Friends


The Hamdan Sports Complex sat eagerly awaiting the remaining Main Event, when a familiar music hit the speakers.

“Headstrong” by Trapt.

In NBW, that could only man one thing. The arena roared in approval at the unscheduled arrival of the former NBW World Champion.

Chris Moliano.

The man once dubbed “Potential Personified” stood atop the entrance ramp in a blue designer shirt and trousers, looking every bit as picture perfect as ever. His hair was cut short, almost a buzz cut but his signature faultless smile was on full display in Dubai.

Moliano raised a fist in the air and the roar of the crowd picked up again, before Chris pointed to the back and out stepped another familiar face…carrying one somewhat less familiar.

Paige Allen…with a child in a stroller.

Paige looked radiant and the crowd cheered as Chris embraced her on the ramp before kissing both her and the infant. The trio made their way to the ring, Chris trying his best to high five every fan he could along the way. Moliano entered the ring and scaled the top turnbuckle as cameras flashed at the photo op. The former champ helped Paige into the ring with the stroller and called for a microphone as his music cut out.

“No Brand Wrestling…beautiful Dubai...MAKE SOME NOISE FOR THE MOLIANO FAMILY!”

Big pop. Naturally. Moliano grinned before continuing.

“You know, ever since I last stepped foot in an NBW ring, ever since I lost my NBW World championship I’ve heard people asking the same question over and over again. When is Chris Moliano coming back? Well, I guess now you have your answer.”

Another big roar erupted through the arena.

“I am not here to compete however, I am here first to explain why I haven’t been around. There are two very important reasons for that, and both of them are standing with me in this very ring tonight. I once got down on one knee inside an NBW ring and asked the love of my life to marry me - something which appears to be all the rage now. We got married and two years ago Paige blessed me with my first child.” Christopher glanced back at Paige and their child. “Ladies and gentleman…my gorgeous wife Paige Moliano, and our incredible son, Oliver!”

Chris once again kissed Paige and brushed his thumb against Oliver’s chubby little cheek before continuing.

“As exciting as starting a family is…there can be no doubting how much I still miss the roar of a crowd, how much I miss doing what I do best, that is standing inside this ring in front of you people, and people like you all around the world!”

A “MOL-EEE-ARNO” chant echoed through the arena.

“So, with that in mind, allow me to make the announcement I came out here to deliver. You see…”

The family man was cut off by the haunting sound of “A Thousand kisses Deep” by Leonard Cohen. Moliano and Paige exchanged glances, unsure of who or what was to come. Then out from behind the curtain stepped a not so friendly stranger.

Henry Dylan.

A new face to NBW, but not to wrestling fans and certainly not to Chris Moliano inside the ring. The Friendly Stranger slowly strode to the ring with purpose to the sound of Leonard Cohen as Moliano looked on somewhat uneasily. He spoke to Paige, and she backed into the corner of the ring with the stroller with Moliano in between his family and Dylan.

The Walking Obsession slid under the bottom rope like a serpent and stood up, beaming at Chris. Dylan raised a microphone to his lips.

“Hello stranger.” Dylan purred. “Long time, no see.”

“Well it’s nice to see you’re looking creepy as ever and still rocking that luscious mullet of yours Henry.” Moliano replied.

“That’s cute Chris” Dylan chuckled. “And speaking of cute…hello Paige…and hello young Oliver.”

Henry leaned to the side, looking past Moliano and at Oliver, who was being held closely to Paige’s chest. He delivered an eerie finger wave before Moliano stepped to the side, restricting Dylan’s view of Paige and his son.

“Don’t be that way Christopher, you and I go way back. You and I have history. I’m a little disappointed I didn’t get a call when you were deciding on a Godfather. I am the man who inspired your greatest ever success inside a wrestling ring.”

“Come again?” Moliano looked bemused by Dylan’s claim.

“Oh don’t tell me you don’t remember? I am the man who bought out the killer instinct hiding within that yellow belly of yours. I’m the man who spurred you on to great things. It is because of old Henry here that you climbed towards the top of ACW and ultimately the top of NBW. I brought out the best in you. You’re welcome.”

“Now that’s an interesting way to look back and rewrite history Hen…”

“LET ME SPEAK!” Henry snapped, before readjusting his manner and calming himself down. “You can deny it all you want Christopher but the fact of the matter is that I made you…and now look at what you and the always wonderful Paige made.”

Dylan sends another creepy finger wave over at Oliver in the stroller and takes a step forward, where Moliano cut him off, to the delight of the crowd.

“You dare to take another step, and I will end you.” Moliano’s tone was deadly serious.

“Oh really?” The Friendly Stranger stepped back and laughed to himself. “Are you sure you still have it in you Christopher? Are you sure you’re even capable any more? I’ve seen you. I see everything. I even saw you pop up for a cup of coffee in Legacy of Champions and embarrass yourself. And do you know why you weren’t able to succeed there? I will tell you why. It’s because of them.”

Dylan pointed a long, wiry finger at Paige and Oliver.

“You see that don’t you?” Henry continued. “Because whilst you have been changing nappies and snapping adorable family pics I have been hard at work, fighting all over the world, sometimes in front of crowds in their thousands but most times in front of audiences I could count on my fingers. Unlike you I can’t just walk into a top promotion and be greeted with open arms. I don't look good on a poster or a magazine cover. I don’t have your perfect smile, your chiselled physique or your flawless looks. What I have is pure ability and the mind of a killer inside this ring. It has taken me years to get signed to a major company again and now it is time for the Friendly Stranger to acquaint himself with NBW. It’s been years since we last squared off Christopher, and in that time I have evolved into a different, vastly superior monster and you are weaker than ever. The family man Christopher Moliano has no place in this business. You don’t want any of THIS Henry Dylan.”

The two men stood nose to nose in the centre of the ring as the crowd sensed it was about to go down. Dylan’s initial friendly demeanour had evaporated and had been replaced by a sinister menace. Moliano raised the microphone back to his lips – before dropping it and planting Henry Dylan with a hard right hand!

The crowd roared as the former World champ backed Dylan into the turnbuckle with some stiff right hands as Henry raised his arms to try and block the blows. Moliano then turned to Paige and told her to leave the ring as the pair summoned an official to come and help get the stroller out of there. With Chris distracted by helping his family Henry Dylan was able to recover and hit the proud Father from behind with a double axe handle smash!

Moliano dropped to his knees and then Dylan connected with a vicious kick that knocked him down face first on the mat. Boos and jeers rang out from the crowd but Henry did not care as he grabbed his old adversary and locked in the Stranglehold! Dylan’s version of the Crossface Chickenwing was locked in deep as Paige screamed for him to let her husband go. Not that Henry was going to listen, for he was far too busy cackling like a madman, his eyes as wide as saucers as he choked the life out of Moliano.

The crowd tried their best to spur a comeback but Dylan had the hold locked on tight and Chris’ face was turning purple! Finally, Paige left the corner and the stroller and jumped on Dylan’s back, hitting him with hands and elbows and whatever she could muster as the Friendly Stranger continued to laugh out loud maniacally.

With Moliano seemingly out, Dylan dropped his lifeless body as it fell to the canvas with a thud. He then grabbed Paige by the hair and flung her forward as she joined her beau on the mat.

With both parents down, Henry switched his focus to Oliver, who was now crying in the stroller set in the corner of the ring.

Henry brushed his hair back and slowly stepped towards young Oliver. He took another step forward, stalking the stroller like a predator. His maniacal expression had gone, replaced by a simple smile.

NBW Officials on the outside of the ring yelled at Henry to leave the child alone but again he was not listening. Henry leaned down and raised a finger to his lips, softly telling the wailing child to shush.

The Strangler reached in and unbuckled the fastener on the stroller before picking up the baby and cradling him in his arms. Oliver’s crying quietened down as Henry slowly rocked him, whispering a soft lullaby. Dylan planted a kiss on Oliver’s forehead before carefully placing him back into the stroller.

Paige crawled over to her child as Henry Dylan dropped to the mat and rolled under the bottom rope and out of the ring. A few members of the crowd tossed half full drink containers at him as he strode slowly back up the aisle. He didn’t even seem to notice.

As Dylan reached the top of the entranceway he turned back to take a look at the scene he had left in the ring. Officials were now tending to Moliano who had started to come round whilst Paige had picked up her child and held him close to her chest.

Henry Dylan closed his eyes and soaked in the atmosphere. He smiled.

The Friendly Stranger has returned to big time professional wrestling.

It sure was good to be back.



“Here we are at the main event at long last, C.G.!” Melissa Vanderart said to her broadcast colleague. “Warren Spade’s nbW World Heavyweight Championship, Jake Tockwell’s Blitzkrieg title are both on the line along with the hard-hitting and perhaps most important piece of this whole puzzle, Ohiyama. First fall will be contested for the Blitzkrieg Title and the second fall will be for the nbW World Heavyweight Championship!”

“I’ve been waiting all night for this one, Melissa!” C.G. replied. “Jake Tockwell’s bounty is FINALLY going to pay off and you’ll be seeing him achieve his destiny of being a DOUBLE champion!”

“The lead-in to this match has been full of twists and turns. We’ve seen Ohiyama’s meteoric rise… something that Jake Tockwell and “Hot Sauce” Raul Ramirez have also taken notice of. After failed bounty attempts by EZ Blaze who wouldn’t be bought off, and Son of Malta, Raul and Tockwell recruited Ohiyama, hoping to use the bounty to help him pay off his own personal debts back home to help some sick family.”

“We’ve seen Warren Spade fight night in and night out, Melissa, but this is one time I don’t even think The Monster of the Mid-South can win! Just before Slam went off the air, Ohiyama ACCEPTED Tockwell’s plea for double the original bounty. If he helps Tockwell retain his Blitzkrieg and become the nbW World Heavyweight Title tonight, he’s gonna be $500,000 richer!”

“We know Spade won’t take this lying down, but you’re right… as good as Tockwell is and as REALLY good as Ohiyama has been in singles action - scoring two singles victories over former nbW World champions Ravage and Spike Saunders, and then fighting Warren Spade himself on Slam 93 to a draw - I don’t like his chances.”

“New World Champ! Jake Tockwell! Calling it now!”

“We’ll see if you’re right, but Ohiyama looked pretty confident that he was going to do the right thing. Two falls, triple threat match, both the nbW Blitzkrieg and nbW World Championships up for grabs tonight! Now, we go to ringside for our main event to see which man in this match will be standing across from Brock Newbludd for the nbW World Heavyweight Championship!”

The crowd now watched with anticipation at what was happening at ringside.  The lights faded to black until a series of yellow and green spotlights shined at the entrance.  The crowd continued to buzz for what was happening next until four men in yellow dress robes made their way out, pounding on tribal drums.  The crowd was excited for the entrance and a silhouette appeared on the top of the ramp. 

A BIG silhouette to be precise. The massive being proceeded to dance along with it in a fire dance tradition before he stopped and let out a war cry…



A HUGE explosion of red pyro went off behind him and the opening six-second mark of Ohiyama’s theme began to play.

“Voodoo Child” by Brick + Mortar.


“The challenger… from Hilo, Hawaii… weighing in at 278 pounds… OHIYAMA!!!!!”

The 6’6” 278-pound Hawaiian garnered a loud, but mixed reaction from the crowd! The soft-spoken but double-tough and ultra-physical strong-style grappler marched towards the ring with a look of conflicted emotions on his face. He wanted Tockwell’s bounty money and he wanted it badly to help his family who were recovering back home after his uncle passed away. It was the reason he was now all alone after coming into nbW with his cousins, Jules and Rafi, but now it was the same reason he made it this far.

Ohiyama entered the ring to a mostly mixed reaction from the Dubai crowd. He scanned the crowd and waited for the first of his two opponents to arrive.


The former rockstar and former wrestler “Hot Sauce” Raul Ramirez walked from the back to bask in the jeers of the crowd. He raised an arm out to the crowds of Dubai and yelled.

“I am Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraul Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrramirez and I speak for your the man who will still be Blitzkrieg champion and your newwwwwww NBW World’s champion!”

Ohiyama said nothing about the introduction and paced around the ring waiting for his opponent.

“Please welcome to the stage at this time, the man with the gift of gab – which means both his great voice and his deadly lariat … Spike Saunders has felt it! Warren Spade has felt it! Brock Newbludd has felt it, Max Hopper has felt it and now you, Warren Spade, will once again feel the POWAHHHHHHH of wrestling's best lariat! Please welcome the man that will carry both NBW’s future along with its top two belts… “BIG TALK” JAKE TOCKWELL!!!”

The Eagles’s hit single “Life In The Fast Lane” played and the arena soon became washed in a sea of gold! Decorated in black and gold boas, the six-foot five and two-hundred fifty-six pound loudmouth from Memphis basked in the all the attention he was receiving. He raised the ends of his boas and looked pretty happy with how unhappy the crowd was to see him. He also strutted out the Blitzkrieg title he wore proudly and was looking to add the NBW World title to his collection with Ohiyama’s help!

The man known as Big Talk hit the ring and threw off his boas before handing them to the official for the match, Simon Brack. He also unstrapped his Blitzkrieg title before walking over to Ohiyama.

“We got this, buddy, we got this!” said Big Talk.

Ohiyama nodded quietly as they waited for the last man in this match.

“Gather ‘round everybody, gather ‘round!”

“Ladies and gentlemen … allow me to bring to you the man that liberated the NBW World title from the clutches of Derecho … the giant that leaves a path of destruction for your amusement …”

Fenton winked. 

“And mine.” 

He tapped his cane on the ground and his spotlight disappeared. The crowd was baited with anticipation and when words appeared on the EpiCenter they went crazy. 

“Your reigning and defending NBW World heavyweight champion … the Monster of the Mid-South … the One-Man Stampede … The King of Monsters! The man that will take the Blitzkrieg title to new heights alongside the NBW World title still in his possession now!“




Warren Spade was here! 

“Into The Arena” by Michael Schenker Group played and The Monster of the Mid-South basked in very loud reception from the crowd that almost blew the roof off! After enjoying the response, he hunched over to let Fenton Woods ride on his shoulders. The monster who once boasted a two-year undefeated streak in No Brand Wrestling was approaching the ring fast with the NBW World title worn around his neck like a gigantic collar. 

He stopped to gaze upon the ring with the fans cheering the giant every step of the way. The King of Monsters then took in a deep breath and climbed up to the ring. Spade handed off the championship to the referee of the match, Simon Brack and then he took a spot mid-ring. Ohiyama and Spade locked eyes and then Tockwell got in between the two, holding up his Blitzkrieg title.

“I’m taking that title tonight, you big JAG!” shouted Spade.

The two men locked eyes now and then they handed their respective titles to the referee Simon Brack. The titles were both raised and as recapped earlier - two titles up for grabs First fall wins the Blitzkrieg title. Second fall wins the NBW World title!




The bell rang and the tension could not have been thicker right then and there between the three men fighting for two of NBW’s biggest prizes. Spade and Ohiyama stared at one another - the draw between them on Slam 93 still burned between the two proud competitors, but Tockwell was right in the middle. He was a very big man himself being six-foot five and almost two-sixty, but he looked up to the seven-foot Spade and Ohiyama was about his level, but about twenty more pounds on a massive frame.

“Go on, Ohiyama, get the big JAG!” yelled Tockwell. “Earn your money!”

Ohiyama shot him a look that could kill a man. He turned to Spade.

“You gonna fight me or are you going to keep polishing Tockwell’s ballsack?” asked Spade.

That burned Ohiyama.

The first shot was fired and it was a big one! Ohiyama launched a quick offensive on Spade with

The bell circled and the fans were very much split between two of No Brand Wrestling’s biggest and toughest men on the roster. Ohiyama was a large man in his own right but he gave up a lot of weight and height to the champion. Even so that didn’t stop him from slaying another giant - “The Colossus” Spike Saunders to be precise - so he could earn this opportunity tonight.

Ohiyama and Warren Spade carefully circled one another. They had never fought before so it was up to both men to test the proverbial waters. When they eventually locked up, the two struggled in lock for a few moments. It was the Monster of the Mid-South getting the best of the first exchange when he used his power advantage to shove Ohiyama out of the way.

The Hawaiian Godzilla did not seen that affected by Spade showing off his power. He knew he was stronger and thus would have to be incredibly careful going in. The two locked up for the second time and the King of Monsters put himself two up over the challenger by using his strength to once again push him out of the way.

“Might want to try something different or you’ll be going back to licking Tockwell’s boots.” said Spade.

That comment almost dug underneath Ohiyama’s skin knowing this decision to take Tockwell’s money in exchange for the NBW World title to get the money for ailing family wasn’t an easy one he made. Ohiyama tried to brush that off and now he used his strength in an unexpected rush to put Spade on the defensive. When he pushed him back to the ropes, he fired off a huge shot!


Call it a warning shot or a way to get under Spade’s skin, but one of the crippling chops that Ohiyama was known for stunned even Spade. The King of Monsters definitely felt it and now Ohiyama continued to throw shots.Tockwell finally joined in.

“Let’s get this big zero!” said Tockwell.

Spade tried to fight off both men at one time, but eventually the numbers of Ohiyama and Jake Tockwell caught up with him quickly! Spade was busy trying to deflect punches from Tockwell and chops from the Polynesian Powerhouse, but he couldn’t block them all and now he was left reeling against the turnbuckle.

Tockwell smiled arrogantly at Ohiyama and the big Hawaiian ignored him so they could focus on wearing down the champion. It took the combined efforts of both men, but an attempt at a big double irish whip was successful in sending him to the ropes. When they came back, their attempt at a double clothesline was broken through by Spade. The giant hit the ropes…


The crowd popped!

Warren was the first man up and had launched the first big move of the match by charging like a massive freight train, taking down both Tockwell and Ohiyama with the big move!

“Attaboy, Warren!” yelled Fenton Woods.
“Come on, Tockwell, new champ! New champ, baby!” said Raul, almost counter-acting anything that Fenton could try to cheer for.

Warren pulled Tockwell up first by his feet and the big whip to the corner put Tockwell right over in the corner. Spade then picked up Ohiyama and the big Polynesian Powerhouse was sent flying into the ropes next. Spade let out a tremendous roar…


Spade lined up Ohiyama.


Spade pointed and turned to Big Talk again…


He pointed over at Ohiyama…

But nobody was home!

Perhaps the energetic giant telegraphed his moves a little too much because Ohiyama had moved out of the way. He leaped onto the second rope and launched himself at Tockwell with a big diving overhead chop off the second buckle! The big move sent Spade wobbling backwards and hitting the corner which now gave Ohiyama the chance to strike. He charged in with all his might …


A big move by Ohiyama even kncoked the wind out of Spade! The years of fighting the hardest of competition in Japan really sharped the game of the man formerly known as Sweet Daddy K and for the moment, he had things in hand. Tockwell was still out from being crushed twice by his old Memphis rival in the corner, but Tockwell smiled knowing that Ohiyama was very well the ace in the hole that could let him walk out of Scorched II with two big championships!

“Take him down!” yelled Tockwell.

Ohiyama fired two more double cross chops into the big chest of Spade and then tried his best to pull him out of the corner. When Tockwell helped him, it was fairly easy. Now, Spade fought through the pain and turned him around right back to the corner hard. Ohiyama cringed from the shock of being thrown into the buckles and then Spade turned him around, pulling him up and crashing hard with a big belly to back suplex from over seven feet in the air!

1 …

2 …

The first big fall of the match almost gave Warren Spade double-gold right then and there, but Tockwell saved the belt for himself!

“You can’t have my gold, Spade!” shouted Tockwell.

He put the boots to Spade as he tried to get up about three separate times. Each time Spade tried to rise, Tockwell did his best to try and make him stay down, but on the fourth kick … The King of Monsters caught it.

He rose to his full height and dropped Tockwell’s leg only to chop him harshly with a forehand chop! Spade crumbled after just one shot and fell on his knees, but now Spade had him dead to rights. He pulled Tockwell up by his body and scooped him up over his shoulder, walking around the ring with him in a delayed position. The Blitzkrieg champion was having a hell of a time trying to fight his way out from Spade’s grip but then found himself slammed violently into the mat!

The crowd cheered for Spade now hitting the ropes and landing an extra-deadly jumping elbow drop right to the heart! The agile monster got a lot of hangtime off of that move and now Spade covered Tockwell, hoping to finally get one over on his long time rival.

1 …

2 …

Ohiyama broke up the fall by jumping on Spade and now laying into him with clubbing blows to the back of the monster’s head! Spade tried to deflect shots and he returned fire with a few of his own. Spade pulled Ohiyama up into his grip with the torture rack! He was hoisted up on his feet and the crowd went nuts, thinking this was going to be the end of fall number one early, but Ohiyama squirmed his way out and then took Spade’s knee out from under him with a stiff chop block.

Ohiyama now had him dead in his sights to try and land the big knee strike that he’d defeated many NBW wrestlers with since coming to NBW. He was undefeated in singles competition and tonight, he could carry that all the way to the top and earn himself $500K in the process.

The Active Volcano tried the knee strike called the Wavebreaker …

Spade was ready and he stood up and clobbered Ohiyama in mid-attack with a stiff lariat!

Warren had felt the Wavebreaker once before and some claimed it would have defeated him had it not been for the double KO that ended their title match on Slam 93, but Spade was ready this time. He pointed at Tockwell ready to strike … 


He was right on point with the big thrust kick! Rarely would you see a seven-footer use such a move, but part of Spade’s charm was that sometimes he didn’t wrestle like the typical powerhouse! The blow was enough to send Tockwell flying right through the ropes and right on out to the floor right next to Raul Ramirez.

“Finish ‘em off, Spade, we got a Blitzkrieg to win!” said Fenton.

Warren nodded and ran his feet on the ground just as Ohiyama was about ready to stand. The fans started the loud and proud Stampede chant in Dubai.

”STAM-PEDE!” Clap Clap! ”STAM-PEDE!” Clap Clap! ”STAM-PEDE!” Clap Clap! ”STAM-PEDE!” Clap Clap! ”STAM-PEDE!” Clap Clap! ”STAM-PEDE!” Clap Clap! ”STAM-PEDE!” Clap Clap! ”STAM-PEDE!” Clap Clap!

With Ohiyama slow to get to his feet, Spade hit the ropes …


Right into the chest! Ohiyama was down after Spade’s big attack and now he tried to cover the double-tough Hawaiian.

1 …

2 …


Spade had mostly dominated the match at the onset but he was thinking to himself “How did he kick out?!” Ohiyama had shown in 2017 that he was one of NBW’s toughest men pound for pound and took punishment almost as well as he dished it out.

“We’re done,” said Spade.

Ohiyama went up a second time and now, it looked like Ohiyama was going to go for the submission win with Torn Asunder …


But like any good wrestler, if there was any way to stop a giant in their tracks it was a good uppercut where the sun didn’t shine! Tockwell was still checking his jaw to make sure that it wasn’t broke after Warren’s earlier thrust kick, but he could still talk some trash!

“Congrats, Spade, they’re at least big enough to feel pain!” yelled Tockwell.

Big Talk had Spade doubled over as he dropped him and that now gave him the chance to go for broke. Tockwell waved over to Raul.

“Hot Sauce! Get me my belt!”

“You got it!”

Raul ran over and stole the Blitzkrieg title from off the table. He threw it into the ring and now with Spade right in his cross-hairs, he was going to lay him out with the Blitzkrieg title belt. He charged in at Spade, but Spade still rose up and grabbed Tockwell by his throat! He was going up for the ride, but at the last second a high knee hit Spade in the back.

Ohiyama was back up and that gave Tockwell an opening to go and crack Warren in the back of the head with a belt shot! That blow stunned the giant and that gave Ohiyama the opening he needed to collect.


Ohiyama had the strength to lift up Warren and bring him down with a sit-down version of a spinebuster! He instinctively went for the cover on Spade!

1 …

2 …

But Tockwell broke it up!


Ohiyama was a competitor first and in the moment, almost got caught. He was furious with Tockwell for verbally lashing at him like it, but he rolled over and gave Tockwell the chance to score the win.

1 …

2 …

But as usual, his mouth might have cost him! Tockwell was shocked that Warren just kicked out, but now the uneasy alliance between the current Blitzkrieg champion and the former Blitzkrieg champion Ohiyama remained intact for now.

Tockwell and Ohiyama helped the giant to his feet and then led him to a corner where they looked to dole out some more damage. Tockwell cocked back his boot and delivered some extra-strong boots to the head of Warren Spade. Ohiyama unleashed a painful series of hard chops.


He used the chop barrage in their last match together and had even more force behind it this time. Tockwell pointed at the corner and then executed one of the few moves that saw the tall brawler leave his feet! A well-executed drop kick right on the chest of Spade! Between the two men there was finally enough to bring Spade down again. Spade was on his knees and then Tockwell landed the killing shot in the form of a kneeling DDT!

“Got him! I’m keeping my precious tonight and having a three-way with both belts when I’m done!” yelled Tockwell.

Ohiyama looked visibly repulsed with both that comment and the imagery as he covered Spade again.

1 …

2 …

But Spade disappointed Tockwell by powering out of the big move!

Before Spade could try and get anything going back his way. Ohiyama leaped up and dropped his heels into the chest of Spade with a violent double foot stomp to the gut. Spade kneeled over and for the first time in the match, Fenton Woods started to look a little worried for the well-being of his client. Tockwell followed up the attack with a big elbow drop to the chest of Spade. One was not enough so another elbow drop followed. He followed that up with a run off both ends of the ropes punctuated by a leg drop across the throat. Finally Tockwell’s combination of moves ended with a knee drop right into the top of Warren’s skull.

1 …

2 …

Close, but no cigar!

“Give it up, Spade! Your Mom eventually did to me and you’ll be giving me that title soon enough!”

When Tockwell tried to pick Spade up by his hair again, Warren continued to fight despite the odds! He blocked a punch from Tockwell and then delivered a head butt to his chest! Ohiyama then fired off a savate kick that was good enough to put Spade on his back yet again. Tockwell was still reeling from the head butt, so Ohiyama grabbed Tockwell and threw him on top of Spade a third time!

1 …

2 …


The Monster of the Mid-South chased down the former three-time champion Derecho down before winning the title. He has defended it against all-comers with different skillsets and come out on top.

Basically he would not let the belt go without a fight.

Tockwell was still reeling from the head butt so Ohiyama stepped in to help his temporary ally for the match. The brawler and the fighter continued putting their collective viciousness together to deliver stomps to the head and body of Spade to prevent him from making a comeback. As Ohiyama held him in a camel clutch position, Tockwell pointed down to Spade.

“This is where you belong, Spade!” yelled Tockwell. “The bottom of my heel!”

He took the free shot and landed a solid punt kick to the side of Spade’s head while Ohiyama was still holding him. The fourth time was going to be a charm for Tockwell when he looked to cover the big monster of the Mid-South.

1 …

2 …


Spade was not going to be denied and the Stampede chants came out!

”STAM-PEDE!” Clap Clap! ”STAM-PEDE!” Clap Clap! ”STAM-PEDE!” Clap Clap! ”STAM-PEDE!” Clap Clap! ”STAM-PEDE!” Clap Clap! ”STAM-PEDE!” Clap Clap! ”STAM-PEDE!” Clap Clap! ”STAM-PEDE!” Clap Clap!

Tockwell was getting furious! He turned to Ohiyama.

“Earn your god-damn money!” yelled Tockwell at Ohiyama.

“I’m not your grunt,” snapped Ohiyama.

That did not set well with Big Talk as he shoved Ohiyama in the face.

“You’re whatever the hell Big Talk pays you to be, ass-hole! Finish this idiot now and help me keep my title!”

The crowd wanted so badly for Ohiyama to just crack Tockwell in the mouth. He balled up his fist …


“You want to lose that money for your uncle and hit me or do you want to be set for a good long, while?”

Before Ohiyama could answer the question, both men saw Spade about to stand. Tockwell cocked back his arm and threw his elbow pad off. The same lariat that fell Spade’s ally Spike Saunders back at 25 to Life could put down another giant …



Spade pushed Big Talk away and he nailed Ohiyama with the lariat! Raul’s jaw about sank through the floor and Fenton started to laugh now because Spade now had a fighting chance to get back into the game!

Ohiyama and Tockwell were both down and they were both now trying to stand as Spade held his back in pain.  Spade popped his neck to make sure everything was still in place before he also got back to his feet.  Tockwell was a lot quicker and tried to get the jump on him with another right hand, but Spade grabbed him by the head and fired a head butt that knocked Tockwell back down. 

When Tockwell tried to stand, Spade fired himself up and he leveled Jake with a big clothesline that dropped him to the ground.  He snatched him back up a second time and threw a second shot that nearly knocked his head clean off.   

Spade was back up and shook his neck to fight off the pain of belt shots and DDTs. Tockwell was snatched and thrown into the corner where The Monster of the Mid-South launched a successful corner splash to engulf him.  Tockwell was rattled and sent to the other side of the ring and he was again crushed with another corner splash. Tockwell ran off the ropes and came back like a missile with a powerful shoulder of his own!

Warren was now feeding off the energy of the loud crowd and pointed at Tockwell as he tried to sit up.  Spade grabbed him by the neck and pulled him up with an inverted head lock.


Warren executed a spinning head lock elbow drop and kept his weight down on Tockwell! The cover and the chance to be a double champion right now!
1 …

2 …

Kick out by Tockwell!

Warren thought he could have pulled it off right then and there but it was not to be on this occasion, but when he stood up, Warren Spade was about to get up …


Ohiyama landed the charging knee strike in the back of his head! For the first time in a few minutes the Active Volcano struck when Spade was oblivious! Tockwell was starting to stand when Ohiyama looked at Spade and then looked at Tockwell.



That alone made the roof come off the joint! Ohiyama had enough of Tockwell’s BS and clocked him a good one right between the eyes! With Spade down, Ohiyama made an emphatic cover on the Blitzkrieg champion!







The bell sounded for the conclusion of the first fall of this double title match was completed and with it, we had a NEW Blitzkrieg champion! The belt that Jake Tockwell had coveted and had defended against the best of NBW including Tyson XL, Spike Saunders and Max Hopper now belonged to a man that held it a long time ago under a different name!


The crowd popped majorly for the title change! Ohiyama would have his chance to celebrate with the championship later, but he had been called into question by Jake Tockwell once before and was not about to let it happen again.

“You can take your money and shove it, Tockwell!” yelled Ohiyama!

The Polyneasian Powerhouse still had title to win and now looked to do so as the official called on the second fall to begin.




Ohiyama pounced on Warren Spade who was still left reeling from one Wavebreaker!

1 …

2 …

Kick-out from the King of Monsters!

Warren Spade didn’t let Ohiyama take the title just like that, but with Warren down, Ohiyama still had the advantage. He threw another kick to the chest of Spade to make sure that he stayed down and then climbed the top rope looking to end the reign of the Monster of the Mid-South. The now-Blitzkrieg champion looked to end things prematurely with a leap off the top rope. He was going for the diving splash that befell Spike Saunders …


But he got Spade’s knees!

The giant’s knees went up and even though it hurt like heck to have a man that big land on you, it took the wind out of the Blitzkrieg champion’s sails! The ex-Blitzkrieg champion saw his chance to go for the win and rolled up Ohiyama!

1 …

2 …


Ohiyama kicked out and an angry Jake Tockwell could not believe it! He had just lost his Blitzkrieg title and his entire plan to gain the NBW World title blew up in his face. Now he would have to do it himself.

“You stupid bastard!”

Tockwell put the boots to Ohiyama’s head!

“I give you money and the chance to actually be something and you screw me over like this?”

He fired so many stomps into the head and chest of Ohiyama that it was hard to keep count! Warren started standing again when Raul Ramirez slid Tockwell a chair. He reared back …


He slammed the chair over Warren’s back!


And three more finally put him down! Since the match was a three-way, that meant any dirty trick Tockwell could concoct would not get him disqualified. He turned to Ohiyama ..

“Thief … “


“Son of a bitch … “




Three shots for Ohiyama as well! The chair had been dented across the back of both giants and now Tockwell tried to get the win on Ohiyama. It was literally now every man for themselves.

1 …

2 …

Ohiyama survived!

Tockwell said nuts to this and then rolled over to Warren Spade to try his luck there.

1 …

2 …

Spade also kicked out!

“No, no, no! This is all a conspiracy! Call that space case Hopper!”

Tockwell was enraged! Blood boiling that his plan blew up in his face, he tried to calm himself down since he could still very well win the NBW World title. He focused solely on Ohiyama for taking the prized Blitzkrieg away from him and pulled up his arm again.

“Get up!”

Big Talk was calling for another Gift of Gab, but this time when he tried to strike Ohiyama with it, it was going to be for real …

Or was it!

He swung for the fences, but Tockwell’s arm was grabbed and he was spun around before he could figure out what was happening …


The nasty rip cord head butt caught Tockwell right between the eyes! Tockwell fell to the canvas after the nasty shot and now the crowd was going wild! Ohiyama had the chance to become the double champion that Tockwell had sought to be on this night with his help. He picked up Tockwell and put him on his shoulders. He unleashed a roar and then spun him over …


Both Raul Ramirez and Fenton Woods couldn’t believe this! Would this be the meteoric rise of Ohiyama tonight and win two titles in the same night?

1 …

2 …


That was not to be because Warren Spade just ran back in and dropped the major elbow across his head!

“Still in the game!” yelled Fenton Woods.


The camera cut to the backstage area and watching this back and forth see-saw of a match was the 25 to Life Winner Brock Newbludd! One half of NBW’s main event for Legacy was watching the match to know who he would be facing for the coveted championship. He defeated Benjamin Jones in what would go down as a match of the year candidate to keep it!

Back to the ring and Spade had just kept himself from losing the title without being pinned. Spade pulled Ohiyama up and threw a hard right to the face of one of his two challengers! Ohiyama reeled from the blow and then


Warren Spade then fired a shot of his own!


Spade with the chop!

Ohiyama landed a head butt!

Spade landed a head butt!

He threw another and another!

The rule of thumb in wrestling was to usually never head butt anybody of the pacific islander persuasion (especially those of Samoa) but when it was a seven-foot monster doing the clubbing you best bet anybody would feel it. Ohiyama was reeling with Spade standing, telling him to give him his best shot…

Ohiyama and a big leaping savate kick did just that!

Spade bounced back into the corner and that’s when Ohiyama charged in and clocked him with a big clothesline. Ohiyama charged from one side of the ring to the other and then fired back with a second clothesline! He fired back with a big move and then fired down …


Tockwell snuck up behind Ohiyama and tried to steal the win again with another school boy!

1 …

2 …

Ohiyama with another kick out!

Now Tockwell turned him around to try and go for a backslide pinning combination, but the new Blitzkrieg champion fought through it all and struggled. He picked up Ohiyama …


Using an extra stiff right hand, he caught Ohiyama upside the head with a big discus punch! The blow rocked him and even rocked Tockwell’s fist a little. He shook the feeling back into his hand and kissed the fist a second time …


A second and even harder discus punch rocked Ohiyama and had him stumbling in the middle of the ring. When he was hurt, he charged off the ropes …


His key signature moves may have sounded a lot like 90’s slang brought back to life in 2017, but one of Tockwell’s most powerful moves was a big running knee lift that finally knocked Ohiyama off of his feet! Tockwell beat the tar out of the Blitzkrieg champion and now he covered him for the win …

1 …

2 …


Ohiyama still wasn’t going to go away quietly and kicked out! The Polynesian Powerhouse kicked him one more time and that set Tockwell off so he turned around to be greeted by Warren Spade.

He tried the Trample, but Warren side stepped the move! Warren stopped himself from going into the ropes but when he turned around Tockwell tried to kick him between the legs … and no!

Warren caught his leg and spun him around


Tockwell was brought down to the mat and then finished off with the black hole slam! Now Warren Spade had booted Tockwell from the ring. With Ohiyama starting to stir and holding his head the damage doled out by Tockwell, he ran to the ropes and it looked like the Trample was coming again …

High knee!!!

Ohiyama brought his knee up into the head and stopped him in mid-move! Ohiyama snuck up behind him …


Ohiyama took over the seven-foot monster and threw him over head! Raul Ramirez started to freak out and so did Fenton Woods because the Active Volcano now had him in his sights again …


There was no way, but it just happened!

Jake Tockwell wrapped both arms around the throat of Ohiyama and had him locked in his signature sleeper hold! He jumped on his back and scissored the legs around his torso, looking to bring down the new Blitzkrieg champion for good and win himself the NBW World championship without Spade being involved in the decision!

“Finish him! Finish him now!” shouted Raul.

“Go the hell to sleep, you big bastard!” yelled Tockwell. “You should have taken my money you piece of shit!”

He scratched and clawed his way towards the ropes, but fell down and now finally Tockwell had him down in the center of the ring! Warren Spade was still reeling from the onslaught of Ohiyama and with Tockwell now down in the ring, Fenton Woods was trying to root for Ohiyama!

“No! No! No!” screamed Tockwell.

Ohiyama started to RISE! There seemed to be absolutely no quit in the Polynesian Powerhouse and he now struggled to get back to his feet. He came absolutely close with Tockwell still riding on his back. He surged to his feet and slammed him into the corner!



Three times!

Tockwell finally let go!

Ohiyama stopped to catch his breath and clutched his throat …


But Tockwell leaped back on! The crowd could not believe Tockwell had just leaped on him again and grabbed his throat! There was no way he was going to escape this time …



The crowd exploded because Warren was still alive and with Tockwell on Ohiyama’s back, he speared his way right through both of the challengers for the NBW championship!

“YES!!!! YES!!!” screamed Fenton.

Raul Ramirez went ballistic on the outside when Warren Spade got back to his feet with a nip-up by holding the ropes! Warren turned his attention right to Jake Tockwell and kicked him out of the ring before he focused on the weakened Ohiyama! After Out of Breath and the Trample, he grabbed Ohiyama by the back and elevated him into the torture rack position …


Ohiyama got himself planted into the ring with a spinning argentine rack bomb! Warren Spade grabbed his legs and pulled them both back.

1 …

2 …


Warren finally sat up and wiped the sweat off his soaked face! Fenton Woods jumped for joy and the pocket-sized manager climbed into the ring to join his client and best friend for tonight!


For close to thirty minutes, the three men had given it their all to secure two of NBW’s biggest prizes! Ohiyama finally found himself and his morals won out in the end, pinning Jake Tockwell to win the NBW Blitzkrieg championship for the second time. However, the story of the moment was that despite Tockwell’s best efforts, lining up man after man to defeat Warren Spade, it seemed the King of Monsters could not be stopped.

“No … no … no … that belt is mine. That belt is mine!!!” yelled Tockwell from the outside. “I wasn’t pinned! I wasn’t pinned by that big jag! I should be the NBW World champion!”

Hot Sauce tried to calm Tockwell down as he limped to the back and got the hell out of the ring while Spade turned to extend a hand to Ohiyama.

Ohiyama’s ribs and back had the wind knocked out of him and felt like they were throbbing but he’d given it his all in the ring and he could lay claim to the Blitzkrieg championship! The Polynesian Powerhouse took the hand of Ohiyama and Spade pulled him back to his feet. Simon Brack went to hand Ohiyama the NBW Blitzkrieg championship, but Spade took it from him first …

“Here,” said Spade. “Let me.”

Ohiyama nodded and wrapped the belt around his waist in a show of good sportsmanship! The crowd popped as Ohiyama now looked to Warren Spade.

“Then allow me to return the favor … champ.”

Spade handed him the NBW World championship and then he helped to get it around the waist of the massive champion - thank goodness for belt extenders.

Ohiyama fastened his own NBW Blitzkrieg championship that he held for the second time now and patted the plate to show it off before walking out of the ring to allow Warren Spade to have his moment in the sun. Ohiyama was halfway down the ramp when another face came past him …

“The Innovator” Brock Newbludd!!!

The 25 To Life winner had watched every second of the match and was now on his way to the ring to confront the man that he now had a date with at Legacy in about two months time. Warren Spade and Brock Newbludd came face to face with Fenton next to him.

“I’m coming for that title,” said Brock.

The message was that simple and Warren held it out.

“You come at the King of Monsters, you best not miss.”

“I won’t.”

They were two of the top faces in No Brand Wrestling today. One could sense a changing of the guard in No Brand Wrestling that included top stars like Ohiyama, Jake Tockwell and now, the 25 to Life winner and 2016 NBW Rookie of the Year himself, Brock Newbludd. The two men locked eyes and focused ahead now to Legacy.

With two months from now until the biggest spectacle of NBW’s history, one could only guess at the twists and turns that would happen. But as both men showed tonight, they were ready for bumps along the way and would fight like hell to get and stay at the top, respectively.

Spade and Newbludd locked on to one another. Brock pointed at the title and Warren raised it, almost daring him to come and take it.

Fade to the credits.


Opening - Dusty
Friendships & Sisterhood
Things to Come - Seth
Not his Style - Keegan
Conscience - Markus
Bond by Truce - Dusty
Chicago Strong Style - John
The Toast - Seth
Returning Friends - Oliver