No Brand Wrestling Presents: 25 TO LIFE
Live from the The Float@Marina Bay in Marina Bay, Singapore
Kickoff Preshow 7P ET - April 23rd


Welcome to 25 To Life


Following the usual warnings the screen faded out from black and into the thunderous TheFloat@Marina Bay where the NBW Faithful from far and near had gathered in the stadium for tonight's 25 To Life pay per view event. So let's set the setting for you, shall we?

A stadium filled to the brim. The center displaying a large flat-ribbon screen that acted as the EpiCenter I, while the tube connecting to the backstage area was beneath it. Three aisleways set the faithful apart from the floating platform that housed the NBW electronic stage and of course the wrestling ring. This was no ordinary arena!

The three aisles were treated like a normal entrance ramp, all the way down to the lights and steel grating. Just times three. Any one of the aisles could server as the entrance or exit for any of the talent set to walk out to the ring tonight.

The NBW drone cameras, yeah a pair on this trip, roamed high above the Bay and highlighted the NBW Cruise Ship as well as the city surrounding them, before focusing on the fans again and getting one last good look as the show started up!


the Artist of War


Matt Haddon

the Founding Father

Matt Haddon



Annnnnnnnnnnd to the announce table we go with the intros for the first match!

“Welcome one and all to 25 To Life, right here from The Float At Marina Bay!” Melissa said to the fans watching at home. “Coming up first, we have a grudge match that was match added to the card stemming from a confrontation that took place on Slam. The Great Wall has been on a winning streak this year, but Xiang took time to insult the fans and issue an Over The Top Rope Challenge. Former Keystone Champion Matt Haddon answered and scored the win!”

“Xiang wasn't ready!”

“…It was HIS open challenge. Anyway… Haddon scored the victory, but suffered a post-match attack at the hands of The Great Wall! Haddon issued a challenge to The Great Wall, but Xiang himself wanted payback so that’s where we are tonight. Can Haddon get revenge for the attack or will The Artist of War get it first?”

“Xiang. Definitely payback by Xiang. I don’t agree with some of his xenophobic comments, but I do agree with his anti-Haddon stance. Haddon’s more washed up than sea kelp and he should stick to wrestling school.”

"We'll see about that. The first match is coming up right now!"

And with those words, it’s to the intros we go.

“The following is a singles match set for one fall!” Brent Williams said.

“Born In China (metal remix instrumental)” by The Immortals. 

The second that the music hit, the crowd started to boo the oncoming presence of Xiang and his large associate behind him. The Chinese nationalists ignored the jeering crowd as he and his bodyguard started to approach the ring with a determined look on their faces. 

“Introducing first, being accompanied by The Great Wall… from Beijing, China, weighing in at 218 pounds… representing The Xiang Dynasty… XIANG!!”

Brent Williams finished his introductions and Xiang didn’t care for how big the outdoor venue of The Float was. As he and The Great Wall walked to the ring, all they had on their mind was Xiang’s recent humiliation. Xiang ignored the closest fans at ringside on The Float and entered the ring looking intense and focused.

“And his opponent…”

“Hero” by Skillet.

The music of his opponent arrived and out came the nbW veteran and former Keystone Champion! Matt Haddon unzipped his hoodie and threw it down on the walkway towards the ring. The Founding Father as he was known by some of the roster for the length of his nbW tenure walked to the ring and ran right inside the ring, aiming for Xiang…



Before Xiang even knew what was happening, The No Brand Dad (another fun nickname spread around the locker room for his role in training the younger roster members) took him down with a mighty Spear and started to pummel Xiang with rights to the delight of the crowd!

The referee in charge of calling the action was nbW’s smallest referee Slim J.  He tried to get Haddon off of Xiang, but he wasn’t having it.

“No!” Haddon shouted.

More rights came down on the head of Xiang and this was more reminiscent of a UFC fight than an nbW wrestling match. Xiang tried to crawl away when Slim J ordered Haddon to back off, but Haddon wasn’t listening. He ran Xiang into the corner and started to make with the good old Classic Ten Punches!








The Great Wall started to act like he was going to climb on the ring apron, but Haddon jumped off of Xiang and hit a Baseball Slide Dropkick to the chest of the monster! He didn’t go down, but the blow form a 245-pound man was enough to send him back several inches and stun him momentarily!

His attention was back on Xiang, but the quick-witted Artist of War grabbed Haddon’s pant leg and SNAPPED him face-first into the turnbuckle! Haddon came bouncing out of the corner and right into a massive Spinning Wheel Kick by Xiang! He hurriedly yelled at Slim J to count.



Haddon kicked out right at two, but Xiang was going to take him out whether he wanted to or not. He picked up The No Brand Dad and tried to Irish Whip him into the corner when Haddon put the brakeson and shot him to the other end. He rushed at Xiang and tried to catch him with an elbow, but Xiang twirled himself around and tried to escape through the middle and top ropes.



Haddon dropped Xiang like a bad habit by using a Suspended Hangman’s Neckbreaker and now tried for the cover!



Now Xiang’s turn to spoil Haddon’s attempts at payback for the recent episode of Slam. Haddon pulled up Xiang and then he started to hit a Shinbreaker! He was going after the knee supposedly to work on a new submission move he had been trying to perfect, but we’d have to see if he could get to use it. He executed a VICIOUS Dragon Screw and launched Xiang to the mat now!

“Let’s go!” Haddon shouted.

He grabbed the leg of Xiang and put an Elbow Drop right to the hamstring! He was clearly softening up the leg for something bigger later, but before he could properly apply what looked to be a Figure Four, The Great Wall once again tried to intervene on his boss’ behalf.

“You got a staring problem, asshole?” Haddon asked.

The Great Wall looked like he wanted to climb into the ring and tear Haddon in half, but this wasn’t his match. Haddon turned around and tried to follow through with putting the boots to Xiang, but Xiang quickly rolled him up with an Inside Cradle thanks to the distraction!




Haddon kicked out, but Xiang was so close to a victory right there! When Haddon tried to get back to his feet again, Xiang maneuvered behind him and tried to steal the win again with a Schoolboy!




Haddon kicked back up and Xiang drilled him with a boot. He spun him around and it looked like he was trying for a Backslide pin now, but Haddon fought his way out of it on his superior strength. He maneuvered and grunted and then flipped Xiang forward in front of him…


That was courtesy of Xiang, who managed to beautifully reverse whatever Haddon had planned into a Snap DDT that just saved himself! Haddon clutched the back of his head and tried to sit up, but that’s exactly where Xiang wanted him…


He ran off the ropes and connected with a Sliding Kick aimed to the back of Haddon’s head! The neck had become the focus of his assault and after working to make sure his knee was okay after Matt’s attack earlier, he covered Haddon.




Closest fall of the match yet, but Xiang still hadn’t been able to put the veteran way despite using several tricks up his sleeve. The Great Wall watched now as the technically-saavy cheater Xiang used a modified Neck Crank submission to try and wear out the former Keystone Champion.

“Tíjiāo, nǐ gǒu!” Xiang shouted.

That was a very loose translation of “submit, you dog!” in his native tongue. Xiang continued to shout what were no doubt more obscenities in Chinese directed at Haddon.

“Haddon,” Slim J asked him, “do you give?”

“NO!” Haddon shouted.

With help from the fans that were trying to help him rally back into the action, Haddon tried to make it back to his feet. He elbowed Xiang in the side about three or four times to make him let go and then ran at the ropes. Xiang ran right behind him hoping to surprise Haddon with a big Rebound Clothesline off the side, but Haddon ducked. Xiang kept on running and tried a Headscissors…



He caught Xiang in mid-move and SLAMMED him down on the mat with tremendous force! It knocked the breath out of The Artist of War, but Haddon now started to rally back with some pockets of fans starting to cheer him on.

Haddon punched at the mat slowly with his fists and the fans started to clap in unison behind him when Xiang tried to get back to his feet. Haddon put him down with a big Running Clothesline!

The Artist of War tried to sit up again…

Second verse, same as the first!

He put him down on the mat now with another Dragon Screw to the leg! Xiang was down clutching at the leg as Haddon got the crowd going by pointing at the top rope! Haddon didn’t have too many aerial moves in his arsenal, but the older dog had some tricks up his sleeve. He climbed to the top rope quickly and perched himself as Xiang started to limp to his feet…


Haddon threw plenty of force behind the big move off of the top rope and made it over to where Xiang fell and covered!




Haddon cringed when he didn’t get the three-count right there, but he knelt up and then grabbed Xiang by the hair…


The blow came out of nowhere when Xiang caught him with the Jawbreaker variation. After that, he used Haddon for support before leaping up and POPPING him in the side of the head with a powerful Enzuigiri! Xiang climbed over to where Haddon fell and then went for the cover himself after hobbling on his leg.




Xiang caught him with kick out of nowhere, but it wasn’t enough. The Great Wall watched on again with his arms folded as he watched Xiang cross his arms in an “X” before leaping to the second rope. He was waiting for Haddon to get back to his feet so he could try his finishing maneuver, The Blood Red Sunset. He was going for the Diving Codebreaker…


Haddon grabbed the leg again and simply slammed Xiang on the ground! He snapped the leg back again in a vicious DDT-like fashion! He let out a shout of pain and clutched the knee just as Haddon rolled back to his feet. He looked ready to put a nice bow on things and wrap the match up...

Just when he was about to for the win again, The Great Wall AGAIN tried to get involved with the proceedings by climbing the ring apron. This time, he looked ready to enter the ring.

“Get in here and fight, you big bitch!” Haddon barked.

Xiang crept up behind Haddon with his bad knee in tow, but Haddon saw him coming. The injury to the leg stopped him from being able to capitalize immediately, so Haddon grabbed him…


The gut check was enough to catch The Great Wall in his leg and send him hobbling off the apron! Xiang turned around into Haddon’s grip after a Single Leg Takedown…


Nope, he didn’t just think of a witty comeback. That was the name of his new move. Simple and effective Elevated Half Crab WITH a knee on the back of Xiang’s head! He was being nearly bent in half and cranked back...

Xiang couldn't hold out for very long after everything Haddon had done...


That was it! Xiang tapped!

The Great Wall recovered from his tumble on the floor and tried to enter the ring again, but Haddon learned from his mistake on Slam when he was attacked from behind. He bailed out of the ring with Slim J on the outside with him to raise his hand!


Haddon had felt great! His second win in a row AND his first one on a PPV in a long, long time, but one he worked hard to get. Twice now, Xiang had tried to run his mouth and twice, it ended up biting him in the ass! The old dog still had taught himself some new tricks while teaching the next class of nbW stars and he had a big grin on his face as he celebrated this win.

“Payback tastes pretty good!” Haddon said to the camera.

The Founding Father turned on his heel and slapped hands with a few of the Singapore fans on his way out of the ring. The Great Wall pressed down on the ropes and threatened to go after Haddon, but Xiang barked ordered in his native language for aid. The Great Wall watched Haddon leave before he turned around to pick up Xiang and help him after his leg had been beaten to a pulp. He was angry, but tonight they still had the 25 To Life match to contend with later tonight.

What a Week


Returning back to ring, "What an incredible victory for one of NBW's veteran athletes! Haddon's got quite the momenteum going into 25 to Life tonight."

"He won't win." Added Gains.

"Never know," Vanderart said as she shifted focus, "this past week NBW has traveled clear across the globe. Making stops for scheduled, and even unscheduled, events and locations. Our very own Adria Hoyt has been chronicling the trip in her Diaries that are online for you all to get a taste of what it's like to be on the road... or in this case, the open waters of the sea."

"I'm still feeling sick. Not sure if it's from Haddon's luck there or the fact that two do-gooders are fighting for the Keystone title later tonight."

"Considering the weight you gained on this trip, I'd say just sick." Melissa smiled, "the Diaries will continue as NBW is headed down south to continue this Global Tour. Including Australia, which is home to one-"

"THE RATINGS GOD!" Gains was having one of his trademark gainsgasm's. "Melissa, do you think Voss will be there? Can he bring the Wrestling back to No Brand Wrestling?"

"No idea, and not funny. Every single individual that steps into that ring can wrestle and put on a show. So I'm stopping you right there."

"I'm just saying-"

Casting a glare over to him, Gains' mouth hung open and was forcibly shut by the palm of Melissa.

"Moving on, up next we've got the first tag team action of the night!"

Health Fanatics

Damon Somner & Greg Mathews

Damon SomnerGreg Mathews

The Players

Kid Chameleon & Paul Sanders

Paul SandersKid Chameleon



Call on Me plays loudly, blue strobes beating in perfect harmony to the tune.  In matching red frat-like jackets from Washington State University, Damon Somner performs several star jumps while Greg Matthews completes the Farmer's Walk, carrying two black cast-iron kettlebells, weighing 20 kilos each.

Damon arrives at ringside, rattling off another rapid trio of star jumps before taking a run and a jump onto the apron.  The more methodical Matthews takes a wee while to join him, electing to take to the stairs.

"Introducing first...weighing four hundred and seventy-nine pounds, from Washington State...'The Engine' Damon Somner and 'The Powerhouse' Greg Matthews...HEALTH FANATICS!"

Now inside, together again, Matthews shows off his muscles as Somner stoops in front, setting off a flurry of fireworks in the process.

"Introducing next...weighing a combined four hundred and fifty-three pounds...from Portland, Oregon...'International Playboy' Paul Sanders and Kid Chameleon...THE PLAYERS!"

More pyro went off as eight gorgeous cheerleaders chanted Paul's name, showering him with kisses once the strapping stud arrived.  Kid Chameleon didn't even look up from his Playstation Vita, not at all arsed about the harem of honeys in front of him.

As Sanders wandered towards the squared circle, six cheerleaders bidding him farewell from afar with two lucky lasses accompanying him all the way, Chameleon slowly took the stairs, engrossed in whichever game he was playing.  He paused and handed it to the official, who told him to take good care of it.

Ding, ding, ding.

Starting us off would be the two strongmen for their respective sides - Paul Sanders and Greg Matthews.  While there was no neck brace on this night, question marks hadn't been erased over that particular part of Paul's much-coveted anatomy.

A Tie-Up brought no joy for either participant.  A second one and around the ring they went, jockeying for position like two toros, and they ended up in stalemate, having touched the third corner in the bottom right-hand side of the ring.  No quarter given.

Remarkably, a clean break was observed and they came together for another C & E, which Sanders took control over with a sharp, swift and sweet Arm Wringer, which Greg promptly reversed.  Matthews shoved Sanders back into the northern set of ropes and then sent him south, prematurely putting his head down...

Wait a minute, Paul's going for the Trailblazer to end it early!

Desperately, Damon shouted something at Matthews, who neglected the precarious stance just as Paul had bounced off the ropes, forcing Sanders to readjust too.  He did just that, settling for a boot to the abdomen and a Swinging Neckbreaker as opposed to a result-clinching Rocker Dropper.  That was almost a costly error, early doors, by The Powerhouse.  He's not called The Brains, is he?

Paul aided Greg up and then took him back down again with an authoritative Front Powerslam.  The subsequent Knee Drop missed, Greg actually outsmarting Sanders that time, and when Matthews stood up, he left Paul with a parting shot - a kick to the bag of the leg - softening him up for the incoming Somner.  Tag!

Instantaneously, The Engine set about the International Playboy with wicked intent, repeatedly nibbling away at Paul's lengthy pin with the sole of his foot.  Thereafter, he hung Sanders' leg over the middle rope on the east and kicked away continuously until the count of four, issued by our official.  I really should learn these guys' names.

Damon helped Paul out of that tight spot, oh how nice, and delivered a picture-perfect Dragon Screw Leg Whip that set the table for a Seated Senton by Somner and a scream by Sanders, who knew it was only going to get worse.


Figure Four Leglock and that hardly helped Paul's case.  He ate a two-count and egged on by the audience, as well as having strength on his side, Sanders not only tried to arrest Damon's assault, but also turn the tables on him.

Slowly, he started to reverse, though Damon was trying to prevent that from happening and providing stiff resistance to that.  Perhaps our capacity crowd got it over the line as Sanders did manage to get Damon over with the time immemorial reversal to the Figure Four!  Now, it was The Engine's turn to stall.

However, Damon, while screaming, did everything he could to pull away to an extent and tag a stretching Matthews.  Did he manage it? 

The referee said yes.  Before Sanders realised, the burly Matthews made an emphatic entrance with an Elbow Drop to the neck.  As mentioned at the outset, Sanders had had neck problems opposite Health Fanatics in this series so far and those may arise in this decisive duel on pay-per-view.

Matthews scraped Paul up off the mat and then drove him down with a fantastic Full Nelson slam, recording a 2 as a result.

Greg placed Paul in a Dragon Sleeper, though it was just a gateway for an excellent Inverted Suplex, resulting in another straight two-count for Health Fanatics.

Matthews was undeterred.  He placed Paul's head between his legs, and I'm sure Sanders is used to the exact opposite, hauling Sanders up into the air with ease and carrying him across the squared circle with a tremendous Running Powerbomb!!!



That wasn't quite enough!

Greg tagged Damon, though stayed inside the battleground.  While the referee counted, Matthews elevated Paul up with an Electric Chair while Damon sped up the summit, seeking to put Sanders away while they had the chance...


That was the first time the tag team had ever completed their signature double-team spot on nbW screens, Somner coming off with a Neckbreaker, and now, Kid Chameleon may be redundant altogether...

However, as Damon came to stop Kid, Chameleon slid through Somner's legs easily and dropped a Sledge on Matthews.  He kept his distance from both Somner and Matthews and ignored the official's bollocking.

Kid and Damon had departed leaving their more powerful partners to get back to their ongoing rivalry and Matthews planted Paul with a basic Body Slam, packed with oomph.

Greg elected to sign out, substituting himself for Somner.  Damon took Paul down with a Snap Mare and rebounded off the eastern side, Health Fanatics' territory, with a Lariat to the back of the neck, again testing Paul's potential sore spot. 

Venturing into The Players' patch, Somner looked to...

Scoop Powerslam!

Sanders, sick of this shit presumably, stood up and exploded into life with the ferocious counter.

The International Playboy was a long way from town while Damon was down.  Albeit at a delay, Somner did end his brief stint in the ring with a tag to Greg...

Could Paul end his overextended tenure and make way for a fresh and preserved Kid Chameleon?

Greg made his way over, relatively calmly...

You know why?

DEADLIFT German Suplex.  When you're that strong, you don't give a fuck.  And now, Paul was further away from home than ever.

Greg grabbed Paul, who was a bit disoriented, and...

Belly-to-Belly Suplex...by Sanders!

Paul had reversed Greg's Suplex with a B2B of his own!  The audience urged the International Playboy to introduce the World's Greatest Gamer.  Crawling, Paul was in the right district.  Could Greg scupper him again?


Chameleon took his sunglasses off and attached them to his t-shirt.  This gave Greg the chance...

To get a Dake Toe Hold!  (Drop Toe Hold and payback for his Elbow Drop on Paul earlier.)  Chameleon was the coolest cat in the building, and why not?  He had DOMINATED Greg in their individual tussles in the previous two fixtures.

Chameleon turned the tempo up a notch or two with an Atomic Drop and a German Suplex Hold! 

The Mark informed our viewers that cute combo was called a 'Maxel Suplex.'  For your information, named after Max and Axel from Streets of Rage, who serve up German Suplexes like doctors dole out sick notes.

Kid wanted to continue the feel-good factor going and the perfect move for that was a DAYDREAM Headlock, wrenching on that Side Headlock, shouting yeah each time he upped the ante before unleashing a Bulldog...

...Except Chameleon's party was pooped and he got LAUNCHED across the ring, showcasing Greg's awesome physical gifts, instead of ramming Matthews into the mat.

All of the cheers turned to jeers as Matthews picked Kid up, whacked the poor bugger with a close-range Clothesline and then posed for pictures, highlighting those sizeable shoulders, biceps, triceps...everything!

Then, Greg, feeling content, thought he'd chance his arm with a cover and Kid kicked out before the official's hand smacked the canvas for a second strike.

Matthews decided to drag Damon back in, who ran and imposed himself on Chameleon with a Single Arm DDT.  Damon, like Darren Best, appreciated an arm-based offence and he hadn't got that going in this run of matches yet.  Better late than never.

He applied a Hammerlock, hi Pat Gordon, and slammed Kid on the canvas with no regard at all.

Slowing the pace down, Damon slapped on an Armbar.  Kid was down for a few seconds, though certainly not out, and in fact, he was soon back up on his feet.  When he reached his vertical base, he backed Damon into the eastern part of town and shoved Somner off.

Unfortunately, the official's eyes were on the sprinting Somner, and not on Kid, who had his hair pulled by Matthews with considerable force, enough to put Chameleon on the deck.

Upon hearing the sound, curiously, our referee turned around.  Somner insisted that Chameleon had tripped and while the referee didn't buy it, he hadn't seen anything and had no other option but to allow Damon to get on with his business.

Damon, smiling and in charge, took his time with Kid, courtesy of Greg's intervention.  He locked Chameleon's arms behind his back...

Beautiful Butterfly Suplex!



Try again, Damon.

He was still far too sure of himself.  And, in fairness, Health Fanatics had been brilliant in this bout, taking it to Paul and Kid, not letting them breathe or build any genuine momentum.

Somner shouldn't need to be reminded not to take Chameleon lightly, but he did, aiming a knee...

A stay one that got caught.  Kid grabbed it, and standing up, set up a Backbreaker prior to burying a harsh Elbow Drop into the chest!

"Shell Break Elbow," The Mark remarked matter-of-factly, like everyone should know that name of Sarah Bryant's spot from Virtua Fighter 5.

Jeffry from the same game was the inspiration behind Kid's three-pronged knee-based assault to Damon's face while he was crouching.
"Machine Gun Knee Lift."  Aplty-named, and given the rapid rate Chameleon had exploded on Damon's face, I thought they were auditioning for an episode of Cum Fiesta.

Kid stood Somner up, shoved him back into the ropes and ised the second strand as a step-up to unleash a stiff knee, yeah another one of those...

"Queen Knee," came the correct call by his fateful fan on commentary.  That was why he was there, unpaid, paid, who knows.

Dragging Damon back into the middle of the ring, Chameleon gave Somner a receipt with an equally-exquisite Butterfly Suplex...

Renamed 'Lockdown Slam' allegedly.  Gains called The Mark out on that, only for the latter to reiterate 'the correct name.'

The Game Genie was in the groove and measuring Damon, who couldn't be helped as Greg's encouragement fell on deaf ears.  Chameleon whipped Somner into the North-West corner...


A fabulous Flying Forearm FLOORED Somner, who didn't know where he was at this point in proceedings.

Eat This!  The Rope-Aided Corner Dropkick.  Somner was a sitting duck and that was proven when Chameleon, who'd done a great job in isolating Somner, gave Sanders the baton.  Paul punished the hapless Damon with a first-class Rolling Shoulderblock!

For a long period, Health Fanatics had dictated this all-important encounter to determine new number one contenders.  Now, as it wore on, you'd expect the fitness freaks to finish strongly, but that wasn't the case.

Sanders placed Somner up on the second rope, and unopposed, connected with a stunning SUPERplex!



Greg came in to drag Paul off in no-nonsense fashion.  The Players were still in control...

Paul went to the second ropes, where he'd just stuck it to Somner with a Superplex...


Last-ditch Facebuster by Somner!!!

Rolling Paul over...



Not far away!

Somner knew he had to get out of there.  The super-fit 200-pounder still had enough in reserve to rescue himself and...Tag!

Had The Players just let this series slip through their fingers?

T-Bone Suplex on Sanders!  God, Greg had just switched the lead with one swoop.

Paul was dead weight...

That didn't matter to Greg.

Deadlift Gutwrench on 250-pound athlete.




Waistlock by Matthews...Sanders elbowed enthusiastically, twice, thrice fighting free and rebounding off the ropes...






NO, he didn't get him!  That was the closest anyone had come and worrying for the capacity crowd it was Health Fanatics.  This was anyone's to win.

Greg with a Gory Special.

Paul struggled, refusing to submit, wincing, clawing his way...

To freedom through the front door for once.  He kicked Greg for desperation and while the last jaunt to the ropes definitely didn't work...


The Rocker Dropper, which had been presented to Paul in the early stages, had again appeared and this time, it had landed.



Damon pulls Pall off - not like that, lads.  Plenty of lasses have done it mind.

Paul got to his feet and confronted Damon, who walked away, not saying sorry or getting involved.  He did what he had to do.

Meanwhile, Sanders called the cavalry, well Chameleon, and tagged the Mayor of the Mushroom Kingdom while he lined Matthews up with an Irish Whip and a toss into the Pop-Up position...

DRAGON PUNCH!!!!!!!!!!

That had KNOCKED Strauss out at Pride and as ox-like Greg was, his chin had just been SHATTERED.

Kid hooked both legs as Paul invited, daring even, Damon to gatecrash the series-sealing party.


Damon indulged him with a little swivel, but the ex-high school football player took him down and Damon, like the masses watched on...


Unlike them, Damon prayed Greg had enough in him, but his worst fears were confirmed when the crowd gladly completed their chant...


Yet again, The Players had edged Health Fanatics out by the odd one in a series.  In 2012, ACW witnessed a five-bout program that The Players settled in Sydney.  In Kyoto Pro, we're told Kid and Paul overcame Damon and Greg 4-3 and here, in No Brand, they'd come from one behind to take two back-to-back victories and install themselves as the number one contenders to the Dynasty Tag titles, whether that were A-List or The Unstoppables.

Who would have thought?  At Pride, they were on the receiving end of an awful disqualification decision opposite The Law.  Two months down the road, on the same stage, they'd wandered back in from the wilderness and firmly into the limelight.

Meanwhile, Health Fanatics had LOST three series to The Players.  But, you wouldn't bet against them coming back, stronger and fitter, and even in defeat, they'd proved they were a very capable unit, worthy and handy enough to cause any outfit in No Brand problems...

But, once again, The Players had worked them out. 

In more ways than one.

The Golden Ticket


Backstage, under the feet of the thousands of fans that had filed in to the Float.

“Why such the long face?” Quinlan asked, sheepish grin on his own.

Rune, without words, but a guttural huff, took to his feet and moved between his employer and this intruder. These two have already enjoyed trading blows as nbW toured Asia on our way to tonight’s big show.

“Take a seat, Rune,” Zed ordered from the comfort of his own. “Now, convince me why I am not going to let Rune here toss you into the Mariana Bay. What brings around this unwarranted torment from the man that single handedly cost me my spot in what was supposed to be my crowning moment? Cost me the chance to win the 25 to Life match by having me removed from it entirely?”

Paper tiger’s defense offered by Quinlan, “Actually, I kinda remember like it was Couli that dumped your ass in that Battle Royale. Not my fault you couldn’t hang on to the ropes. Actually, come to think of it doubly, it was you that goaded Flyer into making that a feast or famine type proposition two weeks ago.”

“Enough of your back talk. Say something I want to hear, or keep walking. Well, there is a third option that I think Rune here would greatly enjoy..” Zed started before Quinlan cut him off mid-sentence.

“I was going to ask why you weren’t in your fight gear.”

“And that would be kicking the ever-loving… what? What did you just ask of me?”

“Fight gear. Attire. Spandex. Why’s Runey-boy over there not helping you spray paint your testicles and thighs red?”

“Okay, that’s the last joke you are making tonight.”

“No joke. You’re up first.”

“Up first? Up first? What’s this? Did you run complaining to Harmen about how meanly the Paragon has been treating you and you got yourself a w’ittle match made?”

“Nope. You set out the contract months ago. Getting forgetful in our old age, are we? Nah, that’s alright, one of the great mercies in this life is forgetting the pain and loss. Let me paint the picture,” he spoke through fingers posed like a frame. “See, you told me it was going to be me and you meeting in that 25 to Life match. Therefore, we are going to be meeting up in that 25 to Life match, in which I will process to extract every bit of rage I have built in this long, long dance upon you.”

“No. You. Did you? Could you?”

“You’re up first.”

“You did! You used your golden ticket that I gave you and by-george, you used it to help me enter into my glory, here in this dirt heap of a nation? God bless you, stupid man.”

And it was said that on that day Zed’s heart grew three times the size. But children, remember your maths. Now, who can tell me what three times zero is?

“Now, piss off back to wherever it was they set  you up. I have to get ready for my match.”

Michelle Couli

the Mascara Massacre

Michelle Couli

Zhalia Fears

the Kimera

Zhaila Fears



“This next match is a Singapore Death Match!” Announced Brent Williams from ringside. “Introducing first-”

‘Confident’ by Demi Lavoto.

From atop the the central walkway emerged the Mascara Massacre, flanked by her two dolls.The three women taping a singapore cane over their left shoulders while making the trek down the aisle way.

“Being accompanied to the ring by the Hellion Sisters, hailing from New Jersey, she is the Mascara Massacre, Michelle Couli!

Couli stepped up on the apron as either woman held the ropes open for her to step in.

“And her opponen-”

‘Pretty Little Psycho’ by Porcelain Black.

The fans erupted.

“-standing at five foot eight, currently on leave from the Broadmoor Hospital in Crowthorne, UK, she is the Kimera… ZHALIA FEARS!

“And here we go folks. Months in the waiting. Nearly a year even. Fears and Couli finally are going to clash one on one.” Vanderart added from the booth.

Couli and Hellions’ waited, but Fears wasn’t showing. Couli pushed past the two and stole the microphone from Brent Williams.

“She claims to have wanted this match and here we are… no Zhalia!” Couli laughed and looked at the fans now booing her. “Maybe there is too much talent in this ring for her?” She looked back at the sisters, “I’ve got this. You two, go help Rune get in his spandex.”

Without even questioning the order the two stepped from the ring and made their way to the back, Singapore cane’s and all.

“You were saying, Mel?” Added Gains.

“There. Let’s try this again.” She motioned at the time keeper, “it may not be your job but make her music play again.

Took a minute or so.

‘Pretty Little Psycho’.

Still as the lyrics continued on, there was no Zhalia.

“Cut it off!” She screamed into the mic and sure enough the music cut out. “I should have guessed Fears would live up to her name and no show. I’ve been running this organization since day one! Every single person that has come across my path have been dropped like the hookers they are. Fears is just like the rest. For if Zed is the Paragon, than I am quite simply a nonpareil Goddess among whore and men.”

She spun on a heel, basking in her own beauty ignoring the jeering from the crowd.

“You know what, Fine.” She turned to the official, “award this goddess this match so I can go back to my boo. Or you’ll regret it.” Reluctantly the official approached the ropes and started the count.

“Zhalia better get out here or she’s going to get counted out.” Gains stated but was clearly basking in the thought. “Who would want to challenge such a Goddess!”

“Oh come on, they probably took her out in the back.”

By the time he hit ‘three’ it was getting harder and harder to hear him as the sound of splashing water around the platform that held the ring filled the air. This was accompanied by a speed boat making it’s turns  around the same.

Atop all that was a hollering out woman’s voice: “WAIT!!!”

“That’s Zhaila Fears!” Vanderart called out.

Standing atop the front of the speedboat trying to keep her footing, while gripping the windshield as some woman was driving it, was one Zhalia Fears. The official looked at Couli as his count hit eight, and she put a hand up to his face to stop. They waited as the boat came to a park at the side of the entrance aisle.

“I hope she slips.”

Making quick time one of the backstage workers got a microphone down to the aisleway and tossed it to Fears from above.

“Sorry, sorry sorry! Ran a bit late. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to carry, or rather in my case drag, a anchor... ” She waved at her fans then turned her attention to the ring. “Michelle, I see the twinasty’s have left you. Glad you took up my challenge, alone even.”

“Whatever. Get up here so I can knock your ass back to the States.”

“In a moment. But first, I could really use some help unpacking.”

“Unpacking?” Couli asked, confused as she leaned over the ropes.

“Unpacking?” echoed Gains on commentary.

“Well a Singapore Deathmatch isn’t the same without actual elements to make it deadly!” She grinned and hopped over the windshield and over to the back of the boat where a NBW blue tarp was. She grabbed the edge of it and in one swift pull, and a drag, and a bit more of a drag… okay it kept dragging… finally pulled clear off and laid in a mess around her and her driver’s feet. “Ta DA!”

“What the hell is all that? She’s deranged, Melissa. She’s going to get herself counted out and disqualified. Then fired!”

Fears grinning ear to ear, but Couli wasn’t.

“What the hell is all that? What deathmatch? This is a cane match. Singapore Cane match.”

“No. However we will definitely make use of those. Thanks for bringing them! I forgot!” Zhalia walked over to her assortment. “Let us see what we got.”

“NO!” Couli spun around and walked up to the official, “count her ass out. Throw this match out. I did NOT AGREE to this.”

“See Mel! She didn’t agree to this match.

Meanwhile Fears was busy tossing what she could up to the ledge to her driver, who was giving an assist. Golf clubs, probably from the golfing done earlier this weekend. Some road signs. Steel poles. What looked to be a thick mooring line rope. A lifebouy. She stopped at the Anchor. Likely from the Cruise Ship but given the weight on that speedboat, maybe not.

“Ugh. I think I will leave these for now. Unless you want to come down here? We can start off here Michelle.” Fears smiled as she saw Couli duck through the ropes and start towards her. “Great! You can help me pull this Microwave up.” She skirted it over some other items, “hopefully we don’t destroy it. It belongs in the galley. Might upset many a wrestler if they can’t use it tomorrow morning.”

“You’ve gotta be kidding me! There is no way that Michelle would stoop as low to help out this nutcase.”

Michelle reached where the boat was and looked down at Fears. She tossed her singapore cane down at her and continued up the ramp, headed into the tunnel.

“Looks like you’re right, this time, C.G.” Vanderart added.

“Wait!? What about our match?” Fears struggled to get around the tarp and items she had been pulling out and leaving in the boat. CLANK! Couli came back in her vision. Tumbling. Following her with a pipe CLANGING against the aisle was the deranged cloaked Lucretia.

Gains was quick: “What’s Lucretia doing out here? She just clocked the Goddess!”

“Hey!” Fears called up, but suddenly the woman driver of hers came flying into her, knocking her back into the items. Courtesy of the man standing on the edge of the aisle. Emotionless, and far from royal. Alyx Norwood.

“Alyx just hurled that poor woman head first into Fears. They both could be out!”

“SLIME!” Lucretia called out as she drove the pipe down into the ribs of Couli, and missed. Michelle rolled back, stumbling to her feet and rushed her. She got a good forearm shot to the half-mask but came to a stop by the chest of Norwood, whom grabbed her around the waist and propped her up and over with a release belly to belly. “Finish it.” Lucretia demanded, tossing the pipe to him.

He caught it and held it over the back of Couli’s head. Reeling back, then driving it down. CLANG! Striking the aisle grating. Alyx tossed the pipe off the side, turned and headed back into the tunnel.

“Thank god. He’s still got some humanity to him.” Vanderart remarked while Norwood vanished into the tunnel. “Lucretia on the other hand-”

“SLIME! GET BACK HERE!” But Norwood was gone. “Seems we’re not done with you yet Slime…” Lucretia walked over to Couli, pulling her up to her feet, she held her up against her chest. Wrapping an arm around her neck and pulling her in close: “There’s only one Goddess.” She hooked the leg, and dropped back driving Couli down head first. Sitting up, she pushed off from the limp body of Couli: “Me.”

“That was sick! Did you hear that thud? Michelle’s out. And Zhalia is-”

Standing. Her driver next to her, dazed and rubbing her forehead. Fears saw it all and immediately leaped over the reaming curls of tarp and merchandise, right to the front of the boat, using the windshield as a makeshift rope she jumped up to the ledge.


Fears went flying back into the boat, landing HARD. Lucretia then whipped open her cloak, reaching inside arms crossed and withdrew small global objects. She grinned through her mask, letting the near camera get a close up of her discolored face that Simon Starks had seen not long ago.

“That’s a face for Radio.” Gains, ever the proper wordsmith.

And tossed the objects forward. BOOSH! They exploded in the air, raining fire down on the speedboat. The camera crew tried to get a good shot but the smoke that followed from the boat made visibility nil.

“Oh my god, get them help now!” Melissa called out on her headset, but it wasn’t needed as emts and officials came out to check on Couli and over to the boat to Fears and her driver. Lucretia paid them not attention, vanishing from sight at the opening of the tunnel. Fire extinguishers were spraying like mad from the ledge.

“I’m still confused, Mel. What just happened?” Gains of course wasn’t the only one as the Hellion Sisters shoved the folk around Couli out of their way to check on her.

“I have no doubt that this will go unnoticed with the higher up’s. She just .. I mean she… “

“I know how you feel.”

“Folks, we’re going elsewhere. We’ll hopefully have an update for you later tonight.” Vanderart sounded quite worried, “I hope.”

“I hope so,” added Gains. “Does Michelle get the win here?”


The smokey boat fades out of focus as the PPV continues on.

We’ll Still Be The Champions, My Friends


The special interview set up just for tonight’s occasion saw Adria Hoyt about to prepare for an interview with a few of the champions of No Brand Wrestling’s current roster. They were three of the lesser-liked champions at that.

“Hello,” said Adria. “With me at this time are three of the men who currently dominate their respective divisions. Introducing their manager, “Hot Sauce” Raul Ramirez … I have with me the Dynasty tag team champions, the A-List along with the Blitzkrieg champion “Big Talk” Jake Tockwell … collectively known as the In Crowd!”

The four men walked up to Adria all hooting and hollering like they had already retained their titles. There was an overabundance of confidence along the In Crowd members who were already popping champagne bottles.

Still your Blitzkrieg champion! Still your Dynasty tag team champions!” said Raul Ramirez.

“Yeah!” said Big Talk. “The Unstoppables and Spike Saunders are no doubt big, tough, scary sumbitches, but tonight, we’re going to prove why the In Crowd is great! We’re not just stars on the rise, we’re the top of the food chain, baby! Big Talk knows that you don’t have more machismo and raw, charismatic, animal sex appeal than this sexy foursome right in front of you!”

Adria could be seen rolling her eyes.

“We’ve got the Unstoppables’s number!” said VIP. “Me and Prince here might as well already be declared the winners!”

Adria made a bold statement right there.

“Some may say the four of you are celebrating prematurely,” said Adria. “Spike and the Unstoppables defeated you in that six-man tag on Slam and Tockwell … you were laid out.”

The partying just about stopped. You could feel the energy in the room get more tense as he walked towards Adria. For a moment she was unsure what Tockwell was going to do, but then he shifted his attitude entirely and laughed off her comment.

“Adria, please!” said Big Talk. “Premature’s what you gotta deal with when your boyfriend or whoever is putting to you every night while you’re fantasizing about Ol’ Big Talk here! Saunders has done a lot here and nobody’s gonna take it away from him, but his best days are so far behind him, his expiration date reads 1999! I heard what he had to say about fighting guys in bloody brawls, but here’s the thing … I don’t give a shit.”

An even cockier grin stretched across Big Talk’s face.

“In Memphis, Every match with Big Talk was a fight! I know what I’m doing in and out of that ring and I don’t fear Spike Saunders. If you don’t remember, sugar, I beat Brock Newbludd for this title and then went on to beat Warren Spade! I’m going to beat Spike and one of two things is going to happen: I’ll win 25 To Life! If Warren Spade ends up winning the championship tonight from Derecho, then I’m automatic NOC … Number One Contender! Here are the fact about this match with Saunders … There are four corners, three ropes, two men … but there will be only one winner and that winner will be me when I beat that zero. See what I did there, Adria? Number jokes. It’s funny!”

“Hey, Adria, would you like some champagne?” asked Raul.

“I don’t think so, I’m on the clock …”

Raul handed her one anyway and she took it.

“Go ahead and drink up, baby!”

She looked at the glass but before she could even do anything with it, he slapped the glass out of her hand!”

“Jay-kay! Champange is for winners and the guys that manage winners!”

Tockwell and the A-List all laughed at Adria and then Raul pointed to their new golden In Crowd shirts that had a picture of a gold martini glass and a woman’s silouhette leaning near it.

“Read the shirt. If you’re not In … you’re out!

The In Crowd left so they could get ready for their matches a little later. Adria looked thrilled that the annoying jocks were finally gone at least.

Charlie Birkin

Mr. Manx

Charlie Birkin

Myles Jake


MYles Jake



“Coming up next, we’ve got ourselves a double debut!” Melissa Vanderart said to the PPV audience. “It’s a gorgeous day in Singapore and for these two, it could not be on a bigger stage than right now!”

“An old-ish fogey and a young punk kid,” C.G. Gains said with disgust. “Bring ‘em on.”

“Well… “ Melissa said, “you’re an idiot for one, Gaines. For two, that doesn’t paint an accurate picture at all, so allow me. Making his debut will be Charlie Birkin, who calls himself Mr. Manx. He’s the first-ever nbW wrestler hailing from The Isle of Man! Only 20 years of age, but already three years experience in the game honing his skills in the UK and more recently, in the States! Birkin impressed nbW officials on a recent training camp and he was signed right away! He brings his valet-slash-fiancee Ali Carr to ringside tonight!”

“Some wide-eyed Brit. Wonderful.”

“He’s Manx. That’s a native of the Isle of Man.”

“And I don’t care. That’s a native of I-Don’t-Caresville.”

Melissa sighed. “nbW doesn’t discriminate against age here if you got the talent and you can back it up. On that note, we bring to you Birkin’s opponent, 38-year-old Myles Jake from nbW’s home operations, St. Louis, Missouri! Fans of Myles Jake may remember him from his stint in Ringside Wrestling some time ago, but after spending some time amongst independent promotions, Jake is looking for one more shot at the top! An opportunity at the big time could not BE any bigger than right now!”


“Shut it, Gains. Now let’s go to ringside!”

And that we did. Brent Williams was quite dapper for this special show!

“The following contest is set for one fall and will be a double debut match here for No Brand Wrestling!”

The raucous fans gave a nice ovation for the announcements and some action about to get underway.

“Faster” by Within Temptation.

On one side of the massive stage towards ringside, a man in a black leather jacket walked one side of the famous floating platform known as The Float and held his hands fastly behind his arms, taking in what easily had to be his biggest opportunity. With him was a VERY attractive young blonde woman.

“Introducing first… from Douglas, in The Isle of Man… being accompanied to the ring by Ali Carr… weighing in at 223 pounds, this is <B>”MR. MANX” CHARLIE BIRKIN!</B>”

Carr lowered to a knee and tightly hugged the waist of the young man with wavy brown hair a moustache right out of the 80s. The young Manx walked towards the ring arm-in-arm with Ali Carr and surveyed the crowd. On the one hand, it looked like Ali couldn’t believe they were there, but on the other, it looked like he belonged right there. Carr got to ringside first and opened the ropes by sitting on them. The 20-year-old Birkin entered the ring and gave Carr an uncomfortably long kiss before she followed inside. Ali walked up to Brent Williams and shot him a pair of goo-goo eyes before motioning that she wanted the microphone.

“Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuys!” Ali shouted in very bubbly and almost cloying voice. “It’s so great to be here tonight! Mr. Announce Guy was kind of okayish, but let ME introduce my man now, okay?”

She brushed Brent with a dismissive hand and he shook his head at the bubbly blonde.

“He is No Brand Wrestling’s future holder of all titles! He’s the totes-amazing best fiance ever! He is the apple to my eye and the best thing between my thighs…”

Birkin shot her a wink and a seductive smirk.

“Please allow ME to introduce the future defeater of Myles Jake… my love-bug... my fiance..." she showed off a modestly-sized rock on her left hand. "MR. MANX, CHARLIE BIRKIN!”

The cocky kid took a knee on the mat with one arm behind his back and extended the other arm upwards. The crowd booed at the self-serving introduction and Birkin smiled.

“Aye! The best that’s in!” said Birkin. That's some Manx English for you there.

Ali gave the microphone back and watched Birkin hold out his hands. Ali took the coat off seductively for him before his opponent was slated to arrive.

“And his opponent, hailing from Saint Louis, Missouri… Myles Jaaaaake!
The crowd, already on their feet, watched the entrance with interest and some cheers as “Gravity” by John Mayer begun to pound through the open air stadium.  Myles Jake stepped out from the center curtain wearing a black Under Armor sweater, black tights with “J-A-K-E” written down the right leg.  Myles paused for a moment while the chorus begins to play.  Jake lifted his arms in the air for some applause from the crowd. 
Jake begun his walk down the rampway toward the ring before pausing and turning back at the capacity crowd.  Jake brushed his hair from his forehead and looked at the crowd in amazement.  “Damn, there are a lot of people here” Jake could be heard saying as he lifted one arm in the arm in salute of the crowd.
Jake turned his attention back to the ring and his opponent, Charlie Birkin, who was still fawning over Ali Carr.  Jake walked to the ringside area and pausing for a moment before sliding under the bottom rope.  Jake turned back to the crowd, taking off his sweater and throwing it to the ringside attendant, Myles’ climbed up to the second rope and once again raised his arms up for the crowd’s delight.   
Melissa Vanderart: “We are about to witness two debuts here at No Brand Wrestling and you couldn’t get two more polarizing opposites could you Gains?”
C.G Gains: “Absolutely not, Melissa… you have an old veteran, Myles Jake, who has been around this business for close to twenty years and a young Mr. Manx who is just breaking in his boots”
Melissa Vanderart: “And Charlie Birkin has asked the ref for a moment to go over and give Ali Carr another kiss.  I am pretty sure that is the tenth tonight”
C.G. Gains: “Well… I mean… Ali Carr is a beautiful woman”
Myles Jake was crouched in the corner watching Birkin and Carr kiss shaking his head.  The ref called for the bell as Ali Carr hopped back off of the ringside apron.
Jake launched forward from the corner spearing Birkin to the ground and laid a few heavy forearms to the head of Birkn.  Charlie desperately got his arms up to cover his temple’s and avoid any major damage.  Jake slid off Birkin, keeping ahold of his right arm and kipped-up, rotating Birkin’s arm in an arm bar and keeping the pressure on his shoulder. 

 “Mr. Manx” got to his feet, in a bit of agony from Jake’s armbar, and threw a wild elbow into Jake’s sternum trying to break the hold.  Myles took a step back and then whipped Birkin into the ropes and hit a lariat clothesline bringing both men to the mat.  Myles continued his offensive as he came from behind Birkin who is on his knees, and locked in a sleeper hold for a few moments before transitioning into neck scissors. 
Birkin wildly swung his arms as he scrambled for the rope before finally gaining grasp of the bottom rope.  “Let go!” Charlie yelled as Jake hesitated for a count of 2 before letting go of the neck scissors.  Jake rolled to his feet and paced to the center of the ring, sizing up his opponent. 
Ali Carr: “Hey! Hey!”
Carr was up on the ring apron now, yelling at Myles to get his attention.  The ref ran over to try to end the distraction but it worked as Myles turned away and Birkin caught him with a  dropkick.  “Mr. Manx” rushed in at Jake again and crushed him with a European uppercut dropping the dazed Myles to the mat again.  Birkin blew a kiss at Ali Carr before grabbing Myles head and bringing him up to his feet. Still dazed, Myles can do nothing to defend the Northern Lights Suplex in which Birkin bridged to a pin
1…2… - kickout
Ali Carr slammed her hands on the ringside apron in frustration as “Mr. Manx” got to his feet and yelled at the ref that it was a slow count.  Birkin turned his attention back to his opponent and kicked Myles in the jaw twice sending Jake back to the mat.  Birkin brought Myles up into position and ISLE DRIVER!!

 A massive Tiger Driver, crushing Myles on the back of his head.  Birkin rolled Myles onto his back and went for a pinfall but made a huge rookie mistake as Myles foot was under the rope the entire time.  The ref refused to count much to the dismay of Charlie Birkin who got up and barked at the ref. 
Myles Jake defensively rolled under the ropes and to the floor to take a second to gather his thoughts.  Birkin smirked at Myles who is stumbling on his feet and then looked at Ali blowing her a kiss.  Birkin ran to the opposite ropes, bounced off and came flying through the second rope with an attempted suicide dive that Myles Jake ducked and sent Birkin crashing into the guardrail.  Myles took a moment to breathe as Ali Carr came  rushing around the ring with concern. 
The ref continued the ten count but was unable to finish as Myles rolled Birkin into the ring.  Birkin used the middle rope as leverage to get to his feet but was caught by Jake who dragged him to the centre of the ring and lifted “Mr. Manx” up with a brutal Brainbuster! “Ohhhhhh!!” The crowd gasped at the move.  Myles came to his knees and adjusted his elbow pad before grabbing Birkin and dragging him into the corner. Jake brought Birkin up and ran across the canvass dropping Birkin in a running powerbomb! Two explosive offensive manuevers in a row, Jake kept  both legs hooked
1…2…- boooo!
The crowd reacted in anger as Ali Carr had lifted Charlie Birkin’s leg on to the middle rope.  Jake brushed the hair back from his forehead and looked at Ali in frustration.  Jake dragged Birkin by the leg to the center of the ring and locked in an STF! “Mr. Manx” screamed in agony.  However, Ali Carr continued her distracting ways.  She had the full attention of the official while Charlie Birkin begun to tap out in desperation.  Jake let go of the hold before realizing that the ref wasn’t watching.  Jake walked over to the official and pulled him aside. 
Myles Jake: “C’mon man! Do your job!” Myles yelled in frustration.  The ref, only now noticing that Birkin was on the mat, ran over sliding on his knees to check on “Mr. Manx”.  Jake leaned back into the corner before getting blindsided by a low blow from Ali Carr.  Jake dropped to his knees in agony. 
Birkin, back to his feet now, walked over to Myles and kicked his right arm twice.  Birkin then took Myles arm and slid under the rope to the outside before slamming it into the ringpost two times.  “Mr. Manx” crushed Myles’ arm into the steel ringpost for a third time before stopping to give Ali Carr a kiss obnoxiously.  The crowd booed as Birkin looked out towards the capacity crowd and gave them both middle fingers.  Myles crawled to the center of the ring holding his right arm, still on his knees and was met with a missile dropkick right into the bicep & shoulder.  Birkin was now in clear control of this match.  Focusing on Myles’ right arm he dropped three knees directly into the weak right arm. 
Birkin brought Jake to his feet and wrapped his arm around his chest before slinging him into the turnbuckle shoulder first.  Jake bounced off the turnbuckle holding his right arm and “Mr. Manx” grabbed Myles’ arm and attempted to lock in the “WHOOPS GOT YOUR ARM!”  Before he can lock it in, Myles used an eye rake with his left arm, Birkin keeping a hold of his right arm pulled Jake back in but Myles reversed the move and nailed a Northern Lights Suplex, bridging into a pin!
1…- kickout!
Myles had little strength with the right arm to hold the pin, but had Birkin back on the defensive.  Myles stalked his opponent and locked in the GATEWAY GRAPPLE!! An excruciating leg trapped, double chinlock.  Charlie was in deep trouble in the center of the ring…
“Give up! Give up!” Myles yelled as the official checked on Birkin.  The crowd was getting into this match as Myles shook the hair from his forehead and eyes.  The official was uncertain if Birkin was conscious or not, getting to his feet to find a better vantage point.  While pacing to the other side he stopped and saw Ali Carr back on the apron.  The official walked over to her to get her off once again.  Myles saw this discussion going on and dropped the hold.  Myles walked over to the official, “kick her out!” he yelled.  Carr reached back and tried to slap Myles across the face but Myles caught her arm and pushed it back to her side.

“You are outta here!” The official screamed to the delight of the crowd.  Ali Carr was in shock by this latest development.  Jake turnsed back at Birkin and saw his opponent on his feet.  Myles ran forward for a clothesline but Charlie caught his arm…!

Right in the center of the ring! Ali Carr begun to applaud and jump in the aisle way.  The camera zoomed in on Myles who was clearly in a lot of pain and a lot of frustration.  Jake had no choice…

Ding! Ding! Ding!
“Fuck!” The camera picked up the sound of Myles Jake’s frustration as he lay facedown on the mat.  “Mr. Manx” Charlie Birkin raised both arms up high in the center of the ring but did not allow the official to come close.  Instead he gestured Ali Carr into the ring once again.
Melissa Vanderart: “Charlie Birkin has won his debut on one of our biggest nights of the year!”
C.G Gains: “Myles Jake allowed Ali to get into his head, and it cost him big time!



Tonight, twenty five of NBW's BEST will enter the ring, looking to be the final one standing. That person with their ticket to the Main Event at LEGACY for the NBW World Heavyweight Championship.

Freddie Rich is Ready.

Ali Amore is Ready.

Davey La Rue is Ready.

Tyson XL is Ready.

Eric Davies is Ready.

Are you?

25 To Life.
Tonight one will rise above the rest.

Ke'ala 'Ohana

Ohiyama, Jules & Rafi Ke'ala


Clan Strongbern

'Big' Rick Strongbern, Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern & 'Little' Ricky Strongbern

Little RickyRik BonebreakerBig Rick



“Here we go!” C.G. Gains said with excitement. “Clan Strongbern are going to STRONGBERN SMASH the crap out of Ke’ala Ohana!”

“That remains to be seen,” Melissa replied, “and the match is about to happen next. This one has been brewing for a couple months now when Clan Strongbern became a trio and added Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern to their ranks. They cut a swath through some of the roster in the last few months, but the former Blitzkrieg Champion Ohiyama and Rafi and Jules Ke’ala have been standing up to them.”

“Ohiyama is a straight-up BEAST! He beat Little Ricky, but Big Rick and Rik beat Jules and Rafi so this series between the two groups is about even. I’m predicting Clan Strongbern are going to break them in half!”

“It’s big six-man tag team action! It’s Clan Strongbern versus Ke’ala Ohana right now!”

And once more… it was ring time!

“The following contest is a six-man tag team match set for one fall!” Brent Williams shouted.



A HUGE explosion of red pyro went off behind him and the opening 15-second mark of “King Kong” by Gorilla Zoe played. 


“Introducing first from Hilo, Hawaii… at a combined weight of 715 pounds… they are the team of Jules and Rafi Ke’ala… and the 2017 WAR CUP WINNER OHIYAMA… THEY ARE KE’ALA OHANA!

The 6’6” 278-pound Hawaiian garnered a GREAT reaction from the crowd when he let out a loud roar! The two smaller men accompanying him to the ring were his cousins Jules and Rafi Ke’ala. The crowd ate up the entrance and watched all three of the Hawaiian wrestlers enter the ring for the battle ahead. They ripped off their Ke’ala Ohana shirts and whipped them into the crowd as they waited for their opponents.

The attention was now turned once the music faded out and two men made their way out from the opposite entrance first. On either side of the entrances, two LARGE men were currently standing with arms folded. They were wearing matching brown barbarian-like garb including capes that appeared to have been fashioned from bear fur along with brown fuzzy boots. One man – identified as Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern – looked ready to fight. The other – Little Ricky Strongbern – hated looking like a reject from the Conan movie series. But silly Little Ricky.

Furry boots were how you know they mean business.

A voice boomed over the outside speakers as the crowd watched the massive entrance.



Silver pyro shot off into the sky and wheeling through the entrance on a mobile platform a la Wrestlemania 3…


Standing at his full 5’9” height, the muscular 235 pound mini-monster grinned and looked at the ring evilly, wearing a crowd, war paint and had been working on growing his hair out with a black beard.

“Let’s Kill These Motherfuckers” by Lair of the Minotaur.

The mobile platform began to roll towards the ring. All three members of Ke’ala Ohana rolled their eyes at the delusional, but very dangerous man wheeling towards the ring while his two massive subordinates made the walk in their barbarian and war paint garb.

“Lolo,” Ohiyama said under his breath.

Big Rick waited for Littie Ricky and Rik to get to the ringside area before he commanded Little Ricky to open the side door. He did and Big Rick walked out, absorbing jeers from the Singapore crowd before the three men walked to the ring. Big Rick did his typical climb up the ropes like he was an actual big man before stepping over them carefully and stepping back down the ropes. Clan Strongbern entered the ring…


“ATTACK! DESTROY THEM ALL!” Strongbern screamed.

Big Rick and the members of Clan Strongbern went on the attack at the bell!

Ohiyama and Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern were exchanging fists on one side of the ring!

In another corner, Big Rick was squaring off with Jules Ke’ala which left Jules…

“Crap, the big one!” Rafi shouted.

Rafi was being cornered by Little Ricky and now being hammered in the corner with a big series of Back Elbows by the near seven-footer!

Brawls were breaking out all over the ring and the referee Tal Nedrick was hopeless to do anything but watch the bad blood between the two groups spill out.


The crowd was hot for the action going off quickly between Ke’ala Ohana and Clan Strongbern as the two continued to duke it out! The first one to get the advantage was Ohiyama as he BLASTED Rik with a big Clothesline, sending him over the top rope and out to the floor! Little Ricky turned his attention away from Rafi and tried to go after Ohiyama…




Three stiff Shoot Kicks from Jules Ke’ala caught Big Rick in the chest and doubled the leader of Clan Strongbern over. He helped Ohiyama who dodged a Big Boot from Little Ricky…


The Flying Gamengiri Kick from Jules caught Little Ricky in the face and stunned him long enough for Ohiyama to SCOOP him up and dump him over the top rope! If this was the 25 To Life match, he would have been eliminated, but that was the main event of tonight’s show! Tonight, this was a personal fight between the two rising groups in nbW.

Ohiyama then pointed towards the outside where Jules and Rafi were set in the ring and ready to take flight to the giants on the outside…



The crowd popped for the stereo dives by the Ke’ala cousins!

“YOU SONS OF BITCHES!” Big Rick yelled.

He turned around…


…and in the moment, he forgot ALL about big Ohiyama standing right behind him! He blasted him with a STIFF Knife-Edge Chop! Big Rick cringed in pain from the force of the chop and winced in the corner when Ohiyama pulled him up again…


And a second one brought him down! Ohiyama then turned his attention to the Ke’ala cousins and the members of Clan Strongbern starting to rise. Jules and Rafi slid back into the ring just as Ohiyama palmed the back of Big Rick’s head…


Both Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern and Little Ricky caught Big Rick as he was thrown over the top rope. They managed to save their leader from certain harm, but they didn’t see Ohiyama ran forward. Was the big man actually going to fly?

Fuckin’ right, he was.



This was the time for complete madness to ensue and the Ke’ala brothers cheered on their cousin as he took out all three members of Clan Strongbern! Now everybody was down on the outside with the fans going nuts! Now EVERYBODY was down on the floor and the fans were still hooked on the action!

Out of the pile of bodies, Ohiyama was the very first to rise. He looked out to the sea of rowdy Singapore fans and yelled.

“EO NA TOA E!” Ohiyama shouted to the fans.


The fans that had followed nbW and the exploits of Ohiyama shouted back his trademark war cry. He walked through the bodies all strewn across the floor and picked up Big Rick from that wreckage. Tossing him inside the ring, he was at the feet of both Jules and Rafi.





While the didn’t have stank that Ohiyama’s chops did, Jules’ kicks were very lethal and he struck The King of Strongbern Style three times in the chest. Rafi turned him around and pummeled him in the jaw with three powerful Elbow Smashes to the face and then knocked him down with a Running Shoulder Tackle! Ohiyama finished off the combination of moves by running into the ring and then connecting with a big Running Jumping Splash! He the covered him for the win!




Big Rick kicked out of the cover, but Ohiyama continued to go for the kill. He grabbed Big Rick by the wrist and tried to spin him around to land his signature Headbutt strike…


The crowd booed when Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern clocked Ohiyama in the back of the head with a nasty cheap shot! That allowed Big Rick to make his escape while Jules and Rafi ran at Rik with a Double Dropkick to get him out of the ring! Big Rick hurried to make the tag to the only other member of Clan Strongbern  he could…

“GET IN THERE AND FUCK THEM UP!” Big Rick shouted.

Little Ricky nodded and the seven-foot man reached into the ring. He charged at the legal man Ohiyama and tackled him into the corner and fired off a big series of painful Back Elbow strikes. He followed those up with big Knee Strikes to the chest. He wanted some payback for how Ohiyama had beaten him back on Slam a few weeks ago and wanted to end things. He tried to whip Ohiyama out of the corner…

Ohiyama held on!

He whipped Big Rick into the corner…


A HUGE Running Back Elbow caught him in the corner and then scooped him up…


The Belly to Back Facebuster on the almost three-hundred pound Little Ricky! Ohiyama with a cover now!



Big Rick entered the ring and broke up the fall with an Elbow Drop to the back of Ohiyama’s head. The two men stared one another down before Ohiyama pulled Little Ricky and DROPPED him down mid-ring with a big slam. Ohiyama made the tag out to Jules Ke’ala and right after he entered the ring, the tag was made to Rafi. Jules ran forward and BLASTED Little Ricky in the chest with a Penalty Kick that put him flat on his back. That allowed Rafi to come off the ropes and land a Running Somersault Senton! Now with that, he made a cover on the big man after Ke’ala Ohana had worked him over.



The Artist Formerly Known as Tremoid kicked out, but Rafi tried to not let him get away. He grabbed the big man by his arm and pelted him with Forearm Smashes to keep him from getting up. Rafi charged the ropes…


The Bone-breaking Behemoth clocked him the back of the head and that gave Little Ricky an opening. He caught Rafi off the side and VICIOUSLY dropped him across his knee with a Pendulum Backbreaker! The crowd cringed from that impact, but Little Ricky held on and then flattened him with a big Sidewalk Slam!

Ohiyama and Jules were now helpless but to watch as Clan Strongbern now had the upper hand. Little Ricky checked his face to make sure he still had all of his teeth after Jules’ earlier Penalty Kick and looked at Rik who blew him a sarcastic kiss.

“You’re welcome, asshole, hahaha,” Rik laughed.

Little Ricky quickly pulled Rafi back to his feet and then whipped him all the way across the ring to a neutral corner. He charged forward quickly and CRUSHED Rafi in the corner with a big Stinger Splash! He then pulled Rafi into his grip and turned towards Ohiyama and Rafi…


Rafi was chucked across the ring like a sack of potatoes and flew back towards the corner of Clan Strongbern. He stood up and watched Rafi bounce before rolling over to make a cover.




Little Ricky looked annoyed by Slim J’s counting but he stood up. He turned…


He CRUSHED Ohiyama with such a nasty boot that he went flying off the apron! Jules growled at him but Little Ricky looked satisfied with the damage caused for Ke’ala Ohana. He turned his attention back on Rafi again and bullied him into the corner where the tag was made to Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern.

“Heh heh…” Rik laughed.

He tried to pull Rafi up…


He fired three good shots to the jaw of Rik but the arrogant monster smiled and CLOBBERED him in retaliation with a Short-Range Lariat! The blow was more than enough to drop Rafi like a bad habit and Ohiyama held his jaw before coming back to the ring apron on his side to see Rafi getting picked apart by Rik. The Norwegian monster pulled Rafi to his corner and confidently moved him to the corner where he doubled him over before delivering a VICIOUS Chop to the back!

“Ahhhh!” Rafi shouted.

He was doubled over in pain from just one shot. Rik took off the barbarian sash he was wearing tonight and started to strangle Rafi with it!

“Hey! Stop! Now!” Slim J yelled.

The small referee’s admonishments didn’t stop Rik from wrapping the sash around Rafi’s throat and CHUCKING him across the ring with a massive Biel Throw! Rafi hit the mat hard and Rik made the tag to Big Rick.

“LET’S GO!” Big Rick commanded.

His two massive minions both entered the ring as Rik whipped him back to the corner. Bonebreaker-Strongbern moved first…


He moved out of the way so Little Ricky could follow up next…


He then whipped him at Big Rick who ran towards Rafi. He rolled up behind him with a Schoolboy… no…


Rafi was scooped up with a HUGE Deadlift out of the Schoolboy and then dropped into a vicious Powerbomb! Big Rick stayed on him for the cover!




A Running Dropkick to the side of the body broke up the cover! Jules was made to get back to his corner by Slim J and that gave Rafi the opening to try and get back to his corner while Big Rick held the side of his face. Rafi tried to get back to his corner where Ohiyama and now JUelws were ready for the much needed tag…


He head to the top rope just as Little Ricky entered the ring, only to take a Front Missile Dropkick to the chest! The blow didn’t knock Ricky down completely, but did knock the wind out of him long enough for Jules to finally mount an offensive. He fired off two alternating kicks to each leg of Little Ricky to try and chop the proverbial tree down and then fired off a Rolling Sole Butt to the stomach and finally an upwards kick.

Two more Palm Strikes followed up with a Leg Feed Enzuigiri and now the seven-footer staggered to the corner…


The Step-up Knee Strike to the face caught him flush and the monster finally staggered out of the corner and Jules negotiated him into a cover…





In just one big move, Rik had just changed the complexion of the match in the biggest way possible! One of his deadliest signature maneuvers had nearly broken the 209-pound Jules Ke’ala in half! Rik was yelled at again to leave the ring and Little Ricky was able to roll over and make the tag to Big Rick. The originator of the Strongbern name casually crawled over and made the cover on Jules.




Jules kicked out just in the nick of time, but Big Rick wasn’t done with punishing him. He pulled Jules back up to his feet and put Jules’ arms back against the ropes…





Big Rick and Rafi had engaged in a Chop Battle last time they met in the ring, but now he was imposing his will on Jules with his own vicious Knife-Edge Chops. Big Rick did like to do a lot of hiding behind his massive associates, but more from a sense of not wanting to get his own hands dirty than being afraid. He was delusional, but he was equally vicious in the ring. He snapmared Jules over and a stomp to the back of the head put him flat down. He then ran off the ropes and delivered a hard Double Foot Stomp! As Jules was left gasping for air, Big Rick pulled him up and snapped him over into a HARSH Fisherman’s Buster! He moved over and then went for a cover!





Big Rick slapped three hands together quickly to Slim J to tell him his grade school education failed him, but Slim J scoffed at him. Big Rick stood up and hooked the neck of Jules as he pulled him up with him. He was about to end things right then and put Jules on his shoulders for the Turnbuckle Death Valley Driver, but Jules elbowed his way out.


Big Rick caught him with a good shot right to the jaw and Jules was stunned. Big Rick ran at the ropes and may have been looking for the Strong-Arm Lariat, but Jules ran right behind him. His quickness got Big Rick turned all around…


He used the Flying Gamengiri Kick off the rope and nailed Big Rick right in the mush! Both men were down once again and it was time for Jules to make a tag quickly while the had the chance.

“OHIYAMA!” Clap-clap-clapclapclap
“OHIYAMA!” Clap-clap-clapclapclap
“OHIYAMA!” Clap-clap-clapclapclap
“OHIYAMA!” Clap-clap-clapclapclap
“OHIYAMA!” Clap-clap-clapclapclap

The crowd wanted the Hawaiian Gojira back in the ring in the worst way! Clan Strongbern had lost their upper hand and now Big Rick was stumbling across the mat in a punch (kick) drunk daze trying to get to either of his underlings. Big Rick made it to Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern and now he was inside the ring. The 6’8” and 323-pound monster now loomed towards Jules who was trying to make it to his corner. He grabbed Jules by the leg...


A flipping Enzuigiri caught him right on the side of the ear and that stunned him long enough…


The crowd was going nut snow as Ohiyama ran into the ring and charged right for Rik… BAM! He smacked right into him with a shoulder, but Rik didn’t go down so Ohiyama charged off the ropes a second time… BAM!

Second verse, same as the first.

Rik was stumbling over so Ohiyama let out a roar and ran off the ropes a third time. Rik swung with a Clothesline, but Ohiyama ducked. When he came back…


The most powerful member of Clan Strongbern was finally knocked off his feet by Ohiyama and the crowd was going nuts for it as The Big Oh let out another roar. He pulled Rik to his feet…





Rik was a monster of a man, but even he couldn’t stand for too long as the most powerful chops in nbW crashed against his chest, leaving red welts on his chest. Ohiyama was a runaway train now as he ran cross-corner for more momentum and then came back to blast Rik across his chest with a big Corner Clothesline! He charged across the ring and fired off two big shots, one for Big Rick and one for Little Ricky!

Ohiyama then charged off the ropes and tried to go after Bonebreaker-Strongbern now, but the Hawaiian Gojira was stopped immediately with a big Back Elbow to the jaw! Rik ran off the ropes and then tried to stop Ohiyama… NO…


The crowd was going nuts as Ohiyama DROPPED the biggest member of Clan Strongbern with a big Fireman’s Carry into a Backbreaker! Ohiyama favored the knee for the moment before he crawled over to make the cover on the Bone-Breaking Behemoth!




The King of Strongbern Style broke things up with a Double Stomp to the back of The Hawaiian Gojira! The blow stunned him long enough for Big Rick to bark orders at Rik.


Rik was clutching his back in pain – the most he’d probably felt since becoming a member of Clan Strongbern – and both he and Big Rick tried to double-team Ohiyama. Rik limped upwards and they both whipped Ohiyama across the ring. Rik launched Big Rick like a rocket right at Ohiyama… but he got his boot up! Big Rick was knocked down and when he saw Rik coming, Ohiyama moved! Rik hit the buckles when Ohiyama started to climb to the top rope…


And Rik was down after the Top Rope Diving Chop to the skull! Ohiyama finally let out a roar and raised his thumb across his throat before pulling Rik up to his feet. The Mauna Kea Driver was coming up…


Little Ricky caught him with a boot and broke things up. Little Ricky then pummeled Ohiyama in the head…


The Rainmaker into the Headbutt BASHED Little Ricky right in the chest and dropped him down to a seated position! Ohiyama then made the target known as Rafi wanted the tag!


And now he was climbing up top to end things with Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern on the mat. The Big Boy Senton was coming up…


In the midst of all the chaos, Jules tried to cut off Big Rick from making a comeback, but a pair of hands pulled Jules out of the ring! When he was dragged out…


The fans saw who it was…

It was… KHAN?!?!

A man who was known to nbW fans a long time ago who hadn’t been seen in a long time, was now here… and wearing a Clan Strongbern shirt?!

Ohiyama ran to the outside to go after Khan for his interference, but as Rafi was about to come off the top rope…


He knocked Rafi off the top turnbuckle with his signature Lariat and now Rik was starting to get back up. He scooped Rafi into the Powerbomb position over his shoulder…


The Delayed Fire Thunder Bomb nearly SPIKED Rafi through the mat and Rik kneeled over to make the cover.




And that was it!

The crowd was in complete shock over what looked like Ohiyama and the rest of Ke’ala Ohana winning the match… however, tonight it was not to be! Big Rick slapped his hands and let out a loud laugh as Rik and Little Ricky all retreated from the ring.


Ohiyama quickly ran into the ring to check on Rafi and make sure nothing worse happened to his cousin, but the members of Clan Strongbern had already retreated. Just when people thought things were already bad enough with two giants at the beck and call of the delusional and dangerous Big Rick Strongbern… now he had THREE monsters?


Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern and Khan proved to be the difference makers in this hectic and chaotic match that had been back and forth the whole way through. But tonight, as Ohiyama went to check on his cousins, the crowd booed the shit out of Big Rick now being carried on the shoulders of Rik.

“THAT’S MY SHIT! YEAH!” Big Rick laughed as he high-fived Rik.

Little Ricky remained indifferent to the goings-on, just happy to be on the winning side. Meanwhile, Khan hissed and growled like a wild animal as he backed away with this group of misfit powerhouses. With one more in tow to his camp, it looked like Clan Strongbern’s power in nbW was something that could no longer be ignored.

Unstoppable Egos

Location: Backstage

The scene went to the special stage area and looking good as ever?

Trent McKnight.

Adria can’t always do these, perverts. Deal with it.

“Hello, Knight-Watchers!” said Trent. “I’m Trent McKnight and welcome to 25 To Life! I sincerely hope that you’ve all been enjoying the show tonight. Standing by with me at this time are the challengers for the Dynasty Tag Team Champions a little later tonight. Please welcome the 2016 Tag Team of the Year for nbW… Tyson XL and Vic Gravender, The UNSTOPPABLES!”

And with that, the crowd lost their shit!

Two massive dudes that could fuck worlds up. That was The Unstoppables. The former nbW World Heavyweight Champion Vic Gravender and his former rival turned ally Tyson XL walked up to the stage and greeted Trent.

“Trent,” said Vic coldly.

“Thanks for having us, man,” said Tyson.

“Thank you for your time, gentlemen. You have the chance to regain the Dynasty Tag Team Titles that were taken from you at the start of the year thanks to Jake Tockwell and the formation of The In Crowd. Tonight, do you have a game plan in mind to get the titles back?”

“Yeah,” said Vic. “We’re going to fucking BREAK every little piece of shit that tries to keep the titles form Ty and I. The belts that we worked hard to obtain and the belts that we worked hard to make something… then they were taken by three pieces of shit that aren’t worthy of holding them.”

“They’ve played games with us for a while now and on Slam, Trent, we fought back,” said Ty. “The Law tried to intervene and with some help from Spike, we sent their asses packing. We’ve beaten The A-List before and they’ve beaten us, so tonight call it a rubber match, call it a tiebreaker, call it whatever you want. But tonight, you’re going to be calling us the TWO-TIME Dynasty Tag Team Champions!”

Vic cracked a grin.

“And then you’ll be calling The A-List ‘STOP, STOP, STOP, THEY’RE ALREADY DEAD! STOP! NO, GOD, NO, CALL AN AMBULANCE!’”

Ty did not have his tag partner’s surly wit, but even he got a chuckle out of that.

“After all The In Crowd have put us through, that’s pretty fitting.”

“Well, thanks for your ti…”


The crowd booed when not one someone, but FOUR someones strutted right onto the stage and got right in front of Trent. It was the entirety of Clan Strongbern, fresh off their victory earlier in the night over Ke’ala Ohana, thanks to their newest member Khan who was growling at Trent.

“I DON’T SEE YOU INTERVEWING US, TRENT,” said Big Rick in his booming voice. “THE FUCK’S UP WITH THAT?”

Trent looked a little bit perturbed by the sight of the near 300-pound Khan growling at him.



Trent jumped and ran off the set when Khan… sorry, Ri-Khan started to lunge at him. Instead, Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern held onto his Clan Strongbern shirt.

“Down, Ri-Khan, down!”

Ri-Khan stopped growling and remained pretty docile. Vic and Tyson were a little bit confused by all this while Little Ricky hovered behind them all with his arms folded, but happy to have won. Then Vic looked annoyed.

“Whats up with that, short-shit, is that nobody gives a fuck about you or how many guys you surround yourself with to make yourself feel right.”

Big Rick smirked at that comment.


Tyson XL rolled his eyes.

“Did you come here for a dick-waving contest or are you just here to annoy people? We’ve got more important things going on like getting our titles back.”


Vic and Tyson both got ready to throw down in case Clan Strongbern wanted to throw down, but Big Rick snapped his fingers.


Rik dragged Ri-Khan away while Little Ricky shot an icy glare at both members of The Unstoppables before they walked out of the scene.  Vic and Ty shook their heads and collectively sighed.

“Little asshole,” said Vic.

“Let’s go get our belts back.”

Tyson XL and Vic both walked off and the scene went back to ringside for the next match.

Jake Tockwell

Big Talk

Jake Tockwell

Spike Saunders

the Colossus

Spike Saunders



Ever since making his debut in No Brand Wrestling, “Big Talk” Jake Tockwell proved there was no shortage of talking. However what he had also proven in 2017 was that he could back up his claims of being perhaps one of the fastest rising stars in NBW history. With a resume that boasted victories over former Blitzkrieg Champion Brock Newbludd and not to mention the current Number One Contender Warren Spade in the same night, Tockwell had already had a chance at the NBW World title. Some say he would have won the belt had it not been for the interference of Spike Saunders trying to prevent the young Memphis brawler from cheating his way to the big prize.

Saunders – former NBW World Champion and multiple title holder in his own right – had not taken kindly to the man who was ballsy enough to talk trash about legends and newbies alike, saying nobody but him was special. Saunders was a legend to be respected and now he was looking to not only beat some respect into the leader of the In Crowd, but also add another title to his extensive resume if he could beat Tockwell and claim the Blitzkrieg belt.

Who was coming out on top tonight?

We would have to watch to find out!

“All right, the moment you've all been waiting for! The moment where NBW’s fastest rising star adds another notch on his Toughest Man in No Brand Tour!”

The former rockstar and former wrestler “Hot Sauce” Raul Ramirez walked from the back to bask in the jeers of the crowd. He raised an arm out to the crowd in the outdoor scene in Singapore. 

“Please welcome to the stage at this time, the man with the gift of gab – which means both his great voice and his deadly lariat … Spike Saunders, you’ll be meeting your maker faster than you can say ‘Gift of Gab!’ Please welcome the man that will STILL be Blitzkrieg champion after this match … “BIG TALK” JAKE TOCKWELL!!!

The Eagles’s hit single “Life In The Fast Lane” played and the arena soon became washed in a sea of gold! Decorated in black and gold boas, the six-foot five and two-hundred fifty-six pound loudmouth from Memphis basked in the all the attention he was receiving. He raised the ends of his boas and looked pretty happy with how unhappy the crowd was to see him. He also strutted out the Blitzkrieg title he wore proudly and was looking to make his second successful defense since goading and beating the injured Brock Newbludd to win it. 

“Mr. Success right here!” yelled Tockwell.

The man known as Big Talk hit the ring and threw off his boas before handing them to the official for the match, Simon Brack. He also unstrapped his Blitzkrieg title.

“Hot Sauce … make sure that zero doesn’t mess up my boas! I need those for later tonight when I win the 25 To Life match!”

“You got it!” said Raul.

Raul Ramirez criticized the official and Jake Tockwell and the Memphis brawler entered the ring to much jeers from the crowd! He was loud, he was brash, but he almost always found a way to win and the only loss he suffered in NBW was the close loss to Derecho for his NBW World championship! Spike was hoping to be the second man to hold that distinction.

Tockwell handed over the Blitzkrieg title belt to the referee of the match and immediately went to work by untying two of the buckles! A little unusual that the champion would come out first, but Tockwell requested it – probably to make sure that he could do whatever underhanded tactics he could.

That music meant it was time for the crowd to go insane! The massive challenger for the Blitzkrieg title for the evening made the walk down to ringside. He was all fired up if his backstage interview a few weeks ago and him laying out Jake Tockwell to end Slam. He was ready to shut him up and add another title to his collection!
“His opponent from Beverly Hills, California, standing at seven foot three and three hundred thirty-seven pounds... he is the Colossus, SPIKE SAUNDERS!
Immediately the crowd rose to their feet and cheered as the seven foot three Colossus watched Tockwell in the ring. He wasted little time with the fans this time and simply stepped down to the ring. He stopped in front of the ring and started to climb into the ring when Todkwell made his attack!




The bell sounded off just as Jake Tockwell opened fire on the much taller Saunders! This was not Warren’s first time fighting giants in his heralded career in Memphis before coming to NBW. That being said, there were none larger than the seven-foot three-inches tall Colossus!

This was no doubt going to be a physical one and on top of this, both men were slated to compete in the 25 To Life match later tonight! So depending on how this went, one or both men could be at a disadvantage later tonight!

Tockwell was trying his best to wrap things up early by getting the early jump on Saunders with big right hands. He had some of the best in the game all-round, but even a few of those weren’t doing much to phase the Colossus. He backed Saunders into the ropes with a pair of kicks aimed at his massive midsection and then he tried to throw Saunders into the corner of the ring.


That’s exactly what Saunders said when he put his weight down and kept himself from going anywhere (not that he needed to.) He then sent Tockwell across the ring with a big whip of his own. He tried a big boot that he ducked and then when he came back … he was kicked in the stomach and then he got thrown with a big high angled double arms suplex! The ring nearly rattled with that one and in this match where anything goes, Saunders would try to win quickly tonight so he could move onto 25 To Life with minimal time!

1 …

2 …

But Tockwell was not going to make things easy. He was a braggart and he was a man with questionable (no) morals whatsoever, but he was just as tough and had already been baptized by fire by fighting some of the toughest men NBW had to offer. He had just kicked out, but Spike almost expected it.

Spike watched Tockwell try to roll away from the scene but when he got near the ropes, Saunders was already up at his full height and he sent him spilling over the floor with a massive clothesline!!!

Tockwell was on the floor and had no idea where he was. Raul Ramirez went into full panic mode and Hot Sauce quickly ran over to where the Blitzkrieg title was being laid out so he could take it.

“Big Talk! Let’s go! We don’t need this!” yelled Hot Sauce.

Big Talk nodded in a panic and the two men were trying to get as far away from ringside as they possibly could and headed for one of the bridges that connected The Float to the viewing platform.

That was a mistake.

Saunders moved with the quickness by grabbing Hot Sauce and throwing him to the ground! Tockwell had the title in his possession and tried to swing at it like he had at Vic Gravender and at Tyson XL in the past.


… instead, Spike felt it was necessary to kick Tockwell’s face right off of his body! Spike then got into a lateral press on Tockwell right in the middle of the aisle and Simon Brack ran right over to try and count a fall!

1 …

2 …

But Tockwell with another kick out!

The Law had been disposed of on Slam by Spike and the Unstoppables. The A-List had their own Dynasty Tag titles to worry about against the Unstoppables in a rematch, so Tockwell was having to go this one alone. Spike Saunders knew that so he grabbed the back of his head and then threw him into a barricade.

And another!!!

And another!!!

And another!

He was being pinballed back and forth between the barricades! The blonde braggart continued to absorb punishment and tried to beg off by crawling back up the ramp towards one of the entrances to the platform away from the ring, but Saunders followed him wherever he went.

“Get the hell away from Big Talk! Big Talk don’t need this!” Tockwell yelled.

Saunders followed him and when he tried to get up to run, he grabbed Tockwell by the leg and pulled him back up. He dropped a hard elbow into his leg to keep him from moving any further and then followed that up with a huge chop aimed right at his chest! Tockwell continued to try and run, but he had spent far too long and far too many times poking the bear. This was what he was getting for his efforts.


Tockwell was thrown right over the barricade and now he was in the sea of fans who were lucky enough to buy tickets for the event up close! Saunders stepped right over the barricade and followed Tockwell as he tried to make his escape, but he was blasted twice in the back with two brutal shots before he felt to his knees. He picked up Tockwell and dropped him right near a stack of chairs with a big power slam! What a way to win the Blitzkrieg title in the sea of fans getting to witness an nbW show!

1 …

2 …


Somehow, Tockwell had taken the punishment that Saunders had absorbed and then managed to kick out! From there Saunders doubled Tockwell over with a knee in his gut and then gestured to the fans he was going to be trying for a powerbomb right there in the audience right up front from the ring. He powered Tockwell up…


Tockwell rained down right hands when he realized what was going on and continued to sock Spike in the head until the Colossus was just groggy enough to drop Jake. The blonde brawler from Memphis fell over and then moved a fan from his seat.

“Gimme this seat, ass-hole!” Tockwell shouted.

The young Singapore fan was moved and Tockwell took the chair. He folded it up and tried to swing. He tried anyway …

But Saunders punched the chair right out of his hand!

The chair fell at Tockwell’s feet and miraculously didn’t hit a fan. They were continuing to fight all up in aisles as he continued to pummel Tockwell. More brawls happened on their way back through another section of the audience and before Tockwell knew it, he was being chucked back over the barricade and the fight spilled back to the ringside area!

Tockwell was still crawling on the floor and had Spike Saunders standing over him ready to deliver the finishing blow. The big BOOM HEADSHOT overhand right was coming and if Saunders could hit this, we’d probably have a new champion…

Not if Hot Sauce had something to say about it!

He grabbed the leg of Saunders and tried to keep him from going any further with his attack, but Spike tried to rattle him off.

“Let go!” Saunders yelled.

“Fuck you, Spike!” Hot Sauce shouted back.

Saunders grabbed Hot Sauce with his massive hand and slammed him once again into the barricade to keep him from interfering yet again. He threw him off and tried to end things quickly with Tockwell …


Jake Tockwell had recovered just long enough to deliver a vicious upper-cut right between the legs and the blow was finally something that stopped the massive Colossus in his tracks!

Tockwell was no Handsome Man Modeling School member but he was a man who knew how to find an opportunity when he had one. He had a rare singles victory over Warren Spade so he was more than capable of finding a way to win especially against the giant folk if his history was anything to go off of.

Big Talk scrambled back over to the aisle where he dropped his Blitzkrieg title and then picked it back up. While Saunders was still on the mend from the low blow, Tockwell charged forward and he beaned Spike in the back of the head with his prized championship! He turned around and was shocked to see that Spike didn’t go down from the first one so he grabbed his belt and ran forward again, clocking Saunders in the face!

Two belt shots weren’t enough to keep Saunders down, but he grabbed him in a front headlock position. He was careful to turn Spike around and then dropped Spike right down on the floor with a great neck breaker! Tockwell now grinned maliciously and then tried to cover him right there for the win.

1 …

2 …


The count was a little too slow for the liking of Big Talk and he didn’t care for it.

“There’s nothing stopping Big Talk from bitch-slapping you if you don’t count faster!”

Big Talk continued to put his boot down any time Saunders was trying to stand. He put a boot between his eyes, one on the jaw, another on the body and several more on his redwood-like legs as he tried to get up.

“Will your fossilized ass stay the hell down?” Big Talk shouted.

All that trash talk and he could certainly back up. Big Talk took a leisurely stroll over to the ring itself and dug underneath for something he could use against Spike.

He found that in the form of a gigantic wrench used by the production crew to put together the turnbuckles. Tockwell held the weapon over his head and tapped it gently against the ring post to make a clanging sound.

“That’s gonna be your head! Batter up, you dumb JAG!”

He was waiting for Spike to stand so he could put a good shot right between the eyes against much like his boot a second ago. He swung …

But he didn’t count on Saunders punching him right in the arm, making him drop the wrench on the ground in the process!

Saunders grabbed Tockwell and then …


He was chucked right into the steep steps at ringside!

Tockwell was a jumbled mess and writhed around in pain. He rolled around on the ground trying to protect his back while Saunders also reached under the ring. That weapon he chose was a table!


Ask and the crazy crowd will receive!

Saunders pulled out the table and then started to set it up near ringside. After both legs were kicked outright he turned the table over and set it upright. He lightly tapped the table and listened to the ovation from the crowd as something bad was about to happen to Jake Tockwell and nbW would be better off for it.

The Talk of the Town was grabbed by his throat and Saunders looked to end things and claim the Blitzkrieg title with what appeared to be a chokeslam through the table! He held Tockwell up … eye rake!!!

In a moment of desperation, Tockwell raked the eye of Saunders at the height of the chokeslam. He barley regained his footing but that’s when he took the wrench from earlier and clocked Saunders right in the stomach! The blunt instrument was enough to do some damage, but he then swung and caught Saunders against the jaw!

The blows were more than enough to have Saunders stumbling and fell backwards towards the table! By some miracle, his gigantic frame had not crumbled the table under his own weight but that gave Tockwell the time that he needed to turn the literal table in his favor.

With Saunders left slumped partway over the table Big Talk climbed up to the apron and positioned himself standing on the middle rope hovering over where Saunders was laying. With a gleeful and vindictive smile, the defending Blitzkrieg champion took flight …



And with that big reversal of fortunes for Saunders, Tockwell was now not only in control, but he might be able to slay the beast known as the Colossus! The NBW legend and the quickly rising star were not moving in the wreckage of the table that had exploded into thousands of little pieces at ringside. Raul Ramirez freaked out and didn’t know which way was up after watching Tockwell take his craziest risk since becoming a part of the NBW roster.

“Get up champ! Get up!” Raul shouted.

Raul waited for either man to move and when that didn’t happen, he scurried over.

“Screw this!”

Raul ran over to Tockwell and quickly helped him crawl over to where Saunders was left laying motionless.

“Get em champ, let’s take this home!”

With the words of encouragement and a helping hand from Raul, Tockwell crawled over and he laid across the shoulders of the Colossus.

1 …

2 …


The crowd went crazy that Saunders still managed to kick out after Tockwell had managed to level the playing field with the environment against Saunders. Tockwell could not believe it, but he was clearly done with the talking. I know you laugh at that thought that he’d ever stop talking.

Tockwell grabbed Saunders by the neck to try and get him back on his feet but when he did, Saunders pushed him away. Tockwell rolled into the ring and he was also trying to get his bearings back as Saunders climbed into the ring and was clearly still feeling the effects of being put through a table. When he tried to step over the ropes, Tockwell greeted him with a chair to the chest to stun the Colossus. He then pulled him by the neck once again and used all the strength he could to get Saunders’s upper body into the set up he needed.


The rope hung DDT he liked to used was executed with some effort and now Saunders was driven into the canvas by the face and head! The giant was slumped over when Tockwell quickly tried to push him over to his back. Tockwell had another good chance to keep the Blitzkrieg title.

1 …

2 …


Tockwell’s eyes were in shock! He couldn’t believe for the third big move he had pulled out Saunders was still able to kick out. The monsters had truly been awoken by the In Crowd and their gang tactics in the shows leading up to 25 to Life, but Tockwell couldn’t believe Saunders wasn’t done for.

“Oh that’s it, you are done you big zero!”

Jake was back on his feet now with Saunders still struggling to move. He pointed to the crowd and then slipped off his elbow pad before throwing it to Raul Ramirez. His ring gear belonged to him and him only and wasn’t going to give a fan a souvenir.

He waved his arm out and was calling for the Gift of Gab, a lariat that he had put away many stars with in NBW so far. Tockwell ran off the ropes just as Saunders made it to a knee.


One crippling right hand from Saunders nailed Tockwell right on the bean and he collapsed to the canvas while Saunders was still struggling himself. He’d been put through a table, dropped on the floor and then hit with a really hard DDT in the last few minutes so he was very slow to make the cover, but eventually he made it over to Tockwell and draped his arm over the body.

1 …

2 …


Spike himself couldn’t believe it! While it was not his main finisher of choice, his sick overhand right hand also racked up a fair share of victories for Spike or perhaps set up his opponent for Spiked, his version of a firemans carry DDT.

Perhaps this was going to be one of those times!

Spike climbed outside the ring and brought in a chair before setting it down on the ground next to where Tockwell was still laying prone. If he hit Spiked on that chair there was no doubt in anybody’s mind that we would be seeing a new Blitzkrieg champion being crowned here in Singapore tonight!

The Colossus had Tockwell in his arms now and then set him on his shoulders.


Hot Sauce came to the rescue when he snuck into the ring and clipped the back of Spike’s leg with a chair! Raul was a former wrestler himself who knew all the tricks of the trade. Going for the legs of a gargantuan human being was one of those things.

“Got you Saunders!” Raul yelled.

He reached into his pocket and pulled out the mace that he had used on Saunders’s glasses. He turned to use the mace … but Spike slapped it out of his hand!

Saunders grabbed Hot Sauce by the throat


The fans cheered as Raul bounced hard off the canvas like a ball and then Saunders kicked him out of the ring like a piece of trash. With him out of the way, Saunders had a clear shot to take care of Tockwell once and for all …

Not so fast! 

Tockwell followed suit and he SMASHED the chair into the side of the same knee that Hot Sauce struck just a few moments ago! Big Talk was much bigger and stronger than his manager so it was no issue at all for the blow to do some damage. Then Tockwell grabbed the back of Saunders’s head and smashed him into one of the exposed turnbuckles he’d taken off at the start of the match!

The crowd was outraged with Tockwell’s heinous actions and now Saunders had slumped down to a knee. Tockwell pointed to the back of Spike’s head like he was holding a gun and cocked his arm like a shotgun before he took off the ropes …


Call it execution-style or whatever you want but Tockwell had Saunders groggy on the mat and turned him over quickly to end things once and for all.

1 …

2 …


Saunders kicked out at two and a half, but he was looking like he was still on dream street. Tockwell quickly stood up again and with Saunders starting to try and sit up despite being dazed as all get-out, Tockwell ran off one, but two sets of the ropes to give himself some extra momentum …


The Colossus had been in a level position and still tried to fight up, but Tockwell’s signature lariat came right him with tremendous force! Tockwell covered Saunders! Could two Gift of Gabs be enough?

1 …

2 …


Sadly for all but Jake Tockwell, it was enough!

The NBW faithful of Singapore might have to call the cops for the highway robbery they just witnessed. The rules of the match meant there really weren’t any rules in effect, but when Spike was closing in on the Blitzkrieg title, Big Talk and Hot Sauce came through again.

Tockwell was announced as the winner but he didn’t stick around to celebrate. He quickly grabbed the Blitzkrieg title from the official, he helped Hot Sauce by carrying his arm over his shoulder and he dragged his manager’s carcass out of ring faster than you can say “Big Talk and the Hot Sauce comin’ at ya!”

“Still the Toughest Man in No Brand! Toughest Man in No Brand right here!” Big Talk shouted.

He kissed his good lariat arm and helped Hot Sauce out of the ring. It took a chair, an exposed turnbuckle and not one but two of his best weapons in the Gift of Gab, but it was enough to slay the seemingly unstoppable and enraged beast just long enough for the three count which was all that mattered to Tockwell.

Spike Saunders had just started to come to and when he realized what had happened, the NBW veteran was visibly upset with what just went down. He had Tockwell beat but tonight it was not his night. Tockwell proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that while he was slimier than any cockroach, he was also just as tough as one and weathered the storm of a monster in order to keep his title.

Tockwell and Ramirez were nowhere in sight as Spike came to, but when the official tried to help him up, Saunders nudged him aside. He was able to walk out under his own power after this match, but he had to get his mind right for the big 25 To Life match later this evening. The crowd still give the NBW veteran a rousing ovation for his fast-paced brawl as he exited.

Onwards and upwards for him.

This Weekend


"What a match! The Big Talk continues to prove that he's above everyone else, even a giant!" Gains gloated as the camera had returned to them.

"Tockwell's indeed putting his actions where his mouth is. And given how often that mouth of his runs, he's doing a decent job."

While the ring-crew are headed down the ramp to clean up and prepare things for the next match the EpiCenter lit up to the NBW Cruise Ship.

"We mentioned earlier tonight that our talent have been quite busy even before tonight's event. Well yesterday morning a group of them went to Universal Studios in Singapore. They spent the day walking the park and riding some of the rides. Thanks to Geoffrey, one of our newest members to join the media crew, we got some footage to share with you all!"

"Enjoy." Added Gains while the footage started up.

We then are shown clips of Adria Hoyt joined by NBW's Fenton Woods, E.Z Blaze, Warren Spade, Tony Spark, Nemo, Mitchell Quinlan, Zhalia Fears, Eric Davies, Davey La Rue, Clan Strongbern, Rune, Couli and several more. It was quite the group and they didn't all stick together. Several took to the roller-coasters. Woods and Blaze joined Hoyt and For the Win for several while Spade and Saunders could only watch. They probably could ride if they really wanted to but the comfort for giants just isn't great.

Everyone had fun. Or seemed to, except for one possibly. As everyone had paired up for the Roller-coaster in the early evening, Rune was left with Zhalia. Now if you know how those rides work and the bar can only come down as close as possible to the largest person. See Rune. See Fears. See GAP. Whoops. To Rune's credit however, he did put an arm in front of her which served as a triple-thick safety bar.

The footage swapped over to the Serapong Golf Course where Fenton Woods is trying to teach golf to E.Z. Blaze for the tournament that had been setup for charity; while on either side of him you have the massive forms of Warren Spade and Spike Saunders swinging the clubs for all their worth. Hitting the ball quite far, but as for direction and skill?

We move on down the course to Erick Davies and Quinlan. Mitchell seemed quite suited for the game but Davies dropped to a pounce position, right before his ball. Suddenly whispering to it and praising it while casting an eye over at Quinlan. It was a warning. And More than once. Warning for what? Not even sure. Actually it eventually got a bit too creepy for Geoffrey and we're spun around to catch just as Fenton hit a long drive, then around to the commotion on the course where a golf cart came across the green, and nearly hitting Davies and Quinlan.

Nearly. But they stopped just in time. Well first the ball got hit, which Quinlan counted as a stroke before getting out of the way for the three man clan and caddy. 'Big' Rick Strongbern shouting out: "I CAN BEAT ALL THESE OTHER BAGGY PANTS-WEARING PUSSIES." He snatched a iron from the caddy and took his sweet time measuring the distance with his eyes before letting swing with what was sure to be a great shot. If not for the wind. Or perhaps the Tree. Oh, right, also gravity and whomever came up with direction as he sent the golf ball backwards in a reverse stroke.

'Little' Ricky Strongbern had a laugh, and when Big Rick heard it he saw the look on the caddy's face, suspecting him as the source, and immediately sicked his dogs on the caddy. They tore into him disrobing him and eventually chasing him across the green and into the sandtrap. Even today as we put this video package together we're unaware of the fate of poor Gerry Duchan. Rick called for a do over and regardless of what the ruling was, he did get to drive one towards the hole. Bit short, but it was on the green.

The tournament progressed and much to the shock of most of the nbw faithful that had gathered to watch, Fenton Woods, not even one of the professional wrestlers,, came away as the victor. Sure it was for charity but Woods had just added a new accolade to his barker's hat.

The footage returned to Universal Studios where a commotion had been going on. Dead center of it all? Xiang and the Great Wall. Xiang, in his natural language, had brought his Over the Top Rope Challenge to the theme park. Of course it didn't work out that way so instead he was showing off Wall's strength. How? With a game he was calling 'How many mascots can Wall hold above him. That would be un-willing mascots, that is.

The darkness rolled in and we're taken to a firework spectacle that some of the group remained to watch. Oddly we can see as Couli snuggled up to Zed. A sign of humanity! As the fireworks went off the screen faded on black and returned to Gains and Melissa.

"Kind of jealous. They had quite the weekend." Gains stated when he was on camera again, "but at least I didn't join that nutter Max Hopper and his Journey to find Atlantis. He left the Cruise-ship on the second day and we haven't seen him since!"

"Maybe he found Atlantis. You should ask him here later when he shows up for his Keystone Championship match. Because trust me Craig," she smiled, "Hopper will be here. He wouldn't miss this for the world. Even if taken off of this world."

"We'll see. Although that second option is sounding like a good idea..."

We cut away from the two as the ring area has been cleared up and we're ready to go for our next match!

The Entertainers

Alfie Button & Darren Best

Darren BestAlfie Button

The Rich Family

Todd & Declan Rich

Todd RichDeclan Rich



When we were last on pay-per-view at Pride, Alfie Button was perched and poised to unearth the Season Finale, only for Donny Rich to stick his oar in and crack him across the back with a steel chair.

Since then, Darren Best suffered a concussion in his quest for the Keystone championship whilst challenging Colombia's 2nd Greatest Export, Ali Amore.

Despite back-to-back defeats on PPV, The Entertainers remain a prominent part of this company's thriving tag team division and if they can turn that around tonight, they'd put themselves right back in the mix.

If not, you'd wonder what a third loss would do to the supremely confident duo's confidence and reputation.

They need only look across the ring to see what a win can do.  After two unsuccessful title tilts, The Rich Family rebuilt themselves by seeing off Alfie and Darren and that conflict has continued into this arc in which both outfits have got the better of the other in various skirmishes.

This, though, is where it would count.

JME's rap song with the same title brings out a competitor with that very name - Darren Best.

Two hands aloft, sporting blue full-length tights with white text bearing his name, Darren is rewarded with a really good reception.  Oh wait...

'Let Me Entertain You.'

Joining Darren, the cocky Cockney, Alfie Button.

Waggling all of his fingers, clearly seeking attention and actually attaining it, Alfie playfully barges into Best, who doesn't budge, from behind.  Upon doing it a second time, Best responds by looking and Alfie's index finger instructs him to gaze up at the big screen.

"The Riches are all a bunch of bitches."

Afterwards, Alfie stormed to the ring, sliding underneath the bottom rope and onto the top turnbuckle in the lower right-hand corner of the ring, where he gains more acclaim from an appreciative audience.  He urges Darren to join him, but the more level-headed member of the pair takes him time; a stark contrast to the psyched-up Englishman, who leaps off the turnbuckle with a bounce and a distinct swagger in his step, blurring the lines between arrogance and intensity.  Either way, The Entertainers are raring to go.

"Introducing first...weighing in at a combined four hundred and twenty-seven pounds...Darren Best.  Alfie Button.  THE ENTERTAINERS."

With no theme music to drown out the jeers, The Rich Family representatives, Todd and Declan, walked out.  Would Freddie or Donny, who'd been decisive, be lurking under the ring or in the shadows?  It was an ideal opportunity for these two to jump out of Freddie's spotlight and shine brightly themselves.

Introducing first/next...weighing a combined four hundred and sixty pounds, representing The Rich Family...Todd and Declan Rich!"

No-nonsense, the two 'normal' components removed their respective jackets and stretched, seemingly ready to repeat the feat they accomplished at Pride, with or without Freddie and Donny.

Todd and Dec exchanged words and a high-five with the latter getting the nod.  Alfie slapped Darren on the shoulder.  Two talented prospects were about to get us underway.

Ding, ding, ding.
The traditional tie-up kicked things off and Best reached for an Arm Wringer, wrenching at the lib twice and dragging Rich to the deck, pun intended, as a result.

Thereafter, Darren transferred to a Wristlock.  His normal strategy was already taking shape while Declan was hurting.  However, he got to his feet, flipped forward and managed to turn the tables with an Arm Wringer of his own.  Best shoved Declan back into the left-hand ropes and whipped him off towards the east.

Darren dropped down and when Rich returned, Best regained the lead with an Arm Drag and an Arm Bar.  Best battered Rich's arm, peppering it with a handful of shots, before dragging him towards - and tagging out - to Alfie. 

Who entered in style...

Shooting Star Axe Handle to the arm!

Less spectacularly, Button turned it down a notch with an Arm Wringer, sticking to his partner's plan.

An Irish Whip by the Englishman...Corkscrew Elbow, otherwise known as Wheel of Fortune, was at the end of Rich's rainbow.

Alfie shoved Declan's head back down for a two-count and then seized control of Dec's noggin again...

Cliffhanger (Hair-Pull Hangman.)

Button bowed on the outside, accepting accolades, before turning around, beckoned by Best, to follow up and that he did.

Alfie jumped up onto the apron, rocked back and forth along the top rope, waiting for Declan to stir.  When the young pup did...

Eat My Shorts (Springboard Thesz Press.)

Button succeeded that sweet spot by ramming Declan's head off the mat four times and Declan, and by extension, The Rich Family was all over the place.

Button whipped Declan to the bottom left-hand side buckles HARD.  Alfie found Declan, who'd smashed his sternum, on the floor, scooped him up and laid him on the second rope.  Moving away, Button returned with a forward roll and was about to take Declan down...

Diving Clothesline to nullify the Rolling Thunder DDT!

Declan had rolled the dice and got a six.  A count started, which finished at the same number...

They were both up and banging away, no, not like that, when Alfie's I PITY THA FOOL started to ring out, evident of the Englishman's superiority in the slugfest. 

Button sought another whip, but Declan turned that into an Arm Wringer, a move he'd tasted multiple times in this match.  From there, Dec took the wind out of the Londoner's sails with a kick to the midsection, setting Button up for a Suplex...


Declan's predominantly-miserable time in the squared circle so far was at an end.  Cousin Todd was tagged in and looked to establish an advantage for the family faction.

Immediately, he found success with a superb Slingshot Belly-to-Back Suplex, again targeting Alfie's upper echelons.

Unlike Freddie or Donny, Todd didn't seek attention and just got on with his business, which was more in line with his partner tonight, Declan.  He allowed Alfie time to recover rather than putting more pressure on him, though it was apparently part of a greater plan...

Leg Lariat!



And only two.

But, Button ate repeated knees to the back, half a dozen in total, and a beautiful Backbreaker saw a change in Larry Tact by Todd.

Todd picked Alfie up, who was clutching his spine.  He still had enough to duck underneath the cousin's Clothesline, via an Irish Whip, but Button boomeranged back into bother as Todd pulled off a punishing Tilt-a-Whirl.  Job done.  Todd tagged Declan back in.

'Filthy' Frank's middle and most modest son started his second spell in the spotlight tonight with an excellent Inverted Suplex Slam.

Declan, renowned for his technique, went to the second rope and took Button down with a Diving Crossbody.



It'd take more than that.

Perhaps a Double Knee Facebreaker...

The Cockney wouldn't comply with that.  While Declan was down, the sensational Standing Shooting Star Press by Alfie could mean he was now OUT...




Now, Alfie, who'd been stalked by both Todd and Declan, was the predator patiently waiting for his prey to pop up...


Alfie fell, but he crawled, nursing his spine, and made a tag to Darren Best.

Darren entered in style, catching Declan sit up with a gorgeous Rolling Neck Snap!

Darren wouldn't let Declan rest.  The two men who had begun this bout were now reunited and Best intended to cement his advantage with a Fireman's Carry, but Declan landed on his feet, feeding Darren with a kick and looking to behead him with an...

ENZUIGIRI...Missed!  Fortunately for Darren, who ducked.

OUTstanding Moonsault!!

Knees up!

Declan shot up and was now searching for a DDT.  Nevertheless, Best converted that into a Northern Lights Suplex...




That exchange had culminated with the pair stood up and they earned an ovation for going toe-to-toe, move for move.

They went back to the beginning of this encounter, locking up in a C & E, which again went Best's way, courtesy of a Hammerlock, though with Pat Gordon's best friend still intact, Darren delivered a Belly-to-Back Suplex, recording another 2.5 fall in the process.

Best assumed control of Declan, whipping Rich into the ropes, who came back with a Lariat.  As Darren ducked, Declan also anticipated that and Leapfrogged Darren instead, coming over to tag Todd back in.

The elder member of The Rich Family in this match tried to take Darren by surprise, but found an Arm Drag - and another - for his troubles.  Right now, he was tied up in an Armbar, though not for long.

Todd stood up, albeit in an Armbar, and forced Best to the corner, kicking Darren to the left leg...

And Darren responded with a terrific Tornado Single Arm DDT!

Cross Armbreaker!

Declan intervened to aid his cousin by kicking Darren until Best relinquished his grip.  Alfie also wanted to stick his oar in, but the official had seen Declan off first and reassured Button that Dec was about to depart.

Todd and Darren circled one another, and a Tie-Up was night.  Actually, Todd stopped short, nailing Darren with a boot to the guy and a strategically-smart forearm to the back of the head.

That set up an Irish Whip/Lariat combination, though Best didn't play ball on the latter, ducking underneath.  He also evaded the second attempt, but Todd took him down at the third time of asking with a hard High Knee.

Todd tried again with an Irish Whip and Darren didn't sidestep the next move...

POP-UP Kick to the midsection!

While Darren favoured his ribs, insult was about to be added to potential injury...


To rub Darren's nose in it...




Wait a second...Todd is looking to...

Strike it - SUPERKICK!

The cousin's Cradle DDT was rebuffed by Button's signature before anyone could react.  The official warned Alfie, who went back to where he came from without a cross word.

6...Best was up first, though Todd wasn't far behind.  In fact, Todd tried to strike first...

Backdrop Driver!!!




Best ran, sensing Todd was ripe for the picking, but found a trap instead...


Talk about turning things upside down...Jumping DDT by Todd!  And, from almost losing just moments ago, cousin Todd was looking to seal and steal it for The Rich Family...




Todd put his hands behind his head, frustrated he'd not got the victory for his unit.  Instead, he saw Dec's hand held out and elected to give the presumably revived rookie a run-out.

With youthful exuberance, enthusiasm and perhaps inexperience, Declan decided to go to the skies again and the risk was rewarded with a payoff.

Marvellous Missile Dropkick on Darren!

Would it be enough to clinch the rematch to go along with their initial win on pay-per-view at Pride?



No, it wouldn't!

ENZUIGIRI on Darren, just seconds after standing up!

That might!  Darren had landed in A HEAP!  He had to be out.  The lights were off.



Alfie came in to cut the count off.  The Cockney had to save the day.

Declan was disappointed, though he didn't get angry.  He didn't want to get even either.  In fact, he wanted his team to go 2-0 up in terms of pay-per-view clashes...

Brainbuster again, this time to Darren, and could that be the straw that broke the camel's back?



Alfie to the rescue!

That was his final warning, which he accepted. 

Declan tossed Darren out via the middle rope at the top of the ring and intended to score with a Baseball Slide...

...Instead, he slid out of the ring, partly dragged out by his possibly concussed rival.  Darren then drilled Declan's back into the side of our battleground and rolled back in, implored by Alfie to end the Englishman's spell on the sidelines.

But, Best, out of the corner of his eye, spotted Declan get up onto the apron.  Best kept him there with a couple of rib-ticklers and deposited him into the ring with a great Gourdbuster!

Eager to stop Darren's renewed momentum, Todd charged in and swallowed an instinctive Backbody Drop by Best, who fell upon hitting it.  However, he was soon up, shaking those almighty cobwebs loose...

BEST OF BOTH!!!!!!!!!

The wonderful Wrist-Clutch Exploder into the turnbuckles had CONNECTED.

Talk about a comeback...

Darren covered Todd and couldn't work out why the official wasn't doing his job.  That was because Declan, on the outside, hadn't tagged out.

He was still the legal man.

And he was about to hit Darren in the head with a Double Axe..

Right hand to the ribs by Darren!  Todd had rolled out and was on the outside, and not only that, Donny was out there on the floor.  Where had he come from?  Boos emanated around the arena as he climbed up onto the apron, apparently interjecting himself, and replacing Todd.  Could he do that?  Accuse me of WCW booking.

Darren had tried to slam Declan, but Dec slipped out of the back door and was about to tag Todd, when he got the fright of his life!

"What are you doing here?  Where's Todd?!"

Donny held his hand out...

Except Declan didn't tag him in!

Roll-up by Darren...




Donny, who'd decided it in The Rich Family's favour two months ago, may have cost his family a defining triumph tonight.  Declan stood up, conversing (putting it nicely) with the official about the count and tried to argue he'd been distracted by his own brother and that The Entertainers' sudden scalp shouldn't count as Donny had replaced Todd and therefore wasn't  an official member of the match.  I don't remember him coming up with that reasoning when it aided them at Pride.

Anyway, Alfie, delighted Darren had come back into it despite seemingly suffering from head trauma, helped Best up.  Best insisted he was fine as they raised their arms in the air.  Todd was just climbing to his feet and he had to be swift, seeing Declan and Donny argue about what the latter was even doing out there in the first place.

We'll let them debate it amongst themselves.  What didn't seem up for discussion was The Entertainers had won this fairly and squarely, at least for us, and that there would be a rubber match to settle the series between these two top teams.

What A Long and Winding Road

Location: EpiCenter

The big tron flickered to life for the fans of Singapore to set the stage for a very personal match that would be happening later tonight. After a long and winding road that started late last year, “The Monster of the Mid-South” Warren Spade would have one more crack at fulfilling a life-long goal in NBW by attempting to become the World champion for the first time. During this video package, his gruff and unmistakably deep voice narrated. 

“I’ve done a lot in No Brand Wrestling.”

The tron showed off the massive form of the Number One Contender Warren Spade standing with his arms folded, head looking outward as the fans gave him no less than a monster chorus of cheers!

“I came in as a member of “Superstar” Vince Jacobs’s Upper Echelon.”

Back then around 2010, a younger and noticeably thicker Warren Spade was managed by Fenton Woods. Both men were at the side of then-simultaneous Keystone and NBW World champion Vince Jacobs, Zed and another former NBW champion and Hall of Famer Judasbleek.

“At his side, I remained undefeated going on two years.”

The flashes appeared on the tron. As the enforcer of the Upper Echelon he had run through everybody.


Techno Dragon.


Countless other men on his way to the top.

Most importantly, his main rival … “The Colossus” Spike Saunders.

Their first blood match. Their No Disqualification Match. Their cage match where Spike lost and was subsequently kicked out of No Brand Wrestling for a time.

“I did it all … but wanting to win that way and being around people like that turned me into a piece of shit.”

The spotlight faded on Warren Spade quite literally.

“And because of my hubris, I paid for it.”

Several wrestling publications confirming horrible news that Warren Spade all but disappeared from the spotlight and shockingly left NBW just as career was on the rise.

“That streak ended at the hands of Spike Saunders and I left. I got what I deserved … but after that, I got something that nobody deserved.”

Another new headline reporting that Warren Spade had been stricken with brain cancer, stage three, back in 2013.

“I prayed and I prayed. I lived through a quiet hell that I wouldn’t wish on anybody. I shut almost all friends and family away. I couldn’t bear to let them see me in the condition I was in.”

Fast forward to 2016.

The return of Warren Spade as he obliterated all three members of the Handsome Man Modeling School.

“I worked hard to get away from the piece of garbage that I used to be. The only way I knew to do that was to show the one man that hated me more than anything was that I’d changed.”

Scenes of the Colossal Monster Connection aka Spike Saunders and Warren Spade as they teamed up last year. Fights with the A-List, the Crimson Tide and the Unstoppables.

“Hardly anybody believed in me back then, so I had to go out there and show them that I’d changed by doing what I had never done before … prove Spike Saunders wrong.”

Clips of 2016’s Legacy.

Spike Saunders and Warren Spade doing battle for the Number One Contendership. The two giants gave it their all and in the end, Warren Spade had triumphed with the Trample and the Asunder Bomb!

Post-match the two monsters who had been enemies for years finally buried the hatchet with a handshake heard around the wrestling world.

“I feel like I buried my past that night, so I moved on to the future.”

PRIDE 2016.

Warren Spade doing battle with three-time NBW World champion Derecho. Fast and furious like a movie franchise. But thanks to a miscommunication between Fenton and Warren, Derecho retained.

“But the road to the future was paved with more pain and doubt than I ever thought possible.”

Clips of Fenton Woods being attacked by the debuting Jake Tockwell and Derecho.

EZ Blaze – a recent new friend of Warren Spade – being attacked.

And most recently …

His own father.

“Derecho … you’ve done everything in your power to call me weak and try and display that to the world. You’ve attacked my manager, my best friends and my own father right in front of me to get into my head – and you have. You’ve tried to show the world that the monster that defeated you years ago on the way to the top doesn’t exist.”

Warren standing over his father, Leon Spade, while EMT’s checked on him.

“In a way, you’re right.”

Clips of Warren Spade hitting the Asunder Bomb on Derecho in the middle of the ring and one through the announce table to end a previous Slam.

“I’m proud to say that the younger, immature piece of shit I used to be is dead and gone, Derecho and he’s never coming back. But the man you face tonight isn’t just hungry for his first championship in NBW despite all the years I’ve been here. He’s not only hungry for revenge. Those are all things on his list, but the one thing that he needs more than anything … “

A final shot showed Warren Spade looking at the NBW title with Derecho across from him.

“ … he needs to redeem himself.”

The final shots of the video package concluded with quick shots of Warren Spade and Derecho tearing through everybody they had fought to get to this point. And in the background, the image of the NBW World championship loomed.

NBW World Heavyweight Championship:
CHAMPION – “The King of Hell” Derecho
CHALLENGER – “The Monster of the Mid-South” Warren Spade

Ali Amore

the 4th Emergency Service

Ali Amore

Max Hopper

the Space Pimp

Max Hopper



“Welcome back to ringside, nbW fans!” Melissa van der Aart elated. “We have another great match coming up, and this one is for the Keystone Championship. Not only that, but we’ll have a hall of famer in Max Hopper going up against a certain future hall of famer and former World Champion, Ali Amore, tonight!”

“I’m not sure how much of a match this is going to be,” C.G. Gains rebutted, “not with Ali Amore’s arm injured. He’s been fighting off challengers for months with that broken wing. It’s only a matter of time before his grasp on that belt gives way.”

“Well, as you said, C.G., he has been fighting off challengers for months even with that arm injury. He’s got a lot of fight in him,” Melissa argued. “He held the nbW World Title for almost a whole year, and don’t forget that 25 to Life events have been kind to him in the past! He placed second in the second ever 25 to Life Match and won the last one two years ago.

“This is his fourth consecutive Keystone title match on pay-per-view, so he’s no stranger to big matches,” Melissa continued.

C.G. Gains argued, “True, but don't forget that Max Hopper has been wrestling for a thousand years, Melissa. He was trained in Brigadoon, after all.”

"No he wasn't," Melissa was incredulous as she corrected her broadcast partner. "He was trained by Pat Gordon!"

"Isn't that where he's from?" Gains questioned.

Melissa shook her head. “Let’s send it down to Brent Williams for the introductions!”

“This next bout is scheduled for one fall and it is for the nbW Keystone Championship!” Brent announced. “Introducing first, from Bogota, Colombia, weighing in at 212 pounds, master of That’s Amore… He is the reigning nbW Keystone Champion… ALI… AMORE!!!”

♫”In Napoli, where love is king,
When boy meets girl,
Here’s what they say…”

The smooth sounds of Dean Martin’s classic “That’s Amore” got the fans on the Float to their feet. Ali Amore stood before them, raising the Keystone Championship high in the air to a terrific reception from the Singapore crowd. He then started toward the ring, giving out high fives and shaking hands along the way.

Once he was in the ring, he held the title up again to more cheers from the nbW Faithful before handing the belt off to the referee. He did a bit of showing off with a standing front flip, landing on his feet, and then retired to his corner to wait for the challenger.

One by one, each section of the arena went dark. It was almost as if someone, or something, had tampered with the lights. The Float was transformed into an eerie green. A thick cloud of fog rolled in. It was almost… alien.

The sound of a radio switching the stations announced, “I… Want… to… Believe!” and was then replaced by...

♫”Fly me to the moon,
Let me play among the stars,
Let me see what spring is like on
Jupiter and mars... “ ♫

C.G. Gains was surprised. “Max Hopper just saw Ali Amore and raised him one! Ali Amore always comes out to Dean Martin, and tonight, Max Hopper is coming out to Frank Sinatra! Some mind games from Max Hopper, perhaps?”

“I don’t think Max Hopper is the type to play mind games, C.G.,” Melissa scoffed. “He probably just likes the song. It is about flying to the moon, after all.”

“And the challenger,” Brent Williams announced, “he is the Space Pimp and the number one contender to the Keystone Championship… MAX… HOPPER!!!” 

Max Hopper strutted out in style. In addition to his normal SeX-Ray Specs™, he had added a white scarf to his ensemble and replaced his normal tin-foil hat with a tin-foil top hat! The fans got a kick out of this, and he welcomed any support he got with high fives, just as Ali Amore had done, earlier.

Upon entering the ring, he removed his scarf and tin-foil top hat, handing them to a ring attendant, and looked across the ring to Ali Amore. Then, Max snapped his fingers, and voila, the arena lights were restored to normal!

The referee held aloft the Keystone Title belt for both combatants and the crowd to see. He then handed the hardware to a ring attendant. He checked both the challenger and champion for weapons. Once he was satisfied that neither man was hiding any foreign objects that could be used to unfairly turn the tide of the match, the referee called Amore and Hopper both to the center of the ring and gave the signal to ring the bell.


The champion wasted no time and sent Max Hopper tumbling to the mat with an armdrag. Max didn’t stay down long, but Ali was ready for him when he got up, putting him back on the canvas with a dropkick. Colombia’s Second Greatest Export went for a quick - and early - cover.



Max Hopper kicked out.

“Isn’t it a little early to be going for pinfalls?” Melissa asked her broadcast partner.

C. G. Gains explained, “Well, he’s making Max Hopper kick out. That takes up some of his energy, and the more he can wear out Max Hopper the better for Ali Amore. These two both like to utilize a fast-paced offense. Maybe he can slow Max Hopper down.”

Both men to their feet again, and this time Hopper took down Amore with an armdrag of his own. Ali got back to his feet and it was the challenger’s turn to catch him with a dropkick!

The champion didn’t stay down long enough for Max to go for the pin, however, and popped right back to his feet. He grabbed the paranormal investigator by the wrist and whipped him across the ring. Hopper hooked the top rope with his arms to put on the breaks, and Amore charged in immediately with his arm stretched out for a clothesline.

Max was quick to react, ducking low and sending Ali over the top rope! The champion was able to switch is hips, though, landing safely on the ring apron. Max Hopper turned and threw a stinging knife-edge chop right into Ali Amore’s chest!

Hopper lit up his opponent with another two chops for good measure, and then grabbed the top rope to slingshot Amore back into the ring. The Superstar of Bogota rolled through and rebounded off the ropes on the opposite side. On the return, he caught the challenger with a flying forearm that would have made Star Man proud! (A reference that would have made Kid Chameleon proud, hopefully!)

A standing moonsault later and the referee was counting Max Hopper’s shoulders on the mat for a second time in the match.



The challenger was able to kick out again. Ali scooped up Max and planted him on his back with a bodyslam. This was done, of course, in order to set up the next move in his strategy. This time, a Ghetto Stomp followed!

nbW’s resident expert on the weird and bizarre covered his chest. He would have screamed in pain, had there been air left in his lungs. There was no cover this time. Instead, Ali Amore pulled Hopper back to his feet and whipped him into the ropes. Hopper ducked the spinning heel kick attempt and ran chest-first into the ropes across from him, causing him to bounce back a few steps. Double A turned around and…


Just like that, the match had been turned in the challenger’s favor. Not wanting to give the champion any time to clear out the cobwebs, Max scrambled to make a lateral press.



This time, it was Ali Amore who found himself kicking out of the pin attempt.

The paranormal investigator brought his opponent back to his feet. This was a condition that the 4th Emergency Service would not enjoy for long, however, as Max immediately flipped him onto his back with a snap suplex. Hopper connected with a quick leg drop and then helped Amore back to his feet again. This time, Max whipped him into the ropes. When Ali came back, Max caught him with a spinebuster! The challenger made another cover, this time hooking the leg.



Another kickout by Ali Amore!

Max Hopper wanted to stay on the offensive, so he bolted toward the ropes. He used the middle rope as a springboard for an Asai moonsault, but Ali Amore was a champion for a reason and had the move scouted. The Superstore of Bogota cleverly rolled out of the way. Max was able to spot it in time to land on his feet, but he jammed his knee in doing so.

This presented a unique opportunity for Ali Amore, who immediately kicked the back of Max Hopper’s knee. The champion saw him limping around and kicked him in the knee again, making Max move around even more gingerly. Ali Amore reached down and swept the leg from underneath Max Hopper. Colombia’s Second Greatest Export stayed focused on that gateway of opportunity, grapevining the knee only to spin around and drop to his knees. This brought his full body weight down onto Max Hopper’s hurt leg!

Amore stood back up, stretching his opponent’s leg by the foot. He put his right into Max Hopper’s hamstring, not once, not twice, but three times. A strategy that won him some rare praise from C.G. Gains.

“This is a good strategy here,” Gains elaborated. “If he can take out Max Hopper’s legs, he can take out a lot of his offense!”

Ali Amore wasted no time in crossing Hopper’s legs and turning him over into a Texas cloverleaf, a move he obviously learned from his trainer, the hall of famer and former World Champion, Keegan.

The referee checked on Max Hopper to see if he wanted to submit, but amidst the screams of torment (not the wrestler) Max shook his head “no.” The move was locked on right in the middle of the ring. This did not mean that pro-wrestling’s leading authority on the weird and bizarre would have to make a long trek to the ropes. No, no. With the cast on Ali Amore’s injured arm, the champion wasn’t able to get a solid grip. This allowed Max Hopper to kick his legs loose.

Out of instinct, Max squirmed his way toward the ropes, so that he wouldn’t be placed back in the torturous submission maneuver. Ali Amore charged him with his arms raised for a double axehandle, but Max Hopper, still moving gingerly on his hurt knee, managed to block it with a kick to the champion’s hands. The challenger took advantage and grabbed Ali Amore’s good arm, making him kiss the canvas with a falling full armdrag and twist.

From there, Max rolled onto his back, wrapping Ali’s arm around his body in a modified hammerlock.

“A lot of wrestler’s would go after Ali Amore’s injured arm,” Melissa van der Aart pointed out, “but not Max Hopper! He’s too much of a sportsman to exploit such a weakness!”

More incredibly rare praise from C.G. Gains ensued. “Actually, Melissa, this is a great strategy. One arm is already injured. Why fight one-armed man when you could fight a no-armed man? Makes perfect sense to me.”

Hopper continued to wrench on the arm. All the while, Ali Amore refused to surrender, fervently shaking his head and yelling, “No!” at the man in the striped shirt.

Unable to get a submission, Max relinquished the modified hammerlock in favor of something else. The challenger stretched out Ali’s arm and drove his knee into the vulnerable limb with a handstand knee drop. He then kneeled above Ali Amore, clamping on the armbar!

Amore managed to fight his way back to his feet. Still trapped in the armbar, Ali kicked Hopper in the chest once. Twice. The third one got him loose! The 4th Emergency Service sent Max for a ride into the corner. Hopper’s back collided with the turnbuckles and Ali Amore had an opening. He took it, charging in with a one-handed handspring elbow! It was a risky move, for sure, for someone who had just had his one good arm worked over. It paid off, nonetheless.

Ali Amore had Max Hopper right where he wanted him. He punched him in the breadbasket. Again. A third time, a fourth, a fifth, and a sixth! Then he capped off the combo with a big uppercut!


The combo had been inspired by Muhammad Ali, the legendary boxer for whom his parents had named him. It was effective, too, as Max Hopper found himself groggy and barely able to stand, even using the top rope as support.

Ali Amore peeled his opponent, who was already the worse for wear, off of the turnbuckles and moved in behind him, climbing up to the middle rope himself. The Superstar of Bogota locked locked Max Hopper in a dragon sleeper and jumped off of the middle turnbuckle with a swinging reverse DDT!


The champion made the cover, hooking the leg.




Close, but no cigar! The challenger managed to put a gap between his shoulder and the mat just before the official’s hand was able to touch down for the third time!

Ali Amore stayed on the attack. He brought Max Hopper back to his feet and sent him into the ropes. A spinning heel kick from the Keystone champion connected this time, sending nbW’s leading authority on the weird and bizarre over the top rope to the ringside floor!

“If this had been the 25 to Life match,” Melissa observed, “Max Hopper would have just been eliminated!”

The Keystone champion saw an opportunity and decided to take it. He ran to the ropes on the far side and soared over the top rope with a no hands plancha! That got the fans on their feet!

“N-B-W! N-B-W! N-B-W!” chanted the Singapore crowd.

The referee started his count as both combatants remained strewn out and unmoving on the ringside floor. If they had been a plate of gagh, the cook who served them would have been killed!




Ali Amore started to stir first.



Amore leaned with his face on the ring apron, trying to pull himself from his knees. Max Hopper had just begun to show signs of life near the barricade.



Amore had made it back to his feet and ducked underneath the bottom rope just long enough to break the referee’s count. He then climbed jumped up to the ring apron, using it as a springboard to hit a rocker dropper!

Ali Amore could see that Max Hopper was really the worse for wear now. He picked the challenger up, albeit with some difficulty due to his injured arm, and rolled him into the ring. The champion followed. He dragged the seemingly defenseless Max Hopper away from the ropes, positioning him for something. Ali Amore then climbed to the second rope and leapt off, landing with a big seated senton on top of Max Hopper!

The champion made the cover.



THREE - NO! Shoulder up! Max Hopper got the shoulder up!

Ali Amore needed a second to think. What would be his next step? He brought Max Hopper to his feet and whipped him into the ropes. Both champion and challenger had the same idea, and their feet did a sort of foot version of a high ten as their dropkicks canceled one another out!

They both stood up and charged with shoulder blocks. It was a meeting of the minds! Their noggins collided in the middle of the ring! Neither competitor went down, however. They both were jarred into taking a few steps back. They shook their respective heads and charged again. Double clothesline!

They were both down  The referee commenced with his mandatory ten count.





Ali Amore started to move first.



Max Hopper started to move.



Amore was back on his feet. He darted toward Max Hopper…


Ali Amore ran right into an iron claw hold! Max Hopper had it locked on for all he was worth, and the champion was fading from the pressure on his skull! He tried to fight back, throwing punch after punch with his good arm, but he could not break free. Eventually, he clobbered Max Hopper in the side of the head with his cast! That did the trick!

Finally out of the challenger’s grip, Ali Amore ran the ropes again. When he came back, however, Max Hopper ducked and sent him flying overhead with a big back body drop! The Space Pimp went to the ring apron and grabbed the top rope. He jumped up and came flying at the champion with a springboard seated senton! A butt splash, if you will!


Max Hopper immediately kipped up and went into Michael Jackson’s moon walk! The crowd went berserk. They practically blew the ozone layer off of the planet!

Max finally snapped back to reality and went for the cover.



THREE - NO! Ali Amore kicked out! Max took too long playing to the crowd and gave up what could have been a Keystone Title win.

Max needed another plan… and fast. He brought Ali Amore back to his feet and took up a position behind him. The paranormal investigator ran forward, bouncing the champion off of the ropes and into a rolling reverse cradle… into a bridge!



Another kickout by Ali Amore!

These two had to both be running out of gas in the tank. Hopper tried to pull Amore back to his feet, but the champion threw a few punches into his opponent’s midsection. This allowed Ali Amore to escape Max Hopper’s control. He grabbed Max by the head and drove him face-first into the canvas with a bulldog!

There was no pin attempt, yet. Ali Amore scooped up Max Hopper and bodyslammed him in the middle of the ring, carefully positioning him for what was next. Ali Amore signaled to the crowd and scaled to the top rope. The crowd knew what came next…


NO! Ali Amore went for his frog splash specialty but Max Hopper got his knees up! The champion writhed in pain, holding his ribs, and Hopper seized the advantage. He set the champion on the top rope and went up with him.




Max Hopper had the champion rolled into a little ball in the middle of the ring.




“He’s done it! He’s done it!” Melissa van der Aart exclaimed amidst a shocked frenzy from the nbW Faithful. “He believed he could do it for no other reason than he wanted to believe, and now he has done it! Max Hopper, ten years after coming to nbW, has finally won a championship! He’s the new Keystone Champion!”

C.G. Gains added one thing. “Believe it, or not!”



Tonight, twenty five of NBW's BEST will enter the ring, looking to be the final one standing. That person with their ticket to the Main Event at LEGACY for the NBW World Heavyweight Championship.

Zed is Ready.

Matt Haddon is Ready.

Alan Envy is Ready.

HMMS are Ready.

Clan Strongbern are Ready.

Are you?

25 To Life.
Tonight one will rise above the rest.

The Unstoppables

Vic Gravender & Tyson XL

Vic GravenderTyson XL

The A-List

El Principe & VIP

El PrincipeVIP



In just a few moments, the Unstoppables – perhaps the most physically dominant tag team in recent memory in NBW – would have the chance to go up against the only tag team that had defeated them in a traditional two-on-two tag team match since the two became a team. Former NBW World champion Vic Gravender and former ACW World champion Tyson XL used to be heated rivals, but the two large powerhouses became allies when Vic got him into NBW. It only took a few matches for the Unstoppables to become champions and spent the majority of 2016 racking up wins and title defenses.

Until the A-List came along.

Victor Ingram Price and El Principe had two shots to become champions. The first attempt at Pride failed, but a subsequent rematch saw Blitzkrieg champ Jake Tockwell interfere to help them win the titles and slay the beasts. Now, the Unstoppables were here in Singapore with the chance to avenge that loss and call their rematch clause to get the belts back. The Unstoppables had laid out the A-List to end the show on Slam. Would that be an omen of things to come tonight?

If the Unstoppables had something to say about it … yes!

A Warrior's Call indeed.

And it brought out two former World heavyweight champions and the most dominant nbW tandem of all time.

"Introducing the challengers ... weighing in at a combined SIX HUNDRED AND SEVENTY-SEVEN POUNDS ... Tyson XL. ... Vic Gravender .... THE UNSTOPPABLES!!!"

These guys were all business.  While smacking the hands of eager fans on either side of the aisle, XL and Gravender had their game faces on. Vic Gravender and Tyson XL were both ready for a fight and were ready to try and reclaim the titles. There was no Hot Sauce, no Law and no Jake Tockwell to interfere. Much like Jake Tockwell and Spike Saunders, it was a battle to see the best man win.

A fully-fit Tyson XL stepped through the ropes routinely and warmed up while waiting for the World Class Badass. Vic walked right behind him and entered the ring. The two roughest and toughest men in NBW were all fire earlier in their backstage segment. Could that translate to two-time champions tonight?

The bumping tunes of Cee-Lo’s “Bright Lights, Bigger City” played next and out came the champions now …

The rich and pompous tag team champions were riding to the special show with not a limo, but a customized cart with the “In Crowd” logo on top: A gold silhouette of a woman leaning against a martini glass.

“Take it in, boys! Be jealous! Riding in style!” yelled VIP.

The cocky Californian along with the rich luchador El Principe waved to the people in Singapore they perceived as peasants as they were being driven out to ringside. The special cart stopped in front of the ring and the driver walked out to open the side doors for the Dynasty tag team champions making their second defense of the coveted gold much like their stablemate, Jake Tockwell, was tonight for the Blitzkrieg title.

The In Crowd members walked out the side of the cart while an angry Tyson XL paced around in the ring waiting for the two to stop the pomp and circumstance. That wasn’t happening any time soon because as the two walked onto the apron they raised their championships and a shower of gold and silver pyro fired off from both sides of the entrances making their way to the stage!

Vic had to be held back by Tyson as the two cocky In Crowd members walked inside. The Dynasty tag titles were given to the referee in the middle of the match and he raised them for the world to see. The Unstoppables wanted their gold back and the A-List wanted to keep it. In order for that to be so, they would have to somehow find a way to defeat the Unstoppables twice. Once was a fluke thanks only to the interference of Jake Tockwell and Raul Ramirez who were busy wrestling their own match. The A-List had to do this on their own merits or chicanery.

They would surely try to use the latter anyway.




The Unstoppables did not wait!

At the sound of the bell, Vic and XL both launched an attack right at VIP and El Principe by rushing them quickly! The Unstoppables were dominant monsters that were not paid by the hour. If they wanted the belts, swift destruction was probably going to be the best bet!

They fulfilled on that promise quickly when Tyson XL grabbed Victor and landed a drop kick from the two-hundred and eighty-six pound beast! Victor dropped on through the ropes and fell to the ground which left Vic alone with El Principe.

“Puto!” yelled El Principe.

He threw a toe kick, a punch and tried subduing the World Class Badass with a head lock that looked dodgy as all hell on a massive monster like Vic. Vic pushed him off and sent the luchador careening into the ropes. When he came back, he jumped for a cross body but Vic Gravender caught him out of the sky and he threw him across the ring with a big fall away slam.

Tyson XL was ready for the tag and Vic gave it to him so he jumped over the ropes …


The sling shot senton usually reserved for wrestlers of smaller stature was done flawlessly by Tyson XL and that gave him an early opportunity to pounce on the A-List while they were still vulnerable.

1 …

2 …

Victor with the running of the interference!

The co-holder of the Dynasty Tag titles came to the aid of his partner and broke up the fall with an elbow to the base of Tyson’s skull. VIP was a very big man himself at about two-hundred and fifty pounds so Tyson definitely felt the blow. But what he didn’t count on was Vic Gravender grabbing him by the back of the body and throwing him over with a German suplex!

Gravender was older and not as mobile as his younger counterpart of the Unstoppables, but he had a dearth of experience and plenty of power moves at his own disposal to throw people off from thinking he was a one-dimensional big man. The three-hundred sixty-four pound Vic shoved him aside so that the two could continue to work on El Principe.

Stereo head butts!

The two monsters fired off two head butts to either side of the luchador’s face and knocked him for a loop. A groggy VIP tried to stand up again and he got a double elbow from the Unstoppables for his troubles. Tyson and Vic both looked down at VIP and then tried to take him out of the equation for good.

Stereo falling head butts!

They both hit the ropes and both members of the Unstoppables fell right on his chest with a pair of head butts aimed at either side of Victor’s rib cage! The Californian Comet was now feeling the effects of a match with the Unstoppables and rolled out of the ring and now that left El Principe all alone with the legal man Tyson XL. He was pulled up into a fireman carry and thrown down into a slam. Tyson then reached for the ropes and also gave him a flashing elbow drop for his troubles!

1 …

2 …

But somehow El Principe found the strength to kick out!

Tyson XL didn’t get the win right there, but this match had so far been almost all Unstoppables so far. Tyson XL then reached over and he made the tag out to Vic Gravender. The former NBW World champion started to step into the ring with Tyson holding El Principe down on the mat with a boot on his chest. The A-List had been a scheming but very successful tag team in their own right, but right now they were being made to look like itty bitty children compared to the dominant challengers.

The former NBW World champion picked up El Principe and he chucked him right into a corner. A running hip attack followed and El Principe was left gasping for air after having it driven out of his lungs. He might have fallen but Vic had him by the arm to keep him from falling so he could whip him, turn him around and throw him back to the same corner for a second hip attack!

Vic then made the “slash your thumb across your throat” gesture that was well-known to wrestling fans as being the beginning of the end. Vic pulled him up …

Could it be the World Class Bomb Drop?

Before the World Class Badass could deliver the spiral powerbomb, VIP was back in the ring yet again and pulled El Principe off of his shoulders. He had bailed out his partner from what might have been defeat twice now, but Vic turned around and the two paid for it with a pair of big clotheslines!

Vic unleashed a booming scream and told the fans that they were still in the driver’s seat. The two men were continuing to suffer from the wrath of the revenge-seeking challengers so they both thought discretion was the better part of valor and they rolled out of the ring.

Tyson XL wanted the tag so that’s what Vic Gravender gave to him. Tyson XL was able to get into the ring and despite how massive he was at six-three and two eighty-six, he was about ready to make the members of the A-List pay for their crimes …


El Principe actually shoved VIP out of the way so he could take the brunt of a massive suicide dive coming at him through the ropes! Tyson was aiming for a two-for-one special but only managed to get one of the members of the A-List thanks to El Principe’s efforts.


Victor was shocked by the self-sacrifice his partner just made, but when Tyson XL took the time to get covered, Victor was able to recover quickly and find an opening by bumrushing him in the back of the head as he tried to rise! Vic tried to head to the outside, but Vic already had Tyson where he wanted him by hooking the side of his head …


Normally that move was reserved for hitting the turnbuckle, but the Complete Package landed a complete shot-style move and aimed Tyson’s head right into the ring post! The crowd booed that action and now Tyson was laid out flat. Vic tried to play defense for his partner, but he was made by the official to stay in his corner. Victor quickly moved Tyson up by the neck and then got the big man right into the ring.

For once now, the A-List was finally in the driver’s seat and the Californian Comet managed to maneuver Tyson so he could go for the cover and keep the titles in the camp of the In Crowd.

1 …

2 …

But a kick out by Tyson kept the Unstoppable’s dreams of two-time championship status alive!

All the momentum that the Unstoppables had in this match up until this point had been taken away with one dangerous move on the side of the turnbuckle and now the Dynasty tag team champions had their wits about them.

El Principe finally decided to join the party as he returned to his corner and now the match had settled into the A-List about to go for broke against the massive challengers. Victor made the tag to the wealthy luchador tag team partner of his and now they took turns delivering stomps down to the head of Tyson XL. In the past, Vic Gravender had concussion issues thanks to the combined efforts of the In Crowd, but tonight they were keen on making sure the two men had matching issues.

Stomps followed to the head and neck of Tyson XL but when he tried to get up, the A-List greeted him with more boots. Both men hooked the side of Tyson XL’s head and Victor Ingram Price made with the big move called …


That very move (Following a Gift of Gab from Jake Tockwell) is what won the Dynasty tag team titles from the A-List! The A-List were pulling no punches and after the enziguri/flatliner combo that might have been enough!

1 …

2 …

Close, but no cigar!!!

El Principe jumped up in complete disbelief that he hadn’t got the victory with the Big Shot combination! The match was getting even worse for the likes of Tyson XL now and Vic Gravender needed to get into a place to get inside the ring so he could even the odds against the A-List. However, that was not happening thanks to the A-List cutting the ring in half expertly and keeping things on their side of the fence. El Principe made the tag back to Victor Ingram Price and now he leaped over the ropes to make sure he could embarrass Tyson.

“This division is ours now! Not yours!” yelled VIP.

He slapped the back of his head several more times just to embarrass the Walking Tank which was a very stupid move. However, the A-List and the In Crowd by extension were all about bragging, taunting and flaunting.

He continued to rub his boot against the face of Tyson which was a very big mistake.

Three big haymakers right to the bread basket of Victor Ingram Price was enough to double him over and that gave way for Tyson XL to make it over to his corner …


El Principe ran right into the ring and grabbed the leg of Tyson XL to keep the monster from getting out. Vic tried in vain to reach out because both members of the A-List now pulled Tyson back to the corner to keep the massive St. Louis resident from getting to his even larger partner. When Tyson tried to rise and throw blows against both members of the A-List.

Punch for El Principe.

Punch for VIP.

But then VIP fought back with a big kick to the stomach and El Principe with the drop kick aimed at the left knee. That then left him open from a jumping sleeper slam from Victor Ingram Price!

The two shook hands after they both put Tyson XL down and that’s when Victor covered him again.

1 …

2 …


For the third consecutive time, Tyson XL had kicked out from some of the best shots that the NBW Dynasty tag team champions could throw at him. There was no way he could keep this up for much longer so when he tagged in El Principe, they changed up the plan of their attack by setting his leg on the ropes. El Principe jumped up and seated senton to the knee!

Tyson thrashed about. El Principe knew exactly what he was doing in between the ropes which was insane given the In Crowd’s propensity for rule-breaking.

A second seated senton against the ropes landed and now Tyson’s leg was in dire straits.

El Principe now held the leg of Tyson XL and now turned his leg over into a figure four leg lock!

The submission was expertly applied by the technical skilled luchador with nowhere for Tyson to go. He was too far from the ropes in order to reach them, but he was not able to do things.


El Principe held the submission while Victor Ingram Price reached down to tag his partner. He climbed into the ring and second rope left Tyson XL wide open for a diving knee drop to the chest from the challenger! Now his leg was being worked over and he was left wide open for their variation of their double-team move they liked to call


Another double-team finisher and another chance at keeping the NBW Dynasty tag team championships as Victor Ingram Price made a cover on Tyson XL. 

1 …

2 …


Yet another chance to put away the challengers for the Dynasty tag team championships, but so far away. He turned over again and tried to make another cover on Tyson.

1 …

2 …

Another kick out from Tyson.

Another pinning attempt by Victor.

1 …

2 …

But a third kick out by Tyson XL told him this wasn’t happening!

The champions were doing everything they could to keep Tyson XL down, but it was not to be tonight. The challengers were screwed out of the titles a few months ago and now that they had the chance to regain them from the upstart champions, they were not about to give that away.

Victor tried to grab onto Tyson XL and put him away for good now. He was ready to end things, but Tyson fed off the support of the crowd.

He still crawled toward his corner with Vic waiting patiently for Tyson XL to get to him. Victor grabbed Tyson’s neck and he was going to end this right away. He ran at him looking for the Blockbuster, but Tyson ducked and sent VIP flipping to the canvas. He then pulled him up by the neck in the inverted face lock set up …


That was the set-up that Vic needed to get the tag! El Principe jumped after Tyson XL nailed the desperation lariat into the backbreaker and now he tried to also stop Tyson from getting to his corner. He jumped and tried to attack Tyson, but the big man was able to take him down with a mammoth hip toss power slam!

The official worked to get that dastardly El Principe back to his side of the ring after Tyson XL had just cleared the Dynasty tag team champions solo. He reached out and the tag was close by Tyson…

Almost there…



Vic was pulled off the ring apron by Little Ricky Strongbern! The largest member of Clan Strongbern pulled Vic off of the ring apron and tried to slug him…



The MASSIVE Headbutt of the champion caught him square in the chest and doubled him over but when Vic turned around…


The same Spin Kick that had knocked out Jules Ke’ala earlier in the night also cracked Vic in the skull and dropped him like a bad habit! The newly-minted Ri-Khan Strongbern had just laid out one of the biggest men in NBW with a single devastating kick!

Tyson XL limped up to help his partner up but then he felt a pair of massive hands wrap around his neck…


The most powerful member of the group, Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern, DRILLED Tyson XL across his back with a Blue Thunder Backbreaker! The referee hadn’t seen ANY of this mess thanks to El Principe still trying to get involved but the giants quickly left ringside with Big Rick Strongbern standing down the aisle with a big smile and a wave on his face.

Tyson XL was laid out from the Bone-Breaking Behemoth so Victor Ingram Price crawled over. Tyson XL was dead weight at this point and the crowd booed, but he took advantage…


He incredibly maneuvered Tyson into a Steiner Screwdriver! The crowd cringed from the devastating impact of the move while Victor made the cover.




The crowd couldn’t believe it.

If Vic had been able to make the tag, there may have been no doubt that The Unstoppables had a good chance at walking out of 25 To Life with the nbW Dynasty Tag Team Championships, but thanks to Clan Strongbern for reasons unknown, they had cost the 2016 Tag Team of the Year the titles they held for so long.

The A-List grabbed their titles and they limped out of the ring while showing them off.

“Real champions! Right here!” Victor yelled to the booing crowd.

“Si! Si! Si!” El Principe added.

The two actually got back into The In Crowd cart that had carried them to the ring and they along with the driver hightailed it right from the crime scene.

Big Rick Strongbern rarely was quiet, but he quietly observed the damage his three massive henchmen had done in costing The Unstoppables the Dynasty Tag Team Titles. Earlier, they had defeated Ke’ala Ohana and perhaps they made an even bigger impact now that they had screwed over the most dominant tag team in nbW history.

Vic was just coming around at ringside and growled while Tyson XL was still laid out and hadn’t moved since he was dropped on his head. The 25 To Life match was still just around the corner later tonight, but it was very clear that not only did Clan Strongbern have a very impactful night tonight, Big Rick was gaining a reputation as a man of his word.


Big Rick dapped fists with Rik Bonebreaker-Strongbern and Ri-Khan, but shot Little Ricky an angry growl. Nevertheless, the foursome had proven their point and now they were on their way to the back with smiles on their faces.

One had to wonder if this was smart on Clan Strongbern’s part to make enemies of The Unstoppables, but with how great they looked as a collective tonight, they were looking like they could make a play for the tag name that Tyson XL and Vic Gravender sported.


The scene opened up to an overhead view of a familiar city in flame. Buildings crumbling left and right while the tires on the vehicles lining the streets were melting away.

All vegetation long since burned away. All signs of life were non-existent.

Pulling back to a street-side view a shadow appeared at the horizon, basked by the ever increasing rays of the sun. Slowly walking forward the figure's very foot steps leaving indented footprints in the melting asphalt.

Every step his skin cracked and burned away. The single glimmer of the NBW World Heavyweight Championship in the distance kept his focus despite the pain as flesh melted.

Building collapsed all around as the figure drew closer to his end goal. Reaching forward, the remaining skin covering his limbs shattering away into nothing but cracked bone.

Still, he grabbed for the title, but as soon as his fingers touched the pedestal it was on, the ground around him imploded and sunk. Clinging for his own life, he hung on the pedestal watching helplessly as other figures emerged amidst the smoke. Charred bodies and skeletal remains all that was left.

One by one they jumped the hole towards the pedestal, clinging to it's base and each other.

We pull back showing numerous figures heading towards them, nothing setting one apart from the other as any sign of clothing had long burned away and only bits of flesh remained.

They were no longer human. Humanity was at its end. That was only one thing left that mattered.

The NBW World Heavyweight Championship.


Coming this July, only on Pay Per View.

Warren Spade

the Monster of the Midsouth

Warren Spade


the World Breaker




Derecho escaped by the skin of his teeth in their last encounter. Since then, tensions rose to unprecedented heights and even turned extremely personal when Derecho attacked Warren Spade’s own father right in front of him, knowing full well that Spade couldn’t do anything about it due to the no contact rule in place. Here at 25 to Life, the two of them would settle the score once and for all in what promised to be one hell of a heated encounter.




“Ladies and gentlemen… the following contest is scheduled for one fall with a sixty minute time limit.  This match will be for the NBW World Heavyweight Championship!” said ring announcer Brent Williams. Chuck Radford already had the NBW World Title in his possession since Jack Harmen took it away from Derecho as a reminder that he could strip him at any moment if he touched Warren Spade up until this moment.

The sounds of quick and grinding guitar riffs flood the arena ...

The opening chords to "Into The Arena" by Michael Schenker Group blast through every speaker available. Flashing on the EpiCenter was a repeated set of words.




Red and gold strobe lights flashed throughout the building and just as the song started up its first verse, out came Fenton Woods, taking a bow for the cheering crowd. Behind him, the curtains parted as the mammoth form of Warren Spade stared out, cracking his tremendous neck and hands, readying for competition. Clips from some of his career highlights play with "MONSTER OF THE MIDSOUTH" interrupting every few seconds.

Fenton nodded to Spade.

“You got this, champ, take him out!” Fenton said.

Spade only gave him a nod in return as Fenton returned backstage. This was going to be one on one with no distractions, no interference, and only the best man wins.

Pushing down the ropes, Warren stepped over them with ease and he raised both hands into the air to a tremendous pop from the crowd. The giant stared down the curtain and waited for his opponent to arrive.

The lights in the arena dimmed.

"I am....

....I am"

"Charisma" by WASP

A lone spotlight lights up the stage and we see Derecho with his back to the arena. Derecho was clad in his typical black leather trench coat while sporting a pair of sunglasses. The lights then begin to pulse to the beat of the song in random fashion. Derecho looked over his shoulder and grinned before pivoting and beginning his descent towards the ring. The capacity crowd on hand booed and showed their disdain, but Derecho paid no mind to them.

Derecho stopped at the bottom of the entrance ramp and then turned to his left. He stomped up the steel ring steps and stepped into the ring between the middle and the top rope. Derecho made his way to the center of the ring where pulsing spotlights illuminated him from different angles. Derecho stretched out his arms and looked up toward the rafters as he wanted the NBW Universe to bask in his glory. Derecho then flicked his wrists and removed his sunglasses followed by his trench coat, passing them off to ringside.

The arena returned to normal when Brent Williams stepped forward for the introductions.

“Introducing first… the challenger.  From West Memphis, Arkansas. Weighing in at 347 pounds…. WARREN SPADE!

Spade stood there and glared at Derecho.  He didn’t raise his arms to the crowd even though they cheered for him wildly, but instead, displayed a look of focus and murderous intent to the man who had gotten under his skin these past few months.

“And his opponent.  From Stuart, Florida.  Weighing in at 237 pounds… he is the reigning and defending… NBW Heavyweight Champion of the World…. This… is…. DERECHO!”

Derecho walked over and ripped the NBW World Heavyweight Championship out of the referee’s hands and held it high into the air to a chorus of boos from the crowd. He walked right up to Warren Spade and put the championship in his face before passing it back to senior referee Chuck Radford who held it high into the air.

The title was passed off to ringside and the bell rang.




Right out of the gate, Spade and Derecho went for each other’s throats, but Derecho remembered how Spade charged at him during their first encounter and immediately ducked the impending clothesline. Derecho stopped short and pivoted and when Spade turned around.



Spade remained on his feet! Derecho shuffled back.



Spade let out a bestial roar…


Derecho was turned inside out almost immediately!! Two super kicks didn’t deter Warren Spade; however, after the lariat, Spade had to grab onto the top rope and shake the effects of those kicks off. Spade absorbed that pain and turned it into energy for that one massive shot. The World Champion was down and confused as to where he was, giving Spade enough time to recover. The fans were already on their feet with the prospect of seeing Derecho completely dismantled here tonight!

Spade walked over and picked Derecho up off the canvas. He whipped him into the neutral corner and charged in, but Derecho moved out of the way!  Spade hit chest first into the corner and then…


Spade went face first into the second turnbuckle after taking that hit to the back of the head! Derecho gained some distance and charged in, ramming his knee right into the back of Spade’s skull in the corner!!  Derecho grabbed Spade by the shoulder and threw him to the canvas. Derecho made the first official cover of the match and after two back to back blows to the head like that, it may be the ONLY cover of this match!


Spade POWERED out of that and Derecho went flying! The look of shock and surprise on Derecho’s face said more than words ever could. The roar of the crowd was deafening and a “Warren Spade” chant fired up in the cheering’s wake. Spade turned over and began to stand, shaking his head to get his mind unscrambled. As Spade got to a vertical base, Derecho lunged in with another Super Kick, but having been on the receiving end of three of those so far, Spade knew that it was coming. Spade grabbed Derecho’s leg and trapped it under his arm. He grabbed Derecho and tossed him overhead with a Capture Suplex!

Derecho bounced off the canvas and reached out to the ropes, pulling himself up. Spade partially stood and remained in the crouched position. Derecho turned to face Spade and..


Spade buried his shoulder deep into Derecho’s stomach and he went down hard, but Derecho, being the crafty veteran that he was, decided to writhe in agony out on the floor as he immediately rolled out of the ring under the bottom rope. Spade gritted his teeth knowing that Derecho did that to avoid getting pinned, but he also knew that he was injured and not going anywhere. Spade rolled to the outside and grabbed Derecho by his long, black hair. He hoisted Derecho to his feet and rolled him back in under the bottom rope. Spade followed suit and then crouched down in the corner.

Derecho crawled away towards the opposite corner and that’s exactly what Spade wanted. The greater the distance, the faster he could run and the bigger the impact would be as he thought about a second Trample. Derecho grabbed the ropes and pulled himself up with his back turned to Spade. Derecho slowly pivoted and that’s when Spade charged in. It was a classic bait and Spade realized it at the last moment when Derecho moved out of the way and caused him to slam shoulder first into the ring post between the top and second turnbuckles!

Derecho hobbled away, holding his stomach in pain as Spade pulled himself out of the corner, holding his left shoulder. Derecho walked over and grabbed Spade by the arm and something as simple as an arm wringer caused Spade tremendous pain. While holding the arm wringer, Derecho fell to his back and kicked Spade right in the shoulder. The snapping sound caused separation and Spade cried out in pain as he hobbled away, holding his upper arm.

Derecho got back up and walked back over. He attempted to grab Spade’s arm again, but Spade turned and shoved Derecho onto his back with his good arm. Derecho popped back up and charged back in, going for that arm once more, but Spade shoved him away once again. Spade charged in and hit a clothesline on Derecho using his right arm. Derecho popped back up and got ran over a second time with another clothesline. Derecho staggered to his feet as Spade backed him into the ropes and shot him across with an Irish Whip. Spade held out his arm and Derecho walked right into a third clothesline. Spade immediately followed that up with an Elbow Drop and a cover, hooking the leg!



Derecho kicked out

Spade pulled Derecho back up to his feet and rocked him with heavy right hands to the side of the head. With each blow, Derecho was backed up into the neutral corner. Spade pressed Derecho against the turnbuckle pads and shot him across the ring to the opposite side. Spade then charged in, but Derecho made him eat a back elbow to the face. Spade shook it off and charged in again, but ate a second elbow. Derecho immediately hopped up to the middle turnbuckle and waited for Spade to turn around. Derecho leapt off with a Flying Cross Body block and…

Big mistake.

Spade caught Derecho and transitioned it into a Tilt-o-Whirl Slam with authority in the middle of the ring! Another cover by Spade who was looking to take the belt away from Derecho right here and now!



Shoulder up by Derecho again!

Derecho immediately rolled to the outside. Spade realized it and tried to grab Derecho, but he was just a half step behind the world champion. Derecho made it to ringside where he stumbled around, looking to regain his composure. Spade wouldn’t have any of that and followed Derecho to the floor. Spade grabbed Derecho and went to shove him into the ring post, but Derecho quickly spun out of it and shoved Spade, left shoulder first, right into the ring post instead! Spade hit the floor, holding his shoulder in pain! Derecho began to put the boots to that injured shoulder and noticed that the referee was up to the count of three.

It was then that Derecho decided to take the easy way out of this match and rolled back into the ring, much to the chagrin of the crowd on hand.




Spade began to stir.



Spade up to one knee.


Spade made a dash for the ring and made it back inside just in time! Derecho backed into the ropes and when Spade was on all fours…


Spade was laid out on his back and Derecho saw a golden opportunity. He made his way to the corner and climbed up to the top turnbuckle pad. The fans rose to their feet, booing in unison as Derecho took aim and leapt off.


Derecho made the cover, hooking the leg.


Spade powered out of another cover and the crowd erupted!  The fuel tank of Warren Spade was nowhere even near the ¾ mark and he just sent a huge message to the champion, Derecho, right there!  Derecho himself couldn’t believe that Spade still had that much power left.  Spade didn’t get up, though. He was on his side, resting on his right shoulder. Derecho saw his opening and ran over, kicking Spade in his injured left shoulder. Spade winced in pain so Derecho stomped down on his shoulder a second time. Spade went to wave Derecho off with his arm and that’s where Derecho grabbed and fell back into a cross arm breaker with a leg scissor!!

Derecho pulled back on the arm and even used the heel of his foot to kick Spade’s bad shoulder, trying to get him to tap! Spade cried out in pain, but he sucked it up! Spade turned over and clasped his hands. Using his strength, he gritted his teeth and lifted Derecho up off the canvas!


Spade held on!  He pulled Derecho back up off the canvas and again…


And Spade STILL hung on!  He grabbed Derecho and pulled him back up, but this time, Spade ran forward…


Derecho fell into a heap in the corner as Spade staggered away and fell to his knees, clutching his shoulder. It was the perfect time to follow up on the champion, but his shoulder was in too much pain. He may have even done more damage to it with those powerbombs, but Spade didn’t care. He just put Derecho through a world of hurt and he knew the champion wasn’t going to be moving any time soon. Spade stood back up and began moving his arm in an attempt to warm it up and loosen the tightened muscles.  During one of his rotations, Spade felt a relieving pop in his shoulder and a look of relief came over his face. Warming the arm up was the right call as Spade tested it out and was happy with the results. That’s when he turned towards Derecho and grinned, much to the delight of the crowd on hand!

Spade walked over and began to stomp on Derecho in the corner. After he did a satisfactory amount of damage, Spade grabbed Derecho and hoisted him first to his feet and then up onto the top turnbuckle pad. Spade then climbed up to the second pad and grabbed Derecho in a bear hug. One quick pop of the hips later and…


Derecho bounced off the canvas and rolled almost to the other side of the ring!  Spade stood up and continued to warm up his shoulder, nodding in acknowledgement that his shoulder was feeling much better. Derecho scrambled for the ropes. He wasn’t looking to use them to stand. He was looking to use them to escape!  Spade charged over and grabbed Derecho by the leg and dragged him back into the ring. Spade grabbed Derecho in a wheelbarrow position and hoisted him up, but held him against his body. Derecho was dangling in mid air when Spade tossed him overhead again with a Deadlift Release German Suplex!!!

Derecho landed on the back of his shoulders and neck, flipping over onto his stomach! Spade was just tossing the champion around like a rag doll at this point, but Spade knew that he was one move away from ending this. He made a slashing motion across his throat and walked over to Derecho. He pulled the champion up to his feet and hoisted him onto his shoulders with an inverted fireman’s carry, but Derecho kicked his legs and wriggled free, landing behind Spade!

Derecho immediately grabbed Spade in a waist lock and in a tremendous show of strength, took the challenger over with a German Suplex! Derecho held on and pulled Spade back up to his feet. Derecho then quickly switched to a half nelson! He cradled Spade’s leg!  Derecho was going for it all on the big man, but Spade elbowed Derecho with his feet arm and Derecho let go of what could have been a Legends Get Forgotten… the Regalplex.

Derecho staggered back as Spade turned and kicked Derecho in the stomach. Spade placed Derecho between his legs and lifted him up for a powerbomb, but Derecho rained down rights into Spade’s head and then slipped off his shoulders. Derecho hit a series of knife edge chops, but each one only caused Spade to get even more fired up!  Derecho backed off and pleaded with Spade, but Spade shook his head “no” and went for a lariat, but Derecho ducked, stopped short and…



We were back to square one, but after all of the damage taken in this match, Spade went down with that impact!! Derecho noticed the positioning and headed for the corner. Derecho ascended the turnbuckle pads to the very top and took aim on Spade. Derecho flew across the ring with his ¾ Distanced Leg Drop…



Spade rolled out of the way!

Spade got up to his feet and immediately grabbed Derecho, but Derecho shoved Spade back to create separation. Derecho then let loose with rights and lefts, combination blows, each one rocking Spade back a few steps, but eventually, Spade grew tired of getting peppered with fists and knee’d Derecho in the stomach. Spade realized where he was and grabbed Derecho in a front waist lock. Then, Spade did the unthinkable..


Derecho was thrown over the top rope where he flipped and landed flat on his back with a sickening thud on the mats at ringside!!!!!! This crowd held their hands on to of their heads in amazement!!


Derecho was dead after that move, but Spade didn’t care. All he could remember, at this point, was Derecho laying hands on Fenton Woods, laying hands on his very own father and causing him mental pain and anguish. Spade was seeing red as he exited the ring and grabbed Derecho. He grabbed Derecho by the hair and screamed in his face.


He then popped Derecho up…


Derecho fell to his knees, but Spade grabbed Derecho with a fist full of hair and pulled him back up.


Spade popped him up again


Spade then threw Derecho back into the ring at the count of seven. Spade rolled back in and stood. He grabbed Derecho and yanked him back up.


Derecho; however, spat in Spades face and muttered.

“You’ll never be king…”

Spade begged to differ. He hoisted Derecho up onto his shoulder. He clutched the wrist and dropped Derecho across his knee with the argentine backbreaker…


He held on!! Spade didn’t let Derecho fall to the floor! He hoisted Derecho back up onto his shoulder and then spun him out into the reverse TKO!!!


Spade then made the cover as the arena was going nuts!! The leg was hooked deep…




It was over! Spade broke down as he knelt over on the canvas with his face buried into his hands. His long journey had finally come to an end. The final path to glory was paved with hardships and tests that would try his very soul, but he overcame them all here tonight at 25 to Life.

Chuck Radford handed Warren Spade the title as Brent Williams made it official.

“Here is your winner… and NEW NBW World Heavyweight Champion… Warren Spade!!!!!”

Spade stood up and had his hand raised by the referee. In his other hand hoisted the championship up into the air. It may not have been a thirty minute classic, but with the emotions building up between these two, they threw everything at each other in an effort to knock each other out the first. All it would take was one opening and that’s what happened here tonight. Spade was denied that opening until Derecho went for it all and he capitalized by unleashing hell itself on it’s former king.

After tonight… nobody would dare question if Warren Spade was weak. In one loud voice,  he declared that he wasn’t weak, but he was also champion!

Fenton Woods entered the ring to check on the well-being of his client and best friend who had taken the long journey with him. He had seen Warren Spade reach incredible heights in nbW years ago with a two-year undefeated streak. He was with him when he suffered a brain cancer scare. He was with him when he overcame that and trained to get back in the ring. He was there when he fought with and against his number one enemy-turned-ally Spike Saunders. He was there when he became Number One Contender and embarked on this long feud with Derecho that finally came to a head tonight!

“Congrats, champ, you did it!”

WE did this, Fenton. You. Me. Blaze. We did all of this!” Spade said, holding up his new prize!

Warren took Fenton up and put him high on his shoulders so his manager would have the chance to bask in the moment as well. The Monster of the Mid-South let Fenton have the NBW World championship so he could celebrate with him! He was holding back tears for this moment, but Spade finally made good on winning his first singles title in NBW and with respect to the other championships in NBW, it was the biggest one of them all!

After giving the fans the photo-op of Warren Spade and Fenton Woods, Warren lowered Fenton and the two celebrated the biggest win on of his career and exited the ring. They handed out high-fives to the fans of Singapore on their way back up to the ramp and this party was going to continue all night long if Fenton had anything to say about it!

Back inside the ring Derecho continued to lay there motionless for a few minutes. Derecho wasn’t out cold or anything. He was simply lying there, looking up at the ring lights. Thoughts flower through his mind as the arena, suddenly got quiet. They all wondered if Derecho was going to leave or not.

After what seemed like an eternity, Derecho sat up. He took a look around the arena with a look of disbelief in his eyes. Derecho reached out for the bottom rope and pulled himself out of the ring. Derecho circled around ringside and slowly, yet somberly, made his way up the entrance ramp. Adria Hoyt ran out from the backstage area with a microphone in hand. She ran up to Derecho to try to get a word with the now former three-time champion.

“Derecho, after your loss tonig-”

Before she could even get that sentence off, Derecho  batted the microphone out of Adria’s hand, startling her. He didn’t even acknowledge her as he continued up the ramp and exited through the curtain.



We are moments away. 25 of NBW's best will enter the ring in hopes of being the last one standing by nights end.

Max Hopper is Ready.

The In Crowd are Ready.

Spike Saunders is Ready.

Mitchell Quinlan is Ready.

The entire NBW LockerRoom is Ready.

Are you?

We hope so... because it's time for the 25 to Life Match!



Two summers ago, the last 25 to Life transpired in London before No Brand Wrestling went on an extended hiatus.

Ali Amore and Lucky Carter, the final two that night, aren’t set to compete here this evening. The Colombian has just lost his Keystone crown to Max Hopper and gone to hospital to undergo surgery on a plethora of injuries, including THAT arm..

Meanwhile, Carter ascended to the summit on the back of 25 to Life, taking Derecho’s prestigious World title away from him, only for The King of Hell to exact revenge at Legacy and shelf the unfortunate Lucky for an undisclosed period of time. So, be careful what you wish for.

There’s no doubt that Carter’s moment in the sun came because of his electrifying exhibition in Earl’s Court. He provided us with the blueprint for what winning this almighty clusterfuck can do for the victor.

Spare a thought for Judasbleek as well. He may not have won 25 to Life, but his six-year journey culminated in gold, defeating Derecho, before Travis Martinez opted to walk away from wrestling and pursue an alternative path. Under his new guise, Travis returned home to lose to another familiar face - Max Hopper - in Legacy’s excellent opener. Do you believe the newly-crowned Keystone kingpin will be involved here tonight?

And what about the super heavyweight pairing of Tyson XL and Vic Gravender, former World champions in their own right? They may be unstoppable, pun absolutely intended, if they combine their colossal frames and mow through everyone as they have done in our doubles division since we came back from that hiatus.

Buckle up. We’ve got an awful lot to get through and expect the unexpected. In the meantime, prior to the twists and turns unfolding, we’ll start with something entirely telegraphed.

“Ladies and gentlemen...it is now time for the main event... the 25 to Life match!” Brent Williams voice rang out through the night air, eliciting a thunderous cheer in return.

“The rules are simple. The first two superstars who drew entrant numbers one and two will start the match and every two minutes thereafter a new participant will enter. The only way to be eliminated from the match is to be thrown over the top rope and BOTH feet must hit the ground!”

Williams then dramatically pointed a finger to the jumbotron as a graphic of the NBW World Heavyweight Championship appeared on it.

“Once the last entrant for the contest has entered the ring, the winner will then be determined by who can SURVIVE the longest to be the last man standing! And that survivor will then earn the right to challenge for the NBW World Heavyweight Championship at Legacy!”

Hammering home that the stakes couldn't be any higher, the seasoned ring announcer let the anxious crowd get their customary cheering in before continuing on.

“At this time, please join me in welcoming the two men who will start the contest!”

'Frontline' by Pillar

“Introducing first, weighing in at two hundred and sixty pounds! From Parts Unknown, Canada...he is ‘The Annihilator’...he is ‘The Paragon’...he is Zed!”

Yes, we knew Zed had drawn number one and he’s got his work cut out for him if he wants to the first one in and the last to leave.

Making his way down the walkway bridge, the self proclaimed ‘Paragon of the Industry’ paid no mind to the unwelcoming crowd, instead keeping his attention deadset on the ring. Rolling underneath the ropes, Zed immediately hopped to his feet to see who would the first of many opponents he would have to face if he planned on leaving tonight the winner.

All things considered, Zed had quite the task ahead of him.

“Now, introducing the man who drew entry number two…”

An audible hush overtook the arena as they eagerly waited to see who exactly would be entrant number two, and the production team in the truck did a nice job of milking the suspense, leaving the crowd (and Zed for that matter) in that anticipatory hush for a few moments longer before...

“Spike-it-UP!” Kiss Remix

Zed’s task got even LARGER, in more ways than one, as the biggest and most popular performer in this promotion’s history emerged to an exceptional reception. If anyone had the tools to go all the way from this tender stage in proceedings, few were better equipped than the 7’3 skyscraper with a wild crowd firmly behind him.

Stepping through the ropes, Saunders handed his trademark shades to one of the many referees encircling the ring before turning to face Zed while the same referee who took Spike’s sunglasses pointed to the timekeeper...

Ding, ding, ding!

We were underway! Two bulls were about to start us off. Zed, who at a rather healthy 6’4 still gave up almost a foot in height to Double S, but that didn’t deter The Paragon of the Industry as he stepped forward and squared up to Saunders, who removed his shades and threw them to the side, not taking his eyes off his fellow starter.

Zed showed us his fantastic physique nodding and Saunders nodded. A smiling Zed imitated Saunders and then came forward with a boot to the abdomen, which wobbled the giant a teeny bit. Zed had more up his sleeve, however, capitalising on the ripple-esque breakthrough with three hard right hands that would’ve dropped the vast majority of competitors who’ve ever stepped foot in a squared circle. Instead, it forced Spike up against the ropes on the right-hand side of the ring.

Ambitiously, the captain of the Crimson Tide whipped the Colossus, well I should say he tried, as it was effortlessly reversed and the veteran Saunders, surprisingly, dipped his head, presumably anticipating a Backbody Drop. Zed had enough sense about him to crack Spike’s spine with a sledge-like blow and set Saunders up for a Powerbomb….Backbody Drop in the end!

Before Spike could set about Zed, The Paragon rolled out, admittedly a smart move on his part, and barely two minutes in, we’d had our first exit (albeit to the right) and, as you all know, you need to go over the top rope rather than underneath the bottom, so Zed was catching an EARLY breather.

Despite goading from Saunders and front row spectators, Zed didn’t rise to the bait…


And incredibly, it seemed Zed was now awaiting to see who the third participant would be before deciding when to return to the battlefield.

The crowd counted down and as the clock expired, Zed and Spike, both turned to the entranceway, to see who’d join them.





"Born In China (Metal Remix Instrumental)" by the Immortals.

It was Xiang, and he had brought The Great Wall with him! So, which one was going to enter? As the Chinese nationals neared the ring, Xiang looked at The Great Wall and smirked. The former quickly ascended up the stairs, indicating it would be him and as Xiang entered, Zed suddenly rediscovered his ballsack and followed suit. It was clear Da Dragon would be double-teamed if he couldn’t penetrate this pact.

Cautiously, all three men tried to suss out a way to resist the other’s advances. After ten seconds or so of circling, Da Dragon put himself out there by lunging at Xiang, but Zed was there to blindside him with a shot to the neck, thus Spike stopped short of connecting with the Asian.

Zed went to the head with ferocious forearms while Xiang complemented The Paragon’s pressure with money-saving stomps to the knee and never-ending left leg of this powerhouse. Between them though, they couldn’t muster a knockdown and ushered Da Dragon back with deep shots to the ribs and stomach, attempting to again whip him to the far side. This time, it worked, but what they didn’t legislate for was a double Clothesline by Double S!

Spike beckoned for Xiang to get up. Instead, it was Zed, so Spike turned his attentions to The Paragon and lifted him into the air with an impressive power display, seemingly set to drop Zed with a superb Vertical Suplex. Unfortunately, he hung on two seconds too late, enabling Zed to recover and fell the redwood with a desperate yet decisive Chop Block!

Xiang grinned and exchanged a high-five with Zed, they were former comrades after all, and Z, who you may expect to stick to the ugly side of the game, actually had some technical prowess and bust some of that out for us momentarily with a modified Sharpshooter.

Saunders rejected that, though Xiang soon enough got down on his hands and knees to rake the giant’s right eye, which is effective against anyone, and choke the Colossus. This could take its toll.


Bare minimum, it enabled Zed to try again, but Spike kicked him away, forcing him towards the bottom ropes and as Xiang stepped in, a HUGE hand appeared from out of nowhere.

Xiang’s kick to the knee was in vain upon Saunders regaining his vast vertical base and the Asian upstart seemed ready, albeit reluctant, to go for a ride to the outside via a chokeslam.





"Born In China (Metal Remix Instrumental)" by the Immortals.

The Great Wall, who had never left the ringside area, was NUMBER FOUR! You’ve got to be kidding!

C.G. Gains, on commentary, howled in an annoying blend of delight and laughter: “They are geniuses. I wondered if he were involved...guess we got our answer and 3 + 1 doesn’t equal four for Spike Saunders...it equals FIRST OUT! He’ll never live this down!”

Gaines more level headed and straight shooting broadcast partner, Melissa Vanderart, was quick to point out her thoughts on the dilemma now facing Spike.

“The numbers game is not in Saunders’ favor right now, as he now up against a very deadly trifecta of three dangerous opponents. The only question is, can these three men successfully corner and put away a man who has more than earned the nickname the Colossus?”

C.G. didn’t buy into Mel’s insightfulness and was quick to correct her, “Actually Mel, Spike is facing two dangerous men and a WALL!”

The Wall, like Spike, stepped over the top rope. The mammoth import’s presence saved his partner, Xiang, albeit not probably the way that Xiang would have preferred as Spike threw the leader of the Dynasty like a ragdoll across the ring to crash into the just standing up Zed!

As the two sadistic leaders of their own respective tag teams crumbled to the mat, Spike set his sights on the only man who could go nose-to-nose with him!

“If you ever wondered what it would like if King Kong met Godzilla in a wrestling ring, this is it,” CG Gains added.

Indeed. 7’3 Spike Saunders and 7’2 of The Great Wall were in one another’s personal space as the crowd breathed a collective sigh at the sight of the awe-inspiring visual. Great Wall was as stoic and menacing as ever as he met the unintimidated Saunders in the middle of the ring. The two giants locked eyes for a brief staredown that oozed with intensity. Great Wall was victorious in the staring contest when Saunders turned his head to look out to the roaring crowd and nodded his head to let them know that he was feeding off of their energy.

Refocusing back on Great Wall, Saunders cracked a confident grin, which caused the Wall’s eyes to narrow, before slowly raising one of his massive arms up high in the air.

Spike was challenging the Wall to something that was once cleverly coined by a former governor of Minnesota as the Greco-Roman Knucklelock. But, that was just simple over embellishment of what it truly was, a test of strength.

Vanderart seemed appreciative of Spike’s old school approach.

“This is what it’s all about for these two men, folks. We’re about to see which giant has the most might!”

C.G., on the other hand, wasn’t too impressed.

“Ah cripes, you know Wall’s going to fall for this crap, he should just punch Spike in his nuts and throw him out. But, then again, he’s not exactly the sharpest katana to come from Asia.”

“I’d like to see you tell him that.” Mel playfully retorted.

The crowd now was absolutely buzzing in anticipation, as the Wall simply nodded his head in acceptance to the challenge before reaching up with his equally enormous to lock hands with Saunders. Locking their other two hands together, the two giants roared as the adrenaline kicked in and they met chest to chest, each trying to prove who was the strongest!

Neither man could seem to get an advantage as they stood locked together, and if it wasn’t for their clenched jaws and bulging veins in their arms it would have appeared as if they were frozen in time. The standstill was quickly erased though when Wall pushed Spike outwards only to roughly pull him back in close and nail him with a headbutt!

A headbutt from a man the size of the Great Wall would have easily knocked down (or out) most men walking the face of this Earth, but Spike was no ordinary man. In fact, the cheap shot seemed to backfire for Wall as Spike inhumanly absorbed the blow before letting out another booming roar as he wrenched the Great Wall’s massive hands backwards!

The Great Wall’s bulging eyes said it all, he couldn’t believe it! With the fired up crowd chanting his name, Spike pushed with all his might and forced the monster down to one knee! Saunders was dominating the Wall in a way that had never been witnessed before in the history of NBW!

Wall let out a desperate cry as his second knee started to shake, signaling that it to was about to buckle from Spike’s unrelenting power! He was about to fall to his knees in failure!

Spike knew it too, and began to stomp his foot in rhythm to the crowd’s chanting, he was going to bring the Wall down!

Too bad for Spike though that this little display had given the two evil masterminds, Zed and Xiang, time to recover but also formulate a plan. And now it was time for them to put it in place.

Fixated on making the Wall beg, Saunders didn’t notice Zed deftly climb up the turnbuckle, nor did he notice Xiang snake his way behind him. Seeing that the other man was in position, the two former member of the XYZ Army struck as Xiang bounced off the ropes and Zed leaped off the turnbuckle towards Saunders.


The crowd didn’t even notice the timer for the next entrant hit ten seconds as Xiang sprinted towards the unaware Spike while at the same time the missile like Zed closed in on his target.

Spike’s world was then absolutely rocked when in a moment of precise and perfect timing Xiang hit the back of Saunders legs with a shotgun dropkick while Zed flew OVER the crouched Great Wall to hit Spike with the ZNNIHILATION!!!

“What a move by Zed and Xiang! How is Saunders still standing!” Mel exclaimed, but Gaines was more perceptive to the outcome though, and giggled in joy.

“Doesn’t matter Mel! Saunders is knocked out on his feet! Now’s the time, attack!”

Somehow the now glassy eyed Saunders didn’t drop! And for one of the few times in his life, Spike’s impressive stature worked against him, for instead of crumpling to the mat, he awkwardly stumbled backwards towards the ropes!

Having being freed from the clutches of the Colossus, the Wall was ready to redeem himself. Seeing Saunders staggering backwards, he charged in with a spear that drove Spike so hard into the ropes that Saunders feet left the ground!

Quickly rising from their superior tandem attack, Xiang and Zed quickly rushed over to make sure that those two massive feet wouldn’t hit the ground again, each man grabbing one of Spike’s legs!

Surprisingly, Spike was able to wrap one arm around the top rope to deter the three men from throwing him out, and lashed out with wild punches with his other hand. But, he was surely compromised with his elimination looking like it was only moments away. The sheer force of the Great Wall was daunting enough, but the added relish of Xiang and Zed made a defense nearly impossible.

None of the men took notice when the crowd counted down the last three seconds, and with the struggle that was occurring at that instant who could blame them.





“Mouth for War” by Pantera

If the familiar music didn’t make the men in the ring take notice, the deafening explosion of cheers sure did!

“Wait, what!? That’s Brock Newbludd’s music! Brock Newbludd’s in the match!?” a genuinely surprised Vanderart yelped.

“How!? He’s injured dammit! No! No!” Gaines yelled back in equal shock, but with much more anger mixed in.

If 2016 NBW Rookie of the Year, Brock Newbludd was indeed still injured, he did a damn fine job of covering it up as he sprinted down the aisle towards the ring like he was shot out of a cannon!

Meanwhile, the unexpected roar of the crowd cause Xiang and Zed to take their focus off of eliminating Saunders, and Spike took advantage by kicking both men to the mat to regain his footing!

“This crowd is electric, and look at him go! He’s back C.G., and these people are happy to see him! C’mon Brock!” Vanderart unabashedly exclaimed in joy.

“Ugh, no, no, no,” Gaines said as he battled through the shock that came with sudden emotional trauma.

And those ribs that were fractured by Jake Tockwell? Well, they looked just fine as well as the former Blitzkrieg champion hit the ring and slid under the ropes with enough velocity to carry him nearly across the span of it. Popping to his feet, Newbludd blocked a punch from the still surprised Zed before turning the Paragon inside out with a nasty short arm clothesline!

Meanwhile, Spike saw his opportunity to save himself and began hammering down on Great Wall’s back with vicious double axe handles to literally pummel Xiang’s partner down into the mat.

Speaking of Xiang, it was his turn to try to extinguish the fire that Brock brought with him to the ring, and decided that the best course of action for that was to try and take Newbludd down with a running dropkick right to the side of Brock’s knee. With that, he bounced off the ropes and set his sights on Brock.

Which led to Brock leaping into the air to avoid Xiang, causing the Chinese National to slide right underneath him!

Astonished by having missed his dropkick, Xiang quickly pulled himself up by the ropes and turned around to face Newbludd.

Xiang never knew what hit him.

Superkick to Xiang! He flew over the top rope to earn the honor of being the first elimination!

Elimination: Xiang

“Xiang’s gone courtesy of Newbludd!” Mel announced over a groaning Gaines, while on the outside the shocked Xiang rattled off a string of profanities in his native tongue as the ringside officials directed him to head to the back.

Looking absolutely disgusted, the leader of the Xiang Dynasty relented and threw his arms up in defeat before sulking up the ramp.

“Too bad for the returning hero, he’s about to get ZNNIHLATED and ZNNLIMINATED!” C.G. defiantly shot back, and Vanderart let out a chuckle at his expense.

“Znnliminated? Good god Gaines, don’t quit your day job...”

Seeing his ally get kicked out of the ring to his demise, Zed scrambled angrily to his feet and grabbed Newbludd’s arms from behind, looking to score with his patented Tiger Suplex!

Nope, Brock was still feeling the adrenaline rushing through him and deftly spinned out of Zed’s grasp to get behind the Paragon and before he even knew what was happening, Zed was flying backwards through the air…

Fenris-Plex to Zed!

“Jesus! That mother of a dragon suplex folded Zed up like an accordion!” C.G. yelped as a quick replay showed the Paragon’s knees actually hitting the mat as his neck was twisted in between them from the dragon suplex.

“It’s called the ‘Fenris-Plex’ C.G., but I agree with you and think a more fitting name would be ‘The Mother of All Suplexes’!” Mel quickly chimed in. “And this crowd is loving it!”

Given Newbludd’s military background, one would think he could appreciate a name like that, regardless of his own personal feelings about the aptly name ‘mother’ bomb that was recently dropped in Afghanistan.

Anyways, let’s get back to the action.

So, with Zed’s signature suplex countered into his newly renamed dragon variation, Brock hopped back up to his feet and pumped his fist to the fired up crowd who responded with a loud roar.

“Listen to the ovation! Newbludd has put The Float into a frenzy!” an elated Mel said, but C.G. was not as impressed.

“I thought these people in Singapore would have better taste than the fans in St. Louis. But no, Brock Newbludd’s following of idiots is a global phenomenon.”

But just like that, Brock’s returning moment in the sun was the abruptly ended when he had to dive into a roll to avoid getting bowled over by the two giants in Great Wall and Spike who were trading fists as they continued their personal battle across the ring.

Both announcers sounded awestruck when Saunders connected with a body shot to Wall that made a loud smack upon impact. For most men, taking a clean shot to the ribs from an angry Spike Saunders would result in them curled up on the ground in the fetal position as they gasped for air. But, Saunders didn’t hit a man, he hit a Wall.

Looking completely unwavered from Spike’s attack, Wall narrowed his eyes at Saunders before bringing his massive hand down to hit the surprised Colossus right between the eyes with a big chop!

That only led to Wall’s eyes widening in disbelief when Spike brushed the blow off instantly and socked him back in the face!

“Spike is putting everything behind those punches, and not only is the Wall somehow absorbing them, he’s matching Saunders strike for massive strike!”

Saunders and Wall continued trading thunderous blows until suddenly Spike repaid Great Wall’s headbutt from earlier with one of his own that rattled the Xiang Dynasty member, causing him to stumble backwards. Finally breaking through his opponent’s formidable defense, Saunders scooped up Great Wall and in a display of raw power brought the Wall down across his knee with a backbreaker!


Newbludd, who had went back to work on the downed Zed after dodging the two titans, snapped his head around to lock eyes with Spike, whose booming voice had the ability to command anyone’s attention. With a quick nod of his head, Brock let Spike know that they were on the same page after seeing that Saunders had Great Wall’s massive frame still bent over his knee.


Leaving Zed, who rolled underneath the bottom rope and down to the floor, Brock quickly dashed to the opposite side of the ring and went through the middle ropes to the ring apron while Spike struggled to hold Wall down. Looking to help out Saunders, who was a man one definitely wanted as an ally in a match like this, Brock leaned back as he held the ropes and jumped to the top rope before launching off in a springboard.

Seeing the flying Newbludd coming in for landing, Spike clenched down on the Wall and Brock promptly finished off the tandem move by dropping his leg across the throat of the Great Wall!

Springboard Guillotine Leg Drop!

The crowd showered the two men with cheers as they stood over the Wall’s body, but those cheers quickly turned into a countdown.





“Rio Bravo” by CKY

“This guy makes Big Rick look civilized.” Vanderart said as NBW’s premier lunatic, ‘Deadly’ Erick Davies sprinted down the ramp towards the ring, looking especially psychotic tonight as he screamed at the top of his lungs the whole way to the ring.

“I’m going to have to agree with you on that one, Mel. This guy looks like he’d be more at home doing the type of fighting where the guys dip their hands in broken glass beforehand.” Gaines added as the crazed Davies hit the bottom of the ramp.

Sliding into the squared circle, Davies popped up and immediately charged at the first man in his path, who happened to be Spike.

Racing forward towards the seven footer, Davies showed no fear as put his head down like a battering ram and pointed it right at the waiting Saunder’s gut.

Meanwhile, Newbludd caught a glimpse of Great Wall grabbing the ropes to pull himself up and rushed over to him, delivering a dropkick to the side of Great Wall’s head that sent him back down to the mat.

Head still down, the human missile that was Erick Davie’s connected with his target, though not in the way that he had hoped for. With the madman coming at him at full speed, the veteran Saunders waited for the exact moment and when it came raised one of his tree trunk like legs up high, causing Davies to smash right into his knee!

Visibly stunned, Davies’ shook his head as he stumbled backwards into the same ropes that he had just slid under only moment ago.

Behind Spike and Davies, Brock followed up his dropkick to Wall by grabbing the top rope for added leverage as he brought his knees down onto Wall’s huge back. The big man growled in pain from the blow, but that didn’t deter him one bit from once again grabbing the ropes to try and get vertical. Seeing that there was no way to stop the Great Wall from rising, Brock took a couple steps and prepared himself for one more desperation strike.

But, that never came to fruition for Brock as Zed decided that he wanted back in the mix after resting up on the outside for a spell. Slithering under the ropes, Zed had his sights set on Newbludd and grabbed the former Blitzkrieg champion from behind to throw him over the top rope!

With the woozy Davies precariously leaning against the ropes, Spike wound up his arm before taking two big strides towards Erick, looking to clothesline him over the top rope!

Boos filled the night air as Brock flipped over towards the outside, but they were quickly replaced by cheers when Newbludd managed to grab ahold of the top rope to prevent his elimination. Thinking that he had taken care of Brock, Zed had turned his back from Newbludd as he looked for his next victim, but the cheers of the crowd caused him to spin around to see Brock skinning the cat…

For all his recklessness that he commonly displayed in the ring, Erick Davies wasn’t stupid and he had been around long enough to have a few tricks up his sleeve. One of those tricks was playing possum, and he played it well. With only a split second to spare, Davies ducked Spike’s clothesline and rolled forward, avoiding elimination.

Hitting nothing but air, Saunder’s momentum nearly caused him to eliminate himself, but the veteran was able to stop himself before he went over completely.

With Brock now having pulled himself up enough to have his legs begin to go back over the top rope, Zed took a step forward, intending to ruin Newbludd’s re entry...

Danger averted, Davies sprung up out of his forward roll to find himself right behind the preoccupied Zed. Looking to deal some damage, Davies roughly grabbed Zed from behind and put him down with a Teardrop Suplex!

“Davies! No! You just saved Newbludd! Idiot!” C.G. groaned as Brock finished skinning the cat to find himself back in the ring.

And standing nose to chest with the now upright, and very angry Great Wall!


Brock was able to dodge the Wall’s first punch, but the sheer mass of the Wall was too overwhelming, and eventually Brock found himself being risen up high by the giant, who had him right by the throat!

Suddenly Newbludd was dropped by the Great Wall when Davies jumped on the big man’s back and hung on for dear life as he wrapped his arms around Wall’s neck in a sleeper!

With Davies legs flying wildly as he hung onto the Wall, Brock saw the opportunity that the maniac had created in terms of getting the other half of the Xiang Dynasty out and he hopped up on the closest turnbuckle, leaping off to hit Wall right between the eyes with a double axe handle. With Davies hanging on for dear life with the sleeper hold and Newbludd chipping away with strikes, it was clear that the Great Wall was beginning to tire.

Spike also caught onto this latest turn of events and began to make his way over to lend a hand in dismantling the Wall while the crowd began to chant.





"Born This Way" by Thousand Foot Krutch

“Here comes lucky number seven, ‘Fat Tuesday’ Davey LaRue!Mel said as Davey came through the entrance doors doing a wheelie on his trademark silver scooter, garnering applause from the live crowd and a groan from life long LaRue hater C.G. Gaines.

“Oh great, it’s ‘Slob Tuesday’...the only thing I want to see from LaRue in this match is him drunkenly riding that scooter off the side of the ramp to fall into the ocean. That would be great!”

Sitting atop his scooter, Davey threw a fist in the air to the crowd before zooming down the ramp at breakneck speed, at least about as breakneck that a moped could really go. Crushing C.G.’s dreams and making it down the ramp without incident, Davey parked his bike at ringside to quickly enter the ring.

Entering the fray, Davey spread his arms wide and smiled even wider at the sight of his returned friend Brock Newbludd, who was still busy working on taking out the Great Wall with Davies and now Saunders. Things were not looking good for Wall either. While he was managing to stand his ground against Davies sleeper hold and Brock’s attacks, one well placed big boot from Spike had caused Great Wall to stumble towards the ropes.

Maintaining his beaming smile, Davey took a step forward to help out the three men in eliminating the beastly Great Wall…only to be hit with a blindside spear that sent him crashing into the corner courtesy of Zed!

With the Wall up against the ropes, Davies relinquished his sleeper hold and dropped down on the ring apron behind him. For a split second both Newbludd and Spike eyes lit up at Davies standing on the apron, thus being an easy target for elimination. But the Great Wall was a problem that had to be dealt with first, and for the sake of the greater good both men didn’t act on the opportunity, letting Davies get back in the ring.

Having caught the LaRue off guard, Zed now had the big Cajun up against the turnbuckles and followed up his spear with a series of hard shoulder thrusts into Davey’s midsection. Though Davey was definitely taking damage from the Paragon’s assault, he still had that adrenaline rushing through his veins that came with entering a match of this nature and he used it to it’s full effect by bringing down clubbing forearms to Zed’s back.

With Spike pressing down on Wall’s neck and Newbludd leveraging up one of Wall’s legs, Davies attempted to grab the Wall’s other massive leg but received a kick to the chest that sent him flying backwards to land on the mat.

“Even with two men holding him down, the Great Wall still is fighting! That kick sent Davies halfway across the ring!” Mel said as Davies laid sprawled out on the mat, but Gaines’ attention was more focused on Zed and LaRue’s battle in the opposite side corner.

“That it did Mel, and Zed needs to get that piece of trash LaRue out of here so he can go help out Great Wall, that’s an ally he needs to stay in this match if has any chance of making it to the end. C’mon Z!”

The stiff forearms from Davey caused Zed to decide against sending his shoulder into LaRue’s midsection again and he instead quickly rose up in an attempted uppercut. But Davey saw it coming and avoided Zed’s fist before grabbing the Paragon to switch places with him by throwing Zed into the turnbuckle. Now it was LaRue who was on the offensive, bringing down a barrage of back elbows to the side of Zed’s skull, much to Gaines chagrin.

“Gah! That damn LaRue! Davies, Davies! Go help Zed! What are you doing!?”

Getting up with a determined look on his face, Erick was solely focused on the Wall. Stomping back in, he sidestepped Wall’s attempt at a second kick and ducked under another. On the third attempt, Davies grabbed the massive leg with both arms, and proceeded to chomp down on the meaty calf of it like it was a t-bone steak, causing the Wall to cry out in pain. Giving both Spike and Newbludd a twisted smile, Davies then began to push up on Great Wall’s leg in an effort to help the two flip the giant over the top rope.

Delivering one last elbow to Zed, LaRue then took a couple quick steps away from the corner before rushing back towards the corner and jumping up to grab the Paragon by the head before sending him flying towards the center of the ring with a monkey flip!


The crowd gave a nice ovation in appreciation of the classic move, but gave an even bigger one when somehow Zed managed to shift his momentum enough in midair to land on his feet! While such a showing of agility would have been impressive feat to pull off for any man, it was extra special considering the size of Zed. Quickly hopping up to his feet, LaRue was shocked to see Zed upright in the center of the ring and instinctively the Cajun charged at Zed.

But the veteran Paragon was expecting LaRue to do so, and when the bull rushing Davey met Zed he was promptly sent flying through the air himself courtesy of a back body drop…

That sent him landing back first on top of The Great Wall who was being held horizontal in the air as he struggled to stay in the match! Resembling a human cannonball, LaRue’s crash landing on top of the Great Wall not only prevented the Wall from being eliminated, it also sent Saunders and his two cohorts down to the mat as well! Getting to their feet, Saunders and Newbludd shared an exasperated look with each other from the unfortunate turn of events, while an angry Davies immediately started putting the boots to LaRue for messing things up.

Both Saunders and Newbludd took steps forward to aid LaRue, but Brock only made it a few feet before being blindsided and sent down to the mat in a heap courtesy of Zed’s ZNNHILATION flying knee! At the same moment, Saunders sent Davies flying off of LaRue with a well placed kick to the ribs that resulted in Davies landing on top of the still down Great Wall.

The two men who started this contest were now the only participants still upright. Though Spike was unaware of Zed’s presence behind him as he stared up at the timer on the big screen that was slowly counting down to zero.

Realizing that Saunders was unaware of his presence, the always opportunistic Zed took advantage of the situation by sliding on his knees behind the behemoth and before Spike could get spun around the Paragon threw an uppercut between Saunders legs to drop him to the mat with a cleanly struck low blow!

With Spike writhing on the ground in pain at his feet, Zed spread his arms in an arrogant gesture as the crowd counted down the arrival of entrant number eight.





“Digging Deep”' by Jakalope

Mitchell Quinlan would have to heed his entrance theme’s title if he wanted to outlast the rest of the pack and make a serious statement so early into his nbW tenure. He sprinted towards the squared circle, itching to get in there, only to having his slide intercepted by Zed, who’d deviated from being brash at Spike’s expense to address our latest guest.

Zed fired a couple of early shots and scooped Quinlan up, presumptuously believing he was going to register the quickest elimination of the night, though his hopes were not only scuppered when Mitchell used the back entrance…


Zed teetered

“Zed is the last letter of the alphabet, but he’s in danger of becoming just our second elimination…”

Mitchell picked Zed up via his legs and that did the trick…

“And there it is! What a start by Mitchell!”

Elimination: Zed

While The Paragon pondered what had gone on, Mitchell imitated Zed’s earlier pose before turning his attentions elsewhere.

Only to walk straight into THE WALL. Yes, he had risen from his slumber.

Quinlan took a step back, cautious though certainly not intimidated. Brock, from out of nowhere, tried to strike with another stunning Superkick, but TGW saw that coming, caught his stray leg and was about to pole-axe the returning Brock…

...Mitchell was about to get in on the action, but The Wall halted his progress with an enormous paw around the throat and had the pair tied up with one hamhock each.

With The Wall looking Quinlan not having extra eyes or Xiang around, his gaze fixed firmly on Mitchell, enabling Brock to clean the Chinese gargantuan out with a wicked Enzuigiri!

In fact, The Wall didn’t fall.

So, Quinlan hit him with a Basement Dropkick and still, the 7’2 skyscraper stood his ground.

But, behind him, like any typical skyline was a building that stood that little big higher…

Spike Saunders.

The kids didn’t shout ‘HE’S BEHIND YOU’ but The Wall must’ve sensed Spike’s presence, I imagine it isn’t easy to identify…


Talk about a redwood falling in the forest!


After a deafening cheer, Spike shrugged his shoulders and waved Mitchell in, who duly obliged. The obstacles weren’t getting any easier for the Canadian.

Meanwhile, Erick Davies wandered over towards Brock, whose rapid thinking meant that he took Davies down with a Drop Toehold and...OUCH!

Davies had landed on top of The Great Wall for the second time in the matter of moments - only this time, his head had connected with the state of California. I’ll leave that to your imagination.

And the Asian mammoth felt it. You could say it had awoken the sleeping giant following a BOOMbastic Headshot.

Davey LaRue SPLASHED Erick Davies and oxygen visibly vacated the madman’s anatomy upon impact.





It was time for number nine to show his or her face.

Who would it be?

“Pyscho” by Psyko Dalek

Melissa moaned: “OH,NO!”

By contrast, CG stood up: “OH, YES! YES!”

The divisive, love-hate figure of ‘Big’ Rick Strongbern stormed out to a chorus of boos. He’d been a prominent figure in London two years ago and the smart money was on the Napoleon-like character, win or lose, being talked about in bars and cars in this event’s aftermath. Sh, don’t tell Tockwell I said that.

“MAKE WAY MAGGOTS! HERE COMES THE BIGGEST MAN IN SINGAPORE!” Strongbern screamed into the camera as he stomped down the ramp towards the action.

Speaking of the action in the ring, Davies’ landing forehead first into The Great Wall’s grapefruits had not only awoken the sleeping giant, it sent him into a blind rage.

Getting back to his feet shockingly quick, TGW let out a deafening roar that shook the rafters, causing every man in the ring to take notice, and making Big Rick second guess entering said ring. Instead, the leader of Clan Strongbern stood by the ring apron, waiting to see how things would play out with the enraged Wall before joining the fray.

“Smart move by Big Rick, he’s surveying the field of battle before entering it, just like any great ring general would do.” Gaines chimed in as Strongbern stood with his hands on his hips.

Like a bull seeing red, The Great Wall charged at anyone who was in his path, first stepping on the downed Davies with all his weight to reach LaRue, who was just getting back up from the splash he just delivered, and absolutely leveling the man they call “Fat Tuesday” with a skull splitting overhead chop.

Next up was Brock, who leaped across the crumpled form of LaRue with the intention of staggering the TGW with a flying forearm and the Wall responded by catching the former Blitzkrieg champion in mid flight with a fist that landed squarely in between Newbludd’s eyes, causing him to nearly do a flip in midair before hitting the mat.

“That inadvertent low blow has sent The Great Wall into a frenzy! I don’t blame Strongbern for not wanting any part of it!” Mel exclaimed as the camera cut over to show Big Rick still standing at the bottom of the entrance ramp.

Seeing both LaRue and Newbludd be swatted like flies by the Wall, Quinlan decided to attack the giant from behind. Deftly sneaking around TGW, Mitchell bounced off the ropes before leaping onto the back of the Wall, in an attempt to slow down the berserker with a sleeper hold.

Wrapping his legs around TGW’s massive torso, Quinlan had the sleeper locked in perfectly and the Wall thrashed from side to side to try and shake Mitchell off of him, but Quinlan only latched on tighter in return.

Meanwhile outside the ring, Big Rick was now down on all fours and halfway under the ring, with the apron draped over his back.

“What is Strongbern doing? The fight’s in the ring, not under it!” Mel asked and C.G. was quick to stick up for one of his favorite NBW stars.

“Obviously whatever he is doing is part of his foolproof master plan, Mel! Don’t question the actions of the BIggest Man in Town!”

With TGW busy with Quinlan, the other giant in the ring, Spike Saunders, now saw his opportunity to unload on the Wall one more time and charged in…

Even with Quinlan stuck to him like a tick, The Great Wall caught a glimpse of Spike coming at him with a full head of steam, and he did the only thing he could think of to defend himself.

He spun around just as Spike unleashed with his sledgehammer of a fist, putting Mitchell directly in harm’s way…

BOOM! Headshot!

Except, Saunders’ fist didn’t hit a head, it hit a spine. Mitchell Quinlan’s spine.

The power punch made a loud smack as it smashed right in between Mitchell’s shoulder blades, causing Quinlan to yell out as he fell off the Great Wall to writhe on the mat in agony. Saunders looked down to Mitchell with equal parts shock and sympathy as he threw his arms up in innocence.

“Good god! Spike just realigned Quinlan’s spine with that shot!” Vanderart said while Gaines giggled at the turn of events.

Still, the force of Spike’s signature punch had caused TGW to stumble towards the ropes and he grabbed on to the top one to stop his momentum. With rage still filling his eyes, monstrous member of the Xiang Dynasty turned around to once again face Saunders mano-a-mano.

Looking up from the downed Quinlan, Spike narrowed his eyes and locked them in with The Great Wall’s, round two of clash of the titans was about to begin and the crowd was once again buzzing in anticipation.

Taking a step towards TGW, Spike suddenly stopped in his tracks as a look of surprise washed over his face, causing the Wall to give him a slightly confused look.

That confusion was quickly put to rest for TWG though, when suddenly a ring rope flashed in front of his eyes before tightening around his neck!

“Strongbern! Strongbern grabbed one of the extra ropes underneath the ring!” a startled Mel said and C.G. groaned.

“No Rick! No! Wrong giant!” he yelled out as a panicked Wall clawed at the thick rope around his neck.

The wily Big Rick had indeed drug one of the extra ring ropes out from underneath the ring, and when the time was right he quickly jumped up on the ring apron to throw it around TGW’s neck before leaping back down to the floor to start pulling on it, trying to drag him over the top rope and out of the match!

Knowing Strongbern’s mindset, it was highly doubtful that he was specifically targeting The Great Wall. It was more likely that he was just waiting for anyone in the ring to get close enough for him spring his trap on them.

Unfortunate for TGW, that just happened to be him and with Big Rick tugging on the rope with all of his considerable strength, he was in a bad spot as he fought for both freedom and air as he leaned backwards.

With Strongbern having lassoed the raging bull, Spike took advantage.

BOOM! Headshot!

The third time was the charm for Spike as he nailed TGW with another headshot! The blow in combination with Big Rick pulling on the rope with everything he had from the outside was too much for the Wall, leading him to tumble over the top rope and down to the floor, landing at the feet of a smiling Big Rick!

“The Wall is gone, thanks to the unlikely teamwork of Big Rick and Spike!” Mel said over the cheering crowd.

Elimination: The Great Wall


The Great Wall couldn’t believe it! Sitting up, the giant who only moments ago was dominating in the ring, pulled the ring rope off of him and threw it down next to him in disgust. Still sitting, TGW then looked around for the man who cost him his shot at glory, Big Rick Strongbern.

But unbeknownst to TGW, Big Rick was standing right behind him, and a second later, the little powerhouse let the Great Wall have it…


Strongbern leveled the sitting Great Wall from behind with his signature lariat in a blatantly cheap move that drew a showering of boos from the crowd! Officials finally arrived on the scene and ordered Strongbern to get in the ring. With the Wall taken care of, Strongbern obliged the zebras and rolled into the ring just as the tenth entrant was about to make his entrance.





“Talk Dirty To Me (HMMS Edit)” by Jason Derulo feat. 2 Chainz

Once again, Taylor Smith was THE PERFECT TEN. Forget Tye Dillinger. It transpired in Earl’s Court two summers ago and, once again, the Handsome Man Modeling School representative was getting his swag on as this duel entered double digits. Incidentally, back in 2015, he was following in the footsteps of the man of the match, number nine that night, Lucky Carter.

As Smith took his time getting down to the ring, making sure to get in his usual amount of poses and taunting to the crowd, Big Rick’s moment in the sun was suddenly eclipsed as he now stood toe to toe with Spike Saunders.

Meanwhile, the other men in the ring were getting back to their feet after getting run over by the enraged Great Wall. The first man to regain his senses was Erick Davies, which was ironic because he didn’t really have much sense to begin with. Either way, he was up and ready to attack the first person he saw.

Which just so happened to be Spike, though Saunders didn’t know that since his attention was focused on Big Rick, who for his credit wasn’t backing down from the Colossus.

It was looking like the self proclaimed “Biggest Man in Town” was about to put his name to the test against the biggest man in the ring when suddenly he found himself on the mat courtesy of a spear from Newbludd!

Brock immediately followed up the spear by rising up to hammer Big Rick with alternating fists and it was obvious that there was no love lost between the two rivals.

Finally getting into the ring, Taylor carefully surveyed the scene to pick his target, quickly settling on Quinlan who was heading towards Davies.

Rushing in, Smith sent Quinlan down to the ground courtesy of a running dropkick into the side of Mitchell’s knee and followed up the opportunistic attack with a flurry of kicks that connected with Quinlan’s ribs.

The last man to get back up, Davey LaRue spotted Davies creeping towards Spike and grabbed the lunatic’s arm, whipping him into the ropes. On Erick’s rebound LaRue wound up and unloaded with a big time forearm, but hit only air as Davies ducked underneath it at the last second.

Shrugging his shoulders and not looking to disappointed by not getting the chance to squash the annoying Strongbern, Spike turned around to see Erick Davies flying at him in an attempted cross body!

Surprised, Spike instinctively raised his arms up and caught Davies like he was a child! With Erick wriggling around in his massive arms, Spike jerked Davies upwards into a military press and heaved him across the ring…

To crash into the back of an unsuspecting Davey!

The full force of the flying Davies hit ‘Fat Tuesday’ squarely in the back, causing Davey to stumble forward into the ropes and before LaRue knew what was even happening he found himself flipping over them to land onto the floor!

Wide eyed, Spike could only put his hands on his head and watch in disbelief at the inadvertent elimination of his friend Davey.

Elimination: Davey LaRue

While Saunders visibly demonstrated remorse, LaRue shocked in a drunk-like haze at the turn of events, our commentators reminded the audience at home that there were no real friends in a match like this, try telling Saunders that now, and surely number 11 was only thinking about his benefit as the buzzer sounded to signal another entrant.

“Warrior" by Disturbed

Vic Gravender!

A former World champion and arguably the biggest hitter of any registered athlete in No Brand, his partnership with Tyson XL was exemplary of this being everyone out for what they can get. If push came to shove, would it stop The Unstoppables from turning on each other to regain the World crown?


Davies had capitalised on Spike’s distraction. As Vic took to the ring, Saunders repeatedly apologised to LaRue, who was still too shocked to speak. Before Spike could get an acceptance, Davies kicked ‘Da Dragon’ repeatedly to the knee, dragged the giant’s leg over the rope, punting it on a pair of occasions and muttering something about peanut butter in the process.

Who would test Vic Gravender first?

Out of all the bangers in the battlefield, step forward…

Taylor Smith.

Right hand, right hand, right hand.

No. Effect. Whatsoever.

Therefore, Taylor took flight, rebounding off the ropes at the top of the squared circle, launching himself like a manchild into the waiting arms of Gravender…

Another flight for Smith!

“AWESOME POWER!” yelped Melissa as Vic flung Smith up and over the top rope with a phenomenal Fallaway Slam, a la Vader to Flash Funk at the 1997 Royal Rumble. No, I’m not professing to be original.

Elimination: Taylor Smith

There was a queue of people waiting to have a pop at Vic: Quinlan’s Dropkick was beautifully delivered, but blocked and when he rushed to his feet rather than delay his stay on the ground, Vic put him back there emphatically with a hell of a heabutt that may’ve rattled Mitchell’s gnashers.

Davies stopped stomping Spike to foolish try and slam Gravender and only proceeded to strain his back instead. Newbludd pushed Davies over, much to the amusement of some audience members, as he got to the front of the line and rocked Gravender with a right hand that Vic shook off like an insect bugging a big cat.

Like Taylor Smith before him, Brock was about to return with interest, but Davies desperately grabbed Brock’s legs. Newbludd pounded Erick with Axe Handles to the point of the spine, only to turn around and eat a Throat Thrust from one half of our tag team champions.

To his credit, Newbludd, coughing and spluttering, stayed on his feet.

Short Arm Clothesline!

Would Big Rick have a go at Vic?

Oh wait.

Spike Saunders suddenly propelled himself out of the corner, a la Jake Roberts and Strongbern made himself scarce, seeking out Brock Newbludd instead.

Finding Brock lying on his back and staring up at the lights after Vic’s brutal clothesline, the chief of tribe Strongbern kicked Brock’s legs apart so that they were spread wide. Satisfied with the lane he had created, Big Rick then took two steps back and charged ahead to deliver a running kick straight to Newbludd’s balls!

Spreading his arms wide and smiling even wider, Strongbern soaked in the boos his ultra cheap shot had garnered, reveling in the moment.

Though, he was also standing right in between Vic and Spike, two men who didn’t take too kindly to Strongbern’s nut-crushing ways and expressed their dissatisfaction with him by simultaneously punching him on each side of his head.

As expected after getting his brain squished by a couple of giants, Big Rick went limp and face planted into the mat. With that taken care of, Spike stepped over Strongbern to stand toe to toe with Vic.

They may have been almost a foot apart in height and over a hundred pounds in weight, the former favouring Spike and the latter tipping the scales towards Vic, but what nobody could deny was these two were SUPER heavyweights and that’s why there was a sense of anticipation as they came together.

What was about to occur?

Hold that thought!

“Woah! Johannes Antonious de Castonovo is making his way down to the ring, apparently he couldn’t wait for his turn! I’m not even sure if that’s legal C.G.?” Vanderart asked her broadcast partner as JAC sprinted towards the ring.

“Not sure, Mel! But, Joeanus Antanus de Casterholo...Castrolnavel...Castonopolous...erm...JAC looks ready to fight!”

Our number 12 entrant had jumped the gun. Just as the clock started ticking at 10 JAC ran out eager to get himself some.

What he got was a double headbutt from Vic and Spike!

And with that, they lifted the formidable fighter up and tossed him out as rapidly as he had come in!

Elimination: JAC

JAC’s entrance would’ve lasted longer if he had let it play out and rather than gaining any edge whatsoever, he disturbed a couple of grizzly bears and grizzled veterans who weren’t going to take any shit. Instead, they hoyed the trash out and now, finally, they were going to trade leather.


The sound and sight of Saunders and Gravender going to and fro was awesome. And, in spite of freshness and weight on his side, Spike confounded that to take over and fire in three unanswered bombs that would floor mere mortals, but sent Vic back towards the corner instead. Spike piled on the pressure with a Boot Choke.

Speaking of piling on…

Davies Piggybacked Saunders…

Electric Chair Drop!

When the biggest man in the business stood up again, he ate a MASSIVE right from Gravender that ROCKED him.

Vic was about to follow up his handiwork, but Saunders suddenly fought back showing he was still live.

My Goodness! While those two titans were stumbling around, Big Rick Strongbern was setting Spike Saunders up for his patented Spinal Trauma! Spike was about to go for a RIDE..

Until Rick bit to a tap on the shoulder and had his clock cleaned with SUPERKICK by Newbludd! The fall he took was one of beauty and the crowd LOVED it.

Then, picture-perfect, Quinlan and Newbludd Double Dropkicked Double S and repeated the feat on Gravender, who was suddenly teetering on the brink of elimination! The pair pounced, lifting a tree trunk each, to rid 25 to Life of one of it’s hottest favourites. They would do that to the backdrop of a counting crowd, waiting to find out who the proverbial unlucky 13 was.





And it was unfortunate for Mitchell and Brock on two counts.

Gravender was going, but he wouldn’t go. The next participant was...

“A Warrior’s Call” by Volbeat

Tyson XL!

The makeshift team of Newbludd and Quinlan had missed the window of opportunity as Tyson darted out there to help save his tag partner, but the momentary distraction his entrance had caused Brock and Mitchell was all Vic needed.

Pulling one of his lifted leg back, Vic drew a wide-eyed Brock closer before thrusting it forward to send Brock flying off of him back to the center of the ring, and right into the waiting arms of the just arriving Tyson XL who proceeded to plant Brock with a belly to belly suplex.

“Look at that timing between the tag champs!” Mel said in acknowledgement of Vic and Tyson’s teamwork, but C.G. wasn’t as convinced.

“I’d say Vic just got lucky, if any other man would have been number thirteen, Gravender would have been done for.”

Now with one foot firmly planted back on the mat, Vic grabbed Mitchell by the back of the neck and sent him staggering backwards towards Tyson with a headbutt. Mr. XL was quick to finish Quinlan as well by folding him up with a back suplex.

Getting back to his feet, Tyson bumped fists with his tag partner and the crowd was once again buzzing as the two men known simply as The Unstoppables now stood in the middle of the ring, ready to take on anyone who crossed their path.

That was if anyone was brave or stupid enough to.

Let’s start with the latter first, that being Erick Davies, who charged at the two men with no fear held in his wild eyes and leaped at them like a panther with it’s claws out.

Only to be caught by the two and driven into the mat with a double chokeslam!

Big Rick, who had been lurking in the corner directly behind Tyson, took a step forward to try and get a cheap shot in but Gravender caught sight of the tip toeing Strongbern and swatted him like a fly. Tumbling to the mat, Strongbern rolled underneath the ropes and landed onto the floor.

Rising to a sitting position, Big Rick held his jaw and glared up at The Unstoppables, though he didn’t dive right back into the ring, not wanting to make the same mistake twice.

Having effectively taken down, but not eliminated, four formidable opponents in the span of less than a minute Tyson and Vic were living up to their namesake, but would that change when the next man in line stepped in front of them?

Well, possibly...because the next man up just so happened to be someone who thus far in the match had looked unstoppable himself, ‘The Colossus’ Spike Saunders.

“I don’t think The Unstoppables are going to easily man handle Spike like they did the rest of the entrants, C.G.” Mel said as Spike rolled his neck in an intimidating fashion.

“Maybe not Mel, but Saunders has been in there a long time, and you have to believe no matter how tough he looks on the outside, he’s gotta be tired on the inside.” C.G. answered, and he made a good point, Spike had been in there the longest of any man in the match, thus far.

Despite that fact, Spike looked fresh as a daisy as he stood across the ring from The Unstoppables. Even if he was fatigued, the big man knew what he was up against and the adrenaline rush that came with it subdued any weariness. Flashing a quick grin to both men, who on any other day Saunders would have considered allies, Spike rushed in towards them!

“Look at Spike, showing no fear and taking the fight right to The Unstoppables!” Mel exclaimed over the roar of the crowd.

Given who he was and his career resume, the fearlessness that Saunders was showing as he raced towards them shouldn’t have surprised Tyson and Vic, but nevertheless both men were caught off guard by the Colossus’ boldness.

Tyson XL stepped to the head of the line to take on the charging Spike, but was greeted with a shoulder charge that sent him down to the mat! Getting up quickly, and looking more than a little pissed, Tyson was able to catch the tail end of Saunders doing the same to Vic!

Spike had just literally ran over both of The Unstoppables, causing the crowd to show their appreciation for the face of NBW.


Raising a fist to the crowd, Saunders turned around to face off with The Unstoppables one more time, when suddenly Big Rick came flying off of the top rope to hit him with a blindside, top rope, STRONG ARM LARIAT!

Hitting his signature move, from the top rope none the less, a giddy Strongbern watched as Spike staggered backwards towards the ropes, and an equally as excited C.G. couldn’t contain himself.

“Yes! What a move by Strongbern! Finish him off now! Get Spike outta here!” Knowing that it was every man for himself, and that they probably would not get a better chance at eliminating Spike, Vic and Tyson both rushed in and sent Saunders flying over the top rope with a double clothesline!

Elimination: Spike Saunders

Tumbling to the floor, Spike immediately jumped up to his feet and slapped the ring apron in frustration. The Unstoppables both unapologetically shrugged their shoulders at Saunders, causing Spike to grow a knowing smile and shake his head at the two.

“Spike Saunders is eliminated, by two men whom he partnered with on the last Slam! That has got to be the biggest elimination so far, and yes C.G. I will give credit where credit is due...that was one heck of an assist from Big Rick there.” Mel said with a sigh to her broadcast partner, who was just eating up the Strongbern praise.

“You damn right Mel, 2017 is the year of the Strongbern!” C.G. proudly replied just as the crowd began to countdown the next entrant.

Picking his chin up like the man he was, Saunders turned around and began the long walk to the back. Walking up the ramp, the Colossus received a standing ovation from the crowd for the effort he had just displayed.

Meanwhile, in the ring, the action was picking back up as Tyson and Vic were now dealing with the three men who they had easily laid out before taking out Spike.

A double dropkick from Newbludd and Quinlan sent Tyson into a corner, while Vic had his hands full with Erick Davies and Big Rick. Gravender quickly found himself in the corner opposite of his partner as the two lunatics worked him over with wild strikes.

With Gravender secured in the corner and Davies hammering away with wild forearms, the wily Strongbern left his temporary ally to do his work and made a beeline towards the opposite corner where Brock was working on Tyson with Quinlan.

Looking to get a freebie in on Newbludd, Rick raised his arms up to hammer Newbludd across the back with a double axe handle, but Brock caught sight of the incoming attack and staggered Strongbern with a back elbow.

The elbow hit Rick right in the bridge of the nose and now he stumbled backwards back towards the middle of the ring. Seeing his first and oldest rival in NBW wide open for a follow up attack, Brock quickly followed, and sent Strongbern down to the mat with a snap suplex just as the crowd finished their countdown.





‘Missing Link’ by Del tha Funkee Homosapien and Dinosaur Jr

“That’s Jonny Bedlam’s music! Jonny Bedlam is back!” a surprised Mel said and C.G. sounded genuinely happy to hear the news.

“Alright! I love this guy’s tailgate parties, he wasn’t too bad! Even though he was buddies with Newbludd the last time we saw him, but nobody’s perfect!” he said as the Paddy Wagon Party Animal received a nice ovation while he ran across the bridge.

Stopping at the bottom of the ramp, Bedlam snatched a full cup of beer out of a fan’s hand in the front row and held it up high to cheers the rest of the sold out crowd before downing the entire glass like a champ.

“Looks like Jonny needs to fuel up before he enters the fray!” Mel said and C.G. chuckled.

“That’s an easy way to catch something Mel, especially here in Singapore.”

Wiping the foam from his mouth, Bedlam handed the stunned fan back his empty glass and slapped him on the back before sliding underneath the ropes to join the fight.

With Big Rick tangled up with Newbludd, Erick Davies was on his own against Vic Gravender in the corner, and for that matter Quinlan was left by his lonesome to take on Tyson XL in the opposite corner. But, while Mitchell was using his expert striking ability to keep his Unstoppable pinned in the corner, Davies was attacking like the wildman he truly was, utilizing punches, kicks, scratches, bites, slaps, chops, and headbutts to try and wear down Gravender.

It wasn’t working. In fact, it looked like Davies unconventional offense was only making the already angry Gravender even madder.

As he tried to get his bearings against the chaos that was Erick Davies, the tag champ managed to block the majority of the erratic strikes. Then a loud SLAP was heard as he took the full brunt of a wild backhanded slap right across his face, causing him to instantly let out a hellacious roar that caused every man in the ring to turn and look.

“What balls Davies has! He just bitch slapped Vic Gravender!” C.G. yelped, though Mel didn’t see it exactly the same.

“More like a lack of brains, if you ask me Gaines.”

Face beet red, Gravender parried two quick strikes from Davies before grabbing him around the neck with his two massive hands and tossing halfway across the ring….

...and right into the path of a picture perfect butterfly kick from Jonny Bedlam!

Hitting Davies in mid-air with his signature kick, the Bethlem Royal Hospital, Bedlam then followed that up by grabbing the woozy Erick and tossing him over the top rope!

Eliminated: ‘Deadly’ Erick Davies

Leaning over the ropes, Bedlam talked trash down to Davies which nearly led him to being eliminated from Gravender from behind! Still fresh and with his wits about him, Bedlam was able to avoid danger and hang on to the ropes to stay alive. Rolling underneath the bottom rope he was greeted with a big knee from Gravender.

Newbludd and Strongbern were still in their own world, going at each other with the reckless abandon that was reminiscent of their Blitzcage battle at the most recent Eternal Judgement.

Ducking a fist that was aimed at his head, Brock was able to push Strongbern up against the ropes and deliver a series of quick knife edge chops to Rick before grabbing his arm and sending him for the ride towards the opposite corner…

...where Quinlan and Tyson XL happened to be.

Seeing that Newbludd had whipped Strongbern towards himself and Tyson XL, the quick thinking Quinlan rolled out of the way to give Tyson a wide opening to the incoming Strongbern.

Finally freed from the corner after spending the last minute fending off Quinlan’s fast feet, an aggravated Tyson shot of it towards the incoming Big Rick…

Running XL Bomb!

Tyson nearly sunk the Float with that powerbomb!

With Big Rick now roadkill in the middle of the mat, the two Unstoppables each took a corner, while Quinlan and Newbludd did the same. Stuck in the middle without a turnbuckle was Bedlam, who opted to drop an elbow onto Strongbern’s limp body for good measure and the other four men nodded their heads in approval.

Obviously Big Rick was the least favorite amongst his peers in the ring.

Each man eyed the other warily as they took a moment to catch their breath, but that moment was fleeting as the crowd started up once again and they all turned their attention to the stage…





"Swear it to the Sun" by Voodoo Johnson

“Oh yeah, time to snap some arms!” C.G. announced with gusto and boos quickly filled the night air as the man known as the ‘Armbreaker’, Al Envy confidently strode down the walkway.

“How can you condone what Envy did to Ai Tso, C.G.?”, a dejected Vanderart asked. “If it wasn’t for Envy’s sick fascination with breaking his opponent's arms, Ai might be in this match right now!”

“Yeah right Mel, you really think a loser like Ai Tso would have made the cut for this match?”

With Envy taking his time and stopping to talk trash to fans as he made his way down the long ramp, break time quickly ended in the ring.

Bedlam was an easy target being in the middle of the ring, and Tyson XL was the first to come out of his corner to take a shot at him. Though, Quinlan had other plans for Tyson and cut off the big man by planting him into the mat with a Tornado DDT!

A snarling Gravender started to make his way over to help out his tag partner, but was stalled as a groggy Big Rick reached up to grab ahold of his boot!

“Rick’s alive! Thank heavens!” a relieved Gaines cried out.

Barely alive would have been a closer description. With a hazy look held in his eyes, Big Rick held Vic’s boot with an iron grip and met the big man’s annoyed look with a defiantly crooked grin.

“You do gotta hand it to Strongbern, he’s tougher than a two dollar steak, no doubt about it.” Mel said as Gravender tried to get rid of Strongbern like a mailman trying to shake off a dog.

Done playing games with the feisty, musclebound, runt, Vic finally removed him by dropping down to one knee and driving the point of his elbow right into the side of Strongbern’s head. Instantly Rick let go and went back to lying face down on the mat. Shaking his head at the annoyance, Vic stood back up, ready to go help Tyson out with his Quinlan problem when suddenly he found himself falling backwards to the mat courtesy of a missile dropkick from Jonny Bedlam!

“On purpose or not, Big Rick bought Bedlam some time and Jonny took advantage of it by sending Vic down to the mat with a well placed missile dropkick! Believe it or not, both of The Unstoppables are down!” Mel said and C.G. was quick to point out something else out.

“Wait a second? What the hell is Newbludd doing?”

Newbludd was surprisingly absent from the flurry of action that was currently happening, instead keeping his eyes locked on the slow going Al Envy. Watching Envy take his time coming down, Brock’s face got redder the closer Al got, until finally Newbludd dropped down and rolled underneath the bottom rope.

“He’s going for Envy! My guess is to exact a little revenge on behalf of Ai Tso, and Davey!” Vanderart surmised and C.G. laughed in return.

“He’s going to try Mel! Al’s going to put Brock back on the shelf, right next to his buddy Ai!”

Either way, Brock wanted a piece of Envy, and he was going to get it. Pushing aside the group of referees who ordered him to get back in the ring, Newbludd called out to Envy and the Armbreaker stopped in the middle of the ring and gave the former Blitzkrieg champion a smug smile.

Envy’s arrogance was enough to set Newbludd off, and he charged at Envy!

With the element of surprise no longer on his side, Brock blindly ducked down in an attempt to spear Al, but Envy was expecting it and was able to sidestep Newbludd at the last second while also giving Newbludd a little boost that sent him flying over the barricade and into the crowd!

“I told you Mel! Haha!” Gaines boasted.

Luckily, Newbludd avoided crash landing into any fans, but still from Al’s (and the camera’s) perspective it looked to be a rough fall regardless. Spreading his arms wide, Envy reveled in the jeers he was receiving before walking over to the barricade and leaning over to grab Brock by the head to pick him up back to a standing position.

Giving groggy Brock a eye poke just for the hell of it, Al then grabbed one of Newbludd’s arms and quickly signaled to the crowd.

“You know what that means Mel, arm-breaking time! Do it Al!” Gaines yelled out.

“Envy is looking to apply that armbar with Brock’s arm draped over the barricade! Dammit, somebody stop this!” Vanderart protested, but Gaines didn’t even hear her.

“DO IT!”

With a twisted grin Al positioned Brock’s arm and readied himself to apply his deadly maneuver when suddenly Newbludd’s head shot up and he used his free hand to return Al’s eye poke with one of his own!

Crying out and grabbing his eye, Al let go of Newbludd’s arm and backed away a few feet from him. Rubbing his own gouged eye vigorously for a brief moment, Brock then hopped up onto top of the barricade and steadied himself before leaping off and hitting Envy with a flying knee that sent Al sprawling onto the ramp!

“Newbludd escaped danger and sent Envy down to the cold steel in the process!” Vanderart exclaimed over the cheering crowd.

“Dammit!” was all C.G. could muster up in return.

Rolling through the landing to bounce off of the opposite side barrier, Newbludd scrambled to his feet and took a step towards the downed Envy but was cut off by the NBW officials who swarmed him and ordered him back into the ring or risk disqualification.

Throwing his hands up in surrender, Brock begrudgingly turned around and rolled back into the ring, while Envy was now sitting up on the bottom of the ramp, trying to shake the cobwebs out of his head.

Suddenly the jumbotron flashed on to show the countdown clock was at 20 seconds.

“Al better get back in the ring as well, the next entrant’s about to be called,” Mel said as Envy looked up to the clock and scrambled to his feet.

“Get back in the ring?” C.G. jokingly asked. “He hasn’t even entered the match yet!”

No doubt pissed about Newbludd cutting off his entrance and the ensuing brawl, a sneering Envy bolted down to the ring and slid underneath the ropes. Popping up on his feet, Al scanned the ring for Brock, and quickly found him with his back turned to Envy as he battled Big Rick in a corner.

In the opposite corner Quinlan was wrapped around the ropes like a cat, as Gravender and Tyson tried to pry him off and eliminate him.

Immediately Envy headed for Brock and Big Rick’s corner but only made it a step before getting pounced on by Jonny Bedlam, who snatched him up into a headlock. That hold didn’t last long though as Envy deftly escaped out of it and ducked a right hook from a surprised Bedlam before sending a boot into his attacker’s gut.

Grabbing Bedlam and lifting him up, Envy wasted no time in spiking Jonny into the mat with his signature Gotch Piledriver the ENVIOUS DEMISE!

Standing back up, Envy decided that Newbludd could wait, opting to take his frustration out on Jonny instead and picked him back up to plant him back down with a DDT.





‘Bright Lights Bigger City’ by CeeLo Green

No limo tonight. The chauffeur must’ve been given the night off. A slow walk full of swagger and attitude indicated that Victor Ingram Price hadn’t changed that much overnight.

In fact, he took some time out to threaten a fan who dared to pat Price on the arm, ‘marking’ the costly robe Ingram adorned. Was he saving energy? Or was he shitting a few bricks that he’d have to head into a squared circle containing BOTH of The Unstoppables? His upcoming entrance hadn’t gone unnoticed as Tyson turned while Gravender tried to rid the ring of Mitchell Quinlan.

XL approached the apron, waving Price in. However, Tyson wobbled as Al Envy bravely and gamely attempted to haul the heavy load of the ex-ACW titleholder over the top rope.

Not only that, the Biggest Man in Town joined in. Meanwhile, Price cut a smug spectator, allowing the minions to fight amongst themselves before he graced us with his presence.

Gravender interrupted the gathering, pulling Envy and Strongbern together, causing them to clash heads Quinlan then got a semblance of revenge on The Unstoppables by scoring with assertive Muay Thai Clinches on Vic before turning his attentions to Tyson, seeking a Devil’s Lock DDT.

All of a sudden, Gravender regained his bearings and SMACKED Mitchell with a brutal Battering Ram - a no-nonsense Headbutt the bald behemoth had perfected.

Gravender shook the cobwebs loose, using his noggin as a lethal weapon could take its toll too, and was oblivious in spite of the audience’s cries to the eventual arrival of his namesake…


The A-Lister had entered in style, laying Gravender out with a fantastic Flatliner and ever so surprisingly, Prie was chuffed with his achievement until he wandered into Tyson XL, who instructed Ingram to run the ropes.

A rare occurrence, Victor did what he was told and fell hook, line and sinker…

XL BOMB! (Pop-Up Powerbomb)

Out of nowhere, Newbludd took Tyson down with a gorgeous Hurricanrana and as he stood up, he didn’t anticipate a BIG Clothesline by BIG Rick!


Amazingly, the leader of Clan Strongbern was the only man standing right now; further fuel to feed the expanding ego.

When Tyson XL started to stir, Big Rick took off...only to get caught with a Snap Powerslam. Tyson stayed on top of Strongbern and whipped Rick into the corner as our crowd counted along for the forthcoming participant’s entrance.


Tyson aided Vic Gravender up in the meantime and the 481-pound powerhouse cheered the crowd up with a devastating BULLDOZER in the corner to the hapless Strongbern. That should shut him up for a wee while.





“Hallelujah" Panic! At The Disco

The flurry of finishers and string of signatures was interrupted by our newcomer, Teddy Palmer. What a way to make your bow in nbW!

Bedlam, who had been silent in the previous exchange, perked up and reigned in a couple of punches on Envy, whipping Al to the corner, only for Envy to reverse it.

Palmer entered the swelling cast to be met by Mitchell Quinlan, who greeted the debutant with hostility and Inside Kicks, before aptly topping that off with a fantastic Roundhouse Kick upstairs, staggering Palmer backwards.

Back with Envy and Bedlam, the latter turned the tide on the aforementioned Irish Whip with his crowd-pleasing ‘WTF? I’m a Mack Truck!’ side kick!

Quinlan set Palmer up with a Fireman’s Carry, only for Palmer to sneak out of the back door. Teddy’s subsequent Superkick was dodged though, both men, who were familiar with one another, anticipating the other’s actions.

Looks like we spoke too soon! Palmer returned to the well, connecting with a second Superkick that sent Quinlan up, over and OUT!

ELIMINATION: Mitchell Quinlan

VIP was smacked by a regular Headbutt by Tyson XL, though that’s not really average at all, while Newbludd and Big Rick resumed hostilities via a Collar and Elbow, which Strongbern was set to win when the returning Brock turned Rick round and let the ‘Giant Midget’ have it with two heavy Knife Edge Chops and a Hiptoss out of the corner.

Trying to get back at Brock, Rick stormed at Newbludd. It was unwise and ill-advised, Brock stopping Rick in his tracks with a Reverse Elbow and putting him out to pasture with a gorgeous German Suplex.

Tyson XL had tied VIP up in a Bearhug. On the far side of the ring, Teddy Palmer’s Crossbody was intercepted by Gravender, who then promptly planted Palmer with a Powerslam.

Price released Tyson’s grip with an old-fashioned Bell Clap, something he probably picked up from his partner, El Principe, but justice was about to be served as Gravender slapped a Full Nelson on Price, marching the spoonfed upstart into the corner and rubbing Ingram’s face into the turnbuckle with the Face Paver!





Talk about perfect timing for El Principe!

As Principe made his way to the ring, it was one in out when the camera captured Bedlam darting towards Envy, who held the top rope down, not only to avoid contact, but essentially cost Johnny his place in this competition as Bedlam went careering out of the squared circle and onto the arena floor.


Principe took a bow upon entering.

Punch by Palmer!

Whoah, wait a minute!

Going, going…



And, now it’s time for the Crown Prince of Lucha Libre to take another bow, now he’s on his feet - he’d been the victim of what must be the swiftest elimination this evening.

He argued and pleaded with the officials, who couldn’t understand his lightning-like and hysterical Spanish ramblings. What they did comprehend, however, was his two feet had touched the floor after being lifted out of the ring by that power-packed uppercut yielded by Teddy. Make it a pair for Palmer!

Price, still dazed, parted the sea to speak to officials, using the second rope as a springboard to lean on.

Big Rick went for a swing and a miss as the red-hot Palmer, who shut Strongbern down (and up) with a boot to the midsection and a Snap DDT.

With one arm each, The Unstoppables ended the conversation between Price and the officials concerning Principe’s involvement AND Ingram’s chances of going any further in 25 to Life, gaining some semblance of revenge, hoisting VIP out and making it a purple patch for proceedings with three eliminations in under 100 seconds.


To add insult to heartache, Tyson XL and Vic Gravender waved Principe and Price off, prompting thousands of spectators to follow suit as A-List wandered off into the singles wilderness, miles away from headlining Legacy, but they’d still be there in a title-based bout by the looks of it and they could console themselves with that thought, not to mention money in the bank.

Ironically, Al Envy, the self-proclaimed Armbreaker, was expertly taken down by two amazingly-administered Steamboat-esque Armdrags by none other than Brock Newbludd. Envy even acknowledged this with a wry smile and a nod of the head, circling Newbludd to spare his blushes and not suffer a similarly embarrassing fate again. Rather than take the gesture as a compliment, Brock remained focused.

“You don’t see armdrags like that everyday, C.G.,” Mel said. “You gotta hand it to Brock, he’s looking crisp in there on his first night back.”

“Armdrags are for sissies!” C.G. shot back. “Al’s a real man, he breaks arms!”

One person who didn’t, however, was ‘Big’ Rick Strongbern. Why, oh why, he tried to pick Vic Gravender up ONCE was open for debate. Don’t ask why he tried it TWICE, and even THRICE, because the World Class Badass wasn’t budging.

Meanwhile, our cameras just managed to catch Vic’s partner, Tyson XL, crushing Teddy Palmer with a big-time Belly-to-Belly Suplex.

Thereafter, Gravender subscribed his own Scoop Slam to Strongbern. The Unstoppables had lived up to their billing in this bout thus far. How far could they go?

XL added to Rick’s woes with a punishing, hanging Elbow Drop and the most dominant double act in nbW history stood tall as we welcomed our next participant…





“Last Man Standing” by Black Water Rising


What a wonderful (and deserved) reception for a returning hero and a surprise participant in 25 to Life.

Two years ago at this very event in England, albeit under a different guise, this man finally captured the World title before relinquishing it shortly after. A changed man to say the least, Judasbleek’s destructive run subsided and made way for a far more mellow Mr. Martinez, who we last saw at Legacy in an excellent opener against fellow 2016 Hall of Fame inductee, Max Hopper.

Brock had Envy in move 8, ARMBAR, and was intent on doing damage. Nevertheless, Strongbern cut Newbludd off with a Double Axe-Handle. Seemingly, Strongbern is everywhere, loitering around like a bad smell and he was enjoying a fine stay in 25 to Life up to this point. He couldn’t go on and win it, could he? Imagine!

As Martinez was about to enter the fray, The Unstoppables showed a major touch of class before holding the ropes open for a guy who had to step away from the squared circle when he was in his prime. Travis was a bit taken aback by the token, reluctantly taking the men’s men up on their offer, as they tipped their proverbial hats to a fellow powerhouse. Warriors respect warriors.

Travis NUTTED ‘Big’ Rick to get into the groove, as good a place to start as any, and one that yielded a favourable response. Newbludd was in Martinez’s line of fire and copped a right hand, which wasn’t greeted with quite the same gusto, but it is everyone for themselves in this unforgiving environment.

Al Envy had his hand cocked, only to rethink when Martinez urged the opportunist to follow up on his threat.

Instead, Envy backed off and up into a corner. Tyson XL’s wayward Lariat on Palmer was promptly punished by a magnificent Pele Kick. Gravender exacted revenge on his fallen partner’s behalf with a wonderful Exploder, Vic does love a Suplex, as Palmer was climbing back up.

Al really didn’t want any part of Martinez and stuck his head between the top and middle ropes, akin to an ostrich, a trick that would normally cause an official to intervene. Only there weren’t any rules here.

Rick turned Travis around, capitalising once again, but his subsequent right hook had no effect. The hard knee that came the other way did, forcing Strongbern to keel over. Martinez showed he hadn’t lost any of his notorious power, elevating Rick into the air with a Gorilla Press and disregarding him like a one night stand in the form of the subsequent Slam.





One by one, each section of The Float’s grandstands went dark. It was almost as if someone, or something, had tampered with the lights. “I… Want… To… Believe!” the radio voices announced. Then the sound system roared to life with a familiar geek punk classic.

“U.F.O.” by Boris the Sprinkler.

“Here comes the NEW Keystone Champion, and if anyone has momentum on their side tonight, it’s got to be Max!” an excited Mel said just as the remaining lights in the stadium flickered out.

“Hopper cut out the lights again! How does he do that!?” Gaines replied as the camera zoomed out to show that the entire stadium was only illuminated by the moonlight.

Expectantly, the fans looked toward the stage’s sliding double doors, anticipating the arrival of the new Keystone Champion, Max Hopper. However, their attention was soon directed back to the ring by a bright, white light that shone down over the competitors. Brock Newbludd, Teddy Palmer, Vic Gravender, Tyson XL, Al Envy, and Big Rick Strongbern all gazed up, shielding their eyes from the light, with confusion on their faces.

“What in god’s name!?” An equally confused Gaines cried out as the crowd roared in the background

Travis Martinez, through his many battles with the man, almost smirked as he knew exactly whom to expect.

In what resembled a scene from Fire in the Sky, Max Hopper slowly descended to the ring in the middle of the bright, white light. Once his feet had touched down, the arena went dark again for just a few seconds before the lights had returned to normal.

Now that’s an entrance!” Vanderart said as a smiling Hopper stood proudly with his newly won Keystone Championship strapped around his waist and his hands on his hips, dead center in the middle of the ring.

The new champion’s elaborate entrance had certainly entertained the crowd, but it had also hit the reset button for the action in the ring, allowing those who were down on the mat or on the wrong end of a beatdown enough time to recover as their aggressors attention turned skyward.

That being said, Max’s smile quickly vanished, quickly realizing he was surrounded by six men who would have no issue with handing him a quick exit from the match, no matter if they were a friend or foe. Unstrapping his belt and tossing it over the ropes to one of the referee’s stationed at ringside, Max put his hands up and spread his feet into a defensive stance. A brief moment of serene calm occurred as Max slowly spun in a circle to eye up each man, attempting to decipher which one would attack first. Though, there was always the chance that all six would simultaneously charge in at the freshest man in the ring as well.

With Max’s back turned to him, the most impatient and angriest man in the ring, Big Rick Strongbern, looked to get the jump on Max and bounced off the ropes to charge in.

“Of course the bravest man in the ring would make the first move! Big Rick isn’t intimidated one bit by Hopper’s sci-fi lightshow!” Gaines proclaimed as the agile Hopper turned around to see Strongbern racing in with his arm raised…

STRONG ARM LARIA-NO! Max ducked it ‘Matrix’ style, bending backwards with incredible flexibility!

Missing the paranormal investigator, Big Rick tried to hit the brakes as he propelled forward but his momentum was too great and he found himself stumbling towards the last person in the ring he probably wanted to be off balance in front of.

Brock Newbludd.

Standing close to the ropes, Newbludd acted fast and scooped Strongbern up in his arms to set Rick on his shoulder before spinning around in an attempt to eliminate the leader of Clan Strongbern. But, Big Rick sensed his impending doom and started kicking his legs and wriggling with all his might to escape.

Meanwhile, the action picked back up elsewhere as Envy, Palmer and Martinez formed a makeshift alliance to do battle with The Unstoppables. Trading shots in one corner was Vic and Martinez who were going at each other with reckless abandon while in the other corner Tyson was fending off the duo of Al and Teddy.

Near the ropes towards the middle of the ring, Brock was struggling to keep the feisty Big Rick on his shoulder. Realizing that he was losing the battle, Brock ditched the elimination plan and changed his grip before quickly dropping Strongbern off his shoulder with a Snake Eyes that saw Rick’s neck land right across the top rope!

Grasping at his neck as he coughed, Strongbern stumbled back towards the middle of the ring right back towards his original target, Max Hopper who leapt up into the air…


“NO!” C.G. yelped.

Modifying his trademark hurricanrana, Hopper didn’t send Rick down to the mat. Instead, he sent him flying towards the ropes and Strongbern couldn’t react fast enough when he reached them, leading him to tumble over the top of them to land on the outside!

“YES!” Vanderart said as the audience exploded in cheers at the elimination of the hated Strongbern.

ELIMINATION: Big Rick Strongbern

Quickly, and wisely, a squadron of referees circled around the laid out Strongbern to create a barrier between the unpredictable grappler and the ring. No doubt, they had seen enough of Strongbern in the past to know that he more than likely would try to get back into the ring in a fit of rage once he regained his senses.

In the ring, Max and Brock shared a double high five in celebration of their teamwork.

“Look at those two cheaters in there, they can team up on Rick, but won’t go after each other! This is B.S!!!”, a fuming Gaines yelled.

C.G. then got a small reconciliation from one of his favorites being eliminated when Brock and Max’s party was crashed by Travis Martinez who bulldozed both men with a double clothesline!

Immediately Travis focused on his old nemesis Hopper and lifted Max up only to send him back down to the mat with a double arm powerbomb!

“Martinez looking to pick things up where they left off at Legacy with him and Max! That was a devastating powerbomb!” Mel said as Martinez dropped an elbow into the chest of the downed Hopper.

Still reeling from the blindside attack, Newbludd rolled away and attempted to push himself up, but the man who Martinez abandoned in the corner that Brock had rolled towards, Vic Gravender, smashed the former Blitzkrieg champion back down into the mat with a second rope Big Splash!

“They’re going to have to peel Brock off the mat after that! What a nice showing of athleticism from Gravender!” Mel said.

In the opposite corner, Tyson took back control against his two aggressors, first knocking Palmer down with a stiff headbutt before sending Envy FLYING backwards with a big boot!

With The Unstoppables standing tall on one end of the ring and Martinez having his way with the Keystone champ on the other, the crowd began to welcome entrant number twenty-one.





“Genesis” by Justice

“Wooooaaahhh!” Mel shockingly blurted out. “It can’t be!”

But it was.

Benjamin Jones was here!

Despite being one of the most hated competitors in NBW during his last run with the company, the crowd could appreciate the surprise of Jones showing up to take part in the match. Always opportunistic, there was no way that the ‘Bounty Hunter’ was going to miss out on the biggest opportunity of them all.

A potential world title shot.

“I change my pick! I change my pick! I’m going with the Bounty Hunter to take it all!” C.G. proclaimed.

“Nobody said you couldn’t C.G., and if you ask me it’s a much smarter pick than your first one, Big Rick,” Mel replied. “Nobody had any idea that Jones was going to be here tonight, and let me tell you, this surprise entrant looks ready to fight!”

It was also a surprise that neither Dina St. James or any of the Club KO members were present with Jones as he made his way to the ring. Even without the moral support of his crew backing him, Benjamin was a very dangerous competitor and without a doubt a definite dark horse to win the whole thing.

Inside of the ring, the action was still at a breakneck pace, though it was The Unstoppables who were doing the breaking. Gravender dropped Newbludd to the mat again with a nicely done tilt a whirl backbreaker, and was somehow able to block a Teddy Palmer forearm and turn it into another backbreaker!

Travis, who was still dishing out punishment to Hopper, was also in for a bit of a shock as well when Tyson grabbed him from behind to lay him out with a sitting Full Nelson Bomb. Trying to sap some of Martinez’s considerable strength from him, the veteran XL kept the full nelson locked in upon impact to wrench down on the former Judasbleek’s neck.

Max decided to join in on the fun as well, delivering a series of quick kicks to Martinez’s exposed chest while Tyson clamped down even harder.

“Finally Martinez is stopped by the unlikely pairing of Max and Tyson!” Mel said. “Wait a second, what the heck is Envy doing outside of the ring?”

That was a good question. Somehow during the action Envy slipped underneath the bottom rope and now squatted down to partially hide behind one of the ringposts closest to the ramp.

And his eyes were glued on Jones who didn’t notice Al lying in wait for him as he hopped up the ring apron and entered the ring.

Timing it out perfectly, the cunning Envy slid back into the ring and grabbed the unsuspecting Jones from behind to hit him with a STIFF elbow to the back of the head. With Benjamin stunned and caught off guard, Envy grabbed one of Jones arms…


Jones was too fresh to be caught in Envy’s deadly cross armbreaker, and popped Envy in the mouth with a quick jab before grabbing one of Envy’s arms!


Now it was Jones who saw his signature Kimura armbar get reversed as Envy somehow slipped free!

“Wow! How did either man escape there!?” Mel asked. “I guess to be a master of applying an armbar, you must have to be a master of escaping one as well!”

Looking agitated by not being able to get the jump on the former Infamy and Blitzkrieg champion, Envy lashed out with a wild right hook that Jones managed to duck. Still crouched down, Jones landed a perfectly placed fist into Envy’s kidney that caused the ‘Armbreaker’ to howl in pain and grab at his side.

“Ouch! Al’s going to be pissing blood after that shot!” C.G. said.

But Jones wasn’t done yet. Powering up from his squat, Jones managed to spin Envy around and lift him up into a back suplex!

A back suplex that sent Envy flying out of the ring to splat onto the ringside floor!

“What a suplex! Envy’s gone and Jones looks better than ever!” Mel said as Benjamin shot a cocky grin down to Envy and waved goodbye to him.

Elimination: Al Envy

“Damn, I hate to see Al go, but I think I put my money on the right guy to win it Mel!” C.G. said.

Still grinning from ear to ear, Jones turned around and immediately received a boot to the gut from Vic Gravender who then reached down and lifted Jones up above his head!

It was obvious that Vic was trying to one up Jones’ suplex to the outside by delivering a POWERBOMB to the outside!

Luckily for Jones, Vic had been making no friends in the match so far, seemingly laying waste to almost every person who crossed his path. So with his back turned to the rest of the field with Jones high above his head, Gravender was left wide open and Teddy Palmer exacted some revenge on him by delivering a dropkick to the back of Vic’s knees that sent the big man falling backwards with Jones still atop his shoulders!

“Vic’s down after that dropkick by Palmer!” Mel said.

On the other side of the ring, Martinez managed to escape Tyson’s seated full nelson by driving the back of his head right into the bridge of XL’s nose. Scrambling to his feet, Martinez looked for the man who was just moments ago kicking him in the chest, and soon found him when Max came flying off the top rope to hit Travis with his patented QUANTUM LEAP missile dropkick!

Seated on top of Gravender, the MMA expert Jones immediately began to rain down with hammer fists on the big man, but his assault was short lived as he was sent flying off of Vic courtesy of a Shining Wizard from Brock!

But Brock’s moment was short lived as he was then immediately put down to the ground by a snap German Suplex from Teddy Palmer!

Being the only two men still upright at the moment, Max and Teddy went at each other to lock up in a collar and elbow just as the crowd welcomed the next entrant...





“Wanted Man” by Rev Theory

If there was anyone who had a chip on his shoulder coming into the match, it was former NBW World Champion, Ravage, who was welcomed to the battle by an outpouring of boos from the Singapore NBW faithful.

“Here comes former the always dangerous former world champion, Ravage. If you ask me C.G., it would be wise to bet against this man.” Mel said.

“He’s fighting for Cassie’s honor!”, is all Gaines said back.

The Savage of the Ring didn’t mind the negative reaction one bit, giving the fans a cocky smirk as he hustled down towards the ring. That smile quickly faded though and was replaced by a look of pure determination as he reached the bottom of the ramp to slide into the ring.

In the far corner, Hopper had Palmer in the corner and delivered a series of fast knife edge chops to Palmer’s chest before sending him up and over with a Monkey Flip!

Max tipped his hat to the crowd, but suddenly had to think fast and roll out of the corner when Vic Gravender came barreling towards him after being irish whipped by Benjamin Jones!

Hitting the turnbuckle with full force, Vic snarled and took one step out of it only to find himself stumbling back into it after an impromptu double dropkick from Jones and Palmer!

Not wanting to miss out on the fun, Hopper raced in and delivered a dropkick of his own to the beast of a man!

Popping up to his feet, Ravage made a beeline for his old nemesis Brock, who was using the ropes to pull himself up after taking Palmer’s German Suplex. Seeing Ravage coming towards him, Brock put some pep in step and got upright before Ravage could get to him.

But Ravage never got to him, instead he was cut off by a very angry Tyson XL, who was still nursing his smashed nose from Travis Martinez’s headbutt. Looking to take his mind off the pain, Tyson grabbed the smaller Ravage and pushed him HIGH in the air for what looked to be a pop up Powerbomb!

“Already Ravage is in trouble!” Mel cried out as Ravage sailed upwards.

Then the unexpected happened when Brock saved his nemesis by chop blocking Tyson’s knees, causing Ravage to regain his bearings in midair and drive an elbow straight down onto Tyson’s already injured nose!

Off balance from the chop block and head spinning from the big elbow, Tyson stumbled backwards to lean against the ropes. Brock and Ravage stood toe to toe for a brief moment, and it looked like the two were about to rekindle their rivalry from 2016 when suddenly each man charged in to Tyson to grab a leg!

“Look at this Newbludd and Ravage are working together to try and eliminate Tyson XL!” Mel said as Newbludd and Ravage struggled to get the leverage to flip Tyson over.

Over on the opposite side of the ring, Vic wasn’t fairing much better in the corner as he valiantly tried to fight off Jones, Palmer and Hopper, resembling King Kong swatting at fighter planes.

Deciding that they needed to coordinate better as a team if they had any shot of getting the former World Champion up and over, the three men put a plan in place as Palmer and Jones latched down on Vic’s arms allowing Max to fly in with a beautiful shotgun dropkick that nailed Gravender right in the chest!

“The Unstoppables are in a bad spot C.G., the entire ring is ganging up on them!” Mel said.

“Smart move, more than likely a plan Benjamin Jones came up with, since none of those other nitwits, besides Ravage, would think of banding together against a common foe.” C.G. quickly said.

The trio wasn’t done though, as Jones and Hopper quickly switched places, allowing Jones to nail Vic with the devastating knee strike known as the ONE HITTER QUITTER!

Being left wide open to the strike, Vic’s struggling nearly ceased as he looked completely dazed in the corner. Meanwhile Teddy and Jones switched spots so that Palmer could get his licks in, and boy did he ever.


Palmer ROCKED Gravender with his deadly superkick, and now Vic fell completely limp in the corner!

Knowing that they wouldn’t have a better moment to eliminate the big man, all three men grabbed him and began Vic up…


ELIMINATION: Vic Gravender

At the same time, Brock and Ravage’s alliance wasn’t fairing as well, as both men spent more time keeping the resilient Tyson on the ropes and subdued with fists instead of trying to get him flipped over.

It looked like Tyson was going to hang on!

That is until Travis Martinez, who had been wisely regaining his strength in neutral corner, showed up in between Ravage and Newbludd to deliver a MASSIVE Big Boot that engulfed Tyson’s face to send him over the top rope and down to the floor!


“And just like that, The Unstoppables have been stopped! It took a group effort, but that’s the name of the game, C.G., in a match like this it isn’t always the toughest man to win it, but the smartest!” Mel pointed out.

“You’re right Mel, that’s why I’m still shocked that Big Rick is gone!” Gaines replied.

Almost immediately after tossing Tyson out, Brock and Ravage began trading blows, calling their alliance off. Martinez just so happened to be caught in the middle of all this and decided to straighten the two out by knocking their heads together as the clock began to countdown...





"King Kong” by Gorilla Zoe.

“Things are about to heat up, because here comes the walking volcano, Ohiyama!” Mel said as the former Sweet Daddy K received a awesome ovation from the singapore crowd.

Inside the ring, Martinez’s ears perked up when he heard Ohiyama’s music, dropping Ravage and Brock to the mat after giving them another head cracker.

Jones and Palmer both took a step towards Martinez, wanting to eliminate another big man through teamwork, but they were stopped by Max Hopper, who told them to stay back.

Seeing how Travis had planted himself in the center of the ring with a dominant stance, and knowing the destructive force of a man coming down to enter the fray, the veteran Hopper knew what was about to happen.

We were going to have ourselves a HOSS fight!

“Look at this C.G.! The rest of the field is giving the two bulls, Martinez and Ohiyama, space to lock horns!” Mel said as Ohiyama stomped his way up the steps and entered the ring.

“What is Martinez thinking?” C.G. asked incredulously. “Ohiyama is coming in here fresh, and Travis wants to have a standoff with him?”

Indeed it looks like they both wanted to go mano a mano as Ohiyama stood toe to toe with Travis, while the rest circled around them like it was a schoolyard fight. But, then it became obvious that the five men surrounding the two powerhouses weren’t there to watch, they were circling the two for a gang attack.

Luckily both Ohiyama and Martinez sensed it, and decided to take the fight to them!

Ohiyama went left and Martinez went right and in a matter of seconds the two were tossing everybody else around like they were children!

Spinebuster by Ohiyama to Jones!

Double chokeslam by Martinez to Palmer and Ravage!

Brock and Max looked at each other in disbelief at how quickly their three fellow attackers were taken down. Left with no other choice they charged in as well.

Brock bounced off the ropes and leaped at Ohiyama with an attempted crossbody that the big Hawaiian easily reversed by catching Newbludd and planting him with a snapping Powerslam!

And Martinez also caught a leaping Max to drop him with a spinning sidewalk slam!

With that taken care of, Ohiyama and Martinez went at each other, trading massive blows that would have knocked down most men instantly. But Travis got the advantage by getting Ohiyama up in the air to bring him down across his knee with a big shin breaker that sent him hopping on one foot towards the ropes.

Martinez quickly gave chase, and around him the rest of the field were getting back to their feet just as the timer started once again.





Freddie Rich, flanked by his little brothers Declan and Donny and cousin Todd, announced himself with no music and his fair share of boos. Most nbW fans would acknowledge Freddie’s undoubted talent; all would admit to his arrogance. He had a great chance of faring well here, particularly with his minions.

Meanwhile, Ohiyama was in the wrong part of town, draped across the second rope and Travis Martinez showcased shades of Judasbleek with a Rope-Hung Dragon Screw Neck Whip, a diabolical move that proved the hall-of-fame force hadn’t quite lost all of his edge in retirement.

Freddie finally stepped into the squared circle and strutted straight up to its longest-serving stalwart, Brock Newbludd, with his arms outstretched, seeking some kind of approval or accolade. Instead, he got a kick to the midsection and dropped on his head with a devastating Brainbuster, a fair return on his conceited investment. What he was expecting was his guess alone.

Benjamin Jones picked the bones of Ohiyama while Martinez sought competition elsewhere. Benjamin slowly stirred the sleeping Volcano, who was inactive momentarily. A good idea? I’m not so sure. Martinez’s eyes landed on Planet Hopper, which showed some life.

The two engaged with Travis winning a C & E Tie-Up, shooting the Intergalactic Star into orbit, IE the ropes on the right hand side, and searching for a Pop-Up Stunner once Max came back down to earth by way of gravity. But, Travis was fixed to learn a lesson that most wrestling fans already knew…




You don’t need to go to another realm to see things of beauty. Singapore may’ve been far enough as it was, but the trip was well worth it to see such gifted athletes as the new Keystone kingpin.

Apparently, RaVage had come along for the ride just to watch the others in action. Those of us in the know were sure he was just biding his time and waiting to strike.

Benjamin Jones tried to Suplex Ohiyama, but the Samoan put the brakes on and reversed the situation to suit him. As Ohiyama stood up, he was greeted by a beautiful Double Dropkick by Hopper and Newbludd that had the big man teetering towards the ropes…

They linked arms once again and attempted to get rid of Ohiyama with a Double Clothesline. The Samoan, despite landing on his feet, was out, albeit on the the apron,. However, he saw them coming in and sensationally sprang into life by hopping onto the top rope and jumping over the duo! A wry smile came their way as they, Hopper particularly, appreciated the sizeable Samoan’s agility. So did the spectators in Singapore.

The same could not be said for The Rich Family. Palmer had been winning a round of rights with the recovered Rich, only for Freddie to backdrop Palmer over the top rope. The agile Teddy landed on his feet, but Donny and Declan grabbed Teddy’s leg.

Ohiyama was subjected to a cheap shot, albeit a great Roundhouse Kick, by a waiting Benjamin Jones, who the Samoan just couldn’t shake off right now.

Nonetheless, Teddy Palmer, a sitting duck due to Dec and Donny’s oar being stuck in, was about to be tossed out if he couldn’t break free. He wanted to do a Freddie Mercury, but instead lived Freddie’s Nightmare, a sensational Sick Kick, sending our impressive debutant to the floor.


“Now that’s a damn shame, Palmer was having a great run in there, only to have it ruined by outside interference!” Mel protested.

“I didn’t see anything there, Mel.” C.G. said back.

The officials checked to see if Palmer was okay and forced The Rich Family back, who insisted they’d done nothing when, in fact, it had been a MAJOR assist.

And it was now time for our FINAL entrance.

“Life in the Fast Lane” by The Eagles”

He was the talk of the town.

And he may be our new favorite. I’m sure if you asked the man himself, he would agree that 25 to Life had saved the best till last.

Jake Tockwell.

The Blitzkrieg Champion had earned a badge of honor by beating the biggest behemoth in the business, but there was something even grander at stake here: A genuine chance of headlining Legacy and competing for the World title against his age-old nemesis, Warren Spade. And how must Tockwell’s predecessor, Brock Newbludd, feel about ‘Big Talk’ being in this bout?

We wouldn’t find out immediately. RaVage had decided to do something, attacking Newbludd from behind just as Jake’s music hit, but an attempted Hiptoss not only went awry, but was reversed, sending the 5’9 Form of Greatness out, coming up short opposite Newbludd yet again.


Then, it dawned on Newbludd who was coming out and once he clapped eyes on Jake, be beckoned for ‘Big Talk’ to walk the walk and come get him some once Jake reached the ring.

Palmer came round and was now involved in a war of words with The Rich Family. Their representative, Freddie, was past it and picking on Max Hopper with a barrage of rights. He whipped Max to the ropes, but Max avoided contact and sped off the opposing set, treating Freddie to a MOON LANDING.

Ohiyama and Benjamin Jones were having a right ding-dong, which the latter was currently in charge of. That was, until, he did something foolish and put his head down - a fundamental error most of us make - and he ate a Hard Running Knee to the chest once he realised the error of his way and raised his head. The Artist Formerly Known as Sweet Daddy K was on a roll.

Tockwell was tentatively walking up the stairs, demanding Newbludd stood back to allow the real star to enter. Newbludd stood his ground, but so did Jake. He would not enter, especially when Max Hopper stood by Brock’s side, forming a line of resistance. Tockwell shook his head, ignoring the officials who insisted he got in there. He said he had time and Jake had a point. He was the final entrant after all.

Sneaking up on Newbludd, Benjamin Jones took Brock down with a Sleeper Choke. Hopper, who took a moment to realise, turned around to kick Jones, which is precisely when Tockwell chose to enter.

As Max kicked Jones until he gave up the Choke, Tockwell stood, primed and ready, to deliver his ‘Talk to the Hand’ Discus Punch, which wiped Max out momentarily.

Tockwell posed, incurring the wrath of the crowd, though that subsided as our production crew. cued the timer, a strange signal, given we thought the whole cast of 25 to Life had already descended. Could it be Derecho, like last time in London, hedging his bets?

Prior to that revelation, Jones stood up and a silent agreement took place between he and Tockwell to try and oust Hopper and Newbludd. That all went up in smoke as Travis Martinez Double Clotheslined them out of their boots!

And our 26th entrant was a former champion after all…

‘'Dark Cemetery' by Fietcher Brothers


“Can you believe it C.G.!?”, Mel asked her partner who let out a gasp at the same moment. “Torment is here!”

“The whole game just changed Mel, Torment could clear this entire ring in a matter of seconds!” Gaines said.

Just Another Giant is what Tockwell’s JAG could mean here. In a land full of them, Torment, who would sell his grandmother to win this thing, had to be in an advantageous position, coming out so late in the day.

“It looks like the former World Champion is in no rush to get down to the ring,” Mel said as the intimidating Torment lumbered down the ramp.

“He’s just taking his time Mel,” C.G. replied. “A monster like Torment works on his own schedule, and there isn’t anybody in Singapore who has the balls to tell him any different.”

The closer Torment got to the ring, the more menacing he looked, and it was hard not to get the feeling that an impending doom was about to rain down on everyone in the ring as soon as he stepped foot into it.

Cashing in, and trying to get a bit of revenge for earlier, Freddie whipped Max Hopper to the buckle and scored with First Class (a rapid Dropkick.) Then, he rubbed it in with a First Class Stamp (Facewash.)

Seeing his friend in danger, and perhaps wishing to get rid of him himself, Travis wrapped his large arms around Rich’s head and took Freddie down with a Cobra Clutch Suplex.

All of a sudden, Todd Rich ran in and tried to lift Travis up for a Belly-to-Back Suplex, but Hopper told Martinez to duck, which Travis did and Max cracked the intruder with a terrific Dropkick. Talk about teamwork! A lovely gesture on top of that, Max pulled Travis up, no mean feat given the latter’s 6’8 frame and 270-pound carcass. It’s not all there, like Ginny’s mole.

Torment, who had taken so long to get to the ring, delivered an Andre-esque Headbutt to the back of Hopper’s head and when Martinez greeted him, he copped the same.

“I’ve heard that getting hit with a Torment headbutt is very similar to getting hit in the face by a bowling ball shot out a cannon from point blank range,” C.G. said in a matter of fact tone and by the looks of Hopper and Martinez, there might be some truth to that.

Newbludd, however, had more joy by forcing Torment to keel over with a Basement Dropkick and was set to deliver a DDT when Tockwell told Brock to SHUT UP with an extra hard Knee Lift.

Cleverly, Tockwell moved away from Torment and sought refuge elsewhere. However, Ohiyama came towards Torment, who tried to Headbutt the Samoan and actually hurt himself! One Lariat later and Torment was gone quicker than his entrance had taken!

“WHAT!?” C.G exclaimed and the crowd let out a collective gasp at the monster’s elimination.

“Ohiyama has just served up a GIANT elimination!”, an excited Vanderart yelled out as Ohiyama raised his arms to the fans.


The crowd began to buzz as the clock began to countdown AGAIN….

“Wait a second? Don’t tell me…”, Mel began to say but trailed off as she focused on the clock in anticipation.





Wait: We have a 27th entrant?! Apparently so. Who could it be?

Maltese National Anthem

“Son of Malta is in the match!?” Gaines cried out as the crowd roared in appreciation.

It’s not often that you get back to back surprise of this magnitude.

The Maltese National Anthem meant only one thing: Its favourite SON was back and the normally methodical Son of Malta changed Larry Tact and ran to the ring like he had emerged from a burning building, going after Brock with a Sleeper from the get-go..

Benjamin Jones had ushered a few knees in on Max Hopper and tried to push everyone’s favourite Time Traveller since Dr. Who over the top rope.

With a leverage move Hulk Hogan was noted for, Newbludd managed to use Malta’s momentum against him, not only to escape the Sleeper, but also surprisingly send the last Fighting Zone champion OUT over the top rope!


“Are you kidding me!?”, Gaines said as the camera zoomed in to show SoM sitting on the ringside floor with a look of absolute shock spread across his face.

Looking down at him Brock gave SoM a nod of his head out of respect before turning around back towards the ring and to Newbludd’s surprise Ohiyama offered him a high five which Brock gladly accepted.

“Two of NBW’s biggest legends were just quickly eliminated by two of it’s fastest rising stars, and if that isn’t a statement, I don’t know what is!”, Mel said as SoM walked back up the ramp with his head held high.

Turning to wave to the fans on top of the stage, the legend received a huge ovation and with a smile he disappeared to the back.

Between them, entrants 26 and 27 had disappeared so quickly that nbW management may’ve wondered why they bothered! That meant Tockwell was the freshest man in the fight. Would that equate to ‘Big Talk’ walking the aisle at Legacy?

We had a long way to go: At the opposite end of the scale, number FIVE, Brock Newbludd, bailed his buddy Max out a squeeze, stopping Benjamin Jones as the KO King attempted to take Max down to the ground.

BJ had other ideas, repelling with a Reverse Elbow on Newbludd. Max stepped up to the plate and whacked Benjamin with a superb Spinning Heel Kick.

Hopper and Newbludd exchanged some words, though not in the usual context I’m sure. They’d been an outstanding unit at times here, which makes you wonder what they’d be like as a tag team,

They helped Jones to the ropes and Max bent down, no dirty thoughts people, and Brock used him as a Springboard to unleash a stunning Lariat on Benjamin. The One-Hitter Quitter wouldn’t quit, but it was the beginning of his downfall as Max and Brock joined once again, lifting a leg each, to dump the returning fighter-cum-wrestler out of 25 to Life.


Just then, Travis Martinez stood and looked at Max Hopper, hoping to resume friendly hostilities if such a thing existed. Brock tapped Max on the shoulder, wishing him luck as he departed the scene.

What an opportunist! Freddie Rich scored with an Atomic Drop and a Shinbreaker on an unsuspecting Martinez. Hopper was distracted by a shot from the right side by none other than Jake Tockwell and a Scoop Slam planted Max.

Tockwell raked Martinez’s back and held Travis up for Freddie to get in three or four body punches. Then, they took Travis by the head and threw him out of the ring for the double assist.


Freddie ran up onto the top rope to celebrate. What he didn’t expect was…

Max had recovered and avoided a Gift of the Gab Lariat before nailing Tockwell with MAXIMUM IMPACT (SPINNING FALCON ARROW)

Brock and Max both pushed Freddie off the top rope and down to the floor! What a team they were.


Out on the floor and livid, The Rich Family took their frustrations out on Judasbleek with a steady stream of punches and kicks, akin to a mugging.

Seeing this, watching Martinez take a gang beating, Hopper decided…






The phenomenal Fosbury Flop meant miixed emotions came over the crowd as Hopper, helping a friend out, left on a high note to essentially reduce the Rich Family to bowling pins and, heartbreakingly for some spectators, eliminate himself for the greater good


“Can you believe that!? Max just sacrificed himself to save Martinez! Unbelievable!” Mel said.

“I can believe it Mel! Max didn’t want no part of Tockwell, so he tucked tail and ran!” C.G. retorted.

“I highly doubt that C.G., especially after his big win against Ali Amore earlier tonight.”

Newbludd came to the side, like watching a friend jump off the pier. But, Hopper stood up, receiving a standing ovation, helped Martinez up and they went out, arms around each other, sharing another classic moment as they had done at Legacy. All the while, The Rich Family were jeered as they pushed the referees once they stood up.

Ohiyama was wailing away on Tockwell with punches on the far side, but he got ahead of himself and was the victim of a basic Backbody Drop and Brock turned round to realise…


“Oh my! Ohiyama’s gone! Somehow Tockwell muscled him over!” Mel said as Ohiyama rose to his feet on the outside and shook his head in disgust.

He was close, no doubt, and at long last, we were down to TWO.

‘The Innovator’ Brock Newbludd.

‘Big Talk’ Jake Tockwell.

How fitting.

“Yes! Yes! With Ohiyama taken care of, all Big Talk has to do is take care of Brock,” Gaines giddily said. “A man he is undefeated against!”

“I would call being 1-0 against someone undefeated.” Mel returned.

Brock was a surprise entrant this evening, showing his face a fifth the way through the field, and if he wanted to go to the next level here in nbW, he’d have to exorcise some demons.

Newbludd’s trailblazing Blitzkrieg reign, breathing brand new air into the ailing division, had been terminated by Tockwell. In the process, Brock had sustained injuries and been recuperating at home.

Until tonight.

The two men circled each other. Despite having been in the match since it’s early stages, Brock was chomping at the bit, waving and encouraging the audience to raise their volume levels.

Could ‘Big Talk’ walk the walk once again?

Or would Brock prove to be the rock to his tormentor’s scissors and blunt Tockwell’s razor-sharp wit?

Let’s find out.

“This place is electric C.G!” Mel said. “How fitting that the final two entrants are the 2016 NBW Rookie of the Year, and the man who thus far is looking to run away with that award here in 2017!”

“I really hope that rumbling sound is from this crowd and not an incoming tidal wave!” Gaines said.

The final two circled each other and a Tie-Up led to Tockwell marching Newbludd into the bottom right-hand corner of a 27-strong battleground with plenty of thrills, spills, frills, heartache, heartbreak and stories. All we needed was a conclusion and a definitive victor.

Tockwell, despite holding the cards, was cautious in tying Newbludd up, keen to avoid making any cardinal errors at such a critical stage and for all of his bluster, he knew as long as Brock was breathing, he was a live opponent. The mere fact he was in the match at all was testament to that; take into account, he had gone through a talent-filled field to reach this point and you could not underestimate The Innovator.

Chop by Tockwell!

Right back at you, Jake, as the fans cheered and that nasty Knife-Edge was proof in the pudding that Newbludd was composed of heart, grit and determination to match a bucket load of ability.

Jake, gifted in the gab and in the ring himself, tied Newbludd up again prior to letting his Blitzkrieg predecessor have it with another Chop. The surely-exhausted Brock wouldn’t lie down and evened it up with another Knife Edge of his own. It wasn’t in his nature to quit.

Even still, an Eye Poke can undo the greatest will in the world and the shortcut brought down Brock’s resistance, temporarily at least, and it enabled Jake to not only life Newbludd, but drape him across the second rope, like Travis Martinez did a wee while earlier, though with a slight twist…

TALK DOWN. A DDT rather than a Neck Whip. It’s hardly like exchanging shit for ice cream though, is it? Both hurt when it came down to it.

The heat-seeking Jake fulfilled his desire, standing over Newbludd as if this clash had already ceased. Tockwell was underestimating Brock after all.

Smiling, Tockwell figured it was an easy drop, hauling Newbludd up and tossing him over his shoulder. This was going to be an easy paycheck to collect. Brock had shot his bolt just to get here and Jake, who let’s not forget was in action earlier, had had the benefit of rest and not being ring rusty either.

Jeers greeted the reemergence of A-List, who had recovered their brief stints in this mammoth of a match, though they could console themselves with not only stopping The Unstoppables, but fending the fearsome duo off and retaining the tag titles.

“Here comes the cavalry!” C.G. proudly yelled out, but he quickly let out a groan when he saw The Unstoppables hot on the A-List’s heels!

“No backup for Tockwell tonight, not if Vic and Tyson have anything to say about it!” Mel said as the two raging bulls caught up to VIP and El Principe.

Vic and Tyson had gained revenge in this, the main event, and jeers were replaced by cheers as the ex-champions, the most dominant double act in nbW history, came out and frogmarched Price and Principe back, peppering the annoying pair with punches to keep them in line. Whoever won between Brock and Jake would do so on Chad Merritt.

Newbludd reminded us why he wasn’t a soft touch by sneaking out into the backyard, applying a Dragon Sleeper and bringing Tockwell down to size in more ways than one. He sat down, not for a rest I can assure you, but before the move could be cinched in, Tockwell kicked Brock twice in the face, causing the Milwaukee Miracle Man to flop out of sheer exhaustion. There was no question that Tockwell, who had slayed Da Dragon earlier, hadn’t had it easy himself, but he also hadn’t taken shots from everyone left, right and centre.

Tockwell cemented the lead with a Bulldog...or did he? No, Newbludd pulled on the brakes and WHIPPED Jake sternum-first into the top turnbuckle, Bret Hart style, and followed up with a Knee to the back, Randy Savage style, which almost sent Jake out, but Tockwell was desperately trying to stay in this thing.

A massive roar in Marina Bay implored and urged Newbludd to come forward and take the trash out, but he couldn’t do it and a mule kick, somewhere in Southern China, took the wind out of Brock’s sails - figuratively and almost literally.

Turning round, Tockwell took control firmly back by biting deep into Brock’s head. Thankfully, he didn’t go to Freddie Blassie lengths and caused heart attacks on this continent as ‘Classy’ had more than half a century ago, though it was still sufficient to cause bleeding.

Spiteful-looking fists reign down on Newbludd’s forehead, and this wouldn’t help The Innovator’s stamina reserves at all.

‘Big Talk’ brought Brock down with a choke and continued, nothing anyone could do as everything was legal here, until Newbludd was rendered seemingly motionless. Jake sauntered to the right side of the ring to undo the top turnbuckle, looking to rock Brock once and for all.

Tockwell threw the padding to the outside and blew a kiss to the booing crowd, so self-assured and confident of victory at this point. He had daylight.

Picking Newbludd up, it was clear Jake had Snake Eyes in mind, but Tockwell hadn’t learned his lesson, as Newbludd once escaped via the back route, Brock scored with a stunning Standing Dropkick!

That forced Tockwell into the corner, though Jake stopped short of hitting his face/head off the exposed turnbuckle. Brock was up again, but Tockwell cut him off with a stiff elbow and attempted to ram Brock’s head into the exposed area, only for Newbludd to resist the cheap ploy and turn the tables! Tockwell crumpled in a heap and the crowd loved seeing ‘Big Talk’ getting his comeuppance.

Newbludd took to the air while Jake nursed his wounds. This was a A RISK, Once Jake knew where he was, lacerated himself, he turned, oblivious to Newbludd’s whereabouts…

Missile Dropkick!

Brock wasn’t done there. He was keen to stretch his lead further with a German Suplex, a trademark of his, but a go-behind by Tockwell nipped that in the bud. A dirty, immoral and downright cheap Rabbit Punch, again it’s all legal folks, paved the way for a short Enzui Lariat. Tockwell was sowing seeds for Gift of The Gab.

Or was he?.

Once,Tockwell whipped Brock into the exposed turnbuckle with Brock falling to the mat in agony, favouring his spine, Jake moved his attentions to the area and reinforced that with a Back Rake. If you still weren’t on Tockwell’s Train of Thought, a shuttle express that connects 25 to Life and Legacy once a year, Axe-Handles to the spine confirmed you were either stupid or were a bit wet behind the ears. No, you’re simply stupid: Tockwell had found his target and it was going to help him achieve a higher aim.

Our new title predator had Brock at the apex of a lift…


Jake wasn’t done, holding on for a…

Double Powerbomb!

And, still he wasn’t done, people.

The third was going to be the charm…

Buckle Bomb…

Until Brock, clawing desperately, fought back for one final hurrah with a string of leather, smacking Tockwell’s own bleeding forehead, a tactic ripped from ‘Big Talk’ himself and whether it was crimson seeping into Jakey’s eyes or the dizzying power behind those punches, our number 25 entrant was starting to wobble, disoriented and not sure where to drop the bomb.

Jake still had the upper hand and because he couldn’t land at Buckle Bomb Airport, he changed the course of the flight and decided to steer the plane towards Elimination International as an emergency. Perhaps, Newbludd had prolonged the inevitable as he was going, going…

But not gone. Not yet at least.

Rather than be a Border Toss, Newbludd landed safely on his paws, akin to being put down by a fireman’s carry and he punished Tockwell with a ferocious knee to the abdomen. That moment, and the support of our spectators in Singapore, led Brock to one conclusion.

Now or never, Newbludd.

Brock was going for an ambitious Suplex to the outside.

At first, he couldn’t get it. Buoyed by our capacity crowd willing him on, Newbludd planted punishing, looping hooks to shut ‘Big Talk’ up, hurting him where it counts, to the body and not the wallet…

Let’s try that again, kid.

This time, he managed to get Tockwell up into the air. Stage one was complete.

“Hang on Jake! Hang on!” C.G. desperately pleaded.

“Brock’s lifting with everything he’s got! But how much does he have left in the tank!?” Mel said as the crowd began to roar in anticipation.

Despite a reversal attempt, Brock summoned EVERYTHING he had to get Tockwell upright, with one final push like some women are forced to during labour, and going from 5 to 25 may’ve been the hardest thing Brock had ever done in Professional Wrestling, he sent ‘Big Talk’ up and over!


“It’s over! It’s over! Newbludd has done it! He has survived 25 to Life and punched his ticket to a world title shot at Legacy!” Mel exclaimed the instant Tockwell hit the ground while Gaines let out a deflating moan.

But, like a newborn being brought into the world, it had also been the most rewarding. He slumped down on the apron and a hush to him, which in fact was the audience’s orgasm that led to old-timers coining the term ‘POP’ sounded ever so sweet, though Adria Hoyt would have to ask Newbludd on the next edition of Slam if it compared to…

“THE WINNER OF TWENTY-FIVE TO LIFE, TWO THOUSAND AND SEVENTEEN…’THE INNOVATOR’ BROCK NEWBLUDD,” Brent Williams bellowed, his voice ringing out through the night air.

It had been an old-school approach at the business end of this grueling, testing tantalizing of challenges rather than a modern day version. This was a fairytale ending for one of our promotion’s most popular performers in the present and dare I say, of all time. A genuine hall-of-fame athlete in the future, akin to a friend who’d joined him for a prolific portion of this spiritual journey - Max Hopper.

Nobly, Max had jetted off elsewhere and sacrificed himself to lend a helping hand to Travis Martinez.

Speaking of hands…


The sound of Newbludd, who had climbed back into the spotlight, upon having his hand raised into the air. If anyone deserved a rousing reception, it was Brock.

He had spent the longest time in here, encountered every single one of the other TWENTY-SIX participants and racked up the most eliminations. He had ticked every box.

And that was on top of returning from injury and overcoming a lack of ring sharpness. Just call him a ring general.

On this evidence, you may have to call him your NEXT WORLD CHAMPION.

Winner: ‘The Innovator’ Brock Newbludd

Briefly cutting away from Newbludd, who had hobbled over to a corner and now stood on the second turnbuckle, the camera showed Sally Renolds rushing down towards the ring with tears of joy streaming down her face.

Seeing her, Brock climbed down to hold the ropes open to let her in and she quickly embraced him in celebration as the camera slowly faded to black to end the 2017 edition of 25 to Life.


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