NBWLive - October 22nd, 2017


Live from the Ryerson Athletic Centre in Toronto, Ontario
Attendance: 2700 (Sold Out!)


With LEGACY next week, the fans in Toronto were treated to a special NBWLive Meet & Greet weekend. Autograph signings with #1 contender Brock Newbludd, Blitzkrieg Champion Ohiyama, Warren Spade, and more. As well as our usual affairs and fun for those in attendance. To cap the weekend off we held a NBWLive, and much like previously these events tend to lack the usual stars you would see, thanks to pay per view preparations. That said, you never know who will show up.

Below is a recap for those that didn't see it live.

Anderson Twins defeated The HighTowers - 11:19
Two teams that only recently made their debuts in NBW, from PULSE. The twins despite their size difference to the imposing HighTowers, were able to pull out the victory with a pinfall following a elevated assisted clothesline off the top rope.

Lady Luxx defeated Mercedes with the Shiranui - 7:16

Following the match the NBW faithful were given a montage rundown of the NBW's Hall of Fame, and then the introduction of the newest inductee's - Derecho and Ali Amore. While this played on the EpiCenter the ring was being setup for a interview for myself. From the Hall of Fame package those in attendance were shown a series of clips of the new LEGACY stage - still in production - as a special treat for attending tonight. Since you all missed it, here's a teaser for you! ==



As for the interview and my guest, unfortunately, well was the Paragon of the Industry Zed. He requested this time to explain his thoughts going into Legacy. This was quite uncomfortable. Last time I interviewed Zed in a setup like this he started calling me his sister and talking about our family and all this stuff I rather forget. It was creepy. Tonight wasn't the same, thankfully.

I asked Zed after he took a seat, what was on his mind with Legacy and challenging the Monster Torment. His answer. Silence. So I moved on to the next question. What's his plans after Legacy. Zed told me and the NBW faithful that he had some scores to settle - including the cowardly attack by Jonny Bedlam just weeks ago. Ultimately his focus was on gold. In particular whomever walked out of LEGACY as the NBW World Heavyweight Champion.

According to Zed, he let Jonny Bedlam get away with accepting the open challenge of the Keystone Champion Alex Reyn. Zed touted that if he wanted the Keystone title, he'd take it and for now Reyn was safe of the Paragon.

Moving on I asked him about his alliance with Rune and then asked Rune his thoughts on his loss to Ohiyama a few weeks back. Rune wasn't speaking to me but Zed claimed Rune was under the weather that night and still put on a five star match. And apparently according to Zed, Rune's not done with the Blitzkrieg champion.

Running low on the time I circled back to the first question. This time Zed was ready to answer. He admitted that Torment was far from a monster. He wasn't even undefeated. Be it on TV, PPV's or even Legacy. Which was mostly true except as I pointed out to Zed, while he may not have won each of his matches at Legacy, Torment did make sure something about that match was being talked about for the next several weeks.

At that point Zed said the interview was over. The lights went out, as the familiar music just heard a week ago started to play. The lights returned, stage empty. Zed laughed it off while I watched from ringside. He motioned to exit to his heavy Rune, however it was then we all realized Rune was missing. Looking all around him as the lights went out again, all the while the music continued with the eerie chorus.

Up on the stage the tomb raised surrounded in flame. Zed exited the ring and rushed the stage, ready for the assault as he stood next to the tomb and waited. When the lid didn't slide on its own he kicked it with his boot and went for the punch but stopped as the person inside wasn't Torment - instead it was Rune! Zed was introduced to the mysticism of Torment. He started yelling at Rune for being caught off guard, but Rune remained unconscious. Zed eventually left, and the officials and EMTs helped Rune out as well. We still had a show to go with..

Erick Davies defeated Edgar Collins by disqualification - 9:09
Davies had the match won, going for the gut-wrench kitchen table bomb, only for Arthur Pendergast to assault him from the crowd. Collins and Pendergast would proceed to lay waste to Davies with a elevated assisting neckbreaker. It would appear that these two former rivals, made partners in PULSE have reformed their alliance! Still feeling the punishment he endured against the Keystone Champion, the former TFZ Champion and Tag Team Champion, Johannes Antonious de Castonovo stormed out to the ring. Tonight he would be the Main Event attraction, and was looking for a fight. There would be no excuses to why he couldn't compete.

As the old saying goes, ask and you shall receive. Out came the leader of the former Nightlife USA faction - Techno Dragon!

JAC defeated Techno Dragon with the KO Knee Strike - 23:34
Expecting a short match, the fans were in for a treat as TD showed he was still able to fly and keep up in the ring just like his days as the Infamy Champion. JAC kept to the ground and comping at each opening he got. The finish would come when TD went up top, and JAC swept the leg out from under him causing him to tumble and fall to the mat. Soon as he was getting up the Knee came flying. And that was that.

Standing victorious in the ring, JAC kicked TD like a football (soccer, in this case) under the ropes to the outside, watching him crash to the ground. Jack Harmen then came out on the stage and informed JAC he had heard his requests on social media and to anybody that would listen to him as he was taken backstage after losing to Alex Reyn. He wanted completion at Legacy, to be part of the grandest stage.

The former High Flyer, now GM, gestured to the EpiCenter. On screen appeared the black and white Maltese Cross. Before the camera pulled back to show the savior of Malta himself - last seen at 25 to Life, Son of Malta. To say he got no reception from the NBW faithful would be wrong - it was more a mix of cheers and jeers, with all out confusion how to handle seeing him on screen.

SoM didn't give them much time to decide. He called down to Johannes and informed him that he would be his opponent at LEGACY - and he would bringing with him his prized possession. Malta told JAC and the NBW fans that he'd seen them this Sunday! JAC yelled at Harmen who was headed to the back at this point. Techno Dragon meanwhile was back to his feet. Soon as JAC turned around to take out his frustration on his opponent TD caught him with a swift kick, before leaping up for the hurricarana into the driver. Going up top Techno Dragon wasted no time as he left back with the Stardust Press he called The Euphoria!

And with that so ended the show as the house lights came back on and TD stood tall to the cheers of the NBW faithful. And that also ends my report. At least until Sunday. See you all soon!

As reported by Adria Hoyt.