NBW Live - March 25th


Live from UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena in Milwaukee, WI
Attendance: 7500 (Sold Out!)


Opening Match: The Health Fanatics vs. HMMS (Smith and Reyes)

The opening bout of the card featured two teams that have been aspiring to climb the ranks of NBW as of late, The Health Fanatics with their best of three match series with The Players and HMMS and their quest to smash everyone’s balls in NBW. Either way, both teams were highly motivated to pick a much needed win to keep their momentum going strong as 25 to Life draws closer.

The match itself was a well done back and forth contest that saw The Health Fanatics power equally matched by The HMMS hit and run tactics. Things then went south for the HMMS when the Fanatics were able to finally able to slow down Smith and cut him off from his corner to nail him with a plethora of high impact moves that the crowd enjoyed.

Things looked to be a wrap for The Fanatics when suddenly their rivals The Players appeared on the stage and though they did not come any closer to the action, their presence distracted Greg Matthews as he held Smith up over his head with a military press.

Seeing that The Players presence had not only distracted their opponents, but also the ref, the opportunistic Reyes quickly hopped into the ring and delivered a field goal quick right in between Matthews legs!

Instantly, Damon gave chase to Reyes as the HMMS member slid under the ropes and out of the ring. Meanwhile, Reyes low blow had caused Greg to drop to the mat with Smith landing right on top of him! Missing the cheap shot by Benny, the ref hit the mat and counted to three to give the HMMS the win!


Tag Match: Big Rick Strongbern and Al Envy vs. Davey LaRue and Ohiyama

The four men in this tag match had a lot of bad blood between them as crowd favorites Ohiyama and LaRue took on their bitter rivals. The match itself was interesting in that it resembled two vastly different matches depending on who the legal men where.

When Envy and LaRue squared off it was more akin to a back alley brawl as they scrapped with reckless abandon, nearly getting counted out on more than one occasion as the fight spilled to the outside.

The matched switched gears though when the current holder of the WAR Cup, Ohiyama, and Big Rick faced each other. The two powerhouses put on a display of back and forth power wrestling that showcased each man's brute strength.

Right around the fifteen minute mark, the match came to a close when the rest of Clan Strongbern came down to help out their leader who was getting worked over by a fired up LaRue. But, the Bonebreaker and Little Ricky never made it to the ring as they were effectively stopped by Ke’ala Ohana who came rushing behind them down the ramp to deliver a double chop block/standing moonsault combo.

With Davey seemingly distracted by the chaos on the ramp, Al Envy slapped Big Rick in the back to tag himself in and immediately charged in at the unaware LaRue, who still had his attention fully on the fight on the ramp.

But, Ohiyama was on top of the situation as well and to Davey’s surprise he tagged himself in just in time to nail the unsuspecting Envy with a big time Wavebreaker that led to his team securing the victory!

WINNERS: Ohiyama and Davey LaRue

Post Match: Upset with Al’s actions, Big Rick tried to lay the boots to Envy, but the “Armbreaker” was having none of it and planted Big Rick in the middle of the ring with his patented piledriver the Envious Demise!

Blitzkrieg Championship: EZ Blaze vs. ‘Big Talk’ Jake Tockwell

Being accompanied to the ring by the rest of The In Crowd, the current holder of the Blitzkrieg title and his cohorts looked primed and ready to deliver a gang beating to Fenton Wood’s newest protege en route to another successful title defense for Tockwell. Beaming with confidence, Tockwell seemed to be feeding off of the thunderous boos coming from the crowd as he lazily leaned into one of the corners and waited for Blaze to make his entreance.

Plans quickly changed for the In Crowd when right before the ref was going to call for the bell, Richie Keal’s music hit.

Stopping on the ramp, Keal had to hold off from speaking for a few moments as the crowd randomly chanted for their hometown hero Brock Newbludd, the man who Tockwell unceremoniously took the Blitzkrieg title from and also injured. After shushing them with a wave of his hands, Richie informed the crowd that the former Blitzkrieg Champion was still injured and would not be appearing in any form tonight. This brought down a showering of boos towards Richie, though Tockwell and the rest of the In Crowd shared a nice laugh at the crowd’s dissatisfaction. 

The In Crowd’s mood was quickly soured though with Keal’s next announcement.

Much to the dismay of the In Crowd, Keal stated that the fans deserved a fair fight for the Blitzkrieg title, and then proceeded to ban Raul and the A-List from ringside for the entirety of the upcoming match!

Richie also added that Fenton Woods would be banned from joining Blaze as well, but the In Crowd was too busy screaming obscenities at Jack Harmen’s assistant to even care about the silver lining of the announcement. When Raul and A-List tried to stand their ground against Richie, NBW security appeared on stage and Keal then informed VIP, El Principe and Hot Sauce that they had thirty seconds to leave or else Tockwell would be stripped of his title.

Quickly the In Crowd huddled together to have a quick team meeting before the three men ordered to leave did so, albeit begrudgingly and not without making sure to scream at Keal before exiting through the double doors.

Satisfied with his handiwork, Keal thanked the audience one more time before exiting the stage with the NBW security team right as EZ’s music hit the speakers and the resurgent high flyer made his way down to the ring, receiving a nice ovation from the crowd.

The match itself was a fast paced and brutal affair that had Blaze on the defensive for much of the opening moments of the match as an angry Tockwell looked to end things early with an unrelenting assault. Though, Blaze’s excellent agility kept the current champion in check as Jake was unable to keep EZ contained long enough to do major damage.

EZ was able to swing the match into his favor in a nice sequence that saw his top rope hurracarrana attempt blocked by Jake, who then tried to plant EZ with a big time powerbomb. But, once again, EZ was able to avoid danger by reversing the powerbomb into what he had originally intended for Big Talk, a hurracarrana!

Hooking Jake’s legs, EZ almost scored the win but Tockwell managed to kickout after two. Pushing Blaze off of him, Jake leaped up and attempted to hit his Gift of Gab lariat but Blaze ducked it and sent the defending champion to the outside with a beautiful standing dropkick. Seeing Tockwell laid out, Blaze then brought the crowd to their feet by executing a flawless springboard frogplash!

From there, the two grapplers had a nice back and forth battle on the outside of the ring that took full advantage of the Blitzkrieg rules. Though brawling was definitely not his strongest attribute, Blaze was able to hold his own against Tockwell for a while, but eventually Big Talk was able to do some heavy damage to Blaze by bashing him over the head with a steel chair so hard that the sound of the impact reverberated to the top of the arena.

With EZ sprawled out at his feet, Tockwell then proceeded to hit his downed opponent five more times with the chair for good measure that drew another outpouring of boos from the crowd.

From that point on Blaze was never able to regain the momentum he had during the earlier moments of the match, looking obviously slowed from the beatdown he was given by Tockwell. Though, that’s not to say he didn’t have his moments, even managing to hit Jake with his Guns Blazin’ springboard cutter that nearly earned him the victory.

The end of the match came quickly after, when a woozy Blaze climbed the top rope and signaled to the crowd that it was time for his double rotation moonsault, the Blaze of Glory. With Tockwell still lying on the mat, Blaze leaped off and began to rotate.

As soon as Blaze leapt off the tope rope, Tockwell’s eyes shot open and he jumped up to his feet just in time to hit the incoming Blaze with a massive Gift of Gab that turned the high flyer inside out!

Crawling over to the limp Blaze, the champion rolled him over to get the three count and successfully retain the Blitzkrieg title against a once again impressive looking Blaze.

WINNER and STILL Blitzkrieg Champion: ‘Big Talk’ Jake Tockwell

Tag Match: Max Hopper and Techno Dragon vs. The Rich Family (Freddie and Todd)

Freddie and Todd Rich entered together. Techno Dragon came out first and waited at ringside for the very unique entrance of his tag team partner for the evening, Max Hopper. Each team had a conference to decide who would start the match, and the opening face-off was against Techno Dragon and Todd Rich.

Todd used his power to gain an early advantage, hitting a back suplex and then a pop-up kick to the midsection for a two count. He stayed on the attack with a hangman’s neckbreaker and followed up with a diving headbutt. Another cover got two. Then he tagged in Freddie.

Todd stretched out Techno Dragon’s arm for Freddie to kick him in the ribs. Freddie clamped on a submission with a surfboard stretch. Techno Dragon refused to give up, and the head of the Rich family dragged him back into the bad part of town, smashing his smaller opponent’s head into the turnbuckle before making the tag to bring Todd back into the match. Across the ring, Max Hopper tried to get the crowd behind Techno Dragon.

Freddie and Todd flipped Techno Dragon onto his back with a double suplex. Another two count. Todd went for a suplex, but Techno Dragon was able to shift his weight and counter with a Dragon Stunner! Max Hopper stomped his foot on the ring apron, stretching his hand into the ring, hoping for a tag. Both Techno Dragon and Todd Rich eventually got back to their feet. They both stood in one another’s way to get to their respective corners. Todd Rich tried to cut off Techno Dragon with a clothesline, but TD rolled underneath. The tag was made!

Max Hopper came in hot with fists for both Todd and Freddie, who decided to join the fray as well. The paranormal investigator took down Todd Rich with an armdrag, but the eldest Rich brother was waiting and caught him with a twisting springboard clothesline. Freddie whipped Max into the ropes and followed close behind, hitting him with a dropkick that sent him tumbling from the ring! First Class!

Todd lined up Hopper and hit him with a suicide dive. Techno Dragon then took both of them down with a moonsault plancha from the inside middle rope to the outside. The Bermuda Triangle! It was Freddie Rich’s turn, but instead of flying, he hopped down from the apron and planted Techno Dragon with a snap suplex onto the hard, ringside floor! He rolled Techno Dragon into the ring. Freddie pointed Todd in the right direction and the younger of the Rich brothers followed.

Todd Rich hit Techno Dragon with a cradle DDT. Strike It Rich!

Max Hopper was immediately into the ring and caught an unsuspecting Todd Rich with a Hopper Can Rana!

It got a two count (even though Hopper was not the legal man) before Freddie Rich broke up the pin. Freddie hit Max with the Sick Kick he called Freddie’s Nightmare.

Techno Dragon was back on his feet and went for a back handspring into a cutter, but Freddie Rich moved out of the way and Techno Dragon accidentally got Max Hopper, who had just made it back to his feet, instead! Instinctively, Max Hopper rolled out of the ring.

Techno Dragon couldn’t believe his mistake and Freddie Rich took advantage. Rags to Riches cradle piledriver! Freddie hooked the leg.

One! Two! THREE!!!

WINNERS: Rich Family

Ravage vs. JAC vs. Spike Saunders

This triple threat match featured three men who have been entwined with each other one way or another for quite some time now and each one brought their “A” game with them to the ring on this night.

The start of the match featured Ravage and JAC reforming their uneasy alliance from Slam 89 to double team Saunders and try to wear the big man down. Ravage was especially vicious in his attacks to his former friend, no doubt jealous and angry over Spike getting a shot at the Blitzkrieg title at 25 to Life, a title he spent much of last year pursuing but never attaining.

Saunders was up to the task though, and effectively fought off the two men for some time as he used his size and strength to his advantage. That changed though when Ravage manage to distract the referee long enough for JAC to hit Saunders with a low blow that almost dropped the big man. But, it was enough to open up Saunders defenses and his two opponents quickly took advantage by hitting a series of hard hitting moves that brought Spike down.

Then, as expected, the alliance was broken when Ravage managed to nail Saunders with the V for Victory DDT in the middle of the ring, but never got to follow up as JAC grabbed him from behind to hit the Savage of the Ring with a bridging German suplex that nearly stole the match!

From there, Ravage and JAC battled from pillar to post for a short sequence that granted Saunders enough time to recover and once he had made it back to his feet there was no stopping him from exacting some revenge on his two opponents.

The first thing Spike did was toss Ravage over the top rope with ease, and in the blink of an eye Saunders SPIKED JAC into oblivion to pick up a dominant victory over two very skilled opponents.

WINNER: Spike Saunders

With Tockwell’s showing of grit against Blaze and Saunders; utter dominance in his match, their big showdown at 25 to Life was setting up to be an epic clash to say the least!

Main Event: Warren Spade and Mitchell Quinlan vs. The Law

The tag team contest that headlined the card featured Warren Spade recruiting the help of the up and coming Mitchell Quinlan to take on two men who have been acting as the In Crowd’s private security detail as of late, the formidable duo known simply as The Law.

With the crowd solidly behind them, Spade and Quinlan brought the fight to Brady and Strauss in what some would call a “good old fashioned slobberknocker”. Spade matched and in some cases outmatched the two powerhouses with his own considerable strength, and Quinlan’s quick strikes chopped away at each man, slowly wearing them down.

And with the In Crowd banned from ringside to go along with neither members of the Crimson Tide being apart of the show, Quinlan and Spade didn’t have to look over their shoulders as they battled.

About ten minutes into the match, The Law seemingly had the upper hand against the two though as they effectively cut off Quinlan from his corner and showed some nice tag team efficiency as they worked on Mitchell. Then, when it looked like Brady had intentions to put Quinlan down for good, a desperate Mitchell caught the lawman with his patented spinning hook kick.

With Spade stomping his foot and the crowd clapping in rhythm, Mitchell crawled towards his corner and a woozy Brady did the same towards his own. But, Quinlan was the quicker of the two and tagged the Monster of the Midsouth into the match just seconds before Brady reached Strauss!

Charging like a bull across the ring, Spade simply ignored the hard fist that the backpedaling Strauss landed onto his forehead as he hit THE TRAMPLE right in the middle of the ring! Brady tried to make the save, but a lunging Quinlan cut him off with a chop block and a one second later the ref’s hand hit the mat for the third and final time!

WINNERS: Warren Spade and Mitchell Quinlan

-Reported by Trent McKnight and Adria Hoyt