NBWLive - April 20th, 2017


Live from the Colombo Racecourse in Colombo, Sri Lanka
Attendance: 12400 (Sold Out!)


[1] Rune Versus Warren Spade
- Everything kicked off with Zed and Rune coming out to ruin anyone's fun. Zed claimed that despite Quinlan winning HIS glory he would be World Champion. And tonight he was setting Rune lose on the first pathetic waste of life that walked out the doors.
- Cue: a still fuming Warren Spade, sans-Woods.
- Spade frustrations over what Derecho did to his dad were taken out on Rune from the start. The big man did get a few hits absorbed during the contest but mostly it was all Spade. So much so that Zed would eject the official from the match after a pinfall and go in on thet attack himself.
- Fighting both men off, he put Rune up into Torn Asunder. And when Zed came at him to turn the tide, he ate the boot just as Rune submitted.


- Pretty fun way to start things off.
Winner: Warren Spade

[2] Tony Spark Versus The Great Wall
- Originally set to be a tag match, however with Chris Noid still suffering from the food poisoning, Spark ended up one on one with Great Wall.
- Unfortunately for him, Wall had been on a roll. Making a habit of squashing his opposition like gnats. Spark faired no better...
Winner: The Great Wall

[3] Ravage Versus Ali Amore
- Still feeling the after effects of the fights for the Blitzkrieg title, Ravage clashed with the Keystone champion Ali Amore. Amore, with his own long standing injuries.
- Despite their non 100% status, the two put on a rather great match that got the fans invested.
- 3/4th's into the match the number one contender Max Hopper made a showy appearance, taking focus from the match to his arrival on stage. Hopper stood within a bask of light watching the match.
- A CannonBALL from Ravage to the knees of Amore would lead to a snap DDT that was followed up with That's Amore.
Winner: Ali Amore

[4] Max Hopper Versus Johannes Antonious de Castonovo
- The last time these two clashed Hopper took the former TFZ Champion to his limits and put him down for the count.
- Amore stuck around to watch his opponent for 25 to Life . And good thing he did as Ravage would make a return through the crowd and while the official was checking on JAC, he dropped Hopper with V for Victory.
- Ali joined them in the ring and went after Ravage, clotheslining them both out of the ring as JAC readied for his knee strike to Hopper. Max avoided it and caught Johannes on the return with the Hopper Can Rana to seal his victory.
Winner: Max Hopper

[5] In Crowd Versus Flanagan, Doherty and Davey La Rue
- In what seemed an odd pairing, put on by the original set of opponents for the In Crowd, Davey La Rue joined up witht Flanagan and Doherty.
- This was every bit a six man tag as would be expected, but the In Crowd showed why they were on top.
- A Superjagerbomb on VIP nearly set the trio a loss but Raul pulled Victor out of the ring and got the officials attention. while Principe took out Davey and Jake rushed in the ring with Blitzkrieg title in hand to knock Flanagan out. VIP made the cover and that was that.
Winners: the In Crowd

[6] Derecho Versus Erick Davies
- The night was actually over but the arrival of the NBW World Heavyweight Champion stopped the fans from clearing out.
- Derecho had a laugh about Spade's treatment with Crimson Tide earlier. Said that anything he can do, he does ten times better. And with that wasn't interested in waiting to defend his title at 25 to Life.
- He laid out the open challenge. Then, there.
- Erick Davies wandered out, either to accept or to take over the case of beer that Davey left ringside.
- Derecho took it as an acceptance, and laid into the deranged lunatic. This was no match. The belt to the skull would have DQ'd him after all. Or maybe ths head toss into the steel steps, or the same steps rocking into his face. Maybe it would have been the vortex bomb into the barricade. Actually as it wasn't a match, there was no limit to his malice.
- So what's a Forever Reminder on the ring apron, the hardest part of the ring? Even if he may have outright murdered Davies then and there?


- The officials and security along with some medical personnel rushed down to check and protect Davies while Derecho paid them no mind, took his title and made his way to the back.
- Not quite a fun way to end things.

As reported by Trent McKnight.