NBWLive - April 16th, 2017


Live from Bellville Velodrome in Cape Town, South Africa
Attendance: 7200 (Sold Out!)


Happy Easter from everyone in NBW! You enjoy the time with the family and we'll do our best to entertain you! And we did just that for the NBW faithful that lined up the streets outside the Bellville Velodrome for NBWLive last night. Been a long time since NBW left the States, and even longer since touching ground in Africa, let alone Cape Town. So we did what we do best - Entertained!

[1] E.Z. Blaze Versus Jake Tockwell
Blitzkrieg Championship
- Kicking off the night was none other than the In Crowd. A-List were quite vocal about their chances at 25 to Life regarding the Dynasty Tag Team Championships, and that one of the three would be winning the 25L match itself.
- Jake put out an open challenge for the Blitzkrieg Championship to any 'jag' in the back or on the ship, not named Unstoppable or over seven foot.
- Fenton Woods answered the challenge which got Jake immediately back on the mic and telling him to back off, he said no seven foot jag's.
- Cue E.Z. Blaze.
- The match was more of a high-flyer affair than Blitzkrieg rules being applied. At least the first third. After the speed of the agile star had gone on long enough Jake went for the big guns. A steel chair to the inside knee, followed by a leg whip into the steps grounded the flyer.
- Tockwell brought out the tables to the delight of the fans. He set two up then walked over to Blaze to deliver a few stomps before turning to the tables and positioning them. Then flipped them on their sides laughing at the fans.
- Blaze avoided a running knee at the post, in order to send Jake shoulder first. EZ followed up with a moonsault off the apron. Figuring the rules allowed it, he rolled Jake inside the ring and grabbed the chair from earlier, took to the air with a second moonsault, this time with the chair clutched to his chest. It was a near three count thanks to the landing.
- Later Jake returned to the outside and teased the tables again but instead scooted them over with his feet to get under the ring and pull out a pipewrench. Blaze not realizing it dashed at the ropes with a tope suicida but ended up with the wrench to the skull. Tockwell followed it up with a few shots to the ribs until Blaze was left hanging lifeless over the second rope.
- Once again teasing the tables, but this time he flipped one over and dragged it to where Blaze was. "You want Tabels?" He grinned, hopped up on top and pulled Blaze into him until his feet were hanging off the rope. Talk Down! The rope hung DDT right through the table those hungry fans wanted.
- Blaze was tolled back in the ring and Jake barely waited for EZ to reach his feet before striking with Gift of the Gab. The three count followed.
- The jeering received aftewards only grew louder as A-List returned to ringside and joined Jake in triple teaming Blaze. Relief was at hand when the Unstoppables arrived on scene and chased off the In Crowd.
Winner: Jake Tockwell

[2] Davey La Ru Versus Erick Davies
- We're pretty sure that Davey took advantage of the open bar before the match. Actually, quite sure thanks to the bottle he had with him at his own entrance.
- Davies and Davey stuck to the mat. Strike after strike, trying to throw the other one off their game. Or just enjoying beating on each other. Nobody could be sure, nor would they find out.
- Some loud chinese echoed over the PA system before Xiang walked out as the source, with The Great Wall behind him. He announced his Over the Top Rope challenge would take place tonight. Here. Now. And send The Great Wall down to the ring.
- Davies went on the attack but was flung across the ring. Davey struck with a spinning forearm to the skull then hopped up on his back, but the Great Wall flung him over the top of him and onto the mat.
- Erick and Davey joined forces, both going low to the legs, brining the giant to his knees and followed up with a double dashing kick to the face. Xiang yelling at his charge to get back up as he was pulled to his feet and forced into the ropes. Whatever plan they had, didn't last.
- Going low, Wall hoisted both men up by their ankles, and flipped them over him and the ropes to the outside. Xiang laughing as the bell rung and signalled The Great Wall as the victor. Gloating as usual Xiang warned the NBW locker that he would be the winner of 25 to Life.
Winner: The Great Wall

[3] Rune Versus Mitchell Quinlan
- As one would expect Zed accompanied Rune at ringside for the match.
- After months of being on the beaten end of the Crimson Tide, Quinlan actually put on a great showing of offense. Even against the monster heavy in Rune.
- Less than a minute in and Q caught Rune with a nasty half nelson, half dragon suplex - his 7/4 suplex. That's a LOT of weight to raise over your head but he managed.
- Rune turned Quinlan purple with a massive bear hug. If not for a bell clap to the ears that may have been the end. But Q followed with a enziguri and gathered up some much needed air.
- Rune proved to be a powerhouse just as much as expected and it took everything Quinlan had not only to put him down, but to stay on his own two feet.
- The final moments would see Rune caught offguard and Mitchell going for the Fisher '15 but Rune's weight was too much to get up in the air for the Fisherman Lift Driver, no matter how much he tried. Rune took advantage and struck with a headbut that knocked Q back into the ropes, then popped him up in the air on the return, looking for Defcon2:Red Alert, however Mitchell avoided the catch, instead landing on his feet behind Rune.
- Rune swung as he spun around, Q went low and struck with a swift spinning hook kick. Much to the disgust of Zed ringside, the three count would soon follow.
- Afterwards Quinlan urged Zed in the ring, but the Paragon refused and took to the center aisle. = 'Confident' by Demi Lovato brought out Michele Couli, and the Hellion Sisters. Strutting down to the ring she got up on the apron and screamed at Quinlan to leave.
- 'Pretty Little Psycho' caught her attention as one Zhalia Fears made her way charging down to the ring.
Winner: Mitchell Quinlan

[4] Circe Hellion Versus Zhalia Fears
- Seeing Zed remaining ringside, stage-side by a still shaken Rune, Quinlan took a seat by the timekeeper.
- Despite their company outside the ring the two managed to put on a rather good match. Fears sticking to the air and speed while Circe focused on the limbs and keeping her grounded.
- It wasn't set out to look like a fair match from the start and throughout the match you had Melantha Hellion up on the apron distracting Fears at any moment of momentum. while Couli focused on a verbal triade.
- The action would spill out of the ring several times, until one moment saw Fears with a corkscrew moonsault into the trio, only for Couli to shove the sisters forward so they took the brunt of the blast. Couli followed with a running boot, that Zhalia ducked under and vaulted her up over head with a modified leg-clutch suplex.
- ZNNIHILATION. The Tony Jaa inspired flying knee hit it's mark, that mark being Fears skull. The official saw it and called the match while Quinlan came rushing around from the opposite side of the ring. Zed backed up the ramp while a recharged Rune took to the center of the ramp, arms crossed and unmoving.
- Q instead checked on his friend on the floor. Couli wanted to lay into her but the Hellion Sisters held her back and and took her up the side of the ramp and headed to the back.
Winner: Zhalia Fears, by disqualification

[5] Rich Family Versus The Players and For The Win
- 8 Man Tag action. Of course the Rich Family had tremendous teamwork, not being their first match together; however The Players and FTW got along well enough. Tag after tag showed that despite maybe some jealously that The Players were set for 25 to Life and FTW wasn't.
- The action broke down before the bell with neither foursome deciding to follow the rules, causing an all out brawl that the official Simon Brack had a heck of a time trying to regain order. When that didn't work he waited it out. Soon as the action spilled to the outside leaving Todd Rich and Tony Spark, he called for the bell.
- The team work of the Rich Family leaves little missing. They worked the ring and their corner never once allowing Spark a gasp of fresh air, let alone a tag. For them it was tag after tag, ensuring they kept the upperhand.
- The tides would turn when Spark reversed a double team suplex into a double DDT. He barely made it to the corner to tag in Kid Chamelion. It would have been Noid but Freddie Rich and Declan had taken his options out.
- After some offense by Kid, the action was back on a fair setting. Tags were made on both sides and for a few minutes an actual tag match seemed to be happening.
- Kid got the tag once more and faired in a similar manner as Spark earlier. However a dropkick would send Todd out of the ring and the Zero Wrestler flipped over the top rope, hit the second rope before lauchinginto the air with the Han Zo Mon-sault.
- Once more the match broken down with the Rich's attempting to do clean up duty on Kid Chamelion however FTW and Paul were there. Not as agile as his partner, Paul Sanders charged off the apron with a diving shoulder blow into Freddie Rich. Noid and Spark each took to the corners and leapt off into Declan and Donny with duo high-air bodysplashes.
- Everyone down and out Kid got Todd back into the ring, The Saturday Night Slam Master waited for Todd to get to his feet, then went for the impressive Mega Drive!
- Freddie Rich with a boot to the back of the head ended those hopes. He dragged Rich over to the corner, got through the ropes and tagged himself on in. Freddie took immediate advantage and Freddie's Nightmare struck Kid. Leading right into the three count.
Winners: The Rich Family

[6] MAIN EVENT: Ai Tso Versus 'Big' Rick Strongbern Versus Alan Envy
- To say that Tso was appreciative of this match would be an understatement. Avoiding Rick and going right after Envy was his destination. The two brawled all around the ring and on the outside while Big Rick sat on the corner watching.
- Rick bailed to the outside once the action was back in the ring. He waited until either man had their back turned and went for the ropes but Tso spun out with a heel kick that knocked him back on his ass. Once more watching rather than participating.
- Ai Tso showed Envy why he was a former Openweight champion, showcasing more takedowns and pure jacket-based wrestling manuevers than Alan knew to deal with. Bit different from their last encounter, of course.
- When Envy got tired of being tossed around like a ragdoll, he struck harder. And when that didn't work, he struck even harder. His MMA-stylized strikes were like fireballs smacking the face and chest of Tso. It all led up to the Boma Ye Knee Strike, which hit home. Right into the three count.
- At least he had thought so if not for Big Rick pulling the official out before he could make three. Rick took advantage, having done nothing in the match, and slid into the ring. He rushed Envy before he could get to his feet and double-axe handled him to the back. Rick gloated and waited.
- Strongarm Lariot was shot from the corner, however Alan positioned himself to avoid the arm, and took him down right into the cross armbreaker, Paying your Dues. Rick wouldn't submit. But after awhile his motion to struggle slowed and he mumbled something which the official took as a verbal submit and called for the bell.
- Afterwards Big Rick argued with the official that he never quit. He was telling him his arm was tired. This brought out Clan Strongbern. Little Ricky caught Alan Envy as he was leaving up the ramp, went for the attack but was beaten to the punch by a charging Bonebreaker Rik. Armbreaker met Bonebreaker. Envy met the floor face first.
- Despite winning, it was Clan Strongbern standing tall.
Winner: Alan Envy

As reported by Trent McKnight.