NBW ARCHIVES: Infamy Season 1: Episode #001


NBW Archives: INFAMY
Season 1: Episode #001
Original Air Date: December 18th, 2004
Venue: Convention Hall - Asbury Park, NJ


nbW Has Arrived!

As the theme of “Infamy” faded into the chanting of a crowd of 4,498… the cameras panned over the fans under the ridiculous flashes of red purple and blue lights flooding the arena. The Convention Hall in Asbury Park was filled to capacity. The camera panned around the arena, slowly stopping short in front of the announcer’s table. Terry Renton and Marc Gordon stared at the camera for what felt like forever and seemed like a split second…


Infamy was about to begin.


“I’m Marc Gordon and I’m here along side Terry Renton, here to bring you the very first edition of Infamy! A production of no brand Wrestling in congruence with the 3WA Entertainment company, and Fox Sports Net! Welcome to nbW Infamy!” Gordon belted into the microphone.


“Enough with all the formalities, Marc… WE ARE LIVE IN NEW JERSEY! AND WE ARE ONE STEP INTO HISTORY IN THE MAKING, FOLKS!!!” Rents smiled and put his hands out.


“That’s right, ladies and gentlemen!” Marc looked to the camera. “Tonight marks the first time in 6 years a member of the 3WA has been brought to network television, and we are here to bring back the legacy that is the World Wide Wrestling Association!”


“No, no, no, Marc… I was talking about the fact that tonight, in that very ring, in just a few moments in fact, the nbW Co-Chairman Alex Styles, and Co-Chairwoman Veronica Maison will be making an announcement that will set nbW on it’s path to greatness!” Rents slammed a fist on the table. “And tonight, the world of wrestling will be set on it’s side, ready for a sharp kick in the ass… no more of this pointless ‘sports entertainment’ crap! No, tonight men… AND women… will be entering that ring, and will be competing to prove themselves worthy of that elusive piece of platinum, the nbW Heavyweight Championship.”


“That’s right, Terry… tonight the superstars of nb…”




A swift explosion at the entryway signaled the nbW theme to be played again, and the appearance of Alex Styles had the crowd on the edge of their seats in anticipation. Behind him stepped Veronica Maison in a red skirt suit. She carried with her a clipboard, with the emblem of nbW on the back of it. He, on the otherhand, carried with him a duffel bag, and he was loosening his black tie already. He pulled the tie off as his climbed the ring steps, and unbuttoned the first button on his black silk shirt. He walked to the center of the apron and stopped as Veronica slowly followed. Alex sat on the rope allowing her entrance without compromising her attire to the crowd, showing he was a gentleman, and that she wasn’t there as eye candy, although she was alluring. Alex climbed into the ring himself, and adjusted the lapel on his beige sport coat, and called for a microphone.


“This past week we’ve been anticipating the beginning of an era. The beginning of a federation where everything is true to the sport of wrestling. The beginning of a time where the ring is taken seriously, where the wrestlers are talented, where the show is unpredictable… well, tonight we’ve decided to hold off for a moment and show you what you should have to see.”


Veronica grabbed the mic away from Alex and shifter her glasses. Her brown hair was pulled back into a tight bun, and she didn’t look the least bit amused with Alex’s smarmy speech.


“Let’s get to the point, Styles.” She looked to the crowd, and paused as the crowd booed her interruption. She closed her eyes in a silent plea for quiet. Amazingly the crowd answered.


“Let’s face it… a federation is NOTHING without someone to stand in front of it as its representative… as it’s CHAMPION.”


Without hesitation Alex unzipped the bag and lifted out a belt with a plate of sheen platinum. The black etching was shown heavily with the bright lights shining down on the two people in the ring. Alex lifted it up, obviously showing the symbol emblazoned on the front of the belt.




The heavyweight belt was revealed. But who was going to be given the right to bear it? The crowd immediately start a mixture of chants for members of the federation… thinking it was just going to be awarded to a fan favorite and see if he could run with the ball. Whomever thought that it would be that easy was wrong.


“We’ve heard your chanting before… and we know who you’d LIKE to see hold this belt… maybe an explosive superstar?”


At that the crowd started chanting, “Un-Fuckin-Censored” with the production crew going crazy trying to time the bleeps.


“How about a rampaging minority?”


Suddenly “Ma-Lik, Ma-Lik” rose from the crowd.


“Or a hometown hero?”


The crowd exploded from the words, no chant was clear, but all knew who they were talking about… just as the rhythmic strumming of “Start Something” began to pulse through the PA. The crowd blew up more when the lights went out, both Veronica and Alex stepped toward the ropes facing the entryway as the purple spotlights centered on the entryway. The curtains separated and the silhouette of Jason Kain stepped out to the entryway. He walked down the aisle to the ring and slid under the ropes, standing and throwing his arms to the sky. Grabbing and pulling against the rope with his left hand, he slapped his chest with the right and then threw his fist to the sky and the turnbuckles exploded.


He looked to the ring crew for a mic, and Oliver Crestmore tossed him one. Kain caught it and immediately popped the catchphrase in his hometown…




The crowd roared with delight at the sound of it, as most had chanted along already. Kain stood in front of Alex Styles, and stared him in the eyes. Then he turned away from him and stood in front of Veronica Maison. He looked as if he was going to say something, holding the mic in front of his face… but instead stopped as the green lights filled the ring…


One red spotlight hit the entryway as “Hot Mama” burst through the PA. The crowd didn’t recognize the music… but they did however recognize the fabled belly… as the four-month pregnant Jade Greene stepped out and walked her way down the aisle. As the crowd cheered wildly, Jade walked up the steps and Kain, still staring at Alex, pushed the rope down to let her in the ring. She smiled and put a hand on his shoulder after he stood back up. The smile slowly left her and she looked at Styles. Styles looked to the crowd as the cheering kept up.


“Look at me, Styles. Look at me.”


Styles walked toward a turnbuckle as the crowd continued their chanting and screaming. But that all came to an end as Kain grabbed Alex by the collar and turned him around.


“I SAID LOOK AT ME! You come out here saying you are trying to promote this federation, trying to state that you’re going to crown a champion. And yet, I’ve noticed something. You let HER get all the important stuff out. You were supposed to be the balls of this operation!? Why does hers hang lower than yours?” Kain puts his nose to Alex’s. “I don’t see a man out here. I see a child. A child that’s waiting for mommy to come pick him up and take him home. This show makes or breaks this fed, and yet, all I see is the crybaby tearing up before the fun starts!”


Kain steps away from Alex and looks at his fiancée. Her belly showing a bit, and an uncharacteristic smile goes to Kain’s face… but it’s wiped clean as he turns to the crowd.


“Forget the average everyday! This handing the title over stuff is bullshit! No, Alex… you pick your champions. Then see which of them are worth it.”


Veronica stepped in between the men, and slapped the clipboard against Kain’s chest.


“Don’t overstep your bounds, Kain. Last time I checked, you were signed to an nbW contract, which makes HIM… your boss.” She looked him up and down, then stepped around him. “You’ll do.”


“He’ll do what?” Jade mouthed. With that Maison smiled, and Jade put an angry face on.


“Kain… you’re our first contender. You see, you’re right. We AREN’T going to sit here and pick someone to just toss the belt on. No… this belt is worth more than just a simple laying on a shoulder.” She walked around him as he just stood there facing the camera. “This federation deserves to see a fight for that belt. In fact, it deserves to see SIX fights for that belt. So with that… I’m going to announce the first true decision of this federation… on national television!”


The crowd’s anticipation was tense, but it almost seemed like they knew what was coming up.


“A tournament. We’re going to truly see who is the talent in this federation! We’ll take the ones that were here the longest. The ones that think they deserve it the most. We’ll put THEM in a tournament. And you’ll do as one of the members of the first match of the tournament. You and Caden Adams. May the best man win… now get out of my ring!”


She glared at Kain. A sneer came to his face, but as she leveld the clipboard with the aisle leading away from the ring, Jade just pulled Kain away. As both stepped back up the aisle to the entryway, the crowd booed wildly. The beginning was the beginning… and it looked as if Alex didn’t have the control he was expecting to already.


It was going to be a long night.



An Uncensored Father


The show had just begun, and there he sat, seemingly frozen. It was if he were a statue. His eyes were closed as he is obviously stressed. His dirty-blonde hair was short, but messy. He wore a white T-shirt, short blue jeans, black knee and arm pads, as well as black boots. His face was relaxed, though it was quite apparent that that was not what he was actually feeling inside. Though his face may have been relaxed, he could be read like a book. He was indeed very nervous. He sat on steel folding chair, a piece of furniture that he has become familiar with throughout his lifetime. Behind him was a shadowy corridor that lead apparently to the unknown. This was none other than William Banks, the man that wrestles under the persona, "Uncensored."


His eyes opened quickly as he sighed. At his feet was a beautiful little girl. She couldn't have been any older than two years old. She was playing with a Barbie doll in the type of matter that only little children could, by chewing the doll's hair with her still barely matured teeth.


At first sight of this little girl, he smiled. Even though her back was facing him, she brought to him some sort of joy. She turned her upper body around so she could look at this man. She took the doll's head of hair out of her mouth and smiled. This seemed to lighten up his day even more.


"C'mere, baby." Banks said, obviously, she was his daughter. She rose from the cold concrete ground that had been slowly numbing her lower body for the past while. Once she was on her feet, he picked her up and sat her on his lap. He hovered above her as he lowered his head to be just above her right shoulder.


Quietly he muttered, "Vicky, I'm really sorry mommy isn't here any more."


"Mommy?" She questioned with her high pitched voice. As with most questions kids of this age ask, this was pretty much just jibberish.


"Yeah, mommy." Banks responded. "Before your mama had you, daddy had gotten himself mixed in with the wrong group of people. She always was hurt because of me, and then the angels came to take her away from us, and it was because of this same group of people."


"The angles." She said. This of course is another habit infants tend to have: talking in incomplete sentences.


"Yeah!" He said, as he tried to higher his voice to relate to his daughter. "Don't worry, daddy will never see those mean people again. They are never going to hurt you, and they will never hurt me. Back then, they had something I wanted. I was willing to die for it. Now, it is nothing to me. Your daddy will never be that selfish ever again."


Banks paused for a moment and sighed. Just speaking of this topic is a very difficult task to accomplish, but he is some how persevering through it. "Vicky, honey, I'm really sorry I can't promise to have a home that you can live and grow up in. Your daddy is just in a rough business. All I really can do is just take you with me to where ever I go. I can't leave you at home, there's no one to take care of you. All I can do is look at the bright side, I will always be with you, Vicky. That's the one thing your daddy can promise, that and that I will always love you. Nothing can ever change that." He then gave her a peck of a kiss on her right cheek. "I love you baby."


"Hey, Will!" A voice called from the distance.


"Yeah?" He questioned as a rather short, somewhat chunky man walked closer to him.


"We need to go over what you're going to say later tonight." This man said.


"Alright. Just give me a second." Banks responded as the man nodded his head and walked off. "I'll be right back." He said as he lowered Vicky back onto the ground.



Three Ring Circus


Tony Field rustled back on the bench near a locker, where his suit dangled. He looked over to his agent, Brookes Boren, and started to grumble.


"Why the hell did you sign me up for this two bit piece of shit federation." Tony rose from the bench. "I'm a multiple time champion, I've put several federations on the map, I've owned my own federation, and look at me..."


Brookes interupts. "Tony, this place is.."


"...A three ring circus is what this place is. Look at it, it's unorganized. You have everyone running around like a chicken with it's head cut off, management don't know what's going on. The wrestlers don't know what's going on. I'm a wasted talent. I mean Christ, I'm a star and I'm fighting the opening match!"


Brookes nodded his head, knowing better than to argue with his cousin. "I'll see what I can do about it Tony. They'll either adhere to our needs, or I'll see what we can do to get you out of the contract."


Tony nodded his head. "I guess until then I'll make this Dawson whats-his-name into an example, a martyr or sorts." With that Tony jerked his neck to one side, then to the other, popping his neck, then stormed out of the locker room for his match.



Tony Field vs. Dawson James


Marc Gordon “Welcome everyone watching from around the world! this is...nbW!”


Terrence Renton “I've been waiting here long enough, it's about time this show has gone underway. I feel like i've been caught in a timewarp or something”


Marc Gordon “I think it's time for the very first match of the evening. I don't really know much about these next two wrestler's but I have already been hearing things backstage and these two are not the best of friend's if you know what I mean”


Terrence Renton “That doesn't surprise me, on one side you have a tall handsome practically perfect human specimen and.. *laughs* on the other well you have someone who may be creeping too close to the closet if you ask me!”


Marc Gordon “Enough of that! let's have Brent Williams introduce them before things get out of hand with you're ridiculous comments and accusations”


Brent William “Introducing, a man who hails from Wilmington, North Carolina and currently resides in Omaha, Nebraska.. he stands in at 5'11" and weighs approximately 220 Lbs. ladies and gentlemen HERE IS Dawson James!”


“Glass Danse” by the Faint can be heard surging through the arena speakers as the fans eagerly await the first glimpse of an nbW wrestler, as Dawson James steps through the curtains he is met with a positive response as he calmy stops at the top of the corridor with his hands places firmly on his hips just examining the crowd and with a brief smile he continues to walk towards ringside as announcer wastes no time introducing his opponent. ~


Brent William “Next, is someone who some might know as ruthless and cutthroat as anyone in professional sports. He is known to have knocked many out of careers by just one foul maneuver or one dismal glance at his property.. I introduce to you all a man who resides in the town where the blues were born St Louis, Missouri he also stands at 6'2" and currently weighs in at 227 Lbs. please WELCOME "The Real Deal" Tony Fields!”


“Walk” can be heard pumping loud and frequently through the entire arena as Tony Fields with his wife Anne along side him stand at the centre of what most people would call the wrestling universe. After ignoring the audience he promptly makes his way towards the ringside circle as he steps through leaving his wife outside to observe he gives his opponent Dawson James a cold stare as the referee assigned to this match calls for the bell.


Marc Gordon “The match is just about to start as the bell sounds and both wrestler's circle the ring not paying any attention to their surroundings as they squarely look each other in the eyes but once they've taken a few steps Tony Fields suddenly stops which leaves Dawson James standing in motion wondering what his opponent might be trying to do, syke him out maybe?!”


Terrence Renton “I think Tony just wants to extend his hand in favour of a friendly handshake with Dawson, what's wrong with that?”


Marc Gordon “There's plenty wrong with that.. how can you trust someone as devious as Tony Fields? the guy is a creep. ..and what do you know! Fields has asked Dawson to shake his hand as a sign of respect, give me a break. Dawson takes a step closer to Fields and as he motions to crowd for a response he gets blind sided by a closed fist! what a cheap shot! this is getting out of control!!”


Terrence Renton “Are you kidding me!? it was only a punch, get a hold of yourself MG.. you're scaring me”


Marc Gordon “Anyways, Tony Fields continues to punch Dawson all the way to the corner turnbuckle as he begins to chop away at the practically lifeless Dawson James who can't even defend himself! this isn't right, someone call 911! goddamnit..”


Terrence Renton “Are you okay Marc? seriously you're going to be commentating alone if you keep this up, I'am not going to watch you make a complete fool out of me”


Marc Gordon “You know what, you son of a bitch get out! I don't need you here anyways.. as far as commentating is concerned I'am the whole god damn show you little punk now leave before I call security!”


Terrence stands up as he is completely disgusting with Marc's comments and out of a fit of rage he pushes Gordon to the floor and jumps on him connecting with rights and lefts! two fights going on at once and the televised audience has no idea what's going on! after a few hectic seconds security guards rush to the commentator's area and remove both commentator's from their no longer respective areas as they motion for the ring announce Brent Williams to finish the match ~


Brent Williams “Sorry to everyone who is watching our program, we've been having some technical problems and I assure you all that they will be settled briefly! I'll be here to fill in the blanks and right any wrongs”


The referee finally steps in between both wrestler's and goes to check Dawson to see if he is still able to wrestle after taking such a vicious pounding at the hands of Tony Fields who now is standing at the opposite end of the ring trying to get the crowd booing as loudly as they can. Dawson stumbles to his feet and looks directly at Tony Field's who is shocked to his that James is standing as it just goes to prove that he has the heart of a champion and the praise of the fans surrounding him. This ignites Dawson as he slowly walks to Fields while practically dragging his right leg he motions a punch and misses as Tony runs and connects with a staggering clothesline that sends James thrashing to the mat in pain.


But this doesn't stop Dawson from getting up yet again! This is astounding like a miracle from the book of revelations! Dawson James looks more determined than ever as he raises his hands up and down trying to get the crowd on his side as the begin to chant his name which doesn't sit too well with Tony Fields as he tries to cover his ears from the screams and taunts of the fans who are relentless in their efforts! Dawson charges Tony and connects with a spinning elbow to the chest of Fields sending both men down to the canvas as they lay down next to each other both men try to use each other to get themselves up which works but than Dawson quickly grabs Field's head and drops to his knees with a jawbreaker!!


Tony is covering his mouth as he appears to be bleeding.. James picks himself up and when turns around to the outside of the ring he notices a pretty gal looking up at him almost in awe it was Tony Field's wife, Anne. Dawson walks toward the ropes and looks over at her as he tries to ask her something a sneaky Field's grabs him by the tights and rolls him up as the referee suddenly counts...~






Brent Williams “This match is over! the winner is Tony Field's with a mislead win..”


Tony Field jumps up quickly, climbs the turnbuckle celebrating while Dawson gets back to his feet, still checking out Anne, Field's wife...Tony notices this and doesn't like it one bit! like a stalking predator he quietly rolls out of the ring and grabs an empty chair and slides back under the bottom rope and swings the steel chair violently smashing James in the skull causing blood to splatter everywhere but that didn't stop Field from swinging downward's flattening the top of Dawson's head with yet another chair shot that seamlessly appears to have knocked Dawson James unconscious...


Tony than to places the chair on the wrestling mat beside Dawson's body and lifts him up only to drop him right back down on the chair with a DDT!..shortly afterwards the paramedics rush to Dawson's aid as Tony reluctantly steps back as he leaves the ring he screams “Stay away from her!! she's mine!” ~


Brent Williams “I can't believe what just happened, truely awful but the show must go on, please stay tuned as we plan to bring more action from the nbW!”


Winner: "Real Deal" Tony Field



A Full House


Alex Styles stared at the white limo in the parking lot.


It wasn’t his limo.


He knew who was in it, and as Michael Donadio stood smiling beside him, he just shook his head. Up until four minutes to show time he was protesting this very incident. And it was just about to get worse. The door opened and four men stepped out.


The first was a man who’s stage name was Spy. The guy wasn’t a bad wrestler… his problem was he never had a chance to shine. The second was a guy that wasn’t as well known. Alex had hired Troy Adams expecting him to bring a brawler to his mid-card, but he didn’t expect him to show up with this chronic late-comer. The third man out wore a sleeveless hoodie with the hood up. As his face was covered up, Alex just figured he was a body guard… but the hooded figure pushed his way past Alex and into the arena before everyone else.


That was odd.


Alex glared at the empty doorway to the car as a shined leather shoe came into view. The last man was the one Alex had protested from day one. This man had driven his fed into the ground… and now he was standing on no brand Wrestling turf. The man was Trevor Echo. And he was sweating.


“H… hello Alex.” He stuck a hand out to shake, but Alex just stared at him. “I’m glad to be working with you here in nbW. This could become one of the best things to happen in wrestling history.”


“He’s here to bring about the fans of the Philadelphia area to our shows. They’re a hardcore base, and Trev’s going to be the booker for those matches.” Donadio smiled.


“No.” Alex turned and started toward the door. Donadio started after him.


“What do you mean no!?”


“That man is going to destroy us. I want him out of my arena. I want him out, and out NOW, Mike.”


“Don’t you talk to me like that Alex. This isn’t your choice, this time around. I still have say over this federation, even if you don’t think I should.” Donadio stared at Alex with a dead stare… and Alex buckled.


“Fine. Fine, fine, fine.” Alex turned toward the door, holding his head. “What the hell does he want to do with tonight’s show?”


“Well, Spy will be facing the big guy over there.” Donadio pointed at the man in the hoodie who had stopped in the doorway to the backstage.


“I didn’t hire him, Mike.”


“I did.” Trev Echo piped in. “He’s… he’s a good talent. I swear it.”


“Mike, I hope you know what you’re doing.”


“Troy Adams will be facing Alan Helms tonight also, right?” Donadio continued.


“That’s not a hardcore match. And I won’t turn it into one.” Alex started for the door.


“Ok… I understand. We’ll keep it to one this week.”


“Fuck.” Alex walked through the door.



Troy Adams vs. Alan Helms


In the arena pyros were going crazy and the fans were at the edge of their seats awaiting the presence of a new nbW superstar. From behind the curtain Alan Helms came out and appeared to the crowd while walking down the ramp. He's got the swagger and charisma to catch the fans attention and they pop for him as he enters the ring and grabs a mic.


Alan Helms is about to begin but before he can get any words out he flashes a big grin at his ovation and then begins. "Are you fans looking for some entertainment or what?" At this the fans start a "hell ya" chant and another big grin crosses the face of Helms.


"Hell ya"
"Hell ya"
"Hell ya"....


"Well then ladies and gents look no further. I apologize that so far you have already had to sit through the show this long to find some real entertainment and you know I wasn't scheduled to be due out here tonight at all but I figured that since I was backstage and I could just feel the atmosphere calling for some entertainment, I decided to come on out here and liven some things right up."


The crowd continues to be going for this.


"Now don't get me wrong, we have some great superstars around here in nbW. Some of the best from all around the world have joined up to give you one kick ass show and for that I know you are all thankful. But the real question, the number one question lurking in the back of all your minds right now is... 'Who is there to really root for. Who do I stand behind.' Well once again, look no further. Most of these guys around here are a bunch of lame-o's, coming out here and shootin there yaps, they don't really understand that this is put on for your entertainment, and that is why it is I who will be the savior of this federation. I will be the leader of this union of talent and for that you can all rely on me to be the man to cheer behind."


"Hell ya"
"Hell ya"
"Hell ya"


"Once again I feel that I may be getting a little too far ahead of myself though, there is no question that my fellow workers are talented. There's no question that some of them can come out here, put a few sentences together, make up some catch phrase and capture your attention for a few minutes. But that is just a blip in your mind that doesn't last. On the other hand you sit here and listen to me and I will put on a show FOR YOU. Not for myself, not in hope that I look good or in hope that I have to please the boss. That is why they call me The Spotlight, because when you see me, that's all you see. Everything else blurs out of focus and you just see me. That IS the entertainment factor I provide, don't let there be any question about it."


There is a rumble in the crowd and parting his way through the crowd comes a man looking quite out of the ordinary.


"My god it's Troy Adams coming through the crowd folks." said Marc Gordon. "And I believe he's got a mic in hand."


"Did I hear hard...core?" said Troy Adams in somewhat of a deranged and yet stable voice.


In the ring Alan Helms stares at Adams confused and shakes his head in disgust.


"Now this is what I'm talking about, hold on cut, cut. This isn't entertainment, can someone please escort Mr. Adams to the back so I can finish talking to the people who really matter around here."


"Did you say hardcore?" said Adams into the microphone once again.


"No damnit, I said entertainment now go lock yourself in the dungeon where you belong freak." Helms is beginning to get very annoyed of this pestering madman.


"But hardcore is entertainment..." Adams voice is a bit shaky as he seems to be very socially anxious in front of the thousands of crazy fans.


"Ha, did you hear this freak. He said hardcore IS entertainment." The fans started to laugh a little as they knew that nbW is a federation that frowns on hardcore non-skilled workers.


Adams started to tremble in anger at getting laughed at. It seemed that he started to realize he was not welcome in at that moment and he headed to the outside.


Helms had a ridiculing smile on his face as Adams was leaving the ring. "There we go, he just needed a little help understanding that is all." Adams was on the outside now. Helms turned his back on him as he focused his attention back on the crowd. "Now as I was saying, back to what truly matters...."




From behind Adams had gotten a chair and knocked Helms down to the mat with one strong swing of the chair to the back of the head. Backstage crewmen started to head towards the ring .they made it through the curtain and down the ramp but they were being kept out of the ring by threats from Adams as he swung the chair around aimlessly.


One crewman slid under the ropes but he was taken out by a chair shot. The other crewmen took a step back. Adams grabbed Helms’s microphone.


"Listen up. I...I...I.. want to request a match." He looks around to see the reaction, to see if he is being laughed at. "The only way I spare Helms right now is if you give me my request." Helms is starting to get up and getting to the corner to recuperate. Helms is in a complete daze, not knowing where he is. Adams takes a look behind him and quickly grabs Helms, setting up the chair as a guillotine to the throat of Helms. "The only way Helms get out of this ring in one piece is if you grant me a match right now After I am done with Helms if you don‘t grant this match your ass is next! You hear me Styles?"


Executive Officer Alex Styles got on the teletron. "Helms you wanted to entertain the crowd, I suppose this is your chance , because I am not putting my ass on the line for you.


Matt Forbes rushed to the ring and the backstage crewmen headed to the back. Adams released Helms who is still quite dazed but was starting to come to terms with himself. Forbes gets in the ring and signals for the bell.


Helms was almost back up to his feet ,but before he could get back to a vertical base he is nailed with 3 hard kicks to the gut. Adams then picked Helms up before even giving him a chance to catch his breath and slammed him down with a body slam. Adams went to the corner and grabbed the rope the pad was tide to the turn buckle with and stared to untie it. Matt Forbes saw this and hurried over to stop Adams he managed to get between Adams and the turn buckle. Adams frustrated he couldn’t get the pad off returned to Helms and tried to pick him up by the hair , but Helms caught his second wind and as Adams was pulling him up he get to get some hard rights to the midsection of Adams. Adams stumbled back towards the turnbuckle and slammed back first into the turnbuckle he earlier tried to untie. He was now stuck in the corner as Helms nailed him in the chest with 5 ruthless knife hand chops, Troy’s Chest was starting to turn beat red. as Helms hit another.




Adams was trapper like a rat. He tried to fight out of the corner , but couldn’t get 2 inches from it with out being nailed with another chop. Adams looked to see if Matt Forbes was paying close attention. Adams saw that Forbes’s for what ever reason was looking towards the crowd and brought his right foot up and kicked Helms in the crotch. The fans started to boo as a sick smile appeared on Adam’s face as he finished the job he started earlier and free the pad from the turn buckle. Helms was holding his crotch and was on the ground as Matt Forbes turned his attention back to the action in the ring. He asked Adams what happened to Helms and Troy motioned that he ran at him for a bronco buster and missed. As Adams is explaining this to Matt Forbes he is caught from behind with a drop kick sending him head first into the un protected turnbuckle and his head hit it as blood seemed to start to spray from his head. Helms caught him as bunched back with a school boy. Matt Forbes got on his hand and knees and looked to the front row for a slip second before starting to count.






Thrrrrrrrrrrrrr................... No Adams some how muscled the strength to reach up and grab the ropes. Forbes looks back at the front row and Helms tells him to pay attention to the match. Adams mean while was starting to get back to his feet as his long hair was starting to soaked with blood. Adams grabs Helms from behind and whipped him into the ropes as it seemed this match was going to turn into a wrestling match finally. The fans started to chant Helms name as he bounced off the ropes and nailed Adams with a power full shoulder sending Adams down to the matt. Adams got back up and whipped the blood from his eyes and lunged towards Helms as Helms was starting to show that he was the better wrestler between the two and caught Adams with a drop toe hold. Adams face bounced of the matt opening up the gouge in his head even more. Adams seemed to smile though and got right back up to a vertical base. Helms looked at him and saw the smile on his face backed up a little wondering what was up with the smile. The cold emotionless stare in Adams eyes got even colder as he put his hand out in front of him and put some of his own blood on his hands and started to rub it on his chest like war paint. Helms looked at him for one more second and then remember that this was a match and charged towards Adams and went for a clothes line ,but Adams seems to be more alert now that he was bleeding and side steps him and grabs him with one hand and hip tosses him over the ropes to the out side. Forbes started to count Helms out as Adams slid under the bottom rope and out of the ring.






Troy helped Helms back up to his feet and whipped Helms full speed into the stairs as there is a sickening thud heard through out the arena as Helms hit knee first.




Adams slowly walked to his pray as his picked him back up and banged his head into the stairs a few times.




Helms was out of it and groggy Adams sensing blood and wanting more places Helm’s head on the stairs and looked under the ring for a steal chair.




Adams found the chair and went to slam it into Helm’s head and smash it against the stairs , but at the last second Helm’s dodged this blood craze’s swing and rolled off the stairs. The chair hit the chairs and made a loud bang. Troy dropped the chair like it was burning hot and




Helms took his opportunity and slid into the ring as blood was also starting to drip down his face to get out of Adam’s element and back into his.




Troy was just standing out there looking around as if he didn’t know where he was as the count got to 9 he shook the cobwebs out of his head and slid back into the ring and was met with kicks to the back as Helms got the advantage back and didn’t want to take the chance of losing it again. There was no telling what that mad man Adams would do if he got it again. Helms was still stomping away as Troy still had that sadistic smile on his face that grew bigger with every stomp. Troy rolled away from Helm’s final stomp and sprung back up to his feet as Helms look at him in disbelief. Helms lunged back at Adams and hit him in the face with hard right hands as Troy just stumbled backwards with that sadistic smile still on his face. Helms grabbed him by the hair and turned him around and pulled of a perfect release German suplex as Adams went flying in the air and hit the matt. Helms deciding it wasn’t time to go for the pin yet picked up the bloodied Adams and whipped him back into the un protected turn buckle this time on purpose. Adams hit back first and feel to the canvas in a heap.




Helms walked over and got on top of Adams and hooked one leg. Matt Forbes started to count Adams out again.








Matt’s hand went down , but at the same time he looked up and saw that Adams had his foot on the ropes and called his last tap off. Helms got up thinking he won , but when he looked at Forbes , Forbes just pointed to the ropes and Helms saw nothing because Adams slid his foot of the ropes before Helms could see it. Forbes and Helms start to argue as Adams slid out of the ring and walked to where he dropped the chair earlier. He picked it up and slid back into the ring. He tapped Helms on the shoulder and as Helms turned around he swung the chair as hard as he could and.....




Helms falls down and the ref signals for a disqualification , but Troy Adams don’t look to mind as he swing the chair again and hits the ref.


Crewmembers charged down to get the chair away from Troy , but they where stopped as they entered the ring with chair shots to head. Troy continued to hit every thing that moved with that chair till every thing around was still and knocked out. He picked Alan Helms back up and hit him with The switch blade(STK) Alan hit the matt as the boos started to rain down from the crowd. Troy Adams picked the chair back up and put it down as if he was going to sit on it. He picked up Alan Helms by the hair and set him up for a reverse DDT onto the seat of the chair. Troy dropped down nailing helm Violent Intentions , Helms’s body went crashing through the chair and down to the canvas with a sickening....




Troy sat up and got back to his feet and grabbed the microphone he had earlier and begins to speak.


“Wwwwwwwhooooo Thinks they can take me? Any one? Come on don’t be shy now I want to play more” Stuttered Troy as he waited in the ring, but no one was coming.


“This place bores me now the entertainment is gone” Troy said referring to people to give pain too and not get arrested for it. All that is clear about Troy as the show went to a commercial this was nothing , but a game to him.


Winner: Alan Helms via Disqualification



The Amazing Mr. Cruz


“Two Faces, One Man” exploded through the PA as pink lights shrouded the arena. The crowd knew the music, as only one person had this theme. It was custom made to fit the persona of one of the most truly insane workers ever. That man was Eli Cruz, and he was walking through the entryway. The look on his face was so focused that it seemed completely unnatural. His eyes were wild, like a psychopath, and his teeth were bared. Almost like a trapped animal.


In fact his head movements seemed animalistic in nature for that matter. But something was wrong with him, and the crowd knew it. This wasn’t the loveable jobber, El Emenopi. It wasn’t even the crude former luchadore Eli Ramirez. This was a man with a streak that was beginning to show, and the streak was redder than blood.


He snapped a microphone from Denny Davidson’s hand so quickly that Denny shied away, scared. He slid under the ropes and came to a halt in the center of the ring. As he stood motionless, the crowd quieted to hear what the man had to say.


But no words escaped his mouth. He just stood there like a rock with his head aimed directly at the bottom rope.


His breathing was heavy, and his eyes started to water and tear. They weren’t tears of sadness… or of joy. It was tears of madness, it seemed. But Eli’s psychotic grin never left his face, nor did his eyes blink. Slowly his head moved up, lining up with the camera. The production assistants at the ring kepts switching cameras to catch all of the emotion, but there was none to give. Instead Eli just followed the red lights on the cameras, so that he was always facing the one that was on.


He shook.


The crowd sat in high anticipation. The promo must be intense for this amount of concentration. But the mic still hadn’t lifted. Instead, he clung to the mic as if it were a safety blanket, crushing the handle in his fist. The free hand went into his long, red and blonde streaked hair, and pulled, grabbing psychotically and messing it up. He stared the cameras down until finally the only one left to view was the long-distance. The shaking seemed almost epileptic, except he seemed to have an unrealistic amount of control.


This lasted for six minutes.


The crowd was so uncomfortable in this silence, but they didn’t know what to make of it. The silence in the arena was nerve-wrecking. People looked at their watches, but didn’t want to leave, because something was bound to happen. Eli just stood there, breathing into the microphone, a horrible shake in the breaths, making it seem as if he couldn’t speak at all.


Then Eli made his move.


He climbed out of the ring and headed up the aisle. The crowd started to boo. Eli had wasted their time. He had wasted the federation’s time. But he was still out there. He stood in the entryway with his back to the audience… but something was different. The shaking had stopped, and the grimace was now a smile.


His plan was in effect.



Stirring The Pot


Black leather sandals. Tight, black leather pants with silver threading up each leg. A bare, muscular midriff with a sparkling bellybutton ring. Black leather halter top with matching silver threading up the chest.


Her flowing black hair slid neatly over her slender shoulders and down her back. It swayed back and forth with every step she took down the backstage corridor.


Vicki Nite had arrived. After weeks of waiting for a debut, she had finally got her chance. As she walked backstage, she passed by many of her fellow wrestlers. Some of who smiled at her, some who didn’t even acknowledge her at all.


Vicki held a small map of the Asbury Park Convention Center in one hand and her sunglasses and purse in the other as she searched for her dressing room. There were many other doors backstage, some leading to other wrestler’s rooms, some to common rooms, and some to staff offices. Vicki passed by a common room with a few wrestlers inside and peeked her head in. They just sat and watched television, read magazines, drank coffee or rested after their tiring matches. She shook her head and turned to leave but bumped right into none other than Tony Field.


Tony stepped back a moment, eyeing Vicki Nite up and down. He slightly licked his lips, obviously liking what he saw. He glanced each way, assuring that his wife, Anne, was nowhere to be seen. "So who do we have here?"


Vicki raised an eyebrow to him and folded her arms across her leather top. She leaned against the doorframe and cocked her head to one side, "Who wants to know?" she cleared her throat and looked down the hall, obviously not interested in the reaction forthcoming.


Tony flashed Vicki that million dollar grin, which has been the weakness of so many in the past, but disregarded that boyish charm he can sometimes turn on. Rather Tony chose to go with the ego card in hopes of gaining some flattery. "You mean you don't recognize the one and only Tony Field when he's right in front of you? One of wrestling biggest stars, and at one time voted one of the most beautiful people in the world?"


Vicki yawned over-dramatically, then grinned slightly, liking his cockiness. “Well, I do believe I too, was voted one of the most beautiful people in the wrestling world...so, standing side-by-side here, what would that make us?” she stuck out her hand, waiting for Tony Field to shake it. “I’m Vicki Nite!”


Tony continued to grin with a slight gleam in his eye. He nodded his head in agreement. Obviously intrigued by Vicki Nite, Tony extended his hand as well. "Well Miss Nite, I must say, it is quite my pleasure to be meeting you." Tony paused a moment, almost as if in deep thought. "So is there anything other than making your acquaintance that I can do for you today?"


Vicki pushed her body off the doorframe and leaned over in front of Tony as she smoothed out her leather pants and adjusted her cleavage. “Well, I think maybe two of the most beautiful people in the nbW might be good at working together...so, keep me in mind!”


Vicki brushed past Field and began to walk down the hall, but stopped short and looked back at him, "Anytime, anyplace, Miss Nite...you know where to find me!"


Vicki laughed as she walked away from Tony Field. She rounded the corner, again searching for her dressing room, but stopped when she heard her name called from the end of the hall. It was a stern female voice, which sent chills up Vicki’s spine.


“MISS NITE, HOLD IT RIGHT THERE!” Vicki didn’t turn around, but placed her hands on her hips and waited for the woman to catch up. Veronica Maison grabbed Vicki’s arm and spun her around, making her almost drop the map and her sunglasses.


Vicki stared at Veronica’s hand and then glanced up at her long blond hair and green eyes, hiding behind the dark, squared glasses. “Where the hell have you been?” Veronica folded her arms and cleared her throat. She tapped her red high heeled shoe on the floor, in waits of a response.


“What do you mean ‘where have I been’? It’s only the first televised show!” Vicki shook her head and threw her arms up in the air.


“EXACTLY! It’s the first televised show. This means we’ve had house shows. Where have you been? You think you can just show up out of nowhere without telling anyone when you were coming?” Veronica’s face twisted in anger. “You better get your ass in gear if you plan on getting anywhere in this federation Missy! And remember; now the staff has your number, and we will be watching every move you make!” Veronica walked away, almost nailing Vicki in the face with her long hair as she spun away from her. She stopped and turned her head before leaving, “Oh, and Vicki...go around the corner and your locker room is three doors from the end on the left!”


Vicki flashed Veronica a fake smile and disappeared around the corner to her locker room.



MEW Archive Match:
“Luscious” Logan Saunders vs. “Rebellious” Rick Blaze
1997 – Main Event Wrestling “Monday Night Main Event”


The year was 1997, year of MEW. The company had never been stronger. A highly ranked member of the 3WA network, with a solid television deal in a primetime slot and a growing fan base, MEW had it all. With "Golden" Glen Miller headlining the shows there was a large draw for the fans, especially the Miller marks that followed him from federation to federation, show to show. With the highly ranked superstars drawing in the fans MEW took great pride in nurturing fresh, young, vibrant talent to breed their next generation of headliners. One virile young male who was steadily climbing the ranks of the federation was "Luscious" Logan Saunders. The blonde bombshell had already wooed the fans in dark matches and lower card match-ups with a range of different roster members whose in-ring styles differed greatly to one another. The contrast was good for Logan, it gave him a chance to grow and develop his own unique style. His potential had already been recognized by the vast majority of the booking team and word about his outstanding in-ring ability (for a person of his tender age) had been passed around the backstage area, web forums, and numerous forms of media outlets.


On this night, Logan Saunders was booked to face Rick Blaze. Rick was a maturing veteran of the business who had competed both in the USA and over the ocean in Japan. His style was similar to that of Logan's, which was a new challenge for the rising star. He had never competed against someone of a similar style whilst he had been part of the MEW team.


It was "Luscious" Logan Saunders who would make his way to the ring first. Some form of default music played through the arena's P.A. System and those in the audience who respected well-rounded athletes rather than simple show boaters applauded, showing their respect for the young athlete as he stepped from behind the curtain. His golden silk robe dangled from his body as he reached his arms outwards at his sides, a polite smile crossing his face. As Logan swaggered down the aisle he removed his sunglasses and handed them to a random audience member, who undoubtedly still has them in his (or her) possession. As he reached ringside he took a moments pause, deciding which way to walk. Up the steps or slid on to the apron. He went with the latter before dropping his robe off of his shoulders, over the top rope and in to the arms of the waiting timekeeper who whisked it off towards his desk in the corner of ringside. The short entrance of the luscious one came to a close, almost interrupted by the trademark theme music of another well respected competitor, and a much more popular superstar, Rick Blaze. Rick was a modestly sized athlete, toned but not ripped. He stood at 6 feet even and his weight suited that size nicely. Because of his size he was very agile and quite quick. Blaze stepped out from behind the curtain and sauntered towards the head of the ramp. He stopped, perked up his lip with a cocky grin and raised one arm, his index finger pointing towards the ceiling. His cheers outweighed the fresh face of Logan Saunders, presumably for numerous reasons. One, he was one of the best in the company at working a crowd, two he was a well respected athlete throughout the business, marks included, and three he had recently come off a feud with "Golden" Glen Miller to turn from a heel alignment to a face one, saving Lenny Armstrong from the grasps of the venomous Viceroy.


The opponent began to stride with confidence towards the ring, slicking back his short black hair and rubbing his moustache with the thumb and index finger of his right hand. It seemed to Logan that his entrance too was short lived, especially for a match taking place mid-card with a competitor who had just come off a main event feud. Nonetheless the two met one another in the center of the ring and shook hands with one another. Rick gave Logan a few words of encouragement, "You'll be fine kid. Don't look so nervous."


Rick was the one with the clammy hands.


The bell sounded as the two had just returned to their respective corners. They approached one another for a second time, on this occasional locking their arms and heads together in an old fashioned lock up. They pushed at one another each striving for position over the other until finally the younger participant out strengthened Blaze, shoving him backwards and down to the mat. He whipped himself back to a standing position and looked across at a flexing Logan Saunders. A slight grin covered the face of Rick Blaze as a great feeling of Déjà vu crossed his mind. He knew who Saunders reminded him of, and so he knew how to make him look his best.


Rick pounced towards his opponent, planting his left foot on the dipping right knee of Logan Saunders before raising his foot high, aiming to make contact with the side of Logan's head. Logan ducked slightly, causing Rick to miss, follow through and slip off the knee of Logan, thus facing away from the fresh face. Logan sprung to his feet and dropkicked Rick in the higher part of his back, sending him tumbling forwards, crashing out of the ring to the floor below. The crowd popped a little as Logan slid back up to his feet and paced around the ring for one lap, giving his opponent ample opportunity to get to his feet.


The younger Logan Saunders pulled off a move that you should not expect to see him attempting nowadays. He ran against the ropes on the opposite side of the ring to Rick, charging towards his dazed opponent. He turned as he ran and moonsaulted right over the top rope, down to the floor below, where Rick Blaze should have been standing.


But he was not.


Rick had sidestepped the move in the split second that Logan had turned his back to hit the high-risk maneuver. He stood relaxed a few feet away from a groaning carcass known as the luscious one. Logan had slid for a few feet, the sweat from his body lowering the friction on the mat allowing him to travel right up to the base of the ramp. A trail layered the black matted floor that he lay on, grasping at his ribs and writhing in pain.


Rick headed over to Logan and took a handful of his long blond locks, dragging him to his feet. Rick took the hand of Logan before delivering an Irish whip, sending his back crashing in to the side of the ring. Logan arched his back and used his right arm to press against it in pain. As he took a few steps out from the ring Rick Blaze shuffled his feet across the floor smoothly, raising his leg in the air and hitting a superkick with perfection. A slap echoed across the first few rows followed shortly by the limp body of the rising star hitting the ground.


The official hung out of the ropes from inside the ring and directed Rick Blaze to get back in to the ring. Rick was only too happy to comply. He walked over towards the ring, jumped in the air, stomped both feet down in to the rib cage of Logan Saunders (much to the disapproval of the fans) before rolling under the bottom rope and dealing with the quarrels of the official.


As the argument between competitor and referee continued Logan Saunders had an opportunity to regain his breath and get to his feet. He clambered up to the apron and grabbed the short hair of his opponent, twisting him around before dropping back off the apron to choke his throat on the top rope. Saunders quickly slid back under the bottom rope and in to the ring. The fans cheered his glorious comeback as he stepped over a recuperating Rick Blaze, running against the ropes before heading back towards him, hitting a spear takedown. A pin ensued.






It was a close call, but Rick got his shoulder up. The shock of such a sudden comeback after such a terrible blunder earlier explained the two count. Rick and Logan got to their feet at the same time before turning in to each other and hammering the person they met with a right hand. Both men stumbled backwards to the ropes, one on each side of the ring.


They took a moment to breathe, reorganize their thoughts and decide what their next move would be. The men paced around the ring, their eyes never parting, arms stretched out in a panther style, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. It was Rick Blaze that struck first, lunging in and locking up with Logan Saunders. Rick used his momentum to shove his opponent back in to the corner, using the palms of his hands to push the chin of Logan upwards so that his eyes faced the arenas ceiling. Rick took a step back, releasing his grip on Logan before attempting to swing his arm at the rising star. Logan ducked and reversed the move, placing Rick in the corner and Logan in the center of the ring. He took a few quick steps towards his cornered adversary before running up his body and hitting a Moonsault kick. Rick stumbled forward in a dazed state as Logan landed on his feet and regained his balance. As he regained his balance his swiftly shuffled towards Blaze and raised his leg, hitting an outside crescent kick, knocking Blaze to the mat. Quickly, Logan turned to face away from Rick, flipping over and hitting a perfect standing Moonsault, hooking Blaze's leg.


The official dropped to his knee and instigated the count.






Rick managed to drag his shoulder off the mat and in to the air just enough to warrant a break in the pin fall. Logan, who was not disheartened in the least, sprung energetically to his feet. He rolled Rick on to his stomach and folded Blaze's legs as if he were sitting 'Indian style' before dropping his knee on to the shins of Blaze, applying pressure. Logan reached forward and grabbed the arms of Rick Blaze, locking in a full nelson and pulling Rick until his back arched substantially. Blaze screamed in pain as the 'Luscious lock' was applied. It took mere seconds before Rick Blaze screamed the words "I quit!"


The bell sounded at that point.


Winner: "Luscious" Logan Saunders via Submission



Goads and Sex


Tony stood in a private room backstage, glancing over at Ashton Crowley, his brother in-law and former tag team partner. Ashton had earlier arrived as a special guest to Tony backstage, and has since been sitting backstage with Tony goading him about Dawson James sudden infatuation with his wife like only a true friend could do. Tony had long ago settled down, but somehow Ash always had the ability to get him going once again, even if he was in the calmest of moods.


"So you gonna let this Dawson guy nail Anne or what?" Ash chuckled to himself.


Tony glared back across the room. "That little pig fucker better not even come close to my wife again or I'll have his head on a damned silver platter."


Ash laughed hysterically again. "Come on Tony, just invite him to a swinger party. Everyone can put their keys into a jar, and if you're lucky and if he's lucky Anne will draw his keys out...and then he can wam-bam your old lady."


Tony stalked back and forth, pacing, then stopped midtrack. "That little idiot couldn't get laid in a Beijing whore house, and he..."


Ash interrupted, still chuckling. "Damn, Tony, settle down, I'm just trying to get you all worked up. You know you have nothing to worry about...you know you're the man. Hell, have the women backstage here would give their left breast just to suck your dick, so chill."


Tony still shook his head furiously and then went wandering out of the room.


Tony grumbled to himself. "I either need to hit someone, or get some ass...."


Tony's mind then starts to wander to sex, thoughts of his wife, thoughts of Vikki Nite, thoughts of Jessalyn Johnz..."Hmmm..Miss Johnz was always easy, maybe I need to make a phone call..."



Some Uncensored Words


There he stood in the backstage area, the foul mouthed S.O.B. himself, Uncensored. He stood next to No Brand Wrestling's official interviewer, Allison Cadence. He wore the typical attire of short blue jeans with taped wrists and hands, a black vest, black elbow pads, and sunglasses with a blue tint. The typical cocky, arrogant smirk is slapped on his face. To no one's surprise, he was confident this evening. He was booked in nbW's very first main event. Anyone in his shoes would feel great.


After an introduction from the announcers at ringside, Allison began the interview, "Thanks guys. As you can see, I am standing next to the man that is headlining this historic show with Jim Thompson, Uncensored."


The fans gave Uncensored a fairly mixed reaction. Although, the lot of them really didn't respond at all, as Uncensored isn't exactly the most popular wrestler on the east coast. The most common reaction, however, was boos.


"Uncensored, you're in the main event tonight," Allison began. "How do you feel?"


Through the entire segment Uncensored's head was held high, his eyebrows were raised. That is, until Allison asked the first question. Immediately, he lowered his eyebrows in disapproval and bent his head downward so he could get a better look at the interviewer.


"What the fuck kind of question was that?!" He questioned rather harshly.


"I'm sorry...?" Allison was legitimately confused.


"Come on, seriously, get some fucking originality. You want to know how I feel? I'll tell you. It feels great to FINALLY be recognized as the true talent that I really am. It feels great to finally be given the opportunity to shine like I have always been destined to do." He shot out of his mouth as he was talking a mile per minute. "But, I do have to admit. It would be REALLY great if I was actually given a challenge."


Allison asked her next question, "So, you're saying that Jim Thompson is not very skillful, and you will just defeat him easily."


"No," Uncensored said as if his jaw dropped. "I'm saying that he fucking sucks more dick than Monica Lewinsky ever could have! And I'm going to easily kick his fucking ass. Seriously, you really think I'm that fucking retarded? I mean for God sakes, he's from this shitty state of New Jersey!" Talking bad of the state or city in which one is currently in is a great way to garner some heat, and obviously, it worked as the fans booed.


"You say all of these explict, and offensive words with no remorce. You do realize that there are children in the arena, and most likely there are children watching at home. Do you not have a conscience?" Allison started to finally take offense to his words and was putting him on the spot.


"You really think I give a fuck? Shit, it ain't my fucking job to make sure what kids watch or don't watch. My job is to help the dickheads like the FCC regulate what's going on on the T.V. Shit, I'm single-handedly keeping SOMEONE in business and employed by saying 'Fuck, shit, bitch, dick, cock, cunt,' and whatever else I want to say. Shit, I'm stimulating more economic growth than this joke of a President is." Once again, Uncensored talked much faster than the average member of the audience could hear. "Are we done, fuck... I don't need to ask, I'm done."


Uncensored slowly walked out of the scene. The camera closed up on Allison's face, she was obviously disgusted.


Two Faced

"God damn, what the fuck was his problem, getting up in my face like that, I should have…..walked away, and showing him that I’m a good man, yaw know."


Echo watched from the corner of his eye, eyeing out the two classy dressed up men that walked by. He whips the sweat slowly forming on his forehead, and took a deep breath. That was a close one, a little to close for Echo himself. He was going to have to be careful; he never knew who might be lurking around each corner these days, trying to expose him for something else, or somebody else.


Echo reached his hand in his inside coat pocket, and pulled out a mini flask. It wasn’t any orange juice or apple juice kids, the contents inside were more deadly. He pounded back the contents in the flask, and then quickly put it back in his coat pocket.


"Alright, Spy wasn’t it, you remember the plan right. Just remember kid, I’m going to push you for all its worth, really get your name out there and shit, don’t let me down. This win is yours." Echo waved for Spy to get going to the ring.


Echo watched Spy disappear around the corner, as quickly turned around to come face to face with the Mystery man.


"Ah fools aren’t they, just give them a little speech to enlighten there hopes, and then strike them down quickly after. It’s a true act of a hero, if you get what I mean."


Not a word, not even a movement came from the Mystery man.


"Hmmm, well it’s that time man, destroy him, and show these people, the real pain of the wrestling world."


Echo brought his hand to the shoulder of the Mystery man, and slowly leaned in. However, the words that came from his mouth could not be heard, as he let out a smile and walked away.


Prepare yourself, cause what you were about to witness, wasn’t going to be nice.


This was a statement, and soon people would figure it all out.


All in good time though, they just want to first have a little fun with it.



Spy vs. Mystery Man


"In The End" By Linkin Park awoken the crowd.


Confident Spy, awaited in the ring waiting to make his booming debut here at nbW. He looked as if he was on top of the world, as tonight he was going to make another step up the ladder. There was no way in hell he was going to let down Echo, and he was really going to prove that tonight.


It didn’t take long for the mystery man to make his way out from the back. He proceeded towards the ring, as he quickly removed the hood that concealed his face.


Spy expression changed as he backed away from the ropes. He slowly started to feel like he had just been played hardcore, but Echo wouldn’t do that, Echo believe in Spy….but this wasn’t the same person he met before in the limo.


This, this was no weakling, this was Frost.


The crowd knew who he was, and then made sure to let Frost know he wasn’t welcome here at nbW.


Frost entered the ring, and the moment his foot touched the canvas floor, it was over for Spy.




The hard bone fist off Frost connect with the jaw of Spy as he stumbled back, as Frost grabbed him by the shoulder and brought his knee right into the gut of Spy.


All the air quickly exited Spy, as he dropped to one knee trying his hardest to catch his breath. Terrified I don’t even think would describe what Spy was thinking at the moment, as the hands of Frost picked him up, and then slammed him down hard onto the canvas with a power slam.


A short breathed scream of pain exited Spy mouth, as he clenched his back.


Frost exited the ring, and reached under it. It was time for the match to really get rolling, as Frost pulled out a folded chair, and a cardboard box filled with different types of weapons.


He threw them into the ring, as the cardboard box exploded when it hit the canvas and the weapons scattered all over the ring. Frost followed and grabbed the chair and leaned it up against the turnbuckle, and walked back over to were Spy was slowly getting to his feet.


Frost pulled him over to the corner, and then suplex him right into the chair. The bare back of Spy connected right with the chair, as a tear formed in the eye of Spy.


Spy rolled around in pain, as Frost picked up the chair, and brought it down hard right on the shoulder blade of Spy. Spy brought his one hand up, kind of showing no more, he was done, he was to hurt to go on.


However, Mercy, there was no such word to Frost.


Frost slammed the chair down hard right on the hand of Spy.


Frost dropped the chair right beside the half beaten….Kid. He grabbed him by the hair and pulled him to his feet and DDT him right into a metal object in the ring.


Spy received an open gash, and the blood started flowing fast. The Ref didn’t know what to do, this was post to be hardcore, but he never really followed the hardcore aspect of wrestling.


Should he end it, or is that what was post to happen.


Spy was done, everybody knew it, and they could see he couldn’t go on anymore.


Frost dragged him over to the ropes, and tied his arms up in the ropes. Spy had nowhere to go know, as Frost picked up a staple gun and walked over to Spy.


He put it right on the forehead of Spy, and then got ready to put a staple right in Spy forehead.


"NOOOO!" Spy let out a scream, trying to stop what was about to happen.




Spy kicked his feet in pain, as Frost dropped the staple gun. This wasn’t right at all, this wasn’t wrestling, and this was just brutality at its finest.


"Its over, Ref stop the match, this is not going to happen in an nbW ring." Veronica Marison


The ref quickly signaled for the bell, as the ring side announcer started to announce the Frost had just been DQ.


Frost eyes widen as he hissed up towards Veronica Marison. He turned away and looked back at Spy……




He connected with the jaw, sending Spy over the ropes, except he never got untied from the ropes. He just hung there, out like a light. The ref tried to free Spy from the ropes, except Frost just hit him with another Frost Bite.


"I said it was over, that’s enough." Veronica Marison yelled into the mike.


"FUCK YOU BITCH!" Frost yelled back at Veronica Marison, as he exited the ring and started to walk towards her.


Veronica quickly left into the back, as Frost stopped and looked back at the ring.


Carnage it was, and this was his doing.


This was just the beginning of it


Winner: No Contest, Match Was Thrown Out By Authority



New Jersey’s Golden Son?


The house lights turn off, suddenly the entire arena is hit with a green light. Green spot lights shoot across the crowd turning the arena into an eerie scene complete with a cemetary-like glow. All the spotlights begin closing in on the center of the ring and get faster and more violent. They quickly begin clrcling around each other and suddenly a dollar sign appears in the middle of the ring. The crowd roars with excitement as a sea of what looks like money comes pouring out from the rafters. The cameras move into the ring and get a shot of one of the papers on the mat. The paper simply reads... "Rules were made for the weak. - JPT".

The crowds attention is then directed to the arena's house video set-up. The camera begins to pan up from the ground revealing a well built man in a business suit. He's wearing sunglasses and stands there for a few beats looking very content as to the situation going on in the ring area. In a calm voice he begins to speak...

"Hello, New Jersey! Guess who? That's right, its New Jersey's favorite son. James P Thompson!" A small reaction comes from the audience showing that JPT has some more work to do to win over his hometown crowd. "Is great to be back in the greatest state in the union!"

JPT waits a beat as more of the audience begins cheering

"Some people said that Thompson was finished. Some said his career was over soon after it began. Those people need to get their facts straight. I've held titles in 3 different federations before deciding to leave wrestling for a while to focus on my financial portfolio. 3 years and 4 hostile take-over's later, here I am with scores to settle and egos to tame. Certain people here in nbW need to be dealt with and I'll be here for the long haul to make sure its done."

Takes a large drink from his Dasani water and begins his charge again

"I don't think people around here are ready for whats about to happen. A revolution is coming and someone needs to be here to lead the charge. New faces are around every corner, new wrestlers trying to claw their way to the top, middle, and some may never reach the sidewalk. The business world and the wrestling world are so similar in that respect. The strong survive and the weak become prey. nbW, where do you stand?
In time, we'll find out!"

With that JPT takes another drink from his bottle and locks eyes with a person off camera. A stare down begins and just as the camera pans around to see who the off camera character is the fade begins and we never see the other party.



Tournament Under Wraps?


Veronica, Jason Kain, Uncensored, Malik Roland, and Alex Styles stared at the whiteboard for a moment before Alex slowly crossed off a name. The look in his eyes meant he knew what was coming. Malik shook his wrists and started a small set of angered hopping. Alex sighed and stepped back as Malik suddenly paced back and forth.
Kain looked at the floor. He had already heard this verdict and knew how it would go over, but this is how it stood. Sometimes contracts had to be broken. Malik thumbed his lip as he stopped at far end of the room. He stared at he wall until it almost burned down with the anger coming from Malik’s eyes. But before the fire department was called he started pacing again.


He finally stopped in front of Alex and snorted.


“You’re a fucking asshole.” Malik the turned and walked out of the room, slamming the door behind him.


Alex turned to Uncensored and shook his head. “You do know that he was supposed to be ‘the first champ’ right, Will?”


“And I’m supposed to do WHAT about that, Alex?” Uncensored shrugged. “It’s not my fault that Donadio changed his mind last minute. Fuck, I’d be pissed, too.”


“I don’t want that belt, Alex.” Kain interrupted. “Just because Michael Donadio said he wanted me to have that belt doesn’t mean you should just hand it to me. That’s bullshit. It’s not even in my contract. All I wanted was to be near home for my family. That’s it.”


“You’re the one he wants…”


“Yeah, and you’re the fucking boss, Alex, not him.” Uncensored stopped him. “You know, you’re talking all this shit about being a fed with no boundaries, and yet I see you buckle to peoples whims all the time. No offense, Ms. Maison, but he buckled to you the second you showed up… where the fuck is Walczak, Alex, huh? And why isn’t Max in this room? He’s not even in the damn tournament! What happened to your promise!?”


Alex looked down to the floor.


“Got no fucking balls. No fucking balls at all.” Uncensored turned his back to Alex.


Kain stepped forward and put his hand on Alex’s shoulder. “I’m going to walk out of this room… and I don’t give a flying rats ass who you give the belt to… but when I come back from my match, it had better not be on my name. Got me?”


Kain stopped in front of UC and looked up at him.


“For once, Jae, I see you DO have a head on your shoulders.”


“Fuck you.” Kain turned away from Alex with a grimace, and stared at Uncensored for a moment. But Alex grunted, signaling his need for a spot more of attention.


“Kain… I need to talk to you.”


“About what?” Kain stared with dead eyes.


“I don’t know how to put it, but you’ve been given a manager.” Alex looked down to the floor. “It was at Donadio’s request.”


“This is bullshit, you know that, Alex? You saw my promo. You know I don’t need a fucking manager.” Kain stared at Styles as the door behind him opened. Out stepped the man Alex had been talking about… and the deadness in Kain’s eyes became a pool that nothing could survive. Trev Echo’s sweat glistened on his brow. This was the most awkward moment the Alex had to endure this whole night. Kain looked at Alex, then back at Trev, then back to Alex. “YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!”


Kain lunged at Alex, with UC jumping in the way.


“Get the fuck out.” For once the calm was separated with Uncensored actually trying to stop Kain from obliterating their boss on the first night out. “Kain. Get… out…”


Kain’s breath stayed heavy with anger. Not only was he to endure the most fucked up thing to happen to this federation, but he was going to do it with his sworn enemy as his manager.


“How’s the baby thing working out, Evans.” Trev gleamed.


Kain looked at Uncensored who just shook his head. Kain looked back at Trev and stuck up an index finger. He wagged it for a split second, then walked out of the room as Uncensored turned back toward Alex. Alex looked to the floor again as Trev watched Kain slam the door behind him. Uncensored looked at Trev, clicked his teeth and then turned back to Alex.


“Just remember, Alex, you have a fuckin’ locker room of people in there… people you gave promises to. Normally, I wouldn’t give a shit. But grow some fucking balls. Those are people that you said could be kings. Make them kings. If I remember correctly… nbW… Will… Not… Fall.”


Alex looked at Uncensored and frowned. This was to be his first show? This was going to be the fate of nbW? Following the damn crowd? Following what everyone says even after saying they wouldn’t?


“WHAT THE FUCK!?!?” Alex screamed at the floor as Uncensored got to the doorway. A smile came to UC’s face and then he was gone.



nbW Heavyweight Title Tournament
Round 1:
Jason Kain vs. Caden Adams


The evening was getting closer and closer to the end. The fourth match was about to begin, and although one competitor had already entered the ring, the New Jersey crowd began to grow impatient.


Earlier the man that was standing in the middle of the ring was announced by the ring announcer as he made his way down to the ring. He was Caden Adams. Then, thanks to the production crew, his name was placed on the TV's for everyone watching at home. He bounced back and forth on the ropes as he was running through all of his last minute preperations through his head.


The ring announcer then announced that this match is the second match in the nbW World Championship tournament.


Suddenly, "Start Something" by lostprophets began to play on the arena's stereo system. Though the fans didn't know who or what to expect at first, their minds quickly changed.


He pushed through the black curtains at first sight of this hometown hero, the fans began to cheer. He stepped out just at the footsteps of the entrance aisle as he was announced as Jason Kain, formerly of ACW and hWo fame, by the ring announcer. Trev Echo slowly came out of the curtain as well, and Kain just raised an eyebrow. Echo backed off, and stayed at the entraceway, smiling and waving to the crowd.


Minor pyros and explosions were set off as he raised his arms up in the air. Soon thereafter, he slowly began to make his way down the aisle as the fans cheered him on. As he did this, he gave a few lucky fans in the front row tags.


Once he reached the ringside area, he paused, he froze dead in his tracks as he burned holes into his opponent's eyes. The referee made sure that Adams stayed in his corner and allowed Kain to enter the ring as he kindly held him back.


Kain climbed up the four steel stairs that lead to the ring's apron. Once he stepped onto the apron, he made sure that the coast was clear and that he would be safe if he entered the ring. The referee nodded and told Kain to step into the squared cirlce. Kain listened as he stepped under the top rope and made his way into the ring.


For a few moments, Kain did some last minute stretching as the referee stepped closer to the center of the canvas. There, he called for the bell, and the match was officially under way.


The self proclaimed "Innovation" stepped forward a few feet. Caden tries to get the upper hand as he charged straight towards the more than ready Jason Kain. As soon as he was within arm's reach of the Albury Park native, Kain took him to the ground with a textbook arm drag.


Though the maneuver was executed perfectly, it really had no affect on Caden at all. Both men rose to their feet at an alarming speed. Caden stuck to his strategy, whatever it may be, as he once again charged at Kain.


Much like the last time, Kain was again more than ready for Caden as he came closer. Much like Caden's last failed attempt, Kain delivered yet another picture perfect version of the arm drag takedown.


Jason returned to a verticle basis much quicker than his opponent. Adams rose to only one knee. He stared at Kain as he tried to think of a new strategy. Obviously, whatever it is that he is trying to do, it isn't working at all.


Caden gave credit where credit was due. Once he rose to his feet, he clapped for Kain and nodded in approval. Caden still tries kept his mind on his original focus: winning this match and moving forward in the tournament for the nbW World Championship.


Kain stood still, he stayed on the defense as Adams came closer to him. Quickly, Caden gave Kain a boot to the gut. Kain staggered backward a bit and favored his mid-section. Adams quickly followed up with a snapmare take down. While Kain was still just sitting on the mat, Caden followed up with a dropkick to the back of the neck.


Kain fell back. Caden saw that this was his opening. He dropped down to the canvas and hooked Kain's far leg.






Immediately, Kain kicked out of the latteral press, it was just too early to even consider winning the match.


Deep down, Caden knew that the match was not going to be over. However, it is just human nature to always go towards the hope, to reach for the stars. Sadly, though, Caden didn't even have a remotely close chance of winning after his one and only offensive move.


Once Caden rolled off of Kain, they both got to their feet pretty much at the same time. Caden is still trying to be as relentless as possible as he applied a wrist lock on Kain's left arm. Jason ground his teeth in pain for a few moments, but quickly got out of the hold as he gave Caden a thunderous kick to the gut, much more affective than the one he had recieved earlier.


Caden backed up a bit, but for once, Kain became relentless. He immediately followed up by wrapping his right arm around the neck and head of his opponent. Quickly, he delivered a beautifully done snap suplex.


Caden sat up from the impact as if it were a natural reaction. Kain followed that up by applying a surfboard lock as Adams was already in perfect position. Kain locked his hands just under Adams' chin and leaned back as he drove his right knee into his back. Caden hissed and screamed in pain as Kain only applied even more pressure. Kain was obviously trying to weaken his opponent up for his finishing move, the "Overload."


Adams spread his arms out as a way to try and keep his mind off of the pain. At the same time, he was twisting his upper body to try and break loose of the hold. No matter how hard he tried, Kain just was not about to let go. The only thing he really could do was to try to stand up or try to get to the ropes, but the easiest choice would be the latter.


Slowly but surely, he began to rise to his feet as he came to one knee. Kain noticed that the tables could very easily be turned in just moments. Jason thought strategically and let go of the hold. Quickly a ran to the opposite side of the ring and bounced off of the ropes. He came back and...




He gave Caden Adams a lightning bolt like dropkick to the face. Adams slowly fell face first onto the canvas. Kain rolled Caden onto his back whilst simultameously rolling him onto his back. Obviously, Kain's going to attempt to win it all right now.






Thre-NO! Caden shot his right shoulder up at the very last second.


A bit of frustration was clearly visible on the face of Jaon Kain. Maybe he knew that the match wasn't quite over yet, but he knew that it could have been over.


Kain stood up first, obviously. He waited for Caden to rise to his feet. Caden did so via the use of the ropes to pull himself up. His back was, however, turned to his opponent. For all he knew, Kain could have been outside of the ring preparing to disqualify himself, or he could be right behind him.


As he turned around, he found out that he wasn't quite as lucky as he hoped he could have been. Kain was, in fact, standing directly behind him. As soon as Adams turned around, Kain gave him a quick, but deadly T-bone suplex. Caden was folded up like an acchordian.


Kain could overwhelmingly sense that the end was near. The crowd went wild after that last move. He backed up into the ropes and screamed at Adams, demanding for him to stand up.


Slowly but surely, Adams did just that. Once again, though, unfortunately for him, Jason Kain was right behind him planning his next move. Quickly, Kain locked in a full nelson, then fell forward, giving Adams a full nelson facebuster that he calls "Electric Slide."


Quick as anything this match has seen, Kain followed up his assault with his submission finishing maneuver, the "Overload." Because Adams' arms weren't available to use to tap out and signal the end of the match, the referee asked him, "Do you give up?"


To which he screamed, "YES!"


The referee called for the bell, this match was officially over. "Start Something" to play once more as the ring announcer declared Jason Kain the winner of the bout.


The fans cheered for their hometown hero as he let go of the submission hold. He stood up and raised his hands in victory. The referee held Kain's right arm with his left hand and pointed at him with his right.


Kain looked at his fallen oppenent, who was favoring the back of his kneck. At the same time, Adams looked back up and Kain. Nothing was really settled after this match, but then again, nothing was really there to be settled. Kain stepped out of the ring and was met with a triumphant Trev Echo, who was praising his client. Kain srugged him off and headed up the ramp, shaking his head.


Either way, Kain won this match. Perhaps he was the better man, or perhaps he just had the upper-hand.


Winner: Jason Kain via Submission



Who Can You Trust Nowadays?

"He’s going to be alright, but he won’t be able to wrestle for a bit."


The Doctor told Echo, as Spy let out a scream of pain as the removed the staple from his forehead.


Echo let out a smile, but then quickly hide it as Spy turned and looked at Echo.


"I though I was post to win the match, become your second man." Spy words were quiet, but he didn’t take his focus off the man, that had just screwed him.


"I’m sorry; it wasn’t post to be like that. That man is untamed, and doesn’t listen. However you did get the win, Frost was DQ giving you the win."


Spy didn’t say a word, just laid back and rest on the bed.


"Just relax next show, and then the third show will be different for yaw kid. Trust me, your going far and I‘m going to make sure of it."


"Thanks Echo."


Echo put his hand on the shoulder of Spy and looked down at him.


"Remember you’re my number one wrestler man, and I’ll make sure that never happens again. I promise yaw that."


Echo made his leave, as he shut the door behind him, and looked around to see nobody.


"Fucking Moron."


Echo shook his head, and headed towards the Exit were his limo awaited him.



Malik Roland vs. Sabrina Trinity


"Say That You Love Me" begun to play, and the crowd started to chant very loudly as "The Silent Rose" stepped out from behind the curtain. Sabrina Trinity looked very confident about the upcoming bout and headed towards the ring without hesitation. This match would be considered the biggest match of her career and also her first match. Before entering the ring she blew kisses out into the crowd. Her music died down as she awaited for her opponent to walk down to the ring. The arena went to total silence waiting for Malik Roland's music to hit. Only so they could boo him out of the building.


The ring lights went a little dimmer than usual. "Respect" hit the P.A. System and the crowd erupted with even louder boos for the "Heartthrob of the Hood". As soon as he stepped out from behind the curtain fans began to throw cups of half drank beer and whole hot dogs toward the stage. All Roland could do is laugh in amusement, as he walked toward the squared circle. Before entering the ring he stood on the apron staring a hole through Sabrina, it sent chills up her spine.


The bell sounded leaving the two grapplers standing in the ring eyeing each other down looking who will make the first mistake of the match-up. Roland, the seasoned veteran out of the two tightened the belt on his jeans and took a couple strides toward Trinity. She looked a little weary of him but wasn't going to back down from him, so she was the first to the attack when she literally slapped the spit out of roland's mouth.


Roland seemed very suprised but wasn't worried, he rub his chin and grabbed her by the hair and took her down to the mat with a headlock submission hold. Grinding the neck and chin area with his massive biceps Trinity started to scream to him 'let me go'...only he wasn't letting go. He wretched back and fourth and laid more weight on her shoulders until they became bloodshot. Her cheeks a rosey red and slight tears became to build up in her eyes. Struggling she eased her way to the ropes and broke the count, Malik not impressed at all rose to his feet and backed into the far corner to let her compose herself.


The fans booed even louder than they did when he entered the ring but Roland gave them the finger and walked over to the knealing Trinity and delivered a high knee lift that sent her crashing to the mat. Taunting the fans roland rolled her over and went for the first pin of the match.






Kick Out...


Trinity used all her force to kick out of the pin... crawling to her feet she catches roland in the side of her eye her face begins to drop as if she was scared of him. Her blonde hair was pressed against the middle rope until Malik grabbed a hand full of it that brought her to both feet. Irish whipped to the other corner Trinity's back splashed into the corner.


Roland got ahead of steam and delivered a running back elbow smash to Trinity. Sized her up and delivered chop, after chop, after chop to her chest region. Roland reached down and placed her on the top rope. It looks like he is going for a Northern Lights Suplex. Wait, she REVERESED IT!


Tornado DDT!


Both wrestlers crashed to the mat laying motionless. The crowd erupted and began to chant SILENT ROSE at the top of their lungs. But she couldn't capitalize on the little offense she had produced. Which led to the ref beginning a 10 count.










At the fifth count Roland began to stir but wasn't on his feet until the six count. Stumbling to the ropes he rubbed the top of his head in fury and rushed over to attack Trinity but she was ready and met him with a low blow and a small package!






Kick Out!!!


Roland kicked out of the small package and raised to his feet and went to clothesline Trinity but she ducked it and kicked roland in the mid-section. He doubled over and she wrapped her arm around his head and signal as if she was going for one of her signature moves called "hYpe". Roland reversed it sending her flying into the ropes, she caught him when he turned around and sent him flying outside the ring with a twisting head scissors.


Roland spilled to the outside, the ref didn't begin the count immediately he was checking on Sabrina. Roland got to his feet on the outside and Sabrina saw him, she ascended to the top rope and did a backflip moounsault to the OUTSIDE!!!






HOLY SHIT~ the fans repeated more 3 times as the ref begun his 10 count once again.


















Trinity rose to her feet first rolling in the ring breaking the count, she quickly stepped onto the apron and looked at Malik still laying there. It didn't take her long to realize she had him where she wanted him and better not let up for a second. With that said she backed up and started to run and SPLASHED roland from the apron.


The impact was deadly on both parties, Malik rose to a knee holding his ribs and melted backdown to the ground like ice cream on a sunny day. Sabrina pulled herself to her feet using the guardrail and basked in the chants from the crowd. She rolled Roland into the ring and hit him with a springboard leg drop and quickly went for a pin.








Roland desperately kicked out at the last minute, as if it were instincts. This match has seriously turned for the worse in the case of Roland and is favoring the young and lovely Sabrina Trinity. Bouncing off the ropes she drops a knee to the face of Roland, And does the exact same thing on the opposite side of the ropes. She looks fatigued but it isn't slowing down her offense, she brings Roland to his feet and slaps him in the face for good measure and she backs up and bounces off the ropes and goes for another flying head scissors but she gets caught this time and Malik reverses it into a powerbomb. It looks and sounded as if Trinity was in a car accident the way she hit the mat.


Roland pressed against the ropes looking dazed and tired wipes the sweat of his bald head and looks down at the motionless body of "The Silent Rose" and smiles. Roland stumbles over to her body and puts the boots to her mid section causing her to gasp for air. Roland drops down to the mat and begins to choke her. Struggling to break the hold she digs her nails into the forearms of Roland but the adrenaline is pumping out to fast for him to realize it. The ref has already counted to 5 and is pulls roland off of her.


Malik brushes off the warnings he was given and continues the assault. Lifting her in the vertical he quickly drops her on her head into a brainbuster. Roland looks deep into the crowd and says 'Its Over'. Fist full off blonde hair he rams her head between his arm and his side. But being resilant she drops to a knee and chop blocks him making him double over. She sees her chance and catches Roland with the hYpe!!!!


Strangley she doesn't go for the pin, she takes her time and re-adjusts her elbow pads and signals for her finisher "SILENCED". Trinity steps on the apron and leans against the padded ropes for a couple of seconds before ascending to the top of them. She leaps from the top rope....




Wait! Malik rolled out of the way, he moved out of the way at the last moment. He collects himself and waits for Trinity to reach her feet he turns her around and catches her with a evenflow DDT that sends her skull crashing into the mat and sends her hopes of leaving tonight with a victory.


He calls it STREET DREAMS.








The bell sounded. The match was over, Malik had done it. He won his first match in nbW and lived to the "hYpe" of other peoples expectations. The fans erupted into a violent slur of words and actually many tried to jump the guard rail to enter the ring but secruity was on top of that. "Respect" by Fabolous hit the P.A. System as Roland exited the ring leaving his first victim to lay in a pool of defeat.


Winner: Malik Roland via Pinfall



One Breast to Another


Dawson James watched as he was stitched up by a paramedic. He started to talk to himself... dazed Dawson pushed the paramedic to the ground as he is done and tried to compose himself as he attempted to speak.


Through held back tears he yelled out. “I've been put through alot of unnecessary violence so far in the nbW and I don't like it! So what now, there's a law that says a man can't look at a woman?! That's absurd and everyone here BEAT especially me knows it!”


DJ tried to stay calm as he appeared to be gasping for loose air.


“Fields... I'll admit that I find your wife to be an attractive woman and yes I did give her a few glances from within the ring but so what? She deserves to be appreciated by other men, too, it's not like I fondled her breasts or anything!?!”


James begins to gain momentum as he looks more confident and defined and as he gives himself a gleeful smile.


“I respect the values of marriage, really I do. But I don't respect the way you treat your wife! I see the way you abuse her... she's like a trophy to you isn't she? something you can control and wear proudly on your arm... well Tony I'm afraid your wife hasn't entirely been honest with you...” He let out a small chuckle. “Let's just say she enjoys my company when your off doing photo shoots and/or interviews. There is a lot you need to learn Fields... and being a man is one of them.”



Final Thoughts.


William Banks, Uncensored, stood directly behind the entrance curtains as he awaited for his theme song to be played.. He was throwing punches in a downward motion. He was taking deep breaths through his nostrils, and out of his mouth. He was running through his last minute preparations for his upcoming main event match against Jim Thompson. He jumped up and down repeatedly as another way to get himself psyched up.


"Will!" A voice called from behind him.


Slowly, Uncensored relaxed himself and said, "What?" as he turned around. He pretty much knew who it was that had called him, but he wanted to solidify his guess to just be sure.


"Everything's worked out, right?" Alex Styles said as he and Uncensored locked eyes.


"What? The match, or the stupid shit earlier?" Banks asked for clarification.


"Well," Alex said before he sighed momentarily, "I was asking you about them both, actually."


"I fucking told you how I feel about the tournament. It's fucked up what you're doing. But I mean, I really don't mind." Will responded. "As far as the match goes, everything's set."


Uncensored's comments brought upon a small, but genuine smile on Alex's face. "That's what I figured. Alright, I'll see you after the match."


Alex turned around and walked off. Uncensored stood there watching his every step before he quickly turned around.



nbW Heavyweight Title Tournament
Round 1:

Jim Thompson vs. Uncensored


The crowd looked anxious as iLLiSiON’s “Combing the Desert” exploded through the PA. The green lights trickled around the arena as the one in the center of the ring started to change shape. Three gold spotlights hit the arena aisle, as the last gold light stopped at the entryway.


The curtain parted and Thompson stepped through. One of the crowd’s hometown heroes had started his way to the ring. He was dressed in a black suit, with a red tie… as he headed down the ramp he tore the suit coat away and tossed to a ring aid. The crowd cheered, and Thompson stopped at the end of the ramp and threw his left arm to the sky, throwing him a bit off balance as three golden rockets shot from the three letters in the nbW symbol over the entryway.


He slid under the ropes and stood up. The light in the center of the ring had stopped changing shape, and he was now standing on top of a green dollar sign. But his grand entrance was suddenly pulled to a halt as D12’s “Devil’s Night” cracked through the punk/funk/rock riffs of JPT’s entrance. Thompson looked to the entryway, but there was no need for a slow entrance.


Uncensored was already in the ring. The crowd gave an interesting cheer… happy to see the man in the fed, but unhappy because he’s a freakin’ annoying asshole. Thompson turned toward him as Uncensored tapped him on the shoulder. Thompson prepared for a surprise attack, but UC didn’t even budge. Instead he started to laugh. JPT was a good four inches shorter, and 25 pounds lighter… but JPT wasn’t without his offense.


He took advantage of UC’s outburst and connected with an off-the-ground enziguri. The crowd popped at the move, with JPT charging the stumbling man with a shoulder that put Uncensored to the mat. UC pushed himself up to his knee, not knowing where the move had come from. But Thompson wasn’t done yet, he set in with a boot to UC’s side, and pushed him against the ropes for an irish whip… but it was to no avail. Uncensored reversed the move, catching JPT on the rebound with a spinebuster leaving him on the mat long enough for him to bounce of the ropes with a quick elbow drop.


JPT held his chest as he rolled to his knees, he looked up with an angry grimace. How did he get reversed? But instead of a direct attack UC laughed again. JPT didn’t like the lack of respect that Uncensored was giving him, and lounged at him again. This time UC didn’t bother with dramatics… Uncensored laid him out with such a devastating superkick it could only be described as Uncensored liked to call it.


Verbal Assault.


JPT was out cold, but Uncensored didn’t cover him. Instead he walked around the rookie inpecting him. A minute went by before JPT’s eyes opened, and he though he had lost the match as UC raised his hand in victory. Thompson rolled over and slammed his fist to the mat in defeat. But JPT had no clue he hadn’t lost the match, yet. And as UC pointed to referee Jonothan Munroe, JPT watched in horror as the ref confirmed that the match was still on…


But there was no time between Thompson’s realization, and the heavy DDT that laid him out on the mat again. UC pulled Thompson back to his feet and set up with a heavy belly-to-belly suplex, slinging him toward the ropes… JPT hit the ropes on his way down, and ended up landing on his shoulders and head. Obviously Uncensored was more focused than Thompson had realized. JPT tried to shake the cobwebs from his head, but it wasn’t an option as suddenly he was tossed overhead again with what seemed like a gravity-defying t-bone suplex.


His vision was blurred… nothing he could see made any sense. But what he knew was that the blurred image was trying to hit him again. He swung wildly…


And down went Jonothan Munroe, who was asking him if he was alright.


Uncensored laughed hysterically as he immediately took advantage of the situation. He jumped out of the ring and searched under the ring, grabbing a chair. He lifted it to the sky as the crowd started to boo. There was a respect in that ring, and Uncensored had none of it. JPT stumbled around for a moment before a bluish-grey blur came speeding for his head. Thompson knew what that was, and immediately dove out of the way.


The crowd cheered as the hometown boy finally cleared the dizziness and saw what was going on. The ref was out cold. And Uncensored was going to kill him. JPT thought quickly… and as the chair came a second time, JPT jumped in with such a dropkick to the chair, that it left UC’s grip, and careened off of UC’s skull so hard that a gush of blood shot through the air and across the ring. UC blinked, but didn’t go down…


…at first.


As he toppled over the ref got to his feet… and JPT dove onto UC’s unconscious body. The ref yanked JPT off of him, though. JPT screamed in protest, but the ref had it set in his mind that JPT took him out so that he could get the chair himself. As the argument continued JPT tried to push past, but the ref shoved him into the corner.


The crowd started to boo wildly, and the boos got louder as a bloodied Uncensored slowly got to his feet. JPT yelled for the ref to get out of his way… Munroe instead called for the bell.


Brent Williams didn’t want to make the announcement, but he had no choice…


“Your winner due to disqualification... Un…”


It was interrupted as Uncensored stepped to JPT’s face. They yelled at each other, but UC’s smile was unrepressed. JPT started to scream wildly, but Uncensored replied with a middle finger to JPT’s face. JPT went for a punch, but was met with ANOTHER Verbal Assault that sent him crashing to the mat so hard that UC jokingly laid over him and counted him down himself.


1… 2… 3…


Chuckling, UC rose to his feet… a slew of curses came from his mouth as he flipped the finger to the camera, and the show went off the air.


Winner: Uncensored via Disqualification


The End of the Beginning.


Veronica Maison pressed the stop button on the remote and popped the taping of the show out of the recorder. The entire roster stood behind her and all stood in awe. The first show was done, and there was no taking it back. They had prepared for this night for months on end. Things had changed since the first day of nbW. A LOT of things. And now they were looking at the final product of their labor. The first ever nbW Infamy.


Maison held the tape up in the air, showing it off as Alex Styles stood up next to her and looked out over his roster. Spy was injured. Alan Helms came away with a mald concussion. All of this was Trev Echo's fault. But even then, Alan still showed up for this after party. Spy went to the hospital. It was unacceptable to Alex. But to Trev and Donadio, it was the show that mattered.


This made Alex feel guilty. This wasn't fair. But he put a smile on his face, even though deep inside, he was throttling the hell out of the man he was starting at. Trev Echo looked at Alex and knew what was behind that smile. But it didn't matter to him. Trev even smiled. He hadn’t been working for a while, and it was about time he came back. Even if it wasn’t in full swing yet. But soon.


Jack Summers and Jonothan Munroe looked excited. This was the end of the beginning. And now it was all clear skies from here. Right?


But the roster still hadn’t heard anything. Something wasn’t right. The show was over and the crowd had loved it. But something was missing. And then it happened.








Malik Roland’s hands met each other. Even though he didn’t feel right about being slighted earlier that day, he knew that this was right. Eli Cruz followed. Then Troy Adams. Then Uncensored.


Clap. Clap. Clap. Clap. Clap. Clap. Clap. Clap.


The applause was astounding. nbW had begun on the right foot. And now it was only a matter of time before they reached a new goal. A new chapter had begun, and the first page of it was being ready to be written. Alex Styles looked to the back of the room and saw Donadio standing next to a familiar face. That face was the first nbW employee. The first nbW EX-employee as well.


The man was Donnovan Walczak. And from the looks of things, he wasn’t fired anymore. He stepped over to where Alex was standing, and the handshake turned into a brotherly hug… and then to tears of joy.




Welcome to No Brand Wrestling.

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