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JAN 23rd, 2018


Published by: Adria Hoyt

Barcelona, Spain - We are just over a week out from Gods versus Titans II and the War Games. Some will take the time to train and prepare. Others will proceed into preparation battles. One thing is for certain, Trent McKnight set out an open floor for both teams to speak before their War. Who will take him up on that offer? Well as always head over to the stream to find out!

JAN 18th, 2018


Published by: Adria Hoyt

Barcelona, Spain - We're just a few weeks out from all hell breaking loose at the War Games, for Gods versus Titans II. However the action is never-ending here in NBW. Clan Strongbern will defend their Dynasty Tag Team Championships against the Rich Family tonight. We will also see the extremely exciting The Players take on The Entertainers in their seventh bout! And the hired security of In Crowd, the Law, taking on Son of Malta and Spike Saunders. As well we're expecting the return of the Keystone Champion following those cryptic videos two weeks ago! So head on over and stream the show today!

JAN 9th, 2017

VICTORY #008 - A New Year starts with Victory

Published by: Adria Hoyt

Frankfurt, Germany - NBW returns to Frankfurt following the holidays to kick off the year with Victory! Tonight the in-ring debut of one of the loudest mouths in NBW! And the Dynasty Tag Team Championships are defended by Clan Strongbern against Savage Badassery. Check out the stream today!

DEC 31st, 2017

New Years Eve Special!

Published by: Adria Hoyt

St. Louis, MO - Happy holidays all! From everyone in NBW, we hope you're having a great time! Next week we return on the road again and head back to Germany but before that everyone returned to the Epic II Arena here in STL for a special End of the Year show. What better way to bring the year to a close than with a WAR! Or rather the second annual WAR Memorial Cup! FOUR hours of all the wrestling action you can handle, starting with the qualifiers through Tag team matches. All to come to an end in our Main Event when the winners of the qualifiers face off in a Battle Royal, following the rules of 25 to Life. Trust me, this was one heck of a night not to miss --- and if you did miss it, well we have the recap for you! We're good like that. Just hit the link below!

DEC 20th, 2017

SLAM! #102 - A WAR For the Ages!

Published by: Adria Hoyt

Frankfurt, Germany - SLAM will kick off tonight with the announcement of the teams for War Games, when captains Jake Tockwell and NBW World Heavyweight Champion Brock Newbludd announce their fellow combatants. We'll also see a Strongbern vs a member of the Rich Family, and far more. It's a truly MASSIVE episode of SLAM, and as always you know the drill... head on over and check out the stream today! In fact, Right this Instant!

DEC 12th, 2017

VICTORY #007 - Champions, Contenders and NEW Contenders!

Published by: Adria Hoyt

Rotterdam, The Netherlands - Due to time adjustments on SLAM, the LAW's Dynasty Tag Team Championship match against Clan Strongern was pushed to Victory, and that'll be kicking us off. Be it new Champions or the same, we'll also have new contenders announced courtesy of the finals of the Big F'n Rick Strongbern Cup. It'll either be the teacher/student pair of Matt Haddon and Jax Curry, Suplex Society - or the team of former World Champions, Ravage and Vic Gravender, Savage Badassery. As always this and much more - including surely the shaping of NBW's War Games! So head on over and check out the stream today!

DEC 6th, 2017

SLAM! #101 - Shifting the Scales of NBW!

Published by: Adria Hoyt

Rotterdam, The Netherlands - Usually I would sit here and let you know that tonight's going to be one heck of a night. Yet, you know this, always! Instead let me just give you this. Within the first fifteen minutes of the show a bombshell of an announcement by our GM, Jack Harmen, will shift the scales of NBW and set the stage for Gods versus Titans II unlike ever before! Plus, Jake Tockwell gets his World Championship rematch against Brock Newbludd in our Main Event. Enough said, so head on over and get that stream going!

NOV 28th, 2017

VICTORY #006 - Big Rick Strongbern's Big F'n Cup!

Published by: Adria Hoyt

London, UK - Tonight may not be the 100th episode of Victory, but we're kicking things off with celebration anyhow! We've got quite a bit of action in store including some returns. Some you may not even believe! So head over and check out the stream today!

NOV 20th, 2017

SLAM! #100 - Special 100th Episode!

Published by: Adria Hoyt

London, UK - Folks we are back for a special Monday Night edition of SLAM where we celebrate our 100th episode! You know how it goes. Expect surprises from start to finish. In fact two of our Championships are on the line tonight against mystery challengers. In NBW you never know who will be the next one to walk through those double doors. So sit back, grab your beer or water, load up the stream and enjoy!

OCT 30th, 2017

LEGACY! The Grandest Show of Them All!

Published by: Adria Hoyt

Toronto, Canada - Legacy is finally here folks! Championships on the line. Careers on the line. Legacies will be made and broken as NBW's best clash . I could give you the run down however I've already said more than need stated. LEGACY is here. Head on over to your local provider, or NBW's Web and order the PPV today!

OCT 22nd, 2017


Published by: Adria Hoyt

Toronto, Canada - With LEGACY next week, the fans in Toronto were treated to a special NBWLive Meet & Greet weekend. Autograph signings with #1 contender Brock Newbludd, Blitzkrieg Champion Ohiyama, Warren Spade, and more. As well as our usual affairs and fun for those in attendance. To cap the weekend off we held a NBWLive, and much like previously these events tend to lack the usual stars you would see, thanks to pay per view preparations. That said, you never know who will show up. Check out the Recap via the link below!

Latest Headlines

AUG 30th - SLAM! #97 - Leveling the playing field.
Published by: Adria Hoyt

Saskatoon, Canada - You can call him the best non-JAG in the world. You can call him an outright asshole. But one thing that everyone will agree on is that Jake Tockwell is the NBW World Heavyweight Champion. A fact that more than one person is against and sets for a Main Event title defense like none other! We won't spoil it for you! We also have the Dynasty Tag titles in defense by A-List against Clan Strongbern. It's a night of brawling and fighting by all - including our General Manager Jack Harmen! And that's not all, so head on over and check out the Stream today!

AUG 21st - VICTORY! #002 - Unraveling the Universe
Published by: Adria Hoyt

Alberta, Canada - We're back with our second episode of Victory! On SLAM, Blitzkrieg Champion Ohiyama laid out a challenge to The Great Wall for Victory, and if he accepts tonight we'll have ourselves a Blitzkrieg Championship Main Event! Also as announced two weeks ago by Victory's man in charge, Trent McKnight, the returning Myth and Legend take on For The Win.

Also in action tonight one half of Canada's favorite tag team, Supersquad, Emo Kevin goes one on one with 'The East Wind' Alex Reyn. You can expect plenty more on Victory so head on over to the Stream today!

AUG 17th - SLAM! #96 - A Changing of the Guard
Published by: Adria Hoyt

Alberta, Canada - Two weeks ago we saw the World Heavyweight Championship change hands as Jake Tockwell finally did what he set out to do, and that's become the champion by defeating Warren Spade. The Main Event for Legacy, posters already drawn up, merchandise already ready for shipment... all ruined! Tonight we'll see the man that won 25 to Life and secured his spot at Legacy, face off against Xiang. And later our new Champion officially crowns himself.

Of course there's much more to expect including the Chicago Strong Style Open Challenge, and Davey La Rue's return to the ring against Zed! Even Tony Spark is in action tonight as he takes on the man that beat his partner two weeks ago, Chris Smith. We'll also see Ravage, after a long sabatical, make his return to the ring. All this and of course much more, so check out the Stream today!

AUG 7th - Victory #001 - Welcome to Victory
Published by: Adria Hoyt

Edmonton, Canada - Monday Night we kicked off the debut of our second show, Victory. A bit more bite-sized than our usual affair, but with all the wallop. I'm even on commentary now!

As can be expected Victory rolled through the night leaving moments to remember, all the way until the closing credits following a tremendous Main Event that would see Blitzkrieg Champion Ohiyama defend against Rune. For all the action, head on over and check out the stream today!

AUG 3rd - SLAM! #95 - What Just Happened?
Published by: Adria Hoyt

Edmonton, Canada - SCORCHED is in our rear view mirror, as is the entire eastern world as we travel the great white north! Two months of Canadian delicacies and terrain. Where better to kick off than Edmonton, Canada at the Roger's Place. A Brand new Arena where NBW has the pleasure and honor of being the FIRST Wrestling company to grace it!

And what better way to kick off than with a NBW World Heavyweight Championship match? Along with a special guest enforcer? How about some returns and debuts to kick off the Road to LEGACY? Well we have all that and much more. Head on over and check out the latest episode of SLAM!

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