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FEB 22ND, 2017

SLAM #88

Published by: Adria Hoyt

ST. LouIS, MO - It's been a long while since we last saw Ravage, after his defeat against then-Blitzkrieg champion Brock Newbludd, but he makes his return in tonight's Main Event against Warren Spade! We will also have the NBW World Heavyweight Champion Derecho go one on one with E.Z. Blaze, and if Blaze manages to pull out the win Warren Spade gets his rematch at 25 To Life!

We've also got plenty of tag team action for you tonight. Champions A-List defend against For the Win, in their first defense since stopping the Unstoppables. The Players go to head with Health Fanatics, while Rich Family clashes with Alfie Button and Keystone Champion Ali Amore.

This and of course much more can be expected so check out the stream today!

FEB 15TH, 2017


Published by: Adria Hoyt

ST. LouIS, MO - The Epic II arena was once again jam packed to the rafters as fans came out to see their favorite NBW superstars in action. With 25 to Life looming on the horizon the in ring competition was intense as each grappler tried to show the fans, and more importantly NBW’s upper management, why they deserved a spot in the high profile match that saw the winner receiving a shot at the coveted NBW World Heavyweight Championship at Legacy. Though, that wasn’t the only thing that motivated the grapplers to impress in the ring, as many of the matches featured bitter rivals and hated enemies doing battle against one another to see who was the better!

But, the biggest story of the show was the advertised “Special Mystery Main Event” that revealed nothing about the details of what the exact match would be beforehand. When asked about it before the show started, Richie Keal just said that it was a match that “everyone has been anxiously waiting for.”

Did Richie Keal deliver with his surprise main event, or was it a bust? Click below to find out what transpired during that match and all the other exciting contests that took place, including a star studded 6 on 6 tag match!

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FEB 8TH - SLAM! Episode #87
Published by: Adria Hoyt

ST. LOUIS, MO - Another episode in the books! This week's SLAM features an opening Keystone Championship defense and we close out with a NBW World Heavyweight Championship match! Plus lots of action across the field, including two former NBW Champions returning to action. So rather than give you the rundown, just check out the stream folks! It's one not to be missed.

JAN 18TH - SLAM! Episode #86
Published by: Adria Hoyt

ST. LouIS, MO - We're back with the first SLAM of the new year. Pride is in the rear-view mirror and 25 To Life is on the Horizon. Our champions survived the pay per view intact, however anything can happen on SLAM including impromptu title matches! Which championship? You'll have to stream it to find out!

In our Dobule Main Event we have The Unstoppables defending their Dynasty Tag Team Championships against A-List, while Warren Spade and Jake Tockwell battle for the #1 Contendership to face Derecho at the next SLAM!

All this and of course much more, so head on over to the Stream!

JAN 6TH - NBW Live-WAR Memorial Tournament - Quarter Finals/Finals
Published by: Adria Hoyt

ST. LouIS, MO -
NBW Live! QuarterFinals/Finals
The Epic II Arena was sold out for the second night in the row and it was rocking all night long as fans were treated to some stellar in-ring action, as the remaining eight men who survived the first round battled it out to see who would be the tournament champion. With a field comprising of future hall of famers (and one current one!), former champions, and some of NBW’s fastest rising stars, it was anyone’s guess who would ultimately be the winner.

The only thing for sure about the night was that the road to victory would be a tough one, and there could only be one man left standing in the end.

Want to know who was the first ever winner of the WAR Cup?

JAN 5TH - NBW Live-1st Annual William Arthur Reagan Memorial Tournament
Published by: Adria Hoyt

The first round of the William Arthur Reagan Memorial Tournament featured eight action packed matches, featuring sixteen of the NBW's best. Competitive spirits were high, and the house was packed, but who would survive to go on to next round, and who would be sent home after only one match?

JAN 2ND - NBW Live-1st Annual William Arthur Reagan Memorial Tournament
Published by: Adria Hoyt

NBW Live! Event 12/31/17 and 01/01/17

NBW Presents: The First Annual William Arthur Reagan Memorial Tournament!

For two nights, The Epic II arena was once again sold out as SIXTEEN of the NBW’s best started 2017 off with a band as they honored the memory of one it’s finest World Champions by doing battle in a single elimination tournament to determine who would be the first recipient of the NBW WAR Cup!

Featuring a bracket stacked with some of the best wrestlers that the NBW has to offer, it was a truly nail biting affair that kept the crowd on the edge of their seat from the first round to the last. And with nothing on the line other than pride, who would survive the tournament to be the first man to hold the honor of calling himself the King of WAR?


DEC 31ST - Ending 2016 with the End of Year Special!
Published by: Adria Hoyt

ST. LOUIS, MO - Tonight's the final night of the year! While some of you may be spending that time with your family or out partying the night/year away, thousands of you have turned up at the Epic II arena tonight, and we thank you for it!

Tonight on a very special End of Year edition of SLAM, we have to inring return and debut of Ohiyama, formerly Sweet Daddy K! He'll be taking on Xiang, while Ant Rushton and Jake Tockwell clash. Alyx Norwood will also be getting his redo match from Pride, while in our Main Event we will see the Paragon of the Industry, Zed, go one on one with the former number one contender, the One Man Stampede, Warren Spade!

And of course much more so head on over and check out the stream tonight!

Published by: Adria Hoyt

ST. LOUIS, MO - With a new year, and a new site launched, we're bringing back our weekly Spotlight. And with a fresh return to the NBW ring following a circle in Kyoto Pro of Japan, Ohiyama (formerly known as Sweet Daddy K) is our first Spotlight Superstar of the week, after an impressive victory against the Artist of War, Xiang, in his debut return at our End of Year Holiday special edition of SLAM!

Did you miss his return? You can catch it all from our stream which is always available 24/7!

DEC 31ST - INFAMY #001 Now Streaming in HD.
Published by: Adria Hoyt

ST. LOUIS, MO - The End of Year Special is upon us in just a few hours the cameras will go live to the thousands of cheering fans in attendance. However while you await this event, our editorial staff have been digging into the archives recently and are re-releasing the first ever taping of NBW, Infamy's first episode, in HD. You can find the link to the re-airing below and watch it exclusively on!

POST-Pride Injury Report & End of Year Special News
Published by: Adria Hoyt

ST. LOUIS, MO -With PRIDE officially in the record books to cap off a tremendous year for NBW, we now look toward our next extravagant event in 25 TO LIFE, where twenty five men and women will compete for a Main Event spot at LEGACY for the NBW World Heavyweight Championship.

First however we will be saying goodbye to 2016 with a End of the Year Holiday Special, December 31st from the Epic II Arena here in St. Louis. And as with previous years our talent have been given the Holiday weeks off. So remember those that do choose to attend are doing so for you, the fans!

Already scheduled as announced at PRIDE, is the Finals of the Keystone Top Contenders tournament which will see 'Modern Marvel' Matt Meyhu face 'Max-Files' Max Hopper! Further matches will be announced in the days leading up to the event!

As to PRIDE, while for the most part everything went off without issue, there were some injuries that took place.
- Tony Spark, of For the Win, suffered severe ligament and tendon damage around the elbow with a non-displaced fracture at the hands of Rik Bonebreaker. Currently it is unknown if surgery will be required.
- Warren Spade received a dozen stitches on his head after Derecho busting him upside the head with the belt twice. He will not miss any time.
- The extent of the injuries of Ravage and Blitzkrieg Champion Brock Newbludd are currently unknown and we hope to have information to the extent next week!
- An innocent tech employee was said to have been hit in the stomach once by "Big Talk" Jake Tockwell after his victory over EZ Blaze for - and a direct quote from Tockwell - "grazing my prized boas that are worth more than your minimum-waged window-licking self." The NBW employee won't miss any time and Tockwell was fined $1,000.
- The coffee cup of Jack Harmen suffered hairline fractures but did not break and No Jiffy-Pop tin's were harmed.

See you all soon and Happy Holidays from everyone here at NBW!

DEC 11TH - PRIDE - NEW Champions?
Published by: Adria Hoyt

KANSAS CITY, MO - It's finally time! PRIDE is here and what an event it turned out to be! With every championship on the line, debuts to be made and rivalries to come to an end.

A taste of what's scheduled:
- Main Event: Warren Spade Vs Derecho (c) for the NBW World Heavyweight Championship!
- Ali Amore (c) Vs Freddie Rich for the Keystone Championship!
- A-List Vs The Unstoppables (c) for the Dynasty Tag Team Championships!
- Ravage Vs Brock Newbludd(c) for the Blitzkrieg Championship!
- The Keystone Top Contenders Tournament Semi-Finals which will see Richie Keal against Matt Meyhu, and Max Hopper up against The Great Wall!
- The debut of Al Envy as he goes one on one with Davey La Rue!

All this and much more so head on over and order the PPV today!

DEC 11TH - Talents seperate ways; Former Champion to return at SLAM?
Published by: Mr. X

LOCATION UNKNOWN - PRIDE is in the books and word going around is that more than one of the talent finished up their contractual obligations with the NBW upon conclusion of the pay per view event. Names have not yet been released however from the information I have dug up they do contain both sexes.

There are also rumors going around that a former champion has negotiated a new contract with the NBW and will be returning to television as soon as the post-PRIDE SLAM! As to who this person is, that remains unclear. With 25 to Life around the corner, now is the time to make your impact!

Until next we speak, keep your eyes open.
Mr. X

NOV 16TH - SLAM! Episode LXXXV - St. Louis, MO
Published by: Adria Hoyt

STL LOUIS, MO - In just over two weeks we're coming at you with another stacked PPV, but first one final episode of SLAM! Tonight is all about preparation and the last chance to get on the big pay per view marquee. You'll see six man tag action, debuts, and more. Including NBW World Champion Derecho and a partner of his choice against Warren Spade and his partner. If that wasn't enough we'll also have Blitzkrieg Champion Brock Newbludd joining For The Win against Ravage and the Handsome Man Modelling School.

Also tonight we will see the debut of the most recent signee with the NBW, Alan Envy. As well as the final round of the Keystone Contenders tournament!

On top of all that the Keystone Champion Ali Amore teaming up with The Entertainers to take on the Rich Family. And in our Main Event Max Hopper will go one on one with Johannes Antonious de Castonovo.

All this and much more so check out the Stream!

NOV  9TH - NBW LIVE! November 8th Recap
Published by: Adria Hoyt

KANSAS CITY, MO - Election night can have you rather anxious. So while the nation sits at home watching the various graphs and maps light up red and blue, thousands of you joined us at the Municipal Arena in KC for our usual NBWLive's Meet & Greet. Provided via the link below is a rundown of the results from last night - non-political results that is.

OCT 31ST - SLAM! Episode LXXXIV - St. Louis, MO
Published by: Adria Hoyt

ST. LOUIS, MO - Happy Halloween everyone! NBW is bringing you a special episode of SLAM, on this Monday evening. We're still a few weeks away from our pay per view event PRIDE, however tonight we will determine the number one contender for the Blitzkrieg Championship. We also will have another first round match in our Keystone Contenders tournament which will see the debut of Matt Meyhu!

Tonight the pen will be put to the paper when number one contender Warren Spade comes face to face with NBW World Heavyweight Champion Derecho for their official contract signing for PRIDE's Main Event. All this and of course much more, so be sure to check out the stream!

OCT 25TH - NBW LIVE! October 25th Recap
Published by: Adria Hoyt

KANSAS CITY, MO - Anything and everything can happen at a NBW Live Event, especially the Meet & Greet events!
- Tonight was no different. During one of the autograph sessions the Creede Brothers got into a brawl with PULSE's GailForce which led to a match being made for the Live Event later.
- This brawl led to another fight between Eric Davies and Davey La Rue, which pulled in Blitzkrieg Champion Brock Newbludd and Alyx Norwood.
The recap & results are at the link below!

Published by: Adria Hoyt

ST. LOUIS, MO - I've got a question for you! Who is the number one contender for (insert title here) heading into PRIDE? Well if speaking of any singles championship, other than the World Heavyweight Championship, we don't know! Not yet at least! Could that change on tonight's SLAM? Maybe... Gotta watch and see!

But I will throw you a bone! Tonight, you will see the Keystone Championship defended by Ali Amore against Alfie Button! And in our Main Event, it's gonna be massive! Warren Spade takes on Vic Gravender!

Of course this and far more, so head on over and watch the show!

Did you miss the LEGACY PPV? Catch the Replay today!
Published by: Adria Hoyt

KANSAS CITY, MO - With so much going on as we approach Pride, treat yourself to a reminder of what led us to this moment by replaying the largest event in Wrestling today, NBW's LEGACY!

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