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JUL 16th, 2017


Published by: Adria Hoyt

Dubai, UAE - The end of our eastern Summer tour is here. Live Dubai, NBW's bringing you SCORCHED II!! With all the action you could want including the Keystone championship defended inside a Steel Cage, and both the Blitzkrieg and World Championship on the line in a two falls match! We'll also see 25 to Life's winner Brock Newbludd put his Legacy Main Event spot on the line against Benjamin Jones. Plus the war between newcomer Alex Reyn and Darren Best enters the NBW's sacred squared circle. As well the former NBW Dynasty Tag Team Champions The Unstoppables team with Ali Amore against Clan Strongbern. Plus even more is on tap so be sure to head over and click on the ORDER button today to stream the pay per view!

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JUN 22nd - SLAM! #94 - Final Stop!
Published by: Adria Hoyt

Dubai, UAE - Our final SLAM before SCORCHED II. The stage has been set. We know who will be defending their championships and against who, however as they say... Card is Subject to Change! And word has it, that is EXACTLY what happened on SLAM. So head on over to Stream it today!

JUN 8th - SLAM! #93 - A Strong Night Indeed!
Published by: Adria Hoyt

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia - Tonight Ohiyama will take on Warren Spade for the NBW World Heavyweight Championship for the $250 thousand dollar bounty! Not only is that happening on SLAM, but it's also kicking us off! There are of course far more to expect as we have quite the show for you. Other matches which include the Beat the Clock challenge between Alex Reyn and Darren Best. As well as the Keystone Champion Max Hopper, Ali Amore, Big Rick Strongbern, The Great Wall, Alan Envy and more! I could list it all for you however as I mentioned our first match of the night is for the World Championship. So quit reading and head on over to the stream!

MAY 25th - SLAM! #92 - The Bounty, The Hunter, and the Hunted!
Published by: Adria Hoyt

Doha, Qatar - Tonight NBW will see the first man to cash in on the $250 thousand dollar bounty laid out by Big Talk and Hot Sauce. Who will it be? Rumors have been running these past weeks with names like Uncensored, Superstar Vince Jacobs, Judasbleek and more. Even former champion, Derecho!

We will also see The Entertainers face the team of NBW's newest signee, Alex Reyn, and one half of the Dynasty Tag Team Champions, El Principe. As well as Teddy Palmer taking one another member of the HMMS, Benny Reyes. Of course that's just the tip of the iceburg folks. We've got one heck of a show set for you so head on over and check out the Stream today!

May 11th - SLAM91!
Published by: Adria Hoyt

Istanbul - Well what a turn we have had folks! Just weeks past our 25 to Life event, and spirits are at an all time high! Why? Well let's start off with the fact that we have a NEW NBW World Heavyweight Champion. A seven foot monster, friendly as can be, rather than that grumpy cat Derecho. Warren Spade is your champion. And as was promised, pinky sweared that is, his first defense happens tonight against his friend E.Z. Blaze. It'll definitely be something to see.

At 25L we also saw the Keystone Championship change hands when Max Hopper became its guardian. Tonight will be his first defense of the championship, any championship in NBW that is. Of course on the other side of that coin we have the In Crowd who managed to retain their Dynasty Tag Team Titles and the Blitzkrieg title. You can bet that we'll hear all about that tonight!

25 to Life was quite the event and saw the return of some familiar faces, and some new ones as well. Of course that momentum continues forward tonight as NBW comes to you live from Istanbul for a special three hour episode of SLAM. The perfect way to kick off the next leg of our World Tour, on route to Dubai for Scorched! So head on over and check out the Stream today!

25 To Life
MAY 1ST - Post 25L: Injury Report, Unfortunate News and Rumors!
Published by: Adria Hoyt

Singapore - We're headed off to our next stop, Instanbul, for SLAM! Right now though quite a few of the talent are feeling the side effects from 25 to Life. Be it the match itself or any number of matches! I've got the latest injury report handed to me so let's see here:

- Mitchell Quinlan was obviously shaken up as he passed back through the curtains. Between his pride and clear frustration with his performance, he refused medical assistance. His social media presence has suggested symptoms related to concussion, and he will be made to pass iMPact testing before being allowed to compete again.
- Currently the only updates we have on both Michelle Couli, Zhalia Fears, and her driver is that they were taken in for intensive care. The injuries suffered by both were far less than expected thanks to quick thinking by Fears. We hope to have more information as SLAM approaches.
- Max Hopper bruised the timeline by staying in 25 to Life 3 seconds longer than he was supposed to. This resulted in sightings of a singing, dancing frog beginning on December 31, 1955. No other anomalies are known to have been caused by this.
- After his loss to the now NBW World Heavyweight Champion Warren Spade, the King of Hell Derecho has not been seen or heard from since leaving the arena. Currently even for our NBWLive's, he's been removed from booking. No doubt we'll see him come SLAM as Warren Spade is unlikely to be finished with the former.
- NBW staff was concerned that Brock Newbludd's chance for re-injury during his first match back were heightened due to it being the chaotic 25 to Life rumble. Though those concerns were quickly put to bed as Newbludd not only ended up winning the match, but he passed all of the post match medical examinations with flying colors.
For the first time in a long time, the former Blitzkrieg champion is coming out of a pay per view with a clean bill of health.

In more unfortunate news, nbW has just received word that members of Ke'ala Ohana will be taking an indefinite hiatus effective immediately. Due to a recent death in the family, recent signees Jules and Rafi Ke'ala have requested and received leave from No Brand Wrestling to attend to the matter back home.

As for their cousin, Ohiyama, the 2017 WAR Cup Winner will be taking off the next two weeks off, but he has informed officials that he will be present when nbW next comes to you from the Ulker Sports Arena from Istanbul. He plans to address his nbW future going forward at that time.

On behalf of No Brand Wrestling, our condolences go out to the Ke'ala family.

We've also got some new and rumors building as we head off to our next destination.
- The Epic II Arena is being remodelled! As we're currently not set to return to the states until at least the fourth quarter this year, that's giving them plenty of time to work on the innards. In the meantime the PULSE organization and roster have relocated to the southern wing of the sports complex for their training.
- Despite not being shown on camera this time, the 'only true' UTA World Champion, as we're told, Sean Jackson was in the press box for the event. He was invited by Fears and seemed to have taken up the offer. NBW management has extended the offer once more for Scorched II. To what capacity however is unknown at thist ime.
- At least one of the guys that showed up for the 25 to Life match this past weekend has signed a contact with NBW. It may be temporary or a several year deal. As to who? Guess we'll have to keep an eye out.
- Not a rumor. My sister got hired! I think it may have had something to do with Richie Keal. Although that kid having pull in NBW seems a stretch. I wonder what she was hired for. Okay maybe now I'm a bit worried.

Actually that will end it here. I'm going to go call Veronica and find out what she's getting herself into. Until next time guys!

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