No Brand Wrestling Presents: SLAM! Episode LXXIX
    Live from The Epic II Arena - St. Louis, Mo.





    V/O - “Over ten years ago a small-time promotion out of Reading, PA came to existence. Over the years superstars have debuted and grown, some have retired, and others are still around today. Owners have changed. Locations have shifted. But one thing has always stayed the same. The name. Three Initials that have survived through the thick and the thin.”

    The NBW logo is shown as it fades in and out showing the various designs from past to present. The voice-over by Trent McKnight continues.

    V/O - “Those initials represent the past, the present, and the future. No Borders. No Boundaries. No Bull. Nothing But Wrestling. Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the NBW!”

    A video package rolls showing past wrestlers and on-screen talent from the original promoter Alex Styles to Xander Napoli onto the current: Thaddeus Boyle. Three different men with three different agendas, all of which were responsible for the success that is NBW.

    V/O - “Many athletes have paved the way for the current generation entertaining the fans every week.”

    Shots of Jason Kain, Maximizer, Frost, Rey Campbell, Cal Roberts, Blake Gray, Rejection, Uncensored, Jade Greene and Alan Helms filled the screen before being replaced with shots of macWICKED, Ali Amore, Lunatic, D-T, Max Hopper, High Flyer, Sam Potright, Dream Warriors, Rik Bone, Callie Urban, Heaven and Hell, Shawn Jessica Hart, Remy Leroux, Brock Metzer, The Gordon Brothers, Andrew Martin, Mat Walton, William Arthur Reagan, Nightlife USA, Sweet Daddy K, Techno Dragon and numerous others as the clips speed up to a blur.

    Side to side ‘Special K’ Keegan and ‘the Colossus’ Spike Saunders fade into view before being replaced by an imposing image of the former Double Champion, ‘Superstar’ Vince Jacobs and his Cheshire-like smile.

    His image is replaced by clips of the members of his Upper Echelon; Judasbleek, Warren Spade, and the Son of Malta.

    They are soon replaced by the likes of Vic Gravender, Chris Moliano, Derecho, Judasbleek, Son of Malta, Torment, RaVage, Tremoid, Lexia Hart, Benjamin Jones, For The Win, Johannes Antonious de Castonovo and Aleczander of Family Keeling, Handsome Man Modeling School, Supersquad, Zed, and more as the clips speed up once more.

    V/O - "The time to break the mold is now. To be somebody. To make a mark. To be..."

    The NBW logo spins to life once more and fades out to the simple initials before the opening video for SLAM plays and then the initials return with the logo once more.



    Unstoppable Colossal Monsters


    As the opening video package faded out, the wild and energetic fans that filled the NBW's Epic II arena came into view. Signs thrust in there air as they jumped and cheered for the overhead camera, before it came to rest on the commentators desk.

    "Good evening everyone and welcome to another edition of SLAM! I'm Melissa Vanderart and with me as always is none other than the Ray of Sunshine himself, Craig Gains!"

    "Gotta work on that introduction, Mel. I'll let you have it though. I am after all quite the ray of sunshine. I light this place up!" He shouted this and shot his arms out to the confusion of the crowd, after all they couldn't hear the commentators. "Whatever. Anyhow tonight we will finally see Derecho reclaim his NBW World Heavyweight Championship-"

    "What are you talking about? Derecho isn't booked tonight. However the actual Champion Carter is, through his open challenge. Anybody could accept tonight. As seen two weeks ago when Benjamin Jones came quite close to unseating the champion."

    "Yeah anybody. Meaning Derecho can, and will." Finished Gains.

    “Even more championship action tonight too! As tonight’s main event is going to be INSANE! The Unstoppables will be defending The Dynasty Tag Team Championships against their BIGGEST challengers yet in “The Colossus” Spike Saunders and “The Monster of the Mid-South” Warren Spade! Coming up momentarily, though…”

    Melissa was interrupted by something…

    One drum solo played.

    Then another.

    Then another…

    Bell ring.


    The opening to “A Warrior’s Call” by Volbeat played and went right into…

    “Warrior” by Disturbed.

    That thundering mix of themes could only mean one thing.


    The song played and out came the Dynasty Tag Team Champions themselves. Forming a team out of respect, the two had gone on to become one of the more dominant teams in nbW history and tonight they’ll hope they can continue that against their toughest opponents yet!

    “Ladies and gentlemen… please welcome to the ring at this time, YOUR Dynasty Tag Team Champions… the team of Tyson XL and Vic Gravender… THE UNSTOPPABLES!

    The team made up of massive former World Champions stopped on the ramp, showing off their Dynasty Tag Team Championships along with their new shirts. Listed on the front was a label of “WARNING: UNSTOPPABLES ARE A DANGEROUS MIX.”

    They turned to show off the back:

    Warning: Fighting The Unstoppables May Cause The Following –
    Feelings of Getting Your Ass Kicked.
    Powerbombing You Wherever.
    Headbutting You Wherever.
    Aches and Bruises.
    See Doctor If You’ve Been Beaten Like A Bitch.

    “HA!” CG Gains laughed. “That’s one of those Funny-cause-it’s-true things!”

    “Indeed. The Unstoppables are usually more of a talk backstage, hurt people in the ring type, but it appears they’ve got a few words for their gigantic challengers tonight. I wonder what’s on their mind.”

    Tyson XL raised his title to a massive cheer from the crowd while Vic Gravender stood right behind him. The former Infamy and nbW World Champion walked into the ring alongside his partner and stepped inside the squared circle, scanning the raucous crowd. Vic and Tyson each took one side of the ring and raised their respective Dynasty Tag Team Titles before the music faded out.

    “ST. LOUIS!” Vic thundered.


    The World Class Badass turned his head and continued looking at the crowd.

    “When Tyson XL and I came together, we vowed to make these titles mean something and we vowed that we would go down in history as one of the most dominant and one of the best damn tag teams in the business today. We’ve fought several teams already that have been worthy of a shot and I’ll be the first one to admit - I don’t respect ANYBODY until I’ve stepped in the ring with me and they’ve EARNED it. But two weeks ago, Entertainers… Alfie and Darren… I mean this with all sincerity, boys… You EARNED my respect last week. You gave Tyson and I our best match to date with these titles and we gave the people a fucking match the four of us can be proud of.”

    The crowd applauded for the efforts of all four men.

    “We have a deep tag team roster in No Brand Wrestling and on any given night, anybody could win these things. The Rich Family - as big bags of dicks as THEY were - they could do it. The Entertainers could certainly do it. The Xiang Dynasty, The A-List, even them new guys - Davey and his new crew - anybody that’s hungry enough that wants a shot, they can do it on any given night. But we’re guaranteeing that as good as anybody else in this business can be… Tyson and I are the NEW standard-bearers for tag team wrestling and until somebody comes by and knocks us off, we’ll be bringing it for you each and every night!”

    More applause from the fans.

    Tyson pointed at Vic with a thumb. “Big Vic’s right. I left this business after ACW closed up shop and after I took care of my daughter, I thought there was nothing that was ever going to bring me back. I was out of the game for three years but there was always a lingering thought in the back of my head that was asking me if I was ever good enough to do it all again. Thanks to Vic, all of you and to the No Brand Wrestling roster there in the back … I can proudly say YES I CAN!!!

    The Walking Tank proudly showed off his Dynasty tag belt.

    “That Lucky kid has the right idea. Belts are only as good as the people holding them and the Unstoppables don’t shy away from any challenge no matter how big our opponents are and you people deserve to see exciting matches and people getting wrecked. Coincidentally I’ve been told that we’re good at both of those things and we’re proud to bring this to you each and every week!”

    Vic nodded.

    “But enough about getting all sappy and shit. Legacy is in a few weeks and if… no, WHEN we make it past Spike Saunders and Warren Spade tonight, you can bet your ass we’ll be putting this gold on the line against any team that wants the shot.”

    A mixed reaction echoed in The Epic Arena.

    “I know it sounded like we’re looking past Spike Saunders and Warren Spade, two big bastards that can possibly out-big-bastard us, but I take them very seriously. There’s a real chance they COULD take these titles, but I’m telling you right now… THAT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN!” Vic held out the title. “Saunders, Spade, I’ve been in the ring with the both of you before, but tonight, this business-only relationship you’ve got going for you in the tag ranks isn’t going to be working out. You’re two giants, but tonight, you’re running into two brick fucking walls that aren’t going to let you take these Dynasty straps without a fight!”

    “Wait, can you call them straps?” Tyson XL asked.

    “I’ll call them whatever the fuck I want. Straps. Belts. Titles. I dare some old idiot in a headset to tell me what the fuck to call them.”

    A laugh erupted in the arena from those that got the joke, but before all the joking could continue…

    ‘Spike-it-UP!’ the remixed version by KISS.

    If the fans were happy to see the champions, this only increased their glee as the seven foot three colossus walked out on the stage to their mass cheer. Spike Saunders was wearing his usual jeans with a ‘BOOM! Headshot!’ t-shirt, and of course his trademark shades rounded everything out. Mic in hand, he was there to spout.

    “To be honest, I never thought that we would be at this point. Ever. While you two have been quite the dominating team, I had no plans on seeking out those championships.” He shrugged, “Tyson, in ACW you were a powerhouse that saw the light and split from the dominant faction at the time, Nightlife. The original chapter to our Nightlife USA crew. And now you stand here no more than a short time after your debut, as one-half of the tag team champions.”

    The fans in the Epic II arena cheered at that fact.

    “And Vic, mister sour puss himself.” Vic snarled, but Saunders just grinned and shrugged. “Hey, there was a time where we all thought your scowl was permanently surgically set. You’ve had your moments in NBW over the years, including a run with the World Heavyweight Championship and the coveted ‘shot of all shots’ that you acquired with the Infamy title.” He smiled, remembering back a few years ago. “It seems only yesterday that you were backstage demolishing the Creede Brothers and forced to defend your World Championship against everyone involved in the Pinnacle Rumble. A match that you did indeed lose, as well as the title.”

    Gravender seemed a bit irritated at that history but Tyson kept him calm in the ring as the two looked up at the stage at the towering giant. That is until he started walking down the ramp, and then stepped up on the apron and over the ropes. The two backing off to give him some room.

    “Still, here you are.” continued the giant as he removed his shades and clipped them over his shirt collar. “One half of the tag team champions and beloved by all. Times change. And come tonight, that too could very well change. It’s been awhile for me, not since those ACW days in fact that you’re familiar with Tyson, since I’ve held tag team gold. And while I’d love for it to be with Callie Urban again, she’s retired and running her restaurant franchise out of Japan. And that’s fine. As I’ve got a beast of a man that I went to war with, got fired by, nearly ended my career, and has proven himself a changed man.”

    He grinned and motioned along his waist: “And nothing unites two rivals more than a common goal. Those Dynasty Tag Team Championships.”

    “Try and take em…” said Tyson while holding the title out.


    The lights dimmed to a complete pitch black and after a few seconds of anticipation out came the last of four men in tonight’s match. The man with the gift of gab and his client the man with the gift of being seven feet tall and three-hundred and fifty pounds! The crowd celebrated the appearance of the reformed Fenton Woods and “The One-Man Stampede” Warren Spade.

    “We heard there was a fight out here tonight and my giant and I wouldn’t miss this for the world!” Fenton said. “Now … who wants to take the first shot in the Battle of the Titans tonight?! Fans, are you ready to see the Battle of the Titans?!”

    NBW fans seemed to respond well to the thought of that battle taking place in tonight’s main event. Spade pointed at Spike.

    “He pretty much covered our history on the head … we may not agree on many things, but what we can agree on is this. You’ll be looking at the NEW Unstoppables tonight when Spike and I win those Dynasty Tag Team championships!”


    Saunders looked back at Spade and Fenton, the two with a common goal in sight that night Then on over to the Unstoppables.

    “Vic, Tyson, you two have proven to be a dominant team since your formation. I don't discount that in the least. However while you are clearly unstoppable in front of all challengers…” with a grin he pointed at Spade and himself. “We’re motherfuckin’ Giants, kids.”

    The crowd exploded as the four men were nose to nose, ready to bust out but somehow managing to keep their calm. Vic had a smirk on his face and held them out.

    “I’m surprised the two of you got along long enough to come out here and talk shit at the same time,” Vic said with a smirk, knowing the sordid history of the challengers. “Spike, I know ALL about you and I know that you have a legacy here in nbW. You’ve won all kinds of titles here, but so have I and I’ll be fucked if I let YOU take them away from us.”

    Then he turned to Warren.

    “And YOU…” Vic said. “Warren, you have all the God-given talent in the world and you had an undefeated streak going two years… but streaks end. Spike made sure of that. What I’m here to tell you is that I don’t give a FUCK how big or how talented you are. Tonight, you’ll be leaving the ring with the same amount of titles you have on your nbW resume now…” he formed his hands into a circle. “ZERO.”


    Fighting words from Vic and Tyson, who despite giving up height to their challengers didn’t back down from two proud giants. Fenton was about to talk when Warren took his microphone.

    “I’m gonna knock that smirk off your face, World Class FATASS.

    Vic was about to jump on him when Tyson held him back; the very same with Warren Spade and Spike Saunders. The two men held back their respective partners before cooler heads prevailed. Fenton and Spike calmed Warren down enough to leave the ring, but not before he gestured that the coveted Dynasty Tag Team Titles would belong to them. "Deliverance" by Corrosion of Conformity played the exit of Warren and Fenton while Spike trailed behind him, but not taking his eyes off either of The Unstoppables. Vic and Tyson raised their titles in the air, showing the coveted titles on the line in perhaps the literal biggest main event in nbW history!





    The Different Breed Versus Handsome Man Modeling School


    After a quick break following the COLOSSALLY MONSTROUS opening segment, the camera panned to the announce table to bring to you the hostestes with the mostest...estest... Melissa Vanderart and CG Gains.

    “This next match stems from recent events at Scorched. We’ve seen The Handsome Man Modeling School behind the eight-ball recently when it comes to in-ring success, but they made a go of making fun of Davey La Rue and Ai Tso after they lost their match to The Xiang Dynasty. Later on, “Photogenic” Peter Pham lost to the talented SPARK, which sparked a new alliance between SPARK, La Rue, and Ai Tso now known as The ”

    “Please! They’re prettier than any of these goofy-looking uggos!” CG Gains said. “Melissa, look at the Handsome Man Modeling School… then look at La Rue and whatever these idiots call themselves. THAT is reason enough to predict a winner! They’re gonna get eaten alive by The HMMS tonight!”

    “We’ll have to see about that, CG. Let’s go to the ring for our next match!”

    And the crowd went nuts for the next match.

    “The following match is a six-man tag scheduled for one fall!” Brent Williams announced. “Already in the ring at a combined weight of 667 pounds… they are the team of “Tantalizing” Taylor Smith and “Photogenic” Peter Pham and “The Beaut” Benny Reyes… THE HANDSOME MAN MODELING SCHOOL!

    The camera panned to the ring where on the inside, Taylor and Peter were getting Benny Reyes all fired up about what was to come.

    “We can beat these scrub!” Taylor said. “We’re gonna kick some fuggo ass and then we can go get some protein shakes, dude!”

    “Yeah! Then get new selfie posts!” Peter said.

    Benny dapped fists with both of his guys and they cleared the apron for action.

    The lights in the arena started to flash multiple shades of blue, green and yellow every few seconds…

    “The Touch” by Stan Bush.

    The music hit and the crowd gave a good cheer for the three men as three letters appeared on The EpiCenter…




    The Handsome Man Modeling School waited for their opponents and watched the entrance, but the double doors never opened. Instead, a spotlight shined on the crowd and at the top of one of the aisles…

    “And their opponents… at a combined weight of 714 pounds… they are the team of Davey La Rue… SPARK… and Ai Tso… THE DIFFERENT BREED!

     “If you follow our live events, Davey La Rue, Ai Tso and SPARK have formed an alliance and they’re calling themselves The Different Breed!” Melissa said. “Davey and Ai Tso have struck up a good friendship thanks to Brock Newbludd recently and SPARK and Ai Tso have both wrestled for the Kyoto PRO promotion, so they’ve all gotten along well. The crowd seem to be enjoying themselves!”

    The members of the newly-christened Different Breed rowdily jumped through the legion of fans on their way towards the ring. The massive bearded rock aficionado Davey La Rue looked right at home playing air guitar. The diminutive dynamo, SPARK, was wearing his yellow arm tassels and face paint, rocking out with the devil horns. Ai Tso looked awkward as heck with his rendition of air guitar, but the crowd were loving the trio as they entered the ring. Davey, Ai Tso, and SPARK head inside…


    New t-shirts and entrance music for the new trio in No Brand Wrestling didn’t do anything to stop the pretty boys from attacking!


    Referee Slim J called for the bell as Taylor Smith knocked Davey La Rue off the ring apron, sending him out to the floor! Ai Tso had been taken care of, thanks to Benny Reyes with a big Shoulder Tackle which left SPARK all alone with Peter Pham attacking him in the corner! The HMMS were a lot more vicious than usual tonight as they went right after the Kyoto PRO star with boots in the corner! Peter Pham in particular was heated that he didn’t win a match at Scorched against SPARK and now had payback on his mind.

    Now that SPARK was all alone in his corner, Peter Pham whipped him all the way cross-corner and then charged in. He landed a Jumping Back Elbow to the chest of Mr. High Energy and he remained stunned. He moved out of the way so Taylor Smith could follow up the attack with a big Running Clothesline in the corner that staggered the young dynamo. Benny Reyes was last up and the 243-pound dudebro charged and landed a Running Shoulder Tackle to the chest! Benny and Taylor both whipped him out of the corner right into a HARD Enzuigiri from The Photogenic One! SPARK collapsed to the mat and Peter Pham hurriedly crawled into a cover.



    SPARK’s shoulder rose off the mat, but an angry Peter Pham continued to drill him with anger-fueled right hands. The strikes continued to rain down on the young Kyoto PRO talent while in the opposite corner, both Davey La Rue and Ai Tso were licking their wounds from the pre-match assault. Davey was hunched over the ring ropes with Ai Tso behind him, watching their Different Breed brethren being picked apart by The HMMS.

    Pham picked up SPARK by his bright yellow hair and threw him into the corner before making the tag to Taylor Smith. Smith showed off his athleticism by leaping over the ropes and then teeing off on SPARK with knees to the chest! He was firing off and now fueled by anger as he continued to attack him. When Slim J tried to reprimand him, Taylor got mean.

    “Shut up, fuggo!” Taylor said. “Get your Enimem-wannabe ass away from me!”

    Taylor then rushed at SPARK…


    Reverse STO into the turnbuckle!

    The opening that Smith gave himself gave SPARK the chance to finally get back to his corner. The high-flying dynamo was almost there to the corner, but Benny Reyes tagged himself in and ran at SPARK, grabbing him by the leg.

    “Nuh-uh, I don’t think so!” Benny shouted.

    He pulled SPARK up by his feet and whipped him into the corner, but SPARK made use of the old Flair Flop and rolled over the ropes, landing on the ring apron in the process. Benny Reyes charged at SPARK, but the Kyoto PRO dynamo leaped upwards and clipped him in the face with a leaping kick! He then hopped onto the top rope and connected with a Springboard Missile Dropkick to the chest, knocking him down!

    SPARK finally had a chance to get to the corner and rolled…


    The crowd cheered as Fat Tuesday climbed into the ring! He charged at Benny Reyes and ran right into him with a big Running Clothesline. He then charged at the corner and got himself a little bit of payback for the earlier pre-match attack when he knocked over Taylor and then Peter off the apron with big right hands! Davey then waited for Benny to get back to his feet and when The Beaut did, he clocked him with a jab.




    Devil horns!

    A cheer from the crowd and then a wind-up…


    The Beaut went down quickly and now Davey was all fired up and ready to keep kicking some more ass. When The Beaut started to stand up, Davey picked him up, then spun around before he dropped him HARD on the canvas with a Delayed Spinning Scoop Slam!  Davey then walked around and stomped Benny’s left arm, left knee, right knee, right arm and then his chest in that order before running off the ropes…


    He connected with a Running Senton! Davey rolled over after grabbing his shoulder that might have been sore a little bit after the impact. He went for a cover on Benny. 




    Smith rushed in and dropped an elbow across the back of his head. Smith then stomped away at La Rue and then pulled back Benny Reyes to his corner so he could legally tag himself in. The HMMS were really good tag team wrestlers, but it got lost in all of the flashiness and the pretty boy antics they were known for. Taylor Smith waited for La Rue to get back to his knees and then ran off the ropes to connect with a Running Dropkick right to the face!

    The Tantalizing One kipped up to his feet and then held out his hands for the jeering crowd.

    “We are WINNING tonight!” Taylor shouted. “We are BREAKING this streak!”

    Taylor then turned over to where Davey had landed and then crawled over for a cover.




    Ai Tso was the only person at this point who had yet to tag in and even though Davey La Rue had just been the proverbial house of fire for a second, a very game HMMS had snuffed it out for the moment. La Rue was definitely hurt and things were going from bad to worse for The Different Breed. Taylor dragged La Rue back up by the neck…


    Davey fought back with a trifecta of right hands to the stomach of Smith. He then sat up and ran off the corner, but Taylor shut that shit down with a huge Leaping Side Kick! La Rue went down hard and Smith rolled towards the corner now with intent to tag Peter Pham back into the ring. Taylor then dragged La Rue to the corner and then Pham got the tag. Taylor hit the second rope first and then flew off the ropes with a huge Driving Elbow Drop to the chest! Taylor moved out of the way and then allowed Pham to hit a Second Rope Twisting Moonsault! Pham had the aerial skills to pay the bills (that was bad, sorry…) and he sat on top of Davey, hooking a leg for the cover.




    Davey shoved Peter Pham off of him and now Ai Tso wanted the tag in the ring. He along with SPARK watched as Davey was being kicked by Peter Pham.

    “You bearded fuggo! I teach you lesson! You no mess with us!” Pham shouted.

    He delivered a few hard kicks to the chest of La Rue and then tried to pull him back up, but the much bigger La Rue stopped that with a huge right to the stomach. He picked up Pham and then tried to scoop him over, but he slipped out the back and clipped his knee with a Dropkick. The tag was made to Benny Reyes and now The Beaut charged, connecting with a Sliding Shoulder Block! He covered Davey again.




    SPARK rushed into the ring and broke up the move via Standing Moonsault! He was hurt from the impact a little but Mr. High Energy returned to his corner and clutched a rib while cheering on Davey.

    “Come on!” SPARK shouted.

    “Davey!” Ai Tso yelled.

    SPARK and Ai Tso both stomped and leaned over the ropes, hoping to get a tag while Davey was free. But Benny Reyes had different ideas. The Beaut forced him up and tried to strike him with a right hand, but Davey blocked it…


    Davey KNOCKED his noggin with a hell of a Headbutt and it sent Taylor and Peter into a tizzy.

    “No! Ref! Disqualify him! The face, bro!” Taylor yelled.

    Benny fell over and now Davey staggered into his own corner…


    And the crowd cheered The Master of the Tsoplex as he entered the ring. When Benny tried to get back to his feet, he drove a series of hard Forearm Smashes to the face, following him up the Headbutt from La Rue. Benny was punch drunk when he sent Reyes into the corner. He followed up on The Beaut with a Forearm Strike and then grabbed him around the waist, throwing him up and over with a huge Gutwrench Tsoplex!

    Ai Tso rolled back to his feet and when he did, he saw Taylor Smith jump into the ring and try to swing at him. Instead, Ai Tso ducked and shoved him into the ropes and when he came back… Belly to Belly Tsoplex! The rookie sensation got back to his feet and now Peter Pham tried his luck by burying a knee into his gut. He tried to whip him across the ring, but Tso grappled his way around him and threw him over with an Over-The-Shoulder Judo Toss!

    Some technically fancy moves were paying off and when Pham tried to get back up to his feet, Ai Tso grabbed him by the waist… this time, a Throwing German Tsoplex! He nearly got dumped on his head and shoulders and went bouncing off the ropes. Now that he was done, he got back up and his focues was turned to Benny. He tried another German Tsoplex, but Benny got his elbow up and caught him in the face. The Beaut tried to pick up Ai Tso for a Suplex of his own, but Tso blocked it. He got his way out of the move and connected with a Dragon Screw! With that, he went to a Leg Lock submission!


    Smith elbowed Ai Tso and broke up the move. When he got back up, Davey was right behind him…

    THE AMF!

    AMFOUTTANOWHERE! The Cutter caught him and drove him down to the canvas! Pham tried to catch him, but SPARK was there cut him off at the pass…


    The Sling Blade from SPARK dropped Peter Pham like a bad habit now and Ai Tso went back to Benny Reyes. He worked over the knee with another Dragon Screw after he tried to stand..


    The submission was locked in now and nowhere to go for Benny Reyes! The Beaut tried to fight his way out of it and tried to get to the ropes, but Ai Tso cinched back and fell into a leg grapevine! Now there was TRULY nowhere for him to go…


    The Different Breed had just done it! Ai Tso released the hold and rolled back up to his feet with a successful victory under his belt and now was helped to his feet by Davey and SPARK.

    “Here are your winners by submission… THE DIFFERENT BREED!

    The three very unlikely friends celebrated their first official TV victory and combined with the recent nbW Live Event, this made two in a row over The Handsome Man Modeling School! Speaking of, said pretty boys limped away from the ring after yet another in a string of disappointing losses. The limping Peter and Taylor helped Benny out of the ring and headed towards the back while Davey was in the ring. Davey motioned for a microphone and was given one by a ringside attendant.

    “That victory...” Davey said, still huffing, “is thanks to my new friends. Ai Tso and SPARK… you’re good dudes!”

    Both men smiled and nodded. With that, Davey got a little more somber.

    “I gotta be serious for a moment here… Recent events in this country AND this world have not been kind lately. In my hometown of Baton Rouge, murders were committed heinously… and it’s terrible. My heart and our hearts go out to the families there in this time of need.”

    Davey continued with what appeared to be a somber message.

    “It feels like there are a lot of bad things happening in this world, but… but with that, there are still good people trying to do good things in this world. There are lots of good people out there with differences in things like your culture, your race, your creed, your sex, your religion… people who CAN get along. The Different Breed is proof of that! Despite where each of us come from or the route we took to get here, our ultimate goal aside from being the best in this sport is providing YOU all with entertainment! If we can provide each and every one of you with just a little bit of entertainment and put a smile on your face for even just a couple of hours… then we’ve done our job.”

    Now some clapping and applause from the crowd.

    “We’re here to help others have fun and to spread this message not only in No Brand Wrestling, but across wrestling as a whole.”

    And more applause for a powerful, heartfelt message. The MO of The Different Breed had been laid out and now Davey had a smile on his face.
    “All right, let’s do our job.. .who wants some more air guitar?!”

    The crowd cheered and another round of “The Touch” blasted over the PA as the three men all simultaneously fell on their backs and started grinding on imaginary guitars… well, Davey and SPARK did. Ai Tso was still not sure how to play it, but goddamn it, he was trying and the crowd ate it up! With that, the show went elsewhere.


    You're up

    Donny was listening to music with his eyes closed, miming whatever junk he was listening to when he got a slap to wake him up:  "TAKE THEM OFF."


    Big brother Freddie slapped the headphone clean off the kid's noggin:  "Get ready."

    "What do you mean?"

    Freddie stated:  "You're up.  You're working tonight."

    The youngest Rich's eyes lit up:  "Being serious?"

    His sibling nodded:  "Yeah."

    Donny couldn't help but hug his big brother:  "Okay, Donny.  Thank Dad.  He wanted it."

    As Donny turned away to unpack, Freddie put an arm on his young brother's shoulder:  "Donny, don't fuck it up tonight.  Hear me?"

    Excitedly, the baby of the family shook his head:  "No way, bro."





    Girard King Versus E.Z. Blaze


    “Welcome back!” Vanderart greeted the viewers at home, “our next match up is about to begin. Featuring the in-ring debut of PULSE's Girard King, and the long awaited televised return of E.Z. Blaze.”

    “Hah. Blaze is going back on the shelf once this Girard King fellow is done with him. Just look at his frame,” Gaines pointed out as the camera focused on the six foot six former linebacker standing in the far corner of the ring. “Then look at his history. Former all-pro athlete making his advancement towards a wrestling career. Six foot six, and a beast! A KING of beasts, if you would.”

    “Ladies and Gentlemen, this next match is scheduled for one fall with a fifteen minute time limit. Already in the ring, at two hundred and seventy pounds, from Lagos, Africa, the Embodiment of Bestiary… he is... GIRARD KING!

    The audience seemed rather lax on the poor guy. And he made sure that it was were deserved while jack-jawing with them until-

    ‘The Angels Among Demons’ by Instrumental Core.

    While the opening beats rang out, the lights in the arena went dark. Smoke slowly filling the top of the entrance aisle. With the beat of the music several orange lights started forming in the darkness in mid-air. Or it seemed that way until blue lights flashed higher up and joined within the smoke, forming the familiar mask design.

    “And his opponent, at one hundred and sixty-five pounds and from San Francisco, California, he is… E.Z. BLAZE!

    The masked star dived forward through the smoke, rolling and flipping to his feet. His arms shot out as the orange lights continued to pulse along his arms with the tempo of the music and the blue flashed upon his mask. He then sprinted down the ramp to the ring, diving through the ropes and a final flip before posing in the center of the ring.

    Ding ding ding!

    Girard went with the opening grab out the gate, which Blaze ducked to avoid and ended up on the reverse, shooting forth with several quick kicks to the calves of King. When he spun around to grab him again, Blaze ducked under the arms and fired off another series of rapid kicks this time to the thigh.

    He was intent on proving that he hadn’t lost a step since being put on the shelf. Another grab by King and E.Z. again ducked under to avo-KNEE TO THE FACE! King slammed his knee forward and shoved Blaze back, right into the ropes where he met him with a strong clothesline that knocked him over. Blaze however hung on and dropped to the apron, waiting for King to grab at him where he met him with swift rope assisted kick to the side of the head.

    When King stumbled back to collect himself Blaze grasped the top ropes and vaulted over with the plancha splash. Girard King however caught him, swung him out and around before depositing him back on his head with the swinging powerslam.

    With ease King dead-lifted the luchadore off the mat only to slam him back down with force.


    Nope! Not even the one count as Blaze kicked out but this just gave Girard King the opportunity to inflict damage with vicious stomps to the limbs. He then whipped him up to his feet by one arm, and hurled him backward into the corner where Blaze’s head snapped forward with the impact. King giving no delay as he charged in from behind with a shoulder tackle.

    King pulled him away from the corner, hoisting him up over his shoulder ready to toss him like a dart. Blaze however managed to slip behind him, and before King could fully turn around E.Z. caught him with a dropkick that sent him through the ropes.

    Blaze stepped back to collect himself while King was none to pleased with eating the cement floor. Soon as King was starting to stand Blaze rushed the ropes, and leapt off with a corkscrew plancha right onto King!

    Blaze tossed his arms out to the admiration of the fans before he picked up King from the floor, running him along to the apron to toss him inside, but King reversed and hurled him into the ringpost! Blaze wasn’t having it as he kicked off the ring post with a springboard backelbow that caught Girard. Blaze rolled back into the ring to break the count and Girard gave chase.

    A swift kick caught the chest of the former all-pro star, a second was caught and wound up leading to a short-arm clothesline that nearly knocked Blaze out of his boots. Girard soaked up the boos as he stood his boot across the back of Blaze’s head, rubbing his face down into the mat before finally dropping down with a knee into the ribs.

    Blaze crawled towards the ropes with a bit of nudging from Girard with repeated knees to the ribs and side. Once Blaze had made it he let him slip over the edge to the side, but grabbed the masked phenomenon boots with both hands, and yanked them up and partially pulled E. Z. Blaze back in the ring before thrusting them down and giving him a case of whiplash as his neck hit the underside of the ropes!

    Girard pulled him back into the ring after that and hooked the leg.




    Nope. Blaze with the shoulder off the mat just in time.

    Girard snapped. Thrusting his arms outward he roared like a lion, beat his chest like a grizzly, and kicked up the dirt in the mat like a rhino ready to charge.

    Soon as Blaze managed to get to his feet Girard King charged across the ring, SPEARING Blaze out of his boots and carrying him into the corner, before vaulting him upwards and over where Blaze crashed and rolled after impacting the mat.

    As he stumbled into his wingspan King went for the clothesline from behind, but got a pelekick for his trouble! King stumbled, Blaze stumbled. King shot forward with a second, straight to the face but Blaze caught the arm, swung up and over the back of his shoulders… CRUCIFIX DRIVER!!!

    The fans knew what was next, as did Blaze as he slowly made it to the corner and leapt up to the top pad. Pumping his legs and knees in prep before he leaped up into the air. His body flipping mid-air once, then twice, before crashing down across Girard with the double rotation moonsault.


    Blaze laid back and hooked the leg, interlocking the best he could.




    Ding ding ding!

    He was successful in his return! E.Z. Blaze shot to his feet, only to stumble forward again, still feeling those effects. Taking a moment to himself he finally bowed out to the fans and used the top rope to flip backwards to the apron, and then down on the ground.

    As usual no fanfare or celebration, Blaze made his way up the ramp and on to the back as the footage cut backstage.


    Let's Sort This


    The Law, police enforcement, hired guns and private security, were stood either side of a door and nodded at a man who approached them.


    He headed into a custodial room where Willis was waiting for him.  He sat across from the smiling savage:  "Is this necessary?"

    "We know you get hot and we don't want to spoil our fight, do we?"

    "So, you need them to fight for you?"

    Willis wasn't falling for any of Keegan's kidology:  "They're here in case anything happens and you blow up.  They're actually here for your protection.  Do you wanna fight or not?"

    Perplexed, K held his hands out:  "I said..."

    "No, no, no," Willis' waggling finger cut Keegan off.

    "You let the fans answer.  I wanna hear it from you."

    K indulged him:  "Yes.  Yes, I do."


    "Why do you want it, though?  You didn't answer it."

    Willis nodded:  "Good question.  For lots of reasons.  For William most of all..."


    "Yeah, seriously!  You KILLED him."

    Keegan stood up in protest and banged the table with his fit, which put Brady and Strauss on alert.  Willis waved them off:  "We're fine here, boys."

    Pacing the floor, K spoke solemnly:  "I've gone over that time and time again.  If that's your reason..."

    Changing tact, Willis intervened:  "It's not the only reason.  I hate you.  I always have and I know I can beat you.  Even when you came back on Slam, I knew you would, you're predictable and want the spotlight, you wanna be in the big time and you can't stay away, even if you're supposed to be retired."

    "How do you wanna do it?"

    That made Willis giggle:  "Straight down to business?  I was thinking...The Zone."

    Special K produced a wry grin and then nodded:  "Me too."

    He produced a hand.  Willis shook his head:  "I'm not shaking that - I don't know where it's been, but..."

    Keegan stood up, set to leave when Willis grabbed said hand, funnily enough:  "Deal."

    K agreed and then pulled his hand away:  "See ya."

    Past The Law he went, satisfied - as was Willis, licking his lips.  They'd got what they came for.

    A fight in The Zone.



    Mariella Jade Flair and Zhalia Fears Versus Michelle Couli and the Hellion Sisters


    "Ladies and Gentlemen, this next match is scheduled for one fall with a twenty minute time limit. Introducing first-" Brent Williams was on par with his duties for the night.

    'Oh, oh, oh. Oh, Here we go.'

    The crowd came to to their feet with 'Pretty Little Psycho' by Porcelain Black, and the curtains were swooshed aside; out stepped the energetic woman last seen with her head going through an arcade cabinet. The stitches upon her forehead were evidence of that.

    "Currently on leave from the Broadmoor Institute in Crowthorne, at five foot eight, she is the Kimera... ZHALIA FEARS!"

    'Walkin', talkin' like you know...

    I want your
    Pretty Little Psycho.'

    Zhalia stopped at the middle of the stage, crooked her head to the left and peered over her shoulder just as her music was fading out and something else was overtaking it, Epidemic by New Year's Day.

    "And introducing her tag team partner-"

    'We are infected and no one is protected
    we're so, we're so contagious
    we're apathetic and no one's sympathetic
    we're so contagious
    you can't contain it,'

    The Unbranded, as she came to know the faithful that filled the Epic II Arena each and every week, lit up as the father's daughter, the former Second Coming, Mariella Jade Flair walked out to the stage.

    "-from New York, standing at five foot nine, she is the Second Coming, she is... MARIELLA JADE FLAIR!"

    'you know, you can't escape it
    we're so, we're so contagious
    our hearts betrayed us,
    and no one's gonna save us
    we're so contagious'

    Joining Fears, the two bumped fists and dashed down to the ring, sliding inside. Either taking to opposite corners where they leaped to the second buckle and tossed their arms in the air.

    "And their opponents-" continued Williams.

    'Confident' by Demi Lavato.

    The crowd booed loudly for the arrival of the three women crusade. MJF and Fears stood at the ready in the ring, waiting for anything and ready for everything that could be tossed their way.

    Yet, nobody came out to the stage.

    The boos never stopped however the music cut off and the EpiCenter lit up.

    "Oh my," Michelle Couli greeted on-screen, "what are you two plebs doing down there?"

    Mariella looked at Fears, "Again?" - to which she got a nod.

    "I suppose we could be out there with you two. But the weather in St. Louis is just no good for my Summer glazing, girls. Not like here at the gracious Hotel Victor in Miami. Ooooh yeah, right there." As she spoke the view was zoomed out and showed a man currently rubbing oil across her legs. On either side of her were the Hellion sisters in similar state. All three laying flat on their chests. Never mind their attire, or lack of, as this was Hulu Plus and LIVE! "HEY!" She swatted back as her guy got a bit handsy... only at her shoulders.

    'This is ridiculous!' called out Fears from the ring.

    "Sorry plebs, I can't hear you down there. But anywho I was just skyping in to say hello. We're sorry we can't be there tonight but at least it wasn't an important show."

    'You have a match!' shouted Mariella. She then looked over at Williams who quickly walked over and handed her the microphone. "You bi-"

    Zhalia snatched the wrist of her friend and yanked it over: "We had a match!"

    "A match?" Michelle looked confused. "Us three? You two? I don't recall that." She looked over her right shoulder, "Circe, do you remember having a match tonight set?"

    "Nope," she stated before letting out a whimper as her ribs were being kneeded.

    "And how about you Melantha," Michelle asked. "Were we supposed to do something tonight?"

    "..." silence. Melantha was in the zone. And out of it.

    Couli shrugged her shoulders and lowered the phone, nearly giving a peak of what might turn those boos into cheers. "So seems not. Sorry you were mistaken."

    "This is so unfair!" Zhaila shouted as Flair took the mic back.

    "Listen here, the Unbranded were looking forward to our match at Scorched, which you stole away. And tonight, you are doing it again." Her eyes lit up, and her tone changed: "There will not be a third."

    "I'm sure." Couli waved it off with her free hand. "Well we've got a spa treatment and then Evian bath to get to here so must end this call. So you two keep being... well you know, you."

    The EpiCenter went dark leaving MJF and Fears alone in the ring.

    'We'll get them. In fact y'know, I may have an idea.'

    The two stepped out of the ring, not sure what else they could do. So, bound the barricade and walked through the fans towards the exit. Taking their sweet time, much to the annoyance of security.


    Get Ready for the Next Battle


    The camera went backstage to where none other than Trent McKnight was standing at the ready, about to bring to you some hard-hitting journalism right to your listen holes.

    Now shut up and listen.

    “Hello, Knight-Watchers and nbW fans!” He said. “I’m Trent McKnight and we have a SPECIAL exclusive to bring to you right now! Standing by with me for that very exclusive is none other than YOUR nbW World Heavyweight Champion… LUCKY CARTER!”


    The crowd ate it up! The appearance of the nbW World Heavyweight Champion Lucky Carter sent the crowd into a frenzy as he fastened the title belt over his shoulder.

    “Lucky, thanks for being here,” Trent said.

    Carter nodded. “Thanks for having me, Trent.”

    “So I understand you’ve wanted this time to make an announcement about your title match tonight. This time is all yours.”

    The Quick Pin Kid raised the title.

    “First things first… Derecho… you want to stalk me and try and play some head games with me? I know that you’re trying to screw with me; make me drop my guard and then you try to drop me. Here’s something that you need to remember, Derecho… you played this game with me twice. You’ve looked down on me and treat me like I’m less than dirt and twice, you’ve regretted that mistake. The last one cost you dearly…”

    He raised the title a little bit.

    “I don’t EXACTLY remember how it was worse, but I have a feeling the fans know. You might have gotten… SCORCHED with how bad you got burned. Okay, that was bad, I know, but couldn’t resist.”

    “Heh,” Trent said with a slight chuckle before returning to his regular stone-face.

    Carter continued. “Okay, but in all seriousness. Derecho, I know you’re burning for the chance to use your rematch clause and when you choose to use it, I’ll be ready for whatever you can throw at me. Speaking of titles… Lucky Versus The World is going to continue tonight!”

    The Quick Pin Kid put a hand on the faceplace of the belt.

    “The challenge continues. Legacy is upon us, but every night until then, you’re getting something special. I’m a fighting champion and the exclusive is this, Trent… I’ve found somebody that wants to take me up on the challenge tonight and I’d like to introduce him to you right now. He also knows a little something about being a fighting champion from wh?at I saw out of him two weeks ago and it’ll be my honor to face him tonight… I’ll let him to do the honors…"

    The crowd let out a surprised roar when current NBW Blitzkrieg Champion “The Innovator” Brock Newbludd entered the picture. Blitzkrieg title slung over his shoulder, a smiling Brock shook hands with the world champion before turning his attention to Trent.

    “Brock, this is the definition of a surprise and a pleasant one at that!” A excited McKnight said as he now stood in between Lucky and Brock.

    “Thanks Trent, it’s going to be real fun locking up with the kid here and having a good old fashioned wrestling match, and I can’t thank Lucky enough for the opportunity. I think the fans are going to be in for a bonafide classic tonight Trent!” Brock exclaimed and Lucky nodded his head in agreement.

    “I know the fans are going to get one heck of a world title match tonight, but I would have thought you might have had your sights set on Ravage...especially after last week and his heinous attack on you in the locker room which included injuries to your girlfriend Sally...” Trent was suddenly cut off as Brock put his hand up.

    “Hang on a second there Trent, she’s my valet with benefits, if you know what I mean. Superstars like me and the world champ here can’t be tied down to one woman! We’re a couple of stud mustangs that need to roam free! Pssh! Girlfriend? Check your facts McKnight!” Newbludd corrected with a swagger and winked at Lucky who cracked a sheepish grin in return. McKnight even nodded his head in agreement and the three men shared a small chuckle.

    “But, to be serious Trent, what Ravage did last week turned this “feud” into an all out war. Nobody touches Sally and when...”

    Suddenly a high pitched female voice cut through the air and made all three men jump.


    A heated Sally Renolds stomped into the picture and shot a glare to each man that made each of their faces turn a bright shade of red. Quickly she snatched the microphone from a shocked McKnight.

    The NBW trainer had a yellowish bruise above her eye from Ravage’s locker room attack last week. The normally dressed down Sally wasn’t in her NBW staff outfit but instead was wearing a black skirt with matching shirt that read “Inno-F*ckin-Vator” across it and her normally pulled back hair was done up. You could almost guess that she was in her valet or manager “gear”. So, despite the bruised up eye, she was looking good.

    Mic in hand, she stared up at Brock with an angry frown and in turn he tried to give Sally the most innocent look he could muster. Newbludd cleared his throat and open his mouth to speak, but Sally froze him by pointing a accusing finger at him.

    “Don’t try to be cool in front of Mr. World Champion! We both know that the things you tell me behind closed doors have nothing to do with “wild mustangs” or “valet with benefits”...it’s more like “oh baby this and honey bunny that and…”

    Brock eyes grew wide and he tried to grab the mic from Sally, but she had an iron like grip on it so he just threw his arms up.

    “STOP! Alright, alright! Yea Trent, she’s my girlfriend or whatever!. Sunshine, rainbows and all that shit...big deal! I can still whoop anybody’s ass around here!” An embarrassed Brock rambled out.

    “Honey bunny?” Lucky raised a eyebrow and grinned, causing Brock’s face to turn even redder.

    Satisfied with her work, Sally turned to face Lucky while Brock avoided acknowledging Carter by looking down to the ground, he was visibly sweating from the embarrassment.

    “Lucky, the reason why Brock is taking you on tonight is very simple. It’s the fact that Ravage might hate you just as much as he hates Brock. And you know why, it’s because you both made his creepy daughter cry.” Sally said.

    “Ravage doesn’t like me, and I don’t like him and as far as Cassie goes, she is creepy...she stole your hair…” Lucky replied.

    Sally touched her head and frowned, obviously thinking about everything that happened two weeks ago. Newbludd looked to be recovered from his embarrassment and now he looked all business as Sally continued on.

    “Yes, she did, and then her asshole father tossed me like a ragdoll in a rage trying to get to Brock, and believe me Lucky, he will PAY for that. SO what I need from you both tonight is for you two champions to go out there and show Ravage AND Derecho why you two have gold around your waists and they do not! Give these people a championship match that lives up to it’s name! Got it?”

    Both men eyed each other, each sizing the other man up, before nodding in agreement with Sally.

    “And by the way Lucky, we love ya kid, but Brock’s going to have to do something tonight that Ravage has never done, to send that lunatic a message.” Sally said as she looked up to the world champion.

    “And what's that?” Carter asked.

    Newbludd grabbed the mic from Sally before sticking a hand out to Carter for a handshake, which Lucky accepted.

    “Beat Lucky Carter.” Brock answered confidently.

    Lucky smiled as he shook Brock's hand.

    “Good luck.” The world champion replied with equal confidence as the camera faded out.





    Flanagan and Doherty Versus The Rich Family


    Last week, The Rich Family halted a 2-match losing streak by turning the tide against Crimson Tide, composed of Rune and Zed.  Could they now establish a 2-match winning streak and stake a claim for an instant return with The Unstoppables?

    The journey continues.  Todd and Donny Rich were in the ring, unlike last week when the other Riches, Freddie and Declan,, jumped Crimson Tide.  Anyway, we were all waiting on Flanagan and Doherty now.

    I say waiting...

    Donny did, in fact, jump the gun and execute a brilliant Baseball Slide from out of nowhere as Flanagan drew closer to the squared circle and sent the drunk into the barricade behind him!

    Not content..

    The notoriously tame Rich kid rammed the impaired Irishman's head into the railing again!

    What a fast and ferocious start, surprisingly so, by baby Rich.  He then executed a Russian Legsweep on the Irishman, battering the poor bugger's bonce off the apron!

    Where is Doherty?  Oh, look.  Freddie and Declan had been goading him at the top of the ramp!  Several officials were ensuring no punches were blown, but the damage had been done.  How did Flanagan not know his partner wasn't behind him?  Ten pints of Guinness, perhaps?

    Donny apologised to the official, half-heartedly I suspect, and rolled Flanagan in.  Quick cover...



    2 and a half!

    The kid queried it, though it was no use.  Donny, for once in his spoiled life, quit while he was ahead and tagged Todd in. 

    High Knee by the cousin.

    A Dragon Sleeper slowed the tempo down altogether.  Elbows to the ribs and chest thwarted Flanagan's fightback, comprising kicks, with the Sleeper still applied and intact.  In fact, he covered Flanagan in the hope he might catch the European import out, but didn't and got a straight two for his cheek.  Worth a try, I suppose.

    Todd changed tact.  He still had the Sleeper on when he slowly brought Flanagan to his feet and when he felt secure enough, let go and slammed his opponent on the floor.  From the safety of his own corner, he headed upstairs, not giving it second thought, and landed with a lovely Flying Headbutt!



    Another 2.5 attempt.

    Despite urges from Doherty, Flanagan was fixed to endure more of this onslaught as Todd tagged out to Donny.  The youngest Rich sibling whipped Flanagan into the ropes and committed the cardinal sin of lowering his head...

    DDT to Donny!

    What was I saying about enduring more?  Flanagan had flipped that on its head and dropped Donny on his.  The comeback was on.

    Todd cursed his cousin for doing that.  Flanagan inches towards the corner and in spite of all his punishment, he was still much quicker than Donny, who appeared to be out!  It tells you a lot about the thresholds of both these men, who could not be more apart.

    Oh wait, Donny started to budge.  Mind you, he's in for a shock.  Conan had tagged in, garnering cheers from the crowd, and added to Donny's plight with a fabulous Falling Neckbreaker, beautifully executed by the brawler.

    It was time for a Diving Knee Drop and he had more than enough time to do what he wanted.  Unsurprisingly, it connected and the resultant cover was broken up by an impatient Todd, who also fled the scene while the official dished a lecture out.

    An Irish Whip by the second Irishman in this bout...

    As Donny rebounded, he was splattered all over the mat with a sensational Sitout Spinebuster!



    Todd is there again with a simple kick to rescue his relative and keep the Rich Family in with a fighting chance against the fighting Irishmen.

    Conan whipped the youngster into their corner and turned Donny upside down in the process.  A tag meant the popular Flanagan was in for a second spell.


    Donny felt that Atomic Drop, literally leaping into the air upon impact.  Flanagan didn't hang around, even though he probably didn't know what day of the week it was, treating Donny to a second Spinebuster - of the spinning variety on this occasion - and Todd winced at that.  How must Donny be feeling?

    Flanagan needed a moment to remember where Donny was!  He looked left and then found him right!  He did what came naturally, hung back off the ropes and scored with a DELAYED Kneedrop!

    Anyone else on the roster would've seen that coming or at least attempted to roll out of the way.  Donny was out of his depth.



    And that would've been it, if it hadn't been for Todd yet again, who was now on his final warning.

    On Todd's way out, the door almost did hit him as Flanagan threw a punch that was a hair away from landing!  Hilariously, Todd told the official he should warn Flanagan!  The best of it is that the authority figure, what a joke, actually listened.  Ah, while the referee's advice was lost on Flanagan, Todd dragged the motionless Donny towards their corner.  The crowd and Conan were LIVID.

    Sure enough, when the ref turned around, Todd tagged Donny, who knew fuck all about what had just happened and was rolled out of the ring by his partner.  Then, Todd, full of fire, ran straight into a...

    Back. Body. Drop.

    That cheered us up again after the utter incompetence of the official.  Flanagan tried to capitalise with a Vertical Suplex, but Todd, unlike his relative, had the presence of mind to slip out of the back door.  He jumped on Flanagan with a Sleeper.

    It was cinched in.  No, wait, it wasn't.  Flanagan rammed Todd into the buckles, spine-first, but Rich jumped on him again to reapply the hold.


    What a wonderful counter, a proper thoughtful and painful rebuttal by a guy we laugh at for not knowing where he is half the time!  Fair play, he did there.

    It took a few seconds to cover Todd.  Flanagan got there, though, and could he get the duke?  Does anyone still say that?



    Th...at wasn't far away!

    Flanagan stood up, only for a second or two, and planted a perfect Pointed Elbow Drop.

    Let's try again, shall we?



    And still only two.

    Another whip by Flanagan, promoting his country, but he was caught coming in with a kick!  Revitalised, Todd darted out of the corner with a hard Clothesline, changing places with Flanagan.

    Out of exhaustion, Todd flopped and couldn't capitalise.  The count was on.  Let's fast-forward this to six and seven when both men rose respectively, as a slugfust ensued.  It was tied at two-two, the fans cheering Flanagan and booing Todd as if you didn't know, when boos overwhelmed cheers courtesy of Todd taking control.  Three shots were fired with no answer, whipping Flanagan into the ropes.

    Todd scored with the family speciality - Leg Lariat!

    Would it settle the match for the Rich Family?



    No, it wouldn't.

    Look out:  Osmond is back.  Odd choice by Todd.  Mind you, it didn't seem like that when Donny nailed Flanagan with a High Angle Belly-to-Back Suplex and recorded a near-fall to boot.

    The bright start subsided as Donny dawdled, not knowing what to do!  We saw this with Flanagan earlier, albeit for entirely different reasons, and Todd shouted at Donny, who turned his head.  That enabled a kneeling Flanagan to get two body shots off and floor the greener-than-grass grappler with a hellacious uppercut to end the combination.

    Like Freddie in the past, Todd shook his head at Donny's naivety, this wasn't even about experience after all, and the crowd took great delight in seeing Todd bash the top turnbuckle in frustration.  He knew it would be hard to get a decision with Donny by side and could now relate to Freddie's frustration with the youngest and least talented component of the Rich clan.

    Especially when Flanagan, who was by no means speedy in getting to the Irish corner, comfortably see of Donny in the race to their respective partners.  Todd couldn't believe what he was witnessing.

    TAG!  Conan was in.  Todd must've thought 'fuck it' to himself and met Conan, who floored him with one shot.  Hey, he tried.

    Doherty wasn't done...

    Clothesline to Todd, who went out over the top rope!  Donny, who'd rolled it out onto the apron to escape, was caught by Conan.  The audience implored the Irishman to bring him back in the hard way. 

    He did with a Suplex!  But, Todd, who'd just been deposited outside, sprung up and clutched at Conan's foot, forcing him to lose his balance and Donny's full body weight landed on Doherty, causing Conan's head to hit the mat.


    Todd tugged at the foot still!



    Before Conan could remember where he was...


    Donny had got the pinfall and just like that, The Rich Family had stolen their second successive victory.

    Doherty who didn't normally lose his cool, came in and tapped the referee on the shoulder to find out what happened.  Hands on hips and irate, the normally rational Irishman, Conan, explained what had gone down here.

    Speaking of which..

    The Rich Family had gone and were down the aisle, celebrating their triumph, though questions would have to be asked of Donny's role in the tag team ranks.  Yes, he'd got the fall, something unforgettable and great for his confidence, but Todd had played a vital role in that.

    For now...

    The Riches were on a roll again.





    Brock Newbludd Versus Lucky Carter

    World Heavyweight Championship


    “The Lucky Carter Versus The World Challenge continues tonight in just a few short moments!” Melissa Vanderart said. “Tonight, Carter has already announced his opponent and it’s none other than the nbW Blitzkrieg Champion, Brock Newbludd! Brock is no stranger to winning world titles in his illustrious career, but can he become a Double Crown Champion tonight and pull off the win over Lucky Carter?”

    “Good lord, they’re just going to shake hands and shoot good sportsmanship from the window to the walls!” CG Gains whined. “My only hope is somebody goes nuts on somebody tonight!”

    “And what about Derecho? We know he’s here tonight and Carter actually called HIM out to use his rematch clause from Scorched, but all’s quiet on that front.”

    “But until that time comes, we have to watch Brock and Lucky Carter. I’m sure it’s going to be a good match. Both guys can go, but they’ll probably be all handshakes and let’s go get a beer afterwards. BLAH.”

    “Shut up, Gains. Now let’s go to ringside where the nbW World Heavyweight Championship is on the line!”

    And to Brent Williams we go.

    “The following contest is set for one fall and this will be contested for the No Brand Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship!”

    The crowd went crazy for the announcement!

    ”Seek and Destroy” by Metallica.

    The crowd roared in approval as ”The Innovator” Brock Newbludd strode through the double sliding doors and stopped at the top of the entrance ramp to throw his fist above his head and soak in the cheers while red pyro shot off on each side of him! Behind him was Sally Reynolds who was accompanying him for tonight’s main event, ready to support her man in his bid to become nbW World Heavyweight Champion. With the Blitzkrieg title slung over his shoulder, Brock walked with purpose as he made his way down to the ring, slapping hands with a few fans but not taking his eyes off of the ring. Sally followed suit behind him, high-fiving a few more fans in the process.

    Sliding under the ropes, Newbludd quickly popped to his feet and made his way across the ring to stand on top of one of the turnbuckles. Scanning over the crowd for a second, Newbludd looked proud of the newly won Blitzkrieg title as he proceeded to thrust it above his head with one arm. Jumping down, he was in the ring now ready and with respect to how prestigious the Blitzkrieg Title was, this was by far the biggest opportunity in his nbW career so far. His music faded out as he waited for his opponent.

    “This Is Letting Go” by Rise Against.

    When the opening guitar riff hit, the crowd went nuts! The Heart of No Brand Wrestling. The crowd went WILD for the youngster as he walked his way from the back, keeping his gaze locked in on the ring. 

    The crowd LOVED them some Carter as he walked down to the ring. Wearing his green “LUCKY!” zip-up jacket, he unzipped it about halfway down the ramp before tossing it to the ground, revealing the title fastened around his waist. He walked towards the ring and climbed up the steps before wiping his feet on the ring apron. He jumped onto the turnbuckle and unstrapped the nbW World Heavyweight Championship from his waist before raising it over his head!

    He leaped into the ring and handed the title over to referee Simon Brack. He didn’t show any fear or intimidation of anyone so far and even though respect had been established earlier between the two champions, Carter wasn’t going to let anybody take his first ever title in nbW away from him. Not without a fight anyway.  As his music faded out, Brent Williams made with the announcements.

    “Introducing first, the challenger… from Milwaukee, Wisconsin… being accompanied to the ring by Sally Reynolds… he weighs in at 229 pounds… he is the nbW Blitzkrieg Champion… ”THE INNOVATOR” BROCK NEWBLUDD!

    Newbludd raised a fist in the air before pointing at Carter and the nbW World Heavyweight Championship in his grip.

    “And in the corner to my right… he is the reigning and defending nbW World Heavyweight Champion… from Bismarck, North Dakota, weighing in at 209 pounds… ”THE QUICK PIN KID” LUCKY CARTER!

    Carter had his championship overhead and the proud champion showed it off. And as he did so, the crowd response grew INCREDIBLY negative… No, they didn’t suddenly stop giving two fucks about Carter…

    The double-doors had opened and with little fanfare, Derecho had himself a steel chair. Was he out here to make a statement before tonight’s big match?


    He was there to have a seat. He planted the chair down on the entrance ramp and calmly sat down, leaning forward in his chair. He had been stalking Carter ever since losing the title. Nobody knew what kind of mind game he was trying to play with Carter, but The Quick Pin Kid had to put all of that out of his head. Tonight was for all of the marbles. The two men shook hands in a sign of respect before Simon Brack called for the bell.

    The two men immediately went for a collar-and-elbow tie-up in the dead center of the ring! Both men had their own distinct advantages: Brock with strength and experience. Lucky with heart and a quite frankly unique method of wrestling. The two locked up but it was Brock who fired the first show when he got behind Carter with a Rear Waistlock. With ease he picked up the North Dakota native and threw him down to the ground before switching up positions with a Front Facelock. He was primarily a brawler, but he was no dummy in between the ropes when it counted. 

    He tried to keep Carter down, but the nbW World Champion got up and picked a leg, shooting him down to the mat before rolling over right into a cover!



    Just barely a one-count, but The Quick Pin Kid was trying to work his mat magic already. Brock caught Carter’s arm and twisted it around with an Arm Wringer. From there, he pulled Carter into a stinging series of hard and short Shoulder Blocks that served to possibly wear down the arm of Carter as he went for something knew. Carter then fell to the mat, but he flipped backwards and then turned onto his stomach, flipping forward and shooting Brock to the mat in a hurry. He climbed right on top of him into a lateral press.



    More like one-and-a-half that time!

    Brock kicked out, but now Carter was in control. He got back up right from behind Brock as he tried to roll backwards on the canvas, only for Carter to roll him up from behind with a Crucifix Pin!



    Milwaukee-Made had just kicked out again, but now Carter was controlling the pace of the match thus far. Brock was back up and Sally cheered him on as he grabbed Carter and threw him over with a big Arm Drag! When Carter was back up, Brock then took him down with an even bigger Hip Toss! The impact shook up Carter a little bit and then Brock picked him up again, taking a page out of Davey La Rue’s book and slamming him down with a Scoop Slam with a bit of a delay and a spin! Carter hit the mat and that gave Brock the chance to catch him with a lightning-quick Leg Drop! Brock was back up a second time and ran off the opposite end before coming back with a second Leg Drop! With that, Brock tried for a cover of his own…



    The nbW World Heavyweight Champion kicked out, but Brock was now ready to go on the offensive again. He charged off the ropes and ran right into Lucky with a big Shoulder Block that knocked Carter down almost as quickly as he shot up. Brock hit the ropes a second time and then ran him right over with a second Shoulder Block. The Innovator then ran at the ropes a third time, hoping to take Carter down, but Lucky laid flat on the mat. He jumped up with a leapfrog off the return and watched Brock come back with another. He then jumped and tried to catch Brock with a Dropkick, but Brock hung onto the ropes! A rare rookie mistake by the Super Rookie and now Brock rolled him up with a Jackknife pin!



    Carter started to lean upwards, showing off great balance and leverage! The Quick Pin Kid then turned him over once and then over again into a Backslide!




    Brock rolled through it! He rolled forward and then picked Carter up! He had some sort of a Piledriver or Powerbomb in mind, but when he got Carter up at the apex of the move, Carter shifted into a Hurricanrana! Brock rolled forward and when he got back up, Carter ran right into him with an Elbow Smash! Brock went shooting back into the corner! Carter charged forward…

    Running European Uppercut!

    The blow caught Brock flush on the jaw, so Carter repeated his efforts and whipped him cross-corner. Carter followed up again…

    Running European Uppercut!

    Sally Reynolds gasped from the impact of the stiff Uppercut! Carter threw him out of the corner and then headed up to the second rope. He then made one smooth leap to the top rope…


    He dove off the top rope with the Cannonball Senton and laid right into a pinfall attempt on the challenger.




    The rapid-fire combination of moves had The Innovator off-balance and Derecho continued to watch from his seat on the ramp, displaying less emotion than he did two weeks ago against Benjamin Jones. The Blitzkrieg Champion was on the ropes when Carter pulled him up by the arm. He struck the arm with an Uppercut and then fired a Shoulder Thrust to the stomach of Brock before following up with another Uppercut. The British grappling-inclined Lucky shot off the ropes again for something big…


    Brock ducked whatever Carter was going for and then jumped, bringing Carter down by the neck with the big Neckbreaker counter! Lucky rolled across the mat in pain and then he rolled out to the floor, perhaps to keep Brock from going for a pin or perhaps out of instinct. Whatever the case may be, the nbW World Champion was now on the floor and Brock had a chance to do some more damage. Sally cheered on her man as Brock started to make his way to the ropes. With Carter on the floor, he took flight…


    The Innovator sailed through the ropes with ease and CLOCKED Carter up against the guardrail with a big dive that paid off! Carter fell to the mat and Brock stood up with a fist raised! Carter was a very popular wrestler and among the top guys in the organization today, but Brock had his share of fans that lent his full support. The Innovator pulled Carter up and then put him back into the ring before going for the cover now.




    Carter’s legs went up, but Brock wasn’t done with the nbW World Champion. The 23-year-old was picked up and then slammed down with a big Front Slam! Carter was left down on his back when he set him up by the legs and then pulled his arms back. Carter tried to fight his way out of a potential Surfboard situation, but Brock struck both of his ribs. He then grabbed Carter’s leg and pulled him upwards….


    He had Carter in the air now and balance him in the torturous submission hold! The crowd was in awe of the big move and Sally looked pretty impressed. Derecho, however, still showed no emotion beyond playing an invested observer in the outcome. Carter continued to hang in the air and Brock made sure to keep one of his shoulders off the canvas to avoid a potential pinfall predicament. After perhaps twenty of the longest seconds of Carter’s life, Brock dropped him back down and then changed it up to a Surfboard/Chinlock combination!

    “Carter, do you give up?” Simon Brack asked.

    “NO!” Carter shouted.

    The crowd continued to cheer both men, but Carter managed to finally shift his body weight and pried Brock’s hands free. He then grabbed Brock’s leg and tried to create a situation for himself, but Brock blocked it with a knee to the stomach! He was working on the back of Carter and then grabbed him by the waist before snapping him over into a huge German Suplex!

    Carter hit the mat in a bad way, but Brock continued to hold onto the move. He pulled Carter up a second time and tried going for another German when Carter suddenly shifted his body weight forward and rolled him up into a modified Victory Roll!




    Brock kicked out and as both men tried to get back to their feet at the same time, Brock caught him out of nowhere with a huge Dropkick of his own! Carter was laid the fuck out on the mat and Brock took full advantage as he picked Carter up and THREW him up and over with a huge T-Bone Suplex! He scurried over to where Carter had crashed and then covered The Quick Pin Kid!




    Carter’s shoulder was up yet again, but now Brock was going for broke. He got back up and the Blitzkrieg Champion slashed a thumb across his throat! He tried to catch Carter by the legs and hooked both legs…


    The nbW World Heavyweight Champion was once again in dire straits! Brock had been controlling the pace of the match in the last few moments and he had the North Dakotan in the middle of the ring with nowhere to go! Carter’s ribs felt like they were on fire and he tried his best to try and fight the pain he was in!

    “Lucky, I’ll ask again,” Brack said, “do you give up?”

    “I said… no!” Carter shouted.

    A small smile cracked from Derecho’s otherwise stone-like demeanor at the thought of Carter being tortured via submission! The Blitzkrieg Champion had been wrestling a great match by keeping Carter grounded with submissions and suplexes and now it looked like the nbW World Heavyweight Championship could be his!

    “Finish him, Brock! You can do this!” Sally said.

    She continued to cheerlead for Brock and The Innovator continued to pull back on the hold, but Carter fought through the pain and started to make a crawl towards the ropes! Brock was surprised by the heart on display by the 23-year-old but given that’s what Carter was known for - along with his resourcefulness - he continued to tighten his grip on the hold.

    “No shame in giving up, kid!” Brock said.

    Carter was almost to the ropes…


    A little more…


    Carter had hit the ropes and becaue Brock was a sportsman first, he did let go of the hold without using the extra four seconds allotted when a competitor was in the ropes. But Carter’s title reign was in serious jeopardy now with Brock in full control! Carter’s body had been weakened and that gave Brock the chance to pick him up and go for another slam! He then pointed to the corner and then climbed the ropes! A lot had been taken out of Carter and if he could end things with his patented Sky Twister Press, we would have a new champion! He was about to take flight…


    Carter clutched a rib, but he made a quick leap up to cut off Brock from the top rope! He then grabbed his arm and pulled him off the top rope…


    The crowd came UNGLUED after the Super Inverted Stomp Facebreaker! Carter and Brock were both on the canvas and neither man was moving! Carter had used this move in the past and defeated Ravage in a big main event right before Scorched, but unlike then, Carter couldn’t follow up immediately after the damage done by Brock throughout the last few minutes, so Simon Brack began a count.






    Sally bit her lip and slapped the ring apron, egging on Brock to get back up. Lucky hadn’t moved either and then clutched his midsection after the damage that Brock had been doing to it.


    Finally, Brock started to roll off to his side and used the ropes as added leverage to pull himself back up to his feet.


    Carter gutted it out and finally made it to a knee…


    Brock started to rise…


    So did Carter!

    And the crowd cheered as both men were on their feet, looking to end things as quickly as possible. Brock checked his jaw after the big counter-move from Lucky to make sure that he was okay and then Lucky charged at him. Brock tried a Clothesline, but Carter ran off the ropes and then caught Brock with a big Running Dropkick that knocked him down! He continued to fight through the pain and then charged at Brock again, catching him with an STO Backbreaker!

    He tried to turn Brock around into the second part of his move, a Double Knee Backbreaker, but Brock had enough fight to shove Carter away. He charged at Carter with a Lariat, but Carter ducked that and shoved him into the ropes. He rolled backwards and then took Brock with him…ROLLING CHAOS THEORY SUPLEX! Carter tried to bridge the pin, but he was too hurt to follow up and dropped onto his back, but Brock was still a bit worse for wear also.

    Carter rolled over as a groggy Brock tried to get back to his feet while holding the back of his head. Now, he connected with the STO Backbreaker and then followed up with the Backstabber! Brock was down and Carter went for the win!




    Brock had kicked out yet again, but Carter was finally going to try and end things for good. He stood his ground and waited as the challenger for the nbW World Heavyweight Championship tried to stand. Carter ran at him and grabbed him by the head…


    Newbludd and his awesome ring awareness saved him as he grabbed the ropes with his right hand! Carter flipped out of the move and landed on his back, but when he turned…


    Carter got a taste of his own medicine! His version of the Superkick called The Horseshoe had been used against him by Brock (who didn’t need a clever name for it, it’s just that badass). Instead of going for the cover right away, Brock had picked up Carter by his hair and buried a boot into his gut…


    ...Okay, it didn’t really go on like that, but Carter was dropped right on his head! Brock hurriedly went into the cover and everybody including Sally counted along with the official!




    It was a fantastic one-two combination by the challenger, but somehow The Heart had kicked out yet again! Derecho shook his head and gritted his teeth, knowing how angry that Carter’s tenacity had made him in their last meeting at Scorched. Carter was slumped over after the cover and hadn’t moved since the kickout. Brock even raised three fingers at the official pretty sure he had the cover, but Simon Brack only held up two fingers.

    “All right, time to wrap this one up, kid…” Brock said.

    Carter was dead weight at this point, but Brock tried to get him on his feet as quick as possible. He interlocked one hand around the back of his neck and tried to go for his finisher, The Fenris-Plex! He had the other hand….






    It was SO close that Carter had jumped for joy after pulling out one of his best pinning combinations out of nowhere, but when Simon Brack held up two fingers for him, Carter’s heart sank into his chest! He’d beaten some of the best in nbW with that move including guys like Benjamin Jones and even Derecho himself in their first-ever match! Carter slapped the mat in frustration that he hadn’t quite gotten away with it, but the slight hesitation had Brock on the attack!

    He struck him with a huge Forearm Smash and then Irish Whipped Carter into the corner. Carter hit the ropes and Carter tried to shoot him up and over, Brock jumped over the ropes and landed on the ring apron, then when Carter turned he struck him with another Forearm. He tried to catch him with a Springboard Clothesline… NO!

    Brock landed on his feet and slightly stumbled, but then turned around when Carter rolled him up out of nowhere again, Gannosuke Clutch-style!





    Carter had just busted out a brand new move and all it took was just one mistake for him to capitalize on! The Quick Pin Kid had certainly lived up to his billing as Sally looked disappointed with what had just transpired, but out of nowhere, Carter had caught him and with that, he had survived another tough defense!


    Brock slapped the mat and looked a bit disappointed with the end result. The Blitzkrieg Champion was a tough, tough man himself, but Carter had proven himself to be a very resourceful champion in his own right! Carter reached over and after he was given back the title belt, he held a hand out to the Blitzkrieg Champion.

    “Hey... “ Carter said. “Good match, Brock. My ribs and my head hurt… ow…”

    Sally looked disappointed herself with the end result, but she rightfully clapped as Brock took the hand. Lucky Carter shook his hand and the two men gave each other a quick bro-hug as the crowd started to cheer! Derecho had seen enough and with another smile on his face, he pointed at Carter before he picked up his chair and walked away from sight. Lucky noticed and shook his head at Derecho and whatever scheme he was trying to concoct, but then pointed at Brock.

    “We’ll do this again, man…” Carter said.

    “Yeah, let’s.” Brock replied.

    Brock and Lucky dapped fists before Carter left the ring with the nbW World Heavyweight Championship in tow. He raised the title one more time as Sally joined her man in the ring. Brock hadn’t won out tonight in a VERY close bout that could have gone either way, but he did earn himself even more adulation from the fans.

    Throwing the world title over his head one last time to soak in the cheers, Lucky gave Brock one last look and disappeared through the sliding double doors. Back in the ring, Newbludd, with Sally at his side, was given back his Blitzkrieg title by Simon. Brock stared at it for a long moment before slinging it over his shoulder and rolling out of the ring.. The crowd was still applauding the effort he put for against the ultra talented world’s champion, leading Brock to slap some of the fan’s hands as him and Sally made their way back up the ramp.

    Good Job Brock! Good Job Brock! Good Job Brock!

    The crowd’s chants made Brock stop halfway up the ramp, and look out to the crowd. A smile grew across his face as the chant amplified and in a show of appreciation, Brock thrust his belt high above his head, while Sally raised a fist above hers. Newbludd mouthed the words “thank you” to the crowd, before lowering the belt and spinning back around to head back up the ramp. Taking a couple more steps up the ramp, Brock and Sally stopped in their tracks when the double sliding doors open and three individuals made their way out.

    The Different Breed…

    The crowd gave a nice ovation to the newly formed trio of misfits, while Brock and Sally looked at each other with puzzled looks. Turning their attention back to Davey, Ai, and SPARK they gave their three friends the same look.

    Taking the lead, Davey stepped forward and reached behind his back to pull out a rolled up t-shirt. Smiling at Brock, Davey dramatically unrolled the shirt to reveal a matching “Different Breed” shirt, and it looked to be just in Brock’s size. The crowd cheered as they put two and two together, and realized Brock was getting a formal invitation to join his friend’s in their new stable.

    Brock ran a hand through his hair and looked down to Sally, who shrugged her shoulders before giving him a thumbs up. Looking back up to his friends at the top of the ramp, Brock grew a big grin and motioned for Davey to toss him the shirt, causing the crowd to cheer even more.

    Doing a big dramatic windup, Davey cocked his arm back to toss his buddy the shirt….


    All three members of the Different Breed looked out to the crowd in confusion, while Brock’s eyes grew big and he pointed up to his friends.

    “Shit Davey, turn around!!” Newbludd exclaimed as he quickly handed the Blitzkrieg title to Sally before starting to sprint up the ramp.

    But, Brock’s warning came far too late and before any of the three men could turn around, they were dropped to the ground by three perfectly timed nut shots from behind. The sack crushing blows were immediately followed by some STIFF chair shots to each defensless member of the Different Breed as they hit the floor.  Newbludd came to a halt and started backpedaling towards Sally when three men stepped over the writhing forms of his friends on the ground…

    The Handsome Man Modeling School...

    “What the hell do you three shitbags want? You know what, doesn’t matter because now I’m going make you ALL bleed!!” Newbludd screamed in a rage as he stopped backpedaling in between HMMS and Sally.

    Looking over his shoulder back to Sally, he motioned for his visibly concerned girlfriend to toss him back his belt, which she quickly did. Snatching it out of the air, Brock grabbed it and immediately wrapped it around one arm in a makeshift gauntlet as he turned to face the encroaching men.

    “Come and get it motherfuckers! C’MON!” Brock snarled as he spread his feet wide and smashed a fist into his hand.

    The tip of the three man spear, “Tantalizing” Taylor Smith threw a hand up and “Photogenic” Peter Pham and “The Beaut” Benny Reyes stopped behind him, a few feet in front of Newbludd.

    “You got this all wrong my foul-mouthed fuggo friend. We’re not here for you…” Smith laughed and then pointed the steel chair he had in his hand in Sally’s direction. “We’re here for HER!”

    Sally’s face went white and she started to backpedal towards the ring while Brock stared at the Tantalizing One with a look of pure confusion.

    “What!? You lay one finger on her and I’ll….” Newbludd started, but Peter Pham cut him off.

    “Out of the way Newbludd, we’re on strict orders from our new boss and we aim to please!” Pham shouted as he took a step forward,

    “Yea!? Well, so do I!” Newbludd yelled back before taking two quick steps and nearly decapitating Pham by delivering a hellacious forearm shiver with the Blitzkrieg title. Pham didn’t even have time to let out a scream before hitting the ground in a heap.

    Spinning around instantly, Brock was able to get his title belt protected arm up quick enough to block a incoming chair shot from Reyes and counter with a kick to “The Beaut’s” gut, causing Reyes to stumble backwards from the kick. Newbludd looked to eliminate him from the situation when the numbers game finally caught up to him and Taylor Smith laid Brock the fuck out with a homerun swing right to the back of the Innovator’s head.


    Giving the downed Brock one more hard shot with the chair for good measure, Smith and a recovered Reyes turned their collective attention to Sally, who looked on in shock. Frantically looking around for a way out, Sally turned around and darted towards the ring right as the two members of HMMS gave chase.

    “Don’t let her get away!” Smith shouted as he sprinted down the ramp.

    Sally Renolds was in excellent shape to say the least, but she was no match for the two highly athletic NBW wrestlers. Rolling out of the opposite side of the ring, Sally fell as she got to her feet and quickly got back up. Making a dash for the barricade to escape into the crowd, Sally might have been inches away from freedom had it not been for Taylor Smith showing cat like reflexes as he leaped over the steel ring steps to cut the corner and grab her.

    “LET ME GO!!! I DIDN’T DO ANYTHING!” Sally screamed in desperation as Smith picked her up in a bearhug.

    “Orders are orders baby, now you stop fighting or else Benny here is going to make you kiss the steel!” Smith said as he threw Sally over his shoulder and Renolds stopped resisting when she saw the chair wielding Reyes smile menacingly at her. 

    The crowd was going absolutely LIVID, switching between raining down boos and chanting to urge Brock or one of the members of the Different Breed back to their feet, but not one of the four men were moving.

    With a distraught and crying Sally tossed over his shoulder, a smug Smith made his way back up the ramp. Benny was right behind him and stopped for a brief moment to help a groggy Pham back up to his feet. Stepping over the beaten down Newbludd and Different Breed, the HMMS disappeared through the double sliding doors with their captured prey.

    An uproar of confusion took over the crowd at what just took place involving the HMMS, and the camera faded out as NBW EMT’s rushed down the ramp to check on Brock Newbludd and his fallen comrades.





    The Unstoppables Versus Spike Saunders and Warren Spade

    Dynasty Tag Team Championship


    It was now time for tonight’s main event and out of the many main events with all of the talent that nbW has housed over the years, this one is literally the biggest of them all! The Unstoppables were the current champions that weighed almost a combined six-hundred sixty-five pounds. The former NBW World champion Vic Gravender had formed a very successful team with his former ACW rival Tyson XL and the two had been putting on clinics for the Dynasty tag titles against any team that would face them.

    Tonight the two men may have very well met their match.

    Two more rivals in NBW had a feud going back several years. “The Colossus” Spike Saunders was an NBW legend who had a blood feud back in 2012 with the then-undefeated and powerful “Monster of the Mid-South” Warren Spade. After a disappearance from the limelight due to a cancer scare, Warren returned and professed himself a changed man, but Spike wouldn’t believe it. He offered him the chance to prove his worth by forming a team and thus far they had been very successful. Now their business-only partnership could yield great results if the two giants could put past differences aside beat the Unstoppables. Almost THIRTEEN-HUNDRED pounds of humanity made up this main event. Would the Unstoppables rack up yet another successful defense in their impressive reign or have they met their match in what is being billed as the Colossal Monsters?

    ‘Spike-It-UP!’ KISS Remix.

    That music meant it was the first of the two massive challengers for the evening’s main event.

    “Introducing first from Beverly Hills, California, standing at seven foot three and three hundred thirty-seven pounds... he is the Colossus, SPIKE SAUNDERS!

    Immediately the crowd rose to their feet and cheered as the seven foot three Colossus walked out through the double doors and made his way down the ramp while Brent Williams introduced Saunders. He wasted little time with the fans this time and simply stepped down to the ring. The Colossus then walked up to the ring and stepped over the ropes and made his way into the ring with a big cheer in his corner. Saunders was Mr. NBW in the eyes of many and winning the Dynasty tag titles would be another big feather in his cap. 

    “Gather around, everyone, gather around!”

    The arena went dark and a lone spotlight was now on the entryway. Whoever this person was had their back turned to the camera so as to hide his face, but he was a man in jeans, a black coat and a red and white carnival barker hat. He was very short and couldn’t have been any more than five-foot four, but his gift of gab had the crowd cheering. 

    “Thank you!” yelled Victor. Fenton wasn’t finished.

    "My name is Fenton Woods and I would like to welcome all of you – the fans of No Brand Wrestling – to the greatest show on Earth! The show where my giant comes out here and leaves a path of destruction for your amusement …”

    Fenton winked.

    “And mine.”

    He tapped his cane on the ground and his spotlight disappeared.

    “Introducing the better half of your NEXT Dynasty Tag Team champions. The monster that was undefeated for two years and is now going pick up right where he left off … he is my giant! He is your giant. And he puts the ‘Monster’ in the Colossal Monsters! The One-Man Stampede! The Monster of the Mid-South! The Beast from The East … Side of West Memphis! WWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAARRRRREEEEEEEEN … SSSSSSSSPPPPPPPPPAAAAAADDDDDDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

    The crowd was baited with anticipation and when words appeared on the EpiCenter they went crazy.


    OF THE


    Warren Spade was here!

    “Deliverance” by Corrosion of Conformity played and The Monster of the Mid-South basked in the reception from the crowd. After enjoying the response, he hunched over to let Fenton Woods ride on his shoulders and then marched to the ring. The monster who once boasted a two-year undefeated streak in No Brand Wrestling was approaching the ring fast with a chance to finally get his first championship in NBW. He let Fenton off his back and then entered the ring looking Spike in the eyes. They didn’t share anything more than a nod to acknowledge what was on the line tonight. Both giants looked ready to take on the Unstoppables. Could they beat them tonight and win the titles?

    One drum solo played.

    Then another.

    Then another…

    Bell ring.


    The opening to “A Warrior’s Call” by Volbeat played and went right into…

    “Warrior” by Disturbed.

    That thundering mix of themes could only mean one thing.


    The song played and out came the Dynasty Tag Team Champions themselves. Forming a team out of respect, the two had gone on to become one of the more dominant teams in nbW history and tonight, they would have a tough go of it against the Colossal Monsters!

    The Dynasty Tag Team Champions stopped on the ramp and looked straight at the ring where Saunders and Spade were ready and waiting. Tyson XL had his championship belt worn strapped over his shoulder and across his back. The former nbW World Heavyweight Champion Vic Gravender had his title over his massive neck and the two were walking towards the ring now. Tyson XL was six-three and a little under three hundred while Vic was packing more six-foot four and almost four-hundred pounds. 

    Spike Saunders warmed up by stretching his arms and Spade shot a look filled with vitriol at Vic Gravender, who called him out earlier for his lack of championship success in NBW. Spade had boasted a two-year undefeated streak that had included victories over former champs like Saunders himself and Ravage, but he had never held gold and that was the reason he wanted to come back – to be the best. It wasn’t often that the Unstoppables were ever over-powered in some fashion but tonight could be that. Gravender and Tyson were large but Warren and Spike were both tall and powerful to boot.  Spike wanted to start for his team when Warren stopped him.

    “I want to do it.” Said Spade.

    The Colossus looked at his tag team partner and then gave him silent approval to start things off.

    “Remember what we talked about.” Said Saunders. “Don’t play Vic’s game and don’t let him get under your skin …”

    “… got it …”

    The bell had been called for and right away it was Warren Spade on the attack when he unleashed pain on the former NBW world champion! Vic didn’t expect Warren to go full-tilt right off the bat but that’s exactly what the giant from West Memphis was doing! He attacked him with a combination of chops and fists to the face in an attempt to get Vic Gravender off his base and struck him with a head butt to the face. Vic was usually the man using his noggin as a weapon but tonight that was Warren’s job!

    “Stay on him Warren!” said Fenton Woods.

    His manager watched Vic Gravender get blasted with more right hands. Vic deflected a shot and fought back with a big punch of his own.

    “I head butt people, not you!”

    Vic had the bigger monster reeling with a head butt of his own and then tried to take him for a ride courtesy of a whip. Warren Spade may have fallen victim to an Irish whip for the first time in a long time but when he came back off the ropes, Vic Gravender was given something he didn’t see coming …


    The crowd did some oohing and ahhing after watching Warren launch himself off the ropes like a gigantic missile and that blow knocked Vic off his feet! Tyson XL was shocked that his bigger partner had been taken off his feet as quickly as he was and Vic Gravender was sent packing from the ring. The World Class Badass as he was known was on the floor and held his chest in pain.

    “I’m taking your titles tonight!” shouted Warren.

    The Colossal Monsters were on a roll for tonight but Warren Spade didn’t forget about Vic’s disrespect of him earlier in the night. Warren rolled under the ropes and took the action to the floor. Vic was trying to stand but when he tried to do so …


    Warren rounded the corner where Vic Gravender was and mowed right through him with one of the loudest lariats ever! The nose bleeds could hear the impact and now they could hear Warren roaring as loud as he could. In return the crowd was chanting his name!


    The seven foot monster was now in control while one of the Unstoppables was getting stopped with every big move that Warren Spade could throw at him. The big rotund man from New York quickly found himself back inside the ring. Warren climbed up and then he stepped over the ropes. Gravender was still reeling from being slobberknocked as some circles may have called it. The One-Man Stampede was in the corner where he ran his foot across the ground. That could only mean that the Trample was coming up next and that was just a stone’s throw away from Torn Asunder. If he could hit this, NBW would see new Dynasty tag team champions.

    He charged at Vic Gravender … and he was kicked for his troubles! Vic had got his boot up and clipped him in mid-spear which rocked The One-Man Stampede. That gave the Unstoppables member a prime opportunity to fight back. He had clocked Warren with a blow upside his head and then two more shots. He then charged at him in the corner and drove all his weight into Spade with a big old splash! Gravender left the corner and beat on his chest like the proud man he was. He wasn’t going to get shown up tonight …

    Or not!

    Warren Spade had grabbed him by his neck and surged away from the corner to unleash a hellacious charge. Vic was knocked on his ass for the second time in this match! It was not often that Vic was on the receiving end of such punishment and had never felt anything like this in his NBW career but he was fighting a very motivated Warren Spade tonight. Vic rolled back and Tyson got the tag into the ring. Tyson was a very decorated ACW star and the quicker half of the duo but Warren and his big boot didn’t care about his accomplishments!

    The Walking Tank had met up with the boot of Spade and the Unstoppables were being dominated which had never happened before. Warren picked Tyson by the nape of his neck and he was muscled into a corner so Spike Saunders could have some fun. Tyson tried throwing two big punches to catch Warren and fight his way out of the corner when Warren fought back with a head butt and aa chop to the chest. The Walking Tank was left slumped in a corner and Spike extended his hand. Warren tagged him in and for the moment it looked like the two giants had each other’s backs.

    Spike and Tyson were no strangers to each other. They had been with and against each other in ACW for that promotion’s World title once upon a time. Here they were doing battle for the Dynasty tag team titles. Spike’s fists met Tyson’s chest with shot after shot to wear down the Unstoppables member. Tyson XL was left beat up in the corner and Saunders continued his reign of dominance.


    He dropped the proverbial hammer on Tyson so hard, his chest might have skipped a beat. The Unstoppables had been completely stopped by both monsters and now Tyson was up in the air and then brought down with a highly powerful slam. Spike hit the ropes and a running elbow drop caught Tyson in the heart! The first blow hurt but what made it worse was the Colossus standing up again and then choosing a leg drop to drop across his neck. Spike covered right then and there.

    1 …

    2 …

    Tyson kicked out!

    “Come on Tyson, get in the gamev…” muttered Vic.

    Fenton was giddy and he clapped for both of the Colossal Monsters doing their best to win the gold tonight. Spike hit another head butt and when Tyson fired back with a strike of his own, Spike took the shot and the Colossus tossed another knee his way for some good measure. Tyson was tired of being punked out so he threw an upper cut to strike Saunders in his jaw. He had a good foot over Tyson but that didn’t stop the Big Gun from handling business. He used kicks to Saunders’s leg to keep him from attacking further and then backed him into the corner of the Unstoppables. He reached out for a tag to Vic, but Spike grabbed his arm with a brilliant veteran move and shoved him away. Vic was then struck with an elbow.

    Tyson had been struck by a boot from Saunders and fell through the ropes. Still reeling from a big move on the ring apron Spike balled up his fist. The Colossus had plans to lay him out with another BOOM! HEADSHOT! punch coming his way but when he tried striking Tyson moved. He grabbed Saunders by the neck and he was pulled down on the top rope. The Colossus was finally stunned and that gave Tyson the chance to strike back. Three upper cuts from Tyson were followed up with chops and pain registered on Spike’s face. Tyson rushed at Saunders with an elbow in the corner and followed that up with a CCS Enziguri! The blow wobbled Saunders who was amazingly still on his feet in a first for Tyson XL. The agile super heavyweight measured up Tyson XL with his hands like a camera …


    The shotgun drop kick from Tyson knocked Saunders right out of the ring!

    The Colossus had finally been toppled by the Unstoppables at last! Tyson XL’s hand reached out to Vic Gravender and tagged Vic.

    “All right! Time to wreck shit!”

    The World Class Badass remained on the ring apron with Spike Saunders now out of things. Vic Gravender looked out at the crowd and he shot a look at Warren.

    “Here’s how it’s done, junior!”

    Vic took a deep breath and he leaped from the apron to the floor!


    The crowd was shocked that Vic would do something that risky at both his size and his age, but against their biggest competition yet and in the main event of tonight’s show, that meant he would have to pull out all the stops to have a hope of retaining the gold! After he hit the diving headbutt from the apron,  Gravender kicked and held his head in pain at doing something that stupid and risky but against the Colossus there was no holding back. He was also no stranger to fighting Spike Saunders and knew half-measures were not going to cut it.

    It took Vic a little bit to get himself back in the game but when he did, he muscled Saunders up and he managed to negotiate the giant getting back into the ring. Vic Gravender then followed up his dangerous move with a pinfall attempt.

    1 …

    2 …

    And Saunders kicked out!

    The Dynasty tag team titles still had a chance of going with the Colossal Monsters. Fenton and Warren both watched as the Unstoppables now controlled the pace. Vic Gravender picked up the pace with Tyson XL right behind him. Vic was against the ropes and he ran off the side to catch him with a big elbow drop. Vic then moved and right behind him was Tyson XL who had tagged in and landed a running senton! The double whammy nearly drove the wind from Saunders as Tyson crawled back to lay his weight across the shoulders of the Colossus.

    1 …

    2 …

    And another narrow escape from Saunders!

    Warren Spade clinched his teeth and he breathed a quick sigh of relief. He wanted into the match in the worst way right now after his hot start had been overwhelmed by the Unstoppables. Tyson XL was the legal man and when Saunders tried to rise he was caught again with a triad of effective strikes including a jab to the throat that put Saunders in the corner again. Tyson tagged Vic and it was time for the two monsters to go to town again. Tyson and Vic were ready to launch another assault and that happened when Tyson threw his own partner into a big back splash in the corner. Saunders had fallen to his knees and Tyson XL was ready to follow up with a shining wizard! The Colossus had been chopped down to size and Vic followed up 

    “Got you, Saunders!”

    Vic dropped all his weight on Spike’s chest with another towering splash! The cover was shortly thereafter.

    1 …

    2 …

    Saunders somehow kicked out again!

    Gravender had enough of Saunders kicking out of the big moves they could throw at him so he went to work. He threw kicks at the leg of Saunders and tried to turn the giant over into what looked like a stretch muffler submission! That was a deadly leg-working move and Saunders tried to fight out of it, but Vic struck back with a kick to his head. Vic tossed two or three more and then he finally turned his leg over!

    The deadly stretch muffler was a perfect submission and even though Saunders’s leg was huge, Vic was a huge man so a submission like this could do lasting damage!

    “Tap out, Saunders!” screamed Vic. “I’m the baddest man in NBW!”

    Gravender was by all definition “a good guy” but his affinity for trash talk was well known. Spike Saunders fought off his way and tried to crawl towards the ropes with all of his might. The Colossus was seven-foot three and he was able to fight his way to the ropes despite being trapped by the monster that was known across the world as the World Class Badass. His hands were on the ropes and now he was free!

    Vic took a couple of extra seconds despite his hands being on the ropes before he finally chose to let go. Perhaps it was stretching the rules a little bit, but Vic Gravender was all about the victory at the end of the day. Vic and Tyson were in control of the Colossus and that was apparent as he tagged Tyson. Tyson was in and he tried to follow on the leg work that Vic had started on but the slight gap in time allowed Saunders to fight back with a punch. He was on his knee when he struck back with a right hand. Tyson struck back …

    Spike ducked and then picked him up and dropped him down with a massive back drop suplex!!!

    That was all he needed to get to his corner now and with Tyson XL down the Colossus had the chance to get to his corner. Spike was close to getting to the corner while Tyson tried to roll behind him and make his way toward Gravender. Tyson tagged Vic.

    “The fatter one’s in!” Woods shouted. “Come on Spikey! Let’s go!”

    The Monster of the Mid-South stood poised for a tag but that didn’t happen because Vic was in the ring now. With a propel from the nearby ropes he ran right at Saunders …


    The agile super heavyweight had just run down Spike Saunders with an incredibly powerful cross body! A move normally reserved for smaller wrestlers had been used to nearly crush Spike’s innards before he could make a tag. That gave Vic the opening to cover him and go for the win!

    1 …

    2 …

    Close, but no cigar!


    The fan support was all over the place for all four of the most powerful and titanic athletes that No Brand Wrestling had on its roster. Vic was about to go for broke as he got back up and then look to finish off Spike Saunders. The Colossus still hadn’t moved after his kick out but that gave the World Class Badass an opening to end things for good and keep the Dynasty tag team titles back in their camp. Vic was off the ropes …



    Vic rolled forward and tried his finishing flipping senton known as the Steamroller but there was nobody on the job site! Spike had moved and he collided with the mat which then gave Spike an opening to drop Vic even further with a DDT! The Colossus was now going to go for the tag and Warren Spade was more than ready for it. With Saunders getting near him, he was raring to go …

    “Crawl, Saunders, crawl!” yelled Saunders. “Let my giant unleash his wrath!”

    Spike reached out a hand …


    The Monster of the Mid-South was now ready to fight and so was Tyson! The two monsters met each other in the center of the ring and they traded fast and furious blows with one another to the delight of the crowd! Tyson wasn’t backing down but neither was Warren and eventually his strength won out in this battle of power-houses. Warren had doubled Tyson over with his knee and dropped blows across hisback that could be heard all the way in the back end of the arena. Tyson was on the ropes and finally Warren had charged and dropped him with a big shoulder block.

    Tyson wasn’t down for too long. Warren picked him back up and he threw a big right hand that sent him back into the corner. He followed that up with a bonecrushing splash in the corner and then picked up Tyson by his neck. He was pulled up in a suplex position and then spun out into a dropping suplex right on the mat! Warren then set himself up for something big. Tyson was just trying to stand on his feet when he got back up and the crowd was all alive over what was about to happen next …


    Warren Spade had driven Tyson XL into the canvas with a powerful black hole slam and that was his cue to go for the victory tonight!

    1 …
    2 …

    Tyson kicked out!

    He was so close to tasting his first bit of gold in No Brand Wrestling but the monster with a former two-year undefeated streak hadn’t been able to realize his dream just yet. Warren then wiped his feet on the ground and the crowd was ready to see Tyson get broken in half. The Trample was coming …


    Warren drove tremendous force right into the Dynasty tag team champion! The belts were now about to come home with the Colossal Monsters!

    1 …

    2 …

    Vic denied his dream!

    Vic had saved the day for the Unstoppables by breaking the fall and attacking Warren. He punched him with big strikes and now he was going to put him down. He was going to try and hit the World Class Bomb Drop on Warren when the Colossus struck him on the jawline with a big boot!

    Saunders had come into the ring to save his partner and he cracked the World Class Badass with his mighty boot! It was more than enough to stun Vic and throw him to the floor and Spike followed to make sure the path was clear for Warren to end things for good. Spike was on the outside when Warren started to pick up Tyson XL by his side. He wrapped an arm wrist-clutch style and then tried to get him up for Torn Asunder but Tyson still had a little fight left in him and struck the side of Warren’s head with furious elbows until he broke his grip.

    Tyson had tumbled in between the ropes and Warren reached over to pick him up. With Saunders on the floor he balled up his massive fist with a big opening for him …


    Tyson had moved, but Warren did not and the overhand right caught Warren upside the head! Spike realized his folly and gasped but when he didn’t pay attention, Vic Gravender had charged at him and flattened Saunders with a running body attack on the floor! 

    Inside the ring, Warren remained hunched over with Tyson XL hovering over him. He charged right at Warren Spade and struck him down with a huge shining wizard strike! The agile Tyson had The One-Man Stampede down at his feet when he decided to take to the air …


    The crowd was in awe of the picture perfect top rope moonsault from Tyson XL crashing down on Warren Spade! The jaw of Fenton Woods had hit the floor when Tyson covered the giant.

    1 … 

    2 …


    One error. One colossally tactical error had made all the difference between victory and defeat and thanks to that one mistake, the Unstoppables had retained the Dynasty tag team titles! After being announced as the victors of the main event, Tyson celebrated by throwing a fist in the air and raising his Dynasty Tag Team belt in the other! The official raised the hands of both Tyson and Vic Gravender who had been through two very grueling defenses within a two week period. First it was the Entertainers and now the Colossal Monsters.

    Tyson and Vic celebrated the victory while Fenton Woods was still in shock over what happened. His giant had tasted his first defeat since his return all thanks to an error by Spike Saunders. Tyson and Vic then left the ring and showed off their coveted titles. They had battled the fastest wrestlers in NBW and then two of the most powerful in back to back shows and now with these big victories under their belt, the NBW Dynasty tag team champions had lived up to their awesome billing.

    But things were not over in the ring …


    Old Wounds


    The Unstoppables were gone and a very tense Spike Saunders cautiously walked up the steps. Warren Spade had finally moved and rose to a knee but when he looked up at a replay on the Epic-tron that showed the conclusion of the match, Warren’s face turned red.

    “Warren … I’m sorry …” said Saunders.

    Warren sat on the canvas and it looked like he was still trying to process the events of what just emerged.


    Saunders tapped on the shoulder and offered him up a hand but Fenton Woods jumped into the ring.

    YOU IDIOT!!!” yelled Fenton.

    The Colossus turned his head down at Fenton.

    “Don’t talk to me like that … I screwed up, but I’m not going to take shit from you.”



    Warren cut off his manager and then slowly rose to his feet. Nobody here was on a microphone but the camera was in the faces of both men so what they were saying to each other could be heard plain as day as the issue unfolded between the Colossal Monsters. Warren was now in the face of his tag team partner.

    “You screwed this up, Saunders! I had him! I was this close to winning us the titles!”

    “I’m sorry! This was my fault, but calm down!” said Saunders. “We can have another opportunity!”

    “Does ‘sorry’ change what happened?” bellowed Spade. “I followed your god-damn lead tonight because I wanted to show you that I’ve changed and then you go and do this shit!”

    Warren then SHOVED Spike backwards.

    The tension in the ring suddenly grew between the two giants. Saunders took a second to try and assess the current situation and then decided to SHOVE him back!

    “I get that you’re angry, but don’t put your god-damn hands on me.”

    “Fuck you.”

    “No, fuck YOU.

    The shoves continued and the two men were at each other’s throats now! It was looking like the business-only partnership that had proved successful since Scorched was about to evaporate but Fenton Woods tried to intervene.

    “Knock it off!” screamed Fenton. He poked Saunders in the chest with his cane – something Spike did not care for.

    “You don’t touch him, do you hear me? You don’t …”

    Saunders grabbed his cane and threw Fenton back on the canvas! There was only so much Spike could take and he knocked Fenton Woods down. Fenton rolled away and Warren had seen enough.



    He caught Saunders in the mouth with a shot that bloodied his lip! Saunders saw the blood on his hand and then fired back!

    Now all hell was breaking loose between the two giants!

    The festering hatred between the two had reared its ugly head and now they were exchanging blows in the ring! The Colossus and the Monster of the Mid-South were engaged in a brutal fistfight with no signs of either man stopping or slowing down!

    “I’ve had it with you!” screamed Warren.

    Warren started to win out in the fight but one punch was blocked and Spike retaliated with a shot of his own.

    “I’ve tried to help you, but your god-damn pride keeps getting in your way!”

    YOU’RE in my way!”
    Spike fought back and a punch nailed Warren in the chest. Spike cocked back a fist and tried to strike him down with another BOOM!!! HEADSHOT!!! for real this time when Spade blocked in and caught him between the eyes with a grisly head butt! Warren’s head now had blood running from cracking his own head open, but Saunders had been busted up also!

    A group of close to a dozen-or-so officials and security tried to break up the fight and the crowd was loving it, but they booed the officials trying to break things up! Slim J entered the ring first to try and get between the giants but the enraged Warren grabbed his face and shit-canned him. Simon Brack’s attempt to break things up also met with the same fate by Saunders! The two monsters continued to brawl across the ring!


    The crowd wanted it and the giants were now both fighting each other and scrapping. Security continued their futile attempts to break things up when a voice rang out


    The voice belonged to Jack Harmen appearing with a microphone at the top of the ramp. Warren and Spike had been separated now with another dozen or so security team members! Warren’s face was bleeding with Spike’s face looking bruised from the head butt. The General Manager remained on the entrance.

    “Look … this shit between the two of you needs to stop … or at the very least sell us some god-damn tickets! You guys clearly have some bad blood between you that needs to get worked out … as it turns out, I know just the place!”

    The crowd grew tense with buzzing when Harmen’s hands went up.

    “Giant versus giant! One of No Brand Wrestling’s biggest rivalries renewed! Since the two of you want to fight so badly, you can have it. At Legacy it will be one on one … THE COLOSSUS VERSUS THE MONSTER OF THE MIDSOUTH!!! SPIKE SAUNDERS VERSUS WARREN SPADE!!!”

    The two giants both heard it. Warren and Spike had looked at each other from across the ring and they wanted it.

    “I’m gonna end this shit once and for all, Saunders!”
    “I told you you hadn’t changed!”

    Fenton Woods had recovered on the floor but the NBW Arena had become a volatile warzone and that’s the note tonight’s show would be left on! The two giants continued to try and pick up their fight while security tried in vain to keep them separated. The two threw punches at each other and the show faded to black.