No Brand Wrestling Presents: SCORCHED
Live from the Sprint Center in Kansas City, MO
Arena Attendance/Ticket Sale Percentage : Sold Out


The scene opened up to an overhead view of a city in flame. Buildings crumbling left and right while the tires on the vehicles lining the streets were melting away.

'Tear the World Down' by We are the Fallen'

The music played in the background as the cityscape came to view. Any grass, trees or greenery had already long since burned away. All signs of life were non-existent.

Pulling back to a street-side view a shadow appeared at the horizon, basked by the ever increasing rays of the sun. Slowly the figure walked forward, and with every step his boots left indentions on the cracked asphalt.

Every step his dark skin cracked and burned away. Step by step, flames riding his body from the ground up. His face obscured by the smoke leaving his body until the wind shifted and sent the smoke another direction.

Benjamin Jones continued his walk, despite the missing layer of skin over half his face. He stopped and bent down as behind him several buildings no longer can stand the heat and crumble in the distance.

Jones swept away at the ground revealing a part of the NBW World Heavyweight Championship. He continued to pull the dirt and rubble away until it was clear. Prying the title out of the grip of its former owner, he then raised it up to get a good look at it.

Behind him charged the kid of luck that had won the right to be the new number one contenders; his hair ablaze in flame while leaving a trail of smoke in his wake. No better off than Jones as his skin cracked and seared away. Fist tightened closed, he leaped at Jones as the screen faded out.


Welcome to Scorched!

The cameras faded in on the explosive crowd filling the Sprint Center. Signs thrust in the air, deperate for their moment on air, before we focused on the stage where pyrotechnics were exploding every direction from the tops of the disgarded buildings.

"Welcome everyone to NBW's SCORCHED pay per view event! We're coming to you LIVE from the Sprint Center here in Kansas City, Missouri. I'm Melissa Vanderart and next to me as always is none other than the dashing angry one himself, C.G. Gains." Vanderart greeted the viewers before Gains added in.

"Not angry, but always dashing. I just don't see why the general manager has to play up to the whims of rookies like Lucky Carter and Ali Amore."

"You do know that Amore's far from a rookie, Craig. Carter even has been here for a long haul himself and should rid of that moniker by now."

"When the King of Hell's done with him, that's all that will remain of his name as it's dragged through the mud with each step he takes. So best not change it yet." Gains added with a laugh.

"Well folks we have quite the night ahead of us! Tonight we will see the first ever BlitzCage match to crown a new Blitzkrieg champion when 'Big' Rick Strongbern faces off against Brock Newbludd inside the barbwire enclosed structure. We'll also see the Keystone Championship up for grabs tonight when Benjamin Jones faces Ali Amore in what is sure to be an excellent match!"

"Ali should pray that Jones decides not to show up, otherwise he's getting KO'd. And finally we will have somebody worthy of the torch that El Dragon Loco once held." It was clear where Gains loyalties were.

"We also have quite a bit of tag action tonight too! Starting us off here in just a bit will be Davey La Rue teaming with Ai Tso to take on the Xiang Dynasty! We'll also see the A-List take on The Players and The Entertainers in triple threat action! Plus the massive team of Spike Saunders and Warren Spade going up against Zed and Rune, the Crimson Tide."

"One tag match we won't see is that Street Fight those two chicks put forward two weeks ago. I won't spoil the reason right now, but we've got some footage that will certainely bring a smile to faces... well, mine at least!"

"More on Fears and Flair later on, but to top off all the tag action we will see the Rich Family challenging the Dynasty Tag Team Champions, The Unstoppables. This is going to be quite the match and those numbers could very well be in their favor, Craig."

"Maybe. Then again Vic probably swallowed two Donny's for breakfast, so we're seeing even footing."

"And of course as mentioned earlier, the Main Event tonight will see the number one contender Lucky Carter fight his way at the top of the ladder as he challenges the NBW World Heavyweight Champion, Derecho."

"Deadman walking." Gains smirked, then turned to Melissa, "you know, like his mentor and coach, Matthew Haddon."

He got a chuckle out of his own poor joke, but Melissa kept it professional as the first match was upon them.


Ai Tso / Davey La Rue
Xiang Dynasty


“We’re all set for our first match of the evening C.G., and it’s should be a hot one to start off Scorched!” Melissa Vanderart announced wryly.

“Oh wow, good one Mel.” C.G. replied sarcastically. “Let’s just hope Ai Tso can last more than thirty seconds in the ring this time around against the Xiang Dynasty, or else him and Fat Ass David will be a couple of burnt turkeys.”

“Touché partner. This tag team rematch stems from both the chase for the shot at the Blitzkrieg title, and also Ai is looking to prove his worth against the Xiang Dynasty who gave him a merciless beat down on Slam 72, a beat down that could have put Ai on the shelf for a long time.” Mel continued on.

“Yea, and the Xiang Dynasty would have done the world a favor and ended LaRue backstage last week if it wasn’t for that weasel Tso making a hero’s return and saving LaRues ass by flashing some nunchuks…what kind of person carry’s around nunchucks anyway?” C.G. asked.

“My favorite ninja turtle Michelangelo, regardless, C.G. this should be a real heated affair between these two teams, let’s send it down to Brent Williams!”

With that the camera panned over the eager sold out crowd one final time, before cutting to the ring to reveal a smiling Brent Williams, mic in hand, standing next to the referee for the contest Slim J. The crowd was hungry for the first action of the evening and Williams knew it, so he let them stew for a few long seconds before putting the mic up.

“Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome tooo Scooorcheeeed!” Williams announced right before red pyro shot off from each corner of the ring, causing the crowd to get even hotter, no pun intended.

“The first contest of the evening is a tag team match up with a fifteen minute time limit!”

“Fury of the Storm” by Dragonforce

The crowd rose to their feet in applause as Ai Tso came sprinting down the ramp to his new adrenaline pumping theme song. Slapping hands with the fans as he made his way down, the energetic youngster looked focused and ready to redeem himself against his fellow countrymen.

“Introducing first! From Beijing, Chiiinaaa…weighing in at two hundred and thirty seven pounds, please welcome Aiiii TSOOO!!!” Williams announced.

Receiving a very nice ovation, Ai stopped at the bottom of the ramp to give the fans one more salute. Then he showed great athleticism by sliding under the ropes before turning it into a roll and popping up onto his feet with his hands raised above his head. Bouncing up and down on the balls of his feet, Ai’s smile faded as focus took over.

”Born This Way” by Thousand Foot Krutch

The lights dim and the crowd exploded in cheers as their favorite folk hero ”Fat Tuesday” Davey LaRue came speeding down the ramp on his trademark scooter.  Coming to a stop halfway down the ramp, Davey took his beer hat off to throw it like a Frisbee into the crowd, giving some lucky fan a souvenir. Although, whoever was lucky enough to catch it should be sure to sanitize the hat properly after it was sitting on Fat Tuesday’s dirty head.

“And his partner! From Baton Rouge, Louisiana! Weighing in at two-hundred and ninety seven pounds…here is “Fat Tuesday” Davey LaRuuuuuee!”

The crowd roared in approval as Davey made a lap around the ring to high five the fans before parking his scooter by the timekeepers table. Rolling under the ring, Davey gave Ai a fist bump and ran the ropes, ending in the middle of the ring to throw up the devil horns.

”Born in China” (Metal Remix) by The Immortals

The Xiang Dynasty were all business as they walked down the ramp and soaked in the crowd’s boos. Both men were indifferent to the crowd’s reaction, but Xiang did look out to the crowd occasionally and gave them an arrogant sneer. The Great Wall looked as imposing as ever as he lumbered behind his leader, his face emotionless besides the fact that his eyes never left Davey and Ai.

“And their opponents! From the People’s Republic of China…at a combined weight of five hundred and fifty six pounds…this is The Xiang Dynaaastyyyy!!!” Williams announced over the boo birds.

Entering the ring, Xiang instructed the Great Wall to go stand in the corner. Smirking, Xiang then strode up to Ai and spit right in his fellow countryman’s face!


The degrading gesture by Xiang did not provoke the young man though, and Ai showed great composure as he wiped the saliva off of his face and pointed a furious Davey to go stand in their corner. The Ragin’ Cajun protested but Ai was stern, and LaRue made sure to give Xiang a middle finger salute before stepping through the ropes and stand in the corner. Turning to face Xiang, Ai cracked his knuckles and put up his fists.


The first match of Scorched started off with a bang when Ai seemingly timed the time keeper’s hammer and knocked the shit out of Xiang with a charging shoulder block a split second after the bell sounded. The leader of the Xiang Dynasty hit the mat hard and rebounded onto his feet to only be taken down once again by a nice belly to belly by a fired up Ai! The experienced grappler quickly transitioned the hold when the two men hit the mat and cinched Xiang in a STS (step over toehold sleeper) lock!

Slim J was all over it and leaped down to ask Xiang if he was a quitter…

“Bu! Bu! BUUUU!!!” Xiang screamed out in his native tongue, and Slim cocked an eyebrow in confusion.


Xiang translated himself for Slim before showing off some technical prowess himself by wiggling free and reversing the submission into a pin!



Kick out by Ai!

Both men got to their feet quickly and wasted no time getting into a collar and elbow tie up. Ai showed his superior grappling skills once again when he took Xiang to the ground with a side headlock takedown and in return Xiang showed his ring savvy by avoiding the follow up elbow.

Sneering at Ai, the stubborn Xiang bounced off the ropes and Ai showed some quickness himself by leapfrogging Xiang and catching him on the rebound with another belly to belly! Ai was like a spider as this time he transitioned into a figure four armlock! Slim J was down on the mat in Xiang’s face…

“BU! NO! BU!” Xiang screamed.

Using his excellent ring awareness, Xiang was able to slide to the edge of the ring and get a foot on the rope, causing Slim J to yell for a hold break. Tso wrenched on the hold until the count of four until letting Xiang free.

Back to their feet once more, it was Xiang who took the offensive when he deftly ducked Ai’s attempt to get him in a grapple and scooted behind him to deliver a surprise superkick to the back of Ai’s head! Lucky for Ai, the kick sent him flying towards his corner and when he reached the corner he threw his hand out to tag in Davey before rolling under the ropes and landing on the floor.

Xiang eyed up Davey for a second before retreating to his corner and tagging in the massive Great Wall. The monster of a man gladly accepted the tag and stepped over the top rope, smiling at LaRue the whole time. Davey returned the smile as he stepped through ropes and entered the ring.

Fat Tuesday showed no fear at the giant man and came charging in like a bull throwing lefts and rights to the Great Walls’ body, eventually driving the big man into the corner. The rights and lefts continued and they looked to be wearing down the Great Wall until the giant from China grabbed the two hundred and sixty pound Davey by the throat and took advantage by spinning him around and throwing him into the corner!

Now it was the Great Wall who was delivering MEGA damage with a series of chops that made Davey lift off of his feet with every strike of Great Wall’s massive hand. Finally after the last big chop, Great Wall picked up Davy with ease and planted him in the middle of the ring with a big time sidewalk slam! Nonchalantly, the arrogant Great Wall put a foot on Davey’s chest and Slim hit the mat for the count!


Kickout by Davey!

The Baton Rouge native would not be beaten that easily and as he ripped the Great Wall’s foot off of his chest Davey twisted the big man’s ankle as hard as he could. The Great Wall grimaced in pain as he hobbled on one foot for a split second while LaRue rose to his feet. The split second was all that Davey needed and he quickly took advantage by running past Great Wall and bouncing off the ropes. The hobbled seven footer was far too slow to get spun around in time and Davey used all of his two-hundred and sixty pounds to bring Great Wall down with a vicious BULLDOG!! Now it was Davey’s turn for a pin!


Xiang with the breakup!

Xiang had seen enough and he leaped over the ropes to quickly make his way over and drop an elbow on Davey’s head to break up the pin.  Frustrated, Davey got to his feet and chased after Xiang, but the smaller man quickly escaped the ring just before LaRue could get his hands on him.

“I’M GONNA GIT YA YET BOY!” Davey screamed at Xiang, who only smiled back at him from the floor and pointed behind Davey.

A fired up Davey quickly turned around to only be caught once again in the Great Wall’s iron grip, but this time Davey found himself trapped in the FIVE STARS VICE!!

LaRue tried to break free, but the power of the Great Wall was too much and he looked to be fading! Slim J picked up Davey’s hand…

And it fell!

Grabbing Davey’s wrist again, Slim raised LaRue’s arm high in the air before letting go…

It fell once again!

Davey! Davey! Davey!

The people were urging their folk hero to overcome the odds, but things weren’t looking good for good ol’ Fat Tuesday when Slim raised Davey’s hand for the third and final time…

Out of nowhere Ai came spring boarding off the ropes and nailed Great Wall in the face with a FLYING KNEE STRIKE! The head shot stunned the Great Wall enough to let go of Davey and fall to the mat. Davey’s face was blue and he crumpled to the mat as well.

Xiang was now back on the ring apron in his corner and Ai had rolled through the strike to go outside of the ring. Seeing the predicament in the ring, Tso quickly ran around to his corner and climbed up to the ring. Both men had their hands stretched out far looking to get that hot tag!

Both Davey and Great Wall were showing signs of life and each man began to slowly crawl toward their respective corners. The crowd was at a fever pitch as they cheered on Davey to win the race to the tag.  Ai started rhythmically stomp his foot and the crowd joined in causing the whole building to seemingly shake. Great Wall on the other hand needed no motivation from anyone, and it looked like he would beat LaRue to the tag just by the sheer fact that his whole body was longer than LaRue’s.

Slithering on the ground like a giant anaconda, Great Wall stuck his hand out…


The sound of his opponents tagging spurred some energy into Davey and in a last ditch effort he lunged towards Ai with his arm stretched out…


The crowd burst into a cheer at the double hot tag! Both Davey and Great Wall rolled underneath the ropes as their respective partner’s slingshot over the top rope and charged at each other…

It was Ai who struck first with a big time clothesline! But the adrenaline flowing through Xiang made sure that he didn’t stay down long and he followed up Ai’s clothesline by popping to his feet, kicking Ai in the gut and taking Tso down with a beauty of a neckbreaker! Xiang kipped up to his feet, ran to the ropes and spring boarded off in an attempted ASAI MOONSAULT!


Ai managed to roll out of the way at the last second! Landing squarely on his chest, Xiang kicked his feet and rolled in pain, while Ai used the ropes to pull himself up. Walking over to Xiang, Ai signaled to the crowd and then grabbed Xiang’s head to wrap his legs around it and apply the SPIDER TWIST!!!

Xiang screamed in pain as Ai tightened the hold!


That is what Xiang’s response was as he used all his might to scoot his feet towards the ropes…Xiang raised one hand in the air looking like he was going to tap, while he stretched one foot out towards the ropes….

He got his foot on the rope! And just in the nick of time too, because it looked like he was seconds away from tapping from the brutal finisher. Ai wrenched the hold even tighter until Slim counted to four. Begrudgingly, Ai broke his patented submission and rose to his feet to stand right over Xiang…

And spit in his face!!!

Ai returned the favor that Xiang gave him pre match and the crowd cheered on the impressive youngster as he stood over the hated Xiang with his arms held high. Ai Tso might be starting to get a new edge!

Suddenly, like a coiled viper Xiang shot his arms up and rolled Ai into a SMALL PACKAGE!!!



Davey’s back in for the save—NO! Big boot by Great Wall!!!

Xiang pulled the tights and Slim didn’t see it!!!


“The winners of this bout…by way of pinfall…The XIANG DYNAAASTYYY!

Xiang rolled off of Ai and quickly exited the ring. With Great Wall at his side Xiang shot Ai and Davey a devilish grin as he backpedaled up the ramp. Looking up at the big screen Ai saw the replay of Xiang reefing on his tights and Tso hung his head low in shame. Davey shrugged his shoulders before grabbing Ai’s wrist and raising his friends hand high above his head.

The camera faded out as Ai’s sour face turned into a happy one when he heard the great ovation the crowd gave him for an excellent effort. While Tso didn’t get a win against his hated rivals, he did prove that he can hang with the best of them in the NBW.


The Entertainers
The Players


At Eternal Judgment, ten tandems participated in our 10-to-1 Gauntlet match to see who'd walk out as the new tag team champions.

While they didn't win, A-List, The Entertainers and The Players racked up multiple victories at various points in the gruelling contest. 

Post-PPV, they  were told if they won qualifiers against their assigned opposition, they'd book a spot here at the Scorched pay-per-view in a 3-way tussle to see who'll become the number one contenders.

Long story short:  they all achieved it and that's why they're here.

Last week, a preview took place between the most powerful members of each group which saw VIP gain a psychological edge, pinning Darren Best.  Would that come into play?

Let's find out.

Backstage, we could the duo of El Principe and VIP leave their private locker room and make the short walk to the curtains where a couple of guards saluted them and marched towards the ringside area.  Waiting there, and we're talking about a matter of yards, was a limousine.  One of the guards handed the esteemed individuals over to a chauffeur, who opened the door for them to get in.

'Los Consejos de un Padre' was Principe's theme and it had been chosen as A-List's entrance this evening.

Nonetheless, Principe wouldn't have the advice of his daftly-famous father, a legendary luchadore, or anyone else, other than Victor Ingram Price, someone who'd picked up terrific tips alongside Derecho and Son of Malta.

Ridiculously slow and short, the driver escorted them for ten seconds or so prior to getting out himself and holding the door yet again, this time for the ego-inflated outfit to step out.

A red carpet leading to the steps was trodden by the twosome, Principe in front, and they wipe their feet again before the ring was graced with THEIR presence.

Vanderart:  "A-List is the most experienced tag team in this triple threat tag team match.  El Principe is the oldest member in this young man's match and VIP is the only one involved here who has previously been a tag team champion.  Will that experience prove invaluable?"

Gains chipped in:  "Don't forget VIP won the triple threat match with Darren Best and Paul Sanders.  That'll give him even more confidence than usual."

The Mark commented:  "Like he needs it."

The man he pinned?


JME's rap song with the same title brought out a competitor with that very name - Darren Best.

Two hands aloft, sporting blue full-length tights with white text bearing his name, Darren was rewarded with a really good reception.  Oh wait...

'Let Me Entertain You.'

Joining Darren, the cocky Cockney, Alfie Button.

Waggling all of his fingers, clearly seeking attention and actually attaining it, Alfie playfully barged into Best, who didn't budge, from behind.  Upon doing it a second time, Best responds by looking and Alfie's index finger instructs him to gaze up at the big screen.

'The Entertainers are SCORCHing hot!  Especially Alfie ;)'

Darren shook his head, which extracted a wry grin from his confident co-worker. Alfie stormed to the ring, sliding underneath the bottom rope and onto the top turnbuckle in the lower right-hand corner of the ring, where he gained more acclaim from an appreciative audience. 

He urged Darren to join him, but the more level-headed member of the pair takes him time; a stark contrast to the psyched-up Englishman, who leapt off the turnbuckle with a bounce and a distinct swagger in his step, blurring the lines between arrogance and intensity.  Either way, The Entertainers were raring to go.

Vanderart:  "The Entertainers, however, were number one contenders for the jOlt tag team championships after pulling off a major upset in the Sin City Series.  Alfie Button and especially Darren Best have evolved since then.  Will that evolution eventually culminate in gold for The Entertainers?  This would be a big step towards achieving just that."

Air's Sexy Boy dominated the airways, echoing around the arena as eight cheerleaders with traditional red, white and blue pom-poms skillfully spelled this guy's name out.

Paul Sanders.

The International Playboy received kisses of adoration from this octet of beauties.  Then, two bombshells, a blonde and a brunette, whisked him away from the rest of the group to escort Sanders to the squared circle.

At the ringside area, the brunette removed his black leather jacket for him while the blonde took off his sunglasses.

Paul must now turn his attention to the action after enjoying the most envied entrance in No Brand Wrestling.

Not by this guy though.

Mr. Bungle's take on the iconic Super Mario Bros theme belted out.

Kid Chameleon, head down due to his PSP, strolled past the harem of stunners as much as a blink, too engrossed in his game all throughout the entrance, even ignoring his rather favourable reception.

As he entered the ring, he warned the referee to take good care of his PSP and stood next to his lifelong friend and tag team partner.

Chalk and Cheese, but together, they are The Players.

Vanderart:  "The Players may be a young team, but they've got the strength and size of Sanders and...

Yes, The Mark had joined Melissa and CG on commentary:  "Kid Chameleon has the most innovative arsenal in the industry.  Best loves to work your arm, Principe prefers the legs and back, but Kid Chameleon will prey on any weaknesses you have.

"Sanders and Price are the powerhouses and good-looking studs, aren't they?  Except there's only one winner and that's Paul.  See that entrance?  Where's Victor's ladies?  They were all over Paul in the back that he had three showers to wipe off their lipstick and perfume and the girls were STILL WETTER than him!  Even after that."

Vanderart was keen to move on after that closing statement,  but The Mark had his final say:  "Imagine the after party.  There's going to be Wii Sports in panties when The Players are named the new number one contenders."

No bias there then!

Speaking of The Players...

Kid Chameleon and Paul Sanders held their usual game of Paper, Rock, Scissors and Alex won that by cutting Paul's paper in half.  Alfie marched over, challenging Chameleon and saw his scissors blunted by the World's Greatest Gamer.  Alfie urged Darren to deny Kid, but he couldn't either, his scissors also coming a cropper to Kid's rock.  After all of that, Chameleon was set to start against whoever A-List offered.

El Principe, the senior member of A-List, patted VIP on the shoulder, suggesting he had this.  The child of a famous Mexican luchadore and 'The Kid' were going to get us underway.

Ding, Ding, Ding! 


You'd expect most wrestlers to circle, pause and probably tie-up.  Not Chameleon.  He sprinted straight across the squared circle and put Principe on his posterior with a flying forearm.  Fantastic impact.

The Mexican was already back in his corner.  Like in a previous match, Sanders reached down and touched his foreign sidekick on the head and wandered in..
.The Mark:  "Dake Toe Hold!"

That's a regular Drop Toe Hold and an Elbow Drop to the neck area.  Kid guided Price over towards the ropes closest to The Mark, who took great pleasure in seeing his friend rake Victor's pretty, unblemished face across the top rope prior to ramming VIP's head into the middle turnbuckle once they got to the end of the line.

The referee pointed the finger at an indifferent Chameleon, who barely cheats, though has one or two tricks up his sleeve for opponents such as A-List.


Alfie was in!

Kid was a wee bit perplexed, but Button didn't bother to consult him, preferring to tee off on VIP with a pair of European Uppercuts in the corner.


The sole of Button's foot put Price out onto the apron, not far from where Foul Play occurred.  It was the perfect time to tell Victor...

You're Fired!

Alfie's Slingshot Axe-Handle to Ingram on the apron drew some applause and ever the showman, Alfie was only too happy to accept the plaudits, pissing his partner off the in the process, imploring the Englishman to stay on Price at any cost.

Smartly for once, the Londoner exited the battleground and headed to the only neutral corner in this clash.  Up there, the bright British prospect perched himself, shouting the name of this move en route...


The phenomenal Frogpump Elbow found its mark.  Before it could draw a 2-count, Principe interjected himself and held his hands up once the official admonished him.  However, Alfie had a surprise in store for the departing royal...

Superkick and that was the second time tonight the masked Mexican's head had hit his own turnbuckle!  He limply crawled back where he came from.

Nevertheless, it served as a distraction and gave Price the opportunity to hand Button a taste of his own medicine via a wicked European Uppercut, which floored the Englishman in one swoop.

Victor went over to talk to The Players, holding his hand out.  Kid and Paul were hesistant but when Vic insisted, Sanders took the bait.

Arguably the strongest man in this match, Sanders decided to take the bout's fastest contestant down with a Running Swinging Neckbreaker just as the TV addict was getting to his feet.

Sanders kept the Cockney down with a Fist Drop and then applied a Front Facelock to slow the speed merchant further.  Eventually, Alfie rose to his feet, only to be cut off by a knee to the ribs, which will help, and a superb Snap Suplex.  1...2...Alfie still had enough in the tank.

Paul again attempted an Elbow Drop, though this time, it was inaccurate.  Alfie scrambled away like a crying baby to its mother and tagged Darren in.  Sanders stepped back a bit, knowing Darren, who was measured and relaxed, was a different animal to his partner.

He set about illustrating that immediately, feigning a Tie-Up that outfoxed Sanders, burying a knee into the International Playbody's defined pectoral area instead.  A clubbing forearm to the back of the head followed.  These two had quite a battle at the last Slam and that was continuing here.

Best whipped Sanders into the ropes, but Paul reversed it, putting his head down...


Darren had shocked everyone by using Paul's finisher against him, the Rocker Dropper, and that drew wild chuckles from C.G Gains on commentary, taunting The Mark about it.  Alfie also screamed with delight.  Talk about turning the tables!

Best's cover proved unsuccessful because VIP simply pulled him off (no, not in that way.)

Darren glared at VIP, who simply smiled.  Suddenly, Best went for another cover, causing Principe to rush in and prevent the one-fall finish with a boot to the head!  Darren held his head, he's been having problems with it since entering nbW, before dragging Sanders over to his corner.  He could sense Paul, rightly, was really fragile right now and handed him off to Alfie.  Yes, the strongest man in the match had suddenly become the weakest link.  Speaking of which, Alfie, who has a move by that name, came in to ask Sanders a different question.

The Brit was back and with a FROGSPLASH!

He flipped Sanders over and then headed towards the neutral corner, but VIP stepped inside for a second or two to block the plan of repeating the feat from the other side, thus completing Action Replay.  The two had a heated discussion and Alfie couldn't hear the cries from Best, who could see Principe approaching from the blind side...

Chop Block!

Okay, so the fastest and strongest competitors now had their distinct advantages destroyed and taken away from them.  Principe's treasure had seen to that in the Cockney's case as Alfie clutched his knee in agony, rolling around, and that allowed Principe to tag himself in, not too dissimilar to how Price had substituted his partner earlier.

Ironically, Principe's style would have been more suited to Alfie as opposed to Sanders.  You take what you're given, I suppose.

The Mexican made sure the Englishman left the battlefield battle-scarred, three knicks to the knee and adding insult to injury - literally.  Darren was about to invade, though the official caught his eye and advised him not to.

Principe received a warning, not the first one, with a Back Rake on Sanders.  He clearly couldn't give a fuck.

A Backbreaker ensured his grip on this exchange with Sanders and well, that was a stellar contribution!  El Principe had hardly exerted himself, though I couldn't deny his efficiency, as he made way for VIP to return.

Well, perhaps not strictly true.  You see, while Aflie was managing to get to his feet on the outside of the ring, closes to A-List's corner, Principe jumped down to greet the hobbling pacesetter with a Dragon Screw Leg Whip!

Once again, Principe got a talking to and you suspect he hadn't heard that either.  We know he has a poor grasp of English, or so we're told, though he has a terrific understanding of bending the rules too.

None of that would help Alfie, whose left leg was in serious jeopardy.  Darren was yelling at the official from the corner.

Where were we?  VIP and Paul Sanders were the legal men.  Due to Paul's weakened state, I guess that makes VIP the most powerful man in the match - a title I'm sure he relishes.  Why not show it?  After peppering Paul with three accurate and stiff shots to the head, he picked Paul off with ease and then kneed him.  Standing Backbreaker!

Tossing Sanders to one side, Price fell to his knees theatrically, seeking accolades.  Only Principe returned his call.

After that display of showmanship, it was time for actual substance and Victor delivered in spades by taking Paul for a trip down...

Hollywood Boulevard!

Could Ingram's Moonlight Drive see A-List's names up in lights as new number one contenders to the championships?




Not quite!

Feeling that Paul was there for the taking, Price was going to pull out all the stops and treat The Player...

Red Carpet Treatment!

This won him the triple threat match last week and may have here and now if Paul hadn't dug his heels in when it came to the final phase before causing separation with two hard elbows.

Trying to build some momentum, Sanders launched himself off the ropes. Unfortunately, he did it on the far side of the ring and Principe, no regard or remorse, kneed him right in the back!

The Mark: "Come on referee!  Final warning surely!"

He was only saying what some of us felt.  Egged on by Best as well, the official warned Principe again, though this time, it didn't fall on deaf ears- or should I say deaf eyes.  El Principe understood what the official meant when he pointed at him and then gestured towards the locker room, threatening to disqualify the second generation superstar from south of the border.  VIP tried to intervene, especially when the volume rose, as the audience urged the authority figure to discipline the A-Lister more sternly.

Ingram explained that Principe didn't understand English. 

The Mark:  "I suppose he doesn't understand the rules either?  Get him outta here!"

Gains:  "Who asked you?"

Principe, normally so crafty, was committing crimes clear as day and didn't seem to care about getting caught today!  Remarkably, he was getting away with it.  The expert cheater had been as subtle as Cindy Crawford's mole.

After all of that...

VIP turned around...

Belly-to-Belly by Sanders!  A breakthrough?  I'm sure Best or Chameleon would be itching to get at Price OR Principe.

Sanders was closer to The Entertainers' area of town than his own.  However, before he could secure safety, VIP made a last-ditch try to deny him a boarding pass out of there, tugging on the ankle once, twice...


Best was in and that was the worst news for Price, so he thought on his feet and took the wind out of Darren's sails by taking a detour out of the ring!  Widespread boos commenced at Ingram, ridiculously rich, taking the cheap way out.

The referee told VIP to get back in to which Price recommended him getting Best back, meaning a bit of distance between the duo.  Quite rightly, the man in the middle reiterated the space between Best and he was perfectly reasonable.  You could see Darren's disappointment at not being able to get his hands on Victor.  Price's ploy was working.

Sanders, on the other side, was now getting his breath back as Kid checked on him.  Satisfied, Price came back in but when Best moved towards him, Victor hung his head out between the ropes as the referee counted.  Darren was like a dog with a bone and approached again, only too enthusiastically as VIP caught him with a kick to the stomach at close quarters and a couple of hard right hands, the second one dropping Darren. 


VIP was about to mount Darren!  Wait!  Best has caught him with an Armbar.  No, he hasn't...

He had him with a Cross Armbreaker instead!


 Panicking, Principe was about to enter, but warned with wordS he could digest:  "NO!  NO!  NO!"

The Mexican stamped on the apron in frustration.  His partner would have to go this one alone.

An unlikely assistant...

The Mark:  "Shades of Blade!"

Kid got a warning, not that he minded and nor did it matter.  Just ask Principe!  If you do, make sure it's in Spanish.  Anyway, Kid provided the exit route by dropping four stomps on Best.  Remember, this is one fall to a finish.  Chameleon wasn't helping Price; he was looking out for himself and Paul.

Ingram was still favouring his arm.  Advantage:  Best.  Darren dragged VIP over towards The Entertainers' area, planting a seed with a terrific Tornado Single Arm DDT prior to tagging Alfie in.

Still limping, the loud-mouthed Londoner sent Price into the ropes...Lovely Jubbly!  Blocked!

His sensational Springboard Reverse Elbow hadn't landed.  Instead, he'd been caught and Price had Button in a perilous position...

Belly-to-Back Suplex!

Not for the first time, Alfie had made a cardinal mistake.  While that must've hurt Ingram too, the stars were aligned.  Albeit on his back, he inched towards Principe and held out an outstretched arm.  Conditions were perfect:  the leg and back specialist against someone with a sore pin.

Where did he go?  Let me think:  Kneebreaker.

Make that a Dragon Screw Leg Whip, complimentary of A-List and to top it all off...

Figure Four!

Darren couldn't do too much about this as the referee kept an eye on him all the while asking Alfie if he wanted to surrender.  The match meant so much to all six combatants and Button said no, riding the pain and turning back a pair of pinfall attempts along the way.

Principe cranked up the pressure with the Figure Four and slapped Alfie, annoying the crowd, who were behind the Briton.

Urged by them, Alfie fought this.  However, Principe, sensing movement as a result, remained firmly in control by bringing him back a few inches and tagging VIP in.

Victor kicked Button in the mush, even though the Englishman was still trapped in the submission by Principe at the time!  These guys were pushing their luck.  The official ushered Principe out.  He must be sick of A-List's antics.

I'm sure VIP wouldn't have wanted back in so quickly, but Principe had to retain control of Alfie.  Anyway, Victor strayed from his usual game to continue  Principe's handiwork.  Two kicks to the point of the knee.  Wait a moment!  He's got Red Carpet Treatment lined up again!  HITS IT!

Not thinking, Darren darted straight in, like a person seeing a burning building with a loved one still trapped, but the referee, like a firefighter, tried to restrain him and couldn't.  Best broke free and managed to get a kick at VIP, who complained to the referee!  Well, while Darren couldn't do much more, he had stopped VIP's momentum!  Price whined to the referee.  Can you believe this guy?

VIP, agitated, had Alfie covered again but Darren was discussing the direction of this match with the official.  Price stood up and grabbed the ref's attention.  Thereafter, our man in the striped shirt followed Ingram...




Alfie kicks out!

No question, Darren's distraction had helped his other half from a definite defeat.  Disgruntled, Price was replaced by Principe...


From one finisher to another!  But, Principe couldn't secure the Guerrilla Clutch!  He was almost there.

A moment's pause, seeking a different solution, saw Alfie perform a back roll and now he was on his feet!  Principe's plan to cut him off in the corner with a grab, though that quickness of Button's was there for you to see, not Principe, who didn't know where Alfie had gone!

Left hand stings Principe.  "I PITY THA FOOL" times two and a Dropsault in the corner all combined to get the Great Briton out of a sticky situation.  Where did all of that come from?

Side Headlock suddenly swept Principe off his feet and three swift and stiff right hands rendered him clueless as to his whereabouts!

He wasn't done there.  Rolling Neck Snap!  A tribute to Darren Best, perhaps?  The Cockney's nod indicated that notion.




Tag to Darren at long last though.

Best advised Alfie to move as Darren went up top.  He was set...

Flying Crossbody!



and a half.

Best had the bit between his teeth...

OUTstanding Moonsault beautifully-done!

Darren was about to allow Alfie in again, but strangely, Button pointed at The Players.  Maybe the Englishman needed an extended rest.  Either way, Best had words with Button and wasn't comfortable doing this, as the match was starting to take its toll on everyone, and he wanted to keep it in the family so to speak.

Reluctantly, and fuming, Best strolled up to The Players and handed the initiative to Kid Chameleon, who was the freshest face in this fight for number one contendership.  He'd been hoping to pass it off onto Paul, but the opportunity wasn't on the table.

At this stage, Chameleon, who'd kicked us off, could be lethal with his unpredictable and unique offence.  On commentary, The Mark was delighted and we'll leave it to him to bring you specifics in the Saturday Night Slam Master's repertoire.

Instantly, Kid assumed control of Principe's noggin with a Side Headlock, just like moments ago, and then yanked at the mask, raising his left arm in the air!  Cabin crew, seats for landing.

The Mark:  "Daydream Headlock!  And Principe will be night-sleepin' after that one!  Come on Kid!"

Chameleon whipped Principe into fairly safe territory, The Entertainers' corner, and scored with a Running Forearm Smash, also known as...

The Mark:  "Kamikaze Rose is still alive and kickin' it with a Kamikaze Typhoon!"


Kid's rope-aided Corner Dropkick to the face found its mark, well behind the mask, and suddenly, graciously...

The Mark:  "Kid, what are you thinking?"

He tagged Best back in.  That sportsmanship from the World's Greatest Gamer garnered praise from our capacity crowd.  It also surprised Darren, not to mention pissing Paul off back in The Players' retreat, who accepted gratefully.

Taking the chance with both hands...


What a fucking EXPLODER!!!

Sanders and Price ran in to save the day before Best could even make it past one in what would've been a sure-fire triumph for The Entertainers.

Again, coming back to his corner, Paul told Chameleon off for essentially setting the table for that to occur.

Darren asked Alfie:  "Do you want in this time?"  Understandably, Darren didn't want to hand the initiative back to The Players, and Paul wouldn't pass it up either.  Darren needn't have worried.  Lesson learned by the Londoner.  He nodded and said yes.

Rather than jump on Principe, a more measured Alfie stalked Principe.  He was waiting for a Super...Dragon Screw Leg Whip!  What a silly move that was!  The Cockney got caught and suitably punished, suggesting he still has a long journey to make before he can be called the complete package.

Principe was nearer to The Players' corner and extended his hand, hopeful they'd accept his invitation as they had done with Darren a few minutes ago.  Chameleon was about to take the option, but Paul, possibly enraged by Kid's decision to repay Darren's gesture, jumped the queue.  Chameleon, who hadn't reacted to much tonight, was bamboozled.

Paul picked Alfie up and rather than go for the leg, which would make more sense at this moment in time, went for the head, rocking Button with a fabulous right.  Sanders then steered Alfie towards the ropes.  Even on one leg, the Englishman ducked underneath the predictable Lariat and responded with a sublime Springboard Moonsault...

Britain's Got Talent!

Before you write Paul off, he actually caught Alfie in mid-air and although his own arm may've been hurt, he drove Button down with a Running Powerslam!!



Two and a half.  Paul played the game and let Chameleon join the mix, tagging him in.  While Kid, unlike his partner, knew Alfie was worse for wear everywhere, he zeroed in on that leg.

The Mark:  "Crazy Stomp!  Love it!"

Three stomps that saw Kid get carried away, akin to a pumped-up Chuck Taylor, was just the start for Button.  The World's Greatest Gamer had been gracious earlier; now he was a predator, exemplified by...

The Mark:  "Killer Combination!"

A Low Dropkick rounded off a one-two left and right kick combination to both legs.  An Elbow Drop to the inside of the leg, which The Mark didn't call, battered Button's  - and by extension, Best - cause.

The Mark was back in action:  "KING'S BRIDGE!"

After applying a Standing Heel Hold, Kid wrenched on the knee, transitioning into the Indian Deathlock and falling back for additional snap.  However, rather than rest on that, Sega's Ambassador stood up and giddied Button up for a ride in the shape of a Romero Special/Mexican Surfboard!

Alfie was in agony, though he wouldn't quit.  Everything and everywhere hurt, especially now.  After ten seconds or so, suddenly, Kid let go of the move.  Strange.

Melissa and C.G wondered why.  The spare man knew the motive.  Uh-oh!

The Mark:  "Ladies and Gentlemen...Aki's Revenge!"

The STF, once Kid's regular finisher and still capable of doing just that, was cinched in, Button was in deep, deep water.  There was no gift from the Game Genie here.  Ten seconds passed, there was no let up.  Darren, noticing Alfie's hand locked and contemplating submission, came in to dropkick Kid to the back of the head!  That was his final warning, though definitely worth it.  Sanders wanted a piece of Best, believing the bout was about to come to an end, but the referee was in the right place to prevent him from doing so.

The opportunistic El Principe rammed Alfie's leg into the mat twice while the argument continued and got out before he could be caught and ultimately disqualified.

Was it smart?  He had weakened Alfie, but it was Kid, not him, who would prosper and Lara's Boyfriend was adept at submissions as well.  Case in point...

Terry Special!

Stepover Toehold in other words.

Nobody could interfere for fear of being dismissed.  Alfie was alone!  Kid broke the hold to inflict further punishment with a knee to the leg and then went back to his Terry Special, inspired by Terryman and Terry The Kid, Button offered resistance this time by pulling Chameleon's hair.  The official intervened, though Alfie wailed away with three punches thereafter and it was enough for Kid to slump to his knees and consider the headache.  Alfie had a break.  Much longer and he would have had a break of a different kind.

The two most innovative members in this outing had a brief respite.  Who would get to their feet first?  Yes, it was Kid.  No question.  Alfie, though, was fighting for his life and up as well, moving into the ropes to try and get some space between the pair, just enough to recover.

That tactic wouldn't save him.

Kid ran, used the second rope as a platform and unleashed a sensational Step-Up High Knee to the bracket! 

The Mark:  "Queen Knee!"

Pulling Alfie out of the wreckage, Sega's Ambassador scooped the TV addict up as The Mark, er, marked out!

The Mark:  "Here it comes...MEGA DRIVE on the way!"

No, Alfie  escaped the Michinoku Driver II via the back door...

Roll The Credits!  (Rolling Back Bridge.)




Just like that, the momentum has shifted in a millisecond and Alfie thought he had it, asking the official.  Kid killed his hopes off with a...

"WAKE-UP LARIAT!  That'll put Alfie to sleep!"




It almost did!  God, that was close.

Chameleon was about to continue the assault when Paul called him over, whispering suggestions into Kid's ear.  Sneakily, as Chameleon turned away, the International Playboy slapped him on the back, thus tagging himself in.  Quite a bit of that has happened this evening.

And the end of the night be nigh.  Paul is looking to rebound from the Trailblazer he suffered from Darren and connect with the original version!  Here he goes...


That European Uppercut came from way out LEFTFIELD!  That rocked Sanders, and this crowd, who had taken to Alfie's uppercuts and the sound effect that invariably accompanied them.  Sanders responded by coming back with a predictable Double-Axe, which Alfie saw from a mile away.  What did he do?  Button slid between Paul's legs and finally got out of their by tagging Darren!

Best connects with a Springboard Crossbody, but Sanders rolled through and hooked Darren's legs...



Almost like that, but not like that!

A swing and a miss by Best, surprisingly, was punished by Paul.  Atomic Drop...

No, Best backflipped out of it...

Oh God!




NEARLY!  Credit to Paul, who'd taken some knocks throughout this clash, to kick out.

Was it time?  Yes, it was.

Best of Both!

Darren hit it!  No way Sanders can get out of that, as his head smacked off the top turnbuckle on the far side of the ring.




Principe was suspiciously close!  Indeed, the Mexican had put Paul's leg on the rope and the referee saw him!  Principe immediately shouted:  "NO!"

Oh yes.

Backed by Best, everyone in the audience was clamouring for this.  Like a scene in soccer grounds around the globe when a player on a yellow card has lunged in, supporters were on their feet, baying for a decisive decision.  Instead of shouting 'OFF!' in unison, led by The Mark, they started singing 'Hey Goodbye!' 

Principe had had his final warning.  Surely, the authority figure couldn't let him off scot-free.  He went over to converse with the timekeeper.  VIP and Principe were protesting, but the official ordered them away!

After having a snappy discussion, the bell was rung.  The audience erupted!  A-List was seething and surrounded the official, bombarding him with complaints in English and Spanish.

It didn't matter as the ring announcer confirmed:  "A-List have been disqualified!"

That prompted a MASSIVE cheer.  Waiting for the commotion to calm down, the announcer delivered the second bit of information:  "As we don't have a winner, this match will continue between The Players and The Entertainers!"
"ALL RIGHT," The Mark clapped and shouted, standing up in excitement.  These two teams, both supported by the crowd, were going to compete until we had a clear-cut winner and right now, the winners may've been the audience.  The Players or The Entertainers?  Pick 'em.

Meanwhile, A-List were waved off ironically, angering Price to the point he confronted a few and aggressively instructed them to shut their mouths!  He was hot.  Alfie also mockingly bid them farewell, mimicking the crowd, as Best commended the official.  Perhaps double standards from Darren there as he's hardly been shy and was still one wrong step from suffering the same fate.

Sanders and Chameleon conversed.  Kid was clearly in better shape, but the proud and possibly pig-headed Paul forced another round of Rock, Paper, Scissors rather than give in.  As usual, he lost with his rock being wrapped up by the Playstation expert's paper.  On the other side, Alfie would query it; he didn't.  Darren was going to restart things for The Entertainers.

For the second time in this spectacle, the bell sounded.  Take two - action.  Unlike earlier, Kid took the conventional route with a textbook wrestler, jockeying for position.


The Mark:  "Oh My Goodness!"

Why, what happened?  Kid's move, ripped from Keith Murray Def Jam Vendetta, was actually a series of spots:  An Armdrag became an Armbar with some wrenches thrown in.  Again, confusingly for the crowd, Kid gave his talented grappling opponent an opportunity - it seemed - by standing up.  In fact, he didn't.  Not even a sniff.  Walking a step away, Kid suddenly fell back with a Reverse Elbow Drop!  It all happened FAR quicker than it took to type that!

Kid took Darren over to the ropes and dropped Best's arm across the ropes once, twice, thrice for a Triple Arm Breaker.  Chameleon was using the New Yorker's normal strategy against him and to excellent effect.

Darren was near his corner and could hear Alfie say he wanted in.  With no opposition, Best tagged Button in.  At times, Chameleon stuck to a rival like cellotape and yet, he'd given The Entertainer a free pass.  I can't work him out!  Was there method in his madness?

He'd worked over Button's wheel earlier.  Did he figure Alfie was the weaker of the two?

Impetuous and reckless, Alfie may've proven that theory...

Maxel Suplex!

An Atomic Drop and a German Suplex Hold combined.  Rather than settle it, Sega's Ambassador held off again, preferring to bide his time.

It was the Saturday Night Slam Master's turn to show off and shine with a Flying Reverse Elbo-oh wait!

Alfie moved while Kid was in flight, hence Chameleon falling backwards and hitting his head hard on the canvas.  Even with limited mobility, Button's pace told.

Button took exception to Gouken's Third Disciple trying to upstage him and wrestled that flashiness crown back with a sumptuous Standing Shooting Star Press!



That won't do it.

Irish Whip...Wheel of Fortune!  Button's gorgeous Corkscrew Elbow made Chameleon's choice of letting him back in look foolish.  Okay, here we go again...


That triumvirate of European Uppercuts forced Chameleon into the vacated area occupied by A-List.  A Dropsault of his own was perfectly-performed, but Button wanted more by rushing back in and burying a shoulder into Chameleon's abdomen!  Great athleticism that garnered a round of applause.  Alfie happily bowed!

Turning round, Button was confronted by a charging Chameleon.  No problem.  He dealt with it...

Drop Toe Hold!  Talk about a role reversal.

Judging it just right, Alfie set off into the opposite direction and when Nintendo's Number One stood up, he was the victim of an exceptional Overhead Kick...

Match of The Day!  Unfortunately, Alfie had aggravated his injured left leg and joined his opposition on the floor.

The referee counted them both.  It was time for these innovators to give their more straightforward sidekicks the spotlight.

Chameleon, despite the recent barrage, got to Sanders first.  Button was about three to four seconds behind and that was enough as Darren entered, only to get clumped a couple of times by a fierce Sanders, all directed at the back of the head.  Paul was using his loaf.

This would affect the equilibrium even more...

Delayed Vertical Suplex!



Best remembered where he was.

Sanders stood Best up and hit the standing duck with a Diving Shoulder Block, assisted by the momentum generated by the ropes on the side of the ring the two teams were based in (left.)

It sent Best careering towards the rope and the efficient New York native saved energy by rebuffing the count at 2 with a foot on the bottom rope.

Sanders pulled him back into the middle and connected cleanly with an Elbow Drop.  Would it be a different result this time with no safety net?




Sanders scooped Best up and planted him with a Bodyslam.  Going to the ropes again, he had a rush of blood by attempting a Splash.  Bad idea as Best moved!

Paul had been able to use his power just fine during what had become a lengthy battle back and forth.  Darren decided to go back to what he does best...pun intended.

Rolling Arm Snap!

Ruthlessly, Best stomped on said arm a couple of times.  Why stop there?  He went to the hand too.

Helping Paul up, if you can call it that, Darren went for a Wristlock.  With his free arm, the International Playboy shoved Best back into the ropes.  Oblivious to him, Alfie had tapped Darren on the shoulder, a blind tag, as Best and Sanders were still hooked up in the ropes.

Best got his wish with the Arm Wringer, not exactly what I'd ask Santa for, and sent Sanders to his own side of the ring, albeit not close enough to Chameleon unfortunately.

Darren dropped to the ground, Sanders stepped over him and became the proverbial rabbit in the headlights....


Rewind!  After tagging Darren, Alfie stayed on the outside poised and when Paul bounced off the ropes, Button jumped onto the top rope.  A blink of an eye later, he had devastated Paul - and Kid by association - with his spectacular 720 DDT!  That's the POP all old-timers talk about when they say there is only one.

Alfie had risked his leg and had hurt it, unsurprisingly, but he didn't have far to crawl.  Savvy, Best immediately turned his attentions to Chameleon on the outside and sought to corner him.  Kid dropped down off the apron...


Chameleon slid back in, though Darren was there to meet him...


Front Chancery by Best was crucial!


Darren had held on for all he was worth with the Chancery.  Now, exhausted and relieved, it became a consolation, kind of patting the poor Kid on the back of the head.  The fight was over.

It enabled the majority of the crowd to stand up and give the four remaining members of this match, six had started remember, a heck of an ovation for their endeavour and efforts.  They'd played well and entertained.  Ahem.

The Mark held his hand in his heads as Gains rejoiced at the guest commentator's crushing disappointment:  "No Nintendo and no knickers for you losers!"

A-List, besides the constant plotting and cheating, had done well and if Principe had been on his game in that department, like he normally does, maybe the fans would've been unhappy with the outcome of this one.  They'll be back.

Season Finale was a move worthy of winning any match and the sight of Button, defying the pain, electrified the audience after such a riveting rowing boat of a bout.

The Entertainers were more than just about having fun and thrilling the crowd though.  As tonight typified...

They were winners too.


Coming Up Short


The camera made its way to the nbW locker room where there seemed to be something of a little pity party going on. A tough opener for Davey La Rue and Ai Tso, the two men had just made their way back to the locker room. Ai Tso had come SO CLOSE to the victory, only to have it robbed from him by Xiang at the last second. Davey La Rue had just finished up his shower and come out wearing a towel both around his body and another around his normally dirty hair and beard.

Let that visual sink in for a moment. Hopefully it’s, funny to you.

“Mon ami… about tonight…” La Rue said. “Losses happen. You gotta get over ‘em.”

Ai Tso had been working on his English in his spare time thanks to Davey. He turned over to his tag partner of the evening and sighed.

“Thank you, Davey… but… I… disappointed.” Tso frowned.

“Dude… it’s gonna be all right…” Davey went to punch him lightly on the shoulder. “Xiang and The Great Wall gon’ get theirs!”

As the two talked, somebody could be heard laughing. A couple of someones, actually.


Davey and Ai Tso turned over to see the reasons for the laugher. It was a trio of pretty boy degenerates who approached them. “Tantalizing” Taylor Smith, “Photogenic” Peter Pham and “The Beaut” Benny Reyes. Also known as The Handsome Man Modeling School.

“Dude! What a couple of chokers!” Taylor Smith yelled as he laughed with his friends. “HAHAHAHAHA!”

“Yeah! You both suck!” Pham shouted.

“Gag! Gag!” Benny laughed.

The three of the pretty boy idiots started to make choking sounds with their hands around their throats.  Davey wasn’t amused.

“Hey, dicknuts… the three of you haven’t won a match in like… A YEAR!”

That stopped it immediately. Apparently, irony was completely lost on the three of the idiots. Taylor Smith turned to Davey.

“Look here, fuggos! We’re on a LITTLE bit of a slump, nothing major. BUT… in the game of life, the three of us get more box than UPS and FedEx COMBINED! And besides… we can take ANYBODY in this locker room no question!”

“Yeah!” Pham said. “Nobody stand chance against us!”

The three of them laughed yet again while Davey was ready to throw a punch. Meanwhile, Ai Tso groaned before he spoke up.

“You three… ASSHOLES.”

With that, the laughing stopped.

“You want to go, Ai Tuh-So?” Taylor shouted, not even getting his name right.  “I told you one of us would take on ANYBODY in this locker room tonight.”


It turned out in addition to the five, there WAS somebody else who wanted a piece of The Handsome Man Modeling School. The camera panned downwards just a bit and up came one of the newer members of the roster, the talented SPARK. He already looked dressed to go and compete tonight.

“You want a match?” SPARK said, his English a little less rough than Ai Tsos. “I’ll take you up on your challenge!”

The Handsome Man Modeling School all took turns exchanging confused glances before Peter Pham looked at him.

“SPARK, right? I don’t care if your name all caps. I kick hell out of you tonight!”

“See you tonight!”

The Handsome Man Modeling School laughed and then the three of them left the locker room while SPARK turned to Davey La Rue and Ai Tso.

“You guys okay?” he said.

“Thanks, mon ami,” Davey said. “Dem boys are idiots. They’ll take selfies and forget they have a match!”

SPARK, Ai Tso and Davey all dapped fists. And with that, it looks like a match will be made tonight! SPARK versus Peter Pham in just a little bit!


Early Bird gets the worm?


We cut back to the announcers table where Gains was finishing up a gulp or two of his Cola, so Melissa would be the one to greet the viewers.

“What a night and we still got much more to come! Our next match up has unfortunately been cancelled tonight and was scheduled to be Michelle Couli and the Hellion Sisters versus Mariella Jade Flair and Zhalia Fears. Instead we will see the just announced match of SPARK challenging one of the Handsome Man Modelling School. Before we get to that however-”

“I told you, they don’t belong here.” Gains stated with a knowing smirk, “Michelle’s a woman that went toe to toe with one of our former World Champions, even if I hate to admit that fact. Sapphire was the champion. So it is no matter of guesswork as to how her and those other two have been running things at least when it concerns our women wrestlers.”

“Be that as it may, Craig, there is a difference between wrestling a match and claiming victory over assaulting them before you even face them, to ensure they can’t compete!”

Vanderart was rather angry. This was the type of stuff she dealt with years ago when she still wrestled. It just irritated her to no end.

“What we are about to show you is raw unedited footage courtesy of the security camera at the PowerPlay Family Entertainment Center here in Kansas City, where Zhalia and Mariella were attacked by those three women. You may want to take your young ones aside for the next few moments. Guys, roll it.”

The EpiCenter lit up to show the very clip that the viewers at home were watching. We see the timestamp which reads: 06/25/2016  03:18PM in the bottom left corner. The footage showed go-karts speeding around the track, kids playing in the kidzone, the roller coaster making a steep drop, and various families and friends bowling. We then get a shot of the bumper cars next to the arcade and laser-tag rooms. These clips are all in black and white, without audio unfortunately.

The timestamp jumped ahead as does the footage to 03:49PM. The focus is on the Arcade area where for those watching at home and in the arena, find it quite clear that the two women currently playing a game of air hockey are none other than Mariella Jade Flair and Zhalia Fears. Off to the side around them in either direction are fans cheering the two on in what was surely a heated contest. The clip picked up just following Flair hitting a diagonal shot that caught Fears off guard, and she made a desperate swipe for the cut-shot that ricocheted the puck across the field over and over again and crossing into MJ’s field.

That was when MJ hit the table, face first. Courtesy of a pool cue to the back by one Michelle Couli. Fears quickly chucked the paddle across at her, nailing her in the forehead before she was clobbered from behind by Circe, who then thrust her shoulder first into the air hockey table, and shot her backwards with a release german suplex.

By this point the fans were scattering and Couli wrapped the pool cue across the neck of Mariella, yanking her up off the ground, but MJF kicked forward on the air hockey table, knocking her head back and sending them crashing backwards. She struggled to get herself free, her eyes then caught sight as Fears was tossed ahead of her, head first, into the arcade game Final Fight. Sparks, plexiglass, glass and all forms of debris showered the area around her. Mariella shot her own head back, jostling Michelle and rolled off and quickly grasped at her throat and for air.


MJF sprinted across the floor launching into Melantha, blasting her with a forearm that sent her into another cabinet, but Circe was quickly on the attack, charging in from off-screen. Or tried to if Flair hadn’t counted on it and sidestepped her tackle to send her crashing into the pinball machine next to them.

You know those horror movies where a person dangles lifeless by the head in some boxed device? Yeah that was Fears at the moment. Until Mariella helped pull her free. Her face wasn’t quite attractive at the moment as she collapsed on the ground, and MJF was about to get a first hand experience as well courtesy of Michelle Couli swinging a bar stool from the snack bar, clocking MJ across the back.

Circe and Melantha grabbed either arm and held her back against the pinball machine while Couli lined up and spiked the stool down into her chest. Those lower rung bars were just barely high enough that they didn’t puncture the ribs on impact, or worse. Not to say worse wasn’t already the case. As that stool was hurled aside and Couli shouted at her, of course mouth movement was all that was seen courtesy of the lack of audio.

Michelle fired off, MJF dropped and instead Circe Hellion was struck with the right hand. Flair hiptossed Melantha once her arm was free, and leaped into Michelle taking her down to the ground and hammering in with a series of hard closed fist strikes. She was playing for time knowing full well the other two would be on her again, so she had every intention of making each hit count, two fold.

True to the fact, Melantha grabbed her by the ponytail, yanking her off Michelle and flinging her around in a half-arc, smacking her side and ribcage into the air hockey table, toppling it in the process. Circe was helping Michelle to her feet, who was screaming out probably about her face, while Melantha Hellion scooped Mariella back up, grabbed her by the throat with both hands then spiked her down hard across the pinball machine.

Once more Michelle had the barstool and swung it down on the stomach of MJF, only to be stopped at the last second courtesy of Fears laying her out with a wicked leaping kick to the side of her head. She stumbled forward, a portion of the arcade cabinet circuitry that hung around her neck swinging with each step only to eat the boot of Melantha. Well, almost.

Zhalia caught her foot, raised it up in the air, stepped forward and struck her knee upward into the midsection. Melantha huddled over, and was flung aside into the other cabinets while Fears pulled MJ off the pinball machine. The two stood side to side, well rather they leaned against each other as blood dripped down their foreheads. And struck out simultaneously with straight kicks to the chest of Circe Hellion rushing at them. Hooked her neck and raised her up with a suplex that then dropped her back first on the turned over air hockey table.

Brief respite thanks to Melantha clubbing MJF from behind just as Michelle did the same to Zhalia. Fears was yanked back by the hair, then flung backwards into the snackbar. Mariella met a similar fate only found herself hurled through the air by the taller woman, into the bumper cars barricade. Before she could get to her feet, stumbling as she were, Melantha struck with the boot striking her and knocking her over the safety barricade onto to the track. Likewise Fears went head first into the popcorn dispenser.

Far from satisfied, the three women were halted from further assault thanks to the arrival of the KCPD, having been called earlier. What followed was the standard affair of the police subduing the assailants, handcuffing the three, while allowing the EMTs that arrived on scene to check on the other two.

And that’s where the feed came to a close.

“We’ve been informed that Michelle Couli, Melantha Hellion and Circe Hellion were arrested and both Flair and Fears were taken to the emergency care facility KUMED. We’ll be sure to update you all as soon as we hear more.”

“Those two were equally at fault and should have been booked!” Gains complained, “not to mention responsible for the damage.”

“They were the victims, Craig! They caused thousands of dollars of damage at the PowerPlay, which I’m sure will be an issue dealt with once the legal side is taken care of.”

“Well, can’t say that this is a first for us. After all we are in the Sprint Center, the very place that NBW was barred from for a few years following Jack Owyns and Spike Saunders Rooftop Street Fight that demolished a large selection of the entrance sector’s glass dome ceiling.”

“Either way, I’m sure this isn’t the last we’ve heard of those five women, nor the end of their war.” Vanderart stated, then looked at the near camera, “Well folks we’ve still got a lot more action for you tonight still to come!”


Peter Pham


“We’ve got more action coming up!” Melissa Vanderart said. “The Handsome Man Modeling School have been in a bit of a slump tonight and they made fun of Davey La Rue and Ai Tso for coming up short. The newcomer from Kyoto Pro, SPARK, came to their aid and now we get this match coming up!”

“SPARK has bitten off more than he can chew!” CG Gains said. “He’s gonna get it tonight! The Handsome Man Modeling School may be in a wee bit of a losing streak, but tonight they’re going to end it when the beat up this yellow midget!”

“We’ll see! SPARK is a firecracker in the ring and what he may lack in stature, he more than makes up for with his agility! And now, let’s go to the ring for this impromptu match!”

And now, it’s to ringside.

“The following contest is scheduled for one fall!” Brent Williams announced. “First…”

The crowd started to murmur as the lights started to shine brightly in shades of yellow. The lights began to flash rapidly as a theme began to cue…

“Ready, Steady, Go” by Paul Oakenfold.

A bolt of bright lightning flashed and suddenly appearing out of the darkness was one of the newest arrivals to nbW.

“Introducing first… from Kyoto, Japan, weighing in at 205 pounds... this… is… SPARK!

“SPARK showed a lot of character earlier!” Melissa said. “SPARK didn’t like the fact that the Handsome Man Modeling School were making fun of his friend, Ai Tso and Davey La Rue and now he’s out here for a fight!”

“He’ll get creamed in three minutes!” CG Gains said. “Watch and learn, SPARK. You keep your nose down and your mouth shut in the locker room.

The eccentric and talented SPARK high-fived fans on his way down the ring with a big stupid grin on his face. The man in the black and yellow gear with the black and yellow tassels hanging off his arms ran full speed ahead towards the ring! He entered and then jumped to the ropes, running up the rope and backflipping into a perfect landing! He popped the crowd with nice athleticism, but it was time to see what young Yuma Wakaba could do between the ropes. 


“Talk Dirty To Me (HMMS Edit)” by Jason Derulo feat. 2 Chainz.

The horribly shitty music blared and the crowd started booing, but nobody came out for a few moments.  SPARK waited in the ring impatiently and it was several moments before they suddenly rushed out to the ring.


Well, Davey was right about one thing.

Anyhow, one by one, the three men were all dressed in American Eagle fleeces and designer jeans from a local GAP. Taylor Smith and Benny Reyes awjacked the whole way down the aisle giving words of encouragement to a fired-up Peter Pham. The Photogenic One took off his shirt and was in full attack mode pushing the camera out of the way as they approached.

“And his opponent, being accompanied to the ring by “Tantalizing” Taylor Smith and “The Beaut” Benny Reyes… weighing in at 197 pounds… ”PHOTOGENIC” PETER PHAM!

As referee Simon Brack was in the ring, Pham ran into the ring…


Right after Brack called for the bell, Pham tried to run at SPARK, but he used his quickness and spun right behind him, using a Schoolboy pin right off the bat!




Pham was almost in a panic, but he got back up. He let out a roar and charged at SPARK, but Mr. High Energy grabbed him by the arm and snapped him over with an Arm Drag! Pham rolled back up to his feet only for The Speedster to flip him over with a second Arm Drag! Pham was completely off his game when he charged a third time. SPARK flipped him over with a Japanese Arm Drag and then used a nip up to get right back to his feet!

The crowd cheered as SPARK got back to his feet. Pham was angry when he stood up again, but when he got there, SPARK flipped him over and rolled right into and a Backslide!




The Photogenic One was down, but SPARK held him in place by the arm and rolled him up again, this time into a La Magistral cover.




Pham was outraged when he kicked out and kicked the mat! SPARK had just showed him up in the last few moments and that didn’t set well with him. SPARK hit the ropes and Taylor tried grabbing his arm, but SPARK leaped over him and stuck his tongue out at Smith. He was enraged that his plan backfire in one way…


Out of nowhere, the 5’11” Peter Pham cracked SPARK in the back of the head! SPARK was finally down and now Pham had the advantage. 

“I told you I better! I prettier! You just chunky little kid!” Peter shouted.

Peter Pham pulled Mr. High Energy back to his feet and let him have with an alternating series of kicks to the legs before he unleashed a Spin Kick to the jaw that knocked SPARK clear from the ring!  He tumbled out to the floor while Pham absorbed the jeers from the crowd. 

“You know you want this! Your Instagram get 10 million views after what I do!” he yelled in his broken English.

He took a second to pose while SPARK was out on the floor trying to pick himself up after the sneak attack and opening salvo by The Photogenic One. The high flyer of the group waited for SPARK to get back up on the outside only to knock him right back down with a Baseball Slide Dropkick to the face! Pham slid out to the floor and walked over to high-five Smith and Torres some more!

Pham turned around and picked him up only for SPARK to fight back!  He fired off a few chops to the chest of Peter and tried to stun him. He tried to whip Pham across the outside, but Pham reversed that and sent him crashing chest-first into the barricade!  He fell over and was looking hurt now with The Photogenic One in the driver’s seat! 

Taylor Smith and Benny Reyes continued to cheer as The Photogenic One grabbed SPARK by the back of the head and tossed him back inside the ring.  Pham stood on the ring apron and jumped inside, hitting a Slingshot Senton!  He turned around and attempted another cover on SPARK by hooking the leg!




Peter Pham was about to pull his bob-styled hair out and held out three fingers at Simon Brack. He dragged SPARK up to his feet and elbowed him in the face with a few good shots before hooking him by the head. With a quick run, he headed across the ropes and leaped out of the corner with a Springboard Bulldog! SPARK was hurt now when Pham rolled over and hooked both legs deep. 




“Stay down, punkass bitch!”

Pham was almost red in the face by this point, but he continued his offense. He hooked SPARK by the head and ran at the corner…


SPARK had enough to kick him away and Pham backflipping while crashing into the canvas! He was hurt now and the crowd cheered while SPARK was ready to fight back.  He took a couple of moments to regain his composure while Pham was off in the opposite corner.  He angrily charged at SPARK only for SPARK to duck underneath and run…


The Sling Blade put Peter Pham down quickly! Both Smith and Pham looked angry at the turn of events as SPARK took a few seconds to get back to his feet in the corner, recovering from the beatdown. Mr. High Energy picked him up again and punched him in the stomach several more times before picking him up and dropping him with an Atomic Drop.  He held him in place and LAUNCHED him over head with a big Saito Suplex that bounced him off the canvas! 

The crowd cheered as SPARK was back up on his feet again and charged at Pham in the corner with a Tiger Feint Kick between the ropes that kicked him right in the back! The blow stunned Pham and sent him out of the corner when SPARK ran forward and DROPPED him with a Lungblower! 

Pham was down and out as SPARK got back to his feet and pointed towards the ropes. SPARK climbed up to the top rope and Smith tried to stop him from jumping, but SPARK already took the leap…


The Diving Double Knee Drop DRILLED Peter Pham right in his pretty face and with that, SPARK hooked a leg.




SPARK held up three fingers and he jumped back up to his feet, celebrating his HUGE victory here on PPV after a quick impromptu sprint on Pay-Per-View!


Mr. High Energy stood back up and celebrated, but he wasn’t up for long…


From behind, Benny Reyes and Taylor Smith had snuck into the ring and caught SPARK from behind with a pair of cheap shots! Peter Pham was still down while his teammates continued putting the boots to Mr. High Energy after his successful PPV outing.

“We told you we run this joint, fuggo!” Taylor shouted.

The beating continued, but not for long! The crowd cheered as both Davey La Rue and Ai Tso both came rushing down the ramp! SPARK had come to their defense a little bit earlier and now they were returning the favor as La Rue slid inside the ring and tackled Benny Reyes to the ground! Ai Tso charged at Smith and he saw him coming. Ai Tso blocked a kick by Smith…


He had the submission hold locked in just as Davey had thrown Benny Reyes from the ring! Smith yelled out in pain as Ai Tso had the submission locked in and the crowd came alive when Smith started tapping frantically! He slapped both hands on the mat before Benny reached in and helped to pull Smith out of the ring!

The Handsome Man Modeling School scattered from the ring like the world’s douchiest cockroaches as Davey shot a death glare at the trio going up the ramp. Meanwhile, SPARK was helped back up to his feet by Ai Tso.

“Thank you, friend,” Tso said.

SPARK nodded and the two shook hands before Davey joined them.  Both men raised the hands of SPARK who showed some tremendous guts tonight and earned himself a PPV win in the process! The crowd celebrated with the trio before the scene cut elsewhere.


She Kinda Fancies Him.


The footage swapped backstage to the smiling form of Adria Hoyt who greeted the fans watching in the arena and at home from before the NBW backdrop. Standing next to her was one half of the Main Event from a few weeks ago, however not scheduled to compete tonight - the former multi-time champion, Ravage.

“Hello everyone. Joining me at this time is the man that our number one contender bested  a few weeks ago. Ravage! And a special guest.” She smiled while Ravage acknowledged her with a nod and next to him holding his hand was a short little girl. “And you would be?"

"Cassie." She said with a smug grin.

"My daughter, Adria. Some folks watching tonight may recognize her from few years ago when she bit that bastard Johannes wrist at Gods versus Titans pay per view event."

"Well now aren't you already a celebrity." She smiled with Cassie doing likewise. "Now Ravage, you and Lucky put on one heck of a match. You two-”

“Yeah, the rookie kid lived up to his name. Lucky.” Ravage replied.

“Well tonight he will have the opportunity of a lifetime when he faces the NBW World Heavyweight Champion Derecho for the title and without a doubt, bragging rights. Do you have any advice for him?”

“Advice?” Ravage looked back at the camera, “for Lucky?”, then back to Adria. “His luck can only get him so far, Adria. He won against me. I will give him that. He earned his championship match. I will also give him that. However I can accept the loss. I can accept being passed over for another rookie thanks to Harmen’s whim’s.” He shrugged, “nature of the game. Getting the win back will come later. Count on it.” Adria smiled behind him and Ravage turned toward the camera, eyes wide. “However I will not forgive you Lucky. You, like many others, have caused disappointment.”

“Lucky won! Surely he couldn’t disappoint the fans by-”

“THEY DON’T MATTER!” Ravage snapped while twisting around to face Adria again, before recollecting himself. “Lucky made her cry, Adria.”

“Her?” Adria questioned, looking down at Cassie who frowned.

“When you get done putting on a great match and hit the showers, you plan on relaxing and recuperating, Adria. Not taking a phone call from home. Not listening to the sound of tears pooling on the floor.” Ravage paused for a slight sniffle of his own as his daughter clung to his hand tighter, “the last thing you expect is to hear from your wife. Being put over to your daughter who had been crying nonstop after you as her father had been beaten. Having to listen to her heartbroken questioning. Explaining why you couldn't get it done.”

“Come on now, surely you were proud of him, Cassie?"

She sniffled and looked away.

“HE MADE HER CRY!” Ravage snapped again, interrupting Adria and drawing her attention back to him. “Daddy’s little girl so heart broken. That, I can not forgive. And will not.” He turned back towards the camera, “so you want some advice Carter? Alright. Good luck tonight. But we're not finished, rookie.”

"Daddy's gonna hurt him." Cassie smiled and pulled his arm down a bit, "can we go now? I still haven't gotten to meet them."

"Sure. Adria," the two headed off camera but rather than shut off the footage continued to roll as Ravage's daughter was heard once again.

"It's him!!!" She shouted out in glee, with the camera rotating around to her source of cheer. Sally Renolds had just walked out of the catering and ahead a few steps of her was one of the men competing for the Blitzkrieg Championship later, Brock Newbludd, on his cell phone talking with what sounded like Davey's shouting voice.

"-you two brought the roof half-way up, I'm gonna blow it off!" Brock stated.

"-party...*static*...beers on me and Ai so bring lady Sal...*static*.." came the response off the cell as he continued walking down the hall.

"The coverage here sucks, Davey. What was that? Listen, I’ll be to the party, I have a championship to win first…try not to blackout before I get there and text me if you get arrested!" Newbludd said to his friend.

Being led by the arm, Ravage followed Cassie across the corridor to the two, Sally stopping before them.

"Hi!" She smiled up at Sally, who returned the gesture. "You look pretty."

"Hey Sally, you two got a moment? Cassie really wants to talk with Brock. She kinda fancies him."

"Oh really," Sally looked down at the girl with mock tone, "is that so?"

Cassie half smiled up at her. It wasn't a smile of being happy or polite. Something seemed devious. It was more of a 'ill cut you' look... from a child. You know how obssesive they can get. How nice.

"Well we have.. I mean he needs to prepare for his match and -" she paused, thought it over. "Give me a moment." Sally left the two and jogged down the corridor to where Brock was, back-turned, and just pocketing his phone. Before she could get out a word though, he scooped her up.

“Wait Brock…there’s a girl…its Ravage’s kid...” Sally tried getting out as Newbludd threw her over his shoulder as he laughed.

“Oh, I’ll give you some ravaging babe…haha… now let’s go get me warmed up! Make way for the next Blitzkrieg champ!” An oblivious Newbludd yelled before slapping Sally’s ass. Renolds gave a confused Cassie a sympathetic look as her and Brock disappeared around the corner.

"Daddy?" Cassie looked up at Ravage, her eyes pooling. "Brock-" sniffle, "isn't coming?" Ravage could only pull her in close and caught the camera over to the side where Adria still was. Giving her a gesture of his finger to spin it around and out of focus from them. Which she did, just as the little girl started bawling her eyes out.

"Back to you guys... "stated Adria as the scene faded out.


The Crimson Tide
Spike Saunders / Warren Spade


Coming up next was quite possibly the most gigantic and titanic tag team match on tonight’s card and this match didn’t even involve the current Dynasty tag team champions The Unstoppables! This was a match where on one side were two men hungry to finally be given a chance at the big time.  The other side had two of perhaps wrestling best big-men wrestlers who had about four years’ worth of bad blood and it showed no sign of stopping. It would be nbW veteran and decorated star “The Colossus” Spike Saunders along with his most heated rival, “The Monster of the Mid-South” Warren Spade against the hungry team of Zed and the four-hundred fifty-pound Rune – a.k.a. The Crimson Tide.

The referee was Chuck Radford and he was preparing for a very unfortunate task he would have of keeping order in a match where the smallest man was two-hundred and sixty pounds.

“Frontline” by Pillar played first and at a combined weight over seven-hundred pounds stood two men whose mission tonight was to finally make their big break. The winner of tonight’s match was also going to be gifted with what was being called a future Dynasty tag team title opportunity and gold suited the Crimson Tide just fine. The two-hundred sixty-pound Zed and his massive tank of a masked accomplice – the four-hundred fifty-pound Rune.

Zed was the first man in the ring and he stepped and basked in the glow of a sole red spotlight. He kneeled over in the ring while Rune stood behind him with both arms outstretch and flexing. He was a beast of a man and while both of their opponents were giants in the most literal sense of the word, Rune went nose-to-nose with Warren Spade and had a DQ victory over him, as did Zed over Spike Saunders. The two men continued to bask in their blood-red spotlight before their opponents arrived for the evening.


That music meant it was the first of their two massive opponents for the evening and it appeared that the Crimson Tide didn’t seem that concerned. Very few opponents would share that sentiment about a seven-foot three monster, but the Crimson Tide technically had singles victories over Saunders and Spade so they looked very confident even with an angry giant now making his way out. 

“Introducing first from Beverly Hills, California, standing at seven foot three and three hundred thirty-seven pounds... he is the Colossus, SPIKE SAUNDERS!

Immediately the crowd rose to their feet and cheered as the seven foot three Colossus walked out through the double doors and made his way down the ramp while Brent Williams introduced Saunders. He wasted little time with the fans this time and simply stepped down to the ring. He stopped in front of the ring and waited for his partner.

“Gather around, everyone, gather around!”

The arena went dark and a lone spotlight was now on the entryway. Whoever this person was had their back turned to the camera so as to hide his face, but he was a man in jeans, a black coat and a red and white carnival barker hat. He was very short and couldn’t have been any more than five-foot four, but he certainly had a gift of gab.

“Crimson Tide … the two of you made the biggest mistake of your natural-born lives when Deadpool and Fat Deadpool got in the way of my giant!"

Zed and Rune both looked ready for a fight.

"My giant can work magic! He’ll not only win this match tonight, but he’ll win it while carrying the Colossus on his back!!”

Saunders angrily sneered at Fenton Woods.

“My name is Fenton Woods and I would like to welcome all of you – the fans of No Brand Wrestling – to the greatest show on Earth! The show where my giant comes out here and leaves a path of destruction for your amusement …”

Fenton winked.

“And mine.”

He tapped his cane on the ground and his spotlight disappeared. The crowd was baited with anticipation and when words appeared on the EpiCenter they went crazy.




Warren Spade was here!

“Deliverance” by Corrosion of Conformity played and The Monster of the Mid-South basked in the reception from the crowd. After enjoying the response, he hunched over to let Fenton Woods ride on his shoulders. The monster who once boasted a two-year undefeated streak in No Brand Wrestling was approaching the ring fast. The large giant from the Mid-South stomped his way toward the ring and locked eyes with Spike Saunders.

“Watch me handle business, old man,” said Spade.

“Just stay out of my way.” Replied Saunders.

He let Fenton off his back and then entered the ring as the two men climbed inside. The Crimson Tide launched an assault!

When the bell went off, both members of the Crimson Tide attacked in unison. Zed after Spike and Rune after Spade and it was on between the large men! The crowd was going to get to see the spectacle of a fight between all four men in the ring. Zed had attacked Spike Saunders in his corner and was throwing punch after punch to try and wear out the Colossus while the Monster of the Mid-South had the fight taken to him by Rune. Rune used a head butt on the three-hundred fifty-pounder and was doing a good job of keeping him dazed in the corner.

“Rune! Over here!” called Zed.

Rune silently shook his head and he didn’t have much speed behind him, but what he did have was a lot of force when he ran right into Saunders in the corner and crushed him with a big body splash! The blow was enough to knock the wind out of the Colossus, so both men turned their efforts on Warren Spade. Fenton Woods was powerless to do anything but watch as Rune launched Zed by the arm into a big elbow in the corner.  Rune followed right after that and he also caught Warren Spade with a big splash in the corner as well.

Both giants had been rendered beaten in their respective corners and that allowed the Crimson Tide to take the advantage. Rune and Zed both rushed at the corner that Spike Saunders occupied and dumped the Colossus over the ropes where he crashed on the floor. With the match now turning into a two-on-one advantage for the Crimson Tide they didn’t waste any time in gunning after Warren Spade. Zed tried another corner assault but when he got to the corner he was greeted with a big elbow to the chest. Zed was hurt and then he was hurt, but Spade got his foot up this time and he kicked the Paragon of the Ring in the head and sent him to the ground.

Rune and Warren Spade now came face to face and they began trading shots!

Punches were flying every which way!

Rune punch!

Spade punch!

Rune punch!

Spade punch!

Rune punch!

Spade punch!

Rune’s next punch didn’t find its mark when Spade got shoved into the ropes. He came back and continued to run and he brushed his way past a clothesline that the Massive Red Monster tried when he came back off the ropes and blasted him with a flying shoulder block like a missile that got him knocked off his feet. The One-Man Stampede was now in charge in the ring and stomped his feet repeatedly while the crowd was enjoying the action. The ring was now left to Spade and Zed and Spade grabbed Zed in his arms with a Karelin lift. Zed was a bigger man himself but looked like a child in the arms of Warren Spade when he picked him up and threw Zed down with a big gut-wrench toss. The ring shook from the force of the move and when he looked ready to pounce …

Spike tagged in!

The crowd surprisingly booed the Colossus for interrupting and Warren Spade growled at him.  Chuck Radford told him to go back to his corner and Spade didn’t like it.

“Shut up!”

Spade relented and watched the Colossus go to work on Zed as the Paragon of the Ring was trying to stand up. He picked up right where Warren Spade had left off and buried right hands into his gut. He fired more punches into Zed’s chest, but the Paragon of the Ring fought back with a kick to his knee and a uppercut to the head. Spike was reeling but when Zed came back off the ropes he walked right into a painful elbow smash from the Colossus.

Spike didn’t try to pin him. Instead, he wanted to get some payback for Zed and Rune’s heinous attacks. He shoved him back into a corner and with a Colossus-like right hand he buried a big move.


The shot echoed like gunfire and Zed was knocked loose. The Paragon of the Ring moved away and into another corner but the Colossus wasn’t finished with him. Warren Spade was angry and continued to watch when he picked him up again.


Another chop had doubled him over again and the crowd cheered some more.


Spike enjoyed the adulation of the crowd and was eager to please, but Zed made a desperation attempt and thumbed Saunders in his eye. He attacked the giant with two punches to the throat and then an uppercut. Zed’s attempt to whip Saunders failed though. The blows only made the Colossus even angrier than before and the Paragon of the Ring went sailing into a corner. Spike charged and nailed a big running knee into Zed’s gut before he launched another offensive by running him down with a truck-like shoulder block of his own. He shot another dirty look at Warren Spade who gave him the Italian Salute in return.

Spike focused on Zed again and the Paragon of the Ring was right in his sights when he balled up his massive fist. A BOOM HEADSHOT was probably coming his way but when he got ready to swing, Zed did the smart thing and he rolled to the outside of the ring to save himself. Thinking that he outsmarted the giant he wasn’t on the floor long when he realized that the Colossus was hot on his trail. The Paragon of the Ring rounded a corner and Spike went after him but he encountered powerful resistance when Rune surprised him with a big and powerful running body strike on the ground!

It was a very big cheap shot from a very big man, but it did its job and it now gave the Crimson Tide the chance they needed to turn the proverbial tide in their favor. Warren Spade was angry at the situation, but perhaps his anger was a little misguided –

“Damn it Spike! He was right there!” yelled Spade.

Fenton Woods stood by his best friend and giant while Saunders was picked up and thrown back into the ring by the combined efforts of the Crimson Tide. Zed was inside the ring again and he was on the top rope.


The big flying knee drop caught Saunders right in his chest and that might have been enough for Zed to get the win for his team. He sure would try.

1 …

2 …

And a big kickout from Saunders was an emphatic “no” to that question. Still, Zed made the tag to Rune and now the Massive Red Monster had a turn to show off his power on the Colossus. Warren Spade was leaning on the ropes and watching the action closely while Rune worked over his reluctant tag partner.

He threw a couple of shoulder thrusts to his gut in the corner and then a few strikes before he actually got Saunders on his shoulders. He calmly walked around the ring and almost made sport of carrying a large man like Saunders on his back before he fell right into a bone-crunching samoan drop. The ring shook from the force of the two behemoths falling back to the mat. Rune rolled over and covered the Colossus.

1 …

2 …

Spike Saunders made another kickout and that only angered Rune. Rune didn’t waste the time in picking up the Colossus. He dared Warren Spade to get into the ring and fight him. The Monster of the Mid-South obliged him against Fenton’s wishes.

“Don’t do it, Warren, he’s trying to bait you!”

But it was too late. Chuck Radford had to do everything in his power to keep Spade from entering the ring but that gave the Crimson Tide precious seconds to deliver an all-out beat down on Spike Saunders with multiple boots. Zed returned to his corner and the official turned around to see a tag. Zed entered the ring and the two propped Saunders into the corner. Rune gave his own partner some extra momentum by whipping him into the corner where Zed hit a knee strike. He then waited as Rune charged in the corner to land a running splash. After the splash Rune had turned Saunders around …


There was no way the crowd had seen what they just saw, but they did indeed see it! Rune had german suplexed the mighty Colossus and he looked proud of himself for doing it. Rune sat up and then moved over to where Saunders had landed. Just for good measure he came back and delivered a big splash to Saunders! The Colossus was left in pain and Rune left the ring to let Zed pick up the pieces. He thought there would be no way Saunders would kick out of all of that.

1 …

2 …

He was wrong!

The Paragon of the Ring was surprised when Saunders had used his leg strength to kick out, but it was a weak one even for Saunders. Zed knew it as well and he took the moment to stand on his feet and berate Saunders as he was out of it. He paintbrushed the back of Saunders’s head and then ran his boot across his face. The Paragon of the Ring then continued raining more kicks down on Saunders before trying to finish him off with a running kick to the chest … but the Colossus had his boot.

“Finally!” shouted Spade.

The Monster of the Mid-South wanted to get the tag in the ring but Saunders continued to deny him.

“I got this!” yelled Saunders.

He threw Zed and shoved him back down to the ground to allow himself the time he needed to get away from his assailants. Saunders was on his knees and he finally tried to make a tag to his partner for the evening but Zed grabbed a leg. Saunders turned around and took hold of Zed by his throat. He was trying for a chokeslam on the Paragon of the Ring but to avoid the impact Zed held onto Chuck Radford’s shirt! Saunders stopped pulling and Zed got reprimanded by the official which meant he was free to make a tag.

Spade finally got the tag and he was ready to rock and roll but when Radford turned around he stopped him! Saunders protested with the official but he hadn’t seen the tag that Warren Spade had and that infuriated the crowd! Spade and Fenton Woods both read the riot act to the official but that gave Zed the big opening he needed to charge at Saunders and take out his leg with a low shoulder block. Saunders limped after the first shot but the second one that Zed used running off the ropes was more than enough to put him down on his back again.

The Crimson Tide had been wrestling a great match and had worked much better as a team than the makeshift team of Saunders and Spade were doing tonight. The rivals with bad blood hadn’t functioned that well and the Crimson Tide knew they were closing in on a future tag title opportunity. Zed then tried to end things. He locked up his legs.


… or so he tried!

Saunders frantically kicked him away and he got the best of him which gave him an opening. He was up on his feet and Zed tried to catch him but a desperation chokeslam by Saunders turned the tide again! Saunders was now right with Spade in his sights and Spade held out his hand. Their bickering had set them behind, but now Warren Spade was in the ring with the tag!

Zed was still down from the chokeslam by Spade, so Spade quickly grabbed him and threw him over in his corner. Rune was the man he wanted.

“Tag him bitch!”

Rune was certainly no bitch and him making the tag proved it. Spade and Rune then picked up where their last battle left off a month ago when two of the biggest monsters in NBW exchanged punches in the ring that delighted the crowd. Rune used a right that Warren blocked and then fired back with a head butt right between the eyes of the Massive Red Monster. He got in close and two more head butts and then an elbow that sent him reeling against the ropes. Warren Spade then ran off the ropes and off all the things a man his size could do, he used a sunset flip and managed to turn Rune over into a roll-up attempt! This was unheard of!

1 …

2 …

Sure the Massive Red Monster had just kicked out but the crowd was still amazed by what they had just seen. Rune and Warren were both very slow to stand but Warren charged into his corner and a potent  clothesline shook up Rune’s chest.

Warren used all the strength in his body and for the first time somebody successfully used an irish whip on Rune. The Massive Red Monster was left jarred from another clothesline and that’s when Warren Spade let out a loud roar …


Rune was on his back and one could tell the body slam had taken a lot out of Spade, but Fenton Woods and the crowd were all pumped up from Warren’s show of incredible strength. Since this was pay per view time, Warren had decided that all bets were off as he stepped over the ropes and started to frighteningly scale the top rope. Even Spike Saunders was in disbelief when Warren managed to get to the top rope and wait for Rune.


Warren had flown through the air and actually took down Rune with something that would certainly be on the highlight reel of his NBW career. The crowd loved every second of the action. Fenton tapped his cane and pointed at the ring.

“Lucha monster!!!” yelled Fenton Woods

The One-Man Stampede took a few seconds to recover from a move he didn’t use at lot before sitting up and standing again. He saw Zed get back into the ring to try and save his partner. Instead what he got was Spike Saunders right behind him, grabbing Rune by the leg. Warren then stomped his feet and wiped it on the mat, telling the crowd he was about to charge. He charged and tried to catch Zed with the Trample, but Zed moved …

… However, Spade had just enough to stop himself from hitting Spade and the two giants had an understanding. Zed saw what happened and he tried to attack both giants with his Z-Nihilator finishing move. Spike shoved Spade out of the way so he could handle the business.


The Paragon of the Ring hit nothing but his face on Saunders’s massive fist. He crumbled to the canvas and he was taken out of the equation just as Rune was on his feet. Rune slugged Warren with a pair of fists and then tried to land DEFCON2, his powerful spinebuster slam, but Warren elbowed his way free. With the Massive Red Monster stunned, Warren maneuvered behind Rune and he pulled the giant on his shoulders with unbelievable power! He had four-hundred and fifty pounds of mass on his shoulders in a torture rack position and struggled to hold him, but nodded to the Colossus!

“Hey! Headshot this asshole!” Spade said.

Saunders shook his head.


The massive right connected and that led to ...


He cracked Rune upside his dome while he was on Spade’s shoulders and then Spade propelled him into his finishing torture rack powerbomb! Spade covered Rune's massive body and shot a glare at Saunders as he picked the leg.

1 …

2 …


In a battle of monsters, the unlikely tandem of the former rivals Spike Saunders and Warren Spade walked away with the victory tonight! They even used an innovative doubleteam finisher that ended with The Monster of the Mid-South actually hitting his Asunder Bomb on Rune! The official raised the hands of both giants and they didn’t take their eyes off one another.

“I still hate you …” Saunders told him.

“Likewise … “ replied Warren. “… but I can still hate you and be a champion here.”

They weren’t going to be on each other’s Christmas lists or anything, but at the very least it seemed that the giants had come to an understanding in NBW. They had handled their business tonight and the Colossus and the Monster of the Mid-South looked as if they could pose a legitimate threat to any team including the Unstoppables, the Rich Family, the Entertainers, A-List and the Players! Whoever walked out of tonight's matches would need a lot on their side.

Fenton started his pre-and-post match ritual of riding on Warren’s shoulders up the back while Spike Saunders looked content for the most part. That maybe Warren Spade had changed. Saunders took a few moments to celebrate the victory and then stepped over the ropes to leave.


Nobody Becomes Somebody


After the last match, the camera cut to the backstage area where none other than Trent McKnight was ready to bring his pleasing baritone voice.

Microphone in hand.

Red light on camera.

Let’s do this shit.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I’m Trent McKnight and thank you so much for joining us tonight for Scorched! Tonight, I have with me one of the two men in tonight’s main event. He is the #1 Contender and the challenger for the nbW World Heavyweight Championship… please welcome Lucky Carter!”

In the background, the crowd could be heard going BONKERS for the Quick Pin Kid himself as he appeared to the left of Trent McKnight wearing his BRAND SPANKING NEW four-leaf clover branded zip-up hoodie (go buy that shit now on nbW’s site, bitches).

“Lucky… tonight, you have what is no doubt the biggest opportunity of your career. At Eternal Judgment, you defeated two former World Champions in Ravage and Ali Amore to earn this shot. In the past, you have defeated Derecho, but now it’s a whole new ballgame. He has gone out of his way to attack people close to you like your mentor, Matt Haddon and Vic Gravender. Do you have any hesitation going into tonight’s match?”

“No.” Carter said.

Trent raised an eyebrow. “Care to elaborate on that?”

Carter shook his head.

“No… I am not hesitating. I was content on making this about two men going for the biggest prize we have in No Brand Wrestling. That’s all I’ve ever wanted when I’ve dreamed of this shot. And for somebody to get it as quick as I have, as young as I am, is almost unheard of. That should be a dream for me. It should be great… but Derecho… that SCUMBAG turned what should have been the proudest match of my career into something disgusting.”

Lucky continued.

“He MADE this personal by attacking my trainer and mentor, Matt Haddon. He’s questioned my validity as a title contender despite the fact that I’ve actually beaten him once before when he looked past me then, too. He’s gone out of his way to throw me off my game while he was walking around with stolen property like the nbW Keystone Championship. So when he attacked Haddon and left his bloodied and battered body at my feet, he told me that was my final warning going into tonight’s show. So I kicked him around the Epic and I TOOK BACK the nbW Keystone Championship that doesn’t belong to him!”

The crowd cheered at that as Carter continued.

“People have said he’s woken up a whole new side of me after all of that and maybe that’s a little true. This is probably the most I’ve ever talked since I’ve been here.” He stopped to let out a light laugh at his own bad joke. “But thanks to Derecho, all you did was motivate me more. Derecho, you made a business situation personal, so now I’M going to make this personal tonight, too. You’re going to look past me tonight, I’m sure. You STILL look down on my despite me laying you out, so tonight, I’ll make your worst dream come to life…”

Carter looked to the camera.

“Derecho, you’ve rattled off big names and you’ve been in the ring with names much bigger than I can ever hope to be. I’m nothing to you. I’m a blip on your radar. A flea. A speck. I’m nobody, right?”

Lucky turned to Trent with a nod before looking back to the camera, talking directly to Derecho, wherever he was.

“Tonight, I’m going to take the one thing that means the most to you in this world: The nbW World Heavyweight Championship. This nothing, this speck, this blip... is going to embarrass you. Tonight, Derecho, this NOBODY becomes SOMEBODY.”

With that, Lucky Carter departed the scene and the crowd were rowdy to see tonight’s main event go down!


'Big' Rick Strongbern
Brock Newbludd

Blitzkrieg Championship inside the BlitzCage


The camera cuts back to the Scorched arena to see the lights dim and then start to strobe throughout the arena.  A roar grows from the crowd as the Blitzcage starts to slowly lower down from the rafters to surround itself around the ring.


Blitz! Blitz! Blitz!

“The time has come to determine who will be the NBW’s new Blitzkrieg champion, C.G.!” Mel said with anticipation as the cage continued to slowly lower.

“Ohhhh yea, Mel! And it’s going to be a bloodbath between two heated rivals, the conniving coward Brock Newbludd and the noble Big Rick Strongbern! It’s time for Big Rick to turn Newbludd into a weeping puddle of blood!” C.G. exclaimed and the sound of him clapping his hands and rubbing them in an equal anticipation punctuated his remarks.

“Well partner, if you ask me you have things all backwards, why don’t we refresh your memory and take a look back to the events that led up to this historic confrontation!” Mel said as the camera cut away from the arena.

Heavy metal music played in the background as a series of sequences played on the screen starting with Brock Newbludd making his debut by saving his friend Davey LaRue from The Strongberns and also Brock pounding on a handcuffed Big Rick. Then, the Strongbern’s beating down on Newbludd and LaRue backstage. The music picked up right as Big Rick slammed a defenseless Brock’s bloodied face into the backstage cement floor, before showing Sally Reynolds holding an unconscious Newbludd’s head. 

The music continued to rise in intensity as images of Newbludd and Big Rick hitting each other with moves and weapons flashed across the screen before seguing into showing Brock getting his hand raised into victory at Eternal Judgement. The massive brawl between the Strongberns, Xiang Dynasty and Newbludd/LaRue was shown before transitioning into the six man tag match between the six men for a shot of the Blitzkrieg title.

The screen then faded out to total black before a picture of The Great Wall was shown before a blood red X slashed across him and he faded out.

Then the same with a portrait of Xiang.

And “Fat Tuesday” Davey Larue…

Finally Little Ricky.

Suddenly the left half the screen filled up with a picture or Big Rick Strongbern followed by an image of “The Innovator” Brock Newbludd shooting in from the right and crashing into Big Rick. The images of the men spider webbed liked cracked glass before shattering.





The crowd was at a fervor now and another small roar passed through them like a wave as the barbed wire topped BlitzCage settled into position.

“I got goosebumps Mel, fucking goosebumps C.G. squeaked.

“Goosebumps indeed C.G…” Mel agreed. “The bad blood between “The Innovator” and Big Rick has reached its boiling point and they will settle the score in the BlitzCage with the winner becoming the Blitzkrieg champion! The tension and stakes couldn’t be higher, and it’s time to see the score settled so let’s send it down to the BlitzCage!”

Cutting down to the ring,Brent Williams was standing in the middle of the BlitzCage with veteran “gimmick match” ref Jerry Peterson. Slim J could also be seen standing on the outside of the ring by the cage door.

“Ladies and gentlemen…the following BliiiitzCaaaage contest has a thirty minute time limit and is for the N…B…W...BLITZKRIEG CHAMPIIIIONSHIIIIP!” Williams really let it rip as he thundered over the loud crowd.

Blitz! Blitz! Blitz!

”Psycho” by Psycho Dalek

The crowds chants immediately turned into boos as Big Rick Strongbern stomped out through white smoke onto the ramp with Little Ricky following right behind him. Disdain covered Big Rick’s face as he stopped on top of the Scorched entrance ramp and blew smoke out of his nose as he stomped his foot like a bull about to charge. Letting out his trademark battle cry, Strongbern made his way down to the cage door and kicked it open before it could be opened for him.

“Introducing first…being accompanied by Little Ricky Strongbern… from Pasadena, California, standing well over seven feet tall and weighing an alleged three hundred and seventy-five pounds…Big Rick STROOOONGBEEERNN!”

Little Ricky tried to follow his boss inside, but Slim J put a hand on the near seven footer’s chest to stop him. The minion Strongbern attempted to brush Slim aside, but the tough as nails near five footer wouldn’t be pushed around, and pointed a finger instructing Little Ricky to go to the opposite side of the cage, away from the door. Little Ricky growled in frustration at Slim, but relented and lumbered over to the other side. Big Rick was as equally frustrated at Slim, but the veteran referee shot a finger at Big Rick and gave him a stern glare as he then pointed to the ring.

“EAT SHIT SLIM!” Big Rick screamed at the ref as he turned back around to crawl up onto the ring apron.

Doing his “big man” ring entry routine Strongbern entered the ring and spun in a circle examining the BlitzCage with a sick grin. Pushing aside Brent and Jerry, Big Rick climbed up a turnbuckle and threw his arms above his head as red and silver pyros shot from the top corners of the cage. Jumping down from the corner, Big Rick clenched his fists and paced back and forth, anxiously awaiting his opponent to start the biggest match of his career.

Suddenly the lights went out and Brock Newbludd’s voice sounded ominous as he spoke throughout the arena.

“Energetically will I meet the enemies of my country. I shall defeat them on the field of battle for I am better trained and will fight with all my might. Surrender is not a Ranger word…”

There was a slight moment of silence as the words sunk in…then a familiar guitar riff kicked...

"Am I Evil?" by Metallica

The crowd let out a hellacious roar as red pyro shot down the entrance ramp and ran back up before ending in a large burst that ”The Innovator” Brock Newbludd walked through with fists raised high above his head. Newbludd was clad in his usual red ring gear, but his face was adorned with “jungle” style red and black war facepaint. Intensity gripped Newbludd’s eyes as he stared down to the dangerous cage and his even more dangerous opponent.

“And his opponent! From Milwaukee, Wisconsin…weighing two hundred and twenty-five pounds…this is “The Innooovator” Brock Neeewwbluudd!!” Williams announced to an ecstatic crowd.

Newbludd made his way down the entrance ramp and half way down crawled on top of one of the beat up cars that lined the Scorched arena to point his finger at Strongbern, who responded by screaming incoherent obscenities back at him. Brock then made the “belt” sign with both of his hands, which brought on more cheers from the crowd, and jumped back into the entrance ramp.
Letting Slim open the door for him, Brock’s eyes never left Big Rick as he slid under the ropes and quickly popped up. There was a buzz in the air as Brent Williams exited the cage and referee Peterson made his way in between the two combatants while Slim J locked the cage door. Newbludd stood at the ready, while Big Rick still paced back and forth, his eyes glazed over with insanity.

Looking back and forth between the two men for a split second Jerry decided that it was time to find out who the new Blitzkrieg champion would be and he shot his hand to the timekeeper…


And we’re on! The two men charged at each other and Big Rick was the first to hit the mat when Brock gave him a deep arm drag. Rolling through it Big Rick got back to his feet and charged again this time grabbing Newbludd in a side headlock. Wrenching on Newbludd’s head Big Rick started laughing maniacally before dropping some hard punches to Brock’s head.


Big Rick threw his hips to try to take Newbludd down to the mat but Brock planted his feet and Big Rick hit the mat by himself. Newbludd quickly capitalized by dropping an elbow onto Big Rick before he could move. Both men quickly got back to their feet and met each other for collar and elbow tie up. Big Rick started to power Newbludd into a corner but Brock stopped that with a quick rake of the eyes and gave Big Rick an irish whip.

Bouncing off the ropes, Big Rick had little time to react to Newbludd’s feet implanting into his face from a dropkick. Big Rick sprawled out on to the mat and Brock followed up by jumping on the back of Big Rick and locking in a Texas Cloverleaf! Jerry jumped down to ask Rick if he would submit…


Big Rick yelled more in frustration than pain and powered up into a pushup before sending Brock flying with a show of impressive leg strength. Newbludd catapulted into a roll and made it to one knee but Big Rick was all over him with a SHINING WIZARD!

There were two smacks heard, the first being Big Rick’s knee against Newbludd’s jaw, and the second being Newbludd’s head hitting the mat. Brock’s eyes looked glazed over from the blow and Strongbern had a satisfied grin as he got back to his feet. Big Rick stood over Brock and proceeded to spit right in the Innovator’s face which brought on a shower of boos.

Strongbern sauntered over to the turnbuckle and proceeded to climb to the top.  Big Rick then dramatically took off one of his elbow pads and threw it down at Brock, who was groggily getting to his feet. Strongbern seemed to looking to hit a TOP ROPE STRONG ARM LARIAT! Big Rick looked out to the crowd with a sneer as they began to chant…



Strongbern wasted too much time arguing with the crowd and Brock ran to the ropes…

SPRINGBOARD ENZUIGURI! Big Rick flew off the turnbuckle and crashed into the cage before hitting the outside floor hard! Big Rick laid on his back as he held his head while Newbludd bounced off the opposite ropes and sprinted across the ring to vault himself over the top rope….


Newbludd landed the high risk move but looked to take a little punishment himself as he sat with his back against the cage while Big Rick looked completely out of it while he lay motionless. Newbludd got to his feet and began to pull Strongbern up, but Big Rick regained some awareness as he wrapped his arms around Brock’s midsection and pumped his legs sending Brock spine first into the cage.

Arching his back in pain, Newbludd was wide open for Big Rick to grab him by the ears and repeatedly slam the back of his head against the cage, causing the back of Brock’s head to bust open. Pleased with his work, Big Rick threw Newbludd down to the floor and made his way to the ring apron.

Picking the apron up, Big Rick looked underneath the ring for a split second before quickly pulling out a steel chair! Raising the chair above his head Strongbern soaked in a mixed reaction of hatred for him and excitement for the first weapon of the match. Big Rick had the chair by both hands and stalked over to Newbludd who was slumped in an awkward angle where the cage meets the floor.

Big Rick raised the chair high and quickly brought it down…

SMACK! Newbludd was able to get a hand up to absorb some of the blow but the damage was done, now Brock was bleeding from a large cut in his forehead as well. Big Rick wasn’t done though, and he raised the chair high above his head again as psychotic laughter spew from his mouth.

Another chair shot—NO! In desperation Newbludd kicked upwards and the chair went right back into Big Rick’s nose…busting it open!

Big Rick stumbled backwards as he dropped the chair and brought his hands up to his face, trying to contain the blood that was gushing from his nose. Newbludd used the cage to pull himself up and lunged at Big Rick, grabbing him by the head and smashed it into the cage!

Not letting go Newbludd screamed in rage as he viciously rubbed Strongbern’s face back and forth across the cage! The camera zoomed in real close to the action to see blood squirting out of Big Rick’s nose with each swipe.  Finally Newbludd relented, and Strongbern stayed standing up as he gripped the cage for support. Head hung low, blood was now pouring out Big Rick’s nose and pooling at his feet.

Brock had fury in his eyes as he grabbed Strongbern to spin him around, but Big Rick roared and scooped Brock onto his shoulders into a fireman’s carry!


Strongbern wobbled as he spun around while Newbludd tried to break free from his grip. But it was too late for a reversal and Newbludd screamed in agony when Big Rick sent him flying with a FALLAWAY SLAM INTO THE RING APRON!


Brock’s back and neck flew right into the edge of the ring and he flopped on to the floor. Jerry Peterson slid out of the ring to check on Brock’s condition but Big Rick pushed the ref away.


Newbludd was a rag doll as Big Rick hoisted him up to his feet. The crowd showered down boos as Strongbern mockingly slapped “The Innovator”, so Big Rick did it one more time to make the crowd even angrier. But, Big Rick’s hard slaps, while obviously painful, also unintentionally worked against him as Newbludd snapped out of it and struck Strongbern like a viper with a SNAP DDT! With both men lying next to each other on the ringside floor, Jerry rolled out of the ring to check on them and it was just in the nick of time too because Newbludd had thrown his arm across Big Rick for a pin!



THR—NO!! Strongbern got a shoulder up!

Newbludd’s war paint was now washed away and replaced with blood as he staggered to his feet and an equally bloodied Strongbern surprisingly did the same. The two men stared at each other for a long second before coming together and immediately trading wild punches. The two men punched and kicked at each other with all they had. Newbludd, the more experienced brawler, eventually took advantage as he pinned Big Rick against the cage and got on the inside of Big Rick dealing out heavy body shots causing Strongbern’s feet to lift off the ground with each landed blow.

Suddenly Brock changed tactics, grabbing Strongbern by the throat with one hand and cocking his fist back with the other…


Newbludd roared and punched as hard as he could, but Big Rick was able to slip out of Brock’s grasp! A loud CLANG was heard as Brock’s fist bashed into one of the cage’s support poles causing him to grab his hand and howl in pain. Big Rick slipped in behind Newbludd and locked him in to deliver a HALF AND HALF SUPLEX! STRONGBERN WITH A COVER!



NO! Brock got his shoulder up!

“C’MOOON JERRY!” Strongbern screamed at Peterson, but the ref was adamant that it was indeed a two count.

Strongbern’s frustrations with the referee would get him no closer to winning, and he knew it. Slamming a fist on the ground as he got up, Big Rick once more dug under the ring and pulled out two items that made the crowd go INSANE….

A table and a bottle of lighter fluid with one of those long “stick” lighters conveniently taped to its side. Wonder why the NBW ring crew would need that? Either way it was Big Rick’s property know.

Strongbern looked like a man possessed as he unfolded the legs and set the table up in between the ring and the cage. Finally getting the table set up the way he wanted, Strongbern grabbed the lighter fluid. But before he could douse the table and literally turn up the heat of the match, he saw Brock using the ring apron to pull himself up to his feet as the crowd urged him on…

New-bludd! New-bludd! New-bludd!

Setting the lighter fluid down right under the ropes, Big Rick growled as he stomped over to Brock and looked to put him back down so he could finish his table lighting ceremony. Newbludd still had some fight in him though, and when Big Rick got in close, Brock sent a boot to his enemy’s gut and wrapped Big Rick’s arm over his head, looking to change the tide of the match with a SNAP SUPLEX ON THE FLOO-NO STRONGBERN REVERSED IT!

Big Rick wiggled his legs and shifted his weight to stop the suplex!! Landing on his feet, Strongbern roared as he wrenched backwards and sent Brock THROUGH THE TABLE WITH HIS OWN SUPLEX!!!

Blitz! Blitz! Blitz!

The smile that shown through Strongbern’s crimson face as he got to his feet and examined Brock was as evil as the laugh that matched it. Newbludd was a complete mess as laid in the middle of the broken table, shards of broken wood stuck to him from his bloodied body as he rolled around in pain. Referee Peterson went down by Newbludd and frowned up at Big Rick who surprisingly didn’t go for a cover.

“I’M GOING TO END YOU SOLDIER BOY!” Big Rick screamed in Brock’s ear as he grabbed Brock by ears and stuck Newbludd’s head between his legs. Standing in the ruins of the broken table Strongbern lifted Brock up and set him up for a POWERBOMB ON THE BROKEN TABLE!!

With a roar Big Rick lifted Newbludd up high and roared even louder as he threw him down….

Newbludd grabbed Strongbern’s head! DDT ON THE BROKEN TABLE!!!


New-bludd! New-bludd! New-bludd!

Finally Newbludd turned the tide! The chants of the crowd invigorated Brock, and he staggered to his feet to see Strongbern lying face down amidst the shards of wood. The crowd was now at a continual roar that was fueled by the carnage and Newbludd’s fist shooting above his head made it get even louder. It was time for Brock to take a chance…

Brock gazed down at Strongbern like a lion sizing up injured prey before turning his attention to the cage. With a noticeable limp, Brock made his way to the chain link and put a hand in it, followed by another…then he began to climb.

Brock’s injuries made it a tough climb, but he trudged on slowly making it higher and higher.

Five feet up…

Eight feet up…

Suddenly Newbludd’s ascent was halted as Little Ricky shot a hand up and grabbed Brock’s foot! Newbludd struggled to get free but he couldn’t! Meanwhile, Big Rick had begun to show signs of life as he rolled onto his back, grabbing his head in pain. Desperately, Brock tried to shake off Little Ricky, but the giant hand of the seven footer had an iron grip and Newbludd screamed in frustration as he tried to escape…

The crowd was going absolutely bananas, and it reached whatever level is beyond bananas when Sally Reynolds jumped the barricade! Like a rabid cat, the NBW EMT clawed and bit Little Ricky until the big man let go of Newbludd’s foot! Finally, Little Ricky was able to shake her off and she landed on her ass. Spinning around Little Ricky was ready to deal out some punishment, but froze in confusion when he realized that it was a woman who attacked him. Sally backed away on her hands and knees before getting up and running to the opposite end of the cage to cheer on Newbludd

That was the break Brock needed, and it couldn’t have happened a second later for Big Rick was propped up on his elbows, trying to shake off the final cobwebs that were in his head.

Scaling up the cage a couple more feet, Newbludd stopped just short of the razor wire that lined the top. Taking a deep breath as he looked down to Big Rick, there was an eerie silence as Newbludd pushed off with his feet as he released his hands from the cage and began spinning in midair……………



With the full force of his bodyweight, Newbludd landed the move cleanly on Big Rick. Referee Peterson stood in shock at what he just saw before he realized Newbludd was laying on top of Strongbern. Brock waved his hand frantically causing Jerry to snap out of it and he hit the floor for the pin…




Newbludd couldn’t believe it and he looked at Jerry in disbelief to only receive the same look from the referee in return. Brock brought both himself and Strongbern to their feet before rolling Big Rick back into the ring. Newbludd stood with his arms propped on the ring apron for a second, almost looking like he was trying to decipher some way to put the resilient Strongbern down for good. Rolling back into the ring, Newbludd pulled himself up with the ropes and when he turned around his face went white with shock.

A staggering, glassy eyed Big Rick was on his feet with his hands up!

“YOU’LL NEVER BEAT THE BIGGEST MAN IN TOWN! NEEVVER!!!” A mixture of blood and spit sprayed out of Strongbern’s mouth as he howled.

Brock instantly reacted and side shuffled looking to land a superkick, but Strongbern avoided the kick and hit home with a STRONG ARM LARIAT! Now Strongbern with the pin!




New-bludd! New-bludd! New-bludd!

Big Rick cried out in frustration as he got up on to his knees. Full on insanity had kicked in and he started punching himself in the head as he rose to his feet. Brock was lying on his side, breathing heavily it was visible that Big Rick’s signature move had knocked the wind right out of him. Fueled by pure madness, Strongbern stomped over to Newbludd, picked him up, and irish whipped the shit out of him into the corner.

Newbludd slammed hard into the turnbuckle and looked to be on his feet just from the fact that his arms were draped over the ropes. Walking slowly backwards into the opposite corner, Big Rick stomped his foot like a bull before letting out an ear drum breaking scream and charging at Newbludd looking to hit another Strong Arm Lariat!

Pure instinct is what saved Brock, maybe his Ranger training, maybe luck. But either way, somehow Newbludd rolled out of the way right before impact. Now, Strongbern was the one with his wind knocked out of him as he hit the turnbuckle hard and stumbled backwards right into a FENRIS-PLEX!

Brock hit his finishing move, but he didn’t have the strength to bridge the variated dragon suplex for a pin! Strongbern rolled from his back to his stomach and to his back again before finally stopping to lay motionless in the middle of the ring. Newbludd was on all fours and looked down to see that he had landed on Big Rick’s elbow pad that he had thrown off early in the match. Newbludd straightened up to sit on his knees as he held the elbow pad with both hands. Glancing at his downed opponent, Newbludd’s eyes grew large as he looked back down to the elbow pad he had in his hands.

The crowd read Newbludd’s mind and the arena shook from the roar when he got to his feet and staggered over to the side of the ring to pick up the lighter fluid. Sliding the elbow pad on, Newbludd looked back at Strongbern to see that he still hadn't moved. With a deep breath and lighter fluid in hand, Brock climbed the turnbuckle…


Newbludd looked out to the crowd and cracked a evil grin that would have made Big Rick proud before sticking his arm out and squirting lighter fluid all over the elbow pad. Removing the lighter that was taped to the side of it, Newbludd tossed the can over his shoulder and it bounced off the side of cage. Closing his eyes he took another deep breath…

…Then he lit his elbow pad on fire…

“DIE YOU SONUVABITCH!” Newbludd screamed right before leaping off.

Like a flaming arrow, Brock soared through the air and descended towards Big Rick…




The impact on Big Rick’s chest extinguished the flame, and Big Rick looked like he was about to have a seizure as Newbludd rolled over and laid an arm across him for the cover!



The crowd was in a frenzy as they counted along!


The crowd EXPLODED cheers as Jerry’s hand hit the mat for the third and final time. Brock rolled off of Big Rick and Jerry helped him to his feet before he handed Newbludd the NBW Blitzkrieg Title.

“Ladies and Gentlemen! The winner of this contest by way of pinfall…and NEEEEWWW NBW Blitzkrieg Champion…”The Innoovaator Brock Neeewbluuuddd!!” Brent Williams announced to a joyous crowd.

Newbludd fell to his knees as he stared down at the title in amazement, before raising the belt above his head. The cage door opened up and Sally Reynolds led a team of trainers and EMT’s into the ring. Rushing to Brock’s side, she gave him a kiss on his bloodstained cheek before helping him to his feet. The other EMT’s were circled around Big Rick, who was starting to move.

As Brock and Sally exited the cage, Little Ricky stopped them. An exasperated Brock looked up at Little Ricky and clenched his fist. Eyeing up Brock for a split second, Big Rick’s employee gave Newbludd a nod and stood aside. Brock returned the sign of respect to the big man as he and Sally made their way past him.

With the crowd on their feet Brock and Sally made their way up the aisle, stopping near the top and raising the title high. The metal of the newly returned championship shined from the lamppost lights. Clutching Sally, half-supporting himself to a standing base and leaning against the cement barricades, he listened while the fans cheered and chanted:

New-Bludd! New-Bludd! New-Bl...


That would be the sound of Brock being knocked back from behind courtesy of a straight kick to the back of his head. His assailant, using cat-like agility had ran across the cement barrier and snapped his foot right across the new champion. That man, Ravage. With a snarl he popped down to the pickup truck while Sally checked on Brock. Neither realizing that at that very moment Ravage was pulling the passenger door right off its hinge.

With ease, seemingly due to the state of the truck, he flung it off and caught Newbludd as he stood and used the barricade to brace himself. He never had a chance to duck, let alone seen it coming -- as the door was swung into his ribs. Ravage hopped the barricade, mean-mugging for Sally Renolds, who determined it was better to back up the aisle a bit, closer to the EMTs.

'This could have been different, Brock.' Ravage spoke out, with only the close camera and fans able to catch his words. "Instead you chose to disgrace me. And disgrace my daughter." He slammed the door down on his ribs, then kicked the title across the floor. "I could be here standing at your side raising that arm in victory -- as a champion. Instead-" He raised the door and CRUSHED it down across the shoulder, "you won't be raising it, period."

Chucking the door off to the side, he leaned down and raised Brock up. Brock however still had some fight in him and swung out, catching Ravage with a stiff shot. The NBW veteran looked surprised as he rubbed his jaw, not expecting Newbludd to have anything left after the brutal match with Big Rick. Cocking back again Brock shot his fist at Ravage's head once more, but  this time Ravage smacked Brock's arm aside, hooked him and V FOR VICTORY on the STEEL DOOR! The swift Double-arm underhook DDT headfirst right into the remains of the glass of the door --shattering it.

Looking down at Sally he nudged his head slightly to the left to acknowledge her before leaning down and straight lifting Newbludd up on his shoulders. The Savage of the Ring walked around the barricade towards the exit, then turned and tossed Newbludd's prone body into the back of the pickup truck.

Among the boos of the fans he simply ignored them and made his way back through the entrance way while Sally quickly rushed up with some EMTs to check on Brock.

The EMTs worked diligently trying to get Brock off the truck bed, which was filled with rubble and junk that made the stage up. Sally taking a somewhat impressive and authoritative role in instructing them.

"It could have been different, Brock." The voice belonged to Ravage and after a brief pan by the cameras, they spotted him, as did Sally as her jaw dropped. Ravage stood next to the EpiCenter, sitting on the window sill, microphone in hand. "You wanted to be noticed like all the freshman in this business. You wanted to see if you still had it in the tank. You wanted these fans to eat up your every word." He paused, "You got it. And yet you chose to brush off and disrespect someone that wanted to meet you? That had high-hopes for tonight and her main purpose of being here... as her daddy is not booked."

Sally looked up at him while Brock's eyes were fluttering from the stimuli by the EMTs.

"Leave him alone you deranged son of a bitch! STOP!" Sally screamed at Ravage as tears ran down her face, but Ravage simply stared at her like she wasn't even there. Sally's pleas would not deter Ravage.

"You made her cry, Brock. Just like that snot-nosed rookie Lucky did when he beat me. He made Daddy's little girl cry." Ravage stood up on the window sill, letting his words carry: "YOU. MADE. HER. CRY."


He closed his eyes and shook his head.

"Tonight you graduate. Welcome to the Big Leagues, kid."

Ravage tossed the microphone back and LEAPED forward, pulling his legs in and waiting until just the right moment to expand and PLANT his Knees right into the chest of Brock as the EMTs and Sally scrambled away from the truck.


Ravage rolled backward after connecting with his frogsplash-knee drop combination, tumbling off the end of the truck bed to the concrete. He scooted back, catching sight of the closest camera, 'That one was for you, princess. Daddy loves you.'

He stumbled back, turned, and slowly while clutching at his stomach and ribs made his way through the curtains to the back.

The camera faded out as a weeping Sally and the rest of the EMT's rushed back to a bloodied, battered and broken Brock Newbludd, the new Blitzkrieg Champion.


Ali Amore
Benjamin Jones

For the Keystone Championship


After losing out to Lucky Carter and RaVage at Eternal Judgment, Ali Amore came to the conclusion he no longer belonged at the top level in nbW.

His farewell speech was interrupted by Benjamin Jones, who had just come off another tremendous triumph, seeing off our resident skyscraper and the most popular performer in this promotion's history - Spike Saunders.

Seeing an opportunity, Benjamin asked Ali to reconsider retirement from our ring and convinced the Colombian to give it another go.

The Bounty Hunter didn't do it out of the goodness of his heart; he wants the bragging rights for sending the South American packing once and for all.

And, it's not just the lure of having a name on either man's record in this close-to-call clash.

Our Keystone championship, vacated by El Dragon Loco after sustaining devastating injuries from Derecho, is at stake for the victor.

The camera panned to said championship now sitting on a pedestal at ringside near the announce table. To the victor goes the spoils of tonight’s match. Could Benjamin Jones defeat Ali Amore for the second consecutive show and add his first-ever Keystone title to his already impressive resume? Or would the former nbW World Heavyweight Champion Ali Amore make Jones regret trying to make him a notch on his list and claim the coveted title in the process?

Shall we get down to it?

Spanish guitar.

Wait, what?  Normally, we get the sweet chimes from Italy and we know Amore's coming out first because Benjamin negotiated that.

"Ali Amore."

A group of guys playing guitars came out, performing a cover of the seventh most-viewed video on YouTube.


That got a few girls on their feet, who admire Ali for a few reasons, dancing and swaying.

And, as the chorus kicked in, a dancing Ali Amore emerged to a first-rate reception and from the moment he appeared to reaching the ring, he did not stop.  Who said he couldn't promote?

Yo quiero estar contigo, vivir contigo
Bailar contigo, tener contigo
Una noche loca (una noche loca)

That somersault didn't go awry.  If Ali Amore wanted to stay here and live with the nbW fans as the first line above said, he'd have to produce a heroic performance, a la 25 to Life in London.  Either way, yes, it proved to be a crazy night.

Amore was still cutting shapes and moving his hips, much to women's delight, when the mood was turned upside down by Justice's 'Genesis.'

The feel-good ambience made way for the serious entrance you'd expect to see from a MMA fighter heading to war, flanked by his girlfriend, Dina St. James, and his Club KO crew, employed to hold signs, buckets of water and his bag.  Jones cut an imposing figure.

Our elder guitarists, though, decided to start up another round of 'Bailando' daring to oppose Club KO.  The young lads weren't happy, especially as the volume got louder in defiance and the crowd joined in the sing-along.  Meanwhile...

Suicide Dive by the South American sensation!

Impressive accuracy by Amore, who aimed only for Jones and nailed him to get us underway!  The bell tolled officially afterwards as well.

The Colombian, conscious of Club KO in his firing line, stood up to show them he wouldn't be intimidated by the sizeable entourage.  Their two braver members, Smitty and Chris, wanted to address Amore personally.  In the end, they relented with some persuasion by Dina.  Amore never kept his eyes off them until they moved away.

Focusing on Benjamin, Amore tried to whip his decorated opponent into the ring stairs, though the KO King caught Ali high upstairs with a Reverse Elbow, forcing Ali to be his own dentist and check if all those gnashers were indeed intact.

Not that long mind.  Because as Benjamin turned round, Amore unearthed a superb Superkick that forced Benjamin's head to hit the stairs HARD.

Sensing an immediate opening, Ali rolled Jones into the squared circle, though he wouldn't be joining the MMA specialist - not yet at least.

Oh, Ali's already at home - up on the top rope and my goodness, he was going to try and end it early...

Patented Frogsplash -  knees up by Jones!

That would've been something, wouldn't it? 

Buoyed by avoiding an early defeat and implored by Club KO, Jones stood up, approached Amore from the rear - AHEM - and applied a Waistlock.

Well, that was a transition to something greater - German Suplex!

If Amore had had a rush of blood just moments ago, it had been replaced by a dull pain commonly known as a headache.  Despite that, he was starting to stir.  Jones was taking his time, easing himself into the outing after being caught cold at the contest's kick-off.

However, he was going to wish he'd not let Amore rest as the South American shocked him with an Uppercut just as Jones was picking the former World champion up off the floor like a pencil he'd dropped. This one was sharp though, capitalising on the initial blow with a second shot.  Amore ran the ropes...

Stiffer-than-Viagra Spinning Backfist by Benjamin!

The pre-requisite for the first fall of the match had been a significant move. 



Try again.

So Benjamin did, setting Amore up with a bit more pace and purpose than previously...


Boy was Benjamin bringing the big guns out so early into the contest.  Was it out of respect or disrespect to his accomplished opponent?

The cover wasn't lax.



Yet it wasn't enough.  Notwithstanding, after initially falling behind to an element of surprise, Benjamin was rallying relentlessly and ferociously.  The excitement of the audience had waned and turned to total hush.

Jones dragged Amore towards the top left-hand corner of the ring and rammed Ali's head into the buckle, measuring the ex-number one in nbW.

Palm Strikes.

6 in total.


A wonderful Roundhouse Kick complete the set, garnering cheers from Club KO!  The subsequent pose and point at Amore, as if the Superstar of Bogota were nothing, wound the crowd up and extracted some noise at long last.  They'd been quiet for the majority of Benjamin's excellent assault on Ali.

Amore was resting along the bottom rope.  When Ali got to his feet, still in the corner, Jones turned round and stormed in with a Step-Up High Knee right in the mush.  On the way down, Ali was helped there by a dismissive shove by Benjamin, who rushed in, seeking an early win himself after almost being on the receiving end of a surprisingly swift resolution.


The Best Thing You've Seen In The Ring, as he likes to be called, stepped it up, albeit by slowing proceedings down with a Choke Sleeper.

Our official asked Amore if he wanted to surrender.  No all the way was Ali's rebuttal, refusing to submit to a brilliant but brash performer, who'd laud it over him, just as he has done with previous victims.  The list is getting lengthier.  Would it have Ali's respectable name on it by the end of the night?

Not for now.  The South American managed to stick a leg out, thus touching the bottom rope.  Deke, who Ali had dismantled in straightforward fashion on Slam, pushed the leg off.  It was silly really, as the official saw it and warned Club KO's smallest member to cut it out.  Dina, keen to protect her boyfriend's hard man rep in the ring, almost admonished Deke, especially as it hadn't helped at all.

Benjamin still had a vice-like grip on Amore, though let go after four and ushered Ali towards into the ropes, firing him into the opposing set.  Unfortunately for Jones, Ali knew a Clothesline with his name on it was waiting for him and avoided contact.  However, when Amore came rebounding towards Benjamin, the KO King changed tact and brought the Superstar of Bogota down to size with a technically and tactically-sound Drop Toe Hold.

Back to the Choke Sleeper we, Ali had other ideas, repelling it with elbows before standing up.  Benjamin followed suit.  Amore threw a right-hander, Benjamin retaliated with one of his own, though the Colombian's second had more impact and actually staggered Jones.

Just as Jones regained his footing, Ali forced him back with a Dropkick and then delivered a second one to finally floor The Bounty Hunter.

BJ wasn't down long, though Ali was aware he wouldn't be and let Jones have it with a Kneelift...

But Benjamin was prepared too and took Ali by the head, essentially using his opponent's momentum against him and launching the Colombian out of the limelight and over the top rope.

Jones held his face, presumably still aching from the punches and dropkick, prior to sliding outside.  Benjamin was poised to ram Amore's head into the apron, but the star student of Special K slammed the brakes on, dug an elbow deep into Benjamin's ribs and started to unload with heavy artillery.

Two right hands into a superb sequence; a terrific throat thrust was the riposte and it proved effective.

Again, Jones wanted to slam the South American's head into the apron.  Ali just wouldn't go for it, fighting free once again with a couple of sledges to the ribs and reversing it, which pleased our paying public in the arena and at home.

The Bounty Hunter wandered back into The Fourth Emergency Service's path, getting bodyslammed on the floor as a result.  Club KO remonstrated with the referee, irate at Amore's actions and demanding a disqualification for their man.  Amore returned to the ring to break up the count and shrugged off the official's warning.  He was set for take off...

No Hands Plancha!

Scintillating speed and amazing athleticism - perhaps the perfect package.  Ali had both in abundance.

Amore wasted no time whatsoever, shoving Benjamin back in underneath the bottom rope, as Club KO continued to complain.

Ali didn't care.  He was airborne again...Somersault Legdrop!  Lovely.



It was his closest cover yet.  Jones got to a knee.  His Bogota-born babysitter was waiting for him with a Bulldog!

Take 2, action.



It wasn't enough, though it had been a wee bit closer - a sign of progress from the South American.

Ali deposited Jones into the bottom right-hand corner of the ring and launched himself at Jones with a...

Stinger Splash...REJECTED!

The KO King had caught the Colombian in mid-flight and moved a couple of steps with his prize catch in tow...

Stun Gun across the top rope!

The energy and momentum drained away from Ali instantly, visibly and unfortunately from the fans' perspective.  Advantage Jones.

He shook the cobwebs loose and executed a Double Leg Slam.  That was a decent start. 

Let's take this up a notch.

Shoot kicks to the face.  How many?  Count along with Club KO rather than one of my preferred Sesame Street characters.


Benjamin sought a stylish fifth, using the ropes for added momentum and snap.


Amore's turn to catch Benjamin out - figuratively and literally.  Benjamin was off balance.  Amore didn't let go, standing up and set to take BJ down with a sweep, but Jones had other ideas...


Ali had anticipated it, ducked, hence leaving the New Mexico MMA specialist on his back...

Sublime Standing Moonsault by Ali!



No Michelle Joy!

Undeterred, Amore softened Jones up with three timely knees to the rubs and an ambitious Gutwrench, which he pulled off for another two-count.

Ali whipped Benjamin into the corner, but got caught coming in with another elbow to the mouth.  Amore had no time to rest; the Jones train was leaving the station.  Amore adjusted, turning the tables with a perfectly-planned Drop Toe Hold of his own and the Colombian capitalised with a Front Facelock.

Unluckily for Ali, he couldn't maintain it as Jones poured the punishment on with a barrage of body blows that Amore couldn't withstand nor be expected to accept.  The Bounty Hunter confirmed separation with a cracking headbutt, though hurt himself in the process, wobbling somewhat and resembling a stuttering, stumbling drunk who'd overstayed his welcome.
He would be made to pay...

Enzuigiri by Amore!



Not too far away.  Amore set about sealing the lead with a sweet Swinging Neckbreaker, setting him up for another risk v reward dilemma.

Hordes of fans rose to their feet, a common occurrence when the Colombian was in action.  What would it be?


A Crossbody Block had been blocked and how...delightful Dropkick by The Best Thing You've Seen In The Ring!

Scooping Ali up, Jones wasn't playing or procrastinating.  Ali had earned his respect for real.

Butterfly Suplex, beautifully-done.



It had been close from both competitors.  Jones wasn't keeping score and straddled Ali, who was lying on his front, clinching the Colombian's arms.

Waki Gatame!  That work Ali up and worked Club KO up!  Again, Amore refused, rejected and turned the referee request's to terminate this tie, which was getting warmer and warmer.  This move HURTS.

It was still on and that didn't bode well for Amore.  He elected to fight against it and slowly but surely, he inched towards the promised land, better known as the bottom rope, reaching it to his and the supporters' relief.

Deke slyly gave the grounded Ali a dig, which got him some stick from our loyal faithful and even Dina, who'd previously warned the entourage ally, who was still bitter about the emphatic fashion Amore had put him away in.

Jones was focused on the job at hand, pulling Amore up and...

Waki Gatame again!

This time, Ali held onto the rope like a kid clinging onto the side of the pool when they're learning to swim, not drifting and ultimately drowning, seeking safe water and not being dragged into the deep end.

As Amore was in the ropes, the referee demanded Jones take a step back before reintroducing the pair to each other again.  The Colombian was cornered as Benjamin stepped forward, but a simple step to the side changed the angles and Ali's quickness told as he jabbed Jones twice.  That didn't prevent the monstrous KO King from marching forward as he sensed chinks.

But, Amore came forward himself with a hard knee to the ribs, make that two, before pushing Benjamin into the ropes and looking for an Irish Whip across the squared circle.

Arm Wringer by Benjamin bucked that idea...back into Waki Gatame, Benjamin falling with Amore!

And again, Ali was close to the ropes and after a second or two, avoided grave jeopardy by simply extending his leg and reaching out.  Deke led the chicken noises, implying that Amore had relied way too much on the ropes to avoid the Bounty Hunter's clutches in this contest.

A frustrated Jones held on until four and a half, annoying the official, hands on hips and annoyed Amore hadn't given in yet.  The ex-World champion was proving a tough nut to crack for someone speculated to be 'past it.'

An elaborate set-up.  Why?  Divorce Court by Jones, which paved the way gloriously for a Cross Armbreaker!

Jones was sticking it to Amore and just as importantly, sticking to the arm.  Unquestionably, Ali was in pain and this time was nowhere near the ropes as The Bounty Hunter turned the pressure up.

However, Amore would not give in, particularly when the crowd encouraged him to stay in this.  He dug his heels in and turned onto his front, though Jones was fine with that.  Why?


Both arms were hooked.  This judo/MMA hold had the potential to end everything here and now if Benjamin could secure it properly.

Club KO - and even some members of the crowd - applauded Benjamin's in-ring intelligence and control of this contest.  He had Amore all ways at this point in time.

Not that the Colombian would come quietly and while he was howling in pain, he resourcefully and remarkably managed to free his right arm, his healthy limb, and throw several punches at Benjamin's midsection.  Stubbornly too, BJ refused to let go despite being on the end of considerable punishment himself.

Ali continued, wailing away like a maniac until Benjamin kind of went limp and Amore was able to ride this serious storm of a submission, getting out.  He tended to his left arm immediately, which appeared to be hanging off.  Club KO were concerned observers too as Jones lay their motionless, unaware of their pleas to get up.

The referee came to check on BJ, who must've said something and the ref relayed that to the entourage, who were relieved that their meal ticket was still on the table.

After a futile attempt to get the blood flowing into his arm, the rest of the adrenaline in Amore's anatomy urged him on, guiding him to the outside.  Jones was starting to get up...

Crossbody Block!



As Jones kicked out, Ali, using his healthy arm, rammed Benjamin's head into the mat five times.

The Colombian kept Benjamin down with a kick and a Standing Legdrop, attaining two for his efforts.

Amore retreated to a neutral corner, his arm still blatantly bothering him as he had Jones - and the Keystone title - in his sights...

Kick to the shoulder by Benjamin.

Shoulderbreaker and back to a...

Cross Armbreaker!

Just as gold seemed close, it appeared Amore may have to settle for silver.  You HAVE TO stay on top of Benjamin Jones.

Rather than go to the ropes again, Amore displayed great desire and determination by lifting The Bounty Hunter up in an ambitious attempt to powerbomb Benjamin, which he pulled off.

The Superstar of Bogota fell backwards afterwards, clutching his left arm.  Both men were down, the first real rest they'd had and the referee reached 7 when they rose simultaneously.

Benjamin threw a big BOMB, so much so that Ali's head bounced off the middle rope.  However, Amore returned with interest.  Thankfully, Ali still had his right and Benjamin felt the full impact of it with a HUGE Uppercut and a fantastic DDT!




Ali had learned his lesson and stayed on top of Jones, lifting him up.  This would hurt Amore, though more importantly, do the KO King more damage...


With the Front Facelock back in style, Ali, even when Jones threateningly stood up, took the wind out of his rival's sails with SIX knees to the ribs.

Snap Suplex.

Fabulous stuff and Amore was going into another gear.

Double Foot Stomp from close range.

You know, it's all about the ribs, to misquote Meghan.

Benjamin had slowed Ali down by damaging Amore's arm, and that could still be seen, but the Colombian was gritting his teeth in this gut check and convinced he'd pass it.  A far cry from being the athlete who'd admitted defeat eight weeks ago and was going to walk away from nbW, unconvinced he didn't have what it took to do this any more.

Jones had persuaded him to give it another go.  Perhaps The Bounty Hunter may be wishing he hadn't.

Anyway, back to the action...

Running Splash by Ali and a two at the end of that rainbow.

Not content nor resting on his laurels, Ali unleashed an incredible Standing Phoenix Splash, another for the highlight reel, especially if it resulted in the keys to the Keystone title...


Commentators couldn't hear themselves think, though Amore kept his calm and his train of thought.

After checking on his own left arm, he was going up north.  Why not?  Even if he'd come so close, Ali's career had depended on risks and that wasn't about to change.  As he perched himself on the top rope, he got the crowd going by starting a clap and they continued that on as he was set to leave the runway...


Ali had hurt his left arm even more, akin to Eddie Guerrero when he debuted in the WWF seventeen years ago.  That had taken the late great Latino Heat out of the game.  Would it happen to Ali?  No, it wouldn't.  He was on his way over to drape an arm over Benjamin's heavily-beating chest.

And is it Amore's Keystone belt?




Nobody could believe it.  Club KO all sighed in relief.  As everyone else lost their minds, the one man who should be most disappointed kept his and wouldn't let disappointment overcome him.  He wouldn't let that or Benjamin beat him.  Amore was going back up the mountain.

Settling in and setting up, Amore stood up as the crowd started a clap of their own accord this time.  When it reached a crescendo...


And did he kill it!  An unbelievable Corkscrew Shooting Star Press, worthy of winning any match.  Would it prove decisive and deliver a new belt for the ex-World champion?  If not, how would he cope with double disappointment and would Benjamin break his spirit?

With the fans applauded and raising noise levels, Ali covered his fallen prey.  Club KO heads were down, except for Dina.  Had Amore milked their cash cow dry?



TRES!!!  Tremendous.

The audience went WILD as Ali politely asked the official not to raise his left arm, which the official had forgotten about, and was confirmed as the victor.  That wasn't the best of it though.

Our timekeeper passed the newly-won Keystone championship to the official, who in turn handed it to Amore.  The smiling South American kissed the strap as Benjamin rolled out, consoled by Club KO, sealing a shocking ascent back to championship glory.

As stated earlier, eight weeks ago, a disheartened Amore had admitted he hadn't been good enough.

Climbing to the top turnbuckle, fittingly and fighting through the agony his left arm had endured, Amore raised his new toy into the air, joining a select few athletes who had captured the World and Keystone crowns here in nbW.

He wasn't back on top of the mountain, that distinction belonged to either Derecho or Lucky Carter later tonight, but the second shelf suited Ali after contemplating retirement.  He had his smile back to quote a Texan, the fans on his side as they had always been and, referee do the honours please...

A belt back around his waist.


Stop the Unstoppables


Adria Hoyt had Freddie and Todd Rich standing by, ahead of their bid to halt The Unstoppables:  "Todd, let's start with you.  We thought it would be you who'd partner Freddie.  Are you happy to be representing your family tonight?"

Freddie's eyes rolled at that question while Todd answered it calmly:  "I'm always happy to represent us.  We won't be happy unless we win the belt and honestly, all due respect to Declan and Donny, they've got time on their side, but this is the best team we've got and the best chance to stop The Unstoppables.  If we don't do it, nobody will."

The captain chipped in:  "Declan's got time on his side.  He'll grow.  Even last week, you saw it out there.  Todd was the general.  He was giving orders.  By listening to us, Declan will grow.  Todd and I are the most experienced.  We're not brothers by blood, we're cousins, but in that ring, we've got the best understanding and we grew up together.  I don't need to worry as much with Todd by my side."

Hoyt:  "Are you a hundred percent after your rest?"

Rich responded as if it were a bother to him:  "I would have been anyway, but yes, I am.  Quite frankly, I'm done with your dumb questions and don't be there when we come through the curtain with the championships.  We'll give you the scoop next week.  Let's go Todd," Freddie rounded off, tapping his cousin in the shoulder as they departed to try and move the immovable objects and manage the impossible, according to some experts.

Stop The Unstoppables.


The Rich Family
The Unstoppables

Dynasty Tag Team Championships


“We’re down to just a few matches left,” Melissa Vanderart said. “Tonight, we’ve crowned a NEW Blitzkrieg Champion in Brock Newbludd and The Entertainers won the right to challenge whoever wins our next match! Perhaps the most imposing Dynasty Tag Team Champions we’ve ever seen in The Unstoppables – Vic Gravender and Tyson XL – go up against perennial thorns in their sides, The Rich Family!”

“And as dope as hell as The Unstoppables are,” CG Gains said, “we’re gonna have NEW nbW Dynasty Tag Team Champions in The Rich Family soon! The Entertainers better be ready for them!”

“That remains to be seen! Freddie and Todd Rich are the two most formidable members of The Rich Family, but let’s not forget that they have their family members at ringside also. Donny and Declan Rich are still out here and they can pose trouble with the numbers game!”

“Freddie and Todd got this on lock, Melissa! They knew what they were doing when they attacked The Unstoppables back at Eternal Judgment and now, they are ready to win their first gold! So let’s do this!”

With that, it was time for Brent Williams to earn a paycheck.

“The following contest is a tag team contest! This will be set for one fall and this will be for the nbW Dynasty Tag Team Championships!”

The crowd cheered with glee for the graphic of the Dynasty Tag Team Titles appearing on the screen.

“Introducing first…”

With no music playing whatsoever, the arena went to pitch-black and when a spotlight shone on the ramp, all four members of The Rich Family were here with Freddie pointing one finger at the heavens. The rest of the Family took a knee before they turned their attention to the ring. With The First gesturing a hand, Donnie, Declan and Todd followed behind him.

“Introducing first, the challengers… being accompanied to the ring by Declan and Donny Rich, weighing in at a combined weight of 477 pounds… they are the team of Todd Rich and “The First” Freddie Rich… THE RICH FAMILY!

With only crowd jeers as their choice of music, The Rich Family appeared to be a cohesive unit if their earlier promo was any indicator. Freddie and Todd nodded and one another and gently shook hands as they waited for their opponents for the evening…

One drum solo played.

Then another.

Then another…

Bell ring.


The opening to “A Warrior’s Call” by Volbeat played and went right into…

Warrior” by Disturbed.

That thundering mix of themes could only mean one thing.


The song played and out came the Dynasty Tag Team Champions themselves. Forming a team out of respect, the two had gone on to become one of the more dominant teams in nbW history and tonight, they would have a tough go of it against The Rich Family.

“And their opponents… weighing in at a combined weight of 652 pounds… they are the nbW Dynasty Tag Team Champions… TYSON XL AND VIC GRAVENDER… THE UNSTOPPABLES!

The Dynasty Tag Team Champions stopped on the ramp and looked straight at the ring where the members of The Rich Family were ready and waiting. Tyson XL had his championship belt worn strapped over his shoulder and across his back. The former nbW World Heavyweight Champion Vic Gravender had his title over his massive neck and the two were walking towards the ring now. They had taken out The Rich Family’s personal bodyguards, The Law, one month ago in a Dynasty Tag Team Title defense so now they were going it alone… all four of them.

Shockingly, the members of The Rich Family remained in their corner taking strategy as they waited for The Unstoppables to enter. Tyson XL raised his championship over his head while Vic Gravender took off his title and raised it in the air. He angrily approached The Rich Family and put up the title right near Freddie.

“You see these titles, pricks? Try and take ‘em!” Vic shouted.

The referee in the middle, Slim J, had him stand back, trying to break up the action before it got started. Tyson XL handed his title politely to Slim J while Vic threw his hardware at him suddenly, almost dropping it. Once Slim J recovered from his fumble, he raised the belts in the air as The Unstoppables looked to successfully completed their third defense. They were successful against The Xiang Dynasty and The Law – would The Rich Family be next?


Tyson XL and Vic Gravender played a game of rock, paper, scissors amongst themselves and it was Vic who won out first. He waited for his opponent to step up and it looked like it was going to be The Rich Family leader, Freddie. Todd Rich returned to the ring apron to allow his brother the chance to tangle with a former nbW World Heavyweight Champion. Freddie charged at Vic and when he tried to grapple with the superheavyweight, he suddenly maneuvered around him. And then…


He caught him with a HUGE slap, seemingly to throw the giant off his game. The crowd ooohed that one after the slap and he flashed a confident smirk at Vic. Gravender charged like a bull in a china shop, but Freddie ducked a second time…


He held up two fingers to the crowd. Twice now, he successfully got under the skin of the former nbW World Heavyweight Champion. Gravender charged and that’s when Freddie sat in between the ropes.

“Get him away, ref,” Freddie said, almost with a smirk.

He knew he was reasonably safe in the ropes. The First had proven to be not only a master strategist but also a master manipulator and it seemed the veteran Vic Gravender was playing right into his game. Gravender tried to grab him and Slim J had a hard go of trying to break the two up. He ordered Vic to stand back and that’s when Freddie struck with a thumb to the eye! Gravender howled and stumbled back while trying to protect his eyes. That’s when Freddie struck!

The First slipped between the ropes and went on the attack against Vic, pummeling him upside the head with a flurry of right hands. He then reached over and tagged out to Todd Rich. The two men both took Vic Gravender against the ropes and they both took turns pummeling him with boots in their corner. They were playing a great match against the powerhouse Unstoppables so far and now they had him on the ropes literally.


Todd continued to lay into him with more brutal shots and the 240-pounder pushed Vic Gravender into the ropes and then caught him in the face with a hard High Knee! The blow didn’t take Vic down, but for right now The Rich Family were in complete control. Todd raised a fist in the air and let the jeers of the crowd become music to his ears. He then turned over and continued to drill Vic upside the head with more rights. He charged off the ropes and it looked like another High Knee was coming…


…but instead, Vic nearly MURDERED Todd with a big shot to the chest! The First was jaw agape and the other members of The Rich Family were worried for the well-being of Todd as Gravender took a second to recover from the beating handed to him by both Rich Family members. He then grabbed Todd by the legs and then looked out to the crowd as Tyson XL entered the ring. He tried to swat Freddie Rich off the apron, but he hopped off so Vic Gravender could make with the good stuff…


And the crowd counted along with each successful rotation…











And with that, he threw Todd Rich aside! Gravender was a little woozy himself because of The Giant Swing being something he didn’t do a lot, but the crowd loved it. Vic moved back to his corner and now Tyson XL was going to see action for the first time in this match. Tyson XL then picked up the pace by picking up Todd and then throwing him into a corner.  With that, he charged and CRUSHED him with a big Running Back Elbow. He moved away from the corner as Todd tried to move…


He straight-up CRACKED Todd right in the side of the head and now Freddie was left flummoxed. They had a good strategy at the start by singling out Vic Gravender, but in one big move, The Unstoppables had turned the tide in their favor now. Tyson pulled Todd out of the corner and then went for a cover while looking right the rest of The Rich Family circling like buzzards at ringside.



Todd kicked out at two, but Tyson XL wasn’t done. He pulled him up and THREW him right into the mat with a big Scoop Slam before making the tag to Vic.

Vic in the ring now and he picked up Todd Rich as well and held him there… WHAM! Another big Scoop Slam! And the tag back to Tyson XL!

Scoop Slam!


Scoop Slam!


Scoop Slam!


And now it was back to Vic Gravender as he picked up a pained Todd Rich. The Unstoppables were almost trying to break Todd Rich in half and Vic was going to continue doing so. He picked up Todd and held him over his shoulders…

And held him…

And held him…

Tyson XL stood on the ring apron keeping time and checking his invisible watch. The Human Wrecking Ball continued to hold him and the crowd cheered after about THIRTY seconds before he SLAMMED Todd Rich damn near through the mat. Even simple moves like Scoop Slams were deadly weapons in the hands of powerhouses like The Unstoppables. After bullying Todd Rich around, Vic grabbed him by placing both arms in the back of his neck in a Full Nelson…

“Get your ass up!” Vic snapped.

He grabbed Todd…


Vic RAMMED Todd Rich repeatedly into the top turnbuckle multiple times. The Rich Family had used various sneak attacks on The Unstoppables in the past, hired help to attack them, and had done everything they could to get under the skin of the former nbW World Heavyweight Champion and Tyson XL. Now they appeared to be regretting it.

“Get him out of the corner, ref!” Declan shouted.

“Yeah!” Donny yelled in agreement.

Gravender looked at the two of them and spit a wad in their general direction! Both of The Rich Family members backed off from the angry Vic before he grabbed Todd Rich and threw him out of the corner with a huge Double Choke Overhead Suplex! Vic now made his way over to where he landed and went for the cover.




The First proved why he was the brains of the operation when he ran right into the ring and dropped a big Running Knee Drop across the back of Vic’s bald head. He stunned The World Class Badass long enough for him to grab Todd and slowly drag him over to his own corner so he could have the luxury of tagging himself in again. The cold and calculating Rich then turned to where he grabbed Vic and channeled every bit of venom and anger into some brutal right hands to the face of Vic. He charged off the ropes, but Vic let out a roar and caught Freddie with a huge Shoulder Tackle!

The Rich Family were being bounced around like pinballs against the bigger Dynasty Tag Team Champions right now and needed to change up their strategy, but it looked like Vic was going to end things quickly. He scooped up Freddie and threw him down with another Scoop Slam before he charged to the ropes.  Donny Rich grabbed his leg and tried to trip up the former nbW World Heavyweight Champion.

“I got him, I got him!” Donny shouted.

Words to die by.


Vic’s massive boot backed by 370 pounds of force STOMPED right on Donny’s hands! The youngest member of The Rich Family wailed out and held his hand in immense pain. Vic looked pretty happy with himself as he smirked and the crowd cheered.

“VIC, LOOK OUT!” Tyson shouted.

He turned…


Perhaps the imbecilic ways of Donny Rich were a smokescreen. Maybe, maybe not. But they allowed the opportunistic Freddie Rich to pounce when an opening was present and he caught Vic right in the jaw with a powerful Running Dropkick! The blow was enough to stagger the tank-like Gravender, but Freddie was finally able to get the big man off his feet when he charged off the ropes a second time, only to connect with another Dropkick right to the knee!

There was no secret Vic’s braced knee was a big target on the big man and now The Rich Family had a chance to take advantage of the situation. Freddie grabbed the leg of Gravender and then threw a few good kicks into the hamstring in order to soften it up. He attacked the leg and then snapped it off to the side with a roll, educing a yelp of pain from the big man! Now that they were in control, Todd Rich wanted a tag in and Freddie made the tag.

The two Rich Family members went to work. They both took a leg of Vic and both men made a wish! The Wishbone Split hurt Vic and that allowed for Todd Rich to take the fight to Vic. He climbed on top of the big New Yorker and went to town with a series of right hands! Todd angrily continued bringing down the rights to the Dynasty Tag Team Champion.

“Hey, Todd! Break it up!”

Todd continued to beat Vic down until Slim J’s count of four and then he backed off.

“Let’s see you talk shit now, fatass…” Todd snapped.

He then crawled right into a cover on Gravender. For the Dynasty Tag Team Titles!




Gravender powered out! But Todd Rich wasn’t done with him and he continued to work that leg. He grabbed Vic’s exposed knee and grabbed at the brace, trying to get it off of him. Vic tried to push his way out and managed to kick Todd away with the other foot, but the strongest of The Rich Family rolled right back up and knocked Vic loopy with a Sliding Forearm Smash to the face.  With that in mind, he grabbed him by the leg and then switched up his strategy, putting it on the ropes.  He jumped once…


Todd got some extra leverage from the ropes to deliver a targeted stomp to Vic’s knee! He then went again…


A second and even more vicious stomp caught Vic’s knee!


Three brutal shots caught him good and each blow had done a number on the big monster’s knee. Todd then grabbed Vic by the head and tried for another big move of some sort, but Gravender shoved him away again.  The World Class Badass managed to try and get back to his feet on a bum leg, but Todd was already on him like a hungry dog on steak, catching him with a Jumping DDT! The crowd gasped from the impact of the brutal move from Todd Rich and now he rolled over to try and secure the win for he and The Rich Family!




The World Class Badass had kicked out of worse, but he was looking rather glassy-eyed in the moment as The Rich Family were still in control. Todd Rich made the tag and Tyson XL was forced to watch his tag partner get picked off by all of them. Donny’s hand was still hurt, but he felt a little better watched his family members continue a painful two-on-one beatdown in the corner. Both Todd and Freddie continued putting the boots to Gravender and then they continued to hurt him. As Todd drilled him with right hands, Freddie smartly went after the knee by holding it in place.

“No!” Gravender shouted.

He tried keeping both men away from his knee, but Todd held into him so Freddie could run the ropes. With yet another Dropkick, he caught Vic’s knee with a good shot! Gravender sunk down into the corner now and his leg was killing him, but Freddie didn’t stop his attack. Freddie then stood over Vic Gravender in the corner with the crowd booing him.

“Come on, let me hear it!” Freddie said.

The Rich Family reveled in the jeering from the crowd as he violently thrusted his boot into the face of Vic Gravender! He rubbed the side of his boot repeatedly before flying off the ropes. When he came back…


A VERY painful Facewash caught Vic in the side of the head and the blow looked to make him groggy. Vic was still doubled over in the corner from the kick and he wasn’t done…


With a second and even NASTIER boot, he caught him in the temple a second time! The First knocked The World Class Badass for a loop and with effort, he pulled him out from the corner so he could go for a cover! He hooked a leg as he counted along with Slim J!




The Dynasty Tag Team Titles almost belonged to The Rich Family, but one powerful shoulder off the mat from Vic prevented that from happening.  Freddie Rich let out a low growl and shot a murderous glance at Slim J before turning his attention back to Vic’s knee. He continued working over the leg by grabbing it and then SNAPPING it down viciously in a DDT-like fashion! The former nbW World Heavyweight Champion continued being punished by The Rich Family who had been wrestling a great game in the last few minutes.

“Come on, Vic, shake it off!” Tyson shouted. “Come on!”

“Thanks for that, Taylor Swift!” Vic shouted back.

Even when he was in pain, the surlier half of The Unstoppables could talk a lot of trash. Freddie put a boot into the side of Vic’s head to stop his motor-mouth from running and then continued to boot his leg. Gravender grabbed his boot on an errant shot and then threw him backwards to the ropes again so he could make it back to his feet. He limped up to his feet and then charged at the ropes, but when he got there, Rich caught him in the head with both feet. Freddie then made it out to the apron and came back inside…


The crowd – whether they loved or hated the men and women of the ring – had to respect great feats of athleticism and that’s exactly what Freddie Rich got! He wasted zero time in covering Gravender as Todd ran into the ring and delivered a HARD Running Boot to the head of Tyson, knocking the big man off the apron!




The monstrous Gravender still managed to make the successful kickout, but his kickouts were getting weaker with each attempt the Riches were making to win the match. Freddie then angrily went for a second cover.




“Damn it,” Freddie said quietly.


The chants were coming out for The Unstoppables as Tyson XL got back up to his corner and tried to get back in. Instead, Slim J kept him from entering the ring so Declan ran right in and helped the elder Rich members put the boots to Vic Gravender in a three-on-one beatdown! Tyson yelled at Slim J to turn around and witness what was happening, but by the time he turned around, Declan had already exited the ring. He high-fived Donny who then held his hand out again, still seething with pain after Vic nearly stomping his fingers off. 

Tyson XL angrily watched helplessly and then watched as Freddie made the tag back to Todd. Both men had Gravender up on his feet on the ropes. They both continued putting the boots to him before they both ran off the ropes. Freddie went low with a Chop Block right to the back knee while Todd Rich mustered up all the strength he could into a Flying Shoulder Block that got The World Class Badass right onto his back!  The high-low combo might have been enough there as Todd went for a cover yet again!




Not only payback for Todd’s cheap shot from earlier, but a unique counter to break up and save the Dynasty Tag Team Championships for The Unstoppables! Tyson XL sat up and then returned to his corner, now stomping a foot on the steel steps beneath him while Todd tried to get his wits about him.

“Get up!” Freddie snapped.

The crowd continued their chants for the Dynasty Tag Team Champions, now wanting the more athletic member of The Unstoppables in the ring.


The former ACW World Champion continued stomping his foot down, with an arm out as far as he could possibly get it, waiting for Vic to make the tag. The World Class Badass was almost to his corner when Todd managed to hold his back in pain after the Running Senton from his larger opposition. He tried to grab Vic by his bad leg, but Vic used his good leg and then turned to deliver a HARD Throat Thrust to Todd! He was doubled over in pain and Freddie about nearly had an aneurysm when he saw Vic get to his corner…


Todd Rich tried to stop the big man from getting into the ring, but the now-St. Louis native flew over the ropes and he caught Todd with a Slingshot Shoulder Block! Tyson XL was now up and the crowd was going all sorts of crazy right now! The other half of the Dynasty Tag Team Champions stood up and waited as Todd tried to stand, only to eat a kick to double him over. Tyson then rushed off the ropes and came back with a powerful Clothesline that nearly turned him inside out! He then charged at the corner and put and elbow right to Freddie’s face!

Declan and Donny ran over to go check on The First while Tyson XL continued his assault on Todd Rich. He whipped him across the ring and then charged at him looking for some sort of Splash, but Todd ran out of the corner. Tyson managed to stop himself as Rich came running off the ropes, only for Tyson to catch him with a huge Spinning Heel Kick! The crowd cheered for the phenomenal display of freaky athleticism from a man who had it in spades.

The Big Gun was on his feet again daring Todd to stand and when he did, he made him pay for it by grabbing him by the waist and THROWING him with a tremendous Release German Suplex!


Todd went crashing into the corner and was just starting to try and pick himself up. When he got back to his feet…


The Shotgun Dropkick from Tyson XL nearly knocked the fucking wind right out of Todd Rich! He crashed violently into the corner after the deadly maneuver and Tyson went in to go for the win!




The crowd groaned with disappointment! Tyson XL had just blitzed Todd Rich with a series of moves, but somehow the most powerful member of The Rich Family had kicked out! Freddie bit his lip and watched as Tyson called for the end of things. He pulled Todd Rich up and tried to set him up. He was looking for his Pop-Up Powerbomb called The XL Bomb and if he could hit it, they would be keeping the Dynasty Tag Team Titles… but Freddie had other plans!

He saved his brother by hooking him onto the ropes. Tyson saw and charged in when Todd Rich got a foot up out of desperation and stunned Tyson. Freddie took advantage of the chaos and made the blind tag as Todd charged. Tyson tried a Big Boot, but Todd ducked underneath…


Todd Rich pulled off a great move and wiped out Vic on the floor as he was trying to get up! Tyson XL saw the wipeout and turned back to Freddie…


The crowd GASPED as Freddie nearly kicked Tyson’s head into the next zip code via his take on The Sick Kick! Tyson went down and Freddie hurriedly kept Tyson XL pinned with a hook of the leg!





It was one of the very few times that Freddie Rich had not kept his composure. He was cooler than the other side of the pillow, but with the Dynasty Tag Team Titles on the line, there was no room for error! He stopped arguing with the referee immediately and then still had a chance to win. Todd got back up to his feet and now Freddie made the tag to him with The Rich Family in control. Tyson XL was still groggy from the kick and it looked like both men were now going to go for their double-team finisher, Riches and Honor.

Freddie cradled Tyson XL and held him up with great effort while Todd started heading to the top. Things were about to go from bad to worse…


Vic was back and he SHOVED Todd off the top rope! He crashed to the mat and as this happened, Tyson fought his way free from Freddie’s grip and THREW him over with a Back Body Drop!  Vic then rushed the ring and BLASTED Freddie with a Clothesline to send him over the top rope and out to the floor where he wiped out Donny and Declan!

Todd was all alone when he struggled to get back up. Both of The Unstoppables were in the ring and when he turned…


Vic SPIKED a huge Running Headbutt into the chest of Todd Rich and leveled him! Now Tyson XL was free to head to the top rope. The crowd started to buzz louder and got their cameras ready… 


With an AMAZING Top Rope Moonsault, the 282-pound Tyson XL crushed Todd Rich! He stayed on top for the cover as Vic stood guard. Freddie was back up and tried to get into the ring…




…But he was too late!

Vic blocked him from getting back into the ring and with that, The Unstoppables had lived up to their name at least on this night!


An irate Freddie slid back out of the ring and sunk his head in his chest out of sheer disappointment as Tyson XL and Vic Gravender were each handed the Dynasty Tag Team Title belts. Vic and Tyson XL had been given one HELL of a fight by The Rich Family and the multi-generation family had thrown everything they could at the powerhouses. They’d attacked them on multiple occasions. They superseded other worthy tag team to get this spot and threw all kinds of good mat work and trickery at their opponents to try and take the titles away from them. But at least tonight, it wasn’t enough.

Donny and Declan moved over to help Todd Rich by dragging him out of the ring, but Freddie had already bailed. Whether it be frustration, anger, or something else, The First wanted nothing to do with the proceedings and was already halfway up the ramp with the other members of his brood licking their wounds behind him.

Meanwhile inside the ring, Vic Gravender hobbled his way across the ring as Tyson XL was handed a towel to wipe off. Tonight belonged to The Unstoppables, but if The Rich Family could get on the same page again after their first real setback since coming to NBW, there would be no doubt that they were not done. 

As the champions celebrated, the camera panned backstage to see the victorious new #1 Contenders to the Dynasty Tag Team Champions backstage. Darren Best and Alfie Button. The mega-popular and ultra-talented Entertainers were now the next in line for the belts on the next Slam and they both nodded in agreement, watching the match before them… and whoever won THAT match would have the insane tandem of Spike Saunders and Warren Spade down the line also.

It was an incredibly deep and powerful roster in the tag team division. But The Unstoppables proved tonight that taking the titles would be much easier said than done.


Shall we Play a Game?


Following the match the EpiCenter loaded up to a dark screen. Every few seconds a flash of a black and white silhouette were present while a series of sentences typed out in white font on screen.

“Every story has two things.”


“The villain may be a person or beast. HAVE YOU SLAYED THE MONSTER UNDER YOUR BED?


“Even time can be a villain. HAVE YOU EVER RUSHED AGAINST TIME?

The silhouette flashed again, this time with a white smile stretched across it’s black face.

“The quill has already penned this story’s ending.”

“Allow me to send you straight to the end. FOR IN THIS STORY-

The silhouette’s blackness changed into a dark liquid red, while portions of the face seemingly dripped to the bottom of the EpiCenter.


The screen continued to fill up with red from the bottom pooling until nothing else where on screen, even the words had been covered. What followed was a maniacal laughter over the Epic II’s internal sound system to send chills to every fan in attendance.


The words pushed through the red in a thick white before the tron went dark and the laughter came to an end. Leaving nothing but questions in its wake.


The Riches and The Poor


Freddie Rich kicked the door open and let out a roar of frustration and disappointment at not getting the job done.  Declan and Donny were already sat on the bench and Todd, holding his head in a recipe of pain and bitter regret, followed in afterwards.

The eldest Rich didn't say anything, neither did anyone else, until he clocked Declan looking at him:  "Go on.  Say it!"

Dec shrugged his shoulders:  "What do you want me to say?"

Pointing the finger, Freddie went off on one:  "I know you want to.  You've had it in for me since I've said certain things.  You didn't want us to win tonight."

Declan was aghast at that accusation:  "Bull!  You're my brother and when you win, I win."

Freddie shook his head:  "There's more to it than that.  Donny?  Got something you want to say to me?"

The youngest Rich indicated he didn't when Dec piped up:  "Maybe you need to trust us more."

Freddie applauded:  "Here we go.  Floor's yours, Dec.  Don't hold back," his waving hands indicated.

Dec stood up, only for 'The First' to get in his face.  Todd and Donny separated them.  Declan sat back down:  "You've been talking about how you're the only one doing anything, how you're carrying us all with you.  So, what are we doing here as a family?  Why didn't we win tonight, Freddie?  If you're so good and don't need us, why don't you have both belts on your shoulders?"

Freddie was ready to get at his brother, but Donny and Todd, mainly the latter mind, prevented a civil war:  "I knew it!"

The elder statesman - 'Filthy' Frank - and Terry, Todd's dad and the other boys' uncle, entered the room and were horrified at what they saw.  Frank started:  "Everyone can hear you down the corridor!  What are you doing?  You never air the family laundry in public."

"I might've know you'd take his side.  Anyone else over me, Dad?  Huh?  Is that it?  Why?  Because I'm not the bitch's son?"

Frank went to swing for his eldest child, but Terry caught the fist with his hand as mayhem threatened to break out in the Riches' locker room.  Terry told Todd and Donny to get Freddie out of there, which they did, kicking and screaming as Frank shook his head and Declan looked distraught too.

The Rich Family had imploded on a night that could have brought them all together.



Lucky Carter Versus Derecho

NBW World Heavyweight Championship


After injuring El Dragon Loco at the end of their match, Derecho stole the NBW Keystone Championship and carried it everywhere with him as his trophy for the deed he had done.  Lucky Carter, who scored a major upset over Derecho prior to the World Title Tournament, was next in line to try their hand at becoming champion, but Derecho sent message after message to anyone who tried to stand by Lucky’s side.  Matt Haddon and former world champion Vic Gravender each paid the price, but just when Lucky Carter seemed to not have an answer, he found one when he attacked Derecho and took the vacant Keystone Championship away from him, handing it over General Manager Jack Harmen.

The blindside attack was uncharacteristic of Carter, but it showed that he would do whatever it takes to get the job done and tonight Carter has a chance at walking out champion.

“This is Letting Go” by Rise Against


The crowd hit their feet as Lucky Carter came out from the backstage area first.  He was pumped up as he had an opportunity to call himself champion here tonight.  Even though he was amped up, you could see the focus and determination in his eyes as he made his way down to the ring.  Carter slid into the ring under the bottom rope and ascended a turnbuckle.  He soaked in the admiration from the capacity crowd and then headed back to the neutral corner.

Lights Out.

“I am…”

“....I am”

“Charisma” by WASP


The lights in the arena pulsed as Derecho stood there on the top of the entrance ramp with his back to the ring.  Derecho turned around to display the NBW World Heavyweight Championship around his waist.  Derecho began his descent to the ring looking rather confident.  He stopped at the bottom of the entrance ramp and walked around ringside where he walked up the steps.  Derecho stepped into the ring and unfastened the NBW Championship and hoisted it into the air to a chorus of boos from the crowd.

Derecho handed the world title to the referee who held it high into the air before passing it off to ringside.  Once things were settled and in place, the referee called for the bell..




Derecho adjusted his wrist tape as he calmly began to circle Carter. This nonchalant attitude showed that Derecho wasn’t taking his match seriously.  In Derecho’s mind, this was going to be a walk in the park.

The two of them locked up and Derecho pushed Carter back into the corner. The referee wanted a clean break and Derecho actually gave it to Carter, but he patted him on the cheek as he backed away.  Carter swatted Derecho’s hand away and Derecho simply laughed at how Carter got pissed at that.  This goaded Carter into charging in and locking up a second time, but Derecho plowed Carter back into the corner and the referee wanted a clean break and, again, Derecho gave it to him, patting Carter upside the cheek.  Carter’s blood was beginning to boil as Derecho called out to him.

“Hey.. I’ll make this fair. I’ll give you the first shot!” said Derecho with a shit-eating grin on his face.

He turned his back to Carter and outstretched his arms.

“Come on!  Give me your best shot!” said Derecho.

Carter shrugged his shoulders and…








Derecho just barely kicked out, but as soon as he did, he rolled out of the ring and stumbled around ringside, desperately reaching out and clawing at anything to hold onto to keep himself vertical.  Carter stood up and stared a hole right through Derecho!

LUCKY CARTER! Clap Clap ClapClapClap
LUCKY CARTER! Clap Clap ClapClapClap
LUCKY CARTER! Clap Clap ClapClapClap
LUCKY CARTER! Clap Clap ClapClapClap
LUCKY CARTER! Clap Clap ClapClapClap

Tonight, if you give Lucky Carter an inch, he will take a mile and he damn near just took the World Title seconds into this match and it was all Derecho’s fault for being cocky and arrogant.  Derecho, on the outside, braced himself against the barricades and was trying to shake off that Super Kick.  The referee was up to the count of five and Derecho realized he needed to get back into the ring.  Lucky Carter taunted Derecho to come back in and even turned his back to the world champion, begging him to come take a free shot of his own.

Derecho gritted his teeth and hit the ring. He stood up, but Carter turned around and began belting the world champion in the face with forearm after forearm!  Carter dazed Derecho enough to where he took off to the ropes, but Derecho exploded from his position and went for a vicious lariat, but Carter sensed it and ducked underneath.  Derecho stumbled all the way to the ropes where he grabbed onto them to stop his momentum.  Carter bounced off the opposite end and came at Derecho with full speed.  He then clotheslined Derecho up and over the top rope and down to the floor! 

The crowd was on fire as Derecho staggered back to a vertical base, but Carter was already on the move.  He flipped over the top rope with a Tope con Giro and took the world champion back down to the floor!  Carter grabbed Derecho and threw him back into the ring where he rolled in and made the cover, hooking the leg…



Shoulder up by Derecho

Carter stood and grabbed Derecho, pulling him up to his feet.  Carter hooked Derecho for a suplex, but when he lifted him, Derecho floated up and over, landing behind Carter.  Derecho applied a waist lock, but Carter hit a pair of back elbows to Derecho in order to break free.  Carter pivoted and placed hit a kick to Derecho’s stomach as he looked for the suplex again.  At the apex of the lift, Derecho kneed Carter in the face and Carter put Derecho back down.

Derecho decked Carter in the face with a forearm and then hit a knife edge chop.  Back to a forearm and then another chop.  Derecho alternated between each hit until Carter was dazed. Derecho grabbed Carter and whipped him into the turnbuckles.  Derecho charged forward, but Carter escaped through the middle and top rope. Carter used the ropes for balance and leapt up, kicking Derecho right in the face!  Carter grabbed the top rope as Derecho staggered away.  He leapt up top and went for a springboard clothesline, a page out of Derecho’s book, but Derecho caught Carter in a front waist lock and popped the hips, hitting a Belly to Belly Overhead Release Suplex!

Derecho pulled himself up and he backed himself into a corner, taking this opportunity to compose himself.  Meanwhile, Carter was making his way back up to his feet as he held his lower back in pain.  Derecho walked over and met Carter as he turned around with a right hand, then a left.  Derecho hit those patented combination blows and they rocked Carter back into the ropes.  Derecho sent Carter along his way and chased him in, looking for another lariat, but Carter ducked it, stopped short and waited for Derecho to turn around…



Derecho side stepped and went into a half nelson, but Carter spun out of it into a waist lock.  Derecho went for a back elbow, but Carter lowered his head and the momentum carried Derecho around.  Carter returned the favor in spades as he sent Derecho into the turnbuckles with a Belly to Belly Overhead Release Suplex!!! 

“OOOOHH!!!!!” moaned the crowd.

Derecho landed on his shoulders and neck in the corner, but Carter wasn’t done!  He quickly got back up and went into the opposite corner.  He turned and charged in and…


Running Baseball Slide right into Derecho’s face!

Carter stood and grabbed Derecho by the legs, giving them a yank to flip him over onto his stomach.  Carter pulled Derecho towards the center of the ring and then locked on a Fujiwara Arm Bar!  Carter wrenched in the hold and Derecho yelled out in pain! After landing on his shoulders, Carter looked to add more damage by attempting to pop it out of its socket, but Carter wasn’t just picking any shoulder… he was picking Derecho’s right shoulder.. The favored side Derecho uses for A Forever Reminder.  He was trying to take Derecho’s finisher out of the equation with this submission hold!

Derecho began to maneuver his body, however.  He used his legs to inch himself close enough to the ropes where he got his foot underneath the bottom rope and that was enough for the referee to call for the break which Carter did without question. 

Derecho rolled away towards the center of the ring, trying to get some separation, but that didn’t work as Carter stood and backed into the ropes. He came back with a knee drop right into Derecho’s right shoulder.  Carter stood and repeated this once again.  He then applied a kneeling Arm Bar where he pulled straight up on Derecho’s shoulder with the knee firmly pressed against it. Derecho gritted his teeth and used his left arm to push himself up off the canvas, alleviating some of the pressure. 

Derecho then twisted his body inwards towards where he grabbed Carter by the waist and pulled him over into one of the sloppiest roll ups we’ve seen.


Just barely a one count, but even though it didn’t look pretty, it was a way to break the hold and that was all that was on Derecho’s mind.

Derecho stood up and shook his arm, trying to nullify the pain and get some feeling back into it. Carter to his feet and continued his relentless onslaught on the champion with a forearm right to the face.  Derecho turned his back to Carter and staggered away. This is when Carter placed Derecho’s right arm into a hammerlock.  From that position, Carter got underneath Derecho and hit a modified Back Drop Suplex, dropping Derecho on that hammerlocked arm!  Derecho grasped at his shoulder as Carter quickly went for the cover.



Derecho kicked out.

Carter sat Derecho up and placed him into a grounded Hammerlock on that right arm.  Derecho winced in pain, but he had had enough of this and quckly stood up and then dropped back down with a Jaw Breaker that caused some separation. Derecho pulled himself up, but Carter quickly shook it off and charged in, but Derecho met him with a kick to the stomach. Using his left side, Derecho lifted Carter up and dropped him in a Vertical Suplex.  He held on, turned over and stood where he pulled Carter up and hit a Snap Suplex.  Derecho held on, turned over, stood and pulled Carter up. He then lifted Carter up partially and dropped him face first into the canvas with a Split Legged Gordbuster.


Carter was down, but Derecho opted not to go for the cover. Instead, like a true champion, he got up and backed himself into a corner. He knew that the F3, while impactful, has never put anyone away unless he snuck an A Forever Reminder in there like he did against VIP a couple of years ago, so he knew going for a cover was futile.  Instead, he wanted to rest in the corner and get some feeling back into his arm because let’s face it, this match has been ALL Lucky Carter and it all began when Derecho’s arrogance almost cost him the match. Since then, Derecho has been struggling to get control in this contest, but Lucky Carter has been denying Derecho that control every step of the way.

Carter began to pulled himself back up. Derecho quickly charged in and grabbed Carter in a waist lock. He went for a German Suplex, but the shoulder gave out and Derecho dropped him mid-lift!  Derecho winced in pain, but Carter quickly pivoted. He wrapped his arm around Derecho’s neck and pulled him into an STO Backbreaker, but Carter held on, stood and went the opposite direction, nailing a Flatliner on Derecho in succession!  Carter stood and pointed to the turnbuckles and the crowd hit their feet!  They stomped their feet in the stands as Carter went to the corner and climbed up to the top turnbuckle pad.  He looked down and took aim on Derecho and leapt off…



Derecho rolled out of the way and Carter slammed down hard after missing the Cannonball Senton from off the top.  Derecho stood up and he was seething!  Carter staggered to his feet as Derecho didn’t care about the pain anymore.  He hooked Carter and nailed a T-Bone Suplex!  Carter bounced off the canvas and staggered back up to which Derecho hooked him again and nailed an Exploder Suplex!  Carter bounced off the canvas as Derecho stood and rushed over. He pulled Carter up and placed him in a waist lock, hitting a German Suplex.  Derecho held on, turned over and placed him in a Full  Nelson, hitting a Dragon Suplex!  Derecho STILL held on, turned over, pulled Carter up and pulled back on the arms, nailing a Tiger Suplex!! Derecho stood up and wobbled around the ring. He fell to a seated position and flipped Carter the bird before slumping over onto his side.

Derecho grasped at his shoulder as he laid there on the canvas. The Suplex Fury he was known for in times of desperation ran on pure adrenaline, but now that it was over, the pain was settling back into his shoulder and the exhaustion of a taxing match was catching up to him, Meanwhile, Carter just took a hell of a beating and he needed to find a way to dig down deep. Despite being suplexed five times, you better believe Carter was in better shape than Derecho at the present time.  With both men down, the referee started his mandatory ten count.







Carter began to stir, but Derecho was still down.



Carter was up!

Since he was up, Derecho wouldn’t be counted down and Derecho knew this. He let Carter get to his feet to break the referee’s count, allowing him more time to rest.  Also, it didn’t matter if Derecho stayed down for the full ten, he’d still keep the title on a double countout. A true sign of a veteran champion right there. Carter went to pull Derecho up to his feet, but Derecho surprised Carter with an Inside Cradle!  He suckered him in!



Carter kicked away.

Derecho pulled himself up as did Carter, but Carter was a little quicker.  He was quick enough to where he leapt up and went for a Drop Kick, but Derecho swatted him away!  Derecho pulled Carter up and began to hit knee lift after knee lift as Carter was backed against the ropes.  Derecho then whipped Carter across the ring and scooped him up off the rebound, nailing a Double A Spinebuster in the middle of the ring.  Derecho stood up and let out a bestial roar as he slapped his injured shoulder, showing that the pain was subsiding.

Derecho scoffed at Carter as he headed to the corner.  Derecho climbed out onto the apron and then ascended the turnbuckle pads to the top.  He took aim on Carter, but at the split second that Derecho had leapt off, Carter showed signs of life and sprung to his feet!  Derecho was already committed and sailing through the air…


For those who remember their encounter on Slam 67, Carter did the exact same thing to Derecho! Derecho never thought it would happen again and didn’t see the counter coming!  Now it was Derecho that was down on his back.  Carter pointed to the buckles and quickly made his way over.  He climbed up top and took aim on the world champion!  Carter flew off and drove the point of the elbow straight into the black heart of the champion!!!

It was the Pinpoint Assault.. It was a tribute to his mentor Matt Haddon and after what Derecho had done to Haddon, it would be the ultimate avenge if it could put the champion away right here and now!

Carter covered as the crowd counted along.



THRE.. NO!!!

Derecho kicked out at the last second and the crowd booed heavily.  Carter sat there and buried his face into his hands, thinking that he had Derecho off the European Uppercut and the Diving Elbow.

Carter stood and dared Derecho to get up to his feet.  Derecho crawled to the ropes and used them to pull himself up.  He turned to face Carter and that’s when Carter pivoted and hit a mule kick into Derecho’s abdomen.  He then hooked Derecho by the head and backflipped over him, looking for The Lucky Break, but mid flip, Derecho grabbed Carter and held him on his right shoulder. He then dropped him right on the back of his head!!


But Derecho couldn’t follow up as he when he landed, he immediately grasped at his shoulder and cried out in pain!  He may have felt good by now, but that one sudden movement in that move reaggravated all the work that Carter had put into that shoulder and Derecho was feeling it.  Even still, Derecho gritted his teeth and rolled over where he made the cover.



Too much time had passed and Carter was able to kick out of it!  Carter may not have negated the finisher completely, but he did enough damage to cause that gap and Derecho couldn’t capitalize on it!  Derecho stood pondering what to do next. He knew that his shoulder would be completely gone if he attempted another Emerald Flowsion. Most of his other high impact moves were null now because they required his shoulder to do the lifting.  Derecho had one finisher in his arsenal that didn’t require the use of his shoulder and he now looked to set up for it.

Carter slowly pulled himself up. As he did, Derecho walked over and kicked Carter in the stomach.  He stood side by side with Carter and hit the Side Russian Leg Sweep near the corner.  Derecho stood and headed the opposite direction.  He climbed all the way up top and peered out at Carter who was ¾ of the way across the ring.  Derecho took aim and leapt off…



Carter moved!!

Derecho slammed down on his seat, but Carter got to his feet.



Derecho went limp and Carter forced Derecho onto his back!





Derecho was too close to the corner and Carter got too excited and didn’t realize it!  Carter wanted to pull his hair out in frustration as he couldn’t believe he made the one mistake of not pulling Derecho away from the corner. Had he done that, he’d be world champion right now.  Carter knew it would take one good shot to finish off Derecho. He didn’t want to try for The Lucky Break a second time because even if that shoulder was gone, he knew Derecho was crazy enough to counter with the Emerald Flowsion again.  Carter was going to end it on another Horseshoe as he warmed up the leg.

Derecho reached up and grabbed the ropes and pulled himself up. Once he was vertical, he let go of the ropes and turned to face Carter.  Carter lunged in with the Super Kick, but Derecho suckered him and side stepped it!  Derecho quickly spun Carter around and hooked his head with his left hand, looking for a DDT, but Carter, instead, charged forward and rammed Derecho back first into the turnbuckles! 

Carter pulled Derecho away from the corner and rammed him back first into the turnbuckles a second time. Carter pulled Derecho away and rammed him a third time, feeling the life drain out of Derecho with each hit.  Carter then hoisted Derecho up onto the top turnbuckle pad and climbed up after him.  Carter stood atop the top rope and leapt onto Derecho’s shoulders!!


Derecho bounced hard off the canvas as Carter got back up onto the ropes and sat stop of them as Derecho staggered to his feet.  Carter stood up on the middle turnbuckle as Derecho turned and staggered back towards the corner. Carter then leapt off and landed on Derecho’s shoulders, but Derecho immediately grabbed Carter, pivoted 180 degrees and sat down the Powerbomb..



Derecho hit his old original finisher from out of nowhere… the Spiral Bomb… on Lucky Carter!  Derecho fell to his back and couldn’t make the cover. Derecho didn’t have to do any lifting.. He simply had to use Carter’s own momentum against him and that was what he did.  Derecho slowly sat up and he reached forward and placed his hand on Carter’s stomach and that counted as a cover.



Thre… NO!!!

Carter popped the shoulder up and the crowd erupted!

“THIS IS AWESOME!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“THIS IS AWESOME!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“THIS IS AWESOME!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“THIS IS AWESOME!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“THIS IS AWESOME!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap

Derecho gritted his teeth for the third time tonight.  He was beginning to seethe as he needed to put Carter away here and now.  Derecho grabbed Carter by the hair, pulling him up to his feet.  He spun Carter around and went for a Half Nelson, but Carter fought out of it with elbows to the side of the head. Carter took off to the rope and leapt to the middle rope, hitting a moonsault and colliding with Derecho!  He held the champion down with a cover off the moonsault press…



Derecho kicked out.

Both men got back up to their feet as Derecho belted Carter with a right hand.  Carter fired back with a right of his own to cheers from the crowd.  Derecho hit a right to boos. 

You know how it goes…


The boos conitnued as Derecho got the upper hand. He hit a right hand so hard that it pivoted Carter around.  Carter immediately fell backwards and kicked Derecho in the face with the Pele Kick!  Derecho backed up a few steps, but remained vertical.  Carter turned over and stood and that’s when Derecho charged in and lunged at Carter…


Derecho went into the cover…



Thr.. NO!!!!

Carter kicked out!!

Derecho stood up and was completely frustrated.  He pulled Carter up and grabbed him by the hair.


Derecho turned Carter around and hooked him in the full nelson.  He went to cradle the leg, but Carter stomped on Derecho’s shin!  Carter hooked Derecho by the head….



Derecho grabbed Carter again,...



Carter wriggled free and landed behind Derecho!  Carter pivoted…


Derecho was about to fall forward when Carter placed Derecho in a half nelson.. He cradled the leg…



Derecho hit on the back of his neck and shoulders.. The momentum carried Derecho over onto his knees in the center of the ring.  Carter quickly pulled Derecho up.. Put his back to him, hooked the head and flipped over..


The crowd was going apeshit!!






Carter couldn’t believe it himself.  His eyes were as big as the moon as the referee walked into the ring and handed Carter the world title.  Carter just knelt there holding the title in his hands in disbelief. Carter even had to ask the referee if the belt was really  his.

The referee helped Carter up to his feet and raised his hand.  Carter was on the verge of tears as here tonight he avenged Matt Haddon, he avenged Vic Gravender.  He dethroned Derecho and now had the ability to call himself world champion, but it wasn’t over.

Derecho was pulling himself up to his feet using the ropes.  He stared across the ring at Lucky Carter holding his title and Derecho shambled over to him.  Derecho looked like he was going to murder Carter where he stood, but then, the unthinkable happened….





He never does that to anyone and yet, he’s doing it here for Lucky Carter.  Did Carter actually beat the shit out of Derecho so much that he actually earned his respect!?  Carter didn’t know what to do, but even though he felt he would get dropped, he still tempted fate and accepted Derecho’s handshake.

Derecho squeezed Carter’s hand as hard as he could and he yanked Carter into him.  The camera got close enough to hear what Derecho said to Carter.

“This isn’t over… pandora’s box has only just begun to open”

Derecho then shoved Carter away into the referee and hobbled out of the ring.  Derecho made his way to the backstage area legitimately pissed off.  What did those words mean?  As the last man to hold the title, he was due a rematch… were those chilling words Derecho’s way of saying that he’s going to cash in his rematch?

Time will answer those questions, but for now, Lucky Carter had celebrating to do.

Lucky Carter is now NBW World Heavyweight Champion!


And NEW...


Lucky Carter was now NBW World Heavyweight Champion. This was not only his very first championship EVER as a singles wrestler… at twenty-three years of age, he now held the record for being the youngest nbW World Heavyweight Champion of all time! He fell to his knees and continued to stare longingly at the title that now belonged to him as streamers began to fall from the ceiling and a LARGE display of explosions decided to erupt from the stage!


And one by one, members of the roster had come out to be there for the occasion.

Spike Saunders.

Warren Spade and Fenton Woods.

The Dynasty Tag Team Champions, Vic Gravender and Tyson XL.

For The Win.

The Entertainers.

The Players.

Davey La Rue, SPARK, and Ai Tso.

Several other of the fan-friendly roster members continued to parade the ring in Lucky Carter’s huge moment as he now stood atop the ring, holding the nbW World Heavyweight Championship over his head and patting the gold faceplate. But the most important one was there to greet him now. The man that set Lucky Carter on this course in No Brand Wrestling. The man that helped make his career possible…

Matt Haddon.

Haddon walked towards the ring among all of the celebration and though his head was bandaged up from the number that Derecho did to him. The Founding Father – Carter’s mentor – entered the ring and raised his hand personally.

“I’m proud of you, kid. That belt is yours now.”

Carter then raised it.

“No. This belt belongs to EVERYONE.”

Haddon and Carter shook hands and as the other members of the roster celebrated the momentous occasion. Haddon then raised Lucky on his shoulders to celebrate with the world.

There was no swerve. There was no turn. No bullshit. Haddon was truly happy for his best pupil as he basked in the moment.

He was just one Lucky son of a bitch.

One man who had just achieved the biggest moment in his career.

And became the new nbW World Heavyweight Champion.


Fade out, roll out. Credits, that is.





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