Eternal Judgement

No Brand Wrestling Presents: ETERNAL JUDGEMENT
Live from the Silverstein Eye Centers Arena - Independence, MO
Arena Attendance/Ticket Sale Percentage : Sold Out


Cue up the standard copyright and warning information, before fading in to the masked face of the former NBW World Heavyweight Champion, Judasbleek. While the music beated along we watch as Judasbleek removed his mask, and set the title down -- effectively vacating it. 'SLAM 66' is overlayed over the scene as General Manager Jack Harmen is shown announcing the need for a champion. Lucky Carter versus Derecho where the winner will face Ali Amore at LEGACY for the vacant championship would be made for the next episode of SLAM as the scene faded out.


[Clips from the final moments of Derecho/Carter were shown which saw Carter pull out the win, barely, sending him to LEGACY.]


[The assault by an irate Derecho on the GM, Jack Harmen, was shown.]

NBW would run a series of live events while putting a hold on further production of the bi-weekly episodes of SLAM. Even Legacy was canceled and tickets refunded. The GM out of commission and the inmates running the asylum, so to speak. With no World Champion to speak of the company's weight was placed on the shoulders of the only reigning champion, the Keystone Champion, El Dragon Loco.

2015 Holiday Special

[Clips showed the Main Event headlined by Derecho Versus El Dragon Loco, a possible instance of what would come to pass. El Dragon Loco would be the victor this night. Richie Keal was then shown playing with dominos, a motif through the night, before the pull back to show the healed up and returning GM. Harmen was back.


[Clips from the announced eight person World Championship Qualifier tournament started to play. Ravage would advance over Lady Luxx, thanks to some interference. El Dragon Loco would advance over the Colossus, Spike Saunders. Derecho would advanced by beating the shock return of Techno Dragon. And the winner of 25 to Life would defeat Lucky Carter in the Main Event.]


[Next step of clips showed as EDL overcame Ravage, and Derecho beat out Amore, setting the stage for the finals to come.]

With the grand finals set for the upcoming pay per view, Eternal Judgement, there would be far more work to be done. A number one contenders match between Ali Amore, Lucky Carter and Ravage would be announced the following SLAM. The Dynasty Tag Team Championships would also be announced to be awarded to the winner of the first ever tag team 10 to 1 match. Newcomer Brock Newbludd would find himself with his first match in the NBW against Big Rick Strongbern, while returning superstar Benjamin Jones, new attitude and outlook, would set out to capture one of the largest bounties he could in Spike Saunders.

It's been a long road to get to this point.

Tonight, NBW continues its RISE back to the top.



The cameras went to ringside briefly where Melissa Vanderart and C.G. Gains introduced themselves and welcomed the viewers at home.

"Good evening everyone! Welcome to Eternal Judgement live here on Pay Per View. Joining me as always is none other than C.G. Gains, and tonight we have quite the show ahead for you all."

"And... this guy? I want to get to the killing and downright murdering!" Gains added in, as his usual self.

"We'll get to the breakdown here in a bit folks. Right now, we're going straight to the action!"

It was time for the opening match in tonight’s Eternal Judgment pay per view showing and it would be the debut of one of No Brand Wrestling’s young trainees about to make a debut. A man known only by the name “Big Blue” Bobby Lazar was looking to make an impact against one of the more tenured veterans of the NBW locker room and a man that came close to defeating Derecho a few weeks ago: The powerful submission expert Tony Sharp.

After the intro to the show played up for the crowd, already in the ring was a rather odd-looking wrestler that got a modest pop from the crowd. A bit on the heavy end at about six foot even and weighing at a little over three bills, blue was clearly his color of choice. Blue Mohawk, a single-strapped singlet and blue boots certainly made him stand out more than the typical rookie, but he was out here tonight. 

“Welcome to Eternal Judgment and this is your opening match of the night! In the ring now, standing at six-foot tall and weighing in at three-hundred twenty-five pounds. He resides in St. Louis, Missouri … “BIG BLUE” BOBBY LAZAR!!!!!!”

Bobby waved to the crowd and the fans gave him a polite round of applause before introducing his next opponent.

Next up, it was Nonpoint’s “Bullet With A Name” playing the man to the ring. Sharp stormed his way right from the back and quickly paced toward the ring. The former leader and star of the deadly Family Keeling stable was looking to rebound from a close loss to the former NBW World champion, Derecho. Tony climbed into the ring and he was armed with a microphone. 

“Listen up …”

Sharp screamed and the crowd was already on his case.


The man who was known as Cold Steel shot a deadly gaze to the eager rookie in the ring.

“You’re dead meat here in a second, piggy, but I’m going to address something in a second. Vic Gravender gets picked up for a contact? That fat waste of space? Tyson XL gets a spot on the roster? And they get a main event match? But I have to come out here and open a show against … THIS corpulent … thing?”

Lazar waved to the crowd and tried to keep his smile. Tony was not amused in any way, shape or form with his demeanor.

“You won’t be smiling when I’m done. Do you realize what you are, kid? You’re a fat little pig heading to slaughter … ” Tony approached Lazar slowly. “You’re going to be my example for what will happen to the rest of the roster. I’m going to rip off your arm, I’m going to rip off your leg and I’m going to take my time doing it. There’s nothing personal about any of this, kid, it’s just the way things have to be.”

Bobby frowned at the aspect of this man looking to make an example out of him. Tony turned his focus to the official.

“Ring that bell.”

The official called for the bell and Tony Sharp met up with Bobby Lazar. He was known as Big Blue for his apparent love for all things of that color. The man called Cold Steel launched his first assault as he grappled onto Bobby’s neck with a powerful head lock. His grip was less like a regular grappler and more like a snake ready to eat an animal whole. Sharp kept his head trapped and then managed to use his strength. The two-hundred sixty-pound Sharp muscled the smaller, but wider Lazar over onto his back.

The official checked to make sure it was a legal hold instead of a choke and it looked more that way than anything. Big Blue was going to have a big blue face to match his blue attire as Tony continued his grip. He continued to shake away at the neck of the young rookie and threw him down. Lazar was caught off guard by Tony’s sudden attack.

“Do you hear me? You aren’t even in my league, boy …”

More boots from Sharp landed on Bobby’s stomach. He picked up the rookie and he was pushed in the corner. He moved a hand back and chops connected with Lazar’s chest! With an arm around his, he pulled Bobby into a short arm and two elbows landed in his face. With Bobby stunned from the two blows, Tony whipped him into the ropes and waited for Bobby to come back into the path of a boot …

A cartwheel from Bobby?

Big Blue rolled off to the side and he raised his hands out for the crowd! The big kid had some agility in there and he jumped in the air again, also clicking his heels together before he landed. That got the cerulean-clad rookie some cheers from his hometown fans. Tony Sharp was absolutely baffled with what the kid was doing. He should be cowering in fear, not playing up the crowd like an idiot. When Bobby spun around, Tony roared and ran at him with an attack in mind when Lazar pulled the ropes down, thus making Tony Sharp fall out to the floor.

Tony Sharp was embarrassed by this turn of events! The crowd was laughing at Bobby Lazar’s antics and the rookie was indulging them. Lazar was on the ring apron with Tony Sharp and Big Blue launched a rather unique attack in the form of a running hip attack right off the apron! Cold Steel was certainly not expecting this sort of a fight, let alone this type of offense away from the ring and yet, here the rookie was. Bobby rolled into the ring and started to dance a jig and even did a break dance spin!


Bobby Lazar had a big chance to impress and Big Blue was going to do just that! He laid across the ring and pointed a finger, shooting a wink at Tony Sharp who went from angry to downright frazzled. Sharp stood up and he slammed around the belongings of Melissa Vanderart and C.G. Gaines at the announce table!

“This isn’t wrestling! This is garbage!”

Big Blue was back to his knees and dared Tony to get back in the ring. He accepted that challenger quicker than Barney Stinson and slid back inside, just as the heavy-set rookie was in the ring. Tony grabbed Bobby and he fired knees into his stomach. He was not a happy camper and the fighting continued when he moved behind him. Both hands were around Bobby’s waist, but he stuck his gut out and fired his posterior right back into Tony’s gut to doubled him over. He shoved Tony into the ropes as he himself came off the ropes with a huge pounce type of shoulder block!

The fans were very impressed when Bobby bounced off an adjacent rope and came back to meet Tony with a powerful shoulder tackle that was enough impact to knock both men over! Bobby had the crowd in the palm of his hands now and he crawled over to where Tony Sharp was.

1 …

2 …

And a kick out!

Bobby Lazar was starting to earn more respect from the fans in the crowd as the match went on and he was surprising everybody in attendance. Bobby tried to grab Tony Sharp by his hair when Sharp surged to life and clocked him with an uppercut of the European variety. His face was so red, the man known normally as Cold Steel looked like he was gonna burst into flames. Sharp with more forearms to the head and then a whip into the corner. Sharp followed with a huge boot to the face of Bobby and with that, the tide was turned for the former member of The Family Keeling.

Tony paid no attention to the crowd and put Big Blue on notice with a few stomps to his head and neck. He had two finishers – a deadly backdrop saito suplex and a crucifix crossface submission that he called the Steel Trap. Anybody that knew Tony – including his former rival, former NBW World champion Techno Dragon – knew that submission spelt curtains for anybody in it. Sharp went to work on the neck with a huge neck crank now. He picked up the hefty Bobby Lazar and had him up in the middle of the ring before powering him up with a T-bone suplex! The crowd cringed from the impact as Tony Sharp rolled over and covered.

1 …

2 …


Bobby Lazar got his shoulder up and the fans started to roar in approval as the rookie fought back. Tony Sharp wasn’t done punishing him. He picked up Bobby and two more big elbows caught the colorful rookie. A running forearm smash from Tony caught Bobby in the corner, but he wasn’t through. The six-foot five Sharp got some traction and hit the adjacent corner prior to coming back and landing another huge elbow to the face! Lazar was stunned when Tony hoisted him up on his shoulders. With a grunt he got him up and took him out of the corner with a rolling fireman carry slam. Tony was a little shaken up by the landing himself but Lazar looked much worse off.  With that Sharp tried to end this once and for all.

1 …
2 …

And another kickout by Lazar!

The big rookie was certainly showing some heart in the ring tonight against one of NBW’s toughest men, but it was taking a lot more than heart to beat Tony Sharp. Sharp rolled Bobby over onto his stomach and he dropped some vicious elbows right on the back of the neck to try and soften him up.

“I told you that you shouldn’t take this match.”

More elbows and now a painful knee drop completed his beating before he kept the knee in place and pulled on his neck in a unique take of a camel clutch submission. The hold was firmly in place, but that didn’t stop the rookie nicknamed Big Blue from wanting to get to the ropes. He squirmed and continued to make his way to the ropes and since he was a bigger man he had strength on his side, but Sharp was strong plus technically inclined so that was going to win out.

Bobby was close to making it to the ropes when he got caught and pulled away from them! Sharp dragged him back to the middle of the ring and now had on an STF submission hold! If things weren’t bad before for Bobby Lazar, they were going to be now. Tony called for a submission and the official was watching Bobby’s hand, but Big Blue looked hesitant to tap out! From what they could tell he liked to have fun, but he also wanted to win here tonight in front of his home town fans.  More cheers helped wake up Bobby Lazar as he tried climbing to the ropes. He was inching closer, but Tony Sharp had enough and he let go of the hold long enough to try and drag Bobby back. When he got up, Bobby got his free leg up and kicked him away.

His neck was killing him when Tony continued to attack him. He was close to getting to Bobby when Big Blue stomped on his foot! It was a move you would learn more on a schoolyard than a wrestling school, but it was enough to stop Tony. Lazar got up and stomped on his foot three more times and then measured him up before delivering a little sweet shin music, catching Tony in the leg! Sharp was more annoyed than in pain as Bobby took a powder and hit the corner. Tony ran at him with another running forearm smash attempt when Big Blue moved and Sharp hit the corner hard.

Bobby walked backwards and tried to fight the pain in his neck before running forward and landing a big running hip attack to the chest! The wind got knocked out of Tony and that’s when Bobby mounted more of a comeback. He fired back with a big bionic elbow and fired three more. After making with the flip, flop and fly, Bobby used a bell-clap! And another one! And another one! Three of the bell-claps disoriented Tony Sharp when Bobby pulled him out of the corner and ran forward with a running version of a back drop suplex! Bobby was now going for the win!

1 …

2 …

Tony kicked out now!

Bobby Lazar was close to a massive upset here tonight and the unconventional rookie picked up Tony. He made with some jabs to his head and then fired a head butt into Sharp’s chest. Sharp fired back with a big elbow of his own and Bobby was wobbly on his feet now. Sharp then turned him around. He went looking for his saito backdrop suplex but Bobby unexpectedly flipped out of it and landed into a cover on Sharp! He grabbed Sharp’s arm and leg!

1 …

2 …


No way!

Bobby Lazar escaped the ring and it was a complete shocker! In the past, Tony Sharp had been one of the most dangerous technicians in nbW’s history, but today he had just been upset by the rookie Bobby Lazar with a pinning hold! The big rookie stumbled around ringside and was in a state of shock! He tried straightening his Mohawk but it was disheveled from the match so he said screw it and go the cheers from the crowd.

“No! No!” Tony shouted at the official. “I kicked out, you asshole … I kicked out!”

At the foot of the ramp was one of the man who had a hand in training Lucky Carter – the man called “The Founding Father” Matt Haddon. Haddon was there to shake Bobby’s hand at the top of the ramp and raise his hand.

“Dude, dude, dude, dude, dude …” Bobby exclaimed. “I won! I won! I won! That was ssssssiiiiiiiiiiicccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!”

Haddon and Lazar headed behind the curtains to celebrate his moment while Tony Sharp was left embarrassed again. The complete unknown known as Big Blue had just made his career in three seconds! Bobby Lazar was off to a good start!

Welcome to Eternal Judgement

Following the victory by Bobby Lazar the aerial camera view came to life on the EpiCenter and broadcast, showcasing the cheering fans. Signs thrust in the air per was the usual. Some made sense, some made you laugh, and others just jumped out. The camera continued to pan around while Vanderart started speaking.

"What a victory for Big Blue!"

"Just another body that will fall amongst the best, Melissa. And listen to this crowd. The Silverstein Eye Center is loud and ready for more action tonight. The sold out crowd can't wait until we have our new NBW World Heavyweight Champion crowned!" Gaines stated as a matter of fact. And perhaps was.

"We will also see the first ever 10 to 1 crown NEW Dynasty Tag Team Champions.

"Personally I am looking forward to seeing Benjamin Jones knocking out Saunders and getting himself some gold around that waist of his." Gaines stated.

"Let us not forget that not only will we crown our new World Heavyweight Champion, but also we will have a new number one contender declared after tonight's triple threat between Ravage, Ali Amore and Lucky Carter!"

"These fans want blood. They want action. They've driven from all corners of the nation and flown from all over the globe, to be here tonight. It's been half a year since NBW had a World Heavyweight Champion, and aside from the cause of that, tonight everyone is hoping to drive forward." Vanderart continued, "our General Manager, Jack Harmen, even invited some special guests tonight. Not all invitations were accepted, however those that were are enjoying the best eats in Missouri."

The view rotated until the skybox was in view. While unfamiliar to just the NBW faithful, the wrestling fans in the audience immediately cheered and booed. Sitting back enjoying a big slab of steak happened to be the last World Champion of the promotion UTA.

"That's Sean Jackson!" Gaines shouted out with glee. "The current reigning champion of the United Toughness Alliance, and recently signed superstar with Defiance Wrestling." Gains laughed and continued, "That's right folks. We actually do pay attention to the competition, and not afraid to mention them. It's called respect!"

"You just want Jackson to sign an autograph, Craig. Let up. There happen to be others here tonight as well."

Indeed there were as the view came across a duo sitting up on the opposite side of the arena, mid-section, with a dozen seats roped off around them every direction. One of the young men raised his fist toward the camera's view in a rather rude gesture. Before it could be clear who they were however the view rotated back to ringside!


“ All right!” CG Gains said. “It’s time to get to one of my two favorite matches tonight! We’re gonna have one of the greatest young talents in NBW history collect the proverbial scalp of another former NBW World Heavyweight Champion! Jones is gonna take down The Colossus!”

“What my partner is getting all hyped up about,” Melissa Vanderart explained, “is our next match that has grown quite personal between the two competitors when the MMA and wrestling star “Bounty Hunter” Benjamin Jones takes on the backbone of No Brand Wrestling, “The Colossus” Spike Saunders! Since Jones has come back, he’s been rubbing everybody the wrong way and showing ZERO regard for the safety of others. He injured the arm of Alyx Norwood in his return match, he concussed Matt Haddon. However, Spike hasn’t taken kindly to any of his behavior at all. The two have come to blows before, but tonight won’t have any security to intervene.”

“I don’t care if Saunders is a foot taller than Jones,” Gains said matter-of-factly, “everybody’s the same size when they get on their back and when Jones chops him down to size… bye, bye, Colossus!”

“Jones does have a lot of weapons in his toolbox! In addition to being an adept striker – perhaps NBW’s very best striker at that – he has a great submission game including a Kimura he calls The Clincher, An Achilles Hold, and a deadly Rear Naked Choke! Jones has ways to beat people of all different sizes, but Saunders has been dominant not only due to his size, but an impressive skill set for a man that large. Now we go to ringside for the next match!”

And back to Brent Williams.

“The following contest is scheduled for one fall!” Brent Williams announced.


The fans immediately shot to their feet and cheered for the arrival of the seven foot three Colossus as he stepped out through the entrance and out on the ramp. Normally, he’d be grinning and slapping hand with the fans on his way to the ring…

Tonight was not one of those times. He shook his head and pointed down at the ring, then looked out at the fans while removing his shades. Tonight, “business” was all over his face as he approached the ring with a steady gait.

“Introducing first from Beverly Hills, California, standing at seven foot three, three hundred twenty-seven pounds… he is the Colossus, SPIKE SAUNDERS!

While Brent Williams announced his name Saunders walked down the ramp and then stepped into the ring over the ropes. He raised a fist in the air and got a tremendous ovation. He had the respect of just about everybody in the locker room, save a select few. He was looking to beat some respect into his mouthy, but very talented opponent tonight.

“May I have your attention, please?!”

A voice called out and the crowd booed as Dina St. James walked out first. She strutted her stuff in a silky red blouse and a tight black skirt, turning around to let the fans get a good glimpse of her before she turned to face Matt Haddon.

“Allow me to introduce to you a man that goes by many names… The Knockout King of Kings! The Greatest Thing You’ve Ever Seen In The Ring! The man that concusses with kicks, pulverizes with punches and breaks arms for fun! The man that will defeat yet ANOTHER former NBW World Heavyweight Champion on his way to the top… he stands at six-foot two, weighing in at 244 of the most cut and chiseled pounds you’ve ever see…” Dina couldn’t help by hide a smile on her face before continuing. ”…THE BOUNTY HUNTER” BENJAMIN JONES!

“Genesis” by Justice. 

The new theme played and one by one, a series of corner-men with “CLUB KO” brand t-shirts made their way out from the back... five in all, lining up the entrance.

Looking every bit as fit as his manager claimed, wearing his signature golden-hued robe was none other than the former NBW Blitzkrieg and Infamy Champion, Benjamin Jones! The crowd BOOED as Jones kissed St. James and then headed to the ring with his posse in tow. Saunders didn’t look impressed at all with any of the pomp and circumstance and wanted to get at Jones as quickly as he could, but Jones took his sweet time as he stopped in front of the ring and shot a cocky grin at The Innovator. 

Jones and his entire posse made their way down the ramp until he managed to get into the ring. He opened his mouth wide so one member of his crew could give him some water. Another one placed his signature gold-themed mouthpiece in his mouth and soon, he stepped into the squared circle again.  Dina St. James clapped and cheered on her client/boyfriend as Jones stripped down to his wrestling attire. He tossed the robe out to a nearby corner-man and started to shadowbox for the crowd. After a farce of a MMA-influenced weigh-in on the last Slam ending in a sneak attack by Jones and company, Saunders was ready to break his jaw.


The Colossus and The Bounty Hunter were about to come to blows in the ring, but Jones took a powder and headed out to the floor immediately!


Instead of fighting his opponent, Benjamin Jones ran to the outside and he walked around with a big smile on his face as he went out to kiss Dina St. James! The two shared a kiss, which only annoyed Saunders.

“Gimme a drink, Smitty!” Jones patted his largest Club KO member on the back.

Smitty nodded and gave Jones a swig of his drink, holding the bottle out for Jones to lap it up. The Bounty Hunter and the members of Club KO all high-fived and got Jones ready for the match, but by this time, Saunders was done with the bullshit. The Colossus climbed over the ropes stepped out to the floor and cleared the members of Club KO to the other side of the ring…


The Bounty Hunter rolled back into the ring! Jones took the time to do a little shadowboxing like a shithead in the ring while the St. Louis faithful continued jeering him. When Spike saw enough of that stuff, he climbed into the ring only to catch a big running kick to the face from Jones! The blow didn’t knock Spike off his feet, but it was enough to rattle him. With The Colossus stunned on the floor, Jones used a move he hadn’t busted out in quite a while…


The blow still didn’t knock Saunders down, but The Colossus had been rattled enough for Jones to continue going to town. The Bounty Hunter went back into the ring and tried to floor him with another Elbow Suicida strike…


Spike CRACKED Jones in the head with a huge Clubbing Forearm as he came through the ropes! The crowd cheered the shot as The Bounty Hunter felt to the mat on the inside and now Saunders had the advantage on Jones early! He walked right into the ring as Jones tried to crawl away as Spike headed into the ring. 

Jones tried to stand and he swung back with another big shot only for Spike to straight-up GOOZLE him with both hands by the throat! Jones was shocked that Spike had bounced back that quickly and LAUNCHED him into the corner with a big throw. Saunders threw even MORE big right hands to the side of his head and followed up with more elbows until he picked him up. He whipped him halfway across the ring and shot him hard into the corner and when Jones came back…


Saunders shouted and the crowd cheered him in loudly as he PRESSED 243 pounds of Jones over his head like he was a cruiser-weight! He walked around the ring before simply THROWING him into the turnbuckle, Snake Eyes style! Benjamin was hurt now as Saunders ran off the ropes and came back to deliver a hard-hitting Running Big Boot to the face! He caught him and went to the lateral press early!




The Bounty Hunter kicked out, but Saunders stayed on the attack as the fans continued to cheer. He dropped him with a big Head-butt that sent him stumbling backwards into the ropes! Saunders took in the reception from the crowd before he advanced on The Bounty Hunter with a big knee to the gut. He fell to the second rope and that’s when the controlling Colossus continued to choke him against the ropes with a big knee! Jones had yet to get much in the way of offense against Saunders and things were about to get even worse as he ran off the ropes and connected with a HARD Bossman Attack against the ropes!

Jones flinched from the pain and fell back to the mat as Saunders rolled out of the ring to dap fists with a couple fans in the front row. A big series of “SAUNDERS!” chants only continued from the fans in the Epicenter as he pulled Benjamin neck-first over the apron and dropped the hammer down with some stuff clubbing blows. He then headed to the ring apron and waved for the crowd before running and bringing down a HARD Guillotine Leg Drop across the throat! The blow was hard enough to take Jones off the ring and out to the floor!


The Colossus was in complete control now and Dina St. James looked like she was sweating bullets. The other members of Club KO tried to rally behind Jones as he once again led up Benjamin Jones to his feet and turned him around before picking him up and RAMMING him back into the barricade! The Beverly Hills Powerhouse continued to turn him around and RAMMED him a second time into the ring apron! Things weren’t looking good at all for The Bounty Hunter and they weren’t going to get any better as Saunders tossed him away from the ring.

Saunders climbed inside and outside the bottom rope to reset referee Tal Nedrick’s count to perhaps dole out some more punishment to the man that insulted him for weeks and busted him open on one occasion. He approached the New Mexico native and swung again only for Jones to duck and landed a Dropkick to the left knee! Jones got up and threw not one, but two more Dropkicks to the knee to finally give himself the advantage!

Once he managed to get him off the mat, he used great effort before taking him back inside the ring. Jones headed to the second rope and waited as The Colossus tried to rise before taking a hard Running Dropkick to the face! Saunders’s bell had got rung right off the blow, but as he tried to rise, Jones caught The Colossus by the head and fired a series of HARD Kawada-style kicks to the head as he tried to get back up. Jones was a vicious man full of tricks and he would need every one to compensate for Saunders’s power advantage.

The Colossus was hurt in the corner now and seated as Jones changed up the striking game and swung with a series of left jabs to the head in an effort to stun the former NBW World Heavyweight Champion! Normally, Spike would be able to weather punches from almost anybody, but Jones was a world-class striker and the blows were taking a slight toll after all the headshots. Nedrick ordered him to back off, but The Bounty Hunter swung at him and yelled for him to mind his own fucking business.

Jones got himself a running start off the opposite corner and came back with a stiff Running Back Elbow the face! He was hurt now and Benjamin knew it as a smile crept across his face. He ran off the opposite corner a second time and charged again looking for a second one, but this time Saunders was ready and he ate nothing but a knee to the back! He crumbled to his knees as Saunders then headed out to the apron… uh-oh.

Saunders was one of THE biggest and strongest men in wrestling today, but not exactly known for his aerial prowess. For tonight only, that was gonna change as he headed to the top rope…


The Colossus had flown right at Benjamin and nearly took his head off! He dropped him in the middle of the ring with the big move now as he hooked the far leg of The Bounty Hunter!




Jones still kicked out despite the big moves being thrown somewhat early by the kickout, but The Colossus kept his temper in check.  Saunders picked him up and wasted zero time kicking him in the gut! He was going to finish thing now and tried to hurry up with a big move…


Jones saw it coming and slipped out the back before he rolled outside of the ring and created some distance! The crowd was booing LOUDLY now as Jones gave him the double bird on the outside, successfully breaking up any momentum that Saunders could create with his offense.

“Time out, time out, the round is over!” Jones screamed, jumping into the horde of the Club KO members at ringside.

Spike saw enough and grabbed Jones by the head, PULLING him up to the top rope! But no! Jones suckered him in and snapped his neck over the top rope! Saunders was stunned and stumbled backwards which allowed for Jones to head back into the ring, CLOBBERING him with a big Flying Knee Strike to the face! He stumbled backwards into the corner as Jones cocked back his foot. He stepped back a few steps and landed a HUGE Step-up Knee Strike in the corner again! Saunders STILL was on his feet, but Jones was fed up with it… THREE hard Step-up Knee Strikes and finally, The Colossus had been chopped down to size!

Jones made a motion like he’d chopped down a tree and looked mighty proud of himself before he struggled to get Spike on his back. After the herculean effort, The Bounty Hunter went to collect the scalp of another former NBW World Champion.




Spike powered out, but a seething Jones only climbed on top of the big man and unleashed a HARD flurry of Elbow Smashes to the face of the large NBW veteran. The very smug Jones now climbed to his feet only to drop a big Driving Elbow to the face. He then got right back up and ran off the opposite side before jumping and slamming a HARD Knee Drop back to the head again! He was targeting the head of Saunders now and went for a second cover.




Saunders still had the strength to unleash a kickout, but the headshots were beginning to take a toll. Jones lapped up the moment as the crowd continued to cheer. The Bounty Hunter looked down at the fallen Saunders and then out to the crowd.

“Bam! That’s how you slay a giant!” Dina St. Meyer yelled. 

As the members of Club KO celebrated perhaps a bit prematurely, he picked up Saunders by his hair only for The Colossus to fight back with a big right to the gut. The shot only stunned Jones for a second only for him to fire back with three STIFF knee strikes to the temple, making sure that Saunders stayed the fuck down. He continued to fire back and Spike even made it back to his feet to try and run off the ropes for a big move only for Jones to clip him with a gruesome back elbow. He was out on his feet…


A moved that used to be his finisher, it was enough to even lay out the mighty Saunders, perhaps turning his lights out for good. Jones nudged the referee to crawl over as he covered again.




Jones quietly scowled at Jones for thinking that was a three-count but tonight that wasn’t the case. The Colossus was in a very bad position now with the dangerous and deadly Jones on the offensive as he drilled a series of hard Hammering Elbows to the top of the skull. He seemed hell bent on giving her a concussion. Three big left hands found their way across the face of Saunders as he continued to only punish him some more.


Saunders only continued to feel the pain now and there was no chance for him to fight back because the crafty and dangerous Jones hadn’t left him any openings to take advantage of. But instead of going for a pinfall, he decided to wear him down with a deadly Triangle Choke!

“This is MY ring now, Saunders! Not yours! NBW is MY bitch!”

Jones cranked back on the hold now on The Colossus and continued to bring the punishment. The hold was on tightly and Saunders looked somewhat out of it now as the crowd continued to chant and yell along with The Colossus.


Jones had done a number on his head and thus, this Triangle Choke submission had been working its magic. The self-professed Greatest Thing You’ve Ever Seen in the Ring continued his punishment of the NBW veteran as Nedrick checked for signs of either a submission or a choke-out.

“Do you give up, Saunders?” Nedrick asked.

“No!” Saunders yelled.

The St. Louis faithful grew louder as Saunders was starting to struggle in the hold while Jones had a very tight grip on him. Jones continued to finally struggle, but Spike managed to fight through the pain. His head hadn’t felt his absolute best, but Saunders continued to hold him up…



The crowd EXPLODED and Spike Saunders unleashed a devastating counter that nearly MURDERED Benjamin Jones! Both men were down and out now on the canvas as this hard hitting match continued. Nedrick waited for both men to get up but when neither man did, he began the mandatory ten-count.






Saunders was up first and started to slam a fist on the mat to get a rhythm going as the crowd started to clap along with the powerhouse. The Colossus was starting to feel it now as Benjamin Jones waited.





Jones was up!


Saunders was somewhat hurt now, but he kept on going as he ran right into Jones with a big shoulder block that rocked the New Mexico native. He got up a second time as he ran off the ropes and charged right at Saunders again, landing an even HARDER shot and knocked him back down to the canvas! Spike shouted to the crowd and they roared back with approval as the fans filling the jam-packed EpiCenter looked on in approval!

When he started to stand up a third time, Saunders kneed him in the gut for about five brutal shots before launching him across the ring with tremendous force into the turnbuckle. He played to the crowd and yelled out in approval as he bounced off the ropes to deliver a GRUESOME Body Avalanche in the corner! And shit was only going to get worse for The Bounty Hunter as Saunders grabbed him…


Jones tried to get away from him, but Jones was shut down! Saunders kneeled over after the high-impact move and hooked the leg.




The crowd was shocked that Jones kicked out of the big flurry of power moves as Saunders’s head sank into a palm. The Beverly Hills Powerhouse shook away the feeling of disappointment and started to stand again. He was up first and stalked Jones as he continued to go for the big move. Benjamin turned around into the sight of both hand wrapping around his throat, looking for a Powerbomb of some sort, but  went low and kicked him in the knee with a nasty shot to break it all up. He charged off of the ropes and came back…


Another explosive maneuver, but this time in the form of his deadly right hook! He’d dimmed the lights out of many competitors before him, but now Jones was on the ropes! Saunders rolled over into another cover!





Smitty of Club KO had put his foot on the ropes and walked away before the referee counted three! Saunders had enough of this shit as he angrily shot a glanced over to Smitty. The biggest member of Club KO tried to walk away, but Saunders grabbed him by his head and pulled him up the ropes…


And down went Smitty!

Dina St. James protested with the official as the other three corner-men for Benjamin Jones all gasped at the fact that Smitty had his fucking lights punched out in front of him. Chris, Deke, and Mateo all backed the fuck up and walked away from an angry Colossus while Dina St. James angrily watched the fight.  They’d just saved The Bounty Hunter from defeat, but Jones was finally starting to rise again. Saunders went to finish this once and for all as he picked him up in the Fireman’s Carry…


Before he could get out of the spin, Jones went RIGHT back to the head again and had him trapped in a powerful hold! The head had been worked on all match, but Jones was not done.

“Give it up, old man!” Jones screamed. You’re done!

Indeed that looked to be the case as he fought back in the submission hold! There was no way for him to get out of this hold as he was in the center of the ring and far away from the ropes. Jones’ game plan was perfect. 

The crowd continued to shout and yell for Saunders as The Colossus was left looking very vulnerable in the position he was in! Saunders raised a hand and looked like he was about to tap out to the deadly MMA-style submission move in his arsenal and continued to struggle.


The referee held the hand up as The Colossus was fading fast. He had him once…


Jones was latched on tightly as The Colossus appeared to be fading fast. As the other Club KO members continued to check on Smitty, Dina St. James cheered on her beau. Nedrick raised the hand a second time and continued to wait as the hand went limp a second time.


The former NBW Champion wasn’t moving now as Jones had it locked on…

“THR… NO!”

Saunders got his arm up, but he was struggling to move! He used what little strength he had left and he THREW Jones off of him, sending him rolling across the ring! The Colossus coughed and choked, but Jones saw his opening. He patted his knee and pointed toward the ropes as he ran behind Saunders…


His deadliest version of his patented knee strike was a deadly Sliding Knee Strike right to the face! Saunders was nearly down and out and that’s when Jones covered him!




Jones was SO sure that he beat Saunders that he was about to jump up and celebrate when Spike didn’t go down! Saunders was STILL struggling, but he started to sit up and almost DARE Jones to hit him again. The Bounty Hunter got back to his feet and growled, but he was more than happy to oblige. With a pat of the knee, he went the reverse direction…


That had to do it. Saunders’ lights got fucking dimmed and he wasn’t moving this time around! The crowd booed, but Jones rolled over and went for a cover, almost exhaustedly.




And that was that. Saunders had weathered one hell of a storm and showed just why he was one of the toughest sons of bitches in the business today, but on this night…


In this vicious battle of the biggest versus the self-professed Best Thing Ever Seen in the Ring, it was Jones who made good on this promise to finish Saunders. The Club KO corner-men all stood back to check and make sure Smitty wasn’t seeing stars while Dina St. James entered the ring to plant a huge kiss on the lips of her successful boyfriend.

“I’m the greatest!” Jones shouted. “I’m a baaaaaaad man! And I’m pretty!”

After having his Muhammad Ali moment, Jones and St. James all left the ring. Mateo and Deke helped Smitty to his feet and carried him to the back, but tonight, there was going to be a celebration. Jones proved there was no man safe enough from his abilities in the ring (with a little help from his friends.

Weak Men Make Threats...

“Jones just took down one of NBW's cornerstones! If I were Derecho or EDL I would be quite worried about having to defend my championship against him later! Before we get to the next match though we’re going to go to the back, where Trent McKnight is standing with our newest superstar, “The Innovator” Brock Newbludd!” Melissa Vanderart announced.

“Newbludd has his work cut out for him tonight in his debut, with one of the true giants in this industry, Big Rick Strongbern!” C.G. Gaines sarcastically chimed in.

The camera cut to the back and Trent McKnight was standing in front of the NBW backdrop. Standing next to him was a man who was about to make his in-ring debut, “The Innovator” Brock Newbludd. Clad in his ring gear, Newbludd wore a determined look as he adjusted the black tape on his hands.

The NBW’s no-nonsense interviewer looked into the camera and put a microphone to his lips.

“Thanks Melissa, tonight will definitely be a historic night with not only a new World Heavyweight Champion being crowned but also new Dynasty Tag Team Champions as well!  While others, like this man, “The Innovator” Brock Newbludd and his opponent Big Rick Strongbern will be looking to settle a score.”

Trent turned and faced Newbludd.

“Brock, you gave us quite the introduction on the last episode of Slam, when you came to the aid of your good friend Davey LaRue, when he was at the mercy of The Strongberns. Big Rick was looking to seriously injure “Fat Tuesday” on his mission to take down the NBW as he put it “brick by brick”.

Newbludd shook his head and rolled his eyes in irritation at the mention of the Strongbern’s leader.

“But, not only did you help a friend, but you created a pair of enemies in The Strongberns. Big Rick seems intent to make your first match your last…”

Brock chuckled as Trent put the mic up to him.

“That, Trent, is a small threat coming from a small man. I’ve been in this business for a long time, and I have long list of enemies, so adding two more to that list means diddly shit to me. But, I’ve also compiled a must shorter list of friends, and one of the names on it is Davey LaRue.”

The crowd let out a cheer at a mention of the cult hero and Newbludd continued on.

“And last week, Davey was seconds away from being put on the shelf permanently by an angry half-man and his pet giant. And while we all know that LaRue is no saint, he deserves a better fate than that." Newbludd said in a serious tone as he recounted the events that occurred on the last Slam.

Newbludd’s seriousness gave way as a large grin grew across his face.

“And let’s be honest, if Davey is ever forced to retire because of in ring injury, it will be because he got in a horrific scooter accident during his entrance.”  Newbludd appealed to Trent.

Trent nodded his head in agreement and pulled the mic back to keep the interview moving forward.

“Which brings us to tonight and your match with Big Rick. But, you have to be concerned knowing that he isn’t just looking to win tonight, he’s looking to make you an example …” Trent said and pointed the mic back to Newbludd.

“I’m not worried one bit about his intentions. It’s not the first time I’ve crossed paths with a delusional prick like him, and his dreams of tearing down the NBW, are nothing more than that, dreams.” Newbludd replied.

“You see Trent, in a few moments, Big Rick is going to stomp down to that ring, puff his chest out and awkwardly step over the ropes…oh, he’s going to be feeling real big and bad. But then, that bell is going to ring and he’s going to have the reality check of his life when I shatter those dreams on my way to my first win here in the NBW.”

Newbludd oozed confidence as his crystal blue eyes stared into the camera and Trent pulled the mic back.

“It sounds like you’re ready for Big Rick, but there is always the presence of Little Ricky at ringside, and recent history has shown that Little Ricky has no problem in “assisting” his boss in any way he can in securing a win…” Trent asked in follow up.

“I’m predicting that Little Ricky’s not going to be doing much assisting tonight. Remember, I told his boss I would take him on one on one, and I plan to make sure it stays that way.” Newbludd replied with a grin as he clapped a friendly hand on a surprised Trent’s shoulder.

His smile faded and the seriousness returned as he cut Trent off from asking another question. Newbludd’s eyes held a coldness to them as his other hand slowly reached out and took the microphone from a surprised McKnight.

“Let’s just cut to the chase Trent, because Davey’s got the victory beers on ice, and I am damn thirsty. Revenge is the theme for my debut tonight, and the damage I’m about to do to Big Rick is going to be MY statement to the rest of this roster that I am NOT a man to be crossed.”

Newbludd turned from McKnight and looked into the camera. The look in his eyes was now a mix of intensity and anticipation.

“Strongbern! I hope you’re bringing your “A” game, because it’s time to back up your threats. It’s time to see how big of a man you really are!” Newbludd proclaimed.

Then his eyes narrowed and the fire that they briefly held was extinguished as the coldness returned. Focused, Newbludd spoke his final words.

“Weak men make threats, while the strong make promises. So, I promise to you Big Rick, that once I’m done with you tonight, you will always regret the day you decided to lock horns with THE INNO-FUCKING-VATOR!”

The crowd popped and a visibly amped up Newbludd tossed the mic to McKnight. He smashed a fist into his opposite hand as he walked out of the picture. Trent bobbled the mic for a second before he secured it and looked back to the camera.

“A confident Brock Newbludd looks ready for his debut and more importantly to settle the score with Big Rick Strongbern. Let’s head back to the ring!”


“Thanks Trent, Brock Newbludd aims to exact some revenge on behalf of “Fat Tuesday” in his debut with Big Rick tonight, C.G!” Melissa said.

“Good for him Melissa.” C.G. sarcastically replied. “I’m sure Big Rick will make quick work of this washed up drunk, just like he did with Davey on the last Slam.”

“I wouldn’t jump to conclusions!” Melissa retorted. “Quickly glancing over Newbludd’s resume you can see that he’s no stranger to success. He’s a 10 time tag team champion, along with numerous singles titles including the…”'

“Yeah, but that was year’s ago Mel!” C.G. proclaimed, cutting Melissa off. “Believe me, I know who he is, and I know what he’s done. But, he fell off the face of the earth and now all of a sudden he’s back as a member of NBW. I mean, who knows if he’s even half of what he used to be! Big Rick might have a few screws loose…”

“A few?” Melissa interjected.

“Ok, so maybe he is bat shit crazy!?" C.G. agreed. "Regardless, he’s one ornery S.O.B in that ring and a tough man to put down. Plus, he’s got Little Ricky there to help him! Newbludd better make sure he still has what it takes to go in the ring, otherwise he might be making one of the shortest comebacks in wrestling history!”

“Well, we’re all about to find out! Let’s send it down to Brent Williams!” Melissa announced and the camera cut down to NBW’s ring announcer.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is set for one fall and has a thirty-minute time limit!” Williams’s voice echoed through the arena.

“Psycho” by Psyko Dalek

The arena started to go pitch black and within a few seconds, the stage started to light up in bright white hues.  The loud and powerful anthem of all things rage continued to play and from the stage, smoke started to billow. Rising up from the smoke was a man in a black bandanna covering his facial features, silver tights with “STRONGBERN” running down the sides in a red lightning pattern and red fingerless gloves. Behind him as always was his associate and servant, “Little” Ricky Strongbern.

“Introducing first, being accompanied by his servant, Little Ricky, he claims to stand over seven feet tall and weighs in at well over 375 pounds… this is ”The Biggest Man in Town”… RICKY STRONGBERN!”Brent Williams announced.

The crowd rained down boos and Big Rick soaked them in and sneered on top of the entrance ramp for a few moments as his new entrance music played. The mentally unstable leader of the Strongberns made his way down entrance ramp, motioning for Little Ricky to follow. As Big Rick stomped down the ramp, fans berated the “Biggest Man in Town”, and Big Rick fired right back with insults of his own.

Suddenly the crowd chorus of boos turned into a roar of cheers and Big Rick stopped at the bottom of the ramp with a look of bewilderment, looking out into the crowd. Then, Big Rick realized that his servant hadn’t made it down to the ring and he slowly turned around to look behind him and back up the entrance ramp…

“FAT MAN!!?? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?” Big Rick screamed in rage as he stared up at none other than “Fat Tuesday” Davey LaRue.

LaRue was standing over Little Ricky who was sprawled out face down on the stage! The Louisianan mockingly waved at Big Rick, which showed a pair of brass knuckles wrapped around his fingers. Little Ricky started to push himself up and LaRue put him back down with a stiff shot right between the shoulder blades.

“What the hell is that fat drunk doing out here!?” C.G.Gaines asked his announce partner in an annoyed tone.

“If I had to guess, C.G., it would appear as if he just exacted some revenge on Little Ricky and also helped even the odds for his friend!” Melissa answered with a hint of amusement in her voice.

“Newbludd should be disqualified, that was a blatant cheap shot by LaRue.” C.G. yelled.

“Hard to DQ someone before the match even starts C.G.!” Melissa fired back.

Big Rick yelled in rage and started to move up the entrance ramp when he was cut off by “The Innovator” Brock Newbludd’s music hitting the speakers.

”Redneck” by Lamb of God

The crowd popped as Newbludd strode through the opened double doors with a fist held high in the air. Newbludd pointed at Big Rick who was now pacing back and forth in the middle of the ring, apparently having second thoughts to helping Little Ricky.

LaRue had grabbed one of Little Ricky’s legs and was now dragging his limp body back up the ramp. Little Ricky’s head bounced off the ground as LaRue drug him towards the back and “Fat Tuesday” bumped a fist with Newbludd as he walked past him. The crowd cheered when Davey acknowledged them one last time with a wave before disappearing through the sliding double doors with Little Ricky.

Fists clenched, Big Rick tried to argue with the referee Slim J about having Newbludd disqualified, but Slim J was not having any of it.  Furious, Big Rick walked over to a corner and beat his fists into the turnbuckle and stomped on the mat with his feet in a tantrum, which caused the crowd to heckle him even more. Knowing that the match would still go on, regardless of what just happened to his servant, Strongbern visibly collected himself and put his “game face” on.

 “And his opponent! Making his return to the ring and his NBW debut! Hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, weighing in at two-hundred and twenty five pounds…here is “THE INNOVATOR” BROCK NEWBLUDD!”” Brent Williams said in dramatic fashion.

The crowd roared with approval as Newbludd made his way down and slid under the ropes. He popped up, climbed a turnbuckle and threw both of his fists above his head. Newbludd’s turned his head, focusing in on Big Rick, and he jumped off the turnbuckle to face him. “The Innovator” winked at Big Rick who was in the opposite corner from Brock. Fuming with rage, Strongbern looked like he was about to explode at any second.

“I told you it was going to be one on one tonight, LITTLE man! Now, let’s see how good you are without your bitch watching your back.” Newbludd said with a cocky grin as he leaned into the turnbuckle opposite of his opponent.

"LITTLE MAN! LITTLE MAN! LITTLE MAN!" The crowd was really getting under Big Rick's skin.

“I’M GOING TO ENJOY DESTROYING YOU NEWBLUDD, BUT I’LL MAKE SURE TO LEAVE SOME SCRAPS FOR LITTLE RICKY!” Strongbern screamed at Newbludd before giving a wild eyed stare to Slim J and yelling “RING THE DAMN BELL!”

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Strongbern exploded out of his corner and charged at Newbludd who quickly spun out of the corner to avoid a running forearm. Big Rick yelled in rage as he missed and Newbludd quickly grabbed the back of his head and smashed it into the turnbuckle. Quickly, Strongbern shot an elbow back and nailed Newbludd in the chest sending “The Innovator” reeling backwards a few steps. Brock looked surprised as he regained his footing in the center of the ring.

Big Rick let out incomprehensible snarl and came back at Newbludd. The two met in the middle of the ring for a collar and elbow tie up, each man jockeyed for superiority until Newbludd snatched a headlock and sent Big Rick towards the ropes. Strongbern bounced off the ropes and Newbludd delivered a picture perfect deep arm drag that sent the other man down to the ground.

Big Rick quickly popped up and charged at Newbludd again only to receive another deep arm drag. This time Brock transitioned the move into an arm bar as the two men hit the mat. Down on one knee, Newbludd wrenched on a prone Big Rick’s shoulder, but Strongbern showed his strength again by powering himself up to his feet and delivering a STIFF shot to Newbludd’s gut with his free hand. Brock released the arm and doubled over. Taking advantage, Big Rick dropped to his knees and smacked Newbludd with an uppercut that sent Brock on his back.

“Big Rick displaying his underrated strength to start the match!” Melissa pointed out.

“Like I said Melissa, crazy as he is, Big Rick is a tough man to put down!” C.G. replied.

The crowd rained down boos as Big Rick roared with his arms outstretched. He grabbed Newbludd by the back of his head and started to raise him up to his feet. Brock reacted quickly, throwing his shoulder into Big Rick’s gut as he wrapped his arms around him. Hands clenched, Newbludd bent backwards, taking Big Rick to the mat with a bridging Northern Lights Suplex! Slim J dove to the mat for the count!




Big Rick kicked out and both men were quickly back on their feet. Strongbern looked flustered by the close call, while Newbludd grabbed his jaw from the stiff uppercut he had just received. Both men’s eyes never left the others, Newbludd’s held a cold focus and Strongbern’s a fiery rage.

“Newbludd almost stole one there! So far, he’s looking like he’s still got it!” Melissa said.

“Maybe to you it looks that way, Mel! But, until Slim counts to three he’s still proven nothing to me!” C.G. said defiantly.

Taking the initiative, Strongbern dove at Newbludd’s legs with a chop block. Brock tried to avoid the sudden attack by leap frogging Big Rick but he wasn’t quite fast enough and Strongbern’s shoulder caught Brock’s foot just enough so that it caused him to do an awkward front flip and roll through onto his knees.

Both were quickly on their feet and Strongbern charged in again this time with a forearm and Newbludd side stepped, pushing Big Rick into the ropes. When Strongbern rebounded Newbludd leaped into the air and took Big Rick down with a huracarrana! Big Rick’s ego looked more hurt than anything else as he got to his feet and snarled at a Newbludd who grinned back at him.

The two men circled each other again before Newbludd attacked first and landed a right hook to the side of Strongbern’s skull. Big Rick wobbled for a second and retaliated with a fist of his own. Brock ducked the punch and Irish whipped Strongbern to the ropes, and immediately bounced off the opposite ropes. Big Rick had no time to react when he rebounded and Newbludd caught him with a spinning back elbow that sent Strongbern flying through the middle ropes and onto the floor!

Big Rick rolled as he landed, cushioning some of the impact. He shook the cobwebs out of his head and pounded a fist on the ground in frustration. Strongbern looked back up to the ring just in time to see Newbludd spring boarding off of the top rope! Big Rick deftly rolled out of the way and Newbludd’s failed splash resulted in him hitting the floor with a sick thud!

“That’s what happens when you roll the dice Mel, sometimes you get snake eyes!” An amused C.G. spouted.

“Fair enough C.G! That could wind up being a very costly mistake by Newbludd!” Melissa agreed.

Big Rick rose to his feet and laughed at Newbludd, who was lying face down holding his ribs. Strongbern continued his maniacal laughter as his boot firmly connected with Newbludd’s ribs, causing more boos to come from the crowd.  He followed up the kick by jumping in the air and delivering a solid elbow drop to the small of Newbludd’s back. Big Rick picked Newbludd up by his hair as he himself rose to his feet.

“ONE! GET IT BACK IN THE RING!” Slim J yelled down at the two men, starting the count out.

Big Rick was in control and delivered a knee to Newbludd’s gut which caused him to double over. Big Rick then pulled himself up to the ring apron and quickly leaped off to deliver a hellacious double axe handle that sent “The Innovator” down hard to the floor again. Big Rick soaked in more boos as he delivered another sharp kick to Newbludd’s ribs.

Picking his opponent back up again, Strongbern gave a mocking slap to Brock’s face before setting him up and planting Newbludd with a powerful snap suplex! Strongbern dropped to one knee and flexed his muscles much to the displeasure of the fans.

“NOBODY CAN STOP THE BIGGEST MAN IN TOWN!” Big Rick gloated as he stood up and faced the crowd.

The crowd exploded in even more boos when Big Rick walked over to a boy holding a sign in the front row of ringside that read “Welcome Back Brock!” and yanked it out of his hands. Big Rick sneered at the sign and spit on it before ripping it in half. Strongbern threw the torn sign on the ground and put a threatening fist up to the boy’s father who had started berating Strongbern while trying to console his now crying son.

“SIX!” Slim J shouted from the ring as he raised six fingers up above his head.

Big Rick turned around and jerked Newbludd up by the hair, giving him another mocking slap for good measure. Strongbern rolled his opponent underneath the ropes to break the count and climbed up to the ring apron. Much like he did during his entrance, Big Rick then started to slowly climb over the ropes in dramatic “big man” fashion which earned him more boos from the crowd.

Boos turned to cheers when just as Big Rick was swinging his leg over the top rope, Newbludd struggled to his knees, reached his arms out and yanked down on the top rope. Big Rick’s baritone voice hit a high note when Newbludd released the rope and it snapped upwards right into Strongbern’s groin. Big Rick winced in pain as he straddled the rope, his feet not touching the ground.

“Newbludd with a veteran move!” Melissa said enthusiastically.

“Oh yea, the nut shot, what a ring general…” C.G. grumbled sarcastically.

“It’s called ring awareness C.G.” Corrected Melissa.

Rising to his feet Newbludd put a hand on his back, feeling the effects of Strongbern’s suplex. Brock glared at the still straddled Strongbern as he walked over to him.

“Newbludd looks like he’s realized what kind of threat Big Rick actually is in the ring, because he looks absolutely furious!” Melissa said observingly.

“Let’s see him back it up Mel, because so far it’s been all Big Rick, which I predicted would happen!” C.G. responded.

Newbludd reached Big Rick and put a hand underneath Strongbern’s chin and turned Big Rick’s face to meet his.

“So you like to slap little man!? Well, let me return the favor!” Newbludd screamed in Big Rick’s face.

Newbludd reared back and gave Big Rick a succession of knife edge chops. The sound of Brock’s hand hitting Big Rick’s chest were drowned out by the roar of the crowd. After about the seventh or eighth chop Newbludd stopped and Big Rick’s chest was red with welts. Wasting no time, Newbludd secured Big Rick and delivered a MASSIVE side suplex that took Big Rick off of the ropes and sent him back into the ring. Strongbern nearly folded in half upon impact and flopped onto his stomach.

Newbludd got to his feet and made his way over to his downed opponent. Newbludd stood over Big Rick and grabbed both of his legs while planting one knee on the back of Big Rick's head. Newbludd crossed Big Rick's legs and wrenched backwards, he had him locked into a high angle Texas Cloverleaf! But, Big Rick in another feat of strength crawled to the ropes and Newbludd was forced to quickly break the hold.

Wasting no time, Newbludd got back to his feet, and stood over Big Rick who was now on his hands and knees. Brock signaled to the crowd, locked his hands behind Big Rick’s neck in a full nelson and started to pull the other man up.

“Newbludd looking to end it early with the Fenris-Plex!” Melissa shouted.

Newbludd had gotten Big Rick to his feet, and looked poised to hit his variation of the dragon suplex, when out of desperation Big Rick threw his head back and smashed Newbludd right in the nose!

“Not today Mel! Big Rick got out of it!” C.G. cheered.

Newbludd stumbled backwards and Big Rick spun around quickly to deliver some lefts and rights to Newbludd’s gut that sent him back into the turnbuckle. Big Rick kept pounding away and Newbludd slumped to a sitting position into the turnbuckle.

Big Rick looked to capitalize and ran quickly to the opposite corner. He lined up his vulnerable opponent and charged at Newbludd delivering a devastating running knee!  Newbludd’s head jerked back violently on impact and he looked woozy as Big Rick backed up to survey the damage. Newbludd was still shaking the cobwebs out of his head when Big Rick pulled him out of the corner with one arm, and in an impressive show of strength popped him onto his shoulders into a fireman’s carry position.

With Newbludd draped over his shoulders, Big Rick moved back into the corner and placed Newbludd into a sitting position on the top rope. Quickly Big Rick followed by jumping onto the second rope and locked Newbludd’s head under his arm. The crowd jeered as Big Rick raised a middle finger to them with his free hand.

“I thought Big Rick was looking for The Head Strong but it looks like he wants to finish off Newbludd with a Top Rope Going Strong DDT !” Melissa exclaimed.

“Bye bye Newbludd, time to go back to whatever hole you crawled out of!” C.G. said with a snicker of satisfaction.

Looking to deliver an almost certain match ending maneuver, Big Rick let out a roar and jumped backward to deliver his patented DDT, but Newbludd had his hands tightened on the top ropes causing Strongbern to take solo trip to the mat! Big Rick landed hard on his back as Newbludd regained his composure and boosted himself up so he was now standing on the top turnbuckle.

“Newbludd might have been playing possum with Big Rick and now the momentum is with him!” Melissa said as the crowd roared.

Newbludd stood on the top rope and mockingly wagged a finger at Big Rick, who was starting to sit up. Newbludd waited for the right moment, and NAILED the sitting Big Rick right in the face with a missile dropkick! Big Rick’s head bounced off the mat from the force, and Newbludd landed next to him on his stomach. Brock popped to his feet, and to the delight of the fans, stepped on Big Rick’s head as he walked over him with a fist raised above his head.

Newbludd grabbed Big Rick by the ears and started to pull him up when out of desperation Big Rick rolled him up into a small package pin! Slim J dove to the mat and started the count!



“The Innovator” kicked out!

“Now a close call for “The Innovator!” Melissa said with excitement in her voice.

“Big Rick almost sealed the deal with the small package, but I’m not sure if he even knows where he is at after that dropkick to head!” C.G responded.

A surprised Newbludd broke the up the pinning predicament and rolled away from Big Rick who was struggling to his feet. Sitting on one knee, Newbludd gave an approving grin to his enemy then exploded at him with a clothesline! Big Rick managed to duck the clothesline and grab Newbludd from behind with a waist lock!

Newbludd threw an elbow back to hit Big Rick, but missed high because of the Strongbern’s short stature! Eyes still with a glaze in them, Big Rick popped his hips and sent Brock backwards looking to hit a release german suplex! Newbludd reacted in mid-air and countered by landing on his feet with a backflip! Strongbern groggily got back to his feet with his fist raised above his head to congratulate himself, thinking he just hit a big move. A slight look of confusion washed over his face as he heard the crowd cheering instead of booing.

“Big Rick doesn’t know Newbludd countered!” Melissa said.

“Like I said, that dropkick turned his head to mush Mel! Oh no, lookout Rick!” C.G. yelled.

Before Big Rick could get a firm grasp of the situation, Newbludd pounced. In three quick steps “The Innovator” locked another full nelson on Big Rick, and before Strongbern could react Newbludd threw himself backwards and hit the Fenris-Plex!

Big Rick was folded in half and his neck hit the mat hard from the suplex.  Newbludd’s hand were locked and his back was arched in a perfect bridge as Slim J hit the mat for the count!


“The winner of this bout…”The Innovator” Brooooock Neeeeewbluuuudd!” Brent Williams announced as the crowd popped.

“Newbludd was true to his word and secured the win in his debut!” Melissa said approvingly.

“He may have picked up the win Mel, but you and I both know there will be repercussions for what happened to Little Ricky tonight. I don’t think this rivalry is done yet.” C.G. said.

Brock rolled out of the ring and threw his hands up in victory as he backpedaled up the ramp. Big Rick slowly got to his feet and staggered to the ropes. Holding the back of his head, Big Rick screamed in rage at Newbludd. The camera faded out as a victorious Newbludd disappeared through the double sliding doors.

Now Listen Up, Here's a Story...

Eternal Judgment was already at its halfway point and a lot had been had with a lot still to come in the night’s card. For one lucky rookie, however, this was the best night ever.


Over half an hour removed from the opening match of the show, a very spirited Bobby Lazar was still in his ring gear running around backstage. Not only had he finally made his No Brand Wrestling debut, but the big lug upset a former big-time NBW star in Tony Sharp to make quite an impact. Bobby ran up to a pair of ring crew employees moving some boxes.

“Hey guys! Best night ever! I won! I won! You saw, right?”

Before the two could even answer Bobby was already running down the hall a little more. Backstage, he approached of all people the brand new tag team of Tyson XL and Vic Gravender – aka The Unstoppables! The two were in the middle of talking when Bobby had run up to them.

“Hey! Tyson! Good to see you again!”

Tyson smiled and reached his hand out. Lazar shook it with extra gusto.

“So,” Tyson said. “Good to see you again, Bobby. You worked har …”


The former champion looked at the hyperactive rookie with a bothered stare.

“What the fuck is your problem, kid?” Gravender asked. “Tyson was talking to you and you just cut him off. Respect the veterans and stop being a hyper dickwad, kid.”

Bobby turned to Tyson with a slightly hurt look: “I’m sorry, Tyson. It’s just … dude, it’s Vic Gravender! The first NBW Infamy Champion! He’s a former World champion! Your match with Derecho and El Dragon Loco was AWESOME! Oh, also, I won so I think I’m gonna get entrance music now! I was thinking Blue Monday because my name is Big Blue, but I don’t know … but I also like Eiffel 65 by Blue, but I think that might be a little bit on the nose …”

“Blue …” Tyson said.

“Oh and when I pick it out, I’m going to have the best music ever. I’ll have like bright blue lights, big blue pyro and everything. I think Mr. Harmen will let me have a laser show …”


Vic finally had enough and spoke up, but Tyson XL laughed and came to his defense. Tyson looked at Vic. “It’s okay, Vic. He means well. He came up from the P-Town WrestleFactory that I trained in years ago in California. I had him get a look from NBW and he’s been training with them some more the last few months.” Tyson smiled at Bobby. “Funny how we both end up here, huh?”


Tyson silently raised a hand to get Bobby to take it down a few octaves. Bobby seemed to be quite the powder keg, but he got the point.

“Look … guys, I’m just stoked! I spent over a year training at the P-Town WrestleFactory! I busted my blue keister everywhere and NBW picked me up last fall. I’ve been working the house shows, waiting for an opportunity and tonight, it knocked.”

Gravender shrugged. “Great Hallmark story, kid … but you did beat Tony Shart tonight. I’ll admit I got a chuckle out of that. We were in the Family Keeling together a long time ago and I hated that fuckwad.”

“Tony Sharp, isn’t it?” Bobby asked.

“No. I meant what I said.”


 After the awkward silence, Tyson cut through it and shook Bobby’s hand again.

“Well, Bobby, great to have you on the roster. If you ever need anything, Vic and I got your back.”

“No I don’t.” Gravender said with a deadpanned expression. “… Ty’s got your back, but I ain’t here to fight nobody’s battles. You want to get far, kid, go out there bust your ass and make yourself famous. You can do it.”

Bobby soaked in the advice.

“Thanks, Vic! It’s great to know I have a fan! I gotta catch up with Matt Haddon, but I’ll see you guys later. I WON!”

Big Blue turned and walked away while Tyson XL spun around to face Vic.

“You ready for tonight?”

Vic nodded.

“Sure as shit I am.”

The Unstoppables looked focused, but as far as anybody knew they weren’t in action tonight.

There is a reason “card subject to change” is advertised after all.

Was that...

Back in the arena the cameras panned around once more, this time returning to the roped off area. The two men were dressed to the nines. In each hand they clutched wads of bills which they proceeded to the edge of their roped off zones and started flicking one after the other out to the fans. The crowd were ecstatic and cheering for the free money.

"We've got some lucky fans here tonight, Mel! Free money!" Gaines would look to continue but the cheers suddenly turned to loud jeering. Angry fans tossed the money back at the two, while others held it up in the air. A closeup view from the camera would shown a familiar face to the true wrestling fans in the arena, and especially those watching at home.

"That's Mikey Unlikely's money! That means those two are the Hollywood Bruvs after all, Melissa. I knew that looked like JFK!"

The two returned to their seats as a waiter, yep a waiter, approached them for their orders.

"I'm not sure how they bought those seats out with play money Craig, but before we get to our next match let's take you backstage where Adria Hoyt is standing by!

The scene cut away from the crowd while the EpiCenter once more lit up. Adria Hoyt waved to greet the fans and spoke. However there seemed to be no words.

"We do apologize folks. It looks like we are having some audio issues and-" Vanderart apologized to the viewers and cut herself short. "Wait, isn't that the former commish?"

Behind Adria walking towards the GM's office was none other than Jesse Ramey. The former commish and division head for the Cruiser-weight division, that unfortunately never saw the light of day. Thanks in part to his untimely death.

"That old geezer is still alive?" Gaines was alluding to the very same. In another promotion called All-Star Championship Wrestling several years back Ramey met his demise, however he would later return. Unfortunately the ship had already sailed for the Cruiser-weight division at that point. "He better not be here for Harmen's job. It'd be better if we just rid of them both!"

Ramey had stopped near the GM's door as it had opened and out stepped a man wearing a fedora. While not clear from the view, it seemed some fans started to pick up on who it was. Ramey and the man were talking while a set of boos and you suck shouts filled the air. The camera cut away from backstage back to the skybox to the source, being Sean Jackson and the man joining him dining, none other than Claude Baptiste Rainer. The two were quite loud and obnoxious towards the man on the screen before it cut away back to the announcers table.

"Once again we do apologize folks. Hopefully the audio gets fixed here soon. While we're not clear on what Jesse Ramey is doing here, we are being informed from the production crew that man he was speaking with is one of NBW's latest acquisitions."

"Never mind that, Melissa!" Gaines stood from his seat and looked up at the skybox, giving a wave to them. "While you may be unfamiliar to them Mel, that's greatness up there. Those two men were a part of Dynasty, one of the strongest factions in the history of this sport. Finally Jack Harmen is doing something right by treating those two like royalty. I hope they are kept well fed and the freshest beer."

"I'm sure that's at the top of his list, Craig. But if you're done crushing, it's time for our next match!"


"Earlier tonight before we came on the air we held our pre-show for the crowd here. E.Z. Blaze was in action against Foust, and we also saw Melantha Hellion go one on one with Mia Sleathe. That match never truly got underway thanks to Circe Hellion's involvement, and Michelle Couli barking orders. The three would take turns assaulting Mia and even send her crashing over the barricade. If not for the timely save of one individual things could have gotten far worse."

While Melissa Vanderart narrated a few clips from the preshow were shown. Following Mia going over the barricade, the crowd would go nuts thanks to the arrival of Lady Luxx. Brandishing a steel chair in hand, she swung at Melantha, catching her off guard and went for Circe and Michelle however both would escape around the ring up the ramp. Luxx helped Mia up while the three would escape up the ramp to the back.

"Luxx and Mia went to the general manager and whined and whined until Luxx got her match tonight against Michelle Couli." Gaines added, "A match she'll surely regret."

"Week after week she's been the victim of those three, and in just a few short moments she'll finally get some revenge, Craig. I'd say Harmen made the right choice. Brent Williams, if you would!"

‘Confident’ by Demi Lovato.

Soon as it hit the fans immediately started to boo and jeer the trio of women walking out on the stage. Dead-center was the Mascara Massacre Michelle Couli, flanked by her two cohorts in the Hellion sisters, Melantha and Circe.

"This next match is scheduled for one fall." Williams started to announce, "Introducing first from New Jersey, standing at five foot nine and accompanied by the Hellion sisters, she is the 'Mascara Massacre' MICHELLE COULI!"

Leading the way Michelle held her left hand out at the crowd to her left, then the same to her right, making her way down the ramp to the ring. She wanted nothing of them tonight, like most nights, so ignored their calls and jeers. The expressions of the two sisters never changing from the mostly emotionless stare into space, or at least at the ring they approached could pierce her opponents very souls at that rate! Once at the ring she stepped on up the steps and ducked into the ring.

"And her opponent," started Williams while Michelle waited in her spot in the far corner and the atmosphere then changed from the dreary and creepy to cheers of joy.

'Emerald Sword' by Rhapsody.

The curtains were tossed open as the young blonde woman stepped around and out to the stage. She flipped her hair back over her face revealing the red and blue strands before sweeping it all back and to the side while enjoying the warm reception she was getting.

"And her opponent, standing at five foot six, coming to us from Anaheim, California, she is LADY LUXX!"

Lady Luxx sprinted down to the ring and dove under the ropes, coming to a stop near the center where she jumped to her feet and over onto the second rope, casting a glance at the trio. She smiled and raised her arms up in the air before taking her corner.

Ding ding ding!

With the bell rung it was time for months of frustration to come to a head for Luxx. At least should have been however Michelle exploded from across the ring right into a tackle that took the all-American girl right off her feet. Couli leaned down over her and slapped her cheek before bounding back to her feet and took a few steps back so Luxx could get up.

This time Luxx rushed at Couli only for her to slip right under the ropes to the outside. She laughed while joining up with her Hellion sisters and motioning for the young woman to join them outside. Luxx gave little consideration and ducked through the ropes to do just that however Michelle met her with a hard forearm then yanked her through to drop to the mat.

This was all fun and games for her. She never asked for the match, that was all Luxx and her demands. As far as Couli was concerned she had little to prove by beating her yet again. Couli waved the two sisters off and picked up Luxx by the shoulder and hip, shoving her up into the ring and back inside. This time rolling in after her.

Michelle leaned down again to taunt her but Luxx pulled her down and rolled her up shoulders to the mat for a near one count if not for Couli thrusting her legs out and breaking free. Luxx rolled back to her feet and met Couli finally in the center of the ring. A lock-up followed which saw the two struggle to get the other off their guard, and wound up in the corner post. Luxx would use the turnbuckle for leverage and shoved forward, however Couli was ready and released her hold so she fell flat.

Laughing, but only for a moment before Luxx was back up and charged at Michelle. Once more locking up only for Michelle to strike with a quick knee to the abdomen. Smacking the back of her head she grabbed what hair she could of Luxx’s and spun her around to slam her back head first into the top corner. And again, and again before spinning her around to deliver a set of stomps until the official Tal Nedrick warned her off to get some distance.

This let Luxx gather herself back to her feet and when Couli charged the corner she shot her right leg up and caught her in the chest. An opening at last Luxx laid into Couli with several forearms then grabbed her by the head and slung her back into the same corner, letting Michelle go head first this time.

Fair play for Luxx who made sure to grab her when she bounced off the post, right into a snapmare. Luxx then waited in the corner while Couli returned to her feet and then rushed across the ring with a dropkick that took them both down to the mat.

Grabbing her wrist to pull her back to her feet Luxx whipped Michelle into the close ropes but she avoided her clothesline attempt, rebounding off the opposite end of the ring and plowing right into the kidneys of the young woman. A hair whip next and she was down on the mat back first.

Michelle mounted her and started hammering down on her while the Hellion sisters watched with arms crossed from the outside. Couli then pulled Luxx back up to her feet, hooking her in a headlock then twisting around for a neckbreaker. This rattled Luxx once she hit the mat as immediately her hands went to her neck and collarbone.

Proud of herself Couli shot her arms out at the crowd which resulted in a loud chorus of booing tossed her way but it hardly mattered. She strolled around Luxx waiting for her to get up to all fours and kicked her hard right into the ribs causing her to roll off and back into the ropes. This opened up Luxx to being flung off the mat into the rope then twisted around so Michelle could step on her back. She then vaulted in the air and crashed back down with the double boots.

The official would make sure she got off Luxx which led to Melantha Hellion walking up to Luxx while Nedrick’s back was turned, and without a hint of hesitation or even enjoyment, she grabbed Luxx by the head and snapped her down into the apron before stepping back away with the official none the wiser.

Couli pulled Lady Luxx back up to her feet, positioning her up against the ropes chest first and proceeding to rake her face across the top rope before shoving her off and tumbling back to the mat. Luxx rubbing at her face had left her unaware of Couli coming from the side with a brutal shin to her blindside.

Couli dropped down and quickly locked her legs around Luxx’s head in a figure four vice lock. Luxx twisted and turned while struggling to reach the ropes. Lucky for her she was already near and a few inches and seconds her boots would get Couli to release the hold.

It wasn’t exactly much of a save for Luxx as Michelle simply release the hold and stomped down right on the woman’s head, planting her into the mat while keeping her boot on the back of the head making sure to rub her into the mat. Couli then scooped her up and showing her strength was able to raise Luxx off the mat, flipping backwards for the bridged pin. However Luxx refused to let her shoulders on the mat and bridged her own body up to keep from any fall attempt.

Couli realizing this would roll them both over and release the hold only to pull her back up to her feet, catching Luxx with an arm drag right down into a seated position where she locked in the leg vice again around the neck of Luxx.

Targeted ever since the start of the match practically and Couli wasn’t going let any opportunity to come to waste. Squeezing her thighs to apply pressure while also twisting her own body off the mat to apply torque as well. This brought Nedrick to the action and checking on Luxx, who still was fighting.

Pounding her free fist on the mat while using her right hand to try and relieve her neck, the fans roaring her on. The struggle was real. So it goes. As Couli had returned to leaning back Luxx measured her options. It was risky, however she pulled her own legs in and then raising what little she could off the mat, getting herself propped up on her knees while Couli hung on her from behind, she reached back and grabbed Couli’s back and hip then jolted herself upright only to fall back hard, and Couli first.

It was enough to loosen the grip, and allow Luxx to grab her again and this time spin her around her  neck to the front in probably the sloppiest powerbomb seen in NBW’s history. But, it connected. Luxx fell back to the mat on her back and rested for the few moments she could before Couli walked back over and looked to drive another knee into her skull, if not for quick thinking by Lady Luxx, using the bottom rope to pull herself under and onto the apron.

She met Michelle’s attempt to pull her back in with a wheel kick to the temple that rattled the raven haired woman from New Jersey and led to Luxx using the ropes to leap over her and catching her for a quick pin attempt.


Brief, but once released she met Michelle’s lariat attempt by ducking under and around, scooping her up by the leg back down to the mat again!



Kickout once more. This time Luxx waited for Michelle to stand, then grabbed her calves to trip her down to the mat and flipped herself over for the bridging pin.



No! Michelle showing her strength much like earlier, pushing herself up off the mat and Luxx with her. She spun her around and went for the backslide pin!



No! Luxx with the kickout, flipping over and quickly scurrying the distance to cover Michelle once more.


Or not. Instead she was kicked off and sent through the ropes to the outside, with Michelle rolling right after her. Couli pulled Luxx back up only to be met with a swift shot to the jaw, which she returned with a thrusting knee to the midsection driving any and all remaining air out of the blonde’s body. Taking her by the arm she whipped her around and sent her colliding into the ring steps shoulder first.

Luxx was then picked up once more and this time hurled into the barricade behind them with brute force. With her back slumped up against the wall Michelle took several steps back and then ran full speed with a vicious boot to the head, driving her back once more.

Realizing Tal Nedrick had nearly counted them out by this time she grabbed her by the hips and hoisted her over the barricade to fall on the other-side then quickly walked back and rolled into the ring and waited while the count reset. Curious if the woman would be able to get up on her own.

The fans rallied behind her cheering her on as the count reached six and she showed signs of life once more. Pulling herself up onto the barricade and over it. Nearly crawling her way back to the ring to beat the count. Michelle Couli however grabbed the official by the shirt to turn him around to face her, getting into his face about doing his job. This left the ringside area wide open for the Hellion sisters to descend on Luxx.

The youngest would swing Luxx into the ringsteps then toss her at Melantha who delivered the superkick with precision. The two then moved Luxx back to the ring while Michelle stepped past the ref and reached through the ropes to drag her inside.

Dazed. Out of it on her own two feet, Luxx was prime pickings for Michelle who rammed her head down onto Luxx, grabbed her left arm and outstretched it painfully, before overlapping it with her own leg - BLACKOUT! Her version of scissored DDT would be denied as Luxx had it scouted, pulled Michelle’s only other leg out from under her and the two collapsed backwards where Luxx covered.



Nope not this time as Michelle screamed while thrusting her shoulders off the mat. She looked out to the sisters and gave a brief nod, to which Circe leaped on the apron. This got Tal’s attention while Michelle whipped Luxx back by her shirt, into the corner post headfirst. While stomping her down in the corner, Melantha walked around to their side of the ring and handed her a curved metal object through the ropes. 

Checking back at the official, Michelle then bent down and snapped the object across the toes of her boots while Melantha held Luxx’s arms back through the ropes. Now shining like steel toes, she smiled wickedly and tapped her boot against the mat before walking across the ring. Sprinting, and snapping the side of her foot right across Luxx’s skull.

Lights the fuck Out.

And true to the word, Luxx slumped forward into a heap. Michelle laughed while Nedrick turned and saw her pinning down Luxx. He quickly got into position.




Or not thanks to Couli pulling Luxx off the mat. She wasn’t satisfied yet. Instead taking the toe of her boot to kick her in the ribs, putting her on all fours while she backed off and readied to kick her head in. She ran full force at Luxx, leg raising for the boot - Luxx grabbed it, rolling her up!



NO! The Hellion sisters invaded the ring and started stomping down on Luxx. Nedrick had no choice but to call for the bell.

Ding ding ding!

Melantha pulled Luxx up and tossed her to Circe who nearly knocked her head off with a clothesline. Then simply half-kicked and pushed Luxx under the ropes to the floor outside.

Enough's Enough!


At this point Michelle had given up on winning the match clean. She didn’t care. Luxx was in no way able to continue either. With the Hellion sisters the three of them were running through everyone that stepped in their path. Luxx was just the first to try and stand up to them. And here she was. Again, outside the ring and at their mercy.

“The match is over! Somebody needs to put a stop to this!” Vanderart hoped, but it was for nothing.

Michelle had the Hellion sisters pull Lady Luxx to her feet, and she shoved the steps back up against the post, pointing down at them. ‘Do it!’ With the two ladies holding Luxx in position, Couli stepped up to her, grabbed the arm as Melantha let go, and quickly entwined her own around it before delivering the BLACKOUT! The scissored DDT of hers connecting with the steel.

“She’s out! Michelle Couli just took Lady Luxx out of the equation. Beautifully, too.” Gaines was quite pleased. “The Mascara Massacre is on fire.”

“This is enough. Where’s the officials and security? Somebody needs to put a stop to this. Look at her. Luxx has been cracked open!”

Luxx collapsing off to the side of the steps, blood seeping from her forehead. Michelle Couli however was not done. She shoved Circe Hellion back and pulled the steps out, then proceeded to pull the arm of Luxx over the edge until she got her situated and locked in position. ‘Hold her there. This is the bitches end.” That’s where Melantha heeled boot came into play as her neck was crushed up against the steel and Michelle stepped up on the ring apron.

“She wouldn’t… would she?” Vanderart question to the shrug of Gaines.

“I… think this may be too far,” even Gaines had seen enough it would seem.

With a sinister smile she stepped on the back of Luxx’s head, then prepared to jump. Yet didn’t. Instead something clicked. Twisting around to her right she gleamed and climbed up to the top. It didn’t matter at this point if she aimed for the head or the arm, both were going to feel her boots.

“Michelle for the love of god stop!” Vanderart pleaded, removing her headset and calling out from the announce table. ‘Stop.’

Couli sat atop on her perch and nudged her head towards the table, to which the Hellion sisters obeyed and approached Vanderart. Melissa ‘Tinsel’ Vanderart, no stranger to the art of fighting having retired from pro wrestling after a very successful career several years ago. It wasn’t her choice thanks to her boyfriend at the time knocking her up, and she found a new career as a mother which served her for ten years before returning to the sport that she loved.

And with the two sisters approaching it looked like she was about to be reminded of those hard hitting days of the past. Melantha would be the first to arrive, yanking Melissa up out of her chair.


The voice was soft but the few around the area heard it clear as day. Off to the side in the front row were three more of those guests Harmen had invited to the event. The black-haired woman being the source of the voice, drawing the attention of the Hellions while Michelle sat bored. Luxx below her still out of it and giving the steps some new color.

‘Rita Repulsa leave that woman alone.’ She looked up at Michelle, “quit being mean to her.”

‘Wait!’ Called the one wearing glasses and pigtails next to her. ‘This isn’t, ah… I mean you don’t work here... I don’t think you can fight them?’

‘...but, injustice!’ Cried out the young woman.

“Michelle’s not going through with it Craig, at least not yet. All thanks to those three girls.” Melissa stated while situating her headset once more.

“The production guys in the back, no wait. This screechy voice. Ah, Richie it seems is yelling in my ear that that’s his crush, Kush, and with her are her Tricycle-” Gaines stated, “okay okay Richie, Trisickle sisters. Known from the Florida promotion UTA as 2 Badass for a Name.”

“No strangers to some of our other guests here tonight.” Added Melissa, referencing the earlier seen last UTA World Champion, the Mental Rapist himself, Sean Jackson, as well as his former brethren of Dynasty. A quick aerial shot showed Jackson kicked back and relaxing and enjoying what he was seeing happen.

Back at ringside the two other women looked at Kush, and the remaining of the three attached a lower - jaw facemask behind her head, and pushed her hoodie back fully, showing off the infamous ‘Glasgow Smile’ design. Now on the EpiCenter for all to see, a ‘Second Coming’ chant rang out across the arena. It was hard to forget her look, and what she had accomplished elsewhere.

Whatever else was to be said no longer mattered as Melantha and Circe had approached the three and grabbed the purple hair strands and her shirt to yank the woman off her feet, and over the barricade.

They should have been worried, but the NBW faithful were laughing and cheering. The reason clear as day as the one known as Zhalia Fears had a smile stretched ear to ear, thumbs up towards her sisters, despite being hauled over the barricade backwards.

“Doesn’t that woman understand she’s being tossed to the wolves?” Gaines questioned his colleague as the two watched Fears dragged by her hair and shirt across the floor towards the steps.

The Second Coming sighed and turned towards Kush as the camera returned to them, “Well?”

With a deep breath and exhale Kush nodded with a half-turned smile, “FINE then...”

That’s all 2C needed as she vaulted the barricade and sprinted across the arena floor, leaping into the air with a flying forearm that caught Melantha Hellion unaware to the delight of the fans. She let fly with several lightning quick Muay Thai kicks that kept the much taller woman staggering however a jutting knee into the stomach, pushed her back away.

While the two brawled Fears had been released and she went after Circe. The two trading blows while Couli left the ring and walked along the apron. The taller Hellion sister however was more than a match and whipped her into the ring apron back first, before crushing her windpipe with her knee against her and the apron.

“Looks like this Fears woman just stumbled into the same position as Luxx and will be regretting it.” Gaines said while the two watched the ongoings.

Circe held her there while Michelle had placed the steel toe object back on her boot, and readied to run the apron for the brutal kick to the skull. If not for Luxx, barely conscious and aware, sweeping her leg out from under her causing Couli to fall on the apron. Melantha turned to go to Couli’s side but 2C caught her with the headlock, setting up the reverse DDT, and instead bringing her to her knees and bending her back with The Holy Experience much to the fans delight.

“The Second Coming making quick and short work of that imposing woman who has done Couli’s dirty work since the beginning.” Melissa stated with enthusiasm.

Michelle and Circe headed up the ramp while Zhalia leaned down next to Luxx, checking on her. Security and officials came swarming past the two and over to 2C and Melantha making sure she released her. 2C walked around the ring and joined the other two along with the officials and EMT’s checking in on Lady Luxx’s condition and state.

The security personnel directed the Second Coming and Zhalia Fears towards the ramp and through the side aisle to the back while Luxx was helped up to the cheering audience and started up the ramp.

“What are they doing? Couli and the Hellion sisters should be the ones in trouble here!” Vanderart called out into her headset both for the crew backstage and the fans watching at home.

“What are you talking about? They’re fans, and jumped the barricade. Assaulted our talent. And now being dragged backstage where Independence's finest will arrest them and haul them off.”

“Oh give me a break Craig. You were just as pleased to see this not turn into a bloodbath as I was.” Melissa stated, “and all thanks to those two.”

“Maybe, but this is live Mel. We are live. We have much more to go through tonight, so best to move forward and ignore those people.”

Gaines had made his point and it was true. The show must go on. It really must.

Shall we Play a Game?

The EpiCenter loaded up to a dark screen. Every few seconds a flash of a black and white silhouette was present while a series of sentences typed out in white font on screen.

“Every story has two things.”


“The villain may be a person or beast. HAVE YOU SLAYED THE MONSTER UNDER YOUR BED?


“Even time can be a villain. HAVE YOU EVER RUSHED AGAINST TIME?

The silhouette flashed again, this time with a white smile stretched across it’s black face.

“The quill has already penned this story’s ending.”

“Allow me to send you straight to the end. FOR IN THIS STORY-

The silhouette’s blackness changed into a dark liquid red, while portions of the face seemingly dripped to the bottom of the EpiCenter.


The screen continued to fill up with red from the bottom pooling until nothing else where on screen, even the words had been covered. What followed was a maniacal laughter over the Epic II’s internal sound system to send chills to every fan in attendance.


The words pushed through the red in a thick white before the tron went dark and the laughter came to an end. Leaving nothing but questions in its wake.

10 TO 1

Over five years ago at Slam VII, the inaugural 10 to 1 match transpired in NBW history.  A straightforward winner-take-all encounter in concept, though incredibly tough to negotiate if you draw an early number - perhaps even more so than a battle royal - the bout is a true test of endurance, resilience and resourcefulness.

On that night, one man who embodies all three of those traits walked out with the then vacant World title - the incomparable 'Superstar' Vince Jacobs.

Tonight, drawn totally at random, nobody knows quite what to expect as 10 to 1 decides who walks away with a vacant crown again.  Only this time, it'll be WINNERS stay on and the last men standing will become the new NBW tag team titleholders.

Buckle up.  We've got some of the finest in this promotion's past, present and future as well as a sprinkling of surprises up our sleeves for you.

Just a reminder:  A fall can be decided by pinfall or submission of course and count-outs and disqualifications DO apply too. 

With that said… let us introduce Team Number One and Two…

The crowd groaned and booed when the horrible music played over the PA…



“Talk Dirty To Me (HMMS Edit)” by Jason Derulo feat. 2 Chainz.

The horribly shitty music blared and the crowd started booing as the trio of pretty boys came out from the back first. One by one, the three men were all dressed in American Eagle fleeces and designer jeans from a local GAP, probably… I dunno… anyway, the three-man tag team of pretty boys all strutted their stuff while the crowd actively booed them some more. The crowd didn’t want anything to do with the cocky pretty boys from Santa Cruz, California.


Peter Pham came up behind him and blew a kiss at the camera. It was Taylor Smith and Peter Pham repping the HMMS tonight while “The Beaut” Benny Reyes trailed right behind them, flexing his guns.

“Entering the ring first in the 10-to-1 Dynasty Gauntlet… from Santa Cruz, California, being accompanied to the ring by “The Beaut” Benny Reyes… they are the team of “Tantalizing” Taylor Smith and “Photogenic” Peter Pham… THE HANDSOME MAN MODELING SCHOOL!

As per usual when NBW’s resident mimbos made their way out, the crowd jeered the three as they entered the ring. And to make matters worse before the match was set to begin…

Taylor Smith had a microphone.

Dear God, help us.

“Fuggos and biya-biyas, lend me your ears!”

“...wut?” Melissa Vanderart snuck in from commentary.

More jeering from the crowd as Benny Reyes and Peter Pham took turns yelling right back at the crowd.

“Now, when you look at the numbers, it looks like The Handsome Man Modeling School are fighting an uphill battle, but if you believe that… well, then Zoolander 2 didn’t make a lot of money at the box office!”

It didn’t.

“But like our good-looking idols… our Beyonces, our Iggy Azaleas, our Hemsworth overlords both Liam and Chris… and of course, Kanye himself…”

“PRAISE YEEZUS!” Peter and Benny yelled right behind him.

“We will perse… persu… we ain’t takin’ no shit! Tonight, this isn’t the 10-to-1 Gauntlet… what you’re seeing now is the You bring whatever bitchtits that you have, you line them up, then we’re gonna run through every one of these fuggos like fat kids through cake… but you know, we don’t eat that. These bodies are temples and you chicks need to get on your knees and pray, if you know what I mean.”

“That mean you suck our dicks!” Pham added.

Taylor dropped the mic in “drop the mic” fashion… you know, THAT one… and then he and Pham waited for whoever was going to come out first.

Taylor Smith and Peter Pham waited impatiently…

“Sexy Boy” by Air.

The music was mostly unfamiliar to the fans of No Brand Wrestling, but when a phrase finally appeared on the EpiCenter…


The fans that knew of their exploits in ACW? Well, the crowd had themselves a cheer! One by one, a group of scantily-clad cheerleaders marched out. First two, then four, then six, then finally, eight! The lovely ladies got the attention of the HMMS, but the cheerleaders only had eyes for the two men coming out…

“Introducing their opponents, first from Portland, Oregon, weighing in at 256 pounds… he is PAUL SANDERS!” and his partner, from Starfish Island, Vice City… weighing in at 216 pounds, this is KID CHAMELEON! Together, they are… THE PLAYERS!

One was a player in the sense of video games… the other, a total hard-working ladies man. Together, they lit up ACW’s tag team division for a good length of time. They were The Players and now they were here for the right to win the prestigious NBW Dynasty Tag Team Championships! Paul Sanders greeted the ladies with kisses before he and Kid Chameleon walked to the ring. With a red Ken Masters-themed gi for his attire matching the red trunks and red headband of Paul Sanders, the two high-fived before the entered the ring. Kid Chameleon stood on the top turnbuckle and unleashed a Hadouken attack on the camera as Paul Sanders got a loud series of catcalls from the crowd. The HMMS didn’t look all that impressed.

“What… what’s this crap!?” Smith shouted. “Some HMMS wannabe and some cosplay homo?  Bring it, bitches!”

The referee for this match, Tal Nedrick, got both teams ready as they called for the bell. The first leg of this ten-team gauntlet began…



Taylor Smith was going to start things off for his team as he took off his shirt. Paul Sanders was ready and waiting for action as the two locked up. The two locked up in a collar-and-elbow tie-up in mid-ring, but the 6’3” and 256-pound Sanders took him over with a HUGE Hip Toss! An angry Smith tried to stand as he charged at the pure athlete from Oregon, only to be taken across the ring with an Arm Drag!

“Dude! Not fair!” Smith whined.

The pretty boy stood up and tried to get at him again when Sanders picked him up and carried him in place, holding him in mid-air for about ten seconds… then DRILLED him into the canvas with a Delayed Body Slam! Sanders was having the time of his life, loving the attention from the crowd. He ran off the ropes with some sort of Elbow Drop in mind, but Smith rolled away and tagged in Peter Pham. 

The Photogenic One was smaller than his partner, but the quick, 204-pounder headed into the ring. Sanders saw him coming and Kid Chameleon wanted the tag, so he got it!  The crowd cheered the eccentric gamer of both ACW and NFW fame as he arrived in the ring, his own headband still on his head as he wrestled.

“You stupid! I kick you ass tonight!” Pham yelled in broken English.

He charged at Kid Chameleon and tackled him into the corner, going nuts on The World’s Greatest Gamer with a series of slaps and punches to the face! Tal Nedrick told him to get out of the corner, but Pham got carried away and pushed the official!

“You no touch me, fuggo!”

Pham turned around and instantly regretted it…


Yes, Kid Chameleon busted out the old ball punch of Johnny Cage fame… complete with fucking splits and shit because that’s cool! Yes, it was an illegal move… however, it was done to an abrasive mimbo and Tal Nedrick didn’t see it happen.. however, the crowd did.


The crowd loved it while Sanders laughed from his side of the ring at what his partner did! Kid Chameleon got back on his feet and made the tag back to Sanders. The big Portland native headed into the ring! Taylor Smith tried to get into the ring, but Chameleon cut him off at the pass…


An AMAZING Springboard Spinning Wheel from Kid Chameleon caught the mimbo right in his face and sent him packing from the ring! Kid Chameleon left as Sanders went to play clean-up duty. Pham tried to rise...


The Rocker Dropper/Fame Asser dropped Peter Pham right on his face… the HMMS’ self-professed greatest assets! Paul Sanders rolled him over and casually hooked the legs. Could this be it already!?





“The Handsome Man Modeling School has been eliminated!”

In incredibly quick fashion, The Players had just cemented themselves as a force by taking out the pretty boys! An angered Benny Reyes grabbed Peter Pham and dragged him out of the ring, pulling him up and heading towards the back while a limping Taylor Smith headed to the back.

The inaugural fall, just as Ali Amore and RaVage 5 years ago, had been settled speedily and decisively.  Who awaited The Players next?

‘Call On Me.’

We said there’d be surprises, though this one was specially reserved for Chameleon and Sanders.  In ACW, they’d prevailed in a 5-match programme against Health Fanatics.

And, now, they were set to renew that rivalry as Damon Somner did silly star-jumps in front of his heavier and stronger partner, Greg Matthews, who had a towel resting across his broad, bridge-like, stocky shoulders and a couple of kettlebells in either hand, completing the Farmer’s Walk as it’s called in the trade.

The only thing missing, thankfully, was their pain-in-the-ass of a coach and mentor, Jim Naysmith.  Maybe he had been mowed down in a hit-and-run.

As Somner slid underneath the bottom rope, he was the victim of one.  Sanders, not hanging about, greeted his former rival with a clothesline that instantly gave The Players the initiative.

Damon was feeling the effects of that.  Paul ushered him towards the ropes for leverage and deposited him into the opposing set and drove Damon down into the canvas with a solid scoop powerslam.  Subsequently, he hooked a leg, but Matthews was in to break it before the referee’s hand smacked the canvas for a second time.  No real worries there.

Sanders glared at the departing Matthews.  Both men were in the 260 pound playground and stood tall as the strongmen for their respective sides.  They’d hook it up later.

Meanwhile, it gave Somner a window of opportunity to usher an illicit finger to the eye.  He was rapidly reminded by the ref of his shortcut, though it didn’t really matter as he knew it wouldn’t cost them a decision, just a mere warning, and crucially, Damon was now in the driver’s seat.

Somner took Sanders down with a technically-sound snap mare and scored with a beautiful running enzui lariat to the back of the head.  He fancied his chances, though Paul quickly quashed them by kicking out on the count of one.

This didn’t deter Damon.  Instead, he negotiated a sweet spinning neckbreaker and again, tried his arm and got one for his troubles.  Dragging Paul towards his part of town, it was now time for the two genuine heavyweights to get it on as Somner made way for Matthews.

Immediately, ‘The Powerhouse’ went to work.  A kick to the sternum reminded Sanders of what he used to be faced with on a regular basis once upon a time in ACW.  An arm wringer was a simple decoy for a short-arm clothesline and when Paul predictably went down, he didn’t get up as quickly as he had when Damon had been on the offence.  There was a distinct difference.
Methodically, Matthews hauled Sanders up, showcasing his strength to a T.  A rib-breaker saw a decent amount of oxygen visibly leave Paul’s anatomy.

However, Greg got ahead of himself.  When he rebounded off the ropes, he was looking for a splash.  That wasn’t his specialty and nor was he as nimble as Sanders, who effortlessly rolled out of the way and got a breather from his slightly bigger opponent.  Could he find Kid on the far side?

The race was on.  Somner, in spite of being smaller, was the clear captain of his team and screaming at Matthews to halt Sanders in his attempt to get out of there.  Fortunately, he grabbed Paul’s leg just in time and dragged him back into the middle of the ring, ensuring the ascent stopped with a firm elbow to the back of the head.

Paul must’ve felt even further away when Matthews picked him up and whipped him sternly into the corner.  If only he could get out of the way of this corner splash…


Yes, he could!  That was the sound of Matthews hitting the turnbuckle sternum-first as Damon stamped on the apron outside.

The crowd’s constant clapping spurred Sanders on as he and Matthews tried to make it to their respective corners.

Buoyed by them and having more energy, ironically, Sanders made it to his corner first to tag in Kid while Matthews was narrowly behind in doing the same to Somner.

Both cruisers bounced in with a spring.  However, to the fans’ approval, Kid fired away firstly with three hard right hands, followed up by another trio of knife-edge chops, screaming ‘YEAH’ upon completion and finally flooring Damon with another huge right to the head.

Kid parted Damon’s legs, no not like that, and buried a head-butt dangerously low and deep into the abdomen, adjudged to be legal in spite of protests by both Health Fanatics.

Chameleon whipped Damon into the ropes towards Matthews, who was now a helpless observer, and there was nothing anyone could do as Somner boomeranged back into the Game Genie’s path…


Kid had met Damon halfway with a HARD lariat.

“DEI,” Chameleon exclaimed, which must’ve bemused most of the masses.

That was just enough to distract Kid, so caught up in the moment and impersonating a fictitious wrestling characters, and Damon caught him cold with a kick to the stomach..WAIT!

I stand corrected.  In fact, Lara’s boyfriend had caught Somner’s stray leg and the gym freak was pleading with the World’s Greatest Gamer to put him down.

He did just that!

A single leg takedown and an elbow to the inside of the leg had Somner wriggling around uneasily.  He was being taught a lesson.

Miss Spencer would be proud; even more so when he clasped Damon’s hands and replicated the saucy school teacher’s style with a gorgeous reverse Northern Lights Suplex, leaving Damon face-first on the floor, sans pin.  Instead, Kid rolled him over and that might’ve been all Matthews needed to come in to break the pin up on the count of two or The Players may have made it two out of two.

The distraction still proved decisive as Alex watched the official eject Matthews, and Somner pounced with a schoolboy…



Kid kicked out in the nick of time.  Damon got up just before and ushered a kick to Chameleon’s stomach.  A single arm DDT cemented his advantage.  Somner then did a back roll and went out of the back door to reintroduce Matthews to the fray.

No wasted motion by Matthews.  Up came Chameleon…


Down went Chameleon!



Sanders didn’t take any chances and a kick to Greg’s head was enough to break up the count.  Earlier, Greg had hurt Sanders with a rib-breaker.  Well, here, with the lighter member of the duo, he was set to go one better.

A gorilla press slam was converted into an awesome gutbuster, which took the crowd’s breath away, as well as Kid’s.

Would it be enough to put him away?



Chameleon kicked out just before Paul could bail him out.  Matthews barked at Paul to get out of the ring.  Thereafter, Matthews applied a full nelson and there was no way Kid could contend with Greg’s strength here.  The only escape was if Sanders saved him or Greg decided to let go, which he did and how…

Full Nelson Slam!



Paul pissed on Greg’s parade again and Matthews was mightily annoyed, not that Sanders cared, spouting off in return.

Matthews took it out on Chameleon, sending Kid’s head into Somner’s waiting foot back in the Fanatics’ corner.  A tag occurred, but they had five seconds to do their business and Greg elevated Nintendo’s Number One into an electric chair position while Somner scaled the turnbuckles…


The Electric Chair/neckbreaker combination may be enough to end it here.



Again, Sanders made sure, pissing Somner off and actually angering the official with his repeated interjections and interference.

Damon got over his disappointment and set Kid up for a butterfly suplex, but Kid pulled on the brakes.  Somner tried a second time and found the same result.  In the end, Chameleon negotiated a suplex slam and we were back to the referee’s count.

Paul geed up the crowd, much to Matthews’s chagrin, to encourage Chameleon.  To cut a long story short, it worked a treat.  Kid got up narrowly ahead of Damon, who wildly tried a swing and Kid cut him off with an atomic drop…

Maxel Suplex!

The German suplex hold was fully-equipped with pin.  It was Greg’s turn to cut the count off at two, but Sanders came in and took the formidable Matthews with a diving shoulderblock that sent Matthews clean out of the ring.

Sanders got up. Chameleon watched as Somner leapt straight into Paul’s arms.  Then, with an innocuous nod that sets teams apart, Sanders threw Damon straight into Chameleon’s waiting arms.  It was perfect timing as Matthews had stood up and pulled Paul out of the ring by his legs as they engaged in fisticuffs on the outside.

Kid had Damon’s head between his legs, behave yourselves…






Greg had got the better of Paul by slamming his head into the ring steps.  When he saw the official raising Kid’s hand, he lost it and headed back into the ring.

Kid could do nothing to resist Greg’s running takedown and relentless punches.  The official struggled to contain Matthews, hardly surprising.  In a rage, Matthews stood up and stuck the boots to Kid as Somner smiled and joined in.  They may’ve lost the battle, but they were going to gain some semblance of revenge and rekindle a long-running rivalry.

Matthews picked Kid up and threw him into a gleeful Somner…

The Pyramid Set!!!

A desperate Sanders rolled back in…

Overhead belly-to-belly by Matthews!

I guess, tellingly, Health Fanatics had outlasted The Players.  Whoever was next had been left with a straightforward task of picking The Players off, compliments of the sore losers who were being jeered on the way out.

Who’s next?

Just then, a full-stretch limousine was crawling down the aisle at a snail’s pace and it could afford to, given the state of The Players.  As Health Fanatics passed, still pissed at their elimination, former tag team champion, Victor Ingram Price, had been joined by the notorious luchadore, second generation star, El Principe, and together they were known as A-List.

They were taking their time.  Why not?  They had plenty of time to bask in the spotlight and get there to polish The Players off.

Victor entered…

Slingshot DDT to Sanders!

What awaited Kid, the legal man?!

Ingram sprinted off the ropes, but Kid used his momentum against him…




Principe’s double axe saved - and had to - Price and him from an embarrassingly early exit.  The Mexican apologised to the official in Spanish.  The Prince was praying Price would shake those cobwebs loose.

It was between Chameleon and Price, and Sanders was out.  Principe watched intently through his blue and gold mask.

Price, like Somner, was careless with a poor right hand and allowed Chameleon to take control with a side headlock, yanking it three times, before planting him with a bulldog!  Principe winced on the outside.



Price denied Chameleon.  Kid, though, was already plotting his next move and he had enough of those to go through every single team in this outing, believe me.  It’s just whether he had sufficient stamina or not!

With Price getting up, Kid elected to go for a risk from the second rope.  He was searching for a DDT...Price catches him in mid-air and rams him into the middle turnbuckles not once, not twice, but thrice.

Chameleon slumped down and unfortunately for him, he was set for a…


Bronco buster by the cocky VIP.  I’ll let you guess what ‘greatness’ means.  Victor brought Kid towards his corner, Sanders was still suffering and just starting to stir, and there was no time like the present for A-List.

A tag ensured El Principe was legal man, but Ingram was in control of this situation.  He laid the table with a backbreaker hold.  All the Mexican had to do was apply the finishing touch with a devastating diving knee drop.




Ordinarily, Kid may’ve kicked out of that.  Who knows?  However, The Players’ pursuit of tag team gold had gone cold, possibly because of the beatdown perpetrated on them by Health Fanatics. Either way, the dream was over for Chameleon and Sanders, even though they’d performed admirably and invariably won over this audience as they tend to with whichever company they walked into.

Who was going to walk in now?

From one console-loving team to another. 

For The Win!

Tony Spark and Christopher Noid got a mixed reaction from the NBW faithful.  Hold that thought.  As they got in, VIP waved El Principe in as the two teams stood across from each other.  Slowly, Principe pulled out an envelope and beckoned Spark and Noid to open it.  Somewhat reluctantly, they did so and discovered a wad of notes, which confused them.

Victor could be overhead telling them to walk away and when it became apparent what was happening, the fans showed their displeasure with boos from all corners.  For The Win hadn’t accepted the bribe, but were clearly thinking about it and that disgusted many of the paying public.

“Don’t listen to them,” Ingram insisted.

Noid and Spark exchanged a few words and then shook their heads.  Victor shook his head too, albeit in a different manner, and our observers appreciated that.

Undeterred, El Principe raised a finger and out came yet more notes.  That clearly threw For The Win.

Then, just like that, Noid and Spark accepted the offer.  They had done it…

For The Money.

The referee, who hadn’t taken place in negotiations, was told by VIP to count FTW out, who took off down the aisle, counting their money with smiles on their faces.



Screw this…



Ding, ding, ding!

The A-List were already two teams for two so far tonight and the rich SOBs were both still relatively fresh as daisies by picking off The Players and buying off For The Win. El Principe paced around and VIP leaned back against a corner, waiting for the next team to come out.

Who was going to be the next team?

“Learn To Fly” by The Foo Fighters.

Neither member of The In Crowd of NBW knew - or probably even cared for that matter - who it belonged to but when the music came out…


Long-time wrestling journeymen and all-round fun-loving whackadoos who were obsessed with all things aviation…

“The Captain” Avis Flyfield.

“The Co-Captain” Aaron Fetzer.

“Introducing next, from The Friendly Skies, weighing in at 474 pounds… THE SQUADRON!

Last seen a few years back as the final ACW Tag Team Champions, the crowd cheered for the return of tonight’s next contestants in The 10-to-1 Gauntlet for the Dynasty Tag Team Championships! VIP didn’t look all that concerned as El Principe prepared a wad of cash just like he did for FTW. The tall, clean-cut Flyfield and the portly, but athletic Fetzer both entered the ring in matching aviator goggles and bomber jackets while their music cut.

“Wait, wait, wait,” VIP said first. The former Dynasty Tag Team Champion grabbed another envelope from El Principe. “Here you go, guys. You get some money to… I dunno, build some model airplanes or some shit. Then you can be on your way and the future Dynasty Tag Team Champions can get done showing the rest of these chumps who runs this show! What do you say, boys?”

Avis and Aaron both grabbed the envelope and counted some of the money inside.

“Dude, that’s some cheddar,” Aaron said. “Avis, we gonna do this?”

Avis did look at the cash.

“Let’s take the money and go donate it to some lonely passenger orphans.”

Price rolled his eyes.

“Whatever, man, take the money and go.”

Avis and Aaron were about to take the money and run, but when Principe turned around, both members of The Squadron landed Dropkicks to knock them out of the ring! Flyfield and Fetzer were not going to be bought off when the coveted Dynasty Tag Team Titles were on the line tonight! Avis took the contents of the envelope and threw the wads of cash outside the ring, leaving members in the front row with the opportunity to get dat loot!

Both VIP and Principe were scrambling on the floor when Avis took off his jacket and threw it into the crowd. He pointed at Aaron Fetzer, who ran around the ring pretending to be an airplane. He bounced off the ropes and Avis gave him a nudge over the top rope, sending the 253-pound Fetzer flying over the top rope with a Somersault Tope on The A-List!


The crowd cheered them on as Avis pumped a fist in tune with the crowd chants. Fetzer slowly got back to his feet and whipped El Principe back inside the ring. He rolled him inside the ring and went for a cover.



Fetzer picked up El Principe and landed a few Knife-Edge Chops to the insanely rich luchadore. He backed him up to the ropes and whipped him, but when he came back, El Principe caught Fetzer with a kick. The blow stunned him and Principe bounced back off the ropes, but Fetzer caught him with a Crossbody! He knocked the wind out of him and went for the cover again.



Victor ran back into the ring and landed a Knee Drop into the back of Fetzer’s head! Avis Flyfield protested with the referee, but as that happened, El Principe rolled over as Victor returned to the corner. He made the tag to his partner and Price entered, waiting for Fetzer to try and stand. The portly aviation aficionado tried to get to a vertical base, only for VIP to pick him up and drag him to the corner…


His version of a Reverse STO drove Fetzer right into the turnbuckle! He was down and he was hurt, but as VIP kept the official distracted, El Principe CRACKED Aaron in the mouth with a running boot! Fetzer hit the mat and the crowd booed The A-List. VIP stood over him and tried to arrogantly pin him with a boot.


Aaron kicked out, but VIP and El Principe were clearly having fun with their opposition. He grabbed Fetzer and made the tag back to El Principe. He hoisted The Co-Captain and dropped him over his knee with a vicious Backbreaker, but things went from bad to worse…


The Backbreaker/Diving Kneedrop spelled curtains for The Squadron’s chances at the big tag team gold as El Principe went for a more serious cover than that of his partner.




Avis jumped into the ring and pushed El Principe off his partner! Avis returned to his corner and the energetic youngster wanted his crack at getting in the ring. El Principe rolled over and tried to pick up Fetzer again…


A Snap DDT counter he named after the Washington State-based aviation company bought him some time! Aaron Fetzer had a chance and rolled over to his corner as El Principe made it over to his. 


Avis finally made it in the ring and charged at VIP, knocking him off the ring apron with a Running Dropkick! The Captain then waited for El Principe to rise as he doubled him over with a Back Kick. He turned and jutted him back up with an upward kick and then ran off the ropes, connecting with a rocket-like Flying Forearm Smash off the ropes!

The Captain fed off the crowd as the groggy El Principe started to roll. Avis helped him up to his feet and got him on his shoulders, taking him around and around and around with an Airplane Spin! Around and around and around! After several rotations, he dropped him on the canvas and then pointed to the top rope… after he stopped being dizzy. Avis stumbled out to the ring apron and headed to top turnbuckle…


A Tomahawk Chop for El Principe! Avis hooked both legs.




They were close to upsetting The A-List, but Victor Ingram Price entered the ring. Aaron Fetzer tried to get back into the ring and keep VIP from interfering, but Victor grabbed him and chucked him out to the floor. Avis then snuck up behind him and tried to throw Victor over the top rope, but he threw something out of his pocket that the official didn’t see. Avis kicked him out of the ring, but a woozy El Principe grabbed him…


He cracked Avis in the head with what looked like a thick roll of quarters! He brushed some of the evidence out of the ring and El Principe pulled The Captain up…


The Quackendriver II spiked Avis’ head into the mat and with that, he casually rolled over and laid across Avis’ chest.




The crowd was super-disappointed at the result, but The A-List scored a huge win yet again!

Through by hook or crook, A-List had got through three different teams in a manner of ways. 

‘Let US Entertain You’ by Robbie Williams.

Us?  Isn’t it me?

Well, if you didn’t already know, when Williams told you to shake your ass and scream, Darren Best and Alfie Best had lit the place on the fire.

The Entertainers.

Best had a smile on his face, presumably fully-healed from Jolt’s farewell in which he’d endured unbelievable punishment before agonizingly coming up short once again against the excellent Alex Reyn  It is said he spent a lengthy spell in hospital, some suggesting he was in a comatose condition for a while.  Notwithstanding, Best and Button begged and stolen their way to earning a shot at The House and here, perhaps due to Alfie’s relationship with NBW hall-of-famer Keegan, their outlandish antics or Best’s bravery, The Entertainers were being treated to a fan-friendly reception as they sought to end A-List’s charade.  They had the tools - and backing - to certainly do so.

El Principe, who’d been ousted in jOlt by these two upstarts, was complaining to VIP, who attempted to calm him down.  What he should’ve done was taken the import’s place and when you’re angry, the last thing you want to do is face someone far quicker than you.

Enter Alfie Button.

Immediately, El Principe charged, only for the extraordinary English athlete to leapfrog over him.  When he turned around…


An outstanding overhead kick, Pele Kick to most of you, took the breath away.  If that weren’t enough..


Standing Shooting Star Press.



Principe did well enough to raise a shoulder.  Mind you, Alfie didn’t seem to mind.

“Dazza, are you ‘avin that?  Top it if you can!”

Usually, Best would take that as a challenge.  On this night, he afforded a smile and let his partner get on with it.

Actually, Alfie tagged him in and told him to take centrestage. He got a great ovation as a result…

Backdrop driver!!!



Elbow by VIP to save the day.  Best wanted at Price, who squirmed away as the referee ordered him out.

It gave Principe enough time to pop Best in the mouth with a punch, suspiciously looking like a fist, and the referee warned the royal.  Again, though, his tactics had gone unpunished. 

By the time he set Best up, trying to steer him from The Entertainers’ half of the ring back into the safe haven on A-List area, Darren turned the tables with a reverse elbow and a good god, good grief…


Best feigned the count, waiting for Price to come in.  When Ingram predictably did, Darren stood up and floored him with a cracking punch as the official told Victor to get out of there.

A scoop slam by Best and he headed upstairs.

Flying head-butt!

The official was watching Victor like a hawk so Principe would have to do this on his own…



He still had enough in reserve.  Fair play to the stuck-up masked man with a vast amount of wealth.  He was more resilient than I thought.

As Principe sat up, he may have wished he’d stayed on the deck an extra few seconds…

Rolling neck snap!

Beautifully done, and Best was applauded as he tagged Button in…

The Weakest Link!!!

Tremendous DDT by Button as Principe had been on all fours.  More importantly, would it result in a 3-count?



Again, the Mexican middleweight repelled the offer of failure.  Perhaps his courage could match his fortune.

Button darted off in one direction, no I’m not a fan.  When he came back, Principe turned what momentum he’d built up against him with a tremendous tilt-a-whirl backbreaker.  The opportunist now had a chance.  What would he do?


These were desperate, desperate moments for Alfie and Darren.  While the former was suffering literally, Best was anxious as Alfie was in agony.  Price punched the air when Principe cinched the grapevine.  Was it full time for The Entertainers?


Pardon his manners, boys and girls.

Unlike Victor, Darren had faith in his partner and didn’t stick his oar in.  Slowly, Alfie made his way to the ropes and was inching near when Principe let go.

Strange, eh?

Figure four in mind…




Alfie hobbled up and Principe took advantage of that with a despicable dragon screw leg whip.  Taking his time, the son of Mexican royalty tagged another blueblood in.

What would Victor do to Alfie?

Foolishly, he wanted to outdo Alfie at his own game by going for a hurricanrana…

Alfie simply fell forward with a last-ditch powerbomb, hardly his forte, but call it instinct.  Now, he needed to get his friend, Darren Best, in.

Let’s fast-forward.

VIP tried to get there, grabbing Alfie by the leg, but it wasn’t enough…


Best floored Victor with another right hand, akin to earlier.

When Price, wobbly, stood up, he got another one and then stayed down…

OUTStanding Moonsault!

Principe hurried back in and got a double superkick for his troubles, which sent him stumbling through the middle ropes and to the floor!

The volume rose.  The audience and The Entertainers could sense it and were on the same page.  They HAD to kill VIP off.

They lay him in the middle and both went to opposite corners.  As they stood on the top turnbuckles, thousands of fans did the same in anticipation and were not disappointed…

Diving legdrop by Best was the precursor for a sensational Shooting Star Press from Button.  Together…


Would it be a winner though?

Best put it to the test as Alfie raised a finger with every stroke of the canvas and the crowd cheered along…




Jan Bosko and Josef Skala headed out, the two Czechs enjoyed a mixed reaction to go along with their mixed record so far - one win and one defeat.

6’3 and 6’4 respectively at a combined weight of nearly 500 pounds.  These guys are tough, love beer and live to fight.  That attitude, as they bore the red Prague Drinking Team hoodies commonplace among Erasmus students in Europe, and a bottle of pilsner, yes, during their entrance endeared them to the audience.

Before entering the ring, Bosko and Skala toasted each other, wetting some first-row spectators.  Jan rolled in and Alfie and Darren, who had no idea what to expect, were non-plussed.

Simply put, their opponents were tough when you were at 100%.  How could The Entertainers cope when they’d already gone through two teams?

Jan negotiated - successfully - a tie-up and drove Alfie back to the corner.  With that came a clean break-up. However, he underestimated Alfie when he then went back to the well, only to find Alfie had slid between his legs and now had a side headlock applied.

Bosko threw him off and Button easily ducked underneath a futile clothesline attempt, and dodged a second one for good measure, scoring with a fabulous flying forearm smash.
That had Jan’s attention.  But, as Alfie took his time to meet Bosko in the corner, he got an almighty shock…


Alfie fell like a folder off a window sill as Bosko flopped on top.  Could it be over?!




Button, undeniably quicker, had taken his eye off the ball for a second and let PDT in.  Surely, experience and maturity will iron this out.  That would’ve been a harsh lesson to learn after their hard graft.

Bosko lifted Button up and into the air with ease…

Double underhook backbreaker!

Cover?  Why not…

2 and only 2.

Applauded by Skala, Bosko paved the way for his slightly taller, heavier and stronger counterpart to come in and show what he had.

He started with an elementary yet effective diving knee to the face, which saw Alfie sit up.

That was until Josef shoved him down to the canvas forcefully and tested the water, garnering a straight 2-count.

Side belly-to-belly suplex by Skala saw him and Prague Drinking Team edge closer to a 3, Button doing just enough to raise his right shoulder somewhere in the 2 and a half neighborhood.

If there was any doubt who had the advantage when it came to power, Skala removed all doubts with a walking scoop powerslam, planting a battered Button onto the canvas, fairly nearly the Czechs’ corner.

Gut check time for Alfie.  Skala, who didn’t appear to be the type, went to the second turnbuckle and launched himself…

The operative word in the last sentence?  Gut.

Alfie raised his legs into the near 260-pounder’s chest and had time to breathe himself, a stark contrast to Skala who was coughing his guts - and beer - up.  Not literally, thankfully and fortunately.

Egged on by Best, Button approached the corner when Skala, just about, cut their hopes off with a double axe to the neck area.

Right in front of best, Skala, who was merely doing what he had to do for him and Bosko, unleashed a brainbuster.


T...aking no chances was Best, who pulled Skala off by his knees and apologised to him and the referee for his indiscretion.

Skala looked back, but he understood.  Anyway, he had other things on his mind…

So did Alfie.

Hiptoss by Button, who fell down immediately afterwards.  As Skala got to a knee, he must’ve been amazed at what happened next…

Bobby Dazzler!

Not only did Alfie, apparently exhausted, pull off a kip-up.  He’d executed a hurricanrana as well…



Not far away!



Two magnificent European uppercuts between a couple of Europeans, Button on Skala, knocked the stuffing out of the latter.  Not for too long though as Alfie had tried an Irish Whip, which Josef returned with interest.  Or so he’d thought…

Lovely jubbly!

A sensational springboard reverse elbow proved to be the tonic.  Button was left breathless, but he’d left a few people in a similar plight with his peach of a counter.

Alfie and Josef needed out of there.  Who would get there first?  Despite his beating, Button was still quicker and he dived to pass the buck onto a waiting Best, who stopped an oblivious Skala…

Backdrop driver!

That took strength and stamina, especially at this stage.  Could it be enough?



Skala says no!

Best wouldn’t be stopped.  He whipped Skala, normally the stronger guy I’d say, into the corner and let him have it with a crunching Corner splash!

As Skala, who refused to go down, came stumbling out of the corner, Best beautifully opted for a single arm DDT.

He rolled Skala over and wanted to end it there and then.  BEST SUBMISSION EVER, well it would have been had Skala not hung onto Best’s knee.  Darren sledged Skala with three or four shots, but it was Josef, who was digging his heels in, refusing to let go.  Not until he’d taken Darren down, which he did.  The Czech was in control and mounted Darren, wailing away from the mount position with four heavy shots.  He stood up, trying to get some circulation back in the arm prior to bringing Bosko back in.

Fabulous running kneelift by Jan!

Now going for a piledriver.  With everything he had, Best managed to pull off a backbody drop.  Good job that he did.  When Bosko got up to his feet, Darren was waiting for him and blocked a right hand just before returning fire with one of his own.  A kick gave Darren the advantage to try…


BUT, again, Bosko rightly sensed danger and ran Darren straight into Prague Drinking Team’s corner.  Tag.

Here comes Skala again.


Poetic?  Hardly.  Hurtful?  Fucking right.

Anyway, that attained a two for its troubles.  Bosko, a basic yet surprisingly nimble big lad, dragged Darren…

For an airplane spin.

Before he could get the motor working, Darren slipped out of the emergency exit and caught Josef with a harsh knee to the abdomen, and then another to the face. Out of desperation...he went for Best of Both, but couldn’t get the stronger man up.  He tried again and to no avail.  Instead, he brought Skala via a front chancery back to The Entertainers’ corner, funny as just moments ago it had been the other way round.

Before Best vacated, he planted Josef with a scoop slam, doing any more would’ve been a risk, and Alfie came in the hard way.

Slingshot Arabian press that he prefers to call Al Jazeera.

Unaffected, Alfie was soon back in the sky.

One frogsplash!  He then marched to the other corner, shortly after rolling Skala onto his back, to perform a second splash to the spine!

Action Replay!



Only 2!

Button rammed Skala’s head off the mat a couple of times and marched him back towards his corner where Best held Josef in place, the official counting.  Alfie took a few paces away…

Commercial Break!

Gorgeous hesitation dropkick.  Then, he tagged Best back in and Alfie tactically moved towards Bosko.

Behind them, Skala, who was suffering, was put of his misery.


A wonderful wrist-clutch exploder into the turnbuckles by Darren meant Josef’s substantial frame went limp.  Bosko entered, but Button jumped on him with a flurry of punches, more like a wasp than a wolf, though it was enough of a distraction…



Yes, three!!!

Two down for The Entertainers - two to go?  Prague Drinking Team had given them a stern test and would be back with much more vigor and force in the future.  The Entertainers had just possessed a bit too much technique and pace for them tonight.

The crowd was LOVING them some of perhaps the all-round most athletic tag team in NBW today. The Entertainers had finally ended the reign of terror that was The A-List and The Prague Drinking Team. There was no secret that Xiang and The Great Wall were the very last team and were no doubt sitting pretty, but who was left?

Alfie and Darren both took a quick breather…

“A Warrior’s Call” by Volbeat.
And if they could, both their hearts almost DROPPED when the music played and the crowd went CRAZY!

The double-doors opened again and out came not one, but TWO scary men. In NBW, they were a team that worked together a grand total of one time… however, the one match this superteam had won was against the NBW Keystone Champion El Dragon Loco and the former NBW World Champion, Derecho!

The longest-reigning ACW World Champion in history: the 6’3” and 295-pound Tyson XL.

His partner: The 6’4” and 381-pound former NBW Infamy Champion and NBW World Champion, now looking to add the Dynasty Tag Team Titles to his impressive resume: Vic Gravender.

But you can call them The Unstoppables.

The Entertainers had two teams left, but when they saw the mammoth superteam heading toward the ring and getting a HUGE cheer from the crowd, their work was cut out for them. Tyson XL and Vic Gravender both marched up the steps and the mastodons entered the ring with Tyson offering to start things up for his team.

Darren Best manned up for The Entertainers and went on the attack with a Dropkick, sending the large NBW newcomer into corner! Best got back up and and the Englishmen had some fans on his side as he rushed towards Tyson and went on the attack with a series of Forearm Smashes! Four big shots caught him in the chest, but The Big Guns stood his ground and pushed him away. Best rolled through and made it back to his feet, but Tyson LAUNCHED him up with a Back Body Drop!

Tyson XL rolled him back up and then rolled over to the corner. With Best in a seated position, Tyson rush off the ropes and the large man came at him like a freight train, kicking him with a sliding boot to the face! Best was laid the hell out and Tyson went for a cover almost immediately!



Best kicked out, but The Unstoppables were about to live up to their new name. Tyson grabbed Best and threw him into the corner, holding the Englishman in place as he made the tag to Vic. The crowd cheered the former NBW World Heavyweight Champion as he stepped inside. Tyson XL charged and crushed Best with a huge Body Avalanche! He then whipped him into Vic’s clutches as the big man grabbed his throat and threw Darren over with a big-time Double Choke Overhead Suplex! After that, the World Class Badass went for a cover after driving a huge Elbow Drop into his chest!



Button landed a quick kick to the side of Vic’s head, but the large New Yorker started to stand up and mean-mugged Alfie.

“You wanna try that again?” Vic asked in an scary quiet tone.

Alfie did try to crack him with a kick, but Vic grabbed his leg. Alfie executed a backflip and the athletic Englishman landed on his feet…


Vic nearly MURDERED him with a vicious Head-butt right to Alfie’s face after he landed out of the backflip, knocking him the hell out. After Button hit the mat, Vic turned over to Darren Best, but he shot up quickly and used a Sit-out Jawbreaker to rattle Vic and stun the tank-like veteran! Best then tried to roll over to his corner and make the tag, but Button was still down and out.

Best changed up his gameplan quickly jumped over the ropes to the apron before making another leap back in, catching Vic Gravender in the chest with a Springboard Missile Dropkick! The blow staggered Vic and sent the World Class Badass back to his corner, but Tyson XL made the tag without his knowing. Darren Best got himself up after his own Dropkick, but he didn’t see it coming…


The brutal little ditty was a Shotgun-style Dropkick from a fucking 295-pound man, sending Best crashing hard into the turnbuckle! Things were not looking good at all for The Entertainers as the superteam of The Unstoppables were making for quite a team! Gravender looked pretty impressed with his younger tag team partner and former rival as Tyson stood up and raised his hands for the cheering crowd!

Best was laid out and clutching his rib cage while Alfie Button was trying to get back up on the ring apron. Tyson XL then hoisted him up in the Vertical Suplex position and then just dropped him like a rag doll. With Best down for the count, Tyson hit the ropes and leaped in the air, turning 180 degrees and then dropping a huge Leg Drop across Best’s throat! Best convulsed under the impact of the move and Tyson went for a cover! There was only one team left in the gauntlet after these two and could Tyson end it now?




If there was both a flashy way and a brilliant way to break up the cover, Alfie Button could certainly find it! The Frog-Pump Elbow caught Tyson XL in the back of the head and broke up the fall to save The Entertainers’ chances of winning! Tyson was still hurt, but now Alfie had created an opening for Darren Best. His fellow Englishman rolled towards the ropes.


The dueling chants for both fan favorite teams as Darren Best rolled towards his corner to try and get to Alfie. Tyson XL rolled over to his corner and made the tag to Big Vic! The World Class Badass entered the ring and rushed at Darren Best, grabbing the aerial technician by his leg. He pulled Darren up by the leg, but Best brought his other leg up and cracked Vic in the side of the head with a big Leaping Enzugiri! The blow was enough to stun the former NBW World Champion…


And you can bet the crowd loved every bit of that shit!

The speedier half of The Entertainers leaped over the ropes and into the ring, right at a stunned Gravender. He clocked the rotund New Yorker with a charging elbow right to the face, but Gravender only teetered slightly. Vic stood his ground and waved a hand, daring Alfie to take another shot. Alfie did just that as he his the ropes again ---

Second verse, same as the first.

Vic was only fazed from the blow, but the mountain of a man stood his ground. Alfie hit the ropes for a third time. Vic swung with an elbow, but Button rolled underneath that with a somersault and came back up, landing a Dropkick right to the braced left knee of Gravender! Derecho and EDL both did a number on the knee of the big man during the main event of Slam, so if there was a proverbial chink in the armor, that was it!

Gravender was hunched over when Alfie went to the knee again. He kicked away at the knee, but Vic blocked a shot and threw a hard right hand that sent Alfie stumbling backwards towards the corner. Gravender charged at him with a Running Hip Attack in mind, but Alfie rolled out of the way, leaving Gravender to hit nothing but the corner! Gravender stumbled out while holding his back in pain as Alfie hit the ring apron…


The signature (one of MANY in Alfie’s extensive arsenal) Springboard Forearm Smash landed right on the button, but Vic didn’t go down! Instead, he stumbled back and fell to a knee. With him left wide open...


He shouted out the signature catch phrase of The Fonz from Happy Days as he landed a hard Superkick to the face of Vic, but he was STILL on his knee, so he decided to do another one…


A second Superkick FINALLY got the big man down and Alfie went for a cover!




With emphatic power, Gravender kicked out and pushed Button off of him with a lot of force! Alfie stood up and waited as The World Class Badass started to stir. He leaped to the ropes and it looked like he was going to end things…


Vic Gravender caught Alfie in mid-move and ran him towards the corner where Tyson XL waited on the ring apron…


Tyson had LEAPED from his corner and cracked Alfie in the back of the head at the same time Vic propelled him into the corner with a huge Bucklebomb! The longtime NBW fans knew that the Bucklebomb was only step one of Vic Gravender calling for the end. As Darren Best tried to interfere, Tyson XL rushed inside the ring and blasted him with a Spear! Best was nearly knocked out of his boots as Vic picked up Alfie Button…


The Spiral Powerbomb rattled Alfie’s spine as Vic went for a cover now!




The Entertainers gave The Unstoppables one hell of a fight, but the two super-heavyweights had ended the run of the most athletic and talented of the tag teams who’d participated yet! Vic was about to sit up…


Nobody noticed it until it was too late, but the cunning Xiang had slid in through the crowd and ran into the ring, cracking Vic in the back of the head with a Running Penalty Kick! Tyson XL tried to attack him and clubbed him with a big right hand as he saved his partner, but a pair of massive hands grabbed Tyson by the legs and pulled the former multiple-time champ of ACW out of the ring!

One had to wonder if this was the master plan of The Xiang Dynasty all along and that assumption may have been correct: Lie in wait and jump on whatever team was last! The Great Wall had plucked Tyson out of the ring…


Tyson XL was no small man, but the 7’2” and 350-plus Great Wall had made quick work of him via a sneak attack on the floor! The Big Gun writhed around in pain on the floor while The Great Wall returned to the his corner. Inside the ring, Xiang waited for Vic Gravender to get back to his feet and formed an X with his hands. The World Class Badass was coming around as Xiang waited for him to rise…


Vic swatted Xiang away from him and took a breather, which allowed Xiang to tag The Great Wall. Vic spun around and got nailed right in the face with a monstrous Overhand Chop! Big Vic didn’t go down right away from the shot and stumbled into the ropes, but when he tried to remain standing, The Great Wall finally knocked him down with a slow, but powerful Thrust Kick! The former NBW World Champion toppled over and Xiang frantically shouted in Chinese for his bodyguard to pin him! The Great Wall nodded and went for a cover.




The crowd cheered on Gravender as his shoulder got up off the mat. True story that this was not the first time Vic Gravender and The Great Wall mixed it up in the ring - they had fought once before during a tour several years back in China when Gravender defeated The Great Wall to retain his NBW Infamy Championship.

But that was then.

This was now.

And The Xiang Dynasty had the Dynasty Tag Team Titles right in their laps!

While The Great Wall went to work on Vic Gravender with a tight Dragon Sleeper-like hold, Tyson XL was trying to get back up after the vicious sneak attack on the floor, but Xiang waited. Tyson tried to get back up, but Xiang ran across the apron…


His signature Penalty Kick caught Tyson XL in the chest now and knocked the wind from The Big Gun as he fell to the floor again! Xiang turned back to the ring.

“Xiànzài jiéshù ba!” Xiang cried.

Loosely translated, “end it now!” Was the order he just gave to The Great Wall as he continued to drain the life from Vic. Gravender used his free left hand and tried to punch his way out of it! The former NBW World Champion fought back up to his feet with the crowd cheering him on. He buried a series of hard right hands into the chest of The Great Wall as Xiang started to panic. Xiang continued screaming while Vic ran off the ropes. Xiang tried to cheap shot Vic, but Gravender wasn’t born yesterday and grabbed his leg before THROWING him inside the ring! He chased Xiang, who crawled away…


His newest submission hold had Vic Gravender trapped and the Head and Arm Choke was draining the life out of him fast! The New Yorker tried to fight the hold, but the massive Chinese nationalist kept the pressure on. He shook him frantically trying to get Vic to expend more energy as he started falling to a knee.

“Finish him!” Xiang cried.

Xiang once again saw Tyson XL start to rise and decided he was going to step in. The Artist of War’s sneak attack gave them the edge, so he ran again with another kick…BLOCKED!  Tyson grabbed Xiang by the leg and plucked him right off the ring apron into a VICIOUS Backbreaker across his knee! The crowd CHEERED as the former ACW Champion limped back towards his corner while Vic tried to fight off the hold. He was fading fast…

“Do you give up?” The official asked.

“FUCK NO!” Gravender shouted.

The Human Wrecking Ball threw more right hands into The Great Wall’s gut and surged to life. He grabbed his hands and tried to pry them apart, but The Great Wall wasn’t having that! He threw a knee into Vic’s side and landed a hard elbow to the head to stun him so when he ran into the ropes…


The MOTHER of all goddamn Spinebusters nearly shook the ring from the sheer mass of the two super-heavyweights! Both men were down and Gravender needed to make it to his corner after being worked over by Xiang and The Great Wall. Vic rolled over as Xiang started to finally rise and head towards the corner with a sore back. He cradled his back and screamed at The Great Wall to get over as he made the tag. He got in the ring…


Xiang tried to rush at him, but Tyson XL launched himself like a rocket into the ring with a HUGE Slingshot Clothesline! Xiang tumbled ass over teakettle around the mat as Tyson rose to his feet and the crowd started to applaud the big man. The former ACW Champion picked up Xiang off the mat and threw him into the ropes before sending him sailing high over head with a huge Back Body Drop! He almost went flying into the lights before he came down with a thud!

The Artist of War was writhing around in pain in the corner while Tyson XL got him set in the corner. The second that he ran forward, XL came running and caught him in the chest with a Running Knee Strike! Xiang was doubled over and Tyson followed up by hoisting him into a Fireman’s Carry and then dumping him on the ground harshly. That was the worst part, though, because Tyson hit the ropes…


Nearly 3 bills across the chest of Xiang! Tyson XL rolled over and the crowd counted along with the fall!




The monster had returned and clocked Tyson XL in the back of the head with a boot. The Great Wall then goozled the NBW newcomer and pulled him up to his feet. He was thinking another Chokeslam, but Tyson punched away at his arm until he let go!

“Once was enough, asshole,” Tyson muttered.

The Great Wall lunged at Tyson XL with a Big Boot in mind, but Tyson ducked the shot. The Great Wall caught his foot on the ropes, but when he turned around, both members of the Unstoppables were now standing in front of him…


The crowd went nuts again as both large men worked together to FINALLY get The Great Wall out of the ring! Xiang took advantage of the situation by shoving Tyson right into Vic! He knocked the big man back into his corner and rolled up Tyson, hooking the tights in the process!




The big California native kicked out at the last second as Xiang nearly blew a gasket! Xiang punched the canvas and then stood up. He was thinking an Killswitch-type move and tried to hook both of his arms, but Tyson shoved him into Vic…


The second nasty Head-butt that Vic had thrown this evening! First Alfie Button, and now Xiang! Xiang barely knew where he was when Tyson grabbed him by the arm and launched him into the ropes…


The biggest goddamn Pop-up Powerbomb nearly rattled the ring! Tyson XL went for the cover as Gravender cut off The Great Wall from entering the ring again!




The crowd came un-motherloving-glued!

Vic pumped his arm upward as Tyson let out a shout of emotion! For the first time in a good while, No Brand Wrestling had new Dynasty Tag Team Champions. Ten teams, big and small, all wanted the chance, but the super-team of Tyson XL and former nbw World Champion Vic Gravender were the ones to weather the storm!


The official handed both mastodons the two halves of their Dynasty Tag Team Titles and the two gazed at their newfound gold. Just two matches into Tyson XL’s NBW tenure and his second match in over three years and he could call himself a champion! Vic Gravender also added another big accolade with this win and adding to his already impressive resume.

SVJ had won the first ever 10 to 1 and that served as a catalyst for an almighty title reign.  Would you bet against the aptly-named Unstoppables from repeating history?

As they paraded their titles into the air, both belts went flying...

And so did Tyson and Gravender!

A chop block had felled Vic and a hooded guy, who we couldn't see, was now pounding away at our former champion, along with another unfamiliar face, side by side, keeping Vic down.

Meanwhile, another two guys were attacking Tyson XL.  One, the youngest of the quartet, was thrown off like a rag doll when his sleeper from behind was cut short, courtesy of Tyson's tremendous strength slamming him down, but the fightback was short-lived when the waiting black-haired cohort caught the ex-ACW kingpin with a cracking Leg Lariat.  He growled at his younger accomplice to help him out.

Gravender was on his feet and caught the hooded guy with an elbow to the breadbasket and a throat thrust to his other tormentor.  However, when he tried to unveil the only mystery man, he got some kind of mist spat in his face for measure, as if the enigma had thought of that previously.  He had to be someone the fans would recognize, unlike the other three, whose faces could be clearly seen, but none of which had appeared on our screens.

Four guys were now punching, scratching, choking and kicking at these two units, who upright and fresh, would give most groups a run for their money.

When satisfied with their handiwork, amidst many boos, the four guys all linked arms in the squared circle and raised their arms.  In the middle, the guy with the hood over his face flopped back...

'The First' Freddie Rich.  Not a major name by any means, but a member of Monarchy just before jOlt had closed its doors and a friend of Frank Silver's.

He picked up a belt and one of his colleagues did the same, while the two smaller guys on either side, touched the titles too.  The message was clear...

Whoever these guys were...

They were after the newly-won Dynasty titles.

The Unstoppables had been halted momentarily.  On a level playing field, however, how would this faction fare, especially with a pissed-off pairing of two super heavyweights who had dominated promotions in the not-too-distant past?


"What a series!" Vanderart had been quite impressed with the tag teams. "We now have ourselves new Dynasty Tag Team Champions in the Unstoppables."

"Gravender needs to kick Tyson to the curb and return Family Keeling. With a guy like Tony Sharp at his side no two, four or eight men even would be putting them down like those four did."

"Well the fans sure do enjoy the new Champions. Even a former tag team champion," Vanderart alluded to the former Upper Echelon member that sat front-row by the ramp. "Son of Malta is here and you can bet that he had some interest in our next match."

SoM stood from his seat and looked around at the mixed reception he was getting while on the EpiCenter. Perhaps one day set to return to the ring but for now he was here as a fan and focused in on the next match.

“We’ve had ourselves an incredible night so far,” Vanderart said to the viewers, “and while our main event will pit Derecho against El Dragon Loco…”

“Yes! Two cutthroat, glory-seeking men who are both dangerous!” CG Gains said. “My kind of star running the NBW ship!”

“...moving on. Tonight, three of NBW’s best and brightest stars will have the chance to fight for the first shot against whoever comes out to tonight’s main event! Two former NBW World Heavyweight Champions in Ravage and Ali Amore, along with perhaps NBW’s biggest rising star, Lucky Carter!”

“A decorated has-been, a pretty boy and some rookie bee-yotch!” Gains whined.

“Ignoring my partner, let’s go to ringside where we have Brent Williams ready to announce the action!”

And to that… with the quickness! Brent Williams looking rather dapper.

“The following contest is scheduled for one fall and this is a triple threat match! This will end one fall to a finish and the winner will become the #1 Contender to the No Brand Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship!”

“That’s Amore” by Dean Martin.

The smooth sounds of Dean Martin’s voice… the throwback to a time when music was music… all of it filled the arena by way of the PA system.  Ali Amore stepped out from the backstage area to cheers from the crowd.   As the crowd gave him their approval, he walked down to the ring where he hopped up on the apron. 

“Introducing first… from Bogotá, Colombia, weighing in at 212 pounds… he is a former NBW World Heavyweight Champion… ALI AMORE!

Seeing the opportunity before him, Ali Amore put on a brave faced before getting himself mentally ready. He flipped over the top rope and rolled to the center where he struck a quick pose before heading to the corner and ascending the turnbuckle pad.  He backflipped off and spun around as he awaited the opposition.

'Wanted Man' by Rev Theory.

The music introduced the NBW loyal fans to the arrival of the human steam engine, a former multi-time champion in his own right! It had been a while since he had gold – his last taste being the NBW Blitzkrieg Title now held by one of the two men in tonight’s main event, El Dragon Loco. 

“And his opponents, first… from South Dakota, at five foot nine and two hundred thirty pounds; he is the Savage of the Ring… This… is… RAVAGE!

Ravage tossed his arms out to the side and let loose a roar before spearheading his way down the ramp and sliding inside! He came face to face with Ali Amore and though he stood only 5’9”, he was a powerhouse at 230 pounds. That certainly didn’t stop him from being one of NBW’s more tenured veterans. The reaction for Ravage was notably mixed this evening. He had slowly started to develop what some may have referred to as a chip on their shoulder. He had cheated Zed out of a victory on the last Slam (thought some would argue it was merely fighting fire with fire) but tonight, he had a chance to finally end this championship drought. Ravage went to a corner as they waited for the final piece of this puzzle.

“This Is Letting Go” by Rise Against.

And much like they did for Ali Amore’s entrance, the crowd went nuts again! The Super Rookie of No Brand Wrestling. The crowd went WILD for the youngster as he walked his way from the back, keeping his gaze locked in on a man he used to call a friend last year. 

“And introducing the last participant of this match… from Bismarck, North Dakota, weighing in at 209 pounds… ”THE QUICK PIN KID” LUCKY CARTER!

The crowd LOVED them some Carter as he walked down to the ring. Wearing a brand new “LUCKY!” zip-up jacket, he unzipped it about halfway down the ramp before tossing it to the ground. Ravage and Amore both stood his ground as Lucky entered the ring. He was a little bit shy backstage and liked to keep to himself, but nobody could deny his talent in the ring. He actually had a pinfall victory over Derecho but was knocked out of the first round of the NBW World Championship tournament that would conclude tonight. Carter was knocked out by Amore, so that had to be on his mind somewhat. He’d have to go through two former World Champs tonight in order to win, but if anybody could pull it out, it was The Quick Pin Kid. With all three in the ring now, referee Simon Brack called for the bell.



Right at the bell, the most tenured member of this match was going first! He struck Carter at the bell with a huge right hand and then did the same to Amore! The Savage of the Ring was more than living up to his name as he picked up Carter and threw him down with a slam! Ali tried to catch Ravage with a German Suplex, but Ravage rolled behind him and right off the bat, he caught him with a German! Was this all-important match going to end that quickly?



The Bridging German didn’t get it done, but the multiple-time champion went back to work on Amore. He had him up in the Rear Waist-lock position and tried for something big. When Amore was back on his feet, he saw Carter coming…


Ali ducked the oncoming shot from the technically-savvy Carter, but Ravage caught the business end of the move, sending him shooting all the way to the outside! Lucky Carter popped right back to his feet, but Ali was right behind him.  He was going for a Schoolboy right off the bat, but Carter rolled through and got back to his feet right away! The two locked up and Carter had him in a tight Headlock, but Ali bounced to the ropes and sent Carter shooting off to the ropes. The Quick Pin Kid came back, but Carter spun around Ali and ran to the contiguous side of the ring. The confusing counter was all that Carted needed to launch himself at Ali with a huge Flying Forearm Smash! The crowd cheered on The Super Rookie as he rolled over and tried his first cover of the match.


early kickout!

It was going to take a whole lot more than that to defeat a former NBW World Heavyweight Champion like Ali Amore! He picked up the sexy-ass Colombia (don’t judge) and then whipped him to the ropes, but when Carter tried to catch him in a Tilt-A-Whirl, Amore reversed that and shot Lucky across the ring with a huge Head-scissors Takedown! Carter got sent stumbling into the ropes as Ali did a quick kip-up to his feet, showing off his great agility. Both men were now on the outside with The Superstar of Bogotá now ruling the roost.  He saw Ravage out of the corner of his eye trying to get back in the ring, but a Handspring Kick shut that shit down immediately!

Ali Amore was back up and when the flashy Colombian saw Lucky Carter out of the other corner of his eye, he turned his attention full speed in his direction. He was going for broke early…


With incredible precision and timing, Amore dove through the ropes and caught Lucky Carter, smashing him against the guardrail! Ali wasn’t done yet, however as he got back inside the ring and saw Ravage starting to stand up. When he saw him get back to his feet, Ali knew what he had to do next…


Second verse, same as the first! Ali took down his target with great precision, but now that he had his fun, he needed to actually make with the pinning or submitting of somebody. He picked The Savage of the Ring and rolled him back inside again.


The crowd was going crazy as Ali Amore was in control. With Ravage accounted for and Lucky Carter still down and out on the outside, Ali made with a Standing Moonsault! He tried the cover on the other former NBW World Heavyweight Champ in this match!




He leaped over Amore and used the momentum to try and take him over with a Sunset Flip…


Amore rolled through and cracked him with a sick Double Stomp to the ribs! The crowd winced as Carter had the wind… well, fucking stomped completely behind him. Carter rolled over and The Superstar of Bogotá kicked Lucky’s corpse outside of the ring, With The Super Rookie now indisposed of for the moment, he was about ready to take down Ravage… he leaped for a Hurricanrana on Ravage…



Let's rewind:  RaVage had stepped forward and caught the South American in mid-air, now having Amore in a powerbomb position...

Turnbuckle Bomb!

Immediately, Amore tended to his head as it blasted the highest buckle! Ravage had the advantage now and pulled Ali away from the turnbuckle before going for a cover!




That wasn’t good enough for Ravage as he tried to pin him a second time, using a deeper cover.




Two kickouts were certainly not the charm at all and with the #1 Contendership at stake here tonight, had to take any opening he could. He tried to grab Amore and impressively DEADLIFTED him into a German Suplex before powering him up backwards! That had to be all!



Carter rolled back into the ring, sweeping the leg out from underneath Ravage. Ali was in a vulnerable position still so Carter hit the ropes as Ravage tried to get back up, only for Carter to use a sliding variation right into a Jackknife pin attempt!



No, not just like that!  But, when RaVage stood up, so did Ali and Amore laid in heavily with a cracking kick to the abdomen.  Turning round, the 5'9 South Dakotan wandered into a Fisherman's Suplex!



Ali broke it up.  Picking Carter up, he then rammed Lucky's head into the opposite turnbuckle to where he'd been punished with a powerbomb.  An Irish Whip would see the action return to that corner though, where Ali set off, only to miss with a Stinger Splash as Lucky moved in the nick of time.

Cleverly, Carter took Amore down with a technically and technically sound Hangman's Neckbreaker, which won't help the Superstar of Bogotá, who was plagued with neck injuries throughout his World title run.

And the man who ended that?

Look out, here he is...

Lariat by RaVage to the unsuspecting Carter that turned him inside OUT!

Lucky normally doesn't like mixing it with big guys and believe it or not, he was the tallest man in this match.  Judging by that impact here at Eternal Judgment though, he must've felt like he'd been hit by a seven-footer.  That was a heck of a clothesline.  Would it be enough?



Carter kicked out!  He had to that time, as Amore was in position to save Lucky or himself and deny RaVage from being installed as the World Championship's new number one contender.

Not long afterwards...

Chopblock by Amore!

RaVage buckled, but not to the point he was on the ground...

Spinning Heel Kick by Carter!

He was now!

Sensationally, on the way down, Amore had grabbed RaVage and negotiated a roll-up.  Before Carter could react, Ali was all over that shit!




RaVage kicked out somewhere in the 2-count neighborhood and Ali, from being in control of a pinning predicament, must've felt like a serial killer meeting their match in Dexter Morgan when he strayed into Lucky's domain...

Small Package!



A kick by RaVage broke that count up, but actually handed the initiative to Ali, who had Lucky wrapped up in the same move.  The roles had been reversed...


RaVage repeatedly stomped on both men until they were pried apart.  He had his pick of the litter and chose the Colombian, who he had some history with, firing his fellow former World champion into the ropes.  At the same time, Lucky had also risen to his feet and attempted to backdrop Amore instinctively as he hurtled towards Carter.

Carter pulled the backdrop off, but Ali landed on his feet.  The round of applause forced Lucky to realize Amore hadn't been dumped as he'd planned and as he turned round, risking a blindside attack from RaVage, Amore leapfrogged Carter and let a slow-to-react and unsuspecting RaVage with a stunning superkick!

The South Dakota dynamo bounced off the top rope on the far side of the squared circle, but didn't go down...

Carter's mirror image Crescent Kick sealed the deal as the audience applauded the sequence of moves they'd just seen!


The crazy chants were loud and proud, but all three competitors had to shut all of that out to score the win in the biggest match all three men had in some time. Quickly, Carter scurried over...


Ali pulled him off, and no, not in that way.

Carter stood up to address Amore, who didn't mess around, and nailed him with a European Uppercut!  He whipped Carter into the ropes, and Lucky jumped over the prone body of RaVage, not once, but twice and rebounded with a fantastic Front Dropkick to take the 4th Emergency Service by surprise! Carter then made his way over to where Ali Amore had landed…

German Suplex, complete with a bridge!



Ali denied Lucky at the last possible moment.  Carter thought he'd quashed the Colombian's chances there.


RaVage was up, looking for another Lariat.

Carter sensed and saw it coming this time and ducked underneath, applying an Arm Wringer that paved the way for something with far more impact...


The Inverted Stomp Facebreaker jacked Ravage’s jaw and dropped him to the mat! Carter rolled over onto his side and took a leg with him in the ensuing cover! Would it be the tonic for the Ultimate Underdog?



Credit to RaVage for his resilience!  The ex-World titleholder highlighted why he'd remain in this promotion's history books forever by finding the courage to fight back and continue.  Nonetheless, Lucky was in pole position.  Who would he go for?  What would he do next?

He saw Ali, who was nursing his neck and head, coming out of the corner on the top right-hand side of the ring, ripe for the pickings, which suited Lucky.

Or did it?

Taking control of the South American's noggin, he was looking for an excellent Acid Drop, but before he could land the Bulldog, Ali threw Carter off and into the air...


What strength by the man who was five nine and seeking greatness once again.  The crowd clapped his efforts, though he wasn't going to win this match with Ali standing yards away.  Amore predictably dropped an Axe Handle, just enough, to break up RaVage's Powerbomb pin before he could even begin!

Amore picked RaVage up and adopted a similar tactic to Carter, winding his opponent up with another Arm Wringer!  Wait, the Colombian had been captured and kidnapped!

Belly-to-Belly Suplex!



Ali managed to summon enough energy to rebuff that attempt!

Just as RaVage got up to question the official...

Jumping DDT by Carter!  You can never count this kid out.

Could the official be counting RaVage out though?



No, hombre.

Lucky saw Ali heading back into contention and decided to strike first, rattling a couple of pearly whites with a menacing European Uppercut of his own and setting up a Suplex.  He couldn't get Amore up though.

Instead, taking a step back, Keegan's star student turned the tables and hung Lucky out to dry on the top rope with a Suplex of his own!  Watch out!  Ali was about to go airborne...terrific Triangle Dropkick to send Carter off the apron and onto the arena floor in front of our own commentary team.

Despite cries and pleas from the crowd, perhaps through adrenaline, Amore ignored them and it proved costly as he span around with no earthly idea of what was awaiting him...


RaVage had rammed his head deep into Amore's abdomen and almost taken Ali out of his boots.  Fortunately for him and the aptly-named Lucky, RaVage had hurt himself executing that move and was unable to capitalize and cover the prone Bogotá native. Both men had themselves a breather and with Carter down and out on the floor again, Ravage decided to end things there. He grabbed Ali by his notoriously bad neck and locked up an arm…


The submission was locked in tight in the center of the ring and Ali Amore had nowhere to go! He tried to claw his way to the ropes, but Ravage was like a pitbull in the ring; when he sunk his teeth into something, it’d take the Jaws of Life to pry that bitch loose. Ravage tried his damnedest to roll over onto his side to try and alleviate the pressure. Simon Brack inspected the hold closely.

“Ali… do you give up?” He asked.


Colombia’s Second Greatest Export, as he was known, weathered the storm and tried to get to the ropes for a break, but Ravage held on.

“Tap out!” Ravage yelled. “That title shot is mine!”

He rolled over onto his side and tried to get himself back towards the ropes. He was almost there…



Just a little more…


The Diving Elbow Drop was a tribute to his NBW mentor, the former Keystone Champion Matt Haddon, but Carter nailed it to break up the cover! He landed the elbow right into the top of Ravage’s dome to get him to break up the pinfall! He picked up Ali Amore and threw him out of the ring to give himself some space before he rolled over into a La Majistral cradle…




Ravage kicked out, but the second that he did, Lucky adjusted himself and rolled over into the opposite side right into another pinfall attempt!




But AGAIN, the tenacious Carter rolled over into a third version of a La Majistral Cradle and held on for dear life!




It was as close as the letters in this sentence, but Ravage had kicked out! These three men were pulling out every stop they possibly could in order to win. Carter was even pulling out new versions of pinning combinations he’d been working on in between shows, but these three men were proud athletes more than anything else! Carter looked a little frustrated, but he wasn’t going to be denied.

Ravage was pulled up to his feet when Carter whipped him into the corner to follow up with a huge Running European Uppercut in the corner. The blow caught Ravage underneath the jaw when Carter ran toward the opposite turnbuckle for some more momentum. However, what he didn’t count on was Ravage already recovering and CLOBBERING Lucky in his corner with a huge Corner Clothesline! Unlike Carter, Ravage didn’t give the rookie an opening and whipped him across the ring with a huge Corner Clothesline a second time!

Ravage now had things in hand as he hooked Carter up for an amazing DDT. He was looking for his finishing DDT…


Carter reversed the hold…


Out of NOWHERE, Carter had cracked Ravage underneath the jaw with a stiff Superkick! Ravage stumbled back into the ropes, but Carter reeled back again…


An even more harsh Superkick from Lucky Carter caught Ravage a second time and dropped him to the mat! Ravage was down and Carter went for a cover…




INCREDIBLY, the former NBW World Champion Ali Amore caught him with a Frog Splash to the back! He then shoved Carter right off of the body of Ravage and covered him! This had to be it!




Ali Amore was usually a dude known for being cooler than the other side of the pillow, but this was for all the marbles, so he was naturally frustrated! He held up three fingers and the fall had been so close, but Ravage was a tough mother.


The crowd seemed to agree with Ali, but only two of Simon Brack’s fingers were up. Amore had enough of this as he pulled Ravage back towards the corner and slammed him down before taking in a deep breath. He leaped up to the top rope in one giant leap (not for man, so much as himself) as he started to leap…



Ali went for the cover now and STAYED on him as he sat up and held the leg of Ravage!




A THIRD Superkick from Carter had been used in this match and he cracked Ali Amore in the mouth, sending him flying out of the ring! He then picked up the groggy Ravage…


He caught Ravage with a Reverse Wheelbarrow then spun HARD forward into a Facebuster, grabbing him and now rolling over into a cover! Could this finally be enough??





Carter collapsed from exhaustion in the breakneck pace this match had gone! Three of NBW best and brightest had gone to war for almost fifteen minutes, but in the end, in a battle of two former NBW World Heavyweight Champions and a Super Rookie…


Ali Amore was on the outside and nursed a very sore jaw in pain after this brutal athletic move-fest, but even he had to be a little respectful of Carter finding an opening and scoring one of the biggest wins of his career. Carter had his arm raised while he was still on the ground! He hadn’t moved yet and allowed the moment to really sink in.

REALLY sink in.

He had just triumphed over a pair of the more dominant NBW World Heavyweight Champions in recent memory to earn the right to face off against the winner of Derecho and El Dragon Loco later tonight!

Amore limped into the ring and offered a great show of sportsmanship, picking up Carter and shaking the hand of the young 23-year-old from Bismarck, North Dakota with a dream. Carter smiled and Ali raised his hand, showing off the winner of tonight’s match before leaving the ring.

Carter had come close on a few occasions to win gold in NBW, only to come up short.

Now, he had a chance to make history as one of the youngest NBW World Heavyweight Champions in history.

Relaxed Security

Once more we were taken backstage, this time to the security station setup in the back of the Silverstein Eye Center arena. The two women seen escorted from the ring earlier were currently sitting and waiting, for something.

“This is your fault, you know.” The Second Coming stated while Zhalia Fears kicked her legs up on the chair next to her.

“How you figure?” Zhalia grinned and pointed over at a nearby poster, “that’s Superstar Vince Jacobs. One of the few guys I watched before getting into this myself.”

“Oh, I know Vince Jacobs. He and my uncle made themselves a fortune beating the hell outta each other. But you picked a fight with those chicks, and you knew we’d have your back. Or should’ve known, at least..”

“I did not.” She stated with a short laugh, “did you know Sean’s here?”

“Jackson? Yeah, they showed him on the EpiCenter earlier. Remember. Kush pointed him out, your eyes went wide and … we went and got Nachos, because you flipped yours on my lap.”

“Oh right.” Zhalia turned towards 2C, “sorry about that by the by.”

“And this? We could be arrested you know. Should I call my aunt, or my parents?” asked 2C.

She got no response, however, as her sister slash friend’s attention was currently focused down the corridor. And a second later she split, right out of the area they were seated on. The camera following her as Fears leaped into a certain Jamaican and hugged him, toying with his fedora before bouncing back on her feet.


“Zhalia. Two-cee.” From her chair 2C nodded. “Ya gals a part o’ dis place too now?”

“Too?” Zhalia crooked her head and eyed him from toe to fedora, “Didja bring my Rootbeer cola?”

“... how or why would I have brought dat if I didn't know ya two would be here?”

“So, that’s a no then?”

“That’s a no”, the look of sadness on Zhalia’s face prompted a different offer. “Tell you what though. Not sure what you two are doing back here when everyone else is down the corridor or up in the skybox.”

“Zhalia caused some mischief, now we’re waiting for someone to roll doubles or pay our bail so we can pass Go.”

“I see-”

“No we’re not in trouble.” Zhalia smiled and motioned 2C over, “we were just resting. Had some fun out there and maybe just maybe had a bit too much of it. Buuuuuuuuuuuut we are good now! I am ready for some good ol’ eatin’s!”

“We have to wait,” stated the Second Coming. “‘Sides, the food’s for the talent and the crew. They get first dibs. Don’t look at me like that, I didn’t spill your nachos.”

“I know. So let’s go. You and Kush are my plus one’s.” Zhalia grabbed her by the arm and pulled her from the chair. “ Lets go!”

“So dee two o’ ya do work here?” Lisil asked.



“What?” 2C looked at Zhalia, “since when?”

“Since I signed a short-term contract for 2 Badass for a Name silly. Now come-” she yanked her to her feet, “-on!”

“Fears...” 2C groaned, “you have to tell us these things! We’ve been waiting for nothing? Totes time to go.”

Lisil led the way with the two following behind. Once situated they would need to go get Kush who probably was just as confused.





The camera opened up backstage where Raul Salazar and the Keystone Champion El Dragon Loco were going over some last minute strategy.

EDL was the ONLY reigning champion in NBW all year up until moments back when the new Dynasty Tag Team Champions of Vic Gravender and Tyson XL were crowned. As the Keystone Champion EDL deserved this more than anybody else in the company.

Standing up from the bench EDL straightened up his mask and tightened it down. Salazar approached the exit first followed by EL Dragon Loco. Their destination would be to the left, straight towards the gorilla position.

This was going to be one of the hardest fights of his career. With the ultimate prize on the line, he was ready.

The scene opened up backstage. Right in front of the camera was a steel door. The door swung open and out stepped Derecho.

Derecho began to walk the hallways to the gorilla position. Tonight… he and El Dragon Loco.. the two finalists in the NBW World Heavyweight Championship tournament were going to go one on one to crown a brand new champion.

Derecho wanted this more than anything else. He practically begged Jack Harmen for the title when Judasbleek vacated it, but Derecho jumped through all of Harmen’s hoops to get here tonight and now… in just mere moments, Derecho and El Dragon Loco would square off in the middle of that ring.

Derecho reached a corner and turned. It had a sign showing the gorilla position was in that direction. Derecho walked down this long hallway as the scene faded out.



That match was NEXT!


The scene opened up to an overhead view of a city in flame. Buildings crumbling left and right while the tires on the vehicles lining the streets were melting away.

Any grass, trees or greenery had already long since burned away. All signs of life were non-existent.

Pulling back to a street-side view a shadow appeared at the horizon, basked by the ever increasing rays of the sun. Slowly the figure walked forward, and with every step his boots left indentions on the cracked asphalt.

Every step his dark skin cracked and burned away. Step by step, flames riding his body from the ground up. His face obscured by the smoke leaving his body until the wind shifted and sent the smoke another direction.

Benjamin Jones continued his walk, despite the missing layer of skin over half his face. He stopped and bent down as behind him several buildings no longer can stand the heat and crumble in the distance.

Jones swept away at the ground revealing a part of the NBW World Heavyweight Championship. He continued to pull the dirt and rubble away until it was clear. Prying the title out of the grip of its former owner, he then raised it up to get a good look at it.

Behind him charged the kid of luck that had won the right to be the new number one contenders; his hair ablaze in flame while leaving a trail of smoke in his wake. No better off than Jones as his skin cracked and seared away. Fist tightened closed, he leaped at Jones as the screen faded out.


Coming this June, only on Pay Per View.


A championship has been vacated.

A championship has been desired.

Men have gathered and staked their claim to become the new NBW World Heavyweight Champion, but only two of them arrived at the final point.  El Dragon Loco and Derecho survived the tournament… they survived the poisons they picked for each other… they survived being forced to team together, but now… that journey would culminate here tonight.

Tonight was once again about survival as only one would survive the other and become the new NBW World Heavyweight Champion.  Derecho looked to repeat and capture his second world title while El Dragon Loco looked to become a double champion, adding the World Title to the NBW Keystone Championship.

Two destinies

One championship.

And it starts now.


“I am….”

“....I am”

“Charisma” by WASP

A lone spotlight lights up the stage and we see Derecho with his back to the arena. Derecho was clad in his typical black leather trench coat while sporting a pair of sunglasses. The lights then begin to pulse to the beat of the song in random fashion. Derecho looked over his shoulder and grinned before pivoting and beginning his descent towards the ring. The capacity crowd on hand booed and showed their disdain, but Derecho paid no mind to them.

Derecho stopped at the bottom of the entrance ramp and then turned to his left. He stomped up the steel ring steps and stepped into the ring between the middle and the top rope. Derecho made his way to the center of the ring where pulsing spotlights illuminated him from different angles. Derecho stretched out his arms and looked up toward the rafters as he wanted the NBW fans to bask in his glory. Derecho then flicked his wrists and removed his sunglasses followed by his trench coat, passing them off to ringside.

The arena returned to normal albeit briefly.

“Gimmie the Power” by Molotov

The Epic II Arena went dark as red, green, and white strobe lights circle all around the arena. Suddenly all three lights hit the stage as the Mexican flag popped onto the EpiCenter EDL came out on to the stage with his manager Raul Salazar. The Mexican born wrestler who was simply known as EDL or El Dragón Loco looked around the arena listening to the jeers of the fans. The two men made their way down the ramp. They climbed into the ring as El Dragón Loco stood next to his manager ready to wrestle.

Derecho and Dragon came face to face in the center of the ring.  Brent Williams did the introductions

"Ladies and Gentlemen... the following contest is your MAIN EVENT for this evening and it is scheduled for one fall with a 60 minute time limit.  This match will be for the NBW World Heavyweight Championship!"

The crowd cheered.

"Introducing first... from Stuart, Florida... weighing in a 234 lbs.... "The World Breaker".... DEEEERREEEEEECHOOOOOOO!"

The crowd booed the living hell out of him

"And his opponent. Being accompanied by his manager, Raul Salazar... from Tijuana, Mexico.. weighing in at 215lbs... EL DRAGOOOOOON LOOOOOCOOOOOOO!!"

Surprisingly, a mixed reaction for someone who is normally booed!

With the introductions out of the way, the referee was handed the brand new NBW World Heavyweight Championship.  It glistened in the arena lights and served as a backdrop for these two and their intense staredown.  The referee passed it off to ringside and called for the bell.




Both men stood there staring at each other. They inched closer and closer to one another and came face to face… nose to nose.  The crowd didn’t like either man, but they hated Derecho just a bit more than Loco.  Derecho mouthed some words to Loco and Loco just grinned.  That grin ticked Derecho off and he went for a punch, but it was a swing and a miss as Loco ducked and quickly went behind Derecho.  Loco with a waist lock, but Derecho broke Loco’s grip and performed a standing switch, but when Derecho went to go for a German Suplex, Loco kicked his feet in the air and reversed the momentum, taking Derecho over with a lucha-style arm drag.

Loco kipped up to his feet as Derecho remained on a single knee by the ropes.  He looked on at Loco who motioned to Derecho to “bring it.”  Derecho gritted his teeth as he stood and the two of them began to circle each other.  They locked up with the collar and elbow tie up, but Derecho immediately transitioned into the side head lock.  Loco backed Derecho into the ropes and shot him across the ring, but Derecho knocked Loco down with a shoulder block.  Derecho took off to the ropes, but Loco quickly got to his feet and planted both boots into Derecho’s face with a beautiful dropkick!

Derecho rolled out of the ring and kicked the ring steps in frustration, but Loco was already getting a head of steam.  Loco flipped over the top rope, but Derecho moved out of the way!  Loco, anticipating the counter held onto the top rope and flipped to his feet on the ring apron!  Derecho turned around as Loco ran along the apron and leapt off, landing on Derecho’s shoulders looking for a Hurricanrana, but Derecho blocked by holding onto Loco’s legs!  He pulled Loco up to shoulder height and ran forward towards the steel ring post, looking for a powerbomb up against it!   Derecho was going to end Loco within the opening minutes of this match, but Loco flipped off with the Hurricanrana and the momentum sent Derecho right into the ring post shoulder first!!


Derecho laid on the mats grasping his shoulder in pain!  The referee was up to the count of six and Loco knew that he couldn’t win the title on a countout. He quickly pulled Derecho up and rolled him back into the ring by the count of eight and then rolled back in himself at nine, just making it in time.  Loco went into the first cover of the match, hooking the leg for the former world champion…



Derecho shot the shoulder up, but immediately grabbed it as he knew he kicked out with the shoulder that just met the steel ring post!

Loco, like a shark, smelled the blood in the water as he twisted Derecho’s arm and then dropped a knee right into the shoulder blade.  Loco then transitioned into a kneeling arm bar submission hold, but Derecho was too close to the ropes and reached out with his right leg, draping it across the bottom rope, forcing the break, but Loco refused to let go until the count of four.  The referee forced Loco to back off which enabled Derecho to get back to a vertical base. 

Loco charged in, but Derecho made him eat a back elbow.  Derecho stepped in and began to rock Loco’s head back with heavy right hands.  Derecho grabbed Loco by the arm and whipped him across the ring, but when Derecho went to pick Loco up for a spinebuster, he let Loco go as soon as he tried to lift him and staggered away holding his shoulder in pain.  Loco came up from behind Derecho and drove him face first into the canvas with a bulldog!  Derecho rolled onto his back and Loco went to the middle rope, hitting an Asai Moonsault!  The Keystone Champion had another cover!



Derecho kicked out, this time making sure to kick out using his good shoulder.

Loco quickly sat Derecho up and drove a knee into the back of his right shoulder.  Loco did it a second then a third time.  He knew that if he could take away Derecho’s arm strength, he could take away the bulk of his arsenal.  After the knee strikes, Loco pulled Derecho up to his feet and laid into his chest with knife edge chops that drove Derecho back into the corner.  Loco then shot Derecho across the ring to the opposite corner and then charged in.  Loco planted his foot into Derecho’s chest and Tiger Wall Flipped off of it!  He landed on his feet and immediately front flipped into a Koppu Kick that caught Derecho on the top of his skull!

Derecho fell to a seated position in the corner as Loco rolled back to his feet.  Loco backed up into the turnbuckles opposite of Derecho and charged in at full speed.  It was a heat-seeking missile dropkick that was aimed right at Derecho’s head, but Derecho moved out of the way and Loco ended up dropkicking the turnbuckle pads instead! 

Derecho pulled himself up as did Loco, but Derecho hit knee lift after knee lift driving Loco’s back against the turnbuckles.  Derecho used his good arm to hoist Loco up to the top turnbuckle pad.  Derecho climbed up top, but was met with a stiff right hand by Loco that rocked him.  Loco then hit a head-butt and Derecho stepped down off the turnbuckles and staggered away.  Loco took aim and dove off with a Flying Cross Body Block, but Derecho knelt down and Loco slammed down stomach first across Derecho’s knee!  Derecho quickly made a cover, his first of the match!



Loco kicked out!

Derecho stood up and rotated his arm some as he tried to get some feeling back into his shoulder.  Derecho then aided Loco back to his feet and rocked him with a right hand.  Derecho hit another right hand which had a little more force to it and then a third one which knocked Loco flat on his back.  Derecho continued to warm up his shoulder as he walked away from Loco.  Once Derecho was a good distance away, he taunted Loco to get back to his feet.  Loco turned over and began to sit up.  Derecho then charged in, but when Loco stood, he backed up near the ropes and pulled the top rope down, causing Derecho to spill over the top and down to the floor, landing on…  you guessed it… his right shoulder.

All of that work Derecho put into getting feeling back into it went right out the window as he was now on the floor clutching his shoulder once again!  Loco distracted the referee as Raul Salazar came over and began to put the boots to Derecho’s shoulder!  After a few stomps, Raul backed off as Loco exited the ring.  He pulled Derecho up and slapped him across the chest with a Knife Edge Chop.  Loco hit a second one that staggered Derecho backwards a few steps.  Loco then grabbed Derecho by the arm and whipped him shoulder first into the steel ring steps.  The referee was up to the count of four as Loco backed up and took aim at a seated Derecho.  Loco charged in and leapt into the air, hitting a Missile Drop Kick right into the shoulder, driving it into the ring steps!

Raul applauded as Loco pulled Derecho up and rolled him back into the ring at the count of seven.  Loco got up onto the apron and then ascended the turnbuckle pads to the top. Loco took aim after Derecho got back up to his feet. He dove off and hooked Derecho by the head, swinging out with a Tornado DDT that spiked Derecho right on top of his head!  Loco made the cover, hooking the leg.



Derecho kicked out!

El Dragon Loco has kept Derecho at bay here as he targeted his shoulder. He has cut off a lot of Derecho’s offense and contained the former world champion!

Loco stood and pulled Derecho back up. He laced into him with another Knife Edge Chop before backing him into the ropes and whipping him across the ring.  Loco went for a Leap Frog, but Derecho caught him in an Inverted Atomic Drop!  Derecho backed into the ropes, but Loco recovered quickly and hit a Dropkick right into Derecho’s face!  Another cover!



Derecho kicked out once again!

Loco then knelt down behind Derecho and applied an Arm Bar submission while putting pressure on that right shoulder. Derecho was asked if he wanted to give it up, but he refused to do so.  Derecho battled back up to his feet and countered with a Hip Toss.  Derecho held his shoulder as Loco got back up to his feet.  Derecho lead with the left shoulder and put Loco down with a shoulder block.  Derecho hit the ropes and hit another shoulder block using the left shoulder.  Derecho stood there and waited for Loco to stand back up.  He whipped Loco to the ropes, scooped him up and planted him with his patented Double A Spinebuster!  Derecho clutched his shoulder in pain as he rolled away from Loco.

It was a momentum move more than anything. He stopped Loco’s momentum at the cost of more pain and damage to his right shoulder.  Derecho got back up and decided to exit the ring. He walked around ringside and did some warm up exercises on his shoulder in an attempt to detensify the muscle.  Derecho made his way over to the announce position where he stood there and continued to warm up his shoulder.  Meanwhile, back in the ring, El Dragon Loco recovered from the Spine Buster and noticed Derecho with his back turned to the ring.  Loco saw his opportunity and backed into the ropes.  He charged towards the ropes and launched himself over the top rope with a Plancha, but Derecho turned right when Loco committed himself and smirked.  He grabbed Loco in mid-air and used his own momentum against him…


Derecho threw Loco back-first into the announce table!!!


Derecho quickly pulled Loco up off the ground. He set Loco between his legs and lifted him to shoulder height…



The referee was up to the count of seven.  Derecho rolled into the ring and back out. He hunched over and held his shoulder as those two moves still caused twinges of pain for him.  Derecho had to grit his teeth and fight through it otherwise he wouldn’t be able to win the championship he so desired. Derecho pulled a limp and lifeless Loco up off the floor before rolling him back into the ring. Derecho then got up onto the apron and made his way to the corner where he ascended the turnbuckle pads.  Derecho took aim on Loco and yelled out.. “OLE, BITCH!”

With that, Derecho leapt off and delivered his patented signature move…


Being thrown into the announce table back first… a powerbomb on the ring apron.. And now the Frog Splash… that had to be it.. Derecho was about to become a two-time world champion!  He made the cover!




El Dragon Loco kicked out and Derecho gritted his teeth in frustration!

Until that shoulder felt better, Derecho knew he had to utilize his other offensive moves that didn’t require power or lifting.  He sat Loco up and delivered a stiff kick right between the shoulder blades.  Derecho stepped back and delivered another stiff kick to the same spot.  Derecho ran past Loco and hit the ropes. He came back and drove a knee right into his face…


Derecho with another cover, hooking the leg deep!



Shoulder up by Loco again!

Much like Derecho’s shoulder, Loco’s back was throbbing after the damage Derecho had done to it.  The less Derecho used his shoulder, the more it healed, but the shots to Loco’s back meant his injury was getting worse.  Loco needed to pull out a momentum reversal move soon otherwise Derecho would end up getting the best of him.

Derecho hunched over and pulled Loco up to his feet. Derecho decided to test out his shoulder and he hooked Loco for a Vertical Suplex.  Usually when he does this, the F3 combination would be the end result, but at the apex of the lift, Derecho could support Loco’s weight, but Derecho’s face couldn’t support Loco’s knee!!  The knee strike caused a jerk reaction and that resonated to Derecho’s shoulder and he quickly dropped Loco who landed on his feet.  Derecho held his shoulder as Loco leapt up and grabbed Derecho by the head. He fell back and spiked Derecho right on his head with a DDT! 

Derecho rolled to his back as Loco stood and hobbled to the ring apron.  He stretched his back before grabbing the top rope and taking aim. He leapt up to the top rope and flew off…


Loco bounced off Derecho and held his back, but he scooted into the cover!



Derecho kicked out!

Loco laid there on his side holding his back as he looked over at Derecho who was rolling over to his stomach.  Loco pulled himself up to his feet as Derecho was up to his hands and knees.  He pulled Derecho up, but Derecho jabbed a thumb right into the eye socket in Loco’s mask!  Loco turned around and Derecho got behind him where he hooked Loco in a half nelson and drove him across his knee with the Half Nelson Backbreaker!

Derecho popped back up and backed away as Loco laid there on the canvas holding his back in pain. Derecho positioned himself in the corner and dared Loco to get back up to his feet.  Loco did so, albeit slowly.  Derecho charged in and grabbed Loco in a waist lock. He popped the hips and nailed a German Suplex!  Derecho held on, turned over and pulled Loco up to his feet. He placed Loco in a Full Nelson and hit a Dragon Suplex!  Derecho held on, turned over and pulled Loco back up. He pulled back on the arms and delivered a Tiger Suplex!  Derecho stood up and let out a bestial roar as he signaled for A Forever Reminder.

The crowd booed as Raul implored Loco to get back up.  Derecho walked over to Loco and hoisted him up to his feet. He scooped Loco onto his shoulder, but Loco slipped off and landed behind Derecho. He leapt up and delivered a Backstabber to him!  Loco crawled on his hands and knees over to the corner as Derecho rolled into the corner opposite of Loco.  Loco pulled himself up and charged in, hitting a running knee to the face!  Loco backed away to the opposite corner and charged in, hitting a second knee to the face!  Derecho fell to a seated position as Loco stood and signaled one more to the crowd.

Loco charged in, but Derecho moved and caused Loco to miss!  Derecho rolled up Loco with a school boy from behind…



Loco kicked away!

Derecho stood and pulled Loco up. He placed Loco between his legs and lifted him into the air, but Loco countered, what would have been a Buckle Bomb into Hurricanrana, sending Derecho face first into the middle turnbuckle!  Loco pulled Derecho up and then lifted him up onto the top turnbuckle. Loco climbed up behind him and hooked Derecho for a Super Back Drop Suplex, but when Loco went to lift Derecho, he felt the twinge of pain in his back and he couldn’t get Derecho up.  Derecho took advantage of this and went for a back elbow, but he used his right arm to do so.  Loco leapt up and wrapped his legs around Derecho’s arm and hung himself off of the buckles!!!

Derecho screamed out in pain as gravity caused 215lbs of dead weight to pull on Derecho’s injured shoulder!  Derecho hung onto the top rope as to not get pulled off the turnbuckle… plus he knew he only had to hold on until the referee’s count of five since this submission hold was using the ropes! 





Loco let go of the hold and flipped over onto his feet. Derecho immediately pulled his arm up and held his shoulder in pain. Loco stepped up onto the middle rope and smacked Derecho in the side of the head with a Leaping Enzugiri!! Loco then hung Derecho upside down in the Tree of Woe and put the boots to Derecho’s bad shoulder.  Loco backed away and gained a head of steam.  Derecho used his good arm and pulled himself back up top, avoiding a cannonball in the corner!

Derecho swung his legs over the ropes and hopped down. He pulled Loco up to his feet and placed him between his legs. He looked for it earlier, but after slamming his back against the buckles, the chances of countering were low!  Derecho tried to lift Loco for the Buckle Bomb, but Derecho didn’t take his injured shoulder into account and he couldn’t lift Loco.  He put him back down and pounded on his upper back with his left forearm.  Derecho tried lifting him again, but he still couldn’t lift him.  Derecho set him back down and gritted his teeth. He yelled out in pain as he lifted him up successfully and threw him into the corner…


Derecho grasped his shoulder and walked away as Loco dangled there in the corner.  Derecho turned back towards Loco and charged in, but Loco exploded out of the corner and DRILLED Derecho with a vicious Lariat!!  Both men were down after that exchange and the referee started the mandatory ten count!







Raul shouted out to El Dragon Loco and he began to stir, but Derecho was still down.



Loco back up.  He walked over to pull Derecho up, but when he bent over, Derecho kicked him in the side of the head! Derecho got back up to his feet as Loco staggered backwards into the corner once again.  Derecho charged in and hit a corner clothesline with his left arm.  Derecho pulled Loco back to the center of the ring and hoisted Loco up onto his good shoulder!  He then dropped him on the back of his neck…


The crowd booed as Derecho made the cover, hooking the leg..




El Dragon Loco kicked out of A Forever Reminder!!

Derecho sat there completely perplexed! Raul was losing his collective shit at ringside, yelling at Loco to get back up to his feet.  Derecho got back up as Loco was still turning onto his side to get back to a vertical base.  Derecho pulled Loco back to his feet, but Loco shoved Derecho in the chest to gain some distance and then…



Derecho was laid out on his back!  Loco staggered backwards and fell against the ring ropes!  Loco staggered to the corner and climbed the turnbuckles to the very top. The crowd rose to their feet.. Something that wasn’t normal for El Dragon Loco, but if they had to make a choice, it was for the lesser of two evils.  Loco took aim and flipped off with the Shooting Star Leg Drop…



Loco, however, rolled around the canvas in agony as he held his back in pain.  All he had to do was roll on top of Derecho and he could take the rest of the night off to rest as a double champion should!  Loco realized this and fought through the pain as he crawled into the cover..




Derecho kicked out of the El Loco Drop!

Now it was El Dragon Loco that was beside himself. He needed to find an answer in order to beat Derecho here tonight.  As Loco tried to recover, he noticed out of the corner of his eye Derecho rolling towards the ropes. Loco tried to reach out and grab him, but Derecho rolled out of the reach of his grasp and stepped out onto the floor.  Derecho held onto the ring apron as he walked around the ringside area, trying to rejuvenate himself and shake off the effects of that leg drop.  Derecho made his way around to the announce table side and Loco knew what Derecho was trying to do. He wanted to have Loco fly so he could throw him into the announce table again, but that trick wasn’t going to work twice.

Loco decided he would make Derecho think he was going to fly. He pulled himself up and took aim on Derecho.  He charged in and Derecho looked up, expecting Loco to launch himself over the top rope, but Loco, instead, hit a baseball slide under the bottom rope and kicked Derecho right against the announce table! 

Loco outsmarted Derecho!

Loco stood on the ring apron and grabbed the top rope. He then launched himself with an Asai Moonsault and took Derecho down to the floor!  Loco held his back as he crawled over to the ring apron and used it to pull himself up.  Derecho used the announce table to pull himself back up and Loco had an idea.  Loco hopped up onto the apron and climbed the turnbuckle pads.  Raul begged Loco not to do this, but Loco needed a knockout shot here to put Derecho away.  Loco took aim and just as Derecho’s head was hovering above the table, Loco launched himself…



What would have been a Flying Leg Drop to the back of the head which would have driven Derecho’s face through the announce table, ended up being Loco’s body crashing through the announce table instead!


Derecho heard the number was the referee about to count both of them out!  Derecho quickly rolled in and back out to break the referee’s count.  He then pulled Loco up out of the rubble of the announce table and brought him up to his feet. Derecho got under Loco using his good shoulder and lifted him up…


Loco fell to his knees then to all fours. Derecho wrapped his arms around Loco’s waist and pulled him back up. He swung Loco around and threw him back into the ring under the bottom rope.  Loco was on his hands and knees. He tried to get up, but each time his did, his back caused too much pain and he couldn’t stand.  Derecho got up onto the ring apron and grinned as it looked like an injured animal trying to escape death. Derecho grabbed a hold of the top rope and leapt up.  Normally he would hit a Springboard Clothesline here, but with Loco on all fours, he drove the point of the elbow right into Loco’s back!

Loco collapsed down to the canvas as Derecho pulled himself back up.  Derecho cracked his neck from left to right and then grabbed Loco, hoisting him back up to a vertical base.  Derecho hooked Loco in a Half Nelson as he shot a shit-eating grin out to the crowd. He then hooked the leg and took a look right at Raul Salazar and gave him a wink.  Derecho popped the hips and dumped El Dragon Loco right on the back of his neck!


Derecho made the cover in a way where he looked right at Raul Salazar.




Derecho had done it!  Derecho is now a two-time NBW World Heavyweight Champion!  The boos in the audience were viciously loud as Derecho stood up and was handed the new NBW World Heavyweight Championship title. He looked at the belt for a moment and then dropped it on the canvas!?

Derecho walked over and grabbed El Dragon Loco and placed his face right on the plate of the championship belt. Derecho pulled back on Loco’s arms as Raul begged and pleaded with Derecho to stop, but Derecho did no such thing.


Derecho laughed maniacally as he exited the ring and picked up his favorite weapon… the steel chair.  He rolled back into the ring and used it to pull himself up.  Raul got on the ring apron and told Derecho he did enough.. Derecho shouted back.


Derecho raised the chair and slammed it down on the back of El Dragon Loco’s head, sandwiching his head between the chair and the championship title.  Derecho raised the chair up and did this a second time and then finally a third time!  Derecho tossed the chair aside and yanked the NBW title out from under Loco’s head.  Derecho then stomped down on Loco’s injured back and held the NBW World Heavyweight Championship high into the air.

“THIS IS MY WORLD” shouted Derecho out to anyone who would hear him.

“Please.. Let him go!” Begged Salazar.

Derecho cracked a grin and shrugged. He took his foot off Loco and walked away. Raul slide into the ring and immediately checked on Loco, but just as Derecho was about to step out, he dropped the title and rushed back into the ring. He picked up Salazar and scooped him up onto his shoulder…


Derecho grinned and went to leave and then shouted. “OH WHAT THE HELL, WHY NOT?”

He turned and pulled a lifeless El Dragon Loco up.  He hoisted Loco onto his shoulder and walked him over to where he tossed the chair down.


Derecho rolled out of the ring and looked back inside, laughing the entire time.  Derecho paused for a moment as he stood there near the announce position. He took a glance over his shoulder and noticed the NBW Keystone Championship sitting there on the time keeper's table.  Derecho shrugged and walked over, snatching the championship right off the table!  Derecho then made his way around ringside towards the entrance ramp and picked up his NBW World Heavyweight Championship title. The crowd was booing the ever-living hell out of him, but he didn’t care.  Referees and trainers rushed past Derecho on the ramp and hit the ring to check on Salazar and Loco. The trainers attending to Loco threw up the X symbol.  Apparently Loco was more injured than he appeared to be.

“THAT’S WHAT YOU GET!” Yelled Derecho from the entrance ramp.

“AND THIS IS WHAT I GET!” said Derecho as he held up the World and Keystone championships.

While Derecho is now the recognized World Champion, his intent was clear! He blatantly stole the NBW Keystone Championship even though El Dragon Loco is still the official Keystone Champion!!

Derecho continued to backpeddle up the ramp with a smile on his face and a championship on each shoulder.  He disappeared behind the curtain as the trainers signaled for a stretcher for El Dragon Loco.  They brought one out from the back and began prepping him for transport.  Raul came to and saw what was happening.  He wanted to rush over to be by Loco’s side, but the referees held him back so the trainers could do their job. 

Once he was secured, the slide Loco out of the ring onto the stretcher.  They moved him around ringside and up the ramp with Salazar staying with him the entire way.  They disappeared behind the curtains as the fans clamored among themselves.

We had a new NBW World Heavyweight Champion. The man known as Derecho, The World Breaker not only captured his second world championship here in NBW, but he did stole the NBW Keystone Championship to boot!  By doing this, Derecho had put the world on notice.  Would this be anyone’s fate should they decide to challenge him?  What would the future of NBW be like with a man like that at the top?  Those questions would be answered on the next edition of Slam, but for now, Eternal Judgment faded to black.



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