• NBW LIVE! Oct 25th 2016


    NBW LIVE! - October 25th, 2016
    from the Municaple Arena - Kansas City, MO



    Anything and everything can happen at a NBW Live Event, especially the Meet & Greet events!
    - Tonight was no different. During one of the autograph sessions the Creede Brothers got into a brawl with PULSE's GailForce which led to a match being made for the Live Event later.
    - This brawl led to another fight between Eric Davies and Davey La Rue, which pulled in Blitzkrieg Champion Brock Newbludd and Alyx Norwood.
    The recap & results are below!

    [1] Creede Brothers versus GailForce
    WINNERS: Gail Force with the pinfall following Tempest Fugit.

    [2] Xiang w/ The Great Wall versus E.Z. Blaze
    WINNER: Xiang with the pinfall following the Art of War

    [3] Peter Pham versus Max Hopper
    WINNER: Hopper with the Hopper Can Rana for the pinfall.

    [4] The Rich Family versus FTW
    WINNER: FTW by disqualification.

    During the Intermission, Adria Hoyt came out to the ring and reminded all the fans that SLAM would be airing on a special night next week, on Monday the 31st. And the costume contest was in full swing! She wished them all the best of luck if participating.

    [5] Ravage versus 'Little' Ricky Strongbern
    WINNER: Ravage with the pinfall following V For Victory

    [6] Sora Hikari and Zhalia Fears versus Hellion Sisters
    WINNERS: Hellion Sisters with the pinfall following Melantha's big boot.

    [7] Blitzkrieg Rules: Erick Davies and Alyx Norwood versus Brock Newbludd and Davey La Rue
    WINNERS: Newbludd and La Rue with the pinfall after a spike powerbomb through a set of flaming tables.