• NBW LIVE! Oct 11th 2016


    NBW LIVE! - October 11th, 2016
    from the Municaple Arena - Kansas City, MO



    NBW's men and women, along with the PULSE talent, returned to Kansas City for the latest Meet & Greet filled with Action!
    - Keystone Champion Ali Amore was on hand for autograph signings, along with several other stars.
    - The World Champion's number one contender, Warren Spade and Dynasty Tag Team Champions The Unstoppables held a Q & A.
    - The Players along with For The Win, hosted a special Gears of War 4 launch party with the fans. The halls were filled with chainsaw's revving up for several hours!
    - The recap & results are below!

    [1] For The Win versus the Health Fanatics
    WINNERS: FTW with the pinfall with The Ultimate Cheat Code.

    [2] Titan versus Spike Saunders
    WINNER: Saunders with SPIKED for the pinfall.

    [3] Gail Force versus Zatch and Nemo
    WINNER: Gail Force with the pinfall following Tempest Fugit.

    [4] Jonny Bedlam versus Benny Reyes
    WINNER: Bedlam by Disqualification.
    - With HMMS at ringside, the match broke down and led to a three on one attack. This led to the arrival of Davey La Rue, and the Blitzkrieg champion, Brock Newbludd, for the save.
    - Newbludd laid out the challenge to any of the three men, that he'd put the title on the line. Taylor Smith went to accept but Peter Pham beat him to the punch.

    [5] Blitzkrieg Championship: Peter Pham versus Brock Newbludd
    WINNERS: Newbludd retained his championship with the Fenris Suplex through a double set wooden table.

    [6] Xiang versus Max Hopper
    WINNER: Hopper with Hopper Can Rana for the pinfall.
    - The Great Wall attacked Hopper immediately afterwards, leading to Xiang joining in.
    - Although still injured, cast and all, the Keystone Champion Ali Amore came down to help clear house. Hopper and Amore standing tall.
    - Amore got a microphone and welcomed Hopper back to the fold and wished him luck in the tournament, before he headed back to the back.

    [7] Sora Hikari versus Melantha Hellion
    WINNERS: Sora with a roll-up for the pinfall.

    [8] Derecho and Crimson Tide versus Warren Spade and The Unstoppables
    WINNERS: Spade and The Unstoppables by pinfall following XL Bomb on Rune.
    - The finish came following Zed hitting Znnihilation on Gravender outside the ring, while Derecho and Spade brawled up at the top of the ramp.
    - Spade was distracted by the bell, allowing Derecho to get the advantage with a Forever Reminder, however Spade manuevered out and went right into an Asunder Bomb on Derecho. Destination off the stage!
    - Lucky for Derecho, unluckly for the fans, he slid free to his feet, and made for the back.
    - The show came to a close with The Unstoppables joining Spade at the top of the ramp.