• NBW LIVE! Nov 8th 2016


    NBW LIVE! - November 8th, 2016
    from the Municipal Arena - Kansas City, MO



    Election night can have you rather anxious. So while the nation sits at home watching the various graphs and maps light up red and blue, thousands of you joined us at the Municaple Arena in KC for our usual NBWLive's Meet & Greet. Provided is a rundown of the results from last night - non-political results that is.

    [1] Ali Amore versus 'Big' Rick Strongbern for the Keystone Championship
    WINNER: Amore by disqualification
    - We kicked things off with Keystone Champion Ali Amore putting out an open challenge to the locker room. He hardly got those words out of his mouth before 'Big' Rick Strongbern came stomping down the ramp to accept.
    - As one would expect 'Little' Ricky wasn't far behind. After a near seven minutes of not quite-back and forth action, Ricky made his arrival ruining a pinfall on Big Rick following That's Amore. Amore would suffer the Littlest Chokeslam, but his agony would be short lived.
    - For The Win made the save, clearing the ring and helping the Keystone champ to his feet. Amore took the mic and a challenge was laid out. Big Rick responded in kind that he'd find himself a partner to beat Amore's skull in.
    - Eventually later in the night we'd have a six man tag.

    [2] Creede Brothers versus Handsome Man Modelling School
    WINNER: HMMS by pinfall

    [3] Sora Hikari w/ Zhalia Fears versus Melantha Hellion w/ Michelle Couli
    WINNER: Sora Hikari by pinfall

    [4] Matt Meyhu versus Alyx Norwood
    WINNER: Matt Meyhu by pinfall

    During the intermission the Strongberns returned to the ring. Big Rick put out an open challenge of his own, for a tag partner, to a half-filled crowd. He got no responses but waited it out during the entire fifteen minute break, while talking down nearly every wrestler in the back and then some.

    [5] Zatch & Nemo versus A-List
    WINNERS: A-List by pinfall

    [6] Davey La Rue versus Max Hopper
    WINNERS: Max Hopper by pinfall
    - Said to be the match of the night. A true back and forth that had the finish sealed with a proper Hopper Can Rana.

    [7] Ali Amore & For The Win versus The Strongberns & ?
    WINNERS: Amore and FTW by pinfall
    - After the five made their entrance, the match would start off. However Rick stopped the ref from calling for the bell and introduced a man he found in catering eating.
    - Cue the mongolian chimes and singing, and out walked the Beast from the East, Khan.
    - The finish would see FTW dealing with the Strongberns outside the ring which led to Amore slipping out of the Mongol's bearhug, to drop Khan and following up with That's Amore!

    And that caps off another NBWLive event! See you all at our final SLAM before PRIDE next week!