SLAM 85 - St. Louis, MO - By Adria Hoyt on 11/17/16

ST. LOUIS, MO - In just over two weeks we're coming at you with another stacked PPV, but first one final episode of SLAM! Tonight is all about preparation and the last chance to get on the big pay per view marquee. You'll see six man tag action, debuts, and more. Including NBW World Champion Derecho and a partner of his choice against Warren Spade and his partner. If that wasn't enough we'll also have Blitzkrieg Champion Brock Newbludd joining For The Win against Ravage and the Handsome Man Modelling School.

Also tonight we will see the debut of the most recent signee with the NBW, Alan Envy. As well as the final round of the Keystone Contenders tournament!

On top of all that the Keystone Champion Ali Amore teaming up with The Entertainers to take on the Rich Family. And in our Main Event Max Hopper will go one on one with Johannes Antonious de Castonovo.

All this and much more so check out the Stream!

SLAM 84 - Happy Halloween! - By Adria Hoyt on 11/01/16

ST. LOUIS, MO - Happy Halloween everyone! NBW is bringing you a special episode of SLAM, on this Monday evening. We're still a few weeks away from our pay per view event PRIDE, however tonight we will determine the number one contender for the Blitzkrieg Championship. We also will have another first round match in our Keystone Contenders tournament which will see the debut of Matt Meyhu!

Tonight the pen will be put to the paper when number one contender Warren Spade comes face to face with NBW World Heavyweight Champion Derecho for their official contract signing for PRIDE's Main Event. All this and of course much more, so be sure to check out the stream!

SLAM 83 - St. Louis, MO - By Adria Hoyt on 10/19/16

ST. LOUIS, MO - I've got a question for you! Who is the number one contender for (insert title here) heading into PRIDE? Well if speaking of any singles championship, other than the World Heavyweight Championship, we don't know! Not yet at least! Could that change on tonight's SLAM? Maybe... Gotta watch and see!

But I will throw you a bone! Tonight, you will see the Keystone Championship defended by Ali Amore against Alfie Button! And in our Main Event, it's gonna be massive! Warren Spade takes on Vic Gravender!

Of course this and far more, so head on over and watch the show!

NBW LIVE! November 8th Recap - By Adria Hoyt on 11/09/16

KANSAS CITY, MO - Election night can have you rather anxious. So while the nation sits at home watching the various graphs and maps light up red and blue, thousands of you joined us at the Municipal Arena in KC for our usual NBWLive's Meet & Greet. Provided via the link below is a rundown of the results from last night - non-political results that is.

NBW LIVE! October 25th Recap - By Adria Hoyt on 10/25/16

KANSAS CITY, MO - Anything and everything can happen at a NBW Live Event, especially the Meet & Greet events!
- Tonight was no different. During one of the autograph sessions the Creede Brothers got into a brawl with PULSE's GailForce which led to a match being made for the Live Event later.
- This brawl led to another fight between Eric Davies and Davey La Rue, which pulled in Blitzkrieg Champion Brock Newbludd and Alyx Norwood.
The recap & results are at the link below!